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Still Later Reports of Desolation anil De-
btniction From Fated Obarleiton.
The People npKliinliiR to Upturn to
Tliclr Homes After HIP Nliihln of
Honor Other Details of
IIplp Tor tlio SufTerpra.
WA ni.Ncnov , Sept. 2. fSuccIsil Telegram
to the BKK. [ Tlio sell ntlsts of tills city hav
ing mostly linlshed talking ntu Into liour List
evening , tlio people of Washington have
to-da > turned their attention to Chai lesion
niul lm\u looked with Interest ( or the hourly
bulletin1) from Hint city. A number of oftl-
clals and gentlemen losldonl hero n nvo icla-
lives living in the shattered city , onil having
been In receipt of private telegrams fioni
them have all day been surrounded by curl-
ous and sympathetic friends , nn\toiis to
share the tidings received. Although no ap
peals fornld have been received , public sym
pathy in the Several departments ,
anxious to take some btibstantial
form , has piomptcd the starting of
funds for the relief of the sufferers should
It bo found necessary to sunplj the city from
without In the olllce of the comptroller of
the ciirrcncj ( Mr. Tronliolm's family tire
now In Charleston ) a fund started tills after
noon reached S * > 7.r 0 befoio 4 o'clock , and
othei liueaus ) beean subscribing Hats this
afternoon. 1 lie Evening Critic has a fund
under way , mid In several of the banks and
large business institutions a uunerous spirit
evinced Itself In offers to contilmitu from
umploves. The department ofllclals stand
ready to extend government aid whenever
needed , and tlio ticasury ( tepaitmcnt has
alieady ordered two revenue cutters of the
southern districts to Wilmington to await
the orders of the relief committee for
Charleston. The war department has placed
tents and camp equipments at the disposal of
, the committees , and the navy department
will order a dispatch boat to Charleston If
necessaiy. The man wlthathcoiy In the
meanwhile Is on hand , and seems to have
the Moor most of tlio time in bar-roomshotel
corridors , and on street corners.
The bends ot the executive departments
will do all In tliolr power for the relief of the
sufferers from ttie earthquake at Cliailcston.
The treasmy department to-day oidcred a
revenue euttci to convey stores and clothing
and tents from Wilmington , and to take the
relief committee as passengers. The adju
tant gcneial has oulered that all available
army tents ! > c placed at the disposition of the
lelief committees. The navy depaitmnnt
will also take any action In its power tor the
relict of the sufferers.
Nhvv YOIIK , Sept. 2. The Western Union
Tolegiaph company issued the following
ordoi : 'To general and district suneiintend-
cuts : Von .ire autlioii/.ed to semi fieo nies-
bagcsot ii'llef lei Charleston sulfeieis.
[ Signed ] , "Nouviv Gnni.v , Pies. "
Tlic SlinkpM City.
Cn.Mit.KSiox.Sept.2. Thopilnclpalsticets
aui littered with biicks and inbbish. 'Ihc
massive poitlco of St. Michael's is wrenched
from tlio body of the church ami the ciack
In the main building extends to the founda
tion. All ot the portico of Bishop North-
nip's icsidonco 13 swept away. The Charleston -
ton hotel loses thocollings and part of tlie
coping. The Gorman aitillery hall is some
what injmed. The wateiwoiks biitldlngand
rcseivolr aio injmed. The Injury to St.
Phillips' chinch Is almostundescrlbable. Sev-
eial arches of the splro above the clock tower
arc torn down and tlnown out.
On Sullivan's Island the shock was severe ,
butcompai.xtively little Injmy was done. Xo
lives weie lost. Many of the summei visit
ors came to the citj this morning.
Tlio last eaitluiuake shock was cxuerlenccd
heie at 11:50 : hiht night , since which time
there have been no vibrations. Tlio people
nro just beginning to pick up courage to come
out. Efforts ate being made to clear paths
through the stieets for the passage ol ve
hicles ana pedestiians , and the city onto
more begins to show some signs of lite.
1'or two long dajs and nights of 1-orror ,
women and children have been camplngout
in paiks and smiaies. The earthquake swept
ovet the city like a besom of destruction. It
Is Impossible to give any correct estimate of
the loss of life and pioperty. 1'or two days
and nights tlio people have done nothing but
huddle In the Kqiiaie. Small detached relief
parties aie going out to dig out the dead
11om the debris or succor the wounded. The
llrst systematic effort to get at the facts Is
now beini } made. The list of dead recog-
nl/ed and reported this morning
' foots up to sixteen and the search has only
commenced. The list of wounded will do
Into the hundreds. About sevoi-clzhts of the
houses ot public buildings aio either clam-
nged or wrecked. The waves from 0:5.Tues : '
day night have been coming every live or six
hours. There has been none now for tvvclvo
hours and htiong hopes aio enleitiilned that
the honor Is about over.
A special to the News and Courier from
points in .South Carolina , ranging from the
c\tiemo northwest to the sea coast , repoits
hcvciat shocks of caitluiuako , with moioor
less dnmago to proprrty. though without
loss of life so far as Is known. In Gunge-
burg the people became so nlauned that
many moved to Columbia.
As the details of tlio calamity In tills cltv
are gathered , Its effects becomn more and
inoroalaimlng. It is feared also , that much
distress will pievall , as by far tun laigcr part
of those whoso pionoity has been wiecked or
seriously damaged belong to thopooior
classes. 'Ihe people are as cheer
ful as possible under the terrible
clienmstaniTH , and are living to lestoro
oidei out of chaos. The nggicgato loss is ex
pected to reach tlueo millions. The vvlmues ,
w alehouses and business facilities of the cltv
generally aio unallVcted by the catastrophe ,
and Chirlcston Is ready as over foi the tuns-
action of business.
' 1 ho ofllclal total of deaths Is thlity-tvvo ,
and the wounded will probably number 100.
Business Is still suspended , the whole atten
tion of the people being given to providing
lor the homottss.
Brlcklajerfi have advanced their rates to
BX ! dollais nei day. The city council will
piobably meet to moiiowtopiovldemeasures
lor relieving the poor. KxpiVKSlons ot grati
tude are henrd on all sides for the assistance
oflered to ChaileMon of which the sulterlng
people will L-ladly avail themselves. Confi
dence Is gradually returning , but much ap-
pichonslon Ishtlll felt.
The people are gradually takliu account of
the details of the injury worked by the eaith-
tuaUo , and the list or damage to propcity Is
startling. A limited section In the south of
the city Is n sample ot the whole. Standing
at the postotllco and looking west , an almost
Impassable roadway of debils meets the eve.
The building ot the chamber of commerce Is
badly damaged , a poitlon of the south
and east walls having been thrown down
by the v lolciiro of the shock , and the build
ings of Walker , Kvans it BOL'SVV ell luv e also
milfeied. while heavy granite slabs which
foi iiied the parapet of the News and Courier
building lie upon the sidewalk , leaving the
Hate roof and a portion ot ! the nttlc floor ex
posed. Most of the building * , on the street
nro more or less damaged , but the violence of
the eattluiuako Is most perceptible at the his-
tone Intersection of Broad and Meeting
Etloots , The police station Is almost a com
plete w reck. Tlio uppei edge of the w all has
boon torn down and that of the north wall
lias fallen on the loof of the poich , carrying
It awuy and leaving only the large
fluted pillars standPL' ! . Tlio city hall
nppaienlly e-scaped serious damage , but Is
badly cracked on the vast wall , and the court
house building Is badly damaged , the walls
being cnicked in several places and poitlons
of ( lie roof and tables being thiovvn down.
Tlio fireproof building seems to stand as a
reck. The gables of the north and south
yoicut-3 , however , uuuleol solid browu stone ,
have been thrown to the pavement below.
1 tils ajipears to be the onlv damage done to
the building. The worst wieck In the local
ity , however , Is St. Miclncl's church , which
'cms to bo doomed to destruction ,
j'lio steeple , the repairs on which had just
bien completed , M'cni < Uo be Intact , but It Is
out of pniiiib and is in moment vi > dauber of
falling. IIin massive poteh has been
wrenched fiom the liodv of tliochmch. and
the building has boon cracked In
four places. One cur > k In the
north wnll extends fiom the caves to
the lower window. ' 1 vvo on the west face of
the chinch extend the entlie heiuht of the
building , tun ! < me on the smith wall also ex
tends fiom the eaves duwn almost to the
What a scene of desolation the fashionable
boulevard of Clnrlestiin pieseiits. Commenc-
I HIT nt IliiMd snoot ono passes
thioiigh a block of burned houses.
'Ihe lire , starting at No. US ,
the thud building fiom the corner of
lirnad street on the east side , consumed the
entlii'row of buildings as fat northusTiillv's
old stand , ne\t to the Quaker cravej.aid. 'llio
few houses left on that side of the sticet aie
nmie or less shattered or gutted. Tew
houses on the west side of
the street ninth of Bund stuet
have escaped tlio uenoral fate , although the
damage U not as great as In other portions of
the sheet. An immense vacant lot on the
west side of Ihe stieet Is occupied bv families
who lived In the burnt houses , and who arc
camped out on the swaul with a lew hou e-
hold effects saved from the tlamcs. From
Queen stieet to llaihack' alley almost -
most even- house Is shalteied , the tops
of the walls near the loof being tlnown
down. A larne building at the corner of
Clifford and Klin : streets formeily Silcox's
furniture store , has , to all outwaid appear
ances , miraculously osiaptd. From Haibaek's
alley to Mai kct stieet the damage is not so
meat aslt inlirlit have been. KIOIII Maiket to
Hazel stieet the damaedone does not seem to
bo as gieat as In other poitlons of tlmellv.
lcar Shell stuet them is a cabin occupied bj
acoloicd man that isumipleteh suiiounded
b ) yawning ch.isiiis extending thioiigh the
earths -nirlaco lor ten feet and ovei. All
around this theie aie sinks of tresh waterand
masses of mud with qiteei-hiokiiig soft
substances that have never hi en een
befoie. It is contended by man ) that the
mud and othei substances found aiound the
villigo aie volcanic matteu These evi-
deuces ot great convulsion aie not sparodlc
'I hey extend far and near in
every dliectlon , liom the cltj
limits of Charleston to Summervlllo ,
and at the latter place it WAS found fiom
tnistwmthy information that nacks and lis-
biires aie every where visible for miles and
miles around. Strangely eiionuh some of
these were in active operation , and constant
shocks that were feltat Summerville sent the
water out of these lissiires in jets to 'the
height ot fiom fifteen to twenty feet.
This was evidently the result of
the cracks being Illleii with water and then
the bides opening and closing b ) each suc
ceeding shock. These appeaiances were of
course suggestive ot still more violent erup
tions , and there was constant dreid every-
wheie that there would ho a general inunda
tion caused by some extiaoulluary foiceof
Near Ten Mile Hill a fatal accident oc-
curied on Tuesday night. The down Col
umbia train jumped the trick. Engineer
Ouinsaiid riieman AinoUl , colored , were
badly Injuicd by the tremendous leap
vvhleli the tiain took In the daik under the
unseen influence ol the shock that dis
mantled the road. It is said that the earth
suddenly gave way and that the engine
hist plunged down a temporary declivity.
It was then uiscd on top of A succeeding ter-
restlal undulation , and having reached the
top of the wave a smidcn swerving of the
force to the light and left hulled the Ill-fated
train down the embankment. The tialn at
the time of the earthquake was i mining at the
usual speed , and when about a mile south ol
Jedlmrg it encounteied the teuible cxpcii-
ence. It was fielishtcd with hundieds of
oxcmslonists retuining from the mountains.
'II ley were sill gavand happj , laughing and
talking , when all of a sudden , in ( no lan
guage of ono of lite excuiolonists , the tialn
appeared to have left the track ami
was going up , up , up , into the air.
This was the ilsing wave. Suddenly
U descended , and as it lapldlv fell it Hung
the llrst coxch violently over to the east , the
heads of the car apparentlv leaning over at
an angle of foity-tivo degrees. Then the
tiain righted and was hurled , as with the
roai ot artillery , over to the west ,
and finally subsided on the truck' and
took a nunine downwaul. evidently on
the descending wave. The engineer
nut down the brakes tight , but so great was
the original and added momentum that the
train leaped ahead. It is said on trustworthv
authoilty thnt the tram net u illy galloped
along the track , the Iront and rear tiucks of
the coaches rising and falling alternately.
The utmost contusion prevailed. Women
and childien shrieked with ills-
may and the bravest hearts quailed In
momcntaiy expectation of a more teirlble
catastrophe. The train was then taken back
In the direction of Jedberg , and on the way
bade the work of the eaitluiuake was teulbly
Despite the losses by theeaithquaktCharles-
ton is in as good a position as ever for the
transportation of the usual autumn tiade.
Theiels ample warehouse and wharf loom ;
thecompiesses are in trim , and merchants
and factories are ready to deal expedltlously
with all business that offers. This statement
is made to correct an existing erroneous im
pression that the commeiclal facilities ot the
port Is Impaired.
The following additional deaths are re
ported :
.JOHN COOK , colored , fisherman.
SKliUA B. SAWYER , daughter of Isnnc
Saw v er , colored barber.
Colored baby , child of Mrs. Dainoval.
hast nUht the old scenes ot fright and
fear vvereenactcd in the public hquaies and
parks. Atll.riOp. : m. a heavy caithquako
passed through the city. Its coming was
piesaged by quite a number of explosions ,
dim and distant , which commenced to be
heard fullv live minutes betoro the vibration
was felt This was the last vibiatlon last
IMnillllTTEn TKMinilAI'JI KACIMTIi:1' .
Ni.w YOIIK , Sept. a. The Western Union
oftlclals state no messages sent to Charleston
last night could bo dellveicd on ac
count ot the general contusion. The hotels
aie empty and the people have deserted their
dwellings and aio encamped in the open lots
and so cannot Im found. The main olllce of
the \Vestcin Union in Clinileston Is badly
damaged. The batteries are dcstrojcd and all
Instruments ruined by falling biicks and
plastoi. An olllco has been opened about a
mile and a half trom the old ono and two
wires placed in worklns order. None of
their employes aio seriously Injured. At 5
this morning all their operators were com
pelled to leave their posts and seek icst.
The excitement has been so gieat tliat foi
foity-eight horns Hie ) had obtained no sleep.
At 1 this moinlng another slight shock of
earthquake was felt , but It did nodamu e.
Shutting OirCiuuuIltui Trailp ,
CHICAGO , Sept 2. The Inter Ocean to
morrow will say : Tlieio , uc some mailno
men here who believe the decision of the
Canadian minister excluding vessel ! ! of the
United States from golm : trom one Canadian
poit to another to get cargoes will seriously
affect Ceoiglan 11.iv trade. They claim that
If the ruliiu Is enforced n great many vessels
w 111 bo compelled to abandon the trade alto-
Kether , as they cannot obtain cargoes at Mid
land 01 Colllngwood , the two poits where
grain Is lecolved exclusively. Heietofoio
American vessels have eariled gialn to these
two poita nnd proceeded from them to ono 01
the other of the Islands In the bay and pro
cured c.u goes of cedai 01 salt to hi Ing back
to Chicago. Now that this source of levenuo
Is closed , thov will have to seek some other
Htirrjlnj ; tn Jackson' * I toll of.
WABIII.SOTON , Sept. si.- [ Special Telegram
to the HUK. ] It is understood that Judge
Manning , the newb appointed minister to
Mexico , will niocoedaspiomntlyaspossible
to his post of dut > , owing to Minister Jack-
son's deslio to be idle veil.
Nebraska nmt Iowa Weather.
For Nebraska and Iowa : Fair Weather in
western poitlon , local talus iu eastern portion
tion ; sllb'litlj cooler.
Trainmen ICilloil.
( iiiAruxa , Sept. 'A About eight miles
from here > csterdaj a fireman and brakcman
weie Instantly killed on the Ulodgett &
13) iiica lodging railroad.
The Opponents of Prince Alexander Capitu
late on the Monarch's ' Return ,
The Cznr Scntls n vViulllco MisNhe to
the Prlnco Reported Itattlo AVIth
llio 1 ( evolutionists Views
of Diplomats.
The Revolutionism DlHnrmcd.
Cnionvr. Sept. : ) . | Nevv York Herald
Cable Special to the Hce. ] The following
dispatch appears In the Cologne Cia/ette :
SOFIA , Sept. 'J , lb.yOn tsunda > thogarri-
son capitulated and its members having been
disarmed the ) were allowed to piocecd to
KuMcidiil. Disagreeable lepoits aio being
circulated heie in certain nuaileis.
There is talk of fusllades In Knsteidal ,
believed to signify the shooting of some con-
seivativootllcers. It Isnlso inmored that a
i Islng has taken jihro at Tmtar Ita/nrdulk.
'lo-tlnv Sollaami Knsteidal ain said to be
( inlet. 1 telegraphed to the railway station
at lartar IH/anluik and leceived ! \ icplv to
the effect that the most completocalmielgncd
The prince entered Sofia by morning and
was v ei y warmly iccelvcd. All the consuls
won1 picsont at the icceptlon save the consul
ofllussia , but even the Kusslan consulate
had hun out a banner In honor of the occa
sion. Prince Alexander's arrival was much
delajed by the numcroun displays of homage
age and cnthusiam with which he was
greeted along tlio louto.
Tlio Situation in Solla.
Son v , Sept. 3- 1 New York Herald Cable-
Special to the Bun J The negotiations with
the rebellious legimcnt been continued ,
and were expected to terminate today , the
prince having issued outers for the accept
ance of the amnesty demanded by the rebel
chief , Stojonoir. Alex inder also sta > tdtho
comt maitial proceedings In the case tor
the piesent. It Is presumed that lorelcn
Inlluonce of some kind has plaedapait In
blinking about these ariangements In Hul-
irirla , as well as foreign cliclcs here. It Is ,
neveitlioless , considered that neglect
to punish the rebel chief would
bring seiious perils In the fu
ture. At the adoption this morning
an cmbassador member of tlio foreign diplo
matic corps , also a mission prince on his
travels was received with gencul enthusi
asm. Karavelolf and Seankhotf have been
released fiom piison by the orders of the
prince , but tlio remaining aricsts will be
The Bulgarian Situation nml the Posi
tion oT the Powers.
CoMSTANii.voi'LC , Sept. 1. [ New York
Herald Cable Special to the Bi.i , . ] I have
just Inteiv lowed a representative of one of
iireat powers , who is much interested in the
solution of the Bulgarian question. He con
siders the situation to be much improved ,
owing to the leturn of the prince and the
firm attitude of the Bulgarians. Whelhci
Kubsla lias given special assuiances to the
sultan or not ho linds the porte to-day mani
festing much less anxiety. The pievalent
opinion among tlie ministers is that
rni : cnisis vvir.i , END
without anj ovei tact on the part of llussla
end.ingcilng European peace. Ho thinks
that Hussla.scelng the gicatlailureof its coup
d'etat in ordoi to give foice to the same ,
will not oppose the prince's icsumptlon of
povvei for tlie piesi nt. tearing to force the
storm ot Indignation that an attempt to co-
cico Bulgaria would liso throughout Kuiope.
The liiltisli government is stionglj supportIng -
Ing the prince , anil I have ground for believ
ing that the queen's strong sympathy with
the Battenberg family may lead to a more
than moral support , if necessary for the
maintenance of the prince's position.
endeavored unsuccessfully to persuade the
poite to adopt an Independent action , basing
hei pollcv upon Europe's u'cognitlon of her
nzoialn ty , but the sultan's advises still
see safely only In clinging to that worn out
snppoit. the concert of the gieat povveis. The
sultan's dccado of Itusia ; over weighs all othei
here , at first oxpiessed views so adverse to
the re-lnstatcmcnt of the prince that the be
lief has been entertained in certain quartets
that the pilnco was only allowed to return in
order to retho honorably later on , after hav
ing chastened the author of the coup d'etat.
The prevalent belle ! at llrst among the ( ! er-
man olllclals was that BIstnaick has agreed
to saciiflco the pilnco for the maintenance of
peace , and that the same consldeiatlons still
held good. But any such method emplojed
would hav o
nousr.n srcii I.VIMOXATION'
as to render necCssaiy appointment In the
execution of such an Idea. The future , how
ever , belongs to the prlnco and Dulgailans ,
unless he retires of his own free will 01 bv
the adverse vote of a general assembly 10-
quiring his abdication. It would seem that
Kiiasia will lemain a strictly Inactive specta
tor , unless coeiced Into action by ono or
othei of the gieat powers. I give these views
as coming tiom an Impoitant souice.
Aleck tn Aleck.
ST. I'r.Tr.iisni'ito , Sept. 2. on August .TO ,
Alcxandci sent the follow Ing tclcgiam to the
C7ar through the Itnsslan consulate at Bust-
chuk :
SutK Having icassumcd the government
of Bulgaua , i venture to offer your Impeilal
majesty my most lospcctful thanks for the
action of > our consul at Kustchuk , whoso
olllclal piesencoat my icceptlon showed to
Bulgaiians llussla did not uppiovo of the
revolutlonaiy act diiccted at my person ,
-also thank jour majesty for dispatching
Prince Dolgorouki as envoy oxtraoidlnaiy to
Bulgaria. My llrst act on resuming power Is
to assure your majesty of my llrm Intention
to make every sacrifice to foiwaid jour
majesty's magnanimous Intention tocxtri-
catit Bnlgaila fiom the grave crisis through
which she Is passing. I beg of voui
majesty that ) ou will instinct lol-
goroukl to place himself in ilhcct
coSmunlcation with mvself as speedily as
pobslble. I bhnll bo lmpiy ] to give jour
majesty undoubted proofs ol my nnaltcublo
dovol on to > oui august poison. Monarchi
cal principle compelled me to lestore the le
gality of my tiown in Bulgaria and lEoume-
lia. Jtussla having given mo my ciown , It Is
into the hands of llussla's soveiclgn I am to
render It. "
The czar replied as follows ;
" 1 cannot approve ofour return to Bul
garia , seeing In it sinister consequences for
the country altcady so severely tried. The
mission of Dolgoroukl has become Inexpedi
ent I shall abstain , so long as you remain
In Bulgaila , fiom unv Inteivcntlon In the
sad condition to which the countiy is re
duced. Your highness must decide your ow n
coulee. I icscno tomjself to judge what my
fathers venerated memory , the interest of
Russia , and the peace of tlie cast , requne of
me. "
Pini.i.ii'roi'oi is. bept. s. The city h
gaily decorated In honor of the return ot Al
exander to Bulgaila , and crowded with ) Isit-
018 come to join the cltUens In celebration ot
the event. An enthusiastic popular demon
stration was held ) esterday in front of the
liiltieh consulate In honor of Alexander , and
a counter deuijiistraUoQ iu f v or of the rev
olutionists at the same time was held In front
of tlie Itusslan consulate.
I'Aiito , Sep. 2. The publication of the cor
respondence between thecvai and Alexander
created a gieat sensation In political circles
here. Ihe czars menacing reply to the
pi luce's ubmlssi\ epistle Is regauled by the
diplomatists as InsurliiK Alexandoi s abdica
tion and Itussla's occupation of Bulgaria.
Itisfeaied war will ensue unless Blsmaick
Interfere * .
ni voi.t'TioNHT1 * not'Tr.n.
Hun IN , Sept. i Private telegrams re
ceived here thlsevenlne fiom Soli i state that
a battle took place at Hadomlr , eastern Kou-
nicll.1 , between regiments lo\al to Prince
Alexander and leglments siding with the
revolutionists , and that the latter wore de
feated vvitti heavy loss.
Dentil or a Uothschllil.
PAIIIS , Septembc'r 1. f\ew York Herald
Cable Special to the Br.r. 1 The Baroness
lames Do Hoth'chtlii , mother of Alphonso
Itotlischlld and ( tlistave Uothschlld , died this
afternoon of old age at hci rosidenrcln the
avenue le Long Champs , nged eightj-three.
Her lemalns will to-morrow be tiansfciicd
to tlio family residence in the Itue Lalittc ,
whcie the fnneial wlU take plate on 1'iiday.
Tlio A < lllrL".s A tPPil To.
J.OVIKIS , Sept. 2. In commons to-night ,
after a warm debate , Sexton's amendment
was rejected. Thoiesult was leccived with
cheeis. nnd after the lesiilt of the division
had been announced It was decided thnt it
was needless lei the house to interfeie anv
further with the address The address was
then ngiced to without division.
Iiullnna ItopuIilicniiH.
INHIjf M'OI.IS , Ind. , Sot ] ) 'i. 'l he icpubll-
can state convention met at It o'clock. Sena
tor Harrison was chosen chaiiman. Tlie
committee on lesoluttons report a dratt of n
platform which was unanimously adopted.
It demands a free ballot , declaies that wink-
Ingmen should he pi otected against oppres
sion of corpouto combinations anil monopo
lies and against com let labor , the in anting
of pension to evciy honorably discharged
union soldier and sailor , Is recommended ,
and the legislature Is called upon to eiect a
state soldieis' home.
llefcrrinc to the cigar trafllc. the nlatfotm
furlhei declaies in laver of legislative ro-
stiletion and favois such laws as will permit
people in their several localities to take such
measines ot restriction as they may deem
wise , nnd to compel the tiaflic to compensate
foi the bunions it Imposes on society. Sj m-
] > athv with Ireland in her contest foi homo
iiilc Is expressed ,
After reading and adoptlnc the platform
tlio convention nominated H. S. Robertson
lor lieutenant governor and Chailes L. Guf-
fen toi secietaiv of stale.
When Senator Hnriison rose to address the
gieat audience ot nearly live thousand per
sons who thronged the city hall , he was
greeted with applause. Ills speech was an
airaignmentof the dcunociatic admlnlstia-
tlou , both national and state. Ho dweltvv ltd
bitter emphasis on tlio gerrjmanderluc by
the last demociatio legislatmc. Ho said that
the tirst thought that suggested itself to him
was that those who aio assembled hereto-
day .are politically disfranchised. The
appoitionmcnt tor the legislatuie
and congicsslonal dlstikts , made by
the democratic party , was such a disfranchisement -
chisement for political ends which lias made
the houth solid , which has kept the free people
ple of Dakota from paillcitntlntr In public
affairs ; which has attempted by fraud to rob
the people ot Ohio of their icpicsontatinn.
it has invaded Indiana , and we are to-dav
confronting ( lie question of how vvo shall
iccover om political equality. This , he said ,
1 < * the dominant and contiollint ; question In
the campaign in Indiana , and ho would have
all bear in mind flint this dlstrnnchiscment
does nut simply opoiate on politicians , but
affects the entire majoilty vatoot the state.
Bruce Can , of Ounce county , was
nominated for auditor ; J. A.
hempko , of ' Vanderburgh , tieasurei ;
attmney ceneral. L. T. Mlchoner , of Shelby ;
supreme jtidco , Byron E. Eliott , of Mairion ;
clerk of ths ( supreme comt , AV. L. Noble , of
Wayne ; superintendent of public instruc
tion , S. U. Lafollette , of
Missouri Republicans and Prohibition
ST. Louis , Sept. 2. The Post-Dispatch's
Scdalla , Mo. , dispatch says tlio icpublican
state convention adjourned sine die this
morning at1:11. . The question of sub-letting
a prohibition amendment to the constitution
w as compromised , the plank In question , ns
adopted , alllrming that wheioan.v large num
ber of voters pctUlon the lojIslaturo ; foi the
submission of tlio amendment ; pending n
change In the orcftnic laws of state. It is the
duty of that budv to grant the petition. J.
I J. Craens , of Kansas Cltv , was nominated
for supreme judge ; M. T. Butler , Mexico , for
superintendent of Instruction , and S. W.
Crawfoid , of Jefferson , county railroad com
nnd Gerrymandering.
SAN KUANCIHCO , Sept. 'i The democratic
state convention to-day nominated Jackson
Temploof Sanlaltosa : J. V , Sullivan , of
San Francisco , ind Byron Waters , of San
Bernaidino , for the three vacancies of the
supreme bench. The platform cndoi es
Cleveland's admlnlstiatlon , recommends the
fi ce coinage of silver , demands the lestou-
tlon ot tlie wool tu 1ft of Ib07 , fnvois the passage -
sago of the wlno bills now before congress ,
and appiovcs of laborco opperation societies.
Altei an unsuccessful ballot for govcinortho
convention ndjocincd until to-moirow.
Lmchy MoAVIIIIains.
LiTCiirnii : ) , JII. , Sept. ' ) , The republi
cans of the Seventeenth district nominated
Kobert McWllllams for congiess1 to-day.
They Bulled to Aerpo.
CIHCAOO. Sept 2. The commltteo of man
agers engaged tyr the past two da > s In an
attempt to ngrfo upon a gross money pool
plan to govern loth frclnht and passenger
mattois in northwestern territory , adjourned
this evening without belnt able to icach an
agreement The members split upon the
question of "milling in transit , " the Minnesota
seta & Northwestern Insisting upon that
method of conticlHni : ficiirht being com
pletely wiped out ; to which the Milwaukee
St. Paul , while Milling to make some con
cessions , would njt consent.Mujoilty nnd
minority reports , i mbqdj Ing the v lew s of the
dlfteient roads , will he made to the meeting
of guneial managers on Tuesday next.
, hept. 2. [ Special Tolegiam
to the BIK.J : Tlio toljowlng Nebiaska post
masters v\eie appointed , to-day :
Um. D. Kanls , Cedar Bluffs , Saundeis
county , vlco Mnuassa4 Kaqnot , icmovcd ; P.
O. Collins , Nohart , Jtichardson county , vlco
Thos. E. Mau'hvc , livslgned ; Hudolph B.
Campbell , Shlklcy , 'lllmoie eounty , vice
Itobeit B. Campt > pm toeoriect name.
H. H. Loyoland , Pottawottamlo
couiitj , la. , v Icq Oscut Kelsey , lemovcd.
Sure ofJIlui This Tliup ,
ST. Loi'H , Sept a. "Jlmuij" Carroll , the
notorious bank obbeivvho ] escaped from Ids
captors by j ump ng from the tialn In East
St. Louis and vvns subsequently iccaptured ,
was taken to-da by tvvo deputy sherllfs to
( ialcsbuig. Befuie placlnc liim on tlio train
lie was heavily Bka kled hand and foot to
prevent a locutrenco of the bieak lor
llbeity. A largo croud gathered ut the sta
tion to see the trb otf. Hughes , who was
suspected of aiding In Cairoll's escape , was
released to day , as no case could be made
against hi in.
Acquitted liy Court Alnrtlnl.
OIIEVKNNKVjo. . , Sept. , 2. [ Special
Telegram to the , BEE. | H i | reliably ro-
poitcdhero that Lieutenant John I1' . Me-
Blatn , Ninth cavalry , who was tiled hero by
couit martial Iu Aiuiibt for obtaluliiL' a
dlvoico from his wife by questionable
methods , was acquitted.
Vlqtoria Sbukcs the Schilling.
NKVV YOIIK , Sejt. a. A morning papei has
a story about Victoria Morrlslnl leaving her
husband , Krnuot pchllllmr , last nluht , unit It
is presumed she las gone back to her father.
Veterans Enjoy Naval Engagements and Big
Parades at Graud Island ,
A fjlvel.v AVIml Storm Shakos Up the
Touts , Hut No Si ns n * Yet of
Itrcnklnt ; Ciunp Kcunioii
Proni Cninp Grant.
ISLAND , Neb. , bept. a [ Sneclal
Telegram to the IKK. ) | The veterans gath
ered at the camp lire : on the ei ( Hint's last
night and llstcnod to stirring speeches fiom
comrades. White these weio In progiess a
large ciowdlmet in tlie grand pavilion to
vvMness the presentation of the last hours ot
the United States senate pievlous to the
Withdiavvnl of tlio secession leaders , as
dramatl/ed by W. II. Michaels of thlscitv. At
the last moment It was found nccosRarj to
mnkc slight changes in the cast of charactcis.
Vice President Bieckenrldgcwasiepicsented
by Senator Marnler m , Chaplain Gurley by
Kev. J. 11. Stonns , SBtiatoi trlmes ! by John
M. Cotton , of the Lincoln Journal , Thos. L.
Cllnmei by Majoi A. t ! . Hastings , llobert
Toombs by O. A. Abbott , John , ) .
Crittenden by O. A. Uuthcrford , Ben
Wade bv W. H. Michaels , and
Andievv Johnson by Cicoigo S. Smith. The
other characters were as pievlousl > icported.
Many of the senatois had theh speeches com
mitted and delivered them with line effect ,
and the scenes re-enacted wllhcmaln n pleas
ant feature of the reunion.
There have necessarily been many changes
in the piogramme , and some llttlo confusion
asaicsult , but eveibody lias accepted it
good-naturedly. The numerous interests to
be looked after in a vast camp entails a largo
amount of work on the managers and load
ers , especially where much of the service len-
deied is voluntary. Many of the old bos in
blue have reached an aso when they do not
care to be burdened with red tape , but they
have lost lost none of that old time vlgor.of
expression or heartiness of interest in old
camp scenes.
Tlie morning was laigely spent in prepara
tions of the day , the grand parade , and In
transacting business at the various state
The unusual stir In the camp at 1 o'clock
Indicated the prcparntlon for the gland
parade. The column formed In three guild
divisions on Hancocic avenue , and matched
out of camp In the following older : General
Tlm > er , commander , and his stall and othei
officers heading the column , composed of the
First and Twentj-second icgulai Infantry
and Tvvcut-second artilleiy , with eight
pieces ; mounted cavalry of the Grand Aimy ,
the Slielton Xouavo company , and the Grand
Army vetcuns by states , with 11) ing banneis
and a largo number of brass binds
at Intervals In the column. The column
reached to the city and linnished inspection
to a l.iigo crowd. A number of women w we
seen in tlie column , shaiing the fatigue of
the parade w Ith theii husbands.
At 3 o'clock the Guneral Tjler gave an ex
hibition of her lighting qualities and was
skillfully handled by hei ciow undei the di
rection of the following corps of ofllccis :
JXectitlvo officer , L.v. . Hastings ; pilots ,
Jacob Abby and II. II. Muklcy :
chief engineer , Benjamin Bony , and
mate , A. Itichter. A dilll by
the Xouavc and djes parade by tlie regulars
were followc 1 at 7 this evening bv the naval
engagement between the Conurcss and Mer-
rimac , which excited intense interest
A pleasant leatuie of to-day's exercises was
the presentation of a bunting Hag to the asso
ciation ot West Virginia soldiers
by Mrs. Ldla M. Halliday , of
Wheeling , an aged ladv of elghtv-livo jears ,
who made the Hag entirely with her own
hands. The presentation was made thromrh
Mrs. linen in , of Ciand Island , to Captain J.
A. Weaver , ot the association , and the re
sponse was happily made by Congressman
Doisey , who was an olllcci In a West Vir
ginia regiment
During the day the New Kmrland associa
tion selected the following ofticois : C. 1) ) .
Klcliardson , Palmira , president ; vice piesl-
dcnt , W. T. Dodge , Claiks. Now Hampshire
L. 1) . Forehand , Kearncv. Arcimont , ueorce
O. Dodge. North Bend. Massachusetts , O. A.
Buziell , Juniata. HIioJo Island , U S. Mullo-
ban. ioik. Connecticut , S. D. Bennett ,
Shelby ; sccictary and ticasnrer. Colonel
Beaver and Geoigo M. Smith. Kearnej ;
chaplin. Uov , George W. Moslln , Kearney.
Tlio batteries In camp tired a salute to-day
In honor of Governor Dawes.
About 4 o'clock clouds formed heavily mid
the outer edco of a strong w indstoi m struck
the camp. Idling It with clouds of dust , ana
caused tents to vibrato in the bree/o for : i
llttlo while at.i lively rate , causing a tew to
collapse. *
To-day'R attendance Is estimated at 10,000 ,
largo numbeis coming In on specials fiom
all directions. To-night several camp-
tires are In piogrose and Sen
ator Mandcrson nnd others aio
entertaining the veterans by spiiited ad
dresses. No signs of breaking namp are ob-
seiveil yet , as all are anxious to witness the
gicatsham battle promised foi to-moirow.
The reporters , who have had a dilllenlt time
at best gathering facts , have been much an-
novedby the insoloncn ot ccitaln police offi
cials , who vv PI o over olllelous , this conduct
being Iu marked eontiast with other mana
gers of tlie reunion whq have shown the
creatost courtesy. ,
nnuMov NOTIS. :
Thoovpilsonersof wai met and paiaded
the grounds under the Inspliatlon of mu
sic.The navy Is making a registry for the llrst
time at these minions. The list com
prises 04.
The Womens' Ilcllof Coips is numerously
represented by the leading ladies of the
towns having organizations. About two
hundred have loglstcied thus fin.
It Is noticeable that tlio registry by stales
bilngs In a large number ol new names of
veteuiiH , many of whom are attending the
state reunion tor the hist time. In some ieg-
Imeius there Is almost n complete change in
It is said an effort will bo made to locate
the reunion permanently atOiand Island.
The grand sham battle otxurs to-moirow
ufteinoon , _ _ _ _ _
Iliiri > lar& nt Nclirnskn City.
NKIIIIASKA CITY , Neb. , Sept 2. [ Special
Telegram to the HUB , ] Unknown patties
ollccted an entrance by breaking the lock elf
the front door of V. N. Lawrence's groceiy
store some time eaily this morning , They
drilled the safe a few Inches about Ihe com
bination , cflectlng an easy entrance to the
interior. Fortunately but Siu was In the
sifo , which the marauders appropilatcd ,
Nothing else was dUtmbed In tlio stoio ex
cept two largo melons , elf which the burglars
appeared to have made their lunch. They
left behind them a brace and a laige slicd
hammer. The latter was Identified this
morning as ono stolen from Pallister's blacksmith -
smith shop n fuw davs ago. It Is singular
with the above that last night was the Ihst
night In the annals of the cltv's history that
there vyeie three night watchmen on duty ,
Staso Ilohhor on Trial.
CHADIUW , Neb. , Sept. 'J. [ Special Tele ,
cram to the BIK.J : Tno trial of Casey , w ho
lobbed a stage of $6,000 government ftnjds
last January , Is now In piogiess and has at
tracted n largo attendance at the district
court of Dawes county. Wells , Fat go & Co.
who are assisting the state in piosecntlng ,
are represented by Colonel Parker of Deadwood -
wood , and C. J. Greene of Omaha , while
United States District Attorney Lambeitson
Is consulting counsel for the defense. After
nearly two days' work a jury has been se
cured and the case opened. Seventy wit
nesses , elj 'ht of whom aie from Oinuha , are
In attendance. The prosecution pre ent a
Mi on it ease of circumstantial evidence de-
MiMied to show that no one but Case.v.the
driver , could hav ei obbcd the coach , while
the defense leh ehlellv on the former eh.arac-
li-i ol the ncciiHd. 'Ihe trial will occup >
sev oral da ) s _
Cni'.heil I * ml or thcCnf" .
Fin MONT , \eb. , Sept. n. [ Special to the
lliij : Last night at u " . 0 o'clock as the con
struction train over the Lincoln blanch of
Uipl'iemonf , r.lkhouiA. Missouri Valley was
retuining to rrcmont , a fatal accident oc-
cm red at Cedar BlulTs , the first Matlon south.
A joung man named Charles McConlocue , In
getting oft the train vviille In motion , fell
under the wheels and had his right leg hoirl-
hi ) crushed. Ho was put Into the caboose
andbiought to Plenum ! and carefully at
tended b ) phjslclans. hut die I at s o'elock
this nun nlng. McConlojue w as about tw en-
ty-llvc v ears old , and his home Is at Mason
City , la.
Tried to itueka Trntu.
PI.VTII. CK.VIRII , N'b. , Sept. " . [ Special
Telegiam to the Bi i : . | Karl Kamlnskv ,
while trylnit to keep on the rallioad tiack
one-half mlle south ot Plalto Center , with a
span ot horses and wagon , was met bv the
notth bound pns-engor train at V o'elock p.
m. 'Ihe hordes were killed. Kaminsky
jumped and saved his life.
Jnllcil I'or I'orjurv.
CIIAHHON , Ntb. , Sept 2. ( Spoclal Tole-
cum to the BKK. ] Deputy Shcrlll Samson
anested to-day W. A. McMann , of Dawes
Citv , nnd lodged him in jail at this point.
McMann Is chatgod with perjury resulting
liom the unlawful sale of cattle In Koainev.
Coming to tlio Pair.
CIIUWON Neb. , bopt 2 , [ Special Tele-
cram to the Bhi : . | The Dawes county Agil-
cultural Society concluded its Ihst annual
exhibition jesterday. The exhibit goes to
tlio Omaha fair next week.
UloomiiiRton "Wins the Count } ' Bent.
BI.OOMINOIOX , Nob. , Sept V ! . [ Special
Telegram to the BIK.J : Bloomlngton wins
the county seat election , polling over a ma-
joilly of the votes Instead of tvvo-tifths nsre-
nieTo\\n Ijot Snlo.
CHAUIION , Neb. , Sept 'J. [ b ) > ecial Tele-
cram to the Bni : . ] A special Irom Douglas
notes the sale of SOOOno of town lots In the
metropolis of Central Wjominc jesterday.
The Chlcnjro Pnokcr UrgcH Pntrons to
Invest in Hog i'roilucts.
CntrAoo , Sept. 2. [ Special Telcgmm to
the BEE. I Tlie provision deal Is developing
sensational features. Largo local stocks of
pork ajid meats have made the maikct full of
attraction to sellers , and trade has been
bearish for two or tlneo months. It Is said
now that Armour has been biilng steadll )
since the 1st of July and thai the short Inter
est is Inige at the picscnt wilting. Aimour
professes ignoiance as to tlio existence ot nnv
shoit inteicst , but to a renortei he said this
mmnlng that ho "thought very well of hog
products. Stocics of pork and meals aio in
good hands , " lie ohscivid. smllinglv. "Hoe
pioducts will find then nay into consumptive
channels rapidly. Wo had an older to day
foi 2,000,000 pounds of meats. Stocks will
shiink with great rapidity. Wo are filcndly
to hog pioducts on their meiits for
icasons which I have oullliud In a
pilvato chculiu ruliliesscd to our agents
lids moiniiiL , ' . Our house Is not directly
Inteiestcd to a laigo extent In laid , but our
friends arc , and vvo think well of that , too.
Vou may hare noticed that no lard from this
house was delivered jesterday. I will confess
that we are laigo holders of poik and meals ,
which will bo wanted by consumers. Wo
treat our customeis well , and sometimes try
to make it especially agreeable foi them to
do business with us by helping them to make
a little money. We are Honest believers In
higher pi Ices , not only for September and
October , but tor ncxtjear. We have bought
more Inrccly of Januaiy pork than any other
month and expect a good deal of
money , and expect to make a good deal of
money out of It. "
Tliechcular alluded to , and to which the
linn's name is attached , is given below :
The object of this lettei is to call your at
tention to the general siirns of the times and
their favorable bearing upon the pi o vision
trade , and we oxpiess the hope dial the facts
submitted mav assist you In vour contact
with vourctistomcis and bo of benetitto them
also in theli distribution of business. Wo
aio firm belleveis in hlchur pi ices for hog
products and wo base it on the healthy out
look and condition ot tiado generally. In
the south a good common crop Is assured ,
which means a liheial demand for provis
ions of all kinds fiom that section. The corn
ciop Is hnally conceded to bo largely short ,
not nverGj per cent of a full average , which
condition alvvajs biings higher prices for
hogs , and consequently for their various pro
ducts. The expoits of provisions during the
past year are lanrely In excess of those of fho
preceding jcar , and the slocks of hog pro
ducts throughout the country atuveiy light ,
especially at Intoiior packing points. Lake
fieights are Hun and advancing , because ves
sels are busy tiansporting lion and othei
ores , which indicates the working of loun-
dilcs and rolling mills , all of which
give employment to many thousand men
and f mulsh material for active lallioad
extensions processing all over the west , and
foi building utii poses Thiouirhniit the tommy
generally. It Is also a fact that the lion
mills of the country are not half supplied
with ore lequlrcd toi existing contracts and
numeious ullroad cnterpilso In process aio
not likely to bo completed during the ensu
ing year , nil belli , ' an index to continuous
outlay and assured prosperity. Wo would
not be snipihod to sco mess pot k double its
uicscnt puce within the coming yeai , nnd all
othei products In coirespondlng piopoitlons.
Our own general ti.ide In the v minus depart
ments of our business was never better at
this season , and taking all these factors and
elements into consldeution , vvo think yon
me cntiiely sato In Inducing youi friends to
buy libeially in anticipation of the icquiro-
mentsof tliolr tiade.
Ovnr Geronimo.
Sept. 3. The Clnonlclo's
Tombstone , ArU. , Special savs : A rumoi has
icachcd here that the Mexican tioops de
manded of the Ainei lean troops the release
of Geronimo. The lattci iclusudanil a liu'lit
ensued , In which live Mexicans were killed
and tw o Amci leans wounded , Gerontmo es
caped during the melee , Theio aio no means
of veilfying the facts , as the wiles are down
The NOVVK Confirmed.
S vx FIIANCISCO , Sept 3. A special to the
Mninlng Call from Tombstone conhrms the
rumor that the Mexican tioops demanded
from the American tioops the icleasu of Gei-
onlmo and that , when the laltei n : fused , a
conllct ensued , during which Gcionimo
escaped. _
German lOviinxellcnl Synod ,
BITFALO , N. Y. , bept.Tho closing
cession of the Gei man Evangelical sjnod
was held this morning. The following otti-
ceis were elected for the ensuing term ; Pres
ident of the the genei U synod. Key , .1. Zim
merman , BurliiiL'ton , Tn , . re-elected ; vlco
president , Itov. J. Giiineii , Wabash , Ind. ;
setretaiy , Key. C. Child , Bnlfalo , lo-tdected ;
tieasuier , Kev. P. li , Goehl , .St. dialled ,
Mo , _ _
Their Annual AVoik I'ndcd.
BUFFALO , K , V. , Sept. 2. The Sons ot
Veterans of the United Slates have con
cluded their encampment todiy , and ad
journed to nu'U at Des Molncs , Iowa , in
August , 1WY.
Nominated For Concicsa.
CIUPAGO , Sent. 2. Thn Time1 Dnquoln ,
111 , special sa > H William Hjtrtzell was nomi
nated tor congress by the dumimrats ol the
Twentieth dl&tilct.
The Juuilo of Joliet Makes a Tree Tor All
Couvlots Tailing the ICoepeiH' I'nit
A Hurl } Negro Odwim
"Who Uoen Not \ nluo
The Uonlilo 'Muriloror's
Jot IKT , 111. , Sept. 'A Mike Moouoy , the
piison Jumbo , created a vvhlil of evcltemcnt
In one of theprison wire mills this afteinoon.
by making a muiderous ns-mlt upon u lore *
man , named Geou'o Burroughs. The des
perado and muidcier has been watched very
closol ) bj the prison ofllclals since Ids leluru
to piison on n life teim for muuleiing lilst
cell mate , John Andci-on. But Mooney
seemed to attend elo- > ely to hli
work until to-day , when ho was
reprimanded bj the foieman lor noU
keeping no the tiics in the annealing fin-
nace HwasMoonoy's ilutj to stoke the fur-
naceswith nlone Iron poker nnd keep the ]
w lie red hot When spoken to by Buuoiiglifj
the despciado quickly drew his poker fioiuic
the finnaee and attempted to diivo the pnlnc !
of the hot lion Into the body of the foreman. ' *
Burroughs sivv his danger just in time to'
waul olT the blow , and springing to one side/ '
he lied down the shop tor his life , w Hit
"Giant" Mooney and his toistlng-foik In
close pin suit. Bin roughs sprang thioiigh tu ! >
side ifoor out of the dev Hlsh conv let's u-aeh.
Mooney attempted to follow but Oflkcr Pel-
tls , tliu shop guiiul , made grab foi the stok
ing Iron and succeeded In wienching It lioni7
the desperate man's lianiK Mooney thin
tinned upon thogiiaid and stuick him sev
eral blows on the head with IdB
lirst. Superintendent Paulson came up bo-
lilnd Mooney mid attempted to pinion Ids'
arms , bill Mooney whirled around and tlnew
Paulson halt way across the shop. Bur-
ioii'4hs then hit Mooney with his list nml
knocked him down , but the desperado was )
up again In an Instant , glaiing about foe
some weapon with which ho might strike a
death blow.
Bj this time the convicts In the shop wua
In a fever of excitement. Half a do/en of
them made a rush for Mooney. A bmlvr.
negio ronvlct picked up a stick of wood , with'
which ho dealt Mooney n lea it nl blow on the
head , but it did not stngcei him. Tlio two
convicts then clinched and fell , the ncgio
bein ir on top , with his hand4
clenched about Mooncj's tliroat. It , '
was all the cnaid nnd loieman
could do to keep hack the othei com lets , wlio
weio dv Ing to get at Mooney , nnd If thev hail1
been allowed to reach him they would nn
douhtcdlv have taken his life , as the convktH
in tlio wiie mill most thoroughly deli si
Mooney for the hiutal muiderot his Inolfcn-
she cell mate , Anderson.
The negio came pietty ncai ending
Mooncy'scareer b ) choking him , but the 01-
ficors pulled the ncgio oil and took Moonty
to the solitary , wlicie heas thrust Into ; v
cell. Boloreicachinc thoie ho was loud In
his threats against the lite of Burioughsif ho
ever gets an opportunity ot killing him. Ha \ }
to be legretted that Bui loughs wis mil
aimed with some weapon , so that I o.
might have laid the despeiado out. It in
thought Mooncj is just dcspeiate enouiili
now , since his ictiiin to prison on a Illn
term , to not caic a snap of his lingers tor
his own mlsciablcexistence , and thatsooner
or later , ho w 111 kill homo one else at llio
plsion , or lose his llfu In the attempt.
The liaso Uall Kcaonl.
Chlcagos 2 r
Washington 1 0201000 0 4
Plteheis Fljnn and Shaw. Bauo
hits Chicago 7. Washington a. Knots
Chicago ) , Washington IS. Umpire Quest
AT bi. Louis
St. Louis 000000002 5
Boston 1 l 0 o o 0 i o o o : i
Pitchers llcaly and Hadbourne. Umpiio
Ar liALTiiioiti :
Baltfmoie 0 00000020-3
Biookljn 0 1002000 * 3
Base hits Baltimore 10 , Biookljn 7.
Kirois Baltimore 4 , Biooklyn 2. Umpne
Ar PnirAi > nrpiuA
Alhletlcs 1 00100000 a
Metropolitans. . . . ! ! 4 0 U 0 0 U 2 * H
Pitcheis Hint and Mays. Base hits
Athletics 4 , Metropolitans 10. Knors
Athletics 7 , Metiopolltans : ) . Umpire
AT DitrnoiT
Detroit 0 2000204 * H
New Voik 1 00010000-3
Base hits Detioit 12 , Now York 5. Ki-
rors Detroit ft , New Yoik 4 , Umpin :
Pittslmic 0 0
Louisville 0 'J
Pitchers Norrls and Hecker. Base hits
Pittsbmg 7 , Louisville,0. Kirois Pittsburi ;
1 , Louisville0. Umplio-Walsh.
Kansas City 1 1402011 2 13
Philadelphia 0 4 2 'J 0 1 10 0-10
Pitelieis Weidman and Casey and Fogar-
ty. Umpiie Fulmor.
Jockey Club Kacen.
Sini'.i' : HAY , N. Y. , Sept. 2. For all
ages , seven lurlongs : LIz/Ie Dvvjei won ,
Pontlac second. Tlino-1:2 : X.
Foi two-vear-olds , tlneo qnaiters mile :
Bessie Juno won , Ittlhilla second , Hindu
thlul. Tlmo-lil'iK.
Tor thrco-vear-olds , ono and three-eights
miles : Arctinawon , IXIlosccond , Bouan/a
thlul. Tlmo-2af. : !
I'or thioo-jeai-ohls , one and thice-nnartcr
miles ; 'Ihe Bant won , Fcrona heeond , Lin
den thlul. Timo-i:0- : : .
Ono and one-eight miles : Jim Gray won ,
Blue Wing scconii , Spilnglleldtlilul , Time
'Tlneo quarters inllo on turf : Mary Ken
nedy won. Gov. Fallen second , Katie
Fletchci thlul. Tlme--l : V > M.
IJAYAKD'S lHUlLii ; ) 13NVOVH. j
The KoslKiiatum of Minister JncUsoii
anil the Canst ! Thoronl' ,
WASHINGTON , Sept. 2. [ Special Telegram
to the Bii.j : : Pollowlii' ' the appointment ot
Judge Manning , of Louisiana , as minister to
Mexico , comes tlio statement fiom friends ot
ex-Minister Jackson ot tlio reasons of hin
teslgnatlon. Jackson wont to Mexico with
gteat expectations. Ho thought the post
would be made an Important ono In strength
ening commercial lelations between the two
countries. Ills wife is also icpoitcd to havrt
been i > .nbltlous of sodal honors , which
would attach to the United fatntes minister.
Jackson , it is stated , devoted much time fo
studying out the moans by which his own
countiv and Mexico could ho benelitted , mid
kept tlio state depaitment ijulto full ) In-
loimed of his plans , but the depaitment
rathei tlnew cold water on them nnd Jack
son , becomingsatlsllcd that homo Influences
were woiklin ; to lesson the impoitancenf his
position , decided to resign. Ho did this in
June , with a mmcst that ho be relieved Irom
duty as BOOH as possible. When the Cutting
Imbroglio began , It Is said that heinterpictoci
.Secretary Bajaid'sconiso toward himself to
bu studiously Insulting. In the view of Jack-
son's Irlends , thodepaitment showed Us lack
of conlldenco In him from thn Hist , but the
climax was reached when Special Knvoy
bdlgwlclt was sent to Mexico Then came iv
nro-emptory leanest from Minister Jackson
that Im bo lefleved without further delay ,
whlchicsultedliitheappoIntmontotMannlni ;
as his hiicccssoi. Mr. Scdgvvlek's Jrlond
have been boldly c-h.aiglng that Jackson had
a hand In the alleged distorted accounts of
the jockey elub escapade , unit of this we will
inobably hear moro when the ex-minister m-
iuriiH. U Is asserted. I n certain n.uai tors that
the btato department is thinking of asking
tor the resignation ot Consul Gencial Porch ,
on the ground that his pioposltlon to send a
dlsjiatch demanding Sedgwlck's immediate
mall was meddlesome Impeltinoncc. IViu li
Is a MJssomidemocrat , mid was appointed ,
kss thui ; ; -