Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 26, 1886, Page 6, Image 7

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rcl.tcrcd by carrier In nnj-pnrtof the city nt
twenty cents per week.
II. W. Tit/rojr , Manager.
r ; , No , 13.
NIOIIT Kunon No. 2J.
NPXV York Plumb.ijj ! Co.
New fall goods nt Holler's.
C heap railroad tickets at lluslinrll's' .
I'nitcd Slates court will meet to-day.
lr W. H. Shorruden , dentist , 27 Main.
Itichiiioiu ! furnaces , Cooper & McUoo.
The democrats are to holil their city
primtirii's this evening.
Fiiii' tot stoves , furiiiturn , etc. , for sale
on payments b.y A. J. Mamlul.
M. M. Adam ? , ot ( , 'ouneil ' Hlulld , and
Mary Iv. FolMMii , of Crescent City , have
been licensed to marry.
This i ? a good season for residence
building. Morn than the usual number
arc in process of erection.
.Mrs. William Lewis has purchased of
( } . Hoys a house anil lot on Seventh
avenue , between Eleventh and Twelfth
Good wayos paid to a competent.girl
to do ulain cooking , washing and iron-
itili. No sneoiid work. Mrs. S. FarnsWorth -
Worth , South Eighth .street.
P. Haulier , who picked up the painter's
vest Friday , wan discharged yesterday , as
his statement that he thought the vest
was nil old one that , had been thrown
away was believed by the judge.
Christian Peter Christiansen has : i per
mit from the county clerk to wi'd Stenn
Peterscn. They sire both residents of
Council Mull's. They went before Jnstieo
1'nitney and were married. Good luck.
The ladies of the First Baptist church
will RIVO a "Hard Times'1 sociable at thu
parlors of their church next Thursday
evening for the bonetit of the Seandina-
viaii Baptist church of this city. All arc
Last evening those who attended thu
soi'iable of the Congregational church ,
entertained at her resilience by Mrs. G.
W. Crofts , passed a very enjoyable time.
This pleasure was not a little contributed
to b.y the line music.
Died. Mrs. Hettio lu Hois , on Friday
evening at ItiiJU o'clock , aged 85 years , at
the residence of her daughter , .Mrs. J. .J.
White , No. Ill North Eighth street. She
leaves two sons and onu daughter.
1'rieuds are invited to attend the funeral
to-day at WIO o'elouk from No. 411 North
Eighth street.
Every lime it rains the people of Coun
cil BluU's take oeea.iion to make very un
pleasant remarks about the city council.
J'liero are miles of paved streets in the
city , but those who are not adepts in the
art of wading might walk miles and not
lind a place where a crossing could bo
effected safely and comfortably.
The six-year-old son of J. W. Congort
residing on Third avenue , corner oi
Ninth street , on Friday evening , while
with other children
playing see-saw some
ren , was accidentally knocked oil' and in
falling injured his head so badly that he
remained unconscious for some time.
The little follow is quite seriously injured ,
but hopes are entertained of his re
It may lie that the good , law-abiding
citizens of Sioux City are perfectly satis
fied with the manner in which the investi
gation into the murder of Uov. George C.
Haddock is being prosecuted. But to n
great many in other parts of the state it
has seemed that the effort was directed
rather how not to do it. In this city a
subscription is being qnicljy raised to
cmplo } ' Council UluH's detectives to work
on the case. There is still tiomo hopes
that the assassins will bo captured and
7t. T. Llndscy & Co. have commenced
nn action against the Western Union Tel
egraph company for $115 with interest
and costs. Tim claim is that last May
when Mr. Lindsoy was out in Colorado ,
at Cannon City , he paid for a. message to
be sent from thereto Pueblo , ordering his
sample trunk sent loSalida , in that state ,
but that the message was bungled so as to
read Salt Lake. That he had to pay to
have it reshipped and that he lost valua
ble time and hotel bills waiting for it.
The case wjll come up at the next tcr m
of the district court.
As the little indicator seemed to couple
the names of parties residing on onposite
Bides of the Missouri river , it was con
cluded to allow it to rest for future use ,
as the mammas are'reluetant to let their
dear children leave the paternal roof , and
if thnir names are oneo coupled by this
ingenious invention "its ago , " sure.
Tlio Odorless Sanitary Co. , ofOmnlin ,
cleans cesspools , cisterns , etc. , with the
odorless pump. Ollice , No. 1023 Fa main
street , Omaha. Orders for Council Bluffs
may be loft at 11. Eiscman & Co.'s.
New line of millinery just received at
Mrs , W. J. Scales' , No. 2M Broadway.
I'crsonnl I'nragraphs.
Mrs. W. J. Scolcs has returned from
the east.
E , M. Ainsworlh , of Vail , was in the
city yesterday.
Mrs. Julius Schneider and Mrs , Peter
Jlcck left last evening for Logan to visit
Mrs , J. Ernstdorf ,
Mrs. William Btior , of Taylor's station ,
a few miles from this city , died on Friday
night in lior 87th year.
Mrs , Adeline Parr nnd Miss Sadie
Clark , of Marseilles , 111 , , are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Taylor , 523 Sovcntii
Mr , Ed Wallers expects to start on a
trip to-morrow in the interest of Burn-
Jiam , TulloyH & Co. Mr , Walters has
boon with the linn for some time , but 1ms
been confined pretty closely to the ollico.
E. W. Hart , manager of the Now York
plumbing company , has been selected as
thu western agent for the Strange forged
twist drill company , whose drills are con
sidered by mechanics as equal to any
other drill manufactured.
Attention Comriulcs.
Special meeting of Kncampmcnt No. 8
U. V. L. at U. A. K. hall Monday even
ing , September 27 , for muster.
O , HVAHJUN \ : , Joim Fox ,
Adjutant. Commander ,
T The Atlantic Messenger proposes to
make a political Issue against thu govern
ment "tioing into the envelope business , "
or otherwise printing anil furnishing re
turn envelopes. It proposes to ques
tion every candidate for con
gress as to his position on the
envelope , Stamped envelopes are a great
convenience , but it always did seem to
be rather small potatoes for the govern
ment of the United States to underbid
a country printing ollloo on so small a
Job ns the printing of COO envelopes.
Borne folks can't ' see why thogavernmout
should underbid the printer in the
matter of furnishing the coal dealer with
envelopes any moro than it should under
bid the coal dealer in the matter of fur-
nlsliing the printer with fuel.
A/Jfllnt to lliislnnss Mon.
HarpeiSi Haaar : "Did you go for a vacation -
cation this summer , SmituT" ' Pliyes.
"How did you mnuage your allairs ? i
took my advertisement out of the paper
until 1 returned , so thuro wasn't any busi
ness to uiauapo. Greatsoueuio , elir
Some Parties the Past Week ami Moro
Planned for tbo Putnra.
Council mtifl IilKctr to Ilnvo n Ycnrly
Sunday Scliool A sctnlly Olcnson
does tt > li\H Cluifcli Scf-
vices To-Day.
The Social Benson.
The society season is near at hand and
many a fair damsel , ns well us married
woman , is taxing her brain and slyly
pumping others for suggestions by which
she mav receive n pointer ns to some new
method of entertainment for her "dear
live hundred" and thereby outdo her
social rivals.
Council Bluffs is not forward in setting
the social ball a rolling , but there i.s little
doubt but w'.ien she does fairly awaken to
the Idea that the season i.s on her , she
will open with a "six niuhts1 season" " as
a starter.
Some four or live "aflairs" arc being
arranged for the near future , but what
they will be no one dare nreilict until
these ' all'air.s'1 have formerly been
"christened" bv the authors.
Next week will witness as grand a
party as has been given in this city for
some time , the mother of a handsome
and stately brunette debutante of the
lonrlh ward being the hostess. Prepara-
ations are already being made and ns
soon as publicity is given to the all'alr , it
will create a furore nmong the young
society people.
initiatory events of thu season-wore
given the past week , one being on Wed
nesday by Mrs. T. A. Clark , at her resi
dence , No. 210 Harrison sticet , in honor
of her guest , Miss h. 1) . Itehse. the ar-
"ste , now of Nebraska City , who for sov ;
iral years was n resident of Council
{ lull's. The reception was a novel nr-
angemcnt , and at Mrs. Clark's suggos-
ion Miss Kehse painted on eggs the
ames of the lady guests , together with
ther appropriate decorations. The eggs
ji'ing wrapped in tissue paper , were so-
eeted by each gentleman present , who
onk as his partner the lady whose name
\'i\s \ painted upon the egg.
Among the guests present were : Mr.
nil Mrs. .ludson , of Chicago ; Mr. and
, Irs. Brodbeek , Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Jlmpuian , Mr. and Mrs. Bryant , ol Chi-
; ago ; Miss Crawford , of Soda Springs ,
Idaho ; the Misses Lena , Clara and Ada
liedison , Miss S. 1) . Hehse , Miss Ralston ,
Miss Bray. Mr. and Mrs. Bryant , of Chi-
jago ; W. H. Warren , of Cheyenne : J. P.
'toucher ' , of Omaha ; H. C. Hollis , of
) maha ; Charles Bray , C. H. Knlston , of
Umaha ; W C. Morgan , Edward Parsons ,
. ' . Jolms9n , L. Winter , of Ohio , and Ar-
hur lloll'mayr.
A rainbow party was given \Vcdnesdav
.zoning by Miss Clara Bebbington , at
.he family residence No. 101 Park avenue ,
, n honor of Miss Anita Hudson , of In-
.liana , who is at present her guest.
' ' "
Sherman , Sapp , Bowman , Haas , Atkins ,
Wakelield , Brown , Miller , Seybert ,
Woodbnry , Ernest Hart and E. 11. Hart.
This little instrument that has to-recast
io many incidents in the past , again is
jiut in working order , and at Us lirst
opportunity finds plenty of work. The
liymenometer is an instrument that never
'ails in its duty , and although it occas-
onally indicates far in advance that
which is not seen , its prophecy is of
necessity apt to be final.
With tliis introduction the hands boffin
o move around the dial of the little
nstrument , and after a few seconds
quivering remain stationary opposite the
: iames ot a commission merchant of this
3ity , and a young lady in Omaha whoso
iistor is very shortly to be wedded.
' . 'rom indications it looks as
f this couple would soon
follow in the wake of the young lady's
The hands , noiselessly and with seem-
.112 exactness , now point to the name of
n young lady , daughter of a prominent
eweler residing among tuo hills of Coun
cil Blulls and a young man of Omaha ,
and the indications are that a union wjll
take place ere "tho Jlowers that bloom in
the spring. "
With the dexterity peculiar to this in
strument the hands again move and
quiver as they rest on the names of a
gentleman connected with a banking in
stitution in Omaha and a petite young
lady , a resident of the second ward of
this city.
The nani3 of a young traveling passen
ger agent connected with ono of the
great trunk lines having its terminus in
this city is next seen linked with that of a
lady of1 the glen , and the instrument in
dicates a union by the new year.
Council J'f
Last evening the council met. as per ad
journment , all the members present ,
Mayor Evans in the chair.
Horace Everett presented a petition
asking that ho bo relieved for an over as
sessment for curbing along Pearl street.
J. J. Stewart and others petitioned for
a lamp post on Mynstor street , between
Seventh nnd Eighth streets.
H. H. Field and others also petitioned
for a lam ] ) post nt the corner of Stutsmnn
and Plainer streets. The petitions were
all referred to the appropriate commit
The council took up the matter of the
obstruction in front of the Union Avcnmi
hotel on lower Broadway. Thu facts
seem to uo that when Broadway was
paved the street was filled in about five
feet above the Door of the hotel , so the
citv built a brick wall along the outside
of "tho front porch , mid filled up to the
wall. After that a heavy rain washed
tlio dirt under the wall ami caved it in ,
FO George Gorspnoher put up a fence
around the whole thing and across the
sidewalk , which was unsafe to uso.
The public have over smcii been forced
to take to the street in that place ,
nnd as the city never , well , Hardly over ,
thinks of cleaning a paved street the mud
is too deep for comfortable wading ,
After discussion it wa decided to tear
down the fence , rebuild the wall nnd lay
the sidewalk , nnd settle the question as
to who should pay for it after the work
was done.
lion. George F. Wright , on behalf of
Mr. II. P. Nlles , stated that he owned
some property on the corner of Fourth
street and Tenth avenue ; that ho had a
frontage of about ono hundred foot on
Tenth avenue ; that the city ordered a
side walk along that front uiul
finally built ono , taxing up ? 10
for it ; that tlio sida walk
consisted mcroly of two plunks laid
lengthwise. That soon after it was laid
the city ordered tlio street filled and the
contractor filled onto the walk , so that
while Nlles has an assessment of ? 40 for
.sidewalk still against his properly ho has
no walk.
Mr , Niles has also just discovered that
he has been ussossoit $1,000 on his stock- ,
moro than the entire fitook la worth.
Both these mutters were referred to the
committee on assessments.
Mr. Wright then stated the mutter
of ttia sidewalk in front
of the property on Pearl street , owned
by himself and Dr. Woodbury , ought to
bo settled. He atuted that when the
curbing mid walk wa < put down U was
done bv the oily.nnd assessed to the prop
erty. It wua supposed thai the city KUL-W
enough to put a sidewalk ou the .grades ,
. _ .
When the city took up the curbing to
raise it to grade , preparatory to paving ,
new curbing wn3 n'l ' broken up so Hint
the curbing was necessary , which the city
had put in. They now considered
it the duty of thn city to raise
thevn1k to grade , but that ho
nnd lr. \Vo > wburv lind tnlkcd
the mnttor over , nnd nnd decided that
the now curbing was rcallv an improve
ment , and tney were willing to pay for
half the curbing If the city would raisu
tbo walk. The matter was left with the
committee. Adjourned to meet at next
regular meeting.
Hats regardless of cost. Closing out
lint stock of F. E. Stubb , comprising
Knox's. Stetson's and other line brands.
E. B. WILLIAMS , No. M3 Broadway.
10 Cabinet Photographs , $3. Quality
the llnest. Sherraden , 317 Broadway.
Miisculnr Christianity.
From the Davenport Tribune : The
ollico and usefulness of muscular Chris
tianity ns A shield for the wenK and de
fenseless was well illustrated on the ex
press train which left the city for Kansas
City last e\cning. According to the
Museatiiio Tribune , a half-witted woman
boarded the train at Davenport , and
before it had made a half ilo/.un miles ,
wandered into the smoking car , "when
she made herself familiar with the men ,
not knowing any better , of course. Sev
eral traveling men undertook to take ad
vantage of her ignorance , and gave her
liquor to drink besides taking tip a col
lection for the purpose of getting her to
perform an net that no gentleman would
think of asking any fe.nalo to do , let
alone a half-witted creature. Ono bald
headed traveling man , who was bolder
than the others , took especial delight
in this outrageous performance nnd was
in the act of doing a most disgraceful
tiling , when a left bander fell upon
Him ' from Kev. C. II. Seymour , of
Davenport , who was in the rear part of
the car , saw what was going ou and de
termined that these so-called gentlemen
should not succeed in accomplishing their
object. The fellow attempted to hit back-
but the professor followed up his first
blow and gave the bald-headed traveler
several good ones from the shoulder in
the face , and taught him a lesson thai he
is not likely to forget very soon. The
traveling man slunk to his seat , the worst
beaten fellow that has been seen for
many days , Ho was so ashamed of him
self that he scarcely spoke a word to any
one after that. When Museatino was
reached his actions were reported to llic
marslial , who at first thought best to ar-
est him , but after investigating the mat
er concluded to let him go. thinking lie
lad received a lesson that' would last a
ifetime. " The poor woman was given
.n . charge of the station agent in Mnsea-
Prof. Seymour has for years been con-
idered one ot the ablest divines in the
ulpit "the state knows , and out of the
inlpit he is a practical philanthropist
, vliose walk and conversation are in ne-
lordancn with the precepts of the holy
'eligion he believes in. "
Hats regardless of cost. Closing put
lat stock of F. E. Stubbs , comprising
liuox's ' , Stetson's and other line brands1
E. B. Williams ,
No. 500 Broadway.
Only a Stew.
"What will it be ? " imiuisitivelv asked
man with a dirty white coat , the sleeves
f winch shone like ebony around his
ivrists , as a BKE man seated himself at a
ilgh stool before n lunch counter.
"A stew , " was the reply to which the
man who were the apology for a white
oat remarked , "a half ? "
The man behind the counter then
united up a small stevv pan with a handle ,
mil after opening the ice chest , in which
ho ovsters were kept , lie producco his
counts" JSew York counts. Holding
lie stew pan in his right hand ho turned
.iis . back to his customer , and with .tho
oft hand dipped into a bucket of oysters ,
pulling out one at a time until ho had re
peated the dose six times , no such inven
tion ns a fork being used , it being wholly
unnecessary. As the last "count" was
jounted and flopped into the stew
pan the cook grabbed a black looking
rag , which possibly at some remote day
hail been used for a mop rag , but had re
cently lost that distinction , and wiping
the moisture from oil'the hand that hnd
been dipped low in the "count" bucket
in search of the "counts. " ho inquiringly
looked Ihc BKK man in the eyes as he re
marked , "Do you wish it in milky" As
ho wns answered in the allirmative he
poured some milk into the stew pan , and
noticing some object in the milk" that ho
thought probably would bo offensive
should it uo boiled with the oysters , jab
bed his r/ght hand into the pan , and witli
a flop of the hand sent it to the floor
Turning half way aroundhe then grabbed
a pinch of salt , and also some popper ,
with tlio hand that had just left the milk ,
and returning lo the jar in which the
butter was kept in went his hand and
hauled up sonic butter. The stow being
then ready , it was placed on tlio range
where It was allowed to remain a fov
minutes when it was pulled oil * and th
contents of the pan dumped into a bowl ,
which rested on n saucer , and this paint
able ( < ) oyster star was set before the
nowsgatheror to devour before retiring
f or tlio night.
See that your books are made by More
house & Co , , room 1 , Everett block.
Dlamlo Howe at Doliany's.
This talented tittle lady commences r
six nights engagement at Dohany's to
morrow [ Monday ] evening with her owi :
company , giving a different play c.icl
night and playing at popular prices
Miss Howe is n southern stage beauty
and conies frpm a family of royal con
neetions , having two uncles lords in Entr
laud and Ireland. She is in her twontletl
year , a v < ry talented aotrnss , handling th
finest inroads of the emotional work will ;
equal alacrity that she does the waif , tin
crude girl and the ringing soubrett
parts , She has been on the stage sinci
six years of ago. Her company are ul
very oluvor in the dramatio work ami
ovary play will bo carefully mounter
with' every attention to detail and ward
robe.'o \ \ insure for them a very profit
ablh week. Monday evening will bo pro
dtioed Bartlov Campbell's ellectivo home
picture , "A Wife's Devotion , " with th
following cast ;
Hurry Unintly . . .Mr. A. L. Kcenni
ALT. Musffi -Mr. .1. H. Scull
Jnmoa ( Joiuon Mr. Frank Iou <
Uncle Uuidelt Mr.O. B. Clur
Jcsson Mr. .lames Mortor
.loo Pluniiner. , Mr. A. It. Jone :
Dlniich bturllng Miss Kannv Sinelal.
Hallle Ann Wnadles Miss Fannie Hooker
During tbo engagement the following
plays will bo presented : "Lady Audley s
Seo'rut , " "Mountain Pink. " "Kathleen
Mftvouwfon , " "The Child Stealer , " and
"Tho Child of the Sierras. " Saturday
afternoon will be given a Indies grand
"East Lynne" matinee with prices at 25
cents to all purU of the house , no more ,
with the pretty little Maude Howe in the
dual role of Lady Isabel uud Madam
If you want a good furnace and one
thai will be us durable as your house , get
a "Richmond" at Cooper & McGee's ,
Substantial abstracts of titles and real
estiitu loans , J.V , & K. L , Squire , No.
101 Pearl street , Council BluQ'a.
Will make a Special Sale this Week of
, 9
lower than inculcby any ot7tcr
in t/ie iccxt.
Jo not fail to sco us before yon
Tin's ( Ic-iKivtmcH't we sJtall close out , and
shall nut fee -prices to sell tJtcm. Our stock is
seasonable and styles and excellent.
These are bargains 'never before offered and
you , can sai'e money by calling on us before
purcJiasiny.for wenUl not be undersold.
Hem ember the place.
Broadway , - - Council muffs , la.
SB ? Elf
Bail Us
First aiincnranco of the CHAK31INO , YOtXG , 1'KETTY and TALES TED LiUle
Slur Actress ,
co. ,
Pleasing Star-
-A Pleasing Company-
-A Pleasant SUnfcertaiiimeiit ,
-At PI easing Prices
Monday evening , Sept. 27tli , will he presented UAUTLKY CAM I'HELL'S in
tensely interesting play , founded on every dtiy incidents of tlu present
lime , entitled ,
Entire Change of Play E ery Might
Entire Different Bali Erf
intliln the rcacjt ofcrcryfiodfTo spend an evcntny ( U the Opera Jfouac
' " " " 'To witness a first c ! < (3S J-'laij and Performance.
Entire CENTS Entire Balcony CENTS
GALKEltY ; idFloor 3 > cents.
Scats secured In advance at lSUSlINETsZ , > S,2ii cents extra.
Ladies' ' Grand "EAST LYIE" Kiuiiuu , uttiiuiuv
Prices to all parts of the house , 25 c ! No MORE v
J. H. LAINE , Business Manager.
Glon.son Gone to Jail.
As Policcniiiu Mok O'lh'iun was hunt-
jl uj ) some stolen property ho stepped
into the second-hand store of M. Marcus ,
on JJroadway , .yesterday afternoon , ami
shortly afterward a fellow walked in
witli a black doeskin Prince Albert frock
coat mul wished to borrow some money
on it. As Marcus refused to loan liim
any money on the coat ho loft and
O'15rion , having had his suspicions
aroused , arrested the man.
liy tlie name in thu back of the coat it
wits learned that Hurry Skolton was the
maker. O'Urlcii asked Skolton who the
coat belonged to and he named Dr. Hart
or William 11. Itoblnsoti as the owners ,
Dr. liartsaid it was not his , but in Mr.
Robinson mi owner was found.
Tlio man was taken before Justice
SuhiiiY. where ho gave his name as "Tim"
Uloasonnnd tilaimed to have purchased
the coat on Friday in Omaha. 'Squire '
ScliurKiigjrcstcd that perhaps Glcason
ujtild lind the man ho purchased the coat
of and briiip him before the court , in
which case Glcason would become n free
man could lie prove that he purchased
the coat in good faith. J. J. Stewart , the
prosecuting attorney , suggested that the
accused might have until December 1 to
think over the name of tlio man from
whom he purchased the coat , as ho
claimed to have forgotten H , Whereupon
the justice said tliitt if it was given pub
licity through the UKK the seller miglit
come to the front'but to give Mr. ( Rea
son lime he could remain in the county
jail until the gnuiU jury met next De
cember. ' '
Gliurcli HorvicoH.
Services at the JJnptist church Sunday
nt 10i30 : a. m. and 7:110 : p. m , ; baptism In
connection with c > ening services. Scats
free ,
Roy. C. Hoover will nrench this after
noon at : ! o'clock at Harmony mission
chapel. All will'bo welcome ,
Services to-dcy'In thu Congregational
church : preaching by the piifctor ; morn
ing subject. "Gotljs Revelation of Himself -
self ! " evening , "Sinful Entertainments. "
A cordial invitati'dn is extended ,
Saint Paul's chlirch : services to-day nt
11:00 : a. m. and 7:80 : i > , m. ; Kormon topics ,
' 'Gratitude ' " "Hob
morning. ; evouinir ,
bies. " The public and strangers wel
come , T. J. MaoKull , pastor.
Rev. J. risk will preach this evening nt
7'JO o'clock at the A. M. E. church on
William street.
Sunday School Assembly.
Two weeks ago the UuE mentioned the
fact that there was n project on foot to
Institute a Sunday school assembly to beheld
held hero every year ajtcr the plan of the
great Chautnuqun assemblies. This pro
ject is not dead by any manner of means.
The gentlemen who are interesting
themselves In this movement are quietly
looking the ground over before deciding ,
'llioy have their attention lixcd just novr
on a forty .acre plat on the bluffs adjoin
ing Fail-mount park. It seems as if amore
moro delightful , picturesque spot could
not well bo chosen. In the summer there ,
is always n breeze there ,
and plenty of simile , plenty ot room , and
with the waterworks plenty of gootl
water. Jf this project is successfully car
ried through it will prove of immense
advantage to Council lilull'ti , and , it is to
bo hoped , to this part of the world. An
assembly of this kind was hold last year
at Ottawa , Kan. , and 10,000 strangers
were drawn to the city during the ses
sion. Owini : to the great advantages
Council Ulull's possesses" in the way of
railroad facilities three times that num
ber of persons might reasonably bo ex
pected to attend hero. Of course it is
contemplated to make the organization
a permanoiitono , and hold an assembly
every year.
An excellent educational Institution , furnish
odwlth nil the modern Impiovcnietus , con-
uctcd by tliq SJSTKltS OF CIlAIUTV.ll. V. 11
.For term of Ilvo months , ? 75.
Terms liogln first Monday In September and
rst Monday In February. For catalogues ud-
St. Francis Academy , Council lulls ,
oomsroiij BijTjr ms
Practices in the State and Federal courts
Rooms 7 and 8 Shugart lilo k.
Established 1S3T
Horses and Mules
For all purposes , oo'ight nnd old , at retail and
Inlota. 1-ivt'O ( juantlttod tu tuloct from
Eoreral pairs of line drivers , snitrlo or douUlu.
Couucil Blulls.
Ilvtrn Lni'i/c Assortment and the Best Desiyint in
Carpets , Curtains , Cloths ,
Mattings , Linoleums , Window Shades , Etc.
inducementsojjt'i'ctl now , ttmt clntnyc of jh'in lain / Ar plucc ,
and Mock tinint lie reduced. Take no one's ii'onl , but cttll and sec fov your-
sc/i't'.s thtttvut' ni'icestnid ijnalltica cannot ( HI batten.
Out of town tt'ttdo e.onccttillii solicited ,
Council Bluffs Carpet Co. ,
Ho. 405 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Brick buildings of any kind raised or moved and satisfaction guaranteed.
Frame buildings moved on Little Giant trucks , best in the world.
SOS Eighth Avenue and Eighth SlrcctConml Bluffe.
iMinmmr lands m Iowa , Minnesota , Texas , Kansas and Arkansas , rutigl
from j1.2o to ? 1'J per acre , bchool and state lands in Minnesota on 110 year
tiinoi ) per cent interest. Land buyers laro free. Information . .
til ( I etc. b
P. I' . Lausti-up So. 535 : Ilii-\ii.l * . > n. UKJ . / . , . . . - . j i Iiii . r . 111 . ill . . I llu , - ' " - , given by
, Urotuhvny , Council Blairs , Iowa. .
btlicrla I ? again innlclng Its annual vlsltn-
tlo * .Ten years' trial ol UK. THUS. JKKKEUIS'
KKMI.DY i'or that lutal mnlady has ilemnn-
ratcd the 1'iict that It Is iiil'nllllilo as a preventive
ive/ and euro. If you penult your children to
dlo with dlphtiiorhi , "Their blood be upon your
head. " For sale only at the ollico , No. "il South
Sth utret't , Council Illiiirs , Ja. , or sent by express
on receipt of price. 3-
O. H. IIIaKeslce , of Xo. 1410 Campbell street ,
Omaha , who recently lost a beautiful and in-
terej-tlnir dnut-'htrr , aired about Ifl years , by
diphtheria , under the treatment of ono ol the
best physicians In Omaha , writes to Dr. Jelleris ,
ol this city : "Vour remedy I'or diphtheria cmno
too lute , our dear daughter was dylnjr whoa it
was received. J am Biitislled that her llfceould
have been saved. Another oneof our children
who had the diphtheria , her throat wai tilled
up with the putrid ulceration , wo used your
medicine and In twelve hours the disease was
completely subdued. In the Itituro o will
keep your medicine at all times In our house.
Wo fuel that it paved the life of ono of our
children. Wo iiro veiy thankful to you , imil
only vejrrot that wo did not call on you sooner. "
From the Council llluirs Daily Herald :
Mrs. K. M. ( torard , wlfo of Ktitfineer Gerard ,
of the t'nion 1'aclllc , this city , hns been a great
BUllerert'or many years , with what was sup
posed to bccaacer of. the throat. It wns so bad
that the wa3 tuieatoncd with starvation. Her
pcneral health was completely broken down.
She could only swallow llcjuid food , and oven
that her stomiieh could not dlirost or assimilate.
Physicians of Council lllulls nnd Omaha
attended her for three years nnd trnvo no
relief. Dr. .leireris , of this city , was called. In
lour weeks' time ho cured her throat , and com
pletely restored her general health. Had .Mrs.
( Jerard not obtained relief teen she would have
died from blood poison , the same condition that
destroyed the life of Con. Grant.
Prom the Council Illulls Oally Globe :
M. A. Mcl'iKo , editor ui the Cambria ( ISbcns
burer , 1'a. ) Freeman , has been the persona-
friend of the editor of the Glebe for moro than
twenty years , and Is known wherever ho is
known as ono of the best men living. Ho U also
an intimate friend of Mr. Clark of iho Non
pareil. Ho I ins been unfoitunate In the laet
that his family was ravaged with diphtheria.
nnd greatly dismissed. Mr. Clark liavlnu' heard
of his calamity bent him eomo of Dr. Jelleris1
Diphtheria Cure , it was used at once , and I ho
lives of the rest of his children saved. Letters
from Mr. Mul'lko are unbounded In their ex
pressions of gratitude for llndlng gomo means
of nvortlnir the loss of his whole wroup of little
and tender ones. Five of Mr. Mel'llio'selilldren
out of eight died from diphtheria before ho had
an opportunity or. using Dr. Jolforis' remedy.
Dyspeptic , why live In misery and die in dls-
nir with canCHr of the stomachy Dr. Thomas
elforls euros every rase of Indigestion and
onstlpatlon in a very short time , llest of ref
erences given. .Dyspepsia is the cause of
ninety per cent of all diseased conditions.
1'rlco SO for two weeks treatment.
Dr. .lefforis' diphtheria medicine Is Infallible
for nil kinds of wire throats. IndispcnMhlo in
putrid sore throat , In malignant searlo Hover ,
changing It In 18 hours to thoclmploform. Inlnl-
liblo euro for all Inllammatory , ulceratlvo , put
rid , cancerous ulceratloii ol the womb Kiul all
catarrhal conditions.
Full printed instructions how to use the nicdl-
cines cent with them. No doctor rccinlred.
Dr. Jclfcrls' remedies can only bo obtained a
Ills ollico. No.'l South Klglitli street , f.'ounc
Jllulls , Jowiii or sent ay express on receipt
Office No. 525 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
\ o to 12 n. in.
Hours , > 2 to ft p.m.
) 7 tub p.m.
Doom No. 0.
Star Sale Slate and Mule Yards ,
Ojiposllu Dummy
. . . _ _ _ p
Horses iiwTmtilos kept consiantlv on
liand , for sale at retail or In ear loads Or
ders promptly JUlod by contract on short
notice. .Stock sold on commission.
SIII.UTKH & Uoi.nv , Proprietors.
Telephone No. 111.
Formerly of Keil Sale Staules , corner
1st avc. and 4tli street.
Reel-notion in Prices ,
China Glassware Etc.
, , ,
At W.S. Hcmer & Oo's. No. S3 Main st.
Blulls ,
Justice of the Peace
Ollico ovjr American KxprtiM Company ,
n. RICE , 1YL B. ,
Or other Tiiinur * rcimovuJ witho.i
Over thirty y
Ko. U I'eaHBt. , Council
Spcclnl advertisements , such us Lost , Fcmn
To Loan , For Sulu , To Hunt , \\nnts \ , lloimllnir ,
etc. , will bolnscrteil In tins column nt tlio low
riltoof TEN CUNTS 1'Klt LINK fortho llm Inser
tlounml FivoCents 1'crLlnororencli sulisuciuont
Insortion. Lciivo lulverllsoiiien 'lilt ' our ofllco
No. 1" 1'onl street , near llroiulway , Council
WANTED A jjood Rlrl tu do tionornl liottso
worlf A pply nt lU'J Fourth ttroi't. Coun
cil Itliills.
WAXTI5I ) A situation hyu inllloror KOypnra
L'xporlnnvo ; cither roller or hurr aybtoin.
Addicts Mlllor , llco ollico , Council Illntls.
iTwrjllfiine8 niirniitIco. | | "Apply
No. : ill llroadwiiy , Council lllulls.
T\7ANTKO A moat nnd vejretnlilo cook for
t thu Deal' and Dumb Institution at Council
lllulls. Fair wages.
T,01l HUNT Hooma sultnlilc for lluht house-
Jkeeping. . Incjulro at No. 017 South 6th
KO. 5O9 & 51 i MAIN ST.
Daily receipts of now ° oils.llats
Cans , CIotlihiK , ami a full line of Dry
Goods , nil of thu latest stylos. Call nnd
got prices before purchasing olsowhur
Jourinils , Count } ' and
lEiuili Work ol'll ! Utiiitl * til Spec
Prompt Atienlionjo Mail Orders
Room 1 Everct Uloek , Council IHuDs.
Standard Papers Used. All styles of bind
ing in M ii7.ines and
I ! , n. National Ilnilt : , M. H. Smith tt Co. ,
Cltl/uiih' Hank , ] ) oirn.S ( nils \ to. ,
hirst National Hank , ( ' . II. Insurance ) ( .o. ,
A ; I'uiuv.ltwnkuriJ.C. II. Bavinits llanlc.
Creston House ,
The only holol In Council Illuira linrln ?
all nicidurn iiniirovniaonts.
JD , 217 and ! il ! ' Main fct.
In the city can bo obtained by pationl/hiB the
6 < 0 IJroadway
GKO , W.RU1UNDKUS , 1't'op ,
Nouo but experienced liutulH ouiloyed ) ) ,
Out of town orders by mail or express so
licited , and all work warranted.
111 N. .Main St. , Council Hlufl'fl , In. , mul
SiOU H. lOtli St. , Itooin 10 , Oiiiuliii , Nob.
Wiinufaetiiror'B Bcntforthci
Touts , Awuinifs. Itoofliitr Hlutc , Man-
( els , 1'lalo mid Window ( ilasa , ShowCases -
Cases , Elevators ( hand mul liy
P , C , MIXER ,
No. 13 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs ,
Homo , Slk'n nnd Decora c 1'umtct. J'n/ln
Mucbu WnilClinamontf.
None hut bolt ImnJi'Jinyb/eJ itlt-'UlC