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Many Opinions Handed Down by tte State
Supreme Court.
Van \VycK With Ills
Jlrsldcncc .McHlinno Kinll-
Ini * Oilier Happenings at
tliu Mtalu Cniltnl. |
Thu supreme court yesterday handrd
down n number of decisions In cases
brought before it , an nb.straot of Hie
opinions Iwiug given to the public , nml
which follow. One of these opinions is
in the case of Mitchell vs. the City of
riattsinouth for damages from a defec
tive-sidewalk. The court below at the
hearing of this case gave Mitchell judg
ment against the city for $1,000 damages.
From tills finding thu city appealed , and
on a hearing in the supreme court the de
cision of the lower court was alllrmed , being written by
Justice Keose. This opinion is presented
quite complete , ami cites several points
In the line of corporate negligence and
conlrlbutary negligence not before
passed upon. It will bo good
reading and n salutary lesson
to a goodly number of Nebraska towns
thiU maintain wretched bidowalks and
ways , and will add to the strict construc
tion of the law heretofore made In cases
of similar nature. One of the other opin
ions handed down , rendered by Chief
Justice Maxwell , relates to lliu forfeiture
of lease rental in .school hind leases , anil
holds that a forfeiture is not revoked by
failure to pay on thu exact day named in
the contract , but absolute good faith is
required and In case of ( lellniiuency the
statute limit after duo notice has born
given of delinquency holds good. The
court yesterday was engaged in the fur
ther hearing of appeals in Third district
cases , the attorneys from Omaha having
the lloor. Following are the
DECISIONS nui : > .
Uicliardson v. Pratt. Appeal from Otoo
conntv. Allirmed Opinion by Max
well , Ch. J.
1. One S. purchased certain school
lands in 180 ! ) , paying therefore onu-teiitli
of the purchase price and interest to tlio
following January. In 1870 hu sold ami
assigned'tho receipt or ccrtilloatc. The
interest was paid on tlio laud for the
years 1870 ami 1871. Default having
been made in the pavinont of the interest
for the years 1872 , 1873 , 1871 and 1875 , the
treasurer of Otoo county , in which the
land is situated , caused a notice to bo
published in a newspaper of that county
Hutting forth the facts of such delin
quency and requiring the removal there
of by the fullillmunt of the covenants ,
etc. , within thirty days. Held , the pur
chaser being absent from the state , that
siien notice was sulUcicnt. State v. Scott ,
17 INob. , 080.
2. While the failure to pay the interest
on school land contracts on the day it becomes -
comes due does not work a forfeiture of
the contract , yet the law requires coed
faith on the part of the purchaser and a
iailnroto pay such interest within the
limo required by stotuto after notice of
biiuh delinquency , will bar the rights of
the party.
Alexander vs Iiwin. Appeal from Otoo
county. Alllrmud ; opinion By House , J.
1. Tlio act of 1885 , icquiriiig abstracts
of cases ir the supreme court to be made ,
requires biieli abstract to bo so made as
to sot forth so much of the case as is nec
essary to n lull uudorstaudhig of all ques
tions presented to the court lor decision ,
and. so far as the examination of the cnso
by thu coiirt is concerned , is to taku tlio
place of the transcript and bill of excep
tions. The court does not look beyond
the abstract. All parts of the same omit
ted therefrom are treated as not in the
case. Ballard vs Cheney , 20 , N. W.
H. , 587.
! ) . All presumptions are in favor of the
regularity of the proceedings of the dis
trict court , Error is never presumed.
I'lnUsmouth vs Mitchell , error fiem Cass
county , niihmcd ; opinion by Itccse , J.
1. Before a city or other municipal cor
poration will bo liable for injuries caused
by n defective sidewalk , it must be shown
that the city by its ollieers had notice of
the defect , or that such defect had existed
BO long anil under such circumstances as
1o raise the presumption of knowledge.
But whore a portion of a sidewalk is in
bad condition by reason of loose boards
and dcfoctivo construction , itisuot neces
sary that the city or its ollieers should
have notice that the particular board
which caused the injury was looso. Notice
of tlio general bad condition of thu walk
at tliat jilacu will bo hold sulttoicnt.
2. In an action for damages resulting
from personal injuries caused by the
alleged negligence of the defendant , thu
nnestion ot contributory negligence on
thu part of plaintill'k ) , ordinarily , ono of
fact for the jury to determine under
proper instructions from the court.
8 , Where a sidewalk is constructed on
a public street or thoroughfare in n city
by an abutting property owner without
any direction or order by the officers of
such city , tliu fact of such construction
by the property owner without authority ,
would not relieve the city from liability
for damages to persons injured tiiorcon
without lault , if after the construction of
n such walk , the city assumed jurisdiction
over it ami ordered repairs to bo made
prior to thu accident.
4. Nor coulit such city bo released from
liability even though it did not assuuio
nitoli jurisdiction , if tlio walk WHS in a
public street in constant use and In a
line of other sidewalks constructed by
direction , of th j'city or over which , had
Lnvtwilor vs. Atkins. Apircal from Lnn-
nihtur county. Dismissed. Opinion , by
Ittese. J.
1. Where In an action for the recovery
of real estate the plnintlir ami his attor
neys enter Into a contract by which the
attorneys agree to receive as their. Com
pensation a part of the protftrty recov
ered in the actlo" Jinti the
/\v / ; \ Ilia tan liti < v-i "Uj2i ( tno casu with
" ' ' '
.le'fondaiits" t'o 'liis' atislnntlon-thoro
bmng no attorney's lion for fees--H WIIB
hold that the attorneys could not inter
vene to continue the suit , by virtue alone
of their contract with their client.
Court met pursuant to adjournment ,
State ox rol , weaver vs Rodericks writ
The following causes were continued
Manning vs Cunningham , Parker ys
Matheson , Banks vs Hitchcock.
Motions were overruled in the follow
ing causes : Manning vs Cunningham
State ox rol vs I'erkins , Uottman vs Hart
ling , I'opporcorn vs State , Connolly v
Miflor , 1'arkor vs Kulni ,
The following causes were argued am
sumbittod : Wl.bon vs Beardsloy , Smitl
vs State , O'Urlon vsGasliu ( in part ) .
Court adjourned to this morning.
thnt the enemies of Senator Van Wyci
have concoctud in this propinquity ha
just come to light although it has beer
worked since the days of the Lauoosto ;
county convention. This brilliant sohomi
is the procuring and disbursing of photo
graphs of Senator Van Wyok's Washing
ton residence , and if any parties arount
through the state will let themselves JO
known us avowed enemies of the scnato
willing to stoop to any kind of work t <
compass his defeat , they can secure thcs
photographs in this city , nnd after seem
injj them they will bo expected Urcall tii
gulhiblo to one side and show it to them
A Lincoln republican , not a follower c
the senator himself , was heard to rcm a r
that such a method of procedure was en
tirely in keening with the reckless me
thods adopted , and it Is evident that
the promoters of the scheme hope by
adopting the stale pl.ins of u former Min
nesota campaign to accomplish their
ends. The sidelong irlanprs that the BKK
ripro. entntlvconitghl of ono of these picture -
ture showed that the senator hail a very
comfortable homo in Washington just
such a ono as can be seen in the rcsitfcnt
part of Omaha and which any frugal man
of ability can secure by linn ! work.
M'SIIANT. ) K DOL'Ol.A ? ,
the democratic candidate for congress
man in the First district , wns in Lincoln
yesterday and goes to tliu state conven
tion at Hastings to-day. Mr. MeShnuc ,
when approached bv the Br.r. representa
tive , was smiling and reading the expe
dited telegram in the morning local
paper of hU opponent's opening speech
nt Falls City , Mr. McSlmuo had nothing
to make public nnd stated that thu work
of the campaign had not yet been map
ped out by the committee.
As n result of Judtje Mason's vi it lo
Vilbor to look after tno trouble between
hat village nnd the B. & M. railroad com-
> atiy in the matter of crossiuirs. the
ailroad commission has called for a
earing of both bo held at Iho
oems of thu commission in the capital
jullding on the HUh. There seems to be
i legal point in the controversy that tlio
nniniission want to hear evidence upon
jeloro rendering a decision.
1'ollco Judge Parsons yesterday adopted
now plan in Ids court and instead of
ining prisoners' ' * ! ami costs hn has raised
he amount to ij : ami will not deduct fees
or making the arrests. The result will
jo that the police will have to be paid
; oed living wages in future and not bo
nadu to depend in part on the gathering
n of fees lo make up their salary.
A large number of Lincoln people have
gone to St. Louis the present week to
low the fair ami exposition there ami
he veiled prophets. The now Missouri
'acilic road to the capital city seems to
inve its attractions in leading travelers
0 St. Louis ami the south.
To-day tliu Lancaster delegation to the
lomocratic state convention al Hastings
aku their departure for the front and iv
nimbur of spectators of democratic pro
clivities accompanying the delegation as
jody guard.
A lively runaway sped down the prln
cipnl street of the city yesterday nfter-
10011 , the team being followed as rapidly
as possible by an excited farmer whoso
iroperty they were. The last obsorvn-
, ! on taken showed no damage of a sen
ous nature from the escape.
There are several new cases in course
of development that give promisn of
some Interesting disclosures , but as the
warrants have not yet been issued their
exact status Is yet unknown.
Police court went light to well as usual
yesterday , only a few cases coming up
"or hearing. Several gamblers were ar-
nigncd and lined , one taking an nppuai
that was granted with $170 bonds.
The question of lighting the city foi
the coming year is tlio topic of discussion
.imong the city fathers , the present elec
tric light system not being satisfactory to
them. Nothing at a-11 has been done yet
that has the certainty of change.
Yesterday were registered among
others the following Ncbraskans : Brunc
T/.hchuck , 1) . II. Wheeler , Omaha ; L. 1
I ) , Emerson , Milford ; B. E. Whnlev
Loup City J. V. Aiusworth , Tobias ; 0 ,
S. Montgomery. H. D. Estabrook
Omaha ; J. Collins Lloyd , Nebrask :
City ; S. II. Stull , David City ; G. K
Du'dloy , Liberty ; K. L. Lndd G. W. Me
Millan , Frank Irvine , II. E. Jameson
Disjointed JolntR.
Detroit Free Press : "There comes an
other ! " said the hardware dealer , as ho
suddenly interrupted a conversatioi
about the state of the iron market am
tried to hide Ids body behind that of tlm
reporter. The latter was on the point o
asking for an explanation when a citl/.en
halted ami said to the dealer :
"Oh , yes , you sent that stovepipe up
yesterday atternoon , didn't ' you ? "
' Yes , sir. "
"Four links and an elbow ? "
"Yes. sir. "
"Told me 1 wouldn't have the least
trouble in lilting tliu joints ! "
'J-I think I did. "
'Think ' ! Why blast your old swind
ling vocation , you Know you did ! You
said a boy ten years old could put up a
hundred links of it in an hour ! Not ono
infernal joint would go together , though
1 worked for three hours. Don't you
oyor speak to mo again never ! 1 do ad
mire a sharp thief , but I have no respect
for an old hart"
" \VIiy didn't you punch his hoadV"
queried the reporter , as the man passed
on."Why don't I punch half the heads in
town1 asked the dealer just as a second
citizen came to n h.ilt and puckered his
mouth lo say :
"You can send up for that stove pipe ! "
"Yes , sir. "
" stoyo pipe I lugged homo last
night. "
"I remember. "
"That stove pipe over which I sweat
nnd swore until midnight , nnd then
mashed flat and Hung into the alley. "
"I'll send for it. "
"And I could have mashed you with it ,
you glib-tongued old hypocrite ! Send for
it ! Honiovo it ! Don't never look another
honest man in the faco. "
"No , sir ; I never will , " humbly replied
the dealer , as he opened his door to
escape a third man with blood in his
eye , coming across the street.
Ronl Kfttato Transfers.
The following transfers were filed Oct.
S , with thu county--clerk :
IIO Merge ot ill to Chas Johnson , Its II ,
18 blk O. Lowu's add , w d-Sl.OOO.
Glias DnlTaekto Llirzlo Couko , Oniahn , oK
It 4 blk 10 , Parkers add. w d-Sl-00.
Win Morse nnd wf to K S Morse , pit It 2 ,
600 a 10 IB , w d 81.
John KlrU to Wm Spcnce , itnilir ) { lust
In o 35 acres of uk m\'K see IK > , 13Ii ) . n u d
§ 300.
300.JenrKO Armstrong and wf to A N Kcat , It
131)11 : 'J. Al lustrous ? 1st nUil , w d-S.1,000.
J II lluncate. trustee , to Jno W lluadcll. It
0 blk 0. Uedfonl place , w d S1.
E V Lewis unit wf to Mlclmol Donnoll-
Wits ami nil It l blk 18 , ilanscom place , w d
8 100.
Clnw Johnson nnd wf to A S Vincent , U U
and 13 blk ( , ' , Lowe's niUl.wil-Sl.4W ) .
Treas of Douirlaa Co to K II walker , Its 1 ,
U 0 Patterson ct al to Hattlov uruni , It 2
blk a. Pattersons sub dlv , w d 3150.
HO Patterson et a ) to IlnttleV Orant , H a
blk 2 , Pattersons sub div. w d S175 ,
Jno I Uedlckto Nells Scleroo , pt It 11 sec
21 15 13. tor 10 years lease.
U B Owlees to Win 11 Morris , Oinnlrn , o&
; of 8) It 0 blk 4U , Omaha , w U-SI.7W.
0 Q Miller to V O Van Mostrand , sK H 2S ,
Urluln A Isaao's'fxdil w d-81,800.
U U Hoccs ct al to (1 L tiwartz , It 8 blk 0 ,
Omuha View , w tl S900.
, J 11 HuuKatc , trustee , to Annie Durkcc , Us
4 and 5 blk s , Bedford place , w d-SSOO.
A 0 I'owolUnd wf to S J Chambers , Oma
ha , It 3 bile 1 , Paddock place , w tl 58,7fio.
( i F J M Lelimer to Klclmril Moors , U S blk
251 , Omaha , re-record , w d S200.
J [ Preston and wf to Mrs P A Whltlock ,
Its 2 anil 8 blk 12 , Florence. wd-Sm
J P Preston and wf to Mrs P A Whltlock ,
Its 1 , 8 , . 0 and tT blk 13 , 1'loroiice. q o d-
J M Swotuam and 11 K lloclcto John Toll I-
man. U 3 blk 1 , Lua von woith Terrace addw d
HUHnrto toWP Uarte , umllv K HO ,
OUoiis aUd , w d-SCOO. -
John A McShanu to ( i K Bertrand , Omahn
M , O Ises add. w d-S'-.CCO.
Louisa Van Colt mid husb to Charles find
FretleilcU Mctz , It i blU3 subdlv J 1 Kt'dick ;
or add. w d-5700.
to \V V Conner ct al to O P Bomls , Its 3 and 4
so blkT , Lowes add. wd-81.600.
11 Ambler and Miranda McClury to Louis :
lie P Ambler , umllv 4-5 of It 10 ami 11 blk U ,
liea. Amhlor place , w d 31. 000.
a.of Henry Ambler and wf to Miranda MeOliitj
of umllv l-a of U 17 and 18 blk 15 , AiaWer place ,
rk wd51,000. .
Specimens of NebraBlca Coin Wanted to Ez-
Libit in the Senate ,
TlieltccitricraUoii of tlio Soil nNcctss-
Ity Fall Work for Tnrmcis
Various Notes nml
Riieclmcnt of XetirnsUn Corn Wanted
1 want the best obtainable Nebr.tskn
grown corn specimens , lo iilaco in tliu
rooms of the semite congressional com
mittee on agriculture at Wellington dur
ing the coming session of consricss. I
wHi nt least twelve ears each of all tlio
lending and must valuable varieties of
Duiil , Hint , sugar and popcorn , In the
husk. Specimens should bo fully ma
tured , named , ami as perfect in all even
tful characteristic ? as po iblo. Wrap
eaeh car carefully in eonno paper , pack
tight lo prevent shelling , nnd send to mo
nt Hrownvillc , nt my expense , anytime
before November 1 , 18UO. From thnt sent
inc. nn expert will select twelve of the
best ears of each variety , which will be
disposed of as Indicated. The namenml
address of the successful contributors
will be placed on specimens for exhibi
tion.Tills plan of showing ono of our staple
products lias been agreed upon between
Senator Manderson nnd m > self.Noaro
sure it will bo productive of good results.
1 trust tlio farmers of Nobrinka will join
in the effort. Lot us hear not only from
the old corn growing counties in the
eastern part of tlio stale , but from the
west particularly west of the 100th mer
idian. UOIIT. W. FfHNAS ,
Secretary Nebraska Slate Board of Agri
Soli Needs to UB Keel.
Ex-iovernor ( K. W. Furnns , out ; of the
best posted agriculturists in the state ,
says : "While 1 believe the soil peculiar
to the great slope , reaching from the
Rocky Mountains to tlio Missouri river ,
will continue to reward the intelligent
husbandman with crop yield in abund
ance , and longer without perceptible
diminution than almost any other , tlio
Creator never made the soil that would
not depreciate and eventually wear out
without proper recuperative efforts on
thu part of the tiller. To expect other
wise would bo to ask Him to set aside
His fixed laws to accommodate nn
already bountifully provided section of
the country. Wo mny as reasonably ex
pect that from n single bank deposit
might bo drawn forever without replen
ishing. In plain parlance , soil needs to
bo fed , same as cattle and hogif like
results are sought to be obtained. "
UlueOr.iHS in the AVesr.
Professor Bessoy , of Nebraska , writing
to the American Agriculturist of grasses
in the west , says : A careful study of the
problem upon the ground shows that
Kentucky blue grass can bo well grown
uion the soil of the plains. In the vicin
ity of tlio old forts , where many years
ago the United States troops were sta
tioned , Kentucky blue grass has been
growing lor n long timo. The seeds
scattered from the hay used for feeding
the horses germinated aud took root upon
the unbroken prairie sod , and in time ac
lually crowded out the wild grasses. The
hint thus accidentally given has been
acted upon , ami to-day there are many
line blue crass pastures upon giound
which has never felt the plowshare.
Timothy thrives upon the soil of the
plains , and fields of it may bo seen every
year in eastern Nebraska , which rival
nnv ever seen in the oast. It is now fast
replacing tlio wild grasses for hay. On
the lowlands bordering the Pintle river
timothy furnishes a perennial pasture ,
which endures the treading of cattle al
most as well as blue grass itsult. It is
now known , moreover , that timothy will
produce sued of superior quality in gre it
abundance , indicating very strongly its
complete adaptation to the climate aud
HlntH anil StiKCCBtlons.
Haul theahocksof fodder to the barn ,
nnd do not allow them to bo exposed to
the weather all the winter.
A cup of limo water in the milk fed to
calves is said to be an excellent prevent
ive of scours and bowel diseases.
The decayed branches of old _ trees
should bo promptly removed. Their un
sightliness is the least of their evils.
Tuberose bulbs showing buds at tlio
cud of the month may bo lifted carefully
and made to dower in the house later on.
A first-class salt should bo pure white
in color , clean , comparatively dry , uni
form in grain , and quite soluble in water.
Kye if sown now will grow , nnd , as il
is hardy , will furnish early green looil
before the grass makes its appearance in
the spring.
If every farmer who cuts down a tree
will plant a j-oung one in its place the
result will bo a constant supply of tim
ber and fuel as well as a profit.
Now Is the time to got the roads it
good condition for winter. It will be u
saving of time and labor when the rains
nml frosts nro so injurious to travel.
Sheep will cnt more , bo more contented
nnd thrive belter on n new than un old
range. Frequent change of range for
Ihcm is important nt this season of the
Ashes spreatl over the beds of straw
berries nt the rate of 100 bushels per acre
will increase the quantity , improve the
quality and Intensify the color. They
may bo sown broadcast at any time.
Canning fruit may bo expedited by do- much work In that respect as pos
sible at ono lime. There is more labor in
getting ready and making preparation
than in canning and scnling.
This is the season for hatcliinc out the
buntnms if you dosiro.thom small in si//j.
The latter the better , prqvidcd they cnn
bo raised , as the object should be to
dwarf them in size as much ns possible ,
It has boon d 'l0nstratcil that the
nnanhiy oi meat produced by sheep do-
livercU'to Jlio butcher at the precocious
asoof'from ' nine to Jifjeon.months epsts
exactly half the expense 01 u'.s9 ctl lo
double the age.
A resident of ( JpYumbia , S. C. , has gone
into the cultivation of the sunllower on n
large senlo , He has several uores planted
with diflorcnt varieties of the fiowor , ami
expects within a short time to bo able to
supply the southern market with the pro
duct. The seed makes splendid food for
poultry , and horses and cattle nro quite
fond of it.
As soon ns all thu work of the bees is
over , ami the weather becomes coolplace
the hives in a uhcd , under u dry roof ,
where the winds cannot reach them , The
bees should not bo kept in too warm a
location at first , but as soon as winter
comes on they should have a room or
cellar of an oven temperature.
After the loaves of currants have
dropped , trim the plants , thinning fully
halt of the now growth. If ono cares to
propagate them , cuttings can bo made of
these trimmlnirs. Cut to about six inches
in length , bed them firmly in good , mel
low soil to within ono eye of the top , and
in an upright position.
Every time you have a scuttle of ashen
scatter them around the trunks of the
fruit trees. If you will begin at the end of a
v row aud give each tree n dressing as fast
as the ashes are made ft will require but
a short time to give all the trees the
benefit of aslu- , * .fiilc ) the labor of so j
doing w ill not be noticed ,
The best way lo purillj wax is to ndd
to every ten po'thiil ' * of wnK out- quart of
u ator and one pliil of good vinegar.
\Vhcn \ nil is melU'd strain and put it in n
warm phiee so thai it will cool slowly.
When cool , scrape the dirt from the
bottom where it will bo found nil to
gether , leaving the wax clean ami nice.
It is n rule nlways to plow hillside laud
crosswajs. never straight up and down ,
ove.ii when Hat onouuli lor so doing , as
Mich lauds frequently wnih from heavy
raln . The best crops to grow on hillsides
are grapes.
A succd ful grower of bedding plan Is
lays two inches In depth of rieli old
manure over the entire Mirfaco of his
grounds before digging over in the
spring , it Is a good time now to start a
manure heap for ne\t year's use.
While planting the tree do not try to
rattle tile dirt among tin1 roots bv shak
ing the tree up ami down , tor UiN draws
tin * line , hair like roots out of place , but
noes not pu < di them bnek ; it folds them
up an.l gets them nil out of shape.
The discovery of a method for utilising
thu grease in wool will ndd to the price
of the clip. Heretofore the refuse was
wasted , but now that It posses a market
able value the unwashed wool will be as
much sought ns that which is clean.
The merino is hardy , nml , being nctlvo
nml industrious , does not require that
cnro which is often necessary for the
larger breeds. Huiice tlio farmer is on-
tibled to mnko a prolit from the morituH
on locations not m. all adapted for the.
mutton breeds.
There is a largo Field open for the o
who will make a specialty of flax. It is a
quick growing crop , is as easily grown as
wheat , ami improved machinery has
made it morn easily llttod for market. It
gives a proIII in both straw ami seed.
If the pcueh trees have not been
rimmed il is bust to defer so doing until
iiirly in the spring , before tliu buds
icgm to appear. A peacli tree is often
greatly bcnolitted and renewed by judici-
jus trimming , and trees would last much
ongor if given some care in that respect.
One of tlio first plants to change from
green to scarlet is the poison ivy. He-
vnro of it. Kumombor , the poison vine
ins three leaves in n cluster ; the loaves
of the harmless woodbine are in ehisters
of live. Another gay-luted plant of thu
arly autumn is thu poison sumac , or the
> oison oak.
The practice of abandoning the rasp-
jerry and blackberry fields ( after liar-
csting thu fruit ) until spring , is per-
licious. The vine should bu well culti
vated in order to keep down the grass
mil weeds. It is true that by cultivation
.ho number of blncKborry plants will bu
Multiplied , but they can bo destroyed if
lot desired. There is a largo loss an-
iiially bv allowing grass nnd weeds to
uonopoli/.e the Holds in the fall ,
Indefinite horticultural quantities nro a
barrel of apples , a quart ot strawberries ,
: t basket of peaches , n box of berries , or
what you get for your money of a tree
iieddlur. in the poultry line n do/on of
3ggs or n pair of 'spring ' chickens. In
live stock , a qiiartor of veal , mutton or
lamb. In husbandry , the proportion of
liny to a load of trash , or tlio dirt to the
bushel of grainr In dairying , tlio butter
in hog-fat , nml mill' in the water sold.
Corn meal is a. , convenient , nml wo
might sny stapjo , article of food in the
barn-yard and poultry-yard , yet it is not
the best food ' .for' ' chickens. It is very
good food in whiter * , ns it is heating , butler
lor young ehiokcns'it is not sufficiently
growing. Very young chickens thnt nro
fed on corn meal exclusively are liable
to be troubled with bowel disease. Give
: i variety of foo/1 / , give plenty of rnngo ,
ami. above nil , givu clean quarters.
Tlio price for washed wool makes the
increase , or lambs , the main source of
income from the 'Sheep , says the Wool
Journal. The poof sheep must bo dis
posed of and onljv those kept whick will
show well and have a salable lamb. A
great deal of money is lost by farmers by
holding on to stock when they get fat.
This is often done until they got poor
again. This system , or want of system ,
never pays. Shnop once fat ami then
allowed to got poor never do well.
Is a very prevalent and exceedingly dis
agreeable disease , liable , if neglected , to
develop into serious consumption. ISe-
ing a constitutional disease , it requires a
constitutional remedy like Hood's Sarsa-
parillu , which , noting through the blood ,
reaches every purt of the system , efl'cct-
ing a radical and pormnuont cure of
catarrh in oven its most severe forms
Made only by C. I. Hood & Co. , Lowell ,
A. notable bazar , according to the Jew
ish Chronicle , of London , was held nt
Lcighton ln//ird ! : in tlio last week of
August. The bir/nr w s intended to bene
fit n local Wcsloynn chapel. It was
held in tlio grounds of a member of the
Society of 1-rionds. who acted as chair
man , nnd who was appointed by n church
man. It was formally opened by a
Hebrew , Leopold do Rothschild. Rarely
do we have so signal an illustration of
the growth of religious toleration. It is
a siirn ot tliu times , and a token ol butter
things to come.
The "Life of the licsh is the blood
thereof , " pure blood menus healthy func
tional activity , nnd this boars with it the
certainty of quick restoration from sick
ness or accident. Dr , J , H. McLean's
Strengthening Cordial and lijood Purifier
gives pure , rich blootl and vitalizes and
strengthens the whole body.
At the Southeast Indiana conference in
Indianapolis last week n , speaker , refer
ring to the hardlships of the early days
in the west , turned to the venerable
Joseph TnrkingtOD. aged eighty-six.years ,
nnd snid : "Inm ind , Father Tnrking-
ton , that I did not " enter tlio itinerancy nt
the time you "did. " "I tun not sorry J
did , " said Hio old man. "Hut I'm not n
gootl honsoback rider , " said the speaker.
"Well , Earn , " answered Father Joseph.
"I can break a colt yot. "
A Conutimi Present.
The Virgin Salt Co. . of Now Haven ,
Conn. , to introdiicoy4rgln Salt into every
family are making-this grand offer : A
Cra/.y Patchwork Hlock , enameled in
twelve beautiful. ' colors , and containing
the latest Fancy Stitches , on u largo Litli-
ogrnphed Card h'avTng a beautiful gold
mounted Ideal Portrait in the center ,
given away with ! 'o'y/iry / 10-cont paokngo
of Virgin bait. lYJrgln Snlt has no equal
for household purposes. It Is the cloiiu-
ast uurest nnd wliitW Salt ev " : , „
* -r , t * - wutffi Ar
used , UenioM ? r ' .Ul'.l a largo paokti"o
costs only 10 cants , with the above pres
ent. Ask your grocer for il.
Sixty-five Chin'mnon sailed from Now
York yesterday by'the ' iron steamship
Parthla , of therfayf 'China line , for China ,
Captuin Tom Alnrslfnll , her commander ,
is a favorite with the Chinese. Last year
ho carried 1,800 Chinamen from Hong
Kong to Liverpool , snd his rolntions with
them were so pleasant that thu principal
men among them presented him with n
sot of resolutions in the Chinese Inn-
gunge. The captain bus them in his
cabin , and is very proud of them ,
Yearn Toncli Aloro Than nooks.
Among other valuable lessons imparted
by this teacher Is the fact tlint for a very
long time Dr. Piorco's "Golden Medical
Discovery" has been the prince of liver
correctives and blood purihors.being the
household physician of the poor m'lin ,
and the able consulting physician to the
rich pntient.nnd praised by all for its mag
nificent service and etiicacy in nil
diseases of a chronic nature , us malarial
poisoning , ailments o' the respiratory
and digestive systems , liver disease and
I n nil cases where the lisa of an altora
Uvo remedy is indicated.
A Victim of Military Itcil Tape.
San Francisco ( hroniclct Why there
s no love lost between civilians in Arl-
onn and the regular army is shown by a
vpical instance that occurred at Hound
"V alloy , In that territory , recently. A
veil known miner was digging a well to
I'ctiro water for a stock ranch which ho
uul located. When ho had dug down
ibout ten feet the earth and rocks caved
n on him. His head was just visible
ind his erie attracted the attention of
he men driving a pack team along the
oud. They set to work to rescue
ilin , but finding that the esrlhas
caving in as ia t as they removed
t they sent ono of their number to ap-
> oal to the I'omnmiidnnt at Fort Me-
) owill ! , onlv a few miles away , to give
hem n few men. The officer was told
if the urgency of the ease , but ho replied
hat as the accident happened out-idn
imlts of the reservation he had no an-
hority to detail any of his men. For
orty-elght hours the packers worked to
eseun the unfortunate man ; they gave
ilin coffee and labored like heroe.s to
ave his life , but exhausted nature finally
rave way ami he died before their eyes.
Military red tape killed him , as It has
nany another good man throughout the
erritory. Is it strange , therefore , that
ho officers who show sueli cynical con-
cmpt for the life of a common civilian
ire not held in high esteem by the
\rizonlan ?
A Wronged Wonmn'H Ambit Inn ,
C'hieago Horrid : "I've just been out in
louver , " said an eastbound pas.-onger ,
'and while tlicrd 1 met Mrs. Tabor , di
vorced wife of iho shirt-front senator.
She has not married again , but Is living
quietly with her son. She has developed
very good business tact , and has taktm
such admirable care of the $ -100,000 which
lie got from her husband that she is now
i nnllionairn. Tabor , on the other hand ,
las been gradually going down hill. Not
eng ago no made a rather lucky hit in
some mines , whieh revived his drooping
"ortnnct' a bit , but the prediction l.s freely
nadn that in a few vears ho will flatten
out Into Impels bankruptcy. Mrs.
1'abor No. 1 says that she will yet have to
.ako care of 'the old man , ' anil that when
iis hour of adversity comes , as come it
will , ho will find himself deserted by No
Q , and then ho will bo glad enough to re
turn to his first love and her million. It
eonis to bo the height of this woman's
unbition to get her husband back and to
) u able to set him up again financially. "
n Ucnton's HuJr Grower
All who are iJALD. nil who are bccomluc
BALL ) , all who do not want to 1m bald , all
who nro troubled with UAN'IMIUKK. or
11'ClllNO of the scalp ; should u * > u Uonton's
Hair Grower. Kionrv PEII CK.VT ot these
using It have crown hair. It never falls to
stoplho lialr from falling. Through sickness
nml fevers the hair somotlmes InlU elf In a
> hort time , aud although the person may
liavo remained bald for years. If yoauso Ben-
ton's Hair Grower according to directions
you are sure of a growth of hair. In hun
dreds of cases we have produced a good
growth of Hair on these who have been bald
nrid clnictl for years wo have iiilly substan
tiated the following facts :
Wo grow Hair In 80 cases out of 100 , no
matter how long bald.
Unlike other contains no
suear of lead , or vegetable or mineral
Itlsa sixiclnc for falling hair , dandruff ,
and Itching of the scalp. , ,
The llatr Grower IB a hair food , and Its
omnositlnn is almost exactly like the oil
which supplies the hair with Its vitality.
When the skin Is very tough and haul , and
the follico is apparently cuefituallv closed ,
the single strength will sometimes lull to
reach tno papilla : in such cases the double or
tiiple strength should be usoil in connection
with the single , using thoin alternately.
Price , slnalo strength , Sl.OJ ; double
strength , S2.00 ; triple strength , 83.00. If
your druggists have not got it wo will sand It
prepared on receipt of price. _ . „ , , „ _ . ,
Cleveland , O.
Sold by C. F. Goodman and Kuhn t Co.
IStli and Douidas. 18th ami Cumlius
"Wo regret to hoar , " says the London
Aihomcum , "that Count Leon Tolstoi ,
the llussian novelist , is at present sutler
ing from a dangerous attack of orysipe
las. The count is , however , yet young ,
and the best is hoped from his vigorous
constitution. His writings are becoming
bettor known every day , especially
through the oxcollcntTrench translations
of MM. Dorely , Do Ilauterivo and Hal-
pprmo. An English edition ol several of
his short tales for the people , represent
ing the latest phase of Count Tolstoi's
life and work , is in preparation.
Anglican missionaries in the diocese ol
Maritzburg , South Africa , claim that
the great sin of the Kaffirs is idleness.
What work is done falls on the shoulders
of the women , and they don't work three
months out of the twclvo. When the
people are not off to a beer drinking they
are stretched out in the sun , idling their
time away. They don't it seems , hko to
go to church any hotter than they like to
work. Sometimes the impatient mis
sionary will have to wait for his * congre
gallon more than an hour , oven after a
messenger has been sent for them.
Ministers , lawyers and men of high
btandiiuT everywhere endorse Red Star
Cough Cure ,
In his address of welcome ) to the dejo-
gates to thu Connecticut Univonialist
convention Showman P. T. Barnum said :
"An old clergyman once .said to mo , 'Mr.
Barnum , I hope to meet yon in heaven. "
I answered , ' } on will if you arc there.
This is n church of charity , a church of
good works , of love , of faith , and I wel
come yon to the deliberations which
shall result in furthering the work of this
church and in making known the gospel
of love and salvation. "
Salvation Oil , the greatest cure oncatrt !
for pain , has made a most brilliant dobut.
Price. 35 cts.
Philosophers say that affairs shouh
always bo conducted with ft view to the
greatest good of the greatest number
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup does the greatest
good to the greatest number. 2r > cents.
In February George K. Hcnnon was
badly mangled by the machinery in the
Cumberland mills , in Mainu , and Dr
( Jordan told him that if ho should re
cover ho wpuld not be able to lift twenty
five pounds in six inonths , Hormon in
sistocl that he'd get well sooner than that
and the doctor bet him " new lat | agaiiis
a cigar that his diagnosis was correct
Within four months Herman lifted 35 (
pounds , and is waiting the doctor's re
turn'frqm Europe that ho may got hi
' " *
lteaHbulnc B. lr. ) 1'rlco's Dultinu Powder contains
no Ammonia , LlmeAlniQorl'h08ibttW8. | Dr. I'rice'a
si Leaoot etc. , CivoiCsUclocil/ .
Ti m ,
Abent trwl ? ytM * ice 1 dlscoTtnxl ft UlUo pore en rajcliMfc. . te < l the Jivtnrs pw-
uonrcM It cancer. 1 bare trl.xl i nnmbtr of ii.j Iclftn . but withont wltlng nuj i-cfraa-
ntntbem'flt. Mien ? tlio number wrrotmo ot two * IX-AI ' The tntjielno thcj applied
TOslIke Ore to the fore , cnusins jntcn'O pnia. Itnw it Matcmrnl In tha jmpcM telling * ! > t
S. S. S. liftil ilono far othera similarly afflicted. I rrr nrc' < t * omo at cncc. Hcforo I h l n soil
tl.o iccond bolllo tlio r.cighborg couM notice thil my cancer was lionHnf * up. My Rtrcral
lifftllh Imcl been t > .id for tv > oor three years 1 l.aa A hacking coiigti snd tpit blood contin
ually. 1 htil n tcrcro rm in my breast. Alter taking fix twttlis of S. 8.9. my tongh left
jiie nnd I RTCW ( turner than 1 luul botn for iwternl j earn My cancer has lualcil over nil tiut
a little | < ol about lh * lzo of a half dime , and It u Mildly Ul&riiurlng , 1 MuuM ajviso
cur ; ougMlU cancer la glto H. ti. S. n fair trial.
lliis. KA3CY J. ilcCONAUUUEV , Aaho Ororc , Tlfipeeaaoo Co. , led.
Teb. 18,1SR6.
Swlfi't Sieclflc | Ii cniiHr vecctablo , nml feerrn to cnr cancers by forcing out the lmpa
titles ( roiu the Ll oJ. U'tunlue en lllood mid Skin l > l. oi-cu mailed frro.
'J11B BWirr bl'liCinu CO. , Unmet S , AtUnU , G .
01 ?
ChlcaptMllwaukee&St.PauIR1 . }
COUNCIL iiurra
Cliicnpo , AND Milwaukee ,
St. 1'uul , Minnennolis , I'ciltir Hupitls ,
Clinton , Dnbuquc , Davenport ,
Hock Island , Frcoport , KocUford ,
Klffin , JIatlisoii , JnncsvlUc ,
Holoit , "Winonn , La Crossc ,
And all other Importnnt points Kust , Northeast
nnd Southeast.
Kor tlircm&h tlcliots ciUl on the Tlokot Alton
lit 1(01 Knrimm mrout ( In I'ltxloii Hotel ) , or n
Onion Vnclllo Depot.
PulliimiiblooiiersnmUho flnost Dlntnp Cars
In the world are run on the mnlii llneaofthu
uml Yory attention Is paid to pii sun ui-H by
courteous employes of the compnny.
It. MII.I.KII , Uonernl MnniiRor.
J. F. TUCKKII , Assistant Connral MnnnRer.
A. V. H. CAUPKKTKII , Goneial 1'uaseugor and
OKO. B. IluApronn , Assistant General i'asson-
get nnd Ticket AKOIU
J. T. CI-AUIC , Oonorftl Superintendent.
Omaha ,
Council BMs
And Chicago.
The only roftd to talio for Tos ) Molnnj , Mar-
ghnlllown , ( olnr : HniiidR , Clinton , Plxlo , Chlpn-
ito.MIIwaukoo nnd all points cast. To the people
ple of Nobra lta , Cofnrndo. Wynmlnjr , IJtah ,
Idaho , Nevada , Orcsron , Wnshln ton nnd Cali
fornia , It offora snnotlor advantages not possi
ble by any other line.
Amotiff H tow of the numerous points of n-
perlorlty nnjoyod by th pntroni of tlilsroutl
liotwocnOmnhaand CliloiiKO , BIO Its t > fOtralni <
a day of DAY COACIIRH wiiloh are tlioflncst
that'butnnn art and immunity can create. Its
I'ALACK SLKEl'INQ CAItS.hlch nro models
of comfort mid nlofranco ltd I'AUIXMl D HAW
ING ItOOM OAKS , nnsurpntn < Ml bv any , and Its
widely celebrated PArATIAIj DININfl CAItS ,
the equal of which cannot bo found oliowhpre.
At Coiinoil Illtilfs the trnltunf the Union I'ncl
flcRy. connort In Union Depot with tliopo of
the ChlcaRo It Northwestern lly. In Clilcapo
the trains of this line muko cloeo connection
with these of nil eastern line" .
For Uotrolt , Coliiinlnin. Indianapolis. Cltioln
natl. Niagara Fulls. ntilTnlo , I'ittshurir. Toronto ,
Montreal , Iloston , Now York , I'lilindclplilu , Tliil-
tlmor * . Washlnprton nnd nil rolnts In the cast ,
ask the ticket unent for tlcliofR via Ilio
If you wish tlio ! > ext noconimodfttlons. All
ticket iwontR neil tlckots via this lino.
Gonornl Mminjror. Gen. Pass. A ont.
and Jai ! Work.
1020 l aruain Strcot , QuqUa. Neb.
OICtCjTT. A yalrlf , I'ornwnitr *
Cura fui lnst Mnnhooit , Dotiilltjr , fjrrv
Totisnen , Wraknfi5. Noquaclicrj . Irv
dlfputflhU I'rocfs. lonk aont btitu L
freo. '
Itccoutlr Built. Ncnlr Kurnljlic < l
The Tremont ,
J. C. K1TZGKUA1.D & rON. ! I'roprlutora.
Cor. Ptli and J'rjts. , Lincoln , Nob.
nates tl.50r > ord7. btrcoi can from.lioujo to ( inr
ran or UIQ c"r-
Architect ,
Oneo ) ! > ca. 3t and K , nivlmrdi Dlooli , Lincoln ,
Nob. Illovntor on lltli uti'oot.
llreidorol Ilrnmlorof
Live Stock Auctioneer
Huloa miulu In nil imrU of the U. 8. at fair
ralos , Itoom 3 , SlHlo llloolt , Lincoln ,
( jollowuy itnil Uliurt Horn liulls lor sulo.
Farm Loans and Insurance ,
Correspondence In resrunl to lonns solicited.
Itoom 4 , lllulmrils lllock. Lincoln , Nolj _
Biversid Jv
ur btrittly pure Uatv iiJ > ? > lll (
HurU iminbcra ftliotit IVJ nii "r , _
Fomlliou vtprofontiSU : J'llbertj , r
AiioinliH. llonloic , Itoso or SliaronS , nl"8 * n .
Knlnbtly Ihichosaoj , Klut Crook Vounif Murys ,
] > hylldu9 ) , Ixjuiine uiulTruu Ixvc& .
HulU for mid. 1 Turn Hut us Filbert , 1 I'uro
Untci CrnifirB , 1 Jtosoof Slmroii , 1 Vouitor Mar/ ,
1 Pine CrutoK SlmnV and ottiurr. Conn And
Insncrttuo liurl. Artilivss , CHAB , JJi
HON , Lincoln , Neb ,
When in Llnooln stop at
National Hotel ,
And net n vood dinner for - > < ) .
A. I'BDAWAY Proi ,
Red Star Line
Carrying- Ilelffluin Koynl nnd United Stutoi
Jl nil , tailing every tiatuixluy
Between Ant weru & Nev/ York
Salon from | ) to lift. Kzourslon trip from
$110 to Jl-X Seuoml Cabin , outward , 515 ;
pitittkll.V | oxuurilou.tK ) . Bteorivo uiuitfo
ot loir raloj. I'oltjr Wrlalit & Boua , Uouoro
AffenU , U liroadiray , Novr York ,
Tl nr > 1'un It , | 2I I'unminhu : IMulsen V Co.
1120 i-'urnuui t ; L ) . U. irctuian , Wl iiitu.iui st
D > REXEI , & MAUL ,
Successors to Jno. G. Jacobs ,
A\l >
At the old stnmt 1IOT Fnrunm si. Orders
by tolegrnph so.leited and promptly at-
tiMidotl to , Telephone No. SB3.
( or f J .Ml | 'cr nnniini , po-t 111:0 iiropnM. llciult In punt *
nuo ttnimi , initial notes iKi inl tmlnr iir rritmterfMl
letter. THIS CllU'AUU MAIU Ha Stli-ar. , riilcnsn.
' ' { perfect nubitltute for Mother's
milk , Jnvnfunblo In Oholorn trifnntum
nnd Teothlntf A pro.rtigosted rood for D Q *
psntlco , Oonsumptlvos , donvnlosconts.
tvrrcct nutrient In rtll WnstlnR nisonsoo.
Iloqulran no cooking. Our Hook , The Care
nnd roodlnn of Infants , mailed rroo.
POUDCIl. aOODALU tt CO. . Boston. Mnaa
Dliilllril lor
Medicinal Uxc.
Ml T.DVf. I , . W.MMM1. Pur
gran iu Clilrf , National Uuarc
of N.J. , viltcs
"Mv attention ai CAlled tc
jour k yttnna Jlult WhUkCj-
or I.-ilor , UniCKl't , of Trenton
nml I tm\e uvil a few bottUi
nltli f r I'oltfr ' effect than any j
Imvo hod 1 tun rrcomnitnillni
jour nrtlcl In my practice , uua
find It vrryratUUctor ? . "
BEWASS or immou3.
03 * The ( Icnulne hat lh Mxnalur * 0
ric-slnllo tf Eattlo. " u * i. ui.
( Sol Jnii tor Ihetr H. )
316. 318 and 320 Race St. . Philadsbhia. Pa.
( joudmnn Drnp Cn.ionl.AeiitsUinaha )
Nebraska National Bank
Fcdd up Capital . $350,000
Surplus . 3O,000
H. W. Tales , I'rcMilunt.
A. E. Touzi'.linrino Preshlont.
\r. II. S. Hu-hes , Ciishior.
W. V. Morse , John S. Collins ,
H.V . Yutos , Lewis S. Hood ,
A. E. Touxalin.
Cor 12th and Fiirnam Sts
A General Bunking Business Transacted.
N. "W. HARRIS & Co.
Or Counties , Cities nnd others of
wmf-w lilwli irriido bought Hiid snld. Kurttorn
olllce ( W DoVonsliIre St. . lloBtan. Correspond"
ILailway Tims Table
The followliiHf latlm time of arrival nnd < to-
parttuouC triilns by Cantrnl Htnndard Time lit
tlio local dopots. Trnliu o tbo C. , St. 1' . , M. &
O. arrive anddopnrt from their depot , corner of
14lh nnd Woliitor strnots : trains on the II. & M.
a II. 4 Q. nnd 1C C' . , St. J. * p U. from tlio II.
* M. depot all otliorj from tlio Union I'nclUo
Ilridtro tralnti will leave U. P. depot nt e:3J-
IJ7'J6 8:008:4DbX : : ! ) 1110:00 : 11IW : a. in.i 111:0 :
1:20 : lfiQ : 8:00 : 3:00 IH:00 : 5UiJ : Sao : l < ! lO-
7:00-11 : IO p. m.
Leare TrniiBfer for Omaha at 7:12 B8:15 : 0:31 :
: C IIIOai-iaa7-.UJ/ : : ! . m.t:3r : aU : 2:3T :
1:30-a3T : ; 4:37 : 5:50 : :4a7 : iaj7 ; : 50-8:59- :
H:63p. : m.
I.eavo Ilroadnay 10 115 p. m ; Arl vo Omaha
1100. IiV. Omaha 10 00 p. m. ; Ar , Ilroiiclwny
10 25. lit oiroot AtiKUHt ffJth until further no
tice. TliiaM additional to present train eorvlco.
j.v MOIIHI ; , Q.I'.A.-
Arrival and doparttiro of trains from th
Trnattfor Dojiot at Council Illult g ;
inUdA , U , 1)U15A. ; Jf.
1)0:15 : A.M. II5Wl' : . H.
C6l40l > . H. Jl7UOr. : u.
A Oll5 A. U. I AIMS A. M.
A OHO I' M. I A 7:04 : P. M.
CHICAGO , noiu.if < nTON QUINCV.
I / ? ; > ! ; ;
cniCAno ,
A 0:1. : ' ) A. M , AOjlSA.M
A : < ! - "Z
ANSAS CITY , ST , JOB k couNciii ni.urrs
A 10:00 : A.M. I ] 0:35 : A.M.
00:651 : * . M. | A.nU&i ; > , u.
AfliOOr. M. | A a : * ) ! . M.
ATfj3A.U. : I AU:3i : A.M.
A fljZ3 i' . U. A SW ; i > , u.
A , U , i' . u UNION VAOIFldTT f. "
. . . .I'nUUoUriuqss. . . , 7 : M
. .nouvor lUprnis
. . . . .1 < 0'M ISxprosa
U. A if. IN NBI1.
BtlOil . . .Mull and l'iir | ai. , . . . . . . 6lOa :
" jirjN.lKjit J < xprua . . . 10:40o :
"liopltrt. BOUTllWAflpV Arrivo.
A.U , I V. H. MI880UUI "l AC'J KIO , A. M. !
HilOa . ! > > KxproaH . . . 8 ; :
. . Nltfht Biprcgs . . . RfMi.
K. O. , T. J/.V 0. II.
_ 0:30a : | 8j " t Vin I'luttsnioiitli. _ T W
loinrl. ) | Arrive. " "
A. U. | I' , M , C. , 8T. 1' . , M. & O. I A.M. 1 * . U.
. . . Sioux City Kxprtsi. . . . .
6t.'m : Ortkliniil Accciiiind'nlUiOii ! : :
A. 51. i f. M. ,11. & Q. I f. M.
:20l : 0:00 : | I'liittsinoutli. 1 V : ) | 7:10 :
NOTUA.ti'iilnsiliilly ; II , dally oicniit bmi.
tinyCdally ; uxcvjitHnturday ; D.dnily ozcoiit
trill loqvcU , I' , depot. Dumlm , at * fl : to 7:3J
bU51-0OiJiv. ; : mi 2UW - :05 : lW-'iiii-B:00 ; : p. m
nl'acirioCxprojs , 8:20 : p. m. ; Denver hi.lQ:33 :
n. m ; Local I'.r.,5:05 : D. m.
Loiivobtock yards for Omalia at * 1 : ( -i\Q \ .
9:30-11 : ! B a m.i3 : : - -3a5-4:3j-0:05- : : : p. ra
Atlantic K * . , lo a. 0. 7:35 : n. ra. } Otilcairo ix ; ,
If 8.0.6:07 : p.m. : I cal K . , le. a 0.10:51 : u.ta.i
Ua. I'M. Ex. lo.S.0 , 6:17 P. "M 2d M. P. Us
'Uxcevt Suudajr.