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aim "liscois MATTERS ,
Srerj thing Subordinate to the Great Stale
Republican Convention.
Clinlriimn Coiii-tnny IlnlfiH tlic Con
vention tvlllinti Iron llnuil
of tlic Slntn Supreme Court
licuisloiiA Filed.
IrnoMTiiB JIBE'S Mxroi.xmrnr.u'.l
Tim second ilhlrict republican
convention mot sit tlio district court menu
nt a p. in. yesterday. There wits a tf.l of
In tlio miring in srcui-inj tlu ;
Iji-Uvuen tliu Wiirreti suitl
Cliunnmn forces. Mr. 1) . (5. Conrliiay
was nominated , and Mr. W.I. . Hus
ton. This convention divided ami Mr.
Coitrtnay was uluoli'd tuinjiorury cliair-
man by two majority. The Chapman
( lulrgnlus clii'iMTil. Mr. Courtnny , on
taking tlio cliair , spoku of tlin halcyon
days to conn ; in tin- sweet 1iy-niul-by ,
wliun tlio jtultcitiry should bu robbed of
its present jiolilical phases and wire pull-
ings ! when it wouid bu shorn of nil per
sonal ambitions and bu removed from
the struggles of primaries. No applause
greeted tlie s | > eukcr. Mr. Toft of Cass ,
Mr. I'ninu of Lancaster , and Mr.
MeKco of Otoe , passed upon
Mie credentials , and Mr. Jl ( " . . Ititchio , of
Cass , was cleeted temporary secretary.
When this committee on credentials re
ported Chairman t'ourtnny had Ins oppor
tunity to get back at tlio Lancaster men
that applied the gag rule to him in tlic
county convention , and njrht merrily ho
used it. lie held the convention ilinyu
nfter the tactics of Cheeney , and while
Olive and Cass looked ama/.ed , Lancas
ter delegates understood and submitted ,
i'helps Paine and M. A , llarligan were
appointed tellers. The informal ballot
resulted : Chapman , SI ; Warren , IS ;
llayward , 13 ; Stuvenson , 1 ; Kawson , 1.
Tin1 convention then proceeded to the
formal ballot , resulting : Chapman , M ;
Warren , 15) ; llayward , ! ) ; Stevenson , 1.
Total vote , -17. Chapman 'a nomination
wasniiulo unanimous.
The central committee was made up of
two from each county selected by the
counties , as follows : Cass county K. II.
Wooley and M. I ) . I'olk ; Otoo county
F. T. Hansom and W. T. Wilson ; Lan
caster county W. . ) . Houston and II. II.
suritKMi : rotiKT UOINOS.
Court met Tuesday pursuant to ad
journment. Mr. W. S. Cliristry was ad
mitted to practice.
State , ex rel Thomas vs McCutcheii.
Peremptory writ allowed. Whiteley vs
Davis. Leave to supply final judgment.
Ingram vs State. Continued.
The following causes were , argued and
mibmittcd : PiattsmouUi vs Mitchell ,
Herman vs Harhydt , Uielianlsim vsl'ratt ,
Alexander vs Irwin , State ox rel Wood vs
Hill , on motion to stay proceedings.
Court adjourned to meet Thursday ,
September 130. 1880 , at 8:5)0 : ) a. in.
DECISIONS i'ii.ii > .
Dullis vs , Drake. Krror 1'ioiu Richardson
comity. Aturmcd. Ojilnion by Cobb , J.
1. The evidence examined and held to
sustain the verdict.
a. Where it is alleged that an attorney
in thu argument of a cause on trial to a
n jury made misstatements of the ev
idence , and went outside of tlio record in
tils statements of lliu facts proved on the
urial , the attention of tlio court should be
called to the language and conduct ol
th attorney by the proper objection , and
A rilling bad thereon by the court. If the
jbjoetion is overruled and an exception
. nKun , the question may bo reviewed in
ihe supreme court , upon the language ,
objection , ruling and exception being
am do a part of the record by tlio propel
bill of exceptions , but not otherwise ,
Uradshaw vs. The State , 17 Neb. , M7.
5) ) . The case of the Cleveland 1'apci
company vs. DanKs , 15 Neb. , S.'U , exam
ined ami distinguished.
Buchanan v. OriK s. Appeal from Gage
county. Ik-creo lor phdntllT. Opinion b }
ICeesc , J.
1. A court of equity having pbtaincti
jurisdiction of a cause , will retain it foi
nil purposes and render such decree af
will protect the rights of the parties be >
fore it , and thus avoid unnecessary litiga
a.Vhoro a decree has been improper ! }
obtained and a party defendant has beer
deprived of his defense by the conduct oi
the successful party , who had no canst
for action mid whoso rights had been sul- -
versuly adjudicated in another suit , lit
will bu enjoined from enforcing such do
Jlivssctl v. Cuitls. Appeal from Jolmsoi
county. Itevoreedami remanded. Opinion
by KeeSiS. J.
1. An answer consisting of n genera
denial of each and every allegation in
the petition ; places in issue all thu allc
gallons contained therein. Donovan v
Fowler , 17 JMo. , 217.
2. In an action to foreclose a median
io's Hen on real estate for material furn
Sslied in the construction of n buildin ;
thereon , an answer consisting of a general
oral denial of the allegations of tlio sah
of the material for tlio purpose alleged
and of the ownership of the rea
estate upon which the lion is sought t <
bo established ; and the bunion of proo
is upon thi ) plaintin" to prove all fact
necessary to the existence of such lion ,
llurst v. Hntiillng. Appeal from Johnson
county.- . Reversed and dismissed. Upin
Ion by Maxwell , Oh. J ,
1. Whore proceedings in partition wen
instituted by an iittornuy in this state win
received his authority from another at
torney residing in another Plato , win
claimed to have boon employe !
by t'.io ' plaint } ! ! ' , but which author
Ity slu ) denied , Held , there bong
\ng \ no proof of knowledge of tin
pondenoy of thu proceedings on the par
af thi ) plaint ! ! ! ' , or proof of thu authorit ;
' , o bring thu action , a sale under the par
' , ition would be set aside ,
8. In this state a widow is cmlUlod ti
dower , or the use during lior natural llfi
of one-third part of all the lands wliurcu
her husband was soi/.ed of an estate of in
hurltanco at any limit durinir thu mai
ringo , unless she is lawfully banci
thereof , A mere dower interest is no
sullioient to authori/.o thu person untltlei
thereto to institute a suit in partition am
cause the estate of thu heirs to bo sold.
Wagner v. Rvors. Krror from Cas
county. Reversed and remanded
Oninion by Maxwell , Ch. .1 ,
Where in an action of replevin buforo
justice of thu peace , the defendant lilei
an atlldavit for a change of venue , bu
fulled to pay the costs which hud accrue' '
prior to tlio application tor a change
whereupon it was denied and a trial Im <
and judgment rendered from which h
appealed , Hold , that an appeal would Ik
Cleghorn v , Waterman , 10 Nub. , 2'.M.
State , ox rel. Osgoud , vs Kinzor , niv
State , ox rel. Liohty vs Mussulman
Quo warranto and mandamus. Hit
missed. Opinion by Maxwell , Ch. .1.
1. The question of adopting townshii
organization was submitted to thu legi :
voter ? of H. county at lliu general eleo
tlon in IBS : ) , and was adopted by a mi ;
jority of the local Voters of bald count
voting at said alcetlon , but no organl/.a
tion of the board of supervisors has yc
taken place. Hold , that township 01
gani/.ulion is in force in H. county , to b
completed upon the organisation of Hi
board of supervisors as provided b
2 , An election to discontinue townshi
organization , unless authorized by Klnlul
is of no avail , unit votes cast thereat ar
8 In a county wldeh lias adopted town
nip organization the board of count ,
continue to net until the
board of supervisors hare met and or
Cheney vs.Tanssen. Appeal from John
son county ; reversed and decree. Opin
ion by Maxwell , CH. J.
1. Where usury is pleaded as n defense ,
mid tlio testimony before the eourtis that
the plaintiff purchased the negotiable
lotos in question before maturity lor nn
ndeiiuatc valuable eon idcration , ami will take
such notes free from the dcfen = u of
'J.Vliore an aelion i * brought agnm t
i mortgagee to cancel pertain proiuifiiry
lotes ami a mortgage to secure thu same
upon real estate , and a decree is obtained
against such mortgagee , a bona lide
ureliaset before maturity of such notes
without nolite , who was the owner of the
taint1 when the action was brought , and
was not made a party to the action , uill
ml be atl'ected by the decree.
! ) . An action to foreclose n mortgage
may be brought at any time within ten
years from the time the caii'-e of aelion
accrues , and in snc-li action the notes
onlinue as evidence of the debt and may
jo set out in the petition to foreclose
mill thu action of fun-closure Is barred ,
.ticluirdson vs Woodruu" . Appeal from
Johnson county. AHirmcil. Opinion
by Maxwell , Ch. J.
1. Where n non-ncgotinble bond so-
eiueil by mortgage to which certain
coupons payable to the bearer for interest
were attached , was transferred for value
aefore due and without notice to tlio
nilder , who brought an action of fore
closure on said in trumenls ; held , that : i
mlder took subject to the defenses be-
wi'on the original parties.
Itrldces iV White v. Hiilwcll. Anneal from
iliilinsun einiuty. Alllnned. Oi'lnion by
.Maxwell. I'll. .1.
1. Where ii fnther had certain real es
tate conveyed to his minor son without
consideration , and received a note se
cured by mortgage on said real estate
from said son. which mortgage ho after
ward assigned as collaterarsecurity for a
debt , the bon as against creditors is a
mere trustee of siich properly ami cannot
plead his minority to defeat the mort
gage .
! . ' . An agent who purchased property
without di-iiilosing the name of his prin
cipal is personally liable.
It. Where a mortgage upon certain real
eftato was duly evecuted ami recorded ,
pud afterwards assigned but the assign
ment not received , a subsequent deed by
thu mortgagor and mortgagee- will not
discharge tint mortgage in the hands of a
bona tide holder , the mortgage remaining
on record unsatisfied.
4. Held , that the proof fails to show
duress , or that the real estate was uur-
cliaaud with the money of the wife.
List of Kntrlos I'l-osraninic
of Attractions.
SiwAiti ) , Xeb. , Sept. 28. [ Correspondence -
enco of The HKI : . ] The Seward county
lair commences to-morrow , September
29 , lasting until Saturday October 2.
Kvery thing goes to show thatil will be a
grand success. The grounds are now
the property of the society , clear of all
ineumberance , and under a now manage
ment. A line lloral hall has been built ,
80x5)0 ) , which will be a credit to any so
ciety. The management has just com
pleted an new anithithealro , also 200 cat
tle and horse stalls the same style as those
on the state fair grounds. There is on
the grounds one of tlio best half mile
tracks , which is in excellent condition
for the races. The secretary informs your
correspondent that the demand for space
in the lloral hall is far in excess of any
year in lliu history of tlio society. Over
ICO stalls are already engaged for stock.
T'hcro will bo numerous attractions of
fered in way of racing , etc. lion Robert
W. Pumas , of the state board , will deliv
er an address on the grounds , Saturdav
October 2 , at 11 a. in. The fol
lowing program lias been made out ,
Wednesday , general preparation day ,
Thursday , green trotting race for horses
owned in the county and a running race
one-half milo heats. Friday , green run
ning race for horses owned in the county :
bicycle race , one-half mile ,
for residents of the county
a trolling race , Ilireo minute class , anil
novelty race one-half mile. Saturday ,
grand exhibition of slock at 10-0 ; ! a. in.
free-for-all trotting race , bicycle raci
ono milo , lunning race mile heats ,
How Grant Ijearncrt Strategy.
Eh Perkins , in Washi ngton Post
Once while talking with General drant ,
1 asked him how he got his strategic
" 1 got it on a farm when I was a boy,1' '
said the general. "I learned it when 1
was drivintr oxen , feeding calves anil
breaking horses. Ono day , when f wa
on tiio old farm in Ohio , my lather taughl
mo a valuable lesson in strategy. "
"How ? " I asked.
"Well , father took me into the stabli
ono Jay , where a row of cattle stood in
their unclcaned stalls.11
"Said ho : 'Ulysses , the stable window
is pretly high for a boy , but do you thinl
you could take this shovel and clean oni
the .stable1
" ' 1 don't know , father.'says 1 ; 'I nevei
have done it.1
" 'Well , my boy , if you will do it thit
morning I'll give you Ihis bright silvei
dollar , ' said my father , palling mo or
my bund , while ho held lliu silver dollai
before my eyes.
" 'Good , ' says I ; 'I'll ' Iry , ' and then 1
went to work. I tugged and pulled ant !
lifted and pulled , and finally it Nvasdono
and father gave mo the bright silver tlol
lar , saying :
" 'That's right , Ulysses , yon did ii
splendidly , and now 1 find you can do i
no nicely 'I shall have you tlo it overj
morning all winter.1"
of a Spry ISuhy.
A woman came Into town , says the Bos-
Ion Record , the other day , from ono o
the near suburbs trundling her baby , i
year and n half old , in a baby carriage
and looking into the shop windows ai
she went along. There was a milllner'i
window that was particuhuy resplondon
and the suburban mother blood lookin <
at thu bonnets for a long time. Then slu
.started on ho way across Iho slree
trundling the carriage beforu her. Oi
Iho other corner a grocery man , who stooi
in front of his storu with a puck moasun
in his hand , said to her :
"Ain't you dropped boniothing
ma'am ? "
"Why no , I EUOSS not. " she replied
"What makes you askj"
"Nothing , only you seamed to be shov
ing that baby curringu kind o' uarefu
iike , us if there was something in it , am
thuro ain't narry n.iby there1
"Oh , mercyl" screamed the mother
She looked into the carriage and it wa
empty , Thuro was no tolling how sooi
sliu would have fainted if she had no
heard a faint cry from the other side o
the street. Her oflspring had nnuisci
himself , while she was looking at tin
bonnets , byjollmbingdownout of the carriage
riago and moving on to the next store ,
Searching ; for Ilio HufTuln.
Foirr IvEuoif , Montana , Sept. 20. W
L , llurnada and W H , Drown , the Smith
simian bulTalo-hunters scni out by tin
National museum nt Washington , lef
hero yesterday for the lilg Dry and MILS
eel-Shell country , wheru they will re
main until December. They were littei
out with teams , provisions and a military
escort from tins point , in addition t <
which a party of oxneriunced man no
companied them from Mllus City. Tin
only b n Halo loft In the whole northwcs
are now roaming-just whore this party i :
going. Four years ago there were mori
than 200,000 head grazing in the Mussel
Shell valluy. To-day thi-ro are less thai
200 head in the same district.
The Cost of Poor Iloniln.
A number of experiences made by
'rof. J. W. Sanborn , of the Missouri Ag
ricultural college show that on a moist
dirt road a force equal to1ST pounds was
iceessary to move a load of ,1,005 pound * ,
ir 67 per cent more than was needed to
novc the same load on n gravel road
uiving a grade of one foot In twenty-
eight. On n level gravel road the force
needed was only one-fourth as much as
on Iho dirt , and on a plank Moor but one-
seventh ns much power was required as
was needed in moving I he load over ( lie
lirt road. This made no allowance for
energy waited by the her o in pulling
his feet from the mud and In lifting them
over the liltle elevations always beforu
them on n muddy road. The < e fact. ; sug
gest n few calculations that may not bu
nlirely without interest to those who
liave to haul loads in town or in country.
Supposing that the highways on each
alternate section line bo well made of
gravel or other equally srood material at
a eo t of , cay , ? 2OPO per mile , and that
lhi- cost be equally divided between the
.ecliona u'ljoniinsr the improved high
ways , the annual interest to be paid by
each section of land at I ! per cent , will bu
$121 , or ll.f ) > cents per acre per year. Can
farmers all'ord to nay this las for the saku
oi having well-graded , hard , smooth
roads every day in Iho year from their
doors to tlio market town ? How many
loads , must each haul to save enough in
tin ) tinii ! and wear of men , hoiv-es , har
ness and wagons to equal Iho interest ,
assuming that a fair day's work should
average lifleen miles of hauling , and bo
worth $ : ) per load , of whatever weight
could bo safely hauled over dirt roads.
According to the eonclu.-ions reached
through the experiments mentioned ,
forty-two loads on the dirt road , twenty-
.sevenloads on a well-graveled road hav
ing an incline of one foot in twenty-
eight , and ten a half loads on n level ,
well-graveled road would equal the inter
est , on the above basis of sf ! ) per day. If
wagons strong enough to bear tliu bur
den were u > ud , the number of loads on
smooth and level macadam might bo re
duced to six. The pay would practically
be , for hailing loads over thu several
kinds of roads , equal to ! ? ! ! on dirt ,
$1.07 on inclined graveled , and $12 on
leveled { Traveled roads respectively , per
load , while on level smooth macadam it
would bo equal to ! ? il ! per load.
These fiuures arc all bated upon a com
parison between tlio forces necessary to
move a specilied weight over a dirt road
only slightly moist and those required
for moving the same weight over lliu
olhor descriptions of roads The advan
tages of the improved over the dirt roads
would not fully appear until wet weather
of spring or a mild winter should come
to make channels of deep mud of the
highways through districts where the
so'il is rich like that of the fertile bottom
lands or the unctuous prairies of Illinois.
At such times work with teams becomes
extremely dillicult , if not quite impossi
ble , so far as the roads are concerned ;
and in the Holds no hauling should bu
done for reasons that will appear to any
good farmer. In such sca.-ons horses
and men lie idle , thus wasting time and
food that , with better highways , might
bo inado of those days wlien work wilh
icnms could not be done in lields with
out cutting up their surface and over
working the horses.
Selecting the IJrecrt or Swim- .
A writer in the Knral York Yorker
says : There is no butter timu than dur
ing the summer growth of swine , or dur
ing annual fairs , for tlio intended begin
ner to select n breed to adhere to. Jt
may not bo to his interest to grow
very large swine ; but it certainly is to
every man's interest , not only to select a
broud , bill the specimens of a breed that
will grow to a fair marketable size at an
early age. The color , as in cattle , is
mainly a matter of fancy , for , while it
may not be denied that some swine are
liable to ailments of Hie skin , that do not
commonly iiH'e.ct others having lliu hair
and outer coating of tlio skin differently
colored , yet the color cuts no liguro in
li.xing the fattening tendency or in deter
mining the quality of the llesli. 15y ex
amining dillerent herds of breeding
swine , and the off-shoots of those that are
being fed for markets , the latter on some
farms being made up of the leavings
such as did not meet the demands for
breeding purposes as these are upon
grass , depending mainly upon this for
suslenance , ono can make a better esti
mate of the value of a given herd , as
"self-tenders , " than where they are kept
up in close quarters and fed on rich food
prepared from grains , oil cake meal , etc.
Then again , it is an aid i/f no mean im
portance in making selections , to bo able
to look over a lot of brood sows having
their litters with them , as in this way wo
are enabled to see what Iho tendencies
are in breeding ; that is , whether they are
inclined to breed good litters ns lo num
bers , and good also in Iho mailers of
growth , form , and tendency to fatten
promptly. If ono will keep an eye open
lor pointers that will aid him , he will get
these by observing a not unusual sight-
namely , that a po'rtion of the sows so line
looking themselves lire- followed by ono
or two good pigs , another not so good ,
and a puny runt. Those are some of Iho
advantages secured by visiting herds in
the summer as one can then most easily
trace family characteristics , in thu mat
ter of prolilicness. not only of thu older
sows , but of the oll'shoots of those that
have been nut to breeding. There Is a
natural tendency to variation in all kinds
of domestic animals , and swine stock
coming into breeding so early mid ma
turing so rapidly , it is unreasonable to
expect striking variations. Hence , if we
can find within n given herdn family line
more uniform in important features than
other family lines in the collection , reas
onably prohlio as breeders , good growers
and shapely in form , these arc Hut fam
ilies out of which wo should select , get
ting our male from a dillerent , and if
necessary , a distant herd.
How to I'riinc.
Fruit Recorder : Wo look upon tiio
roots as thu parts that nourish , but tliu
roots are the months through which food
is taken. It is moro correct to say that
the stomach nourishes rather than thu
mouth , and the leaves of the tree rather
than the roots. Hy severely culling back
heads of Irces 1 can almost suspend
growth. Thus wo often leave branches
that 1 know must come oil' next season ,
simply to induce growth of the part that
is to remain pormnnontlv. Some people
seek to urge the growth of scions in newly
Drafted trues by removing nil lartro limbs.
1'hoy should remember Unit they thus re
move that which induces growth , and
after such severe slaughter many of Iho
fibrous roots will bu loiuid dead ; for if
they have no work to perform they bo-
oonio feeble and short lived. Wo must
distinguish thu dillbrencu between trees
and vines , If we wish the era pa lo grow
vigorously wo cut it buck closely , for its
loaves nrn very largo , and it has the fac
ulty of covering a trellis with only a few
buds. Thus wo cut feeble growing vines
bnok more closely than stronir growing ,
for bv close cmting we get more foliage
than by leaving ouncs long. Therefore ,
in pruning trues thodniigcr lies in cutting
too much , and with vines in not cutting
away enough , if you wish the tree lc
spread , cut to an outside bud ; if to run
higher or closer , to an upper or inside
bud. Leave no crotches , as > they are cer
tain to-break when laden. Cut clt > so tu
the .shoulder , but do not cut the .shoulder ,
Humember that ho who does not trim ai
nil gets the most irrowth of tree , yet he
who trims often and wisely has tlio best
orchard and fattest pocketbook ,
IllnU and Huucctitions.
If a pure mule is bred to mixed femaJet
Iho issue is toward the type of the pure
breed so long aji such male Is used.
I-Atm feeding should not consist so
much in increasing tlio quantity as in
bettering the quality of the food , if such
a thing can T5u < Tonu.
Give the slleeh a me s of ground onls
every evening from now unt'l ' the lamb
ing period.As soon as grass fails give
them all the hay they can eat.
Throughout the entire year turkey *
are salable Lin les er quantities for tlio
city hotels 'and ' restaurants chielly , and
they average'well the year through.
Make cuttings of currants and goose
berries now : si4 inches long will answer.
Mellow the ) soil , insert them vertically ,
and press the soil tirnilv about them.
One of the grcate.-t drawbacks that
new beginners in poultry raising have is
the de < .Fro to crowd fifty fowls into thu
space that half that number should oc
Keep all the suckers that start from
the roots of trees rcmmed. Thev not
only make the tree unsightly , but will in
jure Its growth. Itctuovo them early and
A .sunflower only three anil n half feet
high , with BUIU .square inches o\po > cd to
the air , gives oil' every twelve hours
twenty to thirty ounces avoirdupois in
Only a knowledge of bees , faithful at
tention to tlio apiary , and a thorough
and timely preparation for the honey
flow , swarming and wintering will make
a successful beekeeper.
Don't begin feeding corn to the pigs
too soon. Grass , milk , roots and refuse
vegetables will bo better until cold
weather approaches. Warm quarters
will greatly reduce the expense of fyud-
inir during tlio winter.
Whenever fowls can run nt largo with
out detriment to the garden , they should
be allowed to do so by all means. N'ine-
leuths of the trouble and tlisease.s among
poultry as the result of keeping fowls lee
Save the corn fodder before it is in
jured by frost. When cut before frost it
is green and nutritious , full of starch and
sugar. Frost lends lo change these to
woody fibre. This portion of tlio corn
crop is often equal lo Ihc grain.
Plow Iho heavy land , and leave it in
rough condition , so that the frost can
ponotralo and render it line. There is
no belter agency for pulverizing lough
soils than frost. II will also at the same
time destroy the cut-worm.
if your hogs begin to cough , look out
for malltrnant lung troubles. If they
.mope and lie about their beds , intestinal
dilheuliies may bo suspected. Plenty of
pure air , pure water and varied food will
scare away malignant diseases.
Irregularity in the amount of food
given the cow will eau e her sometimes
to gradually dry up. So will worrying ,
fast driving or'exeilunicnt of any kind.
An animal giving milk is very sensitive
to bad treatment or surrounding influ
Mutter takes nothing from the soil that
nlleots its forlHi/.ntion as do crops of
nerenls. It t is i almost wholly carbon ,
which is derived ] by the plant's from the
air. ljullcr. though .sometimes high in
price , is really produced from lliu cheap
est clement known.
Farmers who have kept a strict account
with their stock May that a pound of poul
try can bo maduifor less than n pound of
pork , yet tle ; laboring man who has to
buy both fepls that he cannot atford to
buy poultry very often , as it costs more
thanother moats.
It pays to burn the garden over after
the grass. wecdM , etc. , are fully dried.
By so doing mai\y seeds will bo destroyed
and a clean appearance will be given.
Fire will putfovm n great iervieu against
tlio weeds if freely used in the fall , and
will save labor in the , spring.
When a tree isJ to be transplanted never
leayu more than are wanted for
mains , four or live at most ; never grow a
mass of unnecessary limbs to be crowd-
inir , which iniisf bu cut out afterward ,
much to the injury of the true ; remove
them from the head at first.
Good tillage is the strongest weapon
wilh which the farmer nan lighl hard
times and gam success. Imperfect cul
ture , on the other hand , will scarcely
enable him to gain a living from the
richest soil , anil the soil will deteriorate
rapidly in quality from such treatment
Corn-stalks have much less sweetness
jn them before they blossom or tas el , as
it is usually called. Analysis shows this ,
and a cow given her tdioict of the two
confirms thu verdict of chemical science.
The stalks improve until tlio ears are
fully formed and begin to harden.
It , will surprise old poultry-growers to
learn that the common hawk is regarded
ns a. valuable bird. He destroys 1UO field
nijco to every chicken , and if there bo a
fair amount of shrubbery around the hun-
yard very few chickens will bo lost from
his depredations.
No Dartieular variety of fruit wi'l ' suit
all sections. Choice is a local question ,
varying on caeli side of a creek , between
two .seasons , or two dillerent and equally
correct methods of treatment. Hence
choice can only be made of these varieties
thai have been tried and tested.
When wheat is sown on very dry soil
thu condition may bu greatly improved
by thoroughly harrowing the field , which
will bring the seed in close contact with
earth reduced to thu finest tilth , lilted to
receive and condense nlmosphoric vapor
until Iho requisite moisture for gemina
tion is obtained.
It has been repeatedly shown that the
amount of butler that can be obtained
from milk by any of the ordinary pro
cesses is no guide to the amount offal
Unit may bo in milk. Hence to assume
that n poor butter cow may not be a jrood
choose cow , or that she necessarily gives
poor milk , is n jrross error.
Hoth red and black raspberries arc in
clined lo grow too ninny canes , nnd will
bear butter if part aru removed. The
side shoots of red raspberries may bo
used for new plantations , but with the
Hlack Caps now plains are better derived
from roots which form the tips Inserted
in tlio grass grown the previous season.
Save Iho best tomatoes for sued , says
thu Rural Ne > V Yorker , no matter
whether they aro'thn earliest or latest , so
thai they are varieties suitably early for
your soil and' climate. Wo cannot com
pete with the south for earllnc-ss , hence
wo should givo'gruatur consideration to
solidity , smoothness , quality and produc
tiveness. " ;
Trampled , bruised and sufl'ering from
thirst , moat qf the , poultry that comes lo
market is wholly , unfit to nso directly
from the coop. While it is not practi
cable lo send 'chickens to market in
palace pars , it isMos.siblo ) to ship thorn
with some regard the comfort of Iho
fowls and for the stomachs of those who
pay for nnd who nro to eat them.
A writer in tire Kansas Fanner says
there is a vtryj ) simple remedy for the
tapeworm ill' ' sncop. Take squash or
pumpkin seeds , crush them , and boil
lliem In sulHciunt water to mnkn n strong
ten. Give each lamb two or three ton-
spoonfuls in n cup of water , if preferred ,
tlio seeds may bo crushed and mixed with
ground grain , allowing n handful to filly
lambs ,
Tlio following is said to bo a cheap ,
simple and uthcionl way lo cure sore
backs and old sores of any kind on horses ;
Take while oak bark , peel Iho ross or
outside off , add water nnd boil it down
till it is as thick as black ink. When cool ,
add lo a gallon of the bark extract two
ounces of alum. Wash the affected part
two or three times a day until cured.
A ditfurcncu of four quarts of milk per
day at the low price of 3 cents a quart
makes for 03 days $21 , which is thu in
toroH on $400 for n year. This does nol
represent thu en tire difference in value ,
as the progeny of superior milkers will
bo worth many time * ns much to raise as
will the progeny of Iho inferior animal.
.Vo farmer is rich enough to keep poor
Nearly nil the fruit growers make the
mistaki ! of settlngout a grealer number
of kinds thnn can be marketed with
profit. For ; i family supply a number of
varieties are admissible , though , even
then , nearly the entire supply will bo
procured for a few favorite trees. For
market , at present , good size and showy
appearance are more important than
quality , so that if n fruit be fairly good
there is no paying demand for the very
Alwav fatten n fowl ns quickly ns pos
sible. Ten days is lone enough' got a
lowl fat , and it should bo confined either
in n coop or n number in n small yard.
( Jive plenty of fresh wnler nnd feed four
limes a day , beginning early and giving
the last meal late. A mixture of corn
meal three parts , ground oats one part ,
shorts one part , scalded , is the best for
the lirst three meals , with all the corn and
wheat ( hat can be eaten up clean nt night.
A French journal gives the following
method of preserving grapesas described
by the inventor of the proce-s : AI. thu
end of October cut the bunches with a
portion of wood attached , 1 trim the
base of this last lo n point , and stick it
into n potato. Afterward 1 spread the
grapes upon straw or very dry hay , nnd
as much as possible , so that they do not
touch each other. Thus prepared thusu
grapes keep quitu as well as it the stems
were placed in bottles of water.
Kiindamental ItomlMii-ilnicnt.
To the Editor of the ) : : : In last
week's HIK : is a statement ot llio live
stool ; of Iowa for 1880. It gives the cat
tle ns 2,500,000 Itead , swine
2,200,000 ; slice ) ) , I)9,000. ! ) This does
not vary much from that for
1885 save in respect to some which were
two million more. Now these statements
have no meaning to most readers un-
hi. s compared with these for some years
In 1800 Iowa had almost ns many slice ) )
as she has to-day , much more If popu
lation bo considered. And in IHTOshe
had more than twice as many. In 1SSO
she had almost -1,000,000 more swine !
She had ID.'i.OOO more cattle and
about as many hor. es and mules
and 150,000 more sheep.
Now , there is not n moro flourishing
state in the northwest than Iowa. Dear
in mind that all the surplus wealth of
our northwest ultimatus mlo live slock.
To show what short views are taken a
friend suggests Hint "this decline is ow
ing to Iowa peoplu going into the dairy
business. " What becomes of their
butter ! " ' "sold for money. " "What of
the money1' "mo.'o cows bought.11
Another , says , "hog cholera. Two
yeats ago he lost nine tenths of his hogs
thus.1 "How many have you now1 I
asked. More than twice as many ? 1
look for hogs to risu.
Missouri is in thu same condition as
Iowa , and so are all western states ex
cept your now growing ones , Perhaps
your old counties may exhibit tliu same.
This depression ot agriculture reacts
fatally on eastern manufacturers. Their
surplus must bo comsumod by the mil
lions west ot Hie Mississippi nnd south of
tliu thiily-ninlh parallel of latitude , in it
must perish unprolitably to producers ,
for neither of tnein have the markets of
the world , until prices get so very low
Hint empty ships can eomo hero to pur
chase direct. And so wo must decline
until all surplus is consumed by man or
time. Then wo spring up and prices go
away up. Yes , up so high that railway
profits leave a good margin for our west-
urn and southern producers. And it is
astonishing if ono will compare freights
for past years , to &eo how they vary.
There is nothing like studving these fig
ures , dull ns it is. Wo all know what , a
mortgage-oaten farmer is. Year by year
ho went down , on the average , though
some years ho went up n litlle. What is
the difference in effect , whether it bo
mortgage or tax , or freight charges mov
ing up or down as thu thing carried will
bear ? Is not the Jast the worst. Imagine
n rent or interest thus movable. 15y
heavens ! when men talk to inn of other
causes for this unsettlement of all the' '
upper stories of business , while this bom
bardment of the one sole foundation that
nil rest on is continued , I am ama/.ed at
their blindness. Hoi/r.
One of the first symptoms of ntlornngo-
incut of the digestive organs is constipa
tion , nnd should bo promptly attended
lo or inflammation of the bowels may
follow. Ur. J. H. McLean's Kidney and
Liver Pillets will promptly euro and are
agreeable to take. 25 cents pur vial.
Vessels soon to bo added to the British
war fleet include n Nile , n Trafalgar , a
Sans Pnroil , a Konown , an Edinburgh , n
Hero , -i Donbow , n Campordown , an An-
hon , n Howe , an Undaunted , an Inunor-
talitc , an Orlando and n Narcissus. One
armored cruiser of 0,000 tons is to bo
christened the Australia.
An Iowa man bought a tree claim in
Kansas , and supposing from the name
that his property was covered with old
trees and stumps , ho look n stump puller
along when ho to see his purchase.
Discovering his mistake , lie sent back
homo for some willow sprouts to plant on
his claim.
Why Is It
That the sale of Hood's S-irsaparilla
continues at n rapidly increasing rntoy
It is ,
1st. Because of the positive curative
value of Hood's Sarsnpnrilln itself.
! M ; DccaiiFo of the conclusive evidence
of remarkable cures ntfecled by il , un-
.surpassed nnd Fohlom equalled by any
other medicine , Send lo C. 1. Hood &
Co. , Lowell , Mass. . for book containing
ninny statements of cures.
Nine-year-old Tommy McCloud was
caught sloaling in the Chesapeake it
Ohio freight depot nt Louisville and
soundly spanked. In revenge ho stole n
switch key , waited for a passenger train ,
nnd then turned the switch. If'tlio oniri-
neer hadn't seen the danger in time the
train would undoubtedly have gone oil'
the embankment.
lien ton's Jliiir lirower
All who nro liALl ) . nil who are becoming
BALD , all who do not want to bo bald , all
who nro troubled with DAXUUUKK , or
HUHING of the scalp ; should use Itiinton's
Hair Grower. Kioirrv I'EH CUNT of those
using It have prown Imir , It never falls to
stop the littlr from tailing. Through sickness
nnd fevers the hair sometimes tails elf in a
short time , and although the person may
have remained bald for years , if you IHO Hen- '
ton's Hair ( Jrower according to directions
you nro huro of n growth of hair. In hun
dreds of eases wo have produced a nond
Krowth of Hair on these who Imvo been kilil
and Klnzcd for years we have ailly ( substan
tiated the following facts ;
We Brow Hair In 80 cases out of 100 , no
nuitter how liiiiKbald.
Unlike other preparations , It contains no
sugar of lead , or vegetable or mineral
Ills a specific for falllm ; hair , dandruff ,
nnd hulling of thu scalp.
Tlie Hair doweris n Irnir food , nnil Its
ompiisition Is almost exactly llku tliu oil
_ whleli supplies the Iwlr with Its vitality ,
When tliu skin Is vury touuh mid imrd , and
the lollleo Is apparently ellectuully closed ,
theslnxlu gtrmixth will sometimes fail to
reach tiio papilla ; In sttch cases tlm double or
triple strength should bo used In connection
with the single , usini ; them alti-rnntely.
Price , slii''lo stroiiKth , 81,0X1 ; iloublo
strength , 52.00 ; triple KtreiiKth , 83.00. If
your driii bts have not gut It wo will aonil It
prepared " receipt of prii'ex , .
Cleveland. O.
Sold by G. p. Goodman an-J K aim Jt i1 .
1Mb uud IJouKltti. lUlti mil c.iuvifili
A Henutlftil Present.
The Virgin Salt Co. , of Now Haven.
Conn. , to introduce Virgin Salt Into t'Very
family are making this grand offer A
Crazy ratehwork Hlock , onaniclcd in
twelve beautiful colors , and containing
tlio latest Fancy Stitches , on a large Lithographed -
ographod Card having n beautiful gold
mounted Ideal Portrait in the i-ontor ,
given away with every package
of Virgin Sail. Virgin Salt has no equal
for household purposes. It is the clean-
( Mt , purest and whitest Salt over scon or
u < i-d. Ki'mt'uibor thai a largo paok-.igo
co-.ts only 10 cents , with the above pres
ent. Ask your giocer for il.
A convict in the jail at Alhen * , da. ,
stripped tin1 iron lumps from his t-cli
tub , made thnn into saw blades , sawed
through an iron br.r an inch sipiarc. mak
ing n hole in the window fourteen inches
siiuare , soaped his naked body , and thus
dipped through It , nud was tlicn dctoclcd
by tlio sin-rill Ho said that lit- had to get
out his dark i-ell.
How often is the lighl of the household
clouded by signs of melancholy or irrit
ability on the part of the Indies. Vi-t they
are not to bi- blamed , for they are Hie
results of ailment * peculiar to ( lint sex ,
which men know not oil. Hut the i-nu u
may bo removed and joy restored by the
use of i > r. Tierce's "I'nvoritii 1'rt-j-orip-
lion , " " whih. . ns n tonic and nervine for
debilitated women , is certain , safe nnd
pleasant. It is beyond all compare the
great healer of women.
The story comes from White Sulphur
Springs , Va. , that at n champagne parly
n young mnrricd lady of fashion pulloil
oil'her slipper and , Illling it with cham
pagne , gave it to n youni ; lawyer in the
parly and he quailed il down.
"Cured a severe cough with Hod Star
Cough Cure. " Mr. K. W. Hoggin , San
Krancisco , Cal.
Thomas"UriHiki- Dos Monies , Iowa ,
writes to the World aecoptiny : the offer
of the sum of $1,500 "to any ono who will
slide down the exterior of the Wasliing
tou iiiouuiiu-nt wllhiiul scralchuiir It.
rropnr'tf with strict TPpvrd to Purity , StronRth.nnJ
JIp.iltlifnlncFB. Dr. 1'rk-u'nUnkingI'owdorcontains
noAminonlaLImoAluniorl > hoF < phatos.Ir.I > rlco'a
Extracts , Vanilla , Lornon , utc. , flavoidoUciously.
fff/Cf BMKS PDWPrPCa Cmcm. Kfin ST. leurffi
Hallway Time Table
Tlic following is tlio tlnio of arrival and de
parture of trains by Central Stiuuliu-d Tnnu nt
the local depots. Tiiilns of the C. , St. 1' . , M. &
O. arrive and depart from their depot , eornorot
14th and NVebstorstroota : trains on the II. & M.
a II. &Q. and 1C. C. , SU J. & P 11. from the 11.
& M. depot all others from the Union Pacific
doi > ot.
Bridge trains will leave U. 1 * . depot at 0:3i- :
n7'J."i 8:1)0 S:4fl SW 1110:00 11W n. in. : 1I1J
1 : 0 1BO : UUO : ; i:00 B4:00 : 6UU : 5 : ; iD 0:10- :
7:00 : 11:10 : p. in.
Leave Transfer for Omaha at 7:12 I13l."i--n:33 :
' .1:413 1110t"i : 10.I1711:117 n. ni.l'J7 : 2IU 2'JI :
" " ' ' - ' ' " ' - '
llKn. : iii.
Leave Hroadwny 10 nr p. m ; ArivoOnuilia
1100. Lv. Omnlm 10 00 p. in. ; Ar. Ilrondwny
10 2.V In olfi-ct August 2 th until further no
tice. This Is additional to present train service.
J. W. MOKSK , G.I' . A.
Arrival and departure of trains from the
Transfer Depot ut Council lllntfii :
H7ir : A. M. I ) 0:15 : A.M.
IIUI5A. M. II 5:110 P. i.
CliiiOr. M. 117:110 : i > . u.
Atll.r.A.M. : I A : I5A. M.
A 11:40 : iM. . I A 7:00 : 1M. .
cuiCAno , nuiu.iNo.TOX & QUINCV.
AOi5A. : : M. I A:15A. ! ) : .
l(0:40f. : M. II UU ) i > . M.
I A 7:00 : i1. M.
A 3:15 : A.M. I A OilS A. M
A 0:40 : p. M. I A 7OJ : 1M
A 10:00 A.M. i IIOKA. : M.
CB:55 : I1. M. | A0:115 : 1' . H.
A 3:00 : P.M. | A3:33f. : M.
sioux cmPACIFIC. .
A7U : iA. M. I Al:3.rA.n. !
AOS. : > p. U. I AHWl' . u.
Depart. WKSTWAHI ) . Arrive ,
I'aeillo Hxpro-(3. . . . 7.M :
10Kia : . . .Denver Kxprois ,
C:05u : Local Kxpross
II. . \ ; M. IN NI'.ll.
8:10u : . . .Mall und Kzprusa Oil3a
. 'iKJlt ! 5 JII-OSl.JOi4lll ) . . . . .
IJnpnrt. _ SOUTH\VAItD. ArrU-o :
. Day Kxpross
' '
'uiioii . . . .NlKht Kxpresx. . . . eVob'a
K. C. , ST. J. it C. 11.
0SOa ; 8:151) : . . .Vln I'lattsmoiith. . . 7OW 7:10
' JeiiarL NOItTHWAUl ) . Arrive.
A. nT I1. M. c. , ye.'i > . , Jl. & 'o.
Hloux City Kxprcis
fjl" ; > o Ouklnnil Acooiiiinotl'n
Ucpurt. KASTWAIII ) .
A. ii. I P. M. C. , II. iV Q.
. . .ViiPlnttsnioutli. : _ . .
NOTHA , ti-aintidally ; II. dully except Hun-
dny ; C , dally except Saturday ; 1) , daily uicojit
" "
9:30 : Ui.-.n.m.3iO-ai.- : : ! : : : : : - 0a"'H : : . > f , u m.
AtUntlolix. . leS. O. 7 : : a. m. ; Cliloavn Kx. ,
! e B. O. 6:07 : p.m. : Local Kx. , lo. H , O. 10:51 : a.m. ;
Mo. l' a I5x.f le. S. O. 0:17 : p. m.j 2d M. P. Ux. ,
UDUn. ; m.
Kxoopt Sunday.
Red Star
Carrying thnllulKliim lloyitt and United rttulej
Mini , siuliiirf v
Between Antwerp & HQYI York
Fnlon from ttM to $ ? v Kxvurston trip from
fHO tu tt.-i. Uocond Cabm. outturn , ! ' > ;
pivpald , TI& ; i < xcur-on. : t'JO. mettniru luissuxo
ut low imus. Pelor VVriuht .V t-mi , Uunerd
AKCIIU , U llroaJivay , Now Vorlt.
Hunry I'linJl , liln \irniun.-il. I . ; TaiiUuii & Co ,
M-'W i-'uriiani t ; ii. 0. l-Vi-i-iniiii luJl l-'uiniiui l
State Agents
Omaha , Neb.
Omaha ,
Council Bluffs
And Cliicago.
Tlisonly road to InVo for Don Molnpt , Mnr-
ftlinlltrMTti.i nMnr Uniilil * , Cllnlim. li.xi' ( , Chlon-
Kn. Milwniikpo niul nil pnlttUi'iKI To tlia IM O-
vlo of Ni'liriHkn , Coloi-mlo. Wyoming , I'lnh ,
I Inlto. Nitvniln , Orraoii. Wa liliu'lon ninl full-
rortdii II offi r * vinpilor mlvniitnKOj mil ) > ofit-
lilo tinny otlior dtio.
Amniiff n TIUT of tlio numerous points of ill'
p -rlnrHy onjoj-od liy tlio pnlroiH of llilxrnnd
Imlwcpn Otimhn mill PMoiitro , nu > UN \votnilni t
nilnvor DAY CUACIIKS which nrn tlio finest
Hint limniin nrt nnil 'iwimtty run crontr. ltd
1'AI.AC'K HI.KKl'INll CAItH. * hlch nro initdpU
nro'imfntt nnil oli'itnneo Its I'AUUJIl OUAW-
INIl HOIIM CAItS , uiimirnn piMiv nnjr. nnil Its
wltk'ly colnlirntcd I'AI.ATIAt , DININll OAKS ,
l of whli-lt riitnmt bn round utiowlipro.
At Council limits tlm t ruins of lliu t'nlnn 1'aol-
fle Kr. rimnnrt In t'nion Onpnt willi lliixo of
the CliliBio & Nortliwostorn Hy. In Oilonw
tintrnliiH of tliti Hue niiiKo I'huo connection
with tlintpof nil cnMi-rn Units
For tint rnlt , roliiinlniN , ItnllHnnpolK Cluoln-
nntl , Nlnirnrn Full * . IliilTnlo , I'lltntmrir. Toronto ,
Mnnlronl. I'oslim , Nmr York , I'hlimlrlpld-t , tlnl *
tlmora. WnoliltiKion nnil nil lolnli In ttio cftit ,
n. ! < lliu tick i' I nurnl fur tli-kpt * vln tlio
"Niwrmvr.sTKHN . "
If you wIMi tln < lii > * t niroiiiniivlntloiil. 'All '
llokut niMuilRfioll tlckctst vln this linn.
Jl. Ht'OHITI' . H. S. IIA111 ,
GiMioinl Mnnncpr. ( U'li. 1'nss. .Audit.
ov run
ChicagoIMilwauke6&StPaulR , > )
< iori , mm ad COUNCIL BLUFFS ot
Chicago , AND Milwaukee ,
St. rani , Minneapolis , fpilnr Itaphla ,
Clinton , Dnuntiuo , Davenport ,
llock Island , Frcoport , Rockford ,
Elgin , Madison , .Innosvlllo ,
Itelolt , Wiiiona , La Crosse ,
Anil all other Important points Kast , Northeast
uuil Boultioust.
For through tlcknts cull na tlio Tlukot Asrim
nt 1401 l-'nrimm si root ( in I'.ulou llotuloria )
Union t'uclilc Ioiot. |
I'lilliimnhluoDors ami the finest Dining Curs
In Mm world nro run on tlio innln lines of the
CH io.\i ( ( ) , Mu.wAimtK A ; ST. TAIII. RAILWAY ,
anil every ullontlon Is pnlJ lo pussoiigora by
courteous employes of the com puny.
U. Ml 1,1 , Kit , Guncrnl MnmiKor.
J. K. TIICKEII. Assistant ( lonoral Manager.
A. V. II. CAIII-BNTKII , ( Jonornl I'tisaeniror and
Ticket Ajfnnt.
HBO. B. HuAFFOim , Assistant ( lonoral
Eor nnil Ticket AKCIII
J. T. CLAIIU , ( Jonornl Superintendent.
Hot Springs Hotel
These waters contain Iron , Potassium , Llrno ,
Soda , Magnesia , Chlorldn of Sodium and Sul
phur , and lire n positive cure for nil dlsoasej
arising fromun li piirohtatoof the blood.Acor-
tain speclllc for IMiimnintlsm.
Daily Stage and Mail Line to and
from Fort Steefe.
G oed Physician in Attendance
( Joo. J. ArintiniHt , 220' ) Citmlnir at.
1) . 11 , llowiniin , 1217 1'arnnin H | .
John Huttslo"ll > 7 Cumiiif at.
Herman Kundn , fll'.l ' Koutli 10th at
O. InnioilK : Koutli HUM Ht.
W. K. Stoot/l I , lt l Howard M.
M. I. . Van Scoton. 151(1 ( DodKoxt.
C. W. Sleeper.507 Koutli 13th bU
tial'sSafesVauifsTimelocks ! !
and Jal ! Work.
1020 I/'umam / Street. U\iuha. Neb.
llucumir limit. Newly I'uinUlioil
The Tremont ,
J , C. ] 'IT/IIALD\ ] { , PioprlotOM.
Cor. rtli mid PSIs. , Lincoln , Neb ,
Stroul curi from huuiu to nur
Architect ,
1 , Ul and 43 , Itluluirdg UlooW , Lincoln ,
Neb. I'.lovatoronlltli Blroet ,
llri'odorol llrnoiluruf
Live Stock Auctioneer
Hului niudo In nil imrU of thu U.S. atfulr
rHtL'K , Itooin 3 , Si HID llloulc , Lincoln , Nuli.-j
Uullowuy und Short Horn ImlU loisnlo. .
B. 11. ( JOIJl.niNR ,
Farm Loans and Insurance ,
Ciirrnspornli-nro In r-Mrd to lining willultoJ.
lloum I , HlclmrJjt Illoi-lt. Llneiiln , Neb ,
Kiversicle Sliort Horns
( If ttrlttly pure llatr-M mid Union Tupped euttlo.
Herd iiiiinliurri about OJ luiud.
I'iimllio ! ) rujirc-ontu I : I'ilburtD , CrntfiO
Acombs. Honlc.i. Itod i of SliaroiiH , NJOM , Itonoi
Knl iitly liuviii 10) , I'lat Creek Vonny Muryr
I'liyllfius , l.ouiuit i.nd'rnu : I.OVCK.
llnlU for h Hi ) . I PIIIU llnli , ' , I'llljuil.l I'll re
Uutts CniKKK. ' Hoionf Sharon. I Youiiir Mnry.
I I'm u ( 'rnli-k Kluuik und iitnorg 1'oiuu K-ia
tnepccttliu her I. Addrciis , ( . 'HAS ! . M. Jilt AN.
HO.N. Lincoln , Nob.
SV'hun in Lincoln Moput
National Hotel ,
Ani-lKtl nsoo-lulnnor fiif.'So.