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HKK , Our Yunr
ForSIx Month * . . . M
2 W
Tiic iimnhii Swmlity HKK , nmllixl to
< uIiJro9 , . .
Ono Vt-nr. . . 200
OMAHA ornrr. N'o. nil AMI W < 1 F.MIVAU Srnrirr.
Nxw Voiiii UHli'K. Hoi > M Hi. .
Til | m M : lirn.tHMI.
All cotnmunloitmtH i-Plntlnir t < > nmrl nn < ! < MI-
lorinl iiiullor should bij lulUru-uml lo tlio I'.ni *
All b'HnP'i letter
uivirrmllhinci'UlioiiM IIP
rvMin-Mi.'il to run Hi : * rrm.iiiliMi roti'A\v ,
OM.IIH. DruflH. rhrrld
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| ni " < inlnr <
totioinniloiii'alJlo ] toilu'uultruf tliu company.
K. 1JOS i\VATKII : , Kun on.
fiworn Statement ( irOlrcitlatlon.
Stale of Nebraska , > , .
Conntv of Doiiclas. t ' s <
( ico. H. T/solnifk.scoretaryot tlio Hen Pub-
llslunu company , does solemnly swenr that
the nrtunl cirrul.itlon ot the D.illv Xoo
follows for Hie : week emllnt ; Aujf.Otli , ISiO , was as
Haimiliiy. 11th 15,100
Huiiilny. lAlli ! I..ViO
Mnnilay , liilli 1JI.O.VJ
Tnrsilay. 17th '
U'eiliiesilny. l"ti ! "
l- , i" '
Tliiir.-diiy. Kith K.ti" : ,
Friday , iutli l'J.400
A vrrniro 1OI ! ) ; !
( ) io. : 11. T/-riirch.
StilKorllM'il niul sworn to lierons inn this
21st day of August , IbbO. N. 1' . Full. ,
IHKAI. . | Noiarv Public.
( Ice , 1J. T/.sclind. , liclncfiiFl duly sworn.iio-
noses nml cays tlmt lie Is secretary of the llco
rompaiiy , thnt the nrtual averaec
rojiles ; lor Mar , iwfl , 1-I5 ! ! ! copies : fnr.fune ,
180 , l'Jaw , ! copies ; for July , l i. l'J.M : ) copies.
( ! i-o. : It. Tx fiirrif.
Subpcillicil nml sworn to before me , this
Cil lny of AiiKUst , A. 1) . IbSO.
IbSO.N. . I1. , ,
. .
fsiiAi. | Notary Public.
IN llio vote on the senatorial issue
General Van Wyek will poll his full
quota. There need bo no fears on that
AT the risk of alienating his "prohibi
tion friends , " Church Howe has been
setting them up lively to the boys during
his recent visit to the cities to look after
the remnants of his political fences.
FAKMCKS of Nebraska have turned out
generously to wi-l-omo Senator Van
Wyek throughout the state. The influ
ence of the political bummers in their at of
tempts to weaken the senator's strength
is not visible to the unaided vision in
the agricultural sections of the state.
A SCHKMI ; to use lamp posts for adver in
tising purposes is just now before the
board of public works at Cleveland.
One parly has offered
sixty-live cents per
year for tlio use of each lamp post , Init to
the board insists that the consent of all
properly owners on the street must be exisl
lirat procured.
WK are asked very bluntly whether or thus
riot the HIM : will support Congressman
Weaver if ho is re-noniinaiod. We have
stated from the outset that the Ilii ; : will
support any respectable republican. Wo
made no exception in tlio case of Judge
Weaver. If ho is nominated ho will ro-
ccivo our cordial support. by
icx of Omaha with memo
ries will never cast a vote lor a man who as
has betrayed their interests. Farmers of forms
Nebraska will indignantly decline to sup
port a politician who has sold them out.
Business men everywhere will refuse lo ample
endorse u political trickster and
tionist whoso word is scarcely worth the Iraled
breath expended in uttering it. Church Facts
Howe cannot bo elected.
KN Henry O'Koilly , who died last point
week , wanted forty years ago lo put up n tion
telegraph Hue between Philadelphia and tration.
Now York , a Now Jerscyrailroad refused
him permission to do it
along its way , on Ohio
the ground that the telegraph would
ble people to do business without using
the railroad. Now no railroad can do lake
business without tiio telegraph. The
whirligig of time brings its revenges. to
Sum : nllliction has fallen upon the ernment
Ucochor family. The Uov. James K. demn
Ueecher suicided \\ednesday \ at the Uoth
water euro at Klmira , N. V. , where ho the
had been under treatment
, and Illness
has compelled the Kov. Henry Ward to Ireland
cancel a lecture
engagement and repair gress
to a hydropathic iustiliito in Scotland.
The husband of Harriet Hooohor Stowo law
died last Sunday morning in
Hartford , tlio
Tin : farmers' congress of the United of
States began its sixth annual session at statute
St. Paul , Minn. , Wednesday. Two linn- fearlessly
tired delegates are in atlondanco , n rep The
resentation which seems hardly adequate which
for this great interest. The president of tions
the congress made an earnest appeal for November
organization in order tlmt the farmers of
the country may present u united force
in defense of their interests. There has Wo
never boon a more urgent demand ardson
the agricultural class now exists prietors
to carefully discriminate in the exorcise take
of the .sullrago , lo the end that they shall page
not bo imposed upon and betrayed by fraudulent
bus the
machine politicians
, who have only
the demagogue's interest in their welfare. published
Wiu\ : Allen O. Jlyors was promoted plied
from the position of Columbus corres ourselves
pendent to that of managing editor of faced
live Cincinnati J-'m/iiircr , as the reward with (
' "of faithful
service rendered to John 11. tors
McLean in promoting his disreputable patrons
political schemes , It was expected that The
this unscrupulous blatherskite would only
have siilllelont employment to keep him paper
out of mischief. Hut Myers is nothing if
not troubloMmo. A dispatch to the Itr.r puted ,
from Columbus , U. , reports that after tlm
the republican convention had adjourned magnify
Wednesday evening Myers procured the claims
arrest of \ \ . ( ! . Cappollor , a well-known delivery
republican politician in Ohio anil the nllujti
editor of ( lie Mniislicld .AVu'j , on the roiio
charge that ho had bribed one Wilson , outside
of Cincinnati , to vole for him for state medium
* central committocman. It is said that would
Cnppellar was released on Inil , though conducted
why he should have been
held at all on circulation
hUrh a charge is not
apparent. The larger
lluinillo.i county delegation made nlllila- dilation
vits denying the charge and caused ( ho large ,
arrest of Myers for perjury. The matter that
will probably end in ainoke , but meanwhile - city of
while Myor.i will greatly enjoy the fact tccllon
that he has stirred up another political against
row ami that everybody is talking about shameless
An t'nillKnlfloil Sonntor.
The last objection urged ngainst Sen
ator Van Wycd is that It is undignified
in a rnitcd States senator lo jaunt around
thn stat < < and shake hands with his farm
er con-litupiit.s. This terrible indictment
will di iihtlcu. * ! ruin the general's chawt
in quart TI where the idea of senatorial
dignity is that it consists in frtruttiug
around in store clothes and drinking
champagne with wealthy nabobs. The
people of agricultural Nebraska , how
ever , will ! ( but little in thn charge to
damage the senator , General Van Wyek
has always been a man of the people.
Ho was raised in a farming community
and has lived among farmers over since.
His associates may have contracted
Ills ideas about the dignity proper for
f-onntorhil assumption , but they have
prevented him from being anything of a
snob. He has yd to learn what it is to
bo ashamed of his friends or to look
down upon such of his constituents as
wear jeans instead of broadcloth , and
who plow corn instead of gouging clients.
( Jenonil Van Wyck's ideas of senatorial
dignity may be peculiar , but they are
safe , lu his opinion , a dignity which
stands in the way of olllcienl action
for the people's interests is a false
dignity. Mr. Kdmunds complained of
Van Wyck's lack of senatorial dignity
several times , but it was only after his
knuckles had been sharply rapped while
pounding the senatorial desk In behalf
of the corporations. It may not be dig-
nilied for n senator elected by the people
and responsible to the people to mingle
with his constituents and explain how ho
has kept the trusts committed by them
to hi ? care ; but it is rational and proper.
Tlio people of Nebraska have found such
a both pleasant and profitable ,
pleasant through tiio opportunity it af
forded them of meeting tin honest repre
sentative of their interests not ashamed
lo acknowledge the source of his oHioh'l
position , and prolilablc from the clear
and instructive addresses
which the sen
ator has been making at various points
in tlio state at ho
( solicitalion of his con
stituents. General
Van Wyek may per
haps be lacking in dignity , but he is not
lacking in brains , honesty and in public
Ohio anil I own ItopiilillcaitH Kpcnk ,
The hum of politics grows cacli day
louder and moro general , and for the
next two inonlhs political controversy
will make ils usual annual demand upon
the space of newspapers and the atten
tion of readers. On Wednesday the re
publicans of Ohio and Iowa held their
conventions. So far as the declarations
these bodies refer to national ques
tions they are in harmony , and in this
respect present a notable contrast to the at
discordant views of the democratic con
ventions of several stales as pointed out
these columns several days ago.
Whereas the diU'oreiices in the platform
utterances of the democrats of Pennsyl
vania , Ohio and Michigan , with respect
leading matters ot public policy , very
distinctly marked tlio divisions tlmt
in thai party , and omphasi/.cd ils
cowardice and insincerity , the declara
of every republican convention
far held show that the party is in the
harmony rcirarding all national political
issues , and that it has the courage to pro
everywhere , in clear and unmis
takable language , its principles and its this
Tiio arraignment of tlio administration his to
the republicans of Ohio and Iowa is
a moro sweeping charge of uiifullilled
promises and inefficiency. It is , as far
could bo made practicable in plat
, a. circumstantial and detailed in-
dielnicnt , from which the republican
campaigners in tlioso states may get
material for the discussion of wore
democratic reform as practiced and illus- is
by llio present administration. made
that one committee on resolutions The
overlooked the other supplied , so that
together these platforms touch every few
necessary to an adequate presenta had
of the shortcomings of the adminis stale
. Regarding the
tarilf they are
essentially in agreement , though the
republicans are the more pro least
in demanding adherence to tlio hut
protection policy. Uoth conventions
positive ground in roalliriniiig the
republican policy with respect and
the claims of the union soldiers stood
sailors upon llio Uounty of the gov fects
, and in unmeasured terms con
the pension vetoes of the president.
conventions adequately recognized can
labor interest , and both heartily
expressed sympathy with the cause of baum
and congratulations at the pro ho
that cause has made. The Ohio The
republicans commended the I'ow ' liquor Samoa
which imposes a moderate tax on scorns
sale of liquor , while those of Iowa to
that the prohibitory liquor laws
that state , while they remain on the the
books , shall bo faithfully and that
enforced. ing
earnestness and good feeling against
characterized two conven and
augurs favorably for the result in rival
in both states.
publicly demand of layman Rich the
and JJr , George I , . Miller , pro the
of the Omah.v7/iTrtW , that they .
down tlio card over the telegraph
of their paper which sols up the lo haul
claim that the Omaha Herald more
largest elreulutiou of any paper United
in Nebraska , We make the de him ,
in dead earnest. Unless it
is com to a
with promptly wo will consider where
justilied in exposing the bare quarters
swindlewhich is being pcrpolratud his
ho full knowledge of the
proprie ity of
of the llerultl , upon atlvertiaing
and the general public. have
merchants of Omaha who have tempt
recently had an exhibit of ( ho news fined
census of this oity , which hasgono hold
unchallenged because it could not bo dis and
are not likely to bo deceived by force ?
impo.ituro. Hut thu'cvidentdonign to mand.
its circulation by fraudulent was
and tigures , haso-1 upon a fictitious influence
of papers in back yards and man
for a few days , is calculated to encourage
mauufacturoiti and morchanU should
of Omaha who are in need of a aspirations
to roach tlm western
public , It course
bo impossible for a legitimately eoiiMil
paper that haj a boua-llde daily the
of from Ihrcn to four times antagonism
than the J/eruttl , and a weekly cir. with
inoi. ) than
twenty-live times as of the
lo compote in rate ? with a paper How
circulates less than 1,000 dailies in n lichil
80,000. As a matter of self-pro- Govoriimont
we are compelled to
protest tions ,
n further eonllnuanoe of the Washington
yiug and bare-faced fraud to say , It
the .Utruid lias ri ortud diiriu < ; the Samoan
past few months. The bogus circulation
claims must bo
stopped promptly or wo
shall be compelled to go into details of
figures and methods which will not bo
very creditable to the publishers of the
To pft this matter In terse plain Eng
lish , the BIK : has a bona Cdc paid circu
lation of lv',100 daily , ccrtlllcd to under
oath from day to daj and mouth to
month. Its books
, poslollieo and express
receipts and press and mailing rooms are
open at all times for public inspection.
The weekly HII : : has a circulation of over
! W,000 , every subscriber of which is paid
up. The J/cntlil has never come within
one-third of the daily circulation of the
HII ; : except during the past ton days.sinco
it has been industriously engaged in Hing
ing bunches of its daily promiscuously
into back and front yards of people /
\vhoso names are not on its list. .
Now Hit1 llmtlil has never yet made a
sworn statement and If it does carry its
design into effect , .such n statement ,
although true as to the number of papers
actually printed , will be grossly
false as an index of real circulation. It
would be very profitable to the llcrnld to
oiler its columns to eastern patrons for
one-fourth of the
rate which we are
obliged to exact. We have a right to resent -
sent the attempt of the Herald lo libel
and injui'o the Bii : : abroad by false and
fraudulent claims. The position of the
Biiis : : ; the leading
paper , not only in
Nebraska , but of this whole section , has
been achieved by years of hard work ami
honest busine-i.s methods. Wo have al
lowed the wild-eat claims of the Jfcnilil
to go unnoticed until they have over
stepped all bounds of decency and rea
son. The bubble must bo punctured.
Squire's SticoesHor.
Governor Hill , of New York , finally
reached a decision respecting his duty
in tlie Squire matter , and approved tlie
removal of that ollieial. It cannot bo
known how miieh this result is duo to
the strong outside pressure , but it is not
to bo doubled that the
governor was ex
tremely reluctant to take llio slop , and
doubtless weighed mod carefully the
probable political consequences of either
line of action. A plausible explanation
of the delay in approving tlie removal of
Squire will be found in the duly of de
liberately considering tlie effect of such
approval upon the case in court , and
this will very likely bo accepted as sulll-
cionl. 11 is not doubtful that the action
of tlio governor will increase his popular
strength. Tlie appointment of General
Newton to succeed Squires as commis
sioner of public works was eminently
judicious. General Newton is at present
the head of Hie engineer corps of
the United States army with the
ranK and pay of a brigadier general.
His whole lifo for nearly lifty years lias
been .spout in the study of engineering ,
and his career has litled him in every
way for liio position tendered him. In
order to accept the olliee , the general
will have to resign his commission in the
army or ask for retirement. As he is
within a few months of the age for com
pulsory retirement ho will doubtless take
latter course. Under the statute , the
president can retire any ollieer on bis
own application who has served forty
years. General Newton's service oxcec'ls
term and he will find no dilliciilty in lor
adding his $3,000 , n year retired pay to
$10,000 a year salary as the successor
Another IiijuillolouN Consul.
The criticisms of die
administration , or have
more particularly of Secretary Uayard ,
regarding the diplomatic and consular
appointments , would be thoughl wholly boats
partisan , captious and unwarranted if it
not that every little while evidence
furnished of the sad were
in some of tlioso appointments. day
freshest example is supplied by Mr. A
Grcenebuiim , consul at Samoa , who a in
days aero lofl Washington , where ho facture
been summoned by the secretary of ciple. be
, lo return to his post of duty. It
appears that Grecnebaum was a clothing
merchant in San Francisco , without the had. ing
knowledge of international law.and
imperfectly acquainted with tlio in Tlie
stitutions of this country. Ho speaks Into
Knglish with a heavy Gorman accent ,
witli dill'iculty makes himself under are
, lint notwithstanding llieso de got
, havingdoiibtlcssbcon a serviceable The
democrat among his countrymen in Sail ues ,
Francisco , he was appointed the Ameri Hooking
consul at Samoa a position the lude.
honorable character of which Mr. Greene- many
seemed to fully appreciate
, though cailous.
know almost nothing of its duties.
course of Ihis peculiar person at irold ,
, acccording to his own account , United
to have- been so entirely unique as several trating
merit somewhat more than a passing and
attention. He appears to have conceived
idea , or had it impressed upon him , Some
he could play a brilliant
part by ant chinery
as the protector of the king , Maliotoa , any
whoso government there
was , IIIL'
perhaps still is , n revolt headed by a road
, Tnmiiscso. Accordingly Mr , line
Greenobaum , by the advice of tlie British lire
, who evidently made a tool of him , this The
an active part in efforts to suppress printer
revolt , among other things causing 111:0 : :
American Hag to bo nailed to the aboveJO on
.staffintho public square of Appia and health
proclaiming that any one who attempted from
ship in
it down would bo .
.shot. Further over .10
he required the commander of the
State. * ship Mohican to convoy
in company with the British consul , A
point fifteen miles from Appia , iroin
the rebellious chief had his head about
, for the purpose of demanding
submission. At Ihis point the absurd
the consul's conduct dawned on the
commander , and he thereafter refused to A
anything further to do with his at
to bolster up a kin ; : who was con at STW !
to his capital while his rival
nt'arJy ' all the outside territory
had three-fourths of the military All
of the Kingdom under his com
. Another notion of GreenoLatini
that it was Ins duty to use all his As
to prevent the extension of Gor
liiillucnco in the South Sea , and to The
liritish aggression if that And
seem to bo necessary to check the The
of the Germans. He was , of
, uncoiiragcd in this by the British The
, and the effect has been to place
United Slates in an attitude of sharp Flutter
to the German government
icspcct to the cnmincricial interests There
latter in the Samoan islands. The
much farther this remarkable of- Only
would have gone in committing the And A
lo embarrassing complica
had he not been Miiumonoit to
to explain , it is impossible to
is probable ho will not return to UulTrtlo
in HII olliuiul capacity , and cer "I have
taluly ho should , potbo permitted to ,
The very lame cxrusc , for his being in
llio service is that' the department was
misinformed sis to liis ( qualifications. It
is not unlikely that this
is the case with n
number of others who , are representing ,
or mi.srepresenliiig , the United States in
diplomatic positions abroad.
1-Yoo Spnvvti niul Anarchism.
New York had an anarchist meeting
lust Friday at which several of the speak
ers denounced vindioiively the present
government and the existing state of
society. There wai n great deal of rabid
talk and not a few senseless threats. As
a result , several ill-ad\isod citizens ap
pealed to the district attorney to take
notice of the meeting and to cause the
arrest of the < o who took part. This ho
very properly refused lo do on the safe
and constitutional ground that free
speech is guaranteed to every citixen
and that unlawful acts only fall under
thn surveillance of the court
ofllcors. District Attorney Marline
occupies a position on the ques
tion which cannot be assailed.
If the right of public assemblage and
free discussion of political and social
questions is to depend upon the will of
government , the United Stales is on the
road to a despotism which is the surest
breeder of anarchists , socialists and dy
namiters. It is because America is aland
of free speech , in which every citizen has
full rights to express his opinions and
afterwards to voice them in n free ballot ,
that anarchism can never obtain a foot
hold In this country. Ignorant foreigners
smarting under the oppressions to which
they have been subjected abroad may
rave in public of the evils of
our present social organi/ation and the
imaginary outrages which the people en
dure under a people' . * government. Hut
the public which reads their wild vapor-
ings is enlightened by their very folly.
Free speech acts as a safety valve for
passion nhich if suppressed would surely
break out in social disorder. It is the
bulwark of rcpublici'ii institutions , tlio
assurance ot their stability and the sale-
guard against the .schemes and conspira
cies of deluded fools and reckless and
wicked men. Suppressing anarchism is
one thing. Suppressing free speech is lo
quite another.
SO.MK y creditable work has been
done in the construction of substantial
sidewalks this season , but there still re
mains much to be done. Some of the most
valuable properties on Farnum and
llouglas streets remain in bad condition ? . "
with regard to public convenience. For
instance , there arc a , half a dozen lots be
tween Twelfth aild Thirteenth streets
that are practically ! without any side are
walks. Rotten a
planks and dirt arc not
pleasant to the toot br agreeable to the her
ejo. !
Tin : First district Is republican. It can
elect a clean and '
holiest' republican
gressman. Iul ! that
il never will be icpro-
sented in congress by that prince of char on
latans and political'mountebanks who&o llio
oilier name is Church Howe ,
WIIKN Church Howe pain
has to come to The
Omaha to hire ward
buuinicr.s and vaga tice
bonds lo pack primaries ; it is liigli tmio ,
decent republicans to take a hand in
active polities.
The O.COJ tobacco workers of New York
formed a union. nold
There are about one thousand oanal boat Lonp
captains on a strike , nearly 700 of honi own tion
worth { ? :1,000 : apiece. is
The Philadelphia workmen have under conies
consideration the establishment of a weekly by
journal in their Interests to appear on Sun the
now ' corporation will expend 58,000,000
New V'oik city on twelve plants to manu
ami distribute cas on a new prin A
. Hydrogen gas of iihish quality Is to near
Manufacturers ot rubber goods are been
for the most active season they have over The
. One of the has
largest works will put 200
additional hands on next work. The
salesmen of New Yoik are flocking of railway
labor unions. ( recurs , bookkeepers , the
machine clerks and clotliinj ; house clerks A
well organized anil are
pushing aliend to up
everybody else in with them.
demand for textile machinery contin cently
nml establishments are almost daily a
additional omens of .some m.iKiil- A
. Silk machinery Is wanted. A Rood HI nil'
silk weavers are arrtvlnc from honor
, where wages nro low and and work pro- virtue
. of
Unusual activity prevails In the western at
lead ) anil silver mines , rboth of the
States and northern Mexico. Concen of
mills are being run day and night In stale
Tramways nro being built , refusing
the ot hanilllii ! ; ores will thus bo le- fice in
diicedbymoreetllcli'nt devices and appliance. is
of the ropoits are very attractive. Under
money f.s being expended for
ma suance
mechanical appliances ( luin
at nrima
in the
thocoiintiy , and
manufacturers ,
are already quietly aiitlclpat-
stronger prices before winter. The i all- - records
companies are heavy purchaser * . Pipe from
builders are crowding In demands. So -
bridge , car ami hoat-bullder.s. and
printers nro trying lite insurance on for.
basis ; 43 cents ouch on tlio death of
Insured who Is from IS lo 2,1 years any of
80 cents on those from -10 to in15 ; cents Rev.
those from " < . ' > to10 , unit > * > 0 cents on those Ithiok
-JO years of age , A curtllicato of good
1 ho
and good moral character Is required
a physician on candidates for member- transported
the insurance branch. No printer Gold
years of ago Is eligible , covered
AVImt ft VVpuKi Cost. Jamestown.
war with . tory it
.Mexico vrmiM cost the nation to 81,000 , )0,000 ) , ami make stock subscribed ,
100,000 , widows anfl orphans. by
Just Ahout the Biznorit. died A at
hundred acres of Oiiiahn land sold the .staf only
day for S7o,000. ' Thb assessor next caused uro
will put It down , ' with his little lie
' pen was
) .
II * . D. Ifyud/f. /
the long Aiu'iiftnlftnoon , ! ,
The liltlo drowsy sircjiu Hartford
Whispers a melancholy tune , medical
If It dreamed ot'Juno ' of
Ami whispered incite dream. fright ,
Ihlstlcisliow hpyonil the brook cholera
Dust on their down and bloom ,
out of many a UL'cd-b'iiwn noolc looking
iister-llowi'i'S look for the
With eyes of tender gloom. course
silent orchard aisles are sweet but to
With smell of ripening fruit ; ease in
Through the sere grass , in > hy retreat in
at coming feet
The robins strange and mute. your ,
Is no wind to stir tliu leaves , great "
harsh leaves overhaul ; constant
the querulous cricket grieves , entry
thrilling locust weaves tions in
song of summer dead.
A Illc Claim. country
1'lillaiMiMa Call. for uluriii.
Itavloy William , diii you ever sec Air. J.
Hill ? Jiaulny YOJ , my dear. Why ? counts' ,
just heaid that he claims land in St. Jacobs
\J \ JL JH-t J\t
Olovelmul valued nt $15 , 000. 000. Isn't that
fttinstonlshltiKclnltnV "JS'ot nt all , Hols
used to making astonishing claims. " "What
other one did he ' " "
nmkg'.1" "lie claims to bo
an nclor. "
KontHckv's Cnndlilntc.
liDiifsrlltr Tlmt * .
Allor a orirofi'l of the
survey ilold we are
Mill of opinion that John ( ! . Carlisle Is the
only man In America \\Ilh a siilllcieut quan
tity of brains In his head to wtar .Mi. Tlldou's
The Need of Dill lit li.
M.Mill ( il'iJir.
A Duliitli paper has an editorial "
on "Da-
hub's Need. " Duhith'.s principal need seems
to he some way of corralling her numcious
real-exliito men until the tired ami
rived traveler can get a b.Uli and nsqiiaic
Ui | Verdict.
"Diilllir , " said an Aikansas judge 0110 day
last " week lo the olllccr In charge of the jury ,
"will you pleaie Inform the jury that there
will bo a horse '
' race In Mcrrlck's pasture at : )
o'clock. "
Thojmy had been
out for forty-
eight hours , but in leas than thirty minutes
they came into court with n verdict.
PhUtsmoiitli pins her faith
on two-story
A cornice factory has been started at
The town of Callaway is a vigorous in
fant of six weeks.
The voice of the fair see's is now raised
for line wealhor.
An Old Settlers' association has been
organized in Wayne.
The licatrico oily hall , now under con
tract , will cost -fiii-V : , ) .
A sixty-live pound sand hill lion was
killed on the boiith Loup recently. .
Pink lea socials have broken out
again , and financial blues will follow.
Franklin county will have a eoimtyseat
tussle at the ballo'l box next Thursday.
( irnml Island
business men are invited
to decorate their buildings for llio
A. Seribuer farmer invested ? S3 in
patent fence posts , future delivery. He
secured stakes lor the pestholes.
The Fremont Herald boasts of the first
and only gas engine in tlio state. There
are a do/.en of them in Omaha old enough
bo retired.
The 15. iV ; M. has secured tiie right of
way from Helvidere to Hebron. This
will bring the "Nebraska Central" to a
junction witli the St. Joseph and Grand
Kleveu largo stacks of wheat were not
binned by an incendiary near Liberty
recently. They belonged to George Sel-
den and were worth $1,000. A reward of the
"iOO is offered for the capture of the lire-
The contest is now being
fought at long ranee. The drum majors
strutting about like fighting cocks at not
Uonnybrook demanding the pri/.o or
bluod. Rut Madison declines to pull in
The town of Syracuse is about cnually
divided on a question of privilege
whether a iloctor is justified in knocking
down his yife in .self-defense. It appears
the wife of one Ackley made a feint
the pill man's anatomy with a pair of
scissors. The latter bravely warded oil' for
deadly weapon and caressed her
under the ear. She sal down on the soft are
of the lloor and gave vent to her
fill feelings in tears and lamentations. ing
doctor has certainly earned by
a poul bo
of leather properly applied. such
The crop of now Papers in the state is as
assuming proportions that threaten the
peace and comfort of the exchange dis loose
sector. The young town of Callaway is ber
brought into prominence by the Stand
, an independent democratic
weekly ,
published by C. A. Sherwood. The Ar can
Tribune takes in a largo slice of the
country. Francis Ainsworth is the are
owner. The Ohiowain is a late addi
to Fill moro county journalism. It care
published by H. K. Harimcr. Next they
tlio Hartley Inter-Ocean published
, A
F. O. Climor , and last but not least u make
Eustis Star , for which R. F. Hughes iest
furnishes the fuel.
Town ItnniH. also
party of Irish irj psies are encamped
Tiio Verse block in DCS Moiiics has
sold for $110,000.
Donahue foundry , at Davenport , tor
started up again. warm
lr ) s Monies broad cries
gunge street Mate
has commenced the construction it !
tracks from the stale fairgrounds fo ( heir
city limits. ble
couple of foot pads undertook to hold
John Coil , night watchman in the now marching
postofllcc building at Des Aloincs , re lie.
, Out a sight of the business end of desk
11-bnllilog revolver put them to Hight. dashity
' big scandal has lately developed at nothin'
Park , near Keoktik , Involving the side
of a prominent divine anil llio "Oh ,
of a well known society lady , both it was
Ottumwa. The board of trustees is over
present investigating the charges. before
Internal Revenue Collector Thompson ,
Davenport , has been arrested on a
warrant for contempt of court in
to produce the records of his of editor
llio prohibition cases , The arrest about
looked upon as an important one. of Air.
the Chirk law the fact of the is told
of n United States Ijconso is made took
facie evidence of a violation of tlie write.
but the collector cannot move the "What's
from his olllco without orders said to
Washington. The case will bo that
traiir-forred to the United States court , telligence.
fie result will bo anxiously locked inquired
Dakota. surface
. Fr. Lambert is lecturing in tiie
Hills towns. \
big hotel at Uuflalo Gap is to lie San
to Douglas , Wyo. record
in payinu qualities has been dis the old
in ti well nine miles northwest of prisoner
. criminal
Aberdeen has captured the plow fac when
was after. The business men have if yo
the required $1,0(0 ( in capital
and the works will bo in operation
November 1.
Chinaman , sixty-five years of ago.
Deiulwood recently who weigheii
forty pounds , anil being of the usual
, it is thought that his death was
bp the excessive use ot opium
a .Mtt on and was buried by tlio
with the usual pomp and cere
1'ooplo Killed liy
( Conn , , ) Couraut : The bo t
authorities agree that in times
epidemics many people tire killed by
it is the part ol wisdom not to
sensations out of rumored cases of
or yellow fever. Wo have been
for the cholera in ( his country
past two years , because like the
of empire the scourge has always
supposed to march westward ,
the surprise of the experts the dis
Kuropo moved east , reappearing
aflor having ro raged Spain last
lint the ilangcr of its importation
our Mediterranean trade is us
"now as ever , and there is need of
vigilance both tit our ports of
and in preserving sanitary condi
our lariru towns. Sporadic cases
every year in dillbrcnt parU of the
, but are not regarded as cause
. K. Jionsall. court clerk , Perry
Pa. , cured ins rheumatism with
A Cattleman's ' Vlow on tlio Question Which
is Agitating Dixwos County ,
AVliy Ho ThlnlfH n J-Vitac K.iw Wunlt
1)0 ) llclirllcllll ,
CitvtiKos' , Nob. , August 5 ! . To HIP
Kditi.rof IIic lHi : : : Owiusr lo tliu VITJ
lnr < ; ( ' circulation of the HIK : tliroufjliou
Pjnvos county , ut tlio suggestion of many
of our fulloNV-citiztMis , and tlio request o
others , I have been iiskwl to writi
mi article , nml cuii c it to bo published
in your paper , setting forth the many ail
vantages of Dnwi-s county na a stock
raising country , in order Hint tlio pee
of tlio county may have mi opportunity
to discuss tlio matter and bring it botoro
the people in a rensonablo li ht. 'L'ho
geographical situation of the county has
been so often written up ami published
in tin : Ilii : : that 1 deem it unnecessary to
write-rnytliliiK further on that subject.
Hut the question 1 wiih : to call attention
to is that of a fence- law which la now bo
iiifi agitated throughout the county.
From my stand-point , I claim that a
fence law would be of mcslimablo value
to all the people throughout the county ,
especially to tlio poor settler who is just
starting to farm.
1' , because a largo portion of the
county consists of blull's and other lands
which , under no circumstancus , could bo
cultivated , but which could bu used to
great advantage for [ "gracing purposes
for small herds of caltlo or horses. This
would certainly give the people a chance ,
.especially the poor fanners , to become
owners of nmll herds of liyo stock. It is
true that the price of cattle is bccomii
cheaper every year , but this fact is an ml-
vantage to the farmer. In my opin
ion , an ordinary cow is not
worth 'more ' tfian ton dollars
and will not bring more than that
amount in a few yenr.s more time. A
further advantage is that horses and cat
tle will live throughout the wiutor , and
would require no other feed or hay to
keep them alive. Another advantage
that would arise under a fence law
would be that the poor farmcrH who are
unable to buy cattle could obtain all they
could take care of on shares. For in
stance H is a farmer with 100 acres of
land but no money to buy stoclc , C is a
merchant or clerk who has money to buy
thirty ' or forty head of cows , but could
ati'ord to handle them himself. He
contracts with 1 > to take cliarge of ( lie
same for half of tlio increase. This in
usual way of doing such business ,
which is certainly advantageous to both
parties. This arrangement will , no .
doubt , seem dUlicult (
to those who arc in
experienced in such busines , but such is
the case , for when 15 buys thirty
head of cows he f immediately puts his
brand on them , and in the coining spring
when the increase of calves are to be
branded , C puts his own brand on his
hilfof the increase , thus avoiding any
possible contest as lo ownership ,
The writer hereof has worked for
many years under the share system and
found no tlillictilty.
Dawes county is assuredly well adapted
such stock raising. Water and grass
to be found in abundance , while the
bluffs abound in timber suitable for fenc
purposes. It will , no doubt , be said
many that the fence law would only
benolicial to large cattle men , but
assertions are far from being true ,
under no circumstances could the
owner of a large herd allbrd to turn them
in a country where there arc a num EYE
of small owners.
Wliat has been said of cattle tlio same
bo applied to horses. No bettor
country exists for horse raising than
northwestern Nebraska. Texas mares
cheap , and are likely to become
cheaper vet. They rciiuire very little
, and in fact it is said by many that
are more profitable than cattlo.
fence iaw in Dawcs county would
, it in a short time one of the wealth
in the state , and the solid men of
Chadron whoso names are legion , would
loan their cash to farmers , and
invest in a small hevd of cattle.
mood ! lane , niood !
Estelline ( Dak. ) Hell : The Texas edi
stabbed li's pen into n tlisli of fresh ,
, lurid blood , and wrote : "Texas
for vengeance ! The Lone Star
dt nv.imls blood , and she will have
hoi us teach these soulless .Mexicans
place ; let usiixtorniiimtc the damna
rare ! For our part we are in favor of fife.
immediately raising a regiment anil
" "
"Liroat blankcty blank ! "
suddenly yelled as ho jumped over the
and i'ell onlo a chair , "what in
dash was that ? " "That was Iti'Kiiliir
' but a rat gnawing on the other 'Ifctlvo
ot the pertition , " replied the '
boy. .fitment
blank dash it. I didn't ' know what n.
; hero , sot this up , I've got to go Aniilytli'iil
and get a drink to steady my nerves llolocy.
1 can finish it. " ntlons
A. Very Now flopnrlor.
Washington Critic ; The sporting
gave the new reporter : i clipping MEATS
the last demonstrative intoxication
. John Sullivan , of Ho.ston , itud
him to put it in shape. The reporter WIRE
the slip , road it , and .sal down to
In : i few minutes ho looked up.
' Sullivan's middle initial ) " ' ho
the sporting editor. "I < , " replied
gentleman In a tnuo of sarcastic In
. "Does he spoil it with an 111"
the innocent reporter , and the
editor wondered if his new man
know more than wa : : shown by
\Vlint Would Ho Do If Sohnr ?
Francisco Chronicle : It is on
that one of the most celebrated of
Scottish judiros really said to a
found guilty of .some serious
offense : "It .V" wad do that
yo were drunk whit wad ye no do
wore soberv"
runt , All
lo.slli.ii nmlonlr l
ration of
mH t.
orfsht. It
. .or
ronnl ,
thl l - l
tl tury
15 C
W F.
I II ,
' .
J. J
J , S. I1UKE.
every i < ack.i C , Sol j iy'tll Uroccri.
And uLhrrfl Miffortnsr
norrou * ilcblllty , ruhnuMlrvr
rhronlo t ) lucres , | > train , turw
ilrcltno . o ( vountf or old * n >
> .MtlTAjjr cnrwj by Pr.
jlurno'ii fanimii DeMm *
Mnffnplto licit * TtiuiiftAtuU
: v In tli Union lia been
" o curi.
rflrlif , V
. 'J liwtnnlljr Olt rntcntM m1 toMID
Sp.ii .irf * Whnlfl fnmllr t' n won * Pntno belt ICUrtrlt
ii prn orlvfrr0 Hlhinnln | bri tit. Arnld vrorthlwilMi *
mi it bo iifl comnanloji Klrclrlc Trnttr * lop
e * 70t ) iMirtHlln'MAi Mend for
tump ptnihUu
017 SIrimrlcN < . , fi .
ArrRolnririkltiitoot two UvJlottCetlrgvi , bai
* lonrtf
tnJ ct > Kie JiLOiJD > l la Iht tpociftl trtftttn at of Cniuntc. Nttvovi. Ht *
Diititftt tbtn nnr other rtifileltn InSl.
Mfltjr papffithow * nj nil olimMftti tit BOW. Louljy
Nervous Prostration , Debility , Mental and
Physical Weakness I Mercurial and other Affcc-
llons of Throat. Skin or Bones , Blood Poisoning - ,
old Sores and Ulcers
, r trttted vitfa
itieecM , on . tutptrttiaiej
, Prlt i ) j.
Diseases Arising from Indiscretion
, Excest ,
Exposure or Indulgence
, which
oem or th
following effect u nmouioeit , deblllir
, dlmoeii
ot tlbl
ted defect IT |
* nenorr , plnpttaoo lb foer. >
Ttr lon tg tba | bri1tttdcfc/ ,
rendering frmttei , onfu Ioi or ld ti , ta.t
Marriage Impropti * or unhsppy , u
pcrm n ntljr tortd.
ruiphletSOpifeaotiibo ( ) baTt ,
| ptet tl nTelor * , f > ta nnj tddmi. ConiiiluiIoat Mat
Ccport > jr null rr e , Inrltfd tndatrlcttjctnflJentifcl.
A Positive Written Guarantee
giren ID Mtr
ruble .
0 i * Medicine
leatereij whirs
bj mall orciprMi.
200 PAOE3 , PIKE PLATED , ettltll cloth ,
. > nl .III
icilcJfor .
6Oo. ID
t'Oitiivorturreno .
Om (
wonJerful ? my
pflnrlttorei. truelo
llfcl trtlelraon Ibe foldwa | |
who nifcy mtrrr. wbonol , why i innnbood ,
Whoso VITALITY Is folllw. ln ] >
r IIAINii : > nd
p.XII AUWTDK or Power I'lllfMA i 1'IIKI.Y WABT"
1) ni r (1ml "
K jvcrfovt un1 rcllaklo euro In the
OrlirlnatpJ by S'rnnJEAN OVlALI.of rni7 , mnc *
Artoi'tod hy cM '
I'hjriloians mid
Iwlnir and
' '
vuct't'sdriilljr tntiixlucod licrr. All woakonlnirleMMana
drains promptly checked. TltKAUsK
jrlvlmr new
Kprftnrtmdl' : ! findorn 'm'ntivto. .FIIITK. Commit * .
inoWooi'liyitmllwllhnij : )
emlnvnt doctors FIIKIi
CIUIAUE AiiEftcr. No. 7 < i Fulton Street. N w rote
Tansill's ' Punch Cigars
wore shipped iluriiiR tlio past
two yearn , without
n ilrutu-
incriiiuurriiiiilnv , Ji'ootlior
houeoln the worM rnn truth *
fullyiiiHl.'osuclin Hliowinf.
Ono iigont ( ilciiliT only )
win il od In ( Micli town.
R.W.TANSILL&C0..55 Stole Sl.Cliicago.
Practice liinitoil fo Disoiijca of tlio
Glasses fitted for all foriiw ofdofoctivo
Vision. Artilicittl Eyed iuaortoO.
State Agents
ro'sPianos '
Omaha , Neb.
or , ) Kisuv ,
PKINCKTO.V , MU' : .ni ; ( .
rniir-Toiircniirror nil fnllow * : I. For tlm
of ItJicliGlur of Mel oiicc. u KOiHT'il ( MurHo ; nlo
AlmlR'iiiMllcjiin.l coiiniuj In ' Clicnilsiry. tlluloayi / > iiliiiy ,
l'lif ) l . II , Kurtli'iili'Xieu ' cjf Civil
, Includliitf. lioslilot llio u uil : protuiilmml
. niiilluitloii | or Klfculally til llio Alia. Tout
' . ' - . ililcj.
' niul Appllul Clienihuy iinil Ai iyln ? .
. '
I'liyiilc'Miiiii Astronomy. Kntr.mco oiiimin-
M-i't. ' lull nnd .
I.MIi. 1441. 1 nr > i > oclul nuiirnoi
imdclliorliilummlloiinpiilr to tlio UulluBe'l'ioinunif
- AND ALJj--
fewxinpl know that the Hhrlnknea of Slsr.ti
nrlm or Q li from ttilnjMlujlo fonjpit conlulnu k uuty-liv. ) iHircunt. of w t r
l iit > . | lvel' > r c nt.oBollj manor , nuil tl. <
iui'fn lutlia ro.t.tln l uiacluln tliunrapo.
Itiu juloe , ithlcli In the viTiL nut or UE T
of the SOLID OVEN Door.
pound Klrlolo. mo'lluni or wolMouo. wilt ! >
H | Mjun < l4nii l four ounce * of Itnattod
iliowlnrt n lo of Ilirou [ > 4 > tiui1iaiiil twitlTaouucai
\ lha Ion tttllH | * rc iit. of the total
hun < llio tiuoruiou * Uti or tlttX 1'KU
TUK Jujre.
round rilrloln , inuilluni or woll-'louo , will t >
to ninu j'ounilt iiuiliilulil ouucfiot ItonittJ
tnowlimu lo.4of elubt ouncot of lulca. Wlilli
Uro r r mut. f Ilia total woltjlit , H bowi
iuaU J IHH
IN NEBRASKA as ( Ollowi :
. .
TAGLR , , . . . . , . . . KHAIIN. .
McCArTKKTY , . . . . .O'NKili. Orr.
K1IAX1.KWOOO , . ! Oiceot-A.
. J'lAlTkHOWTH ,
, . . SrcKliKC.
' " " "
) > EVftSONV'"V.V.V.M"I"fVio *
JUMtUMAN'KAKEK. . . . . . . V