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    TIIE' OMAHA. : THtHRSDAtY AUGUST 20 , 1880 ,
The Second Day of the Tournament Passes
Off With Splendid Races.
licnrncy Mnkei tinI < 'nslesl Hook nml
Imiltlrr Tlino fJi-niuI Inland Pro-
Tor Soldiers Dunk
Kuiliirc nt Itlnlr.
Tim riromcn's Tonrnnnirnl.
ll.Moxi , Neb. , August 25. ( Special Tel-
to the llr.r.l The weather lor the
tomtiamcnt todaas ennsideinbly cooler
than jestetday and a stiong south hi 007.0
made it much moio pleasant toi the lace * .
Tlie board of control decided last niglit to
change the pioginmmt ! for to-day , and all
the taccs took place Ibis afteinoon. The In
coming trains btoiight visitors fiom various
portions of the state , and the nttondnnco at
the day's incesis ; good. All the teams
\\croonthegiound at 2 o'clock , but una
voidable dol.ijs prevented the contests bo-
pinning until 3:30. : The llrst race was lor
tlih ly-slx fccoud hook and ladder compan
Wnhoo made the fhst run. Their rope
broke and they \\eio obliged to make t\\o
starts , Time fiu > f .seconds.
ThoFiontiersot Fremont followed. The
electric signal did not work and the judges
failed to get tlio time. They made a line
run , but no time could ho gl\on. The matter
Is under advisement of the board of control
to-night , and they will piobably be gl\on
another chance to-mono w.
The Kearney team then followed. They
won llrst prize last ) earnndcamedoteimliicd
to maintain their iccoid this year. They are
a strong.set ot men , twonty-ii\o in number.
'Ihoy made an elegant inn and got the time
of l(5J.f ( seconds , which was loudly cheered.
This was their best time last year.
Tlio York team ran last , They got n good
stall , hut fcou-ial men diopped out. Their
time was clo o to Kearney 10 .seconds.
I'he judges tor these laccsAxeio J. C. Clol-
land , of btanton , nud Chief. Templeton , ot
Council lilnlls ; ilmrkcepeis , J. L. Ljman ,
Lincoln ; F. M. Jeirur.s , Grand Island.
Iho lorry-one second hose race followed.
Iheio were six entries In ihls department.
Iho team to inn woio the Holland's of
I'lemont. Ihoy arc the strongest and most
, poweiful team on tlie grounds. They made
, a magnificent run In 42'f seconds. The
Kearney Widn Awakes followed In 15 sec
onds. The North Ueiid team ran thiid.
iliclr running time was good , but the
" urasH joint was smashed and no coupling
iinndo , 'Ihe Doisey's of Fiemont went
nonr. Ihoy arc a new team nnd made the
time of 48 seconds. The I'nclllcs of Grand
Island ran lifth. 1 hey showed splendiil ac
tion and made a good run in 43 ] $ .seconds.
Iho last team were the Dbsells ot Columbus ,
who made It In 44 seconds. Manager May-
berry withdrew the Fitzgernlds of Lincoln ,
oocauso of the absence ot tlneo men. The
tlcllands were victorious. The timekeepers
for tnis depitmeiit were J. L. Lymaii , Lin
coln : C. D.-Gardlnlei , Scrlbner ; John Xeig-
U-r. York. Judses , J. C. CIclIand nnd John
The attiactlons to-morrow will bo green
races for hook and ladder and hose teams
and an exhibition of the Pomolcr ladder
corps. Kearney has the largest delegation
of visitors piuscnt , besides two teams and n
band. The electric alarm tailed to work on
the second team and a Hag for blgnals wn.s
t ion used. It was aftorwardsdlscovered that
Iho apparatus had been plugged by some
, Great Activity at Grand Island.
( ' HANI ) ISLAND , Neb. , August 25. ( Spe
cial Telegram to the lii : * : . ] Thcio is unusual
. activity atCamp Grant and elaborate prepara-
jtlons'aro being made for1 the eighth annual
rcunl6n of the department of Nebraska ,
which begins here next Monday , August 00.
Nine hundred large tents are already up and
more me on the way. The Second regiment
jot United States Infantry from Omaha , the
Twcnty-liist icglment fiom Sidney , and
. Light Mattery F , Second regiment United
Stales ni tlllery , will arrive here Saturday by
special trains. A large number of booths ,
dancing hall , dining hall , bath house , amphi
theatre , and business standsalmost innumer
able are already up. A licet , of live gunboats
bus been completed and is ready for action.
Quarters on the ground for twenty thousand
people have already been engaged , and still
the applications pour in. Careful estimates
point to an attendance ot at least sixty thou-
wind people , and the reunion will no doubt
nroyo the most elaborate ever held In the
United States. It being conceded that the
progiammo is one of the most complete and
attractive overissued for any similar occa
A Dlnir Dank Suspends.
Itt.Aiit , Neb. , August 25. [ Special to the
BKIS. ] The First National bank of Blair
luxa closed it.s doors. The bank was sus
pended by nctlon of the directors , hastened
by the Investigation by the Government ,
which investigation shoncd that time cer
tificates had been Issued to a largo amount
which were fictitious , and that the redis
counts woio not shown by the books of the
bank. The concei n Is , however , solvent , and
will In time pay all demands. Tlie bank has
, a'paid up capital of $50,000.
Nebraska anil Iowa Weather.
For Nebraska and Iowa : Fair weather ,
-Bllghily cooler.
General Drum Talks 011 tlio Removal
or the Apaches.
WASHINGTON , August 25. [ Special Tele
gram to thu liKi : . ] Adjutant General Drum ,
Svlio Is acting secretary of war , said to-day
that nothing has yet been douo about the
proposition to iciuovo tlie Apache Indians
from the San Cailos agency. "There Is no
doubt , however , " ho continued , "but that
finch icmoval will eventually bo necessary.
1 think it was a mistake in the iirst place to
locate them there poi manently. The pros- !
dent has always been In favor of their re
moval , " ho continued , "holding that the band
of Chihuahua Apaches , some four or live
hundred In number , are captives of war and
should bo placed where It will bo impossible
for them to escape. A * long as they are
kept at San Carlos every facility Is ottered ,
for their becoming renegades. They nro In
n country that Is almost entirely unpro
tected , with mountain fastnesses that nro
very accessible , ami with the Mexican border
line near at hand. The trouble that wo have
had with them shows how they take advan
tage of such opportunities , "
"If the administration has been In favor of
their removal , how Uoe.s it happen that action
i has been delayed1'
"First catch your llsh , you know , " was the
yeply. "II any nru to bo lemoved all should
go. IfthohO on the reservation should be
transferred olhowhejo , It would moventnnv
po > slblllty of n retiiin of Coiunlmo and
other hostlles who aio out. There has always -
ways boon , and thcio Is still , prospects of
them'outlaws becoming worn out wall being
continually hunted , and nt last giving i\n \ the
light , 'lids they would never do It thu ics-
I'rvatlon Indians should ho taken away , "
"What Is to become ot Chlet Chato and tlio
other Apaches who recenlly visited Wash-
"Thoy aio now at Fort Leavenworth , and
will piobably be detained theie until some
thing Udono about lumovlng \\liolobaiul. .
The Indian * wauwerj thing , vou know , and
as thu requests ot Chato and his companions
were not granted , they would go back to the
, 'agency di ! > ain > ointcd nud quarrelsome , and
would be apt to make the Indians on the ics-
orviulon reatless and ugly. "
"Will Die Apaches be lemoved to the mili
tary leMirvatlun at Ft. Maiion , Ala.V"
" 1 think u-ry likely. They would bo safe
there , nnd beside the climate would ngrce
with them. It would go very hard w ith them
to remove them far north. Judging from the
fact that the president strongly favors the re
moval of the Apaches , auU that Chato nnd
these who accompany him are detained for
awhile at Fort Leaven worth , it is thought the
removal will bo made In the nearfmuie , even
If renegades do not coinu or not are not cap-
tuied. "
The MnjllmvcrVln t the Second
Yacht Contest. I. J
8vm HOOK , Augusta * . To-day was the
one fixed uoon for thcthird tilaliapolwtweeii
the I'uritaii , MaylloAci , I'n'cilla and At
lantie , for the lionor of defending America' '
nij ) against tlie Knirllsh cutter ( ialetea In the
International contest , but owing to the light
wind .Monday , the day , et for tlie second
trial incp , Hint e\ent will IL sailed atraln to >
day. The course for to-day's rare wllibniif.
teen miles instead of twenty. Tlio wind 1"
fiom the not 111 and Is making nineteen inllo.-
an liiiur.
The Mayflower won the yacht lace , cross.
Ing the line at 4 : ' 0 p. in.
Tlio Ilaio Hull Itocnrili
ruifAfio , August 25. At a meeting ot Hit
national base ball league to-day it was de >
elded that tlie St. Louis club should play out
the schedule season. A committee was ap'
pointed to apportion tlio St. Louis plaver <
among thiM.-nloiis clubs at the end of UK
season. A [ imposition to play Sunday game *
was defeated.
AT l'iiii..viiit'iti.v :
Athletics . 1 fi
Haltlmoie . 0 0 0 0 3. 0 0 0 1 I
IJase hits Athlotlc.4 8 , ItaltlinorcO. Krrors
Atliletics 7 , Haltimoie : ! . Umpire \ nleu-
tine.Tlie following Is the score of the second
L'aiue pla > rd heie to-day , the game being cap
led at thccnd of the eighth inning on account
of darkness :
Athletics . 1 0 t 3 0 0 0 * 4
Ilaltlmoro . 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 5
llasulilU Athletics n , Haltlmorofi. Kriors
Athletics i5 , Ualtlmorc & Umpire Vnloii-
Chicago . 0 0 0 0 1 0 B 0 25
Hoston . 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 0 I
I'itehers-McCoimlekandnuningtou. IJast
hits Chicago in , Itoston 7. Krrora-Chlcagc
0 , Dosion ! . Umpire I'owers.
AT NBW Yoitu .
„ „
llrooklyn . 0 I
Metropolitans. . . . " 1
Uaso lilts llrooklyn 9 , Metropolitans n ,
Errors Brooklyn a. Metiopolltans 3. Uuv
plie Itradloy.
1'lnladi'lplila . I n
Detroit . 0 0 n 0 0 0 1 5 * II
Haso hits-Detroit 14. I'hlladelphla fi.
Knois-letioltl4 , Philadelphia 10. Umpire
( Juest.
Cincinnati . 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 0n
St. Louis . 1 0 1 3 0 1 1 0 0 (1 (
Haso lilts St. Louis 11 , Cincinnati 0.
Kuors-St. Louis4 , Cincinnati 5. Umphe-
Ai'Sr. Lori *
St , Louis . 0 0
Washington . 0 000 000 3 0H
Haso hlts-St. Louis 2 , Washlnston 4.
Krrow St. Louis 1 , Washington 4. Umpire
AT Loi'isviM.n .
Louisville . 0 1 0 0 1 * C
Plttsburg . 0 0 0 5 a 0-7
The game was called at the cud of the lifth
inning on account ol rain. Haso hits Louis
ville 4 , Pitt.sburg 10. Krrors Louisville a.
Pittsbuig 1. Umpire Kelly.
Now York . 0 * 0
Kansas City. . . .0 'J
llasehits-Kansas City 10 , Now York 11.
Krrors Kansas City 5 , New York a. Urn-
phc Fulmer.
Saratojia Ilaces.
SAUATOOA , N. Y. , August 25. The track
was last and tha attendance fair.
Two-year olds , live-eighths mile : Ulessed
won , Paymaster second , Village Hey third.
Time 1-.0-IK. Mutuals paid 840.20.
Three-fourths mile , heats : Lord Lorno won
in straiglit heats , Brookful second , Wlnona
third' TIme-l:18. :
Three-vear old and upwards , mile and
ciSlitli : Ued Girl won , I. II. 1) . second , Ulti
matum third. Time 3:00. :
Mile : Little Minnie won. Nettle second ,
I'rlina Donna third. Time 1:44 : > Mutuals
paid SSJO.
Steeple chase.-milo and half : Mystic won ,
Disturbance second , llinda third , 'lime
2:61. :
C oncy Island Knees :
HKIOIJTONBuAcir , . N. 3. . . Augusta ? .
Mile : Fawn won , Leonora second , Lucy
thlid. Time 1:45. :
Two-year olds , three-fourths mlle : Bcllovuo
won , Suitor second , Daly Oak tldrd , Time
1:17 : ' .
Mile and eiglitii : llarry Kussel won. Poet
second , Marmaduko tliiul. Time 2W : ) .
Sevcn-eiglitlis mile : Eva K. won. Hen
Thompson second , lirougtiton third. Tme |
It'-MX ,
Mile : Mentor won , Standiford Kellar second
end , Itomlalah third. Time 1:4 : % Cer-
tilicates paid S10S.OO.
Milo and halt , over six hurdles : Will Davis
won , Hushbiook second , Chailey Ep ] > s tlnrd.
Tnklnfc in Xhompson.
roiiT , la. , August 25. [ Special
Telegram to the BEE. ] United States IJcvo-
nue Collector Thompson was arrested this
morning on a bench warrant issued by Judge
Hedges , of thfl Kighth judicial district , and
served by Sheriff. Fletcher , of Johnson
county. Collector Thompson had been mib-
noonacd as a witness in a suit brought by the
state against Dostal & Graf , brewers of Iowa
City , charged with manufacturing beer , but
ho had ignored the subpoena on the ground
that collectors are forbidden by law to take
their rccoids away from their ofllee. It is
the intention of Collector Thompson to make
this a test case.
Creamery Destroyed by F"lro.
ATnANTic , la. , August 23. [ Special to the
IJKK.1 Uoboit McAdam's creamery In the
east iiartot tile city , was totally destroyed by
lire at 10 o'clock this morning , with between
2,000 and 0,000 pounds of butter. The total
loss Is 88,000 , with an Insurance of 81,500 ,
divided between tlio National , of Hartford ,
and the Now Y'ork Alliance. The creamery
was not runninc to Us full capacity on ac
count of , tlie drouth.
Konl Karate TrnnfiforB.
The following transfers were ( Hod
August 31 , with the county clerk.
John S King to James Do Ylne.s J n X s w
tf. lots 4.1(1 ( , ill , w d-8'J.lOO.
Me1rln S Uhl to Wlnlfied Uhl. pt lots 7and
8 , blk 1H , llanscom place , w il gl.SOO.
Winifred Uhl and sister to Melvln Uhl ,
nnd X lot 10 , bile 10 , llaiibcom place , w d
31.500 ,
Adeline John to Dconn 11 Lounshury , lot
25 , blk 15 , llaiibcom place , wd-Sl,2M ) ,
Jolin P Paulson ana wife to Loren/o V
Moiho et al , lots 37 and 23 , Paulson's add , w d
S'oo. .
Sylvester D Wlnn and wife to Mlllard T
Conklin , lots U and 10 , blk 'J , Thornbiiru
place , w d 8850.
N M Whltmoioto Luther 11 Whltmorc.uJ ,
n ft , lot 8 , blk S4S , Omaha , w d-SOOO.
Sam'l 1) Mian and wild to Kebecca Sumiilt ,
w H lot S ! and all JotSl , blt-yi , Walnut Hill ,
w d S3f5.
liarbara Nest et al to Ludwig Uzondosky et
al , Jots 20 nnd 21 , blk 8 , Arbor place , ext , w d
Win J liaugh to John Solomon , lot 8 , blk
45 , Florence , H w d 875.
KliiH'rJ laey to Dexter L Thomas , lots 0
and 7 , blk 2 , Leavenworth Terrace add , w d
Kiln K Latson et al to The Public Plat of
Lake View Dedication ,
Allen M Fleming and wife ta rTohn II
Gil-en , lot 3 , blk 5 , Plalnview add , w d $725.
George L Miller et al to Idalyn G Yutw ,
lot 4 , blk ( I , Park place odd , w d S3:500 : ,
llairiet M Tunnell to Chas It Lee , Jot 8 , blk
n , llanscom place , w d snsoo.
John 11 Hums to Fied F Dow , lot 0. blk
"F , " Prosiwct place , wd-g3ooo.-
Orrln F llow and wife to Julia K Vander-
cook , n o.n o U ' nnd u K , n w 10 , 10 , IS. 120
acres , w ( l-Sl.-'iOO.
Wm iteeves and wife to Julia K Yander-
cook , lot 4. blk 25J , Florence , q c SI.
John U Pedersen and wife to Mark W
Piilno and wife , lots ID and 20 , blk U , Walnut
inn , w ( i-s3aoo.
( ieo H Hoggs et al to liarton 0 Smith , lota
17 and 18 , blk 5 , Omaha View , w d $3,33.5.
After n wooks1 oxanitnation of the
records nt the United States Innd ollico at
Los Angolcfi , it was ilisoororod that land
valued at $300,000 , purchased fro in the
United States in San lleriiimlino county ,
Wiis novtT plaeod on record , so escaping
taxation , Similar frauds are fuared ubo-
Eugene Legre , tbo Fickle Frenchman , Pro-
uounccd Not Guilty.
Trains Hchlnrt Time In n Prce Tor All
ICxports anil Im
ports ( 'enoral Local
I-'rall rrcnch Folks.
Investigation Ims proved Hint I'ngene
Logre , the I'ronelitniin , who was arrested
Monday charged with larceny , was more
sinned against than .sinning. The queen
boo of the disreputable hive on the north
west corner of Dodge and Twelfth streoN
evidently mnilo the complaint against
Li'gro to get possession of a portion of $1)00 )
he had with him ami also to prevent -him
from running uwuy with tlii-C'liieagogirl ,
Blanche Wilson. When tno cast ! \vti4
called in the police court , ox-District
Attorney Hurnlmm nppeivred for Logrc.
ami Kd Crowell for Jennie Janscn , the
French woman , with n D\nislt : \ appella
tion. There was no evidence against tne
prisoner cither us to taking money Of
clothing , ami ho was acquitted. In order
to save further trouble , Logru , by mlvico
of hl.s attorney , consented to go to the
depot and open his trunks so that thu
complainant could see lie had only lii.s
own properly. Accordingly tlio attorneys
aforesaid , the parties to the suit , and
Phillip Hcntimui as French interpreter
extraordinary proceeded to the Union
Pacilic bagpiigo room. Hero an ncree-
mcnt was drawn up , ami signed by Jennie -
nio Jutiscn , to the ell'ect that .she would
not consider the opening of the trunks
by Legro us any confession on his part
of larcenous action. Then occurred a
very lively scone a regular French mel
odrama and very fortunately the words
of the trail Jennie were in ti language
unknown to most of tlie bystanders , tor
they were evidently of a naughty charac
A few old pieces of linen nnd under
wear were found , which Jennie claimed
and they with a. revolver were given
her and she and a decollete-dressed com
panion departed. It scorns Unit Legro was
driven to the police otlicc of his own accord
Monday. Jennie wanted him to come
buck to her abode but be would not. On
the way to tlie jail tlio cabman had to
interfere two or three times to prevent
tlio Jiuison woman frnm making a fric-
asso of Eugene , in the meantime it is
said tlio girl , Hlaneho Wilson , remains in
the city ami will accompany Legro to
Denver , all oilier all'ocUons to tlie con
trary notwithstanding.
ISIoncuient of Two YOUIIR Mombcrs
of n Gypsy Hand.
A short item appeared in tlie BEE yes
terday relative to a young girl named
Nettie Brewer having been missed from
homo. It now turns out that the girl lias
eloped with a young fellow named Sam
Yonng. AJ1 the parties are gypsies ami
have boon encamped for some tune near
Ihiscnll's park , limothy Brewer , father
of the girl , is one of the leading mem
bers of the tribe and tlio possessor of con
siderable property in this city and Coun
cil Bums. Monday Mrs. Brewer went
to the last named plnco. During
her absence the wily Samuel ;
who had boon quite attentive to
Nettie for some time , procured a cab ,
went to a friend's house and obtaincu
some weaving apparel tho'girl had been
secretly taking from home uncl the elope
ment was inaugurated. The couple
drove to the "ferry oars , " but the train
was just moving out and no more vehicles
could bo taken aboard. Then Samuel
and Nettie insisted on riding over on the
train , ami discharging the cab. This
permission was granted thorn and ere
tins they arc in Chicago. In the mean
time there is trouble in the gypsy camp
and tlio wedding bolls soundoth not ,
neither is tlie marriage feast spread ,
although the Youngs and the Urewers
are matrimonially connected.
"Behind Time" the General Order on
nil the rioiuls.
Yesterday was a decidedly oft" day for
incoming trains , especially those which
the schedule says should come at certain
hours of the evening. The first to make
a break was No.4 , or the 5 23 train from
the west. It did not show up until 8:20 :
and was crowded with passengers , most
of them for Omaha. Some indication of
the number can be gained from the fact
that forty pieces of baggage were cho deed
for this city. The cause of delay was
dilatory connections with the Hio Grumlo
at Denver. The Kansas City came in
about an hour out of the way ,
which was also caused by late east
ern connections. Consolidated with it was
a mixed train mailo up fit Hastings be
cause of the regular B. & M. from Den
ver being delayed by the Kio ( Jrande.
This train did not reach this city until
after 10 o'clock at night. Tlio Missouri
Pacific Unit should arrive nt 0. p. m. , did
not put mi appearance until 8:30 : a. m ,
The arrival of the west bound train , the
delayed overland from the west nmt the
Missouri Pacific at about the same time
madq tilings very lively at the depot con
sidering tlio fact Unit there were only two
tracks to operate oh. Ilurcnf tor tho'ovcni
ing transfer train that brings the eastern
passengers across tlio river will not bo
delayed by the 7 o'clock dummy , us the
latter will side track and give it the right
of .
_ _
What it is and How It Attracts Atten
tion in Town. .
Tuesday afternoon , Postmaster Con-
taut received his flrstlnstallmoutof sheet'
Jotter envelopes. The notice of them in
tlio BISE had generally directed the titi
tcntion of the public to them , ami before ;
they had boon placed on sale , a , number
of requests hud been made for them nt
the stamp window. The now idea
is a sheet formed generally like
a newspaper wrapper. They nro of
u pule cream tint , and adapted expressly
for the uses which they nro intended to
subserve. They terminate on one end in
n point like the gummed ihuis of an on- '
velopo. The other extremity is cut at
right angles with the sides. Extending-
from the latter , and on iiither side ot the
sheet is u line of perforations , such as
those one sees in u sheet of Unilod
States postage stumps. At about
throe incites from the end last
described is n small line of perforations
indicating how fur tlio first fold of the
sheet should extend. AYlmn folded -m
this manner , the sides , at this point.
which are also gummed , nro wet ami
made to adhere by simply pressing thorn
with the lingers. The gummed Haps
is then wet and folded over
the shoot , which has already
been folded two-thirds of ; ts
length. The sheet is now folded like u
wrapper around a paper , with the ex
ception that its ends are closed , ns speci
fied. When it is desired to bo opened , all
that is required is to tear the perforations
on either end when an opening is made.
The back of the sheet is printed in
green , nnd inscribed , "United States
sheet envelope. " The stamp is a vignette
fo General Grant , .the rcs'emblunoo ol
which to the dead hero is excellent.
The Prices nt Wliiatii tcwoy & Stoiu
Hell TholH Joodi.
One of the niost.jagtfcnblo pieces o
intelligence which . < lic Br.K has had oc
caslon in some timti'to imn.irt to tlio bus
incss world of OninU , , was that of ni
achievement rcoenlly" accomplished ty
Dowev & Slorn 'of ' this city
Everybody in this' part of tin
world , ana for that nfutlcr , overybod ;
throughout the west ! If moro or less ac
ijunintcd with this cxcallpnt firm. Yes
tordiiy , however , "n1 " granger enlerci
their s-toro. lK-hidheard : | of the firm
however , In rambling from 0110 towi
10 another. llo had come from Al
burciierqui | > , Now Mexico. Ills mum
inW. K. Talbot. lie was looking fen
n stock of goods with which to f urnisl
n hotel at his homo. Ho hud been h
Kansas City and gotten tlio prices of tin
lending furniture houses there. Ho wen
thence to Chieiigo. went through nil tin
most notable institutions at Unit place
nud there , too , got the lowest prices tin
places could iillbnl. lie had heard o
Omaha , and came hero to si'o what hi
could. Ho Went nil through Dewey N
Stone's slock , mid finally made Ills pur
chase. His goods came to $0,000 , which
amount ho paid in cash. Tno goods wen
immediately packed and shipped. Mr
Talbol stated unequivocally that lie Inn
visited the plaees mentioned and Unit
in botli the extent of htocl
displayed , and tlio rate at which Dewe
& Stouo sold the same , were
considerably lower , wnllo their good'
wore a great dual more .serviceable than
anything ho could lind cither in Kausu <
City or Chicago. This means n happj
increase of trade from tlio section ii
which Mr. Talbot resides. Visitor ;
to Albuquerque. N. M. , will find all thl ;
excellent material in tlio Army's house ,
which is owned and directed by Mr. Till
bot. The goods were shipped by way ol
the Kansas City & St. Joe ami tlio Atcld
son , Topckn & Snnto Fo roads.
Xrllmto of UcHpect.
At the last regular meeting of tin
Omaha Plasterers' union , held Augusi
20th , 1880 , Frank McCanim , Alberl
Carll and Thomas Gardner were ap
pointed u. committee to draft appropriate
resolutions expressive of regret at the
loss , and respect for the memory o !
James S. Shields , their recently docousot
The following wore submitted and un.
animously adopted :
WiimirjAs , Ho whose ways arohlccher than
our ways has seen lit In Ins goodness am
wisdom to loinovo from labor to loward 0111
esteemed brother and co-worker , James J ,
Shields' , therefoie be it
Itosolved , That in the death of Urothei
Shields this association lias lost one of IU
most active and /ealous members , one wlie
was constantly watchful of tlio Interests ol
Jaborand labor organiiatlons.
Kesolvcd , That the remembrance of his
wise counsel , his stroug' cpmtnon sense , his
magnanimity and impounded generosity Is
verj'piecious to us and , will long be cher
ished. , ' , a' ' .
Resolved , That the Caudpr , thohonesty.thc
almost entire absi'iico'otydjuciiit. ' distinguish
ing traits In the chaiafctorjil deceased , were
hlchly aDpicclated by all , -and which wo In.
some decree will endeftvpr to emulate.
Itosolved , That the tliajlte of this associa
tion bo extended to tub rnqpiietor of the Tre-
mont and to his e-silniablo wife tor their
kindness , contjdcratimi alid thoughtful at
tention In the dark hqTh\6fi bereavement.
Resolved , That the action of the A. O. II.
band in piomptly resiwndlng to our cull and
the rendering ot appromliiio music upon the
funeral occasion is tor\ie \ commended.
1 Jesolved , That wo fool under grateful obli
gations to tno members wf tb.e Bricklayers'
And , StpnecmMerb' untyrisf foEH suspending
work and joining. .4nriQ ; procession to the :
cemetery. - ' T * . .
Uesolved. That we.assuro li
relatives , Ids sorrowing Aiudred'and friends ,
anil abovo" all his devdted but now Kiief-
strlckcn niece , of our heartfelt sympathy in
tneir dec ] ) allllction.
Kesotvcd. That in the sudden death of our
brother we are admonished to bo ever ready
for tliQ great change that awaits us all.
Resolved , That a copy of these resolutions
bo .spiead upon our minutes , also that copies
be fuinjshcd the Omaha dally impels for pub
lication and that the Dally BIE : publishing ,
the .same bo forwarded to deceased's
relatives living In Ohlo.IlllnoisaiidVormont. CAHM , , 1
FitAN'K McOANX.v , Committee.
' '
Increase ol * Mail Work ,
It only needs a casting of the critical
eye on John Christophcrson , who has
charge of all the outgoing and incoming
mail matter at the depot , to see at once
that the mail business at Omaha is rapidly
growing , Tno average of outgoing mail
from this city now is near 7,000 pounds
iwr day and tlio coming in uboul 4,000
pounds. Fourteen trains have to bo
loaded with export mail matter , and four
teen with import mail , thus making
twenty-eight trains to bo attended to
every twenty-four hours. John 1ms to bo
on hand nt tlie arrival and departure of
iUl of trteso trains , no matter how late
they may bo , and must make a report on
the hour.s of arrival and the cause of
"behind timo" when any occurs. For a
big man , John has to Ily around pretty
lively , and the great wonder is that ho
always keeps so good iiatured.
A Brcor.o from Imrumic.
Mr. W. J. Murpliy , police judge at Lar-
amle , Wyo. , is in the city and nr.uio .1 call
upon the police oflicials yesterday .Ho
is on route to Buffalo , K. Y. , to attend the
annual convention of the Sons of Vet
Mr. Murphy s.ij-s that W. H. Kent , an
old Omaha newspaper man well known
hero , lias "settled down" and is now
doing well as editor of the Boomerang.
.With . regard to Luramie , Mr. M , is satis
fied that the town is going to grow. It
now lias about six thousand inhabitants.
A very fine university building , to cost
$50,001) ) , is being erected in that city , and
will bo ready for occupancy this winter.
C/irlon ) anil Ijl tns ii > r South Otnnhn
The people of South Omaha , balked in
not being ublo to secnfe ' tlto incorpora
tion of their burg , uJUiJo/ist , until sixty
'days ' elapses , havancoiiclucied to have
some of the luxuries , of piotropolitan
life , and have made up .their minds to se
cure electric litrht. Several of tlio citi
zens of that famous biirg were in town
.yenterday day 'c'.for the pur-
ppso of confonniifl , with Man
ager Uoa * : m of thu ' 'Thompson-Hous
ton company for tliil' 'extension ' of his
lines to that suburb.0 ' ft "is quite liKely
Unit before lonj : them bo every briglit
light shining in tliut Cimmerian dark
ness. [
Natural < 9u' Well.
hilo certain partly J South Omaha
were boring for wntor according to drive
work principles , at a depth of 103 foot
yesterday oyening they wore surprised to
discover that they had struck natural gns ,
which came rushing to the surface in
great volumes. Much exoitomcnt pre
vailed around the stock yards at this sud
den striking of a lawyer's cemetery. The
gas has no odor whatever , and is a puz
zler to all who have visited the well.
Ho Ai-roitod Himself ,
Some time ago Peter Gees identified
W. H. Hotriieimur at one of the banks in
thiscity in-order that ho might get a
draft for $53 cashed , It scorns that the
draft was returned an } ! the signature
pronounced forged , Consequently Potcr
went on a Btiill limit fpr Hofl'holmer and
after a fruitless search ho culled at the
police oflice and was very much surprised
to sco IlofYHelmcr also walk into tin
lion' . tlon. A warrant was sworn out n
once and HolVhelmer placed behind Uu
bars for fraudulently obtaining money.
Itcsultq In Unprecedented Scores Coi
i'lntto Warriors.
The second day's shooting in the com
potitlve rilln content of the marksmen o :
tlie department of the Plntto look pluct
yesterday at the Belluvuo rillo rango. 1
was hotly contested by the loading met
of tlie depaituu-nt. The shooting was
UOO. 300 , oOO and GOO yards , and resultoi
as follows :
1. Lieutenant Toney. riflh infantrv .11' '
2. HeiKoant Stevens , Seventh lulaiitiy. . . 31-
3. Private Sllne , KouMith Inlaiitry : : : ?
4. Corporal Saws Second iufantiy ; u
5. Private Klllott , Second Inl.mtrv K"t
0. Lieutenant ( liuraud , N'lnth Uivaliv. . : !
7. Pilvate Wilson , Second lufantiy :
H. Corporal Klwell. Second Intnntry ! ! - ' <
t' ' . Lieutenant Tontine , Ninth cavalry. . . Hi
10. Private .MeKlir/.le , Se\puteetith In
fantry 32
11. Lieutenant ICcrr , Seventeenth Infan
try ! K
12. Serueant Dolt/ , Seventeenth Inlaiitry tfJ
Total jf,9V (
Thl.s total is out of u possible.,800. ! Thli
tabjcj1 Allows n dropping out of some ol
the men who yesterday stood prettj
high , while it , suso introduce1
others who have not yet np-
pear d amoiiK the leading twelve. To
morrow will doubtless witness some
more changes , though the loading men
will , in nil probability , maintain tlielt
rospeclivo positions. Lt. Torroy , Sur-
goaht Stevens ami Private Stmo yet hold
the first , second and lliird places respect
ively , such jus they gained in Tuesday's
mooting. The totals glvjn above to
oaoh marksman arc out of : i possible
four hundred , and as may bo inferred ,
indicate pretty accurate shooting. Thus
far , the twelve who have mad-j the best
scores nro fifty-two points nhcud of those
who shot on the first two days of last
year's match.
To-morrow nnd Friday will be
devoted to skirmishing , which
is an entirely diileront kind
of shooting it will doubtless cause a
change in tlio leading twelve , because
many soldiers who are excellent when
firing ut thod distances , may make very
poor records in n skirmish contest.
The twelve who make the best record
in both the shooting at lived distances
and in ( lie skirmishing , will bo declared
the department team. Tlio two next
will bo the alternates. Those will accom
pany the team so tlio division contest
and , in the event of one of the
team becoming incapacitated , will fill
the vacancy. Before going to the division
contest , tlio team and alternates will go
into practice , and leave hero for Loavon-
worth on September 5. The total last
year , of the shooting of sixty men who
then engaged in the contest , was , for the
first two days , 17,030 , while the total this
year , is 18,507.
She Wouldn't Prosecute.
B. F. Norris , tlio restaurant mr.n , was
brought into police court
yesterday' morning to answer
to the same old charge of drunk
onnci-s and abusing his wifo. Mrs. Nor
ris had appeared ug.iiust him with tears
in her eyes when she swore out tlie war
rant and declared that she proposed to
"put him through. " Strange to say however
over , she failed to appear against him
and 1m was released. Her friends say
tliiit she has left town until the breeze
blows over.
A Kccroant Husband.
Mrs. Palmer , a woman with lire in her
eye1 , canio into central sta
tion yesterday morning nnd
reported that her husband had
run away from his homo in Iowa and deserted -
sorted her. She had tracked mm to this
town , and proposed to make him smart
for his actions. The police found tlio
reorcat't husband and left Mrs. Palmer to
settle tip her accounts with him.
Plead Guilty.
Lon Gcorgo ciuno into police -
lice court yesterday afternoon
and pkad guilty to the charge
of striking Iii3 wife. The latter appears
to have given him considerable
provocation , bccauso she smashed
a valuable mirror , which ho
was moving for a friend. Ho has not
lived with her for some time , as ho
claims that she is of a vicious , disagree
able disposition. The judge lined him $5
and costs.
Somebody's Wallet ,
Miss Stella Slidl , of the ladies' letter
delivery window in the postolHco , is in
possession of n small wallet which some
oaroless person hud left upon one of the
windows of the corridor opposite. It
contained a certain amount of money ,
which , with the. wallet , the owner may
have by calling on Miss Slull and prov
ing property.
Personal Pariigrnphfl.
T. J. Rogers nnd family returned homo
yesterday from Los Vciras ami Hot
Springs , where they havcbccu ; spending
the summer.
Personal Parn rnphn.
Miss Elizabeth Poppleton returned from
the west last evening.
Ex-Govoruor Grunt , of Colorado , and
C. Eddy were pasengers to Denver on tlio
8-20 overland last night.
II. Kirino , Japanese consul nt New
York City , was in tlio city yesterday on
his way homo for six months' vacation.
Messrs. Thurston , Pritcliott and God
win , of the Omaha bar , came in from
Lincoln last evening , where they have
been attending court.
\ \ " . A. Wlicelor , ouo of the loading
morolnuits and postmaster of Atkin
son , Holt county , was in town yesterday
and mot n number of our loading citi
U. B.CJalborne , , editor of the O'JIoill
PeojlloMpassod through the city yesterday
on his.way , with his ( tuughter Kulie , to
Phittsjnontli , whore the latter will visit
lier grandmother.
D. L. Farnsv/orth , wife and daughter ,
of San Frnnolsco , passed through the
city last night "homeward bound. " Tlioy
linvu been enjoying an extended eastern
trip. Air. Fnrnswortli is a loadin politi
cian in 'Frisco and at present supervisor
of the Eighth ward in that city ,
The Countess of Arlio , with two maids ,
occupied drawing room apartments
m the Denver Pullman last night. She is
on the way to La Sallo , Colo. , to visit , rel-
itivoiJ who htivo oxtenslvu cttln : ( ranches
: huro. The cpunlcss is a venerable Scotch
ady and n pleasing conversationalist ,
lids IK her iirbt visit 10 America , and it
will bu extended into the winter months.
The Iowa autliorias have boon refused
jy Governor Dawes a requisition for
Lindberg , tint man wanted for selling
nortgugod cattle.
HeVj ( Jeo , U , Brown will preach at tlio
Japtlet ohapuj , on Sa'indcrs street , Thurs-
lay pvcning ( August SO , at 8 o'clock. All
m > cordially invited.
Mr , John Campbell js preparing to erect
tour his ro'sidcnco' on Seventeenth and
) edge turci. ' story brick houses. Ground
ias already been broken for the fouiula-
ions , , _ _ _ _
Airs. Caniprmi , wife of ox-Senator
Angus Uamorftn , of Wisconsin , is not ox-
) cctod to survive i > second attack of acute
mental nnd physical complications ,
caused by tlie injuries she received in a
collision /urryboati on thu East riyer
ast September.
or voxnus
Klrst District of Second Ward.
Abslmr.1 (1 ( Tastellar bet nth and ! 20lh
Adams.lohii 14th bet Williams and lllckoij
Adams Henry .1 ISO * s Kith
Audi it .Inhti K'.th and Maltha
Andics IMililti l ih and .l.icksoii
Andti'rn ( Jus Kit hand Hlckoiy
Anthls ( ieo 112 ! > s I Ith
Ainoiit.l M nth and Castellar
Aspeiiwall Kd nth bet llowaid and Jackson
Aspenwall U K .MS H : |
Anderson Nils M lilh bet Jones and Lcav-
en worth
Alincow Kd Kith and Pieiro
Aiidersnn S\\.xn Will and Williams
H.mosK Wltissr.lh :
llaitos l-'iaiiK Wlh bet Pierce nud Williams
Uarla M llth bet Pleicoaiid Williams
Itauolt .Icihn Pith bet C'eutei and Williams
llanett 1M isthamirnstplhir
llaukci IE R ' 'Otliaud Maltha
H.uta.losenh Sr 1Mb bet Pleiccatul William !
llaita.lan 15th ami Wllll.ims
llaita Vaelav nth ami Williams
linrton Joseph 1Mb nnd Wllll.ims
Bankers W until and Maitlm
lleno V nth and Williams
HeneU V Jr nth nnd Williams
Beiu A \ \ 1Mb bet Castellar nud Vinton
Hero K K Kith and Castellar
Heaton ) , 1,1th and Howard
Belchner V llth and Center
llenek John IMh and Williams
Bclek Anton Ifith bet Williams and PIcico
Bethlock Frank -JOth and U.istellar
Hhuak Voclav 15th bet Pierce and Williams
lllaneliiml W S ItHh bet Center and DORMS
Illewk.Jolni Pleicehet lltlinnil loth
Blaha John 1Mb bet Pierce and Williams
Honkcl M 15th bet Piereo and Williams
Hohacek Joseph 15th bet Pierce and Hickory
liowen .1 J ISth and Castellar
Houkel A 1210 si Ith
Boynton K W 17th s of Williams
liollvcr.l C llth and Williams
Bon well ( ! eo litth but Uastellnrand Vinton
Bostwlck Chas L Vlnlon bet 15th and 10th
Bouchner V loth and Williams
Boui-r Vaclav 1021 sintli
Homier Henry J it07 : s Will
BrunhiL' Frank 17th and Williams
Urines A H I'ttli ' bet Howard anil Jackson
Bicnnati C 17th bet Center and lltekorv
Bruiier Ernst ISth bet Center and Williams
BrunliiB Henry 17th bet Center and Williams
BniniiiK William IMh and
Biunlii ! ; Kied 17th bet Center and Williams
Bindy .Mathow lilth bet Hickory and Williams
HiuvhiKtoti.r C 17Wsl7tli
Hieiinan 1C.I ITIlnuul Williams
Hrennan T F17th and Williams
Hiunk Kruuk IHth and Mnrth.i
Hii KS Kilw H , Pierce bet Ifith nnd Ifilh
Huikly Vincent Jones bet 14th and 15th
Huilcly T .1 Jones bet 14th nud 13th
Buirgar Peter 15th and Pieice
HutlerJnoIl 721 sloth
Burhtate Tlmothv ISth and Castellar
Case 11 L IS-iO K 15lh
Casey John l"th bet Ccntio and Dorcas
Cainey It B 11U-.IS Hth
Campbell Albert 11507 Jones
( Ihambers Peter Blbthbet Castellar & Vlulon
Chavaux L ISth and Williams
Christensen W C icthand Vinton
Charvah Fnmk 13th and lllckoiy
Chambers S J 1-r.iO s lUth
ClilToid Frank 1H bet Jones and Lcnvenworth
ConklliiK G L 710 s Uth
Collins Tim itth : bet Jones and Lcavcnworth
Cook James 701 s ISth
Collins John 15th and Marcy
Connelly J loth bet Martha and Castellar
Conta John lilih and Ceiuer
cioft John Irtih bet Pierce and Williams
Cuilen Thos A ( WO s 13th
Dalloy Pat 14th and Dorcas
Dalton Win 17th and Center
Daniels S 14th and Pacilic
Dally llowland nth anil Martha
Denial n s w cor 15th and Leaen worth
Dclaney Danl 15th and .Martha
Delaney Michael 15th and Castellar
Delaney.nines ) Ifith and Castellar
DcIancyJeiiy llliislSth
Dennis J II 140 ! > Jones
Delaney P J llth and Castellar
Dee Danl Wth and Mason
Dickey Joseph Dorcas bet 17th and ISth
Donnelly James tr 17th and Williams
Doran Bernard isth bet U.istellar and Vinton
Dougherty Chas 17th and Vinton
Dopyta Joseph IGtliand Williams
Douglas D E 14th and Jones
Dob-is Albert ISth and Williams
Dolak John 13th hot Williams and Center
Drihck JEmal Williams bet llth nnd 15th
Dunham Alex tltli and Castellar
Ducgnn Lanell2Usiith :
Dnhn M Ibth and Castollar
Dunn J JllOth and Dorcas
Dusatkn V 15th and Williams
Duffy Jas 17th and Vinton
Duffy Jus itith bet Williams and Center
Dwork T E 1S ! ) s ISth
Dwork Jacob Pierce bet 14th and 15th
DwycrKdl4th bet Pierce and Williams
EiUcrton C W W10 Jackson
Erickson C 13th nud Mason
Farrell Bryan 1214 s 14th
Fancil Anton 1210 s 14th
Fanforllk V lltli and Pacific
Field C F 17th and Williams
Fisher Max P Martha bet 17th and 18th
Flynn Con Center bet 10th and 17th
Foril John Ifith and Pierce
Formanek Vaclav 10th bet Pierce and Will
Fox Stephen 14th between Plcrco and Will
FobSblndcr Joseph lOlh and South st
Forst Jobcpli 15th and Williams
Foieluud Gust 10th nnd Castellar
Garner Harvey S UfcSJ Jones
tiarvoy Patrick liith and Mason
GarveyTho.s litth and Jones
Gatcwood W U Ifith and Castcllar
Gndola Louis 1S17 Mo-son
Garsteneker Kauper Leavenworth bet 13th
and 14111
Gcllcn Frank 14th bet Pierce and Williams
Gibb lieniy L llth and Dorcas
GunorMax IDlh and Hlckoiy
Gotiteche Henry liith bet Jones and Leaven-
Golden T rffrMfilSth
Goidcn Uernanl 1718s 13th
Grosh 0 A 1411 Howard
G reset Karl Williams bet 13th and Hth
Green Duff 14th and Pleico
Green James M 111(5 ( Jackson
Gustus J E Center-bet istli and 19ih
Granger John Ifith and Center
Hazuka Majk 14th bet Hickory and Williams
llao/.da Mut 15th bet Hickory and Williams
Hart L 14th but Center and Dorcas
Hart James lth ! ! bet Center and Doicas
Hai t C O ISth bet Center and Dorcas
Hahn Rudolph 15th bet Piurco and Williams
Hanzlecek Anton 15th bet PIcico and Wil
Hnlley Thos Ifith bet Picrco and Williams
J layer , H P iiOth and Doicas
Harbt'ck Frank 005 s l th
Hart well T J Cahtellar bet 14th and 14th
Havelka Frank mil bet Williams and Hick
Hail Frank bet Williams and Hickory
Harmousky Vac KJth bet Williams and
Hnrtmaii J G Georgia bet 1'Jth and 20th
Hart William lWi s 13th
Haiiimll ( ins 17lh and Doicas
I lees Frank 1 Hli bet Williams and Hickory
Healy John lUtli and Doicas
Hclmrod Louis JSth nnd Jackson
Hess Frank Hth bet Pierce and Williams
Hebbler I ) 13th and PIcico
Heneck Itobt 10th and Vinton
Henslcv Henry Kith bet Center and Dorcas
Herbert/1C < ilIs liltli
Henek A Ifith and Williams
Hill J I ) lOtn and Oastellar
lllnos Cr V ifitli ami Dorcas
Holauda Joseph Hth bet Williams nnd Hick
Hoiran Andiew Pinrco bet Hth nnd 1Mb.
Hodman Albert 1Mb bet PIcico and Williams
Honza John KUIsl.'llli
HojuJohn Kith and Pacific
Hoity John 17th anil Hlcknry
Houfck Frank Hth bet Hickory and Wil-
Honor W O 10th lint Hickory and Williams
Ho iir Peter Kith but Hickory and Williams
lloyo 0 W lath bet Casteilarand Vinton
Hoiifek John Pith net Pleico and Williams
Holub Joseph Hth and Williams
Hodek Vaelav Hth and Center
HoltihJIrl IMIi bet Pieicitand Williams
Hofek Joseph Hth hist Pierce and Williams
HolcmbetK John Hth bet Jackson and Jones
Hiu > a.lohii HUM and Pacilio
Hull/Icy W FlKlHlblli
llnmpert Fiank Ifith and Dorcas
Hulllasz Andruw 1718 Doieas
Irwln George 0 ISth Uet Williams Hickory
Jneini Andrew ,
Jaliior Klvls ISth hot Hickory nnd Center
JnbiencreckJamrx SVilllainsbetl thund Hth
Jaros Jamet , Htli ami Willhuiis
Jounetlo lto\ Father John 15th & Castellar
Joluihtoii M A Ifith and Doicas
Jokl Anton -JOlh and Dorcas
Johiiboti 11C imuJncknon
JdlnihonC J nth and J loward
Johnston WS 171U d Ibth
Kaspcr Fiank J H' s Uith
K'avan Joe 1.VM s IStli
Kaufman U J HUS liih !
Kamunt Anton 15th hut 1'lerre nud Williams
KasUil .lului Hth Ix't I'iincn and 1'aclliu
KarllGeorL'o Hill and Williams
Kat-nr Vojllch Hth bet Williams Jfc Hickory
Kendall JM 20th and Dorcas
Kwalt-rJ litth unit Paullic
ICendell James 15th and Dorcaa
KouimlvWJ 16th and Jackson
Kubcr Fied lyth and Cuutcr
KerllnCM inth and Howard
Kcle Joseph llth nnd Pnclho
KlnkeKJ A Mil Howard )
Klue C W tstn and CaMellar
KleMuer Frnnk Hth and Howard
Koutlnc Frank loth and Williams
Koxn Joseph ISth bet Williams ami Center
Kotibl Joseph uili bet Hickory uudCenter
Kotka James l".lh nnd Dorcas
KopsJohu 1Mb and Maltha
Kolbe W I'JIIiniul Dorcas
Kopp Jacob O'.N's ISth
Kiluk Adolph 15th and Williams
Kiaiuln Anton Hth nnd Center
Kinmmeiei C IHth and Center
Kim ; Hem ) irih bet Williams and Hickory
Ki.iinor Jno Uth and \Vllllams
Kramer Hallos 17th nud Williams
Kiaileek Kiaiik Hth bet Pierre and William *
Kiauda Vaela\ Williams bet Kith and lllh
Kiuli-e Jne 15th and Williams
Kilfl Chas Leav bet Hth and 15th
Krlll Fied Lenv bet lltli and 15th
Kiiijec.loe Kith and Williams
Ki.ipo Vntdii fith and Williams
Ktoinul Piokoss Williams bet Hth nnd 15th
Kiiminl \ ai-liiv Williams but llth and loth
Kill/Jot 1110s ISth
Klaus Mnlk Williams bet IHlh and llth
Klaus Vni-lav Williams bet ISth and llth
Krajici'K Fiaiik 15th and Williams
KiUomes ciias 15th bet Williams and Piereo
Kuuusachu llth bet Williams and Center
Kuiicl Jno Kith tK t Wllllums and Plorco
Kuiiel Jos Ifith bet Williams and Picrco
Kunel Joe IJltlt and Leav
Kutebk M llith and Williams
Kuhie Wen/.el Hth and Williams
Kunls Jas llth and Williams
Kubovle l-'ratik isth and Williams
LaiiRO Frank J 15th and June's
Lahey Mlch'l Jackson bet nth nnd 15th
Laubnch 11 M 1Mb bet Center and Dorcas
Lallcitv Jno UOii Ploico
L-aug Philip 1121)s ) lllh
Lohmiui Feidlnuml7tli bet Doicas and Mar
Lev ! Jos nth and Williams
L n bled Jno 1SIU Jones
Loai > Jns 15.0Center Jnn 1410s ISth
Lougpral L 14th bet Hickory and Williams
I.oouey .1 J 1212s ISth
Luckoy U S ISth and Howard
Luckily Coutci hot 14th and 15th
Lynch Tim iDOSs ISth
Lynch Tims 15th and Castollnr
Mahony Jerry sr ISth and i.eavonworth
Mahony David ISIh mid Lcnu-nwortli
Mammy Joiry Jr isth aud Luncnwortli
Mahotioy John J Jones bet ISth and 15th
Maiiohey Ton-nee P Jones bet 14th and 15th
Mahoney M J lUth ami Dorcas
Mathuser A l.oa\eiiwoith bet ISth and Hth
Mnthusor H 15th and Williams
Maiatskj Fiank llthbol WllllamsaudCenter
Mahony T J 17th and Hlckoiy
Mahll Joseph Nth ami Center
Maher Dennis 15th bet Williams and Hickory ,
Martin W C 14th and Howard
Mack Win Pacllie bet Kith aud llth
Mason T A 1421 s Ibth
Mason K I ) 15th and Center
Mason C W 15th ami Center
Mack Frank 15th and Williams
Miller John 17th and Dorens
Matcnn Stephen 14th bet Wllllamsand Center i
Mot/gnr H 14th and Hickory ,
Meany M C ISth Uet Jones ; iml Leavenwortli
Mover John HOS.sHth
Meelian John 13th and Ma on
Metza Joe 14th bet .Martha and Castellar
Median I'.it I ; ISth and Mason
Mllzgar John llth and Hickory
Moyel Kniil I'.Hh ' bet Williams and Center
Michael Joseph ISth and Williams
Miller lionj ISth and Mason
Milnmici J P ISIS Pacilic
Moucka Jan 15 and Williams
Moiovnc John 10th hot Williams and Picico
Monis U P i.lth ami Mason
Monison Morris 10th and Vintoii
Morlarity E F 1311 Jones
Moodlo John C 141(1 Jackson
Mooio Hlch'il 15th and Pierce
Moiovae Joe Williams bet 14 and 15th
Morten J V 15th bet Center and Doicas
Moiijousky Frank 15th bet Williams and
Mmtah John 710s 14th
Murphy Jerry 18th am' Center
Miunhy John ISth nnd Maoii
.Murphy John F 17th and Center
Mussel Peter 14th bet Pierce and Williams
Mulvlliill John 17th and Center
Murphy Andy 1110 Jack.son
Mnlvnhilt Win 10th and Williams
Midler P. ) 1421 llowaid
Murphy Hnah 18th and Canter
Murphy William lOOSs 13th
MuIacJoiin 12th bet Williams and Center
Muiik Henry lUth and Williams
Mcliildo J ti IStli and Mason
McCoy Danl lltli and Loavenworth
McCarthy Miehl 14th and Loavenworth
McCiilly Wm Doicas liot J7th and ISJtU
McCaithv. ) lltli nndLea\cnworlli
McDonnell Mich 13th and Mason
Median Win 1110s ISth
MclCeiina P A 1K51 s 15lh
McGeoJohii ISth and Center
McMillan Danl 17th and Center
McNeal Itobort 10th and Hickory
McN'eal Pat Marcy bet 14th and 15th
itlcNeal Frank 15th and Dorcas
McNutt Flunk 15th and Dorcas
Mi-Manns John F 170S s 18th
McCabe Frank Hth bet Jones and Loavcn
w 01 tli
McCallry John 10th and Williams
McGccJohn lilth and Williams
Nash Albeit 17th and Williams
Nagl Francis 1315 s 17th
Nngl Julius Jones bet 14th and 15th
Naiad Mathew llth and Pleico
Nomlt7. Mathew 14th bet Pioico and Wil
Neinit'/ Frank Ift'i and Williams
Nemttz Joseph 1234 s Hth
Neinit/ Jacob 1 Un bet Pierce and Williams
Notcl Ven/el 1302 s 13th
Nejde Vojlej Williams hot llth and 15tu
Nickel Win ISth and Williams
Nlchnl J J 1314 Jack-won
Novak Lewis Ifltli anil Williams
Nolan Thos 17th and Center
O'Hrlon I'M 13th but Jones and Lcavcnworth
O'liiicn Michael 1314 Jones
O'Donavan C M lilth and Center
O'Koctre Hlcliard 13th and Castellar
O'Koclfi ) John IStli and Castellar
O.Neal James 10th anil Williams
O'Neal J ir Ifithand Williams
O'Leary Jerry IHth and Castellar
Onder.-pk John 14th bet Williams and Plorco
OMcensky | ) .Inn inih bet Williams and Picrco
Osmiira Joseph 'JOth and Castellar
Oiteu James C I'.Hh and Williams
Piitne Jan 14th and Center
Pabsaii Jan 15th and Williams
Patae Taclav 14tn and Cooler
Patae Joseph 15th nnd Williams
Pa/dcrkn James 1 Ith and Center
Pn/ileikn Jan 1 Ith nnd Center
Pauiibka Jan 15lh and Wllllnms
Palilar Jlii 14th and Piereo
Pcbsan John llliislSth
Peabody Dr J Hth and Jones
Putty O M Jones bet i tth and 15th
Potty Wm Junes bet Hth and 15th
Peslk Jan ISth bet Hickory and Williams
IVteiMin ( > H ISth hot Hickory and Williams
Plhr Frank William * hot llth and 15th
Phelps K 17th and Vinton
Peehel Frank ISth hot Williams and Plorco
Plueler Fred 1417 Pleico
PIuelorAiidy Ill2niith ;
Plas Philip 1Mb and Center
Poiveit , M J Center bet Kith and 17th
Poll L M Doicas bet Ifilh and 17th
I'oil S M I5lh aud Doicas
I'olcar J W 1421 H ISth
1'ios John 15th bet Pleiconnd Williams
Pimii/m-k Joseph Williams bet 15th and 10th
I'riishii John Hill Net Williams and Hickory
'roviunolc Fiank Williams bet 15tli and ICth
'ios John 15tn hot Williams and Plercu
> iay John 15th and Martm >
'nis Frank 15th nnd Williams
rtisa JosODh isth hot Wllllnms nnd Hickory
nisa Severn isth bet Williams and Hickory
'rohaska John 20th nnd CiisU-llar
> inbaskaj Hth nnd Hickory
> ilco John F. 701 H 13th
'ulling C W 151 h nnd Vinton
Kiwi-Yank Williams betllth nnd 15th
ychal Vnnulav lllh bet Williams nnd Pierce
' /nar Martin I5tli lint Williams and Pleieo
Julnlan Michael Kith bet Pimceand Wil
jnlnliin John inth bet Pierce nnd Williams
fnlnlan Wm Kith bet Pleico and Hickory
Sandier F IHth and Williams
tatclitl Max Hlh and Pierce
talfi'iisbiiitr S H 1114 s Hlh
todlngton Mich 13th and Dorcas
todtioldCK17jhand Williams ,
trdh'-ld KJ 17th and Williams
[ eld Geoieo Doiens bet 17th and Jhlh' i
[ olives An-tln 13th hot Castellar and Vinton
teuvesll F ISth bet Castellar and Vinton
[ coves W J 13th hot Castollar and Vinton
tcik'.scoigo ( ! 15th bet Pierce and Williams
tlika | Frank 1421 s 13th
iltcldoSJ Hih bet Jackson and Jones
Ilcho Kdw Wllllums bet ISth and Hth
IIley John I'JIh and Doicas
toss Chas 1S42 H 18th
[ ossJamo.sll 1312 .s ISth
lochlord NVIIliam 172 = 1 sf
tochford Alf 171 h nud Castellar
loss D J 110.1 a I'Jlh
lush D ( J 15th and Mason
liueska James 13)2 ) Williams
tiistonei It 13th hot Williams and Hickory
tu/.c.skaJdlin Williams bet isth anil llth
liuoska Jo.seph llth but Piurco and Wilt-
tu.s > > el ! Henry TOO s loth
ljuns M 152) 15th
avagoKdwardHMs :