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Omaha Hanker * Tntco Action Upon
the Death > r Mr. Mlltnril.
Representatives from nil of Iho banks
nntl banking houses of the city met In the
Nebraska National bank ye terday after
noon to express , in sonio formal manner ,
their regret and grief at the loss of onu
of their most respected associates , Mr.
Kzra Mlllard.
C'J'he following resolution , or stnteincnt ,
was unanimously adopted :
The bankers of Omalia , wi'liing form
ally to declare their estimation of the
character and inllueneo of their lalo as
sociate , Mr. E/.ra Millard , do adopt the
( ' ( mine to Hits rlty In Its cailicst days
while Its future was iinrerlnln nml Its suc
cess not nssnrcil , Mi. Mllliid brought to the
lioiiii1 of Ills ( uliittloii | conlldcncu In its pros
perity nml real tot its welfare ; to his chosen
profession iimeinittim ? Industry , enemies
which never llaicied nml InteRrltv which was
never sullied. l'\vo ] iriiiilneiit ( and SWWM-
ful ImnKmtf instltiillons will lotij : bear
witness to Ills business foieslicht and
Klircvvd innimBi'itient. 'the city which he
fid vcd , aliUeln public nml private station
with a coinage ami nnlur which no mls-
chances could cool tesiiiirs in Its iiiosporltv
to his wisp counsel * . Thf jionr \\lio have
been tinicclplcnls of lilt tinuntj , the joiing
who have wollted b.v his advice , tin ; I'
saddened by his death attest his title to the
higher honor of bt'iniadisintcicstcl fiiend
nml a Christian uotitfenmtr
We who have been associated In business
with him lor ycais , some of us for this entire
iJerm ol his residence lieie , roidinlly join in
"hesn.trlbtites to Ills woith , ami lOH.ilvo that
we will , on the day ol his lunernl , closlmr
oin respective of business , attend In a
body , and that a coin of this statement , smt-
nbly ciifttossed liall be tiansmltted to the
family of which .Mi. Mlllaid the honored
nml beloved bend.
II.V. . YA-IIS : , )
A. I'Vv \ MA v ; Coimulttco on lesolutions.
WM.U.M.UI. . I
It was ordered that the resolution bo
properly engrossed , signed by all of the.
officers of the dilfernnt banks of Ilie eit.\
and presented to the family of the de
ceased It was also deeided to close all
of the bank.of ) the city during the hours
of the funeral. A representative ) Irom
each bank of the city will meet the re
mains of Mr Millard at the train upon its
arrival at the depot on Monda.y evening
nml escort thorn to the late residence ot
the deceased.
Mayor Boyd was telegraphed yesterday
and will probably isMie a proclamation
closing t no city olliecs during the hours
of the funeral on Monday.
10 ] > cr cant. it month for ono year , will
bo the advance in "lAi\r. Vnw" : lots.
Buy HOW while they are. eliean.
Bargain ilarncy st. near 20th , lOOx
107 , cheap , $15,000.
S. A. SI.OMAN , 1512 Farnam St.
The "War with Mevlco
May diseourago some men from laying
that country out as an addition to Omaha.
Hush & So'lby have lots nearer Unit arc
How Dr. V. T. MeOlllloiHldy Riulcav-
oreit to I'rovont it at L'lnc KHIfjt1.
A special from Washington was pub
lished in an Omaha paper , yesterday
morning , that Captain Hell , the present
agent at 1'ino Ridge , had reported thatas
n result of the census of the Sioux In
dians , it was shown that 2,000 rations
more than the number ot Indians at tno
agency had been issued daily for seven
years wist bv Dr. MeGilliemidy , the late
ngont. As eaeli ration is wortli thirty
cents , the presumption most natural was the doctor has been pocketing about
$780 daily , or about $200,000 a year. Dr.
V. T. McGillioiiddy happened to bo in
Omaha yesterday morning , and was
shown the telegram in question , and
asked what it meant.
The doctor laughed , and said : "I ought
to bo a pretty rich man at that ' 'ate ,
oughtn't 1 ? Two hundred thousand
rations a year for seven years ; the length
of my incumbency at Pine Ritige ,
amounts to the neat little
sum of $ l.fOO,000. I have failed
to discover any such amount. Hut speak
ing seriously,1' the doctor said , "I have
no doubt that the count made of the
Sioux by Major Hell , which shows 2iOO (
fowtr Indiai.s than are borne on the
rolls , is quite correct. For years , wo have
made annual census of the Sioux at Pine
Ridge. This census , like every other cen
sus , is made by a house-to-house visit of
thu Indians. Of the rations de
pended upon the number of the Indians ,
it was to their interest to have the num
ber appear as largo as possible . Time
ami again I have urged upon the Indian
bureau to have a rigid census made of
the Indians at both the Pine Kidgo and
Rosebud ageneies , 1 deemed it necessary
that both should be made on the same
day , because , otherwise , the Indians
would swap their babies in order
to increase the rations at
the other agency. Until Major
Hell's incumbency it was impossible to
secure this end and , consequently , I was
obliged to take my census as ti basis of
issuing my rations. At the close of my
term at the agency , I was issuing rations
to no more Indians than I was years ago ,
although , during that time Pine Ridge
had received largo numbers from Sitting
Hull's camp and frcm the iMorthern
( Jhoyennos. As a matter of fact , the
number of rations issued was smaller
than those called for by the books , and
this was ono of the complaints made
against mo by Red Cloud. 1 have only
to siy : that all the rations on the books
as Issued were issued and consumed by
Indians at Pine Hidge. The brief issue ,
us ovorjono knows , was taken out
of the agent's hands. Army ollleors
superintended , receipted for and branded
the cattle witli the U. S. brand and it is
practically impossible that there can bo
any illegal disposal of the stock thus
branded. As for the rations and supplies ,
they are stored in government ware
houses , guarded by a patrol of Indian
police , and issued to families only on
tickets issued by the ngont , In conclu
sion , " said Dr. McGillicuddy , "if any
charges can be formulnicd against me , 1
can easily be found at Rapid City. 1
promise a lively light on any such issue'
Furthermore , allow mo to predict trouble
nt Vine Ridge , if the rations of whoso in-
milficicnoy the So ! ix alrerdy complain ,
are cut dewn on a bosis of 2,000 fewer to
eat them. You can't gauge an Indian's
oppctito by that of a white man. "
10 per cent , n month for one year , wil
bo the advance in "L\KK VIKVV" lots
Buy now while they are cheat ) .
Bargain Leaven worth cor. 15th , im
provements , rents for $9CO , one block
from Viaduct nml Trackage only $10,000 ,
S. A. SLOMAN , 1512 Farnam st.
Over ono half of the lots sold in Pruyn
Turk and only on the market 10 days.
Commissioners' Work.
The county commissioners yesterday
lot the contracts for grading the military
road. M. F , Neligh gets a portion of the
work at 13o , and Ed. Thnlon the rest at
Co per yard.
F. W. Eyonor was appointed justice of
the ponce for Millard precinct.
To per cent , a month for one year , will
bo the advance in "LAKK Vuw" : lots.
Luy now while they are cheap.
Ci.Aitic A : FUKNCII.
Hargain. lot 50x180 with i3 cottages In
Kliinn's 2nd addition * 3ar.O. ,
B.-A , SLOMAN. 1013 Fariiiim st ,
Clark & French , Real Estate Brokers , 1510 Douglas st. , have bargains In both Inside and outside property'which cannot bo found elsewhere in the city , and it will pay you to call at their office and investigate
Clark French , Real Estate Brokers , 1510 Douglas St. , have bargains in both Inside and outside properly which cannot bo found elsewhere in the city , and It will pay yon lo call nt their office and investigate
Clark & French , Real Estate Broker * , lolO Douglas St. , have bargains In both inside and outside property , ' which cannot be found elsewhere in the city , nml H will pay you to call nt tlioir ollice and investigate
Clark & French , Real Estate Brokers , 1510 Douglas st. , have bargains in both inside and outside property which cannot be found elsewhere. In the city , anil it will pay you to call nt their office and investigate
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Clark & French , Real Estate Brokers , 1510 Douglas st. , have bargains in both inside and outside property which cannot bo found elsewhere In the city , and it will pay you to call at their office and investigate
Clark & French , Real Estate Brokers , 1510 Douglas St. , have bargains in both inside and outside property which cannot be found elsewhere in the city , and it will pay yon to call at their office and investigate
Clark & French , Real Estate Brokers , 1510 Douglas st. , have bargains in both inside ami outside property iwhich cannot be found elsewhere in the city , anil it will pay you to call at their ollico and investigate
Clark & French , Real Estate Hrokcrs , 1510 Douglas St. , have bargains in both inside and outside property which cannot be found elsewhere in the city , and it will pay you to cull at their ollice and investigate
Clark & French , Real Estate Hrokcrs , 1510 Douglas st. , have bargains in both inside and outside property.-which cannot be found elsewhere in the city , and it will pay you to call at their ollice and investigate
Captain O'Mnlloy's Hencilt Rnsc Dall
Notes A Challenge.
A. fair sized gathering greeted the con
testants in the athletic tournament on the
occasion of Captain O'Malley's benefit at
Ihc Athletic park yesterday evening.
The programme was opened at half past
4 o'clock , and continued until 7 o'clock.
The first event was a thrco-round bout ,
Marquis of Queenfcbury rules , between
Sam Stevenson , seconded by Tom
O'Hrion , and Johnny La Mountain , seconded
ended by Al Marx- The contest was for
the light weight championship.
The first round opened with
both men sparring heavily for an
opening. La Mountain worked in some
rattling body blows , which Stevenson
met with a stunning assortment of blows
well planted on his opponent's mug. La
Mountain brought first blood from Steven
son's nose with a clean right arm blow.
Hoth men clinched , and , separatin
Stevenson uppnr-cut Ids antagonist hcav
ily. More close fighting followed , La
Mountain confining his efforts principally
to Stevenson's body. The round closed
with both men breathing heavily , Steven
son especially being badly winded.
The second round was slightly in La
Mountain's favor. Hoth men took and
gave some hard blows.
The third round resulted in some
clover sparring , but principally con
sisted of "clinches. " Stevenson planted
his right with telling effect on La Moun
tain's lace , and the latter retaliated with
some clever straight-arm body-blows.
When the round closed Stevenson was
badly winded , and was throwing the
claret freely. La Mountain appeared in
good condition. On scientific points , the
match was declared a draw.
Tom O'Hrion and Hill Johnson , two
heavy weights , then entered the ring
for ti three-round bout , O'Hrion
was much the better man ,
both in science and mu.sclo. Two or
three stunning upper cut blows in the
first round wound up Johnson and the
rest of iho light was very tamo. O'Hrion
was declared the winner.
The third contest was between Dan
Delaney , of Omaha , and John Hradburn ,
of Chicago , brother of the Pitsburg
A IGO-yard foot race concluded the
evening's ' programme. There were three
entries , Sam btoveuson , Charles Moore
and Frank Harbnr. Stevenson won In
the time of 12 ] seconds.
n ASK HAU , .
The blow and bluster that was made
about dissensions in the ranks of the
Union Pacifies has quietly died 'out and
matters are resuming the even tenor of
tlioir way. The trouble nil arose over
the kick of a disgruntled player who , in
stead ot conferring with McKelvey who
hired him , found an equally disgruntled
reporter and led him to make an unjust
attack on Manatror Kiry who was at the
time absent from the city. The causes of
the alleged trouble have been generally
explained in a satisfactory manner to all
concerned , Manager Kay was in Has
tings yesterday ami completed the ar-
rnngemeiits with that club for the Has
tings for the two games to be played be
tween the Reds and the Union
Pacifies in this city on Saturday
and Sunday next. The Union Pacifies are
arranging for a week's practice ami will
endeavor to bo in good shape for the two
games. Hays will bo given a place in
the nine as ehan < ro pitcher with Salisbury.
"Home Kun" Jones , of the Hingham-
ton , N. V. , nine , who has been engaged
to play second base with the Union
Pacifies has been con lined to Ids home bv
sickness. Ho is rapidly recovering and
may reach the city in time for next Sun
day's ' game.
"There was no earthly show for the
Union Pacifies to win in the game with
the Lincoln's last Sunday , " bald a base-
bailer to n HUE representative yesterday.
"They came down hero to win the game
at all hazards. It is a fact not generally
known that they brought the Lcavon-
worth nine along , paying their expenses ,
to use thetin if they were needed. "
The Union Pacifies are booked for two
games with the St. Joe club on Septem
ber 11 and 12.
Captain O'Mailoy and Herb Rothcry
have issued a challenge to any man now
in Nebraska to meet Al Marx , the Texas
cowboy , in n glove contest to a finish , for
any amount of money ami the champion
ship gold medal presumed by Herb
Rothcry and now held by Marx. A
match with Mike Fitzgerald , the Utah
champion , is preferred.
Bargain Farnam st. corner s. & e.
front on grade , sure to double in value ,
$2,000. , S. A. SLOSIAN ,
1512 Farnam st.
Fine Stoek of Pianos and Organs on
Easy Payments at
hunoLM & KHICKSON , opp. P. O.
Pugnacious Peter.
Just as the overland train was about to
move westward Peter Fleming , a leg
less man , shnfllcd into the depot. Offi
cer Green very politely asked the man
where ho was going and if he had a
ticket. In an instant Peter's pent up ire
exploded , and without cause or reason ho
gave Dull' broadside of blasphemy. He
seemed to have gained in length and vileness -
ness of tongue what ho had lost in limb.
When quietly requested to bo silent ho
swung a small hickory tree which he
used for a cane and came very near
braining the officer. Ho was at once
disarmed and instantly raising upon the
points of his leather covered stumps , ho
made ti savage attack on Green. Of
course the crippled condition of the man
made his case a hard onu to handle , but
Dull' was equal to the emergency , and
soon had the pugnacious Peter in ono of
the corridors , So obstreperous did he
become that the patrol wagon was sent
for and Peter was jailed. Ho lost his
legs in the army , but his fighting projion-
sities and blackguard ways deprive him
of all sympathy , lie makes periodical
visits to this city and is a general nuis
ance while ho remains. Had ho not been
stopped before boarding the train ho
would undoubtedly have made Rome
howl and the conductor swear as long as
lie was on the cars.
10 per cent , a month for ono year , will
bo the advance in ' LAKH Ariuw" lots.
Buy now while they are cheap.
Bargain , S. 10th St. , 50x102 , business ,
lot , $13,500. S. A. SI.OMAN , ' '
1512 Farnuin st.
The beautiful drama " ' '
"Apfcl RoBchpu-
will be presented at the Btadt theatre
Go to ICdholm & Erickson for fine
watch repairing.
Hargain Farnam street , opp , court
house , improved , cheap ; $18,000.
S , ASIO.MAN , 1512 Farnam ,
Unequalled for beauty "LAKE Vuw. "
Grover Cleveland , /Us Wife ,
and his wife's mother have all gone fish
ing , and thus they miss the opportunity
of their lives to make n profitable invest
ment in Central Park lots before the advance -
vance in prices , which takes place Sep
tember 1. No suburban addition to
Omaha has made n record of advance
equal to Central Park. Early purchasers
have already realized 100 per cent , on
their investments , and September 1st will
add 50 per cent. more. Chine & 1-rcnch
are the agents for this beautiful residence
ground , and their ollico is at 1510 Doug
las street.
Just Received ,
Fall Style Youmans' ' Hat
Black , Brpwn and Tan
r-Feathor Weight-
Hudson's , Millard Hotel block ,
The Itcsult of Ycstortlay's AVork at
Yesterday morning practice was held
at skirmishing at Hellcvue rille range.
In this firing each skirmisher is advanced
in quick and double time on a target of
three figures , ono yard , apart , the right
beinc a kneeling figure , the centre n
standing figure , and the left a lying down
figure , nil the size of a man in those posi
tions. Hits on lying figures count 5 ,
those on kneeling figures 4 , and on
standing figures 3. The possible score on
any ono of these targets would be its
value multiplied by10 , the number of
cartridges allowed to bo lircd. The pos
sible score on lying target would be 200 ,
or an average of n possible 120 on the
three targets. The line fires between
200 and 000 yards , 5 halts advancing and
C retiring. Six seconds after a halt is al
lowed forgetting into position ami 15 seconds
ends for firing , the average being 4 shots
shots at each halt. The following are
the 12 highest foi first day preliminary
skirmish :
Private Reese , 17th infantry sis
Sergeant Stevens , 7th " 1 > 5
Captain Kelly , Stli " 84
Lieutenant Torrey , 5th " 83
Sergeant Hellloy 5th " 70
Musician Wcitenbenr , 21st Infantry 79
Corporal Fold,5th infantry 70
ScigeantlloJden , 7th " 78
Coipoial Olynn , 7th " ? J
C.mtain Romlff , 17th " 71
Private McKcnzle. 17th " 59
Private Stone , 7th " 55
The following are the tivclve men with the
hluhcstazuregatubcoit * In preliminary prac
tice , to uate :
Sergeant Stevens , 7th infantry 337
Sergeant Union , 7th " ! ! 27
Lieutenant Tnrroyfith
Sergeant Kollley , ( itli
Pilvato Kccsc , 17th , ! UO
Corporal Kelluy , Cth
Private Stlne , 7th
Corporal ( ilvnn. 17th . . .
Sergeant ( ! lbbs , Hth civahy . ! ! 0i :
Private McKen/.ie , 17th Intantry . 802
Lieutenant Keir , 17th " . 200
Lieutenant Uaibour , 7tli " . 297
"Lake View" by Clark & French.
Bargain llth sir. , a corner , 132x1)8 ) ,
finely improved , only $7,000.
S. A. SI.OMAN , 1512 Farnam St.
" / A-e View" by Clark & French.
Pruyn Park is selling faster that any
other addition to the city.
PAIIK As FOWI.KII , 1522 Douglas
"Lake View" by ClarK & French.
/ Brown's
, Brown's Park contains 00 acres or
about ! ! 00 largo lots , lying alongside the
U. P. 11. R. track and adjoining the South
Omaha depot grountlai and stockyards.
It Is the most accessible and desirable
location for homes in South Omaha.
Thjs plat is now bcing'Burvoycd and laid
out in oxini largo size lots , and will bo
Oflered for sale soon atyery low prices.
Parties wishing to invest in South
Omaha property will find it to ( heir in-
cer $ t to teuitfcunluif \ * . This property is
known on the county map as the Townsend -
end Tract , and needsno praises , it
speaks for it elf ; a more superior locution
cannot bo found ,
Bargain S. 10th st. near viaduct , 40x
10J , will iucrcuso in value rapidly , sj 1,000.
S. A. SLOMAN , 1512 Furnam st.
rncqunlkd for beauty "LAKE VIEW. "
Wan lea.
A fh-ftt-class shoo salesman at Tirrcll &
Cook'a shoe store ,
Unequalled for beauty "LAKE VIEW. "
Bargain Hnrnoy st. near 31st , 62x132 ,
only $1,000.
S , A. SI.OMAN , 1512 Farnam St.
10 per cent , it month for ono year , will
ho the advance In "LAKE VIEW" lots.
Buy now while they are cheap.
AVe have only a few of Rogers' Genuine
Knives at # 1.50 a set.
Harcain-Two lots in South Omaha ,
very cheap for $1,500.
S. A. SLOMAN , 1513 Farnam St.
Go to Kdholm & Erickson for Spccts ;
they can suit you when others tail.
Bargain , Leavcnworth street , corner
41x112 , 2,300.
S. A. SI.OJI.VN , 1512 Farnam bt.
- -
For Sheet Music go to
EmioLM & EiticicsoN , opp. P. O.
K Permits.
Inspector Whitlock issued building
permits yesterday as follows :
Exposition buildiiiir , fiatnc addition ,
Fourteenth and Davenport . $ 0,000
Ferdinand Streitz , ono story frame
cottatcc , Williams between Six
teenth and Seventeenth . 800
Frank J. Ifamse , five story brick
store , Fifteenth and Harncy . 75,000
Lesbia Chase , one story brick exten
sion to store , 1510 Douglas . 3,500
Julius Koeder , two story brick store ,
TOTnoith Sixteenth . 4,000
John Patterson , two story frame
dwelling , Thirty-first avenue between - '
tween Fnrnam and Doilcc . 1,860
Clara Hooiler , one story brick store ,
SIS south Twelfth . 603
James Morrison , three story orlck
store , 1413 Doimlas . 0SOO
Seven permits aggregatlnc ; . 8101,750
Bargain , Georgia axe. , lot 20 , block 13 ,
$ .2,000 , S. A. SI.OMAN , 1512 Farnam st.
Go to Edholm & Krickson for the now
song , "Tho Lighthouse by the Sea , " sang
by llaverly's minstrels , also their new
book. The standard album tit 50 cents.
House and full lot in Aniblo Place.
Shade trees , barn and everything com
plete. $200 cash , balance ? 15 per month.
PAUK & FOWLUH , 1522 Douglas.
The Injunction iw Dissolved nml
Loaning money at 2 per cent a month is
nowhere when compared with an invest
ment in "Lake View. " This is not out-
fcido property , but is a subdivision of ono
of the old ami best known city additions.
The best lots can bo bought this week at
$500 each , and with the improvements
now under way in that vicinity these
same lots will soil readily for $800 next
month. If others realize largo profits
and yon are "left , " don't say wo did not
give you notice of this salo.
Cull at 1510 Douglas street and Clark &
French will show you this valuable
They Are Tired of Their JliisliandM.
Two divorce suits were filed in the cir-
culr court yesterday afternoon , in which
the wiveH were the plaintifi's. Mrs , Mollie -
lie Wilcox asks for a divorce from her
husband , James Wilcox , to whom she
was married in Lcadvlllo in 1883 , She
alleges that James has become a habit
ual drunkard , and has threatened her
life , Mrs , Maggie Sims seeks a separa
tion from her husband. Frank Sims , to
whom she was married in Omaha in
March , 1883 , She alleges that her hus
band has becnmp n habitual drunkard ,
and by general incapacity is unfit to bo
a husban d ,
The lawn tennis players of Omaha are
requested to meet at the Millard hotel
Monthly , August 23 , for the purpose of
organization. 'Ihe meeting will bo called
to order promptly nt (5.30. (
"Lake View" by Chirk & French.
Bargain Harncy street , cor , 10th ,
47x152 ; * 10,000.
S. A. SLOMAN , 1512 Farnam ,
"Lake View" by Clark & French ,
"Lake View" by Clark & trench.
Bargain Acre lots in Brookhno , near
depot. * 500.
S. A. SLOMAN , 1513 Farnam bt.
Park & Fowler , 1522 Douglas , will
build houses in any parts of Pruyn Park
by paying only a small cash payment.
"Lake View" by ClaTk & French.
Bargain Ciiming street , near 2Cth ,
08x132 , with three cottages ; $7,500.
S. A. SI.OMAN , 1512 Farnam.
"Lake View" by Clark & French.
19 lots sold in Pruyn ncstcrday.
Unequalled for bcintty "LAKE VIKW. "
* >
U.-ipt. Alice's Present.
A very happy presentation affair oc
curred last night in the real estate ollice
of A. M. Clark , on Fourteenth street.
The victim was Capt. A. Alice , traveling
passenger agent of the C. B. & Q. road.
A few moments before nine o'clock some
of tha local Knights of Pythias gathered
in the place mentioned , Capt , Allen
having previously been decoyed to the
spot. Mr. Clark made the presentation
speech , assuring Capt. Alice of the high
esteem in which he was hold by the
Knights of Pythias , not only of Omaha ,
but also of Nebraska , who owed him a
deb t of gratitude for the cheap rates and
splendid accommodations he had secured
for them on their excursion to Toron
to. He then pinned upon
ho blushing captain's coat a
splendid Knights of Pythias pin. The
recipient icspontled in a few well chosen
words , and the gathering adjourned to
seek some "hit victuals. "
The pin is a beautiful emblem. The
regulation Knights of Pythias red , white
and blue shield is suspended to a chased
bar , on which are inscribed the words.
"A Token of Esteem , to A. Alice. 1C , of
P. , 1880. " On the bar , which is beauti
fully engraved , is imbedded a handsome
costly diamond. The pin is a beautiful
memento , which it is almost needless to
say will bo highly prized by Captain
The Onlilo I/lno
Wil ! run very close to some of the lots
mentioned in our big bargain ad. Rush
& Selby.
< *
Canadian club members arc requested
to attend a meeting tit the club rooms
Sunday at 1 p. in. to make arrangements
lo attend the funeral of our late honor
ary president , E/.ra Millard.
GKO. II. : , Socrotry.
Wanted--Good responsible person to
take charge of infant ,
Mrs , S. A. SI.OMAN , 1014 larnani st.
Hat-vent HxcursioiiVesf ,
Now is | he "Merry Harvest Time"
when tli magnificent eiops of wheat ,
corn , oats , barley , hops , fruit , vegetables
and herds of fat cattle , horses , sheep and
swine in Illinois , Iowa , Minnesota , Da
kota , Missouri , Nebraska and Kansas can
bo scon to the best advantage. To facili
tate the wi-hcs of eastern friends who de
sire to acquaint themselves with the vast
productive capacities of the west , the
management of the CHICAOO , ROCK
IbLANU iV1'Anro RAILWAY announces
that tickols will bo sold on September 8
and 22 , 1880 , to principal points In Min
nesota , Dakota , Missouri , Kansas and
Nebraska at OIIKATLY jtKWCii : > KATIS : ,
and with stop over privileges. J'or fur
ther information apply to your nearest
ticket ngont , or to K. A. Holbrook , ( n a-
oral Ticket ami Passenger Agent , C. , R ,
1. & P. Ily. , Chicago , llC
The various city and county offices will
bo closed next Tuesday during the fu
neral of lion. Ezra Mlllard.
"Lake View" by Clark & French.
Bargain Jones street , with trackage ,
00x132 ; f 12,500. ,
S , A. SLOMAN , 1512 1-nrna.n.
ittsumous XOTISS ,
To-tlny's Ncrvlooi nt iho Clmreln
Throughout the Oily.
Sewnrd Street M. E. church , Twenty-
second and Seward streets. Rev. J. \ \ .
Phelps , presiding elder , will hold the
forth quarterly meeting. Preaching at
10-JW a m. and 7-W ; p. in. Scats free
and all w ill be welcome Sabbath school
at 2 ! 10 p. in
Presbyterian church , corner of Doduo
and Seventeenth streets Services at KKK )
a. m.andSp in. Preae'dnir ' by Rev. W
J. Ilarslia , pallor. Suidny school nt
clo e of morning worship. Young pee
ple's meeting 7 15.
St. John's ehuirh , ( Grace Phapel ) King-
street near Hamilton. Sen ices at 9 n <
in. , and 11 n. in. Sunday school at 1MB
a m. Rev. Robert Dohi-rty , rector in
Trinity Cathedral , corner Eighteenth
and Capitol avenue. August 22 , ninth
Sunday after Trinity. Holy communion ,
8 00 a. m. ; morning service , 11 a. m. ;
exeuing sorviee. 8 p. m. ; Sunday school
and bible classes ! i ; 10 a. m. . All seats
free at evening service. Strangers wel
come to all M'rvices. K. T. Hamel , act4
ing Rector , 2115 Chicago avenue.
The Rev. Alex Thompson will preach
at Boyd's Opera house tin * morn
ing at It o'clock. Subject' 'The Financial
Value of Religion as a HusinesN Invest
ment. " A gencrnl invitation is extended.8
North I'resbUonan ehureli. Saundera
street. Rev.V R. HiMidi'tir-on , paston
Services at 1U-0 ! ! a. in , and 8 p. in.
Sunday school at noon , young people's
prayer meeting at 7 p. in. Song service in
the evening to ne conducted by the pas
tor. Strangers made welcome at nil Iho
services. '
German Evangelical servieos to dajt
at No. 4 engine house , corner Kiev1
enlh and Doreas streets , at 10 : ) ( ) n. in.
Preaching by Rev. F. II. W. Hrueehortf ,
Sabbath school at 1)00 ) a. in. Friends
and children are cordially invited and
welcome. AKo will there 1m an organ- !
nation of the First German Evangelical
church at the same place , at 7 ! 10 p. m. .
to which , not only the members who
wish to organi/o , but also Kvaugellcn (
Christians and friends are cordially hii
Tiled to attend. f
Christian church , corner Capitol nro\
nuo and Twentieth. R. H. Ingram , pasl
tor Hours of service , 10.10 a. m. and 8
p. m. Sunday school at noon. Sub'
ject for morning : "Zeal , " evening , "Mi
racle. " The public is cordially invited.
Southwest Presbyterian chureh , Twcnj
tieth and Leaven'worth streets , Preae'.ii
ing by Rev. J. M. Boyd at 11 a. m. Sab- !
bathsehool 3 p. m. No evening service. '
Castellar Street Presbyterian ehurchj
Rev. J. M. Wilson , pastor. Preaching by
the pastor at 11 a. m. , and at 8 p. m.
Sunday school at 3 p. in . j
First M. E. Church , 1711 Davenport
street , Rev. R. N. McKaig , pastor ,
Morning serv'ce ' at 10.30 ; evening
service at 8 ; Sunday school at 2 ! ! 0 p. m.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at
8 o'clock. All are welcome. \
W. C. T. U. Buckingham home , '
Twelfth street. Gospel meeting Sunday
evening , conducted by Air. Powell. Tues
day 8 p.m. , prayer meeting. Thursday 2
p.m. , W. C. T. U. board meeting ; 1 p. m. ,
business meeting ; 8 p. m , reform club
business meeting. Saturday evening ; ,
temperance meeting , conducted by the
St. Mary's Avenue Congregational
Church. St. Mary's A\eimo and Twenty-
sixth street. Rov. Willard Scott , pastor.
Services at 10-JJO a. in. Sunday school at
noon. Sermon by Rev. II. C. Crane No
evening service.
Lots sold on very e.isy terms in Pruyn
Call on PAUK & Fovvi.r.n , 1522 Douglas.
Bargain , N. 10th st. cor. Ross , - HJfl3 ,
$3,500. S. A. SI.OMAN , 1512 Farnam st.
Personal 1'arajirnphs.
Alderman Leo left for Kansas City lust
evening to join the aldcrmanic innocents
Professor McClnre of the deaf and
dumb institute has returned from an ex
tended California trip.
Miss Annie Cussackof Missouri Valley ,
la. , is visiting Miss Nora Harrington.
Miss Hattie Casmody of St. Pan ? ,
Minn. , who has been visiting P. C.
Ilctilfy and sister for several weeks , last
evening returned homo accompanied by
the good wishes of her many friends in
"Lake tt'ew ; " by Clark & French.
Bargain 1 lots in Jerome park , cast
fronts adjoining Fnrnam st. ; a chance for
homebody to double their money quickly ,
all for sy,7CO. S. A. SI.OMAN ,
1512 Farnam st.
1 "L\KK VIEW. '
Unequalled for buntly \
Wanted Parties having good residence
property , improved or unimproved , that
they wish to sell , to send me full descrip
tion and lowest price and terms ; do not
want any at fictitious price.s.
S. A. SI.OMAN , 1512 Farnam st ,
< lnst ICecelvcd.
Fall Style Youmans' Hat
Black , Brown and Tan
-Feather Weight-
Hudson's , Millard Ilotel block.
Two cars filled with Mannvva visitors J'
wont across the river last evening.
An engine on thu Republican Valley
branch ot the Mnion Pacific was disabled
yesterday , cnuMng n delay in Ihe arrival
of the morning train from Lincoln ami
Jerry O'Loary , Nebraska ngont for the
Transfer hotel , gave a party to the em
ployes of the hotel last evening. Vehicles
were secured and a grand time was in
dulged in.
The body of a man by the name of Me-
Gavatt , who iliod in the Union Pacific
hospital at Denver , .laiived hero yester
day morning , consigned to Undertaker
Burkett. In the evening n telegram wan
received to ship the body back to Wood
River , which was done.
Just received from New York now fall
styles hats at Bliss' , 1511 Douglas ,
Bargain , corner 20th and Dodge , 5CX
1 18 , .iJi50. : ( S. A. SI.OMAN ,
1512 iMirmun .st. is BHOWN'S PAIIKV
For Sale Fora few days only 1 offer
my corner 101) ) feet on lllth fclreet by ! !
feet on Loavenwortli , with half inttuoit
in 5-story party wall now standing. This
is trnckago property on a street-ear thor-
oughlaro. W. T. SCAM uv.
Wiir.m : is Bitovv.N's PAIIK ?
Ktfiwnrt I'luco
is the most sightly addition to Omaha ;
lays between Pleasant slrect and Lowe
avenue. Splendid east , south ami west
view , close to Nasli's and Barton's line
resiliences. Only-1 blocks from paved
street and sidewalk. Lot us show you
this property. CI.AKK & FIIKNCII ,
Sole agents , 1510 Douglas st.
HIiorlhniMl anl
If you want to secure n gootl paying
situation attend Valentino's Shorthand
and Tjpow riling Institute , Exposition
Building , Omaha , Nebraska. Students
prepared for positions in from four to
bimonths. . Bu.-iness correspondence ,
and all kindof court anil railway short
hand work taught. Punctuation iiml
spelling made u purl of thu course.