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An Omaha Physician Who Worsted Two
Foot Pads ,
n.tllroad News- Telephone Line Im-
XiroTcmcnts Army News A
Jlnroo Thief Captured
Police Court nntl
Other Liocnl.
Amniittcd In the Dark.
Yesterday morning at about 13:30 : o'clok
lr. Piirrow was proccodinc lioniowurd
from a sick call wlinn he reached tlic block
oil Jnckson bet wcenTliirtecntli and Four
teenth slrnuts. Ho had previously dis
covered Hint ho did not luivo his revolver
with him , and in passing the Marker
building picked up n brick wlilcli ho in
tended to u o in the event of beinR at
tacked. When ho reached Fourteenth
street two follows accosted him , one ask
ing for u niatoli. "Ilmvoii'tgotamatoli , "
Bald the doctor.
" \Voll \ , we'll BCC what you have got
llllill. "
The doctor's hack was turned at the
time , and he suddenly wheeled and faced
Ids assailants. As he did so , ho was struck
in the side with a sand bug. which had
boon intended for his head. The next in-
Blunt he hurled the brick at one of the
assailants and struck htm on the head
knocking him down , the other fellow
taking to his heels. The doctor started
to kick his victim , but misled him , and
nearly loJt his feet , and before hn could
regain himself , the prone assailant arose
and lied
An Inloroilinii Ilinl ot of Track
Items I'crN email.
Goo. W. Hall , of the Union Pacific.
went to Marysvillo yesterday morning.
President Adams , of the Union Pacltlc ,
with General Manager C'allaway , came
in yecterday from Kansas City. They loft
yesterday afternoon for a western tour
of inspection over the Union Paoilio.
The Missouri Pacific for some time back
lias been contemplating running a daily
train to Lincoln , and next Sunday the
lirat train was to have been run. Hut at
the last moment , Superintendent Drake
Las decided that the tr.iek is not yet in
good enough conditionto put the train on.
Yeslordav morning No 2 from the west
came in nearly an hour behind. Tim
Grand Island , although it had but a few
passengers , hud lost thirty minutes. No.
-11 from the east did not got across the
[ bridge until nearly ll)0 : ! ) , and the cause
of her detention , a freight train which
blocked up lie | tracks near the bridge ,
also knocked oul , the regularity of the
dummy runs.
These obstructions also Interfere with
the M. P. , which now does not get its en
gines until half an hour behind time.
Last night this train reached Papillion on
.time , where the U. P. caused it to lose
; thirty minutes , rendering it impossible
to iimkp the eastern connections and
compelling a number of people to remain
over till yesterday morning.
Tuesday nielli iTforco of Union Pacific
men went to the bottoms , eait of Drexel &
Poll's stone yards , and putting a number
of the shanties at that place on skids ,
moved them to wind the river and then
laid a continuation southward of the
shops track. The occupants of _ the shan
ties were angrv , but the superior force of
the tracklayers rendered resistance use
It really scorns as if the delays on the
part of the trains of the Union Pacific
were increasing daily. For several days
back not ono of its trains has come in on
time. They moot with obstructions ,
whether coming from the west or going
in that direction. The yards are gener
ally so filled with trains , and the outlets
being so few , that it is absolutely impos
sible for a train to enter or k'avo on any
thing like schedule timo.
Sonio or the Noway FoaturoH of tlio
Postmaster ( Joutant and his assistant ,
James Woodard , are still busily ongaced
mid will bo so for a couple of weeks to
.eome in recording the quarterly returns
made to this olllco by the postmasters
throughout the stato. These returns are
made in all kinds of stylo. Some are
in an excellent condition , while
Others are botched , inaccurate and in
Bomo instances neither head nor tail can
bo made out of thorn. Yesterday two of
them contained the amount of money
w.liioh they should have contained , but
strange to say , the name of the postmas
ter or his ofllco was not given. Asa consequence -
sequence , , it will be difilcult matter to de
termine to whom the funds belong.
Chndron'H report was made in $1,100 ,
which , of course , leads all others ,
The position of Letter Carrier E. U.
Godding , who resigned a few days ago ,
has been filled by the appointment of L.
J. Edwards. Ho will 'deliver mail in
route ton. west of Twenty-first street and
north of Farnam street.
II. J. Wright , who for some time back
has been one of the most accomplished
distributing clerks in the postolllco , has
resigned because of the overwork devolv
ing upon the clerks in the ollice , and will
gO into other business. Frank White ,
formerly paper distributing dork , has
beun promoted lo fill his position , and W.
Brown , Jr. , has succeeded White.
JlolorUliS8 ) Wanders Into the AVroiifj
Itonm anil in Hriitiilly Itoatca.
"Judge , it was nil booauso wo got into
the wrong room , " said Robert Hess and
Jan Cathroo , when questioned by Judge
tcnberg about a free for-nll light In which
they hail boon engaged yesterday mornIng -
Ing , The trouble took place at Hertz's
hotel on Tenth htroot near the Hopubll-
.can olllco , and Koss received decidedly
the worst of it , sustaining sovoral.sovcro
in'Virios about the face and head.
The story of Cathroc and Hess is as
; Tluiy wore returning yesterday
Jollows all night work at the smelter ,
with a friend who was 'decidedly they
\y < ) rso for liquor. This man roomed at
( ho Hort/ house , and his two friends con-
cliiilnd to see htm safely in bod. They
accordingly 'oolc ' "lin P to Ids room in
the hotel , and by mistake , as they
eliilm , opened the door of a room
In which wore a man and a
Xjjrl. The man Immediately made a jump
for Hess and knocked him down find
Jciikod himjbrutally. Cathroo managed
} Q escape by running down stairs. When
tfio patrol wagon came the follow who
rontmlttod the assault hail disappeared.
and up to a Into hour the police had not
Arrested him. Both Hess and Cathroo
'nro hol.l as witnesses.
V no For Speech anil the Other for nn
ElovatcU Car.
Unusual activity Is now being displayed
by the wire men lii extending the telephone -
phone wires from all directions to the
JJnrkor building on the corner of Fnrnam
, anil Fifteenth streets whore the now tolo-
JUot\o central will bo located. The poles
-Vfcd for this purpose arc the highest hi tno
cty ) , unit yet , only one oablo will bo
ilretohodupo'u thorn from a distance of
'a IVlock surrounding the ofllco. With
cable ull the other wires will bo con-
ncctcd , so that the result wlllbclho same
though the street will not bo disfigured
by the myriads of wires from all parts of
the town. Between each of the poles
mentioned another largo cable is now
being extended. It is a heavy one , well
coated with a preservative against the
weather , and will bo used for the purpose
of running an elevated platform to en
able the wire men to inspect the other
cable at all points between the otllco and
the connecting point with the wires. This
will be strung In a few days and the other
will follow it and bo In readiness when
the Barker building shall be completed.
The Transportation Problem ,
POOIIMAN'S RANCH , Grcolcy Co. , Nob. ,
October 5. To liio Kditor of the UKI : :
The advent of the railroads Into our
country brought great rejoicing , f jr wo
counted on the good times we wore to have
with available markets for our products.
\ \ o regarded thorn as common carriers ,
not thinking for a moment that they
would exceed their charter and do any
thing but a legitimate common carrier's
business. Wo figured the profito from
shipping dressed hoof to eastern markets ,
and to our great surprise wo found the
railroads wanted 70 per cent more for
dressed beef than on foot. They deny
any right of the people to a voice in mak
ing freigtit rates. That is to say : " 'You
may hava the deeds to your lands , but
we take of your earnings whatever we
Bee lit , and it is none of your business. "
I say to our neighbors it is our
business , That wo have no
right to complain unless we
assert our rights at the ballot box ; unless
we go to the polls and cast our vote for
men who arc for the people and not for
illegitimate railroading as it is now done.
The only man we should vote for is lie
who in our congress or legislature will
work for justice for the people , who are
now being plundered and robbed , not for
the benefit of the railroad stockholders ,
but for the few nionoy-bngs in the east
who , by the present system of pooling ,
have taken away the rights of the people.
Our election is eloso at hand , and what
ever wo do should be done quickly ; but
ono thing is certain : Our form of govern
ment is quietly changing from a republic
to an aristocracy. I , for one , would like
to call a halt , and if it bo true that the
railroads can classify and make any rate
they choose and force it on the people by
a pool wo must come to the conclusion
that wo may own in proncrty only what
they don't want. If the readers of the
IIE $ feel an intcrestin our welfare wo will
state more fully our complaints in the
A U.illronil Platform.
To the Kditor : Although political
platforms are now the order of the day ,
it might not bo out of place to ask the
attention of your monied men to the
platform upon which our Northwestern
railroad will bo built. Primarly , there
fore bo it remarked , a majority of the
stock will be hold by throe trustees , who
shall bo men ot unimpeachable intergrity
and who will retain this holding for the
next ten years , under judicious legal
safeguards. This guarantee prevents all
attempts nt "soil outs" or "freo/.o outs' "
and for the time designated , if not for
ever , the road will bo strictly an Omaha
Institution , and cannot bo 'influenced or
controlled by any interest inimical to the
welfare of our city.
Secondarily , in order of routine , but of
equally vital importance for investors to
know the uromoters of the enterprise
will suppress any attempt at speculation ,
cither in constructing or operating the
road. No land steals , no jobbery in con
nection with the purchase of supplies or
equipments , but the most rigid adlioronco
to the strictest honesty in dealing , and
with solo reference to tlio rightful inter
ests of stock-holders and investors.
A first-class road , to bo honestly built ,
and as honestly administered , presents
its claims to you , which , if you nrounrly
recogni/.o , will repay your eilbrts in its
buhalf ten-fold. PLATKOHM.
Police Points.
Judge Stenbenr disposed of a largo
number of cases in police court yes
terday morning.
Dominick Kgan had assaulted the lame
peanut man who keeps a stand near the
corner of Fifteenth and Farnam. He w.\s
fined $10 and costs. John liurke stole a
coat from a Tenth street clothing house.
Ho was sentenced to 15 days in the- county
jail. Charles Stuart , who stole $1 from
Councilman Frank Caspar , was given a
similar sentence.
Nine men who had been guilty of
drunkenness wore arraigned. Six of
them were discharged , and tlio otnor
three , who were sultbrlng from the dis
ease vulgarly known as the jim-jams ,
were sent up to the county jail.
The following suspicions characters received -
coived sentences : Tom McGregor thirty ,
days ; Billy Doyle , fifteen days ; 1'at
Kelly , ten days ; A. Montgomery , ton
days ; John Allen , ton days ; Wil
liam Johnson , ton days Hugh llaloy ,
A. B. McFall , W. S. Blake and John
Murray were given two hours to leave
the city. These men , Judge Stenborc
says , were brought to Omaha by the
fair , and have become HO impressed with
the advantages of this city as a place of
residence that they have forgotten to
Army Notes.
Gonnral Dandy and Colonel Henry , of
the army headquarters , wont down to
the Bellevue rillo range yesterday to sco
about erecting a store-house for the use
of the soldiers next year. In addition to
that improvement the grounds will bo
graded and otherwise placed in good
condition for the division competition
which takes phioo next year.
General Sheridan has gone to Denver
from Fort Loavonworth and it is quietly
whispered in army circles here that his
visit in that city has some
thing to do with this post
which the people of the Colorado me
tropolis are so anxious to secure. It is
probable that General Sheridan will also
go to Fort Russell to Investigate the com-
plalntsof the olllolalsof tint post , who
say that the cattle men in that vicinity
nro shutting oil' the water supply from
tlio fort. This Is done by constructing
water basins on Crow Creek , into which
the water Is allowed to run , thus almost
completely shutting oft' the post. When
the fort was located near Cheyenne , It
was the understanding that the post waste
to have unlimited water supply.
District Court.
H. S. Stltt , father of John Stilt , the
eleven-year-old boy who was killed by
the explosion of the powder magazine on
the 37th of I'obruary , sues I ) , M. Steele ,
S. K. Johnson , S. W. Spratllss and John
Dnmont , composing the firm of Steoio ,
Johnson & Co. , owners of the same ,
charging thorn with negligence in the
caring for the magazine , which was the
cause of young Stitt's douth. Damages
are laid at $5.600 ,
The casn of James Banr , who has boon
charged with contempt of court in not
obeying the Injunction of the same re
straining him from interfering with his
wife who is proceeding against
him for divorce. Is being hoard by Judge
Novlllo. flaur's last interference was
'J ueiiday night when he drove his wife
out of doors.
The Cable Wne Cam.
Yesteiday afternoon depositions in.tho
injunction case of the street 'car - com
pany against the cable line were taken in
Juilgu Wool worth's oflloo.
His Acceptance of the Nomination
fttr Congress.
Hon. John A McShano's acceptance
of his nomination for congress by the
democrats of the First district , is us fol
lows :
OMAHA , Oct. 5 , 1 ° f > < 5 To the Hon.
Charles Brown , K. K. llaydon and Rob
ert Cli'gg. Committee Gentlemen : I
have received your communication of
September 93 , informing moor my nomi
nation for rourosontativo in congress for
the First district of Nebraska , by the
democratic convention lately assembled
at Falls City.
In accepting the nomination I wish to
express my sincere appreciation of the
high honor conferred upon mo , and the
great responsibility 1 assume In accept
ing the same.
Owing to business engagements U will
bo Impossible for mo , during the short
time allotcd. to make a thorough can
vass of the district , but 1 .submit herewith
a declaration of principles upon which 1
ask the support of the people of this dis
I have carefully considered the resolu
tions adopted by the convention and they
meet with my hearty approval.
The prosperity of Nebraska demands
easy and cheap transportation of our
products to market , reasonable rates of
freight must bo secured to the producer
and shipper. So far as the regulation of
railioaus comes within the jurisdiction of
the general government , contrross should
enact the necessary laws in that diiec-
tion , and especially such as will prevent
extortion and discrimination against
localities and individuals.
The working men and agriculturalists
form a very largo pat tot our population ,
nnd their etl'ort to better their condition
should meet with every encouragement
from the people of our country. Congress -
gross should guard vith a watchful eye
tins class of our citizens , and nass such
laws as will urotcet them in their efforts
to peaceably assert tlioir rights as agajnst
the encroachment of organized capital.
The welfare of our workingmcn and ag
riculturalists Is closely allied with the
prosperity of the general government.
All larltr taxes collected beyond the
necessary wants of the government are
oppressive to the people and should be
reiluced to a revenue basis , and laid in
such a way as will relieve the ncces-
snries of life of these imnosts. The im
posing of a tax or $2 per 1,000 on lumber
is an imposition on the people of our
state and should bo repealed. All articles
of necessary use among the general pub
lic should bo cither on the free list or the
taxes reduced to the lowest possible
basis ; articles of luxury should bear the
greatest burden.
Gold and silver form the constitutional
currency of the country and the coinage
of neither should be suspended and a
paper currency should bo based thereon.
The greenback as the promise of the gov
ernment convertible into coin is the
safest and most reliable form of paper
If called by the sufi'rago of my follow
citizens to represent them in the Fiftieth
congress , I assure them that whatever
honesty of purpose and earnest zeal can
do , shall not to the fullest extent of my
abilitbo wanting , to. promote the best
interest of eacli and every part of the
First congressional district , and of Ne
braska , when the time comes for me to
transmit the trust to another , 1 shall sur
render it , leaving no stain of dishonor.
Jonx A M
Congregational Sociable.
A vnry enjoyable time was had Tuesday
evening at the sociable given by iho
Happy Hillside Home Helpers , a juvenile
society connected with tlio Congrega
tional church of Omaha View. Tlio vari
ous exorcises were gone through with in
a manner that would have done credit to
much older persons The sociable was
given for the purpose of aiding in the
completion of tlio church , whicn , it is ex
pected , will be about the 15lh of this
month. The dedication will take place
November ? . The following was the
programme :
rhoius-"Praiso" H. 11. II. II
Recitation " .Jim" Mamie McCoy
ItecitatlonUlitu't Ihink"
Llz/.lo Andrus anil Ktllth Wallace
Smut lilrnlilo Levitt
Hecitation "To-morrow"Nellie Vanilemar
Iti-citatlon "Keys" Myrtle Smith
Song-"iullaby" ,
Pearl Itewo and Nellie Avers
Recitation "Tl.o Sculntor Hoy".Il.H.lI.ll
Hfcitatlon "Nobody's Child".Ktta Smith
Soiitf " ( Jranilpa'sSpectacles/'LiizzieAiidius
Dialogue "Cour.shi | > "
lU'dLitlon "Mps That Touch Liquor
Shall Never Touch Mine".Mamie McCoy
Soni ; "TheLittle Ones at Homo" . . . .
Tdllo Denton nmi Nellie Aj'ers
Cltonis "Never Forget the Hoar
Ones" H. H. II. H
Dedication of a Now Church.
Tlio jrood people of Walnut Hill arc
congratulating themselves on the fact
that next Sunday the now Christian
church erected in that locality will bo
dedicated. The services will open at 11
o'clock In the morning and bo conducted
by J. Madison Williams , a distinguished
and eloquent clergyman of West Liberty ,
la. A special feature will bo made of tlio
music and nothing will bo loft undone to
make this occasion a memorable ono for
Walnut Hill Undoubtedly a largo num
ber will bo present , and citizcnn of
Omaha are especially invited. Mrs. J. A.
Gillespio , of the deaf and dumb institute ,
deserves particular credit for the success
ful works ho has done in bringing about
the erection of'tliis pretty little church
and turning it over on dedication day
"free of debt. "
Injured at the Bridge.
Tuesday morning Wi lllam Dlboml ,
employed on the construction of the
Union Pacific bridge , mot with a very
serious accident. Ho was working on a
derrick by which iron was being hoisted
to the upper portion of the new struc
ture.Vnile standing on some rails that
were being raised , the ehnm oroko and
he was thrown a distance of twelve feet
to the ground. Ho was picked up in an
unconscious state , and taken to his rooms
on Pacific , between Eighth nnd Ninth
streets. Doctor Galbraith wus called ami
found that Dlbond was badly injured in
the side and his loft ankle somewhat
lacerated. It is not thought than any
serious results will follow.
Round Air .Toilet.
The following prisoners were regis
tered at the Hotel De Miller , or county
Jail , yesterday on route for Joliot. They
wore in charge of a sheriff and deputies ;
1'rank Webster , grand larceny ; William
Watkins , burglary ; William Robinson ,
crime ngamst nature ; Green Ballis ,
horse theft. The first throe wore from
Wyoming , the latter from Nebraska.
Mr Peter Bcson was the victim of a picas
ant surprise party Tuesday night at his
residence SOU Douglas street. Music ,
( lancing and refreshments furnished the
entertainment for the evening , Among
those present were Mr , and Mrs. Cragor.
Mr. and Mrs. Hayward , Mr. and Mrs.
Donnelly , Mr. and Mrs. Benson , Mr , and
Mrs. Gould , Mr , and Mrs. Miles , Mr.
Will Crager , Mr , John Gladstone , Mr.
Jus , Dovino , Mr. Worthing , Miss Bosslo
Hammond. Miss Curistwnson , Mifs
Badger , Mies P/lofTor ,
M. 0. Keith , of North Finite , is at the
Local Lmoonlc * .
Judge Ilavrcs "Yes.tho fall days have
come , but it will bo a long time before
winter. 1 feel this year we will have
one of the most beautiful Indian sum-
mors wo have over liJul.w The loaves are
already turning for thaiviirposo , mid I
am In hopes of enjoying their beauty
until late in the year. "
Col. Curtis. "There la no doubt about
it , when the city secures 200,000 inhab
itants , the watcrworra must be removed
northward , bconiiso the sewerage
from the northern parts will then
How into the Missouri and still
more corrupt the water which wo now
use. If 1 had anything to say about it ,
any Improvements made from this on ,
should be in the direction of Florence.
Military Convicts.
Yestcrdaymorningthi'.ro was adcletat-
ion of.flvo soldiers taken to iho United Sta
tes - prison at Lovenworlh to servo
sentences varying from two to live years.
They wore all guilty of desertion nnd had
been brought from dificrcnt parts of the
department , and , though they had all
boon temporarily quartered at Fort
Omaha , yet none of them belonged to
this post. Ono of thorn was a colored
man. They were in charge of Lieutenant
Van Liow , I ) coimiany oftlio Second in
fantry. Ho was assisted by a corporal
nnd three privates , who kept close watch
as guard.
Stole a Ton in.
A man named John Hiloy was arrested
yesterday afternoon for stealing a team
from Collins' livery stable , on
Cumlng street , Tuesday. Ho secured -
cured the team with the un
derstanding that ho was to use It
in looking at some suburban real estate.
Ho did not return the rig , however.
Yesterday morning ho went into Furay's
barn , on HIM same street , and tried to cct
another team on the name plan. Mr.
Collins happened to be present at the
time , and promntly had the horse thief
jailed. The team has not been recovered
IJQUCI-'H Condition.
"He's fairly well nev r bettor since
his confinement commenced , "said Jailor
JooMilleryestorday when questioned a-
obiitLanor's condition. Laucriseertainly
in good condition so far as health and spir
its are concerned. Ho is now allowed
the freedom of the jail , frequently plays
cards with the other prisoners , and "is
well liked by his associates. Ho is keep
ing the record books of the jail , and as
he is a splendid penman ami a good
accountant. Inis a highly useful man to
the jailer. He frequently receives visits
from his relatives.
Alter a Ilohbcr.
Yesterday morning a delegation of Miss
ottri Pacific men wont to Plattsmouth to
attend the trial of Herman Carman , of
U coping Water , who has been arrested
charged with robbing the cars of that
line nt the hitter place. The robbery
was committed home time ago and in
cluded cheese , tobacco , whisky and other
articles. The witnesKos from this place
are John 7 . Hisscm , Tdrenco Bovlo and
R. H. Fleming , all of' ' whom will testify
as to the condition in which the goods
and cars were when tfteyjeft the city.
Checks bii ( , nr >
A man named Brans , who Tuesday
had uolled a charge of robberv against
ono of his friends , is now missing. Ho is
wanted by Attorney Kuhn , to whom ho
gave a check on the First National bank
for $5 for attorney's services , with no
money m the bank to honor it. Another
man named BranholVe , has another
worthless note of the same kind for sfSfl ,
loaned to him. Brans cannot bo found ,
nnd when he docs it is thought forgery
will also be charged hgaiust him.
For S.nle.
The furniture and vcnfal 'of the Coz-
2ons hotel.
This house is now doing and has done
for two years the second largest business
of any hotel in Omaha.
tisfactory reasons given for wishing
to sell. H. P. HU.MSEY.
His Owner.
Yesterday morning a man named A.
Krickson was attended by Dr Darrow for a
badly cut hand and a broken finger. Ho
was traveling westward on the Union Pa
cific toward Cheyenne in a freight car
wtih a magnificent horse. The animal
became frightened by a passing engine
and kicked his owner with tlio aoovo re
Absolutely Pure- -
This powder never vurlo3. A innrvel of pur-
ty , strength uml vrholoioinoncfs. More ooon-
oratcal thini the onllnnry kinds mid onnnt ba
old Incoinpotlllon wilhtlie multitude of low
t itshort woltflit iilum cr uhospliiua powdnra.
Bold only In cam. UOYAI , MAKING 1'owoiit Co
IMWnli at. . Hovr York.
Ajfter seTUiiff out our clcbratcl Fancy Dress SJtirt. uf 85v we
compelled to Idffrajph Jar another consif/nincnf of X2O tlozcnf < ( nfl these
tvill bejrfaccfl on out' coienfct's rfuriitf/ the coining n'celf. IFc will altto < Iis-
jtose of balance of our all wool scarlet Shirt and Drawers at SOc. When
closc l out these goods cannot be ( lii UcatcdVc are positively the
originators ojf low prices. Otir Men's S ( tits , sell nty from $ W to $12 , in
4-2 different patterns , cut in sacks , frocJfs and -Z-btttfon cutaways , nicely
trimmed , cannot be bonyht anywhere else for less than $ fS. Our
$ 3 to $ JL6 Men's JSuifs hi G5 dijf'erent patterns , made of corkscrews ,
diagonals , cheviots and cassiinercs ; all cut in the latest- styles ; cannot be
duplicated anywhere for lets than from $ W to $2 . Our Prince Albert
Coats and Vests , made front the jincst imported worsteds , for nty7c , flf
nid worltnianship cannot be excelled.
We challenge tlic world 01 our Overcoats for variety and low
2 > rices and wJiere can you beat in price an all wool man's suit for $6 ?
A strictly all worsted man's suit for $7 ? A Norjoll : all wool boy > s suit
from 5 to 12 years for , $2.93 ? Oar style of doing business is cJtarae-
terixcd in every respect by legitimacy , and all our goods are sold at
strictly ONE PRICE.
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omalia.
tirocnslly worn , cafe and reliable. Ihey Imvo been
tented In thou nJo of cnses anil ne can posltlroly
iiesert tliiitln all casus where the liver , spleen , kid-
npya anil bowels are Involved , In. HOI.MA v's I'Ang
arc at once the best , quicker t and chcmicst ; and
tl.ej-lmvo mnde permanent cuien In tliuusimJs uf
lives where raedlclno bus been usoJ without nujr
nctlts wluiiover.
Holmnira Liivcraiut .Stomach Iacl
.Absorb * nil Impurities from the blood ,
invlKorntes und vltailtei the whole a/atom.
Hotmail's JLtvor anil Stomach Pad
Curoi IllllouBneis , IndlcoBtlon , J.iundlca ,
Dlnrrhocn , Mlilurlu.SIck Heartache ,
ntieumjtlMi ] , etc.
ISolnmnSP I vcr and Stomach Ind
Ileuulateti the Stomach and Ilowcls. Improroj
iho ApiMitlte , corrects Assimilation ,
beautlnua the Comp'pxlon , ntc.
Hotmail's Liver and Stomach Pad
l'revent.8 Sen Sickness , Choloru , Smullpox ,
" Yellow. Typhus , Typhoid and
ALL DIlUUiJISTS-Orseut on recelp of
i'rice ® ! 2.
120 William St. , N. Y.
EPl HS QTiTP asiHi TTM T ft ft
HibiHt& ! EniO B $1 B Zn SliiiQ BUaU uB ) < $ #
Property of every description for aalo in all f > arts of the city. Lands for sale in
every county in Ncprnska.
Of Titles of Doimlns county ko t. Maps of the city state or county , or any other
information desired , furnished I'ec of charge upon application.
Watches , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
The largest slock. Prices the lowest. Repairing u specialty. All work warrant
ed. Corner Douglas und l , " > th streets , Omaha.
LEVI CARTER , President. B. H. HAYDBN , Secretary.
itrietly Pure White
For Sale by all tiie Loading- Paint , Oil and
Drug Houses of the West.
Display at tholr warerooms , 180S and 1307 Farnam
the largest assortment of Pianos and Organs to bo found ai
any establishment west of Chicago. The stock embraces the
highest class and medium grades , Including
LYON&HEALY , , . <
considered , are placed at the
Prices , quality and durability
lowest living rates for cash or time payments , while the long
established reputation of the house , coupled with their most
( iberal Interpretation of the guarantee on their goods , a"0 3
the purchaser an absolute safeguard against loss by possible
defects In materials or workmanship.
St , Cor. Capitol Avenue.
Chronic & Surgical Diseases.
DR. McMENAKIY'Prlopitato.- .
MUrai jear llnsolinl mm I'llvate I'rniUlcf
H'elm\o the f.ii.llltk" > , upparntu ? niul runcdln
for the successful trr.Usucntof incrjr form of dir-
case requiring rlllier medical orfciirglcal treatment ,
awl ! nUu nl I to c > mc.iiid luvcttlgatu f or tlicmsi Ivs
ir correspond with us. Ixjng experience In trout.
Ini ; C28cs by letter cinblot un to treat many c.if C8
pcIi'ilMCcn'lr ' vrlthou t rci'ln : tiictn.
\VIHTB roil ( 'lliOIILATt on Deformities nud
llrncc ; , CIul > fVct , fun uturca of lliu Hpuu
lsni rs or WOUIENI'llr * , Tumors , Omivrrr.
Cntnrrh , Broncliltlti , Inhalation , Klrotrlrlly , 1'urni-
jtls , Kpllcpsy , Ulilncy , JCjc , nar.KUIn , Ilload niul
all surgical operations.
Hatterlrn , Inlialorn , Timers , Trnsucn ,
nil kinds of Medical and bitrglcal Appliance * , innn-
ufacturi'd and for tale
The only reliable Medical Institute maklnq
Private , Special i Nervous Diseases
from whatever cniife produced. successfully trenli" I
\Vu CJii reincnu Syphilitic poleou from * } * < m
without mercury ,
New restoratitrvntuirnt for lonif 1U1 mmer.
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will fend you. In plain wrBWi'T , our
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, Hrrr. ATOiir.niKA , I arm Ki
ev , Sri'inus , GoN-oimiiuEi , ( .LLET , VAKICOI ME ,
Hnciorunc , ANII jut. imririts or TIII ( IENITI-
UniNiicr OIIUANB , or tend history of your CUM > l ( r
an opinion.
I'emonn iiimblr ti vllt iismry be trc.itod ot ll.fir
homo , by correspondence. Medicine * and Inttrn -
nicntu § cnt by mall or exprcm 8KCU iiY : 1'ACK-
EU FKOM onHfiltVATIO.V. no marks to Indlcnln
contents or fender. One personal Interview pii
ferrcd If coincident. Fifty rooms for tli n"rom
modatlon of patients Donrd nud nlte.mlin.-e t
reasonable ptlcci. Address all Let tern lo
Omaha Medical and Surgical institute.
Cor. 13th St. and Cnollot A e. . OMAHA. NR.
© fOfl BALE BY. * .
( Job. J. Ariii'jriisl.jritflCiunlntf ' st.
I ) . II llowmnn , lu'17 I'uniiim at.
John Httsnlu , 2II7 ! fliiinlnfrpt.
Horimui Ktmdii.fllu Houm Olb 4t.
O.l.iuigo , ; IIH Boutli inth HI.
I'aiiUun & Mlor ! ! , flr | > Nnitlt MUi Bt ,
.1. li. Itoy , BOH North I'Hh ' K.
W K. Hfoc > t/.ol , IB.'I llnwnnl St.
0. W. rilcoiii.07B- | lliilist.
In cnlora , eliowa all counties , IOWICH ,
Mulloil for u.
Omuliti City Miip , now ncldiutins oto. , J'ns.
Noliraskit Btulo ( ju/cito , lliislnrBJ Dlrcoloiy
niul Kiirnior'u I.itt , f J.
J. M.WOI.FK & CO. ,
12JP. Mtli St. . Omaliu , Neb ,
Hot Springs Hotel
These waters rontaln Iron , Potnsiliim , Mnio ,
Soilu , MnKiii'Slii , Clilorlilo of bodluiu unit fill ,
iliur , mid nro u por-Ulvo cuio for Rll illsoutw *
irisliiL' Ironi an lirpnre kliiloof tlio blood A cur-
tulu ijitcldufur ItlidUinutlBin.
Daily Stage and Mail Line to ana
from Fort Steele.
Good Physic ian in Attendance
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