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"W T" E > m * Bv 1C A. f "V * E m. . & * y "C" % T "P * I JP * " \ ' %
Promise * tc Bnlcaria Disbelieved
tj OScert end People.
The Situation Still Scricinf London
Pr us Oumme-iitt- ( tie Galatea' *
Defeat N ts on
Sport * nntl Socle t y.
Soul. 7. [ New York Herald
Ciinie Sp etftl to tbe Btsr ] In a dunateb
v htoii reached Sofia lat nicht. the Kussian
umperoi rave li s oonwnt to the complnte
union ol Oulraria w uh eastern lloumulia aud
cunrnnteod tbe independence ol the state
provided the prince would nbtticnte Alex
ander communicated the cnntcntfi of this
tulerrara to the minister * ns-icmbled In his
presence und to other prominent personaces.
nmmiUnc that uch a call ) to Bulcnna as
that 7iromised lar otitweiched ttie sacrifice tt
would Involve of his own personalty. The
dispatch from the car further muted that
should the princ" abdicate the JUmsmtis-
would renounce till idea of nn acceptance ni
Bulziirla , ns w e.11 as u banishment of officers.
nndol the nomination of a Ilusslan minis
ter of war. They would also recognize the
rtgeuc } Met up b } the prince.
Tht cathwnn ; which listened to tb " >
statements. so'-mcd inclinud , under the Bins' .
of prevailing eiicumstaurc" ; , to necept the a-
Burnnces civcn j et the attitude of tue wmj
M.H ) remains pHililematlc. Mniij of the of-
fiers refuse lo let the prince depart , parti } be
cause thev rcpard tht freedom of the country
us Incarnate In his person
They distrust the Kiissiau promises , even
them ; ! ] tinnre aware that according to the
cxnlaniitidti piveu b } the llussiuu'i. the mili-
turj attaches to be prov idcd lot tue iccency
by ItiiBsm vill IIP sent Bimpl } to che ndvme ,
Thej further believe tlmt tlip otucnrs who
rtiiiiitined true to tlie prince -will he piose-
cutvd. Slitmld Alexander depart soon there
VVIUL nn A.tiinnnjAL DAAC.KI :
that liie province. thanks to the distrust cre
ated by the lies of ZankofI w ill r lu-.e to be-
lievein \oluntar } abdication will rather
lean to the % lew that a coup d' etnt like that
ol Auci'M 21 lias been accomplished , and will
then-lore rise in insurrection against the re-
ecnc } In Solio. The real state of nlliurs 5s
nut jet cleared up. Surprises ol all kinds ure
htill on the cards.
THE rr.iNTE Axr > THE TIIC " > .
The pnnee imld u visit ttvdaj to the troops
In PMII ] > n ; S ilia nnd was enthusiastically re-
ecui'd. On his 'Msit lo the camp J'rinre
Alrsnnder explained that he had eoiue to
tuVt It-a t dl the men , and lie hoped lor the
nal of tin latherhind that no dcmunstratiou
bt made in hiliuor Major Popoff and
C..i > t it Wultschoff rc'jiln-d , the latter declc.1-
Ing th ( nrmjoula e\vi iciuaiu
TII E 10 IIIL iua\ci. ,
and wmld lecocnire us their only chief the
man vho , at Slivmmi , had carried off the
\ icnrr for tlie rouns ; Bulgarian army. Tlie
BpeaLui nclded that If the punce went abroad
the tinny w ould regard his ubseuLe meielv us
temporarj nnd the armj was uuauimouslj
to acsv PI foi his Jeapiieaianre
ro-\rra.uxiLT an .t3rnin : .TOon
Acpordinp to reports fiom different parts
of the pro * nice the new s of the impending
abdication is cmnpletulj misunderstood The
situation is cnw ing very sci ions. Any final
judcmunt K to-dnj liupost-ihle , but the fisir is
f-preHtlhiK tlmt the further maintenance of
the jmaceimn enjojed throughout the lencth
and breaath ot the land A111 he rendered ul-
nn .t impossible shoald Alexander leave the
Tun's NJUXT AirxAxr > nr
Evento-dn3 tlieje have been recehed from
Bimh stronplj rcnctionur } tow ns us llalun a
FJevnii and Koufiaudi telegrams deuiandlnc :
the maintenance of the jinnee in his
old iiobltion. It wtems to bo be
lieved in tlie province that the
prince vus forced to abdicate by his
ministry The Bulgarians have made Tivn
u > ee rejiresentntions to tiie consuls of the
powe-rs to tlie effect that tlie said poveis
must puaraiitue the iudu | > endunce of Bui-
paria and protect the country from e\erj oc
cupation whatsoeier. Tne llussian offers
areregiuded with iricreasinc distrust.
SOFIA. Sept. 7 Bulgarian no1tihleslia\e
joined in a petition to tlie e/ai Thej usL
whether Itussia will allow the national as-
hemhlj lo elect the hutcpssor to Alexander ,
nnd whethtallu&Uu will craut Bulpiina n
loan. If tluih dernauds are not atct-Ued to
the notiihltsfc intend to opjiuse the departure
ol Alexander *
3'rini-e Alesandei lies twlcpmct the oflieere
of lili rjruij who called to persuade liiui to
leimtui on the Bulmriaii thione. Uu each
ociMhiou lie lienou lit them to rtsfmiu fi oni
oppos'm. bib departure. The nflieurE ex
pressed duip Honow , hut pitiinbed to follow
the piiuueY wihh. Aloiiinder will lea\i
Solui SppteiulK'i IS
btumbuloH , Kan-u'ltiff nnd MtiKttyoC pou-
htltutetiie jejroiicj- . The Stuinliulotl ciihiimt
lias H-Mcned and a new nuuistiy lias beeii
lonucd , ut , follow sAl -
Al IJndoUav oft. nrumicr mid minister ol
the jntminr
Al. Jiutuiiui , uiinlstui ol foraicti uflciis.
W. GtiiH-holI , mlnlMei of liimnce.
J > L Bldllofl niiulhtur of justice.
AL Ivaiuhofl minister of education.
IL IXiuilaifff , mlnlstui of wai.
Mfut K. btipt. 7 The lacai's reph to
indoi 'f. itiitw of Aiuiist 0 ww not
made public uutil jeKttuxlin Jt niist l a
r.toni ) of ooiiRtw nation und indiiriintiou.
iii olhuuh of the iirmj ndtoratf renis-
11 JJugjua fiuciliij
will of the
I'ftcr llif Du < rtitiir.
J5watxitEt.TSppt.7. ( Ki' Ytirk Herald
Cublo iipediJ to the Bci J Xatschevitch
li-.t. liJt liurf to-nlnj lei Soda , where , attei
tlie depwtuic of the priucR , he will set about
nrranpnp Aluxandor's I'umiieiul tttulrs.
J'lince Putcr Kara 'ooigo ltcli is uip ted
liorc , ile Is to be put forward , it euems , not
as u Jtuisiau candidate lor the Bulgarian
Ihrone , lut a a
Lundnn Prfnt. OjilnJon on ihe
Vncht Jlaoc.
Irf'xiiuN , Sopt. 7. [ Kc\v y rt Herald
Cubuhjiocial to the Utu. . ' Much ue s-
Miaei * is devoted to the '
papur Iirst djy 'B yacht
meu. The Telesrapli hopus that to-dnys
wtwthur will not , as jeiuitlny , brine light
IITUCZPC , tiocautiC , It MJS. "UuclBiid's clitun-
plan is not BO much for tiunid a fur ahllitj to
tUnishto windward In a heaxj BCH and it
is coueodt-d evuu l > j the more thorough
colt's udiuirurs cl the MnjUowm that
Emm wrtu'Mt- ' cUf > pp > sea , u hea\y wind ,
oracoursu tkiilch will r tiuire much tacLmc
the Ualittea im-ht tc tia c decidedly iht
tieUuKt The A mm leans themstlxes have
taUsi u > . < vtraitidinarj iuturcs : Jii the con-
tew UIKI nu\f jiait'J | no o\art ! \ 10 onnhlti them
tc ntiin t .e trophj or which tliey uru .so
prwm , Riii ! whiPh they olwrtsti so deeply . "
'JMie rcvpiilt reached ljuiidon ovet the Coin
inercl-1 ocncpauy * cables \ > ) n sprelul des
patch la the Sportsman , which uas & u rj
lull account uud deurtptioti of therncu.
A rujt.osociiic MCW
Tin1 Dili ) XCM fidlturlnllj jaijz " "li ! de-
fca.1 el tUt ) Oalu'.ca tt.Ntw 1 urttsuru \
POIDPS ttflw raary triumph" In < jKirt to re-
rniiid us that ne do not know fverythit.c
Thnt npjip rs to lip a philowphir way of
lool inc at it .AlM > It is philotoph r to say
that d lo iorj i - irjvti'ved in oni en anast r
and wbcji Intb thpte things Imve
lif-pu Mid tlie unj.lcRsantiies-c of the
deftwt rfruiun1jn < a creat as ever. There
i < > notUitir Jot iLpfirhiHK but to pn on pcttinc
li t n till we Iparn the Arnerlc n twret of
build , thonrb tinAra"rip n yapht j wterdiy
seems to have b pn inii riilv handled Tacht-
liic is esst'cttalh HE anitoeratip spnrt in this
eonntrj. In Amerk-a It is v itlilti certain
limits & Bpnrt of the people. 3t suits
th"ir lalinr-lorln ? genius arid fnr tills rta
snn it is much nmre in voctie than row inc.
No true Amoi ican likwto do for Mm t
w hut hr can umkt tlie elements do for him.
In theBuniuiBr time the IIHJ.S cud rivers of
tlie 1"nltod StMtes we lined with even kind
ol pleasure cralt that can possible be nut
under sail. "
The New TorL. cable IB the Standard seems
to ( linrce that the Galatea lost in ponseuueuce
ofu bic htrampr swell chcckinc the Gnlntea's
way , while the steamers loftj deck house
Kept off much of the w ind and recommend'
that in future ctmt"sts it w ould bs Inirur to
both parties to urrance lor all three races to
b sailed in the open s"a w here thee : would
I * lev\er craft to iuturfere w ith the meln g
v nchts ,
1 he Times lurnlshes ratht-r a confused and
uusatislaUor.tdesiutph . without pommeut.
PranceV Neiv Atntiashador to BeiHti.
PAIIS : , Sept. T , \ew Turk Herald Cable
btieeial to the Bi.n. ] Foi tne jiast fort-
nicht tiie eJimpt of Baron Decoimel's sue-
i essor ns Fint h ambassador at Berlin lias
caused the creates ! porplexitj both to Piesi-
deut Gievy and M. I > e rr cinpt. 1 have
tlie best authority lor SBJ ing tliat the nmhac-
sador will b" M Herhett , who lor many
jears filled u hich post in the ministry of toi-
eicn aflatrs. and has more than onee practi
cally directed critx al moments ol the f oreicu
policy ol rrnuc" M U'-rbettis of course a
true republican , but of a tvpethat will hardly
alarm I'rineeBismarck's conservatives.
A FCM Cl isp Paracrapfi" From Lion-
don Weeklies ,
LOJTDOX , Sejit. 7. [ New Tori ; Herald
Cable Special to the Bi.r. j The weeklj
society and Rportinc papers feel the heat and
arc like ovsters ueedinc a se scm Some aie
dumb as ojsters und these lire onlj a few
short , crisp paragraphs
trur KLW LAJL Krssni.i-
The rourt .tournal piclvS up a historical
: mme thus : 'Ihp bouse of lords once more
numbers an Earl Itussell amen : ; its members
The iiif-ent eail is a nloe lt okinc jouth , who
line as jet siven no Sign of ability to add to
the fa : reachinc lamp of the Ilussell fuiuilj .
Ue has no parliamentary predeliptions. and
his attempts at instruction in this direction
Tveie ut tin outset ronm-ally frustrated As a
peer tlmuch still a nunoi , he had richt to
sit in the front callen of the house ol pom-
inons. Ihelirst nicht he came down he was
walkiiur stiaicht in , when old Hartley , tlie
door kwtpui , thinkini : he was a youtic man
fiom tlie country Avitb nn older for the
strancers' ' callerv , seized him by the arm aud
rouclily dumatifled where lie was colnc.
Earl Uussell was so alarmed that he matte no
rejily. but left the lobby.
A rooi : YACirnyo KEASOX.
Fpon yaehtinc tlie Onuit Journal whispers
this hitherto marine secret : "Thepieseat
yachtiuc. season bus been the wona known
for tlie Jast httt4U jenis. There aieiliou-
sandsof yachts whleli at this time of the
3 ear oucht to \ > e out on hire and ure now
lying idle in Southampton water , aud the
seafariuc noiiulationvvho rely upon the
Buuimer season to tide them ovei the time
until fishing reeommenpes. be m to suffer
from want of employ menL Anj one w ( sh
ine to indulce in what has hitherto been re-
rardedusan ex.i * > nsive luxurr can now dose
so at un exceedingly low figures "
A JJOVJH. rMiiinu.A.
The Court .lourualhas discovmedu novelty
in umbrellas' Uei mojest ; jnusmited a
few days aso. with ahjiecially made umbrella
from JJargow. The handle was a jouud
globe of fine gold , ie reiwitiiic the world ,
studded with precious stone to sepieseiit her
majesty's dominion.
moixrvv ISG A7 irssiA ,
Tnnity air thns joins the noble armj of
bulls bellowing ut Jlussm Oried.t Britain
should -cede trom the Euiopcau concert , re
call her ambassadors from St I'eteisburg , her
troojis fiom Buimah utid Ecrrjit , and male
th"iceoy of the East Indies some statesman
who is not an intimate friend ol the chan
cellor , w horn Lord Uufleriu calls the most
pacific minister of .Lurope , but who , with his
Miveieign has been guilty ol an outracr lit
to be lecoided onlj In theNewgate Calendar.
AMJTirniVIEW or TUT : cABr.
The St "Stephens itelew. . v hluh is co-e ) to
the forelcu olhce , also blows , ana adds this
as gossip 1 um in a tiositiou to hti.tu that
but for the attitude tul.eii up by the ( juecu on
the Bulgarian question. Prince Alexandei
would ut the present time be incarcerated in
Jlussia , und possiblj in a fortress. It was de
eided by a telegram received ut fet. Peters
burg tiom Balmoral , that juoduced his le
lease , and nothing elThe emptuor of
Gei man j was BO annoyed that tlie liret wlie
from iSaluiorul to theCzai , whiehwusa BD-
rious one , w us suut beloie his advice was
sought To tpuote his ow u w ordion the nmt-
toi , "The whole of Europ micht have been
prewpltnted Into a var through the lee free
use of the w ire ut a critical moment" Theu
he Is said to have said , 'ellectuKly "ActiutJ
upon impulses is womanly , but not diplo
matic , .yet 1 nin asinrud that Bismarck
lieartib applauded in private the notion of
the < jueun. "
Mtu ot.Ai ) To 'i''f ran * ,
Life retuinsto Mt. Gladstone in his trip to
Bavaria , und KEJ a : He lias a most agreeable
and hlt'hlj cultivated companion and host in
Lord Acton , the son of Lord Granv.ille's first
wife. One of the Acton lumilj was a cardi
nal uud nuother was prime minister to the
King ol tuples in tlie last century. The
present peer , who is ol a verj liberal 6ni-
patby. edited tht Home and Foreign Keview ,
which was tuppressed at tlie instance of the
ultramiiutaiue ] iarty. He was an intlturte
filuud of that liooou phshed Atnancun , Mr
TiDLUcr , who alludes In his memoirs to his
visits nt Aldunhum ; n Salop , tht antueut se t
of the Actons
IUTTIKG rASinoNV i on r.s.
Life 1ms a tiuiuly fillip at parchment v l > it-
iiig cardtwhich are the latest fashionable
v tilgantics. TlieJr me , it hopes v ill he con
lined IP these devotee * of tlie incrciles1cod -
di-ss whoKicriace iUl ft'ehng of iudhldual
taste and judgment by the tisu of buarfu and
hideous note paper tlmt of Iste has ttindcred
correspondwice u miBer ? . i'lie 'Alau about
Tow " ( Mr. Suttoiu , in tht Country Gnntlfr-
tnan , has this Item apropos of the peut
American tarthquate : "Oti Wedncstlaj
btteraooii , wlieu I should Uavr been putting
halt on the tsiU of partridges 1 wa'.teil slow n
2'ml.udili } , a triurcjilitnt nonfchoi tare up
ilie tliorouchfaie , tpealing , 'Otent liunh-
ouii-k lu liiuueriuw * I euw b ui4ii rush to
lair and buy a copy , 1 urtunc to the report
of tl r caikstrephu , hi ciatieed ut It and lei ]
kg : i tbe sku 'ie. It traufcp'red that the
-j-u wa si \ ' * tor from Ci&rJUotuu , where he
rwned larce projip-tr and whrre till lut
friends were In this manner was tht cfclatrj-
UT brourht bouip to him. ' A wine of the
Bat spread' oat theippararraiilis The poor
priupt n ! Bnlcfia hew lie iuu t envy hi *
bnither and Pnnppv Beatrirc. Truly It if
b rtter to lie Encland' * iin-iiHaw tlma Iin -
iin s o"camonal proU-ce , wita a ehaiipp ctf the
witlidraw al of f nor dsilj . or revolution , with
an awiissiiiHtiou thrown in.
Bvthe wav I understand tlmt tti ae-
potichement ol tht Princes Beatripe which
w K ejkpwted lor November , ! ! ! mil take
ClJH > cTO n's TACAT1OX.
Georce II. Sims in Ills weekly Saada }
.lournal pays his respects to the "U O M- . "
nnd nnrmtes that the Gladstone travellnc
partv Rrrived at Colorne Rt. a. m .und while
the t-ncme vac tKklnc fuul they rttslied off
and did the cathedre ! The marvellous enercv
and unimpaired vitnlin ot the orel state1-
niati are never so much In evidence as when
hi travels for rest and recrentlon. He do -
so mncb iu a dav as would hnosk a fairly
lit althv perstm of thlrt v up f < u u week. It
is quite possible that he will celebrate his one
hundredth htrthdnv bv aseendinr the Mattw-
liorn und carrj ing the cuards dow n on his
And then Sims alludes to Irish pentlmeut
in home rule ovei dress bv remarking The
lush members are urged to weur onlj cotids
of Irish marjulupttire. Is Mr. Paruull a.-
perted to come down on the house in "Coik
"Modern Society" this week refers to the
fail princess oi tlie impecunious Tecks Tht
Duchess of 1 eck , when uudertaklnr solemn
duties , will do well to leave her prcttt
dauchter at home. Lust we k her hichiiess
laid the memorial stone to a church ut Shej'-
head's Bush Piinress Tiptoria , fumiliarly
kuovMi as "May ' in home circles , accompa
nied her , and nlack and alas , the beauty of
holiness seemed entirely forcot beside the
beauty of the roj al maid Hull the Jocti
clergj jc'imltted their attention to straj in
her direption. while the choir Iws and
recced ttrrhlns opened their mouths even
wlieu they were not singmc and stared
Mt > dPi n Society cratifies its home rule n ad-
ers with this epicrammatip liinc. Tlie Pnm-
rosp leacue is a stiecies of materialized hy-
terics inrorj'tirated in a crullle of crj stulized
screams. Men ol thoucht and action MCW its
nroceedincs w ith derisive contempt. Many
of the % en partj which it uspiies to ujihold
spurns u with sporn The leatue aspires to
sustain tlie constitution with a scent bottle ,
to repel people w ith a primrose and n faint
conch nt tht foundation of tlie orcamra
lion If there ean he auv foundation to u
tastle of stniw there is unlimited Miobban
and ui bounded afiectatitm
IliePiul , 'T n orsiportineTlmesisdoubtTul
a * to w hetliei the tin nr < uisstit tie I'.eusimde
vs. the tiame and Lonsdale will be heard in
Camera or in Cameron The Bird of Ti ee-
doiu'h spmtiiin enliiinns eontains a wail ovei
tin collapse ol tbt- fat Lccer Tlie rape is re
duced loan attempt at betting oji only one
horse ,
Tleptirted Cji'itinc in
Sept. 7. The Journal deetmts
publishes to-dcv a sensational report about
au alleged uimsmc of tlie people of nortb-
cnsteni India acauist Bntish rule and in fa
v 01 ol liussian invasion. The report sav s a
number ol Indian princes ha-ve follov.ed
Dbuli-ep fcjnch s eiamjile 111 joininc Uussia
and in exhortinc the neople to throw ofl "the
hated Enclish joke. " TJie .lournal des De-
bats saj s tiiat crav e events arc iuiuiinent in
central Asia.
Daiirt i > lia iov3 ?
faejt. 7. In the commons tins
afternoon SejUon cave notice that he would
question ST jfliel.ael Hieks-Bcaeh chief
secretary lor Ireland , as to tlie truth ol the
statement that a reporter in the employ of
tlie British government had been following
Miclmel Dnv irt on his ti ip through America
anJ hud taken down his speeches in lull.
CallingUp St. Lotus.
ki Lens , Sept. 7. This moiuinc at 11
o'clock the National Telephone ehauce
association tiecan their convention. C. N
Pav piesideri and attur a discussion on
< hanges in the constitution , the meeting ad
journed until to-mcTiow.
blmclis in Greece.
ATIIEVS , Sept 7 Pre-ih shocks of earth
quake w ere felt in this city to-day and at K.av -
rita and elsew here Syisniic ruuiblmcs w ere
heal d } esterday throughout I'elojionueaUh
Germany nnd tlie Carolines.
MAIIKID Sept. 7 Tht Impaieial sajs Ger-
mam lias abandoned her right to establish
a eoalmc Ptatiou at the Caroline islands.
A M2W i > EAI-
Propoped Chance in the Knishts of
Sejit. 7. rS.eciol ] Telecrum to
the BLK ] It is understood thin ut the nation
al convention of the Knights ol Labor ut
B'ckmond ' neit month ihituzes In the jires-
eut law s w ill be made that w ill amount prac
tically to a complete reorganisation of the
ojder. The district plan * ms not proven
successtul as VBB esjwsicA , for : easou tlmt
in many placedKtiicts have baen formed
witlnn districts , and in consequence the
local strength has boon divided The great
nuiiibei of district assemblies also it
impossible for the general oflieert. eve-u w ith
the assistance of the grand executive board
at the Cleveland meeting , lo kefp up with
the business The result is that important
matters tieguenO.v cannot be investigated
pi oni ) ith enough to prevent dihsatislnctiou
Toremedv this it is ptoposed to tal.e tht
mode ol tlie gov eminent of the United
States us a form that is to have state oiguu-
i/Htion and u supreme 01 national assemhlv.
Stale assemblies under the new plan will
Uav e r outrul ol the territory under their jm-
Jsdu'tion , but acts ot their oflicers willJie
subject to reversal bv tlie general master
woikmnn U'hus I'owderlv will retain
supreme control while cuininc iclief tiom
the routine woik thut now lallsou his shoulders -
ers This plan lias been thorouciily can
vassed since tlie adjournment ol the Cleve
land convention and there is little doubt but
that : t will be adopted
A I'nll Hloivn
PASS , 'Jtix. , Sejit. 7. The long-
tltreateuea revolution In Cochuita , Mexico ,
has ut last deteJoped into deunite shape.
Js'evvs hub been received trom Pedrueue Gras
that u baud ol revolutimiibU be-i/.ed
the town of El I'aso , Mexico ,
yesterday , nnd took complete possession
ol it , liurlug the eiiTiifi in Pineiros Negrns
uli able-bodied males were arrested , jiressed
lutnttic j evolutionists' military sarvlce and
lilaoud in tlie euartol for Bufe-keojiinc
duntiR the night. Tins morning , 150
Mi 011 , g thev , inouiited on couhacated
horses and utu-oinpaninil by 100 -uliirsul- -
uiuj ? were taken to El Pana to combat tlie
rcvoiutidiiibtfi. who ure upi > ose.d to be under
the leadershrp of El Coyote , Mexico's most
culeurat d bandit and mvolutioiiary leader.
Wuin the opposing forces come toeether ,
hari ! lighting rcay be a > .pocttd.
Poins Up tbe Cannuts.
Mfjr HEAl , Sept 7. The liabilities of
Leopold Isaacs , the abscond ug tobattco uicr-
cl.ant of this city , EMstd lGuoao , with jirnc-
ti'.nuJi J.Q uEsutn. It is etatiid gin crnl f orgcr-
liund otliejuwindliiis sdiemes have been
brought to liput , nnd rteps vHl be taten to
r ' extradition.
ta and loxva
For i obr ilu and Icvva : Ta-r ,
Tht Eyicwer Ontstfis tie Sucrhsh Cnttor
Gaktea at Ererj Point.
A Red IjetUT Marine Errnt All
Gotham Goes to fecc The Only
TalL of tlie Himr Caber
SjlOl tK.
They Salted Anj - .
NEW Tom. i > pt 7. This IIOK bDen the
creates ! j achUng dnv that 2fevv Tort has
tverseen und umrthur doy of dory lor Bus-
ton , for her latest end prettiest product of
naval archlturture , the sloi > } > - } acht Ma.v-
fluwer , has -non tin first rapt ol the interna
tional scries aralnst a powerful antagonist
tin British cutter Galatea.Vlth u steudv ,
whole-sail brwre iroiu the mnuhvtu. I , per
mitting eapli to carrv tliolr llcht Bails , the
Galatea wasbt-aten 12 minutes aud 40 seconds
ends , actual time , or 1 minutes and S s e-
onds. corrected time , the Wiivllowcr Imvtnc
civ en her Js ) seconds time allow aiicf , accord-
luc to the Xv York yacht cluh rules under
AV hich the races an sailed. The cont"st was
trninently liui lor both 3 achts , Inasmutn as
hall the rtiurst saih-d cav e almost all w ind-
wudworfc while the other half was with
fiee thc-its. Althouch the cuttei
was defeated , she has shown herselJ to
b a faster > neht than tlie Oenesta iu u licht
Irerreund out that muv bevejv haid to de
feat in a stronr breeze aud n seaway
It has beeu a da > of excitement such is as
seldom een in New Tori. Prom dawn to
darU afloat or ashore , in hotel , club or on
( hatice the j at lit rape was the leadiuc topic
ol couvfisation. Bv 110 o citxk in the mtirn-
ing tin thousands who wen coing to witness
the races had embarked and wtre steaming
down the hnv to rendezvous aS Bar liidge ,
I * . 1 Then latlu two trt > es of clljiper cralt
icadv lei the crand marine- tournament A
hundred sail ol yachts surrounded them
some at anchor and some under weigh , but
all nrei to b oti the move.
At 10 , to a light breeze fiom a little east of
south came in Irorn seaw artt eleiirme aw cj
the liare and rijtj'hnc the waters ol the hav.
QiuelJ } the twi > cout staiit ( . uud an immense
flotilla of steamers of all sizes , fiom -IMoot
liiunch tt > tin tin ee-decKei Grand llepublic
clustei. d ubtiiit tin startinc point The pre-
jiaratorv whistie screeched out its wariunr
u Ki 4'innd teu minutes lattr came the one
lei the start Both } nchtF caTinc similar
sail mainsail club tojisa-il , jib and foretop-
suil hud beeu maneuvered into coed posi
tions und down thej rump for the mmctnary
line between Lutkenbdcks nnd bunv IS.
Beormc east tiom her competitor , a ciuarter
of a mile r.vvay. nt alive tnot cnit the Mav-
flovv er as iippareutl } aiiead aud clo--e lo the
judee'tbtmt N ot ( hoe inionch , how ev er. for ,
w ith a tw ist of her lone tiliur. Ctiptam Brad
lord shot tin handsmue Galatta iuto the
windward tictwe'-n Liickenh.Kks and her
iivakaud cio'-seil tbe lint a second ahead
amid the w ude-t upp iiuse.
'Ih tifiuial KIWI was ; Galatea. 10.5t-n
Mai ( low ci , 10 ' > f-l ±
Both vachts sUioq across the < lianne.1 on
the Btiirbfiiud tat k and becati then battle fin
The AmencH s cup. I liicktuc clj-e under the
.Lone Island shiirfL at 11 .U thev made a
stretch ov et from Slatentlbh.nd. The Mav -
iltiwei had the wiuftvvaia jiobition and with
the last ol the eh&ttiae under hej lee bocim
she manacrt d to t"up itTind bBcan ' outfoot-
inc" the cutter nt onue. H until edsv. at eht l
this part of the l u -drom the Iteicht < i ol
Forts AVudsw ortli ng HauflUxm. At ll-jus
tbe biilutea set h cJib topsail , and nl 11:12
the Mayflower J" lacked close un-
dtr the tjnai-nntiiiR , the cutter tol-
low me suit a urtnnte later Tlie breeze
vv as Iresheulnceverv moment and theiiros-
iterts for n'lineTaie wereencouraclnc. At
n : . > . when the Ga'ateB tacked to port near
Buov 10 , the sloop was leisdins her bv three-
quarters of n mile. AtBuovtr- , the hi-.t
timinc jioint. the Mavficnvei letched mound
lust at 1 o clock , 1 ni 51 sec. , and the cutter
at 1 o'clock , " m. . 7ec.
Thej. . were creelea with a ptirftct ovutiotr
of wlnstles from tlie attending steamers as
they 1lew away with slieets .started , for
Buqy S Trie Mav flower passed It ut
1 o'clock , lb m. nnd tlie < ialateant 1 o'clocl. ,
25 m Tht Ittayflovror slowly , but
suitly"oui-footed&the cutter , and tackinc
fortne outer inai Ic-trt C o"clock,27 min MOscR. ,
came cradimliv ulonc f or Jt on tlie tiorttnck.
As sue "Hquared uwav' round it a Jew "min
utes later , the whistle serenade that was
given her uiuld he heard fortunes.
The official time of turning was Mav-
flower. 2 o'clock , S5 mm. , ii sec. ; Galatea ,
S o'clock. 44 mln. SOiec.
Both made a splendid picture as Ihev
rounded the lichtsmp lotlnsnoiut tlieMuv-
llowij had now beaten the Golatiu i'lnm ' 2J
sec. , and she was fully two milesiiva > when
the latter hquored uwa.v ' Back to tiie north
ward tame the grtatilotilla Of steamers with
their tietcht ot enthusiastic admirers. The
Ma flower with her balloim
? big jlb-top-suil
bellv me out in u stronr bteeze came horsinc
bv Btitiv K on tlieliniiie stietch uti'M ! , ] ust
us tin Galatea wuspassiiicthepointof : Sundv
Hoot- The latter the buoy ut i ; 40 ,
and both ancllnc over to ] itirl.xttiut crundlv
down toalimsh on the flood tide flndlnc
that the Kpiimker 'would diavv , Lieutenant
Uenii oideiecl it set to the Maiboaid at 4 1 ! !
Cajitam btone hnding the cutter ovta-haulinc
him followed suit and set the Maflowei'h
fapinukcr hve minutes inter
\\hataeruiidHight that finish w UK , oul.v
an ev e-vvitness can teJl It w us tlie grandest
fijiectuele evt-rseeii3n ew Yuri. bav. feur-
lounded b } neaily live hundred steam and
saiiinc cralt the Mnllowor came teunnc
along through the nuriow path ol vvutei uud
ciosst-d the linihh line amid tlie luingol
guus , scicecli of whistles , und wavins ol
ucies ol bunting nnd f.andLerchiels.
The BUM : Cull Recorfl.
Clucaco . . + Ii5
.New 1 oik . a 0 S 2 0 K 0 0 0 11
Pneheip 11 } nn and Keefle , Base
hits Chicago 10 , Xuvv "i oik S ) . Errors Chi-
injro d. New York 0. Urnpire Poweis ,
AT Cl f'IATl
Cinciniiiiti . .001000120 4
Louisville 00024 1) ) $ o * H
Pitchersflfcker and Puchlney. Bnsehith
Cincinnati 34. Louiw lle U , lirors Cincin
nati a , Ltjuisvilie 1. Uniiiu-e Helly ,
AT fei Lens
St Louis 0
I'hiliidelphia ,1 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Base hits bt Louis T.j'bHndelphin 4 Er-
iors fet Ltmls C , Philadelphia i ; I'ncheifc
Klrb } and Casey. . Tiinjilre 1'ierce.
AT PiTThiinio
Pmshurc . . , .0 Ol 100000 i
bt. Louis . _ 0 0 SO 0 0 0 0 0 B
Pitchers Galvln and fotttze. Base hits
Pittsburgh ki. Loui . - & Errors 1'ittsbuig 2 ,
fat Louis l , Umplia Culentine.
Iletroit . . * 4
Washington .li D 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 l
Pitcners Smitu snit' Crane liuw hit *
Detroit S , WiiMhiutnou tt , JCrrorb Uetroit 4 ,
Wushincton 12. Uwpn * truest ,
AT Pmi.AnEi.riiiA
AthletlcR. ,0011 fl01 002 5
Brooklyn . .10020000000 8
Eleven innings. Bape hits Athletics 1 ,
Brooklyn 0. Errori > i'Mhleties ' 1 , Brooklyn
K I ruplre Eaiiiu. -
Baltimore . . .H 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 05
MetioiiolitaiiR OOU 00000 ( u-O
Pitchers Kilro } and Cushmnn. Base hits
Baltimoie 7. Wetrojiolituns 4. En on Bal
timore 2 , Metropolituns > , U injure AValsh.
Ai KA\bAfa Cm
Kansas City , . . .U D 0 0 E 0 4 4 2 18
Boston 000 00000 t
I'jtchurs Weidtnnu und Buflincton , "Um
pire Fulmer.
BAT , K. Y- , Sept 7. For
threeearoloX threMnurths uiilei Little
Alinuli won , Pnuoess fifcCDnfl , Bay Hebe !
third Tiintral& .
For all ages , one mile : Becky B. won ,
Shamrock weaua , Frank Wtratlflrd , Time
J onvvtj-vear-oldh -foiuihsiune' Con
nemoru wnn , AliuMwoud , I cneiou thud.
' 1 me 1 * rt a.
Jorr i u ts , ouomiie bad u furlong : Jim
ti on 1 ns B second. Elcin
1 ime l V-fc
( Hit hud liv < Michth : miles. Lnckv B won
Exue * ec"nd Lmiifettp third. Time 2 > > .
One und one-tiiclith miles , nti turf Feronp
wwi , Ehzebetk ( * w < md , Ernest third. 1 in.e
Prrn.APKi.rin A. Sppt 7 At Point flrecre
park Tliretjuartfsr mile , lor nmidetis. all
aces : Torifers won. Mon rrh of tlie Oats
Rocona , T S C tlilrd Tlme-1 :8 : * " .
ThreejunrtBr& inilp C l Owens won ,
flue anei second. Tune 1 17
TUree-fltmrtars uifle- lied BUCK won. Bfll
feture-tt s-owmd. Time 1Hi. .
TivtMiiehths mile , fet two-jeur olds : Mac
ynrAson , Smbad second but WBS disqunHtied
nnd second plane given to Marcle Bowers ,
Time : 'iw <
Mile for three vonr oldsIlestless won.
Litla L Heuoud , den. Pure tlitrd. Time
Avrard of Percent act's 'o tlie 5
Cine AOO Sept 7 rbp clal Telecrum to the
BEE , ] A ctuiurol uieotittc ol nmniicers of
the \arious rends was held in this rjtj B lew
ace to make p-epamtious for formlnc
mont' } pools. It was decided to ex
clude lumber trafiu to Missouri npoints
trom the cen era ! jmol and have D separate
pool oi that artiple. Commissioner Midcelj ,
of the Southwestern Ilaliwn } nssuciution vas
chosen arbitrator to lu : jiort otitaces lei the
various ruadb Interested in the business.
This piol comprise- lumber from Chlcaco
and Wisconsin und Mississippi river points
to and tin ouch Council BluQs r.nd Omaha ,
and to and throuch Plattsmouth and Ulan to
common points m Nebraska. The cross rev
enue derived liom this traffic is ptuiled Com-
niissioncj Midrelv has tinull } submitted his
award to the cuneral manaccrs ol tlip various
roads It isaslollovvs Chicaco Milwaukee
and St Pn-1 , 23 ) ier cent. Chicaco ,
Builinctou A Qutncv , 2 i , Chicaco Nortb-
westein If. t Paul , Minneapolis ft-
Omaha lri "W abash , St Louis & Pacific ,
b. Missouri Piipific , There has b en much
trouble about the trafhc duntic the last two
veurs and rates up to this time have been tie-
low a imving basis. All previous awards
and differential- ! e nroxed unsntisfucttiry
and it remains to be see-n whether the roads
vi ill ulnae b } tht last award and maintain
tht ncreed rntcs.
Xo Ooneluhioiis Reached.
CHICAGO Sept 7. Tlie ccunmim'e of the
southwestern manacers was ocain In session
to day aispusslnc the cioss mone } passencer
pool , and are npnarentlv as wide apart as
ever. The Wubash still insists on nverwriur
each others crass jtars than tliose projiosed
b } the committee lei a div isiou of business.
and there is a wide difference ol opinion
iK'tvveen the Alton and Burhucton ubtmt the
pooling of l envei und other trulhc west of
the Missouri river. 2s o report was agreed
tipon _
Thcj Brliic rtaera t < i Time.
SAS lJL ls c o Sept 7. The Pacific
Ptiast freight aceiif. of the nanscontiuental
lines have announced a reduction in rates lor
east hound fieicht ol > i per cent w ith a uuu-
iiiium of hltv cents jier hundred ] iuuuds K
Chieaco and St Louis This nctiou vvas
takeu ow me to the hercc opnnsition being
waged by the Pacific Mull Steamship com
pany and tin Canadian Pacific nuiwnv R"-
dtued rates have been ruarauteul up to next
The Jltnnacers Meet.
-CracAOO5crjitSJ. Iheantichtalbedaf1
eeneral meeting of vv estern railroad presi
dents and nianacerB becan li a-e to-day , but
< my ) n short WBSIOII was held and no business
transacted , it bninc considered desirable to
civ e the sub-committees another day to finish
thuir jepoits. An auiourumeiit was taken
until tinioiTow mm nine when it is tinder-
Bttidtl that the -western fieieKt association
will be the first matter to come up
A Railroad Sold.
CrncAc.o. Sept 7. The Daily News
Sprineheld (111. i special savs The Havana.
Hunt mil i. "N estern rutlwav was ttv-dnj sold
b } older of tlie Tnited Stales court for S'lOU-
IdO It was purchased by Anthouv .1.
Thomas ac trustee for the bondholders It
was sold on n judgment in favoi of the Cen-
tinl Trust company ol New Tori .
Went and Bant Rat PS.
CmcAOO Sept 7. At the meeting ol the
Central Traflic association , passenger depart
ment , to-da } n resolution was passed re
questing the eastern ti link lines to make the
same regular rates on west bound bii'riness
to Petiria and Bloomincton as the Central
Traflic association is quoting on enst bound
business. West bound fares have foi niuu }
ytnrs been much highei than east pound.
Military and Mail Matters.
WAfiTHJ < GTOX , Sejit 7. i Special Telncram
to the BEE.J MB.IOI Jumes F. Uundlett
Xiuth cavali-y , receutl } promoted from the
Eighth walrv , whoiejiorted at Uuialiu last
week , is itssisiied to station at Fostlionin
son. Neli ,
Mn j 01 Guv V Henry , Xintn t avail } , inspector
specter ol rifle practice of the Department ol
tlie Plutte , has been oideied to Fort Leaven-
vv orth b } Major ( Tenerul I'err } , to be present
ut the division team contest this mouth.
Major Iloburt Hall , of the Twenty-second
infantry , stationed ut Omaha , Is granted one
mouth's leav e ol absence.
A new postofhce has been established nt
Oreunhurc , Hav countv. Neb. , vvitli spetlul
service liom Edgai William C. Uauisiiy 1ms
been commissioned postmaster
The following jourthtlasspostmasters
Imve been commifisioued Georce AT. Mosher , Knn ; Ba/zilllaB 'lalmuu Ol etn
Kan , Csntliin M Bules Sallord , Kun ,
Oi en II. stroll c Wild Cut Kun George F
Stratum , Wnshlto , la.
\Then MaimiticTiIl Return.
WAMHI.GTOX. Sejit ' . poeliil "leiegrnm
totheBLUJ Seciett.ry Futrchild denies tiu'
Htatement ci edited to Treasurer .Ionian that
Secietary Mauninc will return hern about
the middle of the pie-sent month , "it , ' ' said
Mr. Jairclilld , "the .secretary returns at all , it
w ill not be until some time in October. V > e
hav e full } us hot weather here in September
us auv time dtinuir the year , and it will not
l e very safe for him to return before tlmt
time. In truth , the secretary is jet iu u vac-
ciliutlng mood regurdinchis rettun here. On
days when he feels well and is ambitious foi
suiuethiuc uetlve lie makes all his plans lor
return. Then u bad da } overtakes him und
he gives upullhoite ol getting hack to his
Pnt iitb to
. Sept 7. [ Special Telegram
to the BI.E j Patents were ibsued to low a
inventors to day ns follows George . I. Bed-
lord , Anumosa freight cu lock. Hour } F
Bolton and T Drake , Dow Cit j , clothes drier ;
Hugh Oilleah , Waterloo , sulet } guard rail ,
David Harrrer Desilomes , joolitir Ohod H.
King and W. 'J , Houchton. Iowa Cit } , horse
linj rake : Win. Louden , Fuirhold ha } ele-
vatiug lotk , JuiiieMcGet , Soon oountv ,
who J cultivator , Edvvard A. Semiile Cluui
ton , rail joint
Texas Ffierln Illinois
CHICAGO , Sept " . The Times' Dftcatur ,
111. , special Bays' State Veterinarian Caswull
to-daj decided that the disease which has
c&used the death of ten or twelve OOWB near
Decatur within the post week is Toxns lever.
It wasiirouckt toDecatur bj a herd of Chero
kee cattle. They have beeu Isolated for sev
eral UOJE , and no lurther spread of the
dheuse Is expected.
Aiioihisr SliaUe.
rvAXJ-nta K , Ind. . Sept 7 Another BB-
vere.shock of earthquake Mas fell at 1 44 this
ui' The bhock touiidea like thttx
of v niuiute ,
Iowa Candidate * to Open tnt- Fall
Carapnicn on the 2ttd Instant.
Dj'Mt rvrR. la. S"pt 7 vpwinl Tele-
c-sm tc the Brr The-p was & rsthurlnc
of prominent republrmis ! tfdt.v . Ht tin
meetinc ol tlie Bt t < rentnU comtiiirh-e.
Amntic otlwrs jin-Mant were t'x
KlrkwonS e - < iovpruor < enr both
dates for coacrm Mtjor O Donn il condi
dttc for concresUi tht Mitli diitrict Jid
otlier prnminetit nfpnblicniifi. The pommlttee
dtictded to lornmlly open tlie eumpfticu b }
fveti mas * meetitic'i one ti ) e eli dli trlct.on
the ana of tin * month , hiifl Mtlinr Jowil mettt-
ings , to b" addressed b } nil the candidates
for wmcrc s and other prominent republi
cans. St f w us nrranced the goneml tutw
miH'tings on tlmt dav will be af lullows :
S'-cotitl Dmti idAt Davtiiipurt
ritth District At Cedar iPids.
Slxtli District- Ottumw a.
Sevti..tli Distiict At Wlntwset
Bichtli District- Bedford.
Tt'iith District At > Vebsi Ctt.r ,
Elevt utli Distrlct-At Sioux C4tv. ,
Aiming the sjitHlers that duv wlllbeGov-
oinor Lwrnbnc. btith Vnited Slntes senators
nnd ali of the rejuiblicau craididates lor con
gress. _
A Snt'ocftsful PKI ! Dnj.
DtsMoiMs. In. . Sept 7 'Special Tele-
cram to the Bt c.1 'I -diiv was -vtr.v sn-cess-
fui lor thestnt fair the attennanpe and re
ceipts bulnc larger than ever b"f ore nn a
coriespotiditic dny. The attendance was es
timated ut 2 .MMO In the lorunoon the fore-
111 al dedication of the new crotindsto : > k place ,
speeches belnc mnde b } Governor Larrnbee ,
ex-President Whetilock , ex-Senutor Wilcht
Hon. J B Gimnell C T. Clurksou uud
othtu-s. This w as old soldiers' dav , nud about
five tbusnndveterans we-e pres nt An in
formal leunion WHS held dutincthe dny , with
short sp'iec'hes by old soldiers. The rat es
were of better character and develop d cotid
spcud The first nice w us the tree lor all
stallion race , aud was won b.v Tied Doucluss ,
best time 2 M'4. 'Uu second nice two-jeur-
old colt stakes , was won b.v Crusei , best time
4. Tin third rce e. ' . ' " > Uass , was the
last race of tht dav and was very close ] }
contested and was won bv tlie chestnut
stallion J nines ( , , tiast time. " . .Hi3 Four
heats wen tiotted nnd they varied nut half
a hceond throughout lancmc from 2'27 > u to
2'2'Jfc. The hall mile ruiiniuc race was vvon
bv Honest .lohn in two heats , tiiuu , 51 S and
Another Cold V ? aicr Dieaj-tcr.
Sioux. Cm. la. . Sept 7 [ Special Itle-
crnm tothe BLK.I -veritable delnce - visited
itod this citv yesterday afternoon eontinuinc
the creater part of last nicht Considerable
daman lias been done. The basement ol the
new hotel Gurretson was flooded and several
dwellings nnd buildincs were more or less
datnaeed The stwisr now buildinc
on Fourth street was badly < lived
in at several pluce > and It will tal.e smut
w eeks t o i epair the dumuees It is estimated
that tlie diuimje to the stieets alone will ex
ceed S i MIA 1'ieice and Peurl mreets nre iu
bad shai > e on tin upper part ol tintii Tin
water pipes between 'I vveut-hrst and
Twenty-set end stieets stood t-iispendetl m
thpHir this moriiiuc This is true also on
Pearl street riefw ee-n Pit tlis.nd Sixth In the
liusiiiL" s portion ol the cm , the w ater hav me
vv ashed dow n to them An outbuiluinc vv as
coined uwav and tue acerepate damages are
ven creat In the lecolirction ol the older
inhabitants no similnrlv destructive deluce
lias t v ir visited tins city.
A Great Railroad Project.
Siotrx Crrrla. , Sept. 7p3jieclal ; Tclpgram
totne ra STlfoftictthat SiousOlry 1s-to4
have an otlier railroad in the near futuievvns
made apiuirent to-day. A company comjiused
of inanv of the iuu < * t prominnut nnd wealthy
men of this city , w ho nre backed by a strong
eastern sv ndit ate , has been lorrned for the
purpose of huildincn tin ouch line to Demcr
to penetrate the creat cattl" re'cituiB west of
this citv nnd then open dii"ct coiuiiiutritHtioD
with the Paciht coast Prchminnr } sun'Cs
are now I wine made The line will ciosstlie
I niou Pacific atortli Pintle. In connec
tion with the bulldine of HUB mad tlie syndi
cate will build a bndce neioss the Missouri
heie. Estimates of the post have nlrtndy
been made and specifications drawn Thpre
is a luree amount of capital interested in this
scheme , and if the plans projected me
earned out the -value of tiie road to Sioux
Cit } VMll be inestimable
A Tie Snoot.
Dr > Moncrs la , Sept 7 [ Social Tele-
cram to the Bi.n.1 Another challenge match
for the championship of tht t'nlted States on
line bird shootine took place here to-day be
tween .1. L. Stice , ol Jacksonville , 111 , nnd
C W. Budd , of this citv , the latter now hold
ing the champion meant Tiie was n
tie , each shootiuc forty-nine out of Cfrv buds ,
at thirty vaids use , Enclisli rules , Budd
missinc on the tort } -seventh bird nnd Slice
on the tuutninth. .
Workmen Bvuied l j a Pallinc Wall
in IndiunapoliR.
LKKIAJ-AI-OUS , Ind. , Sept 7. This after
noon while n force of men were engaged in
teniing clown the old Young Men's Christian
association building preparatorv to the ernt-
tion ol anew cine , the springing of uu in
side wall threw down an upper tier ol joists ,
upon which were twenty-one workmen ,
piucuiltating them ull to tlie floor below ,
about twont } lent All oi the men were more
or less injuied hut seven were taught in the
debris ana had to be exti icuted. Ol these
it was found that foui wete ilangcroublv ,
puhnps fatalb , injuied. Thev were :
Ai-ismsT Sciit-MAcnrn. of .lunietns Jc
Schumacher , contractor si ull fractured.
B DoEi.trrn , collar bone biokon and In
ternal Injuries
Hr .m MiLtni. , leg broken and internal
I : WAisnrK , hip crushed
Otherfi severe ] } injured me : Henry
Schumacher , Icy broken : Lew Fisher , scalp
wound , Gus Alexander , internal injtules.
He Knotl-b 3hroe or Hih Childrru in
ttie Head.
GAUHDI s > , Ala , Sejit 7 A horrible taunt
hits lH < eti committed in tills vicinit } b } a
nerro jiarent , Gabe Watts He lived ten
miles in the countiy iu a cabin w ith his three
children , the eldest ten y liars of age. Keceutly
beexjiiessed a wish to pet rid ol them and
a few nights since , jut > t before day , he
knocked all of them iu the litnd vv itli a stick ,
piled up the beddlus on tlie floor , set lire to
the house , fastened It and luft The lire was
disco un lid but when out the eldest
child was dead uud the otlier two Imrulv
nlive the skulls of both beinc fractuiea
Gnbt has. linen arrestttd He i-onlesscd the
crime and said he did it because he did nut
wnnt Hit children to fall into tlie hands of
the w ! He folks
Vork Dry Good * Mai feet.
New YOKE , Sept 7. The exports of
domesticoutton goods the past week have
been -l'M packages , und tor tlm expired portion
tion of the } cut u total of 170OJB packages ,
coiupaiedwitli 174,015 ] iuctnefoi the same
timt lust vpnr. 115 1S9 packases in liW , and
IJL.lBi ) in ISsPi. Tlie muiumeNt of potms
111 the execution of orders has been oi tht
previous luige proportion , imt tiie new de
mand ii moderate , a muuy bujorb ware oc
cupied in wutcliin : the i uolit ratu-
TJio Surrender of tbe Apaobcs.
egrtui to the Bui. A disjHite ! . r ; eJvci at
the war department from Geiioral Ilowurd
faAjf that Guwsriu Htiiw urrivija in mini
pan } Notelioi , the nor of Uooiiuib , Gtxro-
niiiio , uud his br&tiMir aiul tlime othnre
and tiietr vnt , iintoii
ditionul Several w , iaw . a , " ll r .ijrn surt
tapturik Ci. V f * - ' " Ti ' , ' ' r
f > c in- i wju w < tub j
Tht GreoE KotiotwD BteAt Oar" Hc-e u
tie Hfipubbctn Line.
Kdmnnds Alirn.3 ns Pnr n * HcurtJ
rroin Ttitnnl Kctnrn . 1 rom
Arknnsai Other P ilntcrs
Thr A'crnmm n rtum
. JUVKJ. , H vniov. A i Se it "
AKIiouch this K nu nff.v ( dr. and tbi-e are
no gnesthujs of public p l rv of en uiport-
nnt nature to IK decided b.v twln % ni. j in ,
it if. ev Ident that both repuhlirati uud dt u o-
ci atic parties will pull u vote larce'v m ex
cess nt tlmt usual ! v cost "off Ma-s , ' The
relative strenctli ol tin two prmupal jiarties
iu the Mate , as exhibited In pieviius elec
tions. reumlns utictiuticed. The n a t ) Issue
lot the republicans involves the election of a
t lilted Mates sen utot to succeed Lilt : unda ,
1 IK ni'iiidciitlr manaLprs urp makiiic strouc
eflorts to Mill larce pnrtj vote Then arc
thict tlpletPln the field , rir. ] > cmu'ican ,
tleiimi-rutii nnd p iliihitionlst 1'lie oIlKTS
to be hllcd me Governor members of
cotiCJfss ueasurer , auditor , uud secretaiv of
Uhlrtv-one tov\TiF ci\c dovemnr Onuhliy
( ren i & s-j v otes and lor Miuriitfl dim I
l > r > M itmnltiittv 1orrmsbv ) ol _ 'JSK Out of
thirtx-one tovvsis twentj-two arc lor Ed-
nniiids Fi on i six tlieic Is no tettrn Cue
IF for Edmunds nnd two 'mve ' no choice , ' 1'he-
teturiis an eominc in ver.v slovv'j
Aikansns IK'niooratip.
Ilocu. AiU. , faejit. 7-ieturns :
from the state nnd count } elections xesteiduy
are meacru , but sulhrieiit to show the ejec
tion of the democratic tichet bv a large ma
lei Itv the third puit.\ movement or labor
ticket getting u very small vole.
"Snrplns" Morrison KsnonminteiX.
tr Loris , Sejit. 7. The democratic eon-
cressiomJ convuntion of tlie E chteetilh
Illinois distiict , vvliich met at iTrocnv illc ,
111 , to-daj . reuominated Hon W K. Mom-
Getf. .
linn. lKiAxt > Sopt. 7 William H Gest ,
of this pltj , was nominated for congress
to-dax bj the republican conveation ut Kon-
He Get - Thereat liUBt.
Gncnx BAVifc. . , Sept. 7 The ( lemp-
oratsol the Tifth district tivdav nominated
Thomas 11. lludd lur re-election to eouciess.
Prcpanuir for the Pali Cnmnaicn In
CmrAOo Sept. 7 The exTiitive commit
tee of the demKM uticbtute centtat commitUm
mot in theiailoi ofthel'uimei houstoday
to consult v uh the state candidates and ar-
nincelortrH campaign All tin members of
the committee were present. Cluules Kein
holding General Leib s nso\y Al
frea Orendorf occupied the chair
ana W. ,1. Miere was secretary H J.
Futkei , candidate for state treafiurci and
Pxoluisoj Oldt. candidate forhujiRriutendeJit
of jrabritvrtfatrnetionwerajprjiisent. . "TiieT'St
-qmstlon on wlfloh then WJisflfbatenaR the
Ideation of headquarters. Clmirnmn
Oiendorf favoied BUmminclou or
'ipiiiigtielfl , but was disappointed , as
Chip.ico w us the place selected , TJit questitm
us to the best point toe-enter tut nlii und
hjipnd mone-v was discussed It was thought
tlmt Mi FricLei would be all unlit in the
outside counties , and it was poncludtid to
put all the cash and diieetious into Coolr
countv Tht committee utltoiirtied to meet
on the call < if the uhair uftei neeentinc nu
Inv lUitiou to be jiresoiit at a meeting of the
count } central committee.
Indian Claims Acted On.
Sept 7 [ special Tt e-
Erain to the BEE. ] The secretary of the In
terior has disallowed the claim of IsaaeMn-
rer , of Manon count } , Juuis. , icir fcJK ( ) lor
depredations committed in IfcCT b } the
Ketchie Indians : also the clnim of L W Mt-
Intosh of Phoenix , Arirona , lor S'lW ' Z ior
depredations committed in 1ST" bv Apaches.
The M'cretnrv hasullovved fclOO of tlie claim
orN O Wilkeot .levvell count ) Kniib. , lor
S2.cno for deputations eomuntted by the
Chevenne Indians in l'0i. !
_ _
[ |
ATI Impromptu Reception.
"A'i.ErarG WATCH , Suit Sept -TSm-at !
"ielegramto the DLL ] General Tun Wjeic
and wife ntiived lieie lust nicht He dropped
Into town quiet ! ' * Friends and ndmlrera
discovered htm nnd jrnve him a rousinp wel-
eoniR. The band serenaded him and heIIB
then Introduced to the assembled crowd by
Hon. J. W. Thompson His Biteeehwaa
backed with humor pleasing his hearurs ,
alter w Inch thev held uu informal iccejitiou
nt tiie Gibbon house where that stanch old
bint tbe tuple , was eiowned cock of the
wall b } the bide of Nebtwhu B cladiutor ,
The Stujium fSleintor Burned.
STAXTON , Keb. , Sept 7 ! Spccinl toleerrui
to tlie BLI _ } About r.jlio tins morning , a
ine bioke out In tlieelevutoi owned by W.
ILWilBon. i Co. The building had n capacity
of JiO.dUO tmhhelfi. AViien tunned H toutaiiic-d.
about 7 O'lli huslmls of gniin Tlit bujidiiic
nnd cram ntt'a total losn. Loss fbtimnted at
i7.U ( ) [ , iiisuiniict ! t-l.OUO.
"M ill "Meet Die \ pffrniiK. *
Sept 7 General Blark ,
commibsloner of pensions , 1ms uciejittid itu
invitation to bf present at the mietinc of tha
Bocietj oftheArmv olTennesMtoto he held
at liocl. Island. Hi. on the aitb lust nnd lo
resjioud lo tin "Our Count ) } mid
1 lug at u banquet which closes the meet us ,
TwoSlitrhl S
AtH.i STA , Go. . SupL 7 'J vv o bliEU ' hoi ]
wwelelt here to-dav " out ut 11 W and the
othei at 4.10 p m
That Tired Feeling
The w arm v cjtlit r IIUB n dchllltatln : cfloct ,
npUull } ujitm tluise who nre within dcitrs
most dl Hit time. Tin pt cuhar jet common ,
complaint kuuuu as tliat tired fueliuc , "
h the result Tim. Jmliug tau be cutlnly
ovcrcume l > j tnkinc Ilnud'fc hnrsaparllla ,
wlueh gives utw hie cud strciitili to all
tht Juuctiuw , dl the butly.
"I ci.ultJ not Mecpj hafl no appetite. I
tool.'t _ .
firi.apai1Ua iU HBCII 1 rgan to
zltcj > duuaiy , i mld got up without tint
tirud und laiicuit ) JtM.Jinp , HIa , ,11 } .iiotiie ,
nujiruuid. " II. A. btxroKu , Kent , O'liu.
Strcnyllwn Uic System
Ildtid * Samnarniii IE clisractcrlzefl J jr
thrt B peculiarities 5 3 , tl e emubinattnn ui
rtmtULal ugcuH j , ' & , tlie proportion Sd , 'Is
jn-oaeet of seeuriur the nutivc mr-dlcrij
qualitiUK. Tlie result is auiidu me of ruu."iil
btrunrth , Cectmg cures hitherto uui u"viu
6wid lor book umUluluj nUOitloi , j i uatiru
"lltiod'e Bursaparllla tmtit uj inr n-nen.
purlfitjj , n-j ijlwul fclu.nn.iu , u-v LJ > I. " . i ju.d
to mil.c m * ovtr ,1 ) *
Di ftlfc IMV.L t , liuts
Sai-ittipio-llia i.uatr r.l
; Wl Igllt IU ( IillU " 1
J * UauL htroe ; ,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
t < - > 'y f' IrU. It m JOT IS ,
8i yd " * > v. . Ixi -
! OO D-cscs Ori ?