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Paracll's Bill Votftd Dawn in the Honsc of
Commons Last Evening.
The ( iladNionlnnq .Support tlic I'.ir-
ncHllCM mill the Unionists the Gov-
ernniPiit Itlottuu Renewed tti
Helfnst Oilier Foreign.
I'nrticll'H Hill Defeated.
LONDON , Sept. 31. In the commons to-day
Chaplin , conservative , opposed Paincll'A
1)111. ) lie taunted Gladstone and Mnrleyvlth
again using the argument of fe-r. I'nrnell's
bill was the most Impudent bill ever sub-
niltted to parliament , It involves n reduc
tion of ra percent for an Indeiinlte period.
[ Cheoi. .l
Loid llartltiRton regretted lie was unable
to support Gladstone' * ) conclusions. Ho said
that tlicru was little doubt tlmt the time liad
arrived for a full Inquiry Inio Hie agrarian
question In Ireland , and the government
was nbont to Institute such Inquiry.
Yet pending this Investigation Glad
stone was prepared to take action on
Parnell's bill In a way which only last
August he ( Gladstone ) argued would be un
fair. [ Cheer * . ]
Sir Michael Hicks-Beach declared the bllf ,
If passed. would not lx > . received In the south
nnd west of Ireland as a temporary measure.
fCheers.j Hut tlin government would not
htiy n place by dolne injustice by
blackmail. In conclusion ho said the di cus-
sion of I'.u null's proposals was the act of
gioss Injustice to the lilsh landlords.
A division was then taken on the measure
and it was defeated by a vote of 2S > 7 to 202 ,
All the Gladstonlan's supported an Par-
nellites. The unionists voted with the gov
All Alnngtlic rdiic In moody
BUM-AST , Sept. 21. f New York Herald
Cable Social to tha IJr.K. ] Tlie city has
been divided all day Into two hostllo camps
of contending forces that outnumber the po
lice and the military. In American parlance.
there is "lighting all along the line. " Cor
dons of the military hold all the prominent
and Intersecting squares. Iraoons eseoited
a Catholic funeral this afternoon
when Father Magee bogged for a
peaceful Qri'turn. Tills was not heeded ,
for even the guarded mourners at
one point stoned the military barracks in
passing. The spect itors , following this lead ,
were chanrod with lixod bayonets by the
lilackVatcli and Stirtey soldiers. Never
theless , the stoners boldly Hung missiles as
theyrtin. In the midst of thjs , in Alfred
street , women tiom the windows and curbs
encouraged the iloters and fairly bhriek > > d
abuse at the constables and
military. At last , when around
St. Peter's chapel and In Mllfonl
street especially , the mob was driven to cover ,
iiisslles came from the roofs and windows ,
airing which Colonel Longhboum was badly
-rotind"d. It looked at one time as if
. 'o raport mlniitoly the riotous scenes , con-
- Imlng nearly twelve hours , would bo only
. -cpeat descriptions lieretoforo sent.
t midnight there is nuietude , but It Is
a'hcr HIP hush of fatigue and of night weart-
: css than a quietude of feeltngor cassation of
csontnient , and the authorities are appre
hensive of what another day may bring forth.
Affairs in Solln. *
SOFIA , Sspt. 21. [ New York Herald Cable
Special to the BKK. | Stambuloir most cm-
phalicallv denies the truth of the assertion
that In an after dinner speech lie had hinted
at a conquest of Saionica in Macedonia.
Austria has followed the precedent of Ger
many and Russia relative to the suspension
of proceedings against the conspirators.
Ittissla demands the InveMiir.itlon be post
poned until the present excited feelings In
Bulgaria shall have cooled down. Germany
Is awaiting the arrival of General Kaulbars ,
whosn presence at Sotia Is expected within a
week. The resents have signed a ukase ,
fixing the elections of the grand assembly
for October 10. The regents will arrange
with General Kaulbars on his arrival when
the assembly shall meet. The nicotine \vil
probably take place shortly.
Tlic Situation Simplifying : . , Sept. 22 , 4 a. m. [ New York
Herald Cable Special to the HKK. ] The
corespondent of the London Times , in a
long dispatch tills morning , claiming that his
views are obtained from olllclal circles , and
reciting them ac length , arrived at the follow
ing conclusion : It Is plain , at least , that the
situation In the east has giown much more
simple and less alarming , and that , above all
things , Germany must not now be accused of
being an obsequious niid unconditional sup-
poiter of Itussla , which her unexplained
action at first led the people to belluvo she
had become.
Gleaning * Croin tno Weekly Press ol
the III ; : 'Metropolis.
Loxnox , Sept. 20. [ New 'York Herald
entile Special to the Bir : l The "Comt
Journal" dropj two tearful pnragrauhsovprtho
alleged extravagance of. Mr.s , Wm. Astor's
gorgeous perambulator for her grand child
nnd W. 1C Vanderbllt's wheiry with silver
JUtlngs. It names the approaching Ameri
can exhibition "The Ynnkcrcs. "
Life opines that American ladles make
their way Into boclety * more easily In Lon
don than In Paris. The London clubs , how
ever are mure exclusive than the drawing
rooms and thu feeling prevails among the
American visitors tlmt they have been shab
bily tieated In this respect. The husbands
nnd brothers ) of the "Belles AmerlcalneV of
the season complain that while the women
have been favored the men have received the
cold shoulder In club-land. But by the laws ot
our clubs the number of honorary members
Is restricted , whereas the general tulo of the
United Statc.tuie such that a club 1s always
free to add to the number of its honorary
members. Ameilcan newspapers are now
suggesting loprUals. Visitors fiom the other
side have iucieased to such an extent Indeed
that It surprises me somebody has not already
started a llrst sate American club In our me-
tropolU. Life , however , forgets that the St.
George club has Americans in Its directorate ,
with glacial rales and forty bedrooms for St.
St. Stephen's Itevlew has a colored cartoon -
teen supplement with Lord Handolph
Cluircli.lll as a jockey , riding Ormande. as a
lory gift to iu readers , but adds this homo
rule Joke : "Do queen's writs urn In Ire
land',1" suggested au Inquiring traveller at a
lah'e d'hote , In Dublin ; "oomo times , but
ballllfs always. "
Vanity Fair's leader Is a plea for the prince
of W lc heir to marry , nn English wife ,
under parliamentary permission. It gives a
cartoon of Lord Ellenberg , which might pass
Jor Major George W , McLean. In this para-
Cmpb , Vanity Fair reflects Ideas pretty gen-
CMllr rlfj i } > Jolia Hull clubs. Tuc lui.iU of
the International yacht race pretty clearly
shows that the trans-Atlantic skimming
INhes are faster than our sea-going boats ;
hat Is all. The Mayllnvver won so easily as
o leave little doubt that she could , under
Ike circumstances , sail away from our'fast
est yachts , Irix and Marjori Included , hut If
he race had to ba sailed In Kuzland , and the
American yachts had to cross the Atlantic ,
the result might hav is boon different. Pace
snot everything. The Mnyllowcr has pace ,
but I Mmnld not like to cross the Atlantic In
ler. Our yachts are soawnrthy vessels , the
Yankee cockles are not ; that Is nil the differ
The other current society journals aic as
dull as the now play called "Harvest. "
Unrfnrc In the Nc\v _ Hnlirldei.
Loxno.v , Sept. 21. The Australian tmill
Lulnusiiewsof aconlllet bjtweon the German
uunbont iMbntro- ! and the natives of the "Vow
Hebrides. It appears the Alintron
opened lire on tlio natives In revoiue for
the murder of Klein and Cnllon.
Twcntv wore killed and maiiv wounded. The
crow of the Albatross then landed , where
upon the natives decamped to Pentecost ,
Poland , win-re the Upnlo's mate was mill-
di-rcd. Tinleimans p.-rsned them nud
openi-d llio with gatllnz KMIIS , which did
terrible execution. Several villages wcie
burned by the Get mans
The Uultrnrlnti Conipiratorc.
SOFIA , Sept. 21. co.nmltteenopointed
to examine into and repent upon the circum
stances of the recent coup d'etit have con
cluded their Investigations. They pronounce
KaravelolT , NIckarolI and Scank ill jointly
criminally responsible for the affair and re
commend that all three be suspended from
parliament immediately. The sobj.inge
at the ne\t met-tlng will decide what further
steps. If any , shall bo taken against thotluco
declared eonsplrat-irs.
Gladstone Writes .a Letter.
LONDON , Sept. 21. Gladstone publishes a
letter denj Ing the persistently repeated ie-
port that he Is about to join the Catholic
church. He says : "Tho statement that I
intend to become a I'omnn Catholic is a ic-
vlval of a miserable falsehood reproduced
from time to time without a shadow of evi
dence fora basis , and is unworthy of notice
until it assumes a character very dlffcient
from its calumnious intention. "
Pcrdicaris In Prison.
TANOIBIJS , Sept. 21. The diplomatic
here held several meetings to discuss the case
ot Don Pcrdicaris , a resident American citi
zen , who had been imprisoned by Ameiican
Consul Matthews. Pcrdicaris alleges tint
his imprisonment Is without iust cause and
was ordered forrevenac forotllcial investiga
tion or the consulate , brought about by his
charges against it.
Land Commission Appointed.
LONDON , Sept. 21. SI Michael Hicks-
Beach , chief secretary for Iicliind , stated
that the government commission to intuit c
into the working of the land act of l si
would ( -insist ( of Eail Cowper. chairman ,
Karl Milltovvn. Sir James Caird , Judge
Q. Ha-'au and George Cottrell.
A Blooly : Mc-xicnn
GUAYMAS , Mex. , Sept. 21. Keports have
reached hero of a serious fight on the 14tli
between Mexican troops and Yniui * . Tlie
Mexicans lot twenty killed and forty
wounded , and tlie Ynqnis sixty-two killed.
The Cholera FJccord.
HOME , Sept. 21. During the twenty-four
hours ending yesterday , thirteen deaths
from cholera were reported throughout Italy ,
and thlrty-Svc now eases roparJed.
Tncolilnl Kecnvcrlnij.
ItojiK , Sept. 21. Cardinal Jacobin ! , papal
secretary of stntc-who has been critically ill
for several days , is now better.
Spinners to Strike.
LONDON , Sept. 21. Ninety thousand cat-
ton splniTS in Uurnby liave resolved to stiike
against a reduction of wages.
Chicago Atarmrd Over Jlcr Diseased
llnrscH nnd Cnttlt * .
C inc.vno , Sept. 21. [ Special Telegram to
the UCK.J Live Stock Commissioner Mc-
Chesney was in consultation with Sheriff
HandieU this morning with n view to estab
lishing a permanent quarantine on the . " ,000
head of cattle iu the Chicago distilleries and
on Harvey's farm. I'lio sheriff Informed tlie
commissioner that ho would aid as far as pos
sible with his present force , but that ho would
not employ any extra men until authorized
to do so by the county board. Commissioner
McChesney feels somewhat discouraged with
the work before him. The state only pro
vided 510,000for , the use of the livestock
cominlslonerfortwoycirs , aiid only SJ.OOO
of that amount now remains. The United
States veterinarian , Mr. Solomon , Is on the
way from Wushlngton to Chicago. Ho is au
exert In stock diseases , and Ids advice has
been sought In this important mat
ter. The authoilties , Including Case-
well and Ills assistants , | Dr. Do Wolf
and Commissioner McChesnoy , have been
at the Shufeldt distillery sheds all day , where
a thorough examination is being made. Some
sick cows have already been found , but
they will defer thoslatisrlder ot them until
the arrival of the United States vetcilnnrhiii.
Commissioner DeWolf said to-day : "This
plcuro-pncuinonla tliieatens the stock and
agricultural Inteiest.s of the whole countiy.
The thing Is cooped now and It should bo
kept ht-ie and the coops burned If necessary.
It now looks as If it would bo Snecessaiy to
slaughter all the caitle at the distilleries In
Chicago , and that , too , under the immediate
MII > CI vision of tliii btato veterinarian and his
ex | > crt assistants. Such animals as are found
untainted with the disease could bo disposed
of for beef and those touched In the slightest
degieo sold at once to the rendering estab
Late last night n niessaze trom the health
board was received at the Kast Chicago Ave
line station , demanding police survelllanco
IK ) placed ut once upon the Schubert and
Pmi'iiix distilleries on the.Voith Branch , and
prevent the movement of eattlo therefrom.
Captain fc'clwack was a trlllo staggered at the
demand and nt once communicated with
Chief P.lM-n > oll. A toplv giving the captain
discretion in the premises was received al
most immediately , A study of the situation
convinced Captain Schauck that the police
liad no light to Interfeie , ana ho
refused to detail the guard demanded
by the health department unless they
covered the quarantined ground with their
deputies. He didn't wish to render himself
liable for damages , which might bo claimed
for the detention of ( lie stock. Commissioner
McChesney and State Veterinarian Casvvell
have discovered a case of glanders In n
horse. Them were unmistakable symptoms
of the fatal disease. The owners were or
dered to kill the horse at once , and the barn
In which It was kept will bo thoroughly dis-
enfected. Commissioner McChesney savs
thu city Is full of Klandcrod horses , und tlmt
over efulity have been slaughtered this sear.
Knergetlc efforts will at once be made bj the
commissioner to stamp out the disease It
Mayor Bowman's Murderer.
ST. Loui , Sept. 21. Sheriff Koplquet , of
East St. Louis , locelved from Sheriff Taylor ,
of Tipton county , Tennessee , where Arthur
Artubiitlinot , confessed murderer of the late
ex-Mayor Bowman Is coulined , a letter urg
ing him to make a careful and complete. ie-
vlew of his prisoner's confession , and ex
pressing the opinion that Art'ibuthnot ' is
really the murderer. An Inveatization in
F.ast SU Louts relative to him while there
shows he was known to several residents of
tlmt p'aceand Is a tough character , and tnelr
aa-tcnptlon of his t > oi > onal appearance tallies
exndiy with that glvvuot the prisoner at
Cuun tou.
A Lively Rain Storm Takes the Starch Out
of the Knights.
Universal Hegroi nt tlic Unfortunate
Occurrence Tlie CJrantl Knciunp-
inent Meets nnil Transacts Ilui-
ncss Tlic OITlocrs' 1sports. !
The Triennial Conclave.
Sr. Louis , Sept. 21. In consequence of
the severe storm \\hlcii set in early tins morning -
ing it was docKki 1 to abandon the grand > 1 of tlie ICui .ilits Templar set down for
tills forenoon. St. Louis li id nrinvctl nnrs'elf
In holiday garb for the llrst day of tlie
twenty-third triennial conclave ot tno
Knights Templnr ot the cttv , Its business
men and private citizens vied with each
other in decorating their buildings and rcs- ;
dcnci'5 , and the icsiilt was most pleasing
along llio linool the piopo eit maieh or th'o
parade. Tlie fiout of the business
and municipal buildln-'s were lilddeu with
their decorations of tla s tK'inn. ; nnpropri-
ate ii criptioiis emblems and mottoes and
\aiioiis cnliired bunting draped in graeefu 1
and fantastic manners. Tno most liowy
Ueciiratious weie those about and i pen the
cuttit house. Tills bullilhi ocouplt-s an en
tire Mpiare , all round winch WIT. ' placed at
distant points poles twenty feet hi h trimmed
and connected with each other by garlands of
woven pvenrieons. Kacli polo beai u shield
upon which Is painted the grand seal of some
M.ite ortenitory. Iti-hlnd the shields and
falllim I nun tlie top of tlie poles to the ground
are long craceful tri-eol.iretl pennants. At
each entrance to the building stands two im
mense pyramidal pillais ot ever.'iccns
crowned with Masonic emblems. Directly
over each entrauc- are semi-circular sun
bursts constructed of evergreens , Hags and
buntiiu' . Tlie building nrcsentcd a brilliant
appearance ,
All business houses were tastefully
dimmed. Washington avenue and Olive
stieet were cay witli llutturini : bunting.
Pine , Clu-itmit and Market streets had their
share of Hags , while less popular tho/ou h-
farcs had Hags on eveiy window which gave
tlie streets n gala appearance. Flags and
pennants were so thick on some stieets that
vlt-wintr them in porsiective | overv breeze
seemed to set tlie walls in motion. 'Immedi
ately in front of tlie main entrance to the ex
position tjullilinir , a reviewing stand had
b"eii erected , and it , too , was elaborately
decorated. The stand was about fifty feet
square nnd was envoied with a canopy of
iM-.ivas , from the center of which Honied n
larse Unite I Stit'- ' . 11 u , ' . Entirely around it
had been placed national llairs and Kniclst
Templar emblems , while from its corners
depended stieamers of many colored bunt-
11IU' .
When the Knlchts Templars awoke this
morning the clear skv ot last , cveninir liad
become overcast with clouds and a damp ,
northeast wind was blowing at considerable
velocity. At 8 o'colek a steady rain set in.
As early as 5:00 n. in. squads , companies and
ciinimamlfiies , many of them accompanied
by bauds of music , could have- been seen
hurriedly inarclilnc to. tlu-ir re.ndezvous.
Those who started thither early in ihc morn-
Ini : were more loitunate than their
br-itheia wlio at HiO ; : were strolling
to the apuolntcd places with ( Irooiiiiir
plumes and dripping uniforms. Earlv tliis
nidi nine tiaius weie all on time and depos
ited many e unmamlerlcs who had come to
tut- conclave tiou : points near St. Louis , nnd
they pioctvded i.iiuicdiatcly to tlieir positions.
At half past eight tins nrst cun iliiectiiu
cnmmaiulcrie ? to form was tired , and tlio side
streets leading into nnin thorough-
inivs wcie alive with knights wno
weie to pnitioipntc In tlio par.ule ,
hurrying to their positions and soon after
wards were all reauy to oln tiieir divisious.
As time | ) a < sed on the rain tell heavier and
heavier , until tinstrecls liad become sopping
v\et. At 'J o'clock the prospects for a clearing
up wuc not nt all bright. A few minutes
Intel J. It. Pair-ous. cumninndur-in-chlef of
thiicomiiianderies , issii'-d an order abandon
ing tlio lurade. which order was cnmmunl-
catoil to tiio faithful kiiiglits who had been
standing in tlic lain ready to match , and
theiebv broke ranls , gieatly disappointed at
not being able to parade , out weio willing to
get In out of the wtt.
- Said Comiiiaii-U'r-In-Chlef Parsons : ' 'The
disappointment is itieater than I can ex-
piess. The airansciiu'iits were perfect to
the minutest details , \Vu Had impicssed Into
our service for tlio occasion tlie very best
military talent in this section , and were as-
suiedof somethini : over'.20,000 men being in
line at the strike of the apiiointed hour , and
liad tlie state of the weather permitted the
iiai.ule would have been the finest ever
known. As it was , however , nothing was
left but to abandon it and thus cut out one of
tno most prominent public features of the
conclave. "
Ninety local coinmanderlcs only were held
at tlieir headquarters to form an cscoit to the
grand encampment in case the weather would
allow even that small display. To tens of
thousands of spectators who had begun to
ciovvd the streets along the proposed loute of
the pioccsslon thodNappointmcnt wasnlmost
as griMt as to the Kniirhts themselves. The
decorations were drabbled and torn , wfiilo
the heavy wind which accompanied the rain
toro many fiom their bcaiings , and by 10
o'clock tlio spectacle was anything but beau
tiful and enliveuinir. In uvt-ry quaiter
stores doorways and eveiy place otl'erine tlie
slightest shelter from the dilving wind and
rain weio cio\\dcd with wet , bi-draggk-d
and thoroughly disgusted men , women and
childicn. The hotel lobbies nnd various
licadriuailers were tlnongcd with Knights
and their friends , bitterly bewailing the
misfortune of tlio morning. Xot only was
the abandonment of the parade made ncccs-
siry , but the continuance of tlie storm icn-
dend a repetition of frlumllv calls with
which yesterday was occupied impossible.
Numerous reviewing btands erected alonj
tlio route of tlio moposed piocesslon , which
early began to fill with sight-beers , presi > nted
a deserted and lonesome appearance , and
speculators who had pounted on handsome
lelurns on their Investment * in constructing
them , as they suw the prospective profits van
ish , voiced their disappointment in accents
stionger than those emplou-d by the
knights. The only people benefited by
the storm weie the keepeis of down-town
ii'sorts , whoso places rapidly tilled with those
who could tiiiil no other way of passing time ,
and the bticct car and other transfer people
whoso services werolngicat demand.
At the time set for the departure of mem
bers of the grand encampment from tlioir
renderous for Kncatupment hall , It was
deemed inadvisable to furnish any escoit ,
and the local coinmanderles which bad been
held in le.ullness to act in that capacity ,
were permitted to disperse , and the managers
of the encampment were taken to the hall in
carriages. The grand encampment bejan Its
session at 1S : ! , presided over by Chailcs
Itoomeof Now York city , H. K. 1) . (5. (
the absence of Robert Enoch \ \ ithcrs , M. K.
G. M. , v\ho v\as too 111 to leave his room at
tlio hotel. In opening the public meeting
Mayor Francis delivered an a-ldres of wel
come on behalf of tlio city , which was icplled
toby Deputy GiandMaster Koome. On behalf
oftlinMUsouri grand cotninandery an ad
dress of welcome was prenented by Joseph
S. Urowne , grand commander , and also re
sponded to by Depntv Grand Master Koome.
On tlie conclusion of these preliminaries at
1 o'clock the encampment went Into secret
session to listen to addresses and reports of
In tlio executive session the first business
was the readliit'of the report of Grand Mas
ter Withers. The report only covered that
period from his appointment InlS to June
1 , Ito5 , at which tuna his acceptance or the
consul generalship to Hong HOIIK necessi
tated the delegation ot tlio powers of the
grand master to V. E. Charles Itooine , deputy
grand master. After reciting routine pro-
ceedings. reference is made , under the dis
cussion of foieign relations , to questions at
Issue with tno great priory ot Canada ,
which was finally referred to n
special committfco appointed to-day.
The report states that Joseph II. Drummond
lias prepared a < liest ! of tlie decisions of tlie
L-ran a master as approved and modified by
the grand encampment , und the decisions of
thogiand encampment In Ito3 and Ito4 ,
thirteen commandcries were constituted ,
cJiletly In tlie northwestern states and terri
tories , Dakota coming In for the largest
share. The country is congratulated on the
of tlie Washington wouuiueut ,
while the fact Is deplored fiat o few contri
butions have been received for the monument
to Onrileld , Tha grand master recom
mends the substitution of the pa t
grand master lor the deputy grand
mister on tlie printing committee , and
the employment f a private secretary
for the grandmaster. He also recommends
that the bonds of the crand tieasurcr nnd
grand recorder bo reduced to tlie amount of
510,000 each. The report clones \vitli gc'ioral
felicitations ontho projicis of the order.
Following the report of Grnim Master
Wither * , General Uuotnc , of New York , dei- ;
titv and acting grand masicr , submitted a re-
poit of ills .stewardship extending from May
U , Iss- . up to the present time. Hfforo
pioeeedln ? to the details of his re-
poit. General Iloome noted the
cli-ntn of twenty four inembcia
of the crand encampment since their last
meeting nnd the Institution of eleven now
commandcries. The report then proceeds to
discuss the Cauida question mentioned in
Grand Master Withers' leport. and Insists
upon It that the Scntcli cneimpmcnt ante
dates HIP .sovereign priory , and ttiat
they are , theretorc , not b'iniiil lo be govcriuil
bv ft. lie ivconitneiiiH that the piescnt on-
cauipment make no elfoit to try to bring
about a - eltlemcnt of that question ,
The deputy grand n.aster reports the fol
lowing decisions made by him duriu : his
term of olllce : On appeal a body cannot as
sume original Jurisdiction. In the c.t'eof
Anderson dud. ) cominaiulery , chartered by
the grandcommandery. against the protest f
Miiiiclocommandery. the acting master holds
that on appeal the actmn of the ernnd cotn-
mnnilny may be presented and that the latter
should cause conclaves of the new coiinu.itul-
cry pending tlio action of the grand eucamt > -
mi'iit. A similar dechion was londerc'l In
the case ( it Charlotte ( Mich. I coniinniul > 'ry ,
which was chartered without the consent of
Lansing. N'o. 31 , the nearest coiniimndcry.
Tlie a-ting giauu master also holds
that the ctimm.indery has the rl-'ht lc receive
uinl act upon tlie report of the committee to
wliic'a had been referred tlte question of tlio
formation of a now commaudcrv , after Us
dispensation had been returned , and until
the guiud encampment Im I decided to grant
or lefiisp its chatter.
! _ 'poll ' tlio question of then-vision of the
rituaItucacting crand master suy.s : A copy
of the lepoit of the committee on ritual lias
been furuHied me. While it w.mld bo man
ifestly Improper to indulge In nny detailed
criticism in this place , I am free testate
state my surprise that It should be
'In ' most respects not altered nt
all. The mere chiinze of words without any
change in the Intcut and meaning of phrase ,
1 do not consider ot siilllclent impiiitance to
anest the adoption of tlie .standard form and
the lemoval of this question from debate ,
and I trust that you will devote your time
only to such matters In regard to which an
honest difference of opinion may exist.
The acting grand master recommends that
mattci.s state and local be lett to tlio grand
commaiidi'ries and not to the grand encamp
ment. Tills 13 the point of conflict between
the members of tlio latter body , and if they
shall decide it , Um grand master predicts that
Its present session will be OIIH of the most
Important in the history of American Temp-
lais- .
The report of Grand HecordcrT. S. Parvln
is rathervoluminous. It opens with a dis
cussion of tlie prlntiUK'picstion and censures
tno crand cominanderies for failures tn
repoit and tlie printing committee for a
lack of energy In tint matter of pi luting
and distributing Important documents , noti
fication of meetings' , etc. ' I5v icason of the
failure to i'-sue proper summons cerlalu
amendments , etc. . to the code It could nut bo
acted upon at tlio hu > t conclave , and this fact
is commented.noon In a haip manner. The
craud ivcoider defends himself airaiust in-
forunl charges of neglect ot duty Sii failing
t < iissuethi'sesummniisholdiuitliathel50iilv
authorized to issue such summons when so or-
di-redby the grand master and recommends
that the question at' . , atuhotltv in this con
nection delinitiJly.Kcltled. . The grand re
corder also malcestUjfoIlowin'recommenda ; -
tions : That all coiiMiiiderles holding their
chatters dltect trom ! uogrand encampment
be rcquiied lo elect their otllcers at the plated
conclave in Ma > ' ; tliat'tlie ptmduncampmotit
adopt some unitormidrill and printmir a new
edition of the constitution.
Grand Treasurer Jbtin W. Simons , of New
York , submitted : i report for tlio ye.trp In83
to lb:6. in connection with the grand iccord-
er'siepnrt. Tlie receipts weio S S-il ; dis
bursements S9.V > 7 ; balance new account.
510,501. The revenues of the grand encamp
ment have been steadily increasiii' ' , as have
also the members of the .subordinate com-
manderles. From Ibng experience and ob
servation , and'from a close analysis of tlie
sources of income , the treasurer ventures the
prediction tlmt the Income of the grand en
campment will be sullicient to meet all ex
penses and leave besides a liberal'margin of
Piovions to the reading of reports , the
reading of tlie minutes of the last
mcctliu was dispensed with and a reso
lution was adopted permitting knights to at
tend the meetings of the encampment even
when not In full uniform , as required by the
rules. It was decided after to-d ivto hold two
sessions daily , from 10 a. ui. to I p. m. , and
from .1 to < p. in.
The following committees wens appointed :
Unllnished Business II. C. Cooke , Kan
sas , chairman ; D. S. Glldden. Dakota : Fred
H. Waldron , Connecticut ; C. C. Isaacs ,
Mar > land.Jo.seph ; S. Browne , Missouri.
On DoliiL'S of Grand Officers H. L. Pal
mer , Wisconsin , chairman ; James S. Homer ,
Louisiana ; E. W. Patrick , Indiana : C. C.
Dantorth , New Hampshiie , and George
Scott , New Jersey.
On Finance James Sorley , Tevas. chair
man ; II. T. Graves. California ; licor o S.
Taylor , Vermont : Harry BirkettMinnesota ;
John G. Halter , Tennessee.
On Dispensations and Ninv Commaudelries
Joseph II. Hi'iucnbur. : , Wisconsin , ci'air- '
maii : William S. Luvvnmco , Michigan : C. E.
Stanley , Ohio ; G. H. Burnhani , Massachu
setts and Khodo Island , and J. L. Baird ,
On Credentials-John S. White , Illinois ,
chairman ; Peyton S. Uolcs , Virginia ; G. W.
Wulgrove , Now York.
OiiGiicvanci'saniJ Appeals W. P. Inncs ,
Michigan , onairman ; ( ' . K. Meyer , Pennsyl
vania : W. B. Isaacs. Virginia ; J. 0. Saaw ,
Maine : Xorman T. Cassette , Illinois.
On Templar Juri.spiiirtenco James II.
llonkliis , Ponnsyhiania , chairman ; A. T. C.
Pierson. Minnesota ; J. S. Adams. Arkansas ;
Knoch T. Carton , Ohio : 11. W. Kotheit ,
On Location of Next Conclave W. G.
Moon- . District of'Columbia , chalimun ;
Pater Forrester , New York ; C. C. Hutuliin-
soli , Massachusetts and Ithodo Island ;
George Davis , West Virginia ; Thomas Ball-
nntyne. Georgia.
On Necrology Hush McCurdy , Michigan ,
chairman , and Soulhgate.
After referring the leports of dlsiilct com
manders to the committee on doings of
grand olllecrs , the encampment adjourned
until 1 < ) o'clock to-morrow.
Considerable annoyance was caused by the
noise of the machinery iu the exposition and
it was decided to get'a ' new hall for future
meetings , unless thu , machinery could bo
btonped during sessions. In conjunction
with tlio meeting of the grand encampment
will be that of .Uie.0rdtr , of the Eastern Star.
Local chapters have miule great preparations
for the cnteitalnmen.tof tlio grand chapter
which meets to-inorrpvy night. The nobles of
Moolah temple , 'the nobility of the Mystic
Shrlno of St. Lou's , 'will ' , In conjunction
with Mcdinah tcuuiilc. of Chicago , anafat
the last least off the fold year , tlie day of
arrival at Mecca.
About'o'clockrthft ! SKV began to clear , and
by nlL'litfall the weatlier had acquired all
those desirable qualities which were bo con
spicuously absent In tlto morning. There
was not a set prograpitua for the night , but
all the commandories kept open houses , and
the inarcnlng to and , froot oauds and com-
mauderlea was ineeAaiit.
Late this utlernoon It was determined to
give the grand parade Thursday moinlng ,
starting at 11 o'clock and following the gen
eral older prescribed tor the parade to-Day.
The meeting to consider the question of
abandoning the great encampment was post
poned until Thuisday , Committees of the
grand 'encampment are holding meetings
to-night , but none oC the prurectllugs have EO
far boon given out. * To-morrow will be an
Insorestlng day of tlio conclave. The entire
day will be put Irrat the fair giounds and
the evening will beclventoau illumination
of the sums anil to receptions ut the dif
ferent headquarters ,
The great event of the evening was the re
ception given by Ascalon coiiuuandery of
tills city , to the general encampment and vis
iting knights , at the Merchants' exchange.
At 11 o'clock the enjoyment was at its hnight
nnd at that hour there were present at least
9,000 persona' about halt of whom vver"
Ho Pollowj Ohnrch Howe's ' Example ncd
Hedges Inr nn Office.
Other Political Movement * Through
out ( he State Two 1-Vdttlit Train *
Wreokeil nt York A Farmer's
Arm Tlircslicd OH * .
liatcst Slovc.
Lot'r Cirv. Neb. , Sept. SI. ( Special Tele
gram to thu Ur.ii.j Would-be-Governor Paul
thinks he has played a sharp uame. The
Issue of the Hen which gave J. N . Paul cau c
for a visit to Lnup City to consult with A. P.
Ciillen respecting the vll t ot tlio latter to Cora
Lewis to obtain under false pretense a false
aflld.ivit , has caused , strange to say ,
an adjournment of the scnatoiial con
vention for District Sil , from Sep
tember 2J ta Oftolur 4. The object
of tills is siippasjd to bo to nominate
J. N. Paul for senator for this district If he is
defeated for governor. Sherman county Is
Indignant nt this new game and objects to
giving up the nomination for semtor which
justly belongs tn this enmity.
Asii.vMEi ) or ins citinr.
DAXKiiuoo , Nei . , Sept. .H [ Special Tel
egram to the But : . ) Mr. A. P. Culley , cash
ier of the Loup Cliy bank , who has gained
an unpleasant mtorietj in connection with
Jim Paul , stopped oil the train hero this
nftci noon on his way to St. Paul and engaged
a team ostensibly to go a few miles Into ttio
country but In reality to go to St. Paul In
stead of going direct on train , as heevHentlv
wished to enter the town quietly to get fresh
orders from Paul In relation to y < - - > tetdav's
expose in tlio UKK of his collection with
Paul. Ho looks guilty and has little to say.
Trains Collide.
1 onic , Neb. , Sept , ' 'I. [ Special Telegram
to the HEK.J An extra ficl-'ht train hound
west collided with ficight train No. 44 in the
yards heie this nftcinonn. Forty-four was
loading Height at the depot platform when
the extra , under charge of Conductor Shinier ,
pulled In. At the east end of the yard is a
very heavy grade , and when tlio train at
tempted to stop at the water tank it became
uncontrollable and dashed down the grade tit
lightning speed. The gang on " 44" at
tempted to their Haiti , but before It
could DC got under motion tlieenaiiio of the
extra , with twenty-one loads of dead frciclit
behind , struck her. The pilot of eacii engine
was demolished and a number of drawheads
driven in. All bauds escaped unhuit , and
tlie result of the collision istvvobadlv dc-
morallzi'd engines. All trains weie delayed
about four hours. No blame has been at-
taclied to any one.
Newsy flml ot From Pnplllion.'ii.uo.v , Neb. , Sept.Jl. . [ Special Tele
gram to the BKK.J Perry liolton , the en
gineer whose carelessness caused the fatal
collision near G'lmoro last Wednesday niu'ht ,
was bBforo County Judce Hancock tills uftci-
noon for preliminary examination. Superin
tendent Dei r.iuc' ' and a dozen Omaha con
ductors and bra'cemnn were present at thu
trial. Boltoii was found a lit subject for in
vestigation in a district court and was held
for trial. - - * - - - - < / < " - - - - -
Jamu Robinson , " -'Douglas county , was
arrested to-night , by Maistmll Callavvay , on
suspicion of having .stolen a horse and buggy
in Omaha Sunday uljlit. He is hold await
ing the arrival ot the Omaha olllccrs.
Freddie , the oldest son of Juilge Martin
LaiiL'doii , toll from the top of a house to-day
and fractured his skull. His injuries ate
thought to bo fatal.
Nebraska City Nciro.
NnnnASKA CITY , Neb. , Sept. 21. [ Special
Telegram to the BEE.J Court convened this
morning after an adjournment of one week.
I ) . W. Simpson was arraigned on au indict
ment charging him with embezzlement and
forgery and was reimndsjd lo jail. He will
bo tried next term. Mis. Shellcnberger was
arraigned. The Shellenberger trial is to come
olT to-morrow morning.
Yesterday afternoon George M. Hozau ,
head cook at the Grand Paclhc , toulc lauda
num , with suicidal Intent. The cause was ,
one of the waiter girls In the dining room re
fused to wed him. T'IO nntter was' kept se
cret but leaked out t onlay. He is Jn a fair
way to recovery.
Tenderly Ijnltl Away.
GIIAXD IM.AXD , Keb. , Sept. 21. [ Special
Telegram to the BGE.J The funeral services
of Mrs. Ina Hello Jenney , wife of Frank
E. Wlnkelman , conductor on the Union
Pacific railway , took place here to-day at 2
a m. from St. Stephen's church , Itev. K.
Warren , pastor , otllclatinu- . When the last
look was taken by the husband and rela
tives the sccno touched every heart , and the
great audtcnco was melted Into tears. Thirty
carriages , loaded with sympallii/.Iiig friends ,
followed her to the grave , where two brothers
and tour cousins ot the husband acted as
pall-bearers and laid heravvuyto await the
resurrection morn.
The Conuresslonul Convention ,
Bn.vrmci : , Neb. , Sept. 21 [ Special Tele
gram to the Bin : . ] The congressional con
vention is all the talk in the hotel lobbies to
night. Church Howe Is here , with head-
quaitcrs at Uio Kandall house. The Douglas
county delegation was the nrst to arrive.
Some more are expected on the train to
night The convention meets at 7SO : tomorrow
row evening.
A mass convention Is called to meet Sep
tember : to nominate a legislative ticket
in the interest ot Senator Van Wyck. This
ticket , when nominated , will poll a heavy
A Van Wyo'.c Majority.
Fnr.sioxT , Neb. . Sept 21. [ Special Tele
gram to the Biu.J The republican primaries
of Fremont were held to-night. There was
n largo attendance at each ward , though no
special fight * . There has bein no open war
for or against Senator Van Wyck , but that
was generally accepted as the Issue. Out of
twenty-two delegates In thp city seventeen
are Van Wvck men. The county convention
will bo held SatimUy , and thu probabilities
are that the Van Wyckers will have a good
In o
Yoiiu , Neb. , Sept. 21. ( Special Telegram
to the BKK.J John Stewait , a prominent
farmer of this county , caught his arm In the
cylinder of a threshing machine while feed
ing yesterday afternoon. The flesh was torn
from the arm to the elbow ,
A Miniature Volcano.
Coi.i'Miifs , Neb. , Sept. 21. [ Special Tule-
gram to the BIE.I : A queer case of spon
taneous combustion has come to light on the
farm of 11. M. Wlnslow. a mile northwest of
the city. A largo stack of millet Icnited , and tlin
Is now In its litty-niiith day of activity.
A Dud ovorslnht.
Cof.fitiiL'S , Neb. , S''j't. 21. [ Special Irle-
groui to the BEK. ] Two weeks siua Judge
I'ost's little daughter , while riding , fell from
her horse and us was then supposed badly
pprained her wrist. To-day It was illhcov-
ered to have been fraetuted and had pailly
knit crosswise. The boun liad to DO again
broken and tot.
Casa County'H Fair.
Pi.-VrrsuouTii , Neb. , Sept. 21. [ Special
Telegram to the UP.K.J The Cass county fair
opened to-day under an auspicious sky and
with every department oycrll iwlng. The
I ay race for to morrow closed whit four cu-
. The best horses in ( he state are Ma-
bled on the grounds. Including Consul , Hilly
Ford. Magnolia Maid , .lack Kapld , Honesty
and Kitty H.
KlctinrdPon County Democrats.
FAM-S CITY. Neb. , Sept. .l.-Sni-clnl [ Tel-
ezram to the Uit : : . ) 1'lm democratic county
convention was held In this city this after
noon and the following ticket was placed in
the Held : Senator , U. S. Maloucy , jr. . of Hum-
bnldt ; representatives , M. A. V each of Stella ,
John Gnynor of Hutu , and Fulton IV tors of
Uavada : count v attorney , Kdwlu Falloon of
Falls City ; county commissioner , M. it. Wil
son of llumboldt. The following delegates
were chosen to attend the state and eongies-
slanal convention ? :
State convention H. Marlon , J. Facron ,
S. P. Gest , U. S. Molotiev , sr. , L. A. Kjan , J.
Kanoly , 11. CDvK K. Clegu , W. II. Crook ,
A. Pace. M. Xe.ich , Fulton , J. K. Sliranger ,
S. Feiiton.
Conirre-'Sionnl convention Tlionm limn-
nen , P. H. Ja en. Charles Liuce. Alov ,
Ktiiini ) , .loll i Gavnor , G. Gils Nullzcl , K. II.
Malony. sr. . J. "A. Abbott , lii-nj'iuiln M-
Diiniiu h. C. Lincoln , M. 15. Kvan and , \v .
H. I'ligle * . The citiiressoml | delecites
were nut Institictcd as to vvhoai .hey sh-uild
uiiport In tlio convention , which meets In
Hiiscltv on Friday , but it Is m-m-rally supposed -
posed that MeSliane Is their cliolce.
Van AVyok Mon Dvolmloil.
H.vsTixn.s. N'eb. , Jsept. 21. ( special Telegram -
gram to tlie UKK. ] At the republican county
con volition to-day James H. Ha'rtwell was
nominated for state senator and A. V. Cole
and II. C. Mtnnl\ for representative * , tin-
pledged , but nil nrobatdv against Van \ \ yck.
Tin- delegates lit the spite cnnventiou weie
iininsliMcted. Thrro Van Wjek delegates
trom libiue township.
Orroutlolil IlnilljScorclicil. .
(5iiiivrni.i ( : : : ) , Neb. , Sept. Si. Fire to-night
de.stio > cd the best business portion of the
town. Loss , * 40,000.
An Vnkitown DIspiiHO Kaulnj ; In tlio
Vluinitj oT Allison , In.
Dr.s MoiXKs , la. , Sept. 21. [ Special Tele-
cram to the 15ii.l : : A fearful epidemic is
raging on the West Fork bottoms , n few
miles west of Allison , Duller county. The
disease resembles bloody tlux at ttrst , but
after a time assumes the form of acute dysen
tery. Since Ancnst 29 , nine deaths have oc-
ciurcd , and at this wilting three are not ex
pected to live and scored are down with the
dread disease. It seems to be the most fatal
with persons ovei lifty years of nee and
youni : children. Quite a number of the old
settlers have died with it. It many more are
taken down it will mium- outside aid to
nnrso them , as all the available help is now
in use. Whether tlio disease Is coutauioiis
or otherwise is a question , sonic holdini ; that
it is , while otheis are of a contrary opinion.
Poor water and close pioxlinity to the liver
is bclitved to be the piiuclpal cause.
The Union Pacific's Iowa Taxes.
DnsMoixis , la. , Sept. 'J ! . [ Special Telc-
ciain to the BIE. ] A delegation from
Council Bluff : . , Including the ma ) or , repre
sentatives of the board of supervisors , and
Mi.G.F. Wiiglit , attorney for the Union
Pacific road , called upon tlie executive
council at tlie satisfactory
capltol to-day to make
factory arrangements for assessing the
piopcrty of tlio load in Iowa. They agreed
upon a basis of 54W,003 as the full assess
ment for the state , county and municipal
tax , which was accepted by thu representa
tive of tliuroitl-ns > natfcila4toiy and ratified
by the executive council. '
Killed 'By F.-illiriK Slate.
Di : Moi.\is : , In. , Sept. 21. [ SpceialTele-
gramto the Bii : : . | Mr. Gus Nelson , a Swede
working in a Sclmstapool cnal mine south of
this city , was instantly killed this morning
by falling slate In the room in which he was
working. At the time of his death he was in
a loom thirty feet wide which Is ten feet
wider than the regulation and MI more dan
gerous. The siuto that fell on him was n
mass 4 feet 8 inches so.uarc. 4 Inches thick
and weighing about six hundred pounds.
Mnrslialltown's Mui-Minl Arrested.
MAISSIIAI.I.TOWX , la. . Sept , 21. [ Special
Telegram to the Hii : . I City Marshal Satla ,
of Marshalltown , was arrested and taken to
tlio town of Legrand , accused of fulling to
enforce the prohibition law. The case wab
continued to the OOta. It created great
amusement hero.
The E-igie Grove defeated the Marshall-
town ball club yesteiday , seventeen to four.
Games will be played to-day and to-morrow.
W. E. Gould's Haul from the Dauke nt
PoiiTi.Axn , Me. , Sept. 21. [ Special Tele-
cram to the BKK.J It is now thought that
the defalcation of W. K. Gould will
reach 5145,000 , but the directors think the
bank will not lose 557,000. Gould , who is
litty-two years old , was cashier of the First
National bank , vice-president of the National
Dniikeis' association , also of the Portland
Tutst company , and trustee of the Marino
Savings bank. It Is said lie commenced om-
beizlini : ten years ago. He has not been
asked to give a bond for many years. All of
his original bondsmen , save his father-in-
law , Neal Dow , aie dead , and Dow can onlv
be held for S20KKI ( of the original § .10,000 , if
at all. About t n days ago Gould
went to Now York. During his absence
n clerk discovered seeming crookedness in
his iilhurs the dhectors summoned uxpeit
eleilis and found a § .19,000 shorta re. Instead
of seeming Gould's arrcsl , tlio dliectors sent
a telegram summoning him homo to advise
conci-rnln tlio Investment of funds. After
reaching home , nnd while the. invesiigatlon
was going on , the cashier was kept In ignor
ance that he had reached the end of his rope ,
and the knowledge which c.ime to him grad
ually was a teriiblo shock. General Dow
asslsti-d at tlio Invesiigatlon. Gould will beheld
held till thd comptroller proceeds against
him. The bank ollielals have no criminal
chargeiuilu&t him. President Llbby Bays
every dollar of ( lie stolen money was lost In
Wall street , Gould was a prominent chinch
member and conducted affairs of Sunday
schools ,
Manning nnd tlio Austrian Mission.
BUKKAI.O , N. Y. , Sept. 2l.-lSpccial Tele
gram to the Bii.J : : Secretary Manning was
In the city last evening , en loutu to Albany.
Ho seemed muili Improved bv the vacation ,
but to judge from his appearances Is hardly
able yet. for hard work In the cabinet or
tieasury. His nephew , who accompanied
"him , stated he was to meet Pieshlent Cleve
land at Albany Wednesday morning for'con-
hiillatlon. In answer to a question as to
wimttiuth there wasin the tumor that the
Ecciftuiy had heon otfcied the Austrian
mission , thu nephew ro.illed no niiuli oifcr
has ever been made , and should Haw In ; It
would not be for H moment cntcituined. Tim
consultation ut Albany will probably decidii
the secretary's future cnurso , Mannini ; it-
cards the Aiibtrlan htory as a false nimu. .
and Is not pleased that it has gone abioad.
Tlio President Itoturntn ? .
PAUL SMITH'S Adirondack Mountains.
Now Yoik , Sept. 21. The president , ac
companied by Mrs. Cleveland , .Mis , FoUoin
and Mrs. and Colonel Lamoiit , arrived lieio
last night on tlie ictiirii tilp to Washington.
Yesterday's Journey was made through the
woods In covered cairlago and by row boats
oicr > cvcu lake * between thU place and
anac Inn. To day the party will drive to
I'.uil Smith's station on the North Adiran-
b ckttr i-ays ; "Thepiusldfiitlal p'ntystopped
at the Foquet house for supper. Thu ( inci
dent had no conference with Governor Hill.
Colour ! W. ( i. It ice , Governor Hill's piivate
hccrctary , culled upon .Scciotary l/iiimnt ai d
prrsented tiieKOVernor"hr : ipwU to tuo iu-
Uou'bCUicf cmutitc.
Over Half the Oomaittco Heads of the Last
Oongro BS Fail of Ecnoiainntioii.
L'oiiinilsslotirr of Pcimlnns lilack
IIP.IVC.H For tlioVo t on Putillu
lJnlne s Pntcntt to West
ern Inventors.
Tailed to Got Tliorc. '
WAIIUXOTON , Si-pi. .M. ( Special Tclo
cnim totho Hir : . ] UP to tin- present time
twenty-live chalrinen of committees of the
house have either been ik-foaled for rcnouil-
nation or fiiili-d to stand for future hnnois.
In addition four other noinlnatlous ate
looked upnn as doubtful. Tlie total commit
tees of the house is iitty- even , and w th the
defeat of the four doubtful one ? , added to the
list of those already relegated to the past , w III
make twenty-nine , or oneovoi one-half In
tin-total number. About the same percent
age of the entire democratic representation ,
as Is shown In the list of chairmen , have also
suffered defeat at the hands of their constitu
ents. This means that the llfHeth congioss
will have possibly less than one half the
present democratic members , piovldcd none
are defeated at the polls. The reasons as
signed for setting these members aside arn
said to rolloct geiiou-ly on the policy of the
administration. This boars cvoiy resemb
lance of truth trom the fact that those who
wore not rcnomlnate.l have been pronounced
In favor of the picaidcnt and indoisod his
TIM : xr.w i.imT.ti-MiiiKT IXVII.OPI : : : .
The lirst order Irolu the Omaha postollico
fur the combination lettoi-sheet envelopes
was foriVWO , which Is siid at the postollico
department to bo unusually large.
nt.ACK mnr.vD ron TIII : WEST.
General BlacK , the commissioner of pen
sions , loaves the city to-night for the west on
public business. During his absence ho will
visit the soldiers' homes , at Dayton , Mil
waukee and Lcavenwoith. Ho will also
visit and Inspect several of the western pen
sion agencies. Tno commissioner has been
engaged since his retuin from San Francisco
In the preparation of his annual report and
The secretary of tlie Intel lor to-day atllrmcd
the decision of the land oillcc in
tlin Nlobrar.i district and the commissioner
of the general land ofiice in the case ot
Amanda It. Miller , of Nebraska , who offeiod
unsatisfactory commutation pioot for the
southwest qiiaitor of tint southeast qututer of
section ' < " > , township 29. north ot tango (5 (
west. Shi- will consequently bo compelled to
furnish tinther proof.
AIIMY M.vrmts.
Army loaves have boon gianted as follows :
Post Chaplain G'orgt ) W. Collier. Foit
Totte.n , Dak. , one mouth ; Captain John W.
BIKUI , Fifteenth Infantry. Fort Kandall.D.ik. ,
one month fiom .September 21 ; Lieutenant
Colonel Joseph ( i. TitTord , Seventh cavalry ,
Foit Mcaih' . Dak. , one month , with permis
sion to apply for lifleen daj 'extension ;
Flist Lieutenant Itiolnid II. It. Lotighs-
boiougli , Twentv-lifth infantry. Fort Meade ,
cloven days ; First Lieutenant William 11.
Miller , I'e'imental numtoniiastcr , First
cavalry , sick leave until October 10 ; Captain
Washington i. Sanborn. Tvventy-lifth intan-
trn , Fort Sl.sscton. Dak. , ono month ;
Lieutenant Clrarles F. Paiker , Second aitll-
Icry , Atlanta , until Septcmber2S ; Lieutenant
Isaac N. Lewis , Atlanta , lorty-tluee clays
fiom October 15 : First Lieutenant
Luther S. Ames. Second infantry , F .rt
Omaha , two months : Colonel John C. Tlb-
bali. First infantry. Foit Monroe , until Sep
tember 80 ; Captain J. A. Olmstcad , Ninth
cavalry , Foit Diichesiie , Utah , one month ,
from October 10 ; Lieutenant Chailes Coch-
lan , Seventh infantry , Foit L i-.iluio , fifty
days ; Captain Henry B. Freeman , Seventh
Infantry. Fort Laram o , lifteen davs ; Fiist
Lieutenant W. U. Aborcrombie , Second in
fantry , Fort Omaha , ono month , from OetoJ
her 1 ; Lieutenant Walter W. Flslcc. nssistan
smgeon. Fort Apache , Arizona , two montl s.
Tlie following order has been receivid
from the war department : By direction ul
tlie ptcsident and In accordance with seo.tlon
1SU5. revised statutes , First Lieutenant En
rich II. Crowtler , Eighth cavalry , is detailed
as professor of military science and tactics at
the University of Missuini , Columbia ,
Mo. , to heive the remainder of the term for
which he was originally detailed at the Insti
tution. Upon the arrival of his troop at Its
station In the Department of Texas ho will
repair to Columbia and report in person to
the president of the unlveislty In person.
There will be no more quarterly station
lists of medical olllecrs of tlio army , as the
last appropriation bill knocked out the pro
vision for the surgeon general's private
printing olllce.
ciiANnis : IN TJIK PK.XSION orrin : .
John P. Graiitham , ot Iowa , a St.OiK ) clcik
In the pension olllce. has resigned because of
failing health , and Mis. Allco 11. Lymaii , of
Wisconsin , has been promoted fiom SI-103 to
51,000 in the .same bureau.
Wm. W. Thomas' , of Cuiigdon , la. , has
been admitted to practice bofont the interior
department , and James L'-dwIelc and Collin
J. Elliott , oC Broken Bow , Neb. , have also
been admitted to practice before tlio deuuit-
mcnt of tlio Interior.
Patents were issued as follows to-day :
George i > . Brown , Hod Oak. In. , cornstalk :
cutter attachment ; J. M. Buckley , Sioux
City , la. , spatk ariesler ; John E. Caioy , as-
sUnor of one-halt to A. J. Will anil L.
Moats , Eagle Grove , neck yoke center : Clms.
C. Oilman , Eldora , la. , mansard roof appa
ratus porous caithwnru pioduct , with
strengthening cores ; Charles , ) . Hagcr , Beatrice -
rice , Ncli. . machine tor making cleats ; Wm.
llausecl , Nevada , la. , electric motor and gen
erator : John Lonhart , Fremont , In. , plow ;
Isaac Mitchell , Woodbine , In. , car'colliding ;
James H. Philpot , ItisingCity. Neb. , sweat
pad for horse collars ; KobertG. Ping , Audn-
hon. la. , feed trough ; F II , Itvbacck , River
side , In. , corn planter ; Joseph Tomlinson ,
Ely , la. , bridge.
Although Siiccial Envoy Scduwick io
fuses even to tee a newspaper re pie *
sentatlvc , much less express any opinion 10-
gardlnzlus recent visit to Mexico , It IH hinted
at the state deiiaatment that Ids report fully
sustains the tliu position Seciet.irv Davard
assumed in the Cutting atlulr , vU : That Mex
ice had no 'bt to Impiison Cutting and that
the United States was In duty bound to de
mand his it-lease.
The pnstofllco. at LI way , lied Willow
county , Is discontinued. Michael Conloy
was to-day appointed postmaster at Jiliyiiu ,
Custcr county , vlco Jiimos H , McKnorr. i
i-iii'.l. | J. ll. Wind , of California , llarrlroa
c i.ini hi. , vlco A. N. Fountain , removed ,
Wild a HiiHli.
Sept. 21. Commissioner
.inikH of the general land otllco has pre-
inrL-il u btal'jiiiont allowing disposals of pub-
! ' l.ui'U foi the llscal year ondlng June . ' ! 0
Pl tiom which It npjiears tlmt the total
in mbci of 1'iilrics were .27,47-J. embiaclnK
: v i TM-jf - i.'Ml.Wl acres. The amount of
iu liit-y i eu'ivcd for tills hind was ST.'U-SbW.
A Hud linnUor.
UAIIANMC , Mich. , Sept. 21. The absence
fiom town of Jeioino lirown , of tlio linn of
Leu A Hrown , private bankeis , has created
oxclteincnt tlirotighout this vicinity , Leo
riKseits that his irimc. which appcarx on
& ( XOX ) ) worth of the linn 's paper , is a forgery.
Thu liabilities of the institution arc p , i cu
at SCO ( XX ) , with no a- ! ! . nil the liiin'h prop-
city having IM-CII tHsii'i . . I ( if. Uiown h sui > -
jKiied to be In Canada
Nominated I o ' * < iiircv .
MII.WAUKKK , Wis. , . * . . 1 1. Jl. AtO.-hk ihli
to-day the dcmocruls yj' Hit Kixth dlctrlct
nominated Aiulrow lluben , of OahVoali , Jo ?
MIIWAIKJK , U'ls. , Sej.t 81. At Ku
Claire the democrat * nf thu KVMh
, ilay nounnated Juwes IScickctt , ol Ulc <
J Lal.c , fur c oi.'i