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Paracll's ' Plea for Stoppage of Evictions ,
and Reduction of Rents.
Hpliltcil Debate In I'nrlfatnciit on
Irish Tctmnt "Wrongs Affairs
in URII mnrk London
l'roH3 I'lOklllRS.
rill-noil's I mini Itlll.
Fept. 20. In the house of com-
toii , I'arncll , In mo\ Ins the second leading
of liH land bill , said the icrotit election eon-
> ejcd a mandate to'tlio hotfso of commons
that It should show Itself willing nnd nblo to
piuUde for thn wants of Ireland , equally M
ifitweioan Irish parliament ( ehoeis ) . It
was uieless to talk about the lateness of the
yesslon. The house Is only six weeks old , a
majoiltyof now members w r < i yo ting , ,
. ami not cr-workud , and they did not rc-
quite a holiday. A stntts of urtfene.y exists In
iclcii'iicu to relations between Inndloids and
tenants In Ireland. I'afnell lioicoxplalncd
the pioviblons of the bill. The Ihsl clause he
said was the most Important because tt dealt
with tlm most urgent subject. It enacted
that any statutory tenant whoso rent was
llxed prior to the last day of the year 181 ,
iniiht npply for an abatement in accordance
\\Ithtliuprovislonsotllioblll. The bill waste
to bua tenipoinry measure with the exception
of the second clause , Intended to piovldo for
' what ho hoped would be only a temporary
emergency. It was Intended to meet the de
pression in prices. Hut ho could not tell now
whether the depression would bo llkoly to
continue. The depression communced In
1SS5 , and continued unabated since. "There
aie no signs of recovery. " said 1'arnoll , "in
deed , the signs for the future aio urowlng
worse. But 1 ask Hie house to take action
with iczaid to rents falltim duo next N ovum *
bcr. Until the house IH able to take
action on the report of the royal commission
v > u will abstain entirely from prejudicing the
Kovernment proposals. But ; \e do know
that .since the bulk of Judicial rents ha\c
been llxed , there has been a gieat depression.
Tli potato blight has spread to an alarming
oxtout. Thuroloro it behooves the house to
apply a temporary remi'dy now , and wait for
thu loyal eommlsslon'H leport for tho.i'ov-
erniuent to tnkoactlon thereon , which will bo
Impossible bofoio November. 1S87 , supposing
the housi' adjourned the middle of Kchniaiy.
A similar delay occurred in the consldeiation
ot land act ot IbSl. and the auearsact ot
IbSJ. Thcrotorc , unless the house accedes to
my proposal , tenants and lainllouls will re
main hi statii quo tora year. ( Cheers. ) Our
opponents will prub.iblj ui o that it will bo
exceedingly ttllllcult for a laud couit
to asceitaln whether the tenants are
really unable to pay rents , but there was
* n similar illlllculty to overcomeln connection
with the arrears actof 18Si. The court hatls-
lied Itself within Ilvo months of the inability
of two hundred thousand tenants to pay
their rents. ( Chceis. ) Similar quickness
and expedition will tollo\v my bill , and the
' work will bo finished within three months.
I propose further , that tenants shall deposit
half the amount of this rent , leaving thu
court to determine how much ot the remain
ing Milt the tenant shall pay , and how much
the landlord shall lose. Under thu arrears
net the tenant deposited only one-third of his
rent , the landlord losini : one-third and the
state ndVRtiVliiK the remaining third. The
- "only practical ( inference I make is , that tno
state shall not bo a loser. In regard to the
suspension of evictions my bill again closely
follows the lines of the aneaisnct , which act
worked justly and satisfactory for all par-
tics. The cost of evictions frequently exceed
the amount of lent due , theretoie it ID neces
sary to suspend evictions to save tenants ad
ditional costs. ( Cheers. ) As regards the
lease-holders' clause it will probably be ob
jected to on the ground Unit It ought not have
a place In a temporary bill , lint lease-holders
have been waiting long enough , too long In
, fact , and I would npt bo u pi\rty \ to the horrible
rible Injustica of their punctual oxciusidn
" from tile bonelits of the net qf 18S2. " ( Checis. )
PnrnplI quoted at length fiom statistics to
provo that the fulling prices were not oxas-
Delated. The speaker disputed the accuracy
of HIrMlohaol Illcks-Beaeh'soviction hgures.
He mild the quarteromllng the piesent month
would show a hither average of evictions
"than unx quarter since ItfSl. Jf
the govoinmnnt , armed with tills
bill should stay evictions in
'Kerry it would -do morn to restore peace
than all the Oenrial Bullers put together.
( Cheers. ) Ho claimed that the bill was es
sentially moderate and calculated to mill
matters smoothly through tno winter. 1'ar-
inoll concluded by earnestly entreating the
iiouso to allow the second record of the bill ,
which lie said would benefit the landlords
themselves. The working of the land act
showed tneio wore almost as few just men
among the landlords ns had been found in
Sodom and ( Jouiorrah. ( Cheers , "oh , " and
laughter. ) If It had r.ot been tor the land
lords you might possibly conciliate the Irish
people. The landlords you placed there as
your ( stewards pioycd f aho to thoirtrust and
oppiessed their tenants , who have the ut
most confidence that as an act of justice par
liament will not permit the bill to be'lost. '
1'ainell's speech occupied ono hour and
twenty minutes in delivery.
At tlio conclusion of Parnell's speech Mr.
.John George Gibson , member for Liverpool.
arose , and on behalf of the government , sam
that niter the declaration already made , It
would be impossible to undertake any now
constructive legislation this session. He de
clared that I'arneU's mensuro was ono which
no Kovornment could accept , and contended
Unit thOHtatoof tannin'- ' Ireland did not
tihow any necessity for the bill.
Gladstone , who was loudly cheered , said
that ho was hurry to llml , in the course of the
debate , no signs approximating an agree
ment between the two siduof the house.
The tonu of the speeches from the govern
ment side was that of uncompromising on-
position to any measure of the relief of tlie
the hlsli tenants. Whether that at
titude was justlllcd ought to de
cide their vote on the second
scndliu : of the hill. How was It that of the
numerous members reprcbenting farmIng -
Ing constituencies in Ireland , not
ono was Inclined to move a
rejection of the bill. Ho supposed that none ,
however , fenunt tholr alllani'o to tliogov-
crnmont , could bu induced to do MI ( cheers ) .
The issue of tlm couimhMon afforded suf-
liclunlgiound tor parliament to relieve thu
tenants who , upon examination , should bo
found unable to pay tholt louts , nnd ttio fact
ot the issue of the commission , implied that
thciooiosucli tenants whom the uoyrrn mini
thoieby piomUed toielleve. . IJut such relief
was to bo glvon only after a long Inquiry nnd
utter the forming ami passing ot tno neces-
sery bill , all of which would Involve much
delay. In thu meantime a taw existed under
, , willed the pvnnltlua of eviction might be in-
llicted upon a largo body ot men who , the
Kovcinnient admitted were not unwilling but
were unable to pay tholr runts. It wnulil bo
" monstrous Injustice on the part of parlia
ment to allow such land to bo put In motion.
( loud cheorH. ) Therefore no should support
thu bill , although ho himself would have
framed itdltreremly ,
.Mr. Matthews , homo secretary. In ndvlsin ?
thu bouse to reject the bill , denied that the
appointment ot tlm commission implied an
admission that rents worn too high. Ho bald
tlrat I'm noil's bill waf an Invitation to all
iQiiniithlu JroJaiul to strlUu against the pay
ment of rents ,
Tfio diibatuwas adjourned on motion of
Sir. Moiloy.
_ _
Tlio Hncont Itlotii nnil tlio Homlt-
Mliilstcr Anderson's lloolci * .
COIMIXKAQUX , Sept , 20. | Now York Her
ald cableMpeml to tlio Bun. ] 1 ha > o just
iclurncil from Hroendwsler , n small place
\vhcro tlio recent riots took placo. liioondur-
elerims an aspect starllliigly like that of an
Amctlcan to\\u. ltshouMme * pic < ul village
like , owr n larj ; i area. Its vupulatiun U about
two thousand. Only uhon theyoarly fair Is
bel.1 dcet the Halving little community allow
jv Katherlnu of some 12,000 people , who deal ex-
lotulvely in rattle and horses. I found the
railway station mmmrd with g ndariuoi ,
iuuk ndnu ! ; everywhere mvinbi-rs of this
much hated military corpi eould be seen , and
the niadilr.i ; of their sword * * , SDUH and car-
1 blow livftrJ.Tho troops mnrrhed with the pris
oner * to the forta , .ronjly bullU Quol !
looking paaiJint ot all tc are Imlng taken
w y from peaceful occupations and fiom
Uiirf wlIej ! , au.i { < ect il ol ImpllcRt.on l.'i
Ueec _ fl : riots. Their fact-3 were darls ami
Bloomy , for nobody knows when they will
return , If Hir y return at all. It Is their dc-
partuie trom thclrliomcs , from recent scenes ,
with their wocpliiR families , from their
wl\cs nnd children , that throws such deep
shadows over their faces. "Itleht , about ,
inarch , " sounds the command , nnd n few mo
ments later
TIIKV A.IIK IN riiisoy
or on tholr way to prisons In the neighboring
town of Hjoorlng to await their trial. Many
more arrests will follow. 1 turned to an old
peasant and expressed sorrow over the pros-
cut stnto of things. "Well , well , " ho said ,
"it Is rather hard linos. It Is very much like
the time when tlio prlsonen were hero In
1MI , during the war , only it was better then ,
for we did not feel the military pressure so
haul because It was an enemy , but wo shall
see which party will bo the strongest In the
long. Themlnlstois will soon got tired of
tins kind of work.when they llml they do not
gain an Inch of giouud by it. " To judge
from tlto tooling which rules supreme In this
part of the country among the population ,
the old man may be right. It grows clearer
to everybody that the leactlonary measures
of the ministers only ser\o to swell the op-
positions. Several wavorer's now openly de
clare themselves against the government ,
after having scon the fruits of the creation
ot the mhtlstry'sliavorltocorps of gendarmes
the only hired soldlcis In Denmark. Largo
public liberal meetings were to have been
held In the northern part of Jutland , with
pVomlncnt members of prullament , llko
Count llolstcln and otheis , ns speakeis , but
the government has
which nevertheless have tukon place pri
vately under police supervision.
The reactionary napcis continuo to spur
the government on to strong measures against
the opposition. Ono paper , the JXigbladet ,
which has warm connections witn tlio min
istry , Mid that tlio. riots In Uroondorslcr.woro
planned beforehand , and formed part of an
Intended Insurrection. Lirgo mass meetings
have boon held during the last few days in
dlirerent parts of the county , both of liberals
and of conservatives. Some of tlm minis
ters , It is stated , have been present at thct.0 .
meetings , and their speeches point stiongly
In tlio direction of a continuation of the pres
ent policy. On the other side , the liberal
leaders assert that they Will not letlie an
inch from tlio picsent positions. The lead
ing members of the folketlng or lower house
hold dally consultation as to the tactics to bo
pursued alter the opening of rigsdag , which
Istotakoplncoon thu Itli of October , lint
nothing as yet has leaked out as to their
plans. In fact , 1 do not think they have ar-
ilved at tiny ( Infiniteresults. .
at Copenhagen , has jivt finished a tiansla-
tlon Into English ofn wprk by the Danish
author , Dr. Goorgp Brands , entitled "Esviys
on Eminent Authors ot tlio Nineteenth Cen
tury. " which will bo published at Christmas
by T. V. Crowell .fc Co , of Hoston. Mass. The
book will bo turnlshed with numerous poi-
tiaits. Minister Andeison's "Norse Mythol
ogy" has now been tianslatcd into Kiench ,
German , Norwegian , Italian and Knsslan.
Ho deserves praise for tlio clever manner in
which he at last brought tlm Danish govern
ment to submit to arbitration , as already
mentioned In n previous dispatch , the
thirty years old outstanding ease of the
United States against the Danish covein-
mcnt , for tiring upon thu lienjamin Franklin
in 1K5C. There was gieatsatisfaction in leadIng -
Ing liberal circles here at the solution. The
Hoialdwastho only paper able to publish
the news , which had hitherto been kept per
fectly secret. _
The Madrid IJcvolutlon.
MAPitii ) , Sept. 21. All the olllcers impli
cated in yesterday's attempt at revolution
have boon condemned to death. A band of
rebels at Ocana , in the province of Toledo ,
killedtluyr commanding officer and then returned - ,
turned to Alleglanic and prayed formeicy.
Common soldiers who took pait Ln the upris
ing Sjenerallyiepetit thplr follyto-"day , and
blame their oiliceis for Ieadrn ! thorn , astray.
Soldiers everywhere are j'iehlintr to the au
thorities. In the piovlnco of Toledo two
bands of lebels , however , still hold out. They
are trying to reach the Guaiiarraiua moun
tains , and n foiee ot loyal troops have been
sent in puisult of them. The city Is quiet to
A "Wholesale Swindler.
Nnw Voj'.ic , Sept. 21. Charles lloano
Paramele , of the California Vintage com
pany , called at police court and added his
testimony to the mass already in possession
of tlie detectives to convict C. "W. Foster , tlio
imprisoned "banker" of 42 Broadway , who
is chanred with swindling to an unpre
cedented extent Among the voluminous
coircspondcnco found in Ills ofllco was a list
ot addresses of persons , which ho tried In
effectually to conceal when arrested. The
police belieVe it Is a list of his victims. In
tlio list are the following : Frank Uretteher ,
Dumont , la. ; Nellie Freeman , Noith 1'latte ,
Hcb. ; I'hlllip Calz & Co. , Attdnson , Neb. ,
nnd numerous others. The police sent woul
to all tlm persons for Information regarding
Foster. Fostorwns arraigned at the Jeffer
son Market police court this morning and
held in S'AOOO for examination. Especial
Interest attaches to this case from a legal
point of view , from tlm fact that It Is the
second case to come under bcntion ' 50 of the
penal code , which was used io convict
Feid Waid.
Tlio Telephone Suit.
OixcrN.VATi , Sept. 31. In the Bell tele
phone casa in the United States court to-day
J. J. Storrow , for the Bell company , con
cluded his aigument , which was directed to
establish the fact that the company had no
such representation in Ohio as to warrant the
government in bringing the company into
court lieio. Ho was followed by Grosvenor
and lxwry , oC Ts'ew Yoik , lenresontiiig the
government , who ar-'iu-d that the piusoiico of
Instalments and wires In Ohio operated by
licenses of the Bell Telephone company ga\o
the noce.ssary jurisdiction over the company
In Ohio , although its otlico is In
another state.
Anron Burr's Correspondence.
IloNiiouT , X. Y. , 8 pt. 21 , The Freeman
will publish to night the contents of a bundle
of letteis from Aaron Burr to Peter Von
Gaa-sboick , of Klncston , N. Y. Ouo of the
letters tlnows light upon thu notable contest
fortliu presidency between Burr and Jeiferdon
In ibOl.
Noliraslca nnd loxvn Wcnthnr.
For Nebraska nnd Iowa : Generally fair
weather ; slightly cooler.
Beware of Scrofula
Scrofula Is probably rnoro general than any
other disease. It Is Insidious lu character ,
and luanUcjts Itself In nmnlngsores , pustular
eruption ? , bolls , BxvclllRgg , enlarged Joints ,
abscesses , sere eyes , etc. Ilood'sSarsap.-irim
expels all trace of KpioJula finm tlio blood ,
IcavlnB It pure , eurlclicd , and Jiealtlix ,
\vaase\crelyafl1lctca with scrofula , and
over a ycarliail t\\-orun = lngsorcs on my neck.
Took flvo bottles Hood's E.irsiparlto : ! , and am
cured. " 0 , U , IxiVBJOV , Jewell , Mass.
C. A. Arnold , Arnold , Me. , had scrofulous
sore * for * e * en years , spring and fall , Jlooj'a
S.iuapaiUla cured l.In.
Salt Rheum
IsnnBfth niost ' .l s recabloilse. ! > 5es caused
bylnipuroblocfi. U I wadlly oure.l | > y Hood's
Barsaj'arllla , tbo great l-l.-xid piirtrcr.
WIUI.IJH Bples , Elyris , O. , Buffered crsatly
from erysipelas id k.Ut rlitiun , ciuied by
li.i.iUiiiK tobacco. At times lila luuds wouM
crack open aiul bleed , lie tiled nrlcus prep
aration ) without aid ; flnily : ! tcok Hood's Sir-
s.tpwlto , mid now sayi j " I am entirely well. "
"My son liad salt rheuuj oa bis h ida and
on tl.o calre.1 of Id ) lee ? . I'e took Hood's
tjars3p.--.rIlU and is entirely cured. " J. JJ ,
Stautoii , Mt , Vernon ,
IOO Do&os One Dollar
Vlllnlnoiis Adniln'.sirntlon or Dctlio-
criitH lu Ohlo'n 1'cnltpntlnry.
CoM'Miitrs , O. , Sept. 21. fsppclnl Teio-
gram Io the UKI : . J Tlio results ot the retwb-
llcan niltnlnlstratioii in the Ohio penitentiary
1ms been to unearth , with the alii of. convict
testimony , remarkable disclosures concernIng -
Ing the vllIMno.ts conduct of the olllclnls. It
has boon developed thnt the democratic
forgery ot last October election tnlly sheets
was done by a prisoner who was Induced In
do so by the democratic politicians In conhol
of prison departments. This and much more
Is to be brought before the grand jury now In
Cession. Atnoni ; other fnots It Is alleged that
sy-toniatloiU'nllnir of tiunltentlnry Droiliiflts
was carried on by olllcials and emiiloycs.
Wn'oii loads ot duals , bUnkets ,
fnrnituip , shoos , and other salnbln com-
modltlcs innnuf.ictuird In the nrhondie
nctually stolfti with the aid ot ihoconUi-ts
who iDcplved n shuro of the proceeds. Tlioy
havft told all this voluntarily , hoplnq , of
couisp , in lie Knvaidcd by naulon orimioli1.
Other sensational dlsdosuna nie that the
piisoneisor their Iriomls with the means ,
were black mulled Into | mtuhasin } ; ln\oi- ,
They were lolliwcd of haul tasks tmly on
liaymeiitof iiionoy to overseers iiml deputy
olilclals. One prisoner gave a h6rsLnriotlmr ,
n illninond inn , both now owned by ox-olll-
clals of tlm lloadly regime. Wealthy prison *
ai8 gladly boiuht thulr wnv tosnnp poslton ! |
In itho hospital and dining loom. Tills
tobbcrv I ? proved by tlie prisoners
and corroborated by oiilihlo evidence. '
Another atrocity was committed by the
physlcUn.who sklnnwl thu bodies of lourprli
SOIIVN now claimed for burial by the mends
nnd had their hides tanned into leatheivlilclt
was then made into canes mid other articles
ns curlonsltlea. Homo nro owned hero nnil
been chemically proved to bo of human skin.
JJesldes this disgusting disclosure , stories mo
( oh ) of Vtomcn of loose morals boliii ; nllo\\ed
to come Into the cells of prisoners who had
money to piy for the tnvor. All this'nnd
much inoro thre.itens before long to mnUe
convicts of men who once ruled the prison.
No Scltlonicnt Itcaohod ot the Union
Dllllculty In Oil I cam ) .
CitiOAtio , Sept. Ul. Mnny people of va
rious classes visited tlio builders and-tiaders'
exchange to-day and anxiously Inquired the
piobahillttcs in rcgiud to the trouble between
the stone eontrnctbrs nnd cutters and brick
layers and stoin' masons. The nii'etingof
the Stone Contiactors association , announced
for this afternoon , was expected to bo nn exciting -
citing ono. It was umliMstond the incmbeis
would submit n basis of an aiicement ; on be
half of themsclu's nnd the cutters to the
stone masons' anil brlcklayeis' unions , cover
ing the responsibility ot each chtsi and their
lel.ition to each other. If the settlement
was rojcctcd n long and bitter lock
out \vas > threatened. The meeting , however ,
was comparatively free tiom thu stormy
scenes anticipated , what action \ > as l.iken
being In the natute of a pompom-incut.
There was an apparent tendencv to adjust
the matter amicably If possible. AtUsr con
siderable dlMJinslon the association mutely
instructed its executive to invite committees
fiom tlio master masons' association , stone
cutter's union , and bticklaveis and stone ma-
bon's unions to a confeienco to .see whether
the dltllcultv could not be amicably settled.
The committees will probably meet
Saturday. Fuither action was con-
liiiea to the adoption of a le.solution
requesting the joiiiueymen stone cuttei.s to
work for no linn ot contractors thnt does not
join the association by the last Hiiiluy of tnis
month. This evening the olllccrs of the
lour organisations involved la the btnntglu
were decidedly reticent and would not dis
cuss the result of the disagreement. Tiio
strike or lockout would , they thought , extend
to the other blanches of skilled labor. Itas
estimated that o\er 11,000 men would bo
Colorado I'ync'lioi-H Tnlcc a Prisoner
Foni n l ijihtin-i ShcrlfT.
DiiNvnii , Colo. , Sept. 21. A Montropo
'special to tiio Ne\\.s'Says'Karly : thhiJtbining'
a mob of armed nicnuttacked tlio county
jail with sledges and crowbnis aird'Befote
the slu'.ritr , who lives near the jail , whs
alarmed they succeeded in torcing entiancu
to the building , trom which tnoy took Jj. K.
Symmers , wlio was held for killing John
Berkley on the id ! of lastJItly. When thu
Sheillt icachcd the scene with a
posse the mob fired upon him.
Tlio ftro was returned. Over 100
rounds were exchanged without any liaini
beiiitr none. Finally the hheiill lorccd tlio
mob Into the mountains whcic they separated ,
going in every direction , one paity taking
Symmes over the west side of Uncompah-rio
mountain where It is supposed ho was hung
and bulled. Citizens have been searching
all day lor the. dead body ot the ptlsoner and
have been unable to find any trace of him.
The UHSC Bull Record.
AT Dnrnoic
Chicago . 0 002 4
Detroit . 1 1 0 0 3
Four inuiniis , rain. Base lilts Detroit 3 ,
Chicago 5. Errors Detroit i , Chicago 7.
Pitchers Baldwin and Flynu. Umpire
AT UAi/njioun
Baltimore. . 0 0100000 1
Cincinnati . 1 0000000 1
Eight innings. Game called on account of
daikucbS. I'itcheis Kilroy and Smith.
Base hits Baltimore 2 , Cincinnati 1. Ei-
loia Cincinnati 1. Umpiie McQuald.
ArNuw YxmK
IS'ew York . 1 021500 0 9
I'hiladelphla . 8 0020 000 4
Base lilts Xuw Yoilc 8 , Philadelphia 0.
Pitchers Keofe and Daily. Enoro Xow
York 2 , Philadelphia 4. Umpire I'eaice.
AT I'iiir < Ai > Kii'iiiA
Athletics . 010000000 1
St. Louis . 1 0010320 * 0
Base hits -Athletics 0. St. Louis 10. Er
rors Athletics 1 , St. Louis 5. Uniolro
JloUopolltan . . . .a 2010000 G 10
Louisville . 0 0 0 0 C 2 0 0 1 ; i
B-iso hits Metropolitan 15 , Loulsvlllo 0.
Pitchers Kennedy and ( Uishman. Errors
Motrojiolltan ! ! , Ijoulsyfllo 2. Umplio Val
Brooklyn . .0 5083000 0 10
Pittsbtug . 3 00102000-0
Base lilts Brooklyn 14 , Plttsburg 10.
Pitchers Porter nndMouiH. . Errors-
Brooklyn T , Pltlsbuiir 5. U mplre Kelly.
Boston . 0 ii
Washington . i 1 1 0 o 0 0 1 * 4
Ba-u hits Washington 8 , Boston S.
1'itclioi.s O'Day nnd Stemmyor. Errois
WnstiiiiKtou 10 , Boston 0. Umphe-.Mur-
ran.AT ST. Louis
St. Louis . 0 S 000020 0-5
Kansas (31 ty. . 0 0000 , 0000 0
Base hlS-St , LoulH 11 , Kansas City 4.
Pitchers lloylo and Whitiloy. Errors St.
I ouls 4. Kansas Ulty 3. Umpire-Quest
Ilouiovod i'nr Political Reasons.
WAsiuxoro.v , Sept. 21. Just before the
adjournment of congrpad the senate judiciary
committee made n repot t , which wbs adopted
by the senate , in the ease of Wade McAllis
ter , jr. , who was removed from tlm Qfljco of
judge of Alaska by the president. After n
lull Investigation tlm committee lound tlio
jiulKO had always been n faithful and uillclunt
officer ; that there was nothing in the easn
calculated to place discredit upon him' dither
as an olllulal or man , and tint his romoud
was foriiolltica ! ic.isons. It was the inten
tion of the committee to have removed thu
injunction ot smwy from the leport , hut in
the hut ry of Urn closing hours ot the session
this was forsotte.ii and the facts have- only
just como to liulit.
Onntrallr.liit ; Ijiitlinrun Edncntlon ,
CHICAGO , Sept. Ut. The board of educa
tion of thu general synod of the livangellt'al
Lutheran Church of the United States began
its meeting hero this evening. Thu boaid 10-
solved to roeommend to the general synod
the necessity ot concentrating the theological
dep.utmonts of the several colleges embrac
ing tliddltffrent nationalities of tlio church ,
It w.w resolved thut Chicago Is thu best loca
tion for such a western theological somluury.
Tlioy Can Build the Road.
CHICAGO , Sept. 2I. Judge Morau to-day
dlssohed the Injunction obtained by A. C ,
Story restraining the laying of O. T. Yorko's
cable road on North Clark street. The court
said that , in his opinion , the injunction
should not have been cruutod without a
uotic-e to defondftuU because no damage
could bo suitalned by the complainant ,
rcdreJi for which tie could not obtain by law ,
. ! . "
The Proceedings'of ' Last Night's ' Mooting ot
A New Booing Club The October
Sliootlnu ToUrnnincnt A 1 torso
Tlilof CftUf ht , Brevities ntul
The Cttunt'tl Sloe ting.
The atlomlnnca'n't the couneil meeting
was "lightly efTeptod by the doinoonitk-
prim.'iries. The t-pfonners were nil lute
and Mr. Goodrich failed to show up
at all , Mr. Goodman was also absent.
The meeting wa.s called to order at 8)0 : ! )
o'clock. '
The mayor's communication approving
tlio ordinances adopted tit the last moot-
inir of the council was read and plnccd
on file.
The mayor vetoed the ordinance rcsu-
IntinR the location and operation of med
ical colleges on tlio m-otind thut the coun
cil has no authority to regulate tlio con
trol of medical colleges. The mayor's
Tote was sustained ,
The bond nnd contract of J. E. lllloy
for the pavitlj ; of Thirteenth street and
'tlio contract of Fov & Co. for the con
struction of the North Omaha sewer and
the contract of Stuht ! c Ilamol for the
grading of Harney street were approved.
Tlio appointment of Henry Vosa a
member of , the board of public works ,
vice T. C. Brimer , lorm expired , was ap
Tlio contract of Murphy , Croightou &
Co. for the paving of Twenty-fourth
street was approved.
Tlio conlractof A. H. Uolo for the grad
ing of Chicago street was approved.
. . A number of estimates for work done
tniclur grading and sewer contracts were
approved and allowed.
The application for a leave of absence
for twenty days by Joseph Vnndovoort ,
foreman of Ivo. 4 engine house , was re
ferred to the committee on fire and water
works and the chief of tlio lire depart
Leave of absence for live days was
granted to J. J. Galligan , chief of the lire
The request of C. K. Mayno , asking for
an increase of the rent for the city hall ,
was referred to tlio committee on public
property and improvements. .
The bids for the purchase of the prop
erty inadu vacant by the opening ot
Twenty-eighth avenue wnro referred to
the muvor and city clerk , with instruc
tions to execute deeds to the bidders
whoso bids were in accordance with the
report Of appraisers.
The request of .residents of LowO's ad
dition , asking that ; Aluir's dairy bo de
clared a nuisance , was referred to the city
The petition of ilosirtouts of Eighteenth
street , askmir thai' tlllit street bo paved
with xjcdar block,1' whs. referred to the
committee on pajPirlgs curbing and gut-
t'5 5 . Vo
The petition of thfl property owners ,
asking for tlm construction of n sewer on
Williams streotvfrom , Touth to Four
teenth streets , wis gfinteu.
L'ho petition of 03. C. Stone and others ,
asking for tlio establish mont-of thp width
ot Seventh strefsft ftom Lenvenworth to
Marcv , was rofo.pvodoto the First ward
delegation. . ' , !
A pettflon asklnst for tlio opening of
Cherry street , was referred to the delega-
, lion from the J irat wf'
, By.jivagpor , InsjLrjlgtipg. the city att'or-
, noy to prepare " : Ifj pr.Uiuanco croat'uiE the
, otlico of meaj/ana uiilk inspector.
Hy Schrocder That the owner of the
house standing aUhuinturhcction of Fifth
and .Titttcs street bo allowed $7rf to enable
him to move it out of tlie road of the
sewer now being constructed. Adopted.
By Kasper That tlio salary of Mr.
Donivan , the viaduct inspector , be in
creased to $125 nur month. Adopted.
Bv Lowry That the democratic party
be allowed the use of the council cham
ber on Wednesday , September 23 , for the
purpose of holding a convention.
Grades and grading Recommending
payment of ( Jalluhan's bill for dirt fur
nished the city. Adopted.
Same Recommending that the report
of the freeholders oii the changing of the
grade of Sixth street bo not acccptod.
Police Recommending the removal of
Patrick Murpuy from the police force ;
the suspension of Patrick llorrigan for
one month without pay and the reinstat
ing of Mikp Dem psoy without pay for tlie
time suspended. Adopted.
Special ordinance making appropria
tion from sewer fund for the payment of
the sewer in District No. 27. Passed.
Creating sewer district No. 3."j and.
ordering tiio construction of sewers in
samo. S'jwarage.
Granting to 11. J. Moynihan the right
to organi/o and control a proveutitive
night watch. I'olice.
Ucclariii } ' tbp necessity of opening and
widening i'acilio btreet. Grades and
Establishing tlie grade of Seventeenth
street from Mason street to tlio lower
Union Pacific tracks. Grades and grad
Declaring the necessity of changing
the grade of California street , fromTweii-
ty-seeond to Twenty-third street. Grades
and grading.
Ordering the grading of Eighth street ,
from Leavonwortli street to the alloy next
north. 1'usbcd.
Creating sownr district Mo. 33 nnd do-
lininir its boundaries , to bu William street ,
from Tenth street to Thirteenth street.
Establishing paving districts 107 and
108. Paving , curbing and guttering.
Ordering the paying of paving dis
tricts 80 , 83 , 83 and fc ! , Passed ,
Creating .sower District No. 31 and
ordering the coiiklruqtum of bowers in
said dibtriot. fiowej.
Declaring the jrcft&fuity of extending
Twenty-ninth avcnftojto I'tirnam street.
Passed. J'
The councilthjitj "ncqourned ,
A Very Quiet ? i\A. siml IdgM Vote
The democrationVinmrics passed oil'
smoothly last n)5litjniul ) ) ; thu result was
a surprise to nobody , With the excep
tion of in the Sfitt'oi'ij ward there were
'no factional Jj fiu , | Thu number ot
votes polled wa4 > Miiall , and shows up
pitiably comparj/U ; jJw'Uh' the largo vote
cast at tlio ropuvucA | ) primaries last Fri
day evening. ' wi
The polls won : held in thu an'iex to thu
Union L'acilio hotel , owned Iiydomocnvtia
" aide post of the ward , Thomas Ciisoy.
Tlio judges were L. 11 , McCowin and
Henry Ehronpfort , while thu clerks were
Messrs. Peter Casey and A. O , Rued. All
of those had but littleto do. There Waa
but ono ticket ! n tlio Held , and that in tlm
main consisted of war horses who have
fought the battles of the democracy of
the ward for na many as fifteen yenn. As
a reward of this they have , for about thq
same length ot time , been rewarded by
being placed upon thu tickets as delegates
to the conventions of the party , Tliusu
irentlemon wera as follows : P. Desmond ,
W. H. Spauldiiig , Owen Slayen , Thos.
Casey , Clias. Kauil'man , Win.
Vf. Lynch.
They wept the field with a great deal
of unanimity. Their fitness for the
jilaco and their popularity were unques
tioned , so much so that when the polls
rlo ed , and the judges had \orilicd the
tallies of the clerks , tln o gentlemen
Were found to have each received 112
votes. This voting was at less than nn
average of ono per minute. There was
no excitement , and the judge * and dorks
had ample time between votes to partake
of the ho3iitnblo oig.irs of fnenils who
Called to chart" nnd be funny.
sr.rnxuVAKII. .
The polls of this part of the city wore
opened in the rear of Louis lluimrod's ,
on tlio corner of Thirleenth and Juukson
streets , lloio the seene was one of great
est interest to sonio of the people , and
considerable excitement to many more.
This was occasioned by thp paitls'an feel
ing which sent two tickets into tlie Held.
Dim of these was called the "Brown
ticket , " nnd contained the following
names' Lotui lluimrod , Andy Murphy ,
I'M Bionuau , Jul. Nagl , Kd Atorinnty ,
Philip Andres. Tom FittnoiTis. ! It was
also styled the niiti-Boyd. It was not
supported by tlio numerous and airirnw-
< hu force ot peddlers which was utilised
by the opposing forces. It was backed
upL however , by tlie n-doubtable Louis
Ilennrod , wlio stood near tlio polls win
dow and strongly remonstrated against
the voting of Individuals whom lie know
to bo not entitled to that privilege be-
CUUSG of non-rosideiicc or repealing. On
0110 occasion an individual had the temer
ity to attempt to Vote a second limd , but
before ho could nccompiish his work ho
was jerked away from the window by tno
indignant Louis. The idea of this ticket
seemed to be to show Boyd that certain
influences in tlio ward were to bo feared ,
and ns if in anticipation of this fact Boyii
men were on hand in great numbers to
help to crlisli the opposition. Tlio num
ber of votes polled by _ this ticket
was seventy-four , Moroarity , however ,
receiving twenty-three morn than any
other name on the ticket. The "Boyd
ticket" contained the following names !
(3eo. ( V. Hinus , J. Cummins , J. Douully ,
Sr. , II. 1) . Shull , J. F. Murphy , Louis Mo-
Coy , P. Gnrvov. At the close of the polls ,
this ticket had received 28-1 votes. The
judges were H. S. Sautter and J F.
Mtirpny. The clerks wore J. T. O'Con
nor and J. L. Lewis.
Tlllltl ) WAKII.
The weight of democratio dullness hung
around this precinct , and that was very
dull dullness indeed. When a democratic
primary is lively , it is so bucauso of the
healthy activity of Irietion and competi
tion. Hero , however , there was neither
Olio nor the other. There was
not oven enough regular activity to keep
the judges employed half the time. As
a consequence one of them found leisure
to stop out occasionally upon the walk to
enjoy the luxury of a needed stretch. As
in llio First ward , several of tlio names
upon the ticket were the o of glorious
old war horses.wlio have many and many
a time led their friends to victory and de
feat. Yesterday's inactivity , "however ,
did not suit , and it was more a relief to
them when the polls closed than it would
have been if there had been half a
doxcn doughty Richmonds in the
field. Tlio delegates chosen wcro :
P. Ford , Julius Meyer , Andy Moynihan ,
Joseph Teahon , Charles NeCor , II. Par-
rish. Aug. UtolY. The polls were held in
the Limhilo , tlio successor of thn Niacara
housn , from which Councilman Ford
lately retired. The judges were Captain
Jones and John Moynihan , and John S.
Farmer acted as clerk. When the clock
otruck seven the judges bundled up the
cigar box containing the ballots , made
out the credentials and announced to tlio
two or.thruo bystanders that 203 votes had
been polled.
rouimi VAKi ) ,
In this ward tliorc was but ono ticket
and as n natural consequence
ono was ; elected without any trouble.
But .lUtJo scratching was indulged In.
The "delegates elected were Charles II.
Brown , George W. Duncan , C. S. Goodrich -
rich- , } . C < Pontxijl , J. J. O'Connor , C. S.
Montgomery , C. B. Rustiu. Only 137
votes were cast ,
In this ward the same general quiet
prevailed. The delegates elected were
Thomas II. Dailoy , J. O. Gorov , C. J.
Sir.ythe , John M. Rice. B. McGinn ,
James Balm and A. N. Fcrirusoji. The
iiuinbci of votes polled was 280.
SIXTH WAllt ) .
The number of votes east in this ward
was C8 , a phenomenally small showing.
The delegates elected wore Mel Wil
liams , P. M. Lee , C. A. Leary , C. V. Gal
lagher , A. F. WoIiT , John Morris , W. S.
Yclkur. _
The Gun Club's Clinllcneo for the
An. increasing interest is being taken
in the coming club shoot between the
Omaha Gun club and tlio "Owls. " A
largo and enthusiastic meeting of the gnn
club was held last evening , at which the
secretary was instructed to issue n chal
lenge to the Omaha Sportsmen's club for
a club hunt , same to bo shot club against
club , the losing side to pay the expenses
of a banquet , tlio game to bo counted ac
cording to the revised count adopted by
the Omaha Gun club , A committee of
three , consisting of Mossrs. G. F. Bruck-
er , Gcorgo E. Kay aiulT. H. Cotter , was
appointed to confer witli a like commit
tee from the challenged club to set the
dates and arrange the details connected
with thu limit.
The following is the revised count of
game adopted by tlie Omaha Gun club ,
which will bo used in deciding the points
of the contestants in the coming tourna
ment :
Snipe-Lnast Sandpiper , Tiltup , Pec
toral , Killdeer , Small Yellow-leg and
Plialiopo. 1 each ; Redbreast 2 , Sera Rail
2. Virginia Rail , Clapper Rail 0 , Largo
Yullow-leg 3 , Golden Plover 3 E > qni-
maux Curlew ! , Bartraman Sandpiper 3 ,
.lack Suipo 3 , Iludsonian Godwit , Mar
ble Godwit 4 , Arosut 4 , Sicklu-bill Curlew
fi , Glossy Ibis 8 , Woodcock 7 ,
Geese Canada 12 , llutehsons 8 , Snow
8 , White Fronts.
Crane \Vorping \ 20. Sandhill 15.
Herons-Bluo 10 , White 12 , Night 12 ,
Pelican 1.7.
Swans Trumpeter 30 , American 33 no
Ducks Greun-winged Teal , Blno-wing-
od Teal , Shovpler nnd Bisll'alo-houd , 4
each ; Avidgcon , Gad wall , Wood , Pintail ,
Scout ) , Ringneck and Ruddy , G each ;
Hooded Merganser 4 , Goldonoye 0 , Red
head 0 , BiifT-bronstod Mergainor 7 , Mal
lard 7 , Dudky 8 , Canvuabaek 8 , Rooky
Mounta.n Ganatt 8 ,
"Eagles-Bald 25 , golden 25.
OMiscolluncous Corinordut , black loon ,
northern diver , hnwKS and owls , 10 each ;
pinnateo gronso and sharp tail 1 each ;
sago lion 0 , pigeon 2 , milled grotibo 1 ,
wild turkoy25 , iiuail ! 1.
Quadrupeds Grey sqlrrol 3 , fox squir
rel 3 , rabbit 3 , jack rabbit 0 , badger 15 ,
coon 15 , fox 3D , wolf 25. mink 20 , otter25 ,
beaver 25 , weasel 15 , wild cat 23 , antelope
75 , deer 100 , oik 150 , butlalo 200 , Rooky
mountain sheep 250.
Another Social Cluli.
A new social club was formed bv a
number of young men who met at the
Millard hotel last night. The oiUcor.i
elected were Clias , BoindoriY , president ,
John Meisner , vico-presidont , Geo.
Sternsdorn' , secretary , and William Iew-
hall , treasurer. It U the intention of the
club Ujglvoi series of parties this win
ter , probably at the Millard hotel , The
11,11110 of tlm club hits not yet buun de
termined upon.
The Cullo I . .I nc.
Work was commenced yesterday by
the Cable company on their proposed
line on Twentieth street. Ground was
broken on that street north of Cumlngs
and a largo force of men placed nt work
digging tor the necessary work that is
to bo done under the surface.
Cltni-Jesinn mill Other I'lnoes SufTer
I'ront n Hovoro Shook ,
CitAin.rsTo.v , S. 0. , Sept 21. - Therovero
three shocks of oarthqmko hero la t night
nnd eaily this imnnlnp , a shock nt fieo ; a. in ,
bcln i ; quite sharp and causing houses to rattle
uncomfoitably. There was no peueial
nl.limbut n Rood tunny porous ran out of
their houses into tlio streets and remained
thero. At .Summon 11 Ic then ? were throe
Knocks between 4 : anil 0JO : ! this inorninct ,
IhiMo being a lather violent one nt5 : ' . ' ( ) , as
hoie. A loud detonation slmllni to tluMo-
port of a heavy Rim , was heard at the begin-
nlnij of tlm seveio shook ht-re , and there wi-ie
detonations or evploslons with two of the
shoeks nt Suininenille.
There was no uiM.iUui ; the character of
the disturbance that neouired nt aqumter
past no'ehick this nioinlnir. Most of itu
ju'iiplo In the clt ) wno nsloen at the time ,
but the shook was sulhelent'j ' slromi to
awaken them. The featuuvs of tlio phen
omenon nnil the atmospheric conditions were
somewhat peculiar The weather on Sun
day nnd Monday nluhts was wnim and
sultry. Aftei 10 o'clock at nleht the wind
seemed to li.-uodieil outentliely. On Moll-
daj , night llio Indications ot n chance
In thn weather were npiiaiunt. i'u'ipienl
Hashes of sheut llglitnini ; were seen In the
north and occasional 'mils of thunder were
heard. Tito sky o\ei Charleston all this time
was entirely clear and the moon shone
brightly. Shortly after midnight the wind
set In rather biiskly from the east nnd clouds
bcunii to gather In the sky. It was iltteeu
minutes mist 5 o'clock when the shook ar-
rl\ed. This was about the somest that liml
been felt In Uhaile-iton lor over
two weeks. The other vibrations that
many people allowed they have felt weio
child's-play compared with the shook this
niornlnu' . Houses were very peueptlhly
shaken and in many houses the plastering
was thrown down. ' 1 lie shock is variously
estimated to have lasted irom tliieu to ten
seconds. A man who was on the street on
Ids' way to his place of business states
that the enith moved violently and that the
sound was llko the explosion of a thousand
pounds of dynamite under giouud. The
worbl. leaturo of the shock wai the additional
Injui.v to thu medical college , of which u
largo partoC the wall fell In. It is now a
gaping ruin and .Vpinrontlyniust coino down
to Iho baiement. The shock to-day Is repelled -
polled also felt nt Summcrvlllu ,
Snmter , Blackville , Ur.uigcbury , Now berry ,
Auiiusta nnd Savannah , \vitliin tlnco
minutes after tlio shock there woie n good
many people on the Hliuett. nUhough compar
atively few ot them weie women and child-
O\cr.'I,5SO foims of application for i pilot"on
account of injuiy by thoe.utliqtiaU1 to houses
and other property ha\o been ISSIUM ! nnd
neatly 700 applications tully tilled out have
been recelU'd. These applications come
horn every class and community.
Money for a Charleston Church.
SAIIATOOA , N. V.Sept. 21. Attho session
ot the Unitarian confeicnceln this city to
night over 81,100 was raised to help icbuihl
tlie Chnrleston chinch deslioyed bytheie-
eente.uthnuakc ,
Sovcroitjn Grnml Iwoclso I locts Ofll-
ccea nnd Tmiisact lUi.slncsH.
BOSTONSept. . SI. In the Sovereign Grand
Lodge of Odd Fellows to-da < r Representative
Underwood , of Kentucky , from the commlt-
tcoot patriarch militant dcgice , picbcntuil
an exlmustivo report which was rofencd to
tne tiiinnce committee.
The hour for special order having arrived
the grand lodge elected the following officers
fortho next two yeais : Gmnd sfro , John
II. White , New Yoik ; deputy giand she , ,1.
C. Underwood , Kentucky ; grand secretary ,
T. A. Ross , NewJeiMiy ; grand treasurer , A.
Shopaul , I'cnxsylvnnla.
Representative Gibson , of Coloiado , pio-
senlci ] an Invitation to the grand lodge to
hold ( ho session of. 18S7 in Denver. The invi
tation was accepted.
The constitutional amendments wcio then
taken up. An amendment to aitiolo 1 , sec
tion 4 on me matter of appeals to the sovereign
eign giand lodge , tlie decision appealed
liom to stand until icveised by the sovereign
eign Rinml lodge , and giving every member
of a ledge the right to appeal , was lost.
An amendment to aiticlo 12. by strik
ing out tlio word "annual" and Inserting
tlio word "biennial , " ho that the giand lodge
shall meet biennially was Indelinitcly post-
jmned. An amendment to admit persons
over eighteen years of ago to the order , and
leaving the question ot ace to local legisla
tion in Austialia , New Zealand and other
countries not in the continent of North
Ameilca , was lost by a vote ot 07 to 77. An
amendment providing for a reduction
ot lepicsentntion was indciinitoly
postponed. An amendment lor giving
siato gi and bodies tlio power to eon-
htruu tht ) intent nnd meaning of the lu\b ;
adopted by them tor tlio government of theh
suboidiiutes , and providing that tholr decis
ion shall bu hnal and conclusive , was indenn-
itely postponed. An amendment leaving the
qualification of ago and color to local legisla
tion was also iiulelinilely postponed.
A committee was appointed to take Into
consideiatlon the change In vi-sitlng cauls of
Bay City lodge 1) . of It. of Michigan and
Washington ledge D. of. K. of Boston.
"Groat Donda of Croat Men. "
Before n lanro audience at thn First M.
. church last evening , Bishop Fowler
delivered his lecture on the "Groat Deeds
of Great Men. " It was an able uflbrt ,
dealing with the central figures of history
and the qualities that constitute leader
ship. Great men do not perform great
deed's alone. They must have good as
sistants. Napoleon had to have a Noy
to help him to greatness. The great vic
tories for which individuals have been
honored have been won by the Mipurb
greatness of the men whoso names never
appear in public reports , The individual
who commences in an empty handed
fight under adverse circumstances and
makes a place and a living tor himself
in the world is gi eater than hu who con
quers a city. Thu achievements of a few
of tlio notud munol history won- reform !
to and the elements tint coiiEtltuted the
greatness of these men defined The lec
ture occupied two hours in delivering and
commanded the complete attention ot
the audience. _ _
tVhoao VITA I.I J'V l Miliif.HnilnllUAISIII
RXII Al'hl Ml or Fo sr I'll JillIA . UIII i. \ \ \ Ji
H" ' ! /.rr'd * I r'l iSJ.lJ'iu.u.SliI ? ? ' lJ ir
. - . „ „ _ _ UUt > .lUi it ii . * ll >
fruti.i pruupUr rt.icl U. TUKAUlK
. , k , .
) llh > U < u > jm.i ' < > ct < > ' < * II > ' -
iM ta-k.
fhf l'lr t , Ihn drfclniil nnil Only ntnrrli tlmt U
IMIIIIII liy men \\lio linio n jirnrilrnl l
> f llin Intiiulrv rti > fp li'ti. It rcqiilri'i m conklne ,
XPI nttiolroQ Jrom ilcMna nntl llntn from MlUflilim
whtls Ironnik' , n I Kltps shl'U. cnirt anil niltMa tli l
llnnp i n.i VPtutttul 11 llh ttier lm e wlifn new ,
which , orr'tbo y Vtirnii ! k. cm thorn elfin twtcn M
lonj. llftvnro of lmll tiot ! . SP th tthctinnio J. O.
Ill liINOKU A 111IOS. Now llnvcu , Conu , Is oa
tMty IWlkMC Si" 1 i V ft Or l.H.
State Agents
Omaha , Neb.
Cocort , tram which Ihaosctinof
Oil lina been rrmornl. HlmnMiY *
time i Me sirimjth of Cocot mixed
with Starr ! ] , Arrowroot or Sugar ,
nnil Mtlii'reforo far raoro economi
cal , costing Itn than out toil a
cap. It Is delicious , nourishing ,
atrcngtlicnln ? , riully digested , and
admirably ndiptrd for Invalids u
% \c-U ta for iKroous In lunllli.
Bold by ( Irticirii OTcrirnticro.
W. BAKER & CO , , Dorchester , Mass ,
O17 St. linrIosStR . IoulsMo.
Arcgul&ritrft < tui.t of I .o Uvtileal COU IQR , h btn tonne
CDifi dla lheire [ ftl IrtttmtBtof CHvovte , NKKTOCI , Ktim
&Qd Bt.eou UIBIAIIB tlitq ftnr th r rhrileUn Inm. LouJt.
M cl7 rrerl iboir &nd nil old ra.Uflnt. Kcov
Nervous Prostration , Debility , Mental and
Physical Weakness ; Mercurial and other Alice *
lions ol Throat , Skin or Doncs , Blood Poisoning ,
eld Sores and Ulcers , ire tr tc < i vith .Dr.niiijd
uccf .i , an Uleit icknUfio prlDClplet. Htfelr. I'rlrktelf.
Diseases Arising from Indiscretion , Excess.
Exposure or Indulgence , which rr.dnc. m or tt > >
rollowlnr .O.tln ceriouinvi. d.bllHr , dlmn.ii of iltbt
ana Jcfcctln ratmorr , ploplci on th lies , phtikiitiJoor.
Tcriloo lotU. loc ljof f.tnilo , osttuilt. ofldi.i. w. ,
rendarlnff Uarrlit A impropvr or unhappy , u *
JwrnnBentlr eurcl. ! 'impbltl < SS p t < O cm tb ibore. ion !
infratrdcDTelep * , frie to any ddreii. Conialt tloaatof
Baoor bf Ta\\l \ rrfe.latlted auil at'lctlf ecnaj.atltl.
A Positive Written Guarantee iinn in eter
rablo ct o. Oledlelnt nt ? rj wbtri bj cull or i
20O PAOE3 , riNE PLATES , eV tnt e.olh &n4 Rill
binding. ftUdfor 3Oo. In | > QilitaorcnrrcDej. ( Over Uflj
vonJcrnit rxaplcurti , ttv ( oil ft ; rtlelftotilti foltowlag
ubjtctft wlio may SQ rrr , whcnai , wtiy , manhood , wom&a *
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lolegy otrrprediietlon , and nmny nor * . Tliot > marrlet or
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