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A Soldier Arrested For Attempting to
Kill a Fellow Cavalryman.
It la Abolished by Tlio Postmaster
General A Cracksman Arrested
Hall Notci Other Local
A Military Sensation.
Sergeant Simons , a colored soldier of
the Ninth cavalry at the rillo range , re
ported to Adjutant General
brock , at army headquarters
yesterday , with a prisoner. Pri
vate Ed wards , of troop ( J , Minth cavalry ,
wJiohas been arrested for nttenipcd mur
der and desertion.
Tlio authorities arc very reticent about
the matter , but the facts as ro
llably learned by n reporter , are
these- Edwards , who is a negro of ugly
temper anil dangerous disposition , on
Saturday evening , late , became Involved
in a row with a fellow soldier , Private
Frank .Shephard , of Troop M , Ninth cav-
M nlry. Hot words led to something worse ,
K and Edwards soiling IIM gun , raised
it with one hand nnd aimed nt Shepherd's
head. The latter was standing by his
tent on the rillo range , by tlio moonlight ,
could easily see Edward's action. The
latter tired. Tlio bullet whi//sod pint the
cur of Shepherd , who throw his head to
ono side and thus escaped instant death.
The gun , htrauiie to say , was so close lo
his face that tlio powder burned it ter
ribly. Ho has been removed to the
hospital at the post , where he is now un
der treatment. The physicians think that
he will iccover , though he will be scarred
for life.
The explosion of the gun nrouscd every
man in the camp , nnd as soon us tlio true
state of all'airs was learned the wildest
excitement prevailed. A thorough search
was made for the ollbndor , Private
Edwards , but ho had disappeared.
Sunday night , however , after twenty-
four nouns' desertion , ho roturni'd
nnd guvo himself up to the' authorities
in charge of the camp. Ho was
taken yesterday'to the guard house at the
fort nnd it Is probable that his trial by
court martial will como off within a few
Edwards is a haul customer. Ho was
once under Colonel Henry while that of
ficer was at Fort 6111s , N. M. , and was
arrested for stabbing a fellow prisoner.
'I ' Ho was tried.convicted nnd sentenced to
II the military p'rison for two years.
Tlio Postal Division of Nebraska and
Wyoming Abolished.
An important move which has just
been made by the postmaster-general
leaked out yesterday , beinpQnothing less
than the abolishing of the postal divi
sion of Nebraska and Wyoming , with
headquarters at Omaha. This division
has been in existence for several years ,
nnd bus been in charge of a chief inspec
tor with several assistants , who con
trolled all business in this state and
Wyoming. The postmaster-general has
ordered it abolished , and the business
will hereafter bo transacted from Denver ,
tno headquarters ot the Colorado divi
sion. Mr. 11. E. Spanglor , the chief of
the present Nebraska division , will by
this change be sent , to Chicago , Mr.
Brown to Denver , and Mr. Anderson to
Portland , Oregon.
The now division will consist of Colorado
rado , Nebraska , New Mexico , Wyoming
and Dakota.
This move has been under contempla
tion for some time. When Chief Postal
Inspector J. C. West was in the city a
few weeks ago , ho intimated to Mr.
Spungler that something of the sort was
liable to turn up though it was just possi
ble , ho said , that it might not occur.
Since then , however , the postmaster
general lias decided to make the move ,
nnd on and after September 1 , the di
vision will bo abolished.
A gentleman speaking of the mrtter
yesterday said : "This move has boon
made not on account of any de
sire to aim a blow at the inter
ests of Omaha or Nebraska , but si in
ply to cut down expenses. By doing away
with this division , und adding Nebraska
uud Wyoming to tlio Colorado division ,
nil this business can bo transacted from
Denver which is n convenient and central
point. In this way a great stroke of
economy will bo achieved. "
The officials about the federal building
received yesterday copies of President
Cleveland's circular letter warning oliico
holders against using their position for
polical ends or to further their private
A Burglar "Pouches" on a Knplst ,
Who KotnllatcH.
Mention was made in the BEE Satur
day of the fact t.uui an escaped convict
mimed Ashman , from tlio Michigan pen
itentiary , who had been serving a sent
eneofor rape had been arrested in this city
bylShoriirCoburn. Yesterday a rather
sensational sequel to the afi'air turned
up in the arrest of J , N. Meyers
Afjlnnaii's pal , who had placed
the authorities on his partner's track
Meyers hud done this with the hope of
scouring a portion of the rowunl which
been ollbrcd for Ashman's arrest. From
all appearances , his greed has Involved
him in n bad scrape. Ash
man Yesterday "poached" on Myers ,
i\nd informed Shoritf Coburn that
ho was n professional burglar who had
boon operating in this city and Council
Blutl's for several weeks past. Further
more Ashman declared Meyers was the
man who cracked the bufo nt the transfer
depot about two weeks ago. As soon as
Ashman had finished relating his
Story to Coburn , MurMiul Cummlngs
WHS fionlfor at once. That official immediately -
mediately arrested Meyers , who hap
pened to bo about the court house at that
time , nnd locked him up. Meyers
claimed to bo nn innocent , nnd disclaimed
nil knowledge of the transfer burglary.
Ho is uiuloubtudly a dangerous character ,
liowover , and certainly looks llko u first-
class nil around crook.
By a strange coincidence , n workman
in the Chicago Lumber yard yesterday
foumbset of crucKsmnu's tools concealed
umlnr n pile of boards. The tools were
wrapped up in a copy of the " .Spotting
LUn , " with n HKI : of the data of August
8 , showing that they had not been there
Jong , They consisted of three drills und
H brace , for drilling holes in the snfo
door , a funnel for pouring in tlio powder ,
fcOVcral lengths of fuse , bomo wax for
grousing thu drills , wire , oto , , ete. Muyrrs
Has benn Keen loafing about this lumber
yard on several occasions , und It is
{ hot-lit that the kit of tools belongs to
him. Detective Vnlontlno. of ( ho Union
Pacific , who Is working up the matter ,
thinks that lie will bo tiblu to provo thai
Meyors Is the man who cracked the safe
nt the transfer depot. Deputy Bhoriir
Blair , of Michigan , arrived yesterday
uud return with his prisoner last night.
An IntcromiiK Corcmonr nt tlio Cnth- of Kt. Phllomcnn.
Sunday the feast kof the Assumption
was celebrated at the cathedral of St.
Philomcna in an unusual manner. In
the morning nt seven o'clock there was
high muss nt whicji the members of the
young la tics' ' sodality nnd the young
men who had just organized a gentle
men's sodality , approached communion.
At 10 3) o'clock there was solemn high
mass which was celebrated by Father
Carroll , McCarthy and Boyle. In tun
evening at 7W : ! o'clock , a programme of
unusual interest was carried out ,
The members of the young ladles' so
dality mot nt the school house and clothed
in white with ( lowing veils and wreaths
of Ilowers adorning their heads , marched
with banners to the church. They were
accompanied by thirty-live young men ,
each ol whom Were a pale blue badge.
designating the gentlemen's sodality of
the church. Several hymns WITH sung
by the members of both sodalities , after
which the gentlemen numbered wore re-
coked into the sodality just orL'ani/cd.
and fifteen ladles wore received
Into the sodality for young ladies
which was established some years ago.
The sermon was preached by Yuthor Mc
Carthy who spoke iu feeling terms of the
edifying reception , the spiritual favors
it would grant to the participants and
the benr-lRs that might in many other
ways bo expected. Ho also referred to
the fact that the day was the tenth anni
versary of the establishment of the first
sodality of the city , nn organi/ation
which though acting in an undemonstra
tive manner had yet maintained exis
tence. The speaker warmly com
mended the efforts of Father Carroll who
had Infused now vigor into tlio older and
established tlio younger sodality. Tlio
latter irontlnman is the director of each
society , while the president und secretary
respectively of the gentlemen's sodality
are C. J. Smyth and M. P. O'Brien.
Flro Hydrants , Too , Which Would bo
Worthless In a Fli'o.
D Councilman Dailoy , yesterday
morning , told a Bur. reporter
that the rcrent examina
tion of the lire hydrants of the city devel
ops the fact that in many of them in
southeast and southwest the pressure was
inadequate to supply a serviceable stream
and in some water failed entirely to How.
Ho bad no doubt that a number of them
were clogged up with mud. The way ho
bought to remedy this state of affairs
ivas to lofuso to pay for hydrants which
ild not bo relied on for watut. The
water works company , ho thought , ought
to bo compelled to have an inspector go
iiround at stated intervals _ nnd see that
every hydrant was in condition to boused.
Air. Lluiloy further said that the intense
lieut of the past month had something to
lo with tliis state of affairs , as it had also
with the muddy condition of our water.
During some of tlio hot days of July
8,000,000 , gallons of water bad been con
sumed in the oity. It had boon lurishly
nnd cruelly wasted in spi inkling and in
other ways. And yet the capacity of the
settling reservoirs was only 0,000,000 gallons
lens , This did not jrivo sufficient time to
Jot the water sottle.and as a consrquonco
consuineis got nearly all the mud of the
river in the water they received through
the hydrants. The water did not reach
the city from the reservoir on the hill ,
as many thought , but came through the
pipes from the basins at the bottoms
without having sufficient time to bo clar
ified. Mr. Dailoy thought that this state ,
of affairs should" bo improved , and the
waterworks ho placed on a basis com
mensurate with the demands of the city.
The Veteran Ex-ilobel Prostrated by
the Heat Kail Notes.
Mr. Thomas Orr , the chief clerk in
Soneral Manager Callawuy's oliico ercovi-
d yesterday private advices to the efi'cct
that General Johnston , the government
railway commissioner , who loft hero
Saturday morning , was suddenly and
seriously taken ill at North Platto. Ho
is completely prostrated by this recent
hot spell and consequently will
bo obliged to give up his con
templated trip over the Pacific linos. Ho
will return east via the Kansas division
as soon as possible. General Johnston is
70 years of ago , and his enfeebled health
will not permit him to run any risks.
Advices were received yesterday that ex
tensive storms on the Colorado division
of tlio Union Pacific caused n washout of
200 foot of track near Hortenso , Col. , last
night The track has been repaired and
trains are now running as usual.
The first train on the Missouri Pacific
between Weeping Water and Lincoln
will be run between the 20th and 28th of
this month. The agreement between the
road nnd Lincoln is to have the train to
run before the Ibt day of September.
The company is now fixing its stations
und getting them ready for occupancy.
There will bo four of these , namely ,
Wabush , Elmwood , Eagle and Walton.
The only round house will bo at Lincoln.
It is quite likely that a train will bo rim
from Lincoln to this city for Lincoln
business independently of those which
will connect with the regular through
M. M. Kirkmnn , comptroller of the
Chicago & Northwestern road , was in the
city ycstenlay niorning. Ho hud some
business to trunsu'ot in western lown , and
then ran over hero to wait for the return
train last niirlit for Chicago.
J 13. McClure , passcncer agent of the
Chicago , MilwnuKce & St. Paul , is again
in town after u trip west. Ho leaves to
dny for Norfolk.
Such It Booms , Was the Ttcsolutlon
of tlio Presbytery.
A reporter for the BHK culled upon a
member of the southwest Presbyterian
church yesterday morning and.larned thai
ID all probability the local presbytery
would uccopt th resignation of Kov. T.
C. Hall , as pastor of the church in ques
tion. The protest against the acceptance
filed by the pttrisbionora was more by
way of compliment to Mr. Il.ill than a
dcsiro to keep him against his will. The
prosbjtory understood this nnd wouli
doubtless a-rreo to penult Mr. Hall to of
ficluto in Chicago. The latter baa
accepted the cull of ono of the
most charming churclipi theru
uud doubtless intended to otllolato in i
when ho should return from Eutopo
With regard to ttm "Christian Hour , " the
gentleman in question said ho know i
was Hov , Mr , Hull's mtont to continue
its publication nnd oomo lioro nt lens
pnco a month to help it along and muko
it a first class pupor. The meeting of the
picsbytory , hn hnld had been but poorly
attended , und the subject of the South
west eluiroh's protest wus laid over til
the nevt luctitlna in September. Hov
Mr. Uoyd , tit nroscnt editor of the
"Christian Hour1 ' preaches on Sunday
at the churcli mentioned.
A lilltlo More Time.
Marshal Cuiumliigs said yesterday Ilia
ho'did not o > cpect to commence killing the
dogs found on the streets without the
proper llconso tass for several days to
coma ynt. ThU is to give the owners o :
thn various canines nn opportunity to
properly provide thoirdogs with the tags
Iu a short time , however , the period o
grace v.ill have expired und slaughtering
will counnonco in good earnest.
Xhd Features of Sunilny NlRlit's Per-
forninnco nt tlin Statlt.
The raciest programmes of the season
at tlio Stadt tlicjitro summer garden was
that of Siimlaylniglit , consistingof "Mon
sieur Hercules" nnil "Tollpatch , " In
the first , there was a happy mixing up of
characters conducing to a most laugha
ble gcric.s J > f absurd situations. The
weight of the piece was bravely born by
Messrs. Schniitz , llorsky and Hatirels.
Mr. SchmttB made a bold , dashing
"Schrier , " with an excellent makeup.
Mr. Horsky's "Hercules" was admirable ,
and when the lniiontiro | of his strength
was shown by a little child running away
with his "threo-liunilreil-pouiul weight , "
with the manipulation of which ho had
astonished his tulmirors , the curtain fell
with rounds of apphmso. Mr. linurels'
"Malilmanii" was : v faultless impersona
tion of an old gentleman unused to the
bnisqnoness to which he was innocently
treated by "Schrier. "
iTollpatch" kept the audience In laugh
ter and upulatipo throughout its presen
tation. Mr. Hattrois was Ihu central
figure , ably assisted by Mrs. I'uls-Ahl ,
and Air. llorsky. Mrs. llatircis had little
to do and Mr. 1'nls made an excellent hit in
the unimpoi taut Dart assigned him. Mrs.
Puls-Alil made a very clever act in Char
lotte , and in her opening vocal number ,
in which she sang of love making in
ovcral Gorman dialects , received a most
icarty recall. The piece turned upon
ho mistakes mtulo by a blundering , self-
issumptivo servant and the unmitigated
joldness with which he lied himself out
f all his predicaments. The part may
ic considered as one of Ihu best assumed
) y Mr. Uaurris.
NcM Sunday evening , "Apfel Hoschen"
vill bo presented with song.
The Courts.
Architect .Fowler sues C. E. Mayne in
he county court for $373 for plans of a
building made. Fowler's first charge
vas $250 , which Mavno agreed to pay.
lo objects to the latter sum , hence thou
, u It.
1) . I'itzpatriolc'sucs ' J. D. Thomas for
1100.75 for plumbing done in the hitter's
muse , corner Eighteenth and Webster
Frank Yoakum sues in the district court
fas. Voro to have him confess to the title
n the former of lot 0 block 1 , Doncckcn's
Oscar Harding sues C. A. Lock to have
he title to lot C block 1 in Uonecken's ad
dition confirmed in the plaintiff.
Ijost a I'ortmoniinlo.
On the return trip of the Athletic base
jail club from Fremont , ono of the nioin-
jers , Mr. Fnrisli , was impelled to remonstrate -
stratoith an offending spirit on the
other side of the car , which ho did to his
own satisfantion , if not of that of the
other party. A lady friend of his intor-
torforcd. thus leaving the seat they had
occupied , hold only by a Russian loalhcr
) ortnionnaio , containing Mr. Parish's
J.TO bull gloves , some nicknacks and
several dollars in silver. When Parish
returned to his scat , the receptacle was
jono. ; The thief can lind Mr. Parish at
o. 3 engine house.
J. L. Wilkip , manufacturer of paper
boxes , 108 S. 14th street , Omaha.
A Ijoulsvillo Mistake.
The Louisville "Observer" of last Fri-
Jay contains a paragraph which , whether
it shows the carelessness in reading proof
or malicious intent of the editor to deceive
Ills readers , may mislead uninformed
people who Tcad It. It says , arnong ,
other things , that ' 'the Omaha Fair asso
ciation's buildings wore struck by light
ning and entirely consumed by lire. " Jf
tliis wore true , there would be n poor
prospect for the proposed Omaha fair , for
which arrangements are now beliig
made. The fact is that but one barn was
destroyed , and that has almost been re
Onolt's Hotel , Lincoln , Nob. , opened
March 15th , first class in every respect.
Cattle Carrctl.
The shipment of cattle from the west
ern and southwestern plains has already
commenced. The Ogallulla Cuttle com
pany commenced to send in their stock
on Friday , and a number of trains of
them have already arrived at the South
Omaha stock yards. Six trains reached
there on Sunday and three more werelrcc-
eived yesterday. As _ a consequence , the
business of the Union L'ucilic between
that point and the city has been consid
erably increased and will be more so
when those trains commence to run to
the cast.
Will Advertise for Bids.
A meeting of the committee having in
charge of the preliminary arrangements
for the erection of the now Catholic
elm rch on Leaven worth and Virginia ave
nues , was held Sunday night at the resi
dence of John A. McShnnc , on West Far-
nn in .street. II was decided to call n
meeting of the Catholics living in tlie
parish , to bo held in St. Fhiloinona hall
on next Sunday. Then a. formal arrange
ment will bo made to advertise for bids
for the erection of thu building designed.
A BIK : reporter was shown yesterday by
J. E. MeClure. of tlio St. Paul road , a
sample of the passes granted to the Inter
national association of traveling passen
ger agents , when on their way to the lain
convention nt Lake Minnctonka. They
consisted of a series of paper hammers
witli thu heads of bilvcr bron/.o and the
handles 9f black walnut. They were all
suitably inscribed , and altogether were
the most unique thing of the kind seen
liuro in n long time.
Police Points.
John Kelly was arraigned before Judge
Stonbors yesterday for stealing a coat.
Ilojwaa speedily convicted , and sentenced
ton days in the county jail. John Leo.
the North Omaha tough , who assaulted
Jailer Carroll , was sentenced to ten days
on bread and water. Jas , Kelly , for in
toxication , was given n similar sentence.
Ed Gulilon , likewise accused of intoxica
tion , was lined and cos > ts , which ho could
not pay.
The "fllnfTorH. "
Thu Court IIouso Muirers , consisting
of McEathron , Kimball , Daniels , Druxcl ,
Gurloy , Lacey , O'Toolo , Hodges ant
Fisher , played a game of ball Sunday
morning at Athlutio park with a nine
from tlio cigarmakers ami defeated then
by a bcoro of seventeen to four iu ulno
Put Down Tlio Walk ,
Residents on Tenth street , south of the
railway track are protesting against the
delay in roulacing the sidewalks on the
graded part ot that thoroughfare to 1'aoi
1m street. In rainy weather tlio mud is
intolerable , and us thiire seems to bo no
good reason for delay the citizens afore
baid are Incensed that this annoyance hivi
not been removed ,
A Ciml ofTlinnks.
I wish to thank our ninny friends for
their help and sympathy during the sick
nnss and death of my husband , nnd par
tieularly the proprietors ami fellow work
men at the Union elevator for their sub
stautial aid. Very respectfully ,
Sixth aud Center streets , OoialiUt Neb
James Shields will bq burled from Drcrol
& Maul's umtrrt.ikliie cstnblMiment to-day
at 4 o'clock by tlio riastertrs' Union. All
'rlrmls of thcdccea icdni ( > cortllnlly Invited
o attend.
Dr. M. B. Croll , con leth and Chicago ;
Whitcbreast nut coal , $3.75 per ton tin
cheapest and best fuel ,
NEB. FUEL Co. . 21t South 18th St.
If you buy lumber nnywhcro without
irst getting Hoaglnnds prices you will
ese money.
2O Acres Tor Platting.
8 } miles west of oonrt house. rtE
SOLD. Inquire Roomai 1 and 2 , Omaha
National IJank.
For Sal o
A lot of nice empty boxes. Inquire at
3KE Counting Room.
MoAlostor coal , Havens&'nrnam
The "Excelsior" cigar is the finest five
cent cigar in the city. An excellent
smoke. Try it. Goodman's Pharmacy ,
110 Farnam st.
Comfort to ToUncco Smokers.
Maemillan's Magazine Probably men of
sedentary habits who smoke much nro
very moderate drinkers. Ho who takes
obacco because ho likes the Ilavor , and
inds the use refreshing and soothing , is
tot likely to take wino or other strong
Innks iu any quantity. 1 do not mean
hat ho will not consume them together ,
hat no man capable of npprcclat-
ng cither will over do. How sad soever
jo the errors wo have fallen into , nt
east wo no longer share Mmo. Purganti's
confusion of mistaking tobacco for a
'concomitant of claret. " But the virtue
of eaeh I nm not thinking of those who
ise tncm merely from habit , or bccnu&o
others do , or for a purely sonsunr pleas-
ire the virtue of each is , 1 fancy , a liltlo
marred by an adherence to both. And
whore the question is not onu of virtue ,
nil of sheer fancy or gratification of the
ippetite. oven those who ciin ufl'ord to in-
lulgo these delights will bo wise to muko
a choice. In the time 1 speak of llicro
was not much smoking. Cigars wore not
much in fashion ; the pestilent heresy of
the cigarette was not yet dreamed ot ; the
sober pipe was mostly used , generally in
that form known us a "long clay. " and
taken sedately after work was over , us a
wholesome aid to reflection. No doubt
there wore exceptions , men who bad fud
dled themselves over piucs or spirits , or
jeer ; but. broadly speaking , the use of
lobaeco then was the exception rather
: hun the rule , certainly among the upper
classes of society , and thus stomach and
jrain were better able to support the tax
aid upon them.
Absolutely Purr
This powder never varies. A marvel of pur
ity , strength \vhol05omonos3. . Moro econ
omical thun the ordinary kinds nnd cunnt be
Bold tncompotltlon with the multitude of low
test , short wolglit alum or tihospnaio powders.
Sold oniy In cans. KOYAI. BAKING POWDER Co.
403Wnil at. . Now York.
ItOulur four-yoar courses , ns follows : I. For the
of Bachelor of Science , u Konenil course ; also
electlre courses In Chemistry , Hlolngy , Geology ,
MnthomiUlcs und I'hytlcs. II. Kor the rtcureo of Civil
Engineer , Including , bcsldea tlio usual professional
studies , applications of ISIoctrlclty to the Artn. I'ost
pradnate Instruction In HlghcrMuthcmntlcs.Uraphlcs.
Analytical anu Appltol CtiemHtr/ and Assaying ,
lllolngy , 1'hyslcs , nnd Astronomy. K ntrnnce examln-
ttonB Kept , llth and 15th , 1VW. For special courses
nd otherlnformotlon iicolr to the colIeuoTreniuror.
And ot&era enfTerlnir Iron
nonrous debility , eiliatuUns
chronic discuses , premature
otline of ycunp or old urc
nnslUvoly < uifd by Ir.
Home's famous Electro.
Mufrnrlla Hell. ThollMndJI
In efery frA-BUto In the union hat o keen cureu.
Kleftrltf .V-rcJlylnfUnlly felt. Patcnt.-rt ami sold 1O
years. Whota family can * e r sum * belt. Elcrtrla
HBupeniorlM free wilhmalebfiu ATOM worthlf Im
itations and bogus companies. Eltctrle Trn es tar
Itnrture. TOO cured In'BS. Bendi stamp for pamphlet.
Star Line
Carrying tlio nolglum Royal and United States
Mnll.Bnillnjf every Eotmdny
Between Antwerp & New York
Balon from JGO to $ ff. Excursion trip from
1110 to Jli. Bocond Cabin , outwiiru , $15 ;
propald , $15 ; excursion. t'MStoornpo ' nossii o
nt low ralos. 1'otor Wriirht i , Sons , Qonoral
Agents , 55 IJroauwuy , Now \ ork ,
llonry I'un It , 121H Fiinmm Bt.i Paulson , V Co ,
V ir 11 a it. ; J J Frooiiiiin , IdJl Funiiuu st
and JsB'werk. '
1020 l urnam StreetOmaha. . Neb.
Notice to Contractors.
I'ropoiaU will bo received by I ho
Trustees of Mallnliun University for tlio
erection and completion of n propokorl unl\ci-
ally bUlldiiiff to bo oroctal nt Ourtloy , Neb. , no-
cordliifr tiinluns.dctulitiund Bpeolllcations inudo
Ijy Y. A. Kills & Co. , arciutcols , Onmlui. 1'liins
inny be scon on anil nf lor I tto20th dny of Autriibt ,
18k8. nt the oliico of thoi secretory nt Iltutley ,
Neb. , and nt the ollloo or tlio iircliiloctg at
Oinulm until tlio twontyriilnyi day of Septem
ber , at 3 o'clock p , m. All proposals must bo oil
file with the secretary ut Hartley , Nob. , on or
before thu above ( Into and hour , at whlcli tlino
and place bids will bo opaiioa. A coititled drafter
or chock of ono tnouwuiil dollars will bo de
posited with each bid as a truarantoo that the
party will enter into contract nnd Rlvo sails-
lactory bond lor the fiiltblul porfornmnco of
his contract In the amount of ono-half of the
comi urn price.
TboUoardof Trustees reserves the light to
reject any or all bids. _
lly order of the Hoard of Trustees of Mullallon
University at Hartley. Nob.
V.C. JOHNSON , President Trustees. .
AI.IXN DAIITLEV , Fliinnolal Secretary.
a. rare
Oatalo.-ueg and i'rkes on appllratlon. Bold by
eJl tUo Lest f rrl K lliilliU-ra and Healers.
York and Oraalia Clotlii
1808 Farnam st. , Omaha , Neb ,
When we say we are going to open with the largest and
finest line of
Ever shown in Omaha , we mean what we say. To prove it
to yourselves , come to the opening and see. Also get one
of our beautiful souvenirs.
One Price and a Cash Business makes Cheap Goods. Remember , Our
Motto is "Honesty and Good Value for Your Money. "
We Open
The only perfect substitute tor Mother's
ml Ik. Invaluabio in Oholern Infantum
and TeothlnR. A pro-digested food Tor Dyspeptics -
peptics , Consumptives , Convalescents.
rerfoot nutrient In nil Wasting Diseases.
Requires no cooking. Our 13ook , The Care
and Feeding of Infants , mailed free.
j > cciallr Distilled for
Medicinal UBC. '
1 > B. ED\T. L. 1VALUNO , fiur
gcnn In Chief , National Guaic
of N.J. , writes :
"JIv utUiition wn.i railed tt
.your Kovstiuie Malt Uhiekcy lij
l..r. l.ulor , Uiugcht , of Tixnton
nnd I lui\B iifed a feu Ixittlit
wllli far tetter effect tli.m any ]
lm\e lifid. ] am rci4 > miie dln (
} onr article In my iimcliic , uuc
find It very Mtlafactorj . "
lie flenun ! ha * tt.c Signature a
Fac-dauocfBsttlt. en the I.iUI
( Sola An < nti for the U S )
816,318 and 320 Race SI. . Philadelphia. Pa.
State Agents
fo'sPianos '
Omaha , Neb.
W have the ( aclllilei , npparntua and remedies for
the Huccenful ( roatment of ercrr form o' dlicitio
requiring either moJIrul oraurglcaUroatmcut , nnd
Invite all to como and lnve tlg lefoMlieru olrinor
correspond with ut. laux ezperlenca In treating
caiea br letter crmblea u lo treat many t M
lr wltbniit i > i > lni them.
WHIT JXJH C1IICU1.AH on'dpformlllcs nnd
e , Club Fee Curvature of tliu Kplne , IMS-
OK lies. Tumor , Cancj
r l7 l .
uim all
TriMtvi , and all kinds of Medical and Burtflcal
Aiipllancee. manufactured and for iiile.
The only reliable Medical Institute making
Private , Special ( ft Harvous Diseases
We can remoTO BjplJllltio I'OlMn from Che .j.leui
WKewllrointor ur/B treatment foj > r ol 'Tltal voyr.
no consult ua or Bead namoand poat-olttce aldrerH
plainly wrlumi-ontloso etanip. auawowlll ouj
or send liletorr of your ciko for an oMnlon.
r non unaileto vltltua njaj ta treat * I at their
homes , by corre poadenc . Mrtlcln a nd Inatrn.
1 hKCI/llKI.r / I'ALK *
mentiment by rc nr oipren
ED rilOOBSKIIVAT10N. . n" marks to Inillcatu '
eontciiui tender.OnepTSonallnierrlflwprelfrred
If Convenient. Wfty room * tor tbe accomiuodatlaa
of patlenti. Board and otundir * at to onabl
price. Addre altltier to
Otnaha Madloal & Surgical Institute ,
Cer.3lbSt.and ] Capitol AvoO.nahi , Neb.
Watches , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry Silverware
ho lunrost Block. Prices tlio lowest. Fliio rep.ilrlni ? a spaci ilty. Alt \voi-k w.ur. ntoJ. Ojr.13
Doujrlus ixnd Ifitli street , Uinnlri.
are easily worn , snfo nnd rotlublc. They liave ho3n
tested In tlioi. anils of cuscs nnd we cm positively
nsnert thntln ullcasps wlicro the HTCP , spleen , kid
neys nnd bowels iiro Involved , Djt. HOLM AX'S I'ADS
nro at once the uest , quickest und chewiest ; urn !
tbeylmvo mude peiiuuncnt cures In thmitamts of
cases nhore medicine Una tiojn used without any
good roeu'ts ' whatever.
Ei ( liiiin'i : EMvcruml Stomiu'li I'ml
Absorbs nil Itnpuritloi frnii tlu1 blnoil ,
Imlh'Oiatus and vitalize * thu uholo ? j-tern.
ESoliEiaii-N Liver and .Slomiu'Ii Pad
Curcn lMllousnciIs. Indigestion , .lanndicti ,
Dlnrrhocn , Malurlu.bluk Headache ,
Itheumntl'm , etc.
ISolnmiiN Liver mid Stoisuu-li f.'n-l
ItCKul ito * the btnamch and Him cli , liunrui ut
the Apnetlto , corroeto A * liull.itlon ,
bcniitlues thu Compluxlun , etc.
Ifiolnimc's HJver iuul Sloiiincli Bii I
Prevents s < M bickne"s ( , Cholera , HniillpOY ,
" Vellou * . Typhus , T > phuld aud
UllliiusKevi'ni i
A1.I , UUUUUlb'lS-OrFeiitomecelptof
IN'ii-c Sa.
li-'O William St. , N. Y.
GKO. BOIIKB , Manwror ,
REFERENCES : Merchants' nnd Farmer * ' Hank , David City , Nc > b. ; Kearney Natioml
fJank , Kearney , Neb. : Coliiiiibns State Bank. Columbus , Neb. ; McDonald's ' Hank. Norllt
finite. Nob. ; Omaha National JJauk. Omaha. Neb. , , , , . . ,
Will ray customers' draft with bill of lading attached for two-thirds value o stoalr
One of the Best and largest Stocks in the' '
United States to Select From ,
Assortment for sale to * ho Tntdo by -
s. w. con , latn X.I B , OMAHA.
Proppity of every description for sale in iill parts of tlio city. Lands for ualo In
In J obrusia. A ooniploto sut of Abstraotfl of Titles of DoujrlaH uoitnty
' ' " " ' '
.jc'lit ! Maps tiioCify , Slate "or'County" , 6r niiy'otiiur information 'desired fur-
nibbed free of charge upon application.
Or the MCJIIOIllulill , fos.illtnty
C'urnl by AUitiliilHlrln > ; Dr.
llninck * Uultlcii NjuTllIo.
It can be clveii In a cup of voSeu ut Irh wllhaat
the laiuw ltd jc f the porton luLlnj II , Is absolutely
barmlnks , and will effect n permanent unil roeedy
catt , whrtlitr the patient U a model ate drinker or
ta tucohollu urucKi It ha fctun clvpu la Ihou *
o .idsof tM , and In every liiM-iiiccafierfectcuro
basfolluKed. It nrviir I'ulU Th ryMcm ouco
Impirznatcil ulth llm Bpi'ciac , It LfcoraM an utlel
ImptnslbilUy for the liquor rpi HIP to cslu
rousAMS uv voi.uQ\viKi uunaoiui's :
Ut'HN A ; CO. , Car. 15tli nnil I > 3Qlnii , anil
IBlli & CuinlDB Ht . , Omiihn ,
A. U , FOaTUH iV IlltU. .
Council HluffH ,
Call or write for pamptilit ri > iilitlnln.T hcr.drtda
t * to.tlrnonliil ; Irnui tlmbcjl woiucn uutl m u Irwu
UitpirUol thmuulrv. . . _ _ _
! Successors to J. Q. Jnoobi
M the old aland , HOT FarniimBU Order * Ij
Itlivrnith solicited und promptly at to ml eJ to.
lolopliono No.SH _
Cure without mcdl-
A POSITIVES . I'HlontiJ Octo-
| i r 10,187U.
One box will euro
tliouiGBt olitlna cnso In fourdarj orlo s.
Allan1 sSolubleMedicatadBoups
No nnuectm * ( lose * of cutiobi. copallmi of
ERrtdnhrood that uro rcrtuli to produce d- poi > -
6lnli > 'dn uoyliiif tlio roiitliu ) of tlio stiiumju ,
1' fSoUlby all ihujfrftns or mullud on
rocclrtof prjco. For further partlouluni ciit
forciVculnr , I > , O. Hoi lift
3" . o. j .zjXjuiv.i r cc. ,
it. . Now Vorlr ,