Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 26, 1886, Page 4, Image 4

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Dnlly f > , ' Kdltlon ) Including Sumlny
IlKB , ( Inn Ycnr . $10 0)
rorSIx Months . 6(0 (
ForThronMontln . 2 M
The Onmlin Smiilny HIM : , mallod to nuy
a < Idio s , Uno V'ciir. . . . , . 200
omrr : , No. PI l ASH Oil STIIKKT.
NKMT Vouit cn'HrB , ItiioM CM. TimirM'E liriuii.Mi.
. .
All communlditKins rHiitlnt ? to news mvl cdl-
torlttl innttnr lmuld be ruUIiussud to tliu 1U > 1-
ton UP Tilt : IIKI * .
All tin * lno R Ii'ltort nnil runilttnnorn t iiottld 1m
ft'MreMod ID I'm : lliu : I'riii.ixniNii OIMI-VNV ,
i DM AIM. Draft' ) , oliocki mill prxlnlllro orilrrt
tobciimdopayublotoilinnrdcrof tliucomimny.
K. KOSKU'ATKIi. Kntfoit.
Sworn StntctiKMit orClrctilntlon.
Ktntc of Nebraska , i . .
s s-
Countvnf ( < -
15. T7.sHiiickscrr ( > tiryol ( tlic line Pub-
llslunu compniiVi ( lees solemnly swear ( lint
thn ndtml circiilntlop. of Ilio D.illv itro
for tlic week cmllni ; Aug. UOtli , 1SSC , was as
follows :
Saturday. 14tli . 12,000
Niuiilay , IMh . Hw 0
Miiiulny , lOlli . iiO.V : )
TiH-Mlny. Kill . 12W : )
Wi'iliipwlny , IMh . l'JM
Tliiuxlay. luth . 18M.- : .
I'jltlny , aotli . .1MOO !
Average . W.801
( iKo , II. TzPCHl'Ch.
Subscribed and sworn to iefoi-o tno this
21M < by of August , Itei. N. 1' . KF.II. ,
| fcUAT. . | Nolarv Public.
Cico. 1J. TzscliucU , lieliiKfiisttliily
poses nnd snyH Hint ho Is si'crotary of tlio lleo
Piilillshliic company. that tlio netual avcriwe
daily circulation of tlm Dally lleo for the
month of Jnmtary , l sC , was 10iT8 , : roplus ;
lor February , 1SSO , H.V.r ) copies ; for March ,
UfcC. 11.KJ7"copies : for April , ISbO , liui : !
copies ; lor May , Jt&C , 1B.4.7Jcoiii's ) ; for Juno ,
18SO , 12,2W ! copies ; for July , issn , 12.814 copies.
I5io. : 1) ) . T/sc'Ut'CK.
Subscribed and sworn to before me , this
2d liny of August , A. D. 18SO.
N. l . Knir. ,
fBiAi : , . | Notary Public.
IT begins to look as if Omulm would
li.ive a uublo liuu in operation before the
snow flies.
Tun board of public works hns adver
tised for bids for the city hall basement.
There should be a full and freu comne-
, tlon , for this important , work.
Ar.KXANnr.u of Hulguriais missing , and
is reported as a prisoner in a half a dozen
Kussian fortresses. Is Alexander to bo
the I'liarloy Hews of European politics ?
Jilt. CUVKI.AN : continues fishing for
trout in the north , while -his friends are
baiting the political hooks in Albany and
New York for a bigger lish , which they
liopo to hind two years from date.
Cni'itoii HOWK pretends to have made
the discovery that General Van \Vyck
tlocs not control the editorial policy of
the HKK. Church will bo announcing
' .uo.xt . that the moon is not made of green
AND now the squealers are attempting
to show that Senator Van Wyclc's
trump card was pulled from his sleeve.
It 'lay ' fairly and squarely in the pack
und the constitutional shuille was opcii
to all.
OMAHA patronage is too largo a matter
for any railroad to ignore. The lines
which discriminates against this city will
find that they are fooling with an awk
ward and heavy boomerang of large di
mensions ,
ST. PAUL is making n loud call for
natural gas. Jn view of the frequent ex
plosions of wind from tlio neighborhood
of the Minneapolis exposition it would
seem as if further search for the article
might safely bo suspended.
OMAHA'S wholesale trade will show a
startling increase when the figures of the
year are in. The great growth of the job
bing business in this city only rolleets the
remarkable growth of the state of which
Omaha is the peerless commercial gem.
TUB attempt of certain citizens of
Omaha to overido the action of Inspector
O'AIalley in refusing to accent certain
paving material , was unwise and ill-
timed. Inspectors do too litl.In genuine
inspecting , and deserve all the support
they can secure when interposing their
authority on behalf of the tax payers.
THAT "walkaway" which Church
Ilowu was predicting so confidently will
not materialize. Nearly a month remains
before the convention. During that time
the BKE will have frequent occasion to
consult its pigeon holes which contain n
largo supply of reserve ammunition. In
case of tlio nomination of the trickster
from Memaha a still larger reserve re-
niuins to bo drawn on. Wb repeat as a
prophecy for the benefit of republicans
* > t the First district that Church Howe
willnnver be elected to the seat which
IIIIH not been disgraced by Congressman
Weaver ,
THE accidental omission of the nama
' of Cincinnati in the telegraphic reports
of the last week's ' clearings , is made the
subject of a bogus interview with a bogus
banker in n little sheet published in
Omaha. This paper is charged with in-
lontionul inaccuracy for the purpose of
booming Omaha. Picking up typograph
ical ) a small business lor any
Omaha paper. When the facilities of
journalism in this city are as full as those
in Now York , wo may expect to find the
issues of Omaha newspapers as free
i-from accidents which happen occasion ,
ally , even in the best regulated newspaper
fa iwlies.
WOIIK has been begun on the extension
of the North Omaha main sower. No
public works m which this city has been
engaged of late years has been of greater
importance than that done on the sewerage -
ago systems. Tor many years the heavi-
oil death rate in Omaha was in tlio wards
traversed by the creeks whoso open beds
were used to carry oil' the drainage of
I ho oily. The engineering problem of
how to utiliw'tlii ! creeks or portions of
their beds for main sewerage drains has
buen successfully solved aud the result
lias fully justified the expenditure. Pliy-
sioinns notu this year a steady decrease
in typos of malarial disease and especially
so in those section ! through which the
creeks formerly run , The sewer bonds
voted at thn last election will go far
towards advancing these 'two arteries of
our soworngo system and towards ex
Irmdinjj their Crunches in sections wjiero
Ihay form the natural outlets for surface
j > r drainage.
Tito Vote Will UP Tolled.
The latot reason for objection to General -
oral Van U'yok's appeal that is urged by
the railroad tircss is the fear that a popu
lar vote would injure the senator's
chances. Wo are told that , as matters
now arc , Van W.vck can go before the
legislature- claim the popular scnti-
nil-lit , while if a light vote was polled on
Ids manifesto or if tlio vote was not a
clear nnd overwhelming majority of till
tins votes polled for state ollicers the sen
ator's chances would bu materially dam
The solicitude- the railroad press for
Senaior Van Wyck's Interests is very
npthclic , Tlio senator and his friends , the
people , arc quite able to look after the can
vass without such assistance. So far as the
slxo of the vote is concerned there need
bo no fears. The voters of Nebraska pro
pose to exwoiso their privilege under the
law and to show their preference as they
have a right to do. The returns from
oaeh county will leave rcMU'osontativci
no excuse for disregarding the expressed
wishes of their constituents. They will
show tliu total viHu , and the vole on the
senatorial question. No representative
need be for a moment in doubt as to what
is the real sentiment of his district on the
In addition the republicans of Nebraska
who have been hoodwinked so often
by the politicians propose to see that
members are olootcd to the legislature
who will voieo the will of the people in
the senatorial election , Tlie stool pigeon
and corporation cappers will be bliown a
back seat and honest and fearless ru pub
licans chosen to take their places.
The abuse and ridicule which the mo
nopoly hirelings nro heaping on Senator
Van Yi'yck's appeal is intended to oll'set ,
if po. siblu , its force and to prevent the
voters from complying with tlio constitu
tional proviso. Nothing would so quickly
knock the underpinning from other sena
torial candidates as a heavy popular vote
for Van Wyck , with the cold figures icg-
istercd in every district where east , a pop
ular mandate which representatives
would not dare to disobey.
The Ciimpnlmi in Maine.
The campaign of tlic Maine republicans
was formally opened at Lake Sebago on
Tuesday with u carefully prepared speech
by the lion. James ( . ! . Hlaino. Political
circles throughout the country have
awaited this utterance of the distinguished
republican leader in tlio "Pino Tree
State" with somewhat more than ordi
nary interest , anticipating that it would
sound the Ikoynoto of the party generally
for the ensuing fall contest. It has been
known for several weeks that Mr. IJlaiuo
was pieparing tiiis speech , and news
paper statements had credited him with
the intention of making it an effort of
surpassing vigor , both as a presentation
of republican policy and an arraignment
of democratic mistakes and inollicionoy.
The high expectation induced by this
promise will , we arc free to say , bo in a
measure disappointed. The impression
left by the speech is one of imulcquacy.
One completes its perusal with a sense
that something is wanting , and that the
author had held himself in check
and kept something in reserve. It
lacks tlm energetic vigor and the aggres
sive virility which [ are looked for in the
public eflbrts of Mr. lilainc qualities
quite as characteristic nnd essential as
their generally strong array of facts and
incisive login. This is not to bo ex
plained on tlio assumption that Mr. lilainc
depreciated the extent of tlio arena in
which for the moment he was the com
manding figure. Doubtless no ono un
derstood better than he that the republi
can party of the nation was his audience.
Nor is it likely that ho failed to appre
hend the present importance of n
thorough discussion of principles and
policies when the two great parties arc
actively preparing to confront cacli other
in a contest for the next house of repre
sentatives. The more probable explana
tion is in u feeling , suggested in tlio open
ing paragraph of Mr. IMainc's speech ,
that it is not yet time to boldly challenge
in condemnation of the democracy "tho
American instinct of fair play , which de
mands that the party freshly installed
may have free opportunity and full time
to lay out its ground and mature its mea
sures. " It is to be said of this that it is at
least a remarkable concession for Mr.
lilaino to make , though it may be en
tirely wise and prudent.
Mr. lilainc gives precedence to the
tarifl' question , respecting which his
views are of course unchanged. Ho be
lieves fully in the cllicacy of the protec
tive policy , and like other advocates of
this form of taxation of the
many for the benefit of the few , is able
to present a largo array of specious and
sophistical facts and arguments in sup
port of- his position. In the present in
stance Mr. lilaino confines his appeal
ohiotly to the workingmcu , whom ho
SOUKS to specially impress with the ad
vantages of protection by a comparison
of the savings of labor in nine states of
this country and in Great Britain during
u given period. It must bo grunted that
the showing is very much to the advant
age of the slates , but it cannot bo logic
ally hold to prove that the policy of
protection should be interminable , or
because it swells the savings bank ac
counts of a few hundred thousand labor
ers in Now Kngland it is right and itist
regardless of the fact that it robs millions
of farmers in every section of the
country. Regarding the labor question
Mr. lilaino has very little to offer from
which workingmun can derive any enlightenment -
lightenment or encouragement for ad
vancing their interests , He confesses that
he has "no now nostrums to oiler for the
euro of the labor troubles , " Keduced to
its simplest form the counsel of Mr.
lUaino is : "Maintain the protective
tarifl' , " The one salient point of value
in this portion of the speech is the atten
tion directed to the competing labor of
the colored population of the south ,
which is being gradually utilized in all
departments of industry. and the
necessity there is for elevating this labor
so that it may become self-protecting ,
and not grow into a power morn danger
ous oven to the white labor of the country
than is the so-culleU pauper labor of
Europe. This Is unquestionably a matter
of very grave importance , which may
well command lliu serious attention of
the labor Interests.
Regarding the fishery question Mr.
Hlaino is in full sympathy with tlio
sentiment of Now Kngland , which is
undoubtedly shared to , a largo
degree by the country , at least 10
the oitent of desiring that thn nationa
rights and interests hlinll be adequately
protected mid the national dignity prop
erly maintained. The mistakes and
shortcoming * of the mi ministration in
dealing with' this issue arc pointed out
with rather more moderation than had
boon expected , but with ampin detail ,
nnd it must bo said that Mr. lilalno has
let olVMr. liayard with n very mild cas-
tigalion. The course pursued toward
Mexico is pharncteri/cd ns "an un
dignified display of insolence anil brav
ado , " with which view a great many
people will disagree , while at the sumo
time acknowledging that the hasty action
of the government , without being sure ns
to the facts , was a mistako. Mr. Hlaino
concluded his speech with a very proper
denunciation of tliu third party prohibi
tion movement in Maine which appears
not to have a single motive , or aim to
commend it.
It will bo seen that this speech of Mr.
Itlamo , of whii-li somucli was expected ,
refers to only a few , nnd not all of tho. o
the most important , of the issues that
maxo a demand upon the attention of tlio
country and are proper subjects of pres
ent consideration. If the omissions
may properly bo attributed to a wise
circumspection , tlio speech must be com
mended for what it does not say rather
than for wiiat it contains.
Tlm Jiiilarinii | Revolution ,
The political kaleidoscope in the
Halkans has made another turn within
the last twenty-four hours. The agents
of Russian intrigue have been overturned
by tin outraged people and an indignant
soldiery. The ministers at Sofia arc in
prison. Witldin , the next largest city of
United Bulgaria , is in arms to demand
the return of their prince. For the
moment Alexander's friends seem to have
carried the day and the prince has been
sent for to resume his rule. A few more
hours may change tlio complexion of
Alexander's career 1ms naturally and
properly endeared him to his subjects.
He found them disorganized , disunited ;
their principality the scene of alternate
Russian and Turkish intrigues ; their
mountains the pathway by which the
c/.ar hoped to enter Constantinople and
the Balkans the firebrand of contention
among tlio warring European diplomats.
By brilliant statesmanship he lifted Bul
garia to n position of independence
which she had never before possessed ,
added Eastern Roumelia to the territory
and secured the consent of Turkey and
the great powers to the union.
Ho faced invasion troiu Sorvia
anil by his personal bravery
drove back with his army the invaders
from the frontier in ignominious rout.
Bulgarian arms placed the seal on the
statesmanship of Bulgaria's leader.
The popularity and force of character
of Alexander were responsible for his
fall. Russia could not brook a prince
holding the Key to the Balkans who de
clined to bo a tool lo the ministers of the
czar. Muscovite agents in Sofia wore
scut to work to aceomnllfh what M. do
Giers found himself tumble to do through
ordinary diplomatic methods. The
secret seizure and forced abdication of
the prince , followed by his disappear
ance from the country , was repre
sented to lliu people as the
voluntary act of their ruler. Garbled
dispatches Hashed the same news to the
civilized world. Now the populace hav
ing discovered the plot have seized tlie
plotters and loudly demand the return of
Alexander to his people anil his army.
Whether ho will bo permitted to return is
the agitating question. Russia > YiH cer
tainly leave no stone unjuraed to pre
vent it.
anil Silvnr.
Silver is still falling. The market value
of the metal in a silver dollar is now only
sovcntyono : cents. Congress at its last
session did nothing to arrest the decline.
Coinage still continues , but even free
coinage lias not checked the Xlownward
tendency. All schools of financiers
admit that the point will soon bo reached
when cheap money will begin to seriously
iill'ect the material interests of the coun
try , and particularly tlio classes who
earn their bread by honest labor. Any
movement , therefore , which looics
to bridging over the discrepancy be
tween the gold and the silver dollar will
ho hailed with satisfaction. The news
that the Salisbury ministry has agreed to
appoint a commission to discuss tlio pro
priety of rcmonotizing silver gives hope
that the United States will not bo com
pelled much longer to attempt single
handed to maintain the credit of silver.
The return of England to a double stand
ard would mean another large outlet for
tlio world's silver production , a corresponding
spending increase in the purchasing
power of the silver dollar and a decrease
in tlio paramount , value of gold. AH
a matter of fact gold has ap
preciated as much us silver
lias depreciated during the last two de
cades. Whatever tends to throw the
world of commerce upon its inadequate
supply of gold as the only material for
coinage must helpto force up the vuluo
of gold as compared with commodities
generally. The United States has been
the only monetary power so far which
has set itself lo counteract this tendency.
Our failure has been duo to the fact
that wo have fought alone. With nn in
ternational agreement for the romonetiza-
tion of silver the tldo would quickly turn
and silver would take its place side by
side with gold as the money of the
world. England's movement will bo
watched with interest.
MEXICO claims the right , nnd exercises
it , to punish an American citizen for an
oll'ensG against her laws committed on
American soil. According to u Wash
ington dispatch , however , thereis a
special treaty clause which warrants
Mexico in rctusing to surrender ono ot
her citizens for trial in the United States ,
even though he may have murdered an
American citizen , as was tlio case with
Aresures , n few weeks ago extradited by
a Texas judge , carried into Mexico , and
shot down iu cold blood on the pretense
that ho was trying to escape. At first
glauco it would seem that this is a de
cidedly one-sided arrangement.
THE fact is noted that the present
summer has been marked by exceptional
freedom , the world over , from dreaded
diseases. Not only is our own country
free from the visitation of any epidemic ,
but the whole world is thus far exempt
from pestilence of any sort. True , there
is some cholera In Italy and Japan , but
It is not ot startling viniloneoand doubt
less there is the usual mortality along
thp line of the Panama canal , which , not to be classed as epidemic ,
Ono of the m'ost fearful records of sum
mer mortality ig furnbscd annually by
Now York city , tntiflotfp largely oi the
death of children , btit , u recent state
ment , bringing the rqtofl ! { tip to the last
of July , shows a cousiduf-ihlo reduction
as compared with tliOTeeords of several
previous years. On thi wiiolo tlio human
family has reason to lo grateful for the
present enjoyment of unusual freedom
from disease , and PVCMUI a few diplo
matic controversies which will doubtless
bo amicably settled , u general reign of
peace. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Tin : severe disasters sutl'orcil by the
cotton mill interests oi'Xi-w England dur
ing the past three injiitlis , from the
heavy defalcations of financial managers ,
have had an nwnkuninginlluenco iipon the
stockholders and director : ) of the.- cor
porations which cannot fail to be greatly
to their advantango. Mueh that lias been
said regard ing general loose and careless
supervision on tliu part of ehk-f officials ,
whieh rendered such peculations as these
of Gray and Siu-lling easy of accomplish
ment , appears not to have been well
founded , the fact being that these de
faulters were an exception among treas
urers in the extent of the privileges and
authority accorded to them. But it is
evident that the checks and safeguards
generally observed have not buen so
thorough as Is de.sinibli ! , and it is not de
nied by those mo-it anxious to find an
apology for the existing state of things
that there is largo room forimprovcmont.
The recent startling developments will
not be an unmixed evil if they shall have
tlio effect of securing sueh additions lethe
the preventives of roguery as will reduce
its opportunities to the minimum.
IT is rather amusing to read the lec
tures upon the ueceucios of journalism
lo which its readers are MMm-occiisiotmlly
treated by the democratic organ in this
city. No paper in Omaha has more con
sistently violated all "the decencies of
journalism ' tlinn tlm Omaha Iferalil. Us
responsible editor possis es a vocabulary
of epithets and adjectives which he has
never hesitated to retail when occasion
required , and which were lurid enough
to suit the most exacting ot " pot-house
politicians.1 The HEK has never declined
to call a spade a spade. It proposes to dose
so in the future. It may lese in Addi-
sonian elegance in so doing , but it will
express its ideas more clearly to people
who wish to get at tlie meat of the matter
iiiuler discussion. Finally , when it wan to
instruction in tlio art of printing a suc
cessful and inlluuntial paper it will steer
very wide ot llic editorial sanctum of the
BIAINIC is thoroughly aroused over the
fisheries question.
Advices from Corea' ' sliiAv that cholera
swept oil' twenty tlienshiiilpersons ' / In one
province. .
A magnificent diimond- weighing ISO
carats , of the watur , and free from all
llnwsand Inipi-iTt-ctionsj Iiast just been cut in
liiiRland. It is owned liy rt syndicate , and is
sidd to surpass In weight and quality all tlio
ul.storiual dinmomlM on record. Some idea
of. Its value may bo gottjMi from the fact that
a little piece sliced olt t\\o \ \ end to Improve Its
shape produced a brilliant of'nlncteeu ' caiiils
and was hold for ' S-iO.OUU' , a iljnmoj'.tl mer
chant . - ,
j :
Theie arc fortv-niP.S dul ) ? In Sprlngfiolit.
Mass. , organised for the puip"oso of furnish
ing liqi-.tirs to members.
It has been decided to alter the plans of the
Carlii'ld monument at ClovtUuul , and niiikn
U 150 feet in height Instead ot 225 as originally
designed ,
The cost of the proposed tunnel between
Ireland and Scotland is estimated nt
S25.000COO , with 85,000,003 , additional for land
P. J. Fallon. of Ilolyoko , Mnss. , became in
sane from overstudy while qualifying for the
priesthood and ran about the country miked ,
and was with difficulty captured.
General tioulangor , French minister of war ,
lias prohibited the publication of the pamph
let civing his biography and referring to a
scamlal with which his name was connected.
The report is confirmed that Krupp has
secured a contracl to supply 1,500 tons u
steel rails for the construction of railroads
to bo used in the development of mining In
dustries In China.
The gift of § 100,000 to the Wesleyan uni
versity by George I. Seucy , which was so
long delayed by the fiir.inclal embarrassment
ot tno donor , has at length been made good.
Mr. Seney's conscience Is once again clear
while the treasury of a most useful educa
tional institution Is enriched to a degree cor
responding with Its promises of future good.
Jir , Seney's beneficence has not been mis
placed , although his Intentions may huvo
been miscarried at the outset.
A law passed by the Xe\v i'ork legislature
In 18S5 provides that tlic state shall collect a
tax of ft per cent upon all public bequests.
According to the provisions of this law the
state would receive a tax of 8200,000 out of
tlioTlldou estate , provided tlio public be-
qwsts amount to § 4,000,000 , as estimated.
Out of this sum the county treasurer would
receive a fee of 5 per cent for collecting tliu
tax , which would make tlio fees 510.000.
Thus § 210,000 must bo collected out of the
Tlldon estate before the several charltnble
bequests can bn carried out.
AVc congratulate Chicago upon her symme
trical and beautiful buzz-saw Invention
for anarchy.
AVIiy They
.St. Mud
There Is nothing peculiar ) n the fact that so
many Dakota postmasters h'.ivo ' recently re-
sigupd when It Is reiujnuberndthatoxpt-it
harvest hands are now winti , | S3 u day , while
the average Dakota po tglHeo luudly pays
that lunch in a week , (
Jlow to Avoid
Kcw Vc
Jefferson Davis , In addtQMlng a conven
tion at Mississippi City tlju oilier day , opened
his speech with "Brethren nnd lollow-Mls-
slsslpplans. " aud lammituil ttio fact that he
could not say "fellow-citizens. " It was a
rather awkwaid positioned Julferson might
have avoided the cinbarritssiiibnt by not mak
ing a speech. J
Cora in Chicago niul'Neljrnslcn.
CuluHil/ii * Democrat.
Corn Is worth about ! cents In Columbus.
In Chicago it is worth -13 cents , a difference
of 21 cents pnr bushel. The fault does not Ho
with the dealers. Their profit I * legitimate.
The fact that it costs about as much to haul a
bushel ot corn from this place to Chicago , a
distance of 000 miles , as It " 'DOS ' to raise It ,
shell It and haul it to market , Is what hurts.
It Will bo a Good Tlilii ! : for the lie-
publican Party.
Columbia Dcmociatn.
The candidacy of Church Howe for a seat
In congress from tlio First district , has
caused the HKK to bring forth its uuns and
level them at Ids crrliii head. Should the
efforUof the BKK succeed In preventing his
nomination , It will be goad thing for tlio
republican party. Should la-tw tlio nominee. ,
Ids defeat is curtain , and the democracy wil
elect n man worthy to represent Ilio people
of that district ! u concii-ss.
Mnrlt Txvnlnlu the Hull Dullness.
St. JMt * Miri-DlittMMi.
It is stated that Mark Twain Is barking the
llaitfoul base tmll club with monny , This Is
good presumptive evidence tlmt tliero Is profit
Hi the bnso ball business. When MarU casts
his bread upon the water It is generally tied
to the shore with a. very stout string.
An liitcrc < 4tiri .Sight.
reiJi Time * .
Any N'cbrnska printer who visits Omnlu
will mUs the greatest Mulit In the city to him
If he falls to visit Hie Bui : olllce. In cnm-
pany with 1. . I ) . Woodruff , of the Democrat ,
we called there while In tlju metropolis , and
had nn t-vi'llenl opportunity of seolug tlio
stereotyping done , nn Inleiestlng piocess
which wo had never witnessed bofoiu Wo
alsosaw the gieat press shove out Its paners ,
( Hinted on both sides , cut , patod , folded
and counted , nt the late of 15,000 per hour.
A Cooler.
Kntnci vllle Jinivttnl ,
lie wet n ercat lilp cabbage leaf ,
And put It In Ids hat.
He wore the thinnest seer.suekors ,
\Yhlto \ necktie ami nil tlmt.
lie bought a live-cent palm-leaf fun ,
And iiM < d It all tin : time ;
And where tliey sod those cooling dilnks
lie blew In many a dime.
lie lived on sherbet and Ice-cream ,
And on acr.lie of Ice
Ho slept , at night , but did not llnd
It much like I'uindlsc ,
In short , ho did most everything ,
This poor , deluded fool ,
And racked Ids brain tor novel schemes
Still , he could not keep cool ,
Hut one dav on Ilio street he met
A gill ho d novel1 seen ;
Her face was angel-fair , hut proud
And haughty wns her mien.
1'liPii In Ids simple , Now Voik way ,
He muimured : "Ain't it hot ? "
Tlie Boston timid just looked at him
And froze him on tliu spot ,
MobrnHkn .
Passenger trains are now run to Ord.
The Mikailo is running loose in Hast
Ilartiujrton has declared for water
In those days of torrid heat there arc n
few grains of comfort in running the
the thermometer into an ice box.
A Wilbur tough drove Ids horse into a
saloon , took a drink and was lined ? 15
for violating tlio sidewalk ordinance.
David Aluinniiiw , a prominent Adams
county farmer , has developed svmplonls
of dangerous insanity and lias been sent
to the asylum.
Tin ) llftli annual fair of Saline county
\yill bo hold at Friend September 0 to ti.
Senaior Van Wyck will deliver an ad
dress on the 8lh.
A Nebraska City family imbibed too
freely of buttermilk and subsequently
wrestled with a muscular case of crumps ,
An emetic routed the rutclu
The Hasting Uejis tire booked for a
mntcli game for $200 with the Hurling ,
la. , team to-day , at Ilarlan. The Heds
have a weakness for soft snaps.
The fourteen th annual fair of the Web
ster county agricultural society will be
held at lied Cloud , October 12 to IB.
Purses and premiums amount to $2,500.
A lively chase took place in buggies
between an ox-husband and his late wife
a few evenings since on one of tlio roads
leading into "Nebraska Cily. The ex-
lltKiuand , having the fastest team , man
aged to escape. The woman had u
shooting iron.
Tlio St. Joseph & Grand Island rail
road has finally got a move on itself , and
will throw out a leeder or two from Hast
ings. The company has asked for the
right of way on South street and Denver
aveuuo. The people in adjoining coun
ties have offered liberal inducements to
the road.
The reference to "Banker Patterson , "
in a late letter from Pliittsmouth pub
lished in the BKK , as a ring republican
and an opponent of Senator Van Wyck ,
was a mistake of the types or the cor
respondent , and us neither will confess
n double luneral will bo the result. Parmolco was tlio man aimed at.
Mr. Patterson is a tight laced democrat ,
and takes no part in the light of "his
friends , the enemy. "
lowu Items.
Liquid restaurants are running iu Ly
The Jlis.ssjipi ; | ) threatens to shako Bur
lington by cutting into Illinois soil.
The ice crop at Paeilic Junction is ex
hausted aud the webfoots are broiling on
the patched bottoms.
Mr. Mienli French , a soldier of the war
of 181'J-l-l , and who is ninety-four years
of airo , is among tlie veterans who have
gathered in reunion at Crestou. .
The Milburn.'Stoildnrd &Molinu com
pany , manufacturers and dealers in agri
cultural implements , will build a branch
warehouse in DCS IMoincs. Their head
quarters will bo in Omaha.
A gang of hoodlums make life hardly
worth the living in Webster City. There
is a strong probability that the state re
form school will receive sevci ul recruits
in the near future.
The Non-Swearing Knights is a now
order recently formed by the employes of
the Chicago , Hock Island & Paeilic rail
road. The order has many good features ,
among which is an obligation to abstain
from the use of profanity.
A stage-struck girl from Missouri re
cently took up quarters in Keokuk and
endeavored to "make a date" with some
theatrical troupe , llor uncle arrived
upon tlio scene before she received a suit
able offer to "star" the country , and slip
was taken back to her home near Ilauni-
bal , Mo.
Deadwood is to liavo sampling works
which will cost in the neighborhood of
$00,000 ,
Tlm machinery for sinking an artesian
well at Brooking * has arrived on the
grounds , and operations will begin at
once ,
By a vote of 303 for , to ono against , Ab
erdeen decided to bond tlio city for ! * 5 ( , -
000 to aid two now railroads , divided
equally between the Duluth and Hock
Island roads.
Bernard Brennan , son of Shoriif Bron-
nan , of Yankton , was run over by a
heavy wagon while playing in the road
near his homo. It is thought that he vvill
bo crippled for life.
Louis Werthoimor and Miss Williams ,
of llapid City , were in a coach when the
team took fright and ran away , pnssinir
down a narrow delilu a hundred yards erse
so , when the coach ( ) and both
parlies were severely injured internally.
The Homo Irrigating company , capital
$ ' , ' 5,000. , has been incorporated in Clioy-
en no ,
The bodies of three Butte prospectors
have been found south of tlio i'ellow-
slono National park. Thai the men wei o
murdered was shown by tliu mutilation
of the bodies , The head of one was cut
oil' , that of the second was also cut oil' ,
smashed und tied in a grain sack , and
tlio third showed a fatal bruise nmir thu
temple , The names of the victims are
T. II. Liggenuan , Henry Walter und Gus
Kollenborger. The murderer , John
Lonnar , was found working in a ranch
in the neighborhood , and arrc.stad. iio
confessed tno crime , was taken to Kaglo
Hock and turned over to the authorities ,
The fluent liar of Lauder has been
hoard from again , Ho has his
lee OH the boulders of n region loaded to
the imiMlo with gold , copper , oil nnil
coal , nnd grows floridly enthusiastic ns
ho paints the .new Khlorado. Ihn re
gion , says the t * . 1. . . is a e\n\v \ \ of the
Snake Mountains proper , and IioS bo-
Iwecn the waters of the upupr bunko
river and these towering peaks called
on the map the ( { rand Totons. Kverv-
where over these rough table lands
breaks forth oil , in both springs and
lakes. The latter , apparently , sines from
the soil , and lillsdepressions.niid spreads
ovur Hut stirfnccs. 'J'lio sni ings are of
almost every variety. They bubble ,
spout , well und How stomlily and regu
larly. The ohiiniotorlsties of the oil
fields are plienonienal. Kvory lake and
ovorv sprlnghas an outlet , and those out
lets How for various distances and are
then suddenly swallowed up by the earth.
'J'lio gold of the reirlon comprises both
qtmrt/ and placer deposits. J'ho rough
tablelands are seamed with huge rocky
ledgt s p roll He of free milling < jnart7. . At
Hie ba.-cs of tlieso lodges , ami In tlio re
cesses jutting their sides are pockets of
IOOMI earth , in which are found in abund
ance small nuggets nnd shot and llowor
gold. The steep sides of tlieso gorges and
canons in nearly every instance are com
posed of walls of pure coal. Not infre
quently the dark gleam ot the coul is
mingled with the bright glitter of these
so voted quart/ lodges , or tlic duller glow
of the copper vein. Every Mi-cam llowiug
fiom these plateaus 1ms banks literally
full of line gold , nnd every stream is thus
a rich placer from Its head lo its mouth.
From hero comes the Hue gold dug out of
the bars of the Snake river , far below , it
being washed n hundred miles by the
swift mountain waters.
Montana ,
The Montana Tin company , near
Dillon , finds that its ere Is 11 per cent
The Crow squaws on the Crow reserva
tion carry umbrellas to preserve their
During lust week 7,080 pounds of bul
lion , valued at ! fll5y80 ! , , wore shipped
from Unite.
The wolves are gotlingvery bold in the
ranges , and .scores of calves are nightly
oaten by them.
The calllo on the northern ranges are
said to be. in excellent conitillon. The
beeves will bo Hrst-class.
The water is so low in the various
trout streams in Hoavorhoad comity that
it is now almost impossible to oatcli any
lish in them.
The sports of Hullo are nothing If not
lavish. Seventy thousand dollars wore
invesled In the pools ol the six days'races
recently hold tliero.
1. M. Jlilburn , superinloudcnl of Wil
liam Ulm's sheep ranch in the Flat Hol
low country , Mas robbed Ins employer of
§ 1,000 ami skipped.
Tlio Ilouldar Valley it Hullo railway
company ha1 * lileil articles of iuconiora-
tiou , with Governor Itausor at tlio fioad.
Capital stook , t-)00,000. ?
Cattlemen find the country so burnt
over that it is a work of great dillioulty
to drive cattle to the Puoiliu
from the ranges.
1'axlou & Co. , of Omaha , have con
tracts for furnishing sill the Indian
agencies .south or Miles City , The
contracts require H'i.OOl ) head ot"cattle. .
Mr. Eastman , of Great Falls , found an
old kiufo which is believed to have boon
left by Lewis and Clarke in a cache in
ltOI-5 in the locality where the knife was
Tommy Cruse , the Drum Lummon mil
lionaire , traded stock in tlio mine lor a
sheep herd last spring. The wool clip ho
traded brought its owner nearly a million
A Indy on one of the Northern Pacific
trains the other day with her family at
tracted considerable attention. She was
the mother of sixteen children -two
pairs of triplets , three pairs of twins and
four single * . She was on her way to
Washington territory. Thn family will
bo a decided acquisition to any com
The coal department of the Northern
Paeilic has utterly faileu in its attempts
to crush the Knights of Labor employed
in the mines at Lumbcrlinc. The men
went on u strike against frivolous dis
charges on the Oth ot' July and have been
out over since. The company has made
every cfl'orl to secure non-union men , but
the climate is not congenial for that
class , and the mines arc still idle and the
strikers lirm.
Thn Pacific Coast.
Oakland figured out a population of
Sixty white girls now fill the nlaces of
the Chinese at the Oregon City woolen
During July the branch mint coined
$ _ 10OW ; ! ? ) in halt eagles and and $700,0(0 , (
n eagles.
Seventeen hundred men are at work on
the railroad fifteen miles north of San
The feiteral government has expended
$1,515,513 in Washington territory since
its organization.
The movement of wool from Oregon
and Idaho wjll probably exceed 10,000-
000 pounds this year.
At the Carson land ollioo 40,000 acres of
land were disposed of last mouth , realiz
ing $50,000 , for the school fund.
San Diego is to have a hotel in the
heart of the city to bo called the Palace ,
which will have a frontage of 400 feet.
A hotel is in course of construction at
Cottonwooi'l , Churchill county , Nov , in
anticipation of lively times tliero when
the nickel and cobalt mines are started-
Men passing on their way through
Piocho from Arizona all rupert times dull
there and work hard to obtain. The ter
ritory is overrun with idle people.
The California Kntlt union has fionl 175
car loads of fruit lo the cant so tar this
season , by special passenger and freight
trains ,
The wool clip this year of Kureka and
White. Pini ! counties Nevada , amounts to
about 125 tons , but litllo of which has yet
been Fold. Holders are waiting for high
er prices.
EJJA dopoil of coal has been found in
Unk run in Blmnta county , Citl. . twelve
miles from the railroad at Nodding ,
which is being tested with good results
in a blacksmith p thoro.
* - -
The rirnt , tlic Orlelnnl nnil Only tUrrh Hint l
l > nlii | > liy men who hnto ft prnrtlcnl hno ldUu
f llm Innndrv | > riifp lnn. It requires no cooking ,
kcemtliolrou from itlcklin ) n4 linen from WIMctltu
while Ironing , ninl elves Mililt , cuftg nml collars tint
fllflncjs and traullful iwllih they tme wlirn new ,
which , everybody know * , keeps tljcm clean tu ! < < > s
lon . Itcw ro of Imttiillun * . Se th t thenunioJ. O.
IIUIIIS'IJKU & lillOS. , New lUvto , Couu. , U ou
ctcry vncVafO. Soltl l > y all ( Iroccn , _
And other * aufTerlnfr
norTOUt delilllty , tMi.tuilliu *
clirmilo ulflfAAtiii , t > niAtur
of lounit or old MX
ljr Mil-lit liy lr. )
lorno'f fftrnoui I'.lrrlro-
. . . licit ThuuMiuln
In * rorr AXfllMo In the union liAvet oemi cuui ,
Klrclrli'l "Aw'IJ ' ( " "iMitljf felt l-nti-iUnl nlul mid 10
> pnm Wliuift fnmllr can writr lAino licit F.ltctrU
w Itli male bcltx Arold w rlhl < < I
nnd bnfftii ronipnnlpti. Klrttrlc TrtiMr * lot
. 70(1 ( ciirrdln'85. Hond Hump for r niilil |
017 HI.ClmrlodNl. , Kl. Lonla.Mo.
lTreot TRr liui or Ivo U.JIcilTolliix. hnfcetn 1onj r
cnjtnueil In tfteRpeelaltrtKlment of I'Haunic. Niirovi. Bmin
nd Hunt ) DIIIIIM thsn > ny olh M'lijileUn InSt. Louis ,
ti ell7 faprrl uliow n.l all oldrtilJ.ntf\neir
Nervous Prostration , Debility , Mental and
Physical Weakness ; Mercurial and other AfleC'
tlans ol Throat. Skin or Done ) , Blood Poisoning ,
Old Sores and Ulcers , > re trcttril will , nnpurtlUlrf
aeecu , ua Intel ! itlrntlfle prln elplf t. KlTtlr , rrlvtlely.
Diseases Arising from Indiscretion , Excel * ,
Exposure or Indulgence , nliteh rroJnta mma or th ,
following tTcet ! < i uerr uiue l , drbllllr , dlmnMt or tight
nail d r ctlr tnemorr , plraplea on the fu , phTilefttdeeir ,
rrrilon totbe mcUljof friualM , eonfuiloi of Idtki , eU. ,
rendering Marrlaio Improper or unhappy , 'o
prmauctitljr ciirctl. rampbtei(3Ai ) Knoa ) iboibori , teat
iatrftlpd cnrlop ? , rreeto nay n4ilr i. Conftulmtloanlot.
Etc or h ; mull fife. Invite , ! ndit-leUj e.nfldtnlUl.
A Positive Written Guarantee jitm inerirrei.
rtble cue. lledlelDQ atnt cter/ where uj mall 01 eipreas.
aoO PAGES , FINE PLATES , otetml elolh tnd lilt
Madltfc.iotled ! tor BOo. Ini'oilnfeor eurrauej. Orer fitlr
wonderful penpleturpt , lru lollfei trlleleion the follo ! o |
Ituijcctii vho inaf mtrrr , wholiot , why t mtvhooil , womtn *
hood , | > hyilekldo Hir , etl.ttt ofeellbtkej an < loieeiathe phja.
lology ofrrproiluetlen , and m&Df more. Tho.c tnitrrled 01
cnntenipuiln * BUrtla ( KhouM rthd IU r-rPltr edition
rurte. r ivp r uoTer. 33o. Addren bo 0 p . WMtlicr"
BTlioso VITAI.ITV In foillnir , Hratn lilt A1NRI > Mid
liXIIAUNTKU rower ' ' * ' ?
or I'JtUll'4' t'JiEuV WAST !
III ! m y fliul arfect | rn.1 r > iulitt euro In tlio '
Drlol-i. , , , ryy-prof. JKAN OIVlAl.V.of I'urlt , t'r nc < \
Adopted by nil I'renirli rhy ! 'jl n nnil In-lni roplilly nd
Buoccufully Inlroaured lu > rf . All v oalionfncr louu and
diilns promptly cnerknd. TIUIA'i'Jur glvlnjt tiow
par rnndin < tdlclonilor emrnt , rt < < . . , trjtl.K. Uonnnltai.
Lion ( offlefl or liv mall ) with nil eminent cluctnrs Fit KU.
GIVIflLE Ji' Ho. 174 Fulton Street. Nan York.
Tansill's ' Punch Cigars
were shipped durliiB thn past
two yonra , without n , druui-
nirr In our oniplnr. No otlior
ho HBO In the vorhl can truth *
fully uiukaHiioh a BhovrhiK.
Olio OKout ( dealer ouly )
wanted in ouch town.
4\ \
1S03 F. .IE lSr.A.rtv * ! SI1.
Prnctico linitteil to Diseases of tlio
Glasses flttoil for all forma of defective
Vision. Artilicial Eyes lusortoiL
State Agents
Omaha , Neb.
HOKUlnr finr.T ( < 'iircniirfns. n' follown : I. For thou
u Kn'i ) uf llacholnr ot Nelonco , 11 fgoncral CuurHo ; UIMJ
ulcctlvo couraus In ( JlioinUiry. lllolnvy , lSvu\ngy \ ,
Aliitlipnintlmanit I'll J Rica. II. KorthoiluKrcuot Clru
Kntrlnocr. tnrlmllnv. Iw li1u3 Ilin uiiiiiil prulu/ialonul /
Kindlon. uiiillcailiiiin | ( if Klcctrlclty tn tlio Arts , rose
KruUimteliitilnictlim In Hlulii-T.MullieniiulriUiniplilcj.
Annlytlcnl nun ApplloJ Clicinlatry und Asrtaylni ; ,
lllolofty , I'lijrvlL'A. unil Antroriomjr. Kntriinco uxiiinin.
alloin Sept. lltli anil 15th. 1SSH. Kur npoclnl ruurnoi
iindottiorlnturmutlouauulf tolho ColluL-eTrcusuior
' 13lh St , Cor. CapUolVvcnuo.
Chronic & Surgical Diseases.
DR. McWIENAMY. Proprietor.
Sitlirn jCIICH' Ilntiilinl nnil 1'riralu riacliin
Wulmvo tlio/ncllltlci' / , iiimnitii | | * nnil irmcdlrt
fo'Ilio : t'lirci'Mtdil trrxlini-nt of every form of Uu-
ca < o ii quiring cltlicr incdk-nl or rnrulral tre..tmcul ,
ami liuUuoll tocninound | iiYetlgiitufortliomti-lvr4
or corrc iioiid Illi ns. I.nug tispcrlcww hi trrr.t.
In''cusr's liy k'Kcr oinlilca ua to trcut many cu t
eclcntlllrulfy without ncclm ; tlicin
WlttTH I'OK riUCUI/Alt on DfformitlM nnrt
nmrw , Clnh 1'ci-t , C'lirvaturcfl of th Hplim
Ii8iiKS : of Wo x , 1'ilen , Tim r < i , Cnnccr ,
Cnliinh , Uninrliili" . Inlip.l.'iildii , Kicctrlclty , i'ariil'
y ij , Kiilloiifiy , Klitnny , Kyo , J.'ar , Hkln , Wood aud
IIUcrlc : , liihiilc'rx , llranm , Trimsrfl , snd
all liliidi bf Mrdlrnl mill iiiirrlcul .Aiiiillonct * . uiau.
ufartiircd and fornnln
The only reliable inedlcal Institute mating
Private , SpecialJt Nervous Diseases
jrun rtliiilcvfrfinia'iiroiliiceil.BUcccufullytrfalfil ,
\ \ i' can roiuovu Hyijlillitlo iigUou fromlhukViUm
Hilliout inorcnry.
Call < m4 consult n * or send iinmo anil post-or.lco
ftiUIri-M plainly written -oncloso * Uui , aud wo
will ton ! yon , In plain wrapper , our
vi-ot I-iiirATi , Si-Ki-ui. AJ.U txWout nliilVM
biuiNi , WEAKNKM. tfrziuuTonitiiu. ! , lurorxxt
cr , bvi'iiii.13 , OoHurmiwu , ULEKT , vimcocKi.E.
" "fir "aAJI8' ' or " " ' 1 bu' ' wy of your CBW for
rericni unaiilc toUlt u may be treated at their
home. , by uorrf-poudence. Jlc'diclnrfiind J ill ru !
menu lent by mull cr cipre SIICUHKLY I'ATK
El ) FKOM OBaiUlVATIO.xlSi aVk , Jlidie. ' .
conlen a or sender. Ono pmuiul lulprvlni nro.
SniMilfMJVu'nlfinS fil * I00nl ' the a S X X
modatlon of imtlcnti. Hoard and nltendtnce at
rcaionible price * . Adilrei * all UUcri to
Omaba Medical and Surgical Instltnle
Cor. UlhSt. nt Cwllel * * OMAHA. NEB. %