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    THE OMAHA DAILY BEE i .JUESPAY , ? 24 , 1880.
Jenalo Johnson Proves Herwlf to be t
Good Policeman.
Crack Shots at licllovtic The Twelve
wlioAVIH Shoot Cor ( ho Champion
Small Knllroad Accident
Don't Hun for Ollloe.
Opposed to Krctioli Leave.
Alitllohump-backod shanty that stand ]
on tin- northwest corner of Dodge ami
Twelfth streets is occupied by a colony
of French females al whose head is n wo
man calling herself Jennie Johnson. The
fad Ihal the location is in a very promt
Mont part of what Is known ir. police parlance
" ' Half-Acre " is sullicien
lance as llell'.s - ,
to indicate lhat this domicile is not i
seminary nor a hou o ol prayer. Sonn
days ago there came to this city a French
man named Kugenc Lcgrc , who seemet
to bo as alV.ible ami .seductive In his way :
as his family namesake of Undo Torn1 !
( Jabinwas billion and brutal. Ho formcc
the acquaintance of .Jennie Johnson am
was Installed as principal of her house
hold. Ho was lo receive "i.OO per dai
for spending money , nil thcwino ant
liquor he could think" , and tlio best cigar ;
and cigarettes ho could .smoko. Prosper
ity was too much for him. He became ills
satisfied with his lot and struck for $10 ( M
a day. This was refused and n cool
ness sprang up between Kugene and Jim
nlc. The fecqnal shows , however , that i
was not tlio booty that troubled tlio for
mer but beauty , and beauty that be
longed to a fair French girl from Ohicagf
named Blanch Wilson , who lived acres ;
the way. While enjoying the hospitality
and largesses of his old love ho was i > ro
pitring to elope with the new love. l > as
night was the appointed time and Denver
ver the Gretna Green. Two tickcls foi
Ihe Colorado motronolls wore procured
bagirnge packed and Kugcno ami Blanclii
scparatciliu the evening lo meet at the 8 : ' . ' (
train. So it was that about the houi
named n comely female dressed in :
fashionable travelingsuit appeared at tin
depot and immediately attracted iittcn
lion by her nervous endeavors to sot
everything that was going on and at the
same time not bo seen herself. Shu
closely scrutinized all Ihe car windows
swept through the sitting room , talket :
with dillorenl cabbies anil handsoir
drivers and tried while doing bo tt
keep in the hhade. Wnen tin
train was about to pull out she boardet
it. When it began to move a well drcssei
man with a foreign air and a guilty looV
attempted to do lli.s right fee
hud just touched the platform , when t
heavy hand was laid upon his arm ant
very uncerimoniously no was pulled baden
on the platform. That hand belonged t <
n stout woman , who was all pcrspiratior
ami iro. She was a perfect tornado o
anger , anil when her tongue struck tin
koy-noto Kugcno Lcgro's cars became uc
qnainteil witti borne of the most poppen
expressions in tlio language. Then an
other and a younger woman came \i\ \
and stationed hernolf on the left of tin
prisoner of war. Together they marchoi
him to a cab standing in front of Boll' !
drug Store , busted him in and dircctei
. the driver to make Iho cily jail in Jay
Kyo-Sco lime. All Iho time the showei
ol iniprccation. < Iconlimicd , and the ridt
to liugono must have been a fail
sample of what they saj
cbaraotor'r/.es tlio climata of shcol
Ho was placed in charge o the police
hustled into a cell and thrt charge o :
f grand larceny preferred against him , the
Johnson woni.ui claiming that he had
taken G'J.UO from her and also a trim !
containing her best clolhcs. Logro is
' etiII in durance vile ami will undoubtedly
-find himself in greater trouble unless hu
prosecntrix relents before trial day
which is frequently the result of quarrel ;
between this class of people. The fail
Blanche disappeared very suddenly nnt
very sensibly , for a meeting between hoi
and Jennie would not have been alto
collier harmonious. It is said that she
has gone to Chicago , whore she i :
part owner of a bagnio on Fourtl
avenue , and several telegrams have beoi
received lately requesting her presence
But tlio Bullet Only Let Light TlirotiRl
a Lemonade Cup ,
Yesterday afternoon , about 4 o'clock , i
revolver was fired at ono of Stcphenson'i
stable hands in Prod Wirth's saloon al
the City hotel , by one of the bartenders
It missed the man for whom the shot wa ;
intended , and a lemonade shaker bchim
, the bar , was badly demoralized.
There was quite a number of people ii
the saloon at the time , and nearly all o
them wore sitting at tables quietly drink
ing beer. At onu of the tables sat n mai
known as Itcdtlv among his associates a
Stophonson's. Ho and a couple of friend :
occupied a table immediately in front o
the bar. Ho was slightly under the inlltt
cnco of beer , and , when the waiter , f
young man , whoso first name
was Lewis , but whoso second is no
1 "known eyon lo his associates , went U
e-fathor the empty glasses which lay upon
the table , ho also tried lo nut tlie ompf
chair , which stood near " Ucddy" untlci
the table , "noddy's feet wore in the wa ]
and two or three failures to shove then
out of the way by the waiter , ruthoi
aroused his iro. It was unable to contro
his soolintrs , and , changing its method ;
said : "Well , pay mo for thcso threi
, beers yon owe mo , any way. "Uoddy1
denied that ho owed anything , and one
of the men who was silling with him
and who bail just ordered three inert
boors , hold a quarter of a dollar in hi :
lingers to pay lor the beer which was ox *
peeled. "Ueddy" and the waiter , however
over , continued lo argue , anil llnally tin
' 'former slapped the lattor's face , The
waiter who also acts as assistant bar ton
ker , then went behind the counter am
appealed to the bar man who said tha
all of ' 'Roddy's beers hud been pah
for. This incensed the waiter and caiuct
Jleddy to approach the bar , whuroupot
the waiter seized a revolver and fired
Luckily , in Ids excitement ho failed t <
rise the revolver hign enougii over tin
counter , and , as a consequence , the hullo
did the damage above spccilicd. Bofon
t 4 ho could lire a second shot the bar
tender , Ciesar Bromor , wrenched tin
revolver from the waiter's hand , am
" .Uoddy" made an attempt to roach tin
shooter over the counter. Ho was pro
vonUul. however , by Iho inlerferenco o
the bystanders. In an instant Iho salooi
was nllod with people , and "Ueddy" wa
congratulated on all sides oyor lib fortu
The waiter then sot upon the bar
tender , Ciosar Bromor , accusing him o
giving beer to Stepliensou's men withou
getting pay for it. Bremcr doniei
, the charge , and later told Wirtl
that ho would work ami linger with sue !
n hot Head as the waiter , and according ! ,
retired fourth place. In the cstlmalioi
of spectators , who are friends of boll
parties , the bhooting was iinjnstiliublc
and only the merest accident prevontei
the bartender from being a murderer.
The Occupation of Steaily-Nervci
Soldiers Voaturdny nt Uollovuo.
Yesterday brought to a close , by skir
inlsh firing in the morning and fixed
distance shooting at 500 and GOO yards
the three days ot practice preliminary t
lUo competitive shooting beginning ti
day. The | lirst-twelve men , or team fo ;
these days , are as follows-
distance nnsli for i
scoic. score , day
1. Sergeant Stevens , Sev
enth infantry SJ1 171 W
" , Lieutenant Torrcy , rifth
liilnntrv ffJTi 151 47
. Sergeant Ileilloy , 1'ltth
Infantry ! K1 ! lit 47
. Corporal Kelly , Klfth In
fantry K03 IM 45
5. vSonceanl llolen , Seventh
inlantry ! KO ISM 45i
0 , I'rivnteMcKen/.ie , Seven
teenth Inlantry ! ! 13 137 4'j
7. 1'rlvato Stlne , Seventh
inlantry ! 315 157 41' '
8. jJetiten'l ( iarraid , Ninth
aivalry 3i7 115 44
! ' . 1'ilvato Hoffman , Twen *
ty Hi stln fan try 'M 113 41
10. Llenlenniit liatbour , Sev
enth In faulty .03 119 4'J
11. I'll vale lce ! < e , Sex on-
toonth Infantry ' 03 lit 42
IS. ( 'atitaln nfelz. Seven
teenth Infantry : WJ W ) 4'J
It does not follow that the above wil
form the team sifter the competition
which commences lo-duv , and in wliiul
every shot counts , which is not the cast
in this preliminary practice. In this maiii
"jockey , " that is , do not shoot as well n' '
they can , but wait for the compotllim
Tnis morning and afternoon firing wil
begin al 200 , . 'WO , MO and 000 yards. Tin
same will take place on Wednesday
Thursday and Friday mornings , Skir
mishlng'will take place in tlm after
noon with bull's eye , team and olhc
matches. The hours of practice an
from 8.UO to 12 and from 2 to 4 p. in.
Harry \VllkcH and I'hlllirt to Trot li
Oinalui for $ nOO < ) Scptcmhcr Dth.
J. II. McSha'io has just returned fron
the cast , where ho perfected arrange
mcnts for the trotting , at the fortheom
ing Omaha fair of both Harry M'ilke
and Phillis. The record of Iho forme
culminates in 2.1U , while that of I'hillis i ;
about 2:15 : } . These celebrated animal
will trot on Thursday , the Dili of Sep
lembor , for § : i,000. Five hundred del
lar.s extra will bo given to the owner o
the horse which beats 2:18. :
Secretary Wholer states that the
will bo compelled to erect about one bun
drcd more box stalls. The application :
Cor Space are coming in an unprecedented
dented manner. The display of lin <
horses will be especially grand while tin
exhibit of catllo will far transcend tha
ever made before in this city. One o
the features will bo a herd of browi
Swiss cattle , imported by Michael Ban
die , from Switzerland. This is the enl ;
herd of the kind in the country. Thoi
are excellent milkers , and one of tin
cows weighs 1,000.
UIIUOKD : rnr.ioiiT HATKS.
The western freight association , com
prising the Chicago , Burlington & Quince
railroad , Chicago , Milwaukee & St. I'aif
railway , Chicago & Northwestern rail
way , Chicago , Rock Island it Pacific
cilic railway and Wabash , St. Louis &
Pacific railway , have agreed that ship
mcnts intended for exhibition at tin
Omaha fair and exposition , to bo hold al
Omaha , Nob. , September 0 to 12 , 1890
also consignments to Lincoln , Nob. , in
tended for exhibition at the state fair , tt
bo held at that place September 10 to 18
18SG , forwarded from eastern associatioi
points , will bo charged at regular taril
rates to Omaha or Lincoln , as the cast
may bo , and returned free to the point
on the line in this association fron
whence shipped , upon presentation o :
certificate , signed by the secretary of the
fair , that the pro'perty has been on exhibition
bition and has not changed ownership.
.J. N. FAITHOKN. Commissioner.
Agricultural men must not forget thai
men .skilled in the use of all kinds o :
machinery , many of them inventors o ;
the implements exhibited , and are roadj
and willing to give information , will bi
on hand at the fair , September 6th tc
llth , where as fine a showing of agricul
tural and farm machinery as can bo seer
in the west will be on exhibition. /
smart go-ahead farmer doesn't care s (
much for rod colorctl picture books. Hi ;
judgment matures in live minutes whoi
ho can see the machine in motion. Tlii :
mode of exhibition and Iho presence o
responsible men representing thoroughly
first class manufactories will bo a spccia
feature of the Omaha fair.
Tlio fair will partake somewhat of tin
nature of a reunion. People from al
parts of the state will bo present. Tin
various attractions in the city alone fo :
the week will bo sufficient to induce :
lurge ittemlance , theatres , the intcr-stati
exposition , promenade concerts , in add !
tiqn to the sports for the people on tin
fair srrouml will occur day and night. I
will bo a rare chance to put ma full wecl
of solid amusement.
G , DI. NattliiRor's Slarringc.
Secretary G. M. Nattingor , of the Oma
ha Board of Trade , loft on Sunday fo
Harriston , 111 , , whore , on Wednesday , In
will bo united in marriage to Miss II. EVJ
Lowe. Miss Lowe is well known ii
Omaha , with whoso schools , for scvcra
years past , she has been prominently con
ncctcd. Mr. ami Mrs. Nattingor will return
turn to this city in September , and wil
bo at homo on Pierce street after the 20tl
Those who know the genial ami manlj
secretary of the board of trade , and tin
father of loan anil building association !
in Omaha , will join in hearty congratula
lions over his new venture which will
doubtless , prove as happy a success as al
others with which ho has boon connected
He has hundreds of friends in Omah :
whoso warmest wishes for his future hap
pincss and that of his bride will follov
them during his absence from Iho city.
Yesterday there was quite a littli
matinee ut the driving park , at whicl
quite a number of leading citizens gavi
their horses an airing. Adam Thonip
son , the lessee of Iho grounds , drovi
"Jack Uabbit"C. E. Mayno's ' grey pacer
to the lively gait of 2:80. : Three walcho
wore hold upon the steed , two of then
showed 2:2 : ! ) } , while that of T. O. Bruno :
gave the time at 2:30 : , which latler wa
Grocer * oil tha Diamond.
Faxton and Gallagher's base ball nin
worodelcated by a combination from tin
houses of D , M , Steele & Co , , and Me
Cord , Brady & Co. , yesterday by a seer
of 20 to 14. The first mentioned nim
were dissatisfied with the result nml ini
mci'iuloly challenged the victors to an
other game for $25 a sitlo. It is coiitutl
ured likely that the challenged lads wil
accept the gaujjo of contest.
Mr. Ralph Bowman died in this city
August 23,1630 , , at 4 o'clock , p. m , , agoi
seventy-nine years. The funeral wil
take place from his residence , 018 Dodgi
fctreot at 4 p , m. to-day to Prospect Ilil
cemetery. Mr. Bowman had been ii
Omaha since 1857.
Aryoy 'Olmes.
Harvey Holmes was in a pugUUti
mood yesterday and imagined ho was ;
double-breasted prohibitionist from low
who had a contract for demolishing EU
loons. Ho attempted to got in his worl
in a Tenth street saloon , but OUlcor Bui
dish gathered him in.
Seyen recruits in charge of a sergeant
trom Jeftbrson barracks , St Louis , wen
west to Vancouver Just night ,
f * * -
Arrival of 1114 Hrmnlnq rjnst KvcnliiR
The Kiinornl To-Day ,
At 7-23 last evening the remains of the
latn _ Ezra Millard arrived in this city , ac
companied by his sou Alfred , who wont
to Chicago on this sail errand. They were
shipped from Saratoga via the Now York
Central , Lake Shore it Michigan South
ern , and Hook Island & Paeilie , arriving
sit the Transfer on the regular evening
Undertakers lrc\el & Maul received
the body , and n delegation from each of
the banks in the eity formed an escort
from the depot to the residence. Among
the gentlemen present were Messrs ,
Herman Konnl/.e , 11.V. . Vales , Frame
Murphy , C.V. . Hamilton , .John K. Wil
bur , \\f. II. Mogtiuier , Captain Marsh ,
Robert GarliohsVilliam Wallace ,
Thomas McCague , Charles K. S inires ami
T. ( ' . Morgan. Tlio two outer cases were
removed at the depot , ami the easket
piopor placed in the hoarse. It is of rioh
black ilii3h with ebony bearers'
mils nml solid silver handles. A
plain silver jjlate bears the name of K/ra
Millard , with space left for ago and tlalu
of death. The receiving delegation took
carriages and followed the remains to the
homo which the deceased left only so
short a time ago apparently with the least )
of many years of health and nsofulut"is
as his possession. The funeral will take
place from the family residence this
afternoon at fi o'clock and it will
undoubtedly be the largest ever livid in
ihis city , following is the obsequial re
quest of Mayor Hoyd :
KxocutiNo Department , City of Omaha ,
Nob. , flavor's Ofllce , August 23,18 0 : I ,
.1 .lines 1C. Jloyd , mayor ot the city of Onialia ,
do hereby proclaim to the citi/.i'iis ol said
city , that as a m.xrk of esteem and In leeoziil-
lion of the wrvlces and stcrlliic Intugiity ol
tlm lion. ox-Mayor 1'zra Mlllaid , late of
Umalia , deceased , that the vailous oily olllci's
will bo closed , at the houi eli : o'clock on the
afternoon ot Tuesday , the 21lli day oC An-
pist , issfi , and icinalii so until the termina
tion of the tuneial huivicos. And 1 fm-tlier
iccpiost that the eiti/eiisof : the city ol Omaha ,
ns a token ot respect to a loimur executive
olllcoi of the city , and as a Iributtt to an illus-
tiious clll/en , cliiao their icspi'cllvo ] ) laees of
business dutim ; the coiitimianre of tlie
itnieial scivlce > of the Hon. Em Millard on
Tuesday afteinoon , AiurustiH , issfi.
In witness whereof I have hciowlth sot my
band and caused the seal of said eity to be
alllxed the day and year lirst above written.
JAMES E. Bovi > ,
fScall Major of Omaha.
Attest : ,1.15. Southard , City Clerk ; by John
S. Wood , Deputy.
Mr. J. M. Clarke , an old and sincere
friend of the deceased , hands the follow
ing for publication in the BKI : .
Karly Snturday morning , August 21 , IS'v ,
aslrcakof lightning Hashed tinoueh aclQar
sky heralding the sad news to the cltl/.eus of
Omaha that the spotless banker-public
spirited and Ktmuui ot them all , Ezia
Mlllnrd , hud linished his labors on earth and
laid down to rest In the lap of eteinity.
Omaha deeply mourns the loss of it $ best
I'l lend and pours out tears of sympathy for
bis Kriut-slrickon family , who must now bow
in meek submission to the will of his God in
whom he tiusted in life. He 1ms left a his
tory ot his life that yomiEf men may profit by
hisexample. I loved him as a biother because -
cause ho loved bis fellow citi/.ons more
than he did himself. JOHN M. CI..VUKI : .
Mr. Robert Garlichs arrived Sunday
nieht from the east. He left here three
weeKs ago in company with the late Mr.
Ezra Millard. Last Wednesday they
parted in New York , with the under
standing that they would meet 1n Chicago
on Sunday last. Mr Garlichs reached
Chicago on time to keep the appoint
ment , but Mr. Millard had not made his
appearance. Mr. Garliclis started inunc-
dmtely for home , but heard .nothing
.about Mr. Millard's death'ufiUL lie
reached Pacifio Junction , when tlic-iutcl-
ligonce came upon him with crushing
A "Well-Known Citizen Arrested for
llccelvltij ; Stolen Property.
A warrant was sworn out in police
court yesterday against the well-known
liveryman , James Stcpensou , for conceal
ing stolen property.
The particulars of the case arc about
as follows : A few days ago a wealthy
farmer named John II. Noyes , residing
in Western Iowa , came to Omaha. Ho
was on the track of his hired man who
had run away one night , taking with him
a valuable span of mules , with a wagon ,
harness , etc. Ho came to Omaho and
sold them , it is claimed , to James Stephen-
son. Mr. Noycs put his case in the hands
of a lawyer. Replovian proceedings were
commenced to get possession of the
mules , but when Mr. Stcphcnson was approached
preached ho simply denied having the
mules. He admitted , however , that he had
had them at one. time. Criminal pro
ceedings have accoodingly been com
menced against him in the police court
on a charge of receiving stolen property.
Last evening Mr. Stephcnson , hearing
that there was a warrant out for his
arrest , appeared before Ju < l < ro Stonbcrg ,
and , giving bail in the sum of $500 for
his appearance when wanted , he wits
Stephenson jokingly remarked that ho
had the mules , but couldn't have then !
convicted. They are now on his ranch In
Colorado. Ho paid the thief $300 for
them. Noycs claims that they arc v val
uable team of mules worth $500.
Ridding Him Good IJjo.
Yesterday afternoon in accordance
with plans perfected some days ago , lid
Rothery started for Chicago , Now York
and Boston , via the Wabash , Ho was ac
companied across the river by n largo
delegation of the sporting fraternity , and
many who take no part in 01 t dooi4
amusement * , but are friends of the de
parting Omahan , At the transfer Captain
O'Malloy presented Ed with an unique
diamond pin , and n safe jolirnoy and
speedy return were heartily wished und
sensibly sealed in many a Mowing beaker
of sunny Italy's nectar.
George Grillin , steward for C. S. llig-
gins , has just returned from n month's
visit to the east. He was accoompamod
with a good-steed hardware store , com
prising the largest range west of Omahii ,
with several minor cooking facilities ,
which really annihilate time in the almost
lightning-like rapidity with which edibles
inny bo prepared for the table , Georio
is as promt over his purchases as C. ci.
Higgins himself , -and claims that the lat
ter is going to revolutionise the restaur
ant business ,
Smashed by n Dirt I'lotv.
The stock yard train which left South
Omaha at 4 o'clock yesterday met with
an accident at Seventeenth street. Sev
eral cars loaded with dirt were at n stand
still at the point named , and as the pas
senger train swept by it was struck by an
iron projection of the dirt plow. One of
the coaches was so badly damaged it had
to be laid up for repairs. Luckily no one
was injured und no delay in the passage
of trains occurred ,
County Court.
Yesterday afternoon the case of Haas
vs. Eby & Walters was on trial before
Judge McCullooh. Tim former sues for
$300 , alleged to be duo for services. Kby
claims the suit is brought to corcr up
an indebted ness said to bo due him by
Haas , upon whoso note By wont and for
whom ho paid the full amount because of
the failure of Ilass to make good his Big'
nature ,
. . , .
- K. 1 * A > " f-f -.J
* " " " * " * ' " " ' * " '
The United Statw court has taken at
adjournment until lhmwentyovenUi. .
SeDtember 1 , Oihnifa lu ! iness collejK
will move to se. co" ( , Capitol ave and 1011
st. ( Crounso hall ) . , , ;
The jiavers on the Bitlewnlk in front o ;
thel"a\ton slrneb * y tl < rday morning
They claim lhat tlii-y ltve ) ; not been pan
according to agreement.
A. Brnmlcis. of J , LVUrandeis & Sons ,
relumed Sunday Iroin New York city
and will be closely followed by tali goods
for their Fair. n ,
A new paper Urvolfd lo the interests
of the Knights of , TMhla * will make its
lirt appearance Ihh lirkl of ne\l month
It will bo called the I'\thian Spur ami
will bo edited and published by Ilarrj
Gco. H. Murray , nduanro agent of the
"Devil's Auction , " is in the city. Hi !
company thoroughly organized strength
ened , will arrive here Atnrust 29 , coming
direct from Philadelphia to open tlioii
season here. They will appear four
nights , commencing August 'M.
1'ersoiial I'uraKrniih * .
Mr . Gnorge Canlield is quite ill.
Capl. V. M. Suitor , of DeWitt , Neb. ,
is in the city.
Miss Belle Nicol , of I'eorin , III. , is visitIng -
Ing frieniN in Omaha.
Bruce C'artwrlght , Honolulu , Ilawainti
Islands , is at the I'avton.
Charles H. Dewey , wife and daughter ,
returned from the nicilio coast Sunday ,
Joe McCounell amiV. \ . O. Taylor have
just got back from a fishing trip to llawf
Dr.V. \ . C. Spaldlng loaves this evening
for a two weeks' visit with relatives in
New York stale.
Colonel Babbitt , the well-known cattle
grower , his wife and daughter , went to
Cheyenne last night.
\V. P. Saunders , of Beatrice , special
agent of the Nebraska ami Iowa insur
ance company , is in town.
Mr. and Mrs. Hllis L. Bicrbowor went
lo St. Paul , Minn. , last evening for an ex
tended trip through the northwest.
" Mr. " > V. J. Martin has received the
gralpful news that his wife , now visiting
ill Galesburg , Ills. , has become the mother
uf a bouncinsr healthy boy.
Kngincor Cook , of the water works ,
and City Engineer Hosewatcr went to
Fremont hisf night to test the water
works'just completed in that city.
General Suporinlendout Smith and Di
vision Superintendent Uorrance , of the
Union Pacific , went west last evening on
a special car attached to the Grand Island
train : . , -
Smnnel 11. Brown and son returned
yesterday from Shoshone Falls and Yel
lowstone , and arc very enthusiastic in
their reports of the scenic wonders of the
places the } ' visited.
i'at O. Hawcs went to Lincoln yester
day to pay over some of the $10,000 ho
collected from the general government.
The last worths ho saitl before the train
left was that he wou'dnt give the gover
nor any points on running the senatorial
campaign. _ .j '
Mrs , F. K. Bailey , sr.s and son Ross ,
accompanied' N. W. Charles ,
wont west yestcrdsiy over the B. & M.
While absent they will Visit Manitou and
Colorado Springs * pikei Peak and all the
principal .sources interest / in Colorado
and Wyoming.
"Uncle" John Sutplifen , once a well-
known business mVn : of'this ' city , with his
nephews , D. C. aiuj JYD. Sulphen , passed
through the city yiistortfay on his way to
San Francisco. Hi ; was accompanied by
Mrs. John Warforjl , ot Pcrrv " , Ohio , sis
ter of D. C. Sutphon'ol this "city , who is
on her way to visit'relatives ' in Pctalou-
ma , Cal. * " ' ' !
Con'clnctoif'LcaynnB ' rUw q the Pull-
imm Jino , who lias been r.unning between
here and Salt Lake , has been changed to
the route-from Green river to Portland.
Mr. Lcavonworlh was one of the most
popular conductors in the Pullman ser
vice , ami Ins nb oncu from this division
will be regretted by many appreciative
The vanities , and , perhaps it might be
said the vicissitudes of polilicswero nota
bly represented at the Millard yesterday ,
when the Hon. G. W. E. Dorscy , con
gressman from the Third district ; the
Hon. A. J. Weaver , congressman pro
tern from the state at larorc , ami Sam
Chapman , willing to bo congressman
from slate , district or precinct , all regis
tered on the same page and breathed the
same ho spitablc : ur.
A Now Track.
Union Pacific workers commenced yes
terday grading for a new track on the
south side of tiio depot near the
raised track of the B. & M , stock yards
spur. In all probability , judging from
the circular line of the excavation , it will
be brought across Tenth street , thus giy-
inc nn outlet to the west , south of the
A Royal Visitor.
Marquis Hatchisukl , Japanese minister
lo Franco , and wife , a lady companion
and one servant arrived in the city last
evening and remained over night at the
Puxton. The party loaves for Japan via
San Francisco this morning.
"The Niagara Falls Iloitto. "
The Michigan Central enjoys peculiar
advantages as a route lor the western
man who travels oitlior for business or
pleasure. In connection with Iho Now
York Central and Boston & Albany , it
forms the direct und great central route
to Syracuse , Albany , .Now York and Bos
ton , to which points it runs through cars.
This is the direct route to Kichliold ,
Clifton , BalUton and Saratoga Springs ,
tliu Adirondacs , Catikill and Iho Hudson ,
and is the only route lhat pa.sso.s directly
by ui/d in front of Niagara Falls , anil
gives the passenger a satisfactory view
of the falls from the car window or plat
form. Trains stop at tails View , whore
the finest views are obtained , for the express -
press purpose of permitting the traveler
to enjoy the scene to tl(6 ( best advantago.
At Niagara Falls connection is mailo
with the Homo , wAtyrjown & Ogtlons-
burg railroad , running , through cars to
Clavton , where thonstenmora are taken
for" the Thousand Islands. Alo.xandria
Bay , and Moniroal&und to Fabyan's and
Portland , through tliu Heart of the glori
ous White Mountain region.
With the Cauadidb. lVifio it forms the
direct route to the grc Canadian cities
of Toronto , Otawai ( , Montreal and
Quebec , and to mo wonderful Ink o nml
river scenery , full 6fDelight to the tour
ist , the hunter and the fmhorinan , so re
cently opened to the world.
Nearer homo its i > wn ° lines ofl'or a score
of dolightful-summuriutf places : Diamond
Lake , witli its nnmrnul isio in priuiant
setting ; Sister Lakos.fcf restful refuge for
the weary within easy reach of Ihu city ;
Higgins , Houghton , Otsego , Mullet , Burl
and Crooked. Lakes , full of sport for the
enthusiastic dcciples of Izaak Walton ;
Topinnbeo , Iho sight of the Northern
Huy Fever Itosort Association , ami ,
above and beyond all , the wonderful
weird island of Mtickinae , gem of tha
northern teas , paradise of the tourist and
snorUman , washed by u crystal Hood ,
bathed in an atmosphere of purity , and
crowned with u halo of aboriginal tradi
tion and historical association.
Altogolhor no road oilers to the trav
eler more enchanting routes than those
described and pictured in the beautiful
little book called "In Summer Days , "
which O. W. Hugglos , the General Pas
senger and Ticket Agent , Chicago , Ills. ,
will send to any address on receipt of a
couple of stamps for postage.
Slnrt the Imposition Machinery Ir
Motion n Thousand .Mllosnwny.
Piinsi'ECT Hoi SK. N. Y. , AmjiistU Mrs ,
Cleveland touched the button this
afternoon that set the nuchmoo In inolioi
fit the Minneapolis exposition
The ceremonies Ihere that opened the ex
position were IOIIR. Instead ot giving tin
signal at 1:80 o'clock , ( MstiMti time , in accor
dance with previous arrangement , it was
after 5 o'clock when Mr * . Clevclaml
touched the tclccunli key , tn losponso to the
word "ready , " from Minneapolis. The lirst
message OUT the wires was fiom W. 1) .
"A'a-Oibnru , ptcsldont ol the exposition.
Picsldcnt flex eland furnished the opei.itoi
\\ilh a reply in nls own hand writing.
To the lion , \V. I ) . Washlmrn. President ,
.MinnenniilK Minn. With ninny thanks foi
the liiiul message scut nsbv thuoillceis nml
dlrertuia of the Minneapolis Industrial ex
hibition , Mrs. Cleveland joins me In tender-
lue to them he.uty eoiiKialulallous upmi Hit !
ausiilcloiis Inanimation of an exhibition ,
which not only demonstrates the prospeilty
and piojfie-is of the Kieal noithm'M , but
must al o lelli-ct ciedlt ii | n the cnunti ) ,
Whose pride Is the happiness nml
contentment of Us people ami tneir cnjov-
meiit ot nil the Rllt.s of Hod , Mrs. Cleveland
pliully compiles with jour request and will
set In 'notion the machinery of the exposi
tion. She now awaits your slunnl.
UllOVKll Cl.KVnii.VM ) .
As Mrs. Cleveland stepped foi ward to nlvo
the signal , which .shoultl move the machinery
more than n thousand miles away , the spec-
tutors l.iuKhed heartily when Iho Dicslilent
gravely admonlslieil her not to start It with a
jeik. The circuit was open the whole ills-
tanco and within two minutes alter Mis.
Cleveland bail pressed Iho button a lojily
Came liom Minneapolis that the machinery
was woiicim ; beautifully.
, August SI , Tliu Imlustilal
exposition licio opened lids allernoon with
Immcsslvo cuiemonlc , In the pic.senco of
oiiormott.s ciowds of citizens anil vlsltois.
The machinery was stalled atl:50p. : : . m. by
elfHrlelty , the clrcuil lutvimc been made up
loSainnac lake , X. Y. , wheieMis. Cleveland
closed the key al Iho hour named.
cunio roil coit uuvrioN.
A Dakota Sinn's Alndtclnc Tor Venal
Olllon llohloi-.s.
AVAtinxnTrtx , August SI. fSpcclnl Tel8
gram lo the BIK : ] The lollowim ; cmious
.letter has been lecolved at the patent oflico
from a man livimi In Dakota : "I respectfully
request you to inform me what U might cost
mo to lake out letters-patent on anew
now discovery of a valuable , safe cure and an
Infallible cure for olllclal corruption so much
needed at pio'ont. My medicines have been
prepared in a liquid lorm , but seemingly
thorn Js no demand. I now propose it dryin
the form of a powder that can bo dusted on
the lloors of coucrcss or left in the desk of
the invalid atrected with that dire malady
eating the vitals of our beloved country. In
the Dos JNIolncs land bteal 1,203,000 acres were
stolen. No compensation was ever given.
II is'now tried to be compromised by a coek-
ulrlco seilato bill incubatetl in star chamber.
enllei'les cleared , doors closed , and b.ipli/.cd
III open senide l-'ebuinry 11 , 8ii. My medi
cine is Tree from mineral substance. It Is
patent arid pungent , boiue lirst extracted by
that mischievous potato bug. 1 take c < nial
parts of the hard shell and of the red bin ? ,
same family , in its embryo state. 1 forward
U Iree of all charge on Hpplic.Uion.
The Base Ball Record.
AT Louisvii.i.i :
Louisville . 0 00010200-3
ritUburg . 0 0201120 * 6
Uaso hits Louisville 3 , Pittsburg , 7.
Kirors Louisville 'J , Pittsburgh Pitchers
Jlamsoy anil Onlaln , Umpire Kelly.
AT ST. Louis
St. Louis . 1 00012002 0
Kansas. City . 0 00000000-0
15ase hits St. Louis 10 , Kansas City 1.
Errors St. Louis 1 , Kansas City U. Pitchers
llealy and \Ycidman. Umpire Grace
Itaiu prevented the St Louls-Clnclnnatl
Brooklyn . 0 0248011 0 10
Metropolitans _ 1 0
Base hits Brooklyn 15 , Metropolitans 10.
Krrois Brooklyn 0 , Metropolitans 1. Um
pire Bradloy.
Uallimoro . 1 0" ! 2 0 2 0 0 0-0
Athletics . 0 a 2 0 0 0 2 0 1 7
liasc hits Baltimore" . Athletics 10. Er
rors Baltimore 2 , Athletics o. Umpire
AT DirrnoiT
Detroit . 0 00000000 0
Chicago . 1 0002010- 4
Base hits Detroit 1. Chicago 8. Errors-
Detroit 0 , Chicago 2. Pitchers Baldwin and
Clarkson. Umpire Powers.
The Yacht Kacc Abandoned.
SANDY HOOK. August 23. The weather Is
hazy and the wind Is not blowing more than
three miles per hour. The heat Is intense
here anil has its effect upon the breeze. There
is a heavy swell outside.
0X ! ) a. m. Clearing and wind Increasing ,
now being about six miles an hour. The
race is twenty miles to the windward outside
the course of the New York yacht club , the
start to bo from Sandy Hook lightship. The
M-I is comparatively smooth , there bcim ; only
the customary swell trom the iioitliwcsi
At this time , 10P,0 : , the time for the start ,
the Mnyllowor and Atlantic are Hearing the
Hook and Iho Pinilan and Pdscilla are oil
ilohpiU ! Island
UINIII.ANDS , August 33. The yachts
'started at 12:21. They crossed the line as
follows : Puritan , Atlanllc , Priscllla and
The wind having died out the ynchls did
not attempt to linish , but returned to pint
( Jonoy Island Itaces.
BmnirroN liK.vrn , N. Y. , August 23. Six
fm longs : Lucy 11. won , Susanna second ,
Toribra thlitl. Timo-l:17 : .
Six furlongs : Adonis won , Milton second ,
Illghoail thlnl. Timo-l:17 : . Ccrllllcales
paid 4iso. ;
JllleBonnIo : Australian won , Mentor second
end , Inconstant third. Time 1:47. : Ceitlli-
Kites paid 5fW.70.
Sovon-tiiiliths mlle : banta Clans won ,
Nlmroil second. Change third. Time
liUf. : : Ceitlllcatt'S paid SJ .70 stiaight ,
Sb2.76 for plai1'.1.
ThieR-iiuarlors mlle : Ticasurer won , King
Arthur hucuiid. Kvn K. thlid. Tlmti l:10 : > i.
Certilicatesiiald S7.r > .ao.
Sovoii-t'lKlilhs mile : Delilah won. Little
Winch second , Jim Douglas third. Time
Racine at
N. Y. , August S ) . The at
tendance was good , the truck fast , and the
wvnther cool.
Thieo-Qiuirters mlle : Besslo won , Patro-
cles second , Telia Dee third. Time 1:10. :
Mntuals paid , 55X70.
One and three-sixteenths miles : Burch
won , Nettle second , Saltpetre third. Time
2:05. :
Two-year-old inaldons , live-eighths mlle :
( ilntlstono won. Valiant second , Village Boy
third. Thno-liOlH.
Thieo-niuutersmilo : Brolt won , Cailsslma
second , Duke of Coiinuiight thhd. Time
'one nml an eighth miles , over live hurdles :
Burr Oak won , ( ilenarm bocoiul , Joe Shelby
thlid. Time 2:00. :
rtnllctH Tor Hlolcrs.
LONDON , August ' ' . Pursuant to Instruc
tions Irom the war olllco the various cenerals
of the army districts have ordered volunteers
to practice picket duty and bo In le.idlncss to
quell doting during Iho ensuing autumnal
ninnojuvre. Kttch volunteer Is to bo bupplled
with twenty ball Oiirtrldires. It Is uiiilur-
fotood that this action 's tuken under the ox-
puctancy at a renewal of dynamite outrages
and Iibli dlsiordors in uorthurn and midland
towns of Kiniland.
MIDNIOIIT The police did not lire upon
the mob , ns the streets were clraiod by the
military , Nine nncsU wore made. The city
is now Quiet. _
Dynamite In Uso.
DIMII.IN , Augustas. During the eviction
ut Ballyugcn , Kilkenny , to-day a row took
place during which the police were Moncd.
A numberof bailiffs wore seriously injured.
A portion of the mansion of Jtuluo Klce at
Busltinent , nenr Ll.vchnn. county Kerry ,
was wu-ckO'l to-d.iv by Hie explosion of i\y- \
nnmite. A similar ouiraeo wa < periietiateil
on a protestaiit farmer's house at ( faillcan ,
Loiidondetry ,
Itlots AKnln Hreak liooso.
Ilri.rT , August 23 , ( > : : ; o p. M. This
e\enim ? a deui-hment of inlloo made an at
tempt to disperse n mob on Shank 11111 ami
the mnb llnow volley atler volley ol stones al
thopolleo. ieule < l them , and then completely
wiei'ked the bniraoks which wetc defended
bylwonly polloe. Military iclnforeemonts
are hurryiuc to the spot.
Glntlstone llonkcd for n Specoh.
LONDON , August C.X < ilndstone will , It Is
bolleved , make a speech In the commons In
suppoitot P.iruell's mntloii that the gONerii-
nieiu sloe evictions in liclaud In ceit.dli
ca e-i.
The committee of workimjmeu has been
lormcd toialse a penny siilxerlplion testimonial
menial for piesciitnllon ( o .Salisbury.
SALT LAKK , August 2JJ. John Sharp , n
I'liion Pacllic director , heretolore a
bishop in this city has been deposed.
Sonic months ujo ho agreed to obey the
law and stop living in polygamy , The
church organ to-night gives ollleial notice
that another man , ODD Husscll , a .son-in-
law of Hie presiding bishop of the church
has been put in his place.
I'Vnnoe \Vivlttii > j.
PAIIIS , August 21) ) . The fall of Prince
Aloxandoi Is the absorbing topic of discus
sion in P.iri.s , Franco has determlncil to ob-
seue an expectant attitiule. Picsldent ( iievy
keeps In continuous communication with all
the members of the Kiench ministry.
A Printer's Kail.
Brm.iNn-ro.v , la. , August 2:1. : Frank Unit ,
a printer , fell fiom tliu third story window
ot the.ctle : composing loom his > t evening
lo the bnsemenl. He Used until moinlng ,
but did not spcnk alter Ids tall , lie Is sup
posed to lui\e been silling on the window
bill und fallen asleep.
Crop ICstlnintes , 2. ! . Olllclal estimates of
the Piusslaii crops state that the wheat yield
will equal K per cent ot the average crop :
rye , bT ; bailey , 07 , and oats , 101.
Interesting Skciuli ol * n Graceful nntl
Fast nisapiiearln
I have at Intervals during the last ten
years had ample opportunity for study
ing the American elk or wapiti door , says
a writer in the Christian Advocate. I
have seen thorn in great numbers in the
Kooky mountains , where , in 1871 , 1 cap
tured one that dressed 800 pounds , the
largest elk of which I have been any au
thentic account. I selected him irom u
band of si.xty-thrco feeding on the mountainside
tain-side near Long's peak. This species
of the deer family is larger than all
others excepting the moose , and is taller
than the average horse. His antlers
are solid , very long , and have
numerous prongs. I Iiavo stootl on
the head of an oik after he was
shot , of course nntl found the tips of
the antlers extending over my head. In
color he is a yellow-brown , with white
buttocks. His head is finely formed , and ,
altogether , this is a graceful and nmgnili-
conl beast of Iho forest. His track in
the snow is about tire si/.e of that of a 2-
yoar-old hoifor. His home was formerly
in every part of the United Stales , ex
cepting , perhaps , the Carolmas and
Florida , lln prefers the woodlands or
tlio mountains , and only inhabits the
prairies from force of circumstances.
The last elk in Illinois was seen near tlio
present city of Peoria about fifty years
a < ro. A band was seen and one of lliom
shot two years ago within a few miles of
where 1 now write Lyiln cbunty , Iowa.
They arc at this time quite numerous on
tlio Yellowstone river , Montana , and in
parts of Washington territory and Idaiio.
The flesh of the elk is line ilavoretl , but.
di tiers from all oilier venison. It is said
to bo more nutritions than any other
known meat. From experience I know
a hungry hunter is satisfied with about
half the amount which would bo required
of beef or bacon. The bucks arc at cer
tain seasons vicious und dangerous. The
mother also lighls desperately in defense
of her young. Judge J. C. Caton , late
of Ottawa , 111. , had a few years ago qnito
a band ot elk in a wood lot inclosed by a
high fence , and placard posters warning
persons of the danger within. Three
men passing on foot thought they would
show thai they could go through that Jot
ami that they were not afraid of anyone. s
elk. When about half way across the
enclosure they were discovered
ami attacked , lirst by the leader ,
an old buck , and then by other
members of the company. A desperate
struggle ensued , the men lighting for
life , and the elk in a porfrct rago. The
men wore literally stripped of every shred
of clothing by the horns anil sharp hoofs
of the infuriated beasts. One man. by
dodging among the trees managed to es
cape over the fence ; another climbed a
tree , ami the other was killed. The man
escaped over the fence g.ivo the alarm ,
when a party of Judge Galon's workmen
went into the lot und fought the elk
hand to hand with pitchforks and axes.
The batllo was fierce and lerriblo. At
length the men , by striking the elk with
Ihu pitchforks behind the fore .shoulders ,
forced thorn to give way slowly and sul
lenly , when the lifeless man was carried
nut.Tho fawns are the cutest and most _ de
ceptive litllo oreaturo.s imaginable.
While very young they are left by the
mother in supposed security hidden
away in the gnus and loaves , anil jt isas-
loninliing how perfectly they are in this
way concealed. In this condition the lit-
lie fellow allbcts death boiler than any
Eirctitiiro I know of except the opossum.
In fact , you would think him quite dead
only ho forgets to shut his eyes. Ho lies
without a motion , and if you pick him up
he is limp as a stocking , the head and
legs hang down without a kinglo muscle
being moved , but Ihe big bright eyes are
fairly sparkling all the timo. If you lay
him down , however , and step a few
paces away he is up ami off like an arrow ,
calling at every jump with a desporalo
squeal for his mother. It is then best to
Iiavo in your hands a trusty rlllo or bo
near a tree ,
When hard pressed by a horseman or
dogs in their native haunts the elk ut-
tars a shrill scream resembling more the
whistling of a steam tlinwhor than any
thing else , ( icnurally they are easily
frightened in a wild .state , and when one
Lakes alarm he instantly communicates
it to tlio others , when they all dash away
an a long ( rot. or rack , carrying with ox-
inisilo grace their great antlers high in
the air.
The waterworks of Hapid City were
successfully tented last week. They have
iullieiout capacity to supply the present
population with twenty ono gallons per
lioad per day. which , with judicious mix
ing , is contidorod ampin for immediate
iiueds , _ _
Women Wanted.
To pool tomatoes nt tJanninj' ' : factory
in West side on , Loavonworlh st. road.
Ogooil carpenters wanted immediately.
Apply s o cor. llth and Williams.
NKW OIIUANS FUOM ? 23 unvAitus.
Easy terms at Max Mo.yer it Hro's.
Our Howi : & KKUU'S pities ON FUUNI
1510 DiUOLA3 Sl'UKUT
Dr. Hamilton Warrcm , Kclootlo Physi
cian and Surgeon , lloom 0 , Cromiiio
block corner 10th and Capitol avenue
Day and night nalla promullr uttenlud to
Send J. B , Kvaiif & Co. list of your
propurt } for t > ule.
Al Fnlrbrotlifr'fl Compliment * to
Church HOMO.
To the Kilftor of the Hun : Olmrck
Howe , with his hair parted in the middle
ami his prospects for congress ili.ssolviug
and disappearing every day , has set his
editorial pimps upon mo because I have
been compiling apnitof his shameful
record , reeking with rottenness ami seelh-
ing with foul blotches of political corrup
tion. Howe finds a letter that I wrote ,
about a year ago , asking Howe , not as a
ono-hoi'Mi politician of Nemaha county
but as u member of the national commit
tee , into which position he forced himself ,
against the solemn protest of fifty good
republicans ol Nebraska , lo make a slalo-
nienl regarding m. > republicanism. Par
ties hail questioned it. Al the same time
1 wrote lo Weaver , N an Wyck , Dawcs ,
Mercer anil many others with the same
request. They all responded. I printed
all the letters , except the one from
Church Howe the o'ie over which ho is
now making Mich a great fuss at railroad
ulatloiis , in railroad coaches and through
( he columns of his subsidised patent-
gutted country dreadfuls and Chili.
Ueie's journal. 1 did not print Howe's
loiter. 1 knew that his record as a polit
ical tumbler was too widely known. Hi *
work in trying to steal Oregon for Tilden
gave him an uncnvhhlo reputation as a
I'ildcn democrat. Because lie insinuated
hlmsell into tlienatioiial committee inndo
no ill He re nee. Atr > way , I want the pa
pers and llowu to know that his letter
was never published. Mr. Howe should
remember that he is running for con-
gress. I am not ; in fact , am not before
the people. It happens in my way ,
working for the best paper in the state ,
to write some truths about Howe that
make him squirm. From what I can
learn regarding the man , and what can
easily bo learned , 1 imagine thai he can
not well all'ord lo urge lights on iudi- ,
vldnnls. If 1 had published Howe's letter - '
tor il would have been ilill'erenl. Th
tiles of my paper will show that 1 never
published it. Be easy , Mr. Howe , and do
not shoot until yon have treed your coon ,
Ai. FAimnumii.u.
The Sad Lotol'tho llimn Unit Umpire
Texas Sittings : A New York paperboys
Ihe manager ol a club took a pitcher inlo
a room alter the game was over and se
verely punished him for his big mistakes.
The pitcher is not tlm only officer. The
umpire Millers at the bands of both sides.
The poor umpire is out on Iho ball
ground. There is a limp in his gall and
lie carries a cam ) . He is an old vet , ami
played a right lively game before ho was
wounded. The ball hlruck him on the
knee cap , anil when ho was discharged
from the hospital ho was placed on the
retired list.
What are they doing now ?
Tlie man at the bat made three strikes ,
and the catcher has thrown the ball lo
lirst base.
Is the man out ?
Some say he is and some say ho isn't.
What docs the umpire sav ?
Ho has not had a chance to say any
thing yet on account of Ihe uproar.
Why do the two nines gather so closely
around the umpire ? lie ought to have a
little fresh air.
They are going to bulldoze him.
Has lie rendered a decision yrt ?
Yes , he has pronounced the man out.
Who struck Ihe umpire ?
The short stop.
\V ho is that man kicking the umpire
on Ins gamoiegV
That is the man whom he declared
OUt.It is a shame to kick , strike and abuse
a lame man.
True , but look at the third baseman ,
who is creeping up behind him with a club
in his hand.
What is ho going to tlo ?
Ho liiids that it is necessary ( o kill the
.impirc to stille further discussion.
Has ho struck him yet ?
No , he has not hit him on the back of
lis bead , because the umpire lias just re
versed his decision.
done back on what he said in the first
place ?
Yes , he now says the man is not out.
Who lirod that shot ?
The left fielder of the other club.
Who is he shooting at ?
The umpire.
Why ?
Because the umpire reversed his do-
Why , they have Killed the umpire for
joing back on his first judgment !
Yes , but what is the tlilVeroncc ? Ho
voultl have been killed anyway by the
ilub on the other side. It' is six to ono
.nd half a doxen to the other , and an um-
iirc might as well tliu for an old slice ] ) as
. lamb.
A young man in Pitlsburg has agreed
o-go down the Alloglmny and Ohio river *
n a cask and shoot over Davis Island
him , if another man will Dlungo oil' the
'oint bridge into tlie Monongahchi river.
Railway Time Table
The followhiir Is tliu time of nrrlvnl and de-
arturo ol trains by Central Standard Time at
ho local ilopotx. Trains of tlio C ! . , Si. 1' . , M. le
> . arrlvu nml ilopnrt finin thtilr iluput. corner of
Uh nml Webstorstroots : trulni on tlio II. i M.
! . II. AfQ.mid 1C. 0. . SU .1. If P II. frnin the II.
i M. dupot all othui-g from tlio Union 1'iiuiflo
Ilrldtfo trains will leave IT 1' . depot at n-M
n-.Xi 8uo : 8:40--Hij : : < jnoOU ; llou : a. m , : 111:0
- ! : ; I.rl-M:00-Uj0 : : ( 111:01) : ) 5Uu : 5'W : 0:10-
iOU llilOp. in.
Jxmvo Transfer for Omnlm at 7:12 : 118:15 : 9:30 :
-.1:12 - -moK--10i7- : : : : : n.lii.l:37-3ia-2OT : :
0:42 : 7:20--7VJ-8 : ; : : ! > 0-
Arrival nml ilopnrtnro ot trains from the
VaiHlur Ouput ntCouiiuil Illiilla :
117:15 : A.M. I I ) : I5 A. it.
irjir : > A. M. H5w : : ! . M ,
( JJ4Ul ( ; > . M. I II7 : ! ! . U.
00:15 A.M. I 1)11:15 * . if.
11 UliiM : ) , I 117:00 : i > . x.
A OlliS A. M. I A Uilfl A. M ,
II 6iu : r. u. II :20 : r. u.
I A 7:00 : r. u.
A0:15 : A.M. I A'Jsir.A.M
A 0:401' : . M. I A7OJl' : . M.
EANKAH crrr , HT. JOE & COUNCIL ni.u fs.
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