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Hartford Oomcs to the Front With an Aged
and Venerable Swindler.
And Hurries off to Canada to Avoid the
Bursting of Nutmeg Wrath ,
Gossip About Manning , Bayard , and the
Margarine Men.
Proceedings of the Encampment and Parade
of the Knights in St , Louis.
Jlnkoto. ItcpnMlcnnti Dccturo for 1)1
vlnlon nnd GlfTord Fatal Acci
dental yulncy General
NCWH ; MnrkclH , lite.
PcHtolllco Change * .
WASHINGTONSent. . Bl. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEI : . ] A postollico was estab
lished to-day at Folsomdale , Kearney comity
ami Wm. ( J. Cole appointed postmaster ; at
Vankee , Keith county , Hamilton M. German
appointed postmaster.
Killed by a Chestnut.
JIAUSIIAI.TTOW.V , la. , Sept. ' > , ISpwIal
Telegram to the HKK.J A team driven by
Samuel Purcell , an old loshlcut , 71 years
of age , became frightened at a parade ot Jlc-
Fadilen's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" company ,
ycbtcnlny afternoon , threw him out , the
WAgon falling on him , injuring him fatally.
Ho died during the night. The manager
and members of the company were arrested
on a suit for damages , but having nothing but
donkeys , dogs and stage propeity were re
leased and will give a beiieht performance
Tuesday night. I'urcell leaves a family.
The hnglo drove defeated the .Marshall ball
club in the third game of the scries. 18 to S.
Minerva tanners' fair this afternoon Is be
ing addressed by Dolllver. Five thousand
Deopleaio present.
Duiii'Qt'K , la. , Sept. a'J. ( Special Tele
gram to the HKK-1 Lawrence > farston's
Dally News company played at the opera
house last nlirlit. Thu thiee principal mem
bers quit to-day. The company Is consequently
quently unable to fill an engagement at Wa
terloo to-night , The manager and other
actors at noon attempted to force the seecdcrs
to rejoin. One of the Beceders drew a re
volver and the manager left searching for a
The steamers and barges thus far have
failed to move the vioul engine which fell
into the river from tint bridge last week.
Young Tony 1'lilTer's trial for the murder of
old Patrick Harrington last July Is progress-
luff. I'llU'er's relatives remain away from
the court room. Conviction anticipated ,
Crushed by a Pnllliifr Wall.
Qui.VoY , 111. , Sept.3. . [ Special Telegram
to the HUE. ] A horrible accident occurred
In tills city ( yesterday afternoon , by which
two men were Instantly killed , anil three
others Injured , ono of tho'm probably fatally.
Some time ago the Center mill burned , and
the brick walls were lott standing. A party
of colored men were tearing down thu old
walls yesterday , when Mr. Itoilney Lambert ,
a wealthy and prominent citizen anil well
known business man , In company with Ids
nicd ; father , went to the burned mill on busi
ness. While standing near one of the walls
where the colored men were working , the
wall suddenly fell. Mr" Itoilney Lambert
nnd a colored man named Douglas weio
burled beneath the tnllen wall , unit both in
stall 1 1 v killed. A colored man named Itassett
was afbo fatally Injured , and another colored
man nnd Mr. Lambert , sr. , were badly In
An ASCI ! Unseat SklpH tlio Country
Ono Million Jollai-n Ahoail.
HAirrronn , Conn. , Sept. 2 : ! . [ Special Tel
egram to the UIK. : ] trcat ! excitement pre
vails hero over the discoveries regarding the
affairs of the Charter Oak Llfo Insurance
company. Since the rc-organlzatlon of the
company when It was In trouble some years
ago with Ceo. I. Bartholomew SO.OOO.OOC
hail "been paid back to policy , holders. Mr ,
Dnrtholoincw Informed the directors
that his accounts were bliorl
fl'2-,000 ' and on this account the
appointment of a receiver was applied for ,
Other dulleiiclcs In his accounts art
repotted , but no statement is yetabtaln-
,4 able. Bartholomew Ictt the city Saturday
afternoon and Is reported to bo In Montreal.
Jlo has been In business hero for fifty years.
llo was ono of the . city's mosl
I'osnoeted citizens nnd was connected
with Its most Important business enterprises ,
The present condition of nltnlrs Is creating
the greatest sensation over known hero In
business circles. llo was a very large borrowei
and had the highest credit. At onetime IK
Indorsed tor the Charter Oak company to tin
extent of SWH.OOO to carry It over a linn !
plnco when no ono else was ready to help it ,
llo has bpnii considered very successful In It ?
innnngoment until this condition of affaire
developed. Among other positions whlcli
Bartholomew held hero were the following
Director of the American National bank
Haitian ! ; Steam Holler and Inspection am
Insurance company ; Oriental Kite Insurance
company ; llolyoko AVnter Power company
of whlcli ho was presldsnt ; llartfon
SIlK compiny and Union Manufac
turing company. Bartholomew wa <
also director In the Insane rctren
and In the Hartford hospital , nnd treasuiei
of the Watklnson library , llo was vice
president of State Savins bank and membei
of Iho corporation of Trinity college. Hols
Indebted to thoHolyoko wntcr power com
pany , but Insiders say the company Is full )
protected. Among some of the silk com
jinny's pni > er , with his indorsement Is saw ,
( XXI , and of tlm Union company SlW.ono. n\ \
ready known. His own Indlvldna
paper Is out and also the pai.e
of his son's imloiKi'il by himself fen
n considerable sum , but the amount
urn not vet known. Bartholomew Is soventi
years old ami has been In business in Hart
lorn since 1S8-J. Ho was supposed to havi
largo properly though It was not in sight
Ills business judgment was much sought am
liu rendered many valuable service grain !
tously. Some banks refused his paper beeaitsi
of his reticent manner.lnit It Is estimated tha
JjSOO.OOOislicm in Hartford and much else
where. It Is put at pver 81,000,000 , but in
ono knows the exnct amount , lie will b <
bo thrown Into Insolvency to-day , thus re
moving the attachment , and prior claims. S <
tMas learned , etfGO.txtt of the Haitfordsllk
J-'OO.POO of Union. S-iOO.OOOof Iho Scliuyic
J'.lectrlc Light , a considerable amount o
Carter Oak , and SlW.OOOof Holyoke Wall-
1'owor company's papcrhavo conic to II U li
infuiy dllferunt sections of the country. I
Is. feamt all the local nlfalrs In which ho heli
p < .siUous of trust will nlso sutler heavily.
NEW VOIIK , Seiit23. 'Hio Post's spccla
from Hartford , Conn. , says : "It Is nov
ftntcil on good nutliortltv that Ueorco Al
, V. Haitluilomew hnsbeen intiblngtho comnanle
ir * iti wliL-h ho Is Interested for several years
'I'm ' lirst Inttnmtlon that thlswasanfac
was the statement uiudo by a frieui
off. K. Pliinkett. to the effect that Hartholo-
men wat tlio cause of ! di downfall. When
I'lunkett's fattier died , the son was left
prw.ojo. lie luveiled It with Haitholomew.
It all went. Plunkelt , thcrefoie , In
duced liartliolomew to put Mi
name to a Innrc amount , and
when thus secured he turned about and left
the latter In the lurch. The auditor of the
Charter OaU Llfo Commny Is severely crit
icised for allowing Sl'JT.WJ of the tumls to
be lo t. Many city hanks held It.irtholo-
innw's paper , In all it Is said amounting to
S' , ) .
TinKchuylcr Klertrln Llitht company will
probably lose nearly two hundred thousand
dollars , and will decide at a iiieetlni ; to-day
what action Is to bo taken In the future ,
ll.irthoiomcw'.s son Is on the venco of bank
ruptcy and will suspend to-day.
The I'rolmhlc llctlrcmcutorMniinlitu
Tlio notriiK iluilcr ljuw.
WASIIIXOTO.V , Sept. U3. [ Sin'cial Tolo-
KT.IIII to the HKK.J It Is reported In
ollicinl circles that a ( 'real dual of political
and personal Influence Is belim wielded upon
Secretary Manning to Induce him to t'hanirc
his determination to retire from the cabinet
and to remain. He ha ? , It Is stated , firmly
totil the president that ho positively does not
want to continue In the treasury depart
ment because he believes his health
will not nermlt It , but the pieslilent has as
sured him that he can take a rest whenever
he desired , and that he can be relieved of
inch of the routine work. A belief prevails
liat MannliiR will bo persuaded to ictiirn
Cll ! .
A oed deal of woklit was put upon the
eport circulated the other ilay to the elfect
hat Secretary Havard was contemplating
xchaiiitini : his position us head of the < lo-
inrtineiit of state lor the trearury portfolio ,
t Is notorious here that Mr. Jiayunt has not
injoyed the olllce he now occupies , but ills
tot on account of the lively character of
iomo of his olliclal acts as many suppose. It
t because he Has been kept at so many rou-
: lne matters. Ho never did much routine
ivork before he took the plaeo ! w now tills ,
mil the ollieo has had more of It during his
'neumlieiicy ' than In twice the tlmo Immedl-
itely before Ins advent there. This h.\s been
lie result ot the large number of chancc-i in
he foreign service under this adminijtri-
For a year the employes of the state de
partment have been at work most of their
elme instructing ministcis nud consuls. Of
course , this carried with It many new inter
pretations , which were made lanrely by the
secretary , and the assistants would naturally
defer as much to the new superior as possible.
This made the nfllco duties unuMially ardu
ous and has caused the secretary to wish a
thousand times that ho wiis a senator again.
It is predicted by n friend of Mr. Itayard
hat therc.wtll be a new man at the head o
hat department before the end of this term
ot President Cleveland , llo says Mr. Uayard
' .a . tired of It.
OI.KOM uin.viuxR M\xupACTtTiuiis
n writing to their attorneys liere about their
wants at the treasury department otacrvo
that their business has not diminished bv the
operation of the new law regxilatlng It. They
report a diminution of the number of dealers
nnd makers , but say the number o consum
ers has not grown less.
It is said by the lawyers who arc looking
after the business of the oleo men that what
is necessary to decrease the manufacture of
the article Is an amendment to the law re-
uliiiiK hotel keepers to mak known
io fact that they use It. They say
that the great hulk of the article is sold
to keepers of public hostelries. Evidently
this move Is contemplated bv the manufac-
tuiers , and It will be heartily supported by
the statesmen who do not keep house in
Washington. If there Is not an amendment
ot the character indicated , it is believed that
there will be a boycott of the hotels which do
not show conclusively that they use only
pure butter. It looks as though the worst had
not como to the oleo men. The law has
hardly had a chauco to make an effect ,
Templar Conclave.
ST. Louis , Sept , 23. The crowds to seethe
grand parade , which was postponed from
Tuesday , and which takes place to-day , were
on the streets early , but were much smaller
than any previous day this week. The mornIng -
Ing broke clear and warm. Last night's and
this morningtialns carried away many
knights and visitors , although the exodus was
not sufllciently large to diminish the crowds
very much which tiironccd the line of march.
At the knights' grand encampment meet
ing yesterday , the report of tlie committee on
creilentlals was referred to back to the com
mittee for corrections. The regrets of the
Charleston commanilery were toad and the
attention of the committee of finance called
to the deplorable condition of their brethren
In that city. The report of the committed on
jurisprudence regarding certain amendments
was scad and spread upon the minutes.
The amendment to strike out ot
the vow of olllco the words "and code of stat
utes" was lost. Tlio proposition to change
the qualifications for membership In the
order of knighthood was laid upon the table.
The amendment to ch.ingo the clause of the
constitution empowering the grand encamp
ment to designate tlie time and place ol
tint next encampment by substituting "Thu
encampment shall be held In the City ol
Washington , 1) . C. , In the month of Decem
ber , at such tlmo In said month as the L'raml
master may dictate , " was voted down "by a
large majority , as also the proposition tc
abolish the parade nnd make the grand en
campments purely business.
The weather was very hot for tlio parade ,
with only a slight breeze. All members ot
the comiimiidcr-In-chlef's staff were on hand
and but few changes In the original pro
gramme were made necessary. The rankaml
lilo comprised less knights than would have
formed in line had the parade occuired when
first advertised , but nearly every
commanilery announced to participate was
represented. Some slight changes had been
made In the already profuse decorations , anil
those damaged by bad weather Tuesday
hint been restored. The different command
erles were prompt In their movements , anil
reported at their rendezvous before the lioin
Dakota Io | > iillloniiH.
ST. PAUL , Sept. S3. The Pioneer Press
Ynnkton , Dak. , special says : Delegate ( ilf
ford was icnomlnated by acclamation In tin
republican territorial convention this after
noon. ( ii-Igsby , of Mlnnohalia , madu tin
nomination , which was seconded by Allen , o
Cass , and Fowler , of Pennlngton. Tlie plat
form declares unwavering- support of tin
principles of the republican party , demand ;
on behalf of both Indians and cltlzoni
Imme.llato reduction of all Indlai
reservations In the territory , denounce !
thu failure of the democratic liousi
to pass the Dawes' bill , for the open
Ing to settlers of a portion of the Sioux res
ervatlon , characterizing Commlsjlonc
Sparks as closely Ignorant of the characte ;
of tlm people of the northwest , and hi :
statement that 00 per cent of the public lam
entries weio fraudulent. Is Inspired by iu-no
ranee and malice ; denounces Pivsidun
Cleveland's veto of the pension bills , ex
presses sympathy with Ireland , and deel.u
Ing for division and admission of South 1)\ )
kota , Contra ! and Northern Dakota mei
tried to have a resolution requiring the qucs
tlon of division and admission suDmltted ti
a vote of the people , but the resolution wa
passed us above.
Iluutlns : Dawn ttio Ucliels.
MAIUIIH , Sept. S3. ( Icnernl VHlacampa
leader of In-t Sunday's Insurrection , wn
found concealed In a mill near Mobllzos am
arrested. A fugitive rebel lieutenant wa
Identified and arrested as ho was In the act o
purchasing a railroad ticket at C inpo uboo
Soventy-tlueo Insurgents who liavo beet
hunted down In different sections of th
kingdom by loyal troops , arrived as ptlsoiier
In Madrid this mornliib' .
Terrific Storm.
MII.WAUKKK , Sept. aw A terrllift thumlc
storm , accompanied with hall , swept over till
city about 7:30 : this mqrnlng. Ualn fell ver
heavy , nnd during its prevalence the heaven
were almost as dark as night. The house o
Ko'jt.S. Arthur was badly wrecked by
thunderbolt , ami Mrs. Arthur dangcrousl
injured. .
The Otoe and Sarpy County Dale-gates Ba-
twy their Frisath and Join Howe.
'SoliwInkcN Treaotiery anil Deceit
The lleatrloo Opera Homo
I'ncknil With the Hood
lums ot'llio N'cmalm Pi-AUiI.
BKATUICK , Neb. , Sept. 21 [ Editorial
Correspondence of the BKK. " | The con
test which has just culminated in the
ominationof Church Howe will bo ono
f the most memorable of its kind in tint
olitinal history of Nebraska. The com-
at in itself was comparatively insiguili-
: ant were it not for its far-reaching
ionsequenees. The outcome involved
ot only the candidates engaged ,
ut the success or defeat of Se.nator Van
iVyek and the Douglas county candidate
or irovurr.or , Henry T Clarke , besides
mashing slates for several minor candl-
ales. The bragadoclo with which
llmrcli Howe entered the campaign and
he blare of trumpets with which he pro-
laimed himself victorious in his transit
'roni county to county , doubtless had its
jfl'eot upon timid and time-serving politi-
uitis , but the well informed rivals of
lowe in the field were not deceived as to
lis strength. When the three * op-
osing candidates , Weaver , Council and
Toft , canvassed the .situation in the third
story of the C5rand Central last
night , they felt perfectly at case. They
counted from seventy to seventy-five fol
lowers who were determined to beat the
jonunon enemy , and they had assurances
.hat the Sarpy county delegation , and at
.east nine or ten of the Otoe delegation ,
ivotild join the field against Howe , which
ivoiild have given the field a clean
majority and several votes to snare. _ A
.riplo alliance , offensive and defensive ,
ivas agreed upon with the understanding
hat one of the three candidates in
.he field should have the entire vote
of the opposition whenever it could
" ) o safely pooled. The Douglas delnga-
.ion met in the Knights of Pythias hall in
.he morning and organized for the fray.
Everv delegate present was outspoken in
favor of standing by Council as long as
there was any chance of his nomination.
About 11 a. m. they were joined by the
Jass and Sauuders county delegates , who
appeared if anything more determined to
.lown Howe than this Douglas county
.non. . When they wore reinforced later
n the afternoon by the Hichardson dele
gation and half of Johnson county dele
gation the roll was called and every dele-
'ate prerent was pledged in writing lo
light it out on that line if it took all
night. The kev of the position was held
by Sarpy and Otoo counties. The live
delegates of Sarpy were mot by Church
Howe on their arrival last night and
quartered by him at his headquarters in
the Randall. They were as follows : Harry
Clarke , the son of Henry T. Clarke , of
Omaha ; Arthur Spearman , A. II. Empy ,
Henry Gursch and J. D. Knell. Clarke ,
who headed the delegation , was inter
viewed by Messrs. Urny and Colpet/.or ,
who served with him in the last legisla
ture. He was somewhat boozy and
showed a disposition to resent as an in
sult the invitation to join the opponents
of Howe who , he said , was as honest
ami reputable as anybody. He. was kept
pretty much in the same condition of half
drunkenness throughout the entire day.
Young Spearman declared that he was
for Howe because the Missouri Pacific ,
through Howe , had done him a good
many favors in the shape of passes and
rebates. Empy was entirely under the
inlluence ot Clark , while Gusch
and Sncll professed that they
were grangers anil had nothing
in common with Howe. Still they
declined to go into tlio-anti-Howe caucus
and in spite of the promises of John
Clarke for his "pa , " they cast their votes
with Howe and liis gang from first to
The Otoe county delegates arrived late
in the afternoon and Schminkc , who is
recognized as Van Wyck's lieutenant ,
pledged at least eight of the delegation
to the anti-Howe forces. In spite of this
there was much uneasiness caused by a re
port that the delegation had caucussed by
themselves and agreed to support Howe
solidly. I implored Schminko and other
Otoe delegates , in the interests of Van
Wyck , to stand with his friends and to
help defeat the Nemaha fraud whose
nomination was sure to bring disaster to
Van Wyck by placing him and Ins friends
in a false position. Schminke himself
renewed his promises while others of the
delegation , who professed to bo special
friends of Van Wyck , declared
they knew what they were doing
and oven insolently scouted the idea that
Van Wyck had any further need of sup
port from this quarter. Just as Howe s
brass band had reached the opera house
1 overheard Schminke in . the street
pledge to Church Howe the whole Otoe
delegation. For the first time then I became -
came convinced that there was treachery
and sell out in the camp of Van Wyck's
Otoo delegation , and the outcome con
firmed the conclusion.
Church Howe had made grand propava-
tions for his boom. Having carried the
Cui'io county primaries by the help of the
Holly water works gang and Kilpatrick's
railroad graders he followed up his
method by packing the opera house with
n lot of hired hoodlums who were
all provided in advance witli
a lot of admission tickets.
The brass band blow themselves black in
the face , the fellows who carried the
transparency with "No Hosowater in
Ours" were shouting themselves
when the convention was called to order
by Tom Kennard , whoso bland smile re
minded mo of the olden days when Tom
was coparcener with Bill Stout in the
state real estate distribution at Lincoln.
Tom gave way as temporary chairman to
the notorious railroad capper , Humphrey ,
who , in inking the gavel , bawled
his profound thanks to the convention
for the honor. By the vote which elected
Humphrey , the last hope of the coalition
against Howe was gone. The proceed
ings that followed were a roaring farce ,
Nominating speeches were made to gn
through the form. Henry Estabrook's
great effort for Council was a surprise ,
' 1 huso who listened say they could not
tell to the end whether Henry was going
to nominate Howe or Council. Ik
slobbered all over his deat
friend Howe , and then endeil
by apologizing for Hosowater , who
didn't need any apology at his hands. As
soon as Howe was nominated lie nulled
out A printed spjech which ho said waste
to bo his platform in the campaign ,
[ Great cheui's by the hoodlum ] I ! ! J Mr.
Broderick , of Douglas county , offered
some resolutions on the labor question
but thoywcrn promptly laid under tin
The fooling in the Douglas , Ca 3 am !
tSaumlero county delegations was verj
bitter. The blanui for the defection in
Otoe was generally put upon Van Wycl ;
and the conduct of Sarpy was generally
regarded us the forerunner of Mr
Clarke's defeat in the state convention
On all hands out < ndo of the corrupt co
terie that championed Ho'.vo ( hero was a
general feeling that this wa ? a very sad
day for the republican party and a very
black eye for VanWyckL E. It.
CHICAGO , Sept. 2i [ Special Telegram to
tlic UKK.J There was more curiosity this
morning to know whether Armour was ready
to advance porK aain than to know what
wheat was col in : to do. There were 20.000
hogs at the yanls nnd the market there was
slow. But October pork was tlrm early and
went upon any little provocation. It Is not
"tailors" left.
believed that there arc any
They were so unuicrr.Ifuliy tlii.mped nnd
drafted nnd lashed around that the last ono
of them cave up and let eo before thcpilco
touched S'J.r.7,1 . If the October option went
up now the old IOIIRS would look with lorn-
luu eyes , but would get none ot the profits.
The shortage is now as blR about as the
"bull" Interest was two weeks ago. October
pork started at S10.0TK. Cables were a little
conlllctliii , ' . Liverpool coming In firmer. That
ami a decrease of 720,000 bushel * In the
amount of wheat ajloat more than olTsctthe
bear tactics of llutchlnson's broker on the
early curb , and wheat at first advanced a lit
tle. November was down to 77c on the curb.
It was up to IT c soon after the opening on
ho floor.
The receipts of corn arc now finally actu
ally falling otr. This sent the November
'ptlon ' of this pralu totO < e.
Shortly after the opening the markets nil
: > ecamo weak because of the Kreat flood of
icar news. From New York there was a re
port that the banks there wcrocallinR In their
cans on wheat. Investigation showed that
.here was one small New York bank which
illdcall some wheat loans , but this was the
result of a general call ami not because
wheat was not a satisfactory security. There
was a dispatch that there was a wheat
blockade at Minneapolis and that loaded cars
were struiic along tor nine tulles out. Still
another dispatch said there was a glut at
Duluth. There wcie ± iJOOO.buslicls of wheat
received at the latter place. The report * had
their Inthicucc. although It is a fact that
both Duluth and Mlniienpollshave a capacity
1'or 5,000.000 bushels mure wheat than they
jiow hold. Wheat broke J/c on this kind of
talk , so that November sold at 7CHe , and
corn and per weakened out of sympathy.
October pork drooped to SH.GO and October
corn to : w6 c Pork was weakened by the
sale of about 10,000 barrels by llamlU it
Congdon , who gave up the name ofY. S.
Charters were : Corn , 3SC.OOO bit ; wheat ,
10,000 ; tlaxi7.000. :
The t o'clock close was : November wheat ,
fi ? < e : November corn , -lO ci October pork ,
The short afternoon board was dull with
very few changes. November wheat closed
at 70J4'e ; November corn at 40b'c ; October
uork at 89.SO.
Cumi. 8 i > . M. November wheat , 7CJ.(05
70T < c ; puts , Tfl'tftW'Sffc ' : calls , 77X < ft77Wc.
November corn , puts , -lO c ; calls , 40)jc.
Oil Tanks Fired byLightning. ,
LIMA , O. , Sept. 2:3. : The Calilron & Mad
ison oil well was sttuck by lightning at 7 this
morning and the fire communicated to two
520-barrcl tanks , which burst ami the oil
spread over the southern portion of
the city , endangering thousands of dollars
lars worth of property , Nicholson's
largo tank , across the street from
the above firm's well wqs 'also struck and
twenty-five hundred burrelslof oil consumed.
There Is Imminent danger ovtho tire spread
ing ami endangering the < vhle city.-At noon
the lire was still raging ancvit"wnsbeyond
the power of the department to check its
progiess. Jfrs. Henderson.'standInn in the
doorway of her homo near the first well , was
struck by the bolt and killed ; liable welt No.
2 ignited , but further damage was averted by
tearing down tke rigging.
ArroHted tot * nijniny.
LONDON , Sept. 23. Edward Solomon , an
American composer and husband of Lillian
Imsscil , was arrested In this city to-day on
tlio charge of bigamy preferred by his first
wife , Lilly < ! rey , who avers that ho was
never legally separated from her.
A BelTant Rioter Sentenced.
LONDON , Sept. 23. Nairncy was sentenced
yesterday , at Belfast , to one year's imprison
ment at hard labor for rioting anil assaulting
police in that city.
A Tory Vacation.
LONDON , Sept. 23. Salisbury will go to the
continent Friday , and Chamberlain Satur
day. The latter will bo accompanied by bis
brother Itlchard , who will remain with him
until Christmas.
Kxplosion of Giant Powder.
SANFu.vxaisco , Sept. 23. A terrific ex
plosion at the giant powder works near West
IScrkloy Is Just reported. No particulars re
ceived yet.
Afternoon Markets.
CIIICAOO , Sept. ! . Hogs Itecctpts ,
24,000 ; active and r @iOc- lower : light , S3.75ft
4.00 ; roueh packing , : ( ) ; mixed and
heavy packing and shipping , S4.40@4.K ! ) .
Cattle Receipts , 11,000 : slow but steady ;
common. S3.wiM4.25 ; choice , S4.7.X2.v. > ,5 :
butchers , Sl.'iXS.i..i' } ; stockcrs , S2.2.X23.50.
CHICAGO. Sept. 83. Wheat Weak and
lower ; cash , 74'c : ! ! ; October , 74o ; November ,
7V < e ; May. Sic.
Corn Weak and lower ; cash , . " 7/c ! ; Octo
ber , : i7J c : November. aii&Tc ; Mav , 4 ; ! c.
o.its Weak ; cash , O5' ' c ; October , ttWc :
May , 31J < e.
Kye 4SKc.
JJarlev 57c.
Flax Seed Sl.OS.
Timothy Prime , 5.80@I.6T. !
Whisky 81.17.
Pork Weak ; eash , S'J.CO ; October , SJMMJf ;
November , SH.07K.
Laid Stcadv ; cash , S7.20 ; October , 50.10 ;
November , S0.0. > .
To-morrow evening Knbbl Benson will
lecturoin the Jewish synagogue , on the
"Charleston Disaster. " The regulai
t-crvices of the S3Tnagoguo-will commence
at 7:30 : o'clock , and will be
largely attended. Thpt interior ol
thu temple has recently .boon . most beau
llfully frescoed and presents an interest
ing and attractive appearance. The no\\
famous choir of the synagogue will alsc
render a delightful programme of vocn
music which will also bo' worthy of ap
precintion. This comparatively no\\
temple of worship is in a.innst flourishing
condition and an Inspection of the dia
gram of the interior shows that oven
seat has been secured bytho interostei
At a recent mooting of'fho ' local lodge
'Bnai 'Brith association Jt was de.cidei
to give a Simchath Torah , on the 21st o
next month when a grands ball will b <
held for thu benefit ofthd orphan nsyliin
at Cleveland , Ohio. The ! managemen
of the afl'iiir is in the hands of Messrs
Isaac Oborfolder , Bcnj. Newman , Frci
Adler , Max Meyer and M. Hellmaii.
Jlo AVns Touched In n Tender Spot
San Francisco Chronicle : One of tin
most pathetio sights 1 have seen In a lorn
time I saw the other afternoon. An old
ish man stood on the corner of a fctreot
with pycs cast down and a look of aeon ;
on hie face. He was sighing heavily a"
lie poked a thick st'.clc ' into cracks am
breaks in the tiaphaltum. which was ter
ribly open to such poking. Ho seemei
to be heartrbrokcn. 1'was studying thi
picture when a friend came up.
"What's the mattery" -
"Look at that poor old follow , " 1 said
" 'Hint ! Don't yon know mm ? That'
old - , the millionaire. I'd.owns thu
hlocK , and bo's got to put down a nev
pammmt. '
What Mittman , the Millard Shooter Haste
to Say-
Pollen Court District Court { News A
AVeilihtiff Anniversary Amuse *
meiit Notes ( .icnernl Liocnl.
Mlttinnii'.s Story.
This morning's HIK : contained n tele
graphic reference lo the shooting of
Durham at Millard last night. Tliis
uorning Deputy ShorilV Urebo went to
ho scene , ami taking C. Mittinan , the
nan wlio did the shooting , into custody ,
rouglit him to this city anil had him
oeked ii ] > ! n the county jail. Ho was Ihoro
icon by a KKK reporter this morning.
Mlttman , is a largo , heavy German ,
ivitli : > mild round set of features , trim-
il with moustache and goatee. Ho
nude no trouble in giving his version of
ho story , which is plausible and ovl-
lently worthy of credence , because he
bears upon ono of his eyes a fearful
[ iroof of having bpun beaten in the affray.
" 1 keep a saloon at Millard , " ho said
tvliero I nave resided for nboul thirteen
months. 1 used formerly to live in
Omaha. Last night about five
o'clock Durham and Cole came into my
place. They wanted me to give them a
Irink. Now Durham had boon to my
place several times and 1 had given him
credit , but 1 had notgot paid , and linado
no my mind not to give him nor any of
liis friends anything on credit. Because.
, vhy should t do it ? You trust a railroad
nborcr and there is nobody to pay for
tun if lie skips away , because the con-
ractors . ay thov will not be responsible
'or any debts run by laborers , bo I told
. 'nil that I onlv spoke once. and that I
mil told him 'before ho could not get
Irink without money.
"Last week 1 went lo Omaha and bofoio
roing I told my daughter not to give
Durham nor anv other person drink with
out paying for it. While I was gone
Durham anil Cole went to my saloon ,
jisked for drink , and my daughter , who
was seventeen years of ago , tolit them
what 1 had told her , and refused to give
them liquor. They then said
tlmy would help themselves
and were going behind the bar wh'Mi my
wife intcrforcilnnd they went away. "
"Now , last night , they came around
again , after what they had done before ,
and again annoyed mo about drinks ,
which i always refused. They became
angrv , and Durham finally asked me
for "M cents to pay his way to
Papillion , because both ho and Cole
are working on the It. & M. grade right
near t'lis ' place. 1 tolil him I would not
give him the twenty-live cents , and both
of tiiem became angry. My daughter
screamed anil urged me to tro into the
bacji room because she says who heard
them say they would kill mo.
1 was leaning on the end of the
counter nt the time , my back
being toward the end of the bar. Cole
got behind mo , put his arms around my
neck and pnlloir mc-'down on the lloor
and then Durham stamped mo in my
eye , as you sue , with the heel of his boot.
I struggled upward and was. pushed out
into the dining room , when Durham _ -
ham attempted to get behind
the bar to seize. a bottle
of whisky. Sly wife headed him oft' and
he struck her a powerful blow on the
forehead , and she has a big lump there
now. I was now struggling with Cole ,
and forced myself out and caught hold
of a sodawater box , Illicit with bottles ,
which I held on to and pulled myself uv
behind the bar and grasped my re
volver. Durham then came at me
with a knife and both of them forced mo
in the corner , and in raising my hand to
ward oft' his knife blows , the revolver
went olt'nnd shot him through the throat.
1 was in a dangerous corner and the
next instant I felt that Du nun's knife
would have killed mo. "
Excursionists Into Neuraslca Other
Jt has been many a day since Omaha
has witnessed such an influx of home-
seekers sound for western Nebraska as
occurred this morning. The occasion
was the harvest excursion , at reduced
rates , for the benefit of those who want
to locate in the west. The Hock Island
nnilNorthwcstorn trains together brought
in about eight hundred people , while the
" " in several hundred
"Q" brought more
who were taken west on the B. & M" . from
Oreapolis in a train ot twenty-one cars.
The Hock Island and Northwestern pas-
seniors wore transferred to the Union
Pacific overland No. U , which was hold
ono hour and a half wailing for the
Northwestern train. This train had
been unavoidably delayed in Iowa.
Most of those passengers were bound
for points in interior and western Ne
braska , and the majority of them will
doubtless locate in the state. Another
"harvest excursion'1 will occur before the
approach of winter.
Al , V. Bnnton , of the Salt Lake olllco
of the Union I'acilio , is in the city on his
return from St. Louis , whither ho ac
companied the Knights Templar ex
I'hil Warrack , chief clerk in the general -
oral freight ollico oi the Union Pacific ,
lias gone to New York.
As a cpnsotjuonco of the wreck on the
Missouri 1'acillc below Kansas City , last
night's Omaha trnin on that road , dnu
here at about 0 o'clock , did not arrive
until 1W : ! o'clock this morning. It was
compelled to go by way of Sciluiia and
Lexington in order to reach Kansas City ,
thus throwing it out of several hours ot
its schedule.
Andy Harden of the Chicago , Minne
apolis & St. Paul road returned this
morning from the Odd Fellows' meeting
at Boston ,
It S. Hair , general western passengoi
agent of the Chicago & Northwestern
road , who is well known in this locality ,
and several times in the past two years
visited tills city , has tendered his reslg-
nation , to tukoetlcct on the first of Octo
ber. His successor will bo K , P. Wilson
of Chicago , who has for some time hack
been pool commissioner nt that place.
J. A. Murray , traveling agent for the
Chicago & Northwestern , returned ( hit
morning from Huston , whore lie went Ir
escort a number of Nebraska delegates
to the Odd Fellows' gathering at thai
place. Ho reports that "his roiul carried
twenty excursion trains from Chicago ti
Boston , and every one of them wat
Tiles. Holan , who for about a year back
has had charge of the switch and tele
graph station on the Union Pacific road ,
immediately this side of the bridge , has
been transferred to the position of nlghl
operator and ticket agent nt the Broad
waydupot in Council Ilhill's. He succeed ;
Mr. Kuiger , who conies to this side of tin
A. C , Campbell , superintendent of tin
western division of the 11. & M. nt
McCook , came into town this morning.
The business in the Union PncUlc
depot telegraph ofllce has so increased of
late that is has been found necessary to
put another operator there , in connec
tion with Mr. T. McCarthy , who has
long bern worked continuously at the
key. The new man is .John F. Kr-app ,
who has already appeared in those
columns as an inventor of an clectrica
contrivance. '
A Dcmocrntlo Hull.
Immediately after the democratic con
vention yesterday there was a meeting
of the county central committee held.
There was not a full attendance. Some
of the members who had been at the
convention , and had scon the cut-ami-
dried style in which 110 packing-house
star-chamber business was carried out ,
refused to nttoiul. There was a quorum
present , however , and anion < * other
things done was to call the primaries
for the county convention , on the filland
the convention on the tith. It was Inter
discovered that as the state convention
would be hold on the 7th , many of those
in attendance upon it would not bo iible
to work at the primarily cm the following
dav. This morning. Chairman McSliano
called a special meeting of the committee ,
to bo held at his ollicu tills afternoon at
' , ' o'clock , when the date of the primaries
was changed lo the lltli and that of the
convention to the 1'Jth.
A Slipping Holler.
This afternoon at three o'clock half a
dozen men were engaged in lowering
from a truck to the sidewalk , a large
boiler to be used in heating the
Nebraska National Bank building.
The truck was backed up
near the Twelfth street entrance to the
basement. Tins boiler was a heavy one
and got away from the men and slipped
with such velocity that two men who
were standing by as spectators narrowly
escaped being crushed to death.
The fancy barber polo of K. Stein ,
whoso shop is in the basement of the
building , was broken from its fastening ,
and the fancy cathedral-glass lantern
crushed into a thousand fragments.
A ItlornitiK Klre.
The fire department was called out this
morning to extinguish a lire in a two-
story frame structure , on the northwest
corner of Fourteenth and Cuss streets ,
owned by diaries Jensen. The blaze
was extinguished with some dillieiilty.
but not until the interior was prott'1 well
burned out. The loss on the building
was sffiOO or siOO ( , not covered by insur
ance. S. Kosmond occupied the structure -
turo with a lint ; of peddlers'1 supplies ,
valued at150. . His loss was almost to
tal and his insurance nothing. There is
no theory as to the cause of tlio lire.
Imto City News.
A female squatter on the bottoms threw
a rock at of a force of B. & M. men
who were moving her shanty this after
noon. She was arrested by Constable
Mcalio , but a mob of men get upon him
and compelled him to release her.
A crazy man was arrested by the police
this afternoon on the bottoms , and taken
to the county jail. Ho was suffering
from the hallucination that some ono was
trying to kill him.
Iniiicnant Second "Warders.
The residents of the city in the vicinity
of tiio Castellar school are indignant be
cause while in possession of a school ,
they are not enabled to use it for half of
their children. Asa consequence they
propose to indlgnatc to-morrow evening
at Cosmopolitan hall on South Thirteenth
and see it they can not do something to
keep their children from walking two
miles to the Leavenworlh school in winter
The Metropolitan Club.
Tiie Metropolitan Club has elected of
ficers for the ensuing year as follows :
President S. Oborfelder.
Vice President Adolph Meyer.
Treasurer Dave Kaufman.
Secretary J. Eichman.
The first party will occur on October
13 , in the Metropolitan hotel.
HUSIII3Y III this city , September aid , at
2:30 : a. in. , Lottie May , daughter of Mr.
and -Mrs. M. W. liiishcy , aged 2 yu.irs and
10 months.
Funeral will take place to-morrow at 2 p.m.
from the family residence on Eleventh stieet ,
between Davenport and Chicago streets.
Interment at the Holy Sepulchre.
A Quarrelling Couplo.
Jerry Uuck and Dora Buck , husband
and wife , were arrested to-day for light
ing , lioth were locked up , but Mrs.
Buck , after a few moment's confinement ,
was taken ill and was released.
Hutty Wedding Hccoptlnn.
September 83 , 181(5 ( , on Sugar Creek ,
Logan county , 111. on the old honiestcail ,
Abraham Lucas and Susannah Need de
termined to unite their fortunes for bet
ter or worse , and last evening about ono
hundred of their friends and relatives
assembled to celebrate the fortieth anni
versary of their wedding. Mr. and Mrs.
Lucas bear their ago well and although
their hair has become somewhat tinged
with gray still they would hardly bethought
thought over fifty ami in the prime ot
llfo , whilst sixty or morn winters and as
many summers luxvo passed over their
After the company had assembled the
presentation speech was made by Uev.
r. W. Savidge in a few fitting and well
chosen words and then the evening was
given np to social
The presents were numerous and
costly , ot which the following is a partial
lift : Mr. and Mrs. Manger , sugar bowl In
silver stand ; Dr. Saville , water set ; the
Sownrd.street M. K. church , of which Mr.
and MI-H. Lucas are netivo member.- ! ,
large cake Iw.sLct in silver stand , red
plush easy chair , pickle dishes , shopping
bag , and $ . " ; in goll ; Miuul and llossio
Wright. elcg\ut ; decorated lamp and fix
tures ; Mr. and Mrs. i ; . P. Diets ; , toilet
bottle ; B. C. Smith , sh-ovo buttons ; Mollie
Lucas , gold collar button ; Hddie Lucas ,
silver butterdishes ; Mr. and Mrs. O. P.
Thompson , atitouraph album , in which
the names of" all those present
were written ; Mr. and Mrs. .1.
11. Heed , vase ; Mr. and Mrs. ( J. W.
Lucas , Mrs. Sadie Wc'.iver.aud Miss Mollie
Lucas , izold headed cano and .black silk
dress ; Mrs. J. II. Presson , 'toilet bottle ;
C. B. Smith , cup * and sauces ; Mr. and
Mrs. D. L. Tluunas , fruit dHliiladstone ! : ,
Burr and Clarke , hand painted water set ;
Mrs. K. K. French , lamp ; Mr. and Mrs.
Bliss , fruit dish ; C. W. Coin , salt cellars ;
Mollie Lui-as , toilet set ; Mrs. A. A. An
derson and sons , pitcher : Mr. and Mrs.
Bishou" , table linen ; L. K. Lucas , elegant
plush sofa ; ,1. W. Hoirinanbook , of prom
ises ; Mr. and Mrs. F , T. Sl.inroek , books :
Mr. and Mrs. Coons , book ; Air. and
Mrs. DcBolt , book ; Mr. and Mrs. Gco.
Wright , glasses.
Speeches were made and a general
good time had. An original poem was
read by ono of the ladies present.
Personal I'
lid E. llowell leaves for Chicago to
Mrs. K. D. Pratt , of Fort Maccriac , is
visiting her father , W. W. Copeland.
Professor Brnnor went to Waterloo
this morning to visit the school at that
Mrs. Dr. Benbam left for Fort Do
Cliesuo this morning , to join her bus-
Mrs. J. Iliirto and Mrs. William llarto
have returned from an extended visit in
Cheyenne , Wyo.
II. C. Hitchborn , formerly with J. A.
Fuller & Co. , but now in business in Da
kota , is hi the city.
Senator Van Wyck and wife , who were
at the Paxton yesterday and fast night ,
left this morning for the south.
Dr. Lee is in Handolpli , N , Y. , with liis
family , but expects to return shortly. Ills
assistant , Dr. Max. Rich , reached liomc
ast Saturday.
If you buy himbor anywhere ) without
first getting Hoaglunds prices yon will
lose money'
Two Candidates for Congress.
MILWAUKKI : , WIs. , Scjit 23. The demo
crats of the I'ointh district to-day nominated
Jno. lllacic , of .Milwaukee , for concrcss. At
Klkhorn the republicans iciiomlnatctl L. C ,
Caswoll , ot Foil Atkinson for Congress.
Cliff Hedfield , the eighteen-year-old
son of Joseph KedlielU , last evening fell
oil' Ids father's house at the corner of
Tenth anil Bancroft streets , and broke his
E. T. ALLEN , M. D.
si > 'iti.iisT : ,
Eye , Ear , l os@ & Tfwoail
Ituum ' . ) WlIlliuiH IliUMIng. Cor. Kith nail Doily c ,
Omiilm. Neb.
Hours , B to 12 a. m.iMo ; ItuulTtoS p , in.
< - A.m :
lly tlio now and t-clrntlllc tioitnumt non-ln
votfiioninoiitf tlinjpront f-iiecinlisfi of ( ho oust ,
whoso tnutlioils Dr. Allen la fully prepared to
Terms SU.OO per treatment orMto $ M per
cu so.
tilusscs accurately prescribed , 5 to ? li. !
.Manufuctiiror of
Paper Boxes ,
100 S. 1-lth Hi. Omaha , Neb.
Orders by mail solicited and will re
ceive prompt attention.
1213 Farnain st , , Omalia.
Weekly and Monthly Payments ,
Curtains , Drapery , Building , Tinware , llollowiiro , Grimituww , Silver
ware , Crockery , Lamps , Hefrigorafow , Uuby Carrin-jes Toilet Sets , Ten
anil Dinner Sets , Hanging Lampd , Pictures of nil kinds , iuuhulhig fine
line of Stcol EngruvingH , nil nt bottom prices.
For Hotels , fiestnunwtj ami Hoarding Houses , nearly as cheap as co-u
nion cast iron ranges , and worth four times as miu-h
Watches , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
The largest slock. ; Prices the IOWCM , K , ri.ix : i scIullyAll ' work war
ed. Lorner Dou la.b and ItWU blrcjvts , thua. .