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    4 11HE OMAHA DAILY BETp ; TUESDAY , MTGUST 31 , 1880.
rrnvs OP
ilon ) Including Smi'lny
Urn , Our Vcnr . $10 60
VorSIT Mimttn . < " >
For Ttiri-o Month * . 3 CO
The Oinnlui Smiiluy llir : , iimlta ! to tiny
Jlio- ( , Duo Vuar. . . . . 200
Nr.w VOIIK itrriiK. Hitn\i IB. Tlltiu'NR llfli.ntvi.
WAhlllVtTON '
All rointminlc.itioiu relating to nw * ntnl fill-
lorliil iniilliT "lioulil bo iKhliossi'il to ( ho Klil-
mil or TUP. IIui : .
All lm lne i lcltnr titxl riiiitlltnncf > < fltioiili ] Im
lUlflrPSklMl to TlIK ItlX ITlll.lNIIIMl CdMI'VNV ,
OMUIV DinfiK. I'hwM iiiul po t < ift > M orilnrs
to be inndo ) > R ) uhlo to tlio t thocom | > iiiiy.
K. KO.SKU'A'Wt , Enmni.
8 worn Htntcnicnt orOlrottlullom
Slnto of Nebraska , [ . a
Coutilv nf Dotutln * . t ' '
( ijo. ( 11. Tiiscliiiek.seriTtai-yot Iho line Ptil-
llshlnii coiii'miiv , ilm's solemnly Mvpnr that
Iho npttml circulation or the Dallv Urn
tor the week cnilliiK'-Atif , ' . 'JJtli , lite , was ns
follows :
Saturday. UNt . l- , <
Htimlay. VM . I'-MWl
Monday , ! . . . , . R'JTC
Tw.Mlay. 'illli . ia.VW
Wcdiii'sday , ! Hth . 1'V'tO '
Tlmrsiliiy. With . l--V.Ti
1'rldny , arili . .VJ.MX )
AU'rnpc . 12.7U .
Gr.o. H. 'JV.icitrcii.
Subscribed ninl sworn to licfoiu mo this
SSth day of August , 1S50. N. 1' . ,
IHKAU I Notary I'ubllr.
CUM. II. Tzsclutc'k , Imlnc liiKtiluly
poses nnil says that ho Is wrutary of the lieo
I'tibllslilnir coinpiiiiy , that the arttial nvcriwc
dally ( Mipulallon of tlio Jally Hco for the
month of January , 1KS"\ was 1078 , ! ! co ) > U's ;
for Ifrhrimrv , IKSrt , lo.wn roulcs ; for Mulch.
IWrt , 11.KJ7'coplM ; for April , 1SW5 , 13,101
eonlt'.s ; lor Aliiy. 1K < 0 , 10,439 copits ; for June ,
18iO , 12'J'JS , copies ; for July , ISSi. Iiil4 ! : copies.
tJio. : IJ. I'/.sciit'CK.
Subscribed and sworn to before mo , this
Ed day of. August , A. J > . I860 ,
N. J . Fiir. : ,
fBHAT , . | Notary I'ublle.
TIIK next siciul | ) ! unvoy to Mexico
otiyhl to bijii the
VAI.KNTINK keeps very low these dtiys ,
but ho is only playing 'possum.
TIIK republicans of California know
just what they want regarding silver. It
is fnjo coinage.
Tin : Burlington bosses huvo ilouklcd to
foist Jim Laird on the Second district for
A third term , and all tlio people have to
do is to ratify the order.
Tint KB mon have taken a drop from
Ihn Brooklyn bridge , but that is nothing
compared to tlio drop taken inloxico ] \
by Special Knvoy Scilgwiek.
Tin : national campaign committees of
both parties arc reported to bo hard up
this year. They can't assess nml volun
tary contributions arc few and stingy.
OMAHA again loads all other large
clearing hout-o cities in the pcrcomngc of
increase- bank clearances. Last week
, Omaha was thirteenth on the list of tiie
thirty-two cities.
IT was n slirowd move on the part of
tlio Mexicans to make a fool ot Special
Envoy Scdgwick by filling him full of
corn-juice. This Is an outrage for which
the American government can demand
no satisfaction.
Tin : riotous spirit in llolfast is being
hold in check , but there is almost daily
evidence that the undercurrent of feeling
la still strong and only needs a fayorabln
opportunity to burst forth again with
devastating ofl'uct.
TIIK Hulgarian incident and thn Mexi
can war cloud have not as yet affected
the American wheat market. What is
needed to give wheat n rapid upward
tendency is u war cloud bigger than a
man's bund.
IT seems only fair to credit Cutting
with unexpected modesty in placing the
damage to himself from two months' im
prisonment at only $10,000. Of course
that number of cents would more than
repay him for the lost time.
TIIK American life-saving service is the
most thorough and clliciinit in the world.
This is acknowledged by Admiral Ward of
the British navy , who was for many years
connected with the royal national life
boat institution of Croat Britain.
\Vr don't Know whether Senator Man-
dorson has any influence with the demo
cratic postmastor-gennral , but somebody
who has his oar ought to whisper to him
that the Omaha postollico needs more
clerks and bolter service. Tins city is
entitled to prompt ami ofllciont distribu
tion of mails both day and night.
TIIKUK are sensational reports regardIng -
Ing the Knights of Labor. A rills burgh
paper professes to Imvo discovered that
an attempt was some time since made by
a faction of the order to assassinate Pow-
dorly , and it Is understood that the whole
matter will bo brought to light at tlio
Jtlelunond convention , soon to meet.
That assemblage promises to bo of ex
traordinary interest , alike for tlio friends
ami opponents of the order.
Till ) Dakota City organ of the ex
Honorable Isaac Powers cordially en
dorses riiurch Howo's candidacy. Tins
only illustrates the old adage that birds
of a feather llock together. Wo are also ,
reminded that Powers was one of the
committee that whitewashed Church
Ilowo in the legislature of 1877. It will
now bo in order for the ex-Honorable Ed
Games to commend Ilowo to Iho re
publicans of this district , Crimes was
associated on that whitewash committee
with Powers.
WALL street is having a season of ro-
peso. Last week was the dullest of the
year in stock speculation , and the cur
rent week dee s not open with flattering
promise of improvement. Brokers ex
press inability to account for this state
ofall'airs , but perhaps ono reason is in
the fact that the street has not for many
years boon so deficient in great opera
tors ns it is nt present. At the same
time reports regarding the movement
in mercantile trade are exceedingly sat
isfactory botli from Now York and other
eastern trade centers. So far as llie
legitimate business of the country is con
cerned , the outlook for the autumn and
winter is regarded as very favorable.
Vnn AVyok'R Double Tay.
The terrible cannonade to wliloh Sen
ator Van Wyck has been subjected since
ho has tii'iiti' his uppcal to Iho people of
Nebraska liai heeii mrrely n discharge
of blank cartridges. Tlicro have been
noisy explosions of powder ami great
floiil ( < < of smoke , but. the senatorial tar-
gel shows no visible clloets of the licrco
! is auH. The charges which liavo been
hurled against the senator do not alVuet
his lldclit.v to the intomsts of the state.
Nobody ' has dared to charge him
with neglect of duly or willful defiance
of the known wishes of his constItiionts.
Nobody , not oven Iho moU malignant
cni'iny , lias ever cluirgeil him with cor
ruption as a legislator , or with making
iisi' of Ills position to feather his no-it.
Nobody dares to assort that Van Wvck
lias betrayed the trusts reposed in him
by thn men who elected him and by the
people whom he has represented with
fiiuili signal abilitj in tlio national legis
Tlio only grave charge brought against
Senator Van Wyck by his oppon
ents is thai during tlio war liu
drew double pay as member of congress
and colonel in the army. The charge
has no bearing whatever upon tlio con
duct of Oeneral Van Wyck as senator
from Nebraska. It can scarcely lie con
sidered as an elleetivo argument to pre
vent his re-election. But it may as well
be discussed in all seriousness to show t" >
what desperate and contemptible moans
the monopoly press will resort in order
to crealo prejudice and throw discredit
upon Senator Van Wyck ova , public man.
Tlio senator has not seen lit to deny that
during the war ho served In
the double capacity of congressman
and commander of : i regiment. Ho has
not seen lit to deny that ho drew double
pay during one. session of congress. This
may bo a most terrible oll'ensc in the eyes
of his tradueers , many of whom lought
the battles of the country gallantly
among the homo guards. Van Wyck
was by no means the only man who held
a commission in the army and served in
congress at the same tlmo. At
the outbreak of the war Senator
Spruguo , of llhodo 'Island , was made
a major-general and served in the
army between sessions of congress.
General Garlield was elected to congress
wlulo he hold a commission in the army.
While we cannot say positively that ho
drew double pay during a portion of his
term , wo have very little doubt that ho
did. If wo are correctly informed Gen
eral Amasa Cobb was olcclud from Wis
consin while he held a commission. .In
all probability ho served in the same con
gress with Van Wyck , and ten chances
to ono drew double pay for a few months.
The fact is that the fire in the roar by Iho
copperheads and rebel sympathizers
of the north made il imporalivo for
the safety of the. republic to
plac < loyal men of known ability and
firmness in congress during that very
critical period. These men reluctantly
left their commands in the army for n
season when congress was m session and
returned to the front the moment their
congressional serviceswcroondcd. Inas
much as the pay of congressmen was
fixed by the year , members who served
in the army in the summer months , whan
lighting was most iiclivo , took thoirleavo
during the winter , but were retained on
the army pay roll until mustered out.
In the case of Senator Van Wyck the
meanness of the assault appears more
despicable when it is borne in mind that
ho organized and equipped at his own ex
pense a fifteen company regiment known
as the Tenth Legion , and paid for their
transportation to the front. Inasmuch
as he has never been reimbursed for this
outlay , the paltry pay of a colonel for
throe or four months while congress was
in session is hardly worth notice Qif it
wore not for the great hue and cry that
has been raised about it.
The "Actual 1'nirt" Fraud.
The Sunday Herald appeared with the
following cards at Us head : "Tho largest
actual iiaid circulation of any paper bo-
Iwcon Chicago and San Francisco , " and
"Double the actual paid circulation of
any paper published in Nebraska. "
Now what docs the llcnild mean by
"actual paid circulation " ? Will its pub
lishers please explain , or stop its bra/en
imposture ? ] ) oes "actual paid circula
tion " mean a gilt-edged list of extra-
select subscribers ? How dare they claim
a larger circulation than any paper be
tween Chicago and San Francisco when
they know that Kansas City. St. Paul and
Minneapolis papers circulate all the way
from 13,000 to 18,000 daily , as against less
than 4,000 of tlio Herald's bona fide daily
circulation ? What right has the Herald
to lay claim to double the circulation
of any paper in Nebraska ,
when it knows that the HKB
has an actual paid circulation
ofovnr 13,000 daily. If the Herald's
claim wore true , it would circulate over
35,000 , papers n day , which every intelli
gent person knows to bo an outrageous
falsehood. The "actual paid" catch ,
which the Herald lias invented to impose
upon advertisers Is a very clumsy device.
What docs "actual paid" mean ? The
JJBK receives pay every Saturday lor
about 45,000 , papers sold during the week
of seven days to its lessees of circulation
in Omaha and Council BluIVs , Is this
"actual paid" circulation , or is it to bo
regarded as delivered on trust ?
The BKK sells through dealers in Iowa
and Nebraska fully three thousand
dailies , which are paid for at the end ol
each month. Is this "actual paid" circu
lation , or is it a give-away on the inflation
system of the Herald manager , who al
lows dealers to return or keep stacks ol
unsold papers which ho sends out tc
make a bogus showing ?
The remainder of our daily circulation
is in part prepaid , and in part collected
from tlmo to time by agents. This is true
of all other Nebraska dailies. Where
then does "actual "
paid" come in ?
Hut the Herald pompously proclaims
that it has double "tho actual paid circu
lation of any paper in Nebraska , '
Whore is il ? In Omaha its actual circu
lation is a fraction over 600 by carrioi
and less than 1,200 , all told , In other
words , its circulation In Omaha is nboul
the same as the circulation of the Br.K in
Council Ulufla. The rcgularsubscription
of the Bir : in Omaha , supplied by CHrrici
delivery , is now over 4,700 , , This docs not
include papers delivered to dealers , Hut
the Herald with about one-fifth
of this circulation has the audacity Ui
advertise its circulation as double that
of any paper pubjlshed lu Nebraska. II
this imposture only deceived Its sub
scribers it would make liltlo diUbronce ,
Inlt itfiiiialn object iato swindle the credu
lous eastern advertiser , who has not the
means to ascertain the truth. If this
fraud is not stopped we shall talk a little
more plainly , and exhibit the methods by
which tlio llorald is trying lo obtain
money under falio pretenses.
Tlio Situation.
Ilttinr is still comparatively quiet in
some branches but the conditions are
ripe for improvement , and the indica
tions are everywhere nior-i oiH-wuraging
for a prosperous fall and winter trade
than they have been at the outset of sev
eral preceding seasons. Merchants and
inanufuelurorrt are correspondingly
cheerful and hope-fill. The jobbing dis
tribution of manufactured goods is fairly
active , and in many lines shows an im
provement over the business of last
week. In nearly till departments the
contrast with the condition of trade at
this time last year is very favorable. The
siness t'ailure.s occurring throughout
thu country last week number 201 , as
against ISli the previous week and 107
the week before. The increase is mainly
in Canada. Failures in the eastern ,
Southern and Miildlo states continue
Cotton prices have been depressed by
Iho political uneasiness in Huropo ami by
unfavorable market news from Liverpool ,
mid as compared with a week ngo are
1-1U to i of a cent per pound lower. The
crop year i.s drawing to its close , and
business is done on a moderate scale both
for homo eonsiimntlon and export. The
generally accepted estimate of the prob
able outturn of this year's crop is (1,500- (
000 bales. The trade in cotton goods is
morn active in jobbing dcparlmouts and
fair at llrot hands. Demand is absorbing
the production of desirable fabrics , and a
good many orders are on the mill books
for future delivery. Tlio market , there
fore , is in excellent shape and firm.
Wool has been shaded slightly in price
in exceptional instances. Tlioro arc a
good many buyers canvassing the mark
ets , and largo lines could be moved at
concessions , but business nt current
market rates is quiet. Manufacturing
clothiers are having a good trade in
heavy goods , and are giving only moder
ate attention to spring weights , but or
ders are fairly satisfactory forthuseason ,
and indications point to a good fall trade.
Other branches of the woolen-goods
trade arc fairly active , and values in till
lines are very firm. Increased activity
is noted in tlio jobbing trade in dry goods
in leading markets throughout the coun
try. The anthracite coal trade shows an
improving tendency.
Kxporl business in wheat has boon much
less active the past week. Clearances
have continued liberal because a largo
amount , of the grain had been previously
sold for August shipment ; but thvro has
been a lull in thn latter demand from
foreign buyers. The partial halt in ex
port buying , large receipts at winter
wheat centers and an increasing move
ment of spring wheat from the north
west , have promoted a more bearish
feeling in speculative circles , but jts
ell'oct has been measurably oil'set by the
political news from Europe. The drift
of values , with occasional interruptions
duo to the foreign war talk , has been
downward. The corn crop outlook has
boon slightly improved in some localities
by recent rains , but tlio week's reports do
not indicate any material change in the
general situation. Kxport demand for
corn is light.
The Grand Army Hcunion.
Nebraska is pre-eminently a soldier
state. Nearly every regiment that served
in the armies of the union has a score or
more of representatives in the Grand
Army organisation of Nebraska. Tlio
eighth annual reunion of the veterans is
now in camp at Grand Island. Extensive
preparations have been made by the of
ficers of tlio Grand Army and the citizens
of Grand Island to make this reunion a
memorable event. The attendance prom
ises to bo greater than that of any pre
vious assemblage of the boys in blue in
Nebraska. As the years roll by these
gatherings of the gallant defenders of
the union become more and more
interesting and impressive. They recall
memories of patriotism , valor and priva
tion of the most critical era in Iho history
of tlio republic. They recall vividly to
the present generation the debt of grati
tude which the nation owes to tlio men
of 1801-03. Nebraska , although a terri
tory with less than ! l."i,000 population at
the bioaking out of the civil war , fur
nished her full quota of volunteers to the
union armies , and many of these
veterans , now assembled at Grand Island ,
served gallantly through the entire war.
TIIBIIB Is no UFO for ward bummers
and bilks to aspire to the legislature from
this county. It would bo reckless for
cither party to nominate men who pros
titute themselves for hire nt tlio polls ,
and who only want to go to the legisla
ture to sell their votes.
Ciiuitcn HOWE is hedging already ,
lie sees the handwriting on the wall , and
fearful of defeat nt Beatrice , ho holds In
reserve a nomination to tiio legislature ,
where ho expects to got oven on the ex
penses of his congressional campaign.
UP to the present time , nobody but
Pat MoArdlo mid Corliss are talked of as
candidates for county commissioner on
the republican ticket. It scorns to us
that better timber can bo found in Doug
las county for that Important ollice.
WE bav heard of the man who tried
to pull himself over the fence by his boot
straps. Tliis same genius is trying to
boom the Herald by nn "actual paid"
circulation dumped by the cartload into
Omaha backyards and alloys.
Tim cold wave , which has been side
tracked all this summer , has at last
struck this part of thu country , mid suf
fering humanity is bracing up under its
invigorating influence ,
Ciuntcii HOWK relies on the railroad
bosses and the penitentiary ring at Lin
coln to carry him through.
WK must keep up the boom , The pav
ing bonds should bo carried by a largo
Mit. SEixnviOK , the legal luminary
who was sent by Secretary IJayard to in
vestigate the Cutting all'air and other al
leged outruiies upon American citizens ,
celebrated his arrival In the Mexican
capital by painting the ancient city red ,
iu company with a party of young Mex
ican bloods. Ho has made u fool of himself -
self and .Secretary tyayfird. Tlirt Mexi
can authorities ougl't to send Mr. Scdg
wick to jail for ninuty days for druukon-
no > p. We hardly thihk the American
government would ilenVand his release ,
Ins ollense belnir coiiiuuttrd on Mexican
soil without the shadow of a doubt ,
Tin : Union Pncilles OHM play base ball
once in a great while.
The 1'iliiee of Walo1 } isplvlmr dreadful of
fence to his countrywomen by dancing so
much with American be'iullos ,
Well Wall , the Xunl princess , has com * Into
the bric-a-brac collecting business and Is said
lo be fascinated with old china.
( Mai'Kharlta of Italy prefers women
physicians anil would like to see a few clover
Americans hang out their shingles In Andal
The Vrlnco of U'alcn lias declined to ac
cept a testimonial plnlp , valued at Sl2"iOt ) ,
from the commission of the colonial exhibi
The ( JiieP.u I'pgpntof Siuiinjs nl lnranjn. !
She loves to sit and talk Spanish baby Inn-
> ; iiiite ( to the Infant kin- ; , who crows like a
little bull-lUliter.
The fifty-sixth blithilay of the Kmpcror
Kriiucls Joseph was cclclirnled throughout
Austria the other day with great festivity. A
man climbed the spire of St. Stephen's ea-
thcdral , 4 < M fecit hi h , and hung an Austrian
lln on the cro s at the summit.
Queen Victoria Ims never taken kindly to
American beauties , and recently refused to
extend an invitation to a curtain entertain
ment solicited on bchair of a prominent
American society woman , even tluuiKli tlio
Pi luce of W.tles added the Influence of his
name to the pica.
Queen Victoria onro helm : at an Important
ccicmouy lu a north of Knnlind ; city , a paper
was biouuht to her for a signature. Of course
she Inscribed It as usual , "Victoria , It of I. "
Then her favorite dam-litcr'.s signature was
desired and was only written "JJcatrlce. "
Finally the wife of the mayor was called to
slRii the paper and not to be outdone by any
mem royalties , she unhesitatingly wrote
"Mary. "
Queen Victoria Is evidently In need of a
little pin money , as she Is anxious to soil the
Villa Ilohenlohe , her lesldcnco. at Baden-
Baden. The empress of Austria Inspected
the palace diirini * ; her iccent visit .to Baden
ns she contemplated buying a villa , and the
( icruian empress took a look at it the other
diiy. But neither Kli/.abcth nor
Augusta Is willing to ngico to the queen's
price , which is nearly twice as Hindi as the
property is generally thought to bo woith.
It Doesn't A ( Toot Ouv Grain Market.
W. 7,1111 In ISrimlillean.
England ami Kus.sla are bristling up at
each other aialu , but the grain market has
learned to cndiuc these little demonstrations
with placidity. , i
, -
On the .
Atlanta ( , Vinliiloii. ( { (
We take pleasure in aiinoune.inu ; that the
second battle of ( lettyhburi * ; , which has been
going on for some time , isl confined entirely
to paper , and tlio south ts talciiiR no part
whatever lu the affair ; ' ,
A Hint to tlio PostuiiiHter General.
IinlitinaiiiiliH Journal.
If the postmaster ccncrnl would devote a
little of his time to battering the postal ser
vice as now crippled by the accession of
thousands of incompetent1 men , instead of
trying to I'orcc a special delivery theory into
practice , a long-suffering p'ubllc ' will be vci.v
grateful. _ / *
I'e.rslan llosos.
ZiWptiicott'n 3taaaili\f. \
In an ancient legend , Perkins say
That a rose two blooms at the gates of Day ,
And once in each life , bu it sad or liny ,
Comes tlio scent of that flower from the far-
off skies ,
Ami tlio heiirt seem lifted to Paradise ,
And , oil , the day that it came to me !
Teai-s cannot tarnish the memory , love.
Of that moment out on the summer sea
When the frayianco fell from above !
Your eyes were raised , and their tender tale
Had made me forget the refreshening gale ,
Till the waves were dashing over the rail ,
And the clinging arms of a'razgcd cloud
llnd'wrappcutlio sun In an Inky shroud.
With the timbers btralnlmr under our feet ,
And our faces mlo in tlio lightning glare ,
Wo learned for the first time life was sweet ,
For wo learned for tlio first time love was
Blest was the fragrance that came on tlio
blast ,
Bright was the moment , but swiftly past-
All , far too blest , too blight to last !
For the mighty , passionless , pitiless sea
Claimed what was dearer than life to me ,
Ah , merciless Memory , draw the veil
Aewss the path of that leaping wave !
Shut fioia my ccs the loosened sail
And lift my heart from that ocean grave !
Grand Island will surrender io-nay
without firing a gun.
The lirst brick building for Sidney is
under contract. It Is a modest one-story.
Frank Mussio , of Tcetimseh , a work
man in the railroad coal sheds , was hit
on the shoulder by tlio revolving crank
of the derrick and frightfully injured.
Mrs. Anson Hewitt , a respected lady of
Oakland , dove from a bridge into the
Klkhorn river , struck bottom and stayed
thoro. She was thoroughly tired of life
and a cancer attachment.
A band of Pine llidgo Indians were in
duced lo give a irilivo "shindy" near a
church in Huslivillo last Sunday. Tlio
whoops and yells and "molt the llurcs"
of the reds produced a panic in the
church and the congregation hastily ad
journed ,
Broken Bow was decked in holiday
duds last Friday to great the first pas
senger train to town. The town is now
out of Iho stage coach wilderness and
sends greetings via the "great Burliiiglon
route" lo all the world ,
The Hums of Hebron belonging to Mr.
( jleason , bucked against toting u car
riage at a snail pace , and ran thn vehicle
oy r stone piles , and against trees and
hitching posts , IIo succeeded in smash
ing the rig , ami bruisiijp M rs. Gleason
and her iwo children ! '
Mr. .1. Starmor and his daughter Clara
narrowly escaped , U horrible death in
Hastings Saturday. 'They wore driving
in a buggy near the IV , & M. depot. A
switch engine with a car backed up ,
struck the buggy ami overturned it.
throwing the occupants' to the ground
mid under the cars. 'Fortunately thn
cars wore stopped alriiost1 instantly , anil
Mr. Starmor and Cllijra wore rescued un
injured from the whcols ; '
Iowa IroniH ,
The third slrcct to bo planted
in Ottumwa.
Dnlniquo has abandoned the union
depot project. The railroads did not taio
the bait.
Tlicro : ire eighty carloads of grain in
store in Denison , and no car to .ship it.
Thu shipmen for August will bo about
12,1 car loads ,
Ida Grove having lost its grain olovn-
valors by fire , the people at once began
to erect a now struciuru so that it might
not lose ils trado. Ida Grove is nolliing
if not enterprising.
A man by the name of Dovol while dig
ging a well at Bloomlield was buing
lowered when the rigging jravo way , let
ting nlm fall about twenty feet. Ho es
caped with a broken collar bouo.
A farmer living about two miles from
Sioux .Hapids , ono very warm day ro-
cenlly , undertook to drive forty head of
hoes to that city , but before the market
was reached fifteen of the porknrs had
died from the ellr-cts of the hunt.
A most shameful and outrageous con
dition of affairs exists at the JpfTorson
cotintvpiior farm in Falrlield. Withili
th" past three weeks two women have
been confined there. One of the. o
women is a deaf mid dumb girl , who has
been an inmate at the farm for years.
The other has for two years been nil in-
male of the in tine department. Great
excitement prevail * at Fuirlield over the
outrageous conduct of those In authority
althe farm , and some person is liable
to be luir.-lily dealt with.
Ynuklon can have u $ < 0,000 twine1 fac
tory for a bonus -'JO,000. .
Newspaper mon are agitated over thn
increased circulation of couiitcrtoit coin
in the territory.
Rapid City roi'iiiro.s the telephone com
pany to pa'y"il)0 ! ) a v tir for the right -of-
w.iv for its poles ana lines through the
A new Dakota town i.s being laid out
where the Northern Pueilif and the ( . 'hi-
cage & Northwestern meet south of
The managers of the Itapia City .school
of mines worci astounded la.stweoK tolind
that I'rof. Klolehor would not tukoehurgo
of the school for less than $ t > > 0 a month.
Thai settled his prospects. The man
agers are now negotiating for a cheaper
Tiio now city council of BufTiilo Gap
has passed an ordinance forbidding the
utterance of tiny vile , vulgar or blasphe
mous words or opprobrious epithets
within the corporate limits. When it i.s
taki-n into consideration flint the Gap
IUIH neither church edifice nor school
house , the ordinance is apt to look a lit
tle premature. It will most probably ro-
( ptiro an ordinance to enforce the ordi
nance. _
The Iron Mountain Mining company
has filed articles ot incorporation. Thu
capital felock -tl.-'oO.OOO. .
Material for the Ilrst forly miles of the
Cheyenne it Northern is arriving in
Heavy .shipments of cattle are being
made trom the ranges. The shipment- ;
ure. being made two weeks earlier than
Wyoming coal lias boon tried on some
of the locomotives , and pronounced by
the engineers to bo bettor than Iowa
coal , the only dilTorcnco being that the
engines as now constructed have too
much draft.
The Twin mountain country was
treated lo a hailstorm last week. The
wind was almost a tornado , and the hail
was hurled through the air for about an
hour. .Streams rose as if by magic ; brooks
became rivor.-i , and rivers turrents. The
next morning , fifteen hours after the
storm , the hail t-till lay on this ground lo
tlio depth of six inches.
Certificates of incorporation of llie
Cheyenne Land & Caltlo company have
been filed with the secretary of the terri
tory and county clerk. The capital stock
is placed at sjr-OO.OOO. The trustees of the
company nro Alexander 11. Swan , Thom
as Swan , 11. B. Kelley and Albert F.
Uicliey , of Cheyenne , and Bruno Kichtor ,
of Now York city. Cheyenne will bo the
principal place of business.
ir Alexander Adieu.
Clitraon HcniM.
Whan in 1878 Disraeli returned from
Berlin with the island of Cyprus in his
pocket , and the cry ot "peace with
honor" on his lips , Bulgaria , which had
been a bono of contention in tlio much
vexed eastern question , was constituted
an autonomous and tributary principality
under Iho su/.eranity of his imperial
majesty , the sultan. IL was ordered also
in the same treaty that it should have a
Christian government and a national
militia. Bulgaria had been one of the
European states of Turkey. Nearly
three-fourths of ils population , scant two
million , belonged to Ihc Greek church.
The Turkish tax farmers perpetrated
terrible outrages on the people , and the
province was in a continual condition of
revolt. The treaty of Berlin gave its
first attention to the alTaiis of the people.
Il provided , after fixing the status of the
principality , that the prince should bo
freely elected bv the people and confirmed
by the sublime portc with the consent of
the powers. The population chose
Alexander , who is a cousin of the reign
ing grand duke of Hesse , who married
the Princess Alice , daughter of Queen
Victoria , and a brother of the Ludwig to
whom the Princess Beatrice was recently
wedded. The election occurred in 187B ,
and was entirely unanimous. In 1880 ,
with equally apparent unanimity , ( he
young man is escorted to the fnintier ,
having been quietly deprived of his gov
ernment , his palace at Sofia , and his
$100,000 a year that were given him for
prince playing. Save that there was
trouble with Servia recently , the reign of
Alexander has been peaceful enough ,
but Hut population of the prineipamy
have religious reasons for profering the
rule of Kussiu , and will probably noyer
bo content while i.ormnlly a dependence
of thu sultan. UIISSKUI partisanship has
been strongly expressed in Bulgaria , but
Russian authority cannot bo exerted in
the country without the assent of the
European powers that wore parties to
the treaty of Berlin which terminated the
war of 1877 between Russia and Turkey.
Plenty of work tor the cabinets of Eu
rope will grow out of tlio present compli
cation , but the bayonet factories will
probably not bo disturbed until , break
ing through ail parchment bonds. Russia
will drive the Turk from Constantinople.
Denial of ( In ) Story that Her Dentil
Resulted Prom a Hovel.
Denver Tribune-Republican : A queer
little llguro with u very short waist. A
bond covered with dark hair set squarely
on a pair of shoulder.- ! without the inter
vention of any nook to sneak of. The
oddest of palo-bluo calico drosMis. worn
with a short shoulder capo of black cashmere -
mere , a white mull kerchief , nnd a long ,
white apron. This is how she appears
Mrs , Leon , the Scottish waiting woman
now in employ of Mine. Modjcska , and
once maid to the great Ncilson. Thin is
how she looks a dumpy liguro in quaint
attire , looking as If she belonged to a by
gone century , and speaking very gram-
miitlcally in a quiet , easy fashion , which
shows * hu is used to being iiboul Iho
"You want to talk to me about Almo.
Noiisanr1 she said. "Well , I like to talk
of her because I love her. and because she
was one of the loveliest and
hearted women who ever lived. Indeed ,
] cannot describe to yuti her lovely dis
position. She was remarkably oven *
tempered and never gave way to angry
expressions as so many ladies do. Natur
ally things did not always go to suit her ,
anil she was not always pieo-sod , but she
had a gentle way of remonstrating that
never engendered bitterness or angkT. "
"Wore you with her when she died ? "
"O ! yes , indeed , and a very sad death
it was in that little Parisian ohalet with
only nor nearest friends about her , No'l- '
sou died the Mill of Augtisl just six years
ago. You see , it was this way : she had
long been ill at times , 'her trouble being
situated in the blood vessels , but she was
quite well when she set out to dnvo with
two or three friends that afternoon , in
tending to leave Paris for Switzerland at
night. I staved at homn to get all bur
things in I'oadincss for Iho journey , and
was greatly startled at being ? enl for
Iato in the afternoon to goto Mmo. Noil-
son , who was dying at the chalet. The
reason of her death was very feimplo a
blood vessel which had worn to an ex
tremo dopron of thinnos , nnd suddenly
broke. Then lifo could bo sustained no
longer , and poor madnino died.
' Dlryes.l know nil about those1 storing
nbont tlio iced milk , nnd tin- pay wino
supper slip bad participated in Hint nighl ,
but I assure you they arc tlio base-Hfabri
cations. Then1 is no truth in them what
ever. 1 liavo reason to know tlnit she had
not drank a drop of wine that day , ami
that slin never drank to eseess , beingri
temperate woman in all things. DM tin-
way to thn chttlol 1 know the party
slopped at a dairv and had some milk , but
I am convinced tnatthomllk was not iced.
It is ( pillu probable that It was juM fresh
from the cow. They Uc very mile iced
milk in l-'nuice. And the pally was u
very small ono and a very mnel one in
every respect. 1 am positive Mint" . Noil-
son bad had no wine that day.
"No , 1 tin not think she allowed her mi-
fortunate marriage to make her unhappy.
Sins bail youth , beauty , luxuryeven love ,
and she had a happy faculty of making
the best of things. Shu had a habit of
making her will every time she. sol out
upon a long journey , and the last otto she
made , in which slui bennentlied the bulk
of her fortnnt ! to Mr. Nlynn , was , I am
sure , more of u whim than anything ol o ,
as she had never eared for" him. Ho
wanted lo marry her , and she respected
him. That was all there ever was
between them. At Hit ; lime she made her
will in his favor , ho madoa will in her.s-
an oven exchange , yon ceo , possibly moiv
in jest than in earnest. She willed me
her wardrobe , which I sold for $8,000. ,
She said sonic time before her death that
if she had a successful season that year
.she would have given me a pension. 1
wish she had done .so. I tun getting old ,
and the work of dressing a great actress
is no easy task.
"Mine. NeiNon was very easy to dress ,
because she played mostly in Slinks-
pearean drama , where the itressos are
very simple , and are seldom changed.
1 never saw her look lovelier than she did
the day she died. She wore a simple
white dre > s and looked so sweet and
ohariiiing as she stopped into her car
riage. Poor Mmo. Neilsonl She has
gone to n better world. "
Tlio Pnwnpc County Convention.
PAWNIK : dry , August 28. [ Corres
poiidencoof the HUB. ] To-day the rcpub
lican county convention was held hero at
which .1. A. Cope was nominated for
representative , C. . II. Norris for float
representative ( Pawnee nud Johnson ) ,
and J. K. Goudy for county attorney.
M. K. WalKer , G. W. Collins , F. R. Por-
W. J. HccMormaii , John Davis , J. W.
Minor , II. W. llutton ( J. W. Eckma-i
proxy ) . J. U. Little and J. G. Fisher
were elected delegates to the
state convention and were instructed
lo use all honorable means to
Hp-euro the nomination of Prof. II. S.
Bower.s for superintendent of public in-
slruction , for the state. Prof. Bowor.s ,
for the past year , has been superintendent
of our city high school , and has been
again tendered tlio position for the en
suing year. The professor's work hero ,
and his association with our people , has
convinced everybody with whom he has
come in contact , that he is thoroughly
qualified and eminently filled for the
position of state superintendent. Our
people would give him a hearty supporl ,
should ho be nominated. IIo is believed
to bo the strongest man in south Ne
braska , if not in the slate.
Put Out u Fire and Killed ft Sinilcc.
San Diuiro ( Cal.Suu ) : Miss Altie Tul-
lanl , ii beautiful and accomplished young
lady , is the daughter of Mrs. Tallinn ,
landlady of the hotel at Knoinilas. She
has a luntl claim about a mile .south of
Enemitas , on the line of thn California
Southern railroad. Last Saturday a
spark from a passing locomotive
.set lire to the dead grass
and threatened Iho destruction of
her house and conlents. She look some
giinnytmcks. , soaked diem in water , and
blurted for the lire. After a determined
light Iho flames were subdued and the
house saved. On her way back , in pass
ing near a pile of railroad ties , she came
near stepping upon a large rattlesnake
lying beside them , almost hidden from
view , but ready to strike the first person
that might happen along. Sieving a
stick. Miss Tallanl g.'ii'o the reptile bat
tle and succccdnd in Killing it , securing
tlio body , which measured nearly four
feet in lentrth airl five inches in circum
ference , us a trophy. That night she
slept in her cabin , n full mile from any
human belli ? , and arrived at home on
Sunday morning , "smiling and looking
as f rt-sh as : : i peach , " apparently none
Iho worse for the experience of Iho pre
vious day.
cH or DccjiyiMl Tcutli on Kyc-
Chicago News : Decayed te.olh have
boon known to exert an injurious effect
on the eyesight , but a recent case in
Sweden illustrates this reflection in an
unusually striking manner. The patient
was a ounggirl blind in Iho right eye ,
although the surgeon. Dr. Widmark , was
unable lo detect the pathologi
cal change in tlio organ. Observing ,
however , considerable defecis in the
teeth ho scut her to M. Skog.horg , a
dental surgeon , who found that all the
upper and lower molars were completely
decoyed , and 'hut in many of them tin ;
roots were inflamed. llu extracted
the remains of the molars on the right
side ami in four days' time the sight of
tlio right eye began to return , and on the
eleventh day after the extraction of the
tcelh it had become quite normal. Tlio
deceased fangs on the other side wore
subsequently removed , lest they should
cause a return of the ophtlmlminio
They million Denial.
Messrs. O'Connor & Rufur , of Iho Mis
souri Pacific , claim that a misstatement
was made in the testimony before the
coroner's inquest. Tlio impression was
conveyed that Rufur , the brakeman , tes
tified that O'Connor , the conductor , had
been drinking and that his breath smoluil
of whisky. Rufur domes t hat ho testified
to this statement. O'Connor says that
ho had not benn drinking , and that ho
had not taken a drink for tm > months.
The Pint , Ihn Orlclnnl mid ( Inly ntnrrh Ihnt I *
Mil up l > v nd'ii Mlio lm\o n iirnrllenl knonlnlco
of ilir Iniimlrr tirofM lnn. It reqntrrs no reeking ,
kef tut ho I ron from nickln < anil llnon from Ml lorlti4
\\M\t \ innilnn , tnl cl c untru , cultn nd collars llui
Mlffnp ami Itcnutlful | wlUh they li ve vlifn ti * -t
. \lilctj , % rnl > od1' known , kc tm tlmn clf n tRlwi m
Ions , Hcwntfl of Itnltntlorn , Son th t the runic J. O.
llinl.VdKU & liliOH. , Netr lUrcn , Couu. , Ii on
cicry jncl se. Sola ly ! 1 ( Uocer .
oilier * nitTrttnR tnn
. . . . .out ilulilllty ff.iimiftUu ?
icnmnlo illica.ei , pirmatun *
ilH-lln of yotine or oM am
' | ip llhrljr ; < urr.l JIT Dr.
llornrn famous lllrttrn *
MucnMtfl Ili-lt. ? notiiiuu' <
tliH riilon hftvp ) > n aurvHi.
' Trlt ralcntr.lin.1 folrtlO
jrnrit WlicOc'Vitinlly enn wvnr fiatno lielt K1rtrU
f-h.nrn erlr frrc wllhlllrtli-liclts. iyolil worlhlrxllll-
ItM/onfl / Hint bo lll runipMllcfl Klrrtrlp Trnfeif jnp
H. rfur1. 7DO I'nmlln'Hfl. Brnrt ntftmpfor pflmphlet ,
O17 81. ClmrlnflNt. , HI. IoiilsMo.
4rreuUrr | dnit of two UeJI lCollege * , hit t < fD lonftr
ene K < ilu tboftpedbl irettment of runoiie , Ninroti. Sim
ni liiotD Ini4s Ihftit unr othtr I'lmUUn laSt , Looli ,
tlty | > ftv r nhow nil nil old roilJtnti looir.
Nervous Prostration , Debility , Mental and
Physical Weakness ; Mercurial and other Affc-
lions ol Throat. Sklnor Bones , BloodPolionlng ,
old Sores and Ulcers , * r trttd with uDrttiiiaii
cueceitmUiett iHrntttU principleB relr , rrtrttelj.
Diseases Arising from Indiscretion , Excess.
Exposure or Indulgence , which prince iom ofth
following fflseti t nmoutooM , detllUr , dlmrifii of il M
nrt ( Urectlve meuiorr , plmpUton tbo face , phrileftldtc/ *
fcTprnlon tolli loclilrof fcnulci , eoLfuitoi of M M , ! . ,
rontlorlnir MarrUeo Improper or unhappy , * t *
Krtn Dfntl/cured , Pamphlet (36 piBNon ) tb tboTi , lent
( ltd envelope , ( Yeato mny * drU * i , ComulutloaUoE-
Let or by niftU freCtlntKe-J knd itrletlj coQdtbllil.
A Positive Written Guarantee siren in cTiryen.
ruble eti * . llealclue lent CT or/where bj mtlloreiprtii *
200 PAOE3. 1'ITtn FLATUS , ctmnt cloth mil till
tlndUg , traled for 50a. Ini'nitMeorcnrrenej. Ortr art/
voa'crAtl pen pleturf t , true to Ufa ; trtklei on tb followlDf
Wliow VITAMTV Ii rnllliiK.nnlnllllAINKWnnd
till may nnil R twrfect iinl rollnblo cure In thn i
originated by i't
Mvptcd hy Ml K . . . . . . . . . .
wecossfullr lutrolucod heif. All vMkrnlni ; losses ai
rtrulns luoiri'itlr oltfckfil. Tld'.ATIHn fl liif n *
uon ( ofllce or by nmll ) wlwtelx cir.liK > nt doctors THEIC.
CIlflftLE AOENCY. Ho.JA Fulton Street. New York.
Tansill's ' Punch Cigars
wcro shipped iturlHR the pnet
two yours , vltliout n drum ,
mprliiimri'iiiploy. No other
IIOIIEO lu tlio wurlil can trntU-
fully inakoHuah u BliowtaR.
Ono IIEOUC ( dealer only )
wuntrtt In ouch town.
coi.i.iccii : NKW .IIJIiSKV ,
ItOKUlur four-ypur conrf c , m follotvus I. For thn
ilOKreu of Bachelor of Scluncu , tt peiu'nit cutnno ; itla < )
I'ltTtlro ' course * In Chi'ml-try , lllnlniry , ( ionloxr ,
Muthuin'tllcsiiiiil I'liyplt'H. 11. For lliU'k'Kreo of Ulrll
Knt'im'cr. InchlillnB. bcftlilos ilia uxtml piotoHalorml
stm1le < . iiiijlcitloiiiiif | | : Klnctrlclty to tltu Arm. Test
ruihmto Instruction In IIIilicr.MtiUi iuiitlcii. < irutihlcii.
Analytical aim Applln.1 t'liemntry nml Ainrln < ( ,
lllo'tigy , I'hynlRH , iiiul AHtronomy. Kntritnco oxiunin *
ntlon * opt. lull anil t * > tli. H4 > . I''nr Himclnl coursm
untlotburlnrorniHtlun nuiilv to the ColluuuTroiKuror
State Agents
Omaha , Neb.
3.503 IF.A.lIS. .A-ttv SO1.
Practice limited to Dlsctinns ( if tlio
OlaSROS fitted for all form1 ? ofilofootlvo
Vision. Artillcial Eyes luaortoil
r C > 3VJjTrr- Oulclc , rorman nl
Ciiro for l.nrtManhon.1 . , liclilllty , Nrr-
u nei.v.Wrukiirwi. No rjUackfrx. In.
iui l > ut tila 1'ioofB. llotilc wilt lumleiL
I rruu. KIUK MKU. CO. . JlUI'iTALO. N.VT
\ 'MSt , Cor. Capitol Avcnutt ,
ron rim TnrATMrNT or AIM.
Chronic & Surgical Diseases.
DF7. Y , Proprietor.
hittrru jcura' lloaiiilul iiiul I'rlvulu l'ru < ; Uce
\Vuluivi ) the fndlltU'B , n | > | mrntu uiij rcmcilld
for Iho inicci'sjf'il ' ( rciume'it of CUT/ form of ill *
t'fuo umiirlM ; , ' nlihcr nu-illcul or Burf-lcal treatment ,
nr currtsKiiil | with in. I.onx cspprlcnro lit tmi-
luucaefi I iy Ictlur enables tin lo trial mancaiei
fclHiliilnllv without urcln ; ; them.
wnrn < : roit CIUOUI.AU on ncformitic * and
flub 1'Vcl , C'irviitiiro of tliu tiplnu
IlisKAiva opVosiKN. . I'ileii , Tumors , CanciTi ,
Cnlurrh , llrimclnlle , liilinlitUou , Klectriclly. I'urul-
yrl , Kpllepsy , Klilney , JCye , I'ir , HUin , Dlooil and
oil fturi'lcnl opf rnllona ,
lliittiirJi'H. Inliulrrii , llrucrs , TruKe , nnd
nil UlniU of JInlltnl find tiurglcal Appliance * , uiuu-
ufRClurnl micl for tiln
The only reliable tucdlcal Institute making
Private , Special t Nervous Diseases
' A 81'1't IAI.TV.
frnnivhatuvcr cuiidoiiriiliiccil ( , ticco fnllytrcatcil.
\Vo em remove Syphilitic poison from Ihimjbtfm
without mercury.
New restorative treatment for lam of vital power.
Cull and consult in or rent ) unina am ) ] io t-ollcu )
nililrrns plainly trrlttun cncloiu eUutp , itntl wo
Mill K-nd you , in nl.tln wrappr ] , our
liroN 1'itiv.iTK , rii'ici * ! . AND NKUVOUK 7 > ; ui r.ti ,
, WrKNi : , rirKiiUATouimuu , Ijirornn-
< T. Krrilll.lH , CoNOItltllllU , ( il.KKT , VtmcOCKI.K ,
KiT.KTt ii : : , AND ALL DieEAHKit of TUB GKNITO.
UisiNAitv OIIOAKB , or tcntl hl tory of your ca o for
nn opinion.
I'uuona unable to vlilt ui may lie treated at their
liomm , hy correspondence Medicine * and Instrii-
inpnU cnt hy mull orexiircMHUC'UnKI.V 1'ACK-
K | > FHOM onsiill marki to Indlrata
contents or render. One personal Interview pre
ferred ir convenient , Kiftyroomi for the accom
modation of patient * . Hoard and atlendaucv ut
rcanouatlc ptlcci. Address all I.ctloru to
Omaha Medical and Surgical institute ,
Cor. 1 3th S ( . and Culiol A eOMAHA. . N EUj