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tf :
Omala's "Ey Copper" Arrested for Traud
in Nebraska Oity.
Two I'rlnoncrn Cut Their "Way
Through the Wnlls nmt RbCfii c
State I'nllllcnt DoliiRs Nc- .
Ijrnskh llnpi > cnlni9.
I'rlsonci-n llronk Jail.
YOUK , Nub. , ( Jet. fi. [ Spcclfil ( to
the BI.E J .John Mrlliiilo , con lined In ( lie
county Jnll here tor liorsu stealing , nml lliuii
Smith , for nuiittciy , broke Jnll Ii\st nlulit by
culling a liolu night liy alctcn Indies through
tlionll niul escavt'il. Tlio prisoners \vero
confined In ono cell niul cut Iliclr way out
with a Jack knife. The \vnll wns inatlo by
splkliiK two by sixes together , making a solid
wall of an evoii six Inches thick. A murder
liitoonor was confined In tlio next coll. but
niatlu no ntldiipt tocscnpo. All shcrllTs have
been notilii'd and n llberul reward has been
olTerml for thu mrust and detention of the
McConk'a Ulc Fnlr.
McConit , Neb. . Oct. fi. [ Sjieclixl Telegram
to the Hr.K. ] Mct'ook Is all allvo and bend
ing every oxeitlou to make the fair , which
opened hero this morn I tic , a success. IVoplo
conunonced coming In fioin all narts to sec
that fair nml town on the Upper Republican.
The entries so far In stock. tiKrlcultural pro
ducts , and especially merchant products and
business men's displays , are tlio llnest over
oxhlbltcd In the west. .The weather is thu
very best , except a little damp.
Tlio races for to-day were the thrco-mllfl
trot. Kiilrliw. Tramp S. S. , Ktta I ) . and Lit-
Arch , tlio former wlnnlnRln three straight
Us , littau. second. Time , 2 : : ; ? , aao ,
uil. :
Tliroc-mlnutopacliiK race. Entries , I'llot ,
Hilly llutler , Tom and KllaS. . coming In In
Jhu onlur named , KllaS. distanced. Timu ,
' ' '
JJiiiinliiif'ra'ec. lialf mile , two In tlirco
Knirles , Moon lie lit , Nt-lllo 15. , Hilly Xinv-
tou. coming In In the order named. Timu 05
The programme to-morrow Is a good one ,
but tlm heal races will ho Thursday HIII ! Fri
day. Tlirco thousand dollars is paid in
purses for races , and 85,000 Is tlm tolal paid
by thu association In premiums atiO pursus.
Juirjjcd In Xclirnolcn City.
NISIIHA.SKA. CITY. Oct. 5. [ Special tele
gram to the UIK. : ] J. J. Neligh , the lly
Omaha detective , was arrested hero to-tiny on
n warrant sworn out by a farmer named
Julius Normand , on the charge of obtaining
money under false pretences. Last spring
Normand was In receipt of numerous letters
threatening to burn his house and barn. He
hired Nellgh to work up the cnso and find
out the Ktillly parties. Nellgh persuaded
him to give $ : ! . > 0 to buy a team ot .horses to he
used In working tip the case , and Instead of
buying thu horses he put the money In his
pocket and tried to worlc Normand for more
money. The evidence against Neligh Is very
ASnccoBRCiil Fair Closed.
AINSWOIITII , Neb. , Oct. 5. [ Special to the
BKK. ] The fair of. the Brown County Agri
cultural society of Alnsworth , has just Hn-
Isheil n most successful session. It Is esti
mated that " ,000 people were on the grounds
on Friday , Oct. 2. The-association will bo
nblo to meet nil Its bills and pay all nurses
and premiums in full. The weather during
the entire session was excellent. The ex
hibits In the don.trtment of farm products
were remarkable , and showed the wondeiful
productiveness of this country. The stock
show , especially or horses and cattle , would
do credit loan older anil more eastern county.
Tlio association proposes to purchase
grounds mid make substantial improvements
' '
- Butler County for Van "IVyoIr.
- UKI.TWOOD , Neb. , Oct. 4. [ Special to the
BKK.J At the caucus meeting held hero the
Van \\ryck \ men swept thojlloor and scntscven
delegates to attend the county convention ,
held at David City , at which two good solid
Van Wyckers were nominated for represen
tatives to the state legislature. The nom
inees * nro W. A. Hutchison of Rome Creek
and ( ! ord of Ulysses. The nominee for
county attorney is Shccsloy of David City.
The majority of the republicans In this part
of the county are- solid fur the old man.
Wholesale Onttlo Stealing.
JlEimoN , Net ) . , Oct. 5. [ Special Telegram
to the HKF. . ] Sixty-live head of valuable cat
tle , llolstcln nnd graded stock , were stolen
last night from the ranch of Fleming Bros. ,
located between Byron and Chester. The
country surrounding Is being scoured for the
thieves. The general Impression is that it Is
the work of an organized gang. A reward
of SoOO is offered lor the arrest of the thieves
or for tlio return of the cattle.
Webster to Oppose Dorscy.
NOUFOT.K , Neb. , Oct. 5. [ Special Tele-
cram to the BnK.I-Tho Third district demo
cratic convention met here to-nlghtand nom
inated W. 11. Webster , of derrick , for .con
gress. AmoiiL' the resolutions Is ono de
nouncing the republican state convention on
the temperance question.
New I ) | > nt finColunitiiis. .
COI.UMIIUS , Neb. , Oct. 5. [ Special Telegram -
gram to the Bin&l A Union Pacific force
broke ground to-day ono block cast of the
present depot Kmiioi'lm it that Columbus
Is to be blesso.l with now passenger accomo-
tlatlonri.and the city Is duly thankful 1'or the
long promised Improvement.
Senatorial Convention.
ST. I'AUI , , Neb. , Oct. 5. [ SpecialTelegram
to the BUM ] At the senatorial convention for
the Twenty-Mxth district hold in this city
last evening Hon.V. . II. Conger , of Sher
man county , was nominated by acclamation.
Urcat enthusiasm prevailed.
Sick .Inline Mo Court.
Noni'oi.K , Neb. , Oct. S. [ Special to the
HKB.J The Madison county court convened
nt Madison yesterday , and was adjourned
mull October IH , on account of the illnesn
of Judge Crawford.
Not Nearly So Much SuH'crlnR as no-
OAI.VESTOJT , Tex. , Oct. s. ( Special Tele
gram to the BKK.J A great loal that has
been misleading has been published regard
ing the extent of the damage nnd suffering
causcil by tlio drouth in Northwestern Texas.
Morlty Lnsker , a well-known nnd prominent
business man of Oalvt lon. returned yester
day 1'iom n trip tlnough the drouth-ridden
district. Hu made a careful survey of Wit-
barger , Hnnnels , Colt-man , Hrown nnd other
counties , and reports that while there were
occasional Installers of destitution , there
were no cases In which thu necessities of
life could not have been proemed had the
persons suffering made the proper applica
tion. Lnslcer states that responsible citizens
of the ntUletcd districts had ottered to indome
tlw notas of persons claiming to bo In'desti
tute circumstances , payable on easy terms ,
but that the treat majority prufonvd to so
licit Instead of making themselves responsi
ble for such advances. Instances were not
{ infrequent , salt ) l.asker. wliero persons own-
inu thousands ofcaltiulindnpplicd to lo.-rd
icllef committees us mendicants ,
PostolUco Chauucs.
1'ostonico chinvcs In Nebraska during the
week ending Oclobcr 2 , 163 , furnished by
Win. Ynn Vlcelc , of the postoflliro depart
ment :
Name chanced Forest City , Sarpy county
to Cirutnn.
1'oat masters appointed Boelns. Howard
county , C. O. Juustin ; Orowor , Koyn Paha
county , 1) . II. Miller ; Danticbroir. Howiird
countyOttoIX Itn3nuui iuSutc.s ! ; Koynl'aha
county , Win. NeewvIOWA.
Postmasters appointed In Iowa during the
Vii'.tV ending October tt , JSiO :
Afton , Union county , AHco 11. ( ! roves ;
bnoxvllle , Mittlon county , J , K. Davis : llu-
demobd , i'otLuvaUtuto county , Hans Itlnf ;
> > ha ( Cheer , Keokuk county , Ulcliard
The nnso Hnll Kccord.
AT I'lTTsnrrui First Onmo !
PittslmrK . S OOOOOOtO- -r
Baltimore . 0 0 0 3 0 0 a 1 * - (
I'ltchers-Gnlvin nnd McUinnls. Btu <
lilts I'lttsburc f > . Bnltlinoro 13. Krrors-
Plttsbure l. Baltimore 4. Umpire York.
Second ( tame :
rittslmrg . 1 1 1 0 0- f
Baltimore . 0 2 0 1 0- J
Pitchers Kllroy nnd Morris. First base
hits-I'lttsburg 2. IJaltlmoro none. Krrors-
PltUburit 1. Baltimore 2. Umpire Hobb.
Clnelntmti . o 0 0 1 0 0 ft 0 0 -i
Metroiiolltnns..O 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0- J
I'ltcliers Mullnnn ami Shaffer. Base hlts-
CinrlnnatiT , MetroimlitansO. rrors-Cln
rinnnti 3 , Mutroiiolltnns 2. Lmplro-
AT hnfisvir.u :
l.ouUvlilu . l 0000200 0- :
Brooklyn . 0 . * -2 ;
I'ltcliers Henderson nnd Chnmberlln ,
Doulile plays White. Base hits liotilsvllk
7 , Uiooklvti 10. Krrors Louisville
Brookljn 1. Umpire Kelly.
AT WASHINGTON First iramo :
Washington 7 ; Detroit : i. Pitchers-
Henry and Ollmore. First base hits-
Witslilnctun H. Detroit 14. Krrors-
WnihlnKton 0 , Detroit ! l. Umpire Pierce
Second ( lame :
Washington . 1 0000000-1
Detroit . 0 B 1 0 0 0 0 0- (
Pitchers Ullmoro nnd Baldwin. Firs
base lilts Wnshlnelnn 7. Detroit S. Krrors
Washington 5 , Detroit : ! . Umplrer-l'iorco
Kansas City . 0 1 2 0 1 0 0- '
Phllndelphla . 0 2 0 a 0 0 n 1 !
Flistbaso hlts-KaMsn * City" . Phtladelphlt
12. Krrors Kansas City 1U , Philadelphia 1
Umplro Fulmer.
Ohlcaco . 0 0 0 2 0 0 2-
Now York . 0 200311 '
First base lilts Chicago 4 , Now York P. Kr
rors Chicago 3 , Now York 1 , Umpiro-
Boston - . 0 2001040-
St. Louis . o :
First base hits Boston 0 , St. Louis 4
Krrors Boston 7 , St. Louis 7. Umplro-
AT ST. Lot' is
St. Louis . 4 1
Athletics . 1 1 0 0 0 2 0
Pitchers Murphy nnd Hart. Umplro-
McQu.ido. _
Toulcoy Club llnccn.
nitAVRSKNi ) , L. J. , Oct. 5. All ages , non
winning nllowanccs , ono mile : Gleane :
won , Llttlo Minnie second , Killtor third
Tlmo 1:41 : } .
One and one-eighth miles : Climax won
Nakomls bTcond , Ferona tlilrd. Tlmo-
For two-year-olds , three-fourths mile
Bessie Juno won , Laredo second , Feu lot
third. Time-l:15K. :
First ot October sweepstakes , for three-year
olds and upwards , ono and one-fourth miles
Volant ! won , Mllllo second , Jim Douglai
third. Timo-2:03 : .
Selling allowances , ono mile : Beccan
Bush won , Jessie second , War liaclo third
Tluio l:43 : f.
Park Ilaccfl.
LATONIA , Ky. , Oct. 5. Selling purse , nlm
furlongs : Turgathererwon , Llgan second
Warrlngton third. Timo-1.57 .
Maidens , tlireo years old and upwards
seven furlongs : Glen Almond won , liar
rodsburg second , Audclla third. Tlme-
lnijf :
Mile nnd seventy yards : Llera won
Lntitto second , Porter Aslo tlilrd , Time-
Handicap , milo and half a furlong : Mont
won , Llttlo Minch second , Fort third
TlniG l:49tf. :
Barrett stakes , for colts and Tillies twi
years old , ono mlle : Uolialt won , Kiglit
u way second , Barburg third. Tlme--l : uyt ,
TrottlnR nt St. Louis.
ST. Louis , Oct. n. Trotting at the St
Louis Fair association :
First race , 2:25 class : Astral won , - St. Be ,
second , Alert third. Best time 2:2-2 : } .
Second race , Osage stakes for two-ycar-oli
colts and fillies , mile heat : Chimes won
Victor Wllkes second , Georgette third. Besi
Blc Train and Many Notables.
The overland train for the west Insl
night was ono of the heaviest of the scsv
son , nnd Conductor Keen , who had it in
charge , had plenty of work on hand bo'
tween hero and Grand Island. There
.wore fifteen cars , inchnlln < ; two specials ,
The couches wore all tilled nnd tlio bug-
ngo and express cars looked like mov
ing commission houses. In ono of the Pull
mans were the lion. William F. Cody.
( Btilmlo Bill ) , Hon. George Cantiold ,
Julo Kcono and Con Grnnor , of thu
"Wild West. " They go to North Pin tic
to attend the Lincoln county fair , visit
Buffalo Bill's big ranch and have a grand
old time generally , In which a little
hunting may bo indulged in. Tlio twr
specials were No. 15 of the 11. & Al. and
the ollicors' car of the Hnnninal &St.
Joe road. Their occupants were General
Crook , A. K. Tonznlin , Superintendent
Holdroco , John A. Collins , U. Uonnhoo ,
L. II. 'lower nntl It. C. dishing , who are
going to Idaho nnd Montana on a hunt-
infi trip and general tour of observation ,
Dcdioatlon or n New Church.
The good people of Walnut Hill arc
congratulating themselves on the facl
that next Sunday tlio now Christian
church erected in that locality will be
dedicated. The services will open at 11
o'clock in tlio morning and bo condtictcil
by J. Madison Williams , a distinguished
nnd eloquent clergyman of West Liberty ,
la. A special feature will bo made of tlio
music and nothing will bo loft , undone to
make this occasion n memorable one foi
Walnut lllll. Undoubtedly a largo num
ber will be present , nnd citi/ens ol
Omaha arc especially invited. Mrs. J , A ,
Gillespie , of the deaf and dumb institute ,
deserves particular credit for .thu success
ful works ho lias done In bringing abotil
the erciclion of this pretty little clmrcl :
and turning it over on dedication da\
"free of debt. "
It "Was a Cnnnrd.
Yesterday Buffalo Hill received a dis
patch from his superintendent in charge
of the Wild West cnmp on Statcn lelund
that Hit ) reported shouting of ono of hit
cowboys was a canard. There was nt
fight , and only the accidental discharge
of a pistol gave rise to the sensational
Judge McCulloah called tlio docket ol
cases for the Octouer term of the conntj
court yesterday undo disposition of sixty
thruo cases.
Causes Us victims to bo miserable , hopeless ,
contused , ami depressed In mind , very Irrlta-
lilo , languid , and drowsy. It Is a dlseaso
which does not c'ct well ol Itself. It requires
carctul , pen-Went attention , ar.d a remedy to
throw uJI tlic causes and tone up the diges
tive orijaiis till they perform their duties
willingly. Jlood's Sarsaparllla lias proven
just the required remedy In hundreds of cases.
"Ihave taken Hood's Sarsaparllla for dys
pepsia , from which I have suffered two years.
1 tried many oilier medicines , but none proved
FO satisfactory ns Hood's Sarwiparllla. "
THOMAS COOK , Urush Electric Went Co. ,
Now York City.
Sick Headache
"For the past two years I have been
afflicted with sever * headaches and dyspep
sia. I was Induced to try Hood's Baisaiia-
rllla , anil have found great relief. I cheer-
folly recommend It to all. " HUB. K. F ,
AN.VAUI.K , New Haven , Conu ,
Mrs. Mary 0. fiinlUi , Cambridge port , Miss. ,
was a sufferer trout dyspepsia and sick heart
ache , ftho took Hood'i SarsapAillla and
found It Uie best remedy the ever used.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all drpgclsts. t J six for S. Made
only by 0.1. JIOOU ft CO. , Lowell , Masi.
IOO Doses Ono Dollar.
For the Season of 1888-87 in the Metro
politan Theatres.
The Opera nnd the Stnr Pall to En
thuse Mrs , LaiiRtry Scores n
Great Success Other
Drnnmtlc Items.
Knvorltrs of the Foottlghtg.
Nuw VOIIK , Oct. 5. rSpeclal Telegram to
the Hnr..I The theatres began their rnijulat
winter season last nlfiht. The performance
of the Lonsdalo Violet Unmeron troupe nt
the Casino Is severely crltjcised by the morn
ing papers. The Tribune s\ys : "
nnd Internal circumstances combined tc
make the Kngllsh flavor nigh so lili li , In
deed , that the odor was decidedly unpleasant
to the nostrils of all decent people and well <
wishers of the stnge. Anil yet Miss Yield
Cameron and her 'Commodore' found no
flavor. It Is true that the house was crowded ,
but It was not such an audience ns we are
went to see at the Casino. Nine-tenths ol
the present wrre men , and it was noticeable
that when there WAS .applause the theatre was
somewhat oppressively scouted with patch
ouli. It was exceedingly obvious that n do-
toriutned effort was making to give the greet
ing to Miss Cameron n semblance of hearti
ness niul sincerity , but It was nevertheless
only a little less of n failure than the effort
to bolster up the operetta with applause. The
work Itself scarcely received n hand , nor did
it deserve n hotter fate. 'The Commodore"
is one of the weakest of offensablo museum
comdillcs. 'Tho Commodore' Is Ill-con-
col veil , ill-written , Ill-set , and 111-porformeil.
Miss Cnmoron has nn njjrceablo manner of
slnu'lnu' , and her singing volco Is decidedly
pretty in the lower registers , but In the tneif-
lum niul higher registers It takes on edge
which robs It of its sweetness ami charm.
Her sneaking volco Is hi jh pitched and wiry.
Her attitudes arc few mid her Kosturns un
graceful. Shomtahl KVO ! pleasure with n
secondary part , but In the presence of a
dozen or more singers on an American stage
she Is not equipped to stand nt the head nml
give her name to a lyric organization. "
The Times Is equally sore upon the whole
performance. The World says : "Hy all
odds the most uninteresting entertainment
nml performance nt the Casino was given
there lost night. "
Mrs. Lnngtry mailo her re-entrance on the
American state at the Fifth avenue , appear
ing as Lady Ormaml In the comnily of "A
Wife's Peril. " She was ht-artily received by
a laruc audience. The play Is peculiarly
adapted to her power , and In It she shows
that she Is not a novice In the art of acting ,
but one of the most expert. Ingenious ami
pleasing comedy nctresses.'of her time.
Corn Morris appeared at Union Square as
Mrs. Moulton. Her personation of this char
acter is so familiar to all American theater
peers that It is only necessary to say that she
lias lost notio of her wonderful power ,
Mine. Janausclieek made her lirst appear-
nnco nt the Windsor theater as "Mnry
Stuart. " Her excellent acting was well re
"A Uimch of Kuys , " the best of Clias.
II. Iloyt's farcical skits , will be presented
nt Boyd's opera house on Friday and
Saturday evenings and Saturday mat
inee. The piece is said to bo brighter
than over this season , now music and new
specialties being introduced. Marietta
Nash and Eugene Cnniiold arc still with
the comuany. The sale of seats will open
Thursday morning.
The New Hotel.
George A. Josiyn is now busily engaged
in pushing forward the work on the new
hotel which mainly through his entqr-
priso and .money will bo erected on.'tho
southeast corner of Furnam and Tenth
streets. Ho went to Des Moincs yester
day having-with him a rough sketch of
the ground and floor plans of the hotel
ns dr.tivn bv the architects , Mcndollsohn
& Fisher. The building is to bo sixstories
high , 133x183 , it will contains 10rooms , bo
constructed of Cincinnati pressed brick
with terra cotta trimmings , and when
completed will bo ono of the handsomest
structures in Omaha. The interior will
bo somewhat similar to the Paxton , with
several extensions and improvements. .
The dining room will bo on the second
tloor , and will be two stories in height ,
thus making one of the most desirable
eating apartments in the west. Another
feature \\ill bo a nromanado ; 23x08
feet , on the second floor , and tiic
ceiling of the dining room will beef
of glass. The office will bo directly
opposite the Farnam street entrance
whence the clerls can have a full view
of the entire lobby and apartments connected
nected therewith. Hack of the offi'co will
bo the reading , writing and smoking
rooms , all having skylight ceilings.
There will bo seven stores in tlio build
ing , live on Tenth street and two on Far
nam. The plans for the exterior are not
yet completed , but it will be fully In ac
cord with the best urchltiictnal re
quirements of the day. There will bo
nothing omitted in the design and finish
of this hotel to make it the equal of any
in the country.
Personal l * i-Kjrnplis.
John A. Creighton went to St. Louis
Senator Van Wyck arrived yesterday
morning at the Paxton hotel.
Lucien Stephens has returned from a
visit with relatives in 'Missouri.
S. Woolf , a prominent meroliant.of Salt
Lake City was in the city yesterday.
Dr. Merritt , a distinguished Now York
medical man , was a passenger to San
Francisco last evening.
Hugh McCaffrey , with dog and gun ,
wont westward last evening to buy some
prairie qhickons from the grangers.
U , A. Vnngroon , of Vangrcen Bros. , the
popular West Cuming street grocers ,
wont to Custor county last night to
slaughter tlm gentle prairie fowl.
Lieutenant E. II. Brooke , who has had
charge of the construction of tlio rille
range at UoMovuo and did so much to
make the camp a success , returned to his
post at Fort Sidney lust evening ,
Kansas City Times ; Uird C. Wnkcly ,
ono of the most rapid and legible short
hand writers in the west , is in the city
visiting friends. He is official reporter
for his father , who is judge of the district
court at Oinnnn.
United States Marsha ! bierbower went
to Lincoln lust evening , wliero he wil.l be
joined by District Attorney Lambcrtson ,
and together they will take a trip through
the Republican Valley on government
hu incss ,
J. H.Grcon , of the Union Pacific pas-
eunger department , went to Lincoln yes
terday on business connected with the
road. He is making arraangoments for
a party of California travelers , nineteen
of whom will IcavoStroimburg , Nob. , yiu
thu Union Pacilic on Thursday.
Hon. J. D , Wriglit , ex-mayor of Lin
coln and a prominent member of the leg-
ishituro. came in from the east yesterday
and took the evening train for homo ,
The honornblo John was a candidate before -
fore the last county convention for re-
nomination , but owing to certain pecu
liar tactics he says he was loft. Ho does
not believe in viva voce choice , especially
when outsiders have ilia best lungs.
An Indiana tramp was seen hiding n
package in a hedge before he entered
Chatham on a begging tour. The pack
age contained $70 in nickels. $100 in
greenbacks , and a cenilioate of deposit
for $300. All Ibis wealth was handed
over to the trauip , and ho was told to
move on.
The county commissioners have gone
to St. Louia on business connected with
the proposed tiuw county hospital.
The Association of Grnln Dealers
Which Is Now Oolrig This BnMncss.
This morning n largo number of the
grain men of bolH Nebraska and Kansas
assembled In thj ! c y , to attend the
second annual meeting of the Nebraska
nnd Kansas Grain Dcalnrs Insurance as
sociation. This { solely ivas org.ini/.eil
two years ngo , nnll its nim was to Interest
the grain growers , both of tills state ns
also of Northern1 Kansas in u move ta
protect themselves against the rapacity
of regular insurance companies. Thu
rates of the latter hail become so high
that tlio grain nt n had inndn up their
mind that they corfld stand thorn no
longer. At the litel1 meeting the project
of the now association was discussed ,
and later a plan which was subse
quently adopted was formulated \vhk'h
practically , at least so far us the mem
bers of the association nro concored ,
docs away with the insurance of outside
corporations. The grain of the moinbors
is insured by the association against lire
and lightning , nun at reasonable rates
nnd on a mutual basis. The association
now numbers about llireo hundred mem
bers , nnd comprises , the leading men in
the districts mentioned. The ollicers for
the lirst year are P. C. Illmobnugh , of
Omaha , secretary ; T.V. . Lowery , of Lin
coln , president , nnd F. E. Lawrence , of
this city , assistant secretary. The asso
ciation met at S o'clock unti the attend
ance was largo. Tlio session was con
ducted with closed doors. Among those
In attendance were :
(5.V. ( \ . Ltnvry , Patrick Egan. C. G.
llowon , Mason Grngg , Thomas Cochrnno ,
Lincoln- . C. Gregg , St. Joe , Mo. : O. (5.
Uulburd , Hiawatha , Kan. ; J. M. Davio-
son , York , Neb. : John A. Born , Utica.
Nob.t Louis A. Van Wasmer. Grand
Island ; U. D. Laneson , Khvooil , Nob. ;
Himebuugh & Mcrriam , Omaha ; Omaha
Elevator and Grain company , Omaha ; J.
Boms , Ilnnovor , Kan. ; C. W. Wyiidhan ,
( ilonvillo. Nob. ; S. Jameson , Stella , Nob. ;
James Morricso'v , Plaitsmoulh ; G. W.
Wii-t , Aurora , Neb.
Tlio meeting adjourned at about 0
o'clock , aftnr a session which occupied a
greater part of the afternoon. A num
ber of subjects was discussed , ono of the
principal of which was that as to whether
thu association should undertake to in-
sitro tlio stock , property and private resi
dences of the members. The question
aroused quite a lengthy debate , nut was
finally decided by resolution to have
nothing to do with any property except
that of the grain and elevators belonging
to the members of the association.
The election of ollicers for the ensuing
year resulted in the following : Presi
dent , T. W. Lowroy , Lincoln ; Vice Presi
dent , P. C. llimobungh , Omaha ; Secre
tary , F. E. Lawrence , Omaha , and Treas
urer , Patrick Egan , Lincoln.
. So far as could be ascertained from a
number of thu members the association ,
lifter ono year's existence , is in. an ex
cellent condition. It is still , however an
experiment , yet it bids promise to hold
out at least until the insurance companies
reduce their figures to a rate low enough
to enable grain ' .ij-.dcnlcrs to insure tit
reasonable tigurcs. During the year
which immediately , prucedcd the estab
lishment ot the association , the insurance
companies took ant 'Of the pockets of
grain men tor' ' { insurance in
this state no ,10835 than $50,000.
Their premiums rnri ns high as 0 pur
cent. This , it roaaily will bo scon , was
excessive , especially ire view of tlio fact
that during the 'preceding two years ,
there were not mb'ro tll'an two elevators
destroyed both i A { Nebraska and North
ern Kansas. Thi's/JfuQt'ser. / tlio grain men
thinking , with the result that what they
now insure coststhem : : but about three
per cent per _ aiinnin''iA.s the years pass
by , there iSf'scnrcqlyariy doubt but that
this'rate'will till''ftirtHuf ' bo reduced.
Tho.suvi'iigs'of'tltti ' Jlrst year .have now
been put into a sinking fund , and when a
goodly sum is laid by , dividends will be
declared in the same manner as with any
other mutual company.
There are but few states in which in-
urancp companies of this kind are now
n existence. One of them _ is Illinois ,
where it lias boon in working'condition
for some years back , and where it has
been productive of a great deal of good.
A semi annual mooting of tlio associa
tion wilt bu held about mid-winter.
licensed to Wed.
Judge McCulloch issued marriage li
censes yesterday to tlio following parties :
Name. llesidi'iice. Ace.
I Geo. 13. lllcker Dakota City "ffil
1 Dora Marquis Woodbine , fa ! ii
j Edward A Tlmnorly. . Douglas county 21
iLIIIleA Williams..UouslnsROunty 18
I John A. Wolteshek..Omaha 0
' ( Mary Jlchn Omaha 'JO
( Andrew Medlu Omaha d ?
I Ulcnda E. Peterson..Omaha 20
( < ! i > or'o ( F- Austin Mason , Neb 28
( Lizzie A. Lubey Milwaukee'U
Iliilldlnt ; l' ; ri itB.
Superintendent Whjtlock issued build-
inic permits .yesterday us fol.ows :
Mist Ell/.iibeth Kuhlman , one-story
1 rnnio cottage. Eleventh JimlVIn ton$1,000
M. Ucllman , nddltioiml story to store
building. Thirteenth and Knrnnin . . . 8,000
Charles Alnttlmwson , one-story frame
cottage , .Eighth , between Hickory and
Chailes . 200
Three permits aggregating SO.iiOO
A Protly Little Traveler.
There was one party at the Union Pa
cilic depot last evening that was pitrlicn-
larly interested in the .arrival of tlio Mis
souri Pacilic train , and when it did not
counted very closely. This was com
posed of the Hon. J. A. Gillespio , Mrs.
come in exactly on time the minutes were
Gillespio , and two lady teachers of the
deaf nnd dumb institute. They were
anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mr.
Gillespie's niece , little Hay Abra
hams , aged live , who was com
ing all alone from Kansas City to Omaha ,
Thu train rolled in and among those on
the Pullman car was the goTdun-haired
child radiant in smiles at meeting her
relatives and evidently as happy ns happy
could bo at the reception she received.
Tlio many passengorR on the car seemed
as sorry to leave1tl)4 ) little ono as nor
friends wore rojoicRd.tjb . receive her , and
no arrival Juts btjim Abated in the depot
for many a d .y jtfiat'uttraolod more at
tention than tliiijcoiuing of little Hay.
It only goes to phowalmt with the care
exorcised by railr/Wd1 companies and
especially the Pirllmutl car company , in
having none bu "kilui hearted men in
their employ , in tlnyso days children ,
aged people and Invalids are jiut as go-
cure in traveling 08) ) , ! surrounded by n
score of their si4tcrs-and : their cousins
ami their mints. ' , < f-
Injured .
Yesterday moni\\ip \ \ iAVillinm Dibond ,
employed ' on thes. construction of the
Union Pacific brfdg , nct with a very
serious accident. Tie Was working on a
derrick by which iron was being hoisted
to the upper portion of the new struc
\VhileatnndingoiiBomurnils that
were being raised , the chain oroko and
ho was thrown a distance of twelve feet
to the ground. Ho was nicked up in an
unconscious state , and taken to his rooms
on Pacilic , between Eighth nnd Ninth
streets. Doctor Galbralth was called and
found that Dibond was badly injured in
the side and his left ankle somewhat
lacerated , It is not thought than any
serious results will follow.
Domiuick Egtm was arrested last evening -
ing charged with having assaulted Chas.
Hustnd. Egan has becii paying court tea
a stoydaughtor of Hu.stad , and when the
latter interfered K KM assaulted him. Ho
Was arrested by Officer Whaleti ,
All Because Her Colored Lover "Wen
on Her ,
Imat Nlyht's Session of tlio Council
Grain Insurance Court Xotcs
llrevltlos nml City News
In Gonct-nl.
Blio U'nntod ( o Die.
Joslo ilnmlesoii , n pretty wlsito girl ,
who is nn inmate of Madame hooper's
place on Jackson street , near Fourteenth ,
made an attempt to furnish the coroner n
job last night that camu very near prov
ing successful. Josie , it appears , is fair to
look upon and 1ms many mltnlrors , bnt slit
has given them all the cold shoulder and
fastened her affections upon Sam Knur ,
the saddle colored mulatto who is tin
king tbeo nniong tlio colored sports ol
tlio city. Whilu making a pretense ol
returning tlio ullections of tlio girl , Sam ,
It seems , has boon tritlln1 of late and payIng -
Ing attentions to certain other girls of
Joslo's class. This has caused a feeling
of jealous despondency to take posses
sion of the girl that ended last nlirhtin nn
attempt to commit suicide. Karly in thu
evening who wont to Powers' drug Htoro
and obtained a < itiantity of morpblno.
She returned to her room nnd wrotu n
note to her colored lover , in which she
licensed him of having broken her heart
by refusing to properly return her love
and trust , and while holding him respon
sible for her death , forgave him and
begged that lie would pay her room rent
and sec that her grave was kept green ,
nnd n lot more ot that kind of gusli. Then
Bhu swallowed a dose of the morphine
nnd prepared to die. About thu time the
drug began to nffoel the would-bo sui
cide she changed hui- views on the sub
ject of death and decided she would live
n while longer and try to play even with
her recreant lover. She cried for help
and aroused the inmates of the place ,
who took prompt action to save her
life. A physician was summoned and
after a great deal of work succeeded in
bringing thu foolish girl out of danger.
At n late hour she was resting quietly
nnd in a fair way to recover. This is the
second time that the girl has made an
attempt to end her existence on account
of her coon lover's ' faitliluuness. About
a year ago when she was an inmate of
Vny Sliepard's place sliu quarreled with
her Sammy over his attentions to an
other girl and swallowed poison to end
her woes , but was saved through the in-
tcrtcroncu of her friends.
Ualy End Ins of ft Quarrel Over Pool
An ugly fight took place about mid
night at the corner of Seventh
and Pacific streets , in which one of the
participants , Denny Sullivan , came near
being scalped. Sullivan , who is n
young man employed in the
Union Pacific freight depot had been
playing pool witli some friends
when a painter by the name of
Charles Tuft got into tlio game. At tlio
close of the game there was sonic dispute
over the division of the pool chips when
Tuft struck nt Sullivan who re
turned tlio insult , and a light
ensued. In the trouble Tuft
drew n putty knife and cave Sulli
van Uyo vicious slashes with it across the
side of tlio head. Tuft was arrested by
Ollicur lla/e and botli the prisoner and
SdSilvau' ' taken tiv the city lull. Dr.
J ciscnring was called and attended Sulli
van' . who hud two ugly gashes across the
right side ot his head. The wounds wuro
dressed and Sullivan hold as a witness
against Tuft.
A Busy Session of tlie City Council
All of the aldermen and a large num
ber of visitors were present nt the reg
ular weekly meeting of the city council
last evening.
The mayor's communication approving
the ordinances passed at the last meeting
of the city council was read and placed
on iilo.
The mayor's appointment of Andrew
Fahey as a member of the police force
vice Patrick Murphy , removed , was re
ferred to the committee on police.
Tlio mayor's appointment of Frank W.
Salan as ) poundmaster vice D. A. Hurley ,
removed , was referred to the com
mittee on public property , after
considerable discussion between Mr.
Daiicy , who wanted the matter re
ferred , and Mr. Ford , who wanted the
appointment confirmed.
The mayor's appointment of Mark
Kohn as special policeman for the Harvey
Lumber compiny was referred to the
committee on police.
The report of the building inspector
for tlio month of September showing that
permits wore issued for buildings. having
u total value of $210,000 , was received
and placed on file.
A large number of estimates for public
improvements were reported by the
bonrd of public works wore approved by
the council.
On motion of Mr. Ford the estimate of
Hyan&Co. for the grading of Tenth
street , amounting to $ : iOU , was approved
and the city auditor directed not to de
liver the warrants until the laborers on
the work hnvo had thuir pay secured.
The motion was mndo upon tno strength
of complaints that have been made that
tlio laborers on the work have not re
ceived any pay for their labor from Wis-
nor , a sub-contractor of Ilvan it Co.
Thu proposition of tlio Omaha Thomp
son & Houston Klcctnc Light company
to furnish fifteen electric lamps at sflb per
month for each lump , was referred to
tlio committee on gas and electric lights.
A petition asking that U. S. lliggins ho
required to abate tlio nuisance in the
form of an imperfect smoke stack on his
restaurant was referred to the commlttim
on public property anil improvements
and the building inspector with power to
act.The petition of P. K. Her , John A.
McShane and others , asking permission
to use parts of lots 1 nnd 2 , in block 2G7 ,
near thu river , for thu purpose of sinking
a well to the doptli of U.OUO feet in pros
pecting for gas , coal or nil , was referreil
to thu committee on public property and
A petition asking the council to vote
$15 per month for a .special policeman in
llnnscom park wits referred to tlio com
mittee on police.
The chum of James Fox for $1,800 for
extra work on grading was referred to
the committee on grades nnd grading
nnd city engineer.
A protest against tlio paving of Four
teenth street from Davenport street to
CummgMrect , and a similar one against
the paring of Uraco street were referred
to the committee on paving curbing and
guttering ,
Petitions were presented asking for the
division of tlio various wards into morn
polling places , and referred to the dele
gations from the various wards.
Hy Ford Instructing tlio marshal to
protect tlio contractor on tlio North
Omaha sewer nnd keep thu residents of
that vicinity from filling the sower.
Uy Ooodrlch Instructing the board of
public works to award tlio contract for
the paving ofVwt Farnaui street with
cedar Mocks to Murphy , frolghlon & Co.
lly oehroedpr Ordering the payment
of damages to the properly owners by
reason o ( tlio change of the Sixteenth
street viaduct. Adopted.
lly Pailey Instructing tlio board of
public works to have all sidewalks laid
to a uniform grade. Ailopteil.
H.vCheney Instructing the committee
on public property iiiid improvements to
tnkn steps to keep ciittlo out of .Jou'orson
square. Adopted.
The coniinlttei ) on pollen reporleil con-
( vary to tlio ordlimneo unintinii iJ. II.
Moynllmn llm. right to nrpuil/u and con
trol a preventive night \Vutuh. The re
port was adopted.
The report of the committee on public
propel ly itnd iniurovi'ineuts lit favor of
allowing the cilv marshal to purchase n
safe for tlm keeping of the effects of
prisoners poni'lni ' ; trial wits adopted.
Kpecinl ordinance making appropria
tion for the payment of liabilities in
curred during tin- month of September ,
from the various funds ns follows :
( fcncrnl fuiiil . Sll.MS 11
Mhrniy litiid . NM ) s >
1'ollco t uiul . 11,7. 2 si
Kirofiiml . lt,75l 72
Viaduct tiitnl . 17.1 10
Judgment Hind . , . : W4 10
Curbing niul Buttering fund . l.ui : ; us
1'nvlng tiiul ) tuml . TJ Ml
1'nvlim fund . , . UJ ( K )
Special leal estate . 00
ordering . sll ( V )
Chungmg the grade of Jui'ksou and
Jones streets from Sixth to Ninth streets.
Ordering the grading of Jackson and
Jones streets from buvqnth street to
Ninth street. Passed.
Relocating the haymarkel now situated
on Jackson street , and platting it upon
Jones street between Twelfth and Thir
teenth streets. Public property and im
Ordering tlio curbing of Cuming street
from Hrown street to the city limits.
Declaring the necessity of extending
Convent street from Tliormill's ' addition
to llnrnoy street. Grades and grading.
Changing tin1 grade of Chicago street
from Eighteenth street to Nineteenth
street. Passed.
Declaring the necessity of changing the
grade of JMirnmn street from Twenty-
seventh avenue to a point K4II feet west of
Twenty-bevfciith avenue , and of Hartley
street from Twenty-fcuventh avenue to
Twenty-eighth street.
Changing the grade or Capitol avenue
from Eighteenth st'rcet to Twentieth
street. Passed.
Declaring the necessity of changing
tiio grade of Sixteenth street from Harney
street to Howard street. Passed.
At 10u : ; ) o'clock the council adjourned ,
having disposed of 120 papers , the larg
est amount of work ever put through at
any ono session of the council.
The Court Call.
The following cases will be called in
Judge Neville's court , to-day.
Vogtmun vs. Muck.
Kowitt vs. Lonn/.en.
] 5rown vs. liernstein etal.
Hoagland vs. Omaha.
Callahan vs. O. & S. W. U. K. Co.
Dolun vs. llowlcy et aL
.Bunks vs. Miller , sheriff , ctal.
Clar.k vs. Muck , city treasurer , ct al.
Hoagland vs. Omaha.
Turner vs. Omaha.
Jntchcr vs. Ntison.
lloaiilund vs. Cooper et al.
Ilongland vs. Amlerson et al.
.Bock ct til vs. Peterson et al.
Garner vs. 15. & M. K. II. Co. , in Ne
Charvootka vs. Yomucka.
Abbott vs. llr.E publishing Co.
Kiul man etnJ vs. Cnrr.
Kount/.o vs. Omaha.
Thomas vs. Omaha.
Hascall vs. Omaha.
Kubovec vs. Ro&ieky.
Yerga vs. Verga , 3 cases.
Gi'.nius vs. lloitsel.
State ex rcl Chose vs. Murphy.
Dlfltrlot Court.
F. and L. Kuhn Uros. brought suit yes
terday morning to secure an attachment
against George Louis & Co. , for $3,005.25
for goods furnished defendants.
Juliette C. Griffin ctal. appeals from
the appraisement of $100 for the land be
longing to her condemned for the Bolt
Line railroad company.
The following pleaded not guilty this
morning :
John Lynch , charged with robbery ;
Archie Robinson , charged with attempt
to commit rape ; John Wilson , forging a
check ; Charles Johnson , larceny ; Na
than C. Ford , arson , anil Charles Wil
liams , stabbing.
The verdict of the jury in the case of
Welshaus & McKwan vs Oliver C. Camp
bell , was in favor of the plaintiffs for
In tiic case of Stephen Robinson vs. C.
D. Wood worth , thu verdict was in favor
of Robinson for ? 1,138.0S.
Judge Wakely is hearing the case of
Dolan vs. Lnngworthy , in which the
plaintiff sues for > . 3,000.
Judge Nuvillo will go to JUirt county
next week to hold court for ono week.
Aoeording to the Paris Figaro M. Paul
Hcrl , the J'rrinch minister resident at
Tonqiiin , lias been instrumental in es
tablishing tlio "Academy of 'lonquin , "
after the model of the Academy 1'ran-
cuiso. It is composed of forty members ,
and M. IScrt has made himself its presi
. J h
B B-
. .O .O j Mollf cUllloo ) will bo font to
nr addr > > In the U. & or Canuila ( tuuntht tar Me.
AdJrciiTllKCHICAOOllAU , UB 6lliv. . , CUIcuiio.
Tlio Orljl nl nml Only Ui-iuillic.
HktMKAdll'ljri K ll kl . E vut f wprlllttM ImluUaos.
I lltp'i.i V. U LADIES. A L . ir 1'rvirElit M
"rbUhxUr' * FogTl.h * ol l l ( .vU-.c I ;
( .tub * . M l r p-titl. ' ' 'l ttlttr 11 return mail.
, t'blehmrr C'krmlrit ! ( ,
NAME PAPER , , 'l . , .
nmt > tu , „ , | 'kll y. !
Sold by Druagiets everywhere , Ask for "Chi
Chester's English" Pennyroyal Pills. Tu io
uu oiiiur.
4i : * * 1K * 4 * ! * 4M * ' V * * *
The l'lr t. the Orlsliml nnd Only Mnrrli llinl It
Pill up liv inoii who IIMD n rrnclii-nl ktumlnlco
ft Ilir Inmtilrv rriirt'Mli'n. ll tvnulrr.i no ronklnR ,
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lllllHMjnu i JlHos. , NKV lh\cn. t'ouu. , li cu
cmy iwcknio. SolO l > j alt Urorcrj.
ujsBs 1 3Rssia
C17 SI. ClmrlrnSt. , fjf. , JIo.
nS IHo D n M l thnntnr olt r 1'btiltUn'lnSI. LlulT
M Mif ptpfti ibow ttti | 1 nid iMidtnii ino * .
Ncrvoiu Prostration , Debllltr , Mental and
Physical Weakness ; Mercurial ontl olhor Aflec.
lion * o ! Throat. Skin or Bones , Olood Polsonlna.
old Sores and Utccrl , n tnu.i win , .nr.riioi i
loMr.i , mln.nttiftuinarMtitlrtfi , s M > rrlrittir.
Dlioajoa Arljlnp from Indiscretion , Excess ,
Exposura or InUulganci , bl s rroinc. ra or ibl
ll lnr cet i lietiouiDfM , dibllllt , dlnioii of ilitt
erilontoUi > . .elet/ff tcra l 4 , coofn.lo. o ( u n , t . !
rtndtrlne iwirrlato traprnptr or unliippy ,
ln < , .I.JrnrHor . rrtrloanr JJrt , < . Onitltilton'ilof.
runt li/ mill rr . Intltfd unit itHelt/c.nOd.ollM.
A Positive Wrltton Cuarnntco glrtn In ome .
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Rfl/XlIAir > er * * BiJfri5
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See TAOE3 , TINS FLATED , olftlM 'ilh init ( III
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lolejjofrfr' inollMi , nilcnnj iiior. . Thoio uitrltd ar
Tansill's ' Punch Cigars
were shipped ( Ulvlnil tlio pait
Iwo yonrnwltl.out n ilrtim-
tnor In our oiiitilov. No ollior
linuio In the \7iirld cnu triitb-
Ono n out tiK'itlur i.onlyl
wauled In each lowu.
R.W.TANSILL&CO.,55 Stale St.ChlcaflO-
A Book Hint orerv fAther
chouM i > lnco In his hon'a Jianda
And i ratl liltnsetf with the utmost
cuii > . Ulvt'8 nil the fmiiploin *
nnJ tfrrlblrt icmiltB of UIDCAAIS
ituoto Knrlf > Ice nnd Junor *
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Illurf lice J It. 'restlmunlala f i oni eminent London Doclutl
For Dralnn , HicnyVetHmtm , Lo t Vllnllly , Eto. Sent
pnlr roM" ' ! . 1'rro dutmiltntlon FroinU A. M. . to& I * H.
ClVl.Vl.i : Aia\CV , IT * rulton HI. , KKW Yurk.
A Homo id Div School Tor Vounv
[ .nillos , rc-0 | > oii3 OCT. I Dolliflitt'ully sltimtoil
it Gooi'KQlowii Ilclirhts. Liirpo grouiuls. Kn-
rg cil iH'Coniniodntlonp.
1HSSKAHI.K , Winastli \ViisliltiBtoD. . C.
Jtanufucturor of
10U S. Mill st. Oniiiba , Nob.
Orders by mail solicited and will ro-
jcivo prompt attention.
I Htli.M ) .
. oh Inline. Huro
: iin > in i iu4 iliiyi. Ask your ilrtiijKliit
ror It. Sent tii ivny oililrpuB for 81 .no.
a IALTDOa M'F'O. CO. , Sprlnafold ,
Messrs. Kuhn & Co. , Agents.
ipnrs0 Tns ft I NERVITA tp jii/
K.EIL.I. I UlllB ill MTMIl o [ jnuthlul irton ,
° Kr L I ill/4SP / N r ou II 6lllHrln l C
B IIL io I I i I tl IUB tj limit , Ixitt Manhood ,
kDtl Uodred KfTKtlonf. TrUI nuckize lie. ' Fr .loflo .
I U. A. O. ) I.IN CO. . No. IMV , Miji u SU
111. Dl.OO pcrl'iicLuEe. Hll lor 5.OO.
Aljsolufoly i'uro anil Unntlnlterutcil.
AND Pfuecnioia ny PHYHCIAM
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Vorul bjr Drucslitf , Uroccrmndlcaler > .
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rKU ! > IUU IhtMU tvbl , 111 l > Uln l-aiif , uniatlkftil , j l-
jjrtu cluriti j > r | t4M , t > y rcwiillng MX UolUri la
The DuH/ Mall Whiskey Co. , BittmoreMd. !
SinH-tlotilftrftr furffjmillil C..i i rll nr rK.
ulii.taniU : * ! arittlfalll > / r wtn/ l < l l ' ! ' *
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, . * . . . * . ' * . J-llv < litetuutnimi/i > rwl4
, , , ilt.i- t.'r-r ktbtir'4 / illii < at , a , It tl Aw
Red Star Line
: rrj-lnjrtliollnlgluni Itoyitl nnil rJultod SUtei
JUUIbiiilniCVT / > - 'utiUay
between Aniworn St Hew York
l-'AI.I. AND \VINTlilL
Salon from JOT lo f.Hxcur ion trip from
110 to $1 ' . bocand Cabin , outwitrtl , liii
n-ciinlil.-1) ; u.xcur HJII f'-O. HUvrH a IHKII *
it IO-.T ralui. 1'elor Wriarht It tons , W&net
iL-ontR , i5 Jlroiiihrar. N w York.
' ' - I'ttulu-a k Co.
ilunry i'uiiilt , uu 1'Hi-iuuunt. ;
1-c j : tr ' . 'in tit - . 1) . O. Vruciufii , IJ-'I yaruAW V