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Join Fitzgerald of Lincoln Ohoson Presi
dent of the Irish League ,
mid the Constitution
Adopted Wltli Unbounded Knllm-
slasm ntiKllHh Mnnutnct-
ures to 1)0 Ilojeottcil.
The Irish Convention.
CniCAdo , August ll . 'I lie delciratcs in at
tendance upon the convention of the Irish
National leaniin were sloxv In reporting nt
Music hall tins morning to enter upon the
xxorkof the second dav. The committees
appointed ycsteiday remained in session
until n late hour last evening but In the
inrln concluded their labois so as to be ready
to report to thu convention to-daj without
delay. Tlic tommlttce on ciedentlals had no
contesting delegations to pass upon , but
owing to the laruo number of delegates pres
ent they were not able to complete their re
port until nfter midnight. Tlio committee
on n solutions also held n long night session ,
but xxorkid harmoniously , despite of nnv
fenrs to the contiary Judge Fitzgerald ,
tcmporarj chairman , appeared on the plat
form at 10 : CO a. m. , nnd hhoitly afterwards
the delegates began to pass In and quickly
Idled tliesiats on the main Moor. At 10 : W
a. m. thu tcmpomry chairman announced
that several of the committees were- still
nbsent , but uxnieted to IK : able to rcpoit
witldii a viry shott lime , when he would
tall the convention to order.
'the convention vxas called to older at 10:50. :
The eouuultko on peimanent organl/atlou
submitted a lepoit rccommcndlm : tbat the
temporaiy orcnni/atlon be madu the perma
nent oiganl/atloii. ' 1 lie imition vxas put to
the convention bj Michael Dav lit , apparently
in expectation ol complete liaiiuouj. and the
motion w is eauled almost unanimously.
There were a few dissents.
Judge nt/gerald ro-e and thanked tlio
coin entlon for the honor of the position. Ho
said ho would tertalnly endeavor to eivc full
heaiinuto eveiy delegate on nnv subject to
come bcfoio the convention. "I know no
ring , 1 know no clique , " continued tlio
speaker , "and 1 am hero for united Ireland. "
lie closed xvith a laiitlon that tlic delegates
should have only ono seiitimentand that waste
to pieiaie | to Hunt the common enemy and to
cngeiidei no lends among themselves. "We
hate her , " said he. "because she lilted us and
despoiled us. When she declares peace
then may we , and not until then
will vxo ceaio Mating her. " Continuing ho
i-a'd ' , "Look at the manner In xxhlch vxe le-
celvd the peace ottering fioin the gieatest of
i statesmen , stinted though It vxas. To
the people ot Scotland and Wales win * slid
thatliciand vxas entitled to home rule , tlio
benediction of a million hearers ire out , " To
the demociacy of Kngland who had signified
n purpose to lend a helping hand to Ireland ,
ho said giatltudo also went out. He
closed xx Ith the declaration : Wo can liaxe
wp will have no peace until England ceases
her deadly hostility to the friends of fiecdom
nnd lieedoin's Isle. "
Hon. John F. Fineity rose In his seat , and
Ills aiipeaiance was a signal lor tremendous
cheering. He said ho oulj rose toiead a
cablegram addicsseJ him , and It reads as tol-
loix s :
Duni.iv. August 10. Fiuerty , Chicago con-
xcntion , Clilcago. The manhood of Ireland
is with j on , mid trusts the convention will
by { ( .solution endoiso Ireland's light and re
solve to bo free.
( Signed ) CHAIIIES M.vrCAnnn Tni.r.ivo.
Mr. Davltt rose and slid be deslied to say
n word In explanation. Mr. Ia\ltt did not
question tlio rich tot any ono in Ireland to
send ad ispateli from lieland , "But , " said
Mi. Davltt , " 1'cellng had no light to speak
lor tlm people ot lieland. Ho was not n
mepibci ot the league , and 1 say that Ked-
moud. Dcaswy , nnd myselt have a ilcht to
speak tor tlio people of lieland. " ( Loud
npplnuse. )
M r. Finerty rose to speak and thete were
loud clieeis.
Hxnes , of Illinois , made a point ot order
that no motion xxas before thu house , nnd no
I'- delegate had n right to tlio lloor.
I'r The chair decided tlio point well taken.
| r Mi. Flnorty then rose to a question of per
sonal privilege , ami xxns finally gixen the
floor amid consldciablo contusion. .Delegates
fioin Nexv York and Hjnos I n toi posed 10-
pentcdly. Hynes sahl Flnorty should not
spenk on peisonal questions. Cries weio
rnlsed for Finerty to tnko the platform.
Tlio Chair Finerty is no spring chicken.
He can bo heard nnyxxhero In the hall.
Hyncs 1 protest against Fineity speak
ing.Finerty I w 111 speak.
The. chilli admonished Finerty not to make
another such reniaik.
Comparatlveordci having been restored ,
Finerty said : "I am sinpriscd to see the
father of land leagues in his place question
that telegram. "
lloru another scene of confusion ensued.
In the midst of the uproar Fineity was
lioanl tosay : "It is what vxo have believed
for twenty j ears , and I shall hold to my
vloxvs for tlio freedom of lieland to tlio day
of my dcnth. If Tiellng is not In the league ,
if 1m holds to Hint sentiment , ho Is ceitninly
entitled to belong to it. "
As another scene of confusion ensued , Fin
erty declined to siy an ) thing further nnd
ceased speaking. Ho xxas by the
main body of thu convention.
Dnx lit arose and said ho could not dispute
the right of Finoity to deslie tlio fiecdom of
Ireland and would not do so. This acted as
a quietus and Hie uproar subsided.
Tliu committee on credentials reported tlio
list of tegular delegates.
aim iM.Aironvr.
The committee on resolutions repeated
through Hev. Belts , as folloxvs :
"Your committee on icsoliitlons i especi
ally submit the following ropoit : We , the
delegates of the lilsh national leairuo of
America , In convention assembled , firmly
beliovlnz In the principles of human licedom
nnd In the right of a people to finino theii
own laws , the light xxhlch lies at the foun
dation of prosperity and gieatness of this ro-
publlu and which has been advantageously
extended to the colonial possessions of Client
Britain , do heieby resolve :
1. That vxo express our heat Hest and most
iiiKiualliied approval ol national self govern
ment for Irotnnd ,
- . Tliatvxe heartily approve of thn course
pursued bx ChnilesStewait Paiuoll and his
parliamentary associates In tlio Kngllsh
house of commons , nnd we icnexv tlio ex
pression of our entlic contldencn In thole
wisdom nnd In their ability to achieve homr
ruin In Iiolaml.
8. Tlmtxooxtcnil our heaitfoltthnnks to
Gladstone foi his gientvlfoiU on bc'lialf of
Irish belf-goxem ment , nnd wo expiess our
gratitude to the Knulish , Scotch nnd Welch
dmnoerney for the support given to Iho great
liberal leader nnd Ills hlsh policy dutlng the
recent gunerni olectlons.
4. That this ( onxuutloii lieichy retiiins Its
thanks to the Ameilcnn people nnd press for
the Kuneioiis Hiippoit which they have given
to the cause of seltoveuuucnt In lieland.
6. ' 1 hat xx o recoul our sense of the i euiark-
nblo roibearaneo nnd self rcstmlnt exorcised
by our people In Ireland In tlio face of n
ciuelond dishonest s.x stem of extoitlonto
vhlch they nio being subjected bv mck lent-
lug landlonls , nnd In vloxv of the license
scamhlously extended to organised law less-
ness In HIP north of lieland by pnitUin of-
liclnls , end wo commend the laudable desire
of the pt'iuilo of Ireland to manage oxxn
a ( Tali a in tholroxxn way.
fl. That wo lieiebytlmnk tlio president ,
trcasurei and seeictary of this national
lenpuo for the faithful nud efllcient manner
In which they haxo dischnrgwl the niduona
outlcs of then iesi > cctixo stations.
7. ll.atthe folloxvliiB cablegram be forwarded -
warded in thonanwof the cluhmanof t ha
conxenHon to Charles Stewait Pnrncil :
'leU\'ale.s to the Irish national league con
vention of A mei lea send , creeling Horn out
body , which embraces repicsontatlxo rltUena
from cm ) state and tonltorylu Hie union ,
ondnUofrom Cann'Io , and assure > ou ot the
coidln ) lndnttcmentofyouri > oUcyliyannltel
snd harmonious ioncation. . " All of vvhlcli
isre.M ctlulb submitted.
( Signed. ) ( iuoisauC. flr.ns ,
. , . Chairman.
Colonel AtUmon , of Detjoit , Mich. , ono
of the members ot Uienommittcoon ti olu-
tloUs , ciplalutUon UituiUol the coinnilttcu ,
that In considering the declarations con
tained In the draft , the committee while dis
cussing them full.x , adopted them unani
The reodlng of Hie resolutions xxas fol
lowed by hearty Uiccrinir. I'iuerty moxed
that the resolutions be adopted section by
section. ( Cries of "no , no ) Atmstroiig ,
of ( ieorgla , seconded the motion.
Mr. ( iiinnnn desired thorn adopted by sec
tions. If them vxas anvthlni ; between the
lines , with nil due icspict to their xisltois
from Ireland , which would leiilthe league to
foiexer puisne its present coursedespite any
cxltronej of Its future xvlilch might arise fern
n different course of action , then ho deslied
to votuaealii'.t It , ( Chccis. )
Alexander undo an eloquent ad
dress and evoked xxlld cheering , lit1 de
clared tint In the smipiesslon of vlexxs dear
to their voids , tlioy did so that tlio men Ini
Hiogai | might bo tiutiammcled. Tin ; per
sonal icpiesunatlxei of Iielaud pipsent had
glxen piool of their absolute fealty to their
uittxocmtntrv Thoempty sleeve ol Michael
Divltt testlhed to what he Iiad supported.
There had been prcnehers of fear that
there would not bonarmonv In the conven
tion , but the men w ho had borne the burnt of
thu light In the past and who were icady to
IIP ( hero noxx' , If necessary , ( tremendous
cheering ) did not fc.u , and thcio xxero
enough of them heie to stiaiplo , If necessity
those who would attempt to hamper or
thxxnit HIM absolute purpose of the league to
follow Parueil it inlet any Hag ho might elect ,
( dreat cheering )
Mi. Devoy , ot New York , said that many
of the Xewnrk delegation maj have como
with as many lesolutlons as tlioso from
Illinois , but ho desired peace and li.rmony
and wauled them endorsed as a whole ,
Mr. Divltt suegestnd , In a sphit of harmon -
mon > , Hint thu resolutions should once again
bo read and then bo adopted unanimously.
Mi. Miieity said lie xxould xxltluliaxv his
'Iho icsoliitlons were then adopted by the
convention lislui ; , followed by fi.mtle ihteis.
The chairman then introduced Mr. Ked-
mend , who imulo an elegant speech. 'I he
ponxenllon at 1:10 : p. in. , upon conclusion oC
It'-dinoud.R speech , adjourned to 3 o'clock
tills afternoon. Redmond's closing icmarks
were \\lhllj ajiplauded ,
Like j esteid xy tlio nftei noon session of the
convention todly vxas slow in assembling.
It was not until long aftei 3 p. m. , the liotu
named , that Judge Flt/geiald amvcd and
called the delegates to older. The minutes
wore then lend nnd unanimously adopted.
The report of the committee on constitution
was re id by Win. P. O'Connor , ot Wiscon
sin He announced the repoit had
already been ondoised by Davltt , itcdmond
nnd Deasj. At Hie outset the teport defined
the objects of the luncuo nnd the. methods to
bo ciuplojed to attain those objects. The
sections providing lor Hie oiganbation of
tlio league and the tintmctUm ol Us business
constituted the rem ilnder ol the repoit.
A delegate fioin Kochcslei , N. Y. , objected
to the clause viitually adxlslng the league to
bojcott articles of English manufactine. lie
moved tint Hie clause bo expunged tiomthe
report. The question was then put and tlio
section iciiiaiiicd In. Theie vxas piactically
no opposition. Tlio scene of enthusiasm that
ensued surpassed any that Iiad before oc-
cuired in the convention. The delegates
rose en masse and clieeied , shouted and
xxaxedtheii arms till it seemed as if the ex
citement xxould nexet cease.
The section which Iiad caused so much en
thusiasm was as follows : "To hurt the ene
my wheie ho will feel It most , by lelusliiii to
puichascany nitlclc of KiiglHi manulac-
tuie , and by using all legitimate influences
to di-comage tradesmen tiom keeping Eng
lish maiiutactmes on s.iie. "
Following tlio adoption of the bojcott
clause the constitution was adopted in Its on-
tuety , amid tiemendous applause.
Kev. 1)1. Oeorgo W. Peppei , a Methodist
elergiiiuu , then addressed the congregation
and siid : "If , aftei tijing every method ,
Paiuell sli'jnld send the message , 'Come and
help , ' then , " said the leverend speakei , " 1
scar by tlio tin ono of God them xxlllbeat
least one xacaut pulpit in the United
btatcs. " The chcciing at this point xx-as tei-
li/IC. /
liIC.Wfien it somoxvhat nbnted thcro vxas
call after call for n speech fiom Itex1.
Father O'Heilly , of Dctioit. Ho giace-
tnlly declined , saying ho was heio to
lender an account ot all the money ho
had "stolen. " ( Laughter and cheers. )
Tlio report of the committee on finance
was then read. The report showed that
SS' O.'JbJ.'iT Imd boon collected In the last
twojears , nnd the report mentioned tlio
exact sii' " ton cent that had been i omitted
to Pain 11 or his trustees. Only 35.000of the
entlio sum wciestill in the hands of the
treasurer. Brady sugsestcd the Massachu
setts sj stem of fixe collections bo extended
all oxertlib United States. The > 00 col
lected shoxxed tlio results of such n svMcm.
At this point thn chairman recognircd the
trensiner of the league. Father O'Kellly ,
who said they had heaid liom
the men who had carried muskets in
Hie ranks. Now they should hear liom the
man who had can led the puisc. O'Kcilly
then lead the amount contilbuted by each
Scciettry Sutton then arose nnd besran the
rending of his report. He announced that It
was necessary to a gieat extent , It not
wholly , a letiosnectixo glaiioo at tlio hlstoiy
of tlio league. Mr. Sutton read In nn
inaudible tone. On motion the icport was
finally ordered received and printed without
further reading.
The chairman announced the next business
was the election of president foi thu league
In America. Thomas Bionnan. of Oin.uia ,
took the llooi. Ho said the past picsident ot
tlio leaguowas among the best and biavcstol
the hlsli raceln Ameilca. The presidency
of tlio league was an office that had been
filled by honest , brainy , fearless Alexander
Sullivan. ( Cheers upon chceis. ) Brennnn ,
lefeuedln similar terms to Patrick Egan
and to Patrick A. CoHiim. The speaker
placed In nomination Nebraska',1) I'oiemost
cltl/en. John FIt7gcrald.
Barry , of Pennsylvania , said lie xvould present -
sent tlio name of n man whose cliaractei It
stainless and whoso reputation is unijleni
Ishcd ; a rcpicsuntativc. IrMi-Aiueilcaii
citizen of Philadelphia. That city had con.
tributcd ono sixth of all the money that had
gene thiou h the leaiiuo colfurs Hugh C ,
SttCaffeiy , of I'hlladelphia.
O'Connoi , of New 1'oik , seconded the
nomination of honest John Fit/geiald , ol
Nebraska , the F.ugeno Kelly ot thu west.
Mr. McCaffery aio o and in stentorian
tones , said : "Thisconvention has tiecn f
gieat suetcss and haimonlous so tar. I
mox e that I'itz'gcrald bo nonilnnted by ac
clnmntlon. "
Fineity nioso nnd said he was not delighted -
lighted with the proceedings. In the in
teifst of Imunony ho seconded ( be nomina
tion of FiUuurald nnd mov ed the uruvioiu
question. Neaily every man in the hall vxm
on his feet and linpiomtu meetings of Hie
state delegations xv eio begun on nil sides. .
TliDchaliman , seeing the desiroof the con
vention , promptly declared n recess. It was
now 7 p. m. , but the convention showed IK
signs of adjournment , tlmnli ; the bulk ol
the delegates could not bo otherwise
than ncaily tarnished. The gieatest uctlx'Ity
In conlcriiuj. xxithc.ichothei xxasmixulfesteil
among thn Xoxv Vork , Moss ichnsctts nnd
Pennsj Ixnnln delogntioiis. Among them the
excitement was nt.lever bent. In noticeable
contrast was the ileimwior of the delegates
from Ireland , Michael Davltt was espe
cially impassive. At last tlu-ro vveie cries ol
call the roll. The call showed Fit/goralil
largely In the lead. The total vote xxnti
called nmld loud cluer ? , and handkerchiefs ,
hats and umbrellas xvero liuilid In the air ,
McC.Ulroy rongnitulated Fltcgcrnid nnd
moved ( lint the election bo Hindu unanimous.
Jt xxas carried.
The detailed vote shows Wisconsin casl
50 votes for Fitrgerald ; Illinois , 77 : Ne
braska , 18 ; loxxa , 2 J ; Nexv Vork east 63 lei
Fit/ueiixld , 60 lor McCallroy ; Poiinsvhaiila ,
15 lor FiUtcenild ainl 10T forMcCalfrey.
. .Fil/srinld s ( hen presented by McCaf'
frey and In thn coui-se ot Ids remarks , aftei
tlmnklng the COD vention for electing him U
the Idghest ofiicc In the United States , said
lie xx.xs more iiroii't ' to flit that poi'.llon than
that of ptesUleiit of the Unltv { States. He
would try to fill tlio great position honorably ,
Tuero WHS no man and no Irishman who
would ask htm to do iui > thlagcxceptlor fico-
dom and lor IrniunU.
IUau Hion nominated Hugh McCaffrey , ol
Philadelphia , foi vice prebidoiit. Ho was
unanimously elected , amid a , storm of cheer-
lag. McCaffrey bOigeU to bo xcused. Tin
convention declined to accept his vioxvs and
unanimously elected him once in ore.
After electing Dr. O'Jteillev treasurer ,
Delegate Ieasy fiom lieland took the plat
form and nddicssed the convention. Ho bald
history could not furnish a parallel In the
wax of Iho ulK'ilaucoxulgh tuu itisli pcyplt
had clxen to tlio mllonal ciu e. For
centuries the pcoplcat home had kept the lamp
burning : In the face of countless dangers and
dtfllcultlcs. Lattei ly they had been reinforced -
forced bj nt least eight millions of their ex-
llejl felloxx'-counlrvmen In this great republic
of the xxest , Deasj reviewed the pro/iiess
of the Irish cnii c. and at the close of his ad-
diess Sectetary Sutton xxas unanlinouslj re-
Michael Davitt then rose nmld loud
ciieerlnif , and In Hie couisc ot a brief
speech , pointed to tlio most lavorabio
icsults of the present linnnonloiis conven
tion. Davitt said wliiio ho and Flncrtj had
etosscd .swoids In n frlondlv maiinti. ho
knew Ireland had no truer filend tnan Fin
erty. Oavitt moxed a vote of Hnnks be
given ( o Piesiding Officer Fit/gcrnld , which
was done by acclamation.
Mrs. Pnrncil resnonded to n loud call and
spokoa fexv xvords In xxhleh shopild a trib
ute to Michael Davltt nnd Gladstone. Glad
stone , she sild , was the lirst Englishman to
glxe tlio liisli Ills hand.
Finerty responded reluctantly to n cill for
him nnd madu n short speech He Imd to
siy to the great Irish leader that he , as , x son
of thirty generations ot Irish icLols. pro
tested tint the scant Installment of justice
olfered by Gladstone should not bo accepted
as a hual settlement.
Davltt at once toolc the platform and S'xld
that the e who weie tlio liist to oppose moral
foice xvlll nlxx n.v s be the lirst to come foi ward
with speeches
1 tueitx advanced excitedly and claimed
( hat lid should not bo Insulted.
Dax lit replied calmly that ho had not in
sulted Finortjand ho not going to be
Intimidated by nny one. Ho maintained
that the advance made bv Ireland toxxards
liberty had been w holly tin ough the exertion
of moral force.
The convention then insisted upon
n speech from Alexandei bulllxnn. llo
legretted that a isinglo wotd had been
uttered that would place the. convention In
the position of bax Inir n semblnnee of dltfoi-
enco. Sullivan spoke In a concillatoiy man
ner , doing initchtoxvard haimoni/ing tlio op
posing ( actions.
At 11 o'clock tlm coin cntlonndjouine sino
mtrrnvos TO PAIINKIT , .
After the adjouinment of tlio Irish Xa-
tlonal league convention to-night the lolloxx-
ingcablegram , xxiltteu by tlie autliorlty of
tlio com entlon , vxas toixxardcd :
CmcAdo , August 10 To Hon. Charles
Paiuell , House of Commons , London Ono
thousand delegates of tlio lilsh National
league conxontlon of America send gicetinc
tioinour body , which embraces representa
tive eitiroiis from excrj state-and teirltorv in
the union and also from Canada , and assine
vouof tlmcoidial ender emeiit ot jour pol
icy bv a united and haimonious convention.
. J. W. FiT/di KVI 11 , Chalimaii Conxeiitlon.
On tlic Work of the Chicago Con > eii-
tlon Pnlrnoss of ttio Times.
LONDON , August 20. (4 ( a. in. ) [ Now
York Heiald Cable Special to the Br.i : . ]
Tliu doings at the Chicago convention still
give tliepapeis concern. The Times ,
if bittci about it , is certainly fair , for it de
votes tluec and n half columns of Its cable
pages Hits moinlng to a detailed account of
tlic convention doings and of the speeches.
Tlm Times armes at tills conclusion : "Tlio
Chicago Irish convention Is fullj controlled
by Messrs. Egan and &ulllvan , vvhowlth Mi.
Parnell's Irish delegates , check the physlcal-
foice faction and have excluded it from tlic
committees and will bring about the results
deslied by Mr. Painell. One entire column
itdox'otes to the icport of Mi. Jtcdmoml'b
The ( Jladstoulan Dally Nevxs also gives
an exhaustive table account , uut is in
clined this moinlng to leer at thu
convention. It obseives : "The theory of
the Chic mo convention is becoming sliglitly
rldlcnlotio. Its mcmbeis are at liberty to ex
press theirvalinblo opinions on tilings In
geueial. In disclaiming all sympathy with
violence they aio at least entitled to credit
for common sense , but when Mr. William
O'Brien , the able editor of Unitid lieland ,
goes so far ns to loptesent the people of "om
benighted old countiy" ns training oxer here
fora ; lift in tills tremendous convention , ho
oxeracta his patt. Perhaps on the xx hole it
michtbo well If the Chicago convention were
to xvind up its business , which seems to bo
merely the collcntlon of a fund , and leave us
to manage ours. "
APnrty of Tourists Suffer Terrible
Privations Ono Hies.
LONDON ; August 19 , 12 m. [ Now York
Herald Cable Special to the BKK.J A tele
gram from the Herald's correspondent at 2or-
matt , Swit/erland , reports another fatal acci
dent in tlio Alpine district. A pirty of ox-
cuisionlsts , comprising one German , two
Englishmen , an Italian and Ins son and five
guides , were engaged in the ascent ot the
Matterhorn , when a heavy foil of snow on
the mountain tops blocked them in. They
wnndeied dnrliu two days through live feet
of snow , sutteiing tenlbly fiom hunger and
cold. At last one of the guides managed to
eetdown to tlio foot of the mountain to tell
the tale , sv relief expedition was immedi
ately organised nnd thirty guides , with
stretchers nnd ropes , ascended the mountain
andiescued , first of nil , the Italian nnd his
son. Durtni ; the night before Inst and yes
terday moining they secured tlio English
man and the German. All were In n very
pilnful state. Their hands and feet wcro
ho/en and swollen. When the relief paity
returned with the rescued the townspeople
of Xoimatt Eiceted them very warmlv. One
of thu frost-bitten Englishmen died to-day
fiom the ollects of his sufferings.
Tlio Queen Molten Her Llttlo Hpcocli
Salisbury on Ireland.
LOMION , August 10. At Hie hour parlia
ment mot rain was falling and the crowd
gathered about Westminster buildings was
small. Somoenthusiasm was displayed on
thoeuivalof various prominent leaders , but
It xx as generally faint. The attendance In thu
commons was large. Many mombeis nirived
before they had their breakfast. In oidci to
get good seats. The queen's speech was as
"My Lords and Gentlemen : J hax'o sum
moned you nt this unusual season tor the
transaction of Indeponsablo business. Tlio
session of tlio last parliament xxns inter
rupted before the ordinuiy xvorkotthe year
had been completed , In order that that the
sense otsomnof my people mi ht bo taken
on certain proposals with regard to the gov-
einment of Ireland , The result ot that ap
peal has been to confirm the conclusion to
which the Into pailinment had come. The
provisional nature of the arrangement made
by thu late parliament for public elmik'o ren-
deis it inexpedient to postpone further con-
sldeiatlon of necessary financial legislation.
Gentlemen of the house of commons , the
estimates which were submitted to the last
parliament and onlv partially xoted will bo
laid bcfoio jou. My lords and gentlemen , at
the pei led of tlio year usually assigned for n
rcccas , and after the prolonged labor to which
man v of jou have been subjected , 1 abstain
from lecommendlng now for jour consldera.
tlon any nieasuies except those which are es
sential to the conduct of the public service
during the remaining part of the financial
jenr. I am sure they will receive your
prompt attention.
In tlio house of commons debate , Churchill
wns followed by ecvcial Parncllites , xxho de-
clnicd they were not satisfied with the delay
policy. Clancy said the nationalists were de
termined not to allow the debate
until the opinions of Matthews slid others
\vernroxealed. Tlm debate xx'as adjourned
on motion of T. P. O'Conner.
In the house ot lords Sallsbmy said the
covernment hoped to stop the outrages In
the south and west of Iieliuid without alaigo
extension of pox > er. The most dllllcult
pioblrm was that of dealing with thu organ
ized > fUtm of intimidation which the gov
ernment will do their utmost to diminish.
it was their duty ( o urapplo vx ith Illegal com
binations to prevent the pay ment of runt. The
goxtrnmcnt must continue the conversion
of judicial leivseholdeis Into freeholders , the
multiplication of which was a blessing and
security to the country and legislatively It
would bo their dutj to institute an inqiiiiy
Into the cause of the discontent In Ireland ,
ni.d executively to maintain law and outer.
Their policy was Mrlcth limited by Hie de
cision of Uio constituencies. The address in
reply to tlio queen's speech was united to ,
A Grand Day in Norfolk Tor the Suvlvors
of the War.
ll.istltiga Holds a Grcnt SIiootliiR
Tourn.imc'it A Strange Cattle
Disease at Crete Other News
From Nebraska.
The Norfolic Heunlon.
Nonrot.K , Neb. , August ID. i Special Tele
gram to the Bii.J : : A lively rainstorm tliniat-
cncd to put n damper upon the encampment
this morning , and probiblydhl deter many
fJom coming bvrnll , but there was a visible
swelling of the croud , and ns the clouds
cleared awny during the forenoon It wns re
garded as boneliclal. It had the effect , however -
over , ot puttlnc the grand patade oxei until
to-morrow. CieneralTlinxei airlxcd on the
train last night , nnd oxpiesscd surprise nnd
plcnsuro nt tlio extent nnd beauty of the
camp and the number In attendance. Sena-
tore Mnnderson nnd Van Wjek and Con
gressman Doisey came In on the tinin from
the cast this aftei noon and were met bv dele
gations and cscoited to the camp amid Ily Ing
binncrs nnd martial music. They made
brief nddiesses from thcgiand stand upon
their ni rival nnd expressed gratification at
uaetlng so many veterans of noilhcin Ne-
biasUa. The chief addicss to-day was inado
by W. II. Wilcox , the "Mendotn Carnentci , "
whoso ilngliig words thilllcd tlio hearts of
ninny an old soldier and biought tears to
the e > es of his llstcncis. Ho Isa wonderfully
eilectlxe speaker nnd made n good Im
pression. The Sioux Indian braves Indulged
in another war dance to-day , their gesticula
tions being xvltne sed by a largo croxvd. A
line base ball contest occmrcd during the
aftei noon betxxeeu the West Point and At
kinson clubs , the formci winning by u score
of Ito2. It was the best game of thesciics
so far.
At the meeting heM to form a permanent
oiganl/atlon of the Noitli Nebraska Iteunion
association , much enthusiasm was mani
fested , and all the expressions xvere in favor
of it. It was decided to continue the piescnt
reunion committee In olllco until the Ibtli ot
February , when aitothot meeting will beheld
to perfect such nn oiginU.xtlon. it is Hie
feeling of old soldiers ot this section of the
state that such an oiganlzation is necessarj.
Ono ot tl e Insulilng exents of this evening
was the piaj ing of nine binds In concert at
the headquarters of ( Je'wral Brisbln. The
leaduis of the bands nftcrvxauls met and
agieedon piellmlnariesnfoi theli contest to-
monoxv afternoon for the uilzes. The follow
ing binds are in attendance : Madison ,
Stanton , Wajne , Niobiara , Neligli , Fremont ,
Humphrey , Atkinson'Poncaand Ainsworth.
The Mobr.tra band , undei the leadeishlp ot
Prof. Linger , is actingns hcadmiutcis band.
They are xery protic'cnt musicians.
At the camp die thrs riveniiigCongicssman
Jorsej made a biief speechand in rcfenliu
to pensions and the Injustice done bvwith-
holdini : the s.une , said he favored pensioning
all helpless and deserving old vetei.uis. llo
xxas tollowed by General Thajer , who con-
giatulated the reunion committee , fhocitl-
/ens ot Noifolk and the people ol nortlicin
Nebiasica on the succois * of tlie reunion , and
said ho loft San iYinctsco , earlv In order to
attend , itcferring ti the dress parade byitho
coloied lo ulaisaud their precision of move
ment ho paid a. liUli compliment tOiUieir
brnxery during tlio vv.T. ' lrA' < "r"
Among the visitors at the reunion to-day
were Land ComniifisCoiicr Scott nnd Attorney
Genernl Leest * . ( Jovcrnor Uavxes was ex
pected last night but fnllod to anivo. '
While here the stato'ofllcers ' Inspected the
insino asylum , the brick work ot which is
just completed , nnd pionouuced It the most
substantial and best job done on nmy of otn
buildln'-'s which is high pralso for Con-
tiactor King. '
An Interesting programme is arranged for
to-morroxv. It includes a grand parade and
band contest in the atteinoon. Most of the
( iiand Army men are to stay dm hit : the en
tire week , many briiiL'Ing thulr families to
enjoy tlio novelty of ennipllfo , and thus lar
but few liaxo left for their homes.
> oiis OF inn I > A.Y.
Thosltcets am beautifully decorated and
well Idled with people. Lieutenant Blng-
ham , ofFoitNIobrara. has the credit ot layIng -
Ing out Camp Mauderson , which will easily
accommodate 30,000 people.
A heavy rain last night completely settled
the dust nnd Improved the tempeiatiirc , to
the entlio satisfaction of the 10,000 visitors
who are here.
One of the most attractive feittires ot the
encampment Is the band of notable Indians
who give a genuine xvar dance dally. They
liaxe anpllcd to thncrciicrnl In command for a
big dog , xxhlcli will enable them to complete
their least.
Geueial Brisbln is a good talker , nnd Ills
speeches , though short , are nlxvnvs inviting
nnd thoheaicr docs not tlio of him. Ills
congcnlnl spirit hns won for him a warm at
tachment wth cveiyone.
Tiavclin/ men complain Hint the attrac
tions hero have drawn so extensively fiom
the suiroundliig country that business Is tem
poral ily demoralised.
Camp Mandorson is a lovely camp , and
minyoid vets xxlll xveli remembci the place.
Aside from the regular assignment of posts ,
the coiiimlttcu liaxe sold many bootli privi
leges , and the invincible laklrs , who have
soap that will remove the .stain fiom any
man's reputation , etc. , me heio In nil their
Every train brings many now recruits to
this "merry vx ar. " The folloxx lug posts hax o
been assigned quarters : Valentino , Johns
town , Long Pine , btuart , O'Neill , Ewing ,
Nollgh. Burnett , Woodlake , Alnsxvoitb , Bas-
sett. Atkinson , Inmnn , Clearxvater , OaUdalo ,
Hartington. Omaha , Pilger , West Point ,
Fiemont , Plaliulexv , Wayne , Ponca , Dakota
City , Columbus , Stanton , Wisnei , Cioxxell ,
Crcightoii , Pierce , Eincison. Niobnu.i , Madi
son , Wakellelil.
Many posts are rcpiesentcd with n bnisa
band , 'the Niobiara band has been assigned
the department nnd they aio doing thun-
selves pioiul. Iho cowboy band liom Madl-
( .on hns the most ludicrous uniform , which
tteums altogether out of place in a clvill/ed
Iho rcKistcrs of the different headquarters
tents Hhoxv the folloxx'ing number present
irom the ranks of ( ho different stntes :
Iowa . .K'O.Illlnois 120
Indiana , . - Ohlo j > 7
I'unnsilvania . . . . , - , IHNew York B.I
Maine , , „ tt NexvJersey 1
MassacliuscUs 4 Michigan 1'J
Vermont ' Minnesota 10
Wisconsin , 7S > KentucKy. i
Kansas lOallfornfa 1
Missouri b Nebraska 10
Thcio are exi ; ctwi more to como which
will raise the total number , KJJ. to about six
bundled ,
nor Dawes xxas expected to have come with
them but did not. General O. H. Van Wyt-k
Is duo here to-day nnd will draw n largo
conunitso of people to sen and hear him.
Captain J. M. Bell. Indian agent at Pine
Itidge , Is hero. * llfl sajs everything is
serene up there. The number of Ids
family now are 4,700 , although his
predecessor drew rations for and claimed
to have 7,200. Captain bxvord , chief of In
dian police nnd one of his men aio heio in
theli regulation uniforms.
Violtois weie all wearing an expression ot
enthusiasm and ndinliatlon , ( bo tliice troops
of mounted colored cavalry vveio called out
for exolution. They1 Indeed make a beauti <
inl show and give evidence of being vxcil
tutored In tactics.
Camp tires me in order ox ery night nnd
ono must participate in order to enjoy them ,
for ( o look on as a causal olteeierono sees
little Inducement fur txvo or three sun-
bioxvncd old v tits ( u luig each oilier and roll
mound the crass , hoxvexei 1 suppose they do.
This file is of itself very Impressive if not
Tlio hotels are reaping a rich harvest , bu |
metclmnts are afraid tlmy will not lecclve as
much benefit as they expected from the people
ple , i'lie uau aLU weio compelled to put up
515 caeh to drive on the srrounds. nnd they
are doing n thriving business , A gnme of
ball between local clubs Is called for
each da ) , and la calling a good attendance.
A prlnl of SlOO Is to bo competed for by sev
eral brass binds , and each bind hns como
with the confluence ot securing it.
Great Sport nt Ilnstlnui.
IIsrins , Net ) . , August 1' ' . [ Special
Telecram to the BfK.J Piiisuanl to.x call
published some ( line since , about tilt ) sports
men assembled in this city vcsleiday and
to-daj for the puiposcot oignul/lnirn West
ern State Sportsmen's association. Consid
erable Interest vxns manifested In the shoot-
match jcsterday afternoon. The following
is the result ot Hie match :
First shoot , ten PcorU blackbirds : Beach
of Hastings liist. Doty of Hastings second ,
Eicaubuk ofMePooK third. breaking sexen ,
six mid the buds rcsp ctlxclv.
Second shoot , seven live blids : Doty and
.luni ; of Hastings divided first money on
clean SUHO , Van ItusKlik of Junlnti second
on sir birds , Beach of Hastings thlid.
Third shoot , ten glass lulls : Gardner of
Hastings first monej on iitun balls , rish of
LOUD Cltv second on eight balls , Loxvls ot
Mi-Cook tliiid on seven bills.
Fouitli shunt. M.\.U Peoiln blackbirds :
Henle ot Grand Island lirst money on a clean
score , Bcath of Hastings sccondon llxeblids ,
Weeies thlid on fem birds.
Fifth "hoot , ten Peoiia blackbirds : Beach
of Hastings first money on clean fcort ! , Doty
of Hastings second xvlln seven , Domlney of
Alma thlid with fixe.
Sixth shoot , llxo lixeblids : Van BusUrk
of .liinlata first money on n clean scoie ,
Domluev , Eienbick , McGrew nnd Pllck div -
v Ided second nionej on loui bluls , Jung third
on tluee.
Sexcntli shoot , sex en llxe birds : Fisher won
first on six birds , Beach second on live , Jung
third on four.
Eighth shoot , ten Peorln blackbirds : Beach
won first on sexen , Dolj sccondon six , Gaid-
ner third on lixe.
Ninth shoot , seven live hlids : Beach won
fli-s t on six. bluls , Van Busklilt second on
five , James tlilrd on four.
Tenth shoot , ton Pcoila olaekbiids : Bench
von first on eight bluls Dunn nnd Domlny
divided second on six , lottliiid on live.
Eleventh shoot , txxo tun nnd four single
Itxe blids : \ an Busklik won last on sexen
bints , Beach second on six , Hill thlid on
fom.Txvelfth shoot , fixe llxc birds : Dun won
first w Ith a clean store , Dotj second on fem ,
Gaidner third on tliice.
'Ihiitccnth shoot , ten Peoria blackbiids :
Beach won lirst on seven birds , Xoblo second
on six. Fish thlid on live.
In the evening n meeting xvas hold foi the
purpose ot oigaiil/ing Hie Wcsteiu Spoils
men's association , but after forming n tempo-
i.irv oignni/atlon tlio meeting vxns adjoin ned
until Septembei 2v ! and - ' > . when Hut associa
tion wilt meet at Holdiege and effect a per
manent oiganlzation.
They Must I'ny Taxes.
1'oitK , Neb. , August ! ! . [ Special to the
BF.i.J Tlio sv stem ol tax dodging xvhich lias
been so long complained of by the honest
taxpij-eis of Nebiaska , received a set-back
hero jesterday by the action of the county
bond of supeivlsors. The Nelnaska Land
and Loan company , doing business in this
city , nnd owned by W. D. Mead , F. F. Mend
nnd E. P.Vaincr , have escaped taxation
ox'cr since its organi/ation. Tlie ofhcers of
Hie company at a meeting of the count j'boaid
In Jm v , were cited to appear before that
body at Its meeting > csteiday and show cause
why they should not enter their assets for
taxation , they haing repeatedly refused to
list their pioperty under the roxenuo law for
taxation in this countj- . Their plea Ins been
licietotore that a portion ol tlio oxvncis xvero
nonresidents nnd Hint the property had been
listed in other states. This old plea , which
Is nearly always made by the capitalists nnd
SprottSSljMisU1' tax dodger , did not have Its
effect with the board nnd on the company's
making default the county clcik xvas oidci ed
to assess them xv ith 313,000 , which will add to
the county revenue about $700 In taxes.
A Strange Cattle Disease.
CnrTn , Neb. , August 19. [ Special Tele
gram to the BKH.J On the adjoining farms
of Messrs. Vance , Bolton and White , eight
lulles north of here , tlih teen head of cattle
have died in ten days. The animals became
.wild nnd attacked man or beast. More are
allowing Hiosamo symptoms and great ox-
cltomcnt prevails in the community. Dr.
Gerth wns heid nnd pronounced it anthrax ,
but Dr. Billings came to-day nnd a critter
bidlj" nifccted was killed , dissected nnd n mi
croscopical examination had. Dr. Billings
declared it was not antprax , and could not
determine whether it was rabies. Ho said it
wns a uuzzlor. A dog was scon to chase the
cattle nil ono afternoon four weeks ngo last
Saturday , and the commonly accepted theory
is that It Is rabies.
An excursion fiom Friend nnd Dorchester
of llvo hundred people enjoyed to-day at
Crete's snmtuoi rcsoit.
A Change of Programme.
PKNDEII , Neb. , August 1'J. [ Special to the
I3ii.j A plasterer named Stuvo Cramer ,
who has lived heio for the past year or txxo ,
took ( ho train for Norfolk Thursday , and
shortly ofter ids departure Mr. Alien Whit-
comb dlscoxcred that his xvatch , xvhich had
been In a vest that was hanging ui > In Hie
hotel , was gone. Ho concluded that the two
circumstances had some connection with
oacli oilier. Attorney A. C. Abbott , xxho wns
on thu tinln , wns telegraphed to to soaich
Cramer , who wns found to have the wntcli in
his boot. Ho is now taklnir in the leuuion
fiom behind the bais at HicNoiiolk coolei.
Trouble Among Contract on.
Yonic , Neb. , August 10. [ Special to the
Bii : : . ] A telegram was recolved licio yestei-
day from Lincoln ordcilng that nil work bo
stopped on the now court house until further
orders. The cause of the suspension of work
Is not definitely known heio , but the work
men are nndci the impression that It is the
icsnlt of a row among tlio sub-contiactois nt
Lincoln , The county board haxo tolused lo
piyany further estimates on the building
until the contractor shall begin to push the
xxork with a llttlo morn vigor.
Bocond Judicial Dlwlricr.
LINCOLN , Neb. , August 10 , [ Special Tele
gram to the Bin : . ] The lepubllcan com-
mlttee foi the second judicial district met at
the Capital hotel today. Thcio woic pres
ent J B. Strode , of Cass ; Albert Cole , of
Oton ; A. J. Cornish and D. E. Bengali , of
Lancaster. Tlio con vention to nominate
n judge for tlio district to succeed Judge.
JIayxxnid was called to meet September ? ) at
Lincoln , the counties to have repiesentatlon
as appointed foi the state convention ,
Pavvos HuporlnteniUitR the C
CiiKin , Neb. , August It' ' . [ Special Tele
gram to the BEK.J Politics are gelling xxaim.
1 ho gox ei nor Is on ( ho ground superintend
ing a personal canvass. The Olobo , his
oegan , pnuticallv makes the Issue Dawns for
senator. The 1'ilcml primailesain held to-
morioxv and the Ciete Saturday. These two
will deti'iiuiuothocontiol of the county con
OOU.I.VLA , Neb. , August 1'J. [ Special
Telegram to the Bun. 1 Ono bundled and
twenty-fix o Ogallala Sioux Indians are i im
ported to bo twenty-five miles iioith of hero.
As far as known they haxo not committed
any dupicdntluns. Tito supposition U that
they aio out on n hunting expedition.
It Will Ho an Hvont.
PKNDBK. Neb. , August 19. [ .Special ( o the
BKE.IVan Wck speaks hero to-moiroxv.
The Tekunink band lias been engaged for the
occasion , -and no pains haxo been spued tu
make ( lie occasion ono to belong iciuom-
A Duller. Made Him Desert.
Foirr HouiNeox , Nub. , August 10. | Spe-
clnKo the BKE.J A colored trooper of rom <
F.Nlnthcnvalry.siipiKwcd to haxo deserted on
( he 13th Inst. , way found near the ralliond
trak butxvcen hero nnd Craxvtoid with a dan-
gviotu bullet wound in his head ,
The Pate of the Chicago Anarchists Now
Resting With the Jury-
The ilury Snld to Have Found Spies ,
IjlitCR ntut IliiKft Guilty of
Mm dor In the First
Dem ce.
The Great TrNl
CHICAGO , August U . In the nnarclilst
ca e this morning Giinnell returned his ad
dress , lie directed his opening renmrks to
answering a pioposi.tlon In l.xxv umtlo by Fos
ter In hlsnddiess. Ho then touched on (511-
tnci's testimony , nnd i\ld Gilmei had not t\t
nil times told the same btorj rogntdlng the
bomb throxx Ing. Continuing , Gilnnell said
Captain Schnaek had given the pioseeution
the leadini : string to Hioconsplracy.
Judge Garj began his instructions to the
juiy at Q o'clock. Ho sild that vxhoexer Is
guilty of murder should suiter the penalty of
dc.tthoi Imprisonment of not less than four
teen \eais ; that as a matter of l.uv the Juiy
\\.is not to go behind the nxldciico to hunt tip
doubts and doubts to justify acquittal
must bo reasonable , also , that as a matter of
law nil accessory 13 lie \\lio stands by and
aids , abets 01 assists , orlio , not being pies-
cut aiding , abetting or assisting , hath ad
vised , aided , oncouia ed , or abetted the per
petration of the ctliuo ; that ho xxho thus
aids , abets , assists , advises or encourages ,
ill-ill bo coiisldcio 1 as n pilnclpal and pun
ished accordingly. If the defendants at
tempted to inoithiow tholtxv by foice. and
tlnoxv the bomb , then the defendants \vlio
vveio In the conspiracy wet o guilty of mui-
dci. If thc'io was .in onaichlstlc conspiracy ,
and ( the defendants \\eic Dailies to It , they
aio guilty of murder , though the date ol
the culmination of the conspii.icy was
not llsoJ. If any of the defendants
conspired to tjxcite by advice , the people to
riot and minder , such doloiid.ints aio guilty.
If such minder \\as dona In pmsuanco of
said conspiracy , the Impractlcatencss of the
anus of the defendants immatciial. Cir
cumstantial cxldenco Is competent to prove
guilt , and If thu defendants consplied to ovci-
throw the law , and Deganas killed In con
sequence , the pxttii's aio guilty , and It is not
necessary that any of the defendants were
picsent at the killing. All parties to the con
spiracy are equally guiltv. Circumstantial
evidence must satisfy the jury bojond a rea
sonably doubt. In such n ease the juij may
lirnl the defendants guilty.
Foi the defendant the Instructions weio
that If the jury uudeifltood the law better
than the judee , they should so act. The jurx
should aU w ith gre it caution upon the testt-
mom ot accomplices , and should be satisfied
of tlioli tiutli bctoie luuling tlio defendants
guilty. A doubt must bo a reasonable one.
bitiipithv does not constitute a icasonablo
doubt , The jmors WIMO judges ol the l.n\
and I act , but should not go against , tlio court
without a consideration. The jmj
might lind anv or all ot the
defendants irullty or not , anil
could foi the penalty foi all , If guilty of mur
der or n > thing else. Tlio sentence should
bo lived 'In accordance witli the statutes.
The forms of vordler schould not bo regarded
by the jury. . Individuals and communities
have a 11 Kill to aim lor protection , and an in
vitation to aim lor such imposes is not
The judge finished his Instructions at 2:10 :
p. in. and the juiy immediately retiied.
The defendants listened with eagei atten
tion dining tlioieuling of the judge's In-
structionsto the juiy. Parsons took notes
throughout the entire reading , while the others
contented thcmselxcs with listening merely.
Impressions ( lilter as to the length of tlmo
the jury will piobabiy bo out. It Is admitted
thatsomo poittons ot theinstinotions offered
tlio jury an opuoitunlty to discilmlnate be
tween the defendants in the matter of their
guilt and the iclativedegieo of punlsninont
to bo iKcd. Thocouit tlicn adjoin nod until
10o'clock to-morrow nioinlng.
Until the verdict ot tlio jurors Is presented
In open court the anarchist tiinl will not have
fmulshed.i more Impressive scene than the
court room during tlio reading of Judge
Gary's insttuctions to the juiy this after
noon. That event had apparently been
looked foixvaid to as tlio most dliecUy affect
ing the final result , foi tlio audience which
crowded every inco of available spicouvincrd
a general eagerness of Interest which was
lacking during the giving of sonio of the
most impoiUnt testimony. Exon tlio ladles
picsent drank In every word of each long
iilnaso In tt.o insti notions , as it to lose no
thing which might iiiinish a cine as to what
the veulict would be. Tlio strained attention
ot the defendants was paliitul to witness ,
and tlio anxiety ot Mrs. I'arsons was scarcely
less nppaiont. The juiy seemed glad of
the opportunity to rest their tiled
bodies and stood ciect throughout
tiio hour consumed in tlio leading ol the , In-
stiuctloiis. Counsel for botli sides crowded
as closn to the bench as possible , and once or
twice Captain Black or Mi. Xelstei , toi tlio
detense , inteiiupled tlio comt to suggest tlio
Interpolation 01 Iho expunging of a woidoi
When the jury retiied the prisoners were
taken Into ono of the ballllfs rooms adjoining
tlio court loom. A few minutes latin Fischer
omeiged accomp mlcd by a bailiff and entci ed
anotlici loom to get a drink of Ice water.
Ho v\as deadly pale. Though tlio ballltr.s took
pains to assure the ladies jiiesent that It was
i\ticmely Impiobablu that n veulict would bo
i etui lied beloro an adjoinnmcnt of coint ,
every ono of them leinalned till Jndgo
Garry put on his hat and was out of tlio
building. During tlm tlueo hours of waiting
lot tlio verdict , the attoinojspiosoiitwciu
subjected to lopcatcil Intcivlcxvri , mostly by
ladles , as to the probability of a verdict being
returned which would lix the extiomo pen
alty. Mis. I'm sons , MIH. Nccbo and Mis.
.Schwab conversed togctliei in low tones at
the end of ono of tlio attoiinn's tables , and
weio no\v nnd then bilghteiiLd up by a cheei-
ful vvoid from Mrs. Black , who Is said to
haxo Him faltli In an acquittal.
Tim most touching sight of all was the
ngcd motlioi ot Spies , llei Imperfect knowl
edge 01 the English langingo has made It
iniposslblo lor nor to lolluw the evidence
closely , but hei intense sidicltudo toi the
comtuit and safety of hoi lavoiito son , tlio
enonnltvot whosuolfomoas maintained by
the prosecution pho hnsfici'incd llttlo to un
derstand , 1m ) mad- ; hoi the most patliutlc
leatinoof llit * liial. While wiutlng tlio irturn
of the jiiitioiiient ) | ioiled down her
wrinklediheeKs , and when the comt ad-
jouincd with her suspense still unicllexcd ,
she moved Movx-ly out on the uim of her
young danglitet , scomln.'h hioKen heaited.
"llcie comes tlio jniy , ' vvas-tho Mnitlcd
whisper which went aionnd III teen minutes
aftei that body had retiied , and It clotted n
momentuy sensation , for the liny iiad HI-
tinned , Hut it was only to leeoho some ad
ditional liixtuittlonsdiiiceintiK tliocilmu of
manslaughter , and thu hones ot tlio sensation
secUers present Bpeedllj lell again. It x as
wlih extreme disappointment Hint the larirei
pait ot the audlentoiecclvcd tlio announcement -
ment that tlio comt had adjourned. They
would gladly have waited fill midnight to
heai the verdict. iut ! JiuUoGmy was not so
minded and tlio ciovvd dcpaitcd , manj of the
ladies voting they would bu back early in
the moi ning. rain or shine.
At 8 o'clock to-night hundreds of persons
stood on H.ehldoxxaiks In sight of tlio light
which saearned lioiu the windows of thn
juiy loom In Hie ciimlnal rouit building.
Kitty policeiiicii guatdcd ovciy nppioaeli to
tiio building , and tlieii iinmhei v/.is ion-
stantly being luiiriueiilcd , 'Iho rxciteinent
about tlio v icinlly Is v cry gieat. M no autlior-
Itit-b aio taivingeveiy piecuiitlon to picvent
mi } tiling in ( lie natiiro ol a dlstuil anco. Thu
jurjiiicii have been carried the ) ; supjicis
liom n neijliboilng hotel and will Fpuml the
night In tlio building. Kxeothing posslblo
is being done to add to their comfort , and
the doors to their mom aio heavily guarded
against Inttuflon fioinitliout. .
At 10 o'clock It Is learned that tlio jury has
retained to tlio hold. This is bcllr\fil to in
dicate thai a verdict liaRbeon found , nsnthci-
vlso the juiy had bci-n Instinctcd by the
comt not to Jcawi their looiu in ibo criminal
court building. From ( he bailiff It Is
that the jurjmeu weip rondy to return to
thulr hotel nt s o'clock this exciting. His
conjcclined fioiu lids , with tlio possible ex
ception ot Neebe , tint the prisoners will fnio
nllKe. the jurv not haxln ; taken the requisite
tlmo to dhcusshell ( eies sepimtely to the
extent ot nlllxing dlilcrent penalties.
Tin : Tixn s os inn vi murr.
Iho limes to-monoxv xxlll sn\ : "It Is
gencrnllv understood that thu jury in the
anarchist case found Spies , Llngg nnd
Engel gnlltx of murder In the lirst decree.
' 1 ho defendants nro one nnd nil declared
gnlllv of innnslniighlei andglxon terms ot
Imprisonment ranging fiom txxenty jeirs
down to tinvo vears , the lattei being the
punishment nutted out to Neebe. Not ono of
the defendants escaped scot tree. "
Al lljlv 1 I \ ' \LjAIiS. .
The Iloily or U. 11. Itogors to Uc Sent
Homo Krom 3tr\loo.
W \ MittiToAugust 19. uSpcclal Tele
gram to the Hi.i : . ] Klxe jears ago K. H.
Hogers , of I'leiuont , Neb. , was appointed
United Slates consul nt Vorn CIUA llo pro
ceeded to his post nnd xxns sdiokeii down
wlthjelloxv fexer on his nrrlxal. lie xxas
procecdlni : to the soiieul vxhen he fell In ( ho\xavaiid | died veij soon after , lie
was bmied in ( lie ccmoteij nt ern Cm ? and
his body still remains ( tiere. Under ( ho
. Mexican law a body ouco bulled cannot bo
disinteneduiitll llxcehpsed slnco thn data
of hlsbinlal. The stUodepaitmciit Is pro
vided w Ith a fund for the pui pos-o of remov
ing to the United St itcs the remains of con
suls who dlo In foielL'ii couutilc * , but owing
to tlio provisions ot tlio Mexican law the body
of Mr Holers could not be taken to his for
mer residence until tills yc r. The livejenis
expired on the 1st Ins ) , , and anticipating
this date tlio deputment instructed the
piescnt consul , Joseph D. Holf ,
tomakotlio tavossiry prep.uatlons for Iho
lomoval of the remains. In leply a letter was
received from the consul today informing
the department that he has entered Into ni-
iDiigements with the Wells Faigo Expiess
company , which company luii'es to
Hie charge of tlio casket anddellvei It to thu
telatlvcsof the dccoasod In Nebraska. lie
asks that ho be authoil/cd bj telegiaphto
close the aiiangement wllli thecompiny and
states that ho had prcpaied n handsome ma-
hocanv casket , lined with tin , In which thu
body xxlll be heimctlcally .sealed. In lesponso
to tills letter a was today sent to
Consul llolldiitdini ; him to ship the body
atoncuthrough the Wells Fatgo company.
The LlneoliiH Itndly Ijoft Ily Denver
Other OatncR.
LINCOLN , Neb. , August 10. [ Special Tele-
giam to the BLP. ] The first of the four
games betxxeen Lincoln and Denver on the
home giounds xxas plavcd todajand the
home club xvas easily dcleated , the Dcnvern
scoring 14 to : i for Lincoln. Following Is the
scoio by Innings :
Lincoln 0 0010000S
Denver 1 U 0 3 3 0 0 2 3-11
OlllIHl ( IAMT.S.
Chicago 3 4 0 0 2 0 0 0 * 0
St. Louis 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0-a
Pitchers Flvnn and Keibj. Base lilts
Chicago It , St.Louis U. Knols Chicago 5 ,
St , Louis7. Umpiio Ploice.
' '
Philadelphia. . . . 5
Nexv York 0 01000000-1
Fiist base hits Philadelphia 8. Nexv Voik
S. Errois Philadelphia 2 , Nexv Yoik < ' .
Umpiie Fulmer.
Washington 0 000 OfiJOMOT'O ' 3
Boston 0 4
Fhst base hits Boston 0 , AVasIngton H.
Eriois Boston 2 , Washington C. Umpire
Brooklyn 0 00100000 1
Metropolitans..0 100 : ! 0000 5
1 < list base bits Biooklj n ' } . Mettopolitan ! t.
Euois BrookljnO , Motrojiolltan 3. Umplio
A r BAt/mioni :
Jialtlmoro S 0400002 0 13
Athletics 1 10000100 3
1'itcheis Kilroy and Kennedy. Fhst
base hits Baltimore-13 , Athletics 3. Errois
Baltimore 1 , Athletics . Umplio-Valen
ArSr. Louis-
Si. Louis 0 00000000 0
Pittsbing 1 0010203 * 0
Fiist Bast hits-St Louis T.Plttsbnrg 18.
Euors St. Louis 0 , Pittsbing 1. Umpire
Louisville 0 30110010 0
Cincinnati 0 20000001 3
Base hits-Cincinnati 3 , Loulsvillo 13. Er
rors-Cincinnati 4 , Loulsvillo 0. Umpire-
Racing at Iho Springs.
SAKAIOOA , N. Y. , August 1 ! ) . Two-year-
olds , ( hrec-quarters mlle : Conncmarn won ,
Agnes second , Lizzie Kicpps ( hlrd. Time
Ono and onc-lialf miles : Bnrnnm won ,
JlmGncst second , Eikwood thlid. Time
Three-quarters mile , heats : First heat
Lady Wayxvnrd won , Gleaner second , Billy
Gllmoio thlid. Time 1:17 : } . Second heat
Hilly Gilmoiu won , Loid Lorno second ,
Gleaner third. Time 1:17 : . Third heat-
Lady Wax ward won. Billy Gllmoie second.
Time 1:18'jf. :
Mlle : Estrella won , Bess second , Matlnco
third , 'lime 1:4J : ( .
Two and ono-quaiter miles , stcoplo clinsn :
Onolda Chlof won , Abraham second. Mystlo
third. Tluie 1:2 : %
nioninoutli I'lirlc Itacos.
Movxiourii PAUIC , N. J. , August It ) .
Handicap sweepstakes , lor all ages , mlle :
Preclosa won , Dry Monopole second , Mailc-
land thiid. Tlmo-l:44. :
Txvo-ycai-olds. Hnco quartcM mlle : Mont-
losuwon , Oueon of Ell/abelh second , Jull-
ett.i Colt tlilrd. Tlmo 1:1BK : >
Txxo-ycar-olds. Huoo-quarK rs mlle : Kings-
Ion won , King Fox second , Alcalde thlid.
Time 1:14K. :
All ages , one and ( Inco-sixteenths mllns-
Bupeit won , Mink second , SpiliiL'llokl third.
Tlueo-yeai-olds and upxvards. ono nnd
tlneo. sixteenths miles ! Pc.okskitl won ,
Pasha second. H.-.llot thlid. Time 'J:0" : > K.
Sloeplo i husc , shoit cinirso : I'ulaiuii won ,
JmUu ( iiiflltli second. Suiistar thlid. Tlmo
-3:10. :
CHICAGO , August 10. Tlio unllnislied
pnelng rnco of jcoteiday , i0 ! ; : ! class , Jenny
Llud won , Moses second , Chain thlid , iloxvdy
Boy diHtanred. JJekt tImo-a:2JX. :
Class 'J:3I : ; Opal won , llcsslo scrond , Frank
McCuno third , Frank Mlddlcton lourth.
Bestilme-2:24. :
C'ln'-'j ' 2:20. : mlle heats , thieo In five : Charles
iliigan won. Louglcllovv Cliicf sicoiut ,
Moody tliiid , Tom ItogciH tourth. Best tlmo
Class 2:40 : , tiotthio' , mile heats , three in
Ino : Dude and Itoso t'ach won two liealfi.
Tlio I'npe'H Ijll'n Knvcd.
HOMK , Auirust 19 , To night an Italian no.
lioeinaii obserxed anmii hiding in St. Petcm.
examliiatloti show nl that ho was mad. Tlio
pope has oxpiessed his gratlludo and ndrnlin.
lion foi the zeal ot the gen d'aimes and the
I'liitm of Action.
I.OVDON , August 10. ( ijadstono proalacd
thisoxouiiigat a meeting of Ills colleagues
In tlio late cabinet at tlio residence of Kail
( ii.uullle. The object ot tlio meeting wastq
discuss tlio ntaii of action foi tUo present
session of parliament.
and Lynching.
AftiotiA , Ind. , August in.Loul ? Il.'lbcii
wan stabbed and killed by William Walking
in tlic upper Auioudistlllny today. Wn | >
klus xxasariestcd and bhoitl ) alter
lian vd.