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Public Printer Benedict Oan Find No
Straight Republicans to Discharge.
W ll Ask Connroft * Kor
IiiNtlcc Alll sni I'oi1 I'rpslrtont
Military Orelcrs Patents Is-
HHcel Washington NCMVS.
ncpnlitlcntm to 1)0 Found.
NSept BH. iSpecl
to the Hn.J It h buhl that I'ubllc 1'ilnter
JkMicdlct Is hat IIIK n ( food of trouble in
llnellnr : H'ptibllcans ' In his olllco to dismiss ,
llollnds tlio majority of the employe * to bo
ilcimxrali , bis I iinm-dlalo predecessor having ,
It Is nll-'aeil , packed Hies nillee with men from
tlicpH-'domlniU't ' paity , whereby he himself
was kept in iilllcc. Tlie oilier day Mr. llcnc-
dictuskcil DUO of his fun-Mien In his olllce for
tlio purpose of ascertaining tlio names of em-
jloes ) who could best Im spari'el. Uno hun
dred mid twenty-llvo immus vuio sitbiintU'd
by the foreman , ntid tlio public printer then
Instituted an investigation ns to their politi
cal piocllvltles. To his surprise ho found
that 118 of the number weio democrat * ) , mid
the remainder , Inoludinit tlie foicman , were
jtlalnu republicans. ' 'This will never do , "
Bald Benedict , "Idld not come here to dismiss
democrats fiom ofllce ; still 1 think Lean dis
pense with that loieman and his friend" , BO
elf with their heads. " A jellow envelope
convened tbu fatal tidings at once.
A rchcnrltii ; ot Hie c.ibe ol Casper Orlebel
vs. Anna M. 1'ikc , fiom the Grand Island
( Neb. ) land district , has been granted by
thosi'creitaiy of the interior. It affects tlio
south half of tliu iieitlivtudt iiunrter and
Hoiithwcst iuarlcr | of the noitbeast quarter
of the noithvvest quaiter of the southeast
quarter , section 'JO. tenuisliIpUO , noitli range
UOMHU ! Three or four yeais atjo this land
was liouiCHtvnded , butitwiis some time I\RO \
contested by ( ! rlelel on tlio ground of In-
fiiilllcleint residence and lmpro\ements , but
at lasta cancellation was oidt-ied by the gen
eral land olllce , A leintost tor : i lesht'ailng
was granted by the becietiuy , Inaslmich as
the eontestee joined In the prayer for it , a
remai kablo oeem i eneo.
The p.ipeis of both contestant and con-
testee , Includlni ; new evidence-ol the former ,
have reached tliusecrctmy's olllco touuthur.
This , put with the tact that tlio contcbte-o
Joined In this ri'fpiest lor a lelie.uintf , leads
the olllcialsat the Interior Uupaitimmt to bo-
llevothatMJIIIO kind ot iiiraiiKenient may
have been entered into between these par
ties , e.xtendliiK beyond this contest , and lead
ing , possibly , to ni.itriniony , or bometblng of
that sort.
Ucprcsuntiilhu 4lum.ini , a well-known
Now York politician , is here , and In an In
terview sajs that Senator Allison , of Iowa ,
will likely bo the icpiiblican mmiinco for
president ; be Is mote popular , both east
and west , than either .Sherman or Klaine.
Of tlio Clevcl.inil-llill scinmble for the demo
cratic nomination , ilurniim says that Gov
ernor Hill \vlll not be : i candidates unless bis
'friends push him Into It.
A MAN wiin inn irimM : > s.
Indian A cnt McGillieuddy will , It is said ,
Insist upon a cotiKic.sbional investigation of
the clicmustanccb attendant upon his 10-
inoval fiom olliceat the i'lnti Kliluu Anency.
Senators Lo.mii and U.iwes aie bald to bo his
staunch lilends
Llc\itenant \ Kobert L. HIiM , Eleventh In-
fantrv , has been ordeied to piocecd from
Koit Leavenwortb to join his company at
Fort Abialmm Lincoln , Dakota.
Corporal .John Douiron. Company C ,
Tweitth Intantiy , at Foil Assineboyne ,
Mont. , has been granted a fnrlouili for loity
da B , and I'riv.ite .lames Maitlnnck , Com-
puny 1 , T\\ent-thlid ) inlantry at Fort
Wayne , Dctiolt , one fora montli.
Patents were Issued us follows to-day :
James C. Astron , Mount Ayr , la. , car coup-
Una ; Thomas K. BliiEp. Wnvcrly , Neb. ,
\volnlit meter : Abticr S. Cook , liurltni-ton ,
la , , letter box ; Louis J5. JliwtliiKtv .Maiming ,
In. , wagon tomuu support. '
Tlio Nebraska postmasters commi.ssloncd
to-day MCIo : D.iviel Caldwell , U\ron ; Alary
U. Jlolfman : Newman ( iiove ; Itiuhard J.
ilutrhcs , Itulo. ( ilbson II. llowloyus com
missioned at Jamaica , Iowa.
I'lIllSO.VAI. .
j. 1) . Moio and wile , fiom Nebraska , and
I , . K. Cieancrocl : and wife , of. JjiinaiiiObu ,
lOM'a , aioheio.
New Presidential Postoillccs.
WASIU.VOTO.V , Sept. 23. The following
foui th class postoillccH have been raised to
thopiosldentlal class : Kiiox , Pa. ; Mifllln-
burtfh , Pa. ; Schuylkill Haven , 1'a. ; Call-
stojja , _ Cala. . : Alamosa , Gala. ; Lamouro ,
uivillo , Mich. ; Leslie. Mich' . ; Mcndoii ,
Jllch. ; Morenci , Mich. ; Poitsmouth , Midi. :
( Ihnilrnll. Null ( linlirlitnn.rnli Dnhhcr
Deer , la. : Galena , Kan. ; Norton , Knn. ;
31achlas , Mo. : Itedwood Falls , Minn. ; Inell-
anola , Neb. ; lllnsdale , N. 11. ; Henderson ,
Manning Will Return.
WABIIINOTO.V , Sept. as. Secietary Man
ning will not take his place attho head of the
treasury depaitmcnt October 1 , but It Is
.bought by those who know that ho will bo
found at his desk as soon as reasonably cool
-weather sets In. His physicians have ad
vised him not to r tuiu to Washington whllo
there is a possibility ot a hot spell , and ho
will follow their advice. When no does re
turn to his olllco it Isceitaln' Mr. Manning
will not undert.iko to woik as hard as In the
past. Ho will lie relieved by his assistants as
far as possible ) of merely loutlno work and ho
will Ilnd that the demands upon his strength
will not bo bo great as foimeily.
Postal llato
WAHIDNOIO.V , Kept 84 Tlio followlntr
changes have been made In postal
rates : Hank checks , drafts and similar
jn luted forms , such us deeds , Insurance poli
cies , etc. , will heioafter co thiough the mails
us thud-class nutter , at the ratu of ono cent
for two ounces. This will Include check
nooks , orbooks of blank drafH , but not or
dinary bank books , which aio fem til-class
matter , ono cent an nuneei. CheekB , drafts ,
policies and other Mich impure , lllleit up with
WJltlng , will bo chained letter postage ,
Illinois Uijiior Donlura AHsonililo in
Annual Convention ,
SiMiiNoriKt.n , 111. , Sept. 31 The seventh
nnnual convention of the LUjuor Dealers'
tissoclatlon of Illinois Is in session hero.
The convention was called to order at 3
o'clock this afteinoon and organized by elect
ing August Jlets , of Chicago , chaiiman , mid
P , Mulonoy and Adolph Miller secretaries ,
Tliu mayor dellveicd an address of. M'eleomo
and committees were appointed on linance ,
in-bolutlons nnd constitution and bj-luws.
They will icport to-merrow , when tlioork
of the session will bejin , Thu prlmn object
of the as.ioclatlon seems to bn to hit bai-k at
tiui piohlbltlon sentiment and smi ions mny
members ot the leKlslatmo as pos < ; | blolio
ean bo depended on lor legislation friendly
to tlio liquor Interest. Thu a oclatlon was
given a bamuiet to-nluht at Armoiy hall by
tlio local branch nt which toasts were
responded to by a number of M ell known
gentlemen. 'J'iicro were perhaps a hundred
uiul fifty delegates In attendance.
Tlio Iloomers Innutlro.
N , Sept. US. Tlio interior do-
paitmont Is Informed by a report of Captain
Pi Ice , of tlio Fifth cavalry , camped on
Chllocco creek. Indian Territoiy , lecelved
thiough tuuur department , that tlio part of
Oklahoma between Heaver and Stlllnater
counties Is free from intiiidlni ; wluto men
and rattle ; tint tlio 'boomeiV have ucner-
} illy gene to work on the railways DOMbuild -
ug on the stnto line and through thu Indian
Territory , und that their leeognUrd leaders ,
Including Captain -Crouch , h.ivo as&ured
Captain Prlco Hint no nirtlier nttompts will
bemndoto occupy Oklahoma In oppoaltiou
to the present itollcy ol tlio bovvinmeut , and
ilmt they will await and tespect the decision
of congress.
Miss Cntncron anil tier Jjovcr
Honnccil ,
Niw : YOIIK , Kept. 2-s. [ Special Tcleerain
to the Hni.J : When Lord Lonsdalc called at
tlio Hoffman house to see \ lolct Cameron
jestciday afternoon , he Mas told that KiUvaul
S. Stokes , proprietor ot the hotel , wished to
ECO him on business of Importance. Mr.
Stokes said , on meeting Lord Lonsdalo ,
that lioliait a\ury unpleasant duty to per
form , Ho had read In the newspapers that
there had been more or less talk about Lord
Lonsdalo'.s connection with the Violet Cam-
eion operacompany , nnd this had been stim
ulated Into unusual activity by the arrival
in this country of tlio persons most dhectly
concerned In It. Under the circumstances ho
felt compelled to suggest to Loid
Lonsdnlo that another hotel bo found
lor Miss Cameion. Miss Cameron was
very shortly removed to Hotel
Mndlbon at Thirty-ninth street and Uroad-
Mny. Last e\enlng Mi. Stokes said when ho
read the papeis the old stories conceinlng
Lord Lonsilaloaiid Miss Cameron ramo bnck
to him , and he determined In justice to the
guests of his hotel ho would be com-
pulled to ask Miss Cameron to get accommo
dations eKcMheio. He told Lord Lonsdnlo
liu was running a famll } hotel and was com
pelled to piotcct his house from any breath
of scandal that might Ilnd its way Into It ,
and to consider the comfoit and welfare ot
his guests bi-foie anything else. Lord Lous-
dale assured him his relations with Miss
Cameron were purely of u business charac
ter. Mr.Stokcsthen talked with Miss Cameron
about It , Shu was much disturbed but madu
no protest against Stokes' decision. Lord
Lonsdale , who moved fiom Delmnnlco's to
hotel Madison at tlio saint ) time that Miss
Cameion moved from the Hollman house ,
Bald that Mr. Stokes Imd known about the
stories about Miss Cameron moio than two
xsoek.s ngo Mhen the rooms Mere enir.i. . 1.
Nothing had been concealed fiom him. . . (
Lonsdnlo also said that although ho did not
wish to make harsh criticism , he yet thought
tluit Miss Cameron was unfairly treated , lie
sympathised with her to the extent that he
gave tip Dehuonlco's so as to bo near her.
MONTOOMHUV , Ala , , Sept. 23. A special
to the Ad\eitisor reuorts the rape of a white
lady at Gladsen by a negro > eslerday. A
posse Is mirsulne him and If caught ho will
bi'l ynched. Ho Is bulleved to b the same
negro , who a lew weeks ago raped a lady in
Shelby county and o-.e.ipcd. Tclegiams
have been sent to the Pratt mines convict
piison tor blood hounds.
A. West Indian Slioclr.
HAVANA , Sept. Ss. A sharp shoclc of
earthquake \vas expeiieiictd IU St'Thomas
on the 'JOili lust. _ _
The First That Were Scon In the Sniul-
\vicli Inland * .
111 1803 Captain Hiehanl Cluvulnud , of
Salem , took to the Sandwich islands scv-
oral horses , an event thus rouoreled in his
life by his son , just published by the Har
pers :
Touching at Capo St. Lucas , where
they purchased "another pretty mare
with foal , " for winch they paid in poods
which cost in Eurojio ono and a half dollars
lars , they took their departure on the
Mill of May , and arrived at Karakaroa
bay , Sandwich islands , on the 21st of
of Juno. They found it was the bouson
of a periodical taboo , during which no
canoes were alloweel to stir ; but the next
day John I'ounp came on board and told
them that the king was at Mowee.
Young was very desirous of having ono
of the horsesand , thinking that the wrob-
ability ol their increase would be better
secureit by leaving them in diflorent
Elaces , they next day moved to Tooagah
ay , near Young's residence , and landed
the mare , of which ho took charge. This
was the hrst horse ever seen in Owyhue ,
and naturally excited great astonishment
among the natives.
From hero they went to Mowooand
wore- first boarded by Isaac Davis , who ,
with John Young , comprised at tlio time
the European population of the islands.
Soon after a large double canoe came
oil' , from which a powerfully built , ath
letic man. nearly naked , came on board ,
and was introduced byDnvis as Tamaah-
maah , the great king His reception of
them was not such aa they hail antici
pated , nor could they ' account for his ap
parent coolness aml'lack of interest ex
cept on the supposition that it was mere
ailectation. Ho took only a careless look
at the horses , and returned to the shore
without expressing any curiosity about
them. His subjects , however were not
restrained by any desire to appear uncon
cerned. The ncM's of the arrival of the
wonderful animals spread rapidly , the
decks wore crowded with visitors , and
next day , when they were landed , a great
multitude had assembled , evidently with
no definite conception of any use that
could bo made of them. As might bo ex
pected from people who had never scon
a larger animal than u pier , they wore at
first afraid to approacli them , and their
anm/.oment reached its climax when ono
of the sailors mounted the back of one of
them and galloped up ami down , upon the
beach. They were greatly alarmed at
first for the safety of the rider , but when
they saw how completely lie controlled
the animal , and how submissively and
quietly the latter exerted his powers in
obedience to his will , they socmnd to
have a dawning conception of the value
of such a possession nnd rent the air
with bhoiits of admiration.
Hie king , hoM'ovor could not bo be
trayed into any expression of wonder or
surprise , and , although ho expressed his
thanks when told they wore intended as
a present to himself , he only remarked
that he could hot pcicoivo that their abil
ity to carry u man quickly from ono
price to another Mould bo a sullieient
compensation for the great amount of
fooil they would necessarily require ,
Mr. J. A. Simon in his great imperson
ation of Fugin at the People's Theatre
An attachment case against Hans
Uasmusson and in favor of Louis Hill for
the sum of $070 was commenced in Judge
MeCulloch's court yesterday.
Andreon and Kmborson is the name of
a firm of M'oll UIKUVII business men who
have started u Boap factory in South
Hood's Sarsapar/7/a
Combines , In a manner peculiar to Itself , the
best blood-purifying and btrengthenlng reme
dies of the vegetable kingdom. You will find
tlib vondcrful remedy effective \\hcroothcr
jiicUlelnes hmo failed. Try It now. It vi 111
purify your blood , regulate the digestion ,
and ( ; ho new llfo and vigor to tbo cntlro body.
"Hood's Sarsaparllla did mo great good.
I was tired out from overwork , and It toned
mo up. " Una. O. E. SIMMONS , Cohoos , K. Y.
" I suffered three years from blood poison.
I took Hood's Barsaparllla and think I am
cured.1 ' Jlus. SI. J , DAVIS , llrockpoi t , N , Y.
lurtfle * the Blood
* *
Hood's Sarsaparllla U cliaracterlzcd by
tlireo peculiarities i 1st , the combination of
remedial agents ; 2d , the proportion ! 3d , the
yroftsi of securing tlio active medicinal
qualities , Tlie result Is a medicine of unusual
strength , effecting cures lilthcrto unknown.
Bend for book containing additional evidence.
"Hood's Barsati
puitQea i
"Hood's Barsaparilla beats all others , and
is wortli its \vclglit in cold. " I. lAiuu > CTOif ,
iso Bouk Street , Ntiy York City.
Hood's *
Bold by all druggists. $1 ; six for (5. llada
only by a I. HOOD & CO. , Lowell , lias * .
IOO Doses Ono Dollar.
They Are Now in Session at the Preaby-
torian Ohnrcb.
Tlio Now Y. M. C. A. Unlldlng-A Hru-
tal Astmnlt A Pnntngc Suit
On lior Lincoln City News
In General.
United I'rcRtiytPflnni.
The Presbytery of tlio United Prosby'
terlan church met yesterday morning at
the First church on Eighteenth street ,
when n petition was received , signed by
several members of tlio above church ,
asking that the presbytery investigate
the nflairs of the same. Objection was
made nnd the request was discussed , but
no action was taken upon it nt the time
of luljournmcnt.
A motion was al o made Hint the pas
tor , Hcv. E. B. Graham , bo advised to re
sign. The question was elisctisscd , the
objection to It being the motion repre
sented only a small fraetion of tlio con
gregation , nnd furthermore , that the
matter in dispute snoiild only be under
taken by the pastor or congregation. No
action was taken at the time of adjourn
Last night the members of the three
Presbyteries of Omaha , Pawnee and Col-
ornelq , which form the .New United Pros *
byterian synod of Nebraska , met nt the
same place last evening at ? : IiO. ROT.
Marion Morrison , 1) . D. . by appointment
of the general assembly , opened the
synod with a sermon on acts IU : ! ) "Come
over in Macedonia ami help us. " The
reverend doctor considered first , the
nature of this call and the aid required ,
and secondly , the singular call to us of
to-day. After an interesting and brief
sermon , the synod was duly constituted.
Dr. Morrison was eslected moderator and
Hev. llufus Johnson clerk ,
The following members wore in at
tendance : Dr. Morrison , Mission Creek :
Rev. R. J. McCready , Pawnee ; Rov. S. 1) .
Moore , Liberty ; Rov. M. M. Dull1 , Minden -
den ; Rov. J. II. Montgomery , Pawnee ;
Rev. David Inches and Rov. Dr. Blair ,
North Bond ; Rev. G. R. Murray , Murray ;
Rov. F. II. Pallock , Ewing ; Rev. L.
Proudilt , Orchard ; Rov. ,1. Whitham ,
Norfolk , Rov. J. 1) . Raukin , Denver ;
Rov. Win. Ritchcc , Burchard ; Rev. Rufus
Johnson and Rov. E. B. Graham , Omaha ;
Prof. A. K. Gowdy , Pawnee ; I. 11. Can
non , Omaha.
The presbytery will meet sit 0 o'clock
ami the synod at 10 o'clock to-day. In
the afternoon there will lie a conference
on home missions at ! ! o'clock. This evening -
ing several papers and addresses will bo
presented on the various phases of con
secration , as follows :
1. Consecration ot Heart Kcv. S. B. Moore.
' - ' . Consecration of Lile Kov. II. l'Wal
: i. Consecration of Piopcrty Rov. William
M. Kichli' .
4.Vlio Would Thus Consecrate' ' Rev. R.
J. MoCreadv.
0. Why Thus Consecrate ? Rev. David
Those papers or addresses will be lim
ited to fifteen minutes each.
The Business of Lust Night's Session
of the City Solons.
Councilman Goodman and Cheney
wore absent sit the regular weekly session
sion ol the city council hold last night.
The mayor's communicalionvapproving
the ordinances and contracts passed upon
at the last meeting of the council was
placed on file.
City Treasurer Buck reported upon the
bids for the paving and sewer bonds ,
published elsewhere in the HUE. The
treasurer was instructed to sell the bonds
to the .highest responsible bidder.
Tlio mayor's communication approving
the contract of A. R. Heel for curbing
and guttering Chicago street , and that of
Murphy , Cro'ighton it Co. for paving and
curbing Twenty-fourth street , M'as placed
on file.
The estimates of the board of public
works in favor of eon tractors for work on
the various -public improvements were
\V. J. Kennedy , W. M. Konnard anel
St. A. D. Baicombo were appointed to
appraise the damage tooM'ners by appro
priating private property for an exten
sion of Twenty-ninth avenue. N. A.
Kuhn , C. E. Squires and Benjamin Gal
lagher wore appointed to assess damages
by change of grade of Dodge street from
Twenty-fifth street to Twenty-sixth
street. William Fitch , J. B. L'uray and
E. Thomas were appointed to assess
damage to private proncrty by straight
ening Sixth street. The appointments
were cqnlirmcd.
A petition for the opening of Thirty-
third street from Leavcinvorth to Far-
iiain was referred to the committee on
grades and grading.
A petition asking for the change of
grade of Jones street between Fifteenth
and Sixteenth streets M'as granted.
A petition asking for the change of
grade on Jones street hotwcen Twenty-
fourth nnd Thirty-fourth streets was
A petition of the Toboggan club ask
ing the right to build a Hlulo on Wool-
wenlli avenue was referred to the com
mittee on police ,
John U. Murphy was appointed inspector
specter ot the west and south branch of
the North Omaha bower.
A petition of the property owners of
South Tenth street M'as received , com
plaining of the wholesale manner in
M'hieli the streets are being torn up by
the Cable Tramway company , making it
dangerous to travel thereon , and asking
that the council take some stops to
remedy the evil. On motion of Alder
man Schroeder the petition was granted ,
and referred to the board ol public
works with instructions to require the
cable company to keep ono side of the
street in a safe ami passable condition.
The following resolution was pre
sented and unanimously adopted :
Whereas , During the past four years
the city of Omaha has nuute extensive
improvements aggregating upward of
$3,000.000 , nnd
Whereas , We view with pleasure nnd
pride our tM'onty miles of pavement , our
extensive sewers and grading , and
Whereas , Through the courtesy of the
oflioials of the cities of Denver. Choy-
onnu suid Luadville , we : obtained during
our recent visits to those points , valua
ble information regarding tlio public
improvements in said cities , therefore
Resolved. That as members of th o city
council of the city of Omaha wo hereby
acknowledge the many courtesies so re
ceived , and wo hereby extend to the
board of supervisors , aldermen and other
city ollicials of the cities of Denver ,
Cheyenne and Lcadville , u cordial invi
tation to visit Omaha and inspect our
public improvements , and in such event ,
the mayor concurring , wo pledge the
freedom of our city and will do all m our
power to make such a visit enjoyable to
our visitors and profitable to the muni
cipalities they representand bo it further
Resolved , That tiio city clerk mail to
the said city ollicials copies of this reso
By Lowry Instructing the city mar
shal to enforce ths ordinance prohibiting
the excessive sprinkling of the streets ,
By Dailoy Instructing the auditor to
purclmbo and place in the council Cham
ber a desk for the usoiof the city attorney.
Adopted. 11 , .
By Kasper Authorizing the marshal to
purchase a safe 'for' ' the keeping of the
prisoner's ofTects hi Hie jail , the best not
to exceed $100. I'ltbllu property nnd im
provements. , , , ,
By Dalloy Thai tl\c \ council meet as a
board of equalization. at the office of the
city clerk on OoUsO mid 0 , from 0 a. m. to
1'Jn. in. , and from a p. m. to S p. m. for
the purpose of Assessing according to
special benelit thocoM of opening , widening -
ing and extending streets ami alleys , and
making olhor changes nnd improvr-mcnts.
A number of ordinances wore passed ,
levying a lav artd'tissesisnient upon cur
tain pioperty to covoi the cost of paving
in the several districts.
Declaring the nccossirv of the opening
of Twenty-seventh to Burtstroot. Passed.
Declaring the necessity of opening In
diana avenue from Twenty-liftli avenue
to 'IVcnty-sovcntli street. Passed.
Establishing the grade of Twentieth
street from Nicholas street to Grace
street. Passed.
Declaring the necessity of changing
the grade of Twentieth from Dodge
street to Burl street. Passed.
Ordering the grading of Seventh street
from Jone.s toLoavOnworth. Passed.
Ordering the curbing of Itanium street
to the oily limits. Passed.
Amending the iiro limits ordinance.
Declaring Twenty-eighth street in Me-
Cormick's addition open for public irnyul.
Changing the grade of Twenty-fourth
street from St. Mary's avenue to a point
thirty-four-feet south of llio north line of
Jones street. Passed.
Establishing the grade of TVonty-sixth
street from popploton street to Hickory
street : Passed.
Declaring the necessity of changing
the grade of Fourteenth street , from
Mason street to Pierce street. Passed.
Nsirrowing Sixteenth street opposite
lot 5 m block Soil , and providing for sale
of property vacated. Grades ami grading.
Changing curb line of Clark and Grace
streets. Delegation of Flftli and Sixth
Ordering the paving of Grace street hi
district No. 81. Passed.
Declaring the necessity of changing
the grade of Burt street , betwuon Six
teenth and Seventeenth streets , and ap
pointing appraisals to assess damage to
.property caused by the change. Passed.
Authorizing the issuance of bonds to
pay for the cost of paving , curbing and
guttering in the districts that have been
ordered paved. Passed.
Special ordinance ) making appropria
tions for the payment of liabilities in
curred during the month of September ,
Establishing and defining paving dis
tricts 107 and 108. Passed.
Changing the grade of California street
from Twenty-second street to Twenty-
third street. Pufsed.
Establishing the grade of Seventeenth
street from Mason street to the lower
Union Pacific tracks. Passed.
Declaring the Jicccssity of opening
Pacific street. Pushed1.
The council then , adjourned.
nound/lpr jjincoln.
A largo numbar eel delegates , friends
of candidates , lobbvi.sts ; and the usual
"lookers on in Vienna , " left last night
over the B. & M. to attend tlio republican
convention , whicT | op6ns to-night in Lin
coln. Judge Steifberg was the first on
the ground , liavuij".r"eaelied { " the despot
before 0 o'clock , ' tajljough ( the regular
schedule time of. departure was 0:30. :
Doctor Mercer \v\is \ llieS Jasr , coming up
about 0:55 : , when ( iio rain was- ; , evidently
sailing through the "uow-rnown hay" at-
Ynosphero of Gj 'on , ' fertilizing'works. .
The doctor will gt > Uown this morning.
Between thcso two cxtrcm'es of arrivals
there were porlinps pnaiiuudred and fifty
persons bound , Lincolmviird. Several
elelegates from counties north and west
of Omaha were with the crowd. Among
the departures were Casper E. Yost ,
chairman of the state central committee ,
Cadet Taylor , editor and part
proprietor of the "new" Repub
lican , Hon. John M. Thurs-
ton , Judge Cronnso , and the never-to-be
forgotten Pat O1 Walters and Frank
Hawes , without whom no gathering of
republicans in Nebraska would bo com
plete. This morning's train will carry the
bulk of the delegation and visitors trom
this city , including , it is said , all the re
publican aldermen.
The New V. M. O. A. Building.
The advisory board of the Y. M. C. A.
met yesterday afternoon to consider
questions connected with the erection of
their now builblng. Howard Smith re
signed his position as a member of the
board nnd P. C. Ilimobaugh was elected
to till the vacancy. A plan of elistricting
the city was elccidcel upon and commit
tees appointed to canvass in the various
districts for subscriptions to the building
fund. The board needs about $ . )0,003 to
warrant the erection of the structure ,
and feel assured that the amount can bo
The celebrated Simon Comedy com
pany in "Oliver Twist" nt the People's
Theatre to-night.
M. C. Meaghor , formerly of Rochester ,
N. Y. , of the Hall Safe and Lock com
pany. was married yesterday to Miss
Jennie E. Webb , of Chicago. Miss Webb
has been spondingtho summer in Omaha.
They were married by tlio Rov. Willard
Scott in IUH usual happy style , The
bridal coupla left last evening for
Denver. Cheyenne , eta. , to bo gene about
a month , and will probably return to
Omaha and locate. Mr. Meaglior has
many friends in Omaha M'lio will bo glael
to congratulate him upon his good for
tune , Miss Webb is a very charming
young lady , and was very popular with
those whom she know best ,
A Brutal Assault.
The cashier at.Uiggins' lunoh rooms
made a disgraceful ntesault at 1 o'clock
this morning upcinoiijj of tiio patrons of
the place , named \ \ \ L. Smith. It ap
pears that Smith Had a'rderce ! and eaten
a lunch at the counter1 and did not have
money enough , to pay for it , lacking a
tavf oonts. Tim ojiicipus cashier refused
to take any monoy1 unless the full amount
was forthcoming , andiSniitli walked out
of the room. Th'o'cashlor ' followed him
and struck him in flit ) back of the head
with a club cuttiify an , ugly gash. The
cashier was arrested a'fid gave his name
as John Thompson' , i u
People's Theatretat popular prices , 15 ,
25 and 35 coht3. 'J [
The appraisers , , 'appointed by Judge
McCulloch to assess the damage to prop
erty in Jot-1 , block 215appropriiited by the
Omaha & Republican Yulloy railroad
company have reported the damages to
individuals us follows :
SpoonerR. Howcll. . . 817,000
Joseph Schletcutcr . . . 1,000
1'red Koizumi. , . , . 450
Patrick Murphy . 3. ' < 0
Henry lirocker . , , . 400
M. Chtistiansen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . U50
I'avlnjr 1'nrk Avenue.
A meeting is called of Park avenue
property owners at 7:30 : to-niorro\v
( Thursday ) evening at Porter Bros store
to discuss the matter of paving that
street , as only twenty days remain of the
time allowed to select material.
All the Mown From the Capital o ;
Knot County.
CUKWHTOV , Neb. , Sept. 23. [ Corrc
spondonco of the BET. . ! The Kno >
county fair closed on Friday and was r
financial success. A largo attendance
was hail Weelnesdny , Thursday anel Fri
day. Several Irotling and runningraco
were had during the fair for purses
ranging from $ . " > 0 to $1500 each.
W'1 ' 1m o had no frost as yet , and corn
Is fully ripe and will be a fair urop , In
many plaeos bettor , and other pl-iees
peeler than la t year. Alost of the farnv
ers are well salislit-el with the yield ol
both corn and small grain.
Mi. ChonoyV bilck bank is nearly
completed , anel is an ornament to our
town , it being the lirst briek ; building in
the town. Quito a number of new houses
are being lluilt , nnd our town continues
to crow stcnelily.
The t'nie > n Pacific railroad engineers
nro .surveying u line of road from Albion
in Roomi county to Niobrara , this county.
The line runs about twe'lvo miles west of
Creighton down tlio Verdegrls creek , but
no one knows when it w'll ' bo built.
Rumor says the Northwestern has inter
cepted them , and are grading on the
Union Pacific's surveyed line between
Albion anel Neligh.
Omaha needs a direct line into north
ern Nebraska as most of our proelucu and
steiok goes direct to Chicago , and our
merchants buy most of their goods from
Chicago , the Northwestern giving better
rates than to Omaha.
Wo need more railroads in this part of
the state. Wo have no competition , and
are compelled to pay the enormous rates
of the Northwestern. It is hoped the
next legislature will do something in re
gard to railroad rates , if tlio roads don't
buy the legislature.
"The ailgluy Deillnr. "
The mighty dollar has enjoyed a con
siderably longer lease of life than is usu
ally vouchsafed to creations of a like
superficiality of construction. It is the
offspring of one Wolto , of Boston , ami
fostered by Mr. and Airs. Florence. It
has hold its OM-II through twelve years of
thoatiical uncertainty , time only serving
to tighten its grip on the popular favor.
Outside of its lack of plot the play is
clover enough us a satire on well known
types of American eccentricities e > f the
vulgar sort. The two leading characters
are drawn with boldness anel strength
and fit the principals to perfection. Wo
have all encountered such types and recognize -
cognize their likeness with a hope
that their counterfeit represen
tatives may render a lession to
the originals that will tend to diminish
their number in society. Mr. Florence
was intelligent anel tnorough , as lie is in
everything. His characterization of the
lion. Slote is a delightful piece of art in
its finish and mabtory of minute elotail.
From his baggy , Puritan looking best
clothes anel undo Sam collar to the up
lifting of his eyebrows or the good
humored trickery of his glance , ho is
every inch the inflated , spread-eagle pol
itician \vlio makes a nuisance of himself
by his proclivity for mounting the stump
and proclaiming in windy grandilo
quence tlie patriotic effervescence of his
Ilbu/.iium " M-lule ho
/ , privately is willing
to lend himself to any scheme that M-iU
enrich him bj- fair or dishonest means at
the expense of the government.
Mrs. Florence is an actress of more
method and polish than a casual observer
is capable ot appreciating to the tallest
extent. Her voice is identical with her
self , mezzo in pitch , and full of pleasing
inflections that convey to the utmost the
bignilicanco of her lines. Her gestures
are less demonstrative than expressive ,
am } her action while never dragging , is
deliberate , anel as natural as tnough the
result of a spontaneous impulse. As
Mrs. General Gdlllory she was convuls
ing with her amusing mannerisms nnd
confusing smattering of art and French ,
and vaguu idea of geography. She gave
an excellent portrait of the shodelj
American woman of fashion , whoso
European tour seems to have been too
much for hershallow brain.
The balance of the company were capa
ble in their respective parts , the love
passages of the bashful simpleton with
the gushing "Libbie Dear" being made
amusing by Earlo Stirling anel Laura
Cluiron. Florence Noble Mi.stuincd her
part M'ell and JIuttie Russell was equally
Mrs. Florence was attired with
her usual taste and magnifi
cence. in the first act she
wears a pretty out-door costume of deep
M'ino-coloreel surah , plentifully relieved
with white. Her garden hat is lined
with pink and trimmed with shaded tips.
She carries a white satin parisol. A cos
tume ) of great richness M'as a rough purple -
plo velvet train , with stool passamen-
lories. Another Imnelsomc dress was a
garnet satin on train , the bodice glisten
ing with white beads. A most graceful
goM'ii M'as a pearl satin brocaelo , the
front and sieles halving tlio effect of being
powdered with diamond dust from cut
This evening "Tho Flirt , " a very amus
ing play , will bo presented , anel Mrs.
Florence will introduce a &ong relating
to Omaha belles.
Army Brlorb.
The following mimeel enlisted men of
the department of the Plalte rille team ,
having reported at headquarters in com
pliance with an order of tlio department
of the Missouri , will proceed to their
respective stations , as follows :
Sergeant Charles H. Roilley , Company
G , Sixth infantry , to Fort Douglass ,
Sergeant George A. LoM'is , Company I ,
Seventh infantry , to 1'ort ' Wiibhakio ,
Sergeant Everett II. Slovens , Company
(5 , Seventh infantry , to Fort Wnshnkio ,
Sergeant John O. Holcn , Company 0 ,
Seventh infantry , to Fort Laramie , Wyo.
Corporal William Moore , Company
A , Twenty-first infantry , to Fort Sidney ,
Corporal James P. Kclloy , Company
E , Sixth infantry , to Foil Douglas ,
Artificer Robert C. Roes , Company B ,
Sovonti-enth infantry , to Camp Medicine
Butlo , Wyo.
Private Harry Annis , Company C ,
Twenty-first infantry , to Fort Sidney ,
The Pcoplo'H Theater.
The second performance of the Simon
Comedy company took place last night
at the People's theater. The play was
"Casto. " Robortbon's famous and beauti
ful comedy. It was btrongly cast and
was admirably produced , anel gave tlio
greatest satisfaction. The people are
beginning to see considerable excellence
in many of the members of this company.
Mr. Simon has some line characters and
ho wiil doubtless appear in several of
them before the close of his engage
Travis Suoel for Damages.
The case against Abncr Travis , charged
with an assault with intent to kill a .fel
low colored man , John Alexander , in a
TOM' , on August 10 , resulted in Travis
being fined $10) on a modified charge.
Yesterday Alexander , throueh his attor
ney , J. F , Moriarty , iilod euit in the
county court Booking a judgment againt
Travjs In the sum of f 1,000 for personal
llnitellnc Termite
Inspector Whltlock issiioel building
permits yestereiay ns follows :
Wilhelmlua Pbeseh , nie-story frame
cottaue , 1'oiirth and Oedar . S < ft
llansSykke' , ono-ste > ry ftnino cottage ,
aMIParkerMiee 4
Mnrlln Svaceua , two-story steire nnd
dwelllnjr , iJl : ! ( South Thirteenth
stieet .
M.Vallati7 , frame b.irn. Fourteenth
and I'ioice .
J. S. While , two-story fraiuoel\\elilng ,
lVnipletoiux\enue . , .
William CntliMp. one-story frame exit-
ta e , Fifth nnd centre . NX
Six permits agcrogatliiR . . . . . S5,05 (
tei Weil.
Judge McCulloch issued marriage
licenses yesterday to the following par
ties :
Name. Uesldence. Ape ,
t John Cad foul Omaha . ' . ; > (
I Annie Harry . Omaha . u :
I Otto Stubi'ii . Omaha . ' 'f
) Ll77lo Huschc . Omaha . U
( ( Jewiro Sautter Omaha . "I
) Clara Similiiiif. . . . Omaha . U
i Henry \V. Stork. . . .MadisonVs , ! . a
I Minnie UloMcri..Ma7e > mnnlo . ' - ! ( '
( John LIsy . Omaha . : w
( .Mary A. Mcslek. . . Omaha . li *
The Brhljrc Approach.
The commission nppointcel to appraise
the damages caused by tlie taking up of
property from Leavonwortl' street south
as an approach to the Union Pacific
bridge yesterday agrceel upon tlio sum of
$10,000. which is to bo psiul to the prop
Personal I'm-nernphn.
W. It , Storrs ot Oakdalo , is in the city.
W. E. Rico of Stuart , is at the Mtllard.
Alex. Legg of Sehuvler , is in the city.
H. N. Humphrey , of Albion , is in the
city.C. .
C. S. Clcavoland of E\etor , is in the
city.C. .
C. C. Might , of Douglas , Wyo. , is iu the
J. It. Barnes of Ponca , is at the Mil-
M. W. Clare of Niobiara , is r.t the
W. O. Soulhwlek of Friend , is at tlie
G. F. Fox of Norfolk , is at the
W. 1) . Hill , of Beatrice , is at the
John Campbell , of Salt Lake , is at the
J. L. Martin , of Cedar Rapids , la. , is in
the city.
S. II. Calhoun , of Nebraska City , is at
the Paxton.
John I. Underwood , of Lincoln , is at
the Paxton.
C. II. Perrige , of Fremont , is at the
Ed. Sheldon , of Nebraska City , is in
Omaha on business.
E. E. Forsytlio and M'ifo , of Grand
Island , arc at the Cantielel.
J. W. Crsinoy and A. C. Cranoy , of
Kansas City , are in Omaha.
Detective Neligh loft for Mount Pleas
ant Jast night. He nearly misseel the
train by inf aiming homo of his frienels
hoM' he M'as going to show up Humphrey
Moynihan on his return.
Doctor Ramticiotti , city veterinarian
and representative of the stale veterinary
department at this point , M'ont to Lincoln
last evening on business connected with
the quarantine of Illinois cattle.
Z. A. Crowell of West Point , D. L. D.irr
of O'Neill , Jab. Brittan and A. A. Welch
of Wayne , D. W. Ilassou of Ponca , E.
W. Love oi AinsM'ortli , O. L. Lamb of
Stanton , II. C. Browne of Norfolk , and
R. H. Maxwell of Uattlo Creek , are
among the Nebraskans at the Millard.
Messrs. SM'ift , Nicholas and Simon ,
three of the officers of the United States
steamer Alert , went east yesterday morn
ing by way of the Chicago , Milwaukee &
St Patilio.ul.
Elmer Frank , clerk of the elistriot
couit , returned yesterday from Wyoming
territory , where he has been for the past
month or t\vo on his rauche , with his
wife and chileirun. Arthur Wakeley.who
was also in the same country , returned
Sunday from a successful hunting trip.
A. B. Davenport , of the Miliard , has
written from the hot springs in Dakota to
his associates attho hotel informing them
that ho has experienced great relief from
his rheumatic pains by the water from
the springs mentioned. He expects to re
turn next M'cek.
W. II. Green , the real estate agent , ac
companied byQIiis M'ifo , loft yesterday for
Las Vegas , New Mexico , in tlio hope that
that climate will improve Mrs. Green's
health. Mr. Green will bo absent about
a month , and his business is loft in charge
of Mr. \ \ . II. Fsiiight , who is thoroughly
capable of attending to the real estate
eleals during Mr. Green's absence.
The Now Fire Company.
A committee consisting of Juelgo Ron-
thcr , B. Ycttor and Frank Pivonkn , from
the stock yards , are in town circulating
a subscription list to help equip the fire
company recently formed at that place.
They have already fcocuroel some ex
cellent names and sums , ami hope to se
cure all they require before the end of
the week. _ '
Tins Metropolitan Club.
This popular club will give its open
ing ball on the night of October M , in
stead of 11 ! , as before mentioned , in
Metropolitan hall. It will bo an elegant
full dress affair , and every arrangement
will bo maele to insure its suceass.
Jas. G. Day of DCS Moines , la. , is in
Omaha , the ] guest } of his hon Gco. Wj
Day , the popular young lawyer of this
ty. _
First Lieutenant C'onlino , of Fort Nio
brara , was at the Paxton ycstordaymorn-
inir. Ho was on his way honiof rom the
division rillo contest at Leaven worth.
OR ,
PEKKSKIU . 11. S. , A. 41. , 1'rinrlpul. o
ii u ihi r i
i err u.iu6im > , i > i -
i.t/u- . ,
Mi , . ; . IK *
> t (
. O. OI.IN CO. , Ko. IM wk' ' uubtfwl ,
Tli * Vint , llio Orlclnnl nin ) Only Mnrcli that In
rmiiD l.y . mrn ttlio limo n iirnnlrnl hncmlriif *
if lii > Iniindrv > rcifr lon. It require ! no cooMnr ,
VStliolrou f'-om tlc n'm iim'n irom ( JilfttoMnff
itlo irnnlnj , and pl i 'Is ' , r lt nnd collar * Hut
tints * nut ] ticaullful ' tlity lure whm ticir.
. , . , . . , . . , . , . MN $ them clfftn twlc as
ViTin'tV' .T"i 'Jro'iaMons. ' sci > tint ttinnm J. O.
itinirxi.l it Jt HHIM , Ktvr llnvcu , COLL. , Is on
n. JJold ty all Oroct-ri.
IrnrflUrgrtilaittor t\ro Mtdta lCM1 ( M , ht l tei laafftr
n | > Ki4 lath upteUltrfftttiitat of CNKDHIII. Mtftron. An *
bd nt > r lni4.M Oiknuor ( Mhr rhTtUUa Infll. LoaUL
celt ; f > * rm' ' " > * * Qd nlloldre lti fili\BO
Nervous Prostration. Dtblllty. Mtntftt and
Phytlcal Waakncts ; Mercurial and oilier A0ic >
tloni ol Throat. Sklnor Bonei , Blood Poljonlna ,
bid Sores and ulcers , r tr.xtd nh or r iui i
luetui , nUt.itifltnUfleptltitlM iPif lT. riltiltlj.
Dlieiset Arising from Indiscretion , Exctlt ,
Exposure or Indulgence , which rroJot. i m f u
Mlo \ ttt\t l Bitiou.n. , . , dibllllt , dlncxi of ilkt
mdj ftllt mnnotr , tin f e , phjilf i Jioif ,
Ttrilan to lh > lorlotrot fmi.ln , onMiloi ef Km , eta. ,
rendering Marriage Impropgr or uni i > ry >
tvrratntiul ; lurtd. r mrhl t ( 9 pnm n ihoiboti , teal
lnic l < Jtu ! lop , frttloniT darf > i. Con.ulutlonalot.
Cccor bj mil tr , IrvrltrJ ml lUlellj etufUlullil.
A Positive ) Written Guarantee ttrtn in tr rr -
tftbl CMC. Uidlelne lent tmj where bj null r ipreas
900 PAOE3 , FINE PLATES. cURint e oth nl clll
Mndlnir.icftloil f r 3Go In | iotnt ereurrc 9j. Over OR/
Tronilftrul penplttutTi , tme t II f tit fttlkt'ii on the followlnf
utiJ < * 4Ui who iniijr mutrtt wb.ot oi. wtiy j nmnhod. womtn *
tool ihyiltkl d e T , tfUaliof ecm undtiter'it.ltft fhj * .
lolcffy ufrniroelupilnn , tm4 nnny mer * Thoi ntrrl d or
ronipmpUMnc M l * s h i ri 1 II l * jn Ur rdItl H
Tansill's ' Punch Cigars
\rero shliipoil rtnrfnq th past
two yearn , wltliout n itnmv
incrln anroniplnv. Nootbor
hoiinoiii tliu worlil can trutb-
fully innlni nuch a nMowlnu.
Ono uijoiit ( itenler ouly )
n nnlcd In imch town.
liow ) VITAUTV U filllntr. IlrMn I l AI KI and
[ -X1IAtlH'11.1 or Pontr I'llihl A IIKI.l.V H'AHT
. _ hr till Trrnoh t'liriklMlt and fell
luoccmfullf IntroJnrnrt narf. Allwe * '
dining promptly ruvicml. TIICAll K clTltiff new * .
twiH > rK.ud"iii > dk > icn < oniemnta , Aa , KMCli. ultw
Clouonicoof ( tivnmtlnltn lz cirlnVnt doctor ! FItr.i : .
! Viai AiJE JCV. No. 174. Fulton Struct. N w YnitU
Ilcculurfour-Toiir cnurre , ns follows : I. Kor th
Jpfirru of Hucholor of Hclcnco , n yunerul courtej niso
ulectlve courses in ChcmNtrr , Illolosy , Goulo r ,
Mnthouiatloft nn l IMiydlcn. 11. For tlio * kiuroo of Civil
Knplnccr , tncladlnur. bosUtos the usual profosiloaiit
etudloa. iipitlk'nlloni ot Electricity to tlm Arts. lost
cradunte tiistructionln HlKbt'r.Mntticra.itlc , ( ] niphloi.
Analytical and Applied Ohcinlitry unU AasiiyinE ,
Dioloar. 1'hyslc . nnd Astronomy. Kntranro uxnmm *
nitons Sopt. I4tli find 15th. ISSii. Fur HpeolHl courioi
undothorlnfurinutloii nvvlv to the ( JulietteTreasurer
Paid up Capital $260,000
Surplus ao.OOO-
II. W. Yntcs , rroslelt-nt.
A. E. Toir/r.lin , Viro I'rcsitlont.
W. II. S. HuKhes , Cashier.
ciitucnoits :
W. V. Morse , John S. Collins ,
U. W. Yatcs , Lewis S. Rood.
A. E , Touznlin.
Cor 12th anel Farnnm Sts
A ( Hanking Business Transacted.
N. W. HARRIS & Co.
nn&inOOC Counties , Cities and olliorsot
DUtolJw lilKh Kriuki bonnlil nnd KM Kiuitcra
olllco IM DovoiiBliUo St. llObton. CorrcspoaiV
Troctlcal Ecsulta in Baklntjand
Uoastinc never before attained in any
Cooking Apparatus , and will
beProsintMtthcis of Ccokg
Ii.tlmtnll 1'ood I ! lteil or llcwftod.fcliouM IwnoninM
ln rw.hnlrJrMlyn ) < linlttml totlifl oren. IliUUdon *
l.y illwnrdlnR tlm clw a even iloor heretofore ui il , Da
vutiiitltutliiuar Itndoor containing "Uou'ol nm
CJ.iuto iKurlrnii liirt-'austlio doorJUulf.
Through thlo Oauzo Door the nlr frcoly
circulates , fuel I Hut Inn ih | irocowof Kmkinir.und
iproduclni : fiwd thut. l l d lu ll v r ii.l nu-
Irltlon.iiiid nctuitlly cof.k l unit Jot. roa uinnion or
luel tlmu In an ovun with n clotixl .door. .
Jtraukes uncnormom
It ulno produces larser Leaven of Bread ,
roijulriM lesj utlentlon froiu llio vis \ , iinil | irauou
tha health of li fftrally bt the BUliJlIUU gUAUI
n. MAIIV \VruiI.fruucliiirIi " i'U ! tloJxnn oraT.
- -
BOLD IH NEBRASKA aa follows :
tl kl'MNl'V tfOHUOM ,
n'ALLASft l.lnSOM , ,
V C IllirWI'K * _ - . . HAV
f AW ) S. CO . . . . NMBM
ot I'm iiufs . . . 1-ucAR.
? ANNii.ia : : SWMNKV : . $ " > "
fihllLl.ft I'ABEU , . - I * K " '
J / McCAn-KKTy , . O'Nuiil. CITV.
. ,
A I'A/m-.N / ft SON. . . . . . . . . . . .
tc t UAkER. _ . . . . _ . . V "t ° P > " .i
MutiulucturiT of
101 ! S. Mth bt. Oiniiha , Nub.
. . . . .tii'd li.y nuiil boHultud unit will ro-
coivi ) prennpl atlcntion.
* A lluiuo nnd Uav Rclioo ) for Voting
, ti'ti < a , ro-ojM'iis OU r. 1 Dnliirlitrully Bltuulcd
l ( > ( " > .tu Oif ii Ili-Uliti. I.ur-y ( { rroutiUt. I'.D-
i ; ill lieiinmoil .lions.
VltLI. , 1'Jl'1 * ' ! KI Wublilnalo It. O
, v