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Ati Omaha Man Arrested for a Confidence
Bontli Oinnlin People AVlio Desire An-
BellTcn ncxntlon with tlie City Perry
lloltoii Ke-rtrreslctl 3IIU-
11. W
lloiimt .
innii Over.
N Id HI I Didn't liny the Hnlonn.
, -Ilngh McMnnus , nn old , well known ,
/and formerly respected uili/.cnof Omitlia ,
New r ivns arrested ycsterdny nnd locked up In
Now | m ! . The charge ngalnst him was Hint
Th of playing n conlidcnco trick on nn
( jorlml town man , Hans Christoplison , of Council
Quid Mull's.
vic.rn \ The story of the plalnlilV Is Hint Mc
Tlio Mnnus met him in the 1 Hull's Tuesday
u ] > onit nnd oflbit'd to buyout his saloon. Hans
Oun was not loth to sell , nnd whun McMauus
for * 2. oll'urud to buy tliu plaee for a good round
12 C num. he readily consented to thu bargain.
thu Mm McMnnus agreed to incut Christophson
Tim in Oiunhn yesterday uu.l eloso up thu tie-
tails of the deal , lleforo leaving Council
wl.xty. Hind's he borrowed ? : ) from
The Chnstophson , agreeing to re
A. met pay Dhlm on the morrow. Yester
of the day tliu Council Itlulls man npnoarml
Suhn In Omahn bright und uarly to closu up
IJroudi the bill-gain. He had no doubt that Me-
Man 11.1 hnil the money to buy the saloon
provor with , for the latter had shown him u bank
The bonk with a heavy amount in It to Ids
lug at ( McManiis'credit. ) Ohristophnon searched
tiucour for thu Omaha man high and low , but
thu ja fulled to run across him until late in thu
The day. In the meantime ho madu inquiries
held nt the bank in which McManus pretended -
city b tended to havu nn account , ( Hand
en I ) die found that , he hail not iv cent of
Toll money on deposit thuro. When
lie did Iind McMunus the latter was
day In thoioughly intoxicated and Cnristoph-
of by son ruali/ed at once thai ha had buun
Itw duped. HP Icmandcd n re.turn of tin ; W
failed from McManus which that individual re-
Cast n fiistid. Christophers ! ) ! ! thun had Me-
they'll Manns arre..sted on the charge men
Tlio tioned
was 1 The prisoner formerly ownud a wall
oflleln paper store on North Sixteenth street ,
tendui mul was doing well. Of hue , however ,
lie has been has
The drinking heavily , ami
"Mom gone almost completely to pieces. He is
now on the verge of delirum tremeiis.
Ho wo ' .
Leai Certain ItcHldciiin of South Omnliu
ycstor Want to Conic Into tlic City.
Christ A llr.K reporter was informed yesterday
also I
Freint morning by several leading citizens now
of thii residing in South Oina'm ' , that they and
Arm others would light against the incorpor
luatiiu ation of the place as now intended on
Suture the Ifith of nu.\t month. What they want
cunts I Is to be annexed to the city. The territory
induct tory which they represent is that lying
The between the south line of Omaha and ( lie
in thu north hue ol the syndicate properly.
Itboiu That district covers at tvrtniu places a
distance of about a mile , and in it thive
this in can lie found hut \HiOifwotiM favor
well a till ! matter of incorpoiytioti. Tliuy would
To-i bo bunuliiled much jiore by being an-
oxccll iioxcd to the city , mi/otic of thesu bone-
Audio lits would bo tlic timing further south
dranii of a number of the saloons on the
any hi Itelh'vuo ' road , which really pay nothing
in thu way of license for the liijuor they
nppcn sell , and the exceeding annoyance they
great occasion the. residents in the neighbor
eillo h hood.
initlitt It is also claimed that if the territory
CD It in above outlined Will lie included in thu
Mu * incorporation , its distance from Hie fret-
trict'J tied portion would prevent it from secur
movlij ing thu Ijonelils of the act , all of which
tlons , would be nrost nat.iirally monopolized bv
boxes , the resident.1 , in the vicinity of" the stock
withol yards.
Mos This opposition on the part of Ihc citi
zens mentioned will receive formal expression
pression in a meeting which is to bo held
grand Due of these nights.
1)1 acts
hurut <
duslgi lie Huns Away /tut Is Captured In
organ Iowa.
Y s
Kiinl ) For sonic days past it has benn quietly
terud known Unit Terry Bokon , the Union Ta-
Drone cift cnirincor who was responsible for the
n Ma recent fatal wreck at Gilmore in which
enoU three killed had .
( laimi men were , disapncnrcd.
It will be rcmcmbru'od that Holton wns
' arrested for manslaughter , put under
cu'en bonds furnished bysoniQ of his follow engineers
gineers , and released. Some time af tor-
] ]
, p wards his bondsmen became uneasy , and
istiu L
linked that liolton again be taken into
Occai custody and their bonds cancelled.
WHS 0 Scorch was.madu for the man , but he
nml tl
could not bo found. Circulars offering a
reward for his anrest wuro sunt out over
In t the country , and yesterday word was ro-
the on ccivcd in Omaha that lioltou had been
tigulni tirreated iu Afton , a little Iowa town , n
ocum few miles east of Cruston , Yesterday
Hns ? . .J'loi'ning ' the deputy fchurill'went to tliat
iHiugu j-lnoo in respon.M ! to a telegram , nnd will
llBn"sl'return } at once with his man. it is high-
winch My probable that Holton will not bo re-
Colonel ?
I ell
of thu t ) >
thu nt Homo Cattle Not Alice toil l > y 'llnno
bargqt Croin tlm Soutli.
is iinji An experloiiml oaltleman named Warner -
fallen nor , irom Texas , was neon
nt tin ) Union I'aeiliu depot
niuly yesterday morning. Ho fieoutctl
lie am thu idea that cattle in this viulnily be-
sjwctB cnmo Inferted with fuvnr from Texan
diced , cattlo. Hu claimed timtwhen the former
beimmo sink it was from local causes
Mr. I1) solely. Texan cnttlu wern rarol.y sick at
wldolj ) home.f When tltoy beoamo infoeled with
. . it because of
over was ) over-driving
not 01 nnd excitement , and when that
was the enu they nuvor afterwards
recovered. Ho said : "I am now working
for the Standard Cattle company , willi
liundipiarterA at Cheyenne , ami wo have
brought cattle through from Toxaiand ;
JllBJ not one of them was In any manner af-
make ) fouled. That was because we ilrovtHu | > in
Main nt thu rate of about ten miles u day , whllo
* othnr floinpanles rush their hurds along
the rule of twenty and twenty-livo
niUoK a day. Hut , ns I paid liofori1 ,
oatllu noycr nlleet others , oven whuii the
Jnttor gra/.n uftur thuin in thu same liolii.
The doctors don't uirticistattd this ills-
cneo , that'a all. "
Siipcrlnteiiilent KOIIIIH Tulles
f Al > ont Train * . , Men anil TrnokH.
y > It was rumored yesterday that tin order
. | t had been issued from the Union Tacillc
* } ' hondiinrU'rs | roqiiirint ; all thu freight
rl truinb to bo made nt theHhiU's ,
, o A HKK reporter saw Kitpurinlandcnt
% Konns yesturtlay morning , and asked him Koutlomun Eahl that it was a con
founding of nn order that had gone into
"We Irive whnt cdl
olVoct to-tiny. wo :
fast freights , " ha said , "nnd forsomo
nights back wo have buun boarding them
wit ! ) crews at th'.s ' ) d ro. Formerly , these
jiicu took hold of tlinm on thu otiiur side
of the river. Wo niuilu Iho change ns nn ex-
lioriiiuint , Tliei e u as but little worK dune
Jiuro tiM-ept to put on hoard such local
lliroiigh freight as might bo souorcd h-iro.
lint wti foi'ua wo could not number all
our oars , and , ns n eonsuqunncu , wo were
tonipullcd to return to thuold mot luul
mid start out our tuun fruin the other
tide."A * a general thing , these fast i
trains wo receive almost entire at the
other side of the river , Al ! wo have to
dp frequently Is wimply to attach our en
gines. They consequently tlo not require
much of what you style making up.
These , of course , must start froih the
other side.
"Yes , wo arc building a good deal of
track at the Hlufl's , but then we are build
ing a great deal hero , These tracks will
bo used for our best advantage. When
all our rails are laid hero , wlnuh are now
contemplated , wo will have ample facili
ties for the transaction of our business ,
but it Is slow work in getting it done.
When it in completed , and when the
tracks over there arc completed , wo will
useeach as they can best subsorvo our
purpose. " |
"Yc ? our business has greatly in
creased in a year I should say it was
greater by two-thirds , at least in the
number of ears. I tlo not know what is
the Increase in earnings. "
Pollen Points.
lu the abccnco of .Judge Slcnborg ,
what was in attendance upon the state
convention at Lincoln , Justice Ander
son presided over the session of thu po
lice court yesterday morning. He put the
cases through at a lively rate , which
showed that he liad not forgotten how
to deal with police court offenders ,
11. Kay , a seedy looking farmer from
( lilmore , was arrested for disturbing the
peace last night. Ho put up at a south
end hotel , and after 12 ! o'clock found his
way into a room of a servant girl , whnro
he conducted himself In a manner highly
unbecoming a gentleman Hu was lined
S'Jo and costs. Heing unable to pay that
amount ho was committed to jail.
May Grey , Ida hue and John Phillips
were arrested for disturbing the pcauo
They gave a satisfactory account of
themselves and were discharged.
James Flynn , another peace disturber.
was committed in default of a line of > ? ! !
and costs , while Andy Horan , arrested
for a similar ollenso paid n line of $5 and
William McCoy , Hill Rogers and John
Duncan , arraigned for vairrancy , ex
plained themselves satisfactory and were
I'roinciimle Concert- .
The opening promenade concert at the
exposition building this evening.
promises to bean excellent musical treat.
The Musical Union orchestra has been
rcdiearsiug for the event and Mr. and
Mrs. Krauko and Mr. Schuukc will bo
hoard to excellent advantage. The fol-
jowing is the programme selected , danc
ing to be indulged in after I ho seventh
number :
1. Metropolitan March . Dial
Musical Union Orchestra.
' - ' . Ovcitnre "Don Juan" . Mozart
Musical Union Orcncstra ,
a. Aria "Anna Uoleua" . Donizetti
Mrs Eillth Kdwards Kranko.
4. Kciiiiniscunces of "Taunlmuser" . . .
. Wo gnor
Musical Union Oreliestra.
5. Violin Solo "Witches l > aiico".PaKliiinl
Mr. Nahaii Frauko.
(5. ( Trombone Solo "Ler ) Wanderer" . . .
. Set i ubcrt
Mr. Seliiinke.
7. l'otoiirrl-0niheiisr | . Offenbach
Musical Union Oreliestra.
S. Waltz "ttlpsy Unron" . Strauss
0. 1'olkii "IJfllo Amcncalnc" . Hlal
1U. Kniiccrs "Kriulno" . ilacohowsk !
11. Waltz "N'enr to Thee" . Wnldtuufcl
12. ! Cullop "Ooiilet Cli.impasnu" . . .
General Marcy In Omaha.
A tall , straight , and soldierly-looking
old gentleman , with hair and whiskers as
while us snow , stood Tuesday morning
titlking to General Dandy in thu corridor
of the army "headquarters. . Ho was recognized -
cognized as General , Randolph 1 $ . Marcy ,
formerly inspector general of the army ,
now retired , and one of the most gallant
and popular of that long line of ollicers
who are now "affectionately referred to
by the younger generation as members of
the "old armyOou'oral ' Marcy "is the
father of Mrs. General George H. Mo-
Clellan. lie is accompanied by Dr.
Seward , of Orange , N. . ! . . with vynom he
has been out on a pleasant hunting trip
in the Wind river mountains , in company
with Colonel Edward Hatch , of the
Ninth cavalry. General Muiv.y , who is
7o years of ago , has all the vigor and
life of a man of fiO. Ho says he as
thoroughly enjoyed his hunting trip as
ho used to years ago w-liun this whole
western country was a wilderness , anil
ho a young lieutenant in the Fifth cav
alry. He loft yesterday for Colorado.
the Courlesy.
Tuesday oveniiifr the Denver Tribune
was'.in great demand among the members
of the council. In its report of the pro
ceedings of thu last council meeting at
that place was a paragraph to the effect
that that body had paid n bill of $101
which had been run in entertaining and
banqueting the Omaha council at the
Albany hotel in Denver. Every member
of the homo council felt elated
over the bit of news , as if
ho had previously felt there
would be some kick in liquidating. "If
ever these men como here , " said Coun
cilman Dailoy to Councilman Mnnvillo.
"I'll road this paragraph to our folks. "
Later in the evening : i series of resolu
tions of thanks to the Denvcritos , Load-
villo and Ghoyemio people were adopted ,
ami these concluded with an invitation
to them to vis-it Omaha , which possiblv
moans that they also will bo entertained
at u feast.
The Drop la firain.
In a conversation with Mr. Pierre C.
Himobaugh , yesterday morning , n
reporlor fortho HBH k-arncd
the prices of grain wnronow very
low , the heavy dculino of a fo w
days ago still being maintained. At that ,
time there was a drop of flvo rents per
bushel. This was occasioned by the an-
iiouneomonts Hindu at the time of a short
crop , which .speculators endeavored to
nsu for their advantage. The crop this
year , Mr. llimobuugh thought , would bo
equal to that of last year , but that mainly
owing to thu fact of thu increased acio-
ago throughout , the stato. If thu prices
should now bu raised , though ho did not
sco much hope of such a thing , it would
cause a geneal aud healthy movement of
grain everywhere.
Tim Annex Hull.
Yesterday's BKB stated that there was
a scarcity of small halls in Omaha for the
use ot social clubs , This Matemcnt led
to llm discovery that anew hall had bcon
overlooked , namely , the annex to the
oxi.oAiihm building. This annex Is to bo
immediately Hnfslu-d In good style , and
will bo rented for balls ,
gatherings generally. The toilet rooms
of the exposition building will be used in
connection with the annex. For dancing
purposes thorn h no bettor hall in the
pity , as it is largo and well lighted , and
has mi excellent lloor of yellow pino. It
has already been engaged by ouo of the
moat aristocratic ) dubs for a series of
seven parties ,
.Served the Attachment.
Deputy United States Marshal Allen returned -
turned ycstorduylfrom Ogullala , where ho
went to Forvo an attachment of $7:23.79 : on
llm property of L. \ \ orthington , in favor
of Lewis Hax. Ho attached a honso and
lot to satisfy the claim.
Humid Over.
Henry Mittman , the man who shot
Waller Diirhuui at Milltird last week , was
brought before Justice Hulsluy yesterday
afternoon to answer to a char ojof man-
shuyh' . r. He waived preliminary oxmn-
iuaiU'U end was bound over to the district
Wlmt la to He Fount ! In the I < ocnl
Marts Prices.
The local markets , considering the
season of the year , nro plentifully pro
vided with fruits , vegetable , incnts , fish ,
nntl in fnct everything which go to nsslst
the housewife In innking up her bill of
fnro. To bo sure , with the approach of
winter , thu ranire of fruits and vegetables
is grndunlly narrowing , but there is still
n large selection to choose from. In the
wny of fish nnd gnme , the market is de
cidedly hotter than It wns n monjh ortwo
weeks ago ,
Cucumbers sell for 15 cents
Parsley is sold nt fi cents a bunch.
Radishes two bunches for a nicklo.
Onions -10 cunts a peek. Turnips 3
bunches for a meklc. Potatoes , 20 cents
a peck. String beans and wax beans sell
4 quarts for W cents. Lima beans W ) cents
a pock. Green corn Is worth lii !
cents a doy.en. Carrots sell for thrcu
bunches for a dime. Heels arc .selling
three bunches for 10 cents. Tomatoes To
cents a otishol. Cabbage 10 cents u head.
Hubbard squashes are worth 10 to 10
cents. Green mangoes sell for 1'JJ cents n
dozen. Homo grown sweet potatoes
bring 0 pounds for a quarter ; gc.nuino
Jersey ! pounds for a quarter.
Poaches sell from 20 to-IOccntsperdoxcn.
Michigan peaches from 7fi cents to IK )
cents a baskut. Plums sell for 12 } cents a
pound , and Hartlett pears 1.1 cents a
pound. AVaternieloiiK are in the market
at prices ranging from 10 10 25 cents
apiece. Muskmelons are worth from 0
up to 1C cents.
Rodi oranges soil for 00 cents a
a dozen , and Messiuas t5. !
Lemons bring from -10 to flO cents , the
outside price being for very clioico
onus. Bananas are worth from 25 to ! ! 5
cents a do/.on. Rose Peru grapes sell for
15 cents a pound- California white grapes
15 cents a pound , and Concord 15 cents
a pound.
White fish and trout are selling for 15
cents a pound. Salmon steaks are worth
25 cents a pound.
Fresh perch are still In the market
and sell at 12 } cents a pound. Fresh
catfish also on baud , soiling at 15 cents a
pound. Buffalo > s worth , fresh
caught , 10 cents a pound. Pickerel are
now in the market , fresh , and sell at 12J
cents a pound. Fresh mackerel arc
worth 15 cents apiecu. Fresh pike sell
for 15 cents a pound , as do also black
bass. Croppiu and porch retail for 12 }
cents per pound ; bluu-lish are worth 25
cents a pound.
Fresh cod and haddock sell for 15
cents ; liouudurs 12 } cunts ; cols 20 cents ;
hallibut 25 cents ; lobsters 25 cents a
Sott shell crabs arc worth $2.50 per
Frogs' legs sell at DO cents per do/.on.
The best cuts of sirloin hell for 15 cents ,
rump.s and upper part of round steak at
12J. Roasting ribs , linn and juicy can
be bought from 10 to 12 } cents.
Sweet breads can bo purchased at
25 cents a pair. Corn beef is selling
at from 5 to 10 cents , according to
cuts. Prime leg of mutton can bo had for
12 } cents ; mutton chops 12j to 15 cents ,
ham is worth M cents in bulk , 20 cents
sliced. Pork , 10 to 12 * cents. Sausage ,
10 to 12 } cents.
Spring lamb is one of the delicacies of
the season. The hind quarters brinir
$1.50 each , the fore quarters $1 25.
Prairie chickens are worth 75 cents a pair ;
teal duck 20 cents each ; wood duck. 25
cents each ; mallard duck ! 15 cents each.
Butter from 15 to 20 cents a pound , the
latter price is for the best creamery.
Kggs bring 10 cents a do/.en.
How Their Missives Occasion .Loss of
Time uiiU 1'nticnoc in tin : t'ostollioe.
The clerks in the postoflico in this city
are annoyed in a number of ways by
careless correspondents. But the annoy
ance is greatly increased by the acts of
eccentric individuals and other parties
who wish to attain a little notoriety , even
at the expense of the patience of the
clerk or delay in the mail. One of the
late proofs of these facts is a letter
which was mailed yesterday in Jlliis city.
andjWhich required about a minute ot the
clerk's valuable time to decipher the in
scription , which was couched in the fol
lowing doggerel-
Carry mo on at a rattling rate
To. lay 0. O. Ind. State ;
At Portland t' . O. let me bo
Till Mr. J. W. Uarrali calls for me.
So far as the handwriting is concerned ,
it would appear that this is not the first
letter addressed in this manner that has
passed through the mails at this place.
Throughout the country ijiero are thou
sands of such letters mailed daily , and it
is expected that the department will soon
take action to exclude them from tlio
mails , as it already has the 'roinul-the-
worhl postal cards.
The Omaha. Typo J-"ountlry ami Sup
ply House Tor Printers and
The Western Newspaper Union at
Omaha is prepared at all times to outfit
publishers on slio'-t notice with presses ,
type , rules , borders , inks , composition ,
sticks and rules , ami in tact everything
in the linn of printers' and publishers'
supplies. Better terms and more liberal
prices can bu secured than by sending to
Chicago or elsewhere. Snvu money by
buying near homo. Second hand goods
in the printing linn bought and sold. Wo
often have great bargains in this particu
lar. Suud for TinPUINTKIK' AUXIIJAUV ,
our monthly trade journal , that gives
lists of goods and prices and from time
to time proclaims unequalled bargains in
new and second hand material.
12lh Street , but. Howard and Jackson ,
Omaha , Nebraska.
CJourt ,
Judgd Neville yesterday issued an order
commanding that Clias. F. Bauer , de
fendant in a suit in which his wife Bar
bara prays for divorce , bo brought before
fore him on thu 2'Jth of September for
'contempt of court , in disregarding an in
junction restraining film from interfering
with his wifo.
Anna Kennedy and Ellen Kennedy , in
the district court , sue Julia. James , Isa-
bollu , Kdward and Cecelia Kennedy.
Maria Gilfovlo , Sarah Sullivan and
Theresa McCailroy- a partition of t'.ie
lots known as one and two , in block flvo ,
Koitnt/u & Ruth's addition , formerly
owned by the Into Martin W. Kennedy ,
alleging that they are each entitled to a
one-tenth share.
The case of Louis D. Kennedy vs.
Fabian S. Potwin is on trial ,
The I'ollco Unll.
All circumstances favor the supposition
that the police ball is going to be n great
success All of the policemen are hard at
work selling tickets for the event , and
most of them have boon eminently suc
cessful. Already nearly 2,000 tickets have
boon disposed of. The ball will bo hold
in the main hall of the exposition buildIng -
Ing on October 21.
Sporting Points.
Next Saturday is looked forward to
with unabated interest by nil who nro
interested in snorting mutters in Omaha.
Jni. McCormuck of Chicago , in an
eijht-round contest , will meet Al Mnrx ,
the Texas cowboy nnd champion heavy
weight of Nebraska , in the nnnc.v of the
exposition building , Jloth men nro
training vigorously lor tlm match , whcih
promises to bo nn interesting encounter.
Jones , the man imported from Ding-
hampton , N. Y. , for the Union Pnolno
base ball team , has returned to Now
For Sale.
The furniture and rental of the Co/-
/.ens hotel.
This house is now doing nnd has done
for two yours the second Ingcst business
of nny hotel In Omaha.
Satisfactory reasons given , for wishing
to sell. 11. lV.Hu.MSKV.
llntl Not ,
Messrs. Cnllaway , Smith nnd Kimbnll ,
of the Union Pueille , returned yesterday
from the'r ' tour of inspection with Presi
dent Adams.
General Passenger Agent Mono , of the
Union Pacific , returned ycsterilay.from'.an
extended eastern trip.
The Grand Island train was forty-five
minutes behind tlint-Iycsterday morning.
Thcldulaylwasoccasionedjliy a wait fortho
Lincoln train at Valley. The angina of
the latter blow out n stay-bolt when near
the latter place , and an engine had to be
sent down to bring in the train.
the Vort.
General Crook has decided to move the
location of the now Fort ln Chesno from
the point now occupied , about ten miles
up tlie Uiiilah river. The present loca
tion is a very undesirable one on ac
count of numerous sand hills.
Church IniiirovcincntH.
The cathedral of St. Pliilomena has
lately boon repaired , redecorated and in
ninny ways improved. Its pastor has
incurred quitu an in paying for
the pavements which are found on three
sides of it besides the walks which have
lately been put down on Hartley and
Ninth streets. To enable him to pay for
those , U is proposed to hold a lair at an
early date , at whieii , a number of inter
esting features will form attractions
during each evening of its continuance.
ThlBpow.tor never vanos. A miirvol oCpur-
ty , strength mid wholoiomonexs. More econ
omical tbuu tlio ordinary. , kind' nnt ) cuiint bo
gold incompctltion with thOkjiiiiUltudo of low
test , short woiRht alum or nfiospiiMO powilO'-s.
Boldoniy In onus. HOVAI. RAKINQ I'OWDEU Co
468Wnlist. . Now York.
* CD
* .
(3 (
r *
CQ c
K -
v. *
)3lli ) SI , Cor. Capitol Avenue.
Chronic fit Surgical Diseases.
pn. moMEr
KTctccn yi'urs' Uosjiltal mid J'rlvnte 1'raiUco
IViilmro tlie facilltlri ) , uppiratm niul rcmedlri
for the micccihful treatment of every form of die-
ca e rcqiilrlni ; cither medical nrmrRlciil trfatmi nl ,
and liivltoaHtocomeauJ InvubUguWfortbcnuclrci
nr corrcepuud xvllU in. I.OIIK efperlcnco In treat
liii ; raeevby letter cuablus 111 lo trtat uiiuy cnkci
icluntltlcaily without neeliu ; them.
WJtlTU FOU CinCUI.AH on Dcformltlei nnd
Brarcc , Club Feet , Curvaturea of the tjplnu
DiBRitcii or WOMKV. I'iU-s , . Tcraord , Cancels ,
Cntarrb , Dronchltlf , Inliilatloo. Electricity , I'drnl-
ytln , Kpllepey , Klilnty , j : , 3'jir , HUln , niood and
all Biirelcal operations.
llutlorlcH. Inhalers , Itraci-H , Tru ci , and
nil kind * of Medical and Surgical Appliances , man-
ufacturi'd and for ale
The only reliable Medical IniUtute making
Private , Special Nervous Diseases
. I'CIAC/rV.
from ubatoviTcatifc produced. ucco8ifiilly treatfd.
Wo can remove fiyplillltio polton from Iho Bjtteni
without mercur
nddrc < plainly wrltttin enclo > stamp , uud \ \ < s
Mill aend you. In plain wrapper , nur
tiroN I'mvATH , ANII Ntmofi Pionnm ,
tirtiiNAi. WiiKNtei , BrinMATOiiKiiiKi , IUPOTBN-
HrniorvRK , AKB . vitettx * or TUB QESITO ,
UKIHAUT Onuitii , or tend lililory of your case fc
au opinion ,
rcrioni unable tUU in may be treated at their ,
homes , by correspondence. Medicine * nnd Initru
rncut * acut by mall or eii.reis S ECU It ELY PACK-
KD FUOM marlntoludlcalfl
conknti or render , One personal Interview pre
ferred If convenient. Fifty roomi for tlie accom
modation of patlcnti. Board and attendance at
Tcatouable pilccaAddrru all Ixitters to
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute ,
Cor. 13th St. and Cultol Avo. OMAHA. MEB.
' "
' * ! ti
Of good qualities and low prices recently introduced by the
KA CLOTHING- , , is what forces every one who examines their
to buy of them. Every hour in the day brings to them many new custo |
mers , strongly recommended by those who have had dealings with |
them , and are astonished at the very Low Prices and the unequalled ! ,
bargains offered. In addition to the specialties mentioned last week , '
we have placed on our counters 100 dozen heavy all wool scarlet shirts
and drawers , at 50c each ; worth double the money. Gome all , and- "
get the greatest value for your money , and those with limited means ,
remember the only place where you. can buy mens' all wool suits fpi\v
$6 ; mens' strictly all worsted suits for $7 ; childrens' all wool Nor
folk suits , from5 to 12 years , at $2.95 , and goods at ONE PRICE ONLY ,
is at
Cor. Douglas and 14th. sts. , Omaha ,
Oa Wheat , Corn , tints , I'ork , I.iml nail II. It.
Ptockp , for I.OIIR ; niul Short Tinip. Send lorl'rlco
Clicnlnr. H. 1 * . HAIIT .V Co. . I'M WusliliiKton
St. , Chluavo , III. Itoloruncu : American Kx-
clmnuo.Naliotml Hank.
Killtccl by FUANK 1IATTON
HMil r. A. hXOWDIIN. the
lirl liK'st nnd best ihilly In thu
o < t , ! IKISCS rcKUhirly , fro-
n niiPiiIly O-pnca lf"-"c , alwn\n
8 | ) 'iio < on Mitunlay , will lie
Hontto nnyo'lilrei * In llm I'lilti'd Suites or Cminilii
iiYH ' > Tl'Mf VI ? Vlf noHtiigopripnld.
} < ft' fill '
I'Ult I ? Ot1 Ijlv L rjjvllj'i'lils mo nn * a
KIIlST-ri.ASH 1IAIIA fnrrmfE pi ? I ( 'I,1 , lW
fu'Hl 1J"llj " A * tlVlj Ml
A \VWtf ll ur.ill.ljjjioMivt TV nnlp , niniipv onlcr. or
roKl trrod li-ttcr. Address T11U CHICAGO WAIL ,
lltiSUi-uv. . Chicago , 111.
Or tin- I.KIUOIJttatilt , JTositin-ty
Cnr < > d by Administering l > r.
Unifies' < : < il < lcii Miii't-illfi.
It .an IjCKlvrn In a cup , ut ( iifTvit or Ira without
the knonleilgcif Ill's P' . > r&on lultiii - ItInubnnlulnly
harmless , nnd Mill cOuct a permanent and speedy
cure , \vlictivr ! the patient t n mudcruto crlnlcer or
tl > Miciilioltu wri-ok. It IJIIR houii { Ivaii in lliuu *
il&idi : of ciwi'8 , nnd In cvciy InHii.ceK Mfifi'l't cure
has folluwed. ll ni-vcr IhllN Tha f yMcm unce
ImpicRiinted ivlth thu Hpi'cll'c , It liccoinc" nn uttet
Impossibility ( or tliu liquor upiiotltc to exist
KUHN it CO. , Cor. * 5tli nnd Uansi.iN , niiO
IStli > < c OiiinlnK SIN. , Oinihnricb. '
. II. FUSTKU iVltU ( ? . ,
Cnnncll Itluffk , Iowa.
Callorwrlto for pamphlet rantulnlnc liundredi
r tdtlmonlal Iroin th bct wumen uud ruocicuui
nil v a. ts of Hit couDttr. _ _ . .
Prints on nppllditlnn. Bold by
tvllthu best Cnrrlitce I'.nlk'uTB und Dculeis.
Jahlii Aili'TPM. C'OO-OiN ,
The only perfect substitute for Mother's
milk. Invnlunbio Tn Cholera liifnnturn
nud Toethlnp. A pro'dlgeatcd food for Dyg <
peptics , Consumptives , Convalescents.
Perfect nutrient In oil Wasting Dlsensoa.
Requlrau jyi cookluit. Our Uook. The Cars
nnd Fooolnc ol Infants , mailed I'rou.
Nebraska National Bank
Paid up Capital . $250,000
Burplvib . 3O,000
II. W. Yntofl , Proslilcnl.
A. U , Toii/.iilin , vriio I'rosltlrnt.
\V. 11. S. HiiRlios , Cashier.
\V , V. Alorso , John S. Collins ,
II. W . Yuics , Lowls S , Koud.
A. E. Tonxalin.
Cor 12th nnd Furnain Sts
A General Ihmklug Business Transacted.
N. W. HARRIS &Tco.
DAUnC ° f Counties , Cities und utlmraof
DUntlu lilKliKrudubuiiplilnnilsold. liuetcrii
oillcu ut Iiovoiigblro Bt. . Jloston. t'orresponU-
ouco fcollcltoil. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Successors to Jno , O. Jacobs ,
UN I * J3 If T A. KJEJR8
At the old staim 1107 Fttrnnm st. Orders
by telegraph so.iulted and promptly at
tended to. Telephone No , 225.
In colors , eliows till couatlus , towns , tailroti'ls.
Mulled for2Co.
Omutm City Map , now additions , etc. , 25o.
Nebraska Suite Gw/ctto , Iliibltices IJIioi-tciry
and Knrraor'B List , J5.
J , M. WOU'R * CO. ,
ISO B. Hth St , Oinitm , Nob.
" " . , < N.J. JiinrAiiv AOADKJIy
Col.O , J. WltiaiiT , II. S. , A. M. , rrinnl ! > al p
> , for I H
Ml * UIO , AW ,
Watches. Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
The largest stock. Prices the lowest. Repairing : a specialty. All work warrant
ed. Corner Douglas and loth streets. Omaha.
Display at their v/arorooms , 13O5 and ISO ? Farnam Street
no largest assortment of Pianos and Organs to be found a1
ny establishment west of Chicago. The stock embraces the
highest class and medium grades , including
Prices , quality and durability considered , are placed at the
lowest living rates for cash or time payments , while the long
established reputation of the house , coupled with their most
liberal interpretation of the guarantee on their goods , affords
the purchaser an absolute safeguard against loss by possible
Jn materials or workmanship.
1.10S & 307 STREBT
Abont trwnt'years ngo I discoyercd a little eoro on my chrek. ind tha dsctors pro-
Bounced It cancer. 1 lure Irlcd a number of pliyelclous , bat without rcc irliif : any ix-tuia-
cenlbcucflt. Araonff tLennmlxriera ono or two ipcclollsU. The mcdlclno they Biiillol |
raj like Dre to ttic tore , can ling intense p m. I taw a Untcmenlinthe iufn U-ilingwliat
fi. S. S. Imil done for others similarly afflicted. I procured eorae at once , llcforo I Lau need
the eecond bottle the neighbors couM notice tlial my cancer was healing op , ily Kcni-r l 1
licollb had been bad for two or tlirc-c years -1 had ft liacUIng roagn ana epil blood coullu-
nally. I htd a fen-ro j tn in my breast. After taklnc six bottlca of 8. R , R my couh | Irft
rue and I crew etouicr than I had btcii fortcvcral yuim. My cancer ha hctled over ( ill but
n little fKit | about tliocl/.o of a half dime , nnd It IB rspIUy dlja ] > i > i'f.rni ! ; , 1 would atlrleu
OTt-ry out UUU cancer to clva N. H. B , a fair trial.
SIM. NAIi'OV J. MiCXCUUailBT , A hc Orore , Tlj' | . tinw Co. , Ind.
Tcb. JO , 1SSO.
CnKt't Hptilfic Is entirely wgcUUc. and ttfms to euro c.-inccre by forcln ; out the impq.
Jllloa Jroiu ttio LlwJ. M'r Uj on Illood und tiklu DkM-ce uiolljil free.
'fUK tiWlil * Hl'JiOU'JO CO. , UrntTtr 3 , AtteDtn , Oa.
nooailly wornrafoiirul reliable , 'Iliej | I B been
letted In thoufiuiili of cu e § mid wo run pMltlrulf
uttBrt that In all ca c ulieru II" ) HUT , t ; > ie n. kid-
IIPJI and bowi-luiiri ! Invdlri'il , ni. ; Jldi.ii IN'II I'AUii
are at onto tbo bait , qulrkcut mid cheui > e < liiind
hey bare ninde permanent euro lu tlion iinil nl
aiua whoio uivdlcluu tun bueii u eJ nlthout nur
Ilolmmi'ft IJn-fitiMl Slonmcli I'nil , * .
AbonrliDHllliuiiurltlcii liuia tlio bluoil. . - >
InrlS'jralm ' nnd Tltiilliui lUo WHIM | y > tein. ,
IIolntiiii'8 lAvcv mid Hioiiiucli J'nil . .j
Cnriii lllllouineti , lii < JUoitlun , .IniiiiJIco , "i
DUrrlinen , > lnlnrl , Slcli Houdncht , ' 5-
Uliruniutlim , t'to. *
IIoliiinn' > > / ivoriiiKlKfoiiuifli I'ntl
Ki'juliilotf tlio Htounflli unit ItuwroU , Jtutit'uroi
tlio Apix-llt" , fiirior ! A ltnllntloii ,
" l < l"MliP Complexion , ( Ho.
" "
l'i'7cnt Ncn r'lcltiiex ' , Cliulnrn , Smulliiux ,
VelluirT | ih , T/pliold und
] lilluii Kovem.
ALL l ] IUlljl ( ) > 'rtr ) outonr Cl. lp 'it
I'rlc-c r2. !
iajyiiiiuin \ St. , y. y ,
QUO. I1UHKE , Manager ,
KKPKKKNOKU : Mcrelmnl 'nnii Tanners' Hank. D.v.'lii City , Noli. ! Ktiarney NatlrtiiM
tfaukiKearney , Neb , : ColinabiM State Hank. , itolumbin , Nob. ; McDwald's Hank , North
. W. COK. 15(11 ( A.\l > M , OMAHA. I
Property t > l ercry ilcscripliou for sale in nil parts of tlie city , l.awit * for sale iu
etory county in Kopraska.
' ' '
Of Tltlos of Doucjaa county keptMniw "I " > " ! ly bla or o { y ( or -'O' ollie '
iuformatiou dosircU , furnished free of charge Uion apjuciition. r