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No Lincoln Bourbon Wants to Be Led to the
Oountj Election Slaughter.
Excitement Over Grrc'n Uiulitcous
Downfall AVIint Secretary HogKcri
JIns toSny KcturncrKroin He-
nlrlce Cnpltnl News.
IrnoM THE jinn's tixcot-x nuns itr.l
The tlomocrntic county convention of
Lancaster county met nt Fitzgerald's hall
at 3 p. in. to-day and was called to order
by Chairman Sawyer. There should
have been 100 delegates In the convention
but six of the country precincts were un
represented. A few democratic residents
of these localities were gathered in so
that it was nearly a full convention. Ono
of the delegates was full , as ] } ho insisted
on making most of the motions , so the
proceedings were not void of Interest.
M. I ) . Morrison of Hickman was made
chairman of the convention anil J. L.
Hopkins ot Lincoln , secretary. Messrs.
Calhonn , Schwvb and McUord were ap
pointed on resolutions , and their report
endorsed Cleveland's ndministration.
civil service reform , frowned down upon
convict labor and opposed sumutuary law.
The resolutions wound tip with one ask
ing the oilico of United States district
attorney for A. J. Sawyer.
The nominations opened with the ques
tion of county attorney , and Messrs.
Kastorilay , Lewis , Tibblt and Snell were
put in nomination and all of them
declined , so this question was passed.
J. V. Wolf was nominated but
he declined and tlio convention adjourned
without making a nomination for thai
oilico. When the question of the legis
lative ticket came up a representative ol
the labor unions appeared and asked that
a vacant place be left on the ticket foi
their organization to fill. This was
agreed to , and tlio convention furthei
decided to nominate only ono scnatoi
and two representatives , letting the laboi
unions add another and the remaining
places to bo tilled by tlio central commit
tee from any political party that maj
como up in the future. This plan hail
been agreed upon before and most of the
delegates understood it , but ono or twc
were , on the ground to upset it , but failed
ns the place was lillcd when the nomiua
tion came up. The following were se
lectcd by ballot :
Tor State Senator William Me
1'or Representatives John II. Ames
and Henry Kompler.
1'rank Lewis was afterward put ii
nomination for countattorney , althougl
he declined to accept. McLaughlin foi
senator also declined , and John H. Amci
is put in tlio Hold with the expectation
that lie can defeat J. M. Raymond , om
of the republican nominees. There wai
no tig-lit in the selection of state delegates
Morton and Miller followers bein }
blended in llio following delegate ;
elected :
A. J. Sawyer , J. 1) . Calhoun , E. I ?
Child , William McLaughlin , P. H
Cooper , John McManigal. II. J. Whit
man , C. J. McCord ami Charles Cook.
The following delegates , favorable ti
John A. McShano for congress , were se
looted delegates to the congressional con
Vcntlon :
II. J. Wlntmoro , J. Crocker , I. Oppcn
heimor , D. Haggerman , Kent K. Hayden
En-rone - Warner , H. J. Dailcy , P. W
O'Connor.V. . H. II. Dunn. J.N. Wolf
W. 15. Morrison , Dr. Bragg and G. I
DECIDEDLY OUT OK GEKK. was n pilgrimage early in th
morning yesterday toward the stat
capitol when thn news spread abroai
that Secretary of State Roggen had re
cievcd C. H. Gere from the railroad com
mission. Among the pilgrims jonrnej
ing that way were attorneys , railroai
attorneys , politicians nnd ward workers
They wanted to see the secretary of stat
but ho was at homo and indisposed ; h
had done that which ho liadcontemplatci
doing for some time ; ho had removed th
member of the railroad commission wh
did his regular newspaper work am
drew a salary as railroad commissions
Ho had otlored the position made vacan
to Judge O. 1' . Mason , of this city , an
Tvliilo the question ot acceptance wn
under consideration there was notliin
to say. If Hess Stout had elevate
himself upon the derrick where tli
dome of the capitol building ou li
to bo and poised them as a statue of jus
tiuo it would not have caused half th
discussion in the capitol building ns di
the fall of Gero from the commissioner' '
room to the basciucut. The shock of tb
fall shook up the governor's oilice bndlj
and thu governor and his private seen
tary , it is said , went into executive se !
sion at once while the private secrctar
to thu private secretary transacted th
affairs of state. The deposed commii
sioner visited the otlico in the building i
the morning , tina as usual stopped In nn
then stopped out again. The work of
day was accomplished in that laborior
act nnd thu salary went on ; infaettli
secretary for thu secretaries eloes th
work largely anyway , nnd it is the o :
ceptiou aim not the rule when a da
comes along that any ono of the con
mission puts in oilico an hour at h :
room in the building.
' A prominent Lincoln man in di
cnssinjr the removal , said that Sei
rotary Hoggen's act would be approvct
that thu commission , with such a notor
ous railroad advocate unon it , had bee
n failure and that Mr. Roggon could no' '
nnmo a mini that the pcnulo would ha\
Gonlidimco in for the work , evt > n if the
lacked confidence in the law Itsel
Others talked about tlio political oil'ect <
tha roniova. , and are glad to see tl
principles of self-defense used after Ion
and increasing provocation. To the in
crago citizen , though a wayfarer , it loot
ns though Secretary Roggon was 31
builded of timber to
that corporation manipulations , nssisu
by a subsidized press , seem determine
to whack a man over the shoulders wit
unit thu old adagu that the created is n
greater than tlio creator seems to 1
again exemplified.
"I removed Mr. Gero on go
oral principles , " said Secretary Ho
gen to the HKK representative , "as
have felt that I ought to hava dona b
fora. " 1 am under no obligations to ai
of them and I am not here to bo manip
lated or to hava what I consider best ai
my nets otllcial or personal subjects f
attacks from such associations. 1 shn
select thu best possible man with whom
hope tin ) public will be satisfied , to ta !
the vacant position , "
of the congressional delegates from II
atrico and the three score spectators fro
Lincoln to that place has been nccui
plishod without the bray of brass bunt
ami the excited Howe boomers will nc
proceed to cool down to the calm level
the moro experienced heads in Laneast
that wuro not captured in the whoop ni
hurrah of the Lancaster county ronvc
tion , The number of people in Laneast
who are cooling down atuj beginning
, V. rcali7 the sober second thought th
" there is an election lo follow is not i
ol the City \ \ aler company ot Koarin
Xn > tilea yesterday with the sucrcU
of state. Tl o articles place the capital
Stock at ? 1C5,000 , divided into shares of
J. < 0 each. The object of the corporation
is to supply the city of Kearney with a
water supply for all uses and purposes.
The Invirporntors arc Jesse II. I'ttrdv " , of
Pennsylvania , who invests ? 7oOtO in" the
enterprise ; William D. Cockburn , of In
diana , who invests JlO.SOO. and J. Mars-
ton , of Kearney , with rlOO 01 stock.
Auditor llabcock is at homo in Valley
county. Attornov General Loose is look
ing after political fences down in Cass ,
and to-day Commissioner Scott will go
to Kearney to look after the work on tlio
now reform school building there , which
is rapidly nearmg completion.
The police judge has furnished Iran-
scripts for the district court of thirty-
eight cases for disposal there that have
arUen in police court since the may term
of the higher court. Twenty-eight of
these cases are ones in which parties
have been bound over to answer in a
court having linal jurisdiction in their
cases , and the other eight are appeal
cases taken up when the lower court has
parsed upon them. This is a small index
of what the work will bo iu district
The Knights of Labor delegation that
has been in convention the last two
days departed homeward yesterday. As
their organization Is secret all the way
through , there Is nothing for publication.
Ono of the elolegntes , however , said to
the HBB representative that ho was at the
Cleveland general assemble , 1C. of L , and
that gathering did not show a more in
telligent body of men than did the Ne
braska convention of this wcoic. The
labor interests of Nebraska are certainly
intelligent , and the compliment is well
Yesterday In police court the hotel
runner who crossed the dead line was
lined in court $1 and costs , which lie
paid. Two drunk and disorderlies com
pleted the docket of the day.
Thereis an old shed building nt the
cast entrance of the capitol grounds that
ought to bo removed as a nuisance. It
is an eye-sore and a filthy place as well ,
and if a horse stable is necessary at the
capitol grounds it ought to bo put in a
less conspicuous place.
The Baldwin block , that lost most ol
.ho third story in the wind ptorm of s
ihort time ago , has been rebuilt again tc
ho height it had reached before the acci
ilent , and the roof will bo in. place in r
"o\v days.
An excursion train of nineteen coaches
'Hied ' mostly with Illinois people , passbd
.hrojigh Lincoln yesterday en route west
, vard. The nineteen coaches formedi :
jram of two sections , which reached Lin
coin over ono hour _ behind time.
The now Potvin block , on Thirteen ! )
and O streets , will bo one of the hand
some buildings of the city , and one of !
"argo number being built the presen
rear. The workmen arc crovs ding bricl
aying at present to get the walls up be
ore winter
Track laying on the Northwestern roat
: o Lincoln is progressing rapidly , and 5
s only a question of days now until tin
coaches of another railroad will be depositing
positing passengers at the depot in Lin
at Lincoln yesterday numbered amonj
others the following Nebraska people
M. K. Turner , Columbus ; B. S. Ramsey
Plattsmouth : C. U. Bodwell , Centra
Davenport ; Leandcr Gerrard , Columbus
S. McDowall , Beatrice : Alex. Campbell
McCook ; John II. Sahler , Omaha ; ,1. 1J
McDonald , Fremont ; Gco. Jetl'ry , Lewi
11. Goff. Omaha.
Halfortl Sauce makes your food mor
At Horshum , Kngluud , the other night
"vagrom man" took down a horseshoe
nailed up on a wall , and , in spite of it
powers in defending from Satan , actuall ,
used the innocent piece of iron for tin
purpose of effecting a felonious entry t
a neijrhborling dweling house.
Kirk's German I'Ho Ointment.
Sure euro for bund , bleedlne , and itcldni
Piles. One box has cured the worst caws o
Uii ) years standing. No oue need sutler tei
minutes after using this wonderful Kirk'
German Pile Ointment. It absorbs tumor :
allays the Itching st once , acts as a poultice
pives Instand relief. Kirk's German Pll
Ointment is prepared only for Piles am
itchlnn of the private purls , and nothing else
Every box is warranted by our agents. Soli
by druggists ; sent by mall on receipt ot price
50c Der box.
Cleveland. O.
Sold C. if. Gooodman and Kuhn , fc Co. ,
Utn and Douglas 18th ut d Cuinlnf
A fivo-logge.d soft shell turtle is ono e
the natural curiosities inviting attontio
at Seymour , Ind.
Charts of the Pleiades show , as visibl
to the direct eye , G23 stars , but the phott
graph reveals 1,421.
St. Jacobs Oil is just what you need :
you Miller pain ot auv sort. It novc
fails. _
The letter-sheet is seen but little i
ordinary correspondence. About 10.0C
are sold every day in Now York.
The electric light is shortly to rookie
gas in the Paris grand opera. Moro tha
0,000 incandescent lamps will bo used.
A reward of 100 has been offered i
England for the proof of a case of drunl
eness that has'bccn cured without toti
As the schooner O. Coke was comln
down the Patuxent river , Mr.rylam
something was seen in the water whic
at a distance looked like a largo scrpcr
crossing the rivor. A nearer view le
the crow to declare that it was a homo
serpent. When the vessel drew ti
nearer the monster turned mm made d
rcctly for the O. Coke , .and thn crow g <
out poles and pikes to repel boarder
They were not used , for the aiiimi
proved to bo a gray squirrel , wnich wi
taken , tired out , from the water au
given iLs liberty on the schooner.
A. Bel fan t Rioter Sentenced.
LONDON , Sept 23. Nalrnojr was sentence
yeitorday , at Uelfast , to one year's lniprlt > o
mont nt hard labor for rioting and assaultii
iwlleo In that city.
Preptrod wlti ! strict regard toPntltr , Strength , in
Healtlifclnea * . Ur.Prico'aUaUiit'PovrdercobUln
co Amoonli.r.lrr.tsAlaiu or I'UcapiiatM. Dr.Prica'
juu&cu , Yiailla , Lentoa , etc. , Hiict fitUdoczlj.
TLo Boodle Sbovers of the National Capital
Bewailing Dull Times.
The Cans TVcri-lcil Over Senator Van
Wyck's Campaign Uclntlons
With Mexico Timber Thieves
in Montana.
'U A9IUNGTOX , Sept. , 20. [ Correspond
ence of the HKB. ] 1 met an old lobbyist
to-day and asked him how the third
house had prospered during the last
session. His answer was too pictur
esque and lucid for publication , but hav
ing seduced him into a secluded scat and
placed him under the cooling inllucnco
of a mint Uilip , 1 induced him to give
mo a history of the work of the third
house in language that would not harm
thu paper. And hero it is :
"Business is played out , and yet there
ought to bo plenty. The movement to
forfeit lands granted to railways the
cllbrts to reduce appropriations the at
tempt to have the Ilenncpin cannlschcmc
approved the Eads ship railway job the
Mississippi river the fortifications , and
various other schemes ought to have
brought the third house nn abundance of
profitable business. There was plenty
of business but the profit was nil. The
dairy men and the oleomargarine mak
ers did put out a little money , but all the
other follows ollercd only contingents. "
"Do you know what contingents are ?
\ \ cll.if you don't I'll tell you. Youmustgo
to work and work the soles ofl your shoos
and blister your conscience , if you have
one , until Sam "Jones' denunciations and
hreats of lire hereafter will fall as harm
less on your ears as would the reading
about a cyclone in Dakota or another
earthquake in New Zealand , and if you
succeed in getting your man a million
dollars or save him two millions , he will
pay you a few hundred.
When Sutro was hero with his five-
hundred dollar hills , or that Tom Scott
had governor Drown lighting IIuntingt6n
for a subsidy. Why , Eads had no con-
lideuco in las scheme , for though his
man Cockerill was here he didn't put out
any money and Charley Shcrill used ten
dollar bills where ho formerly put up
hundreds. I tell you the lobby is played
out. "
The veteran took a long pull at his
straw , contemplated the smoke of the
Ucina Victoria which I had handed him ,
and continued : ' 'These people who
want everything arc beginning to adopt
the English plan ; they have lawyers who
go before committee and make ar
guments instead ot having us take the
members individually and convince them
over a dinner at Walker's or Chamber-
Iain's and a night south of the avenue.
Then they pet the newspapers , botli hc-rt
and abroad , to work for them. That's
the came now and yon see how it ended.
"Charley Sherrell is on hand as usual ,
with Ins alter ego John ISoyd , but Char
ley doesn't disburse like ho used to. and
lie seems to want new men for his work ,
Alt ho is doing now is against the Heagan
inter-state commerce bill , and if he is iu
suecesstul in fighting that as he was in
saving thn lands of the Huntinston sys
tem of railways , he will gel it passed'bj
as unanimous vote. I see tie has rtroppeil
John T. Harris , who helped him do thai
job , and I saw him trotting Phil Thomp
son around instead of Harris. "
"Dr. Bradford did some work. He was
in the postofiice site business , working
for the square where the postoflice no\\
is. The doctor had some other small
matters and captured a little boodle.
"Uriah Heop Painter was on hand , as
usual , but ho works on a regular salary
and does his business by giving the mem
He don't disburse any money and enl
has to look out that no legislation aft'ccb
vho Pennsylvania railroad or any of Ste
offshoots , like the BaltLnoro & Potomac.
His only trouble is the citizens' commit
tco , who complain about streets beint
used as depots for freight cars , and 'citi
zcns' like those of the capital , who have
no votes , are not very strong with con
'D. C. Forney was in several thing !
outside of his regular work , but got none
of them through , so ho is not any richci
for h'w lobbying.
"G. W.Shnlt" , who attends to the leg
islative business of the geological survey
has had a busy year , as quite a numbei
of attempts were made , and some of then
successfully , to limit the expenditures o
this wonderful bureau. Shult occupici
the best position of any lobbyist in Wash
ington , as the government pays him :
largo salary , presumably for his service !
in the geological survey.
"The dairymen and the oleomarffarim
men had lobbies at work , but they wort
mostly now men except Painter.
was Camp , a brother-in-law of Roraci
Greeley's , who banks on that fact am
was hero in the interest of the Burratoni ;
canal , one of old Captain Camden's out
let schemes. The charter for this com
iiany has been transferred to some Nov
York men , Smith Weed , jr. , and Gcorg1
W. Quinlan among thorn , and Camp wa
their chosen agent. He was as much on
of place in the lobby as a bull in a chin ;
shop aud made no progress.
"Colonel Mike \Vood3 , of Alabama
seemed to bo very busy in the corridor *
but whether he had anything besides th
McFarrahan claim or not Idon't know
"J. M. Swctt usual , looking af to
Northern Paoitio Interests , and seems t
have boon almost ns unsuccessful as General
oral J. A. Williamson. Jato commlssiono
of the general land oilico , who has cliurir
of the Atlantic & Pacillc. Both
united in passing a forfeiture bill as t >
the Atlantic & Pacific lands and the president
idont signed the bill , so I don't sea hov
Williamson o-irned his salary. The lions
passed ono bill as to the Northern l'i
cillc and the senate another , which ar
now in conference.
"Colonel Smithsinger has at last sue
cocilnd in uctting his library schom
adopted amfis happy , but success in thu
caused his employment in the tight fo
postollico building site and ho has nc
been in that yet , though ho was ver
active. "
it is bolinvcd that there will not bo a ver
kindly feeling between this country an
Mexico in the future on account of th
recent trouble , even though no feelin
grows immediately from the dispute
The Mexicans , it is said , do not relish th
idea of btiing pushed into a reversing c
the decision in the Cutting case and a r <
lease of the prison . The most otlenslv
act they have boon compelled to do bac
down from an assumed position in
threatened war. A gentleman who lui
had cxtttusivc experience with the Mo
icau government predict that it will en
brace the Urst opportunity to insult till
country again ; that the Mexicans ar
smarting over the Cutting affair mor
than people gent-rally have any idea o ;
The Mexicans , ho says , have the in
pression that they can guerrilla us to sul
jcctiou if a tight is precipitated. The
only ask to bo placed on thu dcfcnsivi
ami to have us invade their coiuitr
Then the Mexicans have an idea the
can enlist others in their behalf.
Moro interest is taken by the lobbyist
here in thu campaign of Senator Va
Uyek , of Nebrmka , thau that of au
Dlher candidate. Ttfioy despise him and
pray for his di-foat. Senator Van Wyck
is the terror of the 'lobbyist * , because ho
believes there \i \ no mo for them and
never misses am opportunity to expose
them. It is said that two or three of
those who have been cut out of Int jobs
bv him have been at work trying to com
pile the votes he'has given to various ob
jects , with a yiow to making an embar
rassing showing for him. So far , how
ever , they have not produced anything
worth using by the Senator's enemie ? .
There is no man in public life , the lobby
ists say. who ' 'gives the boys o little
charf * * meaning the lobbyists , "as Van
Wyck. "
The democrats of the District o' Col
umbia arc about to boycott the adminis
tration bocau o of the "corner" the fam
ily of Wilsons have on the local federal
oflices. A complainant said of the mat.
ter to your corresuondent to-day :
"It seems that rill of the family that
can hold otlices have been lilted out.
ll ° re is a portion of the list all that lean
think of at this moment : A. A. Wilson ,
marshal of tlio District , salary fO.OOO a
year ; C. J , Wil on , n brother , paymaster
in the army , 5,000 , Win. Wi."onbrother ,
clerk of the board of assessors. $1,200 ;
Thostnas , inspec
tor of buildings. t,000 ; J. D. Kntwisle.
brother-in-law , clerk in the district court
$1,000 ; W. M. Dorc , nephew , inspector of
wood nnd coal , f'4,300J. ; Mnurcy Dore.
nephew , contractor for furnishing wood
and coal. , " and one or two others men-
tionrd whoo names have been forgotten.
Marshall Wilson , is from the Dlstrlct.but
the body of democrats say he lias never
done anything to recommend him to the
double function of being ofiicsliolder anil
olllce dispenser , and especially to confine
the latter to his immediate family. There
is brewing a storm.
There is going to be a cloud-burst ovei
the political head of Secretary Manning ,
whether lie goes abroad as minister , or
remains where he is , or oven retires ,
The economists are complaining that he
has drawn a good deal of salary anil
gave the governim-iii practically no ser
vice. They claim that he has been but r
political expediency at best and ought to
never have been in the oilico.
of the land oflice in Montana indicate
that the timber-stealing corporations ol
tltat section , which wore broughttobaj
last winter , and through the leniency ol
Assistant Secretary Jenks given tinutc
comnromisc , have renewed operations
on u large scale. As Mr. Jenks is now
practically at the hoai of the department
of justice , and as solicitor general wil !
have charge of all government prosecu
tions , these bold rascals will doubtles :
before long feel tlio force of hi ;
wrath. Mr. Jenks is a gontlomat
who always prefers to comproinisi
rather than prosecute , but when tin
quality of mercy has been stniined sc
line us it has been in this case his Scotcl
mail is likely to rise up stout and strong
The interior department has sent to bin
tliis week two timber prosecutions in
volving large amounts ot pine , and it L
said others are \p \ fpllow. Tlio govern
nient has been given to understand tha
the timber thieves have raised alargebaf
of money to defend themselves with , nm
will use every means in their power t <
prevent the government from securing :
judgment against them.
A Beautiful 1'resent.
The Virgin Suit ( Jo. , of New Haven
Conn. , to introduce Virgin Salt into even
family are making this grand oiler/ :
Crazy PatchworJc JMock , enameled ii
twelve beautiful , colors , and containing
the latest Fancy flitches , on a large Lith
ographed Card having a beautiful goli
mounted Ideal Portrait in the center
given away with every 10-cont pnekngi
of Virgin Salt. Virgin Halt has no
for household purno JS. It is the clean
e3t , purest and whitest Salt ever seen 01
used. Remember that a large packagi
costs only 10 cents , with the above pros
cnt. ASK your grocer for it.
Brightened Future of Silk Culturi
Minneapolis Tribune : Some years ago
however , Edward W. Serrell , jr. , of Nov
York , undertook to solve the problem o
the automatic reeling of silk. It was i
dillicult ouc , but it appears that a satis
factory end has buen readied after tin
expenditure of several years of labor am
considerable sums of money. The out _
come is a silk reel which is now bcitij
put into operation in the south of Franci
through the co-operation of some of thi
leading banking houses of Lyons. Thi
machinery makes so great a saving ii
labor as to largely subordinate this sidi
of the question , and it is for this reasoi
tliat the silk raisers of our country hopi
by its aid to bring their efforts in cstab
lishing silk culture to a successful ter
If the experiments contemplated an
brought to a successful issue , the inr-reas
ing of the homo market for cocoons ma ;
then bo looked into with greater hope
for success. The market for the produc
of this establishment is already an activi
ono , as we imported during the last lisca
year raw silk to the value of nearly § 20 ,
Though the work mentioned will b
the most important of the nature that tin
department will carry out during th
coming year , the entomologist , Professo
C. V. Kiloy , who is charged with thi
branch of the department's labors , wil
continue the work done in past years o
distributing silk worm eggs and sericul
tural information and literature. Ho ha
recently issued a new manual on silk cul
ture , wnich is now being gratuitous !
distributed. This is a revision of the eli
pamphlet published by the department
to which much now material of ayaluabl
nature has been added. The women' '
silk culture association of Philadelph !
has received congressional aid and wi
probaoly purchase cocoons during th
coming winter.
Thorn are many cheap cosmetics o
fered for sale , which claim to contai
nothing injurious to the .skin. This is a
boshntt , or very nearly all are con
pounded from the most deleterious an
poisonous drugs in the matcrhi medic :
They destroy the vitality of the skii
makinc the consumer urematiirely will
ored and old. J. A. Po/.zoni guarantee
his medicated complexion powder ei
tirely free from all Injurious matter , an
will gladly pay , $300 to any praetic ;
chemist who canfind jupon nnalyMs tl
slightest trace qf w.hito joador.irsenic
Use none other and you will never rcgro
Prlcn 50 cents and 'f ' 1,00 per box. Sol
by all druggists -Verftimers. .
"Let Hep Hell , GnllnKhnr. "
New York World : tt'ho favorite slan
expression on the Chicago board of tnu
and the rest of tile tionntry as well no
is , "Lot her roll , Gallagher. " This conn
from Now Orleans.'When Blakoly Hn
went down there a few years ago to wri
up tha exposition which didn't expos
ho found that thu icencrio name of tl
bobtail ear driver ot tlio Crescent o
was Gallagher , He observed that wlu
the driver of these ramslmcklca stoppt
In the street for a lady passenger tl
gentlemen in the cir : would usually ris
tnko oil' their huts , and co the ncwcomi
seated with something like chivalri
grace. Then one or 'iioro would sin
out , "Let her roll , Gallagher. " Tl
rusty brake would twirl , the jaded mu
Mould propel and the creaking car wou
roll on through dust to destiny.
Sour stomach is one of the first symi
toms of a coming bilious attack , and
remedied in time a severe spoil of sic1
ness may bo prevented , lake Dr. J. I
McLean's Liver and Kidney PHlcts :
cents per vial.
Libby prison is now a fertilizing fa
tory and Castle Thunder has been burnt
to the ground.
"What TlicrVcnr nml JIo wit Is Malic.
There will bo much change In the
fasmon of men's clothes this fall and
winter not so much as tailors would
like , perhaps , since every decided varia
tion in sylc Increases their custom. To
begin nt the top nnd co down , it may bo
Paul that silk lints arc made n little higher
and with less bell shape than last year ,
although for elderly men the crown will
always bo slightly bell shapwl. The
brim is reasonably narrow aud well rolled
up on the sides. 1'hls style is not nearly
so becoming to mo.t men as the boll-
s-hapu , nnd it novcr proves popular long.
1'or the opera and theatre tall silk hats
will ho worn the old fashioned opera
hat being coii5itrr ! > d out of dato. K\-
Ircmo "swells" will carry their caiuy
and hats in tlio opera boxes as Well ns
when lounging in the club lioncs in the
evening. For low hat.s , the derby
is the only thing worn that is , cast
Alleghonlcs , West of that range
highly respected citizens still ap
pear in soft felt hats. The crown of-
tlio derby is a little lower and rounder
than last season. A narrow brim well
rolled on the sides giycs a jaunty air to it
when worn by quito young men. For
the middle aged man thu brim should bo
wider. [ N. 11. Keep your hair olosoly
clipped , out not to show thn scalp , even
behind. ]
Shirts have the collars high with the
tips turned over a pretty Dig turn , al
though a smaller turn looks butter. Culls
arc round nt the corner if that point is
left to the shirt maker to decide. Two
or throe studs may be worn ; but not one.
For evening dres the bosoms will be of
pique , sometimes slightly embroidered.
The collars and cuR'a should be of plain
linen. Square culls arc yet much liked
by some men. Linked slt-ovo button ?
continue to bo moro popular than the
single button. For evening dress they
are mostly white enamel like the studs ,
although cold may bo used.
Dress suits are 9f black , the watetcoal
ither white vesting stun'or of heavy
black silk with a little embroidery about
the opening ; tlireo or four buttons. The
opening is of the U shape. White waist
coats will bo popular for the theater and
opera especially. The material of the
suit may bo broadcloth or a very tine
worked diagonal. In some of the besl
shops they are now showing a black
worsted which looks like a line broad
cloth only with a magnifying glass i (
shows a tine diagonal. For the average
man a plain broadc' ° th suit is always
correct. The labels for young men mav
bo covered with silk.
tor morning dress , that is , until dinnet
time , the four or three-button cutaway is
the fashionable coat. Generally it is
made of line black diagonals no more
wide diagonals. Waistcoat ami coat are
cut low nt the neck ( but not round ) sc
that really three buttons look beit. II
the suit is to be worn in the oilico it is
not cut so low and four buttons are scon
on the coat. The garment is a shade
longer than last winter. Trousers will
show conspicuous stripes , Thny ma >
also be chocked with a large , almost in
visible , plaid running through the pat
tern. At the knees they will bo from
eighteen and : i half to nineteen inches ir
width wider than last season. When
suits are made of fnncv suitings they arc
"fancy1' and "English. " Sack coat's are
decidedly long and ugly , of course.
A three-button cutaway may bo worr
anywhere except where evening dress i. <
demanded that is , a black cutaway ant
"lightish" ( not light ) trousers. Yet f
good many men persist in getting oul
Prince Alberts or troek coats to appeal
in at afternoon entertainments. But this
is an American fa-shion and followed bj
those who" will not admit that men'r
styles nro set by Englishmen. Prince
Alberts are made reasonably short. Ii
you wear ono keen it buttoned.
Fall overcoats are like those of last fall ,
Winter garments for outside wear are o
rough cloth , single-brcastod , showing :
silk facing. Braid on the edge or not a.1
you please. They are a little longer , o ;
course , since cutaways arc a trille longer
It is said that some men this winter wil
wear very dark blue dress suits will
equally dark blue trousers showing f
raised broad stripe also dark blue. W ill
this rig , a white satin-looking waistcoa
showing faint spots of blue will be worn
If you see a man with such a suit on se
him down as a man of nerve but limitct
Shoes are broadening at the toes , with
out tips , witli cloth tops. Generally the
are made to button. Yet kid tops will
bows are worn in the street particularly
if the shoo is. patent leather. For even
ing dress b'lack cloth , patent-leather
buttoned shoes are the thing. The bos
shoemaker in town says that men nr <
coining to possess scnso enough to havi
their shoes made to lit comfortably , re of any other consideration. J
few weak-minded men still appear a
dances with patent leather "pumps.1
black silk stockings , and a sweet littli
black silk bow on the instep. In tlio day
time the same man would probably wea :
one of those low-cut out waistcoats show
ing much shirt front. It is a fashiqt
Sroporly called n la viorgcand few men ii
ow " \ ork as yet have so far unsoxci
themselves as to bo seen in such a gar
mont. In neck wear , as the waistcoat ii
front docs not button up high , Hat scarf
are not worn. Either the made-up four
in-hand is used , or a scarf tied in a larg
knot to look like a mnilo-up scarf. Sill
or satin or raw silk is the material , am
the pattern is selected according to fnncj
A fewwretched beings persist in wcarin ;
scart pins struck in the middle of this tic
Gloves arc dark or light tan with stitc.h
ing of the same color not black.
Here are a few points for the gidd
mala creature about to make his cntranc
into polite society :
Don't wear a shirt open behind. Thi
crime cannot be concealed. 'Have you
collars and culls on your shirts or stay i
Don't wear a low hat with cvcnln
du'ss or a Prince Albert coat ; nor a hig
hat with a sack coat. Diu first.
Don't wear your watch chain to she
with evening dress. Pawn it lirst.
Don't wear a whileor black silk t
satin tie with evening dress. White law
about three-quarters of an jnch wido.tin
by yourself , is the correct thing. If yc
wear a made up white tie don't she
yourself outside the bowery.
Don't suck the head of your cane. PCI
will think you have not been weaned.
A. H. C , Cranstoniloor-walkcr for Stci
Brothers , 32 West Twenty-third fatre-e
New York , together with his wife , w :
troubled with malaria for upwards i
two years. They botli were entire
cured by taking ono or two lirandretli
Pills every night for three months , wit
out interfering with their laborer nous
hod ) duties.
A French musical journal t > ay
Dilli-runt people sound dill'urent vowc
when laughing , from which fact a clo
observer has drawn thu following concl
sions. People who laugh in A ( pronoun
ah ) are frank , honest , and fond of nnl
and ovcitcmunt , though they arc oftun
a versatile and licklo disposition. Laug
tor in K ( pronounce ay ) i > > peculiar
phlegmatic and melancholy JHM'SOI
Those who laugh in 1 ( pronounce cu ) u
children or simplo-minded , obligin :
allectionato , timid and undei-idt-d peon ]
To laugh in O indicates generosity ui
durinc. Avoid all thosa who laugh in 1
as they are misanthropists.
Rev , A J. Mclnernev , Annapolis , Mi
"Rod Star Cough Cure gives goi
satisfaction. "
Things are going on so fast among t
Japanese that thi-ru is talk of thoirlii :
JHg an "agricultural party" in tlulr lei
look-d for national assembly.
s. w , con , ir.ih AM > TAHXAM , OMAHA ,
Property of every description for sale in all parts of the city. Lands for sale In
every county in Neprnska.
Of Titles of Douglas county kept Mniu of the city state or county , or tiny othex
information de-sired , furnished frco ot charge upon application. _
How Her SInJoMj Trn > ols Wlu-n 1'ny-
Ing n Visit to Scotland.
Never were croatcr precautions taken
to secure the safety and comfort of a
sovereign when traveling , ns tlu > follow
ing few details will illustrate. To bccln
with , the royal train was lilted with an communication between the
compartment of each saloon carriage
and the > guard's , and tolosjraph nii'ii nr-
iv.aApanied the trr.iii with the necessary
instruments and appliances for stnb-
lishing communication in ca o of ne-cos-
sity. Then a look-out man was placed
on the engine tender , > vith his face to
wards the remr of the train , so as to bo
ready to recolvo and communicate
with the driver any signal that might be
given- and the guard in the front van
had to keep his face constantly toward
the rear ol the train on the lookout for a
signal from tlio guard in the rear , or
from any of the attendants accompany
ing the train. Bovmiil this surface-men
wore stationed at all llio level cros > incs ,
and no vehicle of any kind was allowed
to pass for half an hour before the
royal train was duo. The goods
trallio on both lines was Siis-
ponded during the progress of her
majesty , and this speed of the passenger
trains proceeding in an opposite direc
tion was reduced to ten miles nn hour
while the royal train was passing them
on the oilier line. Precious lives must be
jealously guarded , wo know. But so
complicated , were the precautions for the
queen's safely that It seems to us a now
anger must therefore have been creatod.
. 'ho royal train consisted of twelve
chicles , including two royal saloons ole-
; antiy titled up. and the string was so
rranged that these caraiages were ex-
etly in the middle. Following the en-
line was n brake van , next a first-class
.arriago for men servants , a carriage for
nun servants , one for dressers and ladies'
uaids , then a carriage containing Lady
A'atcrpark and the lion. Horatia Stop-
'ord ; next came the queen's saloon , the
'rout part of which was'occupied by per-
onal servants and dressers and the pri-
ate portion by her majesty aud the
'rincess Beatrice ; then followed a scc-
nid royal saloon , in which was Prince
leury of Battenbergs next a carriage
ioutaming Viscount Bridport , Sir Henry
. 'onsouby , Major Edwards and Dr. Reid ;
AVO carriages for the directors and olli-
: ials of the railway companies , the
' ' " carriage contain *
'Queen's fourgon" a
ng the royal plate and the rear was
wrought up by another brake van.
Modern Society , London.
1OO Doses lor Dollar
is inseparably connected with Hood's
larsaprilla , aud is true of no other medi-
ino. It is au unans wcrable argument
s to strength and economy , while thous
ands testify to its superior blood purify
ing and strengthening qualities. A hot-
ttc of Hood's Sarsapanlla contains IOC
doses and will last a month , while others
ill average not to last over one week.
lence , for economy buy Hood's Sarsa-
> arilla.
Fainting the Town Red.
Pittsburg Dispatch : At this late day an
jtherorigiu for tlio expression , painting
t red , is given. Back in the ' 60s racing
ivas one of the exciting features of Mis
sissippi river travel , and when an oppor
tunity offered for a trial of speed all bands
were breathless with excitement. The
first command from the captain would
be : "Paint her red , boys ! ' which was
river slang for filling the lire-box will :
rosin in order to create a quick , hot fire ,
( it which time the fire-boxes would be :
thrown open. Then , if the night were
dark , the etfoct was simply grand. As
far ahead as the eye could sec the rivet
n'ould be a deep reel from reflection ,
forming a most beautiful picture , which ,
once seen , could never bo forgotten , ll
was at that time that the expression ,
'Paint the town red , " originated , as the
jld steamboatmcn intended to convey the
.dea by its use that they would lidyc s
beautiful time on arrival at their destina
.ion. .
Hnlford Sauce for taiiuiy use. Soli
Buffalo is going to have the largest
clock in the world. The dial will be
twenty-live feet in diameter , and the center
ter of tlio dial will be ! HU foot above tin
.street. The dial will be illuminated bj
electricity , and it is calculated that tin
time can be seen at night from any poinl
u the city , and with a field glass tin
Dosition of the hands can bo distin
uislied at a distance of fifteen miles.
Prince Putiatm has presented to tin
Russian Archujological society a stoni
slab which was recently found in th (
course of some excavations at thu Bologni
station on the St. Petersburg & Moscov
railway , along with some stone weapon ;
and utensils. A representation of tin
constellation of the Great was , al
though rudely , carefully drawn on tin
slab. Some years ago a similar slab wa
found near Weimar.
For Feeble 1,11 lla Oiiei.
For many enfeebling complaints to
which children nro subjected , Duffy's
Pure Malt Whlskoy , used medicinally , In
the hands of parents and nurses , never
falls on account of Its absolute purity and
efficacy , in effecting a cure.
Mr. J.A. HIKOnOSE. 17t Battery avenn * ,
Baltimore. Mil. , writes : "My twin babies of
11 vu month * had suffered vtltli imlnulncn tbclr
birth. l times huvlns their limb * lo draw up
and brcorau ettiT. expecting them to go Into
convulsion. . These palm ere caustrt uo
doubt , by Irrpgulftrily of boweli. tha children
becomtnu emaciated. After trylnz treatment
of locni remedies , ' well ns menlcal treat
ment. without avail , and with the lee of rest
to myself and wife , wo thought It lmpo lbla
to favB the little ones , and , ai a last retort , we
resolved to try one bottle of roar DUFKV'S
PuilK MALTWHISKKY. We nro irlad wo
did : the result as end rful : It relieved the
tables at once , pioJucInu u natural quite
sleep , relieving them of wind pain , re-tor-
ing thclrbowelH tea normal condition , thriv.
IOK wonderlully. While generally opposed U
Intoxication liquor * ai a lire p.iratlon ,
Idon't think yonr MAI.T WHISKEVcanbi
beat. "
Mr.A.J , MEBWLL. Editor of the Lcdirer ,
Pocuniokc. ild. , writes : "I have been lining
my family for a lena tlmt. 1 eot It originally
lor a delicate child. Hava given It to her.
She U to-day In th bo t of health and u
he.irty at any child of her ae. 1 attribute hei
preirnt BOX ! heultheutirely to your excellent
whiskey. "
Mrs. II. E. FAIRALU Professional Xu
Cl N'urlh Bond flrett , JJftltimon ; , Mil , , write *
" 1 II r l iir-ictlially teUil thu merits of IHJF
KY'd MAI.T WHISKEY In tlio ca e of tvu
ulckly d debilitated children , who er <
weak ar.J puny at b'rtli. ' In le- * , than thru
months by the ute of It tiicy b\e \ , ( at um
healthy as any children Iliaveerer e n. Ail
other lnt-inr.e wherein thu moit remarkable
laiulU were obtained was the case of a chile.
hoi > eles ly III aiid given up to die by the t
triullnz physician. I un1 1 your HUFl'V'-
IM'UK MAW WHIJKKY combined will
milk , and In one mcmtli th child was entire ! ]
I could montlon hundreds of cast :
safiil ) tay it hoa lav-id life. "
Mr * . O.HAnT. 1C5 Wllicot Avenue. Phi
CUB ? . INwflto * V'n ' c"e , n"v ofu > > pllj.r.vt !
uvef" becoming sick I alwaj t Kep _ > our UUK
PV-S H'liK MAI/I' WHlSKKVou hand
'fold my physliUu , iir.d ho tald he used It Ii
uis pruttlcu. I will reccommtud U. "
Kor snla by Unit-gists , Grocers uu <
Bultlmore , MJ
Price , Ono Dollar per Bottle.
Prof , Clias , Ludwig Von Soeger
rrnfps orof Metltrlnit nt the Urtj l l'nlTt > rttn
Knluht of the Hutnl Aii'trlnn Or > lnr < if th Initi
rrwwn KnUM Ctiinmitmlpr of the Ho-nt Si > nnl ( i
{ r-iorof i.niipiln. KnteM of the ltoyi\l l'nil n l -
dorof thislis ! H le , Clievuller uf tha Irfuljn ot
llonor.rlcrtc , * * .
"I.KiniU ClVH COl'.V MKKP TWJtO hoat.l not bo
contimmleJ nlih tliolumls of tni-hy euro nil * . Itli
111 nnteaneof tlifl irnnl * V.HCHI romcil * . I Mil Riot *
OMBliljrCT'n-er * . nt * lthll nuMo of preparation ntl
know It to t > not nnlr n lopltlm.-tn Hi-rninc < MiUc-.l
product , bntal'owortlif of tlio Mgli rommonJ-tlon *
ltlmi > rocelr < > l In nil tutrttof the world. It contain *
r oneo of llenf , COCA , Quinine. Iron anil CalKtr * .
which r ill * . n-e | < l In pure genuine Spanish liui > orul
Crown Shorrr. "
InTnliiitMoio all who are Itun Itown. N .rTOU , MM-
rxiptlc. Illllnu * . MnlirloiM > r ntuctoj with wuitk UJ-
nor * . IlK .MlKorlMITATlDNS.
Her Majesty's FavorlUe CosmetlcGlycerino
t > oil by Her lloynllllslino-'tho Trlnfe * * of Wnloj
nnd the nobllltr. Vat the Skin , Complexion , Knit *
tlonChni > [ tlni ! . IU. of tlriig ltu.
1.1IUIK1 CO'S Oonulno ! * rriip nt S , r-.n | iril1n. Ii
uflho btMt > iuillnln the market.
N.W. Cor. Wth nnd Douglas Sis.
Practice limited to Diseases of tha
Glasses flttoil for all forma ofilofoctlvo
Vision , Artillcial Eyed luaortoi.
* A Homo nnd Dixv School for Youn ? OUT. 1 Dclltfhttully slUiiitr-1
D Georgetown llutithts. Lnrgo grounds. I'.u-
rg p l nccommodntlons.
MissKAULE , UUOItMh St. Washtngto 1) . C.
_ lyfldoodOT _
Nebraska National Bank
Paid up Capital . $2DOOOO
Surplub . 30,000
II. AV. Yates , President.
A. E. Touzalin , v'io.o President
W. ll. S. Hushes , Ciishicr.
W. V. Morse , John S. Collins ,
II. W . Yiucs , Lewis S. Heed.
A. E. Touziilin.
Cor 12th and Farnam SLs
A General Daukiug Business Transacted.
N. W. HARRIS & Co.
DfllinQ Of Counties , Cities nnd others of
DUiiuO blKhirrado bought nnd sold Kastorn
olnco US Devonshire St. . Boston. Correspond
ence solicited.
E. T. ALLEN , M. D.
lye. Ear , lose & Throat
Itooiu 0 Williams ilulldlng. Cor. loth and Doclgro ,
Oiimhn , Kuh.
Hours , 8 to 12a , iu. ; "to 4 mid 7 to 8 p. m.
By the new nnd scientific ti ailment now In
voiiuonniong the great specialists ot the cast ,
w hose methods Ur. Allen Is fully prepared to
Terms SiOO per treatment or $2o to $ V ) per
Glnsscs accurately prescribed , (3 to $13 ,
Manufacturer of
Paper Boxes ,
106 S. 14th st. Omaha , Nob.
Orders by mail solicited and will rc-
coive prompt attention.
S. W , Cor , Farnam d 12th 3ti.
Capital , - ,
Surplus , - 18,750
C. W.HAMILTON President ,
M.T. UAHLOW.Cashlor.
U WILL HA SI I I/TON. Aast ( iublor
H.M. Cald woll. J.W. Hamilton. a Smith
M.T. Uarlow Will Hamilton
WsrA.I'A-vros , Pros. L.B , WILLIAMS , Vloo-1'ros.
Union TrustCo
215 S. 13th St. , Omaha , Nob.
School , County and Municipal Bonds
UODT , L. OAni..ciip , F , n. Joitwsoir ,
Boorctury , Treasurer.
Itcccntljr IlulH. n\f \ lurnl'U- *
Tlie Tremoirt ,
J. C.KITZUKUA1.U& SON , I'ropiIotoiM.
Cor. fth nnd I'SU. , Lincoln , Nob.
Mali'sll.OOi'crda ' * , Slreol car * ( rom.Lguu ta any
part of I lie rill/ ,
Architect ,
OfflcM-SI. 31 Bnd . Illvlmnli llloolc , Lincoln ,
Nob. I'.Iuvutoronlltti struct.
IIri > ederot
a ALUJV/AV UATrr.E. Snmrr lluux OATTLS
Live Stock Auctioneer
Hales made In nil unrig of the U. & nt fair
rnto . lloom : i , Stuto Hlouk , Lincoln , Nub. ]
( lolloway and Short Horn ImlU lor sitlo.
Farm Loans and Insurance ,
Corres'iotvU'nee in rcgrarl lo loan ) aolicUeJ.
Houm I , UU'hurdi Ukfk , Lincoln. Nuu.
.Riverside ShortHorns
lit ointtly yuru llutca unJ llutuu .u | > i > odcuulu.
Herd ntilubi'Mubout Culmud.
) -'iiiillio < iDiir-'ai-iitcii : t'ilborl * .
Auoin'a. Hctllux , Koso of Miimmt , > losj
Knluhtiy Diictii'tsoHat C'reok iouiu ; ,
I''t , I Jiuanu mi } Triic l.aroj.
luilh fors.U.I , I I'uro H.ilo-j J-'ilbort , I I'nro
Oatct rr fp3. I Itusoofiuoi ! ! : > . I Vouiu Miiry.
1 I'ino Crulok feliiink niul niiuirs I'onio AIUI
liHiiecl the her ) . Addict , CIIAJ. M. UKA-N *
SON. Lluwln , "tob.
Lincoln .op r.t
National Hotel ,
Aod jftt a uoadulaiiur turXa.