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Into Which Fall the Happeninga About
JMnrrlnRC of William I * . AVIIIIaino mill
Jllanohc AVIOinell tJwlKO Stcii-
lorf > ' DlalDU'iiPH Kallroiul
N , lite. , llto ,
A ItiiHy Son no.
PYoslcnlay morning tlio exposition
building prrsontett a very lively
aspect. It look ns if n
nilnlnluraQtown wore itrhinc hko
Strticturos of all kinds wcro
put in place , mid u. host of artisans
wcro biis.witli . hammer , wuv , plant ! and
chisel KxTiibitors rushed hithur atul
tliitlicr anil spectator' ' stood around and
generally mijcBivlr > < l in Kottinn in tlio
way of those who had something to do.
It h now so ne.xr the time of the com-
inencuinunt of tlie exposition that ex
hibitors can delay no longer in putting
thur space Into shape for the display.
The exposition , Manager Lininycr says ,
must open on next Saturday night , and
more than that ho wants to have every
thing in readiness at that timo. Vet
there arc .some persons who , ho thinks ,
will put oil their work until tlio last
minute , These , however , ho proposes to
look out for and if they do not 10011
give evidence of getting ready by the
time mentioned , lie would enforce the
terms ot his contract with them and give
their space to parties who are clamoring
for room. U hen the exposition _ gets
under way it will unquestionably bo a
surprise to even the most ardent enthusi-
iist. Mur-liauts ami other ? , are taking an
interest in the all'air which was never
equalled in Omaha. Leading linns are
rivalling one another in the beauty and
richness of their stands. The spaeo of
J ) . M. , for instance , is a gothic
Louse with dormer windows and plate
ghib.s sides , in which will lie a bijou
wholesale grocery htoro. The II. T.
Clark drug company is erecting a house
of about the same. style , thosiilcsof which
will bo of white "while the top will
bo of ajl kinds of colored glass.
Tills will contain a stock
Valued at $ ' .20,01)0. ) Alma E. Keith
Is arranging a ladies' parlor ; Morgell &
Kosonweitr are working with closed sides
upon a room which will excel in decora
tion Hint of any private mansion ia
Omaha : Dewey it Stone will have three
rooms , in the arrangement of which their
force has been authorised losparuneithco
expense nor material. One of these
rooms will contain a thousand curiositisr
from Japan ; Max Myor will have a
unique display of jewelry and a force of
inannfiictunnif jewelers on hand ; Raymond
mend will display the largest collection
of diamonds ever exhibited in Omaha ,
und is now preparing a magnilicont cabi
net of black \yalnut , especially tor that
purpose. This morning the entire array
of pliiloaiplncal instrument * ) of Creighton
college was. transferred to one of the cast
rooms ot the building. They will occupy
cabinets cight feet high , extending along
on two sides of the wall.
complete set of instruments of the kind in
the west. Besides those , the mineral
specimens belonging to the institution
will be displayed , and at intervals
short and entertaining experiments will
be made by the gentlemen in charge.
'J he pictures which now ornament , the
art hall give assurance- that the remain
der of the collection will be of the high
est order , liesides the art hall , the north
and south gallery w 11 be literally cov
ered with pictures from end to cud.
The Side of Last Suiulny'H
Bull Game.
| | ft The Hastings Gazette-Journal adopts
the tactics of the Hastings ball players.
Instead of candidly admitting that they
were fairly and badly beaten by the
Union Pacifies last Sunday they come the
baby act and talk about having given
the Union Paci tics a game to encourage
them. The last issue of the paper named
contains the following :
Tlio Reds came in from Omaha this
moi-ning , where they played ball Satur
day and Sunday , winning one game and
giving away one. Saturday afternoon
they done up the Union Pacifies 17 to a ,
and feeling guilty for doing the
claimed champions of Nebraska
BO hard , they allowed the
Union I'aclfics to win yesterday ,
and it was the hardest playing tluy have
had to do this season. The ball \ \ as tossed
into their opponents , and then they
would whack away and hit nothing but
nir , but after an almost superhuman ef
fort on the part of our boys to present
their opponents with the game it closed
10 to 5 in favor of Omaha , and then every
inhabitant of the city on the muddy from
the small boy to the gray haired man
howled themselves hoarse , and oven tore
up tiie grand .stand in their demonstra
tions ot joy , and owing to the victory real
estate is 51 } per cent nigher in Omaha
than it was Saturday. Having defeated
the Union Pacifies tlnce games
out of live the Hcds are en
titled to the championship of the
etatn of Nebraska , and will defiantly
iloat it before the eyes of the Lincoln
club It is to bo regretted that the boys
were so miiKiianiinous Sunday as to let
the Union Pacifies win , and did not plant
daisies oyer the place where they drove
them in Saturday. Now , when wo claim
the championship , a wee small piping
voice will bo heart ! from Omaha , saying :
"Yes , just by one game. The gas pipe
buttery was put in against Omaha and
then the Keds had to help her out by
throwing the ball out of the lot &o the
runners would dare leave their base and
keep up tlio "marry go round" gait. The
attendance at the game wi'.s very small ,
but finaneially the trip resulted all right ,
The club played four games and lost one ,
Itauer , the new pitcher , is proving to bo
a valuable addition , and with the addition
of another good catcher , the boys will bo
in good shape to meet Lincolns and St.
Joos next week ,
A Trial of Now Itllles Hroail ICatioua
Ijtmvo of Alihonco.
Tlio commanding officer Uhoyonnoord-
nanco depot , Wyo , , has boon'ordered to
Issue to the commanding olllcors of troops
1) ) . and E. , Ninth cavalry , at 'Fort Du
Chosno , Utah , sixty-four each of the now
model SprluglluM carbines , for trial. Re.
ports of their trial will bo forwarded to
Omaha headquarters , on Juno 20 , 1887 ,
with preliminary reports on December 1.
nest , as to the approximate allowance , if
nny , as compared with the rillo , that they
should rccoivo target practice. The final
reports will state the advantages or dis
advantages of the carbine compared with
the present sorvfeo model , particularly
os regards Its length , and ease of carryIng -
Ing when mounted , and the balistio prop
erties of tlio arm , , . ,
Tlio secretary of war has authorized ,
for the trial of these arms , which Jiro the
rifle cartridge , ammunition to the total
Value of $9.50 per gun in addition to the
present rogulai allowance. Scorns which
limy bo mtulohun Irving them at target
practice , will bo considered in the sol
diers' classification under the present
rules as to the regular and additional
practice , and the arm for this purpose
will bo considered during tlio remainder
of this target year as a service carbine.
Tlio ration of bread for i ? ue to the
troops at Fort haramlc , W.yo. , has been
Increased to twenty-two ounces. The
company gardens at this post have been
practically a failure thl * season.
Leave of absence for four day * has
been granted Captain Charles F. Hum
phrey , assistant iti.irtormnstor | U. S. A. ,
depot ( | iiartermistcr. Cheyenne , Wyo.
Leave of absence for fifteen days has
been granted Captain T. S ; Kirtland , 7th
Infantry , Camp Pilot Unite.Vyo. \ .
Leave of absence for fifteen day1 ? , to
take ell'eet when ho is relieved from his
duties at Ogden , Utah , by Captain John
L. Clem , assistant quartermaster , U. S.
A. , has been grunted Second Lieutenant
John J. Shaw. Clh infantry , Salt Lake
< ' 'ty ' , Utah.
A IlaUlriK 1'owilur THt'k.
The Chicago lirm.nnder whose directions
the band of women uro "testing"onr bak
ing powder , has lilt upon u very running
triek. The "test , " as performed by these
ladies , Is to mix the baking powder they
peddle and that found In the kitchen
with waterseparately , and call attention
to the difference of action. That found
in the kitchen , if pure , will foam up
quickly like champagne. The baking
powder they desire to prove superior will
rise slowly , foaming like new yeast , over
the lop of the gk s. This slower action
remits from the presence of llour ,
albnmeii or a gum in their baking
powder , and IB evidence of adulteration.
I'o prove this , ( ill a glass half full of
water , mix together equal parts of Hour
and Mnnu pure baking powder , pour into
the water and stir quickly. There will
bo nrodneed precisely the same elVcct--
the slow , foaming action produced by
the tests with the adulterated baking
powder as made by our lady mission
aries from Chicago. The ellect will be
even heightened Ijy adding a littlu lime ,
sneli as the baking powder carried by the
ladles and the other low grade adulter
ated powders contain. Of course , any
statements made in reference to other
baking powders , by parlies caught in
practicing such tricks as those for the
purpose of deceiving the public , will be
entitled to no credit.
In Mem orlam.
MM. Jane 'IV.idoll , wife of Robert
Twadoll , of Irv ingtonNobdied Monday
morning , August 39. Mrs. Twadoll was
born In Hancock , Delaware county , New
York , November SO 182i. The funeral
occurred August 01. The sermon was
preached from James 1 : 14 , by Rev. O.
W. Savidgo of Omaha.
Tlujtleceased leaves a husband , two
sons nnd one daughter who rise up and
call her blessed. Mrs. T. holds a place
in many hearts , both in this city and her
own immediate neighborhood. She way
a most intelligent woman , being a gicat
reader and student and well informed in
the a flairs of state. She had a great
memory , was a most practical , thorough-
goinjr , capable lady. The possessor of a
hopeful , cheerful disposition , she went
about doni" good , going into many homes
in a helpful way , in times of sickness and
sorrow. Mrs. Twadoll was a sincere
Christian , and might be truly called a
champion of Jesus. She loved pure gos
pel , and brought tip her children to fear
( iod and eschew evil. During her last
illness her mind was stayed on Chri'-t ,
and she was heavil to say , "J would rather
have a nunsion in heaven with Jesus
than to own all this world. " C. W. S.
A Pastor's Itcncllt.
Tnel * . 11.0. club will } : Ivo a complimentary
bunollt to Hyv. P. A. Ilubbard , pastor ot the
A. M. JK. chutpli , on this evening , at
the above n lined church , corner Eighteenth
anil Webster. The refreshments will bo
served by Mi. h. II. Johnson. The following
programme will bu rendered :
1. Walt/ , Silver Smay Instrumental
'J. Dancing O'er the Waves Chorus
P. II. G. club.
n. If on the Me.uls Solo
Mr. 0. 0. Oary.
4. The Light House by the So a
Song and Chorus
JMrs. M. O. Itlcketts.
5. The ( Jiand Old Oce.ui Solo
.Mr. E. G. Koz/ollo.
0. Hlowon , Ye Winds Quaitetto
Messrs. Ho//elle , Hrttce , Hloketts , Cary.
T. The O. P. It. A Comic Quartette
Dr. M. O. Klcketts , Miss M. Williams ,
Mr. C. C. Caiv , Mrs. C. C. Cary.
8. Come 13ack to Erin Instrumental
0. I Think of Thee Chorus
P. II. G. club.
10. Scentless Ho e. Solo
Dr. M. O. Hicketts.
11. Happy Dreamland Solo
Mis. C. C. Cary.
13. 0 , HowDfllitlittiil Solo
Miss M. Williams.
13. Where Shall we Find Our Home..Duet
Mr. and .Mrs. C. C. Cary.
11. Good Night , Gentle Folks Chorus
P. II. G. club.
This Morningf of W. P. Will-
iniim to UluiiohoVltlmcll. .
Yesterday at noon.Miss Blanche Withncl
was married to Mr. William P. Williams ,
of this city , at the residence of tlio bride's
father , Mr. John Withnell , 412 South Fif
teenth street. The ceremony was per
formed by Hishop Worlhington and wit
nessed by a number of tlio intimate
fritnds of the young people A recep
tion followed and continued until 3
o'clock , when ( ho happy pair took the
eastern train for a two WOOK'S bridal tour.
They will be at homo after September 14.
Mrs. Williams is highly esteemed in
social circles in this city , and her husband
is the chief bookkeeper in the wholesale
house of Paxton & uallaghcr , where for
a number of years back ho has been in
tile enjoyment of the respect and esteem
of employers and associates. His mar
riage was made the occasion of a happy
testimonial from the latter.
Two AcciilentH
Yesterday morning two men WT. West
and anather whoso name could not be
learned , were injured in the Union Pa
cific yards. The hitter's hand was
ortibhcd and the Joe of the former was
run over by the cars. They wcro both
taken to St. Jo.sejih's hospital. Dr. lloll-
man is endeavoring to save the injured
A New Church.
The contract for the carpenter work on
the now Catholic church on Lunvcnwcrth
and Twenty.faixtii streets has been let to
M , F. Murphy. Edward Larkin secured
the brickwork. The building will be
50x100 feet and cost about f O.OOO , It
will bo ready by the holidays.
Hovonuo Collections ,
Thoro\enuo collections for the month of
August \\ere us follows :
Collected on lists S 11S.24
lioer stamps sold 10,001.47
Spirit stamps sold , 1M.701.M1
Clunr stamps sslu , 4.0T1.1M )
'lolwcco btamps sold 100.51
Special tax stamps S.Uil.l'J
Total S170.8S1.0T
Will Cclcbi-nto tlio Kvont ,
The paving of Sherman avenue will bo
completed by Fild.iy evening. Steps are
being tnlicn by the residents of the stiect to
pioperly celebrate the event by Illuminating
it elthci on FiUt.iy or S.ituulay even
ing , and tmnUiK out on masse for a drive > n
the btrtet which , w hou coiupictod , \ > ill be
veiy line. _
It Came nt Last.
A car load of material for a cable line
arrived yesterday from Now York asigno J
to the horse railway eompany of this oily.
At present the latter do not know when
they will commence to use it.
Tile Grist of Cnsc * Hoftiro .lutl e Stcn-
hcrg Ycstcrtlny Morning.
"Hilly Anderson , you arc charccd with the
larccnj of a set of harness from George Helm-
rod , " said Jmlno Stcnbonrto the smallest of
a gioup of twenty prisoners who faced him
In police court yesterday morning.
" 1 never took the lir.nic s"reillcd | William.
"The birn door was open and I went Inside
and .slept all night. " A who lived
near the barn testified that Anderson
putting tlio harness out through a window
and held him until an officer ait I\ed. Wil
liam wilted at ( his and kept silent.
"You have been away a loan while , Ullly ,
where have you been ? " csked the jmluu with
the air of a man Inquiring after the health oC
a bosom friend ,
"In Lincoln , " laconically replied William.
"How often ha\oynu been in jallV"
"T\\ Ire onlv for di inking. 1 did Intend to
stay a\\oj and 1 will go now If jou'll let
mo. "
" .Sorry 1 can't accommodate you , Hlllv. "
said the court , "but you \\ill haMi to .stay In
the county Jail until after the fair anywav.
and If any of Mmr Lincoln fi lends enme
down 1ilf send them up to see MMI. You
will bo tlii-io for thirty day ? and will get
ti c.iil niut watei diet the lirst ten and last ten
days of tlio term. "
' 'John I- > charircd with
ItolF , you arc having
cut up a lot ot chairs and other furniture in
the nnnsloii of Kansas Cltj L/ ! , " wild the
court to the next of the row. "What did you
do It loi' . ' "
"Only for a little satisfaction , " said the
piKoner doggedly.
"You mo welcome to all of the satisfaction
you lll get out of a littecn days' sentence on
bread and \\au-r.1 said thocnuit diyly.
A. ( illlnskv. the jomig fellow ran his team
over Mis. McCaeueoii .Slxleeith | stieutlast
night was next called. He told a plausible
yarn about his line bicakmg and \\asdls- \
Eleven plain drunks were discharged ami
Ihoghen nominal lines.
Hut Tiacy was sent to the county jail lor
ten days on the charge of vaarancy. Ho
imulo a touching plea to bo iclcased so he
could make seme money during fair week ,
but the judge was linnl-ueaitcd.
On Hehalfor Henry Rush
To the ISditor of the Hun : For a year
and u half the Long school building had
in tlio person of Henry Hush one of the
best janitors in the city. Honest , faith
ful and conscientious , Mr. Hush devoted -
voted his entire time and attention to
his duties and no school building in
Omaha was hotter attended to. The
entire corps of teachers had confidence
in their janitor and the children loved
him. A long life of severe labor has so
broken his constitution that he is com
pelled to rely upon some such position
r.s that which lie has filled so acceptably
in the Long school , but which place lie
lost at the election of janitors last month.
Ho had been led to believe that
ho would be retained and hence
had made his family more comfortable
in the little building ho rented of the
school board by adding a kitchen , which
cost him about $100. This he had fin
ished , paying for it out of bis July sal
ary , and whim ho received notification of
his failure of reappointmcnt had but live
cents left.
Mr. Bush is well known in tlio city and
universally respected. His wife is feeble
and unable to help support the family.
The recent death of a little daughter adds
to his djstress , and altogether his case is
one which should appeal strongly to the
sympathies of the school board. It is
possible they may be able to reconsider
their action in his behalt. J. T. U.
The Oinalia Type Koitntlry and Sup
ply Ilousn for Printer * ) anil
Publisher ) ) .
The AVestern Newspaper Union at
Omaha is prepared at all tincs ) to outfit
publishers on short notice with presses ,
type , rules , borders , inks , composition ,
sticks and rules , and in fact everything
in the line of printers' and publishers'
supplies. Better terms and more
prices can bo secured than by sending to
Chicago or elsewhere. Save money by
buying near home. Second baud goods
in the printing line bought and sold. We
often have great bargains in this particu
lar. Send lorTiiKPKiNTKHs'Arxii.i\nv ,
our monthly trade journal , that gives
lists of goods and prices and Iroin time
to time proclaims unequalled bargains in
new iiiul second hand material.
Niwi.rAi'iu UNION.
12th Street , bet. Howard and Jackson ,
Omaha , Nebraska.
District Attorney Marsh Itclicycd
From an Unjust Accusation.
LOGAN , la. , August 31. [ Correspond
ence of the BII : : . ] District court is now
in session , with one of the largcs dockets
over known in the county ever fifty
criminal cases , and the grand jury still in
session. Many of our citizens have re
moved for the time being to parts un
known , especially those engaged in the
liquor traillc.
Harrison county never had a finer pros
pect for a corn crop. Nothing now but an
early froat can prevent more than an
Inotico in your paper of the 28th a
special telegram from Sioux City , rellect-
ing on our district attorney I want to
say Harrison county considers him one
of tiic ablest and hardest working district
attornics wo have ever had , and we think
the accusation unjust to him , knowing
him as we do. The article in the Sioux
City Journal signed by J. S. Latlirop
more nearly , as wo think , represents the
true state of the facts , and it you have
space I ask that game bo inserted.
The aitlclo lofened to Is as follows :
Sioux Cirv , Io. , August 80. My attention
has been called to the fact that a ccitaln vapor
per In this city lias been making States At
torney Marsli the object of Its peculiar atten
tion of late , chaiglng. In ctlcct , that Mr.
Marsh has been obstructing the Investigations
of the coiouur's jmy sitting in the Haddock
murder ease. 1 do nut suppose that Mr.
Matsh would thank me for saying anything
n hlsdofou selicio in this city wheio ho Is so
well ami favorably known. Nor would 1
take the time to do so but for the fact that
this pawn's stilcturcs have found place in
olnei papers outside of our county , and are
likely to eteato Impressions unfavoiable. not
only to Mr , Marsh , but to other laomcers
of our county and city as vte.ll ,
AH a member ot the citi/.ens' committee
and conversant with the efforts put forth to
hi lir ; to light and punishment the mmdercrs
ot Kuv. Mr. Haddock , 1 siy that no one per
son has laboied harder , gi\en mote of cainest
thought , nor brought to tlio investigation
moioof imiionee , caieand yenlous endeavor
than has Mr. Muish. With no promise of
pecimntry inward ho has to my l < nowlctlgo
neglected other business mid duties the law
Imposed upon him , and given his time ,
thought and labor , not only by day , but by
night also. In effoit to place the crime cor-
irctly , and proemu the evidence necessary
to a conviction. 1 have con seised with no
member of the coionor's jury , nor other
member of the committee , upon this
subject , bat I hazard nothing in saying that
oacli and ull will coiroborato tlio above.
Whether the Investigation has been con
ducted In a manner calculated to produce the
most satisfactory results , 1 am not now able
to say , but tie say that the Investigation has
proceeded in acnord with the judgment
ot till Intelestedand taking part in It. Ideem
the above necessary as a matter nf justice to
Mr. Muish and to our county. We have not
In Sioux City nor In Woodbmy county an
olllccr whoso energies aio not enraged In
luliiglng the murdercis nt the Ucv. Mr. Haddock -
dock to punishment , and let all bo assured
they .will be ( nought to punishment. He-
spectfully , etc , J. S. L.vrmtoi' .
I'lio ' noaril or AtlJuHlment.
The board of adjustment , appointed under
the ordinance provldim : for the monument-
ins of the city , will hold their first formal
meeting one day this week for the purpose of
01 sanitation. Tiie board consists of City
Kneftieer Ko owatcr , chairman cx-ofllfilo , J.
W. W av and Henry IlolnunAs there has
been no pros Islou made for funds to curry
on the work , nothing wtn be done this year.
Konl Kntnto JTrmisfipr * .
The following transfers wore filed
August 30 , with the county clerk.
Henry A ICoslers amltvf to Adelaide Itood ,
It a blk 1. Rosters add , w d-$3i- > .
Jas Morris lo Caspar 12 Yost , Its 4 , f > , 8 , P ,
10 11.12. in and U.\ilk \ 1. It 1 to 14 Inclusive
blk'J , It 4 to lOlnchisUeblk a. Ill to 10 In
clusive blk 4 ; 1 to 10 Incliishc blk fi ; It 1 to 0
InelusUeblk 0 , Lake's nddnl ; n H3 blk 4.1 ,
jt ID blk 4SO , Its blk4i > 0 iSmnd view add q c-
Frank Murphy to Arthur W Uoml , It 57 ,
Nelson's add , q o SI ,
Patrick Moirow and wf to Lars Golilbrnnd-
son , It 'J blk ! ! 0 , Floieiioe , q c 0.
lui Cook and wf to James M Parker n
sw , nw , noiH , ne , nw. S'.i , \ } > , no , S ) ; no , sw ,
V. in nml in > of
7 out lots in Kloience , q e S" > , ? > ' 0. "Aie-
iceoid of old deeds.-
Louis H Koitv and wf to ( Jeo W Logan pt
Its in and 14 blk N , Shull's 3d add , w tl
Jennie H McGiaul and Imsb to Gee W
l.osnn , Its S and UbIK P , Lo\\o'siultl , w d
" '
Wm'i : Giatton el al lo Win A Douglas , H 2
blk U Hillside add No 1 , \ \ d-SI/iV ) .
Saiah Teahon to Stephen K MeWhoitcr , It
1 blk 'J , Jerome paik , w d-lf > 'JO.
Joseph Barker and \ \ t to \Vlcdeiuaiin \ ,
It 10 Harkei's sub , w d SJ0. .
Georpe 1' Stohlilns to Ellen Hirkhaiiscr. It
83 and 21 blk 7 Ilniisrom plnce. w d 5i,0'.0. :
Luke C Ilcdlield to Henry Sple lcpt It L : i In I
eli ue ! M , l.1U. . w d-Ssoo.
Heuiy Spleglo and \ \ f to 'I' Wiichsman ct
nl , pt lti : In e H "o ; n , in , 1:1. : w d gl.OJO.
Algeimm S Paddock and wt to Kuclld
Mai tin , It 7 blk 1 , I'addoc'c ' place , w d Sl.MKJ
Laimon P Piuyn to MrsE C Powell , It 5 ,
Ludwlck place , w d S.M10.
Julia C lluntlngton to Alice O'Donahue , It
fi blk ( ! , Heed's 1st add to Omaha , \ \ d § 7.500.
Ilany I ) Heed to Samuel S Campbell , Its 4 ,
and 5 blk S , Dwlght * Lyman's add , wd-
Allco O'Doimhuo and Imsb to Frank U
Hortiin. s 5'J ft It ' .I blk 0 sub ot J I Hedlck's
add , Wd ? 4,000.
Omaha Heal estate & Tiust Co to Clmiles
Impey , 117 Washington sqtinic add , wd
Ada'p Oiakoct alto Andrew J Norgaid , H
OblkS , Diake'sadd , wd.
John I UedicKand wf to Charlotte M U
Adams , Its 7 , H , v. W , 11 and W bile 1' ' , Oak
Chatham , w d § 5,000.
John H Green and wf to 1st Natl bank of
Omaha. eW It 4 blk i : , Omaha , q c SI.
W G Shriver to Ell/abetli Gurnett , It 4 blk
H , Lowes add , w a ? 4iri.
Win G Slnlvcr to F M Sluivcr , Its 5 audO
blk 8 , Slulver place , w d SbUO.
iClla K Weston and Imsb to.lolm H Burns
blk 4 Shriver place , w d S 1,500.
August ! J1.
Sadie Henry to Millnul T Seals , lot 10 ,
block 8 , Haiiscom place , w d l.COJ.
Isaac Douglas and wife lo Millaul F bears ,
lot 21 , Tattle's subdivision , w d J,200.
Chai lotto M E Adams and husband to John
I Itetllclc , lots 1 , 2 , , 4 , 5 , 0 , block 12 , Oak
Catham , q c SI.
Patiick O'Coyuo and wife to Patrick
McCandrass , part of lot 2) , sec 10,15 , tt. : w tl
Millaul F Scars to William Monison and
olieis , lot 14 , Tattle's subdivision , w d
Fannie A Crowell to lle.nry H Cutler , lot
5 , block 2 , HimebnugliNaild , wd SK)0. ! )
John T Bell and wile to llemy H John
son , lot 11 , Fail view , w tl S'JOa
Alice O'Oouahoe and others to Sarah Tea-
him , lot 1 , block 2 , Jerome pask , w tl S5'i."i.
Ellen A Linden : and husband to S A Me-
Whoitcr , lots 0 and7 , block 4 , Kilby place , w
Augustus Kountzc and wife to George T
Xlmnicr and otheis , lot 5 , block 11 , Kouutze's
yd add , w d--JOQO.
A lutclcy Find.
Tuesday evening a young man named
F. Hebstock arrived at the Blulls from
Philadelphia , and discovered that he
had lost his ticket to San Francisco. Of
ficer Mares telegraphed the fact to the
young man's friends .aUthat place , and
finally tclopltonod tlio .same to Council
JJltills , with the requcst'lo Search the ears
for the missing ticket. Yesterday tlio
search was successful , the ticket being
found in the swoopintraof the car.
Absolutely Pur"-
This pomlor norcr vnrias. A marvel of pur-
ty , strength mid v/linlosomono n. Muro econ
omical than tlio ordinary kinds find ciuint be
sold Incompotlllnn with the mu'.tituda of low
test , short woliflit nluin nr pliospniuo pomlnrfl.
Sold only In onus. UOVAI. IIAKINO Powuui Co.
168 Wall St. , Now York.
13th St , Cor. Capitol Avenue ,
Chronic & Surgical Diseases.
DR. MoNJENAMY , Proprietor.
SuteiMi jenrs' niisiiftal unn l > rlvutu l-raitlco
Wo have Iho facilltlos , ni > | anrtua ud reroiillra
for the eucciwful treatment , or every form of ill"-
law ccmilrhiK clthnr mcilloitl or mirKlciil treatment ,
and Imlto all to couio and luvotligtitc for tlii'insclvr *
iircorreeponilllh lie. Ixini ; cxpcrlince In treat-
hiL' tunas by letter enable * n In treat many cases
eclcntifiNilfy u itboiit eceina them
WIIITK VOn CIHOUI.iR on Deformities nnd
Hence * , Chili Feet , Cumtuieu of thu
) s ts oc . l'ilf , Tnmore , Caiictrc ,
Catarrh , nronchltlo , InbaUtloii , IClcctrlclty , 1'nrjl-
ftlt , Epllepty , Kidney , KjofKn , Kkln , Ilload and
all surgical operation ! ,
llutlorleii , Inlmlern , l < v ) , TriiRHrH , anil
all Kindt of Medical ml ( f urjlcal Ain.luiiccs | , man
ufactured and for salt !
The only reliable nlcdlcai ln t lute making
Private 1 Special f Nervous Diseases
rA hl'lioiALTY.
from Hli tc crcaiiBcjirodiitcil , ucccsBfulljr treated
\\'u can rcmovu Syphilitic nouoa from thofjetuni
u Itliout inircury ,
New restorative treatment for Ion of \ Ital power
Cull anil contult ua or tend name and ptwl-onice
address plainly written cnclo e Btamp , aud we
vtlll ecnd you. In plain \ \ raptier , our
UPON J'lUVXTM , Sl-ECIAI. AM > .I4KII\OUb lji > KA < E8 ,
SEMINAL WKAKNEHS , gfrnMATojtp.iru : * ,
cr , , ( loNommuu , ( it-ntr , VARICOCELK ,
UniMAnv OKOANS , or eeiid History of your case tot
on onlnlon.
1'cMoni unable to1 < U us may tie treated at Ihclr
liomea , by correspondence Mtdlclnej and Instru
ments tent by mall or criire HECUIIELY PACK.
EU FROM onSF.HYATlOX. uo marki to Indicate
content ! or fender. One. | nrgoiia | Interview ] irc-
ferred If convenient. Fifty rooms tot the accom
modation of ) iatleiit > . Hoard and tUmilnuco at
iea ouablo prlcci. Addrto all Letters to
Omaha Medical and Surgical institute ,
Cor. 13thSt. end CaoltolA c OMAHA. NEB. '
Cor. IDoia.E'lo.s cm. a. Kttli. Sts. ,
H'ill open its doors to the public H'llli ( lie most complete
nloclc of
JUctT t'liown In Onntfui. ll'c it'llladlici'c strictly to tltu
motto ,
" " " "
Anil will e.rj ow to tJic people of thin ctthc ] true value of
fa. lie sure to attend our
And receive one of our handsome souvenirs given to every
one whocalls.
308 Farnam St. , Omaha , Neb.
When we say we are going to open with the largest and
finest line of
Ever shown in Omaha , we mean what we say. To prove it
to yourselves , come to the opening and see. Also get one
of our beautiful souvenirs ,
STRICTLY ONE PRICE. Remember , Our Motto is "Honesty and Good
Value for Your Money. "
ff B /j * . fl t
\i\l itfouTi / < n Ir f' ' 'fl flT"
vv e v/oen duout
SFadcor Corrxpaxiy.
England , France & Germany.
lliU well Known line tire
Imllt ol iron , In wutor-tiKht corii | > .irimonts , mid
lire furnished with ( ivory requUliu to muko ihu
piifBHRo both sufo and aurfunblo , Tlioy ourry
thu United States mm Kuropniui nmlla.und louwi
Now Vnrk Thursdays and Saturdays for I'lr.
ninulh. aAXNDONl.Cberbouif.U'AUIb nnd HAM *
Itutuinlngr , thoetonmoraiuavo Hamburg nn
Wednusdnj D nnd Siiiulnys , via. Huvru , taking
piusuncomHtKoiithiunpton mid London.
I'lrst cnbla $ V ) , JO ) mid $75 ; t-tuoruKO $ ! J.
Ilallioud tickets from 1'lyinouth lo HrMol ,
illir , London , or to any plnco In the Bouth of
KiiL'land , I'HKU. BtooniifO from Uurupe only
128. Bond lor - * *
lorTourlg ; &
, „ „ 4
General 1'iiseciiger Agents ,
(1 Broadway , Now Vork ; WushiiiKton unit I A
tialloSU. Chicago III.
Red Star Line
Carrying tlio Belgium Itoyal mid United St4to
every butuiduy
Between Antwerp & New York
Balon from $ M to $ r % Excursion trip from
1110 to Hi : Second Cabin , uuttraru , $13 ;
pitpaldJ ; uxcuwlon. $ ! . Btcorue pasiuca
at loir rut oa. i'otor WrUrlit & bum , Ooneral
Agonta , U Uroudway , Now Vork.
Henry 1'uult , 1S18 i'uruamst , : 1'aulscti * 0 o
rocuinn , 13 1 1'UJU
Watches , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
'J be larifost Block. I'rlcci the lowosl. Fine ropnlrln'spoohilty. . All work warrmiloJ. Connie
Douclua and 15th atioct , Omalu.
s. w. cojc. inin A\n , OMAHA.
Properly of ovary description for snlo in nil parts of thu city humid for snlo iu
ovcry county in Ncpraskti ,
Of Titles of Doiifjlns county kept. JNluns of tlio cily stiito or uoiinly , or iiny olhor
nforination dusueu , fiirnialictl life of churgu iijion app.icution.
| * l Uf l l , j
are eaully worni fe and reliable. They hate been
teited In tbouiundt of CHIO * ana we c n poililvely
axcrt tlntln ullcn ei where tbo liver , iplevn , kill-
iiej-iund buwcli ure lutoltrcd , nil. Ilol.MAN'8 I'AIIS
are * t once the beit , gulckvit and cnuspoit ; and
they U r made | > cruianent curei In tlioutandB of
caiea where luedlclne tai been uied without any
good 'tiuiu nbatarer.
IIolniaii'M IJveriuuI .Sloiuufli I'ml
Ab oilj > Hllliuiurltlu | > from thu blood ,
> nvliorali ) und yltulhun Ilia wliulo > y > tem ,
IIolinaii'N I.lor and Nloiniii'li fail
4'urca lllllou > iii * > i , liidlgentlon , Juiindloe ,
Dlurrhocn , MulurU.blok HeuJiulio.
Illifumutliuj , etc.
lIoliuiuiV l.lvrr iiiul Stomach I'ml
Itctfulatva the Htotauch and llowels , tuipru > u4
thu Aiiiietlle , rorreila Amliiillutlun ,
btiuutlnea the Cuuiileilun , utc.
IBoIiiiiin'M aMvcr anil Sloiiiai'li INul
1'rctcntB Keu Hlckneai. Cholera , Bmulliioz.
, Vell w.Typbua.T/pliold imd
lU-drteutonrecelp of
I'rlt-e '
litu William St. , N , V.