Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 22, 1886, Page 11, Image 11

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Billionaires From the Conservatories of
American Wits.
The Rlin < ni nnd Gobllni of
Folk llatliltiK Stories of Holies
ami llPtuiv Tlic Sun-
Uny Olil ,
The Sennrr- Hit/yard's I'ork.
3Vr w
Tlicy MV tlirrn's man'iostatlons vvav down
at Hnmid's 1'ork , . , .
The spirits clients an' goblins hev cat tlio
Upans und pork :
There's a moanln1 an' a vxallln , niul seen
nolsps In the dark.
As wnIIPVPI beam nluie , sli , setice tlie time
of Noah's ark ,
A moalnm. us tlicy rail Mm , ho struck thet
bloomin' toxMi. . , ,
Ills liar wit ; long air' a sort o' sticik-
cJ broxvn. . , .
Hewn ? palonn' were nn ulster , which tliu
Bailie , XXltllOllt ! Xlloillt ) ,
Yc cud hexIt buttoned single 01 jis waie it
Inside out.
Wai , down at .Jimmy Hutijon's they rigged
An' tin * mpajum seil he'd show tlio boys tlio
wonder ot thu age : , . ,
He'd just niosmnrl7U a do7cn , who would en
teitaln the crowd , , , ,
With their imeer niul cur'tts mitt' * , ef thcj d
Uo as he allowed.
Jliu ( Ilcn on , him thot mixes tlic cocktails nn'
Tlm IViyinoiiVu' Hia/os Poet , UiUToot nn'
I'm son Blinks ,
.ledge Dexter , Colonel Pilnclple , an' Hoggs ,
the. little PUS * .
An' ShciilT IJudd , an' Monte Jake , an' Lance
wit ? In thelnniss.
Tust he Hindu 'cm het theii peepers , an' he
stood 'cm In a line
Ten minutes they looked sleepy thai , mi'
necr made a sign ,
An1 then he kern nn' llotu ishcd his bans afore
their fine ,
An * made some sm to' passes with a move
meiit full o' grace.
"Stan' tlnrl" ser he to ( Jlev-oii , "you're a
nnlced nymph In stout ! : "
To llra/os Peel , "Vereatlii1 hsh aii'swalletcd
all tin ) bone I"
An' then he set Jedgo lcteilthliisstom
ncli on a chair ,
An' j u oil to see him stiikin'out an' swim
mln' in thualr.
An' know , the sliPiin" , he hail him
ketfiiln' fish
1'toin tlio ilark and huso recesses of n lexan
china dish ,
An' waxolT in one coinei olc bald head i'ar-
.son lllinks ,
With his two vxhlto culls fur glasses , w uz
mlxln' up tlio drinks.
JJiH Tool lie bad n tnoomstlck n hu gln' of it
Jlu thought ho bed bis sal , sir , a uioonln' out
nt night ;
An'Foiguson , the dninkaid , wuprcnchln
'gainst the si u
Of llcker nn' the tuhocatcs of undiluted gin
At last that tnesmerUor bo kein to Monte
Whose w'lll , yci know , is hardei thanabikeil
ndohe oike ;
llellourlshed all aioundhlin an' he slappeil
.lake on the bend ,
Till he thought he'd lived him solid , then ho
looked : it him and bald :
"Vei a hoisp' thoslteiill is alter jer ,
uif i lend. "
' Vei a Mat ! ' ' - > e.lake , thaw In' , "an * jcr life
lietl better end" :
An' w ith thet Jake lalsctl his shooter , an' be
plumed htm in the no ,
While tlie it-it jist woke in time , sir , to sco
thut meajtim die.
Now I couldn't gixo no notion of the time
willed then endued.
JJut 1 know tbet pistols ciackcil , sir , an' n
beapo' tiouble biewed ,
An' Iknow thatmesiiieii/er in bis carcass
lied tweho holes ,
An' 1 know twoho men bed whisky an'
Wood upon their souls.
An'o\er sencn that Iracas way down nt
liii/xniil's Fork.
Them twehe men sav thet spcitts he/ cat
then beans an' poik
They heir moanlii1 , nu' sou goblins an' sich
Mil mint in the dark.
An' tbeii boots is tilled with &at pints scnco
tbet mesmcii/lu' lark
Didn't Fjlko n Spanking Mrccze.
Washington Grille : Sir. 15a\ter was
ihont to tuko hih wife niul children out
for n sail "Come on , " ho said , "there's
u spanking breo/.e timl wo musn't miss
it. " "Puua , " interinpted his little son ,
with bis hands liinily folded behind him ;
"tako the lest of the family and go ; with
that kind of ft hrec/o blowing 1 don't
want to bo caught on u little boat with
mamma until I have learned to swim. "
Wliy lie Know.
Arknnsaw Traveler : "So , Unelo Jack ,
yon don't much believe in the idea that
men am called to preach " "Wall , sab ,
do Law d niont call some infers to pieach ,
but it soitor 'peers ter me dat whar do
Laxvd calls one old man I a/mess calls er
do/on. Nine nigger preachers outon ton
in do la/ies' pnssons in de woil' " "How
do you know , Uncle Jack1' " "Case i'so
cr preacher mciso'f , sab "
DcpciulH Upon Ilorscir.
Chicago Humbler : Burlesque Actress
"Yes , doctor , tlio dog bit mo just below
the kneit " Doctor " tsii painful
wound , but not dangerous , 1 assuio yon "
liutlpsinm Aetrrss "Jhit will the hear be
noticed * " Uootoi "That will depend
ontiioly on you , madainu"
Wulklim with ttui TIciMJown.
Texas Sittings : "Mamma , " said a
scheming miss the other day at ttio beach ,
"may 1 walk along the strand ? Thorn is
no danger with tlio tide down. " "Yes ,
my dear. " Ashorttimo later her mother
beuold her walking with a young cleric
fiom tlio city , and upon her return asked
the young lady what she meant by such
deception. "Hut 1 didn't deeeivo yon ,
ma , " insisted tlio girl , " 1 said there was
no danger walking with the tied down ,
und if a joung dull ; isn't tied down !
don't know what is. "
The Prevailing Stylo.
Kambler : Miss Lownoek"Dear mo ,
I'm so horrv " I can't go to the hop to
night "
Sympathl/Ing Friend "Why ? What's
the matter ? "
Misa L "Why , my dear , I fell against
lliochair this moining ami biuisod my *
self light in the Bmalfot the back. "
Not the Hnuio Wife.
Texas Siltings : Hotel Cleric "How
do you do , colonel ? Yon wmo lieiu last
year with your wifo. How much she has
Changed. "
Unost "Yes , she lias changed \cry
much. "
"Sim if. good deal thinner. "
"Much thinner. "
"Her hair is much darker than it
was. "
"Much duiker , but you sco thal'ti not
btrangu. It is not the .same woman. I've
been married twice sineo 1 was hoio last
tcason. "
"O , I see Well , how's Iho business
outlook in Clm-apo * "
"Goodery go'od. "
The Kind or a Follow lie Wws I.oolc.
lujT II'OP.
"I'ooh"saiil ! n certain Now York man'
ncor , "what do I cam for any invention
to easily empty theatres Send mo si
man that will invent n way for easilv
tilling thorn , and IMI muko it pay him. '
Mr. Tiilmtiuo Was ThanUfnl.
An nnknowu man stepped no to
Ihothcr T.ilinagu and saith "Woll , sir ,
1 tun an evolutionist and 1 want to dU <
cuss that iinc&lion with you. I am aha
nn aiiiiilnlationjbt. 1 believe that wlipn
I die that will bo the end of me,1
Than k loil ! for thatl" devoutly cjacti
lated Mr TjlinaRO , as ho walked oft nml
left the man perfectly d.v.ed ,
lintlilne Stories.
Detroit Tree Tress "Ma can't sco
Jon , " saitl a C.iss nvcnupgirlof 10 , ns a
jifdler iiscpii'ipil the front stein. "Is she
at home. " ' Yea , sir. but she's very
busy. " 'Will you ask her to step to the
door * " "No , sir , sho's up stairs trying
on her bathing suit before the big mir
ror ; when hc gets it on she's going to
iiof.0 , if she looks statuesque we're go
ing to the seashore , if ho iust seems to
be common we'ie going out into the
country to 1'nclc \ \ illiam's P/i-nse / go
awui and don't disturb the poses. "
Sill' W\STI.1 > TO M\KB A \TIIIVn SflT.
( 'liicago Uambler Miss Heauniontle
"lla\e joit any tomimnU of silk rib
bons' " Clerk-- " Yes , Miss , 1 believe \ve
" Beaumondo "I'lcaso
have a few Mi s
show me < .omn ; I want one small enough
to make a bathing suit. "
IN Till.
K , SI. fl. UtHicnrcintlirltnmltlir.
Her bathlmt dress Is orniiKO ami Dine ,
It leaches just to her rounded ktiei1 ;
Tin1 Blocking beneath of the tlarkci hue ,
Are as iliapeb as hose may be.
An orance kei chief enwraps her hair ,
I'lom uiidei ltsrdie ; the stray curls run ;
The dnlnU-inouhlcil aims are bate
Ami brown trom the Kiss of the sun.
She swims with n swift , lithe , supple
OIIP scaicc ran tell how she comes or goes ,
'Ihe little wa"j break full In her face ,
Anil the drops inn down her nose.
Venus hersclt she seems to be
As shn ioe lioin the sea etc love bffjan
lint what catthly good 1 * all this to mo' . '
hhe's ciujnged to another man 1
TIII IIM.I.UT oiui , nit.vws TIM :
MM :
1'irst ballot girl- " ! just had a talk with
tiie manager , and hu has a new idea. "
Second Dallut gii'l "Has ho , though ? I
wontler If be won't nut it in the ipfngcr-
ator to keep. What is it , though' " "W liy ,
IIP intends to | iiit on a 'watering place
ballet'a .seaside scene , with the ballet in
bathing costume. " "Oh , hoiroi1 Why ,
its positively indecent. I'd have him
know I'ue some resueet for myself , and
don't intend o appear in anything of that
Kind. "
Ills " 811111101' Olrl. "
( ll'il/i / intuiiiilitttiiii * li\i \ Ills .Uoiii/ni/iHllo / )
Her liiisme liketbe led , red losel
( bo is liei no-.e. )
Ilei fate with peuchblow color slows ,
The tint which only Xatine shows ,
In llusliiin ; sea-shells , pink and talut.
( It ain't ill's paint I )
liei daint\ form Is my dcllcht.
( V , ell , she's a siRht ! )
1 wait lei summerdajs
Walt lor the coollm : e\ealn Iia70 ,
Yet sc.uce can heal lier tootlall lino.
( fehe weais anlueli
t am hci llrsl , hci vciy first.
( Well , that's the worst ! )
That lovely form ( she's shin and bone )
I soon shall call mv own , my own I
That lorm b ) eonnolssums ailmlied.
( You make me tired I )
She's nnmetl the day. I wished It so.
( O , ditl you , thoucht
Ami when tlio solemn deed Is done ,
Our two hearts welded into one ,
We'll seek some distant sylan spot.
( O , no , jou'll not. )
-lim\aid : i : . KlUdcr.
A Concord Philosopher.
7 fiJ lilts
lie is pol\sjliable and sesciuipedalian
with woidsthat aie Sanscrit and Greek
and Australian , and Paithian , Mcdc or
Islamite , be don't legard or feel a mite.
lUiii'can , Unsqne or Timbuctese , the
JUiopian and Chinese , the Hottentot
and .Japanese from every toifguo be
neath the heaven this vcibal tlnef will
steal a mite.
And so with his nohglot olla podiida ho
bores every victiiiu/ed .listener or
loader ; with his verbal and sinuous
teigivcrsations and lovicoguiphical
lieregrinations ; the fccience and elegies
discussed in all tlic colleges and all their
lore and knowledges are mingled in his
casual talk and latiocinalious.
A Fruitful Thcmo.
"Jim Akor ObiRei I'm the Chap
1 lm\o a way that's takln'
My seat in bummer's in the lap
Ot deal iliss Jiclle A. Aiken "
I WhltihuU Times.
Ami Watt It. Melon Is the tilend.
\ \ ho by exeitioii inaklii' ,
KiTiired mo the altection elM
M > dailliiK , Hello A. Atken.
iC'/n / lutUtn Inttillucnccr.
The Vountr li'roni Colk-c.
A'ciu 1'or/i / H'tf/if. /
Of the many fa voted regions , wh ro am
bitious young collegians Hock in
heieely n'lialanxed Icgioas , to do ur die
with lighting.
We believe the hardest batter , anil the
loudest of their clatter , hits the island
of Maiihatt.uivitli an educated bmit-
Thojouth who's Jill gymnastic , with a
hi ain that's unela tic , stullod with
knowledge iieiiplirastie , comes to see
us in our sanctum , ho delights in eru
dition , and his present modest mission
is to show a composition which in col
lege faiily "yanked 'em. "
Ho then proceeds to tell us that whatever
he should sell us would bo brce/y as a
"bqllus" and would win us new sub
That his ti enchant style of writing should
bo made both bright and biting , and
would surely prove the blighting of the
alduruianic bribers.
But we got his worth specilie , when ho
asks in words torrllic , with a nerve
that's BO pacific that it leaves us soil
ofwcaiif ; wo should have objection ,
when ho felt a predilection to write up
a comic .section , it ho did the woik iu
Ocllcnto Men Ijlvo the
iinura : ( N. Y. ) Oa/otto "It's my pot
hobby that dolicatq men live tlio longest , "
said a lending IClmira pli\slcian tlio other
evening , adding"I've boon greatly in-
teiostod in Mr. Tilden's case. It has
been a wondciful example of what sci
ence is able to do in prolonging life It
has been exhibited pretty well in other
ca os , but in Mr Tildeu's it has been par
ticularly satisfactory. Oh , there is no
doubt had Mr Tihlun boon a poor man
or a man able to .surround hiniaolfwilh
only the ordinary moans of prolonging
lilo , lie would have died several years
ago. If I were to found an insurance
company I would accept all the risks in-
looted by the regular companies. Why ?
HecaiHo of my theory that delicate men
live tlio longesi. It is , of course ,
because they take bettor care of thorn-
sehcs than stiong , robust individuals.
The latter say , 'On ' , 1 can stand wny
thing ; nothing will hurt mo ; ' and the
tiling you know pneumonia orsomo
such disease takes them oil' like a | la h.
The delicate man or woman , on thecon -
ttary , is alxvays guauling against
draughts , is careful during sudden
chaniros , mindful not to oat xx'hat exper
ience has taught him does not ug.oo xvith
him , and by such care extends und pio-
longs life ,
" 1 xvill give you another intoresling
fact. It has been demonstrated of Into
by tlio most careful computation by tlm
most reliable statistics that the age of
man is increasing rather than diminish
ing. This is ix fact xvhich most people
xvill dispute Men and women aru actual
ly living longer. This is duo no doubt
to scientific discoveries of various kinds ,
to moio knowledge , to better sanita
tion. "
There is certainly food for relloptlon in
the doctor's obsorvation.
An elocttio < . ! tbieo U-t-t lone 1 * on cxlIM-
tton in the Fulton uiarU't , New York.
millam l.ylt in Detroit Frtc l'ir .
A bundle ot sweetness rolled np In blue
A round curly head tnnt was golden ,
Twoweo chubby I muds that came pceplnp
Andno'tr to one thing could be liohlen.
Such a lump of fun ns p > es nc\er met ,
And the whole went bj name of Riaudpa'a
pet ,
He's up In the morning when daylight
breaks ,
Ande\cr > one knows all about It !
The ilaj beslns Just w hen Il ser awakes ,
Aiiilnonc aie so mrdyas doubt It ,
An autocrat he. whoso w Ish must be met.
All must bow to the rolgn of grandpa s pet.
Does bo wnnt a crown'.1 He'll ha\c Brand-
pa's hat
The coat scuttle serves him to lUh in.
When hpohoo'-es to ritlo , he'll ildo the cat ,
And pnssj must bend in submission.
lie cannot do WIOUR ho noxer did let
Why , the whole world was made just for
craiulpa's ; pet.
When he makes a ciow'sncst of grundpa's
Then tlio old man is ready to kiss him.
I IP draws Ids siiuir box around for a cli ? ,
And the \ xoistvord that's said Is God
bless him ,
All clocks in the house to his time are set-
Well , theie is nobody thuio but ( jmndiia s
What pits xxo cannot bo ahxajs younc ,
Ami rule like a kins In his plorj ,
What pltv tint tlmo with Ids fi-oii tonwe ,
Must cliamo ; the swcot tune of llto's story.
Alas I that x\o lose In Hurry and fiet
I'nu dream of the tlmo we were grandpa's
The latest noxelty In ctamlne lias chenille
India muslins haxo plain and palm leaf
Spanish flounces are among the rexlxalsof
the si a son.
Couise straw braided with horsehair is made
up Into bonnets.
Ambei beads arocmplojed foi edging pan
els of the same lint
TttrKlsh crape Is now made lu colors suit
able fur half moiirnlnc.
Ilhlnestoiieauilctit steel buckles aie used
for fastening velxet belts.
The trimming of high hats Is at the back
anddioops oxer tlieeioxxu.
Oxeulicssesof lace insertion are run with
xtremelj' mil row satin ilbbou.
.Skirts covered with lace llounces are xxoin
xlth ox ei dresses ot Indlasllk.
When the period of deep mounting is over
nglislixxoiiien gtaj gloxus.
Plastious ot white small airamieit In folds
re xxorn xvith dresses of striped silk.
( iiecn velvet of vivid lint is used to trim
Iresses of white bison cloth or canvas.
( lood taste demands that the ( lowers adorn-
iia bonnets and hats should bo seasonable.
Figaro Jackets made enthcly ot steel em
roideiy ate xxorn xxith black or giay dicsscs ,
Mattxp , lav Pinter , heliotrope , peach and
giay are the favorite colois ot the Parisians.
Plaited blouse bodices witli a deep flounce
jclow the belt are worn with llouiiccd skirts.
Corsage figures are arranccd In fiont of
he bodice and conloini to the lines of the
Ihere is a ladles' club at Hat IJaibor con-
luctcd on the same principles as the gentle-
uen's clubs.
Materials for tennis costumes , xxith tlgines
if theaceussoiicsot the game , have nboons
Uojal ictl Is seen In the ticxv leather goods ,
Kith' in caul cases , pocketbooks ami other
tsetul ai tides.
Hats of tine Lczhotn or Tuscan straxvaro
liied xxith braids ol lushes , teels or atiaxv eli
i dilleieiit coloi.
Dull leather xxill supersede jiiteut leather
'oi xxalkiug boots. Heels aie loxx aud the
ocs less pointed.
The old-time fashion ol pink llounces of
i ml la silk upon thin cotton diossos is re-
, ixed th Is season.
Shades of may are very stjlish for gloves
0 xxeai on all oidinmy occasions as xxell as
with deml-toilet.
Palis contains one miriled woman of 14 ,
.hipo widows ot is , and txxo widows ot 1(5 ( , as
1 late ceiisus.shows.
Slippers tor exeiilng xxear are of Siicdii
eatlier , and are claboi.itcly embroidered
.xlth . beads and silk.
Ulack stockings arc xx-orn by cliildionl as
soon as thej aio short-enUed. Thej- should ,
ot course , bu of black silk.
The Baioness Alphoiiso dc Itothsclilld
xcuts her supetlliious alfcctiou on hall a
lo/en petjelloxv teiiieis.
An Abiiigdou So.iiaio girl recently mar
ried a legless man. She says xx hen she asks
foi a nexv bonnet ho can't kick.
Tilmmlm ; speclallj' airatigod for plastion.
collar , cuffs and sfcirr , so fashionable last
winter , is slioxvn toi autumn costumes ,
A joiiugwoman at AtoonaPa.vvasrol ! > bcl
of her head of loin ; and luxuriant liait
xvliile asleep In hei chaiiibet a foxv nights
Waterproof mantles of shot or'bioeadod
silk show no slmisot ( house lot which they
IIP Intended , so becoming aie tluiy.
White woolen mateiials , xvltli texts from
ancient Poisiau and AtabtcifiaiUHeiipts , em-
bioiderod in icd , are the latest novelty In
Tailoi-mado jackets and jeisoy bodices ate
xxoin xxith cotton di esses in the moining
xx hen the biccio blows liesh liom sea oi
Mrs , . Kato Chase sax-s slio does not Intend
to moke her homo In Paris. She vx III go Inck
to Fiance In the fall , but will soon letuin to
this country lor good.
Miss Agnes St. John , a handsome British
girl and a noted swliiimei , has just come to
this country to bieak the ipcoicl ot the late
Captain Webb by tumalnlii In thexxatei
oxei elghtj hoins.
A bonnet o { black tulle with full pulTs Is
edged with cut jut beads. Auaiiged dliectly
In front is a bunch ot mouiit.iin-.ish bcities
w ith their beaiititul leaxcs. Thu sitings are of
xxatnred ribbon.
An exchange publlslies an old chestnut
formula for telling a j-oung laity's ago. What
the young man of to-day wants is an Infalli
ble fotmula for sUlng up his prospective
father's hank account.
Steel embioidcrv takes the piccedcnceof
jel and Is seen on every aitlcle of Parisian
lemlnino attiie. Gloves , bonnets , shoes ,
stocKhigs nml dress are all umbioldercd to
cotiospoiid with this gllttcilng metal ,
A little six-jear-old whose "noso had been
put out ot joint" txvlco xvithln txvox pars and
a half , Iccllngly lematked the other day :
"Mamma gets sick ox cry tlmo a now baby
comen to ( bis house , and I xxish they'd stay
uwav. "
Thu richest unmairleil girl In Philadelphia
Is Miss Helen M. Seirlll. She Is a young
woman and veiy attiactlvo. Hei tiithei re
cently died In New Oileans , IcaxiiigSlO.ooa-
( XX ) to his txxo daughters , sbaiu and share
Parasols linvo this soison outdone them
selves and touched thu two oxtroiiiesol nb-
Huidity. On the one band , theie are actually
some made of xelxot ; and , on thu other , not
a lew ot muslin , tjwe , tulle , lace and black
Shoos with In Gad flaps and ornamented
with buckles are exceedingly comfoitfiblo ,
nml may bo xvorn by persons who cannot
weir the oidlnaty loxx shoo on account of
taking cold , Ihe llap protects the instep
fiom cold ,
"Gentlemen " rcmaiked
, Colonel Mooney
the other day , "let us strike lei a refoim In
out rticss. If women can wear diessos xvlth
the arms und yokes thereof punched full of
holes to let the cool ttlr In , why can't woV
I'm foi inform. "
A high hat of blnek straxv has the brim
faced with black xelvet. A band of black
xelxet is placed mound the crown and n
bunch of ilcld llowcts Isariangcd at the back ,
xx Idle giacefully tailing sprays of oats nod
ovei the crown.
A little girl , vliltlng her neighbor xvlth her
mothet , xvas ( fa/Ing cmlously at the hostess'
mnv bonnet , when Iho owner quelled ; "Do
xoi : like It. LauinV" Thu innocent tonlled :
"Why , mother said it xxas a ptifect Irlght ,
but it don't .sea 10 me ! "
Husband I haxo been making my will ,
dear , loaxlng jou ex try thing , xvith full
power to re-mariv. Wife-Ob , Uaillng ,
nexer ! Husuaml Yes , love. And ( with a
sardonic chuckle ) In that case 1 shall feel
assailed there will bo at least one xx bo xxlll
dilly dcploio iiy ) death.
Combination is tlie oitlor of the day. A
pompadour liguii-d skirt may bo xxorn with an
oteidrcss ot white muslin or lace , with a tor-
quolso blue faille polonaise , and xxith a
i asimo of crepe du chine the tint of the foli
age In the silk. Thus three dresses may bo
made with one skin to do fur all.
Ida Lewis , famous for her cfToiIs In rescu-
IniMlo dnmilhiR at Now port , Is the only
woman In tltc * orld xxlm holds the position
ot gox-ernniont llBht-liouse keeper. Althoucli
pnst inulille ncurlio Is alxxaxs on 1he lookout
for any unfortunates needing her help , and
would cote their relict a.s piomptl ) as xxhen
n lithe ami acttxc cltl.
A bonnet of ttark gicen gau/e. embioidcrod
with cashmefo c/Dlnis / , a tlnv gold thread out
lining the design , is trimmed with , \ cluster
of chestnut blo soms ami theli leaxes. The
soft , orc.imy tints of thp pendulous hlooms
nio In chnniilne contrast to the polished
green of t IIP leaxes. Thp stiing * arc of rib
bon , the tint of the gauze.
"What a populnr girl Miss llarxex Is , " said
one joiiug man to nnothei , of n young l.itly
Mhoui ho Iwd been xxatclnng for some lime ,
as slip su on n hotel pla/n. " 'She has a
i rowd of admirers mound her all the time. "
"Ye * , " sild Jds companion , "l'x ! been
watching her , too. Hxen the uiosiiultous
seem to be mashed on hoi. ' '
"Dear Cliailes , ' said Mrs. Sinllii. a joung
marrlrd xxomaii. leaning on bet husband's
shoulder as he sat at his desk xxntlng. "Well ,
xxbat the misclilef do jou want novxV ho
croxxled. "Dear Charles , do sou loxemons
inticli noxv as IOH did xxhcn xxo xxere lli > it
married ? ' ' " 1 told xou so IIIOIP than foitv
times. If joii ask ineliLMln I'll bounce a pam
xxelghtonou. . Yc-sIxesSjes Ale you sat-
Islled now' . ' "
A dress xxorn by Miss Chamberlain at the
diiehess of Westminster's bill was of xxhitu
satin cox-or'-d with silxer tulle. On the left
side the diapery xxas held by boxxs of lilac
x'elxet ; elsewhere it hum : full and straight.
The bodlct ) reseinbh'it those one sees in the
pictures ot Mnihuiio Taillen. Vrhet of the
same tint as that In the skh t eros--ed the bod-
lee Horn the light shouldei to the left of the
ivalst line , xxhlle on the other side the sllxer
idle eroded under the xelvet. The backot
he bodice was also ot the tulle.
A young xxldow In Waiikeshn , whose lnis-
laiitl had been deail fora month , and xxboin
she bad alx\a > s supposed to be frccfiom
uuall xlces , oxeihatillng his clothes tlio
ither day. She found n lingo pine of to-
iiacco In a coat pocket. "Ob , George 1
Scored1' she exclaimed despairingly , " > ou
and 1 xx ill nexer meet In the good xxorldl1'
In nnothei pocket ot tlio sunegaimoiit she
found a life Insurance pollej for S"i,000 , ot
which she hail hetore known nothing , and
she buist out exulttiutlj : "Oh jes xxe xxilll
xxewllll llcaxen xxlll forglxe him his one
atilt ! "
Robert C. Wllitluep's ciaiiddaimhtci. Miss
Maila Wlnthum , is to be mart led to Louis
Pe > mont , a lirltlsli ainiy olllcer.
Theie are moio than 4,000 dexiees foi
'Otipling ' In this coiiutiy , accoiillng to a i.dl-
roait journal , hut toi uncoupling the Amcil-
can dixoicccourt has no competition.
At Paris , on the l.Jth lust. , Clnlstlne Nlls-
iiin xxas man led to Count tie Cas.xMli.iniU
ot Spain. The mairiaee ceiemouy was pil-
xate us possible. The couple spend tlicli
liono > niooii in Spain.
Alfred Kicknei , alias "Piench Pied , " who
- loped fiom Chicago with Miss Madeline -
line Kessler , a Chicago liPhess , xxas mauled
to her at M ontieil on Wednesday. A well
known ciiminal law j PI advised him that his
'iiaiilago to Mine. Cho'iuette In Chicago XXMS
lobai to the union.
Shoe and Leather 1'epoitei : A Xcxv
llampshbo chap xxho xxanted to bieak off
the eiigagemont to aiiothei felluxx ot
the gill he lined didn't tty to iicisuado
either that the other xxas false , but just con-
trlxed to get them both to join the same
chinch choir , and In less than a wiek they
lldn't speak.
Miss Kllso Cfilamo , the joung French
lichuas man icd ut bt. Paul a toitnight ago to
Mr. \eimllje. is the daughter ol a
Parisian bauw'r. 'Iho m.uiiago xxas a sui-
prlse to him. The coiutshlp seems to haxo
been conducted In the Ameiiean lashioii ,
while the bridexvas , supposed to be tlaxcling
toi Instiiictipn aud iilensure.
The xouiig Due de I'ocheloucauld , xxho Is
an olllcei mlliu , Piench ainij. and has oulv
his p ute stijipof t him , is still much attached
loajounsr American lady , xxho is also in
triltpned clrtUiustauces. He Is anxious to
; uniliei , but hii | mother is opposed to the
; natcli. lie himself was loimeilx icslgiieil
toxxhat seemed luex liable , and xxas picparcil
to mairv a fortune. He has lemained lox al ,
nexeithelcss , and theie is a possibility that
tlio young Ameiiean xvill become uducheis.
A lather comical Incident took place at an
Ameiiean weddlnn in 1'aiis the other day.
A miinuci of ddlnty little boxes had been
oidered , beaillil : the united iiioiiociains ot
the hiido nml hihlegioom upon the lid , to bo
tilled with wedding cake lor dhtnbutlon
among the cuosts. Ihe boxes anixed in
L'oodtime and the distiihutlon took place.
Hut upon investigation thc.x xveie found to
be tilled , not xxith bildo cake , as had been
oidered , but xvith cln istenlug comtits.
Kdwaril McAIister , a cleik In a Boston
crocket y store , and Annie Murphy , xvho
xxorkediiia shoo luetoiy in Wobmn , Mass ,
onoa Piotestant and the other a Catholic ,
and neither txxenty jeais old , fell in love ,
and as their patents opposed the match , they
eloped , They stalled on a torn xvith 540.
The > xislted'Xew York and Philadelphia In
search ot woik. In Philadelphia theii money
g.txe out , and they started homo on foot. In
Noxv llaxen , Conn. , on Wednesday night
they xveie seeking aid fiom the charitable ,
and obtained transportation to Uotou aftci
being mnrtled In the town cletk's ofllce.
Lettic Poitet , the daughtei of a wealthy
farmei lixiiigneai Mouiitbteiling , O. , had a
lover in W. L. Thuliums , sou ol a laimei who
moved to Illinois. Timmons had a bosom
tilend in the Piahie state , Louis Downs , of
xxhombo xvtote glowiuglj to LctUe , iccom-
iiiciidiughimasa level toi bet sistei Maud ,
anil photogiaphs w etc cxeluiiigid. In duo
time the suit ol Downs by mall prosneioii ,
anil it xvas auaiiL'od that a 'Icailinr-down"
double wedding should tome ol ) . Upon the
two vouuir men appearing at the Poiter
mansion , Maud , at lust sight of Downs , de-
clai 'd that she had been deeeixetl And she
Had. The photograph sent liei bad been that
ot .some llashy minstrel. She icfiispil to
niuiry Downs , limiiions then lofiiicd to
maiix Lettie unless Maud imitiicd Doxvns ,
and thus both weddings ate ol ) .
An AugiiHt 1'nriulox.
Ilnxlitn Cuuilei.
When Sol rains doxvn its lloicest ia > s.
And city life is lion Id.
When wo experience sxvelteilng days
And inllueucos toirld ,
When patching heat our bodies bake
The lamlly that receives it
Declares tlm Iceman takes the cake
The moment that hu leaves It.
Coiutnoy's scull is once moio nllllctoil xvlth
ncivous prostiathm.
About the meanest thing a man can do Is to
askani'dltor xvheie he Intends to.suend the
" ' 1 o-day Is a good deal closer than vestci-
day , " said Umitli to .I ones. "Yes , " s ld
Jouc.s , "It's neaier. "
Detiolt Kieo Piess ; Lieutenant Jleiin Is
the commander of the Galatea. In the com
ing lace theiu will ho a llenn on.
A little hey said ho would lathothaxo the
earache than thotiiothache.becaii e be wasn't
compelled to have his eai pulled out.
" 1 wish that do , ' would go out of the
parloi. 1 xvondei why be don't " "Prob
ably because ho is n tiiujer , " xvas the
The pn'sIdentfcmBikeil to a visitor at one
of Ids loceptioiis theothei day : "It Is very
warm to-day , ' " and a boy in the cioxxd taiig a
chestnut bell , '
They may say what they please about civil
service rutormbut not men a miuxvump
can Jerk his Own'door ' bell knob xvlthout be
coming axvlio-pulloi.
Some one nays'that MUs Kate Field xvould
soonerhaxolunriled John Hiownthan mix
cltUen of tliq xvar , John Is piobably xxell
satisfied that it turned out as It did.
"Please , sir , how xxdl jou haxo jour
steak'i"'shjly ueked thepietty xvaltei ghl.
"Well done , guoil and laUhtut serxant. "
sain the diuiililed joung student , impica-
The Information comes DV cable that
Olivet Wendell Holmes had cat doxxn to table
vx 1th kings ami queens. This Is Intetesting
a.s far us it goes , but boxr manj ot them aid
bo bold.
To bo the solo possessor of a secret Is fre
quently a source of nnhapuliioss. Foi In
stance , a nun know she Is a gieat mini ; no
one elstt knows Itand he Is mtsuiablu in con
Lowell Cltl/on : John Huskln sajs : "I
owomoiotoeab-dilxeis than to any other
persons In tliu xxoild. " Tins Is the tlrst In
timation w u have recelx'cd that cab-dilxers
ever trusted anjbodj' .
Burlington Free Press : "HoxvCan 1 Leave
' 1 bee , " serenaded the joung man under the
window. The family flood it as long in
possible , and then the old man let the duneut
to lib'uio on
.Xf listen I J/miM. /
They sat at tlio open wlmloxv ,
And ga/cil out oxor the ea :
And the scene xx-as full of quiet ,
And tranquil as could bo ;
When n strange uiiparthly eroanlnf ?
Like a xolcc ot fate xxas heard ,
And the leallets Pist so quiet
IJx Us frightful sound was stirred.
And HIP maiden shrieked In terror ,
" I it the tierce ami dread cjclono ;
1 tan bear lisdreudtitl muttei
And Us xxciid , xxild , xxoful tone1' !
Hut the youth , tliouah pxle , was fearless ;
And he nhl , "Oh. bear thy piln ;
'Tis the village Iwnit xxho practice
'When the loblns nest again 1' "
Marnaivt .Mnthor has made a big hit In.San
John K. Owens has gone to farming doxxn
In Matylaml.
Comedian W. P. Sheldon xxlll support
Thomas W. Keene next season.
Gertrude ( Srlsxx old , Bret Hirto's niece , has
been engn cd foi McCaull's comic opera.
Nexxton's opera house , Hastings , Mtch. ,
xxasdesttojedbj fire last Thursdaj night.
Los * . tS.XX ( ) .
"Pa" Is the nanipof Mr. Sol Smith llus-
spll s new play. He Is going to let Kau
Claire , WIs. . taste It lirsU
Anton Hubliisteln , at his last appearance
at Berlin , donated one thousand maiksto
the Jewish Homo foi Aged In that citj.
Geoigiim Janucliowsk ) ( Mrs. Add \oun-
dot IT ; has been engaged lor the Gciman
opera by the Metropolitan open house.
Janio * II. McVlekcr has benun suit foi
$7,01)0 ) ( latiuiKcs against the Ameiiean Upem
comnanj' , lor alleged breach of contract.
It Isa matter of MM Yokes
will ictiiru to America without Brandon
Thomas , the most useful person In bei com-
Kdxvln Booth xxill traxel in n palace car
built lot bis own use , and called tlio'Miaxid
Gallic. " Chailes Brown xvlll bo bis leading
lEiiblnsteln Is noxv engaged upon a nexv
opeia , tlm ehiet petsonage In xxhlchistho
hax loin , as he Is foiulol dubblliig In icllg-
lous subjects ,
The ballot of the Paris opeia costs nearly
Sl.oOJ.UOOayear. The stats get liom S.I.OLHJ
to Si ! , IXX ) a j ear and the oullnary ballet girl
S'J.CiO a xx oek.
Since 6aiah llernhirdt's tcccnt scrimmage
at Buenos Ayres xxltlt Mile. Kolrmoiit tliu
P.uis join mils speak of her as a leuiale
Miss Adele Belgarde , noxv In Pails , has
cabled ( but she has signed xxith Manager
McDoiiough to play the leading lolo In "bl-
beiia" lor her third season.
Fiederick Wnrdopla > sslx weeks In Nexv
York , three in iltookl\ii , and has seemed
dates In Boston , Philadelphia. Chicago and
othercitlos. Also In sex eul minor towns , in
cluding St. Louis.
The P.ittl conceit combination Is bookel
tor Chicago Decembei 7 to the 10th. She
vx 111 be seen in an act each ot " .Semitamhle , "
"Martha" and "Faust. " and Mine. Scalchi
vx ill support hei In each opera.
Henry K. Dixcy xxlll remain In Kuglaiid
until Augusts1 ; . He has enjoxeu considera
ble attention vvhilu in Kuglaiid. and it is dollars
lars to dimes that he xxlll not lie able to talk
the Amoilcau language In the old style xxhen
he gets back.
The Madison Sqmio Theater company
losed Its lust week lu San F.taiiclsco to te-
ceipts leaching upward of SS.OOO. It Is be-
Ilexed that the fem xxceksot Its engagement
x\ ill equal in a financial sense the great Daly
season ot last year in 'Frisco.
Mr. Feinind Stiauss xxlll bring the Ariua-
nini family to Ameiira dining the autumn
lei a tout tluougli Ihe states. The Arma-
nlnis pliv the mandolin , and the fatliei ,
mother aud three children are kuoxvn as the
"Quintette dl Cameia. " They hax'e been
xxell lecolved In London and Paiis.
'Ihe branch oi .ini/atioiis ot the American
Onera compiny tliioughoiit the United
btates are capltall/cd as follows : Boston
and Chieigo , each 100,000 ; Philadelphia ,
SoO.ooO ; Washington , SW.UilO : ht. LnuN ,
WO.OOO ; Louisville. Sil.UOO ; Clexelaud.
SW.OOO Other similar oiganUatloiH aio In
piocessot foimatlon ,
Hen Xlcinann , the well known tenor of
the Berlin opeia house , has obtained the cm-
peioi'suei mission to leaxo the opeia house
aud Ins been 1:1 anted tlnco months' absence.
lie xvlll probably auivis lu Now loik about
the middle ot October , and Is likely to slug
on the Hist night of the season at the Met 10-
polltan opeia house in " 'iaiinhaiisoi" oi iu
Thoaoxv opeia byMesis. . Gllbeit and Sul
livan xxlll receive its hrst production In six
dilTerciit cities on the KUIIO night in Lon
don , A uvv Ymk and Boston by Mi. Caito's
compinlcs , and in Phlladelpl a , Detroit and
Chicago bv tlio compinlcs undci Colonel
McCauIl , It xvill probably not be called "Tho
Khedive , " so Colonel McCttidl judne-i fiom
xvhat Mi. Gilbeit told him. The nature of
the piece lias been kept xcry societ.
'Ihe next hcison of tne Amerlein opera
vx ill begin outside ot Noxv York , probably In
the xxo > t. to axold clashing xvilh the season
at the Metiopolitau. Satisfactory airango-
ments could not be made xx 1th the Academy
dlrectois , and so the perform inues in Now
Yoik city xvlll be given lu the Metiopolltan
opeia house in the spring. Tlio teellng be
tween the two organl/atlons U noxv asserted
to be of the most friendly natuio.
A Japanese gentleman xxho saw "Tho Mi
kado" in llambiiii took the atlair xeij * so-
ilmislaud piotested against many ot the
siiee'-hes and tiieUs of costume ilia lettei to
the Nnchrlchten. Kspeelally gtcatxxas bis
indignation over Mr. Gilbert's characteilstlc
joke upon the Km'lish-speaklm : public em
bodied In the liitioductloii ol a villain Jap
anese ditty as a song of piaise to the Mikado.
This song , he declares , is oiilx sung In Japan
bj fast xxomen in houses ot ill-iepute.
James O'N'olll , xho xvill torn again this sea
son xxith "Monto Cilsto , " i-atlv In the season
engaged Mi.Gaspard Maedei , thexvell-known
scenic m list , to paint a full stock ot nexv
sceneij for the hxo acts. The second act
ncene ot the prison ot the Chateau d'lt ' and
that of the gulden of the hotel do Morceil , to
bo used In the louitli act alone , consumed
moio than soxen xxeeks lu tholr completion.
This xvoik was done by Mr. Maodor in poi
son , no detail being lett to siiboidlnates.
thereby Instiling as aitlstlcally cotrect and
In ex civ xvay elaborate a setting as b possible
to bo procured.
Ii. ) John Maclean , i'x-piesUlunt of Pi luce-
ton , U dead ,
The Yale jirotcssors this year nxamlncd
4bOO entrance pajiers avemaliitf at least five
paves to each paper.
Piof , William A Kogcis , of the Harx-anl obscixaloiy. has been electeil
piofessoi ot physics at Colby iinlvuislty.
( ieorge 1. Simoy has so tni rotoxoiod his
foi tune us to be able to make good his ulft of to Wesleyan university at Middle-
The summer school for teachers , just behl
at Nmntlc. Ct . under the auspices of the
state hoard ol education , and absolutely fiee ,
xxas an uxpei imeiit , but u vmv successliil
one. Fixe bundled teachots weiothi'ie.
JCx-presldmit Noih Poitei anil 1'iof , ( Jeoigo
P. Fishei. ot Yale college , wet e honoieil on
Monday by the Unnlvei.sity ot Kdinbuig ,
which conteired upon the foruun the deoieo
of LL. D. and upon the Inttei that of I ) , D.
Both gentlemen were present.
Any educator out of xxoik hinfounod tlmt
a vacancy exists in the UnJxetslty of Ten
nessee , xxheio tlm secretary was shot am
Killed theothei daj li ) the iiiotcssoi ot laxv
Ol course the noxv man will bu expected to
keep on uiasonably good terms with the pro-
ICsiOl Of IllXX' .
The propoi thin ot school attendance foi
chlldien betweim live and sixteen jean ot
ago in tliu nmthein Hiatus H only K > per
cent ot the whole nuiiibet , In the l.uge
cities and in soum spatsely eottlcd districts
in a lew of the states the school loom U in
sullicleiit tor tlio accommodation of all the
scholars , but nmi-attcndanco is mnlnly duo
to other causes. Yei > lox\ children aiu noxv
kept out of school foi the leason that thej
mo too pooily dad. The gieat tumble i
truanc ) on the p.ut ot nuplls and Ignoran
culpahilitj and caielovisness on the pirl o
inients. No doubt Tjp-r cent of thotiiilure
might bo lemcdjed.
ThoeeiiPial bynod ofthe Lutheian churel
iiuoNiitOiimlmliiMiy , r7. This Is th
lirsttiuiolt has met v , est of tlm ML < sholpp
The aggmzatci value of tlm Protpstaiit
Kplscopalihurch iioitiily ) | in tin ; iliwcjsu
1'unnsjlxaiila la estimated at ncarlj
§ 10,000,000.
The noxv llbiary IjuUdln ' now in course o
recllou by Drexv scmUi.irv vx HI cost SIOO.OK ) .
ml wilt contain one of the finest known col-
cctlons nrf Methodist lltprature.
Ltithci's homo as a child at Mansfleld In
Saxony has lust been restored to its original
oiiditlon xxhen the great icformer's paionts
Ixvelt there four icntutles ago. 'Iho old
iiuiso xx III bo Inhabited bv a bodv of deacons -
s > es , who will iiuiso and eaie for the sick
mil pool of the town.
Anslialla has ist,470 Catholic * . 707 elmrclies
md obai > cls , SSS pilests. 177 schools xxltb
4 No scliolais ami two seminaries , one in
Melbourne ami the othet lu Bathurst. lie-
urns aio wanting from the diocese of A Ii-
oria. In the Islands of Ooeniilex the mini-
iei of Catholics Is 1 7 s | " , of clu'iohes and
hapels , 47:1 : , piie > ts , wo ; pducatloiial InMltii-
Ions , 371 , and eight ehaiitablo Institutions.
Time mikes changes. The | { pDi. . Moses
) . Ilinlge , of Hlchmiind , YhcluH. sailed for
: nglaml last week under tai dillerent clr-
'Hinstniieps ' from those ot one of bis toimer
Islls to that cnnntrxIt was iu INT. ? that ho
xeiit out as a blockade runner , and bioimbt
Jiek In the same tMo xxay about 3a' > , iOi )
xoith ol bibles niul leliglous wolk , obtained
loin the British mid t metaii Bible soeietx ,
oi distribution among conlederate soldieis.
Togg wishes tlie ereatioii of the xxoild h-xd
aken IIIOIP thin six da ) s. 1'hen xvlipn bo
mil his txxo xxeoks' xacitlon he xxould haxo
note time in which to iccupciatc.
The sou of a clcrgjnmn xxas dellxorlng a
ralcdlctoij when , lu pulling out Ids hand-
u'li'hlet. ho pulled out a pack of cauls
'Hpilol" he exclaimed , "Pxo got on my
"athei'scoal. "
"No , sli , " said a young man oarupstlx1 , "I
lexei dldand nexei shall believe there Is
such a thing .is hell. " "Mj deal boy , leplled
i's ' companion , "jou ate still ubachelor.
Wsilta tew yean.
Undeitakei "And wbatklnd of trimming
will jou have on thecixskel' . ' " Widow
'None vx In lover i plain caskntjit xxas liim-
mlns tlmt killed him. " uuiloitakei
'What' . ' " Widuxv-"Yes , delitium tilm-
inlns. "
Alas for the vagaries of Christian charity
uiidei the sun. A deacon ot atiieenxlllo
( Peun. ) church has n stiingot buttons half
a j aid long. They hax e been takim out ot
.he collections ot the chinch timing the past
lew > ears.
'Mv biethren , " said a pious rabbi , "tho
Dieaelilng of tlm Toralt to sumo peisous is
likiiKiuilng vvatet over a sponge ; it soaks
inaiidstajs. Toothers it Is liketlie xxtnd
jloxvlng tluougli a chicken-coop. My expei-
lenco ot this Kelilllah is that it contains moio
clilcken-eooiis than sponges. "
AKullalo pie.icher is accused of liugciiig
[ hu ehlsln lilsi'oinaejation. ' 1 ho uccUMitioti ,
It Is piesumed , is bioimht by a female mom-
tict ot thu cougi citation xxho has a xx ait on
hei chin and fieckles on hei lace , and xxho
was neither embraced lu the list of gills
limrgod. 1101 hugged In the list of gills em
A jonngiii'in who xvas preaching teinpoi-
atllj In a ehuich in Nexv Oilcansamixlio
tepreseiiteil Idmsclt as 11. (5 N'ethercott , ol
Honduias , an Episcopal eletgxuian , tutns ;
out to be an accomplished s\\iiullei. XTiidei
the name of Chailes Kmauuel Wright lie stole
the papers found in Ids possession , clcilcal
vestments and SSO fiom the genuine Mi.
Ncthoitott. As lev. ! ( ieo. Homy ho victliii-
i/ed people in Mobile , claiming to be the heir
to.iioitimo in Kntrhmd , and became en-
uaged to a Miss Hrown. lie confessed that
that his leal name xxas Samuel buij the , and
that he has a rich uncle In Colon. Hu has
gone theie.
Thomas Golden , a Iligmanin Galena , III. ,
liasa time i obi it that he has taught to xxalk
out of the Ihg-housu and waxe a tinj flag
whciievet a tiatn coined.
A Detroit \\omaii had a green xvatei snake
.woteet and a half long tikcn liom hei
stomach last xxeek. She is said to lux o swal
lowed it xx hen it and she xx'ciu small.
Kobuit Smith , of Lexnmtoii , Intl. , lost Ills
nice black bait , as tlie lesnltot tjphoid lexei.
Now his head is roxeted ewith hair tlnee
Inches long , veiy klnkj. like u nejjiosbut
us xx bile as snoxx' .
'Iho SP.I seipcnt Is topoitcd to hax'e been
seen on Ocean Yluxv , Ya. on \ \ ediiesdaj
nlirht. Us length Is v.uloiialy esUmateil by
those who saw it to be about UX ) feet. It re
mained on the surface about live minutes thfii
disappcaicd beneath the xvatei , emitting a
peculiat xxhistllng sound lesumblliig the
.omul . of escaping ste mi.
John Deniiuj' , ol Wlilllicld's dossing , ( ia. ,
says that his biood of ( itiliiea fhleks dl'-np-
pearcd hiiddenlj one da ) . 'Iho lieu acted
rmecily , xxnlking aiound ami continually
Mucking , as it coaxing them to follow hei.
He iuxostlgatod and found that tlie chicks
liad been charmed by a laige chicken snake
and were sitting iinhirmed in his colls.
One oi the stiangost lights that c\er took
plate in Nexv Kuglaiid vxatoiswasthut which
oLCiuieil In Ipswich bay the otltci day bo-
txxeeu Captain Langlotd ami a sxxoidhsh.
Fhst the captain haipooncd the lish ami tliun
the llsb haipooned the imin thtougli the bottom
tom of the boat , neatly killing him. Thu
swoidlish does not"xxeat a sword toi fash
ion. "
Tlio other day a gioceiy stole at Chester-
toxvn , Del. , xvas beslegctl by thousands ot
lees. The atttactlon xvas a box containing
Lwenty-lixe pounds of liontiy that xxas on ex
hibition outside. A foxy bees discoveied It ,
and they lutuiued home ami biought the
whole sxvaim. They winked dlllmently and
befoio the sun wi-nt down had temoxed the
entile lot ot hoiiej. They entnely coxered
It and sxxaimed around it so tldcklj that thu
piojuh'tois ol the stoic did not din o to at
tempt to icstuu thoh piopeitj.
VVIioi-c Ho.ivori In.
When Sam Jones xvas in tlio pastorale
n very wealthy plantir. out of cuuosity.
pet bans , to see xvhat ho xvoiihl say , asked
iiini whoie heaven i . "I'll tell > ou where
l.cavun is , " said Mr Jones , "it you xvill
go doxvn to tlio vill i o anil buy > ? 50 xx orth
of Kioconos , put tliPin in a xxagon and
take them to tiiat poor xxidoxy on the hill
side , who has thieo of her children Hick.
She if poor and is a member of the
chinch Take xvith you a nnrso and some
one to cool , their meals. When you got
there nmd the twenty-third psalm , and
lneol : by her side anil piay , then you will
llnd out whom heaven Is , " Next day , as
the ovanuolist xvas xvalking tluou''h ' the
village , ho met the sanio wealth vplatit.r ( ,
his taco beaming with Joy lie spoke
after this manner"Air , Jones , I've
found out where heaven is I went and
did as , you directed mo. Wo took up the
wngon- load of ciocerh-H , and the poor
witloxv xvas completely overconm xvith
joy. She could not e.xpiois her thankful
ness' . As 1 lead to her the twenty -third
psalm my heart xvas lilled with tliuiiKfnl-
ntslo ! ( .ioil , and when I prayed the nn-
golu caino doxvn. and I thought 1 xvas
nearer hnax'un tlian I hud ever been in
mv life. 1 loft tliu nurse and the cook in
hei lunnbli ) dwelling , anil pn > init > ed her
she should never Miller as long us 1 could
help her. "
Married I'enplo Would lie
Noxv York Mail and Express If homo
troubles xvero no er told to u neighbor.
if expensoH xvoio piMpoiuomito to 10-
ceiots ,
If they tiictl to bi a ioi.ibli as in com t-
ship days.
It ouch xvould fry to un a support am
conifoil to eaeli otluv.
If cac-h xvould leine.iibiir the oilier was
a human being , iut : an angel ,
If each xxah .isUuultolliuolhcrasxvhei
they were lovms.
If fuel and pioviMons were laid in tlur
ing the big tiJn i ol suininoi work ,
It Loili paities ruineinberod 1'iat ' the >
inarrlud foi xvorso in well as foi bettor
If men xxe in as thoughtful for thuii
vvix'os as thov woio for their sxvcetheail.s
II Ihcio xveie fexvcr silk and volvo
street { . 'ostnincs und more plain , ti < lj
llOllaO llrts-03.
Jf Ihuro VVLMO tower "plo.x-e ( tailings'
in publio .uul moio coninion inanncis ii
It inui ) would remember that a xvomai
cannot bo always smiling xvlmhastocook
tliu dinner , ausxver the boll half a do/oi
times , and got nil ot a neighbor xvho lira
dioppcd in , tend a nick baby , tie up tin
cut linger of a sl\.yvur-od | on Hlilts , am
get an oight-ycar-olil ready for school
A xvonian with all this to contend will
may claim it as a privilege to look am
feel a llttlo tiled sometimes , and a won
of sympathy xx'ouhl not bo too much ti
expect Ir.ini the man who dining thi
honeymoon xvould not let her cauj a
much us a xunsluulo.
H' J thivltHan *
'ho years but nnko the fairer , love ,
As by us thej arerollod ;
Thv charms are but the rater , love ,
Thounexei wilt grow old.
' bioxx is but Iho xx Idler , loxo ,
As swift thodax * cob ) ;
Vnd xearlj grnxxi-tli brighter , love ,
The sweet light In th > PJO.
More delicate ciruatloii. loxe ,
Th > lounded cheek doth vxoo ;
\nd it's no IPX elation , loxe ,
' 1'hj lips baxe louiid tuoie hue.
\titl xxnuldst thouknoxv the wheiorore , loxc , ?
' 1 he secret's no surprise ,
Yet one that thou xxilt c.uo for , loxe ,
Mj lie ut Is lu mj ejes.
Tllili'ii'fl liovn Slorj" .
Away doxvn near 'he end of the leeapics
n Mr. Tilden's xxill , says the iSexv Yorn
Star , is one of the interest on $10i,000 ) to
Miss Oli'stp stanllVr , of New Orleans.
There are a good many sopiotv people in
vToxv York xx'lio knoxv Miss StuufU'r , hut
t'vv know or can undoistaiid why Mr ,
niilen should remember her in his will.
The story is a romantic one , and tells of
he love of the agetl statesman for n
joung , handsome and brilliant xvotnau.
Vn intimate f i lend of tlie SlauIVer fain-
ly , who is noxv In Nexv York , expresses
liniself us confident tlmt Mr. Tllden at
one time seriously contemplated matrl-
noiiv and xvas a suitor forMNsSlauHer's
taiiti. It wa soon after the explosion
of the story tlmt the sago of ( iroystonu
xvas engageil to bu man led to Miss
Nellie lla/elainc. of St Louis , that hemet
met the dial niing joung lady fiom Nuxv
Orleans Miss lia/cltino was a blonde ,
xvith ucli , golden hair Miss Stauller is
lietxveen a biunetto and a blonde , of tiiat
: > | te stjled in Nexv Oileans ( . 'liattiigne.
Miss Ha/eltine , who iciirnoil as the hello
) [ St Louis iintil she inarnotl joung Mr.
I'.uraniore , is noxv dead. Miss .Stanlloi1
is \\itli her ftiinilx in Ktirope
In 1SSD or IHSi Mr Tilden met Miss
Mary Celeste Stauller , and immediately
tell in love xvilh her. Isaac Stauller ,
lier father , is tlio senior paitnorof the
Stauller , Macrcadx & Co , the largest
liaidxxaro establishment in Now Orleans
and nt'i haps in the south. Ho comes of
in old Pcnnijlxaiiia Uiilcli family , anil
still owns a fat m near York. P.i His eldest
daughter , Alice , married Henry Pieston ,
of Iho Hour lit m of Howard t Preston ,
ilso of Nexv Oileans Miss Celeste is the
youngest of four children , txxo of whom
aio sons. livery summer the family
leave Nexv Orleans for a trip east or teEm
Em ope , and they aio nsuallx the first of
that hegira of southern society which
Annually seeks com foil anil social
intoreouifio away from the bak
ing brick pavements of tno Crescent
t'lly. Most of the limo they spend at Richfield -
field Spiings , occasionally visiting Sara
toga oi Long Uiaticli. hast summer they
spent a shoit time at Lennox , Muss. For
Lluee years the. > visited at Gioyslone on
Mr. Tilden's imitation In the summer
of IbbJ tlio Staulleis leiiiamod at Lonir
Branch for a tune , oeeupvmg one of tlio
cottages attached to tlio West llnd hotel.
Heie Miss Stauller lecoixedtxviccevory
vvi ek from Mr. Tilden a long letter. Con-
sideling that they xveie not under piom-
iso ol marriage , this coiii'spomlonco ,
whatever its theme might have been , was
sulliciently loiimikablo without Mr. Til
den's making it almost histoiieal by the
cccentiieity of its delivery. He would
not trust thu postal seixieo. Nor would
lie condescend to liim an ordinary inos-
scngei. On the stipulated days a gentle
man of social standing , strch as permit
ted the confidence of the agetl statesman ,
ipccived tioin his own hands the missive ,
xvith the injunction to sin render it only
to the fair consignee peisonally. At the
cottage of tlio btaullera this aristociattu
Morouiy was iccoivcd xx'ilh that formal
ity his courtly beaiiiigscumed to demand ,
and ushoied into tlie leception loom. If
Miss St.uiller was not ut home , ho xyould
call again xvhon .she xvas. Not infto-
tiuentfy. on totuiningto ( Jrainoioy parker
or Uioystone , ho carried to Hie demo
cratic sago a mystoiious leply to his let
ter of friendship.
No better illusliation of the infliionco
that the southern bounty exerted over
Mr. Tildnn can bo given than 1111 episode
which occurred during her visit nt ( Jroy-
stone three years ago. Incidentally , per
haps , she iclatcd to Mr. Tililun the melan
choly history of one of her schoolmates ,
whoso father lost his foi tune by the war ,
and xvitli it vanished the social urcstigo
of his daughter. The bravo girl made
ovety cflbrt to gain a livolicood in the
limited sphere ot occupation allbrdcd in
Nexv Oilcans to icspectaiilo youiiK
women. For a time she miceuedeiT. and
then her health bioko down and she
sulleicd poverty rather than week assist
ance from her w'oalthy friends ot the
past. Mr Tildon xvas inteiested in the
cbaiactcr of Miss StatiU'er'h ' early class
mate , and at no solicitation fiom that
hidy bent to thu heroic maiden a curti-
lieil check toi $20,000. ,
Miss Slaulloi's character is that of an
ambitious , highly intellectual xvoman ,
who saw in a mairiago xvith Mr Tildon
all tlio possibilities of being the lirst lady
in the land , llor fteqiient enjoyment of
the hospitality of Ciieyslono was not so
much a tiiumph for nor alone , as Mr.
Tililun loved to have the somber chateau
bc.iulillcd with the piosonco ot young
xx oinaiihood. Her manners , conversation
and insouciant grace and ails , acmihod
fiom the naive Creoles of Noxv Orleans ,
fascinated the old man. Sue scorned to
bo very loud of Mr. Tildon , and antici
pated his every wish , uvan in the most
trivial attentions at the table or in the
piusenci ) of a social gathoilng. Her
gloiioiis physique displayed on hoiso-
back the object of Mr. Tildun's un
disguised admitatlon. Shu is an intrepid
and accomplished equestrienne. Miss
Slander's greatest ait for the onehaiit.
nienl of limit , both young and old , lay iu
her convuinational poxvois Sim could
talk xvith wonderful unilmstanding upon
any subject , fiom the ot small
talk to tliumostiecuntthcorius inphiloso-
phj and science.
it is gossip in Noxv Orleans that Miss
Staufr rdisc.rdcd tlio best match in the
south to hu/urd a marriage with Mr ,
Tiltlon. Young KruUsiiich , the noplmw
of .Imlah 1' . Kunjamin , Is to-day the
pi ido of Iho Louisiana bar and a bache
lor His dux ot ion to the heiress ol Isaac
Htaufl'oi's millions xvas not lasplied by
morconeiy motives , for Ins xvealth , both
from inhoiitanoo and a lucrative prac
tice , is ample.
"Don't you think thuie is a lo t cboid
in my life somowhoio' " she laugh
ingly asked him one night on the plaz/.a.
of her father' * * hoiisu. It was moonlight ,
and Mt KrtitlHiiieh maile a lojolndin * lit-
ting the occasion "Well , .vou aio very
kind , " she said , but 1 am going to the
north to find K , " und the next day tihu
left for Groyslono.
Miis StaufTor is xxell received by the
the best M > ckty in Noxv Yoik City , and
is qucon of | liu MUthuin ) people residing
brio Her comiuest ovtr thu heart or
Dr William M I'olk the well known
phyGician , and tlio son of the man who both a geiuual and u bishop , is no
scciot fiom tlm ft lends of that gentle
man , ono of whom has butr.i.vd it. She
is now about twenty-eight yuars of age ,
It H said that the pio.spoulixu mariiago
dld not take place bee.HIM ) Mr. Tihlun
felt Ins sirongth failing and thought nho
deserved a jonngcr husliiind , whoaiispan
of life was not tie nuailj inn llolovoil
her , Ihough , and left a gage d'aimiior
vx hen ho died.
In illustration of what may bo done
under the * calp bounty laxv , it is st.ilud
that an Indiana county man touml anest
containing four bawl ; eggs , took them
home , placed thuin umler a hen , und
when they wore hatched out killed them
and coi : ct d the state bounty , GO ccutq
fur each.