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    THE ILY e
Lillian Eusscll'a ' Late Husband Sings Be
hind too Bow Street Bars.
Jinlgni In Asks For Turkish Interven
tion In Ciiflc ofHusNlnn Occupation
\VnrllUe News l < 'rom ' llcrllii
Otlicr Foreign Nows.
Itlc.imoiiB Kdwnrd Solomon.
LONDON , Sept. 2.V-New [ York Herald
Cable Special to the BF.I : . ] L'dward Solo
mon , Ilka nn unfoitunato chaiactcr In his
opcia of " Hlllco Taylor , " Is at bay. I found
lilin , mctaphoilcally , singing this afternoon
behind the. How slieet bars n new "Miserere. "
Ills return was welcomed by n police war
rant. This Is how n legal opera opened for
thu compowr , much married llku anclcn
Solomon , whosebacicil libretto has paitly
nerved In oratories. In lb t the modern Solomon
omen was nun led hero to Jane Isaacs , who
BltiRsIn music halls as Lily Clrey. She was
matrimonially referred to in mv cable dis
patch of September 7. She U'cenlly
received a communication from her
husband's solicitors relating to tholr
domestic dillicultlus , Her solicitor
replied , and approached his solicitors with a
view to serve Solomon with a copy ot a peti
tion for divorce. It was arranged that ho
thould be served , with th < > understanding
that she should vote In fa4 , or of her husband's
olferat a meetlni : of his credllois under a
bankruutcy petition. This bho agieed to ,
nnd an appointment was madu for this morn-
Ing. At noon ho was at her .solicitor's olllcu
nt thu appointed time. The wife's solicitor
arrived shortly afterward. Solomon was
secreted In a room until all the preliminary
arrangements had been nude between the
legal gentlemen engaged. He was then
introduced and was served with the petition
nn agreed.
Without the slightest nppichenslon of the
Into awaiting him , Solomon Invited her
solicitor to luncheon. They went through
Turlington gardeds , near tlio Bristol hotel.
Detective Drew thereupon stepped up and ,
touching Solomon on the shoulder , Inquired
Ills name. The solicitor answered In Indig
nant terms , thereupon ttic detective blew n
whistle nnd Mrs. Solomon appeared. She
said : "Uc Is my husband. I uivo him Into
custody on the charge of bigamy. "
Both Solomon and his solicitors protested ,
requesting that they be shown a wanant , but
they were Informed that a warrant was tin-
nec.'ssaiy. Them , crestfallen , thu alleged
bigamist was marched otf to Bow street ,
whcroTor some hours ho had an opportunity
of considuiIiiK his position In solitude.
iy TIIK I'ltlSON Cr.M , .
In the cell wheic I met him he said : "This
Is nmostciuel nlfalr. i didn't know the
woman was In existence not having seen her
for ten ycai.s. This Is a case of consplincy ,
which 1 will show up clearly. I suppose the
court room will bo packed , as usual , when a
matrimonial sensation Is going on. 1 believe
that a technical point -j\liether any ceio-
niony In Ameilc.1 would bu legal licie. I be
lieve It has bcijn held that a marriage con
tracted lu America does not stand good In
r.iik'l.ind by solicitors. I will say nothing
more. Lillian Knssell Is In California now. "
"What was your wlfo when you married
lier ? "
"She was on the Music hall stage. 1 didn't
know that she was nllvo or that there was
such a person. "
In the court I found Lily Grey , a tall , fair
young woman and a Jewess. She , was with
her mother , who had as determined a look as
Mrs. Leonard has been described In the dra
matic papers to possess. The mother proveu
the marriage. Mr. T. W. lluckloy , who
prosecuted for thu family , said that the wit
nesses were on their way from Now York to
prove the second ceremony , and asked fern
n remand , which was given for n week.
Mr. Lo Breton , barrister , a brother to
Mrs. Langtry. appeared for Solomon , and
nskcd for ball , which was allowed In ? 5Q
by each of two sureties , which has not yet
been furnished. Mr. Lo Iheton expressed
surprise at the action of the magistrate , be
cause If any bigamy had been committed II
wat only the place of the second marriage
which had jurisdiction , nnd the English wit
nesses should go to America to piovo
thu first ceremony nml not these from
thu latter country to come heic.
AITaJra In Sofia.
SoriA , Sept. 'A [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to the ] { IR. : ] Tlio Itusslau
military nttache.Captaln Saclmrolf , Is maklnc
the greatest elforts , direct and Indlieet , to
Induce Bulgarian otllccrs to pieparo an en
thusiastic reception for General Kanlbars ,
who Is to reach heio on Saturday. The Bul
garian government , on the other hand , In
tends to forbid any demonstration of so un-
The government has sent MadJId Pasha ,
Turkish delegate , to Constantinople to nsk
Turkey to Intervene If Uussln occupies Bul
garia. The Itusslan agent has withdrawn
from deposit here thu entire funds of the
agency hero , amounting to upwaids of one
million francs.
It HincIlH Llko Gunpowder. , Kept. Si. The Vosslcho Xeltum :
says that General Gourkl has ordered eacli
bilado In Warsaw and Lhonlaio hold itsell
In readiness to start for the south on a dav'f
notice. Also , that each biigado hqs been in
stnictcd to have four cannons ready foi
Huntlnc Down the rtct > ds.
MAimii ) , Sept. 23-General A'lllaeampa ,
leader of last Snnd\y's Insurrection , was
found concealed In a mill near Mobll/os and
nnested. A fugitive rebel lieutenant wa
identified and arrested as he was In the act ol
jnuchaslnsr a railroad ticket at Camposuboo ,
Brtvcnty.threo Insurgents who liave been
hunted down In dltferent sections of the
kingdom by loyal troops , arrived as prisoners
in Madrid this morning.
llolillnu tlio Port.
OAIIIO , Sept. 53. Emm Boy , who Is a Ger
man , and whoso real namu Is Chmltiler , will :
8,000 Egyptians Is holding Wad > iy , fortj
miles south of Gondokoio , ajulnst the hosilk
elder. Ho unamtly asks that piovistons be
sent to him If possible.
The Sleek Old Sultan.
COXSTANTI.\OI'I.E , Sept. la. Tne sultan
to-day gave an audience to the Duke ol
Edinbuish and 1'rluro Gcorgo of Wales. He
rrcelvcd Ids visitors most cordially , and con
ferred nixm both thu decoration ot the iiu
peilal order of Osinatile It Is reported thai
the czarewltcu is about to vb It thu sultan ,
Cholera Atnoujj ho Sold ( ere.
UUUAI-KST , Sept , ! O. The cholera ha !
broken out among the soldiers In the Ccntiai
bJvirnu'ks hero und a general flight from the
city of wealthy Inlsabltaut lms > begun.
Look Out tor Storing ,
For Nebraska and Iowa : Fair Wilei
weather. Tim conditions ore favorable foi
the formation of sovoiu local storms lo-nigin
nd on the 24th In northern Illinois , | oi\ ;
toutnern Mlnncbota , eastern Dakota am ,
Vorlufiu Nebraska.
Alc.xnndcrSnlllvnn l-'ftrorsnn Obstruc
tive U'nrln Ireland.
CHICAGO , Sent. 23. ( Special TcleRram to ,
the Hir. : . ] Deferring to newspaper d'S-
patche- * from London tint coercive measures
for Ireland are Imminent nnd that parlia
ment is to pass n now set of resolutions to
shut elf obstructive debate , Mr. Alexander
SuIlUnn , ex-preildciit of the Irish national
league , said this evoiilne that the war of ob
struction would be fought In Ireland , not In
pnillamcnt , during the coinliu season. Sal-
I btiry confessed that obstruction nude the
life of a member of paillauient who was on
the , government's side a most mis
erable one. Henceforth the people
must try to make the lives of tlio
landlords or representatives of absent
landlords as miserable as possible. In his
Judgment the league in this country ought to
devote Its best clforu to raising hinds to en
able tenants to take advantage of usery tech
nicality In tcslsttng u\ctlon ! ami to support
those who are e\icted. The parliamentary
fund he sal-1. Is now laigo enough to enable
Mr. I'.T-iell to meet the expenses of at leri t
two general election1. When that fund need ]
turther suppoit it will ho foithcoming. In
the meantime every dollar sent fiom this
country should bo sent to aid people In Ite-
I.uid in their struggle for their home * . Mr.
bidlUan thought meetings of nil leagues
should be called and an autl-uvlctlon cam
paign ought to be inauitiuated.
r xoiuns.
Outrageous AVords of Two
Loyn lists nt a Uunquct.
OTTAWA , Canada , hept. U'l. ISpeclalTele-
grain totho Bnr. . ] Tlio tuio mission of the
Irish loyal and patriotic delegates Dr. Kane
nnd Mr. Smith , became known here last
night. At a large banquet of a party of po
litical wire-pullers , given to the so-called
Irish loyalists ] ) r. Kane praised the domin
ion government for having put down the
northwest rebellion and for hanging Louis
Kiel. "Iieland , " ho said , "was struggling
with such a rebellion , and It v > as lor Britain
to put down 1'arnell and the I'arnellltes. "
Mr. Smith , however , outdid hl compan
ion. The local liberal paper , the Free Pie s ,
had criticised fairly their mission. Smith
blackguarded its editor and snceringly
pointed to the renresentatlve of the uaper ,
who sat at the table , angered because ho could
Bet a jouinallst , who was coolly reading the
paper. Enragea ho kept up this tirade ot
abuse , and stated that he could not expect
anythinc belter from the reform party. He
abused the French population , told stories
and ranted In a most inglorious manner
about the rogue generals of home rule.
The tory leaders here have found that thcv
have made a great mistake , and liberal stock
has pone up over this hoisting of King Wil
liam's tlag over a hundicdfolU. The banquet
lasted until an early hour this morning.
/V / Tory Vacation.
LONDON , Sept. SJ. Salisbury will go to the
continent Friday , and Cliambeilaln Satur
day. The latter will be accompanied by his
brother iiichard , who will icuuin with him
until Christmas.
Tlio Treaty With Knglnml.
OTTAWA , Can. , Sept. 23. Nothing H yet
known In olllcial circles heic regarding the
alleged now treaty between England and the
United States. A rumor has been atloat ,
however , that auangcments have been com
pleted for the Issue of the joint commission
to settle the fishery question. The minister
ot fustlcc , in speaking of the matter , sau < :
" 1 have not heard of It , and my only regret is
that matters have not readied tlio state de
scribed. The question is still In statu quo. "
Protest Asninst the Callina ; of the
Three 1'crCcRt. Bonds.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 20. Inquiry was
nmdo at the treasury department to-day in
regard to the published statement that na
tional banks .are being greatly disturbed by
calling In the three per cent , bonds which
form the prlucipal basis of their circulation.
It was learned that several of these Institu
tions have given notice of withdrawal from
the system and others are trying to havn
their called bonds returned as a basis for cir
culation , preferlng to forego the Inteiest al
together rather than risk buying tlio four and
four and one-half per cents , at tlio present
high premiums. It has been held by the
treasury department that wnen the bonds
cease to bear Intelest they become unavail
able ns a basis for circulation. This ruling ,
however , has lately been contested bv some
banks and the question has been referred to
the attorney general for his opinion. Until
this decision Is rendered the department must ,
of course , adliuro to Its practice. In many
OT-e-t. however , banks whose bonds havoh. ;
called are deferring their replacement , ex
pecting , apparently , a decision allowing
thosn bonds to remain. In the meantime the
comptroller of the currency , treasmer and
register are so busily engaged with replace
ments and withdrawals that it Is not consid
ered likelv the department will bo very exact
ing with the banks that have failed to .surren
der their called bonds. A letter was lecel ved
to-day from H leading financier of Now York
suggesting that , as an exchange of bonds will
lock up a good dcalot money lust at this
time when it is In great need In moving
crops , etc. , it would not bo well for the cov-
cinment to foice the banks beyond a reason
able degree of diligence In substituting other
bonds for the calU d Us. It Is understood thu
question will bu loll open until tlio return of
Attoiney General Garland , who Is expected
back about the lust of the ui'inth.
Condition of His Health-Ills Keturn
to Now York.
Nuw Yontc , Sept. 2:1. : Kx-Presldent Arthur
has decided to leave New London. Ho will
return to Now \ oik on Monday and occupy
his house on Lexington avenue this winter.
Sherman W. Knevols spent Sunday with
him at New London. lie says that the gen
eral's health does not show any Improve
ment , neither can lie Iwcousldciod any worse
than when ho left New York. Ho Is cer
tainly somewhat thinner and is en n lined
to Ills chair the greater part of
the time , hut his appearance would not
lead n stranger to think him an extremely
filckinaii. His skin Is fresh and rosy , as he
no longer sutfeis from insomnia. His appn-
tltu Is only occasionally capricious , nnd hu is
bright and cheerful. Ho takes a lively Inter
est , not only in Ids own personal affairs , but
In all public ( ] iiestlons ot the day. It Is not
expected that lip can engage acthely In busi
ness this winter.
The Odd Follows.
BOSTON , Sept. . SI. The convention of the
soNeri'lfe'ii grand lodge I. O. 0. F. was called
to order at 10 o'clock this morning , Grand
Sim Garrison In the chair. The appeal of
Samuel Daniels from the action of the grand
lodge of Illinois was dismissed. The grand
lodgu refused to make any change In the law
regarding dismissals eoitlfleatcs. and lefiisnd
to adopt a receipt curd to bo used In place of
thucaids now In use. The legislative com
mittee recommended n special committee bo
appointed to prepare nnd rcpoit at the next
session a badw to bo worn in ttio state grand
bodlts and lodges.
The Sliver Crcok Disaster.
BUFFALO , N. Y. , Sept. 33 , The coroner's
Jury has tendered two verdicts In tlio inves
tigation of the railroad disaster at Silver
Creek , on the New York , Chicago * St. Louis
( Nickel I'late ) railroad , bets\cen au excur
sion and n local trelcht train. Atter showIng -
Ing ihu manner nt the death of the \lctlms
thu fury found the collision caused by the
neglect of Conductor HarrUon und Engineer
Brewer , of the excursion train , to obey or
ders given them by the train dispatcher.
Four of the Jury disagree with the above and
Und that the accident was caused by a mls-
iinilci tnndliigof llagoulurs ghen by Flag
man licit ! . Harrison , conductor , and liiowcr
wen ) arrustiMl after ( he verdict was rendered ,
charged with manslaughter.
Qoiernor Oglcsby and Many Officials In
spect the Animals.
TntJy Two Thousand Cattle In footed
Other Distilleries to Ho i\nin-
I tied nnd I'lcnrn-t'nctimo-
nia Stamped Out.
Disease In Distilleries.
CHICAGO , Sept. a ? . ( Special Telegram to
thu UIK. ) ( ifivei nor Dick Oslcsby , wearing
a critical look bun I ml liU "specs , " headed the
parly of plouio pneumonia experts that took
the ic ular dally excursion out tothol'liicnlx
distillery this morning to Inspect the cattle
there tor traces of the dreaded disease. The
governor was accompanied by Dr. Salmon ,
state \cterlnarlan ; Attorney General Hunt ,
who came up to discuss the le a ! aspect of
the matter ; Dr. Itauch , secretary of the state
board of health , who saw In the excursion a
good opportunity of Investigating the quality
of milk extracteil fiom cows fed on swill and
quarteied In bad-smelling sheds , and by Dr.
ISobeitson , president of the Iowa state boaul
of health ; Dr. Do Wolf , Vetcilnarian Cas-
well , Dr. W. O. Baker of Champaign , 111. ,
Mr. Pearson and Mr. MeCliesney of the state
live stock commission. Pearson's streak of
economy , which led him to make i o of the
North Side street cars to get to the distillery
jestciday , vanished this moining In the
presence of so much authority , and ho hired
tin ee hacks to carry the distinguished visit
or ? . The party left the Giand Pa
cific at 11 o'clock and got to
the distillery a llttlo before noon.
A half hour was consumed by the go\ernor
In nibbing his rleht ear against the cow's ribs
to detect the presence of some tlaw in the
lungs , and In scraping small spots of swill
from his fall overcoat , and then the crowd
adjourned to sco a sick cow despatched by
Dr. Baker. The governor shuddered as the
animal kicked In her last struggle for life and
cast her fast-glaring eye on him lu mute
appeal. But when the doctor dragged thu
ungsoutand sliced thorn up , the governor
pa/ed on the moist chunks with the Inteiest
of an old expert in animal diseases. All thu
doctors agiced that the animal had a splen
did case ot plemo , and Dr. Uobuitson took n
slice of the light lung away with him to show
the Iowa people what kind of a breathing
apparatus the Illinois cattle have. After this
examination the excursionists dioyo over to
the Shufeldt distillery to make an inspection
The visit of Dr. Rauch Is looked upon with
suspicion by milkmen , as It is feared he will
make n report to thu boaid lecommunding
the stoppage of the sale ot milk I mm dis
tillery cows. Dr. Kauch took possession of
the I'lucnlx about twelve yeans azo ,
ns he savs , because of the filthy
condition of the stables. He would
not say to-day whether the stables aio any
cleaner now than they were at the tiuio men
tioned. Ho also lofused to tell what ho in
tended to do with refeienco to the milk ques
tion. Tlio milkmen aic still protesting -
oiously against the condemning ot the nni-
maK Ono of them this morning objected to
the doctors "making any experiments" with
his cows , and ho looked with stloomy disfavor
on the governor in his act of testing the les-
pliatlon of thu brutes. He was told that ho
would be paid for all the cows killed and his
wi.xth subsided. Another milkman last
night got his cow out of quarantiuo and ,
eluding tlio sheriff , swam it across tlio river
behind a boat. But the cow was unable to
land on the other side , and after repeated
efforts to get a foothold on the dock , sank
back into a watery giave , leaving the owner
to mourn her loss.
Tlio state live stock commission held a long
meeting with closed doois this attcrnoon
and evening , and discussed the disposition
of the cattle aflllcted with pletiro-pneumonia
In Chicago distilleries. Governor Oglesby ,
Attorney General Hunt and Dr. Kauch , ot
the state board of health , took part in thopio-
coedlngs. Veterinarians Salman. Casewall.
Hughes , Baker , Murray , Atkinson , and the
Iowa state veterlnailan were present. J. 13.
Sherman , president of the live stock ex-
chanire , Elmer Washburn and the exchange
attorney , Mr. Coy , also attended the session.
The latter three gentlemen admitted that
whether tlio sickness was contagious plcuro-
pneumonia , as the veterinarians had all de
cided , or something else , it was unquestiona
bly a dangerous disease und one that should
bo exterminated at all ha/ards. They agreed
with the board and veterinarians
that the only safe thing to do
would bo to destroy all the animals that
had been exposed or were ntfected. It was
proposed that a post mortem examination on
napfi animal should be held , and these found
to be healthy should fco 8 M for beef. The
representatives from stock yards strenuously
opposed his proposition. They said they
would not allow the exposed cattle to bo
placed on the maiket either on hoof or as
beef. The live stock interests of the west
weio too great and widespread to be so jeep
ardised. Humors would soon be cast abroad
that diseased meat was ollercd for sale in
Chicago. The eastein and foielgn trade
would surely suffer. Canneis would not
daio handle beef , as a largo part of their
trade was with foielgn countries and they
would not take the risk of having edicts Is
sued by other nations pioliibitlng the Im-
poitatlon of American canned beef. Tim sale
ot healthy caicasses mlcht also give nn oppor
tunity for the disease to spread and become
a standing irenace to the gieat cattle inter
ests ot the
During the discussion it was developed
that should the cattle now under quai-
antino bo slaughtered and either actuated or
sent to rondel Ing establishments , ( lie expense
would probably reach S10J.OOO. An addi
tional S50.0X ) would bo icqulred to replace
the sheds If burned. To cover this outlay of
MSO.uoo there Is only available an appropria
tion ot Sf'J.OOO.
Governor Oglesby stated the sum In hand
could bo exhausted and hu felt confident the
balance could be depended on from thu next
It was finally decided that nllthecattlo
now quarantined in the l'hu > nlx nnd Shu
feldt distilleries , numbering ' . ' ,000 head ,
should bo slauglitcied. Tno-hQaid was In
doubt whether ( hero wcroanycasvsDf-plcurO'
pneumonia in thu Chicago and Kmplro dis
tilleries , but It was determined that it , on ex
amination by thu mt-mhers to-monow , thcie
shall prove to bo a single case of the disease
| u either , all the animals exposed will bo
When the Conference closed Chairman
IVaison said : "I'ost moitem examinations
will bu held on the animals slaughtered and
well cattle will bo appraised. It is estimated
the a\erago appraised value will bo Sin a
head. It is not acculcd whether the car-
passes ot well cattle will bo sold in tlio mar
kets or rendering establishments. Dr. Sal *
moil nssmes us that the national govern
ment will contribute toward compensating
the owners. Congress will bt obliged , how
ever , to pass a law permlttlnu such appro
priation fiom the government except for
slaughtering animals in states having no au
thority to slaughter them. "
Polled With Hailstones.
MADISON , \\'ls. , Sept. 2.5. A heavy hall
storm passed over this city and surrounding
country caily this morning , riddling tobacco
leaves In many fields which remained unhar-
vested. Some of the hailstones picked up at
the Washburn observatory measured five
Inches in clicnmference. Shade trees' were
badly damaged. Hundreds of birds were
killed , and about' eight thousand panes of
glass wcio smashed , chiefly In ereenhouscj
ana photograph studios. The stoim'a approach
preach WES heralded by heavy , rumbling
sounds and tntensu heat , and fears of a tor
nado were so general that hundreds of fami
lies fled to the cellars.
MiuyAVKEK , Sept , 'J3. A terrific thunder
storm , accompanied with hall , swept over this
city about 7:80 this morning. Uaiu fell very
heavy , and during Its prevalence the heavens
were almost as dark as night. The house of
Itobt. S. Arthur was badly wrecked by a
thunderbolt , and Mrs. Arthur dangerously
An A cod IlARcnl Skips the Country
Ono Million Dollars Ahead.
Ilnrtford'a Mighty Swindler.
IlAiiTPoni ) , Conn. , Sept. 23. [ Special Tel
egram to the Bun. ] Great excitement pre
vails here over the rtifeaverlos regarding the
affairs of the Charter Oak Life Insurance
company. Since the re-organization of the
company when It was In trouble some years
ago with Gco. M. Bartholomew 50,000,000
had been paid back to policy-holders. Mr.
Bartholomew Informed the directors
that his accounts wcro short
5127,000 and on this account the
appointment of a receiver was applied for.
Other deiienciea In his accounts are
lepoitcd , hut no statement Is yctnbtaln-
able. Bartholomew left the city Saturday
aftcinoon and Is reported to bo In Montreal
Jlo has boon in business hero for fifty years.
Ho was ono of the city's most
lestiected citizens and was connected
with Its most important business cnterpilscs.
The present condition of affairs Is creating
the greatest sensation over known hero In
business circles. He was a very large borrower
and had the highest credit. At one time ho
indorsed tor Hut Charter Oak company totho
extent of § 500,000 to carry it over a hard
place when no one else was ready to help it.
lie has been considered very successful In its
manaL'ciiiL'iit until this condition of affairs
developed. Among other positions which
Bartholomew held ncio wcio the following :
Director < if the Amcilcan National bank.
Harttord ; Steam Boiler and Inspection nml
Insurance company : Oilental Flie Insurance
company ; llol > uke Water Power company ,
of which hu was piosldsnt : It ait foul
Slltc company and Union Manufac
turing company. Bartholomew was
also director in the insane retreat
and In the llaitford hospital , and treasurer
of the Watklnson library. Ho was vlce-
pies'dent of State Savings bank and member
of the corporation of Trinity college. He Is
indebted to the llolyoko water power com
pany , t > ut Insldeissav tuo company Is fully
piotected. Among some of the silk com
pany's paper , with His Indorsement Is ? : > GO.-
000 , and of the Union company 5150CCO , al
ready Known. His own Individual
paper is out and also the paper
of his son's indorsed by himself for
a considerable sum , but the amounts
arc not vet known. Bartholomew is seventy
jeais old nml has been In business in Hart-
torn slncn Ib3'2. He was supposed to have
largo property though it was not in sight.
Ills business judgment was much sought and
hu rcndoied main valuable servlco gratui
tously. Some banks refused his paper because
of his reticent mauner.nut It Is estimated that
held lu Hartford and much else
where. Ills put , at over S1,000OJO , but no
one knows thu exact amount. Ho will bo
Lo tlirown Into Insolvency to-day , thus re
moving the attachment , and prior claims. So
far as teamed , SiifiO.OOO ot the Hiutford silk ,
S'-'OO.OOO of Union , S'MO.OOOof the Scliuylcr
Klcctilc Light , a considerable amount ot
Carter Oak , ami S100.000 ot Holyokc Water
Power company's papci have come to light in
uianj dilfcient scUoirs of llio country. It
is fcarect all the local affairs In which he held
positions of trust will also suffer heavily.
Ni.w YOP.K , Sept 21 The Post's special
fiom Harttord , Conn. , siys : "It is now
stated on good aothortity that George M.
Baitholomow lias been lubb'ing the companies
In which he Is interested for several years.
The first Intimation 'that this was a a fact
was the statement made by a fiiend
ot T. K. Pumkett. to tire effect that Bartholo-
inen was the cause oMds downfall. When
Plunkett's father died , the son was lott
STO.UCO. He invested It with Bartholomew.
It all went. PlunUott , theiefoio , In
duced Bartholomew to put l.Is
name to n lunro amount , and
when thus secured ItO turned about and left
tlio latter in the. lurch. The auditor ot the
Charter Oak Life Company Is severely crit
icised for allowing 51-T.OOO of the fund * to
bo lost. Many ulty banKy-nolil Bartholo
mew's paper , iu.-auliMs said amounting to
The Schuylcr Electric Light company will
probably lose neaily two hundred thousand
dollai.s , and will decide at a meeting to-day
what action is to bo taken In the future.
Bartholomew's son I on the vcrgo of bank
ruptcy anil will suspend to day.
Pielimlnary proceedings were taken this
morning in thu probate court on motion ot
the Phoenix National hank , which has a
claim of 510,000 , to put Georiro M. Bartholo
mew in Insolvency. Tim court fixed next
Wednesday lor action. Tills is done to dis
solve prefcicnccs and attachments.
Oil Wells and Tanks nt Lima , O. ,
Struck nnd Burned.
LIMA , 0. , Sept. 31 This morning at 7
o'clock the city was startled by a terrific clap
of thunder. In a few' minutes black clouds
of smok'o wcro seen rolling up from one of
the oil wells on the BrethcrtQii land. The
fire nt once communicated with the { auk and
in a few minutes all was on lire. At the
same time the gas In a tank 300 yards west
Ignited the wells. All the machinery , tanks
and about twenty-four hundred Inrrcls of oil
were consumed. At 1 o'clock the derrick ol
of the gas works oil well was stiuck , con
suming the entire structure , machinery and
tanks and 1,200 barrels of oil. This well is
adjoining the gas orks , which at ono time
weio in great danger , but the gas works and
all the machinery connected therewith weio
saved. Thu railroad bildgo was on liio sev
eral times. cau ed by the oil running down ,
but was sivcd without much damage. About
that time high columns of black smoke were
seen southward fiom tlio city. Five wells
are reported struck by lightning Ho lo No.
2. Shockoy , McLaln , Uolmcs and Bowman.
Bain has been , falling in torrents. Tlio tlinn-
dei nnd lightning exceeded anything ot the
kind known here. The loss to oil men thus
far Is estimated ut g25.000.
Hvploslon ol'Glnnt Powder.
SAN FUANCISCO , Sept. 23. A tenifie explosion -
plosion at the giant iwwder woiks near West
Berkley Is just reported. A hundred pound'
of gun cotton and nitroglycerine exploded
nt the works. Two Chinamen wcio killed.
The damage to property Is slight.
An Incendiary F vs.
Sinr.nvviLi.K. : 111. , Sept. 2H. A dlsastious
Hie In thobuslncns pait of the city bioku out
at 2 o'clock this uioriilni ; , and obtained full
headway before any ( ire company arrived.
The file was finally got under control aftet
burning several stores. The total loss is
about 55,000 , insurance about the same. The
tire Is believed to .bo the work of an Incen
diary , and W.'B. .Leothan Is in custody ,
charged \ > Ith the crime.
Diislnecs 'Failures.
NEW YOIIK , Sept. i 23.-Clmrles A. W.
Ileinmann , petroleum ] broker , made an as
signment to-day to Stephen K. Reynolds ,
with preferences amouptilig to 53,600. J , M.
Mooie&Co. , bioker" , j lso assigned to-day
to It. Cassluy , with Si : ! 000 preferences. As
signee Cassldy thonglit the liabilities and
assets of the nrm would be about even. Ho
also stated the failure \j-as caused by unsuc
cessful speculations. '
NKW YOIIK , SI/PU / 2 ? , Charles A. W. Her
man , Importer and iU-iicr ! in chemicals and
drugs nt No. 10 Cedar street , made an assign
ment to-day. The liabilities are supposed to
Crushed uyia'l''alllnc Wall.
Qt'ixcv , 111. , Sept. 2 . [ Special Telegram
to the BKK. ) A horrfblo accident occurred
in this city yesterday afternoon , by which
two men were lustafitly killed , and three
others injured , ono oCtltem probably fatally ,
bo'no time ago thu Center mill burned , ami
the brick walls were loft standing , A party
of colored men were 'tearing down the old
walls yesterday , when Mr. Hodnoy Lambert ,
a wealthy and prominent clti/en and well
known business man , In company with his
aged father , went tctho burned mill on busi
ness. While standing Tifir ono of the wall ;
where the colored men were working , the
wall suddenly tell. Mr , Kodney Lumber !
and a colored man , named Douglas 'ivere
burled beneath thu fallen wall" ana both in
Btautly killed. A colqicd man named Bassctl
was also fatally iujuivd , aud another coloieil
man end Mr. Lambert , sr. , were badli In
t M MT rPI HP pnnnTii t Tinr\
Three "Agents" Attempt to Have Forged
Checks Oashed nnd Tail.
A MnrxnalUmvn Man Kilted I5y n
Chestnut Itcports of Successful
Country ralrs Ncxva of Ne
braska nnd town.
"WholcsHlo Forgers Foiled.
WAIIOO , Neb. , Sept. y\ [ Special to the
Bii.J : : To-day three unknown , well-dressed
parties , claiming to represent the Mutual
Beuclit Insurance company , attempted to
dispose to the banks of a largo lot of notes
on the substantial farmers of the county. N.
Kosengron , whose name was attached to ono
of the notes , was In town and was seen and
promptly pronounced the note a forgery. A
scheme was laid to bag all thrco of the
scoundrels but they not wind of It and en
deavored to escape. Two of them succeeded
in reaching a biurgy they had hitched In the
outskirts of town nnd dro\c lapldly In thu
dliectlon of North Band , while the third was
captured and is now in custody awaiting a
preliminary examination. A POSMI Is scour-
lug the country In pursuit of the fleeing
foigcrs. The one In custody refuses to talk.
llneo Fair Attractions.
Pi. vrTMtotTir. Neb. , Sept. 23. [ Special
Tclegiam to the UKB.JThe third day ot the
Cass county fair was an unqualified success.
The crand army posts had charge of the day
ami thu veterans and their families were out
In force and enjoyed a pork and bean picnic
In thogio\e wlthl'n the fair grounds. Fully
5,000 people were In attendance.
The races were the finest ever witnessed at
a county fair , Kitt B. winning the ' -M5 trot in
three straight heats. Time-2:4 > f , 2:41 : ,
2:44f. : Honesty won the free for alt pace.
Time-2.r : % U:30 : > , ' , 2:4 . Madison won
thorunninc race , mile heats. Time 1:53. :
1:51 : Jf , i:5ljf. :
Tlio speed programme to-morrow will at
tract the attention of all admirers of .this
sport. The free for all trot will bo hotly con
Professor Fisk will give two balloon ascen
sions , onu in the toienoon and one lu thu
Vim AVycIc at Oakland.
OAKLAND , Neb. . Sept 23. iSpeclal Tele
gram to the BKK.J Senator Van Wjck and
lady aiilved on the north bound train at 11
o'clock this moining and were met by the
Tekamah band and escorted to the Cential
hotel by A. P. Job , president of the agricul
tural society , where they were pleasantly en
tertained until 1 o'clock. The senator was
then escorted to the fair pounds , wheie
awaited fully 5,000 people. His arrival was
gieeted with shouts and cheers , tlio cordiality
with which lie was iCLehed fully demon
strating that he is tlio people's choice. For
one hour ami a half hu held tlio attention of
tlio vast audience. The signs of approbation
of what ho said were on cveiy countenance.
Dming his masteily speech hu was applauded
many times , and thiee cheers weie given
him at the close.
Thp. Fair at Broken Ilo\v.
HIIOKEX Bow , Neb. , Sept. 2J. [ Special
Telegram to the Bin : . j Another day of the
falrlms seen a very largo crowd , every avail
able accommodation in the city being taken
up byylsitois. .TJiQ racesweio _ _ partic.ulaily
line. andTflsoTlTe music , /which Is , furnished.
by the Broken-Boy ' cornet balurt1On6 of 'tlio
prominent members of the band is a lady.
To-moriow will bo closing day , and tlio at
tractions will bo unusually fine. So far the
success of the lair has surpassed the expecta
tions of the most sauuuluc of our citizens.
Tcnipcrnnco Talk nnd Work.
Cor.UMiius , Neb. , Sept. 2 : ) . [ Special Tele
gram to the BEI : . | Temperance woikcrs are
creating cousideiable enthusiasm in this city
lately. The eloquent lecturer , C. J. Hall ,
closed a series ot largely attended lectmes
last nlclit. * The district convention , W. C.
T. U. , closed a three days' session last night.
A largo delegation luprescntlm : seven coun
ties was present. It adjourned to meet In
David City in December next.
Water's Great Fnir.
WiniMNf : WATEII , Neb. , Sept. 23. - [ Special
cial Tolegiain to the BF.J : . ] The Weeping
Water fair Is the best ever held In the county.
Six thousand people wcio on the grounds
tc-tktiv. T\\o thousand entiles have been
made. The exhfbTF Of fiult and farm pro
ducts exceeds the state fair. Exciting chariot
and othei races are held each day.
General Ilnwkoyc Itnlly.
DBS MOIXDS. la. , Sept. 2.5. [ Special Tele-
( rraarto the Br.K.J The republican campaign
was opened to-day with largo and enthusias
tic meetings In every congressional district
of the state. Ex-Governor Gear spoke on na
tional Issues ut K.iinicld. EvGoveinor
Klrkwood was1 given a gieat reception at
Das'enport , wheie the Klrkwood club of 200
solid business men escorted him to tlio hall.
He created great enthusiasm and
was follow ed by ex- Senator Bills.
Colonel Henderson electiilied the re
publicans of the Second dlstilct at Waverly ,
and Secretary of State Jackson spoke In the
evening amid great enthusiasm. A lint *
rally was held at Klkader , where CongiC'js-
man Fuller suoko for the Fourth district.
Hon. Daniel Kerr Bpokn to an enthusiastic
audience at Cedar Itaplds. lion. John A.
Donnell , republican candidate for conurcss
in the Sixth dlstilct , cxroscd the hypociisy
of Weaver's iccoid , and made a captivat
ing speecli at Ottumwa. Major Conger
spoke for the Seventh at Wlntcrsett.
beuator Wilson and Colonel Hepburn made
powerful speeches to 2,000 people at Bcdtoid.
in the Eighth dlstilct , Malor Lynmn and
Attorney General Baker addiesscd a lousing
meeting at Stuart for the Ninth. Governor
Larrabi'O discussed the Issues and Mayor
Holmes btlried up Cleveland's veto of the
Des Molnes river laud bill at a splendid meetIng -
Ing at Webster City in the Tenth district.
while Congressman Strublu and John Dicn-
nan iccuived a treat ovation at the Eleventh
district meeting at Sioux City. Republicans
everywhere are jubilant.
Killed by a Clirntnnt.
MA.HSIIAI/I row.v , la. , Sept. tfJ , ISpt-clal
Tclesiam to the BKK. ] A team dilven by
hamiiel Purcell , an old resident , 71 jears
of age , became frlchtoned at a pirado of Me-
Fadden's "Undo Tom's Cabin" company ,
yesterday afternoon , throw him out , the
wagon falling on him , Injuring him fatally ,
Ho died during the night. The manager
and members of the company were anestnl
on a suit for damages , but haying nothing but
donkeys , dogs and stage pioneity were 10-
Icused and will give a benefit performance
Tuesday night. Purcell leaves a family.
The Laglo Grove defeated the Marshall ball
club In thu third gaunt of the r-erles. IS to 8.
Minerva l-armem' fair this afternoon Is be
ing addi eased by Dollher , i'ivo thousand
people are piesent ,
A Urnkoiniiu Hun Over.
NEW UAMITO.V , la. , Sept. 2J.--Speclal [
Telepram to the BEE. ] Andiew Peterson ,
brakeman on the Minnesota & Northwestern
railroad , was run over at this place to-day ,
His leg was crushed and heiecelved other
personal Injuries.
DubiKjiio DdtH.
Dt'ncquE , la. , bept. 2J. ( Special Tele
gram to the BIK. ] Lawrcuco Mai S ton's
Dally News company played at the opera
house last nlsht. The three principal mem
bers quit to-day. The company U con EC-
qi-ontly unable to fill an eniiasjemunl at Wa
terloo to-night. The manager and other
actors ut noon attempted to force the * ecede
to if join , One of the < oeedcrs drew a re-
volvernnd the nnnascr loft searching for a
a pot Iceman.
The steamers and barges thus far have
failed to move the i'io'nl onelno whlcli fell
into the river from tlio bridge last week.
Young Tony I'lllTer's trial for tlio murder of
old Patrick Harrington last . ! nl > is protnoss-
Ing. Piilfer's telatlvcs remain away from
the com t room. Conviction Kanllcipatcd.
Klopcincnt nnd Marriage.
Cr.nvn UAIMIX , la. , Sept. 23. [ Special
Telegram to the Ur.t : . ] The sixteenoarold
daughter of Lovl Ladd , of Traer , has eloped
with n dentist of Dysart , and they wcro
mauled. The girl Is of a line family.
Fire at Ottuimvn.
Orrt'MWV , la. , Sept. 'i' ) . [ Special Tele
gram to the l Ki.l : A largo b rn on the
county faun binned last night , and a lareo
amount of hay and o.\ts were consumed. It
was Insured for Sli7S. :
Thc.Hns-0 Hall Uccord.
AT Dr.Tt'.oiT
Detroit . 0 0303 0 r.
Chicago . 0 0001 1 2
Game called at the end of MMU Inning.
Base lilts-Detroit 7. Chicago n. Pitch
ers Baldwlunnd Claiksou. Kuors Detroit
i ; , Chicago U. Umplie Powers.
Baltimore . 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 : t
Cincinnati . o o 0 0 3 o o- : i
Seven Inning * on account of narliiicss.
Base hits llidtlmoie 2 , Cincinnati 4.
Kuors Baltimore 2 , Cincinnati I. Pltchcis-
Klhov and Pechlney.
Metropolitan . 0-12
Louisville . 0 1 0 C 0 2-3
Base hits Louisvillu 4 , Metropolitan 12.
Eriors Louisville 2 , UmpireValentine. .
Brooklyn . o o t 0 0 0 l o o2
Pittsburg . 2 0030120- 8
Base hits Hiooklyn 0 , Plltslmru 0. Errors
Brooklj n 5 , Pittsburg 1. Umphe Kelly.
AT PmiAuit.i'iiiA
Athletics . 0 2 4 0 0 0 ! 0-1.
St. Louis. . , . 2 0000031-0
Base lilts-Athletics 12 , bt , Louis r. . Errois
- -Athletics- . St. Louis 7. Pitch-ers-
Matthuwsaud Hudson. Umpire Yoik.
Ar ST. Louis
St , Louis . 0 00000 1 10-2
Kansas City . 2 00000 100-3
Base hlts-Sr. Louis 5 , Kansas City 10.
Eirors St. Louis 5 , Kansas City 3. Pltchcis1
Keiby and Whitney. Umpiie Quest.
Philadelphia . 0 10000101 3
Washington . 0 10000000 1
Base hits-Philadelphia 0 , Washington 4.
Errors-Philadelphia 1 , Washington S. Um
piie Fulmer.
AT Uosro.v
To-dixy's game between New York and
Boston postponed on account of rain.
Jockey Cluh Ilncen. ) , Sept. 2.J. Three-quarters
mile : Climax won , Burck st.oiul. Time
1:17. :
One and one-eighth miles : Pcttlcoit won ,
Ilermitaso second , Pasta , third. Time
l:5S3-G. :
Three-quarters mile : Bessie June won ,
Montiosu second , Matins third. Time 1:17. :
One and oneiit.ii tor miles : Ferona won ,
Aretino second , O'Fallon thlid. Time > ; .
One and one-eighth miles : Baruiim won ,
Eikwood second , .Millie third. Time l : . " > TJf.
Three-quaiti'in'mllo : Hopeful won , King
Ailhur Sicond , Fiollc thlid. Tlmo 1:57X. :
Coney Island
BKIGHTON- u n , Sept. 23. Three-quar
ters mlle : Bclluna won , Itutax second , Tem-
ploCioss thlid. Time 1:15".J.
Seven furlongs : Aglncourt won , Amber
sccondrW-.rrcnLowis tlHrd. Thpjs- H.
* Sevoi\-jiilr \ ; > n ? ! : < . vWandFro&.won/'Buil-
field Srcqndriitilatlon ( ) : thlid. Tlmo 1 : 5.
One mile : Ilotbox won. Big Head second ,
Blue Pctei thiid. Time l:4S f.
Ono mlle : LU/io Walton won. Baser second
end , Glendon tliiid. Tlmo l:4SJf. :
Seven finlougs : Jim Douguss won ,
Treasmer second , Commodoio thlid. Time
Dakota Kopulilic.inB.
ST. PAUL. Sept. 23. The Pioneci Pi ess'
Yaukton , Dale. , special says : Delegate Gifford -
ford was icnomlnated by acclamation in tlio
republican tcrrltoiial convention this after
noon. Gilgsby , of Mlnnehaha , made tlio
nomination , whlclfWas seconded by Allen , ot
Cass , nnd Fowler , ot rcnnington. The plat
form dechues unwavering suppoit ot the
pilnclplesof the icpubllcau paity , demands
en behalf of botli Indians and citizens
immediate ! reduction ot all Indian
icsorvations In the territory , denounces
the failure of the democratic house
to pass the Dawes' bill for the openIng -
Ing to settlers ot a portion of the Sioux res
ervation , ehatecteil/ing Commissioner
Sparks as grosely of the character
ot the people ot thu northwest , and his
statement that ( K ) per cent of the public land
entiles weie fraiirtulunt. Is Insnii'Ou by Icno-
tanco ami mallco ; denounces Picsldunt
Cleveland's veto of tlio pension bills , ox-
juesscs. sympathy with Ii eland , and declar
ing for division and admission of South Da
kota. Central and Northern Dakota men
tried to have u resolution requiring the ques
tion of division and admission submitted tea
a vote of thi ! people , but thu resolution was
passed as above.
IT niUJl'PEI ) .
The Elevator of the Oinnlia National
Hunk Jumps u Story.
Last oveniiifr , about 5:30 : o'clock , the
elevator in thu Omahn National Imuk ,
when making a descent from the top
story , dropped from the second to the
lirst floor. There wore thrco tolfgniph
operators in it .it tlio time ; , two of them
being ladles , Mi < u Tlmln and Miss
Rhodes , the third being Air. James C'luto.
The elevator has been in a poor condi
tion for several days back , and , this
mornin < r , was known to act badly , ruis-
in" its' loads only with dllllcnlty beeanso
of its leaky condition. The cause of the
drop , it is presumed , was the leaking of
the water on a sudden which allowed
the cab to fall , crushing in tiio floor and
shaking up the occupants to n rather
alarming extent. None of thorn , how
ever , was seriously injured.
On a Lonjj Journey.
There passed through the city yester
day a little iSwcdo girl from her native-
country on a journey to the homo of a
rich uncle in ( iunnison , Colo. She was
only nine years of age , was without
money and had boon hulpod from Nc\v
York by a gentleman named Christian-
sun. nor name is Hilda Jlilbrock , and
tlio fact of lior being deformed nmdo her
look like the smallest traveler who ever
took such a journey comparatively speak
ing alone ,
nt FY rt Jjeavemvorth.
The division competition olo-ed at Fort
Leavcnworth with the following results
of tlio twelve for the division team : The
I'iutto got 3 , Texas 2 , Dakota a , Missouri
4 , each department getting its proportion
except Dakota , it using ono which Mis
souri got. For the army team the follow
ing was the quota from each department ;
Dakota 2 , Texas 1. PJatto 3 , and Missouri
1 , aud the following gained ; Dakota 0 ,
Texas 1 , Platte ! . ami Missouri 2. The
PJatto came head of thu list. For the di
vision team are Liuutunant KCIT , No , 1 ,
tliirt.v-oni ) points ahead of anyone , Lhm-
tenant Torrny and Sergeant .Stuyuns. For
left marksmen shooting nuxt yi < ar will
bo at UoKovtio. Our boys Imvo Uono
St. Lonia Treated to an Imposing Spcct ( iclo
By the Templars.
The Ornnd nncniiiitncnt Selects Us
OfllcoM nnd Trntmnot4 Much
Huslnc * * Ad Inurnment to
Ho Had To-dny ,
The Kti lcl t Tpinjilnr Conclave.
ST. Lorts , Sept. 13Tho crowds to see tlio
pand parade , which was postponed lioiu
Tuestlay. anil which takes place to-day , were
on the stiects rally , but weio much smaller
than nuy previous day this week. The mornIng -
Ing broke clwu and warm. Last night's and
tills moinlng tialns carried a\\ay many
knights and visitors , although the exodus was
not sutlleientlj lai.oto diminish the crowds
very much which thronged the line of march.
The weather was very hot for the parudr ,
with only n slight brec/e. All members of
thecommander-ln-chlef's t > tan" were on hand
and but few changes In the ordinal pro-
Rrnntino were inado necM aiy. The rank and
HIo comprised loss knights than would have
formed in line had the j > iratio occnned when
Hist adveitl i'd , hut neatly pvoryi
commandery announce ! to paitlclpatc was I
luprcscntu'd. Some slight ehanu's had boon
made In the aheady ptofuso decorations , and '
these damaged by bad weather Tuesday
liau been lesloied. Tlmdilfciunt command-
eiiesweio prompt In their movements , ami i
lepoited at thelriondozvous bufoio thu hour
At It o'clock the procession slatted.
Scores of stands hud been erected on vacant
lots and in fiont ot buildings who e fionts
WMO some distance fiuin llio street line , and I
thi'so weie ciowded. Tlio procession was I
headed by n platoon of mounted police , and
presented an imposing appearance. <
Tiie lirst tu the olghth divisions , Inclusive ,
were madu up from eastern , Eouthcin and
middle state cnmuiandcilcs.
Ninth di\islon , commanded by C. II. Den
ning , Cairo. 111. : Apollo No. 1 , Chicago :
Bi'lvldeic No. 'J , Alton. 111. ; Kllwood No 0 ,
Sprlnglleld , 111. ; Dcuumaioir No. t > , Decatur ,
111. : Ottawa No. lu , Ottawa , III. : Cairo No.
Cniio 111. Goiin Xo. 14 111.
111. 1J * . , * - * . , Vj , I LI ; ! > . . „ ! . T. . - . . . . I 111 , . Oliicy 111.1 . , . „ V x ;
. . _ _
It > kj I * 1 r _ . .
Tenth division , commanded by K. C ,
Stacker , Illinois : .St. Kernard. Chlcauu , III. ;
( iodficy do Boiillou. No. 44 , Mattoon , ill. ;
Althstene. No. 4' . . Danville. III. : Delta. No.
4i Clavton , III. : Tnncred , Xo. ft'J , Uelloville ,
111. ; Constantine , Xo. 51 , Lincoln , 111. ;
Siloam , Oak 1'aiK , III. ; Klaksa , No. 65
Qiilncy , 111.
Twelfth division , conmnudcd bv M. B.
Di'indcll , Wisconsin : Clnppmvn No. b , Knu
Olaire , Wls. : combined comm.induiies of and Mississippi.
Tlihteontli division , Lommanded by Win.
A McGrow , giand commander of iowa : St.
. .
i * t iiiii/t t iirii t i i ii.Miiiv ; > A.I v u't vi ill vJ\tLj
To-n.ght the Knights divided their time br-
t\\n > n uatchlni ; the tiades display and at
tending receptions held by various com-
manduili" ) . The tiaites display \\as gotten
up on a magniliceiit scale , but its elttctcs
somewhat mailed by the penerul Illumina
tion of the stiects along the Hue of mnich.
To-mouow will bo thu last day of the con
clave piopoivtMenibersiof the grand nncamji-
mentsay they will Miielv finish the business
bcfoio them during the day. and some of the
moro sanguine piedict adjournment after the
limning session. Alicady many knights aio .
leaving the city , and the exodus to-monow
will boeiy notlcable.
At ihei knights' grand rncampmcnt mett-
Ing jestoiday , the icport of the committee on
ciedentlals was i efei red ; back to tlio coin-
in I tree tor coirectlons. The lugiots of the
Charleston commandi'iy wore lead and the
attention of the commltteo of llnancc called
to the deplorable condition of theli brethren
In that city. The report of the committee on
juiisprudunco icgaidlim coitain amemlmenta
was read and spread upon the minutes.
The amendment to stilko out of
thu vow of olllce the wmds "and eodo ot stat
utes" was lost. The proposition to change
tlio quallilcatlonB for membership In the
order of knighthood laid upon the tnblo.
Tlio amendment to change the clause ot the
constitution empowering the crand encamp
ment to designate the time and place of
thu next encampment by substituting "Tho
encampment shall be held in the City of
Washington. I ) . C. , In the month of Decem
ber , at such time In said month as the grand
master may dictate , " was voted down "by a
largo majority , us also the iiioposltlon to
abolish the parade and make the grand en
campments puiely business.
The grand encampment met long after the
time announced for their assembly till *
monilng , but transacted but little business.
The election of t > nicers was thcilrst business
In order. Sir Knight Cliarica Jt'iome , of New
York City , was clcfted eminent grand mas
ter. and Kir Knight John 1' . S. Cabin , oif
Lebanon. 1'a. , was elected to till the Vacancy
caused by the foimei's promotion. Itoheit
Enoch Withers , most eminent grand master ,
was mcsent , but his health simply allowed
him to sin lender the Insignia of ollice with
out making n ictlrlng speech. A recess was
then taken to penult thu members to take
part In the paiade.
At the afternoon fpssion Knight Hiigli Mc-
Cuidy of Coiunna , Midi. , was made grand
tronciallsslmo ; Sir Knight Wiurcn Laruo
Tnomas , LouUville , grand captain I'cnernl ;
Kir Knight II. H. Llojd , San Francisco , se
nior waiden ; Sir Knl nt 11. II. Stoddard ,
Texas , junior \\aiden ; Sir Knight II. W.
Lyons , Connecticut , irtand tieasurcr : Sir
Knight W. B. Isaacs , Wisconsin , giand ro-
coidcr. The appointed olllcirsii ; be an
nounced to-morrow bj Grand Master Itoomo
elect , lu many cases contests were noted
for the various olllci's , and nuineioiis ballots
were ncwisaiy to uui\e at nn election. All
the standing committees innorted and thulr
reports \\eio appiovcd. The committees on
ritual nnd location of permanent encampment
lepoit to-monow.
An Oinnlin Woman D ( stropped.
CnicAfio , Kept , ax [ Special Telegnim to
the Urr..J "I'll stay right hero 'till Ulna
my husband , if I novrr sue Omaha again , "
cried a good looking young woman , who i-at
In thollairlson succt police station today ,
and ho bun led her face In tier handkerchief
and talked between sobs. Thestoiy she re
lated to the police was that she with her hus
band , Geort'o Henry , left their faun , thrco
miles west of Omaha , last Thursday , nnd
came to Chicago to 1,0 on the "Big Boston"
exclusion. ( Jeorgo put his wife on the ex
cursion train Saturdaj anil then went out of
thu Deaiboin station , When hu n-turuedtho
train and his wlfu had both gone. Slib got
otf this side of Still v\ ell nnd waited until
Sunday , when she ii'culved a dlxpatch telling
her to come to Chicago and lici husuand
would meet her at the tialn. bho aiilved
heiuKunday night nnd has been searching
for her truant George over since. Her money
has now run out and hho will lm\e to lemala
at the station until her husband Is JouiicJ.
It end y Tor
os , Sept. 23. The president
was not very busy ii--day. lie iccclvcd a
few callers , among them i'crl r , nsalntant
secretary of state , accompanied by Jf v.
Henry W , White , of London , chaplain to the
queen , General Btuui , acting secretary of
war , and Senator Hansom. The usual
Thuisdav cabinet meeting was omitted , and
Instead the pieshlunt diovu to his rountiy
residence , accompanied by Mis. Cleveland
and Mis , KoUom. Acting Secretary Fair *
child called at the White liouso diiiing tlio
pri'sldcnt's absence. Tlio president will ri >
sumo the routine of his otllchtl and social
duties to-moirow uioinlng. These will lu-
cluduniecc'ption to thu general public in the
aileriioon at 1 o'clock for the purpoao of
allow 111 ; ; stranrcih in the city to pay their
ifspii't > - . oniciall ltors will be receive