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The Great Omaha lair and tlio Inter
state Exposition !
Young Ainrilcn Stouns tlio Grounds
The Itai'cs Jho Axvnrils New
IVntiiroH of the Ij\in | illoi ]
ToDnj's PrnKrnintnc.
Yostcr < lny Mornlnc.
ypstpidiyinoinlngthellvpllpst asppotvvhif
Slieiman avptinp his pif-ontcd in > t > iis , was
impirttd In It bv thn piespiipp ol thoimnds
ot rhndiPii plodding ilniig to the fair. Thcv
took tin1 loid liefoic eight o'clock , and bcforp
nine thiTP wpro several thousands of
l.lttlp Tmldlcklns and his sister on the
grounds. 'Iho pirk looked fie h and in
viting ns , iiuml spent1 on ti mmning in May.
The thildii u wprn in tlit'lr gloi ) . Thi > wan-
ileii'tl evirywlific , among tinDooths , nmong
tht1 her cs , among the hucksters , and on the
swings nml nipnv-go rounds 'Ihe air was
resonant with thcli Hhout , It was also
freighted with tlio mi'iceiiary cry of
the voiidi'r of lemonadp , poi-corii | and
peanuts. Tim active nirkel diil not remain
long In tlioihildiih Docket , but vventtopn-
ticli the wary Indlvldtiai who had tPinptinuly
ntratigpil his sweetmeats to capture the
youthful treasnie.
The i ace com M ) was allvo with foaming ,
dashing racers , and in delightful w.itrh of
tlipso as thny undo the circuit , hundreds ot
Ameilcan i'inbio citizens took noisy poxsi's-
Hlon of the grand stand. The repoitcrs'desks ,
Which only ) i'sterday wfrccoiisPciatud to the
use ot the piofosslon , were soon occupied by
joung gentlemen who seemed wonderfully
proficient In heating their Hides with the
devil's tattoo , It was the day for thn vouth of
the city , in which the authority of the gentle
school teacher had boon cast aside , and In Its
stead had been substituted right royal unjo-
Sht'rman avoiiuo was In the morning ;
spilnklcd , as wore also the streets on
tlio croiinds. This was doiip , both h ) the lain
from heaviMi whlth had lallen in tin- night ,
ns well ash ) tlio tcrrestial ! engines used lor
that purpose.
Exhibitors were again encaged In put
ting their dlsplas in pine , nnd It
was leizii'tfully iinnoiincpd thai some of
tlio mo l icsponslblo ol these would nt > t bo
able to appeal because ot thn detention of
their wares by thcralliondsand the absolute
impossibility of celling them out In time1.
A ( I IIICl 1.1UIIAI. .
In ( Mo lloral hall nearl ) all the exhibits had
been arranged. Douglas county occupied
about one quarter of tlio Hti iicture vv ith a dis
play which , notwithstanding the recent
thought , hail IICVPI been equaled In this
countvbetoic. The corn was , in some in
stances , littfun feet high , with heavy and
solid cars that seemed to have oxpeiionced
little trouble Irom the dry spoil ' 1 lieu there
was a world of vegetables , pumpkins as big
ns the globe , beats the sl/e ot a lion , and potatoes -
' toes w ith but halt a do/en to the iieek. The
' jvheat , rye , millet ami oats looked excellent ,
'nnd all were arrantrcil In a lingo pile In
the middle and botn sides of Ihe whig. The
display ol fruit and ilovvcrs was also excel
lent , and over these Mr. C. J. 11)an exci-
clscd supervision , lie showed aioportei for
'the lime some magnificent Miner iilums ,
k Which hn claims st.intl the ravages of Insects
which prove destructive to otheis of dllfeient
< This county was formally a tlescit. It
would now seem to irivT promise of soon
blossoming like a rose. The-appearance ot
the iksprt has gradually been destioyed by
the introduction of irricatonand ! now , even
irrigation has disappeared ami crops aiebe-
Jim raised subject only to the natural water
lull Irom the heavens. The exhibit which
Is now being mnttq hero by tlio county , under
these circumstances , Is somew hat lemarkiible.
It is complete in even thine except Bullalo
grass , no sample of which has been broucht
along. Thcie is a gootl specimen of sugarcane
cano now in Its second \earof cultivation ,
Which is still a venture. The coin was good ,
the pumpkins , squashes largo ami liaidy , the
'rje , vviieat , oats , millet and clover scoiiipd to
Tcompaio favorably with that of some of tlio
< ) thor exhibits , while ihe natural grasps weio
( Doth luxuriant and jnley. The tikplav Is
made under the dliectlon ol 11. O. Leo and
.Henry Donor.
oAi'TAtj. ( " n.vwponn's crmosiTins.
. In the Art hall Captain Cr.iwtord's collec
tion of Indian curiosities attiacts gieit atten
tion. They show the devotion of this gal-
"Iftnt soldier to his prolesslon , and the stu-
dlousncss with which ho sought among the
savages foi a means of givinircivili/ed pco-
iile.a knowledge of their lives. Ills collec
tion contains hundreds of tare anil curious
things. There Is a lance made out ot an old
U. S. cavaliy sabre , made In 1SJ1 , nnd cap
tured In homo way by the Apaches. This
wasie-takon by Captain Ciawfoul when ho
destroyed several Indian villages In lbb,5 , and
caplured .teO Apaches. There Is also a col
lection of Mexican sipetos , or llooi mats , on
which they loll and roll abouttogether and Navajo -
vajo blankets , vv OVPII so closely a * to bo imper-
\lousto water. These aio variegated and
rich in color , and seem strong enouu'h to lust
n lifetime' . There is n photiviaph of Chaiile
McComas , the little boy who three jeare ago
became s > o mixed un with the Apache
troubles. It shows him to have open a most
promising little follow , and his late , onlv
known by cortieeture , to have been indeed
unfoitynate. There is also u great vailety of
Apache , Chlncahtia arrows , the foriuci with
Bteellipuds and the latter with those of flint ,
Ono of the strange features of these deadly
missiles Is a number of canps , with jagged
odces , intended , when striking a victim , to
Inflict a broken and torn wound. Among
the photographs ate those of all tlio leading
Indians of the times. Including the treacher-
niib ( icroulmo , and Dutphy , tlio scout who
"was with Captain Crawford , when the latter
, iv as killed. This biavo Indian killed the
Mexican who lired Ciaw ford's fatal shot , and
then followed it up by shooting
another member of tlio same company as
also its commander. Ho subsequently met
his fate , how over , at tlio hands of niauiaud-
Ing greasers and wassenttotho Happy Hunt
ing Uiounds. There are stone hammers ,
moccasins , wampum bplts.saddlo bags , pipes ,
papoose cradles , war bonnets and Apache lo-
, male diesses , The war bonnets aio decoi-
atc'd vvlth turkey feathers and present a
really n indsome appcai.into. This is so un
usual that thoio Is no doubt that when they
nio seen by some enterprising mllllneiy ar-
tlsto they will boused to ornament the bonnets -
nets ot oui l.ulips. The Apache female dress
Is also an ntliactive garment , which lonksas
if it might have been taslnoiied utter some of
0111 modem designs. One of these is on ex
hibition and attiacts much attention with its
decoiatlon ot deer's blood.
VcHlortlny Altornooii.
lliririll.ll'ri GYMVAMl'M.
This Is a iiovi'lcontilvancu consisting of a
high wooden tranio supported on win-Pis. It
Is drawn around the track at a lively late ,
and , while thus in motion a daring atnlcte ,
performs some excellent gymnastic feats sus
pended from the bapporting frames. The
lentilo ] vvab a great novelty , .
Mr. Wallcoi'H hound iaco , which took
place yesterday afternoon and Is to take place
to-day again , Is a novelty which is bound to
take front milk In spoiling ciicles. The
hounds are of the tan biced , Impoilcd , and
live in number the mother and father costing
Mr. Walker ovei S500 each. They aio the
Bleokest anil trimmest specimens of the ani
mal Kingdom that have ever vis
ited Omaha. The exhibition given by
tlu-sp. dumb brutes consists of bust two in
t In eo heats quarter mile dash. The hounds
to chase n horbu ridden by a man , the man
and hivliigaboutoiio-thlrdthodistauco
the start. With this advantage tlio horse
otigh to win , but as a rule two 01 Unco of the
hounds nio in thu lead coming under the
Fiom an aitlstlc stand point the dog racu
Is a success. Thorn Is no jockeying among
Mr. Kvaiib Walker's tan hounds. Theybtait
in the race as though they all meant to win
nnd keep up tlio clip without a skip or bi cak
the entire heat. They aie amusing lacers ,
and exhibit n wotulertiil amount ot good
sense , Tlio hounds , 5 estcidav , made the ills-
Janco In twenty-eight beconds.
The hrst hoise race was the trotting match ,
thit'o minute class , tornpursnuf fcSOO. The
lollnwing vveio entered : Jennie Cobb , by
JCil l'jhof lluniboldt : &l Nicholas , James
Vail ; Victor Sprague , I , . IX ( hooino , Cedar
C. . Noith 1'l.uto : Gladjs , U S. Maloney , Jr. ;
Daisy Vandeibllt , T , 0. limner. Omaha :
JJay Dick. It.Vliltakor ; Hilly Shlimian ,
John D. Creighton , Omaha ; Joker , N. Ixtacli.
FaJlbuiy. Neb. ; Ooorpo 11. . tied Shank :
l5enerafSelinjler , Y. H. Siioely , The last
fQiiroM Hidlov were withdrawn before the
liisHieat. In that Daisy Vandeibllt Was dU-
taueeu. at. Nicholas In It , in 2:35/ : , Victor
Rccond , Jennie I'obb third , Sleepy Dave
In the second heat Jennlo Cobb , Nicholas
nnd .Spiigiio went under the wire so well to-
gethei that It ieiUlrcd | some time to ilelei-
nilne to which hoisc the heat be
longed. It was dually deolded In
favor of Jennie Cobb , St. Nicholas
second , " \ ieloi Spraeuo thlid. hlecpj Dane
fomHi nnil Oladjshfth. C. 1' . C. was dls-
tancul. Timett ! f.
In the thlid heat M. .Nicholas came in first ,
Jennie Colih eenml , Spnaiie third , Dive
fourth and ( lladvs liftn. The vlrtorj of St.
Iskholas was n strangenthlevcment , Inas-
mueh ns the hoi e hid not distinguished
lilm elf through the heat , and seemed to go
tinder the wite In a fatigued condition , lime
'J " , .
In the fourth Victor Spinguo began to nt-
trart attention , and deservedly so. beeaus < >
ho won the fourth ami lifth heats. In a : ! ! * lesiirrtivclv , thus tvli'g ' bt. Nich
olas , and leiideilni' , x sKth belt ncoessarj ,
whhh ho also won in e\cUknt stjle. Tlmo
2r.O' : ' .
' 1 he lain commenced to fall just befoie thn
thlid heat , and the othoi hcits and lace.s
weie carried out under a light shovvui.
'Hie pieliiit lace , 2.ii class , with a purse of
S"X ) . then took place , with the lolloping
entries :
Ululls , la.
The last two were vvlthdinvvn and Macc-
noli.i Maid was distanced in tin1 lirst heat ,
rioia Temple winning In 'JUsK , Matlld
hllpp second , und Annie J. thltd.
'ihe last two loveised their posi
tions in the hecond heat , which
they allowed Flora to win In Usi.j. : : The
horses cnme in In the simcoulei in the last
heat , Temple making the double clicle Jn
U.'iOVtf , and doing steadj woik tlaoughout
all the heats.
The last race was for three-voar-old colt
stakes , the association to add § ir > 0. The lol-
\llle , III' ; Winible'to'n ,
lirlmlleld , Ills.
Ulack Oak won tlio lirst heat In n:0'i'4. : '
while Tiamp took the othei two in 2 : 0 and
Ur : lJi respectively.
I' AND wir.Kvs.
Mr. Chailcs W.ignoi , ownet ol I'hjills. and
1 lank Van N'ess , ownei ot HanvVilkes ,
nirived AVilh their trotters jesleiitay noon.
The latter tiots in to-moiiovv.
AW vnns.
The follow Ing aw aids were nmdejcttcrda >
afteinoon :
Class 2 , lot 9 , native giade cattle : Host
cow thieo yeais and ovei , lirst and second
premiums S20andlU , Jno. Grllllths , Shen-
nndnah , Iowa.
Host cow or hoifei two years and undnr
three first piemlum 820 , Jno. Giilliths , second
end S10 , John 11. Kllnker , Omaha.
15cst hoifei one vear and under two , lirst
premium $10 , Graham 1' . lirovvn , Omaha ;
becond 8" , I icko AJ Glessman.
llestheitcrealf , lust premium SI , T. Gal-
laghei : SLCOIH ! S.i , John 11. Kllnker , Omah i
Lot 11 , fut cattle : steer , any age ,
first premium MO. U. D.inlels , Ollmoie ; second
end , S" . John II. Kllnkei , Omaha.
liest fat cow or In-ifci. any age. lirst pre-
inium SlO , U. Daniels , Cilmoro ; second So ,
George T. Holland , Iowa City.
liest herd ot lat tattle , not less tlmn foui ,
first pieminm $ M , H. D.iniels , Gilmoie , thcio
being no < ompctition.
Class 1. Uorscs and Mules D , T. Mount ,
10 a. in. Lot 1 Stallions and mares ; mares
except sweepstakes.
11 a. in. Lot J Perchoions , stallions and
mares except sweepstakes.
lam. Lot 0 Registered tiotting horses ,
stallions nnd mates , toboshovvu inharness
except sweepstakes.
1p.m. Lot ! ! Horses lor all puiposes to
be shown in harness.
2 ] > . m. Lot 11 Mules.
Class 2. Cattle Hon. L.V. . Stubbs , Enior-
hon , la. , superintendent.
10 a. m. Lot 1 Thoroughbred short hoi us
except bvveepstakes.
11 a. m. Lot 2 Herefords except sw ccp-
12m. Lot 3 Polled Angus except svveop-
s tikes.
lp m. Lot 4 Gallow.ijs except vvcoi > -
Class : ! . Sheep lloiace Owen , Claiks , Neb. ,
10 a. m. Lot 1 Cottswolds except sweep-
11 n. m. Lot 2 Lciccstcrshiies except
12 m. LotJi. South Downs , exceptsweep-
1. p. m. Lot 1. Hampshire Jov\ns , excent
10 : ! p. m. Lot 5. Shropsliiio Dovvnscxcept
Class 4. Swine J. C. Gilmore , Plattsmouth ,
Neb ( Superintendent.
10a. m. Lot 1 Ueikshires , except sweep-
11 a. m. Lot 2 Poland china , except sweep-
12 m. Lot 4 Chester Whites , except sweep
Class 5. I'oultiy General Estabrook. super
1C a. in. Lot 1 Asiatic ; lot ! ) . Spanish ;
lot 4 , Hamburgs ; lot 5 , Polancls ; lot 15 , dis
Cliss 0. Farm Products M. It. Ilopovvell ,
Tekamah , Neb. , superintendent.
Lot4 Uiead , Hour and cake ; lot 7 , discre
Classs 7. Bees and Honey lion. B. E. B.
Kennedy , superintendent.
10 a. in. All entiles in lot 1 which were
not upon Tuesday , except colonies of
12 m. Lot2 Discretionaly.
Class 8. Mechanical arts , lleniy Van Brunt ,
Council Bluffs , SupoUntendent. 10 a. m. ,
lot' ' , castings and Moves ; U n. m , lot : i ,
household Inrniture ; 12 a. m. , lot 1 , nianu-
lactures of various kinds ; 1 p. m. , lot7 ,
printing anil bookkeeping ; IMUp. m. , lot
ti , discietlonarv.
Class . Macliineiy , W. J. Kennedy , Omaha ,
Classic. Musical instuimenta Prof. J. E.
Butler , superintendent.
Class 11. Fine arrs Mrs Frank E. Colpol-
zer , s.iioiliitcndont. ] ) All ai tides in this
class will bo shown in the Intel-state expo
sition building , and all books will also be
tunsfcned there.
Ckiss 12. Textile labncs-Mrs. . P. Allen ,
superintendent , bamo as class 11.
Cliissia. Amiuiltuial society s. P. Gioat ,
faehujler , Neb. , biipeiintendent. Best dis
play of pioducts bj county bocletles , except Douglas
countj : First piemium SIM ) , second felUO ,
thlid 75.
Class ll. Gieen finits lion , L. Ciounso ,
Fort Calhoun , superintendent :
10 a. m. Lot 1 Best and largest display
of fruits by one individual. Fiistpicmium ,
8JO ; second piemium. t-iO.
U m. Lot 2 Host collection l > y societies of
not less than nttv varieties. Flint piemium ,
SIX ) ; second piomlum , S O.
Class 15. Grapes , canned goods , Jellies , etc.
Samuel Shears , supeiinteiident :
Anj meiltorlous variety will bo awarded a
piemium the same as U listed.
11 n. m. Lot 2 Canned goods , packages
not to exceed one quail.
Class 10. Floial J. lr. Cialg , superintond-
Floial designs : cut flowers need not bo
placed on exhibition until the houi desig
nated above , at which tlmo , or as soon
thereafter as the committed aio leady to
pass on tlio samo.
Special , 11 a. m. , the celebrated hound lace
of Professor Green ; 11SO : a. m , , butchers
equestrian gymnasium ; all the acts of the
most dating trape/o nnd hoii/ontnl peilouu-
anee , portormed by aciobats whilst tno
gtmnasium is ciicllngthe tiaek , drawn by
thoroughbred houses running against tlmo ;
juei.inanu ; A u. isasn , DgJTed y J. T.
Mllltr. r s Silver King ; D. W. Muliiallon ,
Grand Island , hsOvcloiie : N. H. Seely , b g
General bchujler : L. P , Louis , Denver , o s
Almont Foicst.
niomxo , 2:27 runsE 5000. -
L. W. Slnchii - - -
nun. OH. o\voj. i\oworo , nijna. u. , uutg ,
William k5 Hayes-d : SubW , Clinton , Itu
bin. Oiphia.
Silas Walters , Salem , 1ml. , b m , Expi&ss ;
Giime-siV : Fowler , Ciawfordsvillo , bid. , b in ,
Julian Leo ; 0. K. Mavne , Omaha , g m , Jack
Happids ; J , S. Welt. Cedar Itapida. Neb. ,
bin , Mattie Slipp : Wairon Dally , Council
g m , Mahio llarlo ; Charles Daily ,
Council Bluffs mouse colored geldlnc. Char
lie , E. : W. M. Ford , Council HltilTs , b m ,
rioMTemple ; J. Ncnbro , Elrla , O. , b in ,
Coiintrj ( llrl.
KUNMXO , MII.I : tusit r > t nir SIM.
Flist her e.SlOJ : second , SW , third , SIS.
AH entiles In the running races clo o the
nightbefoio the laee. F.ntraiice fees must
1)0 pild In lull nt lime of entry.
11 TI unMOIIMSO. .
Yesterday morning the first visitors from
thecountr > made theli api > enance nt the ex-
IKisltlnn. 'i'liey were in goodlj number and
walked the building , ga/lng upon everything
as If It weio a ti'Velatlon. Thev hid never
seen , in > thing of the kind even In the best 0 !
the stito fans we have thus tar held. At
even tin n wis lound some noveltj upon
whttli they llugeieil with gicodyejes. These
people were hut the advance couriers of the
bU excursions which ale to tollnw , nnd
which will nn d ubt cause the undertaking
topiove a Hist eliss success. It Is somewhat
to oe leineltcd the i ill/ens aio not taklnir
thpndviintnite which these early days of the
exposition ntlord to visit it with
out the nniiojance of the great
ciowds from abio.nd. 1'hoy will be sure to be
piesent when those fiom alirondcome , and
then thev w 111 ba compelled to surge mound
In the picked Isles , much to ( licit discomfort
and tlmtol the vlnlloi.s.
Vestonl.i ) inoinlng there weie several en
tries made and omeot theimvoionsslgnodtn
the vacant spices wnleh vveie contlscated bv
the nntiageiiient at the list moment. Of
these spaces thcio : irea tew loft which , how1-1
evel , do not appeal to the average visltoi , so
thoionghlvrll titled and disposed .lie the
multitudinous exhibits. Mi. Llnhmcrwill
lie plo.isul to tccelve application toi this va
cant spate , and as the laigest ciowds are jot
to come , It will I B to the advantage ol met-
chants to make immediate application ,
'Iheio is one fcntuio of this exhibition
which is especially commendable ,
nnd tint is the fact that
In it , neatly evcrv minufactory In the city
IsroiJiesenled. The same cannot bo said ot
homo leading merchants , whoso absouie ,
howovei , Is scaicely noticeable In the mag
nificent dlsplajs which aie mailebv borne of
theii younger and more onteiprlsliig ilvals.
The art catalogue , which has been delaj eil
by circumstances , will make its np-
pearaiite to-morrow. Its falluio to appear
oofoio this h.vs been ocetslonod bj the disap
pointment which Manage ! Llniimcr sus
tained from eeilaln cltl/eus who had piom-
ised to loan ieatutes foi the nit callery and
then tailed to keep their jiromlse. Besides ,
the amount of work which has devolved upon
the managoi has kept him bus > both night
midday In this nnd othei matters , so much
so , indeed , that he liboicd at the building
until 4 o'clock jesteiilaj nioinlug.
Mondij night Piofessm Steuilel give the
histot his uniuo ( [ tlcctilc.ll exhibitions in the
loom Immediately opposite tint containhu
the exhibltol Cielghtou college. It was wit
nessed by a host ot visltois , eich of whom
pionounceil It a most inteiesting and beauti
ful show.
Piolessoi Hlggoof Cieighton college , Mon
day night , for the second time , entertained .1
vast audience on the 1'ilteentli stieet tiont ot
the exposition building , with aseiles of his
wondeilnl teieoptlcan uictines. Ilewlllcon-
tlnuo these nightly , at the wuue plate , com
mencing as soon as daik sets In.
Last evening n new attraction In the shatio
of n lightning calculator , who added up
columns ol lignres with the celerity ol , i
lightning Hash , was added to the exposition.
lleni } Lehman's exhibit of a decoiated loom
was jestenlaymoining thrown open toi in
spection. His situated Immidi.Uely west ot
Meigell & liosenweig's , and Is linlshed in
the nnest of gold paper. He also displajs on
a revolving Iramu sixtoun ot the richest
stvles of dccotatlon lei all tlio departments
ot a lirst cliss mansion.
T. Uo/cnbaum's Olspliy of blids ami small
animals , in the western end of the building ,
is the most complete over exhibited west ol
the Missouri. It is one woitliy of attention.
Some years ago , in this city , there was held
in the Christian cliincli , then on Seventeenth
street , an nrt loin foi the benefit of Trinitj
guild. It was composed of niiny rare and
inteicstingarticles , which forjears hid lain
in piivato houses , known only to those by
whom they wore owned. For a number of
nights people of all religious denominations
tluonged the limited apartments , many being
innttcndance every evcning'duinfg the loan.
The affair finally as'svnned the appearance
of a gieat nightly bocial gathering
in which the \lsltois , while viewing whit to
many was strange jet instructive , also ex
perienced the pleasuie of congenial intei-
Last nieht's attendance at the exposition
stionglv lecalled the ancient ait loan. It
was larger than any that had preceded It ,
and while thoiouglilvappicciatiiig thebeautv
of the display , engaged also in that dcllght-
lul social converse which Is chaiacteiistlc of
so many ot the popular gatherings of this
city. That SBV oral thousand people could be
induced to venture lioin then homes
on such a threatening occasion as
last night , nigues well that om
people have at length come to
appieclato the enteitalnmeiit which homo
enteipiiso has established. The attendance ,
while giatelnlly huge , was not by any means
as laige as will bo had betoio the close of the
exposition. Such as it was , however , it
showed the advisability ot homo people visit
ing the place In advance of the crowds fiom
abroad. The aisles were pretty full last
night , and when the couutiy people enter
them there will not bo much room to spare.
The attendance seemed to make everj body
hippy , and fiom the Stephen Mealio at the
gate to the gentleman In * blue
who guaidcd the place against
lire and who had be < 'n presented
with a plate of biscuits by onoot the baking-
powdci cooks , even body seemed decidedly
happy. It also inspired the musicians with
the happy ellect that they rendered sucli
music and with suclroxcellent st > le as would
reasonably boon woith the mice of admis
sion. As a consequence ot this cheerful dis
position the bell lei closing did not ring
until liltcen minutes nast ( he time.
On the south gallcij thoio is n number ol
displays , which meiIt moie than pissing at
tention. It is to be rogiottcd that they have
not been marked as well as they should hive
been , because many of the beautiful contilbn-
tlons miistbo passed withoutpioper acknowl
Tlio Hist booth , upon reaching the gallery ,
Is that of Max Mov ei A : Bio. , which occupies
thoangloot both west and south galleiles.
In several cases , and upon the walls , Iheio
Is a collection oL musical instalments ,
ing fiom a mouth liaiji tea base dium. In
the coiner is Iheh .may ol pianos , upon
which somebody is plajingneaih all the
time. Last night they gav o away about Su'JO '
of sheet music to passein-by.
Adjoining is the musical display of the Crap
hiotncis , whohaveon hauda iiiiuhangle of
oig.uib and Sohmo'spianos vvitu u wall hung
with .smaller instalments of vailous kinds ,
Those gentlemen albocontilbute quota
to the Incident il music ot the place.
The Omaha Business college adjoins , with
a largo display of specimens of pen woilc.ind
ink sketches.
Lyon A ; Healy's selection of pianos is next
in ilit ) low , Itcomiulses.i number of sqimio
pianos of both the Ljon \ liealy and Fishei
manutauture , together with parloi giand of
the latter mike. Etch of tfieso instalments
attracts considerable attention.
The Omaha Coinmeiclal college shows a
number ot designs In penmanship with half
a do/en .voung men showing how easily the
woik maybe done.
Pottei it Mojteith have on exhibition sev
eral unique specimens ot typo writing fash
ioned into jugs and othei designs , with
metrical lines nt peculiar slgnlficanca. They
have also scveial typewriters , one of which
lias a patent means of dlxsappeiiung without
ell oil beneath a desk lid when so
( } . W. Bal.ur exhibits his steno'iaph , a lit
tle conti I vancc , upon which Mr , B. B. Deems
works with lightning i.ipldity.
Adjoining is a case lillod w ith crochet work
and enibioidoiy ol beautiful design , nil the
pltces of which aio for sale ioi the benolit ot
the Child's hospital.
Mits Mellona Butteihelil , of Hastings , dls-
play.s a cabinet of hand-painted china , the
uitfstic delicacy with which the woik ib done
commanding much admiration ,
Mastei Victor llosowliter contributes sev
eral cases containing < > S insects , symmetiie-
nlly ai ranged nnd labelled. They .110 cata-
logiioil nndei six ordeis , as Icnldopteni , colo-
opteia , h > menoptera , dlptora , neuropttra and
hemlptera. The collection is as beautiful as
it is unique and dlsplajs both exceeding
taste for and dovotlontoa study of aselen-
titio niture.
Tlio textllo fabilo department comes next ,
a iniiubei of cases being tilled witti garments
fancifully and elegantly wrought , but tun
mum rous to bo detailed.
Julius Mcr'4 displavof Indian curiosities ,
comurlslng n host of things which nro used
only among the largo and varied
anil attracts a gieat deal of attention ,
Hoopla , the Ouiaha Indian chief , with
Lou Hamilton , the agency policeman , are In
charge , the Utterbulng decorated with a mag
nificent head dress of olghi feathers.
St. Catharine's academy contributes sev
eral cases of moat elaborately embroidered
111 selecting \voniingnpparcl for Fall antl Winter is so' ( it'1 ; . l't'1 ! . iHSf t. \\1 civ the nunl fastidious or occonhie can have their
\ '
a gratified without n question , its tltoy have a stock of il ' 4 , liai Moclmuicnl Talent o\cr caused to bu plucol
bafoi'o-nuui for consideration , and should his ambition ; " ' i m uli clothing , mil should ho desire
Hid attention is particuhuly directed to the donartmcntof Mciclmnt Tailois Misfits and Uncalled-for Garments , which have boon bought
up at such prices that they will be sold by the Misfit Parlors at 50 cents on the dollar. They embrace all the prevailing styles of cut and pat
tern of the piescnt season. If you aie thin king anything of buying Clothing or Furnishing Goods , you will find your interest awaits you at
1119 Kiiiimni Street. To parents and guardians in seaich of clothing for the
It will be fomul thai they have not been neglected in selecting the stock for the approaching season , and you cun find nothing but what is
true value , btnple fabrics nnd workmanship not surpassed ; and in order to gain the bulk of the trade in this line , we will oiler goods at 10
per cent advance of cost to manufacture. Bear in mind your vvnnts can be supplied in anything in the line of Clothing , Furnishing Goods ,
Hats , etc ,
1119 Farnam Street , Omaha , Nebraska.
/ f
cushions , ottomans'tojfe'fhcr with a number
" ' - ' ' - - - " - ' -
- - - - - - -
\ otllor artistic
Mrs. 1' . E. ller IttsVrfSJ'rtPnsiivo collection
of rat o ami bealitlftjt-'lal ? Jinlla , curiosities
and ai tides of dortic-jllc we , but so hichly
finished and unique , ! ! ) wolklnanshlp as to bi5
moioaliieil as 'cmlosIUe thali as aiticles
of use. The collection Is one Of the genii ot
thu exposition.
Last nlnht tlir > Musical Union orchestra
pavtj.inotlipi dellKlittnl conceit VNltli tliu lol-
VA.H r 1.
1. M-neli , "S-xluto" . Fanst
2. Walt ? , "hhoann Love" . Steinhau cr
8. Selection , "M iscotto" . Audian
8. O\eratine , " 1'IquoDame1 . Suppo
0. Ma/urka , "Kin llciz , em Sinn" . .Mueller
11) . helection. " Troubadour" . Verdi
11. Spanish Dance . JOM ;
12. Grand Selection , "Yankee and Irishman"
. Steinliauser
"Mikado" . Siillhan
13. Gillop ,
14. Walt"Zirte Scelen" . Kaust
15. March , "Western Fiontier . Judge
The Holder of Ticket No. 81,875 ,
That Drovr tlio Capital Prize in the
.Louisiana State Ijottcry.
Since it was announced .that jpiia-flfth of
the ticket-No. SlJ7' , ! > w on the capital orizo In
the la t draw in } ; of the Louisiana State Lot
tery was held In our city , excitement has 11111
high. The lucky man is the JOUIIK book
keeper in the wholesale grocery house of
Comer &Trapp , and jc teruavho was met
with hnndrcdb ot conciatulations. "When
1 saw that I was tlio possessor of the lifrht
number my Joy know no bounds. I at once
deteiminul to ire to New Oilcans mjself and
Kctthumonny. This 1 did. 1 presented my
ticket to tlio Lottery Oomninj , icce-ixoil a
check on the New Oilcans National Uank
nnd secured irty IIIOIIP + and letnrned homo
\ LiMoiitKoinci v. The money , SlriUOO. Is now
on deposit In the Innk ol Cooper \ . Co. I
anihtlll with the house of Comer it Tiapp ,
andhavo not ict decided as to my conibu
in the tntuio. " Mi. Jones is an oseellent
yonnt ? nun , a llrst-elnss business tellow , and
has ninneioi.s lilends who aroKiatllicd at hl
Koodloittine. AmiMnn ( Ala. ) WaMiman ,
July 23.
Cnpt. J. W. WHILunson's Ijuclc Ajnln.
As thcio ha o been \ailons iiimoietc. .
about Capt. J. W. Williamson drawing 515-
000 in The Louisiana State Lotteij , wo again
accosted the eood-nnttued captain on the
subject while on onr streets last Sattu day.
The captain if. a proSrteious fai moi of Willow
( iiovo , this , county"Mid before the Juno
dr.iwItiK of this.s "welll ion Lottery ,
boincthlng Beemert > to toll him that ho
should make " " > ttn ! Mii.ill linest-
mtmt , which ho filld by"lnndlnt ; Johnny
lloedul , thooluikot'Cthtfwtr. Valley UuIJo , n
couple of dollars , with instructions as above ,
not knowing an'Villic'lliving man in the
transaction.Yhbil 'Hot-del got to Middle-
port , Ohio , ho addedthrfodollais tothoabovo
amount and foiwnftiJj'jJ A' * ° " 10 Company ,
ami in duo time ipcl'ivril live tickets , two ( it
which he handed rYM'Rt't. Williamson , tinu of
those bolng No , ihMWtthlch entitled him to
one-tenth of the caJllntWrl/o ot S15)OTO. ) and
which amount lipAlmswocpivud through the
liiink ol ItavoiiMvftvttl. W. Va. . tiom M , A.
jiuphln , Now OrhT.tjjLu [ Havcnswood
( W.Va. ) "
ftf | JjirIi-r Shop.
The barber bhojuxtfrj. il. Parke , at the
corner of tlptli and Leavenvvorth streets ,
vvasvlslteiTlast nlgnt by burglars , who so-
curpd tvvonty-ono i razors , two clippers and
Sl.fX ) In caslu T oinen were seen coming
out ot a window of the si ion about midnight.
James Klce and Oeorfe'e Decker have been
n rrost t'd on suspicion of having commltud
A Burstoil University.
OincAQo , Sept. 7. The Chicago univptslty
is a thlnj ; of the past. At a meeting of the
trustees held to-day it was formally resolved
to terminate the corporate existence of the
Institution. After a pi cat many efforts It
was found thattuo claim of the Union Mu
tual Life Insurance company , of Maine ,
amounting to SJOUOOJ and interest , could not
Bamgo , Tailor anil Haberdasher.
Heal Instate Transfers ,
The following transfcis wcr filed
September 4 , with the couutv clerk :
D L Thomas and wile to Jacob Baty , lot
40 , bile 8 , Orchard Hill , vv d S" > 00.
Ole and Mtuia Nelson to John Merrill , w
K lot 2 blk 91. Omaha , w d * J dOO.
bun IK Hogets and vvlto to ( ! co I < Barker ,
Iot5hlk 4 , Impiovemcnt association add ,
w d 31,035.
John M Wolfe and wife to Olive L McCauley -
Cauley lot 4 , blk 1 Denises' add , vv d Sl.'iW.
Allan M Fleming and wite to Albeit 1 *
Caul , lot 7 , blk 5 PJamviow add , w d-S723.
Gee M Fishei and wife to Jno S King ,
lot 17 , blk (1 ( Kilby Place , w .1-8700.
Frank Hosevvatcr , single , to Chas Singer ,
lot 8 , blk4 , Klikwood , w d-51,100.
Isaac Drown and wile to Jt'iinio A Latson ,
lot ( i , blk a , KotinUo and Iluths ad , vv d
Chas Kaufmann and wifetoMarkus Voeel ,
lot 1 , 2 , S , 4 , K.iufmulin and Jettei'tj sub-div I-
sion. w d-554,400.
Allen Hoot and wife to Truman Buck , lot
3 , blk 4' ) , Omaha , n c d-ooo.
1 Van Camp li Keniston to The Public ,
Sunrise sub division lot 5 , G , Brooklyn De
Chas McCormlck , single , to Clans T
Schmidt , lot C , blk 1 , MeCormick's Sdadd , w
Chas McCormiclc , single , to Clans T
Schmidt , lotO , blk 1 , MeCormick's 2J. add , vv
Mrs T B Illckman to Wilton Hendrix , lot
0. llk 100. Florence , q c d-S25
A G Stevenson and wife to Victor G Lan-
try lot lift ) and 1 andy , blk 114 , Floionco , q e
d SI.
Win II Lois , widower , to Milton Ilpiulrlx- ,
lot 1 , blk UiS. U in H)7 , la in 100 , 2 In 104 , : i in
10. , 0 In 151. lot 13 , blk 191. 20 in 148 , 10 in
143 , 10 In 147 , ! ! in 14t > , f > in 144 , 5 in 1 ! . ( . , 7 ,
111 in l'J ! , r in 121 , IS in 1GS , 20 in 151 , Flor
ence , qc d Si.
Ceo F M ) ers to Victor ( J Lantiy , lot 0 , blk
22.1,4 in : , ( . . 14 in 10 i , 1 in 50 , a in 105
Floii'iicc' , qcd SIOO.
H W Cowan and vvlfo to Victor G Langtiy ,
blk 20 , Florence , q c d-SlOO.
W A Mtlbbon , tinstee , to T L Konnaid
lots 11 , r > Burdotte Court , w d fcOOO.
( ! eo Jleyn anil wile to David Kaufman ,
lots SO , 31 , 3"3 , : n , blkO Jeiomo Park , w d
ti.700. :
Ilnnry J bphnoliler to Paul Nelson , o 41 ft
It loll , bll'20f5 , Omaha , q ad 31.
Win D Piuvii , single , to Jonnle M Covvlcs ,
lot 0 , Pinvn's nub division , lot 25 , Millard
nnd Caldvvell's add. w n-SJ.i'X ) .
Jno F Jti'lim and wife to MlnnloMichaPl-
son and Husband , lot ! > , blk : ! , Daniel's hub
division ot 51 , 5 ! . 53 , OUhonu , w d jJ,000.
Sylvester D Whin and vvlto to fcmsle ll
Smith , lots ! ) and 4 Greenwood , w d SOOO.
Lincoln T bikes to Ueibert II Ballaid , lot
2 , blk 7 , lianscom Place , vv d 3,40o ,
SDMoicei and wile to J 1 < % TacKoiotl , lot
20. bllcfi , Walnut Hill , wd-S550.
Peter Olbi-n mid wile to Maiy Sander , lot
8 , A 11 Sander's add , w d SJ/M ) .
Small OPatilck lo M.ugaiit J McGInloy.
lotll. Patrick's Saratoga add. w d ? 5UO.
P Dridrlchsun and wlfoto Jumps Millet ,
lloi-lincke , lot 11 , blk 4VJ , Giaudvk'w , vv U
Sell 5
Aionzo H Hunt , ot nl to V II Coirman , lot
C , blk 14 , lianscom Place , vv d SI ouo.
Chas Moyers and vvilo to James II P.urott ,
lot 4 , blk 1. A S Patiick's add , vv d-SV > 0.
lCos.i Ninvman and huslnnd to John Can-
loy. w H of Xt Jot 118 , Nelson's add , vv d
& 1.MO.
AngWolssand wlfo to Win II Alexamlor ,
lot 10 , Tiittlo'bbiib-dlvlslon , vv d-W.'JW.
Jno A Croltfhton and wife to Henry A
Homan , w yt lot 2 , blk 11 , lleul's 1st adit , vv d
-M.MK ) .
Gco M lialhud and wile to Jeiomo H Pnr-
rolt , s 5 < ol n o H tec y. ' ) , 10 , U and lot s btc
12 , 15 , 0. vv d ? 1OOU.
JcTomolJ Pairott and vvlfo to OK Mas no ,
s Vj ol n e * t i = ec 5 , 10 , 9 and lots , btc 12 , 15 ,
U , vv d 31.000.
James W Davis to Klizabeth DavhoJ of
n ) H sec l5. ! 15 , itt , ( i c tl 31.
Will of Hutli Ann Leldy to Sarah Clarke
and 'xcmpllcatl < in oi record , bcqiuuthes
Douglas Co nropert ) to s.ald Sarah Cfaiko.
Small J Hove and husband to 1'icdk II
Hove , s J4 ot lot 14 llascall and lloger's sub-
dlvNion ol lotb& ) , 57 , ( rf.Okahoma.vv d-f5UO.
Dennis II Andrews , single , to David M
Slmut.w Kofnvv KfltiittJ/flfn vv otb
e X see 9 , 15 , 1.1 , 2 f atics , w d-S6.iW.
Win L Peiry and vvita to H C Hammond ,
Jot ( I , blk 1 % Patrick's 2nd add. w d-Sl,400.
D L'lhouiui and wife to Frank K Horn-
aniiKoll , lots 4 and 5 , blk U Lowes add , vvd
Danish association of Omaha to Katy Join , ' ,
part of Old Market &t , wd-S5.
Mary Uehreiib to Katy Jolrg , lot 15 , blk
250K , Omaha , q o d-SJ10.
City of Omaha to Katy Jolrg , lot 16 , bib
Omaha , q c d-Sl.
Academy of the Sacred Heart
Trm.s , IRefsra/lole in .A-d-v-einoe
Including : Board , Washing , Tuition in English orFrench , Instrumental music
Use of Books , per session or five months , $150.
References are required from persons unknown to the institulion. For further
nformation apply to the Ht. Kev , Jas. O'Connor or to the Lady Superior.
QUO. BOHKB , Mnnnjfor ,
KEFERnNCES : Merchants' anil Farmers' Dank , David City. Ni-b. ; Koarnny National
HftiAKearney , Nob. : Columbus State JJink. Columbus , Nob. ; McDonald's Uanlc. Nortli
I'lattc , Nob. ; Omaha National Hank. Omaha. Neb.
Will pay cuslomors' draft with bill ot lading attached for two-tbiuU value of stoet
Katy Jolrg nnd husbind to Henry A
Iloman , et al , lot 15 , blk ' " 0 > .j , Omaha , w d
Katy Jolrg and husband to Henry A
I'oman , et ul paitof Old Maiketst , < i e d
S100. .
CJias Gilbert , slnglo to Leon Block , lot 0 ,
blk 12 , S i : Ito.ers ; add. w d-SWO.
John HHungatoto Nlcolaus Fan I , lots 11 ,
12 , blk lr. , Bedford Place , w d-Sl,10U.
Louis D Cariier to Frank E\vcrt > , lot 5 , blk
17 Unnscom Place , w d-S.J.000.
0 C Case and wife , to Julia Flanagan , lots 1 ,
2 , n , 7 , blk 19 Boyds add. w d-5 Jon.
Gil Hoggs , et alto Harry A Wcstcrlield
lots 5 , blk 4 Park Forest , w d & 200.
Thos J Be.uil and wife to Eugene S Al-
bilsht. lot 10. blk 8 Hillside add , w d--loo : ?
Louis D Holmes and wife to Jennie E
Stevens , lot 1 , bit ; 1 Patricks add , w d
fe 1 000.
Edw Lewis , otal to ( } S Amblei , lots 1 to
r and 11 to Ibincl , blk I. Plalnviow , w d
s .400.
C E Mavno and wife to Fiank B Johnson ,
lots I to 1'Villc 1 and 1 to 1'J blki Jncl Mayncs
2nd add , w d 57.WO.
J II Giillin , single , to T C Btininei and L
V Moise , lot 5 , blk I Klikwood , w d-ST50.
SS Cuitls and wife to A H and L H
M u no , lei 2. blk U Belv edero , w d S1UO.
liinnih Prieo nnd husband to Ann
Kccontly thoio was oxhibitetl in May-
cnco u richly e.u veil vvino cask , holding
over six hundred lilies , made entirely
fi oni tlio wood of the old Homnn biidjjo
built across tlio Khino by the emperors
Tr.iiar and Maximum ) The ruins of the
biidue vvmo lishoil oat of the river in
1880. smaller o.isks , to be made
of the wood that is lelt , luivu been or
dered by Americans ,
Porsonul lar grnpliH.
Hector IlnnunU , of Tiinity enlhedral ,
wont to Columbus , Nob. , last evening on
u bhoit visit.
( ioiioialTJiiier Wfisin tlm city yester
day.P. . P Sliuiby. assistant eneml trallio
manager of the Union P.idlic , vvonl to
Chicago yestord.iy.
Mi. and Mr.L M loft vostor-
day for Soil.i bpilii < ; s , Idaho. Aftnr n
short visit fheio tliow ill proeeeil to Salt
Lake by tlio Deinoi vt Ilio
( Jiaiule lo.ul
W K Mci rill , supeiintornont !
ot the Burlington it Alissonn , c.iinu in
last night on u apecul car fiom Jiiuiing-
IJishop lovvloi' . of the Methodist elinrch ,
vvlio will prchUlo at the coming confer-
unco at ToKaimili , nuive-l in Ilio oit.v yrs-
lord.iv , and is tno guest of I'losidin ; '
Klder Phelps , eornor of Tnwitv set-onil
and Webster streets. .
Miss Adisah Mathews and Miss Anna
lluhii. moimncnt youn-c ladies ul Cieto ,
mo visiting friends in Omaha , and wlulu
lieie will eo the big exposition.
Miss Mauo and Cariio ( ji.icomini leave
on the lihli of September for Knoxville ,
111 , vvheio tlioy will attend school. Mr.s.
G. will uoeompany thorn thero.
Judge H F. Coohnin. one of fieto's
popular uttoinoys , is viewing Orii.ih.i's
special nttractluns tins week , bidea
viaiting : his several relatives in the city.
A. L Johnson , the well-known grain
buyer of Platte county , went to Michigan
yesteul.iy to join his wife , vyho lias been
on a visit for some weeks hi her native
state. _
Ho Hied Ilia KriondN.
Mike Konoallv , a larmer nnd grain con
tractor , ot Irvington , and loll the country ,
le.u ing mimcious tiedltois In the lurch. Ho
had been doing a lot ot grading and other
contract woiK and had a nitmbei ol tanner
tilonds b.vklng him. A few dajtt ago lie
sold his teams , which weie niorlngcd , ami
quietly leittho country with his faiiJIy. Ono
ot his creditors is ex-County Commissioner
Knight , who loses about twelve bundled dol-
lais. Ills bhonago in all will amount to
85,000. ,
A. Purr JTlalt 1Vlil Uev Ilio Only Cur * I
Vat Ooiimiliilillon.
It has become the settled piuctlco ot nil IV
physicians , of nil dlspeiiBlnadrngghts , to
administer pure , iiniidullcrnUd whisky
for Co.s'SUMrnoN , nnd Daily's Pure Mult V
" \Vhlsky liau become the locognl/cd nnd
unqostloned specific for tlio Cum. of this
drewltd dUoiiso. The siibjolnea tcstl-
inoululs boar witness to its undoubted
clllc/ic / ? "
304 Mndlson Ave. , nnltlmore. Mil.
"OiiNTr rnKN I had a pntlont In tlio last
tatert or toiiHiimpllon who , whnn food or
nitilloliio wits clvon would Iliad
clven her vurloiw roiimllca , bill all wrro
cxpolled iiml elio recnived nulrlinrnt only
byeneiim nli uium lion "f ted Llvur Ull.
wlikh wBreexcrcilliiBly rtl a ri.BttUlo lo hoi.
' I'nio Mult WhlaKoy.
I hail n bottle of Uulty's
Iiidmlnlatori-d n tounpoonful which wus not
yomltod Tlie ei mid dose , with a llttlo mout
lulco win rclHliiml Within a wcoV fhe wai
able toentlienrtlly All this ufter her family
had assemliled tn neo her dlo I am con *
vlnicd that It U not only tre from f uaol oil.
but nut In any way ttdulterfttoU. "
Pi OKA A. Dm n.
Baltimore , Md . May A. US3 ,
"flCNTr.PMrsi. I WM Biidrtrnly ntrlnkon
with nnvoru hemorrliago , loi-lnit nliout ono
rallouof hlooilut lhellr t nltiic k , nml larto
( iu rititlea fiui\iiiilly | thoretflor. My ( Ub < t
wasLOiiHldnrudhoiioleNi , my friends arranged
foi my fiincrul I wa ri'iuou1' ! lethe llo.
blew lloitiillal.nnd was Iheruuiilerrd by my
pliyBldiin toiesoCJod LlvrrOll iind Wlilskoy.
On uclvlc-e the whiskey I usadvnn inur
.Julti s 1'uro ' Malt Wlilskey. I ctlccunku l'io
nil uslim only the whlstoj 1 feel I owe my
llto to Its purity , nnd cauib Uy ivcommenu
It for imlmonary unmilalnlB 01 liumor *
03 N. Central Ave , lUltlmoie. Md.
July Jil , 15d .
"aK Tr.IM , I liuve boon 111 , m > friend *
nil thought I Mould dlo of consumption. I
nnd weak Hint tiny had to hold
in * up toul\o mo jour Dully j'ure Mall
XVhlsl.oy. My doctor told Ilium ID clvult.
unit Hum I IICKRU to improve , I thull iue ll
5.W Master St . I'lilln. . PA , , Nov. 6. 1BS1.
* ILVII bins My Uauihter had been In
rtfllcttto litnttii. Her mother dlcil of con-
8umi > lloii. 'i ho doctor fiUU she vnuld not
llvo , I UEertjoarDiilONl'uroRlaltWhlskny
ttnd coneumutloii uuru In her cine. Tlio
iloctor died of cnnciuniilloii hiin.clf , elm Ij
lion tlxtutn und H otinnv uni ) hearlr , "
Ono of the boat knoun HiatcrB of C'hurlty
In the United fcjuttx. writes :
llochestcr , M. V. , ilnint of Induitry.
h'or.8. 18M.
"ncr.TLEMrN It clvh me unit jiU-mur *
to ritoMmeii4 Duffy a I'uia Mult VvlilsVer ,
Which I huv * uted with k'U'fct Butlifacttou fa
loiibiimtitlon ; In the lull * lnge < of Unit
ilrcJil < lf < fiir. 'lliH putlcnt can ret tnlt wh A
nil other remedfe * fl. ! I rotiinmrn'l It ta
all , " MUTIIEU 6ur ; ioM HIKI-ONYUO