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! , JllUoli
Gossip About Manning and Bayard and
What They Will Do ,
Jlnca . Gnllaslicr or Indiana to Suc
ceed McOtlllouddy A lllslily Kn * >
dorscd Applicant- Still Eat
Cabinet Talk.
Sept. 28. [ Special Telegram -
gram to the Hii : . ] It Is icpottcil In
olllchlchclcs Hint a great deal of political
and personal inihtonco ts being upon
Secretary Maiiulng-to liuluco him to change
lilstli teuiiliiatloii to retire from the cabinet
andtoicmaln. Ho Is stated , firmly
told Iho president that lie positively dons not
want to continue In the treasury dcpait-
ment because he believes his lu-altli
will not permit It , but the president has as-
Bttrcil him that ho can take fi rest whenever
he desired , and that ho can b < ! relieved of
nincii of the routine work. A belief pievalls
that Manning will bo persuaded to leturn
hero. of weight was put upon thn
repoit clicnlntcd the other day to the effect
that Secretary Hayard was contemplating
exchanging Ills position as head of the de
partment of state for thn tiearury portfolio.
It Is notorious heie that Mr. Jlnynul has not
cnjojcd the oflico he now occupies , but it Is
not on account of the lively chatacler of
some of his official acts , as many suppose. It
lit because ho has been kept at so many rou
tine mallets. Ho never did much routine
work before ho look the place ! n < now tills ,
and the olllco has hud more of It during h is
Incumbency than In twice the time Immiull-i
ately before his advent there. Tills has been' '
the result of the largo number of clmnues In
the foreign service under this administra
For a year the employes of Iho state de
partment Imvo been at work most of their
time Instructing mlnlstei.s and consuls. Of
course , this carried with it many now inter
pretations , which wcie made Inrcely by tlio
( ccrctary , and the assistants would natmally
defer as much to thotiewsnpcilor as possible.
This made the olllcn diities unusually ardu
ous and has caused the sccrclary lo wish a
thousand times that ho was a senator again.
It Is predicted by a triend of Mr. Hayard
lliat there will lie a new man at the head of
that denarlment before the end of this term
ot I'lesitlont Cleveland. He says Mr. Hayard
is tired ot It.
AN AHU.VNnr.Mr.NT niAcmi : > .
It was arranged at the conference between
tlio president anil Secretary Manning at Al
bany yesterday that Manning should conio
back to this city about October 1 and take his
place at the head of the treasury. At least ho
was nominally to bo In his old choc. This
Btntoof things was lo last , unless Manning
breaks down again , until after the November
elections , and then Cleveland will bo In a
position to choose a siicces.ior U him. There
is truth In the rumor that Cleveland wauled
Maiming lo take Iho Austrian mission. It
Is generally supposed ho thought It would bo
ft compliment lo Manning to give him a tor-
clirn birth for his health's sake after ho had
served his purposes in the cabinet until Nov
ember. Hut Manning did not see it In this
light , and piufuired to let ire altogether.
' From him comus the opposition to thu Aus
trian "simp. " Manning is acting on the ad
vice of his doctors , who tell him to retire
from public life , but Cleveland Is begging
him like ho did once before to remain by
1dm at least until the elections are over. At
present Clos'oland has no ono to put in Man-
nlnu's place. Falrchild would like lo have
It , but the piesldent Is not going to give
nway siieli a big oflico lo a plan who can bo
sntislled with an assistant's place , and by
Hiving the chief's place to some leader gain
followers In IbSS. Cleveland's eye is now
iixed on ronomlnatlon.
Hugh D. ( Jallugher was to-day appointed
Indian agent at the Pine Itldgu agency. Dak.
3Ir. Uallnghor Is n merchant of Orccnsburg ,
Ind. , matrled , and is forty-seven ycais old.
lit1 has a war record of enviable proportions ,
having entered the service In 1SC1 as a prlvato
In the Thirty-Unit Indiana and was mustered
out lieutenant colonel of the
, Thirty-fifth In-
p dlana lnlKn5. JIo has the distinction of hav-
ijng the linestsctof papurs over liled In the
interior department endorsing an army can-
dldalii for appointment , and also of being
i > the lirst candidate for any olllco to secure the
united backing of the Indiana delegation In
congress without a split. Senator Voorhoes
and ux-Sonutor McDonald wrote a Joint let
ter to the president for Mr. Gallagher , in
which they say ; "Wo will bo personally re
sponsible for every act of Mr. Gallagccr if
appointed to tills ofllce , and for tlio faithful
performance of bis duty. " Mr. Gallagliur'a
application was a purely formal one , ho him
self makintr no effort for the place. It was
endorsed by Holman , Lowry , Mat.son , Lamb
and other members of congress , and by sher
iffs , county auditors , fit.tta olllcers and coron
ers without number. Mr. Gallagher succeeds
McGllllcuddy , and iitllovcs Captain Hell.
who was put In charge ot
the agency after McGIIIicuddy's suspension.
The agency lias , next to the San Carlos
aucncy , had greater prominence than any
other owing to the attack upon the agent by
n collection of long-haired cranks formed Iho
Indian Defense association , some oC whom
Imvo been living off the Indians and philan
thropists for years. The head center of this
organization Is located at Washington , and
AtUlns , the present Indian commissioner ,
Bcrms to have succumbed to his influence tea
a considerable extent. Air. Gallagher will
have to meet that amiable red gentleman.
Hod Cloud , who lias for years been a thorn in
the flesh of the aL'nnt , Mr. MeGllllcuddy hav
ing a continual warfare with him. II ilr.
( f.iilaidicr pleases Itcd Cloud ho will irct on
nicely. If not , ho will have lo resign his
ollico , as the Indian association
champions Hcd Cloud on all occasions. Whan
Mr. Gallagher's nomination conies before
the senalo Tils enviable record will avail him
little , as Mr. Alklus must biing nmplo cvt-
deuce of the charges ho has ma'lo against
McGllllcuddy , who was the best niront in the
Judlaii service , before Mr. Dawot will allow
the now agent's confirmation. The c.iso be
fore the senate will ho a trial of stiength be
tween Air. Hcibcrt Wcllsch's Indian nights
association and thn befoio-mentloned Indian
JefeiiNO association , hacked hy Mr. Atltlns.
r Ieanlime , Captain Hell , who has buon for
several months anxious to get away from his
unwelcome task , will welcome Mr. Gallagher
lieaitlly. The Jailer knows nothing about
Indian affairs , but : s an old line democrat.
tin writing to their attorneys hero about their
wants at the treasury department observe
that their business has not diminished bv Hie
operation of the now law regulating It. They
report a diminution of the number of de.ilors
and makers , bill say Iho number ot consum
ers has not grown less.
It Is said by the lawyers who nro looking
after the business of the oleo men that what
is necessary lo decrease tlio manufacture of
the article Is an amendment to the law ro-
imlrlng hotel keepers to make known
the fact that they IHO It. They say
that the gieal hulk of the nrtlclu Is sold
to keepers of publlo hostilities. Kvldently
this move la contemplated bv llm mamifao-
ctnrort ) , and It will bo heartily suppoi ted bj
( ho htatesiucn who da not keep honso in
Washington , If there Is not an amendment Is believed thati
thOro > vill be a boycott of the hotels which do
not show conclusively that they use only
pure batter. It looks as though the worst Imo
not comn to the oleo men. The law ha
hardly had a chance to make an effect ,
A pastoftlco was established to-day nt Fol-
iimmle , Kearney county , and Win. G. Cole
appointed postnmbU'r ; at Yankee , Keltt
county , Hamilton M , German appointed
aTho special mall service at Harrison , Neb.
\\lll be dircontlnucd niter IhoiXHIi lust.
ro.stnmsti'H commissioned to-day : Angus
A. M. Gust , KockUlIo , Xib , ; John F. Hoar
Sleuber , Nel > . ; Krastiib lj. Tiyor , Hear GIOVC
Iowa ; Archibald Hamilton , 151oclcl-y , Iowa
Xnclmrlah J. Hopkins , Colcra.Springs ! ; , Iowa
WHIIam H , Moug , t'lEtclior , Iowa.
ThofnltowiiitfStar mail urdeis for Nebraska
Ecrvir ? have boon Issued : ScctU to Cum
ililnsvillo , from October 1. for Hartlott. in
crcaso in distance Iwo miles ; Walwoith to
New Helena , fiom October 1 , for change of
Bltnof Walwoith.
MIUTA HV it ATTiit3.
The following leaves of absences have
.boon eranled :
Captain Clarence A. Mcdinan , Ninth cav
airy , Now York City , ( recruiting service )
nut John I , VunArsdalu. Seventh infantry
Fort Laramlo , Wyo. , live mouths ; b hsl
JJoutenant Oeorga P. Scriven , Third mill
lery , t > ronty days from October 1.
The following named otlicers ask to bo re
lieved from recruiting s > viuco October 1 a
" "ohunbus Harrncks , Ohio , and proceed to
oln their regiments ; Lieutenant Colonel
lobert II. Off ley , Seventeenth Infantry ; .
Captain F. Collahi , First Infantry ; Captain
Slephpn I' . Jaydln , Twenty iirst imantry ,
( lid First Ucutenant Alexander Ogden ,
Seventeenth Infantry.
1'nrly or Kindly Sportsmen Kllr the
Fierce UfiistH of the il iiflo
Kroin'Ihclr Illdlnc t'lncci.
Prince Karl of Norway nnd Sweden in
Ninlecnlh Century : In silence and
folomnity the profession moved toward
llie jungle in order not to awake
[ ho sleeping tiger. In snito of it
bc'ins the "cold season , " I suilered tre
mendously from th6 heat under my
broad-brimmed Indian hat. lint who
could have time to complain of the heat
then , though ono could hardly breathe
anil was bathed in perspiration ?
After u while allock of soaring vultures
indicated that wu were approaching tlio
spot where the tiger consumes his noc
turnal meal , and behind a ridge , slrewcd
with blocks of stone , and which scorned
only live hundred yards oil' the slam bul
lock had beenliod up. Thoinitivo hunts
men innintninod tlnit the Ugor must bo
near , as the blrils continued to soar rest
lessly over the spot without daring lo de
scend lo llicir prey. Shortly after we
have reached tin ! northern felopu of the
ridge referred to , where the elephants
are ranged in a sciilloirelo at a ilistanco
of 850 yards from the top , the position of
each animal being indicated to the "ma-
hont" by an old , gray-headed shikaric ,
who is evidently quite at hoinu
in the jungle. Adeborg and
myself are stationed on a little
mound , whence wo have n fairly good
view. Low shrubs , in some places form
ing to the eye impenetrable thickets , sur
round tlio spot in which our elephant
stands hidden behind two great blocks of
stone , and a single jungle covers the
slope in the direction whence wo expect
the beaters. A ravine runs lo our right.
On Iho olher side Oscar and Sandstorm
arc 'posted ' ; next to them an oluphttnt
with some of Iho suite of tlio minister ;
then Sala Yung himself , witli AH Ik-g.
Alter a while's anxious waiting , yells and
loud sounds of drums and cymbals are
heard in the distance , and in a few min
utes one dusky figure after another : ip-
nears on the brow of tlio hill. Wo now
rise in the howdah , and , cocking our express -
press rilles , scan every shrub in front of
us. It is becoming exciting , but still no
tiger is visible. The boaters begin to
separate and break the line. Adelborg
and myself have just agreed that
there is no tiger within the line ,
when suddenly the ropoit of a gun
is hoard from Salar Yung's clcgliant ,
indicating there is something up. It is
Ali Heg , who has shot at a tiger which is
attempting lo break throuirli at the side
of his elephant carrying the attendants of
the minister , and in a low seconds the re
treating tiger is subjected to a veritable
peppering from that quarter. We double
our attention , but tail to sec anything
e.xcept the smoke from the guns. Th'o
beaters again collect , but a number of
frightened coolies run terrified in all di
rections , and even the elephants show
signs ot tlight , stamping and swinging
their trunks to and fro. In the mean
time , however , Ali Heg seems to call us
by waving his hat and wo bcconcd to our
mahout to urge the elephant forward ,
delighted in 'Iho thought that there
might still be something for us to do , and
in a few moments we arc alongside Ali
Heg. who instantly jumps from his own
elephant into our howdah. The usually
calm and diginlicd man trembles in every
limb with excitement. lie informs us in a
brief sentence the tiger is wounded and
ordered a pursuit , Hut having advanced
a few stops our elephant absolutely re
fuses to go further , when Ali Heg pointed
to a thicket right in front of us , urging
ino to lire : but in spite of the greatest ef
forts I could not discover the tiger.Tvhich
the experienced eye-of the native had de
tected at onco. Adolborg saw the animal
sneak away just as the elephant sud
denly turned round and retrcaled. However -
over , a few well dircclcd prods with tlio
piKe of a mahout soon brought the ter
rified animal round again , and now I de
lected the black barred tawny skin of a
tiger , lying under a low bush near by ,
ready to spring. I pulled the trigger just
as tlio animal was on the point of spring
ing at all events , so it seemed to me. It
was followed by a shot from Adelborg's
gun , and supplemented by one from my
left barrel , both of which hit tlio animal.
In the meantime the other elephants had
advanced concentrically toward the spot
where the tiger was supposed
to lie hidden , nnd in n moment
shot followed upon shot from all side.s.
The tiger attempted once more to rise ,
but fell immediately backward. The
king of the jungle lay dead at our feet !
Wo are gathered around the fallen
monarch , everybody had lirod , and every
body tried , with more or less success to
trace his deadly bullet. Our booty was a
fine male tiirur , measuring nine ana a
hr.if feet in length.
Shortly afterward wo were told that a
female tiger witli two oubs had succeed
ed in breaking through the line in a
southwesterly direction , and , although
the chances seemed against us , it was de
cided to attempt to drive a little distance
from where wo wore , around. a cave ,
whithci it was assumed they had es
caped. Hut the attempt proving fruit
less , wo returned to our camp. Thus ,
ended the lirat tiger hunt. Iliad not , in
deed , succeeded in beholding tlio king of
the jungle move freely and in full view ,
bul Iho cxcHoment of expecting every
moment an attack from the infuriated
animal was in itself a kcoii delight to a
Wo were splendidly accommodated in
thu magnificent tents. On ono side wo
Swedes were quartered opposite our Hin
dee friends , and midway between us
stood the enormous assembly and dining
tents. Although wo were nearly forty
miles from any human habitation in
fact , in a wilderness wo enioycd every
luxury , as , for instance , beils with mos
quito-nets , carpcts.dressing-tablcs.chairs ,
baths , and every other requisite in abun
dance , Oacar and my&olf inhabited n
tent which would have furnished ample
accommodation for a regiment of sol
diers. At least ono thousand men must
have boon engaged in transporting.our
camp to this spot , parllv on their backs ,
and partly ou carLs.tho . long waylhrotigh
the jungle a striking illustration of how
little those oriental magnates vnluo labor
and nioney when bent upon gratifying a
cherished pursuit.
A liltlo after our return to the camp
the air was rout with deafening cries
wild shouts of joy mingled with Iho sound
of drums and cymbals ; and in a few min
utes the slain tiger is seen approaching ,
stretched ou tlio back of an elephant ,
and. surrounded by all the shikario
swinging n trophy over its head , our
royal victim enjoyed nil Iho honors of a
triumphal entry into the camp.
Dinner was. as may be imagined , consumed
sumod in the ! x > st of spirits nndthoehani
pagno bsitlo circulated freely among the
Luropcans , but the fear of the prophet
inhibited our Hindoo friends from per-
taking of the forbidden luioo , I have ,
however , n strong suspicion that our
hospitable entertainers made up for their
abstention after dinner , nnd enjoyed the
lluiod in privacy , like good Christians.
II. C. Illtchborn , formerly with J. A.
Fuller & Co. , but now in business in Da
kota , is in the city.
Mrs. Herbert Hutching from Chicago Is
visiting her mother. Mrs. U. W , dark ,
at the W. C. T. U. Hucklnglmm homo.
Dr. Lee is in Randolph , N. Y. , with his
family , but expects to return shortly , His
assistant , Dr. Max llleh , reached homo
ast Saturday.
Professor K. Thayer , of the Northwest
ern orchestra of Dos Molnes , is at the
Paxton. The "Northwestern" plays for
the leading dancing clubs all ever Iowa.
The Otoo and Sarpy County Delegates Betray -
tray their Friends nnd Join Howe ,
Boliinlnkc's Treachery nnd Dccolt
The licatrico Opera llonso
1'nokeU With the Itlrpll .Ilboil-
or thn Ncinalin. Frntul.
BKATIUCK , Neb. , Sept. 22. [ Editorial
Correspondence of the HKI : . ] The con
test which has just culminated in the
nomination of Church Howe will bo one
of tli most memorable of its kind in the
political history of Nebraska. The com
bat in itself was comparatively insignil.1-
cant were it not for its far-reaching
consequences. The outcome Involved
not only the candidates engaged ,
but the success or defeat of Senator Van
Wyck and the Douglas county candidate
for irovernor , Henry T Clarke , besides
smashing .stales for several minor candi
dates. The bragadocio with which
Church Howe entered the campaign nnd
Hie blare of trumpets with which ho pro
claimed himself victorious in his transit
from county to county , doubtless had its
efl'ect upon timid and time-serving politi
cians , but the well informed rivals of
Howe in the Hold were not deceived as to
his strength. When the three op
posing candidates , Weaver , Connell and
Toft , canvassed the situation in the third
story of the Grand Central last
night , they felt perfectly at case. They
counted from followers
seventy to sovotity-fivo
lowers who were determined to beat the
common enemy , and they had assurances
that the Sarpy county delegation , and at
least nine or ten of the Otoe delegation ,
would join the field against Howe , which
would have given the lield a clean
majority and several voles to snare. A
triple alliance , ollbnsivo and defensive ,
was agreed upon with the understanding
that one of the three candidates in
tlio field should have the entire vote
of thu opposition whenever it could
bo safely pooled. The Douglas delega
tion met in tlio Knights of Pythias hall in
the , morning and organized for tlio fray.
Every dolccato present was outspoken in
favor of standing by Connell as long as
there was any chance of his nomination.
About It a. in. they wore joined by the
Cass and Saunders county delegates. Who
appeared if anything more determined to
down Howe than the Douglas county
men. When they were reinforced later
in the afternoon by the Kichardson dele
gation and half of Johnson county dele
gation the roll was called and every dele
gate prcrcnt was pledged in writing to
light it out on that line if it look all
night. The kcv of the position was held
by Sarpy and Otoo counties. Tlio live
delegates of Sarpy were mot by Church
Howe on their arrival last night and
quartered by him at his headquarters in
the llandall. They were as follows : Harry
Clarke , the son of Henry T. Clarke , of
Omaha ; Arthur Spearman , AIi. Emp.v ,
Henry Gursch and J. D , Snell. CJarko ,
who headed the delegation , was inter
viewed by Messrs. Gray and Coipctzer ,
who served with him in the last legisla
ture. Ho was somewhat boozy and
showed u disposition to resent as an in
sult the invitation to join the opponents
of liowo who , ho said , was as honest
aud reputable as anybody. lie was kept
pretty much in the same condition of half
drunkenness throughout the entire day.
Young Spearman declared lidt "ho , , wi < s
for Howe because. . , the Missouri Pacific.
through Howe , had done him a good
many favors in the 'shape of parses and
rebates. Empy was entirely under the
inllueuco ot Clark , while Gusch
and Snell professed that they
were grangers and had nothing
in common with llowo. Still they
declined to go into tlio anti-Howe caucus-
and in spite of the promises of John
Clarke for his "pa , " they cast their votes
witli Howe aud his gang from lirat to
The Otoe county delegates acrivod late
in the afternoon and bchminke , who is
recognized as Van Wyck's lieutenant.
pledged at least eight of the delegation
to the anti-Howe forces. In spite of this
there was much uneasiness caused by a re
port that the delegation had caucussed by
themselves and agreed to support Howe
solidly. I implored Schminko and other
Otoe delegates , in the interests of Van
Wyck , to stand with his friends and to
help defeat the Nemalia fraud whose
nomination was sure to bring disasior to
Van Wyck by placing him and his friends
in a false position. Schminko himself
renewed his promises while others of the
delegation , who professed to bo special
friends of Van Wyck , declared
they knew what they were doing
and oven insolently so.outcd the idea that
Van Wyck. had any further need of sup
port from this quarter. Just as Howe s
orass band had reached the opera house
I overheard Schminko in the street
pledge to Church Howe the whole Otoo
delegation. For the lirst time then I be
came convinced that there was treachery
and sell out in the camp of Van Wyck's
Otoo delegation , and tlio outcome con
tinued the conclusion.
Church llowo had made grand prepara
tions for his boom. Having carried the
Gage county primaries by tno help of tlio
Holly water works gang and Kilpatnck's
railroad graders ho followed up his
method by packing the opera house witli
a lot of hired hoodlums who were
all provided in advance with
a lot , of admission tickets.
The brass band blow themselves black in
the face , the fellows who carried the
transparency witli "No llosowator in
Ours" were shouting themselves hoarse
when the convention was called to order
by Tom Kennard , whoso bland sniilo re
minded mo of the olden days when Tom
was coparcener with Hill Stout in the
state real estate distribution nt Lincoln.
Tom gave way as temporary chairman to
the notorious railroad capper , Humphrey.
who , in Inking the gavel , bawled
his profound thanks to the convention
for the honor. Hy the vote which elected
Humphrey , the lost hope of the coalition
against llowo ' was gone. The , tproeecd-
ings that'followed were n roaring farcCi-
Nomlnating speeches were niudfttxf'go
through thu form. IIcnry iisGibrooK/s
great effort for Connejix faa a surprise.
Those who HsJarrtrJl sav they could not
tell to thfuKrd whether Ilenry was going
to Bominato Howe or Connell. Ho
slobbered all ever . his dear
friend Howe , nnd then ended
by apologizing for Rosewater , who
didn't need any apologj ; ut his hands , As
goon as Howe was nominated ho mjlled
out A printed speech which ho said waste
to bo his platform in the campaign.
[ Great cheers by the hoodlums 1 1 IJ Mr.
Hrodorick , of Douglas county , ofi'ercd
some resolutions on the labor question ,
but they were promptly laid under tno
The feeling in the Douglas , Cass and
Saunders county delegations was very
bitler. The blame for the defection in
Otoe was generally put upon Van Wyck
and the conduct of Sarpy was generally
regarded as the forerunner of Mr.
Clarke's defeat in the slate convention ,
On nil hands outside of tlio corrupt co
terie that championed Howe there was a
general feeling that this was ji very sad
day for the republican party and a very
black eye for Van Wyok. E. U.
Mrs. E. D. Pratt , of Fort Macoriao , is
visiting her father , W. W. Copoland.
I'rofo43or tirunor went to Waterloo
yesterday moruiugto visit the school at
that poiut.
An Olil McmtictrfclnmlNomoIr Kcmcm-
hercil Tlirl ! Appoint incuts.
SIDNKV , Nob. , leii ? | 21. [ Correspond
ence of the lKE.r&Hur. ] ] T. 11. Lemon , D.
D. , the father of-thcmiistrict , was pres
ented with ft handjjqmo gold-headed cane
by the members ojf iff ? ) Molhodist confer
ence whllo In session hero. The presenta
tion speech was 'liinUo ' by llishop C. II.
Fowler and abl ' .responded to by Dr.
Lemon. Dr Ltitnon is well known
throughout the ' } , , everybody re
grets to see the olj ( gpnllflinan reliro from
active work , but tho.welght of years nud
his recent sickncsi'dfimpel ' him to rcluc-
ttintly do so. Ho will remain in Omaha ,
however , under appointment of general
work in the church. The conference was
well attended nud the people did their
utmost to make il agreeable for Iho visi
tors. The next ci nleroneo will bo held
at llroken How , Custor county , a year
The followingnppoutiucnts { were made
in the various districts of this conference :
Kearney district W. 0. Wilson , presiding
elder , poslotllec , Kearney ; Armada , to be
supplied ; Ansley and .Mason , W. A. Hodges ;
Areadla , O. A , Halo ; Arnold , T. 11. Thurber ,
Uroken How. F. H. Ualilcr ; Oozail , 1) . M.
nip , It. Randolph ; Onl , F. W. Wato ;
1'ialno alley. ,1. C. Dorrls ; Plum Creek , T.
0. Webster ; lMcasint lllllt M. It. Plcrco ;
U. Lemon , agent of the Tract society and
Sunday School union and member of the
Kearney quarterly coiifeienco ; Geo. O. Fer-
KUSOII left without an appointment to attend
one of our schools.
Imtlanola district P. U , Johnson , presid
ing elder , postollice , liullanola. Alma and
Alma circuit , J. M. Maun ; Arapahoe and
Arapahoe circuit , ( J. Al. Uoswell ; Axtoll ,
.Joseph liucklov ; Ash ( Sieve , postollice ,
JJIoonihiL'ton , Charles It. Townsonu ; Uenkle-
man and Str.itlon. lo bo supplied : lieavcr
City and Heaver City circuit , James Leonard ;
Hloniniiigton , John Thomas : jiertianil , O.
Holcomb ; Haitloy , to be supplied ; Cambridge ,
W. A. Castle : Culbertson , W. A. Uadoon ;
Curtis. L. 11. Kddloblulo ; Franklin , Charles
K , Fuluicr ; Hayes Center , Edwin L. Hutch-
Ins ; lloldrcco and Allaiita , Kraslus Smith ;
Indianola , 1. N. Clover ; liullanola circuit ,
postollloe , Indianola , A. 13. Chapln : Im
perial. A. L , Greenlaw ; Macon and Oscoe ,
postollice , Amazon , Judson F. Durham ; Me-
Cook and McCnok elicult. Win. S. Wheeler ;
Mlndcn. A. J. Clifton : Orleans , to bo sup
plied ; Oxlor , Frank S. Thomas ; Klverton.
Clay Cox ; Kepubllcan Cltv , Win. J. Pitch-
ford ; Stoclcvlllo , S. H. Henderson ; West
Heaver , postofllco , liullanola , J. A. Klto-
berger ; Wllsonville , C. 0. Crandall.
Long Pine DIslrict-G. W. Martin , presid
ing elder , poslotlieo , Lone Flue ; Atkinson ,
T. W. Owen ; Atkinson circuit , to be sup
plied ; Ainwoith , .lames Lisle ; Basbctt and
Kewpoit. It. L. Kobinson ; Clmdron , Asbury
Collins ; Crawford , W. S. Hnsselt ; Gordon ,
J. A , Sciiuiahorn ; Haves Splines , to bo sup
plied ; Long Pine , JU. 11. Fl'-scns ; Pine
Glenn , K. Frame ; ICitshvillc , J. G. A. Martin ;
Spriimview , to bo supplied ; Summit , to bo
supplied ; valentljuvifordcn .M. ilapes ;
Wntlnev. to bo supmied. |
Sidney District Leslie Stevens , presiding
older , poslolllco SWjibyjyliiL'Springs , T. A.
Windsor ; Camp t > atk , to bo Mipplled ;
Julcbbure , K. C. Cmiie ; Grant , P. G. Kuck-
man ; llomlngsfonl'to bb supplied ; Klmball ,
T. H. Dry : Livingston , to be supplied ; Lodeo
Pole and ChapDoT ffEhvard ( Mount : North
I'latte , William A.f Amsliary ; Nonpareil , C.
E. CauiDbelt ; OgaliUla'iG. 11. McAilams :
Paxton , to bo supplied' Sidney , W. A. Chal-
faut. . , .
They Stjle | theBeer. ,
Yesterday afteirnooa while Slorz &
Jler's delivery wagon was standihgintho
two young fellows , Hugh Haley and
Alonzo Mcl'all arrested and charged
witli the larceny of the beer. They con
fess to having carried it out of the alley ,
but allege that other parties stole it and
induced them to carry it to a place where
it could bo tapped.
She ANaaultcil Her Hushaml.
Ollicer Ha/.c was called upon yesterday
to examine into a case of ill treatment
of a peculiar nature. It appears that a
man named John Dobson , who lives at
the corner of Fourteenth and Castellar
streets , lias been sick for several weeks ,
and of late has been confined to his bed
by an attack of malarial fever. Mrs.
Dobson either takes little stock in her
husband's statements of his condition or
else hopes to bring out by tlio use of a
heroic romedv. Sure it is , that yester
day she assaulted him while ho was bed-
ifiSt , and struck him across the head
several times with a chair. No arrests
were made.
The Fight of BInrx nnd RicCormlck to
Take Piaco Then ut the Anno.x.
Yesterday afternoon , it was decided
that the glove contest between Marx and
McCormick should take place on Satur
day evening , October 2. Accordingly ,
the annex to the exposition building was
engaged. This is , at once , the most
available and most satisfactory place that
could bo secured. In It a stage will bo
erected for the purpose , while the sur
rounding space will bo utili/.ed for spec
tators. All of tiieso will have an excel
lent view of the stage. The light will bo
one that will attract largo attention
throughout both the city and state.
Personal Pai-n mphs.
City Clerk Southard loft last night , for
Indianapolis , to rolurn with Mrs. South
ard , wiio has been spending the summer
Mrs. Dr. CofTman and family left for
South Ucnd , Ind. , yesterday.
Inspector Whlllock issued building
permits yesterday as follows :
Mrs. M. Ward , ono story frame cot-
taio. Webster , near Thirty-sixth. , . . S 7CO
Chris Moore , one story frame cottage.
Twenty-eighth between Grant and
Lake. . . . _ CGO
Uallou Uros. , ono slnryiframo collate ,
Ohio and Twenly iirnt . - , . . . - . 000
Patrick McGovern. Vs-orntory frame
dwolliiKConvciit near Howard. . . . 1,500
NIcliolafKrclbs. ono story frame cot- .
taeo. Lake and TimrntyHtlnth . 050
Leo Conneellor , twoMiumtory frame ,
cottages , Tweuty-RcvoiHU near Cum-
minus. . . . . . , . .V.'pu. . . GM
Mrs. H. A. HowanL"-ontfStnd one-half t
story frame cottaL'fl , < Franklin bo- f
twoeii Tweuty-cliflUU rind Twenty-
ninth . I' ' . . . . I. . . . . 800
C. F. McCreary , twpMorV frameiosl -
donee , Twenty-sScndnd ( Spruce. . 1,800
Andrew Jensen , oneislory frame rot-
, Seward brtwc n Twenty
ulnlh and Thirtieth. . . i . 400
Nine permits agera.tir . S B.KX )
I'l-U . !
Conciliator.AYInklc . inan'a Uoturn ,
The Union PaciMp Irani , No. 4 , from
the west , Wednesday brought in from
Grand Island Conductor Frank Winkle-
man and the funeral party that attended
the obsequies of that gentleman's wife ,
at the place mentioned. It comprised
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Jenney , father and
mother of Mrs. Winklomau , Miss Sarah
Jonnoy , her sister , Mrs. Lane and Messrs.
Will and George Winkloman , mother and
brothers ot the husband of thu deceased ,
besides Mr. T. D. Sargent and Mrs. Wilkins -
kins and two daughters , slslors of the de
ceased. AH mentioned in the DEK'S tele-
: tho. remains were deposited in
raceland ceoietery , Grand Island. Mr.
Winkleman is ono of the most popular
of the Union Pacilio passenger conduc
tors and Mr. Jennoy Is the roadiniistor
for the same company , Hoth have many
friends and will long merit tlio sympathy
of all of them.
Distressing and Fatal Accidout to Little
Edna Qratzinger.
Fourth Watcl neiMHtllcnns
For llcr lluslmml A AVnjwml
Olrl Olnmlcrrd Horses
A Hnhy Iturncd to
Wednesday sccnis to Imvo been n day
for fiititl burning accidents in tills city.
The particulars nro published elsewhere
of HIP fntal liurnhitf of Mrs. Alien Tit-
comb on llarncy strcot. Another frl iht-
ful accident of : i similar nntnro occurred
ou Sownril street on Wednesday after
noon that robbed the homo of Mr. and
Mrs. John Urotzingor of their bright little -
tlo daughter , under the most distressing
circumstances. Mrs. ( irctzingor was engaged -
gaged in attending to her household
duties sit her homo , 2'il5 Seward street ,
about o'clock ou Wednesday afternoon ,
leaving licr liitle daughter Edna , aged
about three years , at piny upon the lioor.
The mother's attention was attracted
from her work by the child's screams
rnd flho rushed into llm room to Hint the
child's clothes all nbla/.o. Slio siozctl
a heavy shawl and succeeded in
extinguishing the blaze , hut not until the
poor child had boon burned in n fright-
Inl manner. The llesh on the little girl's
right side and arm was burned to a crisp.
A physician was summoned and did all
that was possible to place the little suf
ferer in a comfortable condition. Mr.
( rotzingor was absent from homo at bo
time of the accident and was aln st
crazed when the distressing news rene od
him , The littlegirl lived until yesterday
when death relieved her sufferings which
must have been intense , indeed. It is
Biipposcil that the child had been playing
with matches and caused the accident
that ended her life by striking one of which ignited her clothing. The
funeral will take place from the resid
ence at 2 o'clock tins afternoon.
Forty Strikers Ijoso Their Jobs at the
New Foundry.
There was an incipient labor trouble at
the now foundry of Usher & Hussell in
Bedford place yesterday morning. The
lirin has been employing about forty men
and doing a rushing business for a newly
located establishment. For some time
they have been having more or less
trnnblo with one of their workmen , a fel
low named Kinney , who has been trying
to run the business for the linn , as is al
leged. The man's manner finally made
him an undesirable person to have in the
the foundry , and on Wednesday evening
ho was informed that his services were
no longer required. Kinney socms to
Intro some hold , upon his fellow work
men and succeeded in getting them so
worked up over his discharge that when
the hour came to begin work yesterday
morning the forty men prescntctl them
selves in a bod\ and refused to do any
work unless Kinney should bu rein slated.
The employers politely but firmly dis
missed all of the strikers from their em
ploy and in less than an hour bad their
places filled with workmen at an ad
vanced scale of wages. The turn of af
fairs was an unexpected one to the
strikers and they at once set about to re
sist it' They formed in groups and by
'threat'anil ' coaxing endeavored to get
tiiu now mou to quit work. Failing
in this they threatened to force
the new men from their position. The
proprietors soon stopped any such work ,
however , by telephoning to the city mar
shal , who sent Ollicera Howies and
O'Grady to the scene to preserve order
ani } protect the property of the foundry-
nion. Everything moved along quietly
after tiio arrival of the officers , although
a number of the strikers hung around the
foundry all day , with no apparent good
object in view. No further trouble is ex
pected ,
Fourth Ward. Republicans.
An enthusiastic meeting of the Fourth
ward republicans was hold at the store of
Charles I. Johnson , 2320 Farnam street.
The object of the meeting was to promote
the interests of republicanism in the
Fourth ward. It was decided to .form a
permanent organization to ho known as
the Fourth Ward Republican club. Kob-
crt D. Duncan was elected president of
the club and A. T MoPiicroun secretary.
The following committees were chosen :
Executive Committee W. A. Messick ,
chairman ; I ) . Curry , W. II. liucklcy , P.
Sharkoy , M. Wembargcr , J. Anderson ,
C. L Johnson. *
Committee on Streets , Grades and Pub
lic Improvements M. S. Lindsay. P.
Sharkoy , G. C. Mattorson.
It was decided to hold a meeting of the
club on every Wednesday evening until
after the November election. Speeches
were made in the interests of the CIUBJ
by M. S , Lindsay , P. Sliarkcy , 1) . Duncan ,
M. Weinbargcr and others.
She Wouldn't Go Home.
Christian Goldstcllor arrived in this
city from Davis county , Iowa , in search
of his sister-in-law , Minnie Undis. Ollicer
Turnbull located the girl in Uortio
Mann's castle and brought about a meet
ing between her and her brother-in-law.
Minnie fainted in the most approved
style when confronted by her relative ,
but refused to return homo with him.
having fully determined to lead a life of
Army \\rlafa.
A loiter was received at army head-
quartei'Ayesterduy f rom Colonel Henry at
-Fort Leaven worth , who says that the De
partment of the Platte team covered
itself with glory at the recent division
competion. It secured four gold medals ,
one silver one and three special prizes.
Three of its men have been appointed to
places on the division team and throe on
the army team. This is an unusually
largo representation and "shows that tlio
Department of the Platte Is as has often
boon ashcrtod ahead of every other de
partment in America in point of murk-
manship. .
A copy of the now circular Issued by
the war department and directing the
soldiers how to use their carbines has
be on received at army headquarters.
Ixold UK Ibr Her Husband.
A lady appeared at the police station
yesterday afternoon ami smight aid in a
search for her husband , who has boon
missing for several days. She gave his
name as Elmer Schindele , and stated
that they came hero from l-romont last
week , looking for employment. Her
husband had left the hotel at which they
were stopping on Tuesday morning ,
since which time she has not been able
to get any trace of him.
Another woman arrived nt the depot
yesterday morning In response to a tele
gram from her husband. The lattor'a
name is Luther Scott , and his address
given in the dispatch was 110 South I-if-
teonth street , and he represented ho waa
working for the IJ. & M , railroad. The
woman's name Is C lia Scott , she came
from Ferguson , la. , and had live little
children with her. Of course she had no
money with her and remained all day at
the depot. Up to a late hour Just night
no husband appeared , ami kind hearted
olllcials had to furnish means for her sup-
Til 13 nitANDKHS' HIMtKAU.
Mow Dr. llnninrclnttl Thinks It Is
Occasioned In Omulm.
Dr. Hamacciottl , city votciinury , com *
mentlng npon the excitement aroused in
Chicago by the discovery of n single cv ; o
of glanders , says Unit that is nothing
compared with the cases which have
been found in this i-ily. Since the doc
tor's semi-annual report to the council ,
in May last , ho has visited a mnnbor of
enoos of supposed glanders , and 1 oi'h
called upon by owners of animals to
examine tham at his barn , to see whether
or not the latter wore alluded with tins
deadly disease. During the mouth of
June ho ordered four lioivos shnt , in July
live , in August four , and in the present
month , ii ) ) to last night when the In.11
horse was disposed ot , eleven animals
had been killed. This prevalence is m-
fortunate , as may tie ascribed to the faet
that many of the vetnrinnry surgeons in
the city tlo not report cases of glanders
to hint. Many of them nre ignorant of
the disease , treat it as a distemper , and
the result is that it spreads as above
.shown. A notable exception to these sur
geons Is Dr. Chambers who has reported
Several cases which fell under his nitra
tion. Dr. KaniiiccioHo is paid by the city
tolook after these diseased horses , and
every ( owner of an animal which is sicic
with this malady and eveiy veterinary
who linds one so infected IH bound to
notify the former of the fact. If any
further violations of this rule be found , it
Is likely that some one will be held re
sponsible for his dangerous reticence ,
K-ln this city , September 23.
at'iO ! : : p. m. , Kdna , ilainditor ot John and
Nellie ( ireuMnger , ni ud - years , U months
and 'ZJ days ,
Funeial will lake place to-day nt 2 p. in ,
from the family residence , UMGSc ward street.
Friends of the family Invited.
The HiickliiKhnnt Homo.
The following circular has boon issued
by the Woman's Christian Temperance
Union on the work at the Buckingham
home :
To you , Christians anil philanthropists of
Omaha , comes this Intter , with thu Kiwtint , '
of "Uoml will towards men. " It seems HttliiK
that at this time a statement of the work car-
iluil on at Hie HuuUIiiKham , In this cltv , hy
the Woman's Christian Tomiteninco Union ,
should bo given you.
At least ono ot the olllccrsof this orcaui/a-
Uon are in eacli of thu chinches , whoso iiiein-
liera we aililross to-day , nuil this may tl. eio-
foio be regarded as in oport Irom your dele
gate. The HiiuUinnham , once a vllo place , is
now the gate of Heaven to many who feel
free to attend the meetiims tliute , no matter
what their appearance. Kvon pcoplo tlnouvjli-
out the state who know of the work , remon
strate when the Idea Is sinrcostcd of uivinn
up the work. Some parties have recently
wanted the premises for thu purpose ot again
opening a variety theater.
The regular Sunday and Tuesday evening
meetings are strictly rehidous , and while tlio
100. On Thursday , p. in. , the W. 0. T. U.
liolil tlieir weekly nrajer meeting , and men
have of ton onteicd to ask for prayer. The
Tuesday and Saturday evening meetings are
conducted by the Kuforin Club , and while
opoued by reading of sciiutuie , singing and
prayer , are more distinctively temperance
than cospel meetings. The object of the
Saturday evening meetings being to enter
tain young men.
At all horns of the day and night men or
women , boys or girls , have gone there for
help , or been taken there by the police or
friends to be cared for. Suicly , if for no
other reason , the safety of our homes de
mands cainest effort for the redemption of
the drinking and cilminal. classes. When
their cry goes up to ( ! oil : "No man cared for
my soul , " can wo answer the Judge with
Cain's question : "Am I mv brother's
keeper ? " This multiform work , including
the most severe and thankless labor of col
lecting money lor expenses , has devolved
upon three or lour persons , and largely upon
two , and they are physically uuable lonecr
to carry the tmulcn. The rent , fuel
and light must bo piovldcd for , and
the question must thorefoie bo met
at once. Shall this work , which is rlcht , and
which tlio Loid has signally blessed , ho aban
doned , or will Iho means and workers bo
forthcoming to carry it on ? That the poor
had the gospel preached unto them , was cited
as the crowning proof of Christ's ministry ;
shall it bo Iho proof of our Christianity in
Omaha ? On the lly-leaf ol one of the hymn
books was found written : "I was robbed in
this place in IbSI , 1 hope to lind salvation
hero now , " and signed by Initials. The W.
C. T. U. can control the location till the lirst
of next Juno.
The pledges given last spring have almost
expired , and wo ask a pledge for nine
months , and that your subscriptions , whether
10 cents or 85 , bo sent to one of the olllceis
by mall or otherwise , before the close ot each
month , for the money must be ready ou the
last day of the month , as rent Is payable in
advance , and no one has the Ur,6 : ur strength
to call for It , Shall wo see to it that wo do
not merit the "Cursed he everyone that dot th
the work of the Loid negloctlnglyV" He-
spcctt'ully pro&eutcd. . . . . . .
W. N. McCA.Nni.isrr ,
JOHN DAilu ,
Ur.o. A. JOPLIX ,
Advisory Hoard.
Money or pledges can bo sent to Mrs. John
T. Hell , president , B Park avenue ; Mrs.
Watson H. Smith , lecoiding secretary , 2318
Cass btieet ; Mrs. Aitlmr S. rotter , tieasurer ,
Fairvlow stient , or Mis. (5. ( W. Clark , cor
responding secretary , Buckingham.
AVhuro IH the Uncle Ordinance ?
The hack ordinance scorns to bo sadly
neglected as far as enforcement is con
cerned , for almost every day there is
trouble between passengers and johus at
the depot. And the Intter are not ut all
times to bhimo , for frequently they carry
passengers all over town and then only
get pay for tin hour at their destination.
Last evening a cab driver was hired by a
sickly loaning individual , and after driv
ing him all over town , consuming about
two hours , the fellow refused to pay his
proper faro. This caused a war of words
for a time nt the hack stand , but it eooms
there was nothing in the ordinance to en
able cabby to collect his lure , so ho was
out both time and money.
PEKrCSKlLf , J . S.i A. M. , 1'rlnuipRl.
The 1'lrM , Iho Orl.tniil nnl , Only Mnrch llml Ii
pulnii livninn vim limp it jirndlrnl luionlnli *
orjlirjnumlry rrorptilnn. ft ttqulrrs BO c " -
tholrcn trom ill. kliu rnd linen frotn Mffn *
wtfletr nln..nnil El\i * htitilriiaiBiiil cnllat that
ninii < nnil l" ulfful voll.h thcr Iwro whni n w ,
Jthlch , - < "tWilT kncwi , kiTra liicni clcftti tnli 11
lon . Jlevrnrc of ItnliMlon * . Stc tint lliciums J. O.
HUlilMlMt A linos. New lUxen , Ceun , U n
> crri cXnc HuMLr allOrtn ; .1.
State Agents
Omaha , Neb.
Warranted abioltitflijnire
Cocoa , from hlcli Ibo cxccim o (
Ollli.-w ticen remoxnl. ItliiAr <
timts Uie strength of Cocoa inlinl
witli Blarcli , Arrowroot or Sugar ,
mill ID llicrcforo far more oconotuU
cat , rotting lt titan one cent art
rt// / > . It la ilcllclout , nourishing ,
MtvitRlhcnlng , easily ( llgonlnl , nncl
ailnilnibly ml.iptwl for Im.illJa u
well na for pcmons In health.
Sold by titiicf n everywhere.
BAKER & CO , , DorcliGSter , Mass ,
017 Nt. ClinrleiHt.Ni.I , < ml.OIo.
A rtcoltrtt.JmH of t , , c llojlcol Cfllfj.i. feu b n lonnr
enitugc'llaUotpteifcl ' treilmc&lof CURWIIC. Mirou Pim
and NL09D Uii4tki thin olhe-rbrfUliQ laSt.L ali.
ftl rUr l > itrm iboff aDil nil ldrcilitrnlikaow
Nervous Proilratlon. Dobllllv , McnUI end
Physical V/eaknots ; Mercurial and other Alloc-
tlcns of Throat. Skin or Bones , Bhod Polionlna.
bid Sores and Ulcers , rc tr tj vith mriiiij < i
luccriicnUliiticlrntl3ajitlnclrUi.8 > Mjr. rrliilnlr.
Diseases ArUlrin from Indfscrstlon , Excess.
Exposure or Indulgence , Mch Pnxiuc > .cm. ot ihi
follonlnt elleeU : ntnrouiDB , , , JtUlllr , illniDin of illkl
nadiftctlTt mirjorr. plnpltien the r w , pbiileililecir ,
Tirilontolh ioocl/or ! rrmtlu , ooufuilon4M < l/.i. eW. ,
rondorlnp Xlarrlftea improper or UQftappy , M ?
rtrnuncnllj nnd. r mpKU'tt ri | > ? o theiboTa , not
IniHledenTeloi * . fr to anr tdJrru. C.n. ll llontof-
floeor t > r mill fr..IntlltJ an < t Urlell ? eoutldtialil.
A Posltlvo Written Gunranteo jtrcn lacmrn.
r&Llo iie. Ucillclna lent eror/whtrBt/ er expnsi.
300 PAGES , FINE PL ATE3 , dmnt ' 4th * nd OU
ttcdlop , lealad for 5Oo. tn jKxtnrtoreurrcaCTt Or r Cfly
ironJcrful t nplclurri , true to llftf rtlcl i oa tbt fultowlcf
ubjeclll who in y tairry , who not. why ; tn hoe < l , om d-
bood. physical de&ir.tfTnoti of celt baa j KnJeicctthe ptri.
lolcgjofreprodiifitlrofcnd mnj-BicT . Thooe nmrrltd or
conteniplftilntf mtriHft * ihowld rent It , P-rrUr r < tlt1 n
taino , ppr to * r 3ftoiddr n } nhrt t fjr Whlttlcr/1
2 ! , 029,350
TansilPs Punch Cigars
n-oro Blilprtnl anting tlin jm t
two yonrs , without n drum
mer in our cm ploy. No other
hoiiBolutlio world cnti trutu-
Uno aKont ( tlualor only )
wanted lu each town.
_ . icdSKxasfa
.JIOBO VITALITY Ii fiillln ? . Brain l > AINii : > and
iHAU TKDor Power IMlKjIAilTltl.l.Y WA X
iO < nmv flnu'n pcrfuct un4 reliable euro In the
rMfullr Introauitd fieriAllwoakenliiirloii !
u promptly coeckfd. TlinATliK citrine
irAndniicllrM n or mont , Ao ,1'IIEK. C'o
Ua ( oino orhriiiall ) > ttn ix omliioilt doctoral
CiVlALB AliEfJCr. No. 17d. Fulton Street. Naw Toh.
Jtcuular tour-ienr cnureei , as fntlonn JNorths
Jctreii of lUclielor of Kclouce.u oncr l tournnsiino
elective couriei In Chomlstrr , lllQlrwy , tiooloitr ,
Mfltueuintlcmnd I'liyilci. 11. rot tlio ik'Kruo uf Civil
Kiipineer. Incluitlnir. beilitea llio nsiut prufunloniil
tndles. nppllcntloni of Electricity in the Arts. I'oil
crailunte lintructloaln lllnborM tbouiitUeii.Urnplilet.
Analvtlcal and Applloil t'hcmlmrir ntul Asmrlnj.
llloloEr. I'liyilcs. unil Aitronoiay. KntMneo oiamin-
Btlonsbopt. llth anil 15lh. li . For upeclnl coiirm
andotliorlnroriiiiitlonapplrtotlioOollciiiTreii uror
Pays Best
ESTIMATES or CO T IN Nrvotf " m ,
The H. P. Hubbard Co. ,
Sucetiion to H P. HUDDAnD ,
Judicious Advertising Jlgonts and Experts ,
E tibliih < f 1871 , IncoipotiUd 1 85.
New Haven , Conn.
" 93 Ouii 200 P ac CATAIOOUI or LCAOINB
Nw < rm > , " BINT Fuel OH ArrnctTioN.
Anil btherv nufrvrlnir fron
. uorroun ilulilllljr , i > ibuu > Uia
krhronlo dtvuiux. ( irriuatur *
' Iwllno of jrounv or old r
Vi * * " ll rn ' fnnioua Klrrlru *
erytf \ < HtaU In theV-ilon li o bull eutni.
lrlif JVtl | i tHiillr frit rmunuluiuj > ull 10
WhoU family can wear ramo belt , l.lrrlrlt
> -ii.uru > i > rlc > frru V ilh luala Iw ] U A rold wortblMH I In-
Hal/uni / anil bofUf conipanlui I'.lrtlrle Tru" lur
ln' ' . ' , . --k1- *
It-r'uro. 7lUcun Mi iaiiiijur | |
rilK'AOO DAIt.V 1'Al'Elt A8
THE Jlnttuii nnd L'llntun A. Hnowuon.
ctdltom. Ili'piiblican , rellubla , cn-
turnrUlnK. l.uteit Jiotvs from nil
parti uf tUo world. Ihulatoit iiiutkct roporH. henl
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