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Rumors That Ho lias Been Ordered Decapi
tated in Oaso of Attack.
i Military and ! Naval Move
ments Secretary Ilnyaril Say
the Imiu'tftoncd Editor Must
lie Uclcascd.
Something In the Wind.
WARHINOTON , August 0. [ Special Tele-
cram to the Uin. : | A private dlsnatch re
ceived from New "York to-ntght sajs that a
rumor is ctinent theio to the effect that war
material Is belnsc sent to the Mexican border
and that United States naval vessels have
been ordeied to the ( ! ulf. Owing to the late
ness of the hour It Is Impossible to get defin
ite Insinuation on this subject to-ntght , and
It Is doubtluL if any of the olllclnls of the war
or navy departments would bo willing to
dlviilt , * ! any facts In i elation to the subject of
war prepaiatlons havlnu been made. In
nnvy circle ? , however , there Is n cousldcrablo
feeling of curiosity In icgard to the myster
ious notion of the sccietary of the navy In
ordering the Galena to sea under sealed or
ders last week. The destination of tlio ves
sel Is unknown , but It Is very coifcrally
believed that she has been ordered to the
Gulf. ThuVandalla and Junlata were or
dered to proceed to Valparaiso last Friday.
Tlioy will probably touch at Key West on the
voyage down , where orders may await them
If the department considers It necessary 'to '
nmko a demonstration. The Swatarn , Ten
nessee and Yantlc arc still at Portland ,
wnere they will piobably remain ready to
nail at a moment's notice. There lire now
stationed In Ail/.oiia and New Mexico be
tween four and five thousand United Status
troops. If they have been ordeied to the
vicinity of El Paso the orders have not been
made puplic here and the probabilities
that they would not be. While authentic
Information is exceedingly scaieo thcto is a
very pievalent feeling in military elides that
something Is In the wind ,
Threatened With Murder.
Et.PAso , Texas , Aueast 9. The excitement
over the Cutting embrollo Is much Intensi
fied to-day. Humors of every kind are hcaid ,
but upon investigation prove to be 1 also. A
passenger on the train fiom Chihuahua City
this morning savs that it Is known positively
that Governor Maceyra has ordered the Paso
del Noito authorities , In case of an attack
from Texas , to cut olt the prisonci's head and
deliver It to the Americans. The statement
is given for what it is worth. Elirht bun
dled Mexican tioops aio said to have
lett Lagos for Paso del Norto
on Sunday night. It Is asserted
that'a second demand has been made that
American officials bo notified to leave Mex
ico. Largo crowds gather at every sticct cor
ner , and the arrival of n company of tlio
Tenth United States Infantry at Fort Bliss ,
which was assigned hcio two months ace ,
has caused a rumor to the effect that eight
carloads ot United States soldlei-s wcro on
the spot. The bad etlect of these dlllicultles
upon business is nt last becoming very ap
parent and every.iilng looks like war fiom a
Mexican standpoint. They have just called
Cutting befoio the comt In Paso del Norte ,
and Consul Biiglmm is in attendance. .
The Cutting affair Is practicallv unchanged.
Theio were rumors all day of his liavinir
been quietly spiilted away to Chihuahua , but
they tinned nut to bo untrue. This evenini ;
be is still in jail. During the afternoon ho
was called before the court once more and
notified that ho has been granted nn appeal
totliostipiemocourtof Chihuahua , and that
the lawyer who had been ofllcially assigned
to his defense had forwaided tlio necessary
papers in tlio caso. The pioceeding may.
Keep htm In Pnso del Noi to for some days ,
although he himself Is under the Impression
that ho will at any moment , poihaps , bn car
ried off. Ho is , besides , ntraid ho may bo as
sassinated as soon as he leaves Paso del
Norto , nnd that the Mexicans will give as an
excuse that ho tiled to escape.
Bnynrcl and the Outline Case.
BALTI.MOIIK , August 9. Secretary Bayard ,
speaking to n correspondent last nlirht of
the Cutting case , saw no icason why a satisfactory -
factory adjustment of the difficulty should
not be icached. Ho has been assured that
such was I ho desire of the Mexican govern
ment by the resident Mexican minister , who
said some days ago that his government
would act promptly In the matter. Secretary
Bayard said Impressively that ho considered
thu Cutting atTalr ot tlio greatest imuortanro ,
and ono as to which the whole country.wlth-
out lofeienco to party , should bo a unit. The
personal merits or domoHis of Cutting him
self had nothing to do with the matter. It
made no difference whether ho was an angel
of daikness or an angel of light ; but It did
make possible difference to the American
people whether the contention inlscd by the
Utah ! depai Uncut In Ills case should bo main
tained or not. Mexico claims the right to try
\ an Ameiican citi/eu for an olTonso commu
ted In the United States , nnd Cutting actual
ly Ims been convicted and sentenced for pub-
llslilni : n libel In Texas.
Mr. liayaid thinks this raises the gravest
VY * possible question , and If Mexico's claim Is
Ffir'J once conceded no American tra veil lie In
Mexico can bo sale. " .My countrymen , " ho
said , with evident lecllng. "will not
bo deceived by naitlsan mis
representation. They will recognize the
gravity of the question Involved , and
will never consent that one of their fellow-
cltl/ous shall be tried by a loielgn power for
nn offence committed In this country. Had
Cutting stabbed ills Mexican rival In Texas
Instead of meielv attacklne his loputatlon ,
does nny one pietend that Mexico could have
tried him for minder ? Ceitnlnly not. "
The sccrelniy said that ho had no Idea of
reheating fiom the position taken weeks
ugo , when ho demanded Cutting's release.
Sccietnry Uaynid says that no ultimatum
has been sent to Mexico. Thn only army
oidcr made In connection with thu Ameiican
troubles cnmo fiom tlio west last night. sayIng -
Ing that local I wops had been sent to disarm
revolutionists who had ciossed Into Texas. .
Voluntuera for the Frontier.
I > KNVIH : , August 0.- Colonel A. J. Foun
tain , of the First Now Mexico militia , to-day
telegraphed Governor Jloss from Los Cruces
as follows : "Ev cuts at Paso del Norte indl-
cnto that our government will shortly require
the nld of volunteers to maintain the honor
of our flag on th& frontier. 1 announce my
self read- with -100 dillled , disciplined nml
e-qulppcd iiiun to lake the Hold should New
Mexico bo called upon to niinhh aid. "
To Investigate the Outrage.
GAJ.VKSTON , Tex. , Augustl , Senor Sevc
/mo U mrnles Leon , cilmlnal Judge for the
district of , Mexico , has just or
rived In I'lodras Negies under Instiuctlons
from the state authoiltlcs at Saltlllo wltli
orders to cxliumo the body of Francises
Kasuics and determine the cause of lib
dcnth. nnd If ho Is convinced that the deceased
ceased had come to his death ns i emu ted. tc
nt once try all thu parties coiiccincd.
llomcro For Pence.
I'lin.ADF.U'iiiA , August9.-Senor Romero.
In a letter dated Saturday last to a meiubei
of the Universal Peace union , says ; "I nir
glad to bo able to confirm the utterances h
favor of peace contained in my letter of the
6th Int.t. The Cutting matter w ill , I have nc
doubt , bo settled In a manner satisfactory U
the governments of the Interested coun
tries. *
Ncurneku and Iowa Weather.
For Nebraska and Iowa : Fair wcathci
preceded by local rains In the eastern per
tlou , ueaily stationary tcuvunturi .
Trial ofTvvo Mcmhcrs of the Associa
tion For Hint ,
Dnrssr.i.o , Amrust 0. fXcw York Herald
Cablc-SpecinUo the Uin.J The trial of the
eighteen men accused ol burning and do-
stro.\liii ; the Immense BandoiiK glassworks
near Charlerol , will probably end to-night or
tomorrow , after eleven days hearing , during
which over one hundred and forty witnesses
nnd ten barristers have been heard for and
aualnst Hie prisoners. Many witnesses as
set ted that the Charlcroi strikes and outrages
wcro Instigated by
Unudoux , himself , heard as a witness , In-
slnuaKd In the following terms that the In-
stUatlon came from other glass manufactur
ers In Belgium : "Tho accused , Oscar Knl-
leur , who was formerly lu my employ , and
who. In the capacity of secretary of the Un
ion Vorrlerc ( or Glassworkera' association ) ,
came several timed to ask W6 to ra'so the
salaries of my woikmcn. Ho told me ho
could easily Induce them to strike nnd said
he could obtain plenty of money to support
the strikers because all my rival glass man
ufacturers would benefit by a strike In my
establishment. " Despite that and other tes
timony tho'total sum of the evidence docs
not show whether , as insinuated In tlio in
dictment , Oscar Fallout- and the Union
Yerleie ; were tcally In close communication
with the
or other foreign organizations. Ono glassworker -
worker slated concerning Fallcur that ho
was a first-class , honest and Intelligent work
man , a peacemaker more than a mischief
maker between the other workmen nud tlio
masteis. It having been shown that the
prlsoneis , Pnlleur and Schmidt , headed on
Marcli 80 a crowd slnglnc the "Marseillaise , "
Banister Ljon exclaimed , "That proves
nothing. The 'Marseillaise' eiigcndeis
heroes not rascals. " The evidence shows
that the whole affair was planned before
hand , many rioters having been overhcaid
saying , "Let us KO to Baudoux.where : we
shall not leave onobrlck standing.
Belfast , Ireland , Practically Wrecked
by IttotcrN.
BELFAST , August 0. During the rioting
which occuired hero Saturday evening to nn
early hour this morning eleven persons were
killed and 130 seriously wounded , A ma-
joilty of the Injured persons have shot
wounds. Tlio rioting was renewed to-day
and a fierce encounter took place between
soldiers and a mob , In which a number of the
latter weie wounded. A soldier at close
quarters fired nt n boy , shattering his hand.
The soldier was arrested. Heliilorceiiicnts of
troons to the number of 1,200 arilvcil in Bel
fast to-day.
At noon attempts to stop the rioting had
been unsuccessful. The violence of the mob
Is Incieasinir. Thirty rioters have been
wounded. The police keep up a merciless
fh o upon the mob.
The city , owing to the wreck and ruin of
houses , piesents a deplorable aspect. Itsap -
peaiance is similar to that of Paris after the
commune. It is feared numerous deaths , re
sulting from the riots , have taken place , which
will never be heard of. The hospital Is taxed
to tlio utmost to accommodate the great num
ber of w ounded persons In need of attendance ,
A painful feature of the riots Is the number
of children wounded. Yesterday a boy was
shot while returning from Sunday school.
To-day a little girl was shot In the streets
and it is thought fatally wounded. Train
loads of troops are constantly arriving.
The heaviest fighting on Sunday night oc
curred in Sprlnghcld. It is stated that battle
was waged In regular cuerllla fashion.
Catholies held a field protected by the trees ,
while the protestants occupied nn embrasure
opposite , in which they lay down. The con-
tcitnuts alined with remarkable coolness ,
picking each other elf ns if they were so
many targets. Thev were not interfered
with by the police or soldiers , who were fully
occupied In the city. It is iiiinorcd that sixty
of tlio rioters were shot down , many of whom
wcro killed.
The English Grain Market.
LONDON , August O. Tno MarK Lane Ex
press , in its review of the British grain trade
during the past week , says : The weather has
been unfavorable for wheats. Prices are
steady and the sales ot English wheat during
the past week weio 41,173 quarters at 31s 8d ,
against 88.070 quarters at 33s Gd during the
corresponding period last year. Oats aio
rather dearer. Barleys are In tnvor of sellers.
The foreign wheat trade Is devoid of feature.
Corn Is slow of sale ; mixed American on the
spoils scarce and 6d dearer. Five cargoes of
wheat have arrived. Four were sold , Includ
ing one of Call Torn inn , at 33s , and ono of
Oregon at 315s Gd. Ono cargo remained.
Trade forward suffers fiom apathy. The
market to-day was quiet. There was only a
very small supply ol English wheats which
sold at fully the late rates. Englishflourwas
steady and not in favor of tlio buyers. There
was an excessive supnly of foreign , and the
maikct for It was depressed. American
mixed coin Is very scarce and brings 21s In
the ship. Oats weio steady , and barleys wcro
firm but quiet. Beans and peas were Cd
Visits to Emperor William.
GASTT.IN , Augusts. The Emperor Francis
Joseph to-day visited Emperor William and
Prince Bismarck , spending half an hour with
each. Count Knlatnoky , Anstro-Huncarlan
prime minister , nnd Prliico Hohenlolie , gov
ernor of Alsace-Lorraine , called upon Prince
Bismarck , nnd subsequently Count Kalat-
noky visited Emperor William and had an
Inteivlow with him. Wherever Emperor
Francis Joseph appeared In public to-day.ho
was followed by gieat throngs of people , who
chceicd him enthusiastically.
Dynamiters on the Deep.
LONDON , August 9. The homo officers
have been Informed from New York that a
number of dynamiters have left the Unite <
Slates for the purpose of making attacks on
thu English government. The conspirators ,
the rcpoit says , will go from New Yoik to
Pailsnnd there await n favorable opportunity
for ciiU'rhiij England. The homo ofllco has
notified the French government.
Anulo-Bpnnlsli Treaty.
LONDON' , August 0 , The Anglo-Spnnlsl
treaty of commerce will come Into cffec
August 15.
Ocuerol Ulnok'a Promotion.
WASHINGTON , August 9. [ Special Tele
giam to the JUi.J : The secretary of the In-
terloi has denied the rumor published In these
despatches yesterday to the effect that owing
to misunderstandings which exist betwcei
hlmsclt and Commissioner Black , the lattc
has been asked toaccopt the Austrian mission
Thosecrctaiy nud other officials of the gov
ernment have a right to deny everything tha
they do not want published , and this denla
Is only following the usual custom adoptea
by the olllclals and diplomatic odlccrs gener
ally. Notwithstanding the denial the rumo
is very well authenticated thh morning am
among the friends of ( ieueinl Black U Is sale
ho will accept the Austrian mission nnd that
the change will bo made shortly , probably bo-
foie the piefldeiit goes away on hisexciir
sion. Kx-Oovcrnor ( Slick , wlio Is expected to
Hucceed General Black , la at present pensloi
agent nt Topeka.
, - i
Got There Just tha Snino.
WASHINOTON , August 9. The preshlcu
has appointed'and commissioned all nom
inces under the Interior department whose
cases wcro not acted upon by the senate
' ( hero ate twelve gentlemen who aru thu
appointed , nud among them U ( ieorKe W
Julian , to be uuvuyor general of NcvvMcx
A Stanton Partner Kills His Step-Daughter
nnd Blows Out His Brains.
Shier Hurton ntul Ills Familiarity ivlth
Females York Deckles
\VtttorMorks SnumlcrH Coiin-
tj ProlilbH Stnto News.
Murder nml Sulclilo.
STANTON , Neb. , August . [ Special Tele-
; ram to the BKI : . ] This community has
wen terribly startled by the news of n fright-
ul double tragedy which occuncd six miles
south of this placJ. The p-irtlcs to the trag
edy were John Bochow , a farmer , and his
step-daughter , MITS. William Hohnekc. The
former , It seems , was jealous of the latter for
some unknown cause and determined to end
icr life. He accordlncly procuied ashotgun ,
nnd , going to the house , emptied both bar
rels of the weapon Into the unfortunate
voman's body , killing hcrlnstantly. Bochow
hen went upstairs , calmly reloaded the gnu ,
nnd blow out his own brains. '
Kltler IJurton'B Troubles.
YOIIK , Nr.n. , Auaust P. [ Special Tele
gram to the Biu.l : Our llltlo city has been
shaken with excitement over a sensation
which developed last week , wheioln Klder
iuitoti , of thn Clulstlnn chinch , was the
oplcof cilticlsm. An aitlclo appeared In the
IMS of August fi , and also ono In the York
Democrat , of tlio same date , charging the
; oed elder with Immoral conduct with a Hum-
jer of ladles of his concrecatlon ; also stating ,
that he had been expelled from the pastorate
ot the chinch. A chmch trial was had , pre
sided over by Elder Boirow , of Tccumsch ,
which developed the fact that ho had not
> ecn expelled as previously reported. The
fact of his expulsion was stated to the BKK
man and also to tlio publishers of the Demo-
ociat by members of the church , who It
seems were mistaken as to the final notion.
The trial was held on Saturday
night and lasted until 2 o'clock the next
morning , when Mr. Burton acknowledged
he spccltlc charges In the complaint niralnst
him , and upon manifesting sincere repent
ance , was icmstated In the church ator ( a
itormy session. Ho emploved Scott &
' illicitas attorneys to brimr'sult against
IVooilrutl and Coicoron , publishers of the
Democrat , and also against the BEK. Ho dc-
uanded a retraction of the whole matter and
hrcatencd a suit for criminal llbul If the
Democrat was not forthcoming with n denial
of the whole aiticlc. This the publishers
would not aecede to and the good brother
stood convicted on his own ncknowledge-
nent. He has linallvdropped the threatened
iiilt nnd is utteiliii ; dire venseauce on the
leads of the defenseless moulders of public
Elder JJnrrows Explains.
YOIIK , Neb. , August 9. | Special to the
Bii.J : The report of a church scandal sent
ou from tills city and published August 5 ,
nvolvinjr the reputation of T. J. Burton
mstor of the Christian church , was prcina-
uro and almost wholly incorrect. At this
late Elder Burton has not been suspended
rom the ministry , or excluded from the
church. Certain injurious rumors put afloat
by someone led to the appointment of investi
gating committees , and finally to a formal
md exhaustive trial , in which the writer par-
Icipatcd , and Elder Burton was exonoratcd
\fler making certain acknowledgments of
houghtless conduct , of which ho holds proof
n a statement signed by the olllccis of the
church. The most caieful and protracted re-
seaich by a competent committee resulted In
.hreo charges against the elder : 1. Squeoz
nir the hand of a lady while riding n year
nnd a half airo. ti. Leaning his head upon
the shoulder ot another lady while
riding in a crowded vehicle two years aso.
A. Putting his arm around a thlid ludv in a
crowd near the door of the church , eighteen
months ago ! This Is the "mouse'1 a ilgld In
vestigation biings forth from the ' 'moun '
tain" of scandal published In your columns.
No criminal Intent was charged only Jm-
prudence , or caielessness , which was ackowl-
edged on the part of the eldur although he
claims to bo unable to recall these acts.-nfter
so long a tlmc.TEldcr Burton IIHH been titteon
years in the ministry , without a stain upon
his character. It. C. BAIUIO\V ,
State. Evangelist.
York Votus Against "Waterworks.
YORK , Neb. , August 0. [ Special Telegram
to the BEI.J : A special election was held
to day to vote § 30,000 in bonds for a system
of waterwoiks. At the election last April
the question was submitted and carried by n
majority of seven votes. The contract for
putting In the work was lot to W. J. Cooper ,
of Lincoln , who has n greater part of the
work ready for delivery. The bonds of the
of the city were Issued and sold ata piemlum
of over P703 , but when sent to the state audi
tor of public accounts , that otllclal rot used .to
register them on the ground that the city
had failed to pass an ordinance calling the
election. The auditor was backed by nn
opinion of Attornoy-Goncrnl Leeso to the
eilcct that n proclamation Issued by-a mayor
of a city of thp second class Is not sullicicnt
to call for a vote on n question of voting
bonds , and that In all cases the city council
must first pass an ordinance. This opinion
rendered our bonds Invalid , nnd necessitated
the calling of the special election to-day.
The election was a bitterly contested ono In
both wants of the city and resulted
in the defeat of the water works by n major
ity of eleven , the vote bolng SW ! and 22-1
against. AInuw complication will ailso from
the result ot to-day's election. The work Is
ncaily all out at the continctor'H works In
Lincoln and It is believed that Cooper will
attempt to go ahead with the conduct am !
bring suit against the city for the contiac !
price. There Is undoubtedly trouble ahead
for some one , and If Cooper cannot hold the
city ho will be likely to sue the mayor and
city council for damages.
S'numlcrs Prohibitionists Nominate.
WAIIOO , Nub. , August 0. ( Special to the
Biu. : ] The prohibitionists of Sannders coun
ty hold their county convention nt the court
house. An unsuccessful attempt was nuido
to postpone the nomination 01 candidates
until after ( ho lepubllcan county convention ,
so that the temperance candidates on the
republican ticket might bo ronomlnated or
endorsed. The majority , however , favorec
immediate action and a full straight tlrkot
was nominated. The following arn the nom
limtioiis : State senator , Mr. Holnor of
tlon was lemaikablo tor lack of Imrmonv
nnd tor the small number of delegates am
spectator in attendance.
Buffalo County Teachers.
KKAirxuv , Neb. , August 0. [ Special Telo
gia-n to the BKK.J The county institute
opened to-day with sixty-live In attendance.
Cofmty ( superintendent H. N. Hartzell Is In
charge , assisted by W. W. Dourn , of Platts-
mouth , and Pjof. Wisher , of Hastings. The
opening session bids fair to bo ouo of the
best over held in the county ,
- -
Fast Raotue at Fatrmount.
KAIUMOUNT , Neb. , August 0. [ Special
Telegram to the UKB. ] There was a large
crown at the fair ground ? to-day to see ono
of the fastest aud closest contested races that
has ever been run here. The race was be
tween Harry Edvriirds and Belle X. , the
astest two horses In the state. Considerable
uoiicy was staked. Belle K. came In win-
Last evcnlne O. D. iinthowson's flue Ham-
bletoulan was killed by lightning.
Great prenarntlom nrn being made for the
air the nrst week In September.
AfTnlra nt JL'omlcr.
PKNDKH , Neb. , August a ( Special lo the
hn : . ] A heavy rnln fell last nlcht , helping
all late crops. The prospects are that late
torn and Max will mnko belter crops than
tavo been anticipated , and farmers nio
pleased In consequence.
A squaw man hamcil Bailies , living on the
Omaha reservation , died last nlcht Ho Is
Bald to 1m o been worth S5,000.
A school house will probably bo built hero
this fall , the school having outgrown the
irescnt accommodations.
Wo gave assurance from the centtnl com-
nltteothat Senator Van Wyclc will siwak
icro on the COth. Largo preparations arn
) clng made nnd a crowd ot .1,000 people Is
expected , The Van Wjckclub Is nourishing
with n membership dt seventy and still grow
ing. _
Thn Thief Brought nnck.
YOIIK , Neb. . August 9. [ Special to the
BKI.J Deputy Slidrlll Shuck returned last
night from Central City , having In charge
John A. McBiide and the team aim buggy
which Mcllrldo hired of W. A. Sanderson , a
llveiyman hero , last week. McBrldo traded
the team and bugcy to a liveryman at Central
City and received § ' - " > In money. When ar
rested at Columbus a nortlon of the money
was found on him which ho returned , Ho
was arraigned befoie Justice Frank ttili ?
morning and pending lack of funds Scott &
( ! Illicit wcie appointed to defend him. The
case was continued until Friday , and In de
fault of S500 ball he .was lodged in Jail.
Working for the Syndicate.
OAKLAND , August 0. [ Special to the
BnK.J The farmers of this vicinity held an
other meeting and the required capital , 520-
000 , not being raised , every man present-
about forty agreed to go to work soliciting
stock , mid not to cease work until tlio ro-
qulied capital was raised. The fact of Crow-
ell A : Co. cndeavorlnjc to purchase Holm-
( mist's lumber yard has raised their Indigna
tion. Holmqutst has agreed to sell to the
stock companv , If they succeed In raising
the capital , and he refuses to sell to Crowuil
& Co. About 8-1,000 Is raised , and the weal
thiest and most Influential farmers have
taken the matter In hand , nnd It is the gen
eral rumor that success will crown tbfllr of-
York and tlio Union Pacific.
YOIIK , Neb. , August 0. [ Special Telcgrnm
to the Bun ] A committee of citizens , con
sisting ot Mayor Scott , L. D. WoodruII and
T. E. Sedgewick , left for Omaha to-day to
hold a confeioncoylth General Manager
Callaway , of the Union Pabltic , to make final
niiangcments , If possible , for the extension
of that load from Stromsburg to tills place.
Buildings Struct By Lightning-
YOIIK , Neb. , August 9. [ Special to the
Bin : . | A heavy rain and thunderstorm vis
ited this city aboutmldnlght List night. The
steam laundiy operated by Brigham &
Spoonerand the City hotel at New York
were strurk by lightning. Tlio damage to
each building' was slight.
The Corn , Crop b'avcd.
PONCA , Neb. , August -Special [ Tel
egram to the BKE-J jTlft ) recent rains have
saved the corn' ' crop , nnd a good average
yield will bo tlio. rwmltAH small grain is
turnlnir better thaiyKYSt before , both IH qual
ity and quanta
CRKIOHTON , , , N < $ ; August o. [ Special
Telegram to thettfnK.l'-Tlio son of W.
Lunda , livlnir nlJ'lshelvllle , this county , was
killed oy llghtning'yesterduy.
Blnll flouta Discontinued.
WASHINGTON , August 9. [ Special Tele
gram to the BUE. ] Mall messenger service
will be discontinued after August 14 on route
92,249 , Lo Mars , Plymouth county , Iowa.
from Chicago , St. Paul & Omaha railroad
route and Illinois Central railroad loute.
Admitted to Practice.
WASifixciTON , August 9. [ Special Tele
gram to the B K. ] The following Iowa and
Nebraska attorneys were admitted to prac
tice in the Interior department to-day : C. W.
Davis , McCook ; J. T. Nesbitt , North Platte ,
Neb. ; II. P. RatclIIF , FalrJicld , la.
A Lincoln's Man's Bad buck.
WASHINGTON , August 9. [ Special Tele
gram to the BKH.J The claim of Johaii
IJhllg , of Lincoln. Nob. , tor SO.S52 on ac
count of Indian depredations in 1859 was dis
allowed by Secretary Lamar to-day.
Imrgc Amounts boil to Found Public
liihraries Relatives Hcmcmucrcd.
Nriw Yonic , August 9. The will of the late
Samuel J. Tilden was read at Groystono this
afternoon by Lawyer James C. Carter , ot this
city , In the presence of all tlio relatives. Colonel
nel S. J. Tildon , who spoke lor the family ,
said that not a word about the will could bo
clvcn to the press. ' Tlio family had decided ,
ho said , that no intimation of the terms of
the will should bo made public until It was
offered for probate , and as the date had not
been lixed for that , he could not say when It
would be given to the press.
LATEII. Hon. John Blgelow was seen by
a reporter at his home. No. 21 Gramercy Place ,
and from him wasleaincd the lollowlng facts
about the will : \
Andiew H. ( Sreon and George W. Smith
ore named as executors and trustees. All of
Tllden's kindred aio genoiously piovlded for
In this way : The whole estate Is placed In
the hands of the executors as trustees. Each
heir Is to receive an equal share in the line
of his or her consanguinity ; that IB , nephews
and nieces equal amounts , nnd tholr chlldien
certain amounts , but they aru to receive only
the Income derived from an equal , separate ,
specific sum , the principal at their death to
bo disposed of In a manner which Blgelow
could not state. Nonu of his lolativvs , ho
said , exccut-Mrs. Mary B. Pelton , his uls
ter , are given any spcclllc bequest -
quest lorever , To her ho bequeaths
the residence. No. . : West Tim Hi-eighth.
street , and the sum of 8100,000 to live upon
All of his real cstatpt xccpt this Is placed in
Ills executor's hand * to be disposed of as they
see lit , either by Bald , rental or exchange ,
( Iroystono and.Gramurcy Paik propcily
falllngunderUie sairtu rule. The H\ceutors
aio tlrst charged with the duty of settlnu
upartfornls relation } ; the sums named , for
them f rom whl i the several incomes are to
bo derived. This doie | , H becomes the duty
of the executoii and { trustees to carry out his
wishes regaullng certain public bciiitiiclarlcs ,
They are chaigcd wlth'tho ' duty , llrst. of es
tablishing a tree ( llbrai y In his native
village , Now Lebanon , also [ n Yonkers , and ,
if in the discretion oCiliQ trustees tlioy choose
to establish a free llqrary In this city , they
may do so , nnd if not. .they are at libeityto
use tlio funds that a reo Ilbuiry would cost
in tlio promotion of the educational course ,
A great deal is left ' a the discretion ot the
trustees. In trenqru terms relations are
handsomely taken Cdie of by receipt of spo-
clllc Incomes , which consume , Blgelow Bays ,
an amount not to exceed his estate. All
the rest nnd residue is devoted
to the public good , and the trustees are
charged with theiesponslble duty ot choosinc
such methods as shall prove of the greatest
good to the public In the disposition of this
property , The estate Is not us large as esti
mated by some iwoiile. Its value had been
placed at 810,000,0X1 , but Blgelow bays this is
double Its actual velue.
f .
The Eljtin Dairy Market.
Er.oix , 111. , Augnii 9 , On the Elgin board
of trade t ay , tbjftei * advanced } fc , the
regular sales belnti'jjuio ' pounds at .XKgsuXc ,
mostly at ouuldo ftBrus.
No cheet ? was soW Ilia market being quiet
with occasional sale * of part skims at 3&Gc ,
according to qUallty ,
Ho Acknowledges Having Written the Word
Galling the Armed Anarchists.
Tlic Defense Sny That nomb-Throwcr
Schnauhclt In Living In Cluctti-
natl I > orciilant Parsons
on tlio Stnntl.
Thn Anarchists on Trial.
CiucAdo. August 0. The rumor had boon
cuncnt that Spies would take the stand and
son ed to attract the largest crowd that has
thus far visited Judge Gary's couit. Out of
doors tfiu crowd was as lar o as In the court
room. Women In twos and thiees wcro
tlicie with escorts , but there was no room for
them and they were turned away. AH the
windows In tlio court room were Hermeti
cally scaled ; the doors wcro tightly crowded
and the atmosphere was as torrid ns the
neighborhood of a blast furnace , "We'll
proceed , gentlemen , " said the couit to coun
sel for the defense. The anarchists' counsel
were holding a close consultation ; tholrheads
rested together over the table and they whis
pered lonir and earnestly. Finally they re
tired to discuss some Important matter. A
quarter of an hour elapsed. Then eounsel
lor the defense letiirncd and defendant
Schwab was nut upon the stand. Schwab
tcstllied ho loft homo the evening of May 4 at
7MO ; ho looked at a clock before departing
from the house , and Is sure of the time. Ho
then \vont to the Aibelter Xeltung. There a
communication was received over the tele
phone requesting n speaker bo sent to
Deerlng. Spies was tlio speaker wanted ,
but he was at the Hnymaiket and
Schwab hastened there to find him , but failed
nnd saw his brother-in-law. Kndolph Sclinan-
belt , then took a car east to Clark street and
boarded another going up Clybournc avenue
toDeeiing's. Schwab does not know what
time ho icached the Dcerlni : factory , but ho
spoke to the strikers for about twenty min
utes nnd got baek homo about 11 o'clock.
"Wero you ever In the alley at Crane Bros ,
that night with Spies ? ' '
"No. sir. "
"Did you walk west on Randolph street
with Soles two blocks , then return with
him ? "
"No. sir. "
"Did that ? "
you sco Spies night
"Did you see Spies hand your brother-in-
law a package that nlchtln tlio alloy at Crane
Bros. ? nnd did you say anything like this :
"That won't bo enough ; shall wo get another
one ? "
"No. sir. "
"Did you see Spies at all that night ? "
"No , sir. "
"When did you see him at all for the last
time that day1'
"In the afternoon. I did not sco him
ngaln until next mornlne. "
Befoio Schwab left the stand State's At
torney GUnuoll asked : "Do you know
whiro Schnaubclt Is ? "
He replied that lie had been In jail a long
while and knew very llttln of the news of
the woild.
"We can tell you If you desire to know , "
said Attorney Xelsler.
"Ho Is In Cincinnati , Isn't ho ? " said Grin-
noil."Yes , " replied Zoisler.
August Spies was the next witness. He
gave an account of his connection with the
riot at McCortnlck's and then proceeded to
relate his version of the Haymnrkct. He
wrote the circular calling the mooting : butlhe
word-jfrevongo' ' was iiotfon lt.hjVicnfeJe | ,
1wrofothe"rblrculaii'lio , vvvns 'Vemmiiclif ex >
cltednnd1' belleyed * six worklncinoil had
been killed. At the' Hajinarket he made
n very ordinary speech. He did not see
Schwab that night and did not go into the
alley witli Schnaubclt or any one else. No
one could have he.iid him conveislng In
English with Schnaubelt , for tlio le.ison
that Schnaubelt could not speak English.
"Did you light the bomb ? " inquiied
the lawyer.
"I never aid , " replied Spies with n smlln.
Spies then madowhattho prosecution claims
Is a fatal admission , fully corrobor
ating their claim that the armed
section had a secret caucus. and
had prepared for on attack on
the police. Spies said ho wrote the word
' Kulio" which appeared in the Aibclter Xel-
tung on lay -I. lie said the night before ho
received the following letter : " .Mr. Editor :
Ploasc Insert In to-dav's letter box the woid
Mliiha' in prominent letters. "
Ho said lie did not know it had any im
port , but the next day Balthazar Kau said It
was decided by the armed section to have the
word as n sign of warning that they should
keep tlieir powder dry to use against the
police. Ho told Ran that was foolish and
asked Fischer to Inform the armed section
that it was a mistake. Spies then described
bis arrest by the police. Ho declared
that the superintendent of the police called
him a "dutch doir , " "hound , " and ' -whelp" ,
and made an attack on him. Spies
saidhokcptdynamltoin hlsofllco to experi
ment with , and can led a revolver , thinking it
was "ftcood thing to bo armed. " He de
clared that on the night of the Haymarket ,
however , ho had loft his revolver with ox-
Alderman Staulfcr.
The court then adjourned. Spies will bo
cross-oxninlneil this afternoon.
Fifteen minutes betoio the opening of the
afternoon session there was not n vacant
seat In the court room. The fact that Spies
was tlio witness under examination lent an
extraordinary amount of Interest to the sea-
slon. Ho was cross-examined by Ingham.
O. How long have you been editor of the
Aibolter Zeltung ?
A. About six years.
O. Were you editor In chief ?
A. No ; thciowas ically nocdltorln chief.
Q. Were you not loolted upon as head of
the editorial department ?
A. Not so by those connected with the
paper. The editorial department was gov
erned by the publishing company.
Q. What position did Schwab'hold on the
pamn ?
ATlio same as I did , that of ono of the
Q. And neitherof you wcro responsible for
the chaiactcrorcxpicsslons of the paper.
A. No sir.
Spies , in answer to further questions of a
similar nature , stated that ho was a paid mn-
ployo In tlio Arbelter Xeltuni ; ; that ho looked
ovortho editorial aitlcles before they were
published , but was not responsible for their
QWero _ you editor of the Alarm at any
A. I took charge of it for a short time once
while Mr. Parsons was absent.
Q. How many bombs dlu you have in ynur
A. Four.
Q. Where did you get thorn ?
A , They weio brought to mo some three
years ago by a man who nald ho was fiom
Q. What kind of bombs wcro those ?
A. Iron , puicusilon bnmbs.
Q. What became of the man who brouaht
you the bombs ?
A. 1 never saw him again. Ho said , If I
remember , that ho was going to Now /en-
Q/And when did you get these czar bombs ?
A. I never got thorn ; that is an invention
of that lopoiter. A man came there while I
was at dinner and left them there. Ho left
bombs with the bookkeeper. 1 never taw
lilm befoio or after.
During this examination Spies was very
uneasy , and his voice trembled peiceptlbly.
His agitation Incieased when the examina
tion was continued as follows :
Q. How much dynamite did you have In
your olllco ?
A. Two small packages.
Q. Where did you set it ?
A. Of n ixMvder company.
Q. Why did you purchase this dynamite ?
A. Oh , I had road a irreat deal about dy-
n ami to and thought I would Investigate fur-
Q. .Why did you wish to Investigate fur-
A. Oh , on general principles. I can't say
Q. Did you over expcilmcnt with bombs ?
A. No , sir.
O. Didn't you go to Shefflcld , Ind. , and
witness some experiments with bombs ?
Witness answered evasively , and the ques
tlon being repeated lu another form , the do-
'enso objected. The objection was overruled
nnd w ltnoi swore that ho had never expert-
iiented with bombs.
Q. Was dyiumlto distributed from the Ar-
) clter Xcitung oillco' . '
A. The olllco was not maintained for that
. Oj. Were bombs ever distributed from
hero ?
A. No. sir.
( J. Did yon not toll Reporter Wilkinson
hat they were ?
A. Never.
Q. Have you known Hcrr Most ?
A. Yes.
( } . Did you receive this letter ? ( producing
witness' letter addtesscd to him and signed
by MoH. )
A. I did.
( ) . Did yog answer it ?
Tlio dotonse objected and the examination
was suspended wlillo the com t lead the let
ter."You may answer,1' Raid the court.
A. I di > notromember.
Q. How long have you corresponded with
Most ?
Objected to ; sustained.
Q. In whose haiidwiiting Is this postal
card' ' ( handing Spies' postal card. )
Tliodcfcn n objected. The court having
leclded that the objection was lust ,
he examination was continued. Both
otter and postal card were
acaln handed witness , and ho was asked
"Ves , or no , " whether or not ho received
: hem. The nuestlon was evaded tor awhile ,
witness liuallyndmittlni ! that ho must have
received them as they were addressed to him.
( J. Did jcm send ( new-liter of this card the
llrectlonsaskel for lor the shipment of the
stun" mentioned ?
A. I answer positively 1 did not.
Q. Did youvviito this circular ( "llevengo
circular" ) ?
A. 1 did.
( } . Did you cau o the words "Worklnitmen ,
arm voutscl\es and appear In loico" to bo
expunged ?
A. 1 did.
Q. Why ?
A. Because It seemed ridiculous , nnd would
wen people away fiom the meeting Instead
of drawing them to It.
Q. But > on wiote the oxpiesslon , "Woik
men to arms ? "
A. Well , yes , Idld.
Q. Why ( lid you do that ?
A. Because I wished to aronso Ignorant
working people to n icallratlon of the wrongs
leaped upon them. 1 wrote what many beFore -
Fore mo have written and urged what otheis
nave urged what the constitution allows
them to urge , and what will bo advocated
until some good has resulted.
( J. Yon Intended to excite your readers to
frenzy and provoke the revolution about
which you have so often preached , did you
not ?
The defense objected. Both attorney nnd
witness had become excited and wcro speak
ing loudly and vchmiiently. The state was
Dually allowed to present the letter above re
ferred to in evidence. It was signed 'Mohan
Most , and referred to the llncklnir Valley
troubles iind to some "medicine" which ho
wished to send to the inlnci.s , which he
thought would help them more than the bal
lot ; asked for directions how to ship the
stulf , and said no directions for Its applica
tion would bo necessary. Tlio postal card
was also presented mid was as follows :
A. Spies , 107 Filth avenue , Chicago. 111.
I had scarcely mailed mv letter yesterday
when tlio telegraph brought news from the
H. 31. One doesn't know whether to rejoice
over that or not. Advance In Itself Is ele
vating. Sad Is the circumstance that It will
remain local and therefore might not have
the result. At any rate these people make a
better impression than foolish voters on
this and the other side ( of the ocean. ) Greet
ings and shake. Yours. .1. M. .
"Drury. I suppose ( hope ) , cau now and
then receive upon tickets. "
[ These last words are supposed to bo cipcer
as their meaning Is not apparent ] , . v- , . . , „ - .
'When the Ictter.and postals card 6had been1
read the jvJfr.1. > . 'v' > ' " ' ' -y < fn"d. < * iP' ' ' J i 'y
' '
for tho'deujuse'tlion encTud7'iibTnr'a'\vtiIa' (
pcrod consultation which lasted till the court.
requested that they proceed.
Captain Black responded by calling
Parsons to the stand. His manner was in
odd contrast to that of Spies. It was suave
and conciliatory In the extreme. Few ques
tions were asked and witness was allowed to
tell his story unaided , and it was extremely
commonplace , apparently being copied
closely tiom the testimony icgaullng his
movements given by the witnesses for the
defense. After ho had told how ho
had attended the Hay market meet
ing from ono held slioitly previous
at the AibolterXeitnn' ' ; In answer to n re
quest for speakers , and how , having made
his speech , he Intel ruptcd Fielden to suggest
an adjournment to Selpp's hall , as It looked
like rain , and getting the speaker's reply
that he was about through. After iclnting
these details , the witness said : "I then
wont to the saloon near Selpp'a hall where
Mrs. Parsons and Mrs. Holmes had preceded
me. I went with a Mr. Biown , suggesting
to him that wo get something to dunk , as
speaking had made mo very thirsty. When
wu arrived at the saloon , Fischer was there.
Wo drank , nnd atter conversing a little
while 1 began to woudci why the ciowd did
not appear. After a little while wo wont to
the door and slioitly I saw a Hush and heaul
a loud explosion , "
Q. What did you observe then ?
A. I .saw a huge number of what appeared
to bo repeating lovohers raised In the air
( Illustrating with his hand ) , and saw them
emptied of their charges , one after another ,
as rapidly as possible. When tlio rovolveis
appeared to bo cmnty the liilng coascd.
Captain Black Now , I'aisons.tell tlie jury ,
or it ; peat to them , the tenor of your rcmaiks
during your speech at the Ilayumiket.
Witness was now in his element. Ho held
In his hand n quantity of notes nndatonco
assumed an attitude lamilmr to nil who have
heard him make any of his speeches on tlio
lake front , at 54 Lake street , to the socialists
ot the city. His speech occupied nearly nn
At the conclusion of It ho was turned over
tothostato. Witness told Ciinnell that ho
was born in Montgomery , Ala. , nnd had been
In ChloaL'o thirteen yearn.
Q. What 1ms been your occupation for the
past three yearn SI
A. 1 have been editor of the Alarm.
Q. Did you In your speech at the Haymar
ket tell your audience that the Times had
advocated the putting of strychnine on the
head of worklnguiuu ; that Scott , of the
Pennsylvania , had advised controlling them
with rules , and that tlio Times had been the
lirst dynamiter In this country ?
A. Yes , blr.
Q. Did you advocate ictallatlon by the
same me ins ?
A. No , sir. I simply told them to defend
Q. What did you mean then by the expres
sions , "To arms , to aims" ?
A. I refened to the condition of strikes nt
St. l.ouis , and said that If you iiru stiuck
down by capital , and your wives and children
aio trampled upon like doirs , ( him , 1C neces
sary. arm and dufend yourtelves.
Witness exhibited no little shrewdness In
evading the questions of the state's attorney
nndthocioss-examlnailou was brief , as above ,
indicated. Ho was excused and c'Jiut ad
journed. _
Ex-Mlnlster Winston Ileturns.
Nuw 1'onic , AiiKUStft | Special Telegram
to the BiiK.j Fiedeilck H. Winston , ox-
minister to Persia , who was a passenger on
boaul the Weiru , which put Into Boston on
Saturday , ! ! ! rived In Now Yoik yesterday , ae.-
companled by hit ) son. Dudley Winston. Mr.
Winston was somewhat Indisposed alter his
tweutv dnyb' sea voyage. Last ovenlni ; ho
left luriSenbrlght , N , J. , where ho expected
to join his relatives. To n rcnotter , Mr ,
Winston said ho had found things dull In
Persia , and was very glad to pet back to
America. Speaking of the newspaper com
ment on bib piojccted ralhoad schemes in
Persia , thn ox-mlnlstrr said them was no
truth In any ono ot these MotlcH. "lam
going to tnako a public reply , " said ho , "but
not now. What I shall say will bo very pris-
clous and will moio than meet all insinua
tions wade ngainst me. "
Advertising AK < - ' t8 Fall.
CI.NCIK.SATI , August A Edwm Alden &
Bro. , newspaper adveitlsluic agents , No. CO
West Fourth street , with a biunch in Now
York City , made an assignment to-day to A.
21 , Warner. Their nomliial liabilities arc
estimated at 81WJOO ( , with nominal assets nt
SU72.000. Those consist of contracts for ad
vertlslnif , and foiran peculiar sort of prop-
city. The lii in has been of long standing
and has canted on n very extensive business
No close cdtlmnto cau bo made an to the ren
usseU , and liabilities owing to the uncertnn
nature of the outstanding accuuuis.
Toniblo Destruction by the Flatuca in the
North of Viscoluin.
Millions of Feet of I'ltio Co U | > It )
Smoke Crop * In the I'Molds Oon-
suiucd Klclitliitf the Con-
lln | rntton.
The Hungry Flntnci.
Mtt.wAimiiK , Wis. , August 0. For nn
alirosi uninterrupted distance of nearly cno
iiindred miles north of Stevens Point MOIIR
ho line of the Wisconsin Central , forest fires
are lading. Hundicds of men are flffhtlnfC
ho llaiiics , seeking to save the towns and
Milages hemmed In by them. Tclogtaphlo
communication Is proatty Intcrfeu-d with
and details are meas-ie. The complete flcr
stmctlon of the town of Spencer Is fullv con
Irmcd and the loss Is now placed t SSOO.O'JO.
Several hundred people aie destitute and ;
lomeless. At Colby , a few miles distant
Ire is raging on two sides. To-night the vllj
ago ot Prentice , In Marathon county , is sur-1
rounded by flames , and It Is feared that IB" "
will bo swept out of existence unless the wind * ,
lies down. Near Chlpnewa Tails the flrcsl
aroconllued to the prairies and no buildings
vero destroyed. Several farms were dovns- 1
ated of tholr crops. In the Mmiomlnco rlverv
region copious rains have extinguished the' ,
Ires that have raged there. The estimates o < * .
tine burned In this rojion placn the amount"
at upwards of ono bundled million feet.
Latest dispatches Horn Marqucttc. Midi. ,
to the Evening Wisconsin , says that the
city Is In danger of destruction by forest lire ?
which mnko the air densely smoky. Pony
Icll's slaughter house In the city limits Uivs"
wen destroyed. The nltio-glycerlno works
of tlio Lake Supci lor company are surrounded
by lire. iMen nro lighting the lire with AM-
) cratlnn. An oupoitutiu change of the winds
saved the now city park nt Presquo I Ie vcl- !
crday. The iUy is opprcssingly hot , nnd
ho lire-lighters are snlTerlne greatlv.
Advices iccelvcd nt tlio Wisconsin Central
> nices hero are that millions of feet of stand-
ng pine have been burned. Telegraph poles
are burned off , miles of wire arc on the
iround nnd communication brtwcon Mllwau-
ice and points along the northern division < f
ho Wisconsin Central road is cut of ! oxceot
jy the railroad company's private wires ,
which arc operated by means or ground con
The latest advices. to-night show no abate
ment of the foiest couflaciatlon. The vilhiKO
of Moslnoe nanowly escaped destruction by
n shift of the wind. Waiihnn Is now consid
ered out of danger. At Stevens Point Hob- . (
inson'H mill and n number of dwellings were )
Inirncd. It is expected that the lire will reaclt
the populous south sldo of the city by to-mor- '
row. >
row.Tho file destioycd flfty-ono dwellings nt
Do i'eic. Wis. , to-day. Lois about llfty tliou- '
sand dollars. Tlio largest Individual los *
was SJ.OOO. The ( lames caimlit again to-night
inab.unand spie.ut rapidly. The Presby
terian chinch was burned. A shift in the
wind saved the business part of the city.
A special to tlio Evening Wisconsin from
Appleton says n lire ni midnight destroyed
the paper mill of Richmond Bro H , causing ft.
lossotSCO.OOO ; insurance , JJO.OOO. The mill *
employed thirty men.
Portage and Klvcr , streets has been consumed"
by fire hero tonight. . All the buildings coat
ot the Chippcwa house to Cross street
are likewise burned. About half the
uopcity In tlio stores ; ims been saved
n a damaged condition. The building
mrncd include hotels , stoics and private
dwellings , and are all In the center of the
own. Owing to the pooiue- of the strnc-
uio of the buildings but little Insurance will
be received. All the assistance possible wan
clvcn with tlio hose , and thu lire will be under
control In about an hour. The wind la strong
rom the southwest. The telegraph line la
llsabled and tegular business is Impossible.
fho loss will piobably be ho.ivy , but cannot
now be given.
Gone up In Smoke.
Nnw Tonic. August 9. The New Yor'c
umber and wood woiking company's factory
on Ono Hundred and Thinyfourth street ,
wax burned to-nleht. Loss , SIW.OOO ; in
surance , § 30,000.
FlaniCH in Norway.
LONDON , August 9. The town of Sklcn ,
Norway , was destroyed by lire. The loss
imounted to 200,000.
Its Editorial Itnsa Blooms Amid Fin
ancial Thorns. .
CIIICAOO , August 9. [ Special Telegram lethe
the BII : : . ] A. P. T. Elder , of the Elder Pub
lishing company and propilctor of the
Litcinry Lite , the mnga/.lno which Miss Itoso
Cleveland , the piosldent's sister , has under *
alen ; to edit , confessed judgment to-day In
ravorof Jamc.s Westof the Western Pub
lishing company In the sum of $10,000. On
Satuiday evening Elder gave West a judg
ment demand note In the amount named.
Judgment and execution wcio Issued this
moinlng , and this atteiiioon thd&hcrilf levied
on the ical estate nnd peisonalty of Elder.
The real estate consists of the house vvhcra
Elder lesldos , No , ! WI5 Ellis Avenue. The
personalty consists chiefly oC tlioprojicity
known as the Literary Lite , on which thn
levy Ims been made nnd It Is now in the
hands of n custodian. West was seen at his
ofllco and admitted that such a confession of
judgment had been made to him , and the
subsequent levy upon the properly
of the Elder Publishing company.
Ho refused to say anything
regarding the affair , but from Mr , Weizly ,
lilsnttoinoy , It Was learned the judgment
confessed was to satisfy loans made during
the last thice months to Klder. "On the
Elder real estate , " hn said , "thnio has been
for some tlmo a debt of § 50,000 secured by a
tiust deed. This debt was overdue , but the
bank holding the note had been hold off on
one pretext and another by Elder , On the
2'JthofJime , however , the bank gave Elder
notice that ten days moio would be allowed
him , in which time , If nothing had been dontt ,
It would have to foreclose. The ten duyn
passed by and no anangemonUlind bcea
made. On July 9 , the last of the ten dny ,
Elder came to West to help him out of his
dllllcully. As a matter of simple accommo
dation West niiioed to buy the 850,000 note
and have the it ust deed tianstciied to him as
security. Ho gave Elder a check lor
SMJ.OCU nnd ( ommlsslonnd him to lilt the
note and have thu necessary ( muster
made. Tills Elder agreed to do but never
did the latlei. All nltrmpts to have him glvo
thuseuuilty piomlscd fulled. Other Hums
had been given Elder nt dllleront 11 men by
West nnd secured by mortu'ago on property
in Ohio nnd olBowhciu. This propmty WAS
guaranteed to bo unincumbuied ut the tlmo
the loans wore made. But It turns out to bo
heavily oneumbeml. This is about all thcne
Is to the matter , It Is an oidlnary business
traiisactlon-ordlnaiy nt least for Chlcaco.
We wcie obliged to take possession of the
ical estate unit poisonal biopurty of Klder to
sccuic oiuselw.s. The execution against Ida
real estate will bo held ns n lieu on thu incm-
Ises until \ > cdet imine It thciels Riilllciuut
other propcity to satisfy our claims , "
Elder not In his olHee when the re
porter called this evening to Inquire hovv the
judgment wan likely to effect thn Literary
Life and Miss Oloveland'h connection vvHIi
It. The people In the otlice said that iht-y
thought the matter would be niraui l
piomptly.nnd that the publication of th
magazine would be continued as. lu'ruorom
with the luotUlunt'H sitter In editorial cimif. * ,