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Omaha's Second Great Annual Fair Now
Under Full Waj-
Olncnlflccnt Showing In All JJcpart-
inniits The Sliced Contests To-
dny'ft J'roernniino 'Ilin ISxpo-
sit Ion Scenes mill Inolilents.
. A ( lark cloud yesterday ir.ftrnlng about
t ) o'clock limit ; over tlio cnsti > iu
limits of the city. Thevliul
ficslmncil , anil ill was thought , for n
time , that tlio elements were conspiring to
juoVnrtllro tlfo success of the Omahn fair.
Jut ! tlio sun cainn out , tlio breeze veered to
the south nntl the huavy cloud sailed ominously
nously Into lown.
Abeautllul day followed , with streets alive
'with pedestrians , crowded with teams and
liosls of expectant and Interested people , who
seemed to injolco that there was ut last one
] > leasantday vouchsafed Omaha's great enter
At n very early hour the carryalls Iroin the
city , canyall.s from tlio country , carryalls
from Iowa leiidiv.vouseil at the postotllco and
nt ( tlirerent plncesnlonn the various stioets.
Tlit- merry cry of "To llio fair ground ; Roln
rluht nway. only 'i"i cents , " soon
bi'camu tnmlllar to the car , and was goner-
nlly responded to by exhibitors who were
disposed to KO early to the fair to put tht'lr
Konds tn show eondltlon. Heavy wagons
111 in be red ho streets and drove * of
Slowly tolled along the roads , all bent to
the fair grounds. and under the direction of
enterprising and Interested dealers.
Sherman avenue , just paved , and forming
n continuation of the Sixteenth sheet ns-
phaltnm , was tilled with wagons , teams , nnd
exhibits of all kinds , and with Us level sur-
lace , v > rovokcd many a comment fiom iiirn
who , at tlm last fair Minified through the
bottomless mud with which It wan covered.
From a distance thu tunets nun towers of
the crand stand now appear as they never
did before. In Rroen , nnd present u really
liandsomo amiearaner. The nntranco Is sur
mounted with a flew aicli , on which is
painted the woirts , "Omitlm l-'alr and Kxposl-
tl6U Association. " On either side of the
irnl nro thu ticket otllco and lodico room ,
. wlilch are surrounded by a host of gnto men
and ticket takers , each class designated by
badges worn upon the breast of the Indi
Oneo within the gate the spectator Is treated
to a view that Is In some ilesiee remarkable.
There Is not a thlnir to In- been that docs not
anpearas II Jiad just escaped the painter's
buishi Everything Is
and variegated , and the contrast' of color Is
tfhio6t attniciivo , especially that of the ereen
[ ffiward within tlio raw ) course and Urn almost
Dazzling wjittonoss. Of the fence which sur-
Touuils it , , !
T liaofllces of the trca-suror , II. G. Clark.
iXyvith tils nbsl6taitAK ) : K. Krencli , are liret met
SCn thujlHlit. .Adjoining , ami in Him same
Ruililln'tr fresh with JiallU , "nnd with white
renmor.s ; gnlly. Jliiattn&ln the breeze , Is the
[ tin olllco of Secretary Wheeler , his dsslst-
itCHUty and u Host of otl wr clerks , each of
* > Vliojn .Irf ns'.b'tisy as"a galley Hfa ve. „
A ' Tho" little ttlneuTs throiittud ' wftli farmers ,
jhorsemen , cattlemen and livery qthcr kind of
i exhibitor. ' , Tho-occretiiD' Is buv and though
strtUiKiy templed to lese his patfenco'vet suc
ceeds mo.studmiiably In maintaining it. New
' .Hldmvnlks are laid on the sldo of the main
tu'eiiuo and crossings arc planked after the
'jtiannur of municipal stylo. The president's
olllco adjoins Jho setst-tary's on the west , it
WOnta a pennant of whitt ! , with stripe 111
4theniirtdlei.mar.ked , with the ( titlb of
"th'6"flrMt olfer. "At present lluOntililJnir. is
ijnJeniuited , uut Mr. ( .Jarneau will go Into
jiossvssion' of ll'to-niorrpvv. " , , .
/iiNcxt'cotne.s ° Max Meyer's l > utl < lhiffno\v un-
uoruolnp the last touches of- the painter. ' ' On
SJHoprtositd sldo itf tliat of. Kdholm & Krlck-
Kflii , stocked with jewelry and musical In-
tr inientsi , Behind this fa n loifc , low-Struc-
tiiroxf rough appearance. This Is Mrs. Ste-
"VcnB'rostauraht " , where 400 hungry mortals
jnny bo .fed nt thn same time and where they
tiiny oat all. they can for the sum of lifty cunts.
To the west of U 13 tlm double cruciform
"atfuctme- known ns lloral hall. Hosts of
women and men'iiro Kelllnl ; their cxlilhlls
Itito ulrico , present tliero nio but u tew
\acant spaces. The material to till these has
already arrived , and will liavo been put Into
position before to-monoW mouiinj , ' . Thura
arc already several oxeellent collections of
IruitH , llowers and ncricultural productssomo
Of which are the tinest thathaVo ever been
displayed heio. On the north sldo of the
main avenue , ut thin point , stands the grand
atiilid , tally utcorateu with waving buntUur.
and shinlnir , boautlfnl In Its laviii"Sr'cbaf
jvhlch It has put on. Nnvt t'fn5 ; lloral roonl
-Is nnothor rostaurn. . ! ! * nlul thuu coms ( ft ber
hall , ownnd.Jty Krcd Mimllor , of the liolluvuo
joaiu 1135-0 everything In the way of a drink
.W > ih a "Missouri" to a champagne may bo
had for the regulation prices. 'J hen come
the stables. They are bustling with life.
Hostlers are leading about nolghing steeds ,
preparing and exercising them for the com-
Inc : speeding ongasen.onts , while others me
engaged about the sulkies with as much In-
rtorcst as it the fate of the contest dououded
upon their looking as nuat as a pin.
A long row of low sheds show where
eighty OL tlio llcntest horses In the countrv
are sheltered. These sheds have buon put up
tjxpiessly for the occasion , while all along
the fence from the Sixteenth street entianco
on the south , and along the west fence , stand
other stalls , 315 In number , also sheltering
Iho linest and lleelost horses ever gathered In
Xfcbraska. Tlioir names appeared In the
gentries which have been printed In the Bcu.
t Vollowlnz the west feiuso coma the cattle
Btalls , which run to the northern
boundary t.nd along that line to the eastern
Bide. In those are sheltered about 500 head
of prize cattio , comprising all thu grades
and biceds knownilo tlm business. In paral
lel lines , running near the \vest fence , aiotho
sheoi ) and hog puns. All of the former have
Hot yet arrived , though the hogs are pres-
" nt In great numbers , lying upon fiesh made
lloors of pinoorbtrctched In lazy dignity upon
rich and luxurious hods of straw.
* Among thiiso are Chestnut Whites , Jersey
Tidls , Poland China , Yorkshlie and a host of
* 61her.s of various names and hieod.s. They
jimko an elegant showing and tire caiolully
guarded by watchful owners and assistants.
On the northern sldo of thu race course nn1
' 'the agricultural Imulemunts. Of tlieu
is a countless variety. There are half n dozen
, threshing machine engines witii a do/en ma
chines. The former are whlstlinir , smoking ,
running , gvrating with ease and inteiiMis )
rivalry , each getting ready to walk off with
thu premium. > Immediately cast of them
comes a long , low , open on both Mdos ,
lillud with reapers and moweis , all In mo
tion , under the Inlluence of n forty-horse
power tmgino which Is located In tlm middle
oftholiouso. South of thcso Is an Incoiv
griious mlxtuui of farm wagons , sulkies , bug'
Klos , cflrts , pumps nnd windmills , some ol nro still to to put in shape. Thou
comes a row of deep buildings , tilled will
buggies of all styles and modiliratlous. Thosi
aie owned by tlm Mollno , Mlltnun & stod
danlCo. ; 1'arlln , urendorlf & Jim tin ; tin
Henny Unuuy Co. ; David Hiftdloy. Cliurcliil
3'arker ; Peere , Wells i\Uo , , and LlningeriK
Vn\ \ owing the east side , several minor fix >
lublts and tents are toiunl , and then thn ait
hall is reaeheil , Hero them are a number ol
jnotty oxhlliils , nnd thuru are two of o.siu cla
intciebt which atlKict the attention of tliou
anils. Uno of thusu Is tlm collection nf fos
Rlls trom the bad lands. These are partlcu
la ly worthy of consideration. The other It
u unique collection or photographs of all tin
leading Indians of thu country , their weap
nns , blankets , wicker-work , together with t
number of souvenirs and curiosities of now
uKtlnct raws Inlelco. . This was gathom
by the Into Captain Crawford and Is IIOM
bolin ; oxhlbited by Ids brother , X. T. Ciaw
lord and U. JC. Fnwvh.
U ntll 11 o'clock yt'stovday. just as fast ns
oiitrlcrt could bo made , heou'tary Wheel
ur nnd Ids foico of clerks received nnd bookoi1
them. These six men were kept uiaumlt
tliiBly at their woik until Into last night
1x11011 It was estimated that tlio number o
entries exceeded tliat of nny fair , fxwpt one.
hold In } hls city.
, To-day overylhlnz will bo In Jlrst clas.1
shape and visitors from abioad will arrive oi ;
the early trains. The attendance yesterday
nlthoush It was generally known that every
thing M'onld not be in roadlncss , was con
Oldciud unusually lart'c , thetolwlnct not
liian 9,000 upon the Krmiuds.-Tliese. eujoycc
the display to the fnttrsi cxleht. nnd tin
numl er may be safely xpectcd to srowlai-gei
u'io features which yesterday at
tracted universal admiration niJ-vrpmnr ! > va !
tn ! rooustvr bull of Mr. Uydcr of Dunbar , li
this state. He Is known as.ntop Chief , am
Is of-a dark red 'color. He is al eenth
nsn lamb , and moves about with ponder
osity that Is truly icmarkable. When las
weighed He tl | > | > ed the beam at M,00 i oiinds-
lacklngbut twenty Doun Js.of two tons. Thi1
niasslv olienst Is n curiosity of the grcatos
decree , nnd has nil the hull
without the hideousness of nn cltpli it !
Tlio Haoos.
The first race of the afternoon was a trot
tliii ; ono { for two-year-old colts for SlOi
with stakes. Theie were seven entries
Charles McOonnnek. h s , hv M. T. 1'ntrlek
ot Omaha ; linrp , l > f , hv H. Elliott , Xemaha
Xelllc O , , 1) ) f. Kd Culver , Omaha ; Conn
Waldcmar , hy H. Pickdrell. York , Neb. ; Sell
1' . , b s. KoMersnn .fc Follet , l-'alrbury , Xeb.
Lovette , by Haves .fc Keeper , Clinton , la.
.Spectator , by .1. Abraham , llrlgtrsvlllo , 111
Lou-tie nnd limp , however , did not put li
nn afpearaurc. The otheis started , nnd all
snvo Spectator ami Waldemar , weio dls
tnneed , the latter winning Urn Heat In Utfis
The second heat was quite ah Inteiestlm
one. After seM-rnl ntlempts to seme , tin
horses pot oil In excellent slylo , keeplni :
breast to breast until they bad reached tin
three-clirlitlis pole , when Wnldemar , whbliai'
been trottlnirltaiiitlfiilly , hioke1 , nnd keptii )
lliH Itreuularity for several lengths. Sliectn
tor took advantaio of his computltor's ml.s
hap and foiged ahead with maitnllieenl
strides , lie increased the distance hetwecr
them tiiilli fully twenty lengths appeared
when It became evident tlmtlt was the tntenl
of Spectator's ' driver to shut Wnldcmar out ,
'I'he next Ilislant It .seemed as It that would
bo imnossiblo , because Waldomar made , fein
n slioit dLstnnce. mi excellent spuit 8)i ) cla
tor , however , losl little by the sliced of hi ;
rival and passed the who in 'J:4S : ! > f , leaving
Wnldomar con.slduinbln dlhtnnco beyond tin
disUiueo llai ; . Spectator proved himself tc
be a maiinlllcent animal , auk found innnj
friends among the siiectators.
'llio second iaco was n runnlni : OUR. will :
the following entries : Silent friend , mi ; ,
byV. . W. ( ! eow , .Mnplo ( hove , la. ; Scam
O. H. ( leorgc. It was a one-half mile dash ,
ntid all the above mentioned horses , cxcepl
lilnck Tom , npneared. There was some delay
before the scoring commenced , caused by n
dispute about waxes between n colored
jockey nnd the owner of otic of the horses.
Scammon Filley got the pole , Silent Frltiml
was second , Dave S. third , King Foiosl
Anothei delay was occasioned nt this stagr
of the proceedings. The age of Silent Friend
was questioned , It having been charged thai
ho wns thieo years old. ICd 1'vlo nnd Severn
other horsemen weto called upon to pass on
the animal's age , and it was decided that lit
was of that age , one-year older than allowed
by the terms of the race. Ho was accoulinglv
luled out.
An excellent start was made , but Klnf
1-orcst Immediately jumped to the lead , leav
ing Scammon Filley aud Dave S. behind ,
When the quarter uolo had boon reached
Scammon I'llley made a magnllicunl
spurt , overtook Forest , and alter r
hotly contested race nearly to tin
distance Hag succeeded In getting hi tiio load
by a length , and with this advantage passed
under tlio wire. Tlmo G19 . Forest wns
second , and Dave S. third ,
The races gave unlimited satisfaction ,
They were over In a short time , nnd the pa
tience of the people was not destroyed by
the delays usually incidental' to such enter
The judges weio JL. M , Morse of Paw Paw ,
III. , Jos. tiarnenu of this city , and Charles
M. Smith of Enrlerllle. 111. Those gentle
men acted with discretion. Intelligence anil
promptness , and were appreciated by the
audience. The patrol judges were Franklin
tallon , Con Groner , and ! > . T. Mount. These
men were mounted , and kept tl'emselvcs
busy during tlio races and waw that every
thing was ns it should bo.
In the first race the distance pole
was moved fioma point 100 yards from the
judges' stand to a point twenty varils nearer
to the same. The shutting out or distancing
of the three horses In the lirst race wns prob
ably due to this fact , although they were but
a lew yards fiom the line nt the time the dis
tance ilag fell. _
To-l > ay.
-At5 q'clock-the superintendent nnd judges
will meet at their respective departments , at
which tlmotho latter will iccclve the books
from their supcilntondents and at once pio-
3ued to discharge their duties.
0 a. in. Clnss 1 , lot 5. Crade , draft horses.
with strains ot pure blood. All animals en
tered in this lot will bo exhibited at this
10 a. m. Class 1 , lots. English shire dialt
100 : : ! a. m.-Class 1 , lot1. . Cleveland Ws.
All animals entcied In lots 3 a\\0r4 will be
* "
exhibited nt this time.-
' - W > Tubbs' supcr'
a , s. fcot o-Natlvo grade cat tie.
ii. a. in. Lot 5 Uovons , except swec-
12 in. Lot 7 Guernseys , except sweep
Class 3. Sheop.
10 n. m. Lot 8 Crosses of any breed.
11 a. in. Lot 7 American Morliios , cxcenl
13m. Lot C Oxford Downs , exccnl
Clnss 4. Swine.
10 a. m. Lot 0 Small Yorkshire , excepl
Ha.m. Lot 5 Jersey Bed , except sweep
12 m. Lot 3 Essex , except sweepstakes.
Class 5. Poultry 10 a. m. , lot S , Dorkins ;
lot 0 , French ; lot 12 , Americans ; lot C ,
Class 0. Farm Products
10 a. m. , lot 1 , grain and seeds.
11 n. m. , lot 0 , Nebraska wines , exhibited
by manufacturers.
Class ? . Icc3 , honey and nplnry goods-
lot 1 , comb and extract honey.
Tests for colonies to end on Friday , Sep
tombor 10th. 1SSO.
Class 8. Mechanical arts 10 a. in. , lot 1 , light
machine nnd hortlcultmal
Class ! ) . Machinery.
All machines In this class will be on cxhibi
tion and in motion tn power hall and on
the grounds during tlm en the fair.
Class 10. Musical instruments , etc.
Lot l. Muslcal Instrumuiits.
Lot 'J. Sowing and knitting machines nnd
spinning wheels.
All entries in the nbovo class will bo on ex
hibltion and in use in ait and llorar hall :
during the entire fair.
Class 14. 10 a. in. Lot 5 Peaches ; lot (5 ( ,
. plums ; lot 7 , apricots ; lot 8 , nectarines
lot' ' , prunes ; lot 10 , quinces.
Class 15 ( . { rapes , canned goods , jellies , etc
10 a , m. Lot C dried fruits and vege
13 in. Lot 5-I'lcklcs.
Class 10. Floral. 10 a. m. , lot 1 collectloi
of greenhouse plants in nets , various kinds
of plants such as cacti , aloe , foliage plants
geraniums , bcgonlns , etc ,
Class 17. Speed. Kacos for each day will
be called at 1:80 : p. m. to start at 3 p. m
Trotting Tlireo-inliiUo class. Kntiles ; Ki
Pyle , Humboldt , Neb. , brf Jennla Cobb ; Jas
Mall. Harden ( Siove.l'a. , hr stallion St. Nlcho
las ; L. O. ( .irooiii. Cedar Uaplds , Neb. , graj
stallion Victor Spragun ; Theo Van Alst
JCIIdmrn , Neb. , b Hob Hldloy ; L. J. Lawes ,
Denver , Col. , bg Sleepy Dave ; Gee Grimes
Crawfordsvllle , Ind. , giay mare Mettle (1. (
M. O'Uelloy , Kearney , Neb , , b g - !
S. Mnlonity , llumbjlilt. Xeb. , blk m ( lladvs
T. C. lUum.T , Omaha , b m Daisy Yamlerbilt
H. Whlteakor. Falrbury , Neb. , b K Hnv Dick
J , D. Crelghton.Omnha . , Neb. , bg Ililfy Ship
man ; N. Leach , Fall bury , Neb , , b g Joker
H. J. Shank , ch s c ( Juorgo 1C ; V. II. Socley
b .r ( icnoml Schuyler.
Pacing , 3:85 Class D. D. Johiifon. Weep
ing Water , Xeb , , eh m Annin.I ; W. H. Ford
b m Flora Temple ; Jno. S. Wolf , Cedar Ha
phis. Neb. , m Mnttlo Stcpp ; C. K. Mnyno
Omnhn , g m Magnolia Maid ; D. C. Lang
ford , Tcknmnh. Neb. , b in Ladv Lottn ; Col
onel Dalley A ; Co. , Council lliutfs , lown , ch i
Warren Dalley.
Trcttuiif , : i-ycar-od ) colt stnkes , nssoclatloi
to add S1H-J. (5. ( Weibe. Fahbury , Nob.
stallion. .Saturn , jr. ; N. O'lleilley , Kearney
Neb. , lllly. Li-retto ; J.-.I. btnrhuck , McCook
Nob. , chestnut stallion , Tramp ; S. J. A. liia
ham , Kuggsville , Neb. , blk stallion , lilacl
Oak ; K. ( i. lirooks & Co. , lirimneld , 111.
Tlio nscon. Ion by Prof , Hunt wll
take place nt 1 p. m. sharp.
The greyhound rncivs with Prof. Grave !
superintendent nnd proprietor , wlil taki
place at 10 : ! 50 a.m.
liutchcrs' cmiustrinu gynasuim will appeal
at 11 n. in.
Cairyalls run every lulnuto from the cejitn
of the city to tlie rQunds , cliiirutn twenty
live ennts per passenger , The New Yorl
and Omaha clothing , house , 1BQJ Farnan
stieot , ran a four-horse rig iC'Morday , whlcl
was crowded all the time , and carried puoj > l
fur nothing.
ThoUnlonPicIfloand BeltT.lne ate run
nli'g tmlns fiom Leavenworth and 'IV nil
streets , to the piounas , leavlug it f. W , 11:13 :
1,2 , " , f > : to o'clock , stonplntr nt the
C. , St , I1. M. it O , depot , corner Fifteenth
and Webster streets , am ! returning al-0iO. :
1012:0 : ) : | , i : .V ) , 2a. : 3501:5'J ! : , 0:00 : nnd 7H : (
oelock. Unund ttlp fare Is twenty-live cents ,
The association lm\o engagedtho senlees
of n young band. In this .city , which Is nol
finite as prollcienl ns it mav DO several years
hence. The music they render now is eer-
tainlv not ns good ns t lint which lias always
been heard nt these catherlhgs.
Tlio icporters have been chanced from
their time-hallowed perch abosotho judges ,
They now occupy a position immediately In
Iront of the ( jrilntl stand , which has Inxn ex-
preuMy pienaied for them. They are within
the ic.icli or everybody who lakes , n notion tc
hang aiound such n. place , nnd nre o tils
posed that tliev may be piled wltli questions
by iiei.sons who cnnnot lesKt the temptatlo i
nnd let the scribes attend to their business ot
recording the pi-riaie-d of the lie.its , A no-
liceiiian wns > t steul.iv detailed to watch ovei
the men of the pencil and keen Inquisitive
people \\lieio they belonged. The place I. '
In no vsnj so convenient as of the old
To-day Is school day nt the fair. All
public ' choillsaie to lie elrised and admission
tickets nro supplied to the sriiolnrs liv the
board of education. The Union I'.icllle and
licit Line will cairy all scholars on n special
fair train to the fair grounds and return foi
ten cunts each for the loiind tilt ) . Tickets
may be purchased nt the Tenth street station
and the St. Paul depot. All sclml.irs under
lf > years of ago can purchase the o tickets ,
but these 15 or ever must present ticket and
scholar's certificate furnMicd by the board bt
education ,
The exposition.
The exposition building yesterday
morning presumed a most at-
raulivo cc. Tlio Hoot
hiul been swept with scrupii-
lous cure , tlio cases and exhibits ! were
dusted and thosu which , ducing the night ,
litul slumbered umlor coverings of canvn
were uncovered witli tlio view of again
tlio Inflow of visitors.
At 10 o'clock the doors were open and
from that hour until tlio time of this
Eapor's gonm to press there were a mini-
ur of people iMitijring , walking through
and icaving llio building.
The morning liour.s ot Iho day arc es
pecially desirable for these who wish to
makoanuiol and .studious inspection of
tin ? exhibit ! ) . This fact seemed to bo ap
preciated by tlio visitors , many of whom
took their tlmo in examining Ihe thous
ands of goods willilu llieir view.
Many of llio exhibitors were early on
hand , some beautillng and increasing
llioir display , othor.s luljusting it to the
prov.iiiing lights , olhers still increasing
tlio supply of tins latter , ami in general
proliting by the cxpuriouco of the lirst
night's show.
A number of entries were made , but
they were maiiilv of the lighter order ,
anil were disposed of on tlio upper floors ,
and will , in their turn receive attention
in those columns. Tlmro was onu no-
tiocablo display among this morning's
entries on the ground lloor , and thai was
an unique oxlilbit by Clark Woodman.
It consislcd of a tastefully decorated
arch , containing an assortment of the
oils imiilo at Woodman's mill , while , in
front , lay a barrel of the same- material ,
on the side of which stands long slender
vials of oil , as clear as maple syrup.
A now boll of gigantic dimensions has
been put in place to warn people ol1 tlio
closing hour , the gong which was iibed
on Saturday having been" found inade
quate in volume to bo hoard all through
the building.
IJesido it , is the valuable cabinet ot the
Omaha and Grant smelting and refining
works , with little mountains of lead in
front almost a ton in weight.
Mergell & llosenxwoig display a room
especially made for the occasion. Its
prevailing tone is light , the panels being
outlined with silver. Tlio dis
play of the latter is unique ana admira
bly carried. In the front in a circular
aruation'of wine velvet barred with gold ,
and the corners are allegorical pictures
of great beauty.
S. A. Orchard's front is porhnps the
most unique. It consists of'a high lam
brequin from'which lin.yri * a pair of not
portieres , the effect ( ft which is beautiful.
I hero is ajoay window with curtains of lace , together with a rich assort
ment of rugs and other burnishings.
Thrco beautiful pictures ornament the
walls , each of which , a gem in itself , is
tlio work of Mabel , Mr. Orchard's daugh
ter , who is scarcely sixteen years of age.
A cabinet , too , on one side , displays her
work hi carving.
Dowcy & Stone , Kovor behind , have
three rooms , disposed as a parlor , a din
ting room , nnd a sleeping apartment.
The latter is abla/.o with mirrors , and
contains , beside , a chamber sot of carved
red mahogany , valued at $3,000. The
dining room is replete with tables and
chairs of antique oak , a siacboard , hat
rack and cabinets , the value of which is
also in the thousands. Tlio parlor con
tains a dark mahogany set , carved with
richness , and catching on all sides and
at all angles , the reflection of mirrors of
purest French plate. This is tlio finest
display over made by Dewey & Stone.
Much of it is their own woric , especially
the upholstering , which the firm now
does with the best corns of upholsterers
in the country.
Howu & Kerr make a pretty display of
a chamber docked nnd furnished , ready
for - \ queen.
AVolty & Lnndrock have a room full of
mantles'robes , , blankets and an infinite
variety of other articles for the use of the
Collins , Gordon & Kay exhibit a variety
of sporting goods , such as Isaak Walton ,
Audubon or Nimrod never dreamed of.
It is the most complete display made in
O. II. & J. S. Collins have filled up
their space with an elegant variety of
saddles , whips , harnesses , robes and
countless other articles in demand by the
J A. Puller & Co. , show a long case
filled With fancy goods , and the most
complete assortment ot surgical instru
ments ever exhibited in the state.
Chase & Kddy's booth is of Chinese design -
sign and tilled with an assortment of
fimcy stationery ami bric-a-brac.
Hoed , Jones & Co , , exhibit a number
of er.mples of boots nnd shoes at all
uncos , for all a es. and kinds of weather.
C. E. Moody te Co.'s display comprises
rich nnd practical suUof _ deli and china ,
with a number of vari-colored and de
corated hanging lamps.
The Omaha Carpet Co. , has a booth
under the north gallery , the walls and
coiling of which are pnnnelled with tiio
richest r.nrpcts , so selected and set as to
strongly resemble artistic fresco.
The Midland duel no company 1ms a
complete reproduction of the wonderful
electrical contrivances which it has in its
store , It shows at n glance to what ex
cellent usage electricity has been brought
for both public , md private use.
A. U Stinng makes an interesting display
of pulleys , blocks , thu recently improved
roller mills , steam-hoatlm ; apparatus , to
gether with a largo variety of most Improved
Btunm machinery ,
The Omaha .Null works hns n nail ma
chine , working with a ga-.d deal of energy ,
and turning out nail ! ) with the velocity of
drops In a rain storm. The mutnl is heat-id
In a furnace , placed In the machine , and the
latter deus thu rest.
The United States Wind Engine and
Pump company has n lar''ti number of
pumps , faucets , \\iih n playing fountain , a
mtnatiui ) ralhoad water tank , with a host ot
other articles in use in Its line of busi
Kilnoy & Gibbon make the most magnifi
cent and Yurlcd exhibit of heavy hardware
over inadu in Iho fctate. It is nol only mils-
Ucally arranged , but It displays a variety
which makes U ronrosontallve of the stock
lllmehaugh & Taylor's Is n tasty and dis
criminating display of iisrht hardware , showIng -
Ing almost every tool kumvn to thu working
worhl , as also a largo line ot the Uulfnlu
stniulaiil scale.
ThuUrnnswh'k & JJalko llllllard company
show two of their beautiful tables , with n
counter and bar-piece with beveled square
and diamond mirrors that nru really gcinq.
Thu Hlvorslilo Steve works of Uncle Island ,
III. has u collection ot beautiful heating
and cooking stove nArt which seem
to bw the peer of aiyH ltipon the floor.
The Arnold cooler "Is rehreseiHM by a
double show of Its Htelfcil-r , managed by the
Marion Kntorprlscifiiirrsunv. v
The 1'cnlnsula Njn'.tre jie-.iUnc stove niul
ranco shows up wnlPmiVlcr * tiio managemcnl
of li. II. liiicht&Uo- !
The J less purr ahifnrnacO have on cxhlbl
tlon thipoovcellent ) raiiiaccs , so iKcd as tc
admit of Inspection. w
J. O. KllioH. tlio e'ntelprffilntr cas fitter , ha <
anarch front whlchlhntfus porcelain shaded
lamps lighted wltl ! ttrlrty-two jets of gas ,
IIo has also a closet AUlh syphon attachment
and a bath tub.
The Acorn stov'Cs display a vailcty ol
nickel and enamelled twcelain dittamentiv
tionUth bi 01170 sttUuortcfe
,1. Homier has a i > muiV < if fllnmuor furniture
with a host of Crtherfiticlcs intended for
household use. * '
C. I. riu-diiurH another o'f the exhibitor ;
of Moves nnd furnaces , whose display nlst
attracts attention.1
The .Mechanical OrgnneHc company offer1
n novelty In a fu'l-l7fd hfime oigan whlcli
tin1 merest tyro can play \\lth his loot ,
Mliloti Uogers * SouV exhibit Is a fair re
ilex of the magnificent stock which Is ahvavt
to he found at their store.
M. A. Disbiow , a nejv firm In our midst
mauo n cieditablc dlsplay-of'thrce ma'nU'ls ol
elaborate design ornamented with , cathedral
class of various colors and combinations ,
The Caiter White I. cad woiks have n'lanu
collection of leaden cans nhd kegs of 'various
Maihoff , the trunk man of the Mil Hard , lias
trunks which .would dolv he baggage master
nnd his minions , '
The't'hurchlll Pump company shdw a ttir-
blue windmill with an active pump 'whlcli
pours Its wilier into alnrgo box.
The Omnha Oil and 1'alntcompany , besides
exhibiting the oil ami paint they handle
make an excellent display of coloicd , em
bossed and.Hand-blown glass.
. ( tiistavo Andreen , the safe maker , has a
full-sized hank vault , n section of bank rail
ing , a small safsniul a mlnlatuio design of a
safety deposit vault. They are nil magnificent
pieces of workmanship.
Tlio "WolftKlecti Ic company haven unlouc
llttlo ciiiilne with a multiplicity ol UIMU-
uionts and appliances which they us.o In their
I.AST Ts'iniiT.
Ihe attendance at the exposition last idcht
was a gratifying Incieaso over that which
had boon expected. It was comiwscd of
young and old , and each of tin-so classeson -
loved Itself in n manner peculiar to Itself.
Jho chleily people quietly viewed tlm many
features ot Inteiost with a stately 'anil diinil-
tied air , \\hile tlio yotmseriwoplc wtint hither
and thither with the volatility ot butteillles
sliming sweet from evcij llower.
The advantage ot thu exposition a a place
in which UKspuud n pleasant evening is be
coming appreciated.Theio Is no liner prom
enade In town thicn 111 Its looinyalsles. deem-
ated on every sidy with nitlcles calculated to
Inspire the mind with thonnlits at oiuie poet
ical and practical.
When onu tires of the pfonlcnnrtc there Is
always some congenial fih-ml with- whom to
converse , and , nfoio than that thoiC ;
Is tile delightful 'music ofthe
Musical Union invhrstra to whlcli one
may listen -without' leaf of being dis-
tuibqd. lit fact , there Is tib'placo in the
city wlmro the tired clerk tmmechanic 'may
more Inn'Oeently pass an evening than at this
place of PutoTtalliiuerit. Every .suns'o. every
intellectual feeling may besatlodfltbui , ! ! a
mere nominal cost ot money anil outlay of
' ' '
energy. -
There were not many exhibits added since
the report published ; above , hlthoucli one of
the exhibitors On tUfni3lntin'or nddcdnn ex
hibit which attract * ) ! jrfjflit nUCfntion. It was
that ot n young Iftfly" in JVTVX , whoso , hair.
throat , ears and ' ' weyo ablaze AVltn
diamonds , fashlone-jr \ ] tjie most elaborate
designs. A novelH"ytjlch has not hereto
fore been notieiitl jn' OVnaha Society ,
was a Mexican betllj 'wliicli crawled over
over the vounit ladyjl } vostnre Svith a circum
scribed area. The tuscct was bound with
gold clasps , which'Vycct.v , fastened to a tiny
chain hooked In thftUtulw. ThO'bcctlo slowly
crawled over tlio duJSi'L'f/'atlyrto the tremor
of many a raroie.t.Tjie ! ] Insects arn'ted by
a baik Imported with Mvm. and Uro much In
vocno sociotv'-'belles In'thn ' .
among - ' east.
Ihe concert rast pv'eninjT' ' Wi'J.ri be by
the Orimha aMiisicniAJuwjii.wrphostra , and
comprised the follofvrinc : :
'J - > ) '
M TB..l6lly.Ci/ririi , ! > rsinith''vrtPeter.- '
Overture , aEnaoirraaaaiftlit'.15wtu'er. .
3. Selection , "Oliv t -r.l.-.Atidran. .
4. "Spanish Soromwto".r.W. . . . -.fuse.
5. Oavotte , "Heart's'JJcsheT'.i.Molllii. .
4 Comet solo.f..t. . . . i . . . . . . . . -.Hoch
7. Selection ! "Heart and ilanil" . . . . . Lccocq.
I'ltomtAMMK. <
8. Overture. " ( Natunil Airs ) AmerlcJt.Moscs.
! > . Die Schmeido ajn Waldo , . " . Micliacls.
10. Solo tor Xylophone , "Kevarlto' ' Mr Uarnes
11. Cornet Solo , 'SMy Darling1 . . . .IRirtinau.
12. Selection. "Hoii-piir Student" . .Milloecker.
13. Waltz , Wiener Uemimtli. . . . .Falirbach.
14. I'olka , "Francalsu" . . . i . CJrcgor.
15. March , "Concordia" . ; . llopf.
The lunch standJs within the Fifteenth
street entrance. , ,
The art gallery occupies the entire east
gallery of the building.
The ladies' toilet and cloak rooms arc
cast of the main entrarico. '
The gentlemen's toilet and coat rooms
are west of the main entrance.
Season ticket hbldcrs pass through the
side gates , not through tlie turnstiles.
The Creighton college exhibit occupies
the north room under the east gallery.
The onlyt tickets received at the turn
stiles are exhibitors' and children's
The office of G. W. Liningcr , manager ,
is the first room -north qf the Fifteenth
street entrance. i
A well supplied restaurant will bo
found iu the gallery , in the northwest
corner of thn bujldiug.
Professor Stqudoll's clcctrnnl enter
tainment is' given in the south room
under the cast gallery.
Any packages tliat may bo found , hav
ing been lost by thu owner , should bo
, left in Manager Liningcr's ollico.
"A Busy Miniature World"can be seen
in tlio west room under the north gallery ,
adjoining the board of trade rooms ,
Unwaro of pick-pockets. They are al
ways to bo found at expositions and fairs
where large crowds assemble. Look out
for them.
The adniission fee is fifty cents.
Change will bo made nt tl o box ollico.
The cxnct amount must bo deposited at
the turnstile.
Soda water , lemonade , pop corn and
cnntly stands will bo found west of tlio
main entrance , and adjoining the en
trance to the now annexbuilding. .
No canes , umbrellas , parasols , etc. , will
bo permitlod in the art gallery. AH 'such
articles , also coats,1 wraps , vulibes and
packages of every ifecriptioii , will bo
checked iu the coaf'riipms for llvp cents
for each parcel , i
When the loud gonffhtrikcs , which will
bo sounded only in'-'ca&s ' 'of emergency ,
and at the ti mo of 'oWsing each night ,
the building must be cleared of people
as quickly as possible , with duo regard
for safety , and alWiiys'Avoiding a rush in
leaving the building oji such occasions ,
This is imperative. uml must be heeded.
A rriiluv ; ) } ( ! < vuiit.
Yestcrddy afternoon n. servant , who Is cm-
ployed at the icsldenoe-of one of the Cnhn
brothers , complalne.rl uttuo. police station
that she had beoa robbed ofSlfX ) . .Qlllcer
Dick Hurdlsh was sent to' examine the cnse
and was not long iiuhrMsing Mrs. llopland-
dor , another servantuAtXlm crhmi The wo
man confessed nnd returned the money
which she had hid In an nuthouse. Xo arrests
were made. _ _ _
Hi ) Kelt the Qunko ,
WR. . Vaughan , who was called to Ala
bama recently by the serious Illness of a sis
ter , has returned , lle'wasjln Selma , Ala
bama , when the carthrjuakn ihock was fell
at that place. Ho was engaged In a fileiully
argument with n real estatetigcnt concern
ing the comparative activity of dirt move
ments In Omaha and Sclma when the shock
was felt. The argument was conclusive.
Mrs. ICitwimU * CJhlltl.
Another wilt of habeas corpus from Judge
McCullochs court was served upon Itev.
Hainel yesterday , commanding him to pro
duce the body of ids adopted daughter , Fan ,
nio Edwards , In court /in September IS , and
show cause why she should not bo given lute
the possession of uur mother.
Sioux Oity People Disgusted With tbo Work
of the Haddock Jury.
A YounpMhn Kills an Old Tanner ami
rntntly InlureH Two Others A
Stnto l-'nlr Other
Items of Iowa Nc\v < .
More I tail dock Talk.
Storx CITY , la. , Sept. 0.-Si | > ecal ! Tele
gram to the UF.I : . ) Whore arc the
and consnliators and why the column's \er-
diet Is not made public are nuesUons ot the
hour here. Duilnic the lirst few davs or even
the first week after the sealed verdict Was
rendered tlio people waiting , hoping confi
dently , as they made believe , that the guilty
ones would be brought to justice at once and
( ho whole dnik am' ' bloody plot laid bare to
the world. Hut day suecVcded day , and now
It is well od to two weeks since the coioncr's
Jury adjourned and yet nothing Is known or
nccompllshcd more than nt that time. The
result has been also.that all paitle.s supposed
to bo in nny manner Implicated are gone.
The public called for lulurmatlon from the
staitas the facts developed , but were denied
any knowledge whatever. It was a star
chamber investigation. Many of the best
judges and most candid men with whom the
llr.r. representative conversed thought It
ceitaln that had the Investigation been open ,
nnd as the evidence was seemed pointing to
the guilt or oven connivance of any party ,
an arrest had been made on such parties caie-
flilly watched and not allowed to escape as
they have been , there would have been no
charge for the awful crime nnd blot upon
Sioux City's name going unrequited or un
punished , D. W. Wood , the attorney for
the law and outer league , believes that the
time has como when the verdict nnd evidence
should bo made public. Ho formeily ac
quiesced In the scctot methods employed ,
but did so on the supposition that nil the
facts gained nt the Inquest would bo immedi
ately given to thopiopcr unices' . The coionor
has gone to his h'onio In niemotopart of the
county , pocketing the verdict , and has made
no returns to the clcik of the court. It is
possible that n mandamus will bo
Issued to compel him to com
ply with the law. Hut why all
this dllloy-dnlliiig. Ever since this investi
gation commenced one thing after another
seemed to conspire to defeat the ends of jus
tice and help the guilty ones to escape. It is
stated now upon what some consider good
evidence that llov. Mr. Haddock was un-
.drnibtcilly killed by a former Wisconsin
enemy. In support of this theory the fact is
mentioned that Mr. Haddock noticed thin
lunn among tin ; crowd in the court house on
tliodnvofhls murder , and obtained , by re
quest of Attorney Wood permission to carrv
arms to defend himself. This is only onu of
tlie manv theiies and rumors heard. Keene
is prepared to ilimy this oralllrni it in llio ab
sence ot testimony. It is ccitnln , however ,
If such was the case , ho was acting In liar *
mimywltli U. L. I.eavlttand his gang , and
it Is biiing shown positively that Leavitt was
the agent of thi ) saloonisUs , so- that tlio ( Q u
work dope , whether slugging , taryliiff and
feathering or ktilimr , is not divulged yet In
terest here in the affair is by no means on the
wane , but Increases every day , nud unless
something comes to the surface within a
very slioit time it would be dKtciilt to pro-
did what turn affairs may take.
The Opening Day u Great Success In
Attumlmico and AttrnotioiiH.
DnsMoixKR , la. , Sept , 0. [ Special Tele
gram to the IJi'.n. ] This was the fust day
practically ot the state fair , and the weather
was tine and attendance better than ever be-
foreon a corresponding , day. The entries
for exhibits now number between .seven and
eight thousand , and the display or live sto-k
Is unusually Urge. As the- fair Is pciman-
ently located on these new grounds , a largo
number of commodious and attractive build
ings have been erected , contalng exhibits of
various branches of trade and industry. The
grounds include -GO acics on sloping ground
about two miles east from the capital. They
arc reached by steam and horse cars , trains
running every live minutes through the
heaviest part of Ihe day. The races to-day
were quite fair for the classes enteiod , as fol
lows : The 2:48 trot wns won In three
straight heats bv Black .llm. time
2:44)4. The three-year-old stake trot was
won ny Zoo K. Best tlmo S7. : : ! Matty K
won tlio first heat in 2:4a > . The running
race , mile heat , was won by Dawn of Day.
Best 111110 1:48 : . All speed classes wore
well tilled , nnd good races are exi > ccted
through the week.
A Yotinji Man's Horrible Dcud.
CKDAII K.IPIDB , In. , Sept. C. A West
Union special to the Hopublicnn details a
horrible tragedy six miles west of West
Union , Fayetto county. Henry Smith , a
German , nineteen years old , killed an old
farmer , Abram Peek , with a knotted club.
Ho fatally injured Mrs. Peek , seriously
wounded A. Leonard with a pistol shot tired
Into 'the house , and attempted to f'uo the
house. The only reason given for the deexl
Is a quarrel about pay for work done.
Killed by Nnturnl Gns.
KKOKUIC , la. , Sept 0. Uy an explosion of
natural gas in a sixty foot well being dig live
miles from Warsaw , III. , Henry Miller , a
workman , was killed , John Haps , probably
fatally Injured , and Homer BlcMahon nud
Charles llaskins were fearfully burnod. Mil
ler was frighttully burned , the skin over Ills
entire body peeling off In a few minutes after
the explosion , which was caused by taking n
lighted lantern Into the well.
'Jho Melon Murderer Hold.
Dr.s Moixns , la. , Sept. 0. ( Special Tclo-
jjrani to the HEI : . | Thomas Council , who
murdered Fiank March In his melon patch
near Perry , last week , has been bound over
In tlm sum of S5.000. Public opinion scums
to bedritting in his favor. It Is said that tlio
friends of tlio victim have hold a secret meet
ing with a view to lynching Council.
Valuable Cattle Dying.
DKS MOI.VKH , la. , Supt , 6. [ Special Telegram -
gram to tlio BBK. | William U. Drown , of
Dallas county , has lost twent y steers , valued
at SI , MX ) , from nn onldcmic of mad itch , in
the past three days. Ho has a lariio herd aud
tee chneccs nre that lie will low all ot them.
A Now lloiitn for
CHICAGO , Sept 0. Henry Crlstoph ,
banker , committed suicide this evening. The
occasion for the deed Is a mystery and every
body. who would bo likely to know ,
refuses to talk. It Is only known that
Crlstoph went to the house of his
biotlier-hrlaw. County Treasurer William
Seipp , where his wife was visiting
and tliat soon afterward the banker shot
himself dead wlih a pistol. Cristophdld n
largo business as n private banker , nnd has
recently nguied In some lather heavy tiau-
suctions. So far as known , however , his
financial affairs are In goinl condition ,
Dairy Ofarkot.
CmoArio , Sept. o. The Inter-Ocean's
Elgin , III. , special says : On the boaid of
trade to-day butter advanced lo and ruled
steady , closing firm. Regular sales , ! i7,480
pounds at 2tr J35c. There was nothing doing
In cheese. Private sales amount to S34HTT.fcl.
kn and Iniva "Weather ,
For Nebraska nnd Iowa ; Fair weather ,
stationary temperature In Urn western uor-
tlou , cooler in ilie eastern poitiou.
A. Hwitclitnuii Injured.
Yesterday afternoon Henry Burke , a well-
known switchman in the U. P. upper yards ,
\ras 6criously Injured. Ho was standing on
the top of n car that was doing moved on tlio
the'track under the wooden awilim ) at the
elevator , His head cauw In contact with the
awnlni ; , ho was knocked Hat , but very fortu
nately was not thrown off the car. Very for
tunately the only injury was a Iar e/a4h In
his fiirhead. The wound was dres-sea by Dr.
Hell , and Mr , Hurke very plucklly continued
on with his woik.
Tlitj- Are Drnwtt In tlio Vnltcd Stntc ?
Yesterday afternoon the crand nnd prill
juries for the November term of the' I'nlter
Slates district court we're drawn In the mar
shal's olliee. . The latter comprise * thhtv-sii
names nnd the former t\\ cut } -four. Tlioj
areas follows :
rintT .n uv.
Thomas Ferguson. Slelln ; U.ilph Ander
on , .John Hunter , Falls Cit > ! Ueoigc I' ,
Marvin , Dentine ; Henry Newman , Nehraskn
City : . I. D. Cnllmun , Lincoln ; K. ( ' . tinnier ,
Uiiadllla : C. It. Slendmau. t'uuadella :
Squire Illi'iuler , P. .1. ( Irani. J. S. KdwnuK
Lincoln : , ) . c. Toibltt Hemltt ; Wllll <
Ilowo. Aulmin ; Patrick McArdlc , T. W ,
HlnckniAii , Thomas Hurko , l-Mmuud Hartlllt ,
T. A. Man nth , K. K. French. Keainey ; . ! . I , ,
Thomas , riattsmouth ; .Inenlillirleh , Tecum-
sali ; W. HnirK MatlNon ; II. .1. Itaifs. Klk-
Imin , .1. 11. Craig. Wvimire ; I1. U. lloaid ,
Sclmjlor : William Harrier , Vnlle > ; M. 11.
Uaibcr , " \ tillertnn ; T. r. Cniilwoll , Scotia.
O1UM ) .11 II V.
Ooo. F. Stocking , Wnhoo : .Ins. Dover.
Madison : Fiatik Tlmmp- , Ben\er dossing ;
.1. C. Conk , WINon ; S. II. Collins , Chapman :
Kotn'rt CnldvMtll , ClaiKs ; ! . . A. Wnldiou ,
Hastings : W. K Mmsh. Central ( Mty ; II. 15.
Luiton. Shelby ; U. ( J. Morton. Stiomsbiug :
Win. Veav'Jr , .liiniala ; J , W. .Mcl'anllnv ,
Heaver City ; AHMII K. lloul. Henry It.
French. Omaha ; William Stork , Noifolk ;
Samuel Schotlcld , Colon ; .lohii Ilumftud ,
Western ; John II. Adams , Vesta ; K , Ham-
blln , ICmeiick' ; V. W. triaven , Fulton ; Silas
Huff , Uurehnrd ; J. F. IJUrns , Alnswortlii
Fred Hanington , Chadron.
Inkon totlin
Tlio Kevei end Father Morrln of Missouri
Valley , la. , ni rived last eveiilm , ' and was
taken In St , Joseph's hospital , when.1 his fine-
lured ankle is to bo treated. Ho was oul
riding some weeks ago when Ids horse tool ;
fright , aud In jumping finm tlm buggy the
Injury nforesnld was sustained. Local sur
gical tieatmcnt did not.seem to Improve the
roverohd gentleman's mouther and ho ro-
solveu to come to St. Joseph's nnd place him
self under the care of theklml hearted sisters.
Hon. John Keogh of Pintle Center' Neb. ,
was also taken to the hospital jesterday , but
It was not lor sickness , wounds or Injuries.
He simply made a short visit with a irienil
and In conversation with a UIK : icporter he
was profuse In his praise of the manner In
which this homo for the sick is conducted.
"I never saw so many sulTOrliii ; people
gatheied together In one collection bofoie , "
said Mr. Keojh , "and though I have lived in
this state some time 1 did not know you had
sinh a gi cat charitable institution In Omaha.
It Is a gieat school where the healthy can re
ceive wholesome instruction. 1 don't think
one-third the people In your city lenlly
know llio amount of woik these sisters are
Union Men.
Ed. C. Moore , the Thirteenth street black
smith , has conceded tlio demands of the
horscshoer's union , and will hnreafter employ
no nu but union men Iu ills shop. This con
cussion adds gieatly to the strength of the
union , tlm members of which now c onliol al
of the leading shops of the city.
A Crushed Foot.
Win. Itcdmond , n Union Pacilic bmkpman.
had one of his feet crushed in an accident in
the yards on Sunday night. He was re
moved to St Joseph's hospital. He will
Diobabiy lose the foot.
Brevities. cr 3
There are six malarial patients in St.
Joseph's hospital.
Judge McCulloch's court will convene
to-day with lifty cases on the ilocKet.
.Jack Nugent was arrested yes turd ay
evening on tlio charce of Doing u , vag
The collections made nt the oflico of
the collector of internal revenue yester
day were the largest ever made iu ono
day , amounting to § 18,317.09.
Arthur Johnson , n carpenter living at
Twenty-third and Hurt , reported at police
headquarters yesterday that his place was
robbed of a valuable lot of carpenters'
tools last night.
Marshal Lidinrd , of Springfield , Mo. ,
came down to Omaha to claim a reward
for the aircst of Dan J. Koss , tiio foot
runnelHo wns informed tliat no such
reward has been offered.
The regular monthly meeting qf the
Women's Christian association will beheld
held at their "homo , " 10UO Fnrnam street ,
on Tuesday afternon , Sept. 7 , at : ? o'clock.
A largo attendance is desired. Mrs. 1' . L.
Penile , secretary.
Dr. John C. Jones , and two of his
friends came in yesterday morning from
a few days hunting in Madison Jcounty.
Durinc their absence they bagged Jsev-
enty hickcns , of Qwhich the doctor
killed forty.
John W. Sclwafo , a. young man for years
a resident iu Omaha , died Monday night
at his father's residence inPapillion. The
funeral will take place to-day. The
deceased was 21 years of ago , having
been born Juno 33 , 1805.
Work has been commenced on the
building for the Omaha Corrugated Iron
Co. in Hfidford place. The lirst building
will be lOth-ai ) feet in dimensions. J. K.
Itiloy has the contract for the brick work
and James Grilliths the carpenter work.
Judge Savage liled an information in
police court yesterday afternoon charg
ing the driver of express wagon No. 51
with cruelty to animals. The oflcnso
consisted in unmercifully pounding his
horses because they could not draw the
load to which they were attached.
Personal Paragraphs.
L. C. Rurr , of Lincoln , is in Omaha.
George Spanglor , of Hastings , is in the
city.E. .
E. D. Gould , of Fuller-ton , is'at the Mil-
K. M. Lef Hang , of Plum Creek , is at the
A. M. Dohlstadt , Chapman , IB at the
C. C. Addams , of Kansas City , is at the
Dr. Al. M. Moore , of Chicago , is at the
G. W. Logan went down to Valparaiso
O. J. Collman , of Hroken How , is nt
the Paxton.
K. II. Wooloy , of Weeping Water , is at
the Merchants' .
George W. Frank , of Kearney , was in
Omaha yestorday.
J. T. Wray. of Oulburtion , was was in
Omaha yesterday.
Arthur H. Wood , of McCooK , was at
the Millard yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L , Ijjtmar , of Alns-
worth , are at the Paxton.
Mr. and Mrs. James JHocUledgo , of
Japan , are nt the Paxton.
The Hon. T. U. Colby nnd wife , of
Wymoro , are in Omaha visiting friends ,
John U. Manchester , of tlio Union Pa
cific , was n Chicago passenger yesterday ,
K. G. Glenn. Pawnee City ; Stephen
Hellos , McCookj II. A. Scott. Osccola ,
ami W. W. White , Tekamah , nro at the
General Utirnham wns a passenger to
thu Pacific coast last night whore ho will
take the position of judge advocate on
General Howard's stall' .
General Manager ( Julia-way , of tbo
Union Puoilio. went to Chicago last night
to attend the meeting of railroad man
agers to bo hold there this week.
A. L. Johnson , the well-known grain
buyer of Plat to county , wont to Michigan
yesterday to join his wife , who has been
on a visit for some weeks iu her native
Owen Slavcn , of Fanning & Slavon ,
contractors for street cleaning , has gone
to Chicago to bring bank a now four-
horse sweeper of improved make , which
will increase the number of swcepon * on
our atrould to three.
( ioncral Agent Stevens of the Hock
Island , accompanied by his family , left
for the east hist evening. Mrs. btovous
and daughter , Miss Carolyn , will go to
Isow York where the hitter will complete
her education. Mr. .Stevens will act-on- )
puny them at- far as Chicago.
SAI.U llvJ'nrk.V Ko ler , liVS !
- home nitd I'ulllot , AmMrrl'Inco : $ IMcn h ,
lintnici < ( .10lierlm > htlii cMily PI.OOI. Tills plnco
l < \ orj cheap , 1ms grildo , ( food barn , fence * ,
slmdo trees , , ( o. . ,
Tlireo editnires on Clmtlos street , four Wocks
from tiorl cartllM ; to fl WJ ! unnll cnth
pntiicnt.J , linliineu to .suit .
l'l\e-room eolinuoon l.nko street , one Mock
from street enpt. nnnr I'tniploloti'd rcxliloncoi
f2m ( ) ; J40 o.ith , linliinee $ J > per month.
OttnBuo'f n roiiuio. iH'iu-'Pinfriitei'nlli street :
worth f 0. luliitu'e qunrleily payments
of f7. > .
Three cottacc * on Ch'citro street. hct\vron
LMtliniulUOtlij JI'.MtX ) ; iiovr rents lor fl.'WO pur
Ouo lot In Lincoln I'Ucr ; If sold tills irook
nnlj Jt'U ' HIS li
tei-ms. Will piirclin o n
lmiU < > l Int. with -two
ttoi't fionts , on1st strrot , wlieio It Is 10-
piiitnil ami lielleveil thnt tlio ( "iililo'l mmnjr
will goon InIu fiporntlon. A b.UKaln for on
body. W. g. ScnvoAKontn. . wS
"I I KKS \ INllllUAM-
I L ItenlKMnto mill l.onn llroKor ,
Cpi'in HmiMi Ulock ,
flioom uott.iKV. Doiiirlns umlS1 ! ( m\y \ .
. .
7 loom cnttiiifo nil ooiivcn. , Siuiiulors
ni'iir I'uiiiiiilinrsonlr . . . . CoOO
lOiooni nud I 5 mom iwu o tin lot ( VI\2V )
with nil moilcni impiovQinrnfa 17th
Mrrct , clifiip . . . . . foot )
lltoimi lieu < tlliuml l.cnrenwoctlitvllh
a I room uottiini' < ia thn idloy for nil . 6300
lortnim hou < i ,1ot Ui ) rlMI mriiet In Mil-
tvlti 1'liu-e. n bcnntllul hiunu .
1 n room nmll S room c-ntlaui ) on nnitli
17 , himo lot l lrlU. ; cnth M.5W . . . . 00il
nrooin liouou HUH Wolistor , full lot . . . ( VpdO
lliooiu liouso on 17 ami Cms . SMO
a room IHIIISO on Callforiiln , full lot . . . . IVW
TIIIOIII liouso noith of Uoiivonnoitli on
Vlrplnln nvo . 4000
1C room lioiiboiioilli of I.oiuviiworth on
Vlr'uinln avo. , clump . 7001)
2 houses 1 ft and 1 4 rooms 2 uiid Plcivo
3tXX )
So loom eottaKe.s"Snnd Ulmrle * , full lot ,
clioap for both , 4000
1 ti room housn Hnnscom Plnco with nil
modern Improvements. See It MWl )
1 n room eotniKo VliK'inlii nvo. ncnr
Alow of the most tlcslrnblo lots In Cics-
ton plaoo.nt lluurca that will mill . . .
2 east front lots on Lorto avenue ami
Iliirnoy , onoh , It sold this week . . . 1009
llnrknlmr mill , on Loiivonwortli , t lot at llKO
Vtlea plnco lot , block 21 , WcstOimdm ,
terms easy , prlco f 1000 to 12V )
Slots West Cumins mid , r. corner , nt . . . 4'JU
Lincoln pluco lot ? 110111$110 to 400
Lots In Marsh's mill , uonr St Jfciry's
avoniio , very ih'ilniblo 2 0
Hanscom place lots , $ ll IOto ! > 0X , )
14 loot onSniimluraulieiiii , woithoiHI. . 5'JO '
Lots In Hurl ford pliioo , this side ( if Mis
souri 1'iuilllii railway nud citunliiK fnc-
tory , on Lcnvcmrortliory onsy
tei-ius. $ : Wto 45fl
A few Ion In Lonvcnworth IVrrneo. Ju t
soutliwoit of .loroino I'ark mill lllgo-
Imid plaeo , termsnixsy , $ .ViO to 000
lOi UMnn ( "ass and : ! ( Hii st" , H cash . . . . SfiOO
' '
3 east front Ipts , within one lil'op'k of onnnliiB
factory anil .Missouri I'ncillcdepot. Ihoy nra
decided Imnrainsnt ? IV ) , ns ndjnlnlnir lota nro
solllnir nt ftvuo mid $ V > 0 ; terms oasy.
10 lots In Drake's addition , 28th nnil Dodffo 3t ,
51r > iiO Ic 2,500.
m teuton I'ark nvontio nnd Howanl , JB.OOO.
" 5xI5u foot , ropnlotoii nnd Virginia itvenuos ,
75\150 foot , Vlrginln nvumio and Slilroly , a
conior , $ lrtx ) .
Wohuviinnly nfow of these bcnutlfullotaln
block II , Hnnsconi Plneo , left. If you \rnnt 'ono
"ocuro It iiulch or yon will baloft. ConvoyaiiCoi
nhvays at the door rondy to talto you oul to see
what \VDConililur tlm lic t Imririiliis.
HicUs & lii lu-iim , 215 South Uth atroot , Opera
Hoiiso Illook _ _ _ sa
Foil s/vLu HowllnprOroon lots ntsirx ) . 10
percent C' 9li and ? 5 pur month. Uirurstio |
oaslostnnd surest luvosimmit tu doublu jour
money In yonr'of ur property in the subiirl-
nn umrkot. Lot IIR Hhow you tills tluo proportjr.
& Iobock ,
1CT ihll Fnrnhin Btreot.
B ) WI.lNil < UIIK.V Idts.l.V ) . It ) | ioi centoftsh
) nm | { S per month. Mnrslmll & I.olntk ,
Agronts. 00
Foil SAI.n Uowlliiir ( Srooii lotTat S1.10I fo
per cent cash and $5 per iiiontU , Rnsy ,
and Hiiro to double In a year. See this fltio ml-
nltlon ami sooi'ro n few lots whllo you t-nn sot
flrst choice. Marsliull iS Ixibook , Apcnti > ,
! M8 . 1511 Ftirnnmstroot.
LBAVIiNWOUTU BT. R. H. trackawo , ono ot
inoro lots or iinnoro , nt n grout bargain.
See J. W , LOKIIH , nt fjoavtiiiworth HuslrtVjss
rinco , or O. . W. Ilokor , Hoom 7 Iitin Hank
DUlliliUff. . _ 6t4
/ HASOONOYKK , K. 1C. LiTnsr , ArthurIIurrlaT
\J Conoyor , l/oi\K \ nnil Harris ,
Hotd KBtiilo 1KIH ttoiljro RU Oinnhn. Neb ,
Corner lot on SliiTiimuuvo. " cash baU
onsy $8ROO
Corner lot y2 anil Lnl < a'oil rr tonns 1,800
Cornorlot InCreston add olionpnt 1,100
! tiYirnoii Ciiinlntrst 4..100
IS'.ix ' 158 east ft out Pratt's 8ul >
3 nuw llvo-room cottuura corMil nnd
I'lorco lotlWxlWall for .
108(4 ( It. frontal anil Karnam ivlth Sl-.OOO
Improvements 20,000
4 aero lot In West Oinulm , . . . 10,000
50 H trout with alngunt cotlnco Karmim ,
nonr''fl 10'XQ '
Lot in Iluiilctto Court only .1 ulka from
streetcars , 300
Lots nnd ncro property forsalo In nil the out
lying additions List your property with us
nnd consult your own Interests by aoolnir our
Il3t uefpro piirchusing. oHt
F OK SAtilC Or Kent : An elosantroom
liouso , with all modern Improvements ,
splendidly located.
lfor Kent A complotn slaughter houee , half a
mile north of fnlr jfronnds , lor a term of yours.
Kor Snlo 17 feet front on Hnrnoy near 2-'d ,
with Rood 10-room liouso , $ .1,030.
1 ! > foot oust trout by 15' ) on 1'nrkwlld ave , .
with now 4-room house , KOod stutilo , near noir
Itrownell Imll , ? r ) . K ) .
Lot south trout on Charles St. Shlnn's : kl adj. ,
with 5-rooin IIOUMJ , f-,10U.
2 choii'o lots , cor. . In Lincoln Plwe , JSOO.
TxtOTn-4xlKI , Kouth front , on Hint st , , houlo
20x 0. stnlilo IH.X21 , 1,000.
M-Icet front on Cumins' , $8.000. will divide.
5-ncroH on nnd of tianndors strcot with now ,
( food sUcrt houeo , gtalilo , etc. , (3,500 ; Improvements -
monts worth $1T > 00.
A gooilussortmontof farms and wild lands
always on hand. I'.uibon 4 Co. , 1513 Kiirnnta
St. 7387
LotH.KarmSil/mns mnnoy ( oanod.
llonila , Ifith and Douglas strnolg. 810
QltKlTo liY * TfAlTLlfvT
I'nrk 1'lnco lot 61 foot front on Cuss st. and
snmoon Galiro'-nlaNt. Lot aoO feet acop wit a
small Iiouaot2m _ _ ttitt
TJIOHSAr. ! : Nico5-room houpo and 2 corner
K lots Iu Walnut Hill ; U casli Dil. : to suit.
CM Martin UO.Sllth st. HI5
KAI/'KsrATIC tl VIKiAIN 4.r > loot , east
front hudluoss lot , corn or alloy. South IGtli
street , KI.WW. J. L Hico d Co. , Kooinil , over
Commercial Nat. bank. 311
Omaha ,
Council Bluffs
And Chicago.
Tlieenly road to tofco for DPI Molnns. Mnr-
aluilltoi'ii , f n.lnr ItApldi , Clliilon , Dixie. Clilen-
fro.MllHT.iikoo and all imluli ra t. Tn tliejteo-
nlo ol Nohrnikii , t'olorndo , Wyoming , ( Jlah ,
Idaho , Nevada , Oi-i < ii , Wimldngion and Cnll-
fornlu , It offers siniorlur ( idvuntutua nol poesl-
lilo by any ether llro.
Ainonif H few of Iho nnnwnns pnlnt * of u-
onjoyi'il lo * the pilrnni of IhH rend
otwucnOrniiliaimd Clilrimo ; lln two trains
ndayof I > AV COACH } "f\ \ wauro \ \ \ \ \ Ilio flncat
thnt hcinun itrl a d Invomiliy run cri'HlP. In
I'ALACH BLKIIIMNO OAltrf. * liloh ro model ! !
ol mmfou nnU oleKimno Its l'AUIXH DIIAW.
INO ItDOM ClAII.S , nnniiriiHCfoilbr nny.nndlts
wlclol ) oololirntcil 1'ALATIAJ. 1U.VIM5 OAIIH ,
tlinnmial of whleh runiKit ! > > founil n'sowlierw. '
AtCoiiiin ! ) niuUe llm liiln ; i'f Iho l.'nlon I'nol-
flo Ily. rorinoct In Union Dnpnt with | | IOKC of
tlio Chlcayo k NorihiTi-8'.nni llr. In Clilcaito
tlm tialnn of Dili Hub innkii close ( onnuctloa
with tlio of nil custom ! h ) > > ' .
I'or Dotinll , rnluiiilnii. Indlunnpnllf. I'lnoln-
nntl.NIavnr.i 1'iillj , lluiritlo , I'ltUbuiv. Toronto ,
Monlical. l.Miton , Kow Yoik , riilindi > lphn | , Hal-
tlinora. Washington and All lolnle In tli esit ,
ask Ibo ticket nunnt for tlrkoi * via tlio
'N < MiTiiwi.vnitN. : : "
If j-ou whh thn lio-t nocnicmodfttlons. All
lli.'Xct uiro'iu fell ilckoti ria-lldi llnf
M. lircillTI' . It. B. MAIH ,
Qcnerul Miiiuvcr. Oim. I'HM. A tent.
Un Wlio.n , Corn , Ottu , 1'ork. Lrd and IL IU
Stocks , ler Lontf nnd Bhoit Time. Bend forl > rlr
lU' . H. 1' . lUe.T , V IVM \ WmUlDRton
Si. , Chicago , 111. Itolcrouec ; Air.erlcm Kx-