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Dilatory Action of the Sionx Oity Author ;
ties in tbo Haddock Case.
A niu 'Varsity FlRlit Between Tell
nnd DCS MolnoN Death ofn Ills-
toilcal War CooU Iowa
"Where nro Iho Minister's
Siotx Cirv. In. , Kept. 3. [ Special Tell
to tlio Bitl : It was conlidontly e ;
that early In the week Iho arrest (
the party , or pintles , Implicated In the Hni
( look assassination would be made , but up t
the present lluio none lias been iimdo. Tli !
somctlilni ; Is radically wrom ; somewheie
liu lnnliiu to dnwn upon the iiilm ! > of 111:111 :
of Iho most coiisrevatlvo of our citizens an
considerable talk , and oven denunciation (
thu methods of procedure , nro heard. I/ei' : '
lit , undoubtedly the ringleader In the coi
splracy , Is still atlnrse.nnda week hnsalmo. .
paused since the verdict wns rendered nn
nothing apparently has been accompllshei
Your correspondent docs not jirvtcnd to sn
wlmt Is wroiif , ' . But Incotnpctcncy , or inc
of clTort somewhere , lias deterred mattci
greatly , If not even made Impossible the flnr
clearing up of the whole mystery and brliif
Itnr to Justice the right parties. From tli
llnst It was apparent that Lcavltt ha
considerable to do with the alTttlr , and shoul
have been placed under nrrcst for susplcloi
nt least. Ilia .ovhlunco before tlio coroner
Jury was v cry damaghiK fo himself , and yi
he wns allowed to leave tlio city anil now It
evldftnt ho cannot bo found. Several othi
parties , prlnclDally saloonlsts , who nro b (
Ileved to have bad a hand In the affair , lm\
also quietly folded their tents and sto
away and are now bciiif ! hunted for hlijli an
low by the police , but without result as ye
'J 1m exact nature ot tbo coroner's verdict
not known and as matters now look will IK
bo for some time. It future events do m
Justify the COIUMS taken during tlio slttlncc (
the jury , Sioux City will not likely soon ba\
an opportunity of setting herself right bcfoi
tlio world.
Tlio University
PKM.A , la. , Sup. " . ( Sncclal Telegram 1
the BKB.J A temporary injunction has bee
granted by the circuit court of Mason count
to restrain the Dos Molnos university froi
rcitiovlin ! any of the property from the Pell
university , which , under the terms of tli
consolidation of the two schools , should L
brouulit tO DcS Mollies. Much opposition (
the plan of lemoval has developed at till
place. Tlio great body of the alumni are vet
unwilling to hive : their school , which is tli
older , merged with the Des Molnus tiulve
jslty , which is much younger ,
Death of an Uid War Cook.
MIMIUII.V , la , , Sept. a. [ Special to tli
DKK. ] Aunt Docky Woodly , nn old colore
woman of considerable historical notorlet
was found dead hero this inorninir. Sli
was all through the wnr as cool
and ns such went with the Seventieth li
diana Infantry on the march from At hint
to the sea , and passed m the grand review a
WnshliiKton nt the close of the war. Sli
was well known to the old soldiers of tli
northwest , for whom she had performs
many kind nets.
Iowa's ICIeplmnt. Well.
BKI.T.K PLAINK , la. , Sept. 2. No change I
the situation to-day. The big well elephan
is still unchained. This afternoon the bl
cone wns loaded with sand and cement an
lowered. It wnnt down slowly and linn
having at times to bo forced. As yet there i
no perceptible diminution in the flow , thomr
the cone Is down sixty feet. Hopes stl
center on the cone.
A 3IOOO Plro.
DKS JToiNKs , In. , Sept. 2. ( Special Tclo
Brain to the BHE.J A flro at Donnellson
4 ee county , to-day destroyed tliongrleulturr
Implement warehouse of George A wnk-nechl
link two small dwellings adjoining. Loss
? * ] ,000.
Congressional Choice.
Ci-.DAn HAIMDS , la. , Sept. -Special [ Tc ;
cgramto the BIK. : ] William K Fuller wa
renemlnated for congress by the republican
of tlio Fourth district to-ilay.
Ills Democratic IJocuinouls Whlol
Are Pull of IHundcrs ,
WASHINGTON , Sept. 2. [ Special Telcgraii
to the UKK.J Senator Ktwna's proplietl
soul seems to have hinted to him som
months slnco the ungrateful task ho hai
I Taken on his shoulders In accepting tin
tthnlrmanshlp ol the congressional commit
iTfje , but ho must bo satisfied now that the hal
' _ * , not told him or lie would have adherei
10 his first Intention of refusing to accept th
lesponsibllity Charged with th
talk ot furnishing the doni
ocrat masses with pabulum nnd ptittlm
words Into the mouths ot democrat orators
31r. Kenna found lihusclt with nothing t
tlrawupon. A campaign book was oneo
Iho first demands , for It was the only wa ;
I that under tbo civil service laws money couli
' 5m ralged. It was shovelled together , no
Itow the achievements of the party in powei
but from the alleged non-achievements o
tlio party which retired eighteen months ago
The book , nt the low price of 0110 dollar , i
10 1:0 Into tlio departments , nnd the govern
. ment employe , from the charwoman to th
chief , who has not at least live of these upoi
JIIH or her shelves , may expect early rclojr.i
tlou to private life. JJut Kenna had no
tlioir'ht ot the possibility of some baitlylfi
formed potfion becoming Imbued with th
Idea tlint the book was made to read , am
only a strougdemocrntpaperiiiiotod.some es
tracts and hinted that it sounded miicl
like "rot. " Mr. Kcnnn's next effort was Ui
Issue of a financial of a vagu
character , such as ho had been done In forme
times by the republican committee. Hi
neglected to state , however , whether It wa
the view taken by Mr. Morrison or the om
endorsed by the administration , and In i
couple of days some meddler picked up tin
inoiithly debt statement and showed that :
better state of things financially would Imvi
existed It n small boy had been put in tin
treasury department to sweep out und casl
checks that Imd reunited from the "manage
nient" so hlchly landed.
Hut Mr. Kenna's latest seems to prove hi :
worst. Ilo has Issued a statement , complliu
from nncltmt history , published a few dnyi
nini'0. which ho terms "Defalcations Unite
KemiblliMM Itulc. " Ho places the ninoiin
lost nt a little over 91'J,000UOO , mm in thli
ho includes every disputed account
every apparent liability , every unsettla
k judgment in which even the debtor hlmscl
has not yet iieard the amount duu from him
Gelt to the government , and then adds to I
ulleuatlons and charges made by Intcrcstcn
parties whether it appears upon tlio books o :
the government or not , Ilo neglects to com
pare tlui iHM'contago of these dtretectlons dnr
Ing republican rule with those under provlom
domocnitlR administrations , nnd has left his
whole statement so full of tlnws that it Is al
ready being picked to pieces. Three dayi
utter its issue ho was compelled to cuter at
explanation , nnd it seems us If it would re
null n his whole time for this purpose. Totel
tha truth , the past eighteen months has beci
n very barren period fora campaign commit
tec , and it can do but little , although It luu
the power and books at IU hack , but thresl
over the old stniw upon which the democrat :
grew tired along ot feeding.
A flight IloUucilon.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 3. [ Special Tolegran
to the UKK.J Though tbo receipts of the gov
eminent for the mouth of August were large
the reduction of the public debt will not hi
more than Sl.'JlO.GKJ.iU on account of tin
heavy expenditures of the mouey authorize !
by congress. _ , t
Treasurer fSulln'd Anllction.
County Treasurer Dollu received a cfi'
blesram yesterday announcing the de.utl
of his father in Udrmany at the nUVancec
go of eighty-one yjeura.
Cheeky Church of Xcmnhn In th
Proscnco of lion , Ii. O , Lett.
Tlio evening train from Lincoln yo
lerday over the H. & Al. had among il
many pas eiiR M the Hon. H. C. Let
a former prominent resident and a popt
lar democratic loader of the stato. lie
it was , who c testimony given before th
legislative committee that Investigate
Iho llowe-l'alrick ease , proved so coi
clusivcly that Church was not orthodo
In the matter of honesty. Mr. Lett ha
hoard that ONcerptSjfrotn his tcslimon
hud been published in the Hr.i : , but neve
saw the nrtlele until yesterday mornin
wlion he 'arrived at the Capital hole
Subsequently ho met the redoublabl
Church , candidate for congress , anil wii
surprised at his exlra show of cordialitj
They breakfasted together , and notwitl
Btan'ding the fact that Howe know fu
well the damaging evidence against hit
mibhrthe.d in the Bt'i : , and the fact thi :
it was taken nom Iho recor
of Mr. Lull's testimony he never rcferrc
to it nor indicated by action or word c
appearance that any such thing wi :
already in the possession of every rcnc
iug man in Nebraska , and nuiueroii
places outside the stato.
Meeting Mr. Lett Inst night n report c
of the HKIJ learned the foregoing fact ;
and also many other points going to shoi
the bra/.en character of HoWo.
"You have read the KKK articles o
Howe's candidacy ? , ' was asked.
' 'Oh , ves. The last one I saw for th
first time this morning. "
"Your testimony was correctly put
llslied , was It not1 ? *
"Yes , sir , every word of it. "
"Your statomonls tire as true to-day a
they wore then , Mr. Lett ? "
"Just as true , and I have not a word t
change , tor I could not did 1 so desire
for they are the truth , the whole trut
and nothing but the truth. "
"Have you anything further lo sav o
the subject ? "
"Ob , no. 1 am out of politics and Itav
been for some years , ami I have no Intel
est in Church llowo's fights now. 1 think
however , Mr. Barker's evidence in thn
investigation was the most damaging o
all. Down in old Nomaha there ar
many atlldaviU that Church Howe ha
heard road , which perhaps he would nc
like to have made public , now that hi
operations are in a larger political liold.
Air. Lett took the overland train fo
Colorado , where ho has charge of th
stone department of the Union Pacill
railway. Ho seemed desirous , like al
old Nebraskans who know Howe's rae
record , to banish it from mind nnd sa
very little about the man or his mci
Traveling Guns.
There is only one thing of equal sin
priso to seeing the Hon. Charles II
Dewey getting on a train , and that is hi
getting oft' . His presence seems as ncccs
sary to the complete equipment of n firsl
class train as a I'ullman palace cai
Last evening when the overland froi
the west pulled in , among the first t
alight was the great Omaha travoloi
The reportorial instinct knew at one
that there was some news in the ah
either personal or general , for the Hon
Charles II. always travels in prominoii
company. It was not surprising then t
see I' . P. Shelby , assistant trallio manti
gor of the Union Pacific , with hoadquat
tors at Salt Lake , make his appearance
Ilo was closely followed by General A
U. McCook who has had charge of mill
tary affairs in Utah and is on his way ti
St. Joe for a state fair cncampm'enl
whcnoo he will proceed to Leavonwortli
Then came Colonel Hawkins , Jay Mot
ton , son of the Hon. J. Sterling , an
Wallace Kirko , son of Chicago's greti
soap manufacturer. The latter two hnv
been on a big hunt north of Grand Is
land , and report a good time , althoug ]
the pot-hunter had evidently been amom
the chickens before the legal timo. General
oral MeCook and Colonel Hawkins re
mamed over to dine with Air. Shclbj
Messrs. Morton and Kirko went to th
Club for luncheon , and Air. Dewcy ox
ctised himself from the party in order ti
meditate on the good time ho had amoiij
the veterans at Grand Island , and t
think how soon it would bo that ho wonli
bo an oyo-witncss of French militar ;
movements on the Champs do Alars.
The Middlo-Wclxht Giants.
Yesterday report reached this cit ,
that Al Marx , who Is in training to bo
Michael Fitzgerald on the 8th instant hai
been thrown from a Imgey and scriousl.
injured. Notwithstanding the raii
Colonel Forbes hitched up hie eli
Dexter , and drove out to Marx'
training quarters. Ho found tha
the "Texas Cowboy" had boon throwi
out of a buggy as reported , but ho hai
sustained no injury vhatovcr , but on th
contrary was in the very best of condi
tion. Ho is confident of his ability ti
down the young Irishmen , and as ho ha
the "hurricane lighting" tactics and i
several pounds heavier than Fitzgoralt
ho will undoubtedly make things live !
for Michaol.
The hitter came up from Bellevue las
night to order a now boll ; the star am
stripes above the green. Ho looks like i
young giant , and as ho expects to hav. .
a match In Chicago very soon and has ti
return to Utah to fight Jack Murphy , i
Uocky mountain champion , ho says hi
wishes his match with Marx was to conn
oil'nt once. Fitzgerald depends inainl' '
on his science for victory on the 8th , ani
scorns to have no fear ot the result. IL
returned to Hollovuo this morning , am
will continue his training until the eve o
mooting day.
The Sloinau Stook.
Yesterday afternoon the bids for tin
Sloinan stook wcro opened In the Unitcj
states court. They were found to bi
lower , if anything , than those origin all ;
tdvortiscd for.
Aloyer , Hannerman & Co. , bid GO } cent !
; ash on the dollar , taking the appraiser :
nyontory as a basis of calculation.
Jos. Frond &Co. , $28,230.00. '
Holding Bros , & Co. and several othoi
inns put in partial bids. Herman C
I'ccliholiuor , of Uotrolt , put in a bid o
P31.800 , for the stook or about $270 high
> r than that of Aloyer , iJnnnorman & Co
I'ho attorneys in tno case claim that thii
jd | was received nftor the time for oloa.
ng , August 81st , and an otlbrt will b (
undo to have it thrown out.
The stock was awarded to Meyer , Bai
icrman & Co. for 11,200 , they being UK
ugliest bidders.
Personal Par
Airs. N. B , Falconer and sister came it
iom the west lust evening.
Mr. and Airs. Thomas Rellly ani
laughter , returned yesterday mbrninj :
roui Grand Island.
Airs. Thomas Pioronctand boy returnee
iiomo yesterday , after a month's visi
.van . "the old folks at homo" in Illinois
Otto StroeUor , a well-known Now Yorl
ionrnallst. arrived last ovouing on t
his brother-in-law Paul Woln
; isit to - - ,
: iugoii , of this city.
Klder H. C. Barlow , of Tooumsoh , foi
: wenty-eight years state evangelist o
ho Christian church , passed through tin
Mty yesterday morning on his way tc
North , Band ,
A quartette of prominent Engltsli
.ourisu occupied the Pullman car Kearney
noy on the westward bound train las
light. They were Colonel Chartries ant
uid are on tholr way to San Francisco.
Alex. U. Charltou and brldo canio h
from "Bsctor last night , and. took tl
night train for the JtocKy mountains an
the Pacific "coan. Their sroelal obioi
live point Is Oakland , Cal. , where Al
f'harlton's mother and his sister , Mr
Kdholin , reside. They will return nboi
October 1. after which they will bo " ;
home , " No , 1U13 California street.
largo number of friends were at tli
depot to meet the nowly-marrle
John Wood has returned after seven
weeks of pleasure nt his old homo i
Rhode Island.
William Thompson , of Denver , is visi
ing his old iricnds , John Wood and Job
Kerns , of this city , nnd it is presume
that he will return to his mountain hem
accompanied by a bride.
Kv-Chlof Ihitlcr of the fire departmei
1ms been away for several weeks , bavin
n pleasant time in the east and attendin
the convention of ( ire chiefs at Saralogs
Ho will return homo in a few days.
Our ninrtliiovleh.
A Chlr.igo man named Maitltiovlch , wl :
says ho is a native of MoiitencKi'o and \vi
born about uluhtcen miles from Solia In Uu
irnria , tells the Chicago papers that Prim
Ale.\nndt > r Is really very unpopular nmon
the lltilgarlaus , who are full of pratltudo t
Kiissla. It Is only uocessaiy to observe tin
Sofia Is more than two hundred miles froi
the nearest point on tlio Montenegrin hoi
In a matter of so momentous linpor
mice it is well that the truth should li
known. Alartinovich Is not a Clncagoat
Ilo belongs to Omaha. Hero his voracit
has never been questioned , Neither hav
his opinions. Thn one IIIIH always bee
respected und the other have nlwaj
boon soucht by a knowledge-thirst
world. . The fact that Marilnoviuh wr
born not nearer than two hundred mile
to the Montenegrin border in no wise ii
capacitates such a man as ho from o :
iiresslnjj an opinion as regards the popi
larity of Prince Alexander , the more ci
pcclally so that thousands of , and not tw
hundred miles , separate him from Iho lau
of his birth.
The Board ofTrnilc Mooting.
An adjourned meeting ot the board (
trade was held last evening lo furtht
consider the proposition for the crcctio
of an additional story to Iho board c
trade building. Air. Sidney Smitl
chairman ot the committee ai
pointed to collect subscriptions ft
the purpose of adding the story , roporte
that the committee had secured pied"c
amounting to $3,000. Ho said ho did m
think there would bo any trouble in rai :
ing the desired amount.
i A miscellaneous talk was indulged i
relative to the proposed improvement an
the committee was instructed tocoutinu
the work of solioititing subscription
and also to get the consent of two-third
of the members of the board to the issi
anco of the proposed bonds.
The board then adjourned to meet at
o'clock on Saturday evening to receiv
the report of the committee.
For Travelers' Convenience.
While payincr a visit to the railroa
ofTieos yestcrdsy a reporter for the BE
had the pleasure of witnessing a mo ;
excellent device for the accommodatlo
of passengers in getting on and off th
ulatforms of railway coaches. It is s
arranged that a brnkumnn can , befor
leaving the platform , pull a lever , ci
after stopping down on the ground tur
a small crank" , which will cause an adu
tional step to extend down from undei
neath the Jo\vest permanent stop ani
about equally divide the distance be
tween the ground and the regular ate )
thereby making it more convenient fo
passengers , especially ladies , to get o
and on" the cars with some degree ol eon :
fort. The device is simply constructed
and in point of safety , durability nn
cheapness of construction seems to carr
its own recommendation.
At the
Ilabbi Benson lectures this ovenin
upon the subject of "What Will the Las
Pages of Our Century Record. " Thi
lecture is the first of Iho fall scries c
intellectual discourses lo ho delivered b
Dr. Benson. The choir , composed of th
best musical talent in the city , have prc
pared some excellent selections. Divin
service from this evening will coi :
tinuo to bo 1'eld ' rcgulaVly at Eth
synagogue , both Friday evening at 7:13
o'clock and Saturday morning at 1
o'clock. The Sabbath school connccte
with the congregation will reopen ncx
Sunday morning at 10 o'clock , at whic
time school oflicors , teachers and pupil
are requested lo bo present.
A Christian College.
A copy of the second annual catalogu
of the Fairfield Normal and Collegia !
institute of Fairlield , Neb. , for 'aV3 (
has made its appearance. It is a credit
able pamphlet of twenty-two pages
containing lists of Iho olllcors , th
courses of studios , the different institu
lions of the college , the articles of in
corporation and by-laws of the same , tc
gethor with a showing of the students ii
attendance , who during the last torn
numbered 3-12. The institute is under th
direction of the Christian church , an
seems to bo in a flourishing condition
I'ho pamphlet was forwardcdby Roy. R
C , Harrow , state evangelist of the dc
A Mall Mun to bo Wedded.
Frank A. Knst , of the letter carrie
force , has been promoted from Distric
No. nineteen in tlio southwest part o
the city , to District five , bounded by Fii
teonth and Seventeenth anil Dodge am
Farnani streets. Ho is enjoying a shor
vacation at present and on Tuesday nex
will leave for Iowa City , la. , where
nn Wednesday , ho will bo married t
Miss Maggie Anderson , of that place
i'lio kindly wishes of all his associate
will accompany him on his journey.
To Farmers.
I have for sale fifty line mares , which
will sell on tiiiiq ,
Also for sale or trade for Omaha prop
5rty , the following ;
25 good horses.
10 top buggies.
10 sots of harness. *
Will sell this property on monthly pay
Also a few choice houses nnd lots
ivhioli I will trade for drug slocks. Cal
U Park & Fowler's ollico or al my resi
lenco , 10U North 10th st.
riiiildlni ; Permits ,
Inspector Whltlock issued building
lorinits yesterday as follows :
Edward Lnrkln , hrlck basement for
tenement , ( irnutnnil Colfax . S 1,00
Milton Honors , ono-story frumo ware
house , 15th nnd Iznrd. . . , . , , . . 2,00 ,
M , I' . Frankhausor , frame addition to
cottage. ! ! M7 Uoilijo . 25
\V. \ C , Matthlson , one and a half story
frame cottage , Davenport bet -7tu
nnitasth . 85
Four permits aggregating . S 3eo <
Pounil a Pookotbook ;
"Honesty ia the best policy" is the gos
> ol of railroad men , and if anything o
ittlo or big valno is found around thi
lopot , or on the trains , it is a moral cer
jilnty it will bo returned to Its owner
ITosterday Bradley Johnson , one o
Depot Master Haney's employes found t
, ) ocketboolc containing valuables to tin
unouut of about seyuuty dollars. Tin
> wuer can have the same by calling ot
iiradluy and proving property.
Eov. Hatnmill's Acl pt'oil Daughter OarrU
Away 1 $ B r Mother ,
Church's CitcekTlio Strike Kntletl
The Hoard of Trmlo A Kot-Ror
Arrcsicd ni Traveling
Guns-i'niicr ' Local.
A MNMna Girl.
.Tlio Kev. Mr. llnmniil ! , Uio now rcctc
of Trinity , was very much excited yesto
tiny ovnr tlui suildon disappearance of li
niloptoil daughter , Fannln , aged ton year
wnll lo : should bo , for the little girl is c
unusual brightness , advanced inoro tlia
her yours would ordinarily Indicate , an
a pet of the llannnill household , as wo
as a general favorite with all who kno <
her. yesterday about noon she went t
the grocery store on an errand , 01
dorcd the articles purchased sent liomi
but never returned Herself. When IK
absence became prolonged beyond
reasonable time , anxiety suggested
search , but notwithstanding the fact tin
all places where she might have visit o
andjill the outgoing trains wcro vvatchei
no tidings of the missing one wore fouiu
There is a vein of sensation in tills iHsiq
pcnranco. Some thrco years ago tli
Kev. Mr. UamtnlJl adopted tli
little girl with the full coi
sent of her mother , who was loft a wldo'
in very poor circumstances in New Yor
City and with six children to care foi
Her husband was an extensive dry good
merchant in the metropolis , anil while o
a visit to the Montreal ice carnival i
18S2 lie contracted a cold which deve
oped into pneumonia , which resulted fr
tally. After his death it was diseox-oro
that all his money had been invested i
his business , and further oxamlnatio
showed that there were no assets whai
over for the widow and children. It wa
at this time the Rev. Mr. Ilamnnl teethe
the child , Fannie , and provided her wit
the best of homes , in which ovorythin
that ail'ection could suggest was pr <
vided for the Httln one. The niothu
seemed overpleased that her daughtu
had such preseutgood fortune and Jutur
bright prospects. Sometime afterward
she visited her child and was n
joiced to see how contented sh
was in her happy home. Tli
mother subsequently remarried a ma
by name of Edwards and moved to Kan
sos City. Hev. Mr. Ilammill and funi
ily came hero , the former to assume tli
responsible position of rector of Trinit
cathedral. The mother never visited he
child again until about a fortnight ag
she asked permission to call at Air. Ham
mill's on her way , , "Us she alleged , ti
San Lrancisco. Tbis , Was readily grautoi
and the meeting took .place , the child
of course , after the absence of so man'
years , and considering her tender age
not recognizing her , v iother. Notlnnj
was then said a ? , Jo .any change in tin
Homo of the child [ being made , nor wa
there the least suggestion of any inten
tion on the mother's ' part to take tin
child. Mrs EdwAvds loft , apparently ti
continue her trip lo San Francisco. Tin
disappearance oiFiinnjc yesterday make
Mr. Ilammill morally certain that tin
woman remained in-tlio citv or had ai
agent here , and that 'the fittle < jirl ha
been taken away. Mr. flanuuil
can ' account Mr - , her absence ii
no other way. ri.13 6 ; will leave 111
stone unturned 'ascertain Fannie'
whereabouts. Hoas Ueoply grieved n
Mrs. Edwards' action , if slio really ha
spirited the child away , especially is In
us willing to 'submit the question o
vrhich home is the better one for tin
child to any selected friends of boll
parties. There is a bare possibility tha
the disappearance of the little girl ma ;
bo attributed to some other cause , bii
there is very little foundation for an'
other theory than abnetion. The pres
unt husband of the mother is said to b
opposed to having the child back oven i
the mother should wish it. Mr. Hammil
telegraphed to Kansas City last nigh
and personally visited all the trains , am
is determined to throw some light on tin
mystery no matter what It may cost.
riio Ilorseslioors Gain Their Point am
Etui the Strike.
The horscshoers met again last nigh
and took a review ot the results of th
strike. They quit work last Monday be
cause they were too -poorly paid , rc-cciv
ing from $2.00 to § 3.50 jior day , and m
pay for overtime. They formed n union
gathered into it the best workmen in th
city , and demanded a raise of wages , i
uniform rate of $ J5.00 per day for flee
worhors and $3.50 for lire hands , witl
r > 0 cents an hour for overtime. This wa
asking a good deal , compared with tin
wages which jour shpe s had been re
solving , but the proprietors of the lead
ing shops of the city , realizing that tin
men were earning the wages askoi
by them , acceded to the demand
und the men returned tc work at once
Other proprietors have given in am
union men are now employed in all o
the leading shops of the citv. The proprietors
priotors who employ "cowsfioers , " as tin
non-union workmen arc called , are Kar
bach , Moore , street car barn , Nelson
Uogors , Longfrcy and Muhloon , Thesi
noyer employ but a few workmen am
tbo union , feeling that it has gamed i
? rent victory in the interest of organize !
labor , at their mooting last night do
slared the strike oil' . All of the men whc
went out with the strikers remainci
loyal , except four who wore unable U
liold tlioir positions and went into seal
shops to keep from beiiig thrown out 01
jniploymont The horseshoors approci
vto to the fullest extent the very courto
ins treatment they have received at tin
muds of the bo qs who have agreed tc
, ho now scale of pricoj .
Important Improvements Contour
plated l > y the New AdiiilulHtration ,
The now managers of the waterworks
lompany were busv yesterday in aosunv
ng charge of th6' ' ' comp.iny's business ,
Mr. Wilio , the now secretiry , will remove
, o Omaha at once , and assume chanro ol
.ho } ocul ollico. A Vp'/dy important iiu-
iroyoments arc being planned by the ne\\
nanagemont that will'givotho city a bet'
or water service'th t. it so much needs ,
't is proposed to remove the pumping ajv
Kinitus and plant1 ' rffpor of the coni1
> any to Floronco,1 _ ' Tnu first and mpsl
mnortant reason for thischango is tlnil
it Florence the current of the river is
nero fixed than at the present Kite
> f the pumping houses , and n
slcaror quality of water can tluu
jo obtained. 'Iho valno of the ground
n the vicinity of the present works alsa
nakos the enlargement of the plant an
ixpensivo venture in its present locality ,
t is proposed to build si plant at Flor-
iiice that will have a capacity sulliclcnt
o moot the demand of the ciiy for year *
o come. The water will bo pumped ill-
cot into the pipes at Florence und con-
luctod to the reservoirs now used by the
iompany in this city. The contemplated
improvements will involve an oxpondi-
uro of nearly threo-ouartcrs of a > niillion
lollars and will give Omaha a water-
vorks-system in keeping with the city's
idvanceraent in other improvements ol
t public nature.
Picnic aln ItitfTVt.
Last night a "oloet party of Omaha 1
dips and gcntli-mon wont lo ( ? rar
Island to visit lht > ( i. A. K. eneauipuien
It was composed of Mr. and Mrs , L. >
Honnctt , Mr. mil Mrs. U. K. Yost , Mi
Uertha Yost , Mr. and Mrs. Lyinan Kiel
nrdson , Master Ralph Kk-hardson , M
and Mrs. ,1.V. . Morse , General and Mr
Cowin , Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Morstna
Mrsiporgo K. I'ritchott , Mrs. Sa :
.lonos , and Mr. John K. Wilbur. Thee
o ant I'ullman bull'ot enr Dogota Was o
IWlallv arranged for tiie party by G. V
C. I'utterson , the ellicient storekeeper i
the eomimny , and everything was i
royal order for luxurious comfort an
pleasure. In addition to the goner ;
stock of good things provided , each met
ber of the party brought along a bask
of fruit , etc. , so that really tins trip wi
lie n basket piouie nn n bullet ear. TI
party will remain at the grand rcunk
until Saturday , and will bo at homo c
the Hogota especially if it rains.
Army Orders.
The department rlllo team , Ineludin
two alternates , will proceed , on the 01
inst. , under cliargo of First Lieulonai
John Conklin , Ninth cavalry , commam
ing the team , lo Fort Loavomvortli , Kai
sas , and report : it headquarters dopar
inent of the Missouri.
Second Lieutenant Grote Hulchesoi
Ninth cavalry , has been relie.\od froi
further duty in connection with the id
partmcnt rifln competition , and will pr <
cced to Fort Niobrara , Nob. , and repo
to the commanding otlicer for duty wit
his troop.
Major Guy V. Henry , Ninth cavali"
Inspector of rillo pniollco for the dopar
ment , will proceed to Fort Loavenwortl
Kansas , on public business.
Tlio Thlrtconth Street Tllot. Again.
In Judge Slonberg's court yestord.i
afternoon Carl Harm , the basket make
was arraigned for trial , charged wit
having assaulted Ollieor O'Hoylo in tl
riot on Thirteenth street some weeksagi
lie strenuously denied having been coi
nected in the matter , and his sou ,
young follow about eighteen years of agi
did some tall swearing in his behalf. .
dozen witnesses , however , testified tin
weilo O Boyle was holding Sweeney dow
Harm struck the ollieer and kicked hit
several times. Judge Stoubcrg pr <
nounced him guilty and sentenced nil
to serve ten days in the county jail an
also to pay a line of ? ' , ' 5.
His Skull Clacked.
"Judge , I've got a cracked skull , an
want a warrant for Mike Troy , " said ft
W. Hartigan , as ho staggered into tl ;
police court room yesterday cveninf
holding a bloodsoaked handkerchief t
his head. Ho stated that ho had bee
standing at his homo , at the corner c
Twelfth and Cass , talking with Troi
when tlio latter drew up a loaded can
and hit him across the head. A warrar
was issued and Troy arrested last'night
He alleges that ho struck Hartigan i
self-defense. Hartigan has a severe cu
across his head , but Is not dangerous !
Missouri' * * Hanks.
Yesterday morning's passeugei
Da the U. & M. saw what ol
settlers claimed to bo amoj
unusual occurrence. It was notl :
ing less than the fording by about twent
head of cattle of the Missouri river ,
short distance above Plattsinouth. Thcr
was nobody in charge of the herd. The
seemed to take the notion of making
trip to the Ipwrv side , and quietly tunic
their heads in that direction and walkc
across. An "old settler , " who huppcnc
to be on the train , remarked that ho ha
never seen the water of the Missoui
river so low betorc that it could bo wade
by a herd of rambling cows.
An Army Order.
General Crook issued the followin
order j'csterday ;
"In accordance with paragraph 1 !
special orders No. 128 , current sorioi
headquarters of the army , Lioutenar
Colonel Horace B. Burnham , dcput
judge advocate general , United Stati
army , is hereby relieved from duty a
judge advocate of this department.
Tlio department commander takes thi
occasion to express his appreciation c
Colonel Burnham'a conscientious lidelit
to his duties ( luring his long tour of soi
vice in this department. "
On a Hunt.
Yesterday morning the firm of Saokot
Preston & Richardson , of Council BlufL
was splendidly represented at the Unio
Pacific depot by a hunting party , i
which a good sized number of pointer
figured. There were seven dogs in th
number , bright and brilliant specimen
of their breed , Two were English setter
in white and blaok , while the others wor
Irish , with a rich hazel color. The part
go to Fullerton and Cedar Hupids , am
Will remain us long as the pleasure lasts
Cahlc Material for tlio O. II. II. Co.
The cable line material mentioned ii
( ostcrday's Bui , as having arrived con
signed to the horse railway company
Domes here addressed to U. J. Miller , th
iiigineer of the latter corporation. Unti
10 arrives from New York , which ma ;
not take place for about ton days , noth
ng will be douo _ in the matter of put tin ;
the material into place.
Appraisers of Diunagofi.
Injustice M'jCulloch's court yostorda :
I ? . L. Stone , Isaao Piorco. William Wai
ace , Charles 1 $ . Rustin Charlns Shivericl
mil John T. Boll were qualified as ap
miisors to assess the value of property ii :
ot 0 , block 803 , owned by C. II. Brown ,
uul in lot a. block 315 , which it ) wantui
jy the Omaha & Republican Valley rail
tvay company. _
Tlio TrnviH Trial.
Court Officer Whalon has been busy fo
.ho past two days summoning witnesse ,
11 tlio case against Aimer Travis , ohnrgct
vlth an assault with intent to kill his col
> red brother , John Alexander. Tin
irosecutlon has summoned the majo ;
> ortion of thn colored population of tin
ilty. The trial will occur to-day.
Died nt Si , Joseph' * ) .
Yesterday morning at 11 o'clock
iVHIlam Stuovcr , aged sixty-five
roars , died fit St. Joseph'j
lospital. His funeral will tak <
ilaco to-morrow at 9 o'clock In tin
nornlng from St , Mury Magdalon'j
ihurclu _ _
William A. Armsberry has commenced
uit against Frederick Xoiglorot al. foru
llvision of the estate of the lute Nelson
City Treasurer Buok Is making up the
lolinquont tax list which will be pub
ished in a few days.
Captain Woods , deputy city clerk , is
aking in the G. A H. jubilee at Grand
Excavations were commonccgd yestcr-
lay for the Seventeenth street side of the
otaming wall for the court house.
County Commissioners Corliss and
) 'Koefto were out in the country ycster-
lay looking after ford and bridge con-
There will bo an adjourned mooting ol
he city council this evening.
Sol Smith Kussoll , in "Pa , " at Boycl's
Which Shows Thnt Ydunn Men Shoul
llt'nd tiit IjfilirlMon Their Conts.
Plttsbiirg Dlspateh : Several weeks a < ;
a gentleman , known In this transaclhi
us Kugeue He-uling , bf.ight n dark gr:1 :
Norfolk summer eoat while making
summer trip to Boston. On the inside i
the eollar of the eoat was fastened tl
manufacturer's tap bearing the insignil
cant characters. "Lot 31,7111. B. IW.
A\ hen Reading tore the tab oil' his 03
caught some writing on the side wliii
had been next the eoat. Ho roc
"Melissa 1'ollny , West Bowdoln , Maine
lie put me talTinto hlspoeket , trunsaeti
his mi-si noo1) ) and a couple of weeks afti
his return to Pittslmrg decided to make
test of Hits geutlo hint to mankind i
general. He wrote a letter to Mi :
Policy , in which he told her that ho hsi
discovered her name upon the tab an
congratulated her upon her eveellei
workmanship , sasiim that one who eoul
sew so neatly must , indeed , be a j'oun
lady of oilier commendable and lovnb
qualities. He emphasized his sineeril
by calling her a "pretty tailoro.o , ' ' an
professed the strange awakening wit hi
his heart of something akin to gmmii
regard , if no alleotion , for the lady wl
had made the garment.
The letter carried safely , and In dt
time came the following frank , yet moi
cat , reply ;
V * KST llownois , Me. , AiiKiistlK , 1SM1.
HKAII rni UN t > : 1 received your letter i
congratulations , and thought I would tluir
you ( or It ; and I hoiw the coat Is made nlc
But 1 shonUl like to know wlmt Klnil of a co
It Is-lf it Is a Norfolk. As to the "pret ;
talloross , " there Is no such word In the bool
but I do not know what the mule .sex won
ilo If It wcro net Tor thn old maids to do the
tailoring. So 1 will close , with many thanl
nnd lots ot Rood wishes. Yoms truly ,
_ S. POLI < IY.
P. a. You say you i > urohascU your co
sonic llnio KO. llftvo you liemi thmklm ;
over all this time ? Kxeuso 1110 for buhi i
saucy , but 1 hope you have got It settled. !
. .
Mr. Reading had evidently "got it so
tied , " nnd , If any doubt had remained i
his mind , the guntlo hint in the postserii
had wiped it away , for the return ma
carried a letter full of burning words an
such other nonsense as a lover , or on
ambitious for that position , is apt to
A correspondence followed , anil lettei
Cassed each other , going and coniin
etween them , at an average of twie
and then three times a week.
The conclusion finally reached by tli
young Pittsburger , who had receive
ample encouragement in his suit , \vn
that life would bo burdensome withoi
his "pretty tailoress , " for she has reall
proven to bo such from her plcturi
which ho got one day last week ; an
after till , the term "old maid , " which sli
had applied to herself , was a ruse to tci
the interest of her Pittsburg admire
She has his picture , and from the dissc :
tation she wrote upon it has certainl
concluded that her strangely capture
lover is a man of Handsome face tin
kindly features , for she writes : "Ifyo
are just luilf as good as you look , I ai
proud of your professed admiration an
interest in me. '
That sentence is whatclinche.d the ma
ter as far as Heading was concerned. H
immediately wrote a proposal of ma ;
riage and asked that her acceptance c
refusal be by telegram. Icstcrday ho n
colveu the following :
Kugeiie Heading. Yes , with pleasure.
The overjoyed lover almost hugged tli
District boy who delivered the messag
to him , and , after reading it over an
over , wrote the following with a troml
ling hand :
Good. I am coming as soon as I can get
leave of absence.
And just now thcro Is a clerk aboi
city hall who is fretting under restrain
and every day ho prays his chief of di
partment for a vacation of two weeks I
go to Maine.
The Stuir That brought Them.
Arkansaw Traveler : Colonel Ph
Janery , drummer for a great whisk
house , has just returned from a trip 1
Northern Arkansas. When asked coi
corning his experience and success , li
said : "Nothing worthy of the name (
adventure occurred until Iho other daj
L was driving along a mountain road , st
cure in the belief thatall was well , an
doubtless would have remained in th :
condition had not a violent rain ston
come up. I was not very Well acquain !
ed with the country and was foolis
enough to drive down into a stream. A
most instantly my horses wore swept o
their foot. They wcro washed arouu
and lodged against a bunch of willoi
trees , where wo found just enough brae
to keep .tho entire aBair from sinking.
began to shout for holp. I shouted unt
I was hoarse and then drawing up m ,
legs I waited for my wagon and team t
bo swept _ to destruction. The wate
grew swifter and I saw that to get out c
the wagon would bo certain death. Fin
ally my loud cries , I was delighted t
see , attracted the notice of a number o
" 'Halloa , ' said one follow , 'what's th
matter out there ? '
' ' I have been washed against thes
bushes and am likely to bo" drowned
For God's sake , como out and help mo ,
" 'Wo can't como out there. The wate
will wash us away. '
" 'Yes buldon't ' that I
, you see an
about to drown1
41 'I see all that ; but life is worth mon
than money. Wo can't help you. '
1 'Havo'nt yon got a boat1
'Yes , but It might turn over. '
" Tor God'ssako , men , save mo.1
" 'Would like to do it but the chance
are against you. '
" T'll pay you for it. '
" 'Pay don't amount to nothing. '
" 'I'll do anything for you if you' !
como out and save us. '
" 'Sorry , but wo can't risk our lives thii
way. "
tf 'But I tell you I'll pay you for it. '
" 'That's all but can't
rlghtj you pay t
man for losing his life.1
" 'Suppose I'd toll you that I've got t
wagon load of Bibles , what then ? '
' 'Would make no difference. '
" 'Say , fellows , as there seems to bo nt
chance , I'll ' toll you something. Thisis ;
prohibition country , isn't itf
" That's what it is. '
" 'Well , now. lot mo toll yon onn thing
I am a drummer for a whisky house and
my wagon is loadad with sumplus. '
fl 'What ? '
"I repeated the remark.
" 'No Joko1
' 'No Joko.1
14 'Well , wo don't want to risk our lives
for money and all that sort o" stull' , but
f you've got whisky we're with you ; '
uid , sir , ithoy swam out und saved mj
wagon and team They could not on-
lure the idea of 'such H lot of whisky.
The County Farm.
Mr. 1. N. Pierce left the county poor
larin yesterday and removed with his
family to the corner of Twenty-eighth
uid Leaven worth streets. Ho has been
iiiporintendent at Iho farm for the past
light years , Mr. John Mahoney , Mr.
1'jorco'H micceasor , tool ; charge of the
'Sardine box" ye tor iay.
\V < ; tided.
John Humphrey nnd Jane White were
named ycsteritay by Judge Berka.
I-'or Halo llesldcnoo.
My lot , house ( with or without fnrni
.uro ) and barn for sale on easy pay
nciils , For particulars apply to
MKS. F , M. l'uuui'd.
22JV Dodge St.
Humgo'ji arrival of now fall goods.
Bargain South Sixteonth-st. near via-
luct10x11)3. ) . Will Increase rapidly when
induct 13 comiiluted ; if 1,000 ,
S. A. SI.OMAH , 1013 Furnnm ,
Crtptnlu U'lmck
Atlanta Constitution : Whack Bally Is
in town. Ho reaehod Atlanta yesterday
and is on his way to Jlexico.
ilia company , however , is not with
him.Soon utter reaching Atlanta , Whack
Bally went up to the Unlo City ( Juard
armory and. laying down n quarter , said
to the janitor :
" ( ilvo mo n quarter's worth of drill. "
"A quarter's worth o' what ? " asked
the liimtor in surprise.
"Prill , drill , man , ( ! ive mo a quarter's
worth of drill. Show mo how to right-
shoulder-shift , carry-arms. A gun.
The janitor looked at Iho military en
thusiast a niinuto with wide open eyes ,
and then asked :
"Who is you , anyhow ? "
"U ho am I ? (5raeious man , don't you
know me ? Why. 1 thought everybody
knew me. Why , I'm Whack Haily , Cap
tain Wluiek Bally , of the army that's
going to clean up Mexico. "
"You is.M
"Yes , 1 is , and I want you to show mo
how to handle a gun , so f can drill my
men. Understand ? "
"Oh , you want mu to drill you1
"That's the si/o of It. "
"All right. Here goes. "
Iho janitor took down a gun nnd
handed it to Captain Whack , ami planted
himself in front.
"Now , when 1 uivo a command I'll go
through it with this gun , and yon follow
/.ample. Sec ? "
"All right , go ahead. Give mo a big
quarter's worth. "
The instructor gave the commands ami
wont through the drill. Captain Whack
followed suit. The instructor found him
a good pupil and kept him going until
prcspiratlon dropped ofl'Captain Whack's "
face. Then the captain got tired and
stopped.- The instructor wanted to go on ,
but the pupil said :
"No. I'm tired , wo will stop. I bo-
llovo when I teach my company all that
1 have learned hero that I will bo able to
whip not only Mexico but the world. "
"bay , didn't you say you wanted a
quarter's worth ? "
"Yes , and I paid you a quarter. You
don't want more ? "
"No , but 1's only give you a dime's
worth , ( ! et the gun and 111 give you tlio
balance. "
' . 'No , thank you. No more for me. You
can keep the fifteen cents. No. I just
thought give it to me , and I'll give
these darned newsyaper reporters a ban
quet with it. "
Halford Suuco makes cold meats a lux
ury. _
Urenlclng Up Camp.
The sharpshooters' camp at Bellevue
is about "broke up. " Only about thirty
soldiers remain there now , and they will
vacate the quarters to-day , leaving only
the team of fourteen behind. The latter
have boon in constant practiceslnco they
were selected , and will leave for Fort
Loavonworth Saturday. About forty of
thn sharpshooters wont west last night
.for dill'oreiit stations in Wyoming and
Utah. The majority belonged to the
Seventh infantry , with a few members o
the Sixth and Second.
lie Forged a Chock.
J. B. Kmnster , who keeps a boarding
house at the corner of Twelfth and Cass ,
presented a bill for $15 to one of iris-
boarders , E. L. Whitman. In pavmcnte ,
Whitman presented a cheek on the Omaha.
National bank , made payable to himself .1
and signed by P. Y. Nichols. Mr.j
Krciwr accepted the check ano ?
paid Whitman $10 in cash. Ho then pre
sented tlio check at the bank and was in
formed that it was "no good. " MrJ
Nichols was seen anil pronounced the
check a forgery. Whitman was arrested. !
Ilall'ord Sauce in valuable to all cooks. *
County Democracy.
On next Saturday , at U o'clock , thoro-
will be a special meeting of the demo
cratic county central committno at thoj
ofliee ot J. A."McShane , Thirteenth strecu
near Farnani.
Omaha ,
Council Bluffs
And Chicago.
The only roM to tftke for , tes Holnos , Mar-
Blialltown , ( uUar HaiililH , Clinton , Dlxlo. Clilca-
go , Milwaukee and all points oast. To tuo people
ple ot Nobrmka. Colorado. WyotnliiK. Utah ,
Iclatio.NovHilfi , Oregon , WiiKhliiKton nnd Call-
fornln , It offers superior advantugos not jiogst-
lile by ny ether line. .
Among foir of tlio numerous points of iu-
norlorlty onjoyrd by tlio patrons of this ronrt
between Omnha auJ ClilciiRO.Bro HH twotrnlni
nilayof PAY COACIIKS wliloh nro the fltmat
thnt bitmim nrt and innimnltj- cnn errata. Its
I'Af.ACK SUCHI'INO OAJIS , rfhloli are rnodnli
: if ooiiifort nnd oloRHiiro. ltd f'AItr/JHDHAW-
fNfl IIOOM OAII.S , imimrniMNoillir nny , and Its
irldoly cnlohrntui ! PALATIAL DININn OAHB ,
.ho nmml of wbich ciitiiuit bo fniinil nlsorhnro.
At Connell lllulTs the trnlnnof Ilia I'nfon I'nei-
lo Hy. connect In I'mon Ioj ) > ot with tlioB * of
lid Chicago k Northwufltern Hy , In Chicago
.lie trains of lliln line innko close connoctlon
, vltli those of nil caslfirn lines
For nntrolt , roluniljiin. Itullimnpolls. flnoln-
iatl , NlnsriirAriilla.niiirnlo , I'll iHburtr , Toronto ,
Montronl. lloston , Now York , I'lillinldlpHlii , Ilal-
Jinoro. WnslihiBlon nnd nil | olnts In tlio oaat ,
i3k the tlckutuurnt for tlckntt. via tbo
Tf you wlxh thu boit uoi'omnioiliUlcma. All
Ickct HL'niilsfell tlckuts vln tills lino.
Gunorat Jfuni'.ffor. Ocn , rnss. Aaont
OP run
] hicapMitaaukeB&SIPaulli'i , _ , '
FIDQ mm id council BLUFFS ot .
COUNClt. IILUl'l'rt
Jhiciipro , AND Milwaukee ,
it. Paul , Minneapolis , U'tlar Knpitls ,
Uinton , Duhuque , Davenport ,
{ ock IsIiiiilFrenport ( , Hockford ,
' "lj'iii , Jiatlison , JiiiHvillo : ( ! ,
ioloit , Wliionn , Lu. Crosse ,
Ludall otlior linporliint polnti lu ! t , KortUewt
und Bonllienst ,
For throuxll ticket * cull on tie ! Tlntcat Aion
t HOI Knruiim vtrvvt ( la lUitou llotolhor a
' .
i'ullmun hluencM und the lluait Dlnlinf Cart
ntho world nro run on Ihti mvln llueaoftli *
IIIKUOO , MIIWAIKCE & ST. Run , UAii.w/ir ,
nil cvury uttunUoii U paid to ituasciiiirur * by
ouriuont emiilpyti of thu compiiny ,
H , Mir.i.v.ii , Uenrml Miui t.ror.
J. TIICICKII , Aa l tunt Ho 1111 nil Mna er.
A. V. II. UAui'iSHTKH , Oenurnl I'auong-or and " 4
. K. Ih rifoiii ) , Asitetntit Oeuoral I'atioo-
or und Ticket AKont
J , T. CL\UK , ( Juuanu SuiJOrintendniit ,