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Boyal Life Crushed Oat of Alexander by the
Big Hessian Bear.
Ho is Completely Prostrated by tbo Mental
Strain of Government.
Tivo Strong Points on Which the Bulgarian
Kegcncy is Based.
XJnfmvory Character Given Him In nn
Intoi view All ItiiBsIn "Wants Is n
.Free tJORi'l'oruB 1'nhHnuc Other
Foreign News.
liiK llln Departure.
, Sept. 0. [ New York Herald Cable
Sncclal to the JIF. ) : . ] The ono subject
talked of heie Is thuappioachingdopaituio
of Pilncc Alexander. Such olllceis as vveio
Btandlng about the stieet corners In little
knots went to the palace this moinlng , but
thopiince icfuses to talk ovei the political
fcltuatlon or to see any ono. I spent half an
hour with Baton von Hlcdesel , his adjutant.
He says that the prince Is
He has not slept for Ilfteen days. He lies
down , but the excitement and strain of the
present situation piovcnt sleep. His features
me terilbly drawn and pinched , llo will
take up his resilience after leaving Bulgaria
nt Ingenheim with his father. Gabdan
Ellendl , the. Turkish agent heie , tells mo
that ' 1 in key considers this u pin ely I nterna-
tlonal question , to bo settled by the powers.
lie sajs that the true veision of
nnd the wounding of the other Bulgarian
fugitives , between Kostendle and tlieTuik-
Ish frontier , Is that they were killed by Bui-
pailan gendauues , and not by Tmks. Seven
teen weie captured and more will bo biought
here. The piiuco is too much incensed to
but leaves that to his successor. Alexander
says that botli the aimy and the country are
lost If no example is made. Instead of
DalgaioukI , the e ir will send a more impor
tant peison licit ! as commissioner. All the
liiisslan olllceis will be ie-instated in the
Bulgarian army.
' 1HK Or.ltVIAN t'l.TIMA'UMt.
There appears to bo an intention of sum
moning the deputies from the environs of
Sofla , In Older that the prince may give up
ids crown Into their hands. It is haul to
foresee what the army will do
alter the prince has lett. Tlio
German ultimatum presented cave
the prince six. days to rcthe.
There was a meeting of tlio Bulgarian nota
bles lopio.sci'tiugttll ' shadesof opinion jester-
day. XnnkolT was not there , as KaraveJoiT
V * objected to Ids piesenpo. The others weio
I ( JieeiT ) ( , Slavleoir , ItadistayofT , minister of
' r the inteiior ! Stcrloll , Dr. Stransky , Donchelf
The following live points wuro agreed upon
as thebasls of n recemiy :
1. That thu Independence of Bulgaria must
be guaranteed by the poweis.
' . ' . The maintenance of the union with Ilou-
3. The recognition of the regency by the
pow < rs.
4. An undei standing with the powers be
fore the abdication us to who shall succeed
tlui prince.
5. The position of tlio Kusslan officers In
the new Bulgarian army to be cleaily de-
These points wcro communicated to Bag-
danofl' , who sent them to his government ,
which signified its approval to-day , and an
other meeting of tlio notables was hold at
KudlsttiyoU's house. The result was not
made public , llerr Saldein , the German
agent , called lirst upon the prlnco and then
upon Uiecoll , the acting minister of foreign
a ? affairs. The prince signed at noon to-day an
order calling the sabrango on September 11 ,
which happens to be the fcto of the c/.ir. It
was told mo at the Knglish
'legation that a largo poition of
thopiinco's deparluio , which fact was com-
iniinlcatcd to nil the lozatlons by StambulolT
nnd IlustaiolT tliiH aficiiioon. Major PopcolT ,
of thn jn luce's lexlmei't , sajs that if the
pi Ineo goes he goes too. There Is a rumor
heio to-day of a revolution In Belgrade ,
but It tinned out that It was
caused by tlio Servians Bcndlrg a
battery squaulron and a battalllon to the
frontier to uricst the Bulgarian armed fugi
tives eiosslng Into Servlin tcrrltoiy. Bag-
danolf was to have gene to-day , but remains
at this hour at the Kusslaii legation.
Doi.noiinuKi'H sucfjitsson.
Tlio high mllltaiy oHlclal who comes here
Instead of Prlnco Dolgoroukl will ho either
1'rlnco Leuchtenbcrg , Dondukof , Caivokoll
or Ignatlef , piobably the latter , who is In
tensely popular heie on account of his deeds
in IMS , In regaul to the election ,
Itiibsla will not seek to influence
it. Hiifisla does notcaioto annex Bulgaria ,
All she desires Is to acquire a right to a free
passage of tlio Bophoious. Tlio Utisslan
military icmcsciitutlvo will come In as soon
as the ptlncu leaves and befoie the election ol
a successor. The Bulgarian army will be
recognl/cd , but
will come. Those who took part In th (
counter revolution will not bo molested , noi
will thcio hunny cliangu In the civil or sub
nlleian uillllary functionaries. The prince
will led to tliu fioiitler by Bog'
darof and Necludof , and the recently armed
K'.ishlnn agents , This I * to proven
nntl-ltusslau demonstrations. If nny hltcl
occui.s In the piopjiaiume , and if antl-Uusslat
deinoustnitloiih take place the Kusslnn tioop <
will cuter Bulgaria and thu countiy will be
UNnnn A MII.ITAUY itnniuK.
Bulgatla gives the prlnco 8XW,000 ( franc :
Indemnity , but aa the collets aie empty , Hits
ulan money will have to piovidu for tin
prince's Immediate , ueccssltlo.s. The piluci
will , however , only get l,500cwi
francs because ha owes 1,600.00
franca In Bulgaria , which i
must assutuo , or In exchange for whleh th
pilnco may , perhaps , give her mal estate the
ho country. All the ollicials of his cou it wi
receive compeuMttion commeusunxte wit
the rank they held.
The Enemies of the I'rlnco.
BucitAiii'.sr , Sept. 0. IN'ovv i'ork Ucrali
Cable Special to the Bi'.E.J I iiavo intc
tlewfcd two personages who were promluci
n'the tuklnu otf of Prince Alexander , lu-vvil
Klul k.oJ ( and Thoskorotr , soldierly -met
Ttermer ia City ycau old , his lar : ! U < : ra :
and ho wears a short gray beard , a la Itussc ,
arid his dark eyes are fiery and restless.
Thoskoroll Is short In stature and dark com-
plcxloned. Ho has n turned up nose and he
wears his dark hair straight over his head.
After the usual greetings had been ex-
chanced , I explained what I wished. "In
your present situation , messieurs , " 1 began ,
" 1 have the right to nsk your future plans.
I concfin myself but little with the past. In
the first place , what arc your grievances
asalnst the pilnce , and what were the exact
vents of the night of his deposition ? "
"I will , " icplled KIsslakofT , "tell yon any
thing you wish to know In regard to those
KVF.nvnony uxows
that Bulgaria owes all she is to Hussia. The
Dilnce nsedltiisslaasa means of obtaining
his object. Thopiinco treated with Russia
as long as It suited his purpose. In his heart
' .10 . hated Kiissl.i and took every oppoi tun Ity
.odevelop a fear ot that power. Iin suc
ceeded to well that all tbo bcnellts pioctiied
'or Bulgaria by Russia have been foi gotten.
> Vt n time when the
ivas being shed for us , and It Is not yet dry ,
losnrrounded himself with the scum of soci
ety. It Is not necessary to name all , and 1
l only mention two of his characteristics.
At the time of tlio Seivlan war , when the
Itrineo became commaudor-ln-chlef of tlio
nimy nnd when
Tin : riir.8swinn oAnnKii ,
: hreo newspapers appealed that rivalled one
another In the abuse of Russia. One of them
[ iroposed Prince Krnpkatlne , the nihilist , as
i candidate for the Kusslan throne. Kurther ,
llusslnns , who had taken part hi the assas
sination of Empeior Alexander , weie taken
Into the Bulgarian service. When the prince
ilisappcaied , so did they. Now it Isaid they
have retmned. Ouo of them , Scilbiiakoll ,
serves under the name ot "Blank , " another
under that of "Luthki "
, whose ical name is
' , e Batian. Tlio prlnco protected
ho were supplied with goveinmcnt money.
Tlielr chiefs were paid by the pilnce , and
the mission of these or anlm ! bands was to
maltieatand even destioy those In symuathy
with Kussla , both In the towns and In tlio
country. Baurmolf , who has been thif
times In the mlnlstiy , and who is a graduate
of tholtussian academy at St. Peteisbuig , in
March last , and while there , was piesentcil
tothee ar. When ho letuined to Buigaiia ,
by way ot Constantinople , ho was on his way
north liom Phlllippopolls to Sofia Inter
cepted by ono ot those bands and
: hat It was three months before he could cet
about again. Dimltroff , the piclcet of Phll
lippopolls. anested the criminals , but the
epveinment ordeied them to bo released.
Thcj weie afterwards ic-airested and twice
again thegovemmont inteiferetl In tavor of
its proteges. What the statn of things is in
the countiy every Bulgaiian who loves it
knows well. If it clings to Hussla It will
have secured a biilliant future. But when
the ties uniting Kussla are biohcu , Bulgaria
will bo lost.
"How is it , then , " 1 ventured to Inquire ,
"that the army Is in the main faithful to the
prince ? "
The sentiment of discipline holds It to-
cethei-answered the colonel. As for the
olliceis , they old positions out of all
proportion to their ago or to the
K'ars passed in the sen ice. Seven promo
tions of .subaltern ollicois to the rank of lion-
tenant-coloup ) took pl.icelast rear after the
affair atl'hllllppopolis. These ollleei.s hold
to Ihoprineu because they at call aid of losing
their rank and salary if the. Itiuslan ofncers
letiun to take their old rank in Bulgaria ,
which would couainly bo the case If the
prince weie sent away.
"How is it that the Bulgarians did so well
against tlio Servians without their Russian
leadeid , " I asked ,
"As an old soldleryou musknovv ( | that well
tiainlng battalions will do well under lire ,
when commanded by nny lieutenant-colonel
or other young officer. What a young otliccr
cannot do liovvovorIs to train those battalions
up to perfection in discipline. are the
recsons that enabled the prince to return so
quickly , and are quite in accordance with the
Bulyuilan national character.
by bandits , who are devoled to the prince
and who , without his help , would bo power
less. To piovo this let mo tell you what is
notgcneiaUy known. Kvery regiment in
the Bulgarian service , with the exception ot
that at Tlrnova , took the oath of allegiance to
the provisional government after tlio events
of thu nights of August 21 andyj. Even the
regiment at Sofia six general officers were ar
rested and the commundcis of the regiments
biought In their men to take the oath. The
population swoio fealty too. The reason I
except Tlrnova is that Stambonlou" had a
tolegiapli ollico there occupied , and ho Issued
orders iever.slng those of the goveinmont by
tlio pioviRlonal Pccuilngof tlio main station
at Blelo , where they
of the telegruus to suit tlieh puipose. Not
wisnlng to have Bulgarian blood shed by
Bulgaiians , the provincial government
yielded. "
1 then requested the colonel to tell mo
something about thoevunts of August 20 ,
"My house , " said the colonel , "is directly
opposite the palaco. At quaiter past two In
the moinlng loud shouts weio heaid In fiont
of It. My wife and childie.ii wore frightened
and came to my rooms to ask the matter.
Wo heard the loud cries of
DOWN WITH uATrr.xnKno ,
Down wltli Battonbc-rK. I opened the win
dow and .stepped upon the balcony. Sevcial
shots weie then fired. The soldleis In ftont
of thu window leveled their musket at mo
saving , ' ( Jo back , or wo'll shoot.1 Tlio firing
continuedending with three volleis , after
VthIch theia wcro scattering shots. Not
-caring to go out In the civilian clothes
which I had on , I sent my bcivant
to get one of in ) unlfoims. Ho brought that
of a general olllcer of Bulgarian > oluucet ! ? .
1 then returned to the balcony , but without
my sabre , 'Who Is In command's" I shouted.
BendciolT , healing my voice , icplled , 'It Is I,1
I then asked him whether I might comedown
down stair ? , and what had happened , Ben.
deiolTsaldto me , 'You may como down , All
Is over.
TUB rntxcR is i > Ernno\F.n. '
I rushed down , wishing to a-ecrtnin Ihe.
details. Sit Minnies later tin ) pilnce was
taken to the minister of war , nnd t'xiry ' put
In a llacro whleh , with live others , and filled ,
not w Ith cadets , but with young sold'ers '
enfants de troupe took the road to the
monastery of llohoofski , on tlio Otianlc/
. johault mil1 Pleona load. A big crowd luu
: formed on the square In frout of our house
I went to thu Kusslan agency and jolatec' '
what had occured ! , and everybody at tin
agency wasupnnd dressed. They had ahead ;
heard hit about It fiom ethers. The Sauiova
was limited , and wo all took some tea , Ai
hour later somebody I don't I emember win
lushed li : , gayhn ; that a crowd had cone t <
Karaveloilshouse , to
and probably kill him. i said this must b
.stopped. I'sent fur my horse , mounted I
and rode out lute the square , where a sort o
public meeting was being held. I addressed
the people about as follows :
It Is novv nine years ago that wo were lib
erated by Kussla , who made enormous sacri
fices to secure our liberty. To show jou
what she ha done for us , 1 need but to iiolnt
to the monument raised to the mciuoiy ot bOO
Kusslnn army surgeons , who died here for
us. nsdld 20.000of their countrymen. There
Is not a family In Kussla but weeps for a
relative fallen hero to liberate us.
Yet wo have have forgotten that and the
sacrifices made for us by this great people
who set us free , and we make love to those
people who divided la Into five parts.
If we follow the road our fathers took we
can place our cross on Saint Sophia wo can
make Bulgaria what It was intended she
should be at San Stefano. If we take an
other road vvu are lost. The piinco chosen
by us has unhappily abandoned the road on
which he was stiong and has followed an
other that leads to niin. He has by his ac
tion In dismissing Russians bioUui all ties
with Kussla ,
Let us then , as good Christians. 1 said In
conclusion , foiget all oui dllleicnces , and go
to chu'ch to pray God tlmt he may save Bul
The people followed my advice. This Is
how 1 saved Kara\elofTs windows , nnd per
haps life.
It was novv far into the morning and I had
a long and thesome jouiney before me on tlio
iiioirowoI bade KIsslnkolT iaiewell. lam
far fiom sliming Ills opinion In regard to the
prince , but the piluclplu of audi allcram
paitem Is thn Hist duty of a journalist. I
have told the man's own story , In the man's
own woids.
The Abdication n Fact.
Coi.onxi : , Sept. C. [ Xow Yoi It Heiald
Cable Special to the Br.i : . ] Tlio abdication
of Prince Alexander in delinite. Theio was
no other way out ot the ditlietilty. The pilnco
will consign the government to a legency
consisting ot three peisons , who intend to
forma new mlnlstiy. Their names are not
known with any certainty. Kniavelolf , in
all probability , is ono of them. After tne
piivate convention of the members of all
paities , vvhlcti was held to-day In the after
noon ,
to the Kusslan consulate In older to appilso
the consul of the pi luce's willingness to abdi
cate. The endeavor A\as made at the
same time to cause the Knsslans
by way ot iccipiocity foi the
abdication of the pi luce , to acknowledge the
Bulgarian icgcucy and to obtain their con
sent to a complete
ixconroitATiox or IASTIHX : : HOITMELIA.
The consul immediately telegraphed to St.
Piilersbuigeonceining tlio steps to be taken
In tliis as well in three other matters of
minor Importance. Solia is quiet , but in
tense excitement prevails among Uio mem
bers ol the coipsof ofliceis , as it Isleaicd
tliat Russia will revolt to acts of leveimc
upon those ollicers who have icmalued
fiicndly to the prince. At all events the
pilnco will leave next week.
wnTIII : iMtixci : sTiu'iT.n DOWX.
SOFIA , Sept. 0. Bofoie Alexander an
nounced his intention to quit the throne he
lecclvcd n telegiam fiom Bismarck that he
must abdicate in older to save Buigaiia. ! ix , Sejit. 0. Priuco Alexander will
j to-moiiow proclaim his abdication , The
ivitssian consulates In Bulgaria : uo distiib-
Hing lei slgaiituie petitions to the c/ar fav-
01 lug the election of the Pilnce of Oldenbuig
is Bucce&ooi to Prince Alexander.
CoxsTAXiixoi'i.K , Sept. 0. It is rumoied
.liat iu accoidancu with the advice clvenby
.wo Irlendly poweis , Tin key is making mili
tary pieparations on the Asiatic frontier. It
s also s.ild outers have been given to supply
lliniumy in Urzeroum and along the bolder
with additional guns , stores and munitions.
I'Jils activity Is duo to the movement on the
| iait of Russia , which Is supposed tobomak-
lUgclfoitsto guagu the millluiy and naval
Eliength of Tuikoy. Suspicious foieign ar-
lists ba\e been making siictches of the toils
outside ot Constantinople. It is Icained a
laige conduct lias been made on Kusblnn
account tor coal for Odessa , and that a con
tract has been made to supply thirty thousand
tons of metal plates of twelve-inch thickness ,
ind with steef lacings for Russian aisenals
on tlio lilacK sea.
LOM > OX , Sept. 0. The Post's Berlin corie-
spondcut savs ICmpeioi William piouoscd
Alexanders telegiam to the czar as tlio
means of effecting a leconciliatlon , and that
thuc/ni's icply was "thuielore a direct blow
at thi ! emperor. " The coirespondent further
says the news of Alexander's abdication
caused the utmost Indignation against Rns-
'a among German uiniy otliccis.
Advices fiom Vienna say it is believed that
thu abdication will not deter Russia fiom at
tempting to occupy Buigaiia proceedings
whleh Austria cannot allow.
Dispatches fiomSolias-aythe Kusslan party
there , headed by the Kusslan consulate , show
Ign3 ot gieat activity and are prepailng : ; n
nddiess to tlio c/.ai. it is expected Piince
Alexandei will go to Servla , tlienco to Darin-
fstadt , and then to England. Poll ! and nu
minous UuluMiian ollicors have decided to ac
company him.
LOXDOX. SepteiubcrG. Tlio Times of to
day says : The regency committee composed
with or without Russian p.n tis.ins will only
hasten the day when the people ot Buigaiia ,
we ni led and dlsulilted , will abandon their
dieamsot autonomy and welcome KusHian
domination as the only means of escaping
nnaichy , The date ot theentiy of the Rus
sian tioops into Bulgaria is an unimportant
detail. All tliat lias been clfecled by the union
ot Rouumnla and Bulgaria is the enlarge
ment of the slice ot thuTuiklshcmpl o which
Kussla secures by tlio co-operation of Ger
many anil Austria. Their indllfercnco piob-
nbly sidings from n consciousness of their inability -
ability to prevent Russian advances. Tno
central poweis may bo making the bust ol an
unpleasant and unavoidable eiicmnMancc.
but they cannot pietund that Pie course ot
events is pieclselj such as they would pic-
sci Ibo wcro they masters of the Hltuation.
KOKIA , Sept. 0. Thousands of copies oi
tbec/ai's leply to Prince Alexander have
been minted bv older ot the Russian consul
and uMillmtcd among the people , it Isuc-
lluved Russia will give the tin one to the
Duknul Oldcnbuig , who Is commander of n
cavalry division at St. Peteisbuig , and a fa >
yoiit of thec/ar.
BKLUKAUU , Sept , 0. A dispatch fiom
Semlln says Milan of Servla who , with
Ills prime minister , was on Ills way to Gluck-
cubing on account ot the gravity of the HltiiU'
lion cieated In the Balkan states by Alexuiv
dei's abdication , abandoned the contemplated
jouiney and ananged to ictuin to Belgrade.
But the Uulu'ailan crisis , It Is teaied , will
h.tvo a ciilli ul effect In Servla.
Ili-nvy ItnliiM In Hcotlancl.
GLAsoenv , Sept. 0. The heaviest rain
stoun ever known In this pait of Scotland
ha * fallen heio and over the western portion
of the country , It did much damage to ciops
( J ru lu Tratlo Kovlevv.
LONDON , sept , ( V-Tho Maik Lane Expres ;
In its rovlcwof the Biltlsh gialn tradp dnr
fiiii the past vvcok says ; The lalnfall of tin
week Jj.w done no haini to erois. ) In tin
eaillfrdUtrlcts the b"lk ot the Iim vest Imi
been sicuic ; < l. Thu change in the weathe
will tutaid tlu < nppeaninee In the maiket o
wheats Hiul vvlit also be nn Important facto
In detenninlni ; values. Sales ot Enylisl
\vhratdiiriiigtlie Ae > ek vveie 'ASW quartei
at : is Id , against iKi.'U'.i quartets nt S yd dm
ing the corresponding pel led last > < sar. i'oi
ciin wheats nio steady , but with Ijttle doing
Filtecn cargoesi of wheat nirivetl'three cm
goes weio withdi.iwn nud louiteen eargoe
icmalnrd , including four of California am
one ot Oregon. Theie is a fair supply of nev
ICngllsh wheats. Flour is dull and tut clieapei
Corn , pt-as and be.uis n.itt iinchuuged. Oat
aiu dull und : > d cheaper. Liusccd U cheapc
on spot ,
ccretary Laraar Rojidera a Decision in the
Famous Land Oases.
Manning Ha * Xot Yet Accepted the
Mexican JHsnn ! The Trouble
AVItli dacksou Other SInttcrs
Front thb Capital.
A TJOIIJI War rinding.
WASHKNOTOX. Sept , 0. [ Special Tele
gram to the Mr.iil A ' long and bitter war.
nvolv ing pait ol the'town site of Deadvvood ,
) akola , Is rapidly drawing to a close as far
as the Interior dapartmeut Is concerned , by
ho icnderlng of several decisions the
past week by Sccietary Luuuir , put-
Ing a Una ) quietus upon thu famous
ases , known as the Deadvvood town
He c.ves , unless they are cimcd to the
Kiurts. When gold was lirst discovered In
Hack Hills , the site of Deadwood was sui-
, -eyed and laid off down the sides of one of
Im gulches In those famous loot hills. The
richer qearl/ and placers of the hills , at-
r.ieled all who came , until some thoughtful
ceiilus began to prospect within the very
streets ot the town and found the "color , "
and tinally substantial deposits of metal that
eft no doubt of thu "miueial cliaractci'1 of the
and. The land laws giving piecedenco
always to the piospcctor over the iiie-cmn-
lon , even alter thc'lattor has "tiled" upon
its entry , the enterprising Individual who
lad been sitting upon sUneboxes nrospeetlng
n theory while the rest wore working
liclr claims outside In town , staked
lovvn claims In tbo principal stieet
and tiled upon some of the most
valvnble improved piopeity In town.
iood buildings resldcneo s , blocks of stoics
ivhlchhad been built by enterprising busl-
icss men of the town , were staked out as
claims by prospectors , and as the law allows
lothing tor Improvements matte by a poison
who takes the ilsk of building before ho has
perfected his ontr'y , these people weio In
langer of losing all they had Invested , A
blttei light ensued , and as u result a resur-
rey , both Held and geological , was ordered
in 18T8. It resulted In thu
jiiglncei declarinplOi ( ) < acies out of thoTlo
in the town site "mineiat lands , " within tlio
meaning of thu law. This strata ot mineral
and ran torouglf the very heart ot' the ilty
ind Involved some of the best pioperty. In
vain the pie-omptors'and townsite people en-
leavored to provethattheaelandsaienot of a
nlueral characterot any valuu ; in vain they
stiovc to show tlmt the miiiini ; claimants
weio serving the property to secuie the value
of the buildings and other improvements
upon it. The commissioner ol thogeneial
and ollicc decided that the land was mineral
ind must be sold tottbo "mining prospector.
An appeal was taken to the secretary of the
uterlor , and ho oustalned the commission.
Eacli new secretary Is appealed to to icpent
and ichear the cases , Two of these
ises Secielaiy Lamar * has already de-
cidcit , and to-day he filed
thiid decision. 'l\he \ "Kobert llawa
entry , knovvti as ' 'placej entry , No. 8 " has
joen 0110 of the ti teascs ution whleh the
battle has beoiij-fQught. fit is about fourteen
icies , and e\temls Ju.t4 ship about : wo feet
tialght up the cuntrevDf the city , and In
volved soiuu vof 'stCo best tndldinqs
therein. I ) . H.VYaug."m nnd , " others , who
_ . * _ , * J _ _ . . . . . . . il.
f t it il. 1 „ : * j. .t I..It * their
d'nart of th 'u > wii sltcAnd built
jtiildin . , have been triune : to retail ! posses-
sion since t8T8 , w lieu Ilaivkes lirst made his
idiiiKS. Over 1,5)00 ) uascs of the testimony
Jearlng upon the mineral ehaiacler ot the
and has been taken hi lift1 case. It Is hinted the buildings which Ilawkes secured
weio w'jilh more than all theriuineials that
could ba talcen elf tlio land. Jitit tlmt state
ment thb seciet.iry of the inteiior denies
Some thieo months ago. tlio town-
sitn peojilo came before the sec
retary and nsed ) that tlio case
M icopencd. To-dav he rendeicd a decision
refusing to do HO auu alliriuing Ilawkes' title
to the land. It is probable that the town-site
people will now give up trying to icgain
their property rather than go into expensive
io'islation. "
Nume.roiis parties staked out claims In the
town clearly known to be mineial land for
nltuiloi puiposes , but t ha derailment quickly
sat down oij them.
Judge Courtland Maitiiliiit , the novv minis
ter to Mexico , lias not yet signihed his inten
tion ot occupj lug Urn Mexican mission , nor
h\ed any time vviien he will go to Mexico.
It was stated at tlio white house to-dsy that
the 15th Inst. would probably see the presi
dent back hero , and ft is thought Mr. Man
ning does not dcsho to come hero until he
can kill two birds with one stone ,
vl/ . , see the picsident and receive his in
structions. It was stated at the latter place
that Minister Jackson had not stated when
he should , leave the City of Mexico , but as lie
was anxious 10 bo iclleved of tlio responsi
bility ot the otlico it was thought that as
soon as his letter of recall reached him
lie would uiesent it and come away ,
leaving Mr. Joseph L. Morgan as charge
d'alfairs. ' Tlio latter is a promising , keen
wilted , young fellow , with no tialnlng , but
with enough comuieicial common sense to
Iceep his mouth clased and "his foot out of
it. " He Is a South Caiollan , a son-in-law of
( icncial Krisby , a .native ot California , who
went several yeaisagototho City of Mexico
for speculative purposes. General 1'ilsby
had a hankeilng after a Mexican
mission himself' and hung long and
persistently around Washington looking
lor jt vvhon Minister JnekKon received the ap
pointment. Filsby wontto Ueoigia and In-
duped Jackson to appoint his son-in-law ,
Morgan , as secretary of legation , that ollice
being gcnoially conceded to the recommen
dation of the minister. It Is no longer a se
cret tlmt Minister Jackson had n disagree
ment with Scciotaryliayaru ovcrthu conduct
ot atlulia at the legation in Mexico and w ould
have been , homo long ago had not the Cutting
embrogllo intervened.
MOISI : oojiMissioxfl fiinxiu.
The piv-sldent'jj microscopic handwriting ,
os It ap | > caiu 11)1011 ) anpoldtmonts , choeied thu
suveial lonely clerks .at the white house
to-day at the foot 'of ' half a do/en commis
sions , appointing several icgistciB and
iccelvcra of land Lollicx-s , an Indian
agent unit lite how recorder of
tlio general olHca I These commission
wore signed at Paul Smith's last Satuiday
upon thp president's fotnrii from his deer
hunt , and no sign of uuc.k lever orimihula
appears In the low of the signature
lioni tlio great ' 4ie beginning to the
cramp ; d. and Hubdnod. ' nt tlie end.
" Tni54K | vi KconoKit.
B ibert W. Koyd Uipiip ntlenian who suc
ceeded Silas Cfcjrk ftuer his twenty-one
years of uerylce a recoulor of the
general laud' ofHee , is u native
of Yatialla ( | , 111 $ , , ! an ex-uulon soldier ,
and n man about : > 40 years of uge ,
Ho has been for jsurerJ yearn clerk of the
state circuit court jfor lite district. Ho was
selected by Uoiuiiibisfouer Sparks tor the
place , but Is it > rcfUdtiut of Congressman
L'der's district and is th'a lirst appolntmeiil
yet giver ) that district , i
KKKXK. Essex County , . Ii. , Sept. 0 , The
president's party breaicf.uted nt 7 o'clock ul
the Stevens house , Lake Placid , this inornhif
and drove forty miles to-day ojer n stretch oi
countiy nifoidlng some majestic mountnli
scenery. The route \.YHS through Wliuilngtoi
notch and down ihn-west branch of the Ai
Sable rlv er , theifup the east branch ot tin
same river through Keene valley , and theuci
across the country -to the westward. Tin
party icac.hed Adlroiulack l.odgo , whcie the :
will spend the night , at about sundown
They will i etui u to'ilieir ' quarters at Sarnnm
Inn to-morrow , "
Sctlgwiok's MUsioii Completed ,
CITY op MBXICJ , Sept. 8. Hon. Aithur G
SedgvvlcVt special agent of the United State
government , has completed his Investigate
nnd has gone to Chihuahua , having obtalnei
permission from the Mexican jjovein men t t
look at all tbe recoid * la the Cutting pate.
Omnhn Continues Thirteenth In the
Iil t , with 05 Vor Cent Increase.
UOSTO.V , Sept. 0. [ Special Telegram to
lie Br.t.l : The follow Ing ( able , compiled
rotn special dispatches to the PoH fiom
iianagers of the lending clearing houses of
ho United States , show Urn clearings for the
veek ending Saturday , Sepl.t , and the in-
Tease til decrease Iroin the same pciltul of
ast year :
Three Wholemilo llursc Thieves Cap
tured Near l.oiIjic I'ole.
SinxKY , Neb. , Sent. 0. [ Special Telecram
lethe Br.i : . ] Sheiitr Knbank captmcd three
liorse thieves eailj this moining neat Lodge
1'olc. Tlielr names aio J. Smith , Chaile"
Lyons and Ch.iiles Holland. They had thir
teen head of stolen horses in their possession
at the time. Tlio sheila of Albany county ,
\Vyo. , oirmeil a reward ol S&"X ) for the nucst
Slierlll deserves gieat credit foi tlio
clover manner inlilch lie captured them.
To "Welcome Vnn Wyclc.
Wrsr POINT , Neb. , Sept. 0. [ Special to
: hc Bi.E.l Senator Van Wyck will address
: lie clti/ens of Cuiiiliitr county at a grand
) icnic to be held in the Riverside pu 1 ; in this
city , under the auspices of St. Maiy's Hi.inch
No. 405 of the Catholic Knights of America ,
on Monday , September 13. Immense dele
gations aie expected tiom outlying districts
uid a general good time is guaiaiiteed to : ill.
i'lcpatatlons on a veiy extensive scale uio
being made for thncomfoit and coiueuienco
of vlsitoid and nothing will bo left uudoiiu
to make the entire all'atr a biilllant success.
All For Van Wyck.
2ni.inn , Nob. , Sept. G. [ Special to ibo
[ Jri.J : We have had tvvojroiislngimectlngs *
liere by boih < f ctlonH o ttTo republicans , and
\vo \ all go stionz for the ie-election of Seua-
: or Oharlos li. Van Wyck. Onr gallant
man will have an easy walk over , for nil ot
my opposition e.ui be bioug-ht to beat
ngainst him In this distiict. No man can ex-
icct to getthe smallest ollicc in the gift of
he people hen1 that does not.sunvioit and en-
lorsoC. II. Vim Wyok lor United States
Where Van AVyok Will Speak.
NKHUASKA CITV , Neb. , Sept. C. [ Special
to the Bii.J : : Senator Van Wyck's speaking
ngasoinents for this week are as follows :
Tuesday afternoon at the district fair at Kails
Ity ; Wednesday afternoon at tlio district
fair at Friend ; Thursday afternoon at tlio
countv fair at York ; Friday will spend the
day at Omaha ; Satmday alteinuon at Ban-
crott ; Monday afternoon next at West
Hurt by Fulling Brick.
YOIIK , Neb. , Sept. 0. [ Special Telegram
to the A brick arch on the new court
lionso fell to-d.iy , wliilo under course of con-
stiiiction. About five thousand brick went
down in the t.ill and caught a bricklayer ,
haw-ranee Median , who is severely in lined.
Who is to blame for the accident Is not
known. This is the second accident ot this
Deaths In Papllllon.
PAPILLIOX , Neb. , Aug. 0. ( Special Tele
gram to tlio Uogedorn , son "of
Frederick llagedorn , the extensive Norman'
horse bieeder near here , waa kicked by a
stallion yesteiday and is now dying.
John Schaab , Jr. . bookkeeper In A. W.
Clarko's banking house , died early this
morning after a biiel illness. UK was n son
of John Schaib. Sr. , owner of the Windsor
hotel block In Omaha.
Freight Men Fall to Asrco , lint Pas-
senjior I'ooplo Pool.
Cineuio , August 0. The western freight
eommltteo was again In session to-day but
made no fuitlicr piogicss. Two repoits will
bo submitted , the majority recommending
thuiormation of a series of sub-pools on the
gross leventie plan , based laigely on the old
pool but without any releronco to disputed
questions which rendeicd old aigumcnt
Inoperative. The Northwestern takes Issue
on the question of a division of laugo cattle
trnllic , claiming that its extensions into
Wyoming give it u gieator standing than In
the past , Tlio Mlssonii Pacillc and Wabash
lines weie not lepresentod and the hitter will
put a stumbling block in tlio wh > of the new
pool by Instating that the old one is still Interco
torco and asking lor the money duo It under
the old lulanens. Tlio whole matter Is le-
lerred to the gcneiul managers who meet
to-moiiow to consider the woik of the several
committees and Involves the money pools to
cover the teirltoiy Irom St Louis to St , Paul
and Chicago to the Missouri ilvci.
Agreed on u Pool.
CHICAGO , Sept. 0. The committee on wes
tern passenger trallic between Chicago and
Council II hi Its and Omaha to-d.iy agreed to
recommend the fotmatlou of a gross lovcnue
pool on all competitive business , dividing the
lianic among the intoicsted loads on ix basis
ot the average of the business done In HID
yearlbbS , l bl , 1SS5. The plan coiiesponds
with that adopted by the northwestern pas
senger committees ,
Assctti In lints and Caps.
QUIKOV , 111. , Sept. 0. Chaile.s I. Woods ,
wholesale hats and capi > , made an nsslgn <
nicnt this evening to II. W. Mead for the
beneiitof hlseieditor ? . The liabilities arc
estimated at 8S.5.0W ; nsicls , 510,000. A ma
jority of tlio creditors arc Now Voik Unu * .
Flvo Days of lleiul-ljofjlv ,
MiLvyAUKi'.K , Sept , 0. Ton additional bal
lots weio taken to-night by the second con
gressional district demooratlc convontlon , re
sulting as befoie : U. M. Ackley 13 , A. K
Dt'lancy 10 , Patrick O' 5. Thoconven-
tioti adjourned until to-mnripw , This la the
liftli day of the dead-lock.
Geronlino at Fort Ilowle. / ; . , Sept. fl.--Geneial Miles ar
rived at Fort Bowie last night wlthfJeronhno
Natchez and several liucks as pi I sou err. Cap
tain Lawton with the of the 1 ostlles
numbering tlility-slx is expected to airlvu u
Fort Bowie Wednesday ,
Alii lining Sent to Charleston The
Situation There.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 0. The president sent
the follow Ing icply to Queen Victoria's telc-
Rinm of sympathy for Ihe earthquake sullor-
er : Executlvo Mansion , Washington. Vic
toria , ( Jiieen and Kmprcss , Balmoral , Scot
land : Your majesty's expiesslou of sympa
thy foi the sulfeiei-s by the eaithquaUe Is
warmly appreciated nud awakens a grateful
i espouse. In Ameiiean hearts.
Gnovnu CI.HYKI.VNI > .
Cit vitt.v.sioN , S. 0. , Sept. 5. A number of
births havuiK'cuned , twins In three cases.
This has been an exceedingly warm day In
Charleston. The streets weio dusty and hot.
but abiee/e made the atmospheie tolerable In
the shade. With the lull blush of mninln ?
arose the voices of the negioes In the public
places. They got up singing nnd shouting.
By 10/0 : : o'clock services were In piog-
less i\t n do/en points. In Washington
square iiuudieds of splendid voices blended
together in perfect Imimuny. Tlio singing
could bo lic.ud at a distance of a mile. A
uieatei icvlvul was piobably never witnessed
ban the one In Washington square , and tlio
same may be < ald of half u do/en or inoiu
itlKMN. All of the senuons tieated ot the
calamity which has visited Charleston.
It Is now quite plain that there will be no
sulleiliiR alter a day in two , although u few
iistnnees ot hunger and want in poor tarn-
lies aie icpoited. Kuougli money wlllptob-
ibly bo received to meet Immediate wants.
The lellet committee will open a gun
dy stoio nnd Issue latlous lo the helpless and
At ' .I o'clock this momlng tlio hendquir-
eis of tlio relict committee , at thu city
.mlldlngs , weio ciowiled by unfoitunato
c.irthqiMKo sulfeiei.s. Ono member of the
committee was kept busy wilting railway
lasses to transport the sufferers to otliei
lints. The committee oicfei.s to give this
jhai.icter of assistance above all others.
The lelicf committee Is haul at vvoiU. Ad-
litloual tents have been placed In the public
squares , and tor thecoloied people eomfoit-
nbli ; wooden shelters have been elected on
Marion .square. There it accommodation al-
iiuuly for l.BO. ) coloied lulUL'ovs. and fi'Jo
slept In shelters 1 ist glght. The subsistence
committee will meet legulnrly and supply
inovisious to nil whonio needy and uuaolu
to suppoit themselves. Theie Is slill a strong
disposition to icmn\o the women and chit-
ilren fiom the city to spare them fuitber
ilaugor and anxiety. The South Carolina ,
Savannah it Cliaiieston , and the Richmond
As Danville inllio.tds aie giving fiee trnus-
poitation , and about live handled passes
weie issued to white and coloied people yes-
Ordeis for rations aie being issued. Money
isghen to no one. Dining the rush ot ap
plicants lei aid , nl.uge section ot the Meet
ing stieet front ot the court house , opposite
Ihe city hall , fell out. The lepoit was equal
to an caithquako shock. Immediately the
assembled thousands began to s\\ay \ and
jiiovc. like the ulllow.4 of a stonn-stiickcn sea ,
The scene was appalling foi a time , but quiet
was finally icstoicd. Acting Major linger
says tliat the relief committee Isussistins
nb'jut one-thhd of Chailcstoii's population.
Major Cointnev is expected to aitlveto-
moiiow and will hold a special meeting ot
the city council , when decisive steps will be
taken to allonl piotectiou liom falling build
ings and clciu the stieets of some ot the
li-biis which now impedes the piogress of
podcsti Inns nnd vehicles everywhere. About
rM.OOJ iu contributions- have niiived heie.
Fiom Indications it is belhned that the con
tributions will svmcgato * V,0'JO. ) ( ) Shortly
alter 10 o'clock thu scenes ot ddpair and
flight wen1 renewed at thu city hall by the
falling ot buildings In that vicinity. People
who slept on board vessels in the haibor say
ibat they felt" fit llMVcloek a shock very
plainly. - * *
Ala ( iiassMicctliiK.of tlie Knights of'Labor
held to-night the following late ot wages for
mechanics and laboiers was acieed to , a
raise of iifiy cents having been iiiaiki iu eaeh
class : Bileklayeis , lust class ? ; ! .50 , second
class , 5:5.00. : Caipenteis. first class , SU.OO ,
second M.50 , third SUIO. Palnleis. S'.OO ,
S'JSUand PIJ.OO. Pl.isteieis , SJ.50 and Sil.CO.
rinneis , § 2.50 and Sii.OO. Uiborcis , 51.60
and 52.00.
An Ohio Farmer llriitnlly Treated By
n Miiblceil Gang oi' Neighbor's.
MA.vsrni.i : > , O. , Sept. 0. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bii.J : : Sin-on Dolph will Ille In
. ho com t to-day u petition for 20,000 drim-
izes against twelve faimers in this countj' ,
Deluding two women. AVhile Dolph was
going alter his cows just before sunset , about
i week- ago , a sentinel on the road filed a
shot , at which signal tour men lushed out
fiom a cornfield upon Doiph. Ho was too
much for them and lour more men appeared
and he was bound. His wife wasdilven
away at the imuilo of guns. She tolled a
lai in bell arid the neighbor ; ! responded , but
wctedriven away under thieats of death. A
io ) > o was placed around Dolph's neck
and he was diagged tluougli the
woods. The rope was then thrown
over n limb and he was pulled
up. When he iccoveiod his senses ho was
lying on a log. Ho was taken thence ton
giave j'ard where he was shipped , tar was
nibbed over tils body and lie vv.ib commanded
to loll In several bushels ot tcatheis. The
ciovvd then padded tcatheis on him. nnd put
a mass In his hair , stlcKing rooster leathers
on his head to make him look like nn Indian.
Ho wjas then pulled with a lope mound his
neck over stones and bushes and matched to
the village of Rome , where a bon fire was
built , around which men toiced film to march
to the music. The Inhabitants of the village
turned out to sec the sight , hut no cllou was
madu to icseue the toiturcd man. He
was punched with sticks and kicked nnd
tei ribly Heated. He appealed to .1 justice of
the peace and n constable tor help , but they
said thov could do nothing. Tim ton men
matched him aiound town and each giving
him n parting kick started him home , wheio
ho aiiivcd scveial houis afterward nearly
dead. Beloro releasing him the captain of
the gang warned him to leave town within
ten dajs or tlioy would kill him and his
family nnd bum his pieml-ics. Tlio nclnli-
bois chaiged Dolph with talking scandal
ously about women In the lU'ighlioihood ,
which ho Indignantly denied. Warnings
had been given him to leave the country
thieo daysbeloio tlio outiauc by two masked
men. and again the nlirht beloiu by two
women in disguise. He i eluded to obey.
Olio man was shot during the melee. Many
of the accused me wealthy. Soveial have
ahuadylolt the country and others are pro-
- - ' -
Chicago's Grout Fair.
CIIICAOO , Sept. 0. The thlitj-fourth annual -
nual fair of tint state bo.ud ot ngiiRUlturo
waa opened this morning on ino toiindsnf
Chicago driving park association. H Is con
tended tuat tlio general display will bo thu ever given under the uuplces of the state
boaid. The dlspUy of ) ! > < ) stock Is something
tiemendous In Its pioportloiiK , There aiu
two miles of stalls and sheds lor hoises and
cattle , and is all taken up. The dis
play of horses especially IH very large. The
display madu by thu I'eicheion
lloiso lliecdrts' association is luagiillicont ,
Tno Anmrlean Cljdcidulo association ha <
aLso a tine display anl : , In fact , all the various
branches of the thoioughbied huuily am well
repiesented. 'I'o-monow will bo tlio ehll-
dien'Kday nttho fair , when thu childtcn at-
lending the public schools ot the state will
bti admitted lice.
A Case ol * Yellow Fovcr.
Niw : YDIIK , Sept , o. ( ! rint ( loldon , flin-
man on the Atlas steamer Alvo , was found
by the health otlicer la-t night tojio sulfeiln
with yelloiv fever In i t. Vincent's hospital ,
The steamer c.imtt in lust week from a voy >
age to tlnVest : Indies an l South A met lean
itoi In. ami ( loldcn. who is a Scotchman , took
hoard at S5U Uokt street. Saturday lie vvat
taken 111 , and Sunday night symptoms ol
yellow fiir : had He was ID
moved to the hospital , where he b now
ilylug. 'lh hospital and" boarding house
have been disinfected.
Now Imn < l
WASIIIXOTOX , Sept 0 , James T. Callii
han , ofNevvMexlcoliasleenappolnedspeeia
a ? ( nt of Hi * geneial laud eltlco lor fiaudiilcn
luod e lit lies.
Labor's Legal Holiilay Appropriately Oolc-
bratcd iu the Large Oitlcs.
Chicago's 1'rocesslotj the Stost Noto-
worthj liver KnoxMi In tlio Garden
City Grniul Display In Oilier
Ijnuor Centers
BOSTON , Sept. 0. "Labor day , " VNhlch Is
to ben permanent annual institution In Hos-
\\aslnaiiguinted by the wnikingmenof
this eltj and suburbs toda.v In un Imposing
manner. The feature of the morning was u
giaud Hocesslou , In which it was estimated
r > ,000 peojilo took pait , and which took nn
hour to pass a given point. The procession ,
In which were lepresented all laboiing Inter
ests ot the city , was reviewed by thousands of
people. The exeiclses of the day aie to be
continued at n monster picnic , to bu held at
Downer Landing this aftei noon.
Chicago's Grant Pnrndc.
CHIC uio , Sept , (1. ( Tim annual street pa
rade In tills city to-day was the most note-
woilhy ever made by labor organiationsof
Cnicago , both In point of numbcis and in
point of equipment , Tlio day was warm but
peifcct In all other respects foi stieet dis
play. The column began moving at 10tO :
o'clock , and mait-hing steadily was two
horns In passing. The column .was divided
into nine divisions and close computation
puts the number of marchers in line at be
tween thirty and thirty-live thousand.
A leatmo In the paiado was con
tained in the icmuikublo unlfoimlly
shown by eaeh division of marche'v * , the latter
alt being oqiiimied with canes and generally
wealing slouch hats of gray 01 dark color.
All liades marched by columns ot fours ,
well closed up and geneiallj moving wilh
great precision and legnlailtj. One column
ol 500 employes of the bank and sale maim-
factoiies wore white tiles. A column
ot journeymen tailois , iiumUeilnj ?
1,000 , wore whlto deibys , and | > resented -
sented pi nimbly this liuest appeaianco
ot any distinct bodv ot matchers. The
American Hag was eai iled by each division
and tlieie weio very few mottoes or banners
boiueinthe columns. One ot this tiueks in
line canled a ! ILUIU ; ol a tvventj foot giant
st mining out chean labor , Idenll/ed b > a lig-
uio of n C'hlnanuin , Tlio pioees.sion con
cluded with an almost endless display ot
muiiulucturcd joods on gaylv decoiuteii
wagons. One ot the ICni.lits ot Uibor
asbi'iubllos eanied u banner inscribed ,
"Avoid all politicians.- '
RonuMt'.borcd In Haltlinure.
liAi/iiMOiti : , Md. , Sept. 0. Tiiedemonstia-
tion of the Knights of Labor to-day was the
largest of the induslilal classesevei vvit-
nessed in lialtimoie. In the early loieuoon
tlio sky was overcast but did not prevent the
gatheilng of the vvoikiug hosts. In many
lulls of the city buildings vveie ducoiatcd.
'j'lm columns weie composed of
eiirht ilKI-iiDiis , proceeded by platoons
teens , < -of police , and thioughoUt
tlio entlui line vprq..baiineis and Hags icpre-
scntlng yailous'lndnstiial
At xow York.
Xuw Yrmic , Sopt. 0. iTho loaal holiday for
the laboiing classes was celebrated by a
monster paiadc composed of fiom 111 teen In
I\\enly thousand men and followed by n pic
nic. Tne sky had a threatening appearance
but this did not interlero with the piogramme.
Eveiytiadcwasiepiesentedin thopioccssion
which was icvieweil at Union bquaio by
Mayor Grace , Henry Geoigo and others.
After the pioeessiou was tliiougli the mem
bers pioceedcd to Hailem ilvei paik whcio '
picnic took place ,
Thousands Celebrate- Nownrk.
Nr.WAitic , N. .1. Sep. 0. The most of fac
tories and stoics of this city closed to-day ,
and twenty-live thousand men took purlin
Hie vvorkliiiimens procession. HemyGeorgo
addiesscd woiklncmon heio this afternoon ,
The Uaso Bull Ur.coul.
Chicago 2 0110201 * 7
York 0 4001000 0--
New - - -I
Pitchcis McCormick and Welch ,
hits Chicago 8 , Now oik ! . Knors-Clit-
cage 4 , New York 18. Umplie Power ? .
AT Pirrsituun
Plttstmre 0 0 0 0 it 0 3 5 3 13
Cincinnati 0 4
Pltohei.sMon Is and Miillane. Base lilts
Pittsbnrg 10 , Cincinnati 0. Kirors i'ittsburg'
0 , Cincinnati 1. Umpho-Walsh.
AT Sr. houis
St. Louis 0 003000000 4
Philadelphia..0 0 00001200 3
PHchois Healoy and Dally. Umpire
Pierce ,
Detroit 0 i o i o i o o * n
Washington o o o o o o 3 o oa
PitcheiS'-Haldwui anil Shaw. Haso hlts-
Detiolt ' . ' , Washington . Krion-Uetiolt ) ,
Waslilngto'i a. Umpire Quest.
AT Pini.ADKi.i'lii.v
Athletics . 0 0 0 0 0 0 fl 1 0 0
Urooklyn . 0 00030000 3
Petchers Atkinson and Henderson. H.I--O
-Athletics t > . Hicoklyn 1. KIKIIS Atli-
letles'i. Hiook'yn ' 'J. Umpire Valentine.
JJaitimoie . 0 0 0 2 0 0 il 2 7
Metiopolltans . 5 004002 * U
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For three-year-olds and upwards , n lo and
furlong : Dead heat between Dutch and
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Niilllu It won , Paiasol seco ml , Maggie Mitch
ell third. Time-l:10 : > { .
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Politico won , Lljeio second , Klclillcld third.
Time--2H. :
> 'or all ages , sown fuilongs : Jim Douglas
won , Swift second , Climax tlilid , Tune
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Mile ; Vloienco > t won , Wllch second ,
WcUowllng thlul , Time- ; " ,
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fuilongs : Hcltudell won , Splnnelte u/nd ,
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Mile : Hepeiauco uon , Minnie > ' } ( . Jol.u
second. Warren Lewis thlid , TIiiie > In : > } .
Mile : King l''au ' won , Jt.ittlcdoor second ,
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Seven-eighths mile : Hiizzard won , Mentor
second , , lee Mnuny thiid. 'I'lino ! : ; ) ! : ) j.
Tlucoiuaiteis mile : Lcouoia won , lien
Thompson second , Ueorgo Angus tliiul ,
Time 1:10. :
One and ono quarter miles , oyerhiirlles ;
King N'ietor won , Weiliiigl.-m second. Km-
baigo tlilid. Time ! i : . Ceitllicates paid
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to Uio Bii.l : : Keeling P. Hint ot AlnsvvoitU
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