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'il O1TICE , NO. 12 , PEARL STREET ,
JJflluicd by rprrU.T 'D ' iMiypnrtof tliocitytit
iwtnty tints ] > cr week.
H. W.TILTON. - Manager.
'rKI.m'HONES :
KKSOmCE , No. 4J.
r EUITOII No. 2.1.
New York PliiniblnK Co.
Now fall ( roods sit Huitor's.
Buy Soul brand oysters , tliu best. _
Clioit ) ) railroad tickutn at BusliiiuH'f.
Rtulnnond fitrnacus ut Cooper iV Mo-
The city council is to meet on Tlwrs-
day night.
Tlic republican convention to-day will
be held in the Masonic liall.
Ono io/.uii ! c.iblni'ts anil n ! ; irj.o ; jianel
for 1 2.60 at Sehmidt's gallery.
CF. . Ilocil has been appointed as pav
ing inspector for upper Broadway.
Ladles , cali to-day and scil the Kire
Kinir tit Jones' hardware store , No. 331
Deputy United States Marshal Trout-
man lias taken Collins , the young passer
of bogus dollars , to Anainosn.
In another column will bo found the
minimi report of the Citizens' State bank
of this city , : i verv creditable report.
The Fire King is fsomothlng every lady
should sec. It Is to-day on exhibition at
Jones' hardware store , No. ! W1 Broad
1'urniits to commit matrimony were
yesterday given to llansChristoferson , of
this city , and Emma Denham , of Chad-
ton , la. ; William Boslcdt and Alburtina
Witt , both of Minden.
One of Martin's express drivers , named
Adiiint , was thrown from his seat last
evening , onto the pavinir on Broadway , a
nut coming oil' one of the wheels. Ho
was slightly injured only.
City warrants crept up a cent yester
day , and were .selling for 78 cents on the
dollar. Many reluse to part willi them
at that price , preferring to wait for
smother rise which is sure to come.
The necessity of some system of street
cleaning is becoming more anil moro ap-
jtarent. The city does not get half the
benefit of its paved portions which it
might were the mud and tilth kept cleaned
from it.
The election passed olFso quietly that
it produced little for the police court to
sict upon yesterday. There wore three
cases of disturbance of the peace ; Henry
Mooney , II. R. Head , J. M. Brown. Kach
wius lined | I.0'J. ) '
The republican county convention
lyi'ots to-day 1 * at 11 o'clock to frame a
county ticket , sure to win. The task is
not an easy one , and there do not seem
its 111:1 : 1 aspirants for positions on the
ticket as usual.
Among the most troublesome of all the
prisoners in the county jail are the
tramps who made such a fearful assault
upon Charlie ' 'rice , of the St. Paul road.
They seem to lose none of their ugliness
J. C. Langc , deputy United States col
lector at this point , is posting up the nec
essary notleys In regard to the tax on
oleomargarine. The law takes etl'ect on
the last day of this month , and dealers
willhavo to procure stamps from Daven
port for this district.
If the ladies will call to-day at Jones'
hardware store , No. ! ! 31 Broadway , they
can see the Fire King in oni" .ti6n. The
Fire King can bo plncwu in either a cook
ing or liea.tin r stove. It burns coal oil
instea'i of coal or wood : is safe , clean
nmt cheap. Call and .seo it and you will
iinil a big surprise.
John Bohn , L. C. Br : ckuU and Thomas
Cavin have returned from a trip into Ne
braska. Their score of lishes caught runs
tip into the scores , and the number who
got away was beyond count. Bohn used
Ins now lish polo with great success , it
being a special beauty brought him fiom
the east by Mr. Braokott.
The newly elected mayor , Mr. Grone-
wegmade an excellent selection of a place
in which to entertain the friends who
rallied about him to congratulate him on
his victory. The Creston house was
placed at their service , and Max Mohn
being at the front , there was no lack of
the needfuls for the merry time.
Eisoman's opening is still the talk of
the city. The crowd last night was im-
nionco , and everybody seemed to run
bankrupt with adjectives with which to
express their admiration. Few cities in
the land can support such au extensive
establishment , and the special display
there nuuio is an exposition of itself
worthy of charging an admission price.
J.V. . Kccd. who has a print shop at
No. 707 Broadwaj' , found yesterday morn
ing that during the night some rowdies
liad entered the place and amused them
selves by tossing about the property , soil
ing paper , and causing a great e l of
trouble and some damage. If the of
fenders could bo caught , they should ho
given an amount of irco advertising
which would make life in the great rail
way center unbearable.
Yesterday the superior court was
turned into a medical college in appear
nnco. There was a largo gathering of
ilcclprs called upon as expert witnesses
in the caSe gio'.Viyg out of the AUon-La-
Voiibcrg-Brownold family rumpus. As
usual , tlioy were called upon to unss their
opinions on numerous hypothetical oases
put to them , and as usual their replies
left the real question about where H was
originally. The evidence was concluded
yesterday afternoon , ami Judge Aylos-
wortli la to render his decision this morn
Fresh tallies ut Bnird's , .VJ3 Broatlway.
Opera house barber shop and bath
rom. Everything lirst clasis , K. M. Mar
The Insurance "Mnmit"
B. B. Mann , who formerly made Coun
cil Bluff ; iienfiQTlnrtcrs for hU insurance
Business , la now located In Kansas , and
it will bo gratifying nowa to his many
friends hero to learn thnt there Is a strong
probability of his being appointed Insur
ance ) commissioner of that state. As nn
Insurance man ho is widely and favorably
known In Iowa , nnd if experience ,
ability nnd Integrity count as requisites
for the ofllco In Kansas , ho certainly can
pieot nil the requirements , The pri-sent
inomnbont Is a democrat and in n state
onnablo of rolling up as big republican
majorities s Kansas , it f = ceins that a re
publican should occupy the posjtion ,
especially when ono fully capable ia at
hand. Mr. Mann's republican friends in
Iowa , remembering his loyalty to the
party for years , have political as well as
personal reasons for tno hone that thu ex-
pootatlon of Ins being appointed may bo
Hard and soft coal , wood Hmo , cement ,
etc. Council IHuffe Fuel Co. . No. 5W !
Uroadway. Telephone No. 180.
Cabinet Photographs $3. Quality
the finest. Bhcrradeu , an Broadway.
Pernonu !
Charles A. Markey , of the Daily Press ,
Dcadwood , Dak. , was at the Pacific yes-
Alen Obert returned yesterday from
Germany , a little too lut lo voto. but
lust in tune to join in the congratulations ,
Which ho Uid heartily.
The Body of the Stranger Found Near
Oior a Stncil IicoilH to
Arrcm for Homo Htenlinj ; Tlie
Democratic CllllOIIHI'S IjiUlt
Xlftllt t'ulltlUH Hot.
To-ilay's Convention.
The county republican convention
meet' ? nt 11 o'clock this morning to put
Into the Held n ticket for thu coining
election. Tlicrc has been little discussion
ns to who will lie the nominees of the
convention , nnd the public is left more in
the dark than is UMtal preceding Mich
occasions. There set-ins to be no qttes
tlon but that County Recorder Chambers
will bercnominated for that position , and
a stronger candidate could hardly be
ntttued. With the exception of this place
on the ticket have been few public
conjectures as to who would bo honored
with nominations. There has been some
talk of oll'ering tlio nomination of county
clerk to J. M. Matthews , the present
ccief of police of this city. It is not
known whether Mr , Matthews would no-
copt if the honor wore tendered him , llo
is a man fully capable of performing the
duties of the ofllco. and one whom all
republicans coulil earnestly support.
There are aNo to be nominated n county
attorney , a coroner and two supervisors.
'llic democratic camp hcems full of
aipirants for nominations for all of the
positions , but the republicans are either
strangely modest or else they tire plan
ning very quietly.
Them are no disscntions cropping put
in the republican ranks , ami no aspiring
candidates who will feel sorely disap
pointed if thev are not struck by light
ning , so that tlio nominees , whoo\er they
may be , will doubtless receive the hearty
and full support of their party.
Among the whisperings in regard to
possible candidates are heard tht > names
of Colonel Daily and Jacob Sims , for
county attorney. For supervisors Sam
Frum stands tin excellent chance of being
nominated. Charles Waite. of Sliugart ,
Waite tSc Wies , is being mentioned as an
other probable nomination.
First-class regular dinner 25 cents- 2
o'clock. Phojuix chop house , fi05 B'wny.
Just received , Ladies' line shoos , best
makes. Trices low. Goo. lilaxim , SOT
A Horse With n Jtcconl.
Some time ago the owner of a two-
year-old marc turned the animal loose
upon the bottoms , in the vain hope that
she would wander oft" and get killed by
the cars , or that some other circumstance
might arise which would make it possi
bio for him to reali/.e some money for
her carcass. She was atllictod with spinal
disease , so that she had got her back up
about , and was in a deplorable condi
tion every way. Finally some deputy
marshal managed to get the animal into
the pound , and the owner valued her so
lightly that on hearing of her wherea
bouts he scfuscd to pay even the ? 1 50
necessary to secure her release. The mar
shal had to sell her at auction to get his
costs out ot her. llo tried it last Satur
day , but the highest bid ho could get was
fifty cents , so ho put her back m the
pound , bought some moro hay , and post
poned the sale until jestcrday. By drum
ming up n crowd ho thought to be able
to got a bid. but tlio lookers on gazed at
the two-year-old blankly nnd refused to
chance a cent until OIHcor
I'.cndricks came along and
startled the marshal by offering live
dollars for her. Heiulricks said ho had a
plan for getting that much out of her.
Ho was going to kill her and sell the
hide , and save the carcass to feed his
dog during the winter. Cliarlio Price , of
the St. Paul , came along and raised the
bid to a quarter. He thought that by get
ting Colonel Fox lo ride her under the
saddle for a few times he could reduce
the hump on her buck. By this animated
bidding of two officials a stranger was so
carrieu away with the prospcotof coming
wealth and fame as a horseman , that he
bid $5.75 Marshal Guanolla , fearing
that the enthusiasm might pass awity ,
hurriedly knocked the animal down , fig
uratively speaking , the figure being
about liv dollars more than no expected
to reali/o. The purchaser was a stranger ,
who got a pretty fair piece of rope with
which to lead the animal off.
Don't forgot the Good Templars bal ] at
the Masonic tern plo on Thursilay evening ,
14th inst. Tickets for sale at Bushnoll's '
kook store.
A car load of largo , heavy mules , a
a lot of line , large heavy brood marcs for
sale by Schleutur & Boley , Counci
Tlio Corpse of 11 Strunjtcr.
As stated in yesterday's Bui : , the body
of an unknown man was discovered the
day before , in the willows about a milo
from Crescent. Coroner Fual yesterday
wont out there to investigate the matter
and hold an inquest. A jury was impan
elled consisting of A. R. Prentice , War-
ran Hough and C. M. Maynard. The
boiJy was found about thirty feet from
the banks of ilia Jlnyer , in the cdgo of
the willows. It was badly decomposed ,
and the features wore gone beyond recog
nition. The skull was lying about ton
feet from the rest of the body , and had
no llosh upon it. The rest of tha body
was so badly decomposed trt ! tno clothing -
ing alone held it tj-otUor. ' All that could
be found in the pockets was a horn collar
button , a now tooth brush , and a badly
crumbled piece of paper on which was
written. "Miss Mine jJowman , Capital
Avo. , 11. Uugbnru , " The man was
dressed in a dark woolen striped sack
coat , black vest and punts to match the
coat , a nearly now pair of button shoes ,
white shirt , coarse cotton undershirt and
whlto drawers. The pants pocket on one
side had been cut open indicating that
ho had been robbed ,
The inquest revealed nothing definite
as to the man's identity.
J , B. Matlook thought it was possibly
a man who worked for Charles MoICown ,
and who disappeared POIIIO time after the
Fourth of July , having gone to Counoil
Bluffs to celebrate , and never having re
turned as ho promised to within a day
or so. His name was Norman TluvytT
and ho was called Barney.
Charles McKown did not think it was
Thayer. The body was not largo enough
and the clothing did not agree with that
worn bv Tlwyur.
Dr. Kmmonds guvo it as his opinion
that the man was a colored man , judg
ing from the head and other indications.
Much Ado Aliont Lit tin.
Yesterday afternoon a team belonging
to Henry Do Long took a lively run down
Glen aV''iiuo , attached to a buggy , and
as the runaways dashed into Broadway
they collided with the pop wagon of
Wheeler & Harold. The smash was a
general ono , the pop waflott am | contents
being wrecked , while the buggy suffered
several lad breaks. .Mr. Do Long's horses
were badly cut up , but.uot pt'rmunently
disabled. Jt w s juit tue uoou hour , uud
as the fire bell tapped n < usual at 13
o'clock , and several persons were seen
running in the direeUou of the aeel'leiit ,
the report spread quickly that there was
a lire , and this reaching the houses of the
lepartmont the boys tinned out ready Id
suppress the bla/e. Taken altogether
Jiu runaway team Miceeuded in causing
quite a commotion.
Kin trie doorbell ? , burglar alarius.aml
every form of domestic electrical appli
ances at the New York Plumbing Co.
J. Krnsdlorf , having taken entire con
trol of the Phu-iiK chop house , duires lo
Hate that he has secured the services of
Jharles Decker , a lirst-ela.-s cook of New
York city. The host the market affoids ,
night and day , in the beM stjlo of the
art. Will nlfeo have a regular bill of fare.
The Richmond combine * the four ca ,
sentials of a treed furnace , simplicity
capacity , durabilitv and economy. See
thorn at Cooper & McGee's , 41 Main.
Was tlic Stcctl Stolen ?
A number of complications arose yes
terday over the possession of a horse ,
which has been in Dr. Seamon's stable
for some time past. The horse was the
property oi John Jones , and John Abies
yesterday sel/.ed it on a chattel mortgage
which ho claims was given two years
ago , and which with the interest amounts
to the full value of the steed. Constable
Rleketts went to the st able and took the
horse on Allies' claim , and led it over to
Bray's stable for safe keeping. Dr. Son-
mon claimed that ho had a feed bill
against the horse for $7o , and he began
Kecking ways and means to secure thN
bill. Ho scoured as his attorney , Frank
Trimble , a young man who has numer
ous peculiarities by which ho has become
more or less known in this community.
Trimble told the doctor that ho could get
posscsbion of the horse by a writ of re
plevin , and stepping IntoJusticeSchurz's
court prepared a characteristic petition ,
but it was not . i < rned. llo also prepared
a writ of replevin , and the justice Mgued
this , folded it up and laid it under his
inkstand , telling the doctor and his
young attorney that they could go aid
get the proper bond mailo out , then re
turn and sign the petition and the writ
won III be placed in the hands of an of
ficer to serve. Dr. Seamen started out
with the bond to get signers , and Attor
ney Trimble waited about the justice's
ollicc for liis return , lu the meantime
Justice Sehuiv. sat baekof hisdoskquietly
reading and wailing. Trimble was walk
ing about the room and walehing his op
portunity picked up the writ of replevin
from off the desk , and start
ing down stair. * , placed it
in the hands of Constable
Wesley. That officer at once started for
Bray's barn , served the writ and Joolc
possession of the horse. He took it to
Seamou's stable , and turned it 9\'er to
one of the men there. In the meantime
the justice discovered that Trimble was
gone ami that the writ of replevin had
disappeared. Ho surmised that Trimbln
had taken it , and rushed down stairs but
could sec nothing of any of the parlies
concerned. The petition for the writ had
not been signed , nor had the bond been
filed. Soon Constable Wesley made a
return on the writ , and following this
came a hunt on the part of John Allies
and Constable Hickctts for thu horse.
They claimed that it had beer spirited
awny from Seamon's stable. The next
move was to lile an information against
Dr. Seamen and Frank Trimble , charging
them with the larceny of the horse. They
appeared , and bonds were fixed in the
sum of $500 each for their appearance in
court this morning. Dr. Seamen speedily
fixed his bond , but Trimble had a little
more difficulty in securing responsible
parties to ensure his appearance. A
change of venue will doubtless bo asked
for tnis morning , and when transferred
into Justice Framey's court the cases will
probably soon have the bottom knocked
out of them. There is talk on the part of
Ahlcs of beginning suitou some of the
bondsmen of the ollicers to secure the
value of the steed , which lias thus slipped
out of their possession.
Seal brand oysters at 11. J. Palmer's.
Substantial abstracts ot titles and real
estate loans. J. W. & E. L. Squire. No.
101 Pearl street , Council Bluffs.
Everard and Eulalia , by Ed. Wright ,
for sale by Bushnoll & Crockwell.
Duly Dclouated.
The democrats had a lively time select
ing delegates last evening , especially in
the Second ward , where the wrangle was
kept up until a late hour. The following
are the delegates in the 'several wards ,
the wrestle in the Second ward being
contest over delegates growing out of the
eagerness of candidates to capture the
nomination of recorder. Dohaney's lial"
was packed full and at 10 o'clock the
count was not finished.
John Clausen , Ben Winchester , F. M
Hunter , James Wickham , John Linder ,
B. Hogg , G. H. Jackson.
J. C. Dellaven. J. W. Mikcsell , A. V ,
Larimer , Dave McAdams. A. T. Whit
tlcsoy , Ira Plainer , Charles White. George
( inivflS , John Wagner , F. P. Bellingei
and J. W. Ci'ossiriii'J ,
THIItl ) AVAltD.
P. Lacy , C. A. Fox , F. W. Spetman
P. Gunnoudo , M. G. O'Connor , M. Keat
ing ,
Thomas Carey , J J. Brown , W , u
Biggs. Martin Hughes , C. Wesley , Antoine
toino Rink , James Madden , Frank Trim
bio William Baldwin , I , J. I Mix , Victoi
Stephenson ,
Fresh oysters in every stvlo at the
Phujnix Chop House , No. 505 Broadway
Seal brand oysters ut H. J , PttlniCr's ,
The Sturti Forming n Gulnvy.
The recent gathering ot the city mar
shals and chiefs of police at Codur Rap
ids was not so largely attended as was
expected. The organization was made
with unoriginal memborshiu of twenty.
Marshal Gtianella , of this city , was ap
pointed one of the executive committee.
It has leaked out that ono of the reasons
why more were not in attend unco at this
meeting was that many misunderstood
Iho purpose of the organization , and
thought that it was some move to enforce
the prohibitory law , and they did not
want to commit themselves , Of course
nothing of this eort was thought of by
the originators of the organizationwhich
has entirely different purposes in view.
A largo number of now members are
now being added , and by the time the
association meets in Dos Moines next
May there will doubtless bo a largo num
ber representing all parts of the state.
If you want a good furnace and ono
that will be as durable as your house , get
a "Richmond" at Cooper AMeGce's ,
William 11. Onicer , at3 o'clock yester
day afternoon , at the residence of his
brother , Thomas Ollicer. The funeral
will take place at 10 o'clock Thursday
morning , October 7 , Friends of thn fam
ily are invited without further notice.
The I. O. G , T. have completed all their
arrangements for their fir&t annual ball ,
to be given at the Musonio temple on
Thursday evening , October 14 , Parties
coming from Omaha will be able to re
turn at a o'clock a , in. Tickets are for
sulo at Bushmill's book store.
See that your books are made by More-
Jious.0Co. . , rooui.l , Everett block ,
of the con 1 tlon of the ( Jit syn * ' Stntc ttntiV ,
or/nnlm ! under the la n , of lonn , located nt
Couno 1 HIiilT" , In theco inlvor rottiuviittmilo.
nt thoclo oor bn-lnoM on tliiinitli dnyol Sop-
emlicr , A. 11.18M. niiulc to tin- Auditor of Mute.
Sro jlll red by Ir.w ,
Amount of Mils , bonds nnd other
lilciiccs of debts lU'coufitcil or
jmrchnted r.nd actually owniil by
the hank SCC'.rfS 10
The condition of the fern-
point ; N imrlleuhirly
spi'Cltled us follows : )
Hood Mffl''bS 10
In suit or Judtr-
nrnt I.SM 05 i
Gold iiiid'VtiuT coin nnd >
bullion. v , $ a , * l 07
Iicpnl tender nnd niilloniil
hnnk notes nnd suhsldlnry
coin . 7,000 00
Draft''on fuhont biinl.8 on
hiuiilnnd cn. h lloins 49J tU
lclo 00
At New York . f Ol.O.'T 4 ! "
\t HoMon . 3 , 2l " 0
At HikMtfo . SOKO ! Oil
At SI. Louis . lL'i-7a :
A1 Umahn . s.i , ii : li
At tlnMolnot . ( " . "I- * "
At PlolIX City . ll.TCOSr
Other banks . : i'U3 31 .
li. > t 10
Ovonlnifls SB7 .3
Tlio vnlllo ot rop- . , ,
„ „ „
cr ty 0,1100 00
Total nssots . M'JIiO < ) M
The Hiiioinil of cnpltul stock nctunlly
) > nldlli | lneii h . 5150,00000
mount clRlit ( Iciolt8. | . . . f.l.'V.S'W . !
Amount ( line deposits . iiQ-iJ ; ( V"
uK to lmnk n ilc'ioslls . 71,431 78
iaii'i' . 3iai au
Total lliiblllllcs J.
Amount of all liabilities to the hunk on the
pail of the illiectois S13'HW.Ol , of wlileli SI- ! '
tfl'J.01 Is only a L-onllnneiit llnbllltv.
Siuiscrlbed ami swoin to bcfniciiie
bv .1. I ) . Kilmundson and Chnrles
( SIAI. : ) It. llaniian this nthdayof Octo
ber , A. I ) , l l.
KiiNKsr K. IIIIT , Jotaiy ? Public.
Examined by mo this October 5 , IS-fi , and
toiiml as hliown by the above statement.
Stale Bink Examiner.
Will make n Special Sala this week o
Prices will bo Lower than mndo by
any othsr store in thei weBt.
Do not fail to see us , before purchas
ing1 elsewhere.
This department wo shall clone out ,
and shall make prices , to sell them. Our
Stock is seasonable and style s excel
Tliese are Bargains Never Be
fore offered ,
And pau can save money by calling
onus before purchasing ; for we will
not be undersold.
bthedu iMiaaln milking Its nnnuul rHltn-
Ho. .Ton yen IB' trial of UK. TJIOS. JIJKFEKI81
UEMI'.DV tor thnt futnl miMmly lins dcmon-
rutcd tlio fuct that It In Infallible us u nrovcnt-
hoiiiidcuiH. If you permit your clilUlrnnto
dlo with dlphthorm , "Tlioir blood bo upon your
head. " For pnlo only at the ofllcc , No , S3 South
5th btroutCouncil 11111114 , In. , or gent by oxprosa
on receipt of prieo , ? - .
C. II. lllnliiHieo , of No. 1110 Cnmiibell street ,
OmnhH , who recently lost a hcnutlful and in-
toieitlntf ilniiifliter , aped about 15 jcnrf" , by
dlphtliorlii , under the trcntmont of ono oftho
ho < t pliys'.clniw ' in Onmhi : , writes lo Dr. Jotlorls ,
ol this city : "Vour icmody lor Ulphtlierln came
too Into , our dour diuitrlitor was ilylnir when It
wns received. I am eutlMled thnt her llfo could
hnvo been huvid. Another onoof ourchildren
who hud jhc diphthcrln'icr tlnoatwas llllnd
; ; n with the putrid iilccrntltvii , o used your
lifo.-n.liionnil ; I" twelvt ) IIOIIIB UioilUoasunas
Bubdnod. In the fnturo wo will
From thLijuiicfl niii Oiilly llonild :
" 15. Vit , Ijoinril.wll'o at r.ntflneorGornrd ,
? : tno Union 1'ncinc , thHclty , has been . . . .
sufferer for miiny years , with what wnu sui > -
posed to bocnoccr of Iho throat. It VTIIN so nnd
that ehowiHthietitencd with Bturvntion. Her
ffcnoral health wns eoniplotoly biokcn down ,
She could only swiillow liquid lood , nnd even
thut her stomach could not digest or iisiliulliito.
I'liyBlclniiB of Council Uluirs nml Oniiilm
attended her for thrco yearn and ifiuo no
relief. Dr. JelTerlH.ot this cltr , wns ciulod. In
four weeks' tlinohoeiircd her tliiont , HIU ! oom-
iilctcly restored her penorul health. Hud Mrs.
Uorard not olitulncd nillof iloon'Hho ' would hare
died from blood polt-on , the niunocondition that
destroyed the llfo of ( Jon. Onint.
From the Council lllunn Dully CJIobo :
M. A. JloPme , editor o tne Cambrioliben ! (
burp , 1'a. ) Frcomnii , hiwiboeli the porbonn-
friend of the editor of the Globe for moro tlnin
twenty years , and ia known wherever ho is
know n us ono of tlio best men living1. Ho Is ulso
nn Intimnto friend of Mil Clink of the Non
pareil , llo 1ms been unfortunate In the 1 net
tluit his fiunlly was niviiired with dlphtliorlii ,
and L'icntly dlttiowd. MrJ Chu k linvlnir hcHid
of his calamity bent him tame of Dr. JotTcrls
Dlnhthoihi Cure , It WHS u od ut once , iindtho
lives of the rest dl hlH children waved , Letters
from Mr. Mcl'IKo ro unlioundod In Ihelrox-
prcstlonsofBriitltudo for finding gomo monim
of nvorllnir the lo s of his whole * jrrouii of little
and tender ones. Five of Mr. MoPiko's children
out of elirht died from illplivhcna beloro ho Imd
tin opportunity of Ublns lr. ) JefffrU' remedy.
Pysjioptio , why Jn o In mle-ory nnd dlo in dls-
air with canci-rof tha stomach ? Dr. Thomue
cirena cures every cnso of liullirestloii and
onstlpation In a very bhort Mine , licet ol ref
erences trivcn. Oyepopsln is the cuiibO of
ninety per cent of nil diffused conditions.
1'rlco f-r > lor two weeks treatment.
Dr. Jefforli,1 diphtheria modiclno Is Infill ihlo
for nil kinds of MHO throats. Indlspenslhlo in
putrid son ) tin out. In niHlltrnnnt Huurlo if over ,
I'liuntrliiff It in 11 hours to the simple form. Inful-
llhlo cure for all intlammutory , ulcewtlvo , iiut-
rld , cancerous ulcorutlonof tlio womb and nil
cutarrhal conditions.
Full printed Instructions how to use the medi
cines bout with them. Nn doctor inquired.
Dr. Jcffcrls' remedies can only bo obtained a
his ollicc. No.2H South Kiiflitn street , Comic
HluiTs , Jowu.orEcnt sy express on receipt
B. KC M. D.
. , , . . ,
Or other Tumors lomovoJ wltho I
, je knife ortlrnwlnir of blooJ.
Over ttmtyyeu HtticHlexe
Np. 111'oarlBtj ) ucil HIutTs.
We Simply Want to Impress npon fhs Hinds
of the Public that
For the Ifeason that there will be a Change in
Our Firm on Sec. ifsf , and we must sell out
Hur Present Large Stock of
Carpets , Curtains , Rugs , Mattings , Oil Cloths , Lin
oleums , Window Shades , Curtain Poles ,
Upholstery Goods , Etc ,
COME WITH THE CROWD and get Bargains
No. 405 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Tnorrcrinirlotho ) oople
nn nccepllblo substitute
lor Wood nnd t'oiil for
Cooktnff nml HealliiR ; . the
proprietors of the Tire
King1 arc tnllv mvnro ol
the inuiiy dllilcnltlc * In
Iho w ay ol pleashu ; n lonp
siilIothiKHii 1 dioitly IIH
posed upon public. Uror
tdncothu Intiodnctlon of
Coal Oil Into so ninny ol
the economics of dull }
Hie o.\prrH hiivo been
constantly ill \\ork to dis
cover Mimubettor wuy ot
Coii-tliiR mid llcntlnjr
limn the old dirty and
trotib'o.omoiiv , that N ,
with foal nnd Wood.
Tliori * are innnv rcu-
sons why ( Jii'-olliic Stoves
will not "till the bill. "
ls > t. They ar von
damn-rolls , often ox-
plodlMir ,
"ml In UfhiK them ,
thciols a con-tiint smell
ol Coal OH nil thintijrl
the house , \ \ hllc with tin
theic la perfect combuis
IM. While the Gusollni
SIOMwiilvliiK nil tithe
objections , has boci
toll-ruled lor tiitmnpi
use , It IA 01 no account It
the Winter , lor tin
family ueinjr It at that tlmomust have some othorwny of hcatln , the Kitchen ; uhilo Iho PI UK
KINll can boailnpted to nny kind ol slino , ami nnsnor tliu purpo'O ol CooKliiR nnd lloiitlnir nt
the sumo tlmo. And then the Fl. < 13 KING cuu boopcratcd cheaper tlnin any other known nppilca
tion of Conl Oil for furl.
This Cut ropiescnts our Hydro Cnrbou Generator and Ilurnor known us the
in operation. Onoildc of the doublccan on the wall contain-Oil and Iho other Wntor , and thov
nro connected with thiliuriierby load pipes. The can may bo lee ilen in a ciofet or In the scuond
story. Tlio Ilurnor ns scon In the stove Isorj flinplo , and inalics the ptitr.-t Hydro-Ciiibon (
Hyti blldo ndjii tcd tothn top oftho llurncr , a part ol lliothunr , ur all , khould ( jicnt heat bo de
sired , can bo thrown bn.-k over the ovi-u.
It Is clenn.beintr without smoke or pmcil of ( Jus.
The boat Is steady , and w ill continue so , ns Ions as the can * me . upp1lel.
It Isunotly iCBiiliiti'd , im'l win bo stinted in a moment , and cxtlnjfiushcd 113 easily.
It makLM its own Gas us rapidly as needed.
It is economical.
Toobviuto all ot the nbovo , nnd many other sorioiKiin 1 nn vors.'illy nckuonlcdgod obji'CtlonB ,
nnd to irivo to the public , cspccinll ) to thoc Ihlnjr where lur-l Iss-carcc nnd h it'll , a C'llKAr. 8AFH
nnd CIJlA ; f ninnncr In winch to beat their house" and oookirg stores. Mr. John U. lioi-ils. nun of
the loroinost ln\cntlvcRciilU-os : ! of thon'jo. hah spent mouths of tlnin nnd bundled * of dullnrs ,
nnd lias ut ln t miccco.-lcil in Blvlnwto the I'liblic Iho nomlutlul TIB.E KING , the simplest mid
most olfoctixo Ilurnor that is possible to conceive of.
Wo oiler territory for sale , cither by slates or counties. Correspondence solicited.
Owners and Itlanufacturors , Tcrro Haute , Ind ,
We Invite Iho Public to cull and stutho F1KM KllstJ in opoiatlon at II. It. Jonus' burdwnro
Etoro , No. JCil Ilroadwny , Council Illulls.
Farming Lands in Iowa , Minnesota , Kansas , anil ranging from $5.00 to
$10.00 per acre. School anil stale lauds in Minnesota on 3) ) yuars' tiini ) 'i pur
cent interest. Land liti.vurd faro fruo. Information , etc. , given by P. 1" . Lan-
strup , No. r > o5 Broadway , Council liluU's , Iowa , agent for irutghtcrs and com
panies , U'licago. '
d.6xixO-UuJ5t/c-t.C : 'c-i--
- / - : .cyCt - - - o t *
KiinK Work of. II Kinds uSpcc-
- iulty
Prompt Atlentionjo Mall Orders
Room 1 Evoret Ulock , Council Dlufls.
Standard Papers Used. All styles of bind
ing in Magazines and
itni-'EUKNCKS :
0. n. National Hank. SI. K. Smith & Co. ,
Cltl/ons' Hunk. Dooi-u , WiMU A : Cx > . ,
t'irst Nutlonul lluiilc , U II. Iniiir.inco Co. ,
llicor jc'Uboy.laukor3C.H. ] ! tsavliU'S Hank.
Special advertisements , bucli as I.oet , I'oun
To Ixinn , For Sale , To Kent , Vinnts , IloaiJInir ,
etc. , will boinsertod In this column nt the low
rntoofTiNCKNTH : VIM LINE forthe flrstlnser
tlon and FlvoCentil'crlilno for each subsequent
Insertion. Leave ndvertlsomcn 'lilt our otllco
No. 13 I'oal street , near Wrondwuy , Council
Vl"ANTEI > A peed Kirl for KOncrul liouso-
> > woikut lua llunorott itruet.
? frcsTi cms"h
J Fit/Herald , No. ; 1 < U llroadwny.
Star Sale Stables and Mule Yards ,
Opposite Dummy Depot.
c7 K
ca. BJJ.
_ _ _ . . _
Horses imiTintili's kept constantly on
hanil , for snlo at retail or in car loads.Or-
dors uromiitly tilled by contract on bhort
notice , .Stock sold on commission ,
SiiLiTKit A ; DULLY , l'roprie rs ,
Tclephonu No , 114.
Formurly of Keil Sale Staulcs , corner
st uvu. and itu street.
Creston House
Tiic only hotel in Council liluffs Imvlu ?
-'nil nil modem Imjirovoniciits.
115 , 217 and UI'J tlnin Hi.
1JJN. Main St. , Council niufFs , Ia. , nnd
SOUS. intliSt..KoomlOOiiiiiittJfcb. ! ,
Mniuifneliirur'.i A ; o t for thu
Tents , Awiiiii" : : . I'.mimijv Riufo , Mnu-
'C- , mire ana Window Ulasn , bliow-
Casea , JUevntoru ( luiiiU autl liy-
dr rnli&c.
In the city ran bo obtained by pattnnlzlnii : the
, J'rop ,
Nonn but oxpRrienced hands employed.
Out of town ordiirs bv mail or express So
licited , and all work warranted.
ll y B I KIB'U'BBII ' UK 5
Office Ho , S25 Broadway , Council Vlutls ,
I'.1 a , : n ,
i to 5 p.m.
7 to s p. m.
.loom AO , 0.
P , C.
No. 13 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
House , Siirn and Docoru o I'nlnter. I'apler
Macho VVui ! Orniimont ? .
None but t.n = t hnnds oiimploycdnnJ char
w as others.
. .
L ( * ui a ( ur I < UanUunil , Utblillr , N n
j ou * t AVtftLji te. Not | tuckerIi * .
iduput 1 lr < I'rrff. . lltx.1 : ( vat .Alrfl
zaccrcrsnsa OJP
Agricultural Implements , Bngglaa ,
Cnrrlnirri , Kto , Ko. Council lllufTS , Iowf\ .
Iinko Iho Original mid Complete I
Hay Loader , also Rafces , Cider Hill & Press ,
Nos. 1501 , .ii. : 150J nmlJIUT foil 111 Mnln ,
Council II , HIT ? , lows. t
MnnufrsntU Jobboi-s ot I
Agricultural Implements , Wagons , Bodies ,
Carriage * , nncl nil klndi of Farm Mnohlaom >
1100 to 1116 youth Mnlu Street , Couuotl Dlutfa ;
F.O. Oi.msoN , T. 11. Down. * ? , ( lio.F. Wninitr.
rrcs.&Trcns. V1'ros Minn.
Couucil EMs Handla Factor/ , '
( Incorporated.1/ /
Miuiufncturcrior Axle , I'lck , Slscteo an j Small
of every do rrlptlon. I
Carpets , Curtains , Window Shadflfyj
Oil Clothi , Curtnln Klxturon , ITpholstory flood *
Ktc. No. ilM llniniltray Couuoll Uluffs , .1
lima. . I
1'KHKr.OY & IMOOKE , 3
Wliolc.vnlt- oh lie in In the j
Finest Brands of Cigars , Tobacco & Pipasj
Nos. i'SMaiu ' and 27 I'enil ' Sts. Counoll lUutrg/
town. I
Wholesale '
Fruit and Produce Commission Merchants.
No. HlVail St. Council lllulTs.
Wholesale Oils Paints Glass
Druggists , , , ,
s' Sundries. Ktc. No. ! 3 Miilti St. , and
No. "I INmrl St. , Council Illutrs I
Hit II .
O.V. . 15UTT3 ,
Wholesale California Fruit ? a Specialtj
General Commission. No. 5U Ilrorulirnj- .
Council III HITS.
Fruits , Confectionery & Fancy Groceries.
Nns. 10 anil 18 Pearl Pt. , Counril lUuffR.
L. KIltSCHT & CO. ,
Jobbers of Staple and Fancy Groceries
Aha Wholesale T.lquur Doalnrs. No. 418 rtrotul-
irnyCouncil Hind *
Mnnu'aetnicrsorand Wholcmlo Doilorili
Leather Harness Etc.
, , Saddlery. .
No. &i > Mnln St. . Council Itlu.Tj , loira.
Jobbers ia Hats , Caps and Gloyas.
NOR. 'Ji'i and ! HI Ilroititirny , Council lllnlTi.
Iron , Steel , Kails , Heavy Hardware
And Wooil Stosk , Council MlnlTrt , Iowa.
HS .t .tD U'littU
Ji. H. JlcDANJCLI ) & CO. ,
Commission Merchants for Sala of Hides ,
TullcTr.Wool , Pelts , Oiefisoimd Furs Council'
lllnrfs IOWA.
Wliolcsiilo Dealers In
Illuminating < HubricitliJ Oil j Ginlln
E3TO. , E3TO.
R.Theodore , Airont , Council lllnT ? . lowi.
Hard Wood , Southern Lumbar , Pillaj , ,
And Urlduu Material Speclnltlns.Wuolosale Lum
ber of Bl ] Ktnda. Olllcc No. 130 Main St. ,
Council llluirs. lowiu
Imported and Domestic Winas & Liquors. .
for L Cotthain'a llnrb Jlliters No. H
MIU , : St. Council Ulults.
SCHNKIDKJl iiia/'K ,
Foreign and Domestic Y/laes / and Liquor
.V ( M.Maln St. . cnuiicfl U'\iJ. ' \ < .
Tills ) iiliin l eiillrcljriio anitj | oilui | > lu tluit wo
wlllKiiHriinlcu totoutli > nnto ilrnft no > M iitiilly In
a low hour. . Vuiicnii ilrad ! Hi" iiatteins ihnt l
nuolcd for thiifiinilly. IIH It cut * "II nunntMiU worn
tiy lint o.tfiillL-incii anil clilldiun ,
l.uitliis nml irciitli'iiion , U will orift you iiulhlnjf
unlll you luiro lujinuil. tlion > 'u ' will wunt llui ntlur.
Wi > rlinlli'iiKO roinpotltluM. I' ' ; " ino liXic.-rl ! | iioou
drominiiiki'ii anil tiitlor , iii'ldKiwIalge Itn Hiipnnorltr.
It In till ) liiveiitliin nf Itiiliimu Wulkcr , u well kmrnl
KfBBCll IIIIKllttll. It Mill IJpUIIIllld HD'lll ' IIRBlltS
iiiakn iiinmy , Wo wiuit Mrttrl i iiicnlt liluko
iidlil nf IliubiiFlncn" null u < Wullku tu ni < ikn nionoif
mill ulloiv olhi'rB ti > ilu § o bUii , mi ire utTar lilunil
emit. l'"i' furllin' Inliirinnll'in viill or Hilclri'K ,
MKH MAHV KAhTHII ) K.tlen Avont ,
Huoiii.'iH , I'uflilK llouiii. Council llluITi , Iowa ,
W. A. WOllIC , 1'iopilotor.
Horses and Mules
For all purpose * , oo'ixht und eoM , at lotall nuJ'
in lot * . L i ? o ijumitlttoi lo n-lecl from
Several pulrsof line Uilvui 3. simile or
Council liliill's.
Practices in the State and 1-Vderal court *
HOOIII.S 7 and 8 Shugitrt Hlo'ik.
N. scausz ,
Justice of the Peace
Auibricun Uij ree t'o