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Circulation of the "Dansk Pioneer" Prohib
ited in Denmark
No.Sprclnl Reason Assigned For the
HunprcHolon of the Paper ChlnnHO
Outrages on Anicrloan IMls lou *
nrlea Oilier l orclgn News.
An Oinahn PnpctOstracised. .
CornNHAHKX , Sept. 17. | New York
Herald Cable Special In the ] lni.J The
Kovcrnment jrsteiday piohlbltcd tlio circu
lation In Denmaikof a newspaper , tlio Dan
ish Ploneei , published In Omaha , Neb. This
was done on the basis of tlio provisional law
ol tliu 13th of August , which the min
istry proclaimed without the sanction of the
legislatnie and contrary to the will of the
people. No special reason Is given for the
r The elections for the upper house will bo
over to-night , the liberals winning the teas.
Confriciiceson thofclectlon ot an arbitra
tor In the Benjamin Franklin case continue
between tlio United States minister and the
Danish government. A speedy solution may
be expected.
The celebrated Danish sculptor , Carl Smith ,
will arrive shortly In Now York , vvliere ho
will settle. Ho Is consideieit a great loss to
Danish art. _
Cvcitomnnt In the KoUrnujo.
SOKIA , Sept. 17. fNew York Hoiald Cable
Special to the Bin : . | During the debate In
thosohianjc on the proposed law for dealing
with tlio property of Prince Alexandria it
was pionost'd that tlie assembly consent ,
without discussion , to the tax or 2,500,000
levas ( SC'iS.OOO ) . fixed by the representative
ot the prince. Thereupon Deputy Tchlva-
tichcff demanded the appointment ot a com-
mitten of valuation. This was tlio signal fern
n noisy outburst , and the unhappy author of
It narrowly escaped a sound thiashlng. The
whole of the deputies lott the hall and only
icturncd when Tchivaticheff had departed.
The original pioposal was then unanimously
accepted amidst loud applause.
A Hint In nuolnroht.
BuciiAitKir , Sept. 17. Bratlano Houman ,
prime minister , was shot at last evening by
nn assassin. Ho perceived the man's Inten
tions In lime to spring out of the way ot the
bullet , which si i licit Hobe.sco a member of the
chamber of deputies. Tlio assassin was ar
rested , locked up and conlesbcd ho inti'iided
to kill Biatlnno for political icabons. The
attempt pioduccd gicat excitement among
the people. A crowd smioundcd the build
ing occupied by the only newspaper here ,
which has been opposing the prime mlnistei
blamed the editors for Inllamlng hostile Icel-
Ing against him , nnd smashed all xlio tinnl-
tuioaud liltings belonging to thcconcein ,
bavauely attacked and wounded two membeis
ol tlie stall and were proceeding to demolish
the edifice when tlio policedlspeised the mob.
An attempt was made to Ijnch the prisoner
but wasfinstiated.
CnmlcrcaKh's Successor.
DUIIMN , Sept. 17. The ! iceman's Joui-
nal urges citizens of Dublin to lefialn fiom
all manifestations ot welcome to Lomlon-
dcirv when he arrives in Dublin to-morrow
to assume the olllcn of loid nontenant. "He
bcaisCastleio.i'jirs hated name , " says the
Journal ; : "Let the tioops parade
that icprcsents eviction and cociclon. A
cheer tioni a tdnglo cilUou would be a great
humiliation. "
Down Wanes.
NoTTixoiiAM.Sept. 17. The lace manufac-
tmeisof Nottingham have combined inn
proposition to icdiico wages of their lace
makcisM ) percent. Thoemploics It is be
lieved will resist the reduction , and : i lockout
Is considered Imminent.
Arrest or Spanish Officers.
MAI > IIII > , Sept. 17. Three nflleers belong
ing to the Spanish ai my nt Baicelona , have
been nt rested and Imprisoned for leading a
band of soldiers to join C.irllU.
Death or Huron Imtour.
PAIUS , Sept. 17. Baron ICdmond Caragon
Latourlsde.idln his seventy-six year.
Kliif * William's Whereabouts.
SiiiAHiiunc ) , Scut. 17. Kmpeior William
will leave hcio Sunday for Baden.
Chinese Outr KG3 Committed oil
Anicrlonn AlisHlonarica.
WASIIINOTO.V , Sept. 17. Minister Denby ,
at Pekln , has ropoited to the secretary ot
state two cases of recent outrages perpetrated
by the Chinese on Americans. Itev. A. A.
Fulton and wife and Miss May Fulton , all of
tlio American Ficsbjterlnn mission to China ,
established a mission hospital and station at
Kwal Ping , about four linndied inllcssonth-
vvest from Canton. When they had expended
a considerable sum In putting up buildings ,
placards appealed on the walls declining that
"the toictgn devils" miibt go In three days
and their buildings bo debtiovcd. The literati ,
as usualwcro at the bottom of thodUtmbanco.
A ciovvd gatheied near the hospital and Mr.
Fulton set out to bC-curo the piotectlon
of the mnlltla. Ho was stoned on his way
nnd not peimittedto lotiiin , and no soldiers
wciobcntto piolcct the mission. On May
G the mob piled .straw and faggots against the
building occupied by Mis. and Miss Fulton
nnd iMItthi daughter of the former , upon
which the Inmates lied and the house was
looted and burned , Tlio ladles sought icfuu'e
on boats , but the mob threatened to destroy
any boat that should iccelvo
them , and alter some delay they
leached tlio point vvheio Mr. Fulton had
been compelled tu lemain. Two days later
they worn put on boatn and convoyed to
Canton. The value of tlmpioporty destroyed
is about S.r > , r > oo , and Consul boymnnr is
piuftsliiitn demand for the payment of this
in damages ,
Ahccond case of .still more ircont date
occuiiod on bundiiy , June 0 , In the absence
of all the gentlemen connected with the
Motlmdl&t Kplbcupal mlbslon hospital nt
Chlng King , and while only one lady
vtaspicsontn mob collected , broke down
tlie gates , throw Mones at tlio lady , ono of
which cut open her index linger itsentliu
length , while him was otherwise Injuicd
about the head and arms. A complaint was
made to the otliciuls , hut the matter was
tieatod lightly.
This Is n cerlons ease , " writes Mr. Donby ,
"and mav t > oa toil one. It gtew. as all our
mils in China do , out of Uoublo In the United
Stales. "
Still later , July 10 , a mob attacked mission
propeitynt Chlng King and deitiojcd It. Mr.
Donb > hied a pnacM.
The Knights Take a Turn.
Sr. Locis , Sept. 17. The attorney for P.
J. Nolan. Frank Young , Oscar Haulm and
Frederick Humlhonsc , Knights of Labor re
cent 1) acquitted of the charge of ronspliacy
against the Missouri Pacilio railway com-
luny dmlng the btilko last bpilni ; upon that
tO Mom. Is about to file damage Kilt * aggre-
Katlnir In all agulnst the ompnny for
unillclons piosccutlou.
A Hairs In Charleston.
CiiAni.F.ftrox , Sept. 17. Last nieht there
4 was work going on actively , but brick layers
and philters are badly needed. Subsistence
committees are now Issuing rations to neaily
7,000persons , a large inajoiltyof whom aio
colored. No case of distiess I ails to receive
prompt attention.
The Noted Mexican llnndlt SlcotsIIls
Knto In Itattlo.
IiAiiEDo , Tex. , Sept. 17.-Speclal | Tolc-
ram to the BKE. ] Victoria Tamantlpas
nan Hodrlguc/ , alias Kl Coyote , the noted
loxlcan bandit , who has boon pljlng his He-
arious game of plunder nnd murder on tlio
Mexican fiontier foi the past three years
indrr the guise of a revolutionist , was killed
estcrday with seven of his wing in tlio
nonntalns near San Domingo , stale of
Venro. Leon Kl Cojolo has been on the war
iath since September 1. At that time ho
ssued a proclamation denouncing the
) government and calling upon ttio
icoplo to arms and re-o-dabllsh tlio constltu-
Ion of 1S57 , which had undergone many
chanircs. He was supported In this move by
a nnmbar of prominent revolutionist olllccrs.
vlio Issued similar manifestos but did not
ake to arms , lie had n number of followers ,
( Highly estimated at from one hundred and
Hty lo two hundred men. The federal trooos
mv o been on his I rail for some time. They gave
ilm battle on two dllferent occasions and
each tlmo wore deleated. Kl Coyote made sev
eral successful mills on the smaller towns
and lunches and ovadid capture
mill yoiterdav , when ho was cut
lown by a detachment ol the Tenth cavaliy
mder Colonel Toran. It was it o'clock In
he alternoou. The bandits were enjoying a
Mesta w ilii their arms laid aside and horses
ihlcotod. Tliej never drcampt of the appear-
incoof thotioops. The execution was done
with sabjr-s , and icvolvoisnot thing a shot.
A panle eiiHiied in Kl Coyote's camp , borne
of the bandits grasped their guns and otlieis
ran away. Ono soldier was killed and two
_ _
The Honduras Kl ; htcrs overcome hy
the Troops.
NIJW YOIIK , Sepl. 17. Mr. Jacob Balz ,
consul general for Honduras In New York ,
ms iccelvcd the following advices icgarding
the late levolutlonary movements in
country : On his , u rival in Costa Hlca , Soto
oideicd Del Gado Mori 1 , and all his chiefs ,
officers and enlisted men who were In Mica-
raugna , and numbered bovcnty-seven all told ,
lo Invade Honduras , which they did August
0. On August 1'J the troops met and com
pletely routed the Invading force. Morrl ,
VelascnioE and seven other chiefs and
officers were killed , and only Del ( la Jo and
Hcrradova made good their r.scapo. All the
rest of the Invadeis remained on tlio battle
Hold eitlicrdead or prisoners. DclUadonnd
llenadovalliMt to the mountains on toot.
Tlie people of liunduras aie unanimous in
their adherence to the picsent government
and not a man sustained or upheld the in
vaders. Peace Is entiiely icstoied.
A later communication to General Balz
savs : "Yon will have learned ot tlio total
defeat ot the Del Gado toiccs. his captmo and
the death ot Moni along with many other
ollicers and men. Del Gado is being tried by
com t , martial. Not a man rose In his tavor.
I think we can now satcly como to the con
clusion that Soto's last lay of hope is extin
uished" "
The Mayor ol' Ohrlcston Issues a.
CH UU.KSIOX , S. C. , Sept. 17. Mayor
Courtenay to-day Lsbiied tlio following pioc-
lanmtlon :
CITY OF CiiAui.r.HTox , F.xecutivo Depait-
nient , Sept. 17. To the Public : The city
council ot Uhaile toii , at its last icgulai
meeting on the itth iiibt. , took the lollowlng
action :
Whereas , A terrible cilamlty lias butallon
Charleston , vast and widespioad In the loss
HinllictH , far sieaterin extent than was at
Hist loilbcd , nnd
Whereas , U is evident that Iho llboral and
spontaneous assistance which has come to us
fiom all parts of this country and fiom Eng
land. mill which is deeply appiec-lated anil
acknowledged by our people , will Ho wholly
Insufficient to meet our unexpected exigen
cies ; bo It
Hesolvod , That the mayor bo rerpieited to
piopaio and Ibsue an addiess to the public
betting fortli our condition and invoking ad-
dltloiul aid tor this stricken city.
In inaKing Known to tlm general public
this delibeiation of the municipal govern
ment as to tlio condition of out city at this
lime , It seems to bo unnecessary that
1 should add any words of my own.
The unfortunate facts are betoro the country
by tlio statements of disinterested visitors
fiomdllfeient parts of the land , after per
sonal ohsoivations and are known here and
deeply felt I ask tlie press ot the United
States to give this proclamation the bcnclit of
Its far-ioaclilng circulation.
( Signed. ) WM. A. OOUIITENAY.
There was a slight shock at U:2o : o'clock this
The Passenger Pools.
CHICAGO , III. , Sept. 17. Tlio inllway man-
agei.s In session hero did not succeed to-day
In overcoming allot the obstacles In the way
of foimlng the Western Passenger associa
tion. The sticking points were upon the
method of fixing the percentages nnd the
taking In of ccitaln business nt Milwaukee
and St. Louis. An agreement was reached ,
however , that the pool sliould begin October
1 and hold for tlneo years. An adjournment
was taken until alter the meeting of the
Noithvvostern Fielghtand Passenger associa
tions , as tlm Interests of all tlneo pooh
southwest , noi th and northwest are inter-
dependants. Nothing fiitthcr will bo done
until the atl'airs of the other two are ad
justed. All of the officials aie ol tlio opinion
that an agicemont will uo ai rived nt In all ol
tlio pooh betoro the llrst of next month.
Oiothint ; Dcalnrs Tall.
SAN FIIANOISCO , Sept , 17. Julius Banm &
Co. , wholesale clothers of 0 Sansomo street ,
assigned to Solomon Sweet to-day for the
benefit of their credltois. The firm Is ono of
the oldest and laigest in the city. It consists
of Julius Bauni , llemy Scluier , who icsldes
neie , and Morris Nlcluler , of New York ,
The falluie was totally unexpected and has
caused sin priso among business men , The
liabilities aio estimated all the way from
three ( piaiters to n million dollars. No
accurate Infoimatlon on this head Is yet at-
talnanlo , as thu assignee says ho has not had
any opportunity to anlvo at anything like a
concct estimate and lesldent mnmberb of the
llrm positively refute to ] > ay anything , It is
generally believed , however , that tlio assets
are equal to the liabilities und that the lirm
will bo able to pay dollar for dollar. The of tlio fallmo Is cvon n gicater mjstcr )
than the amoiint.of the Indebtedness.
llcmnaiitB of the Storm.
ST. Louis , Sept. 17. Tno storm which
passed over the city last evening did consid
erable damage In North Belleville , 111. The
nail mill had two of Its tall smoke stacks
blown down , A two story brick carpenter
shop had the roof and upper story torn off.
Considerable damage was done ut the smeltIng -
Ing works , two miles south of the city , and
lliann's hiick works near the water works.
A number of chimneys of inlvato residences
wmo blown down and bhauo trees broken olT ,
No Hv es lost.
To Coiivurt Doiuls.
New YOKK , Sept. 17 , The dliectors of the
Pcorla , Decatur & Kvansvillo Railroad com
pany nt their meeting this aitoruoon passed
a lesolntlon to conveit the present income
bonds of the company into 5 per cent forty
year bonds , dated November 1 , and dlicctei
that the stockholders' nuwtinir be called on
that day to vote on the latiticatioti of their
A Rich Fnrmnr Iloubod ,
YINCKNXUS , Ind. , Sept. 17. John Sebyock
a wealthy farmer living near Olduoy , lud.
was murdered last night by unknown men
who secured 3.000 hidden In the farmer's
house , alter which they burned it to the
Nebraska and Iowa Weather.
For Nebraska and Iowa : Fair weather ,
followed by local rains ; slightly warmer ,
Preparing Tor the Centennial of the Pro
mulgation of the Constitution.
Historic Places Vlsltcil nnd 'Resolu
tions : Adopted Cnlllncon the Presi
dent nml People to Fitly lie-
member the Invent.
Preparing ti > Cclclirato.
Pitn.ADELriitA , Pa. , Sept. 17. As a result -
sult of the movement upon the part of the
chief niagtstiales of the thirteen original
states seven governors of as many common
wealths met here to-day to arrange for a lit-
tlnu observance ot tlio centennial anniver
sary of tlio m-omnlatlon of the constitution
of the United States. Ten states wcio rop-
rt'scnte'I. New llampslitrc , Massicliusetts
and Noi th Carolina were not repiescnted ,
lint probably will be by to-moriow. Tlio fol
low Ing govcinois were picsent : Pattlson of
Pennsylvania , Leo of Virginia , Lloyd of
Maryland , StocUley of Delaware. Wetmorcof
Rhode Isiand.McDanlelof ( icorgla.aiidSiiep-
liardof Soutli Carolina. Now York was repre
sented by Lieutenant Governor Jones ; New
.Jersey by a committee of thostate legislatnie ,
and Connecticut by cx-tloyeinor Uigelow.
At the Continental hotel Oovernor P.ittNon
delivered a brief address of welcome. There
weio present also many other distinguished
vlsltois from various states and it citizens'
commltteo of entertainment.
\ftor ( Soveinor Pattlson's speech the paity
divided Into palis and matched down Chest
nut stieet to the old state house. Here the
paitj halted in tlio loom where the Declaia-
tlou ot Indpendenco was signed and , stand
ing under a canopy of rod , white and blue ,
they listened to an addiess of welcome by
Mayor Smith.
Carpenter's hall , the old hall where , In 177-t
tlio liist colonial congiobs met , cloven
piovinccs being repicscnled , was the next
place visited. At this place also a meeting
was held. The governors langed them
selves around a largo table near the center of
the hall , Itichaid K. Belts , ono ot the oldest
members ot the Carucuteis Company of the
City and County of Philanelphia , welcomed
tlio visitors and brielly reviewed the history
of the time-woin meeting place. Hampton
L. Carson then delivered an oiation.
The business meeting of the governors was
called to order by Governor Pattison. Gov
ernor Leo , of Viiginia , was invited to take
the chair. Caison was elected secictary.
Lotteis were lead fiom the governors of
North Carolina , New llampslilio and Massa
chusetts , iojiettiiig ; their inability to bo pies-
ent , and assuring the governors that they
weio In sympathy with the movement. Col
onel J. K. Peyton , who oiigin.itcd tlio idea ot
the celebration , and who has chaigo of the
aiiangcmcntb , was invited to the stand to
make any suggestions which might
have occntrcJ to him. The colonel , in
reply , said that it would be a good idea to
have oveiy state in the union icpiosenlud at
the celebration ne\t September by a leiri-
mcntot soldiery. It seemed to him that the
joung men in the various states would
gladly avail themselves ot this opportunity
to participate in the celcbiation. On motion
ni Governor Pattison tlio organisation was
made m-imanent. The goveinor suggested
also that a committee , consisting of the gov-
einoisot the thiiteen slates and icpresenta-
tlvo eitbens , be appointed to prop.iro
for the celebration. On motion of Governor
Stockier , of Dolavvaie , the chair appointed a
committeeconsisting ot live membeis , to
diattaidin. The Govemois of Pennsyl
vania , Delaware , Uhodo Island , Maryland
and Geoigia wete appointed , A iccess was
then taken to enable the committee to prc-
piio a plan.
Dm ing ; tie ! session In Carpenters hall
lesolutions were adopted that each state und
teriltory be invited to join In pieparatlon
for the proper national cclelnatlnn of the
adoption ot the federal constitution , to ho
hum in this city in September of next year ,
and that the president be Invited to formally
communicate to congress at their next meet-
in : ; the tact that his administration closes tlio
Hist century of the constitutional irovcrn-
mont , and to upon that body the
propriety 'of celebrating an occasion
ot such dignity and Importance ; that
the executive of eveiy .state and
tcriltory in tlie union bo formally communi
cated with and urged to press upon the atten
tion of their people the ntness of their heaity
co-opciatlon. A resolution was also passed
icauesting that delegates trom the dlllerent
states and territoiics be .sent liere to meet on
December 2 next , to organiio a peimancnt
oiganl/atlon worthy of the event. Ilusolu-
tions weio also adopted looking to tlio ap
pointment of a committee of cltl/ens to co-
opcrato with the permanent oiganUatlon ,
extending sympathy to the earthquake suf
ferers In Smith Caiolina and thanking the
Carpsntcr company for the use of the hall.
Olco Oil Miuiufuctiircrs VVlio P.iy fwo
SVASiiiNOToy , Sept. 17. Some manufac-
ttueis of oleomargarine have protested to the
ticasury department against tlio coiistiuclion
placed by the Internal revenue buicaii on the
second section of tno act legnlatlng the man-
nfactuio of that compound. The law Im
poses on "oleomargaiine , " "neutral and
other nillcloi of like niituio , " n taxof the
Sfluio aniouut i 3 la Imposed on olcnmar - * -
lino. It appears that tiioio aio a number of
ill ms engaged in the manufacture of oieo-
maigailno whoso business Is to pmchase and
combine the vai Ions lnircdicnts ; Into the mar
ketable aiticlc , and if the component materi
als are subject to a tax ,
as has been held by the levcnuo
buicaii , the result will be to compel these
manufacturers to pay a double tax , as they
are also leqiilied by law to place stamps on
tlio finished ai ticlo when compounded. Ills
also stated that ccitaln linns are making
laige quantities of what Is known as "oleo
oil , " which Is sold and used solely as a
lubricant foi machinery. If the strict con-
stiuctlon already given to tlio law by the de
partment Is adhered to tills mateilal will aUo
bo subjected to the tax Im
posed on oleomargaiine. The mat
ter Is now under coiihldeiatlon
by the Internal revenue buicau , and It is be
lieved when Commissioner Miller icturns , the
construction that bus been placed on tliu second
end section of tl.o act will bo modified HO as
to relieve the mateilai of tax. Clrculais have
been sent to utl collectors requesting Infoi-
matIon as to the number of olcomargailnu
factories In each district , the average produc
tion and other Information , with a view to
adjusting tlio clerical foice of the bureau to
meet tlie demands of business when the act
shall go into operation ,
This oven Inn's Star says : Chief Cleik
Youmans , vvlillo overlooking thopictty ( lower
gardens of the treasury department and
pointing out the Improvements that had been
made , said : "Dining the last beacon of con.
gress 1 was called bcfoio the house committee -
too on appioprlatlons to canswcr questions
In regaia to the needs of tlm treasuiy. Mr ,
Holman , of Indian , pointing to a paiugraph
In the appropriation bill , liinnlted what need
tlieie was for the men therein mentioned.
"I want them for our ( lower gardens , " re
plied the chief clerk. "I want ono man , a
competent gardener , as superintendent , and
about three laborers. "
"Oil , there Is no necessity for anything of
that kind , " rctoited Mr. Holman , "ioui gai-
dens do not produce anything that can bo
eaten , and so can be dispensed with. "
"That Is true , " answered air. Youmaus.
"I might raise potatoes In thorn , but 1 have
thonirhl that this great mtdilch government
could well alTord some outlay for beautifyinj
and ornamenting Its possessions at the na
tional capital. The eardcns are very much
admired and certainly aio an. attractive fea
ture of the treasury , but tlie ground Is there ,
and 1 can have It planted In potatoes or com ,
though I believe In tlio posies. "
With thnj W \ of Mr. Holman tUo en-
: lro committee voted for the "poslrs , " and
the flower gardens rnmaln.
A trentlemaii who has just returned from a
trip through tlio Hawkejc state tells mn of
nn Incident at Docorah , lo , , which Illus
trates the feeling of the people theio on the
subject of the president's wholesale veto ot
pension bills.
"I attended a dedication of a soldier's mon
ument , " said he , "which was conducted by
the Grand Army , and winch was therefore
non-pat tisin. Congressman Hepburn made
the principal addiess , and Decorah was tilled
full of enthusiastic but remarkaly sober men
of every nationality. 'Ihero vvcro , besides
the Americans. German , and Iiish , hundreds
of Swedes , Norwegians and Bohemians.
Thospooch of Itcpresentatlvo Hepburn was
very eloquent , it-viewing the davs and Inci
dents of the war , but exhuming none of the
strife or bitterness.
"After the address , " continued the gentle
man to your coricspondent , "knots ot ies- |
dents and visitors to tlio town were about the
streets all day. Very naturally ns a cam
paign Is pandlng there , ; as In other states , a
irood deal was said about tlio administration.
Wlieicver 1 went I could hear this :
'Three L-roans for the man who vetoes eight-
dollar pensions I' And the welkin lane out
continuously with gioans It was moans
grotns. everywhere. 1 had no Idea that such
a formidable Issue would or could be made of
the vetoes. Iowa , yon know , Is a great sol
dier state , having as many men In proportion
tion to population who served in tlio war for
the union as any other state. The people
who think that the pension vetoes will not
lose the democratic njrty a great manv votes
ought to go Into Iowa and hear the talk. It
seem ! ] like the voters are solid , in both par
ties , In condemnation of the action of the
president. " _ _
Iowa's Crnclc Cl t llailly Uoatcti The
LenKUC names.
Dns MoiNr.s , la. , Sept. 17. [ Special Telegram -
gram to the UEU.J The Kaglo Giovo base
ball nine , claiming the championship of the
state , pi lyed wltli tlio Hlack Diamonds of
tins city tills afternoon and weio beaten 10
to IS 'I hey play again to-mono w and ex
pect to meet the Hastings , of Nebraska , but
will bo badly left if to-day's plaj ing Is a sam
ple of theli work.OTHER
llaltimore . 0 00001003 n
St. Louis . 0 00000101 2
Kiist base hits Baltimore 0 , St. Louis 4.
Pitchcis MeGinnis mid ToutEriois
Baltimore 2. St. Loulb U. Unipho Carllu.
Metropolitan. . . . ! OS01200 1 7
Piltsbun : . 0 0000010 4
Klist base hits Metropolitan II , Pittshuig
5. Errors Mctiopolltan 2 , Pittsburg 5.
Umplio Valentine.
Ar Kiw Voit\ |
Hiooklyn . 0 00020014 7
Louisville . 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0-
Base hits Biooklyn 0 , Louisville 0. Kr-
rors Urooklvn 3 , Louisville 4. Umpite
Ar Nnw Yonic
Now Yoik . 0 00113000-4
Washington . 0 OQ010000-1
First base bits New York 10 , Washington
8. Errors Now York' 3 , Washington 0.
UmpiiP Peaico.
Boston . 0 0010120 1
I'hlladelphia . I 051020 1 10
Hight innings on account of daikncss.
Base hits Philadelphia Jlrt , Boston 10. Kr-
lois Philadelphia . ' ! , Boston 10. Umphe
Athletics. . . , . 2 0000002 .1 0
Cincinnati . 0 50003000-8
li'iist ba > o hits Athletics 0 , Cincinnati U.
Ktnors Athletics 4 , Cincinnati y. Umime -
ATS i.Louis , „
St. Louis . 0 0,0 , t 0 0 1 0 0 2
Detroit . 3 t/49 ooooi * : )
First base. hlk-tity-Louii 7 , Detiolt 4.
I'ltcheis UoalrT and Getzeln. Kuois St.
Louis 4 , DettoitS. Umplie tjumt.
A-r KAX. AS Cirv Morning Game
Kansas City . 0 21000000-3
Chicago . 2 4
Base Ilils-Kansas City 1) ) , Chicago f .
Pitc'neis Whitnev and Flynn. Kiiois
Kansas Clty5 , Chicago 5. Umpho Powers.
Aftoinoon game
Kansas City . 0 10020200-5
Chicago . 0 5 5 1 0 1 a 0 2-10
Base hits-Kansas City 8 , Chicago 20.
Pitcheis Wiedman , Lillie andMcCoimiek. .
Errors Kansas City 11 , Chicago 0. Umpire
Reach U.ICCR.
Nr.w YOKK. Sept. 17. At Bughton Beach
to-day Seven eighths mile : Beggars Bush
won , Waricn Lewis second , Kink thiid.
Time 1:32. :
Sivcn'igiths ) mile : " Delia Bach won ,
Annie -Mm tin second , Big Head third. Time
-1:17 : % .
One mile : Barnnm vvon. Treasurer second ,
FerdKvhthiid. . Tlme-lU. :
Handicap , steeple chase , over full course :
Jester won , IiMitmore second. Chief thlni.
Time 5:17. : Ccrtllicatcs paid 53W.10. 557.09 ,
and $17.25.
_ _ _ _ _
IjuulsviHc Itnccs.
LOUISVII.LI : , Ky. , Sept. 17. Tlnee-fonrtlis
mile : Malvawon , Klllo II. second , Finality
thiid. Timel:10f. : } .
One and one-torn th miles : Wanderer won ,
Panama second , Lasylphled thiid. Time
2:1W. :
Ono nnd thrco-foirths { miles : Jim Gray
won , Sir Joseph second. Silver Cloud third.
Tmo-3:0 ! : ! % (
Seven-eighths milo , : Pat Slicedy won ,
Loirnn second , Nora M. thiid. Time
lW )
IIiirtl'ord'H Mcmoi'inl Arch.
Il'iT ! ! > , C'1. ! . , Sept. 17. Tho'inemo-
ilal arch circled by Hattioid In honor of the
soldieis and sallois. of the war , was dedicated
to day. A general holiday was declined ami
( tie banks and mnnnfactflilcs closed. The
sti eels weio crowded with clti/ens and visi
tors. Many buildings wcio gaily decoiated.
Many Giand Aimy posts were piosent and
also state guards.
The memorial arch was designed by George
Kellar , and stands on Foul btiect , forming
tlie north entrance to Jlnshnell park. It Is
of rough blown stone , Niippoited by two
towers ilsing over two hundred feet. It
bears a lartjo terra cotta filo/e , symbolical ot
scenes of the war. Buslinell paik is covered
with tents where piepaiatlons have been
made to ( eed ten to ntteen thousand poisons.
Slioitly after 1 o'clock Colonel Bissul , on behalf -
half of the building commission , presented
tlio monument to the town. General Josepli
H.Jlnwloy accepted the monument for the
town amldolimc.d the address.
Fought Witli JlcjroKnuokles' .
I'lTTsnuno Pa. " " M cehan
, , Sept , JT. "Terry"
and "Jack" Burns , two ocal heavy weights ,
fought a bate knuckle p Ue light tor a small
purse on the river ban If in Allegheny City
this atternoon. The figl to n llnlsh , ac-
cording to the iues o ' the London prize
ling. In the eleventh ound Mi'than was
knocked senseless and 414 not recover con
sciousness for two hours , limns escaped
with lew bcratches. >
Caiindlnn Qolihlo.
OTTAWA , Out. , Sept. il7. Inquiry at the
customs department bhovvn that the fishing
schooner "Pearl Ncls/bn" / was sei/ed at
Princctown for having landed twelve men
during the night. The .master of the vessel
reported next day , but 1191 before the qustoms
oftlcervvnson board and everything seized.
It 1 > understood S'JOO were deposited as a
line , but as yet the customs department has
taken no action in the matter ,
National Dunks Named.
' \VABHI.VOTON' \ , Sept , 17. The Klncmaii
National bank of Klugman , Kan. , and the
Klist National bank of Albert Lea. , Minn. ,
have been nnthoiUcdto commence business ,
capital § 75,000 and 550,003 respectively ,
The Transported Apaches ,
fit. Louis , Sept. 17. Three hundred and
eighty-live Chliicahua Indians arrived in this
city this morning , over the Atchison , Topflka
& Santa KG railroad , enrouto to Fort Marlon ,
near Jacksonville , Flo.
UlILml.1 1 JuluJlUu JlUuul uuIiJ
Tha Number of Dependents on Undo Sam's
Bounty in Nebraska and Iowa.
The Secretary of the Treasury to lie
Given n .Mission If I Hi Health
Docs Not Improve Wash
ington Notts.
Ncbrnolcn nnd lown Pension * .
WASIIINOTO.V , Sept. 17. [ Special to the
Bun. ] 1'ioin advance sheets ot the icport ot
the commissioner of pensions , now in the
course ot picparatlon. the following , showing
the numlK'rof pensioners on the tolls In Ne
braska and Iowa , by counties , and tliu amount
vald them monthly , Is taken :
No.of Amount
Counties. Penpaid
bloiis. Monthly
Adams 107 S .
Antelope tu IKU.OJ
Biaino. 8 4t.oo
Boone 72 5isoi
Brown I'.l ' h2ii.2,1
ilnlTiilo ll 1.U.U2T.
Butt 7H 6.1l > .2,1
Butler 117 101.7.1
Cass 120 IHKOS
Cedar 20 20.100
Chase 2 11.00
Cherry 0 2J3UJ
Cliovenno -11 : t.M .10
Clay 107 lWHi.70
Coitus 44 411.0J
Cumlng 42 tt.V2.17
Custei Id,1
Dakota -IS 40H.60
Dawes 0.1 WKOO
Dawson K > NJ300
Dlxoll 63 COlR
DodgO 87 710. ! * )
Douglas 2i.1 ) 2bM.75 ,
Diindy 2' ) 'J7J.OO
Fillmoio 13-1 1.041.W )
Franklin 77 G1JOO
Fiontier -0
Fin tins HI * J.7S
Gage 201 1,000.7.1
( Jai field 7 4200
Gosper. " 101.50
Gieeloy 2(1 ( SKN )
Hall leO l.nJS/Jo
Hamilton 7it 7.S.75
Hailan SO 701.7.
Hayes in 1'W.OO
Hitchcock fit 470.60
Holt ll'd ' V.MI.OO
llowaid 01 50S.07
Jefferson 411 1)91.00 )
Johnson to 822.50
Kearney 52 4G1.0J
Keith 40 4.14.50
Keyal'aha 1 20U > 3
Knox 71 ! W12.00
Lancaster 200 lins.'jo
Lincoln 50 ; > ( kU > 0
Lll'all 7HI.OO
Lou p 10 M-00
Madison 75 012.00
Moiticlc Ob 707.43
Nance 84 321.60
Nomalia 7 ! ) 010.2.1
Nuckolls OH 512.00
Omaha Hesoive 1 O.OJ
0oe ; 07 WOS'I '
Paw nee c > > fiVi.ftO
PhclpS f 0 7" .1.5 I
1'ieice 27 S'.iOO .
Piatte 0 tn'-Mm
I'olk 7J 07:1.00 :
Il'-d Willow HI HOI.75
Hichardson US lir.\0i )
ballne 210 lfi , 7. }
' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' "
Sauml'eis.V..V. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.1 7S.,0 ! )
Bewaid -0-1 , bOLio
Sherman 07 557oO
Sioux fil .117.2-i
Stanton 1 0J.00
Thayer 17 WI.O ! )
Valley 1U 1,55 .50
Washington O'l 717.00
Washington 0 > O.B.OO
AVnvno -3 203.00
Webster 127 l.l-RS'5
Wheeler. 241 10U.OO
Wilbur 1 1-.00
York 147 1J0.75 : !
No. of Amount
Counties. PenPaid
sions. Monthly
Adiir 10s 5 0.57.4J
Adams 100 ' .118.50
Allamakcc 151 1,5.11.30
Apjianooso 21:1 : yi7.u ( : :
Andiibjii 74 an.OJ
Bonlon 2.V ! 2.8SJ.10
Black Hawk 2i"5 2ra.O , !
Boonc 103 1.S1U.50
Btcmer 10.1
Buchanan 220 2OiU.13
Bimna VIbta b"J 71H.50
Butler 101 1,45'J.OO
Callionn 81 01)0.03 )
Carroll IX ! W)1.35 )
Cass 14'J 1,21(1.07 (
Cedar 101 U.50.50
CenoGoido 131 1,240.00
Cheiokeo W 7S1.00
Clilckasaw 10 J 2OJ7.00
Clarke 170 1.530.0J
Clay 02 741.00
Clajton 177 1,711.00
Clinton 217 S.211.2J
Cravvfoid 41 ! ii'JO.OO
Dallas 175 1,578. !
Davis 10:1 : 1.701.2-
Deeatur 251 a,008.00
Delawaio 10t l,5r > : j.25
Dos Moines 200 2,10.7 ! : >
Dlckiiibon 51 1,040.00
Dllbuqtio l l ! l.OSXJ.Hr
Kniliiet 20 liJI.OO
Fa > etto 210 2I77.00 !
Floyd 1SJ ! 1,010.00
Pianklln 07 1.3QJ.OO
Fremont 1S.1 1.C51.70
Giceno 151
Gruiuly 41 : > 23.27
( Juthrlo 17. l.i'JJ.Ol !
Hamilton 11 ! >
Hancock :
Haidln 101 1,1)74.70 )
Hairlbon 210 1K ! ,7.1
Henry 227 2,0(10.75 (
Howard 120 51701
Hnmboldt 07 811.51
lown 15'J 2iai.2'J '
Jackson 22J 2l.5'i ! ) !
Jasper "M 2,4SJ.iO (
Jollerson 20J 2.2HS.70
Johnson. . . . 107 1,711.121
Jones 22.1 2,101.21
Keokuk a 15 ! ! ,4s'.7f ! >
Kossnth 10.1 1,150.05
Leo 4W ! 1,807,03
Linn 400 i.i5ioi :
Louisa 210 2lbb.2-J
Lucas 100 1.1XM.53
Lyon J : WJ.70
Madison 1 1 lwi'j,0.1
Malmsku , , . . 2SU a,12i5J
Mftllon 87B 'AK\5.4Q
Maibhall 22J 2,
Mills 00 74.1.7:1 :
Mitchell IB 1)2-1.05 )
Monona W 725,00
Monroe 143 l,43r.OO
Montgomery. , 150 1,511.00
Miibcatlne , ! H1 2,0.10.07
O'Brien OJ 011.00
Osccola. . . . . . . . . bO UW.75
Pace 177 1,070.75
Palo Alto 01 757.50
Plymouth 01 WOW
Pocahontas , , 28 2o300
Polk 401 3,817.25
Pottawattamio 231
Poweshlek 174 3,228.00
Hlnirpold JW l,4 ! .25
Sae 84 KW.5S
Scott. . . ' . . , IBS 1,850.50 ,
Shelby bO 070.50
Sioux 82 800.00
Story 1811 1,
Tttuia. , 153 1,020.00
Taylor 1 0 1,82.5.00
Union 101 1.01S.50
Van Huron , aw 2,010.7.1 ,
Wapclio. . . , , iM 4.5U75
Wanen , 183 1,837.25
Washington 2.5(5 ( 2.S10.21
Wayne. . , . . . , , 2.M 2OiV3.5'J
Webster 117 1.OJ0.6J
WlnnebaKO , , . . 40 JI01.25
Winnoshlek 103 1.181.50
Woodbury 101 1,701.83 ,
Worth. . . . 40 SH.75
Wright . . . „ 00 OQ5.0J
The poor old Austdan mission is to bo
raked up again and delivered to a vvorttiy
( soon alter the presidential rotuiii.
The plan on foot Is tint If Secretary Mini-
nlni ; limit himself niiahlo to take up the
reins ot oilico again , after his six months'
vacation , ho Is to bo sent avv.ij to the Ans-
li Ian springs for his health at the expense of
Uncle Sam. Ahead ) Uncle Sam his given
him six montliV vacation with full pay ,
together with a valet In the poison of the
colmed mos-sencci , Fred John on , who has
boon with Secioiaiy Manning evci smco his
Illnoss. Iicd Johnson was appointed a mes-
sender In the tioasnry when John Sherman
was secietary. When Manning came In
1 it'd was selected as his body giuid and
do natod too.ury the sejretari's poitfollo
to and fiom cabinet meetings , and muu.vs to
be at the beck and call of tlio secrctaiy.
When Manning was stricken do\vn Kiod
was thst to Und him In tlio retiring loom. He
has been with him ever since as valol , and
dravvlitirim fiom the United States as an
emplov o In its service. Bui vvliit Is good for
the slave Is good for the master , and so
Cleveland thinks that Manning must ho pro
vided for becuise he man.iired to pull vviies
suivosslully at Chlc.iuo so as to nominate
Cleveland. Theretoe : the president Intends
to send Manning to Austria , If ho does not
oomo back to the tieasuiy , so ho can have
the advantage of the healing spilngs fio-
( | iieutod by the nobility of Austria. For this
reason Manning will consent to take the in-
slignlitcatit appointment. The only question
nt present Is whether It would bo good policy
to give Mr. Manning the place alter so lung
n vacation when II Is known he cannot be nt
his place of duty. Tno talk nnd ciltlclsm may
jet change the plans , but this Is the scheme
at piemen ) .
ins wiciui > xi : < m rot'\n OUT.
Strange stoi ies are told of how homo appli
cants lei position under the pioscnt admin-
Istiatlon aie some times deloated. One lias
jist been repoited to your correspondent. It
comes liom Indiana. Six months ago a
gentleman who was piomlnontly conniVlcd
w llh the democratic state central committee
of Indiana In issii , was hcio wet king fora
place In the postollico department , lie was
boomed for ono of t ho assistants , and fora
while It seemed that ho was about to succeed.
Tlio president had said that ho would make
the appointment It the postmaster goneiul
would bay so. Mr. Vilas consented , but had
not communicated with the picsldont to that
clfcct. Just at a moment when the Hoosleis
vvoie expecting tlio appointment , John 1' .
Fienzol , well known at Indianapolis as a
demociatic politician , made Ills appearance
ut the white house. The president
was ama/ed to hear that the
man ho was about to appoint
waschamed with having appropil.ited SMJJ
of suiplus money sent liom Nelnaska to bo
used In the campaign which resulted In the
I'IciUuin of Ml. ( .h' "Yes , " said the
informant , "tho man is hero now seckinc a
place under this administration , nnd is p-iy-
inir Idso.xpL'nsesoutot the money Nehiaska
sent to Indiana to buy \otc3 , and which was
not needed. 1 demand this man bo not
given a place. " The ptesidcnt opened his
eyes , ntteieil tin "iimph" as he slu tigged his
shoulders , and said nothing. Tlio inhuma
tion came in the veiy nick ol time. Many ot
the Indiana demociats aio wondcilng yet
why "tho administration Heated this man so
badly in not giving him a plaeo. " and cannot
nndcistand it , but tliey could learn ol tliu
pilgrim who came heie to take a spoke out ot
the wheel if they would inipdic.
Up to tills tlmu the repoits IrointhoB'il
conmcssional distiiuts Indleate that not over
ono hall the members oL the picsent Jiouse ot
lepresentathes will bo ie-ulecteil thib tall.
The linuies at the two congiessuinal cam-
] > ilgn committee lic.idiiu.ulcis shou that the
ntioot returned members will be even less
than ono lull , bcciot.iry MePherson , ol the
lepuulican committee , thinks iheie will be , i
vm > gieat tiansfoimation in the ne\t house.
The clianges are neaily all conlined to the
disti lets whicli have been represented with
out change for from ono lo I luce tenns.
Neaily all of tliu old membeis those who
have been in the house tioin ni-'lit to twenty
yi'.iisi will be ia-oluvt < id In tact , notoVer
ImU a dozeil of tliejoldpr memheis will be
kept at homo. The east and south will 10-
tntn most oftlle-jV ; in the central , western
and tioi them HlataS'tilo" Changes will bo al
most unlveisnl. ' .
S.'ANl nVMTAllir I'OK CH.Uil.T.'STO.Y.
Some comment Kheins made liuie upon
tlie sc lnt sympithy and aid extended by
those connected with the adminisliatioii to
the Cliaileston earthquake sulle-iois. Solar
only one man has contributed a penny. See-
letaiy Lamai gave S21 , but would have
passed the contribution box by had It not
been held under Ids nosu and a contribution
pcrioually solicited. Then , too , he is about
to delner a lectinuat Chai lesion , and that
may have been the .Incentive. The lailuio
ot Millionaiio Whitney , wealthy Uayard ,
pioll ! < : ate Vilas and the piesident to give ot
then abundance has been a sui priso to every
one. People hum do not undei.stand the
cold-blooded demeanor ol tint ollleiais. and
speaK lieiini-nlly ot the Indlllerence ol tlio
piosidcnt on the subject. The llttlo note ho
wrote to the sccictaiy of war , saying that
sixty or seventy tents should be sent , and the
acknowledgment ot'tlie ( piei'ii's cablegram ,
tlueo or lour days later , wen- all that lie did.
mi : M.VII. SKIIVICK iiisoiinAw/.nii.
llepoiUs ot the disor anl/ed condition of
the railway mail scivico continue to pour Into
Washington. In portions ot the bouth.wheie
most changes have been made In the list of
cmplojes , It sometimes takes a week to get
a letter' 10' ' ) miles , while special dclheiies
and the transmission of newspapers aio M >
slow as to be almost useless. Tlie complaints
liom this legion come In blouly because the
( lemociatic maioilty is so largo that tlie fault
lies with the milk of the people , who have
demanded the condition oL altalts existing.
Hitter complaints also arrive Irom Ohio , Ne
braska , Jowa , and the noi th and boutliwest.
The wholc.salo hlaiiihtoi of tlio expciienced
men Is wlmt has done tills. If the men now
In thoseivice weroalloweil to tell half what
they know they would disclose a veiv de
moralized htate of affairs.
n.KAJf swnr.p or mi : "r.r.rrni.irAx. "
ICx- Public Pi Inter Uoundi and lamlly , his
son-in-law. Wr. Kothacker , and wile , and
Cadet Taylor , who constitute tlio Washing-
toil cQiiutiiwut ot Urn ne-.y loico on tlio
Omaha Kepiiblican , widen changes hands : oil
the 30th instant , will not leave lor thch now
homo till tlio middle of next week , although
they may get as tin as Chicago b > Monday.
They li w .said good-live to the olllelalb In the
( lei.utmenls and at the white house , and
wiliboieadv lei di'partmo us soon as tlieir
pcisonal elleets aie picked. Itisieported
on newspaper low that a clean sweep Is to
ho niadu ol the old force In the Itepiiblican
oillco as soon as the now men can ' 'leain the
hang of the barn. " Thiee or lour well known
men on tlie low haso bi-cn olfeicd positions
in the homo olllce , and the changes will bo
( jultoiadical from tliu stait.
Secrotaiy Whitney , who is now nt Len-
IIOY , Mass , is expected heio about
October 1. Attoinoy Ceneial ( iail.ind , now
In Aikansas , will also letuin In the last
d-iysof this month. Sccrctaiios Kndlcott
and Lamai liavo not Infoimed theli depart
ments when they will letnrn , but Postmaster
( iencial Vilas expects to he back by Monday
next. Secretary liaytud , who has not taken
a vacation this summer , will go away for u
Hhoit time when the pioshtent returns and a
full meeting or the cabinet Is held. Acting
Hocietiuy 1'alichlld ' sa > B Seciotary Manning
loallydocH not know whether ho will ictho
fiom the tit-asm y , and will delermlnc at n
conference with Picsldcnt Clcncluml In
Albany next week.
Acting Secretary Muldiow , of tlio Interior
department , to-day lemleicd a decision In
the contested timber cnltnio case of Malcolm
McLean , In the North Platte land dlstiicl.
He referred back to the local oflico the papeis ,
stating that as a lelinmiUhinent has been
hied action Is rendeied nuncccs.sary by tlio
derailment , The decision allects the cast
half of tlie sonthwiiat qnai tor nnd boutli half
ot tlie noitliwest ouaiter of bcction 2tj , town-
bhip 10 noith , 21 west.
0. liass was today appointed
iiostinaster at Malilla. lint ) aio county ,
Kebuska , vice L. C , Salmon , iiamu
changed by nmiilago ; Joionio JlcJ.dian ( , at
Nora , Washington county , lownlco N.
1'arlny , icsignea.
Charles P , Lloyd has been commissioned
postmaster at Ali-'f ) on , Neb.
Itcdcrinini ; tlio liontls.
WASiuxa-iox.Sont , 17. About 535,000 of
the bonds embtaoed In the one linndied and
fotry-sccond call Issued on the 15th lust , have
already been redeemed at the treasuiy de
partment. It Is believed that most of thcso
bonds wmo forwarded under the terms of the
circular offering to redeem any uncalled H
per cent bonds but were called betoro they
had been received at tliodupaitmout.
The Oook Oounty Democratic Oonvontioa
Harrison's "Workers. "
Captured by .
"Tho licit Jlnyor" Donomireil runt III *
Methods n\poietl How lie llau-
dles thu Oniiiblof.s to Mo * .
euro 1IU ICiuls , i
Political HoiiHnlion In Clilcncn.
Ciiir.Vdo. Sept , 17.-Special [ Telegram to
tliellii.J : : Much blltei feeling has been on-
; cmlcicd In political elides b > the nomina
tions made by the democratic county conven
tion ot Wednesday. John M. Ditnphy , cx-
clty trcasnrei , now a wealthy conductor , was
a prominent and , as was supposed , sine can
didate for sheriff. Ho was , however , de-
foate.1 at the last moment by William Best ,
much to I ho snrpiKo of his Mipporteis. In it
local paper this evening Is pilnled nn Inter-
\lovv with Dnnpliy , In which ho makes serious
charges against Mayor HnrrNon. Dnnpliy
was asked what were the Inllucncos that con
spired to defeat his nomination tor sheriff ,
"It was altogether lliiulson's Inllnenco , "
Dnnpliy said , "and that pint of thociow
known as the gang. "
"Who are the hionchmen of the cangV"
"Well , them's Haivey T. Weeks , who , of
course , voices Haiilt-on , as they aio interested
together in the Chlc.igo PiiMsengei Railway
company. Then theie aie Mike .McDonald ,
Johnny Crawford , Mike CoiconinVaiden \
McGailglo , Billy Whclan and Bill I'll/gerald.
As for lliinlbon , you know ; when ho wants
anytlilng done he liist goes to Ills man Fri
day , llaivey T. Works , who receives his In
structions and then goes mound and whips
Iho gang into lino. Gamblers have then got
to come to time or their houses will be pulled ,
nnd when election time comes each gambling
house Is assessed for HaiiKon's own benefit.
Tlio money is spent and distributed In the
ollleo of Weeks In the Boidcn block. At the
last election for major , Mike McDonald was
assessed SS.OOO. I got that fact fiom McDon
ald himself. The ot the iramhlcis weio
assessed accordingly. About S17,000 or 81 000
was wanted for Harrison's campaign fund
liom llio gamblers alone. 'I hey had to como
to lime01 bo raided. Two years 111:0 McDon
ald was talking ot putting himself forwaid
for delegate to the national demociatlc con
vention. "
"Lot mo toll you. T was sitting one day ,
about that time , In HariKon's olllce , when ho
pounded his desk violently with his list , and
In the piesenceof ni ) > elt , a topoitor named
Whaiton , and four or llv" otheis , said ho
would son to It that McDonald did not go lethe
the convention as a delegate , and that xnno
night all the gambling houses thai McDonald
had an Inteicst in weio laided , while all
otlieis weie lelt unmolested. McDonald's
houses woioiaidcd icpeatedly till .Miko got
on Ids knee and came to teims. 'lids is a
well known lact , "
The publication of these statements ditcct
from Dnnpliy have created a derided M'nsa-
tion among local politicians , who aie won-
deling now what will diop next.
Austin Oorliin to Uo Given the ainu-
aRCiucut ol'tltu Comimiiy.
I'nii.Anni.iMiiA , Pa. , Scot. 17. * The pro-
tn\clod llsht lor the possession and icorgani-
/.atlon of tlio Heading company-vvas-i imin-
ated to-day byafonnal agicemont between
the factions upon terms of icoigauizatlon.
The essential features of tlm plan are :
1. The syndicate to be cniaiged by § 1,033,000 ,
additional biibaciipllons , the compensation
of tlio syndicate to bo incicasud piopoitlon-
ately to the Incioaso of tlie subsciiplloiid.
2. Tlio reconstruction trustees to bo Incicased
to thiiteen mcmbeis by the addition of
Allied Tully , H. K. Dow , John Wannamaker
and Charles L. Beilo , and to inalo such
ch.uitrcs in the plan of ieorgani/.atlon
as said trustees may think lit , provided that
the following changes shall bo made ; the
plan to piovldo for the ieorgani/.atlon with
out foreclosuio mortgage to be given lo se-
cmo bonds to be issueil In lien of prcfened
btock in present plan , and subsequent mort
gages to bo given lo M emu bonds Issued for
the picsent Junior mortgage bonds ; bonds
Issued in lieu of the pielened stock In the
present plan to have the i it'll t to vote , If such
right can be legally given without affecting
the chatter of the company. No foicclosuro
Shall take place provided the security holdeis ,
Miftlclcnt In amount to satisfy the i ( 'construc
tion trustees , accept the piovlslnns of the
plan within sixty days. line btirh accept
ance ishecuiod , then the iroiganl/atlon to
take place by foicclosuio and only for the
bcnclit of those who have accepted ; voting
ti list to be for live years ; all or parties In
Interest to iinlto in the immrdlato ajiiiolnt-
mont of , Austin Coibin as an adulilonal
receiver , witli the undeibtaiidlng that the
> re idency of the coiiijinny shall bo olleird
Ono of the gentlemen who ai ranged the
settlement bays the result Is that the physical
possession and management of Heading
properties are placed In the caio of Mr. Aiibtlu
Coibin , lie being acceptable to all paitles In-
teiested. It Is quite understood that tlie 10-
latlon of tlie Heading company to the Penn
sylvania , Blatimoio iV Ohio and NowJeiboy
Centinl nillroadb will be taken hold ol by
Coibin eullicly indiipondonlly , nnd will bn
dealt with In the .sale and single Inleiest of
the Heading piopeities.o .
The Anti-Saloon Kcpiilillcans.
CiucAf.o , Sept. 17. The national cominll-
too of the anti-saloon icpubllcans has ciioben
Albcit GiIflln chairman and J. C. Schaclfer
secretary. The executive committee con
sists of W. B. James , K. P. Wheeler , Geneiiil
A. B , Netlleton.Albeii Urillln and live othriti
yet to bo elected. They will ho elected by
the national committee as nicmhei at lai o
liom the delegates residing In the vicinity of
Chicago. Hrgaidlng campaign lltoiutnio It
was decided to present niemoilals to Htate to-
publican conventions and do ovcijtiling pos-
blblo to get the paity to commit Itself to torn-
peianco I'Vfrvuhero. . 'I'lni ' unite will Im
htiIcily within paitv lines so as to discourage
all boUIng nnd thiid party movement.
In Nrbiaska und lown during the two weeks
eliding September 11 , IbbU , furnished by
William Van Yleck , ot the postofllco dopail-
inent :
NiilUA8KA. :
Established Agnmv , Lancastrr county ,
L , B. McKarland , jr. . iiostmasler ;
Ansloy , Cnstrr county , bjiiiuel Hoyds ;
( Jreenunry. Clay county , William C.
Hainsov ; Waha h , Cass county , Stoi.hen
Hnllihh ; Welch , Knox county , An-
diewChrlstonscn : Wintinld , Brown county ,
Horace G. Miller.
Name Changed Delight , Ouster county , to
Postmastois Appointed Algernon , Cutter
county , ( J. P. Llovit ; Cedar Blulf , Sounders
cuiinty , William I ) . I'arrU ; Niuvman Grove ,
Madison county , Maiy B. llollmaii ; Nolmrt ,
Hlchaidson county , I1. 0. Collins ; Hnlo , Rich-
aidson county , J. Hughes.
Established Hahcoclc , Linn county. Jo-
frph A. Pieico , po tma8terSainville ; , Wayne
county , Geoigo W. Hill.
Discontinued Chalybeate Springs , Jasper
county ; J'aik , Cerro Goido county.
i'osfmasters Appolnloil DearGrovo , Gnth-
rio countv. 13. L. Pilor ; Klotchcr , Sac county ,
William H. Mong ; Lauioll , Mursli.ill county ,
Thomas 0. Ho.'oib ; Lovelund. Pottawalla-
mlo county , M. H. Kiencn ; Moorhead , 1
Monona county , G , P. Benjamin : Swan
Luke , Kmmett county , K. T , Forgan ;
Union county , James Bind.
l < 'allurcM.
NEWYOIIK , Sept. 17. The total ninnbur ot
business failures occmrlng tluoiuhout tie
I'nlted States and Canada tnroughout Uie
la-,1 bcyetl days is IbO.