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    THE 03EAHA DAILY Hi ! Till KHJDAY. t 0. 18SG.
DcIiMicd ! } rnrrirr in nnj-rnrtor thocltynt
Hunt } tints per wock.
II. W. , - - Mnnnger ,
nr'JM5OiTicn , No. 1) ) .
Nicin Ktinoii No. " ) .
Xi'W York IMuinlilnir Co.
New fall jjoods sit Holtor's.
School books sit Crouk\vell'3 ,
'I he very best cabinets ul % , ' \ n dozmi rtl
Oiiu ilo/.on r.'iblnnls utid a large panel
fnr $ > . .io ill Schmidt's K-'tHery.
Tin1 oily council has decided to rest
until Thursday uvpnliig of nuxt week.
r/I'lic Uoval Aroaiitini has duuhU'd toujvn
u M-rii's of hoclul panics lliu coming win
ter season.
Hiils for a chance to become county
phsMchm wilt be received by the board
ii ) ) till to-day noon.
The New York I'lmnhlnu company
have put one of their Aniiiuril water
niolor.s up in their window , attached to : i
I'lill'iMi grinder. Thu motors are adapted
for liRlit and heavy work
K. M. Marvin has leased of Mr. Dohany
the opera house barber .slum , one of the
neatest and tno-,1 complete in this city ,
anil will doubtless K\O ! the public perfect
satisfaction by Ins management.
Charles J'rine , an express driver , was
yoMerday lined j'.l.Tft for driving his
wagon over a thrrofoot Milewalk. lie
\yis ; thankful that it was not a full width
faidfiii'iilk , for at this rate it would have
eo nit ! near bankrupting him.
The county board yestnrday buried
itself in | > riiiritiK ! | ) the annual levy , look
ing through the mass of ligurcs , and try
ing to arrnngo this matter M > us to have
sis few .succosful kicks as possible.
Tlic old lady , who does so much talk
ing about hnilditig up Council lilulVlias
not yet discovered there has just
been completed nnd opened in this city
the liandsomesl chnrcli building in Iowa.
Fi'J'lie member- lite Women's Exchange
1m o decided to { mo a series of enter-
tainnumts the first week in December.
A ba/.aar in connection with this enter
tainment will iiirnish inucli work , etc. ,
for holiday gifts.
Jlr. and Mrs. .1. C. Malone desire to re
turn thanks to their friends for the sym
pathy and kindness .shown them at the
time of tiie bereavement caused by the
illness and death of their little one , who e
funeral was. hold from the Catholic
church yesterday.
The ba'-c ball panic to bo had at the
drivinjr park Saturday between ( ho cigur
makers of Omaha and this citv. is for the
be.iolit of tlio "blue label , " that is , the
proceeds are to he used in advertising the
label , and urging smokers to patronize
that label in preference to others.
This is the last term of the circnitcourt
here , the now law going into ell'eet by
which the court will heicafter be dis
trict. This term has been charactcri/.cd
by the unif-nal amount of business done
and cases disposed of , it being the
fc\\iftest term of court held hero in years.
S. E. Mtixon is the supervising archi
tect of a new brick block to bo built in
Missouri Valley by D. Hern. The con
tracts were let yesterday , the carpenter
work being given to W. A. McMillan , of
this city" ; the brick work to Jens Jensen ,
also of Council Hlnll's , and the cornice
work to John Epcnetcr , of Omaha.
Tlio lawn party given by the Daughters
of llebeCah at Mr. Hammer's residence ,
proved to be an enjoyable ail'air despite
the dampness of the atmosphere. A plat
form was provided for dancing , good
music was in attendance , and other need
fuls for u merry-making were bounti
fully supplied.
Lso Hercham , who has been running
the opera house barber shop , has sud
denly quit business , and some of those
who have bought tickets for shaves and
baths are mourning over their invest
ment , ho not being hero to honor them.
Some time ago in his anxiety to give
spmo of his competitors a dig , ho sold
tickets entitling the liotJer to twenty
shaves for a dollar. The holders are
now looking in vain for a chance to get
their live-cent shaves.
Contractor Jackson says ho will soon
have his now mailing wagons rolling
through the streets all right. The paint
is not ijtiito hard onongli yet to suit him
for this kind of weather , but by the time
it clears up ho will have them out , and
perhaps before. The Nonpareil gives
ii hn a little shot it cannot give a heavy
one and has made the discovery that he
it. required to a certain number
of these wagons. Ab he is doubtless as
well posted in regard to the requirements
as tlio old lady , the public will be satis
fied with taking his statement that the
contract calls for no such number.
Clark , with all his newspaper fiendishness -
ness , strikes the nal | on tlio head often.
Ho is now scoring the council for its econ
omy in regard to the chief of police. That
faithful and ollleiuit ollicor for a time
kept a horse and buggy for the use of the
force , but the city would not oven pro
vide feed , and ho hail to let it go , the ex-
jHinso being too great to boar , when the
city was getting the bunolil of it. Now
the city has to pay for express wagons ,
backs , etc. , to do police service , wlien in
many of these cases the expense would
have been saved entirely if Chief Matth
ews had been encouraged to keep his
horse and wagon at headquarters.
Morohonso & Co. want a girl to sow
books at their bindery , room No. 1 ,
JSvurott block.
Howe's Sixth street mill , by its now
roller process , is making tlio finest meal ,
rye Hour , etc. , in the west. Try it.
< j round feed always on hand.
.Highest prices paid for county , town
city and school bonds. Odoll liros. it
Co. , No. 1M ( Pearl street , Council Ulnlls.
See that your books are made by More-
house it Co. , room 1 , Kvorctt block.
Knlo of StiihbH1 Stook.
The shoriiV yesterday iold the merchant
tailoring and gents' furnishing goods
stool ; of Sttibbs1 elegant establishment ,
the buyer being Ed Williams , of Omaha ,
who bid it In for $3,0,10. The fnturo of
the establishment Is not yet decided
upon , but the purchaser assumes the two
years' lease of the building.
Perfectly satisfactory accommodation
nt $2.00 a day at the Pacific house. Give
it a trial anil bo convinced.
All the comforts of high-priced hotels
at the Pacilio house , and a saving of 60o
to ? 1 a day. Try it.
Pacific house recently renovated. Cool
rooms ; money saycd ; comforts gained ,
Hard and soft coal , wood , liiuo , cement ,
etc. Council Bluffs Fuel Co. No. PS'J
Broadny. Telephone No. 180.
Substantial abstracts of titles nnd real
csato loans. J. W. & E. L , Sqmro. No.
101 Pearl street , Council Uluffs.
i .
10 Cabinet Photographs ? 3. Quality
the finest. Shorraden , 317 Uroadway.
Electric door bolls , burglar alarms.and
> rcry form of domestic electrical appli-
liices nt the Now York Plumbing Co.
The Annual Conference of the Methodists
Opens To-day.
Hold lldlibei-y of n Young lintly A
lliislKiml Chanced With Stealing
Fiom Ills WlCti-Snlc of the
Sttibbs Stock.
The MetlioilUt
The annual conference of the Meth
odists of this stale opens to-day in ISroad-
way Melho.llst church. Nearly till the
ministers have already arrived. I'ho
programme as arranged provides for an
opening sermon by Hev. J. 11. Horse-
well , and sacramental services conducted
by Hliltop Howinan , who presides dur
ing the conference. The business session
proper opens at 1) ) o'clock every morning
and concludes at noon. In the afternoon
of each day there will bo work in the
committee room1' ' , and on some of the
afternoons there will bo anniversaries of
the various brandies of church work.
This afternoon there will bo tlio anniver
sary of the Woman's Home Missionary
society , at which Mrs. Jennie Willing ,
of Chicago , will deliver an address. This
meeting will be at'J:30 : o'clock , and will
be an inteiesling one without doubt.
Mrs. Willing is one of the most pleasing
public speakers to be found among the
nojile women of the Methodist church.
She is better known further east than in
this section ot the country , and especially
in and : ilottt ) Chicago sh'o haa reputa
tion which ensures for her a large and
attentive audience whenever she is an
nounced to speak on any subject.
This evening there will be the anni
versary of the MKsionarv society , wit K
an address by Hev. Dr. Held , one of the
mii-iionary secretaries. lie is one of the
ablest men in tlio chnrcli and his words
\\illbeofgeneral interest to all who at-
Ii ! liop I'owmnn will bo the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Pu-py. No. O''o Wil
low avenue , while in the city.
Hiv. Dr. 1'i'id will be entertained at
the home of Colonel and Mrs. L. W. Tul-
Hev. Dr. Hart/ell , another of the prom
inent ? , representing the Frecdmcn's so
ciety , will bo the guest of Hev. Dr. Me-
Hev. Dr. Cranston , of the book con
cern , was here a day or so ago , nut wont
over to Nebraska , promising to return
during the session and present the inter
ests of that feature of thu work.
Hev. Dr. Hnrlburt , reniesenting the
Sunday school union ami Tract society ,
is to bo here , and is booked for an ad
dress Saturday night.
On Snndav the pulpits of several of tl.c
churches of the city will bo occupied by
members of the conference and visiting
Hold Rubbery of a Lncly.
Miss Crowdcr , of Hamburg , has been
in visiting Miss WyckolV , one of
the teachers in tlio public schools here.
As she was preparing to return home she
had quite a lively experience witli a bold
sneak thief. The twoladies were on their
return from the postofTico to Miss
\ \ yckolPs room , in Dr. Woodbttry's
house , early in the evening , anil when
reaching a crossing on Bancroft street ,
near Kiel's ' stables , two fellows came up
behind them. The ladies were crossing
single file. Miss Crowder being behind ,
when one of tlio fellows grabbed her
hand satchel. Shu hold on with a firm
grip , and in the struggle she was pulled
( town. While tlio thief was wrestling
the satchel from her , his companion stooa
idly by. and Miss WyckolV ti ruing
around and seeing the situation used her
umbrella vigorously , in pounding the
thief over the head and shoulders , but
with little apparent ellect. He suc
ceeded in wresting away the handbag ,
and the two ran away. Miss Crowdcr
lost about nine dollars and somn little
articles of value chiefly to herself. Tlio
police were notified , but a search for the
fellows resulted in nothing.
Dr. A. J. Cook , oflice No. ,11 N. Main
st. Diseases of the rectum a specialty.
A \Vnywor l Iluslmml.
Mrs. Fred Dixon , a worthy woman , is
in a deal of trouble arising from the
actions of Iinr husband , who , according
to her statements , is unworthy of such a
helpmeet as she seems to bo. They worn
married about four months ago , and
Have both been employed in a Broadway
laundry. Some time ago ho disappeared ,
while they were boarding at the Essex
house , and she heard nothing from him
for a week , when ho turned up smiling
and ready to be forgiven , his excuse
being that he had got oil'on a drunk.
Womanlike she forgave the offense , and
the two have since been boarding to
gether at thu Northwestern house , and
working in tlio laundry as before. A few
days ago ho got oil' again and this time
ho hung around homo. Tuesday after
noon she loft him sleeping in the room
whilusho went to work , ho not being in
good condition. When she returned she
found him gone , nnd also discovered that
he had taken from her trunk $20 ot hard
earned money , nnd had taken most of
her clothes. She lias her suspicions that
ho has become infatuated with a woman
in Plattsmouth , and that ho has gone
there. Such is her story as to brief ex
perience in matrimony.
Personal PnrngrnpliH ,
Clark Ellis , of Little Sioux , was in the
city yesterday.
S. U. Stockman has arrived hero from
Now York , and will enter the employ o
Eiseman it Co.
Alderman Danforlli and Marshal Gim-
nclla wont to Colfax Springs yesterday
in search of better health.
D. S. Mock has returned from Colfax
Springs and resumed his duties in the
poslollico with renewed vigor.
Harry Pace returned yesterday from
Mount Ayr , whore ho was called by the
death of his sister , Mrs. T. E. Davis.
W. H. Cunpy , E. D. Hopes , II. O. Self.
fort , A. P. Cramer and l-romont Benja
min formed an Avoca parly at the Ogden
honso yesterday.
Mr. T. Foley , of Farrcli & Folcy , Ncola ,
was in the city ycslorday en route to
Willow Springs , Nob. , whither thu linn
is making ready to move , Mr. Farrcli to
follow as soon as business matters in
Ncola can bo closed up. Nebraska gains
two of Pottawatlamio county's best business -
ness men.
E. Huntington and wife anil daughter ,
Miss Bessie , start now for Chicago on a
two weeks' visit , intending then to visit
Ludington , Mich. , whore Mrs. Hunting-
ton's sister resides. This is the first lime
Mr. Huntington has been further than
twenty-live miles boj-ond the city limits
since ho was soyon ynars of age.
Opera house barber shop and bath
rooms ; everything lirst-class.
A Queer WML
Some time ngo an old man named
Jacob Smith died in Lewis township , and
having no family of his own , his prop
erty was left by will to James & Haver-
stock , the well known merchants of this
city. Itvas claimed that Smith having
. - .
no family , and no ono to care for him ,
living alone and bcinc In enfeebled
health , he made an arrangement with
the firm , with whom he had long dealt ,
by which they wore to provide him with
the comforts of life so longns he chould
h\c , and nt his death they should come
into tlio pose-s ion of the farm and other
property. They carried out their part of
the arrangement in good faith , and saw-
to it that thccccentiic old gentleman wn
provided with the comfoits and care
needful up to the time of his death. Now
some of his brothers and otiier relatives
como in with a claim that the old man's
mind was affected , and that ho was not'
in such mental condition as to cause the
will to stand. The ca o has been pending
in the circuit court for two days pa t , and
is bk'ing fought inch bj inch on both sides.
J. Krnsiltorf , having taken entire con
trol of the Phoenix chop hou e , desires to
stale that he has secured the services of
Charles Decker , a lirsl-ela s cook of
New York City , The best the market
affords , night and dav , in Hie besl style
of tiic art. Will also have a regular bill
of fare.
A Ilnvtil of Pretty Mormon Girls at
Cnstlu UimlcMi.
Now York Morning Journal : "What
a pretty lot of girls , and how singular
that they should be Mormons1 said a
tall , well divs-ed , liand-omu woman who
stood.on the deck of tlio stunmship \ \ y-
oming yesterday morning. The steamer
had just armed from Liverpool.
" 1 have watched these Mormons on the
voyage , " slip added , "and 1 nmquiloMiro
some of tlie'O girls have been lured away
from homo. "
Others In the ship had heard ami seen
the girls cry in secluded parts of the
steamer , In all there wcroS'iO Mormons.
Nca'iJy one-third were young girls ami
one-half women. Thev were in charge of
fifteen elders , of whom Elder Kur/ was
the leader.
On thv-ir arrival at Castle Harden Com
missioners Stair and Stephenson , who
had heard of their coming , were on hand
to investigate matters. Tlie Mormons
were landed like a drove of sheep and
inarched ashore under the watchful eyes
of the elders , like slaves. A murmur ran
through thu herd as a young and pretty
girl of 19 years broke from her compan
ions and asked to see = omc one in author
ity. , She was referred to buperiutendent
"My name is Margaret Hawthorne ,
said she. in a sweet English voice , "and I
want to get away from these people. "
"What people ? " kindly inquired Mr.
She blushed and looked down at llio
"From these Mormons , " she replied in
a quivering voice.
Several 'weeks ago , she said , she re
ceived a letter from her uncle , John
Hawthorne , who was a resident of Smithfield -
field , Idaho. He requested her to come
to America and make iicr home with him.
in the letter was a ticket for the
ship Wyoming. She had not seen her
uncle in years , but knew he was a
wealthy farmer in America ; so she de
cided to go to Him. She hail never heard
anything of Mormons or their practices.
One ot the lirst persons she met on the
steamer was a Mormon elder , lie intro
duced himself , spoke of her uncle as a
Mormon brother , and told her he would
see that she reached his home safely. She
gave him her letters , money , and tickets.
What followed on the vcs el is not
known , hut it is said that she complained
lo a fellow-passenger that she had been
insulted by one of the Mormons , and did
not wisli to travel in company witli them
if she could help it.
She was advised to continue on friendly
terms with the Mormons until she reached
Now York. This she did.
On hearing her story Superintendent
Jackson immediately ordered the tickets ,
money , and letters returned to her and
sent "her lo her uncle in advance of the
Mormon herd.
When the crowd came in to register
Commissioner Starr and Commissioner
Stephenson stood by the clerks to in
vestigate the cases of the young girls.
Their eiforts were successful. A sharp
cross-questioning drew some peculiar
facts from the girls.
VVithout exception they failed to fully
explain how they obtaine I funds to pay
tlieir passage over. Ono young English
girl , Janetto Williamson , a pretty miss
of fourteen years , with big blue eyes , a
supple form , and rosy cheeks , attempted
to put on an air of bravado when she
came up to answer the necessary qucs-
She said she was a Mormon and was
going to friends in Utah who had paid
her passage out.
"What friends ? Relatives ? " qucrricd
Clerk Silbcrstein.
"No , sir , " she faltered , blushing and
lowering her eyes. '
"Who , then ? '
She could not answer and was at once
placed in charge of Chief Clerk Van
Soon the commissioners had a score of
the girls locked up in the ollico away
from llio rest of llic herd. All wore
young , pretty , and well dressed. All
had been posted what replies to make to
the usual questions and all had failed be
cause the questions were too pointed.
Commissioner Savage said :
"Wo are tied bund and fool and cannot
act except in such cases as wo can prove
to bo assisted emigrants. "
"There is liltlo question in my mind , "
said an attache of t'iogarden ' , "that these
young girls are imported specially by
llio depraved elders of the Mormon
Church in Salt Lake City. They are all
young and good-looking. All arc afraid
lo speak out on account of Ihoir deadly
fear of llic elders , who hayo oblaincd ab-
Eolntu control over them. "
None of llio girls would lalk after being
taken into the main ollico. They asked
to sco the eldpr's ' , and would say nothing
lo any one clso.
There were many hardened faces
among the older women. Many claimed
to have husbands in Utah. The detention
of the young girls was'grccted with con-
stonmtion by llio elders. They had ex
pected to bo on their way to Utali last
evening. It forced a delay , and tlieir
actions and looks plainly showed that
they feared their prey would slip through
their hands and perhaps bo sent back.
The Mormons consisted mainly of Eng
lish , Scotch nnd Germans , Many ap
peared educated , but the majority wore
far from prepossessing.
Special nilvertlfomonts , such as test , Toun
To Loan , For Sale , To Hontnnts , noardlntr ,
etc. , will holiiBcrtod In this column nt thu low
rntoof TKN CUNTS I'UH LIN15 fortho first insor
tlonmid I'lvo Cents 1'or Line for each eubsoquont
Insortlon. Leuvd odvcrlleomonts at our ollico
No. 12 1'cnl street , near Broadway , Council
WANTUn-Sltuatiou by u young mnn who
underetnnds tlio euro ot horses and can
milk. Also can run hot nlr or bieain fuinuces.
Can give good lefcroncea. Addiess II , ilco
olllcc , Council niuUs.
- - IPS aero farm
wcres under plow , 10 acres pasture , 40 ucrea
hay ground , good honso and barn. Will sell or
trade for merchandise , AdJrosg 1 > . 0. box 1181 ,
Council llluirs , Iowa '
Foil BALK Old imnero. In qnantltlo Bto
at Ueo offlco No. 13 1'oarl street.
n. RICE , M.
Or other Tumors removed withou
, h0 j nlfo or drawing of blooj.
Over thirty > oars' prnctlcul experience.
No. U rouilSl. . Council Ulullu ,
Consultation Iico.
On Dcccinilri''tlsl , ; > ro.r/in / , IIic ixirtncr.thl ) ) ofOrfittt , l-/riir/i / P Trril-
nnt : Icnvii'i ) < t tin- < ' < ninil Jilii ] ) ' * C < n'i > ct Coi , expires by limitation , and
vn tlntl date flirre icill be
Td art rcaila for < / ( / " clianac ire offer our entire stock of
CHtscnnofCoiint'11 Hln/fraiid rlrhiitun-111 it to tlirir Intcrcslato
call and c.vaininc otiratxulN and jtrient , 'J'fiin.f / tlic jlrxt oi > iH > rnnHi/ !
t'l'ri'iyli'i'i-dln / / / > < / / / / to obtain llic ttlnn'eyood't from ti/'tillfrci > ti ttock ,
at tlicoin'tiitid of a tnt > > linwit < cttt > oii.
Count rn nicrrliantu H'W ' find inanjf bari/aiim / ; / / railing carl if.
bpss Rrnttipi
, Ea , .
Arc oiicninq : new and beautiful designs
Ilodij Brussels ,
Velvet ,
Tapestry 'Brussels ,
3-PUj Ingrains ,
# -jP/ Ingrains ,
Ma j Carpets , Efc.
For offices , hotels lodge rooms , Cnll
Cor prices at Htivkncss Ui'os , ' , 401
Hroiuhviiy. >
Are now arriving and in stocU. Tri
cots , Flannels , Cashmeres , etc. Ex
cellent for traveling' and fall service.
Black Silks and in the new colors.
Quality the best and prices the lowest
for good goods. Ladies \vishin ? relia
ble goods will call on Harkness Rros. ' ,
Xo.101 Broadway. Council Blurt's.
A few more of those Lisle Thread
Hose left ut 25t' . , iu black and in colors ,
at Hnrkiicss Bros. , No.-101 Broadway.
In many new patterns and a largo
stock to select from. Door Mats , Rugs ,
Curtains , Curtain Poles , etc. , at Ilnrk-
ness Brothers , No. 4i01 Broadway ,
Council Blnll's.
Diphtheria | q 8rnln maklnar Its nnnunl visita
tion. Ton ycuro' trialol 1)11. THOS. .1KITKHIS'
HK.MICDV lor that fatal initially has dcimm-
Ktratcil the fact tlnil It H Inlnlllhloas u provcnl-
ivo nml unrn. If yon permit your chlhlrmito
cllo with diphtheria , "Tlieir blood ho upon your
licnd. " For Milo only nt the ollico , No. SA South
Blh Pticct , Council ( Hull's , lit. , or sent byexpiosti
on iccolpt of price. { - ' .
From the ronnell IllulfH Dally Herald :
Mrrf. 1 ! . M ( Sorurd.wlto ot lliiKlni-cr Oorard ,
of thu Union I'acillu , this city , has been afloat
Mifforer tor many years , with what was tnp-
pofcod to bocnnuur of the throat. It was t.o had
that tbu was thioiiteni'd with Rtnrvatlon. Her
Bcncriil health was completely broken down.
Hbo could only bwnl'ow liquid food , nnd oven
that her stomach could not digest or assimilate.
I'hysldnns of Council Illulla and Omiilui
intended her for three years and KHVO no
rcllof. Dr. Jcllorisof this city , was called. In
lour wcckb1 tlmoho cured her thioat , and com
pletely restored lior ireiioral lioulili. Had Mrs.
( Jorard not obtained ic'lof soon she would huvo
died Inim bloid poison , the HIIIIIOcondition that
dt'btroyod the llto of Gen. Grant.
1'rom the Council lllnirs Dally Gloho :
M. A. Mcl'lko , olltor of the Cambria ( Ebons-
Inn K , 1'a.l IVocman , has been tlio personal
friend of the editor of the Qlobo for moro than
twentj yoirs , nnd la known whorovnr ho is
known us ono or the best men ll\liir Ho l a ) < o
an Intlmato frlond of Mr. Clnik of the Non-
paioll. Ho IIIXH .boon unloitnnnto In the 1 act
thai his lamlly was raviiKod witli illphtherlii.
and locally dli-tKiFBcd. Mr. Clark hnvlnir heard
of his calamity font him ome of Dr. .lolforls'
Dlphilieila Cure , it was iifod nt oneo , and the
llvus of the rottAf his chlldicn savod. I.cttois
lioni Mr. Mcl'lho are nnbonndod In their ex
pressions of pi ntltudo for tlndlnir FOIIIO means
of ixvorlluir the lost of his whole i roini of llttlo
and tender onoaJ i'lvo of Mr. Mcl'lko'schlldren
out oft'ltrhtdlcd fi oin diphtheria bofoiu ho had
an opportunity Qt UEliig Dr. JolTuris' icniLdy ,
. i
Dyspontlo , wlij live In m ory and die in dls-
pair wllli canci-r'Qf ' llio stoninehV Dr. Thomas
Joirorls cnrcH every case of Indlro9tlon ( nnd
constipation In \vry Bhort ilino. I lest of rol' <
orencefl t'ivou , pypponshi is the OIIIIKI of
ninety per cunt of all diseased conditions.
1'rlco K for two weeks treatment.
Dr. .Icfforib' dlphtlierln medlrlno la Infalllblo
for all kinds of toro throats. Indlsprnslhlo in
putrid foio lhioi | 'n ' malignant Ecarlet foter ,
ohanKintf It In in hou i H to t ho elmplo form. Infill-
llhlo onroforall lullainmator.r , ulccratlvo , put
rid , cancerous ultornllon of the womb and all
catanhnl conaltlotie.
Full printed instructions how to ueo tlio rucdt-
cmos sent with them. No doctor rooulrcd ,
Dr. .lolfcrls' lemodlos can only bo obtained at
his onice. No " 3 South Kiiflilti btrect , ( 'ouncll
lllulfs , Jowa , or sent Dy express on receipt of
aorrNanj Buxjifips
Practices in the State and Kodoral courts
Itoonu 7 and 8 Shugart lilonk.
, . . . ,
Office No. 525 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
) 8 to 12 H. m.
Hours , > 2 to 5 p. in.
) 7 to b p. m.
Ilooui No. 8.
P , G. MSX&ER-
No. 13 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
IATIST : nnsiaxs.
House , S.MI | ( and Decorative ralntur. 1'aplcr
Jlncho Wall Oiniiincnt ? .
Xono lint liost Imnds employed mid charges as
low us otliois.
, , Manager ,
.Nos. 1510-1521 Douglas st , Omaha and
No 234 Broadway , Council Rlufl's.
Pnlnlcsn Dentistry. No humbug ! On , Vltullml
Air , KUicruml Clioruforni , wl'.li IhelrplcKenliiKCirect
avoided by the ino t wonderful mmc thctlc , imrlfj-
Ing the Lloo.l nnd but d.nj ; up tha tissue * .
Omaha Dental Association , Sole Prop'rs.
Gold Cronm , ( ! ell 1'lnW nnd Continuous Rum
Teeth , u specially. Heat iceih K ; foiuier price { Ii
per sue.
Horses and Mules
For all purposes , bo-i ht nnd soil , nt retail nni
in lota. Lurt'u iiuiuitlttoa to boloet fiom
Severn ! inilrsol llnodilvcrs , Blnnloor double.
Council Blull's.
U ) N. Main St. , Council BlulTs , fa. , and
SOS ) S. 113th St. , lloom 10 , Omaha , Neb.
JJBiiiifactnror's .Agent for the
Tents , Awnings , Kooflnp Slate , Man
tels , Plato and Window iflass , Sho\v-
Cases. Elevators ( hand and hy
draulic , ) &c.
Reduction in Prices ,
China , Glassware , Etc ,
At W. S. llcinor & Co's , No. 23 Main fit.
Council 131utls ,
An excellent cduciitlonal Institution , funilsli
mlilh all the modern Improvements , con-
uetoa bytlioblBTUHS OF CIIAHITV.H. V. M
for term of flvo months , $75.
Terms boffin Hi st Monday In September nnrl
flrfit Monday In February. 1'or cataloffiiea ad-
Et , rnincis Academy , Council IllulU ,
ISbtabllshcd IS }
NO. SOO A : 511 BIAIST. .
Daily receipts of new goods.lints
Caws , Clothing , nnd u full line of Dry
( Joods , all of thu latest styles , Call and
get prices before purchasing clsewhora
COUNCIL BLUFFS , Friday , Sept.
* ' P"i IP R.BIHWk/8' f\
Making Nine I'tilted Monster Shows.
$4,000000. $7OOO
Capital , , * . Daily Expenses , ,
Largest and Richest Amuerinent Enterprise nn the face of the ( Jlobo.
FAHHWKLL TOl'U--Itanium's Adieu to hi * American Patrons :
1 rrjm't lioltitr forml to tnkiMiuny I mm nij follow citizens nn exhibition wliloli they Imvoon
llmMuMtr.'iliy uppri t tilled nn < l hushly [ piitiuiil/cd. Inn llio miniM'im'iil--ct'UliiK' rc p1 < < r Knropo
ilpiimiul tin ( .pjMMtnnlt.i of i'cliiji tliN I onililmiilmiUiich luii \uulil-\\Idc ie | > utMtloniiiu1 no
I'ounti rpml In iiny country. I liiixeiiuulu nil iiMiin reiiii-nt inut rnntim-M lor Its tnili < poitiitjou ,
In USMIM ititli'H ; , nero Ihr iitliuillo. My ublo anil rxpeiluiiwl itiulni'ii \ > III conduct thH un *
imritlli-il enu-ii'il-oUMiMUM I-HIMIN u. HI ri IIMMOX. '
llio public's nbiilieiit "ommt , I'lIlNKAS T. MAUNfM.
Triple C'ircns Company in ft Itig Kings Huge Elevated Stage for Olvmpian Games.
T\\o Immense DniiHo Menageries uf Wild and Trained IKasts.
Museum of Living llniinii
( irand Itnrnn 11 ppndronie , with ( ilnrioiis Kaees
DOORS Ol'KN AT 1 AM ) 7 P M. 1 Kill OHMANCKs AT ! > AND 8 P. M.
XifiW."Bic'n ' * > ? J'w
U U [ VI BO As l'll' ! ° ns ° atu' ' < l ilo ! ls Natural.
The Polished Ivory Roned Articulated SKELETON
Only Klephant Skeleton on Exhibition Anywhere.
G I A WTS Intul'nalional Co"Kruss of the lliggest Men Alive.
The most .Marvelous Troupe of Semi-Barbaric
In Wonderful Performances.
AL. IO EL -'IC ' Affectionate and Distressed Companion of Jumbo.
f I * T - > \ 4"TVyT" ! Y * 3 T V > "V Q I ' r \ - yx - l
\ * - ZTJtzd U _ L\CL-LJ- = trJLJJ. k czi. JJd.X-LQ _ L.
Myriads of intensely Interesting and Startling Features , eolleeled at an Enormous
Expense. Trained Horses , DOKS , Pigs , Ponies , Lions , Tigers , Panthers , Hears ,
Hyenas , Leopards , Camels , Elephants , Monkeys , Birds , and even Reptiles.
100 Startling Acts and Furious Hacos.
UUO Phenomenal and Daring Artists.
11 Acts going on at the Same Time.
1,000 Now Features and Wonderful Attractions
Containing over a Mile of Rich Objects and Rare Features , will leave the.
Grounds at S o'clocic A. M.
Admission to Everything , .10 Cents. Children under Nine , 25
Tor the nccommodntlon ot those wi-lilnir to avoid tlio crowds nt tlio vrngnn. nn odlco Imsbcoix
i > tnlillslK > il in I ) . W. llnshnoll's Hook Slor.V-'O Muln street.C'iniifll UliilIs , lH'n > iesi'rve < l numboretf
scuts cim ha bought ut the regular price , nnd iidml'-Moii t.c'ift lit tnu usual blight ndvunco , on tlio
illuming of llio bhow i\utir.-ioM : rules on all Hiilh-oiuls.
Will i\iiiFU ; in Onialiii , September IStli.
eoiit'-l'-lMl-lO '
* ' Tlie Ideal Wau eslia Water. "
Bottled direct at the spring , has been found invaluable in the treatment of diseases
of Kidneys and bladder , such as Bright's Disease , Albiimiuuria Diabetes , Inllama-
lion of the Bladder , etc. The medical profession with great unanimity for many
years past has been prescribincr Waukcsha water for such ailments , and ARCADIAN
as the moat perfect examples of these waters is rapidly monopolizing the patronage -
ago of tlio experienced physicians nnd of Intelligent invalids. Diluting and neu
tralizing the urine , allaying intlamaiion. freeing the urinary passages of elleto
matter and acting us a natural solvent. The Arcadian is tlio best of medicinal
agents in diseases of the stomach and alimentary canal , such as dyspepsia , bil
ious fever , catarrh of the stomach , jaundice , malaria , nervous debility and kin
dred affections.
Prof. Walter S. Ilaincs , M. D. , the celebrated chemist of Rush Medical College ,
says " ! have never analyzed a purer water. "
J. Adams Allen , M. 1) . , L. L. D. , president Rush Medical College says "This
spring furnishes the typical water of health. Try it and bo convinced ,
1) . ti. Morgan ts Co , , 11. A. Haird , II. J. Palmer , C. Deetkens , A. M. Heardsloy ,
Taylo r & Culitl1 , John Short & Son.
Brick buildings of any kind raised or moved and satisfaction guaranteed.
Frame buildings moved on Little Giant trucks , best in the world.
80S Eighth Avenue and Eighth Strcct.Couuil HI u fid.
in&aoa ra
Farinlntr lands in Towa. Minncsofa , Texas , Kansas and Arkansas , raujji
from $1.25 ( o $12 iior acre. Sahool and state lands In .Minnesota on. ' 10 year
time 5 per cent interest. Laud Imyers faro free. Information , etc. , Driven by
P. P. Lttiibtriip , No. 053 Broadway , Council Itlnll's , Iowa.
Lodgori , .yoiirualu , County ami
ICaiili U'orli ofull Itliids a Spec-
Prompt Attention to Mail Orders
Room 1 Kverct Block , Council Mlnlfs.
Standard Papers Used. All styles of hind-
ing m Magazines and
U. H. Nntlonal Ilank , M. i : . Smith & Co. ,
Clli/Diis1 Hunk. Dofcio , WdlUArCo. ,
Urbt Nntlonal Ilank , ( X It. Insurance l i. ,
do or A. fufeey.llunkors.C. U. tiiivlni'S Hank.
Justice of the Peace
OOl co o > cr.Ainirlrau I'jjTtfs Company
In the city can bu obtained by pationlslnu the
! H ,
Wl Uroadway Council lllulfa
GKO , W. tiCIflXDJll.K ,
Mono but oxporlcncod liandH omploycd. Out
town orders by mull or express i > ollcltoil , and
nil work
City Steam Laundry
o sj
No. 31 N. Main Struct , Council
finest worl : and lowcttt
flno worl : . All collai'u and cufl'a re
turned in collnr < ind cit/ ) ' boxes
imlltoiit extra cliaruc , which ( jmir-
antfes worli in nanns condition < m It
Icuvcs nn. Out of town orders re-
cclvo a < unc2ittcntion and itt i > nin
rales an city work ,