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Viaitctl and Investigated by on
Gentleman ,
Cyclones" CnrofullJils -
ensued Discovery T n Now Furoo
mill tlic IJcvlsintf of n Metr
. , o < l to Utilise I *
IIVfHcii/orMie 7y I ) ' . II' . fMxA.r , VrctMtnt
of Jletktuc Colfruf ,
TUP. KIIIA' : : Moron.
Wooing niong one of the streets of
PlnMadeiplua In Stay la t , I saw u SIKH ,
"Ollico of the Keoly Motor. " Tills re-
miiuliul mo that 1 had frequently soon
notices oMllo "Kociy motor , " chiell.v in
the way of ridicule , and 1 resolved to in-
vcstigatu the matter for myself. After n
day or two 1 found n gentleman who
kuovv Mf/'KeUly well , and he offered to
tnko iiics ( o the sliop of the inventor. The
discoveries 1 made 1 lay before the read
ers of the lliu. :
run MAN.
John \V. Kccly , a native Philadelphia ! ! ,
IB a musician and an organist of no mean
attnilihiiitits Many years ago twenty
or more Mr. Keoly , in building and
l > la.ying tliu organ , was struck with the
fact tlmtf 10 vibrations of the organ
] ilpc.i nrpthifcuil not only what wo called
sound * * , but that a vast amount of force
r power was developed , Milltclont in
many instances to cause vast buildings to
tremble as though .shaken by a giant's
hand Havintr brains , Mr. Kccly began to
Inquire whether this force might not be
utilised , lie noticed , or thought ho
did , that harmony had .something to do
with the volume of force emitted by the
With these indistinct and shadowy
hints he went to work. No one had ever
Fought what ho was seeking a force
from vibrations , which could be utlh/ed
in place of water and steam , lie was an
explorer in a Hold utterly now. Ho could
consult only with his own busy brain.
IIo had no predecessor on that
sea. Ho was another Columbus , reaching
out after what all but ho Boomed to regard -
gard as a chimera. For years ho labored
on alone and in poverty. At length he
succeeded in inspiring a few friends with
conlidoneo. They rallied around him. A
company was formed. Money was fur
nished him. Machine after machine for
generating the new force was .invented ,
tested , and discarded. Machine after
machino.\vf'is constructed for the applica
tion of tuo force , tested and discarded.
Hut progress was made with each trial.
New Ideascamo with each failure. Mean
while the public press , when it stooped to
notice him , was lavish with rid.culo.
" " " " " " "mad
"Fraud , "humbug , "impostor ,
man , " "crank , " wore among the mildest
opithetrt employed , while those who
assisted Mr. Kccly were denounced as
'dupes ami fools. " Undismayed , how
ever , our Columbus bore stei'dily on with
Ills laeo towaid the now world ho saw
with the eye of faitltj anil now. after all
these years of toil , discouragement and
abuse , secures recognition as a real in
ventor from men who stand high in the
scientific world.
Under guidance of my friend I soon
reached Mr. Keely's work shop a small ,
two-story brick structure on North Twen
tieth street , Philadelphia. Hero , sur
rounded by hundreds of curious , unfix-
mMai' , contrivances , 1 found this man
w'liyjr 1 am not mistaken , will have a
name in history when his traduccrs shall
bo forgotten. John W Keoly is a man
whoso physicpio would be noticeable any
where. He is fully MX feet in height , with
n largohead , co.xl black eyes , d-irk com
plexion , and wearing constantly u
thoughtful expression , llo received mo
cordially , and after a few moments spent
iu giving some general inlormation , pro
ceeded to explain the "machines ho now
uses in the production and application of
his now force. '
This , as its name indicates , is the in
strument employed for generating and
garnering the force. It is a metallic in
strument about three feet in height , and
stands Upon n wooden pedestal , which
may "bo moved easily about the room , to
show that it has no connection with tubes
or pipes qr lovers by which power may bo
becretly communicated. The liberator
itself stands open before you , and may
be subjoe'teil to the closest investigation.
Near the bottom , lastoned upon u me
tallic rim , are four or live largo tuning
forks. These stand upright. Within
these , in a horizontal position , supported
by a small metallic standard in its centre ,
is a circular stool plate about eighteen or
twenty inches in diameter. Above and
around the machine , and attached to
higher rims , are several brass tubes ,
within which arc small , slender , vibrat
ing steel blades. On tlut top of the liber
ator is a brass globe four or live inches in
diameter , which is used to collect and re
tain the force until drawn oil' for use.
Having courteously shown all these
different parts of the liberator and given
the ample opportunity of guarding
ngaltlbt imposition , Mr. Keoly proceeds
to generate the now force named by him
" inter-atomic forco. "
"etlieric vapor , or -
This he doosuy drawing an ordinary violin
bow' a few times across the stationary
tuning forks , and striking the circular
metallic plate a half-do/.ou times with a
small hiunnuu' faced with rubber. This
is nil. In two minutes the machine is
charged and ready for business. That
this is so Mr. Kccly proceeds to show by
1. By a heavy iron lover of the first
class , as follows ; To the brass glebe on
the top pf the liberator whore , as wo have
Keen , the force is garnered , Mr. Keoly at-
Inches a long brass tuba something over
half an inch in diameter , having an ori-
lieu not larger than a common knitting
needle , The. other end is connected with
u oyllnuhr , in which plays an upright
piston one-half inch in diameter. On llio
upper end nf this piston rests a long
heavy iron lover. To raise the lover alone
apicssnroof l.GOO pounds to the squaru
inch is ueeoi ary. When all is ready Mr.
Kccly turns a wheel valve , and immediately -
diately the foro6 IB liberated and the level
is lifted.And ( miw weights are added to
the extremity of thn long arm of tint lovoi
until a pressure is demanded to raise it
emuil to 20,000 pounds to the square ineli ,
The lover rises with apparent ease when
the force is fciijlllod , and when it is shul
oil' the lever falls. It looks almost llko n
miracle to sou this enormous weigh !
tossed with such case by a lorco goner
mod byaniQunssoapparuutlyiuadcrjuato ,
The second
is the firing of a cannon by means of the
edicrio vapor , lute a small cannon Mr
Kenly drives homo a leaden ball abonl
one inch ami oue-lifth in diameter. Do
tachlnglht ) tube from the piston oyllndui
described In the above experiment , he at
tactic * it to the breach of thn gun , ami
turning the wheel valve and letting pi
the vapor , the ball is forced out will
great velocity , passing through an iucl
plank and Hatloning itself against ni
lion target bojond. Thi > . Hko the loyoi
experiment , is repeated by the good
nahtrcd inventor until all bpeetators an
Batlsllcd that no propelling power ib em
ployed oxccwt what is generated by tin
vibrations of the liberator ,
THE THIItU r.Xl'RllMiNT ! ; ,
\mi most wonderful of ull , is the
cation of this force to the running of
machinery. As this is the practical end
aimed at , and as this is the tct of sue-
cei * , I wish to lay before your readers a
report recently published in thoScientilic
Areim by its editor , lr A Wilford Hall ,
who with some thirty otherScientific : gen
tlemen recently investigated the now mo
tive power at Mr. Kecly's shop , extend
ing their investigations through four
hour" . Says Dr. Hall in the Arena for
July , 188(5 ( , page 50-
1 'These experiments having been con
tinued till satisfactory all iotin < l , and
until man } present had been supplied
with flattened bullets , the dual and most
important demonstration of all wa givcn
in the actual running of the 'Ivcely Motor *
it.H'll , ollileli the world has heard so
much , and which consisted of a twenty-
live-horse power rotary engine actuated
alone by this so-called ctlieric vapor.
And hero we approach the description of
n performance In verj simple machinery
for which our readei.s will need to sum
mon all their resources ot credulity in
oriter not to suspect us of deliberate fab
rication. wo declare in advance that
what wo are about to state are facts of
which wo are n positively certain as we
are that wo were personally then and
there present.
"Tho 'engine , ' if it may be thus desig
nated , consists of a smooth hollow sphere
of metal about two feet in diameter. At
one end or polo of the sphere is lilted n
li\cd trunnion , around which it revolves ,
and at the other note n rotating trunnion
made fast to tlio sphere , and thus in
tended to revolve with it. On this revolv
ing trunnion , which extends as a shaft
beyond the frame which supports the
sphere , was secured a common pulley of
a foot or so in diameter and of about six
inches face , from which a belt of leather
led to n saw , turning-lathe , etc. , in the
room overhead. A valve-pipo leads into
the interior of the sphere through an
opening made in that trunnion , which
remains stationary with the iron frame
supporting the sphere. To the Inner end
of this lixod trunnion ( as was shown by a
similar sphere which was left open for
inspection ) are secured numerous reso
nating tubes ailu.6the ( % vibratory device ? ,
but which also remain stationary or fast
to the inner end ot the trunnion without
touching the revolving sphere.
" .Now comes the mystery of mysteries
in mechanical contrivances , namely , the
revolving of this sphere as the valve-
wheel at the trunnion is turned , thus ad
mitting the otheric vapor from the re
ceiver through the lloxible copper tube
as before described.
"How this 'engine' runs or on what
principle n mechanical foothold can bo
secured within this smooth , eniptyspherc
by the vapor for moving any kind of ma
chinery , was a matter concerning which
no one present ventured to proller oven
an approximate guess. Mr Keely ex
plains the process and the modus oper
and ! by saving that the gas when once
let into the spore takes a direction which
causes \ortcx or whirl around its axis ,
thus brushing its inner surface at enor
mous velocity ami tat | ] , this inter-atomic
vapor is of silcll penetrating nature
that it soi/.es upon the molecular struct
ure of the sphere itsc'f , thus propelling it
along with it in its prodigious Iliglit.
This , perhaps , is as good an explanation
as is possible to get at during the present
stage of his invention , though it is utterly
incomprehensible to the writer , even
after thinking and dreaming over it for
weeks since witnessing this marvelous
tcaturc in the working of the engine.
"What is most astonishing about the
rotation of this sphere , by simply turninjr
on the vapor , is tlic fact that there is no
escape for the gas anywhere after it has
done its work , nor any ouilct _ or exhaust-
pipe for such escape , as is well known to
bo absolutely necessary in the. use of any
gas , liquid or vapor known to mechanics ,
and by which engines are readily driven.
Instead of such apparently essential pro
vision it seems , when the pressure of
vapor is once admitted and the claimed
whirling process has commenced , that it
goes on indelinitely in some unaccounta
ble manner , doing its work with unabated
energy , and with no wings or internal
projecting abutments against which to
brace itself and thus exert a moving
pressure. And even if there were such
projecting abutments , the force , when
once inside tlio globe , must be free , ac-
coiding to the laws of iluid pressure , to
act on both sides of such projections ,
thus preventing all motion of the sphere
by stable equilibrium. This must be so ,
according to all known or even conceiva
ble principles or laws of mechaiiic.s. "
"Another.und perhaps still the strangest
performance of all , in tlio operation of
this engine , is the startling fact that Mr.
Keely can cause the sphere to revolve in
cither direction and with similar power
: md velocity by letting the gas in at the
same valve , and precisely in the same
way. Wo suggested to him several times
during the hour thp engine was working ,
which way to , starL the glebe revolving ,
and after touching it with his lingers and
moving it slightly in the direction wo
named'ho would turn on the force and
the revolutions would begin with almost
terrific velocity in the direction wo had
"This single fact , with absolutely no
exhaust ami witli no possible piston ar
rangement or movable abutment device
inside as in rotary steam , gas and water
engines , demonstrates to our mind be
yond the shadow of a doubt that the
sjihcro must revolve by the whirling mo
tion of the vapor inside of it , as lr.
Keelv cl'iims , and that the direction ot
this vortex , or whirl of gas , must bo de
termined by tlio initial push given the.
sphere bv the hand of the operator. This
initial push of the glebe in a now direc
tion must therefore change in some way
tlio oml nf the inlet pipe to an opposite
whirl nt the point whore it emerges from
the trunnion withiiKtlui.sphere. Still the
mystery of its tlirniii'i at. all remains the
"Wo have had sonio considerable ov-
pcrienco of late years in physical and
mechanical investigations , and , as our
friends believe , with some degree of suc
cess in solving intricate scientific prob
lems , but wo have never before been so
utterly nonplussed and at our wits' end
ns in trving to give a rational explanation
of this Keely engine on any known or
conceivable principles of physical science
or mechanics.
"That the engine , as well ns the frame
on which it runs , is entirely disconnected
from the door , having no pipes , wires or
other devices loading below or outside of
the building by which extraneous power
can communicate with the sphere to
cause it to icvolvo , is incontcstibly cer
tain , since the fullest opportunity was
given us to sortitini/u every part of it and
the foundation on which it rested. That
it actually runs , with the , most tremendous
deus mechanical power tuid velocity ,
alone from the gas or vapor , or whatever
it is , lut into it by turning the valve- wheel
referred to , wo are willing to stake and
risk what little reputation wo have , or
ever expect to possess , tor bcloutillo or
mechanical sagacity. Wo have been
warned by friends since returning from
the exhibition ando\pres > ingour opinion
privately , not to injure our reputation by
a public statement of such facts , liut our
reply has been that nil the reputation wo
have earned has been from frankly avow
ing our conscientious convictions upon
every physical problem picscnting itself ,
and however much sued opinions might
ily into the face of the prevailing notions
ot science ,
"Tho power ot the ongluo to do cffl
ciont mechanical work was abundantly
demonstrated in sawing wood , runninp
turning lathes , etc. . in the room over
head , connected by belting from the pul
ley attached to one of the trunnions , uni
also by a plank pressed down on this
driving pulley , in older to check its mo
lion by friction , witli the weight of twc
tlio plank * * *
men resting on ,
"With the actual running of this engine
as an incomprehensible mybtery , am
with the demonstrated fuel of u success
ill application of its mechanical power
o do work , there can no longer bo any
nannor of question but that Mr. Keely
ins made startling discoveries both in a
icw and undreamed of motive power and
Is mechanical application to machinery
) y new methods as astonishing as they
arc novel. "
So far. Dr. Hall. And now what is the
nev liable conclusion to which wo are
Iriven in view of these experiments re-
icated again and again , for years past ,
n the presence of the mo t competent
vltnessis ? Is it not that John W. Keely
uts developed from the utmospherlo air.
at its ordinary temperature and normal
HT.ssuro , by means of vibrations alone , a
icw force capable of application twhur-
svcr force may bo applied and utilised ?
le is now at work upon a larger and
n ore perfect engine one that will show
.V > 0 horse power and when this Is com-
ilctc.l , which will be done in two or three
nonths , we shall be prcpaicd for rcsulUs
hat will revolutionize the motive power
of the world.
Ami is this now force so utterly inv
irobable that it should bo rejected with-
nit investigation , us some seem to think ?
) oe.s not tlic atmospheric air under ecr-
ain conditions as in the tornado ox-
ilbit a power absolutely irresistible'
And what if Mr. Keely has discovered
the "hidings of this power , " and is able
to apply it to useful purposes , as many
other forces of nature are applied ? If
water , while in its normal condition , has
a certain force when applied to the wheel ,
and a very greatly intensified force when
expanded by heat into steam , why may
lot the atmospheric air bo subjected to
conditions which will develop miw
and wonderful characteristics ? The
writer of this article suggested in May
ast to Mr. Keely the title "Bottled Cy
clones" for Ins wonderful force. Who
can toll but that he is actually able to
control and govern the element , whatever
t may bo. vvliieh forages has been mani
fest in the irresistible energy of the
cyclone and tornado ?
It seems to bo forgotten by those who
are so ready to pronounce Air. Keely's
discovery impossible , that over since the
use of the mercury pump to produce a
vacuum , the atmospheric air , when in its
state of highest tenuity , has been discov-
jred bv scientists to present character-
sties which indicate that it has been
changed into an entirely new element in
lature. Just what this element is , re
mains as yet undetermined ; but that it is
no longer ordinary atmospheric air , is
settled. Says Francis 11. Upton , Mr.
lidison's mathematician , in Scribnor's
Monthly for February , 1880 , page fl8i :
"It is found that by the use of the mer
cury pumps and chemical appliances ,
where a perfect vacuum is formed , the
minute portion of air remaining shows
some remarkable properties. When elec
tricity under strong pressure passes
through an Edison lamp , the whole bulb
shines witli a delicate blue light. So re
markable is the behavior of various sub
stances in a vacuum prepared by means
of mercury pumps that physicists con
sider that a gas thus rarilied constitutes
mother state of matter , differing as much
: rom that of an ordinary gas ( either un
der atmospheric pressure , or with the
pressure removed by means of a common
iir pump ) as a gas differs from a liquid ,
or a liquid from u solid. "
If this is so , it requires no ordinary
temerity to pronounce in advance and
without investigation the Keely Motor an
mpossibility. In view of the advance-
nent made in t'ho last fifty years , all
nlong the line of sejentilio discovery , the
.ruo philosopher will be very slow to cry
"humbug" whenever a now invention is
mnounccd , however wonderful it may at
irst sight appear. Scores of witnesses
whoso llrst attitude toward the invention
under consideration , was that of absolute
skepticism , are now ready to aver that
iftcr caicful consideration and actual in
vestigation , they believe in Mr. Keely and
lis motor. One notable instance ol this
character has come to the knowledge of
the writer. A leading scientist of Phila
delphia , adopting the cry of the press of
iraud and hunibug against the Keely
Motor , refused for years to make a per
sonal investigation. _ At length , through
. 'ne earnest solicitation of a warm per
sonal friend , ho was persuaded to "come
and sec. " After a most careful and pro
tracted investigation he loft the shop and
walked some rods without uttering a
word. This friend at length asked his
opinion of what ho had seen. "Well , "
said he , " 1 must confess that I know of
nothing more wonderful , except the
miracles of Christ. " And yet , in tlio
opinion of the present writer , there is
nothing miraculous here. It is simply
the discovery pf a now force in nature ,
and the devising of a method by which
that force may bo utili/.ed.
T. It. AMitcli.
Up to her chamber window
A slight wire tiellls goes ,
And up the Komeo's ladder
Clnmbeis a bold white lose.
I lounge in the ilex shadows ,
I see the lady lean ,
Unclasping her silken girdle ,
The curuin's folds between.
She smiles on her white rose lover.
She i caches out her hand ,
And helps him in at the window
I bee it where 1 stand.
To her searlct lips she holds him ,
Anil kisses him many a time
Ah , me I It was ho that won her
Ik'canso he daied to climb.
"Do you use glasses ? " asked the Inquisitive
bartender o the shoit pation. "No , sir ,
schooneis , "
It Is vvioiiR to speak of a "respectable" ein-
bcz/.lci ns a "KOOU innii gone wrong. " llo is
a bad limn found out.
Kvciy hbth In Uiooklugs , Dak. , for several
weeks past has been a gill , and the locjl
papcis call lor diversified production.
A Mlniiuaiiolls milkman died the other
day fiom dilnkini ; the milk fiom his own
dairy. Water on the biain was wlmt knocked
hlniont ( iccuullni ; to the physician's certifi
A man should never boast to his wife how
skillful ho Is and how much superior to oilier
men because ho can sliave himself. Ho Is
reasonably muo to cash his chin or his check
the next minute If ho docs ,
Thus elderly Mrs. Hiiliiuch : "I can't Im
agine nuliovv why my darter talks fo Incor
rect. Shu don't hear notliln' but good snciik-
In' . As fur her liither , ho's a pulllck imtren
for laiijjuhlso. An' 1 nevei make no consequential
quential mistakes. "
It is told In Washington that after a certain
senator , noted for his absentmlmlediiess ,
came to tills city for a short visit , this mem
orandum Wtis found In his loom : "Things to
take along * One pair socles , ono shlit , two
coliais , one pair cults , one wife , "
"Vou can get a watermelon a yard lone ; for
25 cents , " Fays a Floildsv paper. And you
can get acramj ) forty-suven feet long , done
up In a knot as big as your list for the water
melon , and have the rinds lelt tor sweat-
meats and plcklus.
Tat O' ell , Detroit detective , recently se
cured 82,000 which hail been Molou from an
Ohio man. The other day Tat received as
his toward a box of cheap cigars and u glass
breast-pin. The cigars were given nwny and
the pin was shipped back with the statement
that Detiolt detectives could iiotauoruto
wear diamonds.
"How to Tell n Ohl'sAge" Is a subject
BOIIIO of our esteemed coiitciupoiaile.s buem
to be discussing. It's ' mean business telling
a chl'b ao ; , anj way , imrtlculaily some girls ,
but It ) oilmen little brother and tliu girl is
your oldest slstcrnnd you btnit In to tell her
aye vvhun her oulr youn : man Is by , a L'ood ,
safe way Is to tell It by Telephone just alter
you have left homo on a long vacation.
Apiomlneut resident of Tensas parish ,
La. , was over at Cooper's \\ells \ the other
day , vyhpn nu mithu.slastlo prohibitionist
tackled him with "What s the piohfbitjon
news fioui join section , my frleiul ? " "Well ,
reallv , 1 don't know , " was the answer , "We
have been so eonfouuded busy titrating water
nil spunguml summer that 1 don't believe
any of us has tound time to fight whisky
mtflitnaton tVM.
When ( irover came homo t'other ilaf
Krom olt his llslilng ttiji
Ills Franfcio met him at I ho door ,
And carried In Ids grip ,
As (1 rover dressed himself todltio
Ills wife , with merry Mioul ,
I'nlocKed the grip mm set It down
To take the content * out ,
A fast week's shirt , n pAtr of sockg ,
A eminent , whllo and wide }
A collar and a pair of cults ,
A tie Hint had been tied.
These thincs she took fiom out the crliv.
A nd then delayed hortnsk ,
As fiom the depths she brought to sight
An empty , battered flnsa.
'Oh , ( Srover , what Is thtsf" BIO crlol
And ( liover looked and ( milled ,
Then bluMietl nndhesltatliiir said ,
D"Why , that's a bait can , child.1'
"A bait can , dear ? " slm ( rnc tloneC hln
"What makes It sutell so queer ? "
"Oh-ah , " ho s > nld , "that's spirits to
1'rcservc the bait , my doar. "
"Vou s-.vcct old thine , " she softly said ,
Wltuuthci loving terms ,
"How pond ami kind jbu are to thov
J'oor little fishing
Vlio vounger the wife thn more \voola
nisbaml can pull oVcr.her eyes.
j.irttVMaud Ogllvle , daughter of the late
nrl 01 Airllo of London , Kngland , is soon to
marry an American.
Vpsilnntl Is excited over the rumor of a
rorthromlng vveddlUB. the prospective bride
behiK eighty-six and the gloom sixty years of
ago.The Del Kol ( Tev. ) Dlit Is edited by a yoinijr
lady. She remark : " .Man inonoses but ( t
sometimes takes a great deal ot encoinnge-
ment to get him to do so. "
London society snys the engagement be
tween .Miss Minnie , Smith , sister of Mrs.
William K. Vandcrbllt , and Count Moinm ,
nn Italian nobleman , has been tnokcn otr
because it has been found that the Count's
estnlcs are owned by money-lenders and the
family jewels are In pawn.
The Sioux Indians celebrate in a rather
odd manner tlio marriage ot a member of
their tribe. Lately such nn event eamo oft
and nf toward about llfty of the braves , in
cluding the bildal couple , took a ttampof
several days over the teirllory , pitching tents
at night and glvinir dances and other festi
Among the wedding ine ents already ic-
celved by Mine. Christine NilKson Is'ono
fiom the queen , consisting ot n photograph
of her majesty In nu exquisitely carved ox-
odbcd silver finme. Beneath the portrait is
n small nutngmph slgnature/'Victoila Keg. , "
and the date , "Usboine , June 14 , IBSfi. "
A wedding took plnce on Monday at the
county Jail at Newark , the justice uniting
the couple In picsenco of the bride's parents
and the prison ofllclnls" . The ceremony took
plnce In the warden's office , but the rest of
llio pilsouers becoming KM arc of It , one of
them whistled n wtnidlne inarch and the
otheis applauded vigorously.
A romantic marriage was solemnized nt
Kcihoukson , N. Y. The gioom wns John
Waid , ot Wolf Trap. Ya. , am' the bildo Mis.
Jennie Lnnsinir , of Kerhonkson. .Neither of
the newly wedded couple had over seen one
another until the night preceding the mnr-
ihiC. | The courtship had all been cairled on
by letter.
An interesting mnrrlnijo engagement was
announced List week , but lacked continua
tion till vesteitlny , the Dailies being John
Augustus Mobbing , jeweler of this city , mid
DaioncbS do Massenbach of HeilinGermany.
The baroness wns a member ol the party
with which Mr. Kobblns Is making a tiip
nronnil the woild. | Sprlnclicld Republican.
Florence Schuster nnrt Frank Hooper live
in St. Joseph , Mo. , and nre both popular.
Florence went visiting In Leavenwoi tit and
Finnk went over to.seo her. He nsked her
to take a nallc , and before they ictuincct the
two vveie man led. The next day they vent
home , and , ns the account says , "vveie
warmly welcomed by hosts of admiring
friends. "
Hev. William 3. Sheiman , n Catholic priest
of Brooklyn , was inartlcu to Miss Tlllo
McCoy , on June 14 , by 1 " . K. s. . Schneider ,
nn Episcopal clcigyinan , < ln New York. He
continued 10 pel form the duties of a pi lest
until a few weeks ago , when he nmt his wife
dlsappeaied. It Is fiupjsoscd they wont to
Boston , where Sherman1- expected to be em
ployed as a cleik. t
The engagement was announced last week
of Miss Maria Winthrop , daughter of Mr. T.
Lindnll Wlnthiop. nnd rattddaughter of thu
Hon. Kobcrt \Vinthroiv and Mr. Louis
I'vemont , nn officer offtlln Jiiitish armv.
Miss Wlnthiop is nt llydo , Isle ot Wight ,
England , with her family. The wedding Is
to take place shortly , theyoung ) couple sail
ing Immediately after for India.
Piinco Henrv , secoud'tou of the crown
prince , Is , it is said , tojmairy Irene , third
daughter of the grand dime of Hesse-Darm
stadt. Other gossips asstit that the fortu
nate "better lialt" vvlll''l ' > u Alexandilnn of
Anlialt-Dessnu. I'rinco."Henry Is now in his
twenty-fifth year , nnd Is taller than his
brother , but even less roynl looking. Ho Is a
spaiely built , beardless young man. with a
clover If not nn Anolln-Ilkto fare. The only
Hohenzollern who has entered the navy , ho
Is n keen nnd bravo sailor , as his dnrin : nd-
ventuies In his journey- around the woild
amply prove.
Them was a magnificent wedding at the
old Boulogne plantationIbcrvllle parish , La. ,
Wednesday. A special' ' train canled the
guests from New Orlcnhs. the baud nud re
freshments were of the first chop , and the
dress magnificent. The bildo was Miss
Eladie , daughter of Theophilo Allaln , planter
and member of the legislature , and the gioom
Prof. Palmerston Lnndry of Mnnsficld col
lege. The bride's father wns foimcrlyn
slave and ouco coachman of the Soulogno
tamlly. The wedding Is the greatest social
event of the year is the southern society of
color ; not a few whites were among the
guests , nnd telegrams ot congratulation
were received from leading coloied men
throughout the country.
M. Tieinunyl is now playing In India with
consldei able success. ,
The bnllct of tlio Paris opera compilscs
1,027 women and costs S'JOO.OOO a jear.
Joachim will devote the mouth of January
to a concert tour In l'nls and other Pi ouch
Ktelkn Gorstcr , who has been voiy III nt
Pails , has recovered sufllcloiitly to appear
again in a concert.
The cowboy pianist Is performing In n
Chlcairo museum. A thick white cloth is
placed ever the key boaid to juotect the
piano. y
Mr. Charles Sumloii , tUe handsome English
actor , who eloped somu years slnco with the
Countess Dcsart , will vjfcll this country as a
member of Miss Fortoacije's company.
Tho'prlnclpal pleco in Mr. Lavvicnco Bar
rett's icpcrtory during , ( his coming engage
ment at the Star theatiL'Now * i'ork In Sep
tember next will bo "Ulejizl. "
The tingle . fnte of . King . Ludvvlg has al -
ready Inspired n wisely anonymous play-
night with "Tho Tragedy of the Swan
King , , " which Is peiformed at the summer
hcaue of Buda.
Miss Marlon Booth , aidaiiRhter of Junliis
Biutus Booth , nppeared'lhst week nt Lclaud's
Ocean Hotel theater , Long Branch , In
"Sweethearts , " "Koucn Diamond" and "In
Honor Bound. "
The Hamburg onera house closed Its season
with n pei foimanco of AVagjei's Nibelung
tetralogy , The same work will bo given
twice at Dresden Immediately alter the Buy-
routn festival , and twlco in Munich ,
Mr. Louis (1. ( lottschalk , the baritone , who
has Deen in Europe during the past two ycais ,
will shortly letura to his native land , In order
to commence his duties as chief vocal In
structor nt the Chicago musical college.
Dr. Huns von Bulovr Is at Geneva. JText
winter ho will direct the concerts of the Im-
i > erlal Husaian Musical Bocietv at St. 1'etors-
mug. amlaseiles of concerts In lluinburg ,
besides uuuei taking a bhoit concert tour in
The great flusstan pianist , Rubinstein , has
resolved that the two prizes ho has founded
at bt. Petersburg , shall bo open to musicians
of all nations. One of these prlics is fora
piano-lotto conceito , and ( Iw other for piano
forte playing. 1'ho competition Is open until
Henry Irving pad Mr , and Mrs. Nicollnl to
dinner ut the famous "SUr and darter , " at
Hlclimond , three weeks ago. A number of
the great actor's ndiilntore also had the honor
of eating and diinUug nt their hospitable.
host's expense. Irving \ > as waited upon by
his secretary and stage uiauagcr , and a Rich
mend mnld of honor attended upon Pat 11.
Ellen Terry wns invited but pleaded Illness ,
The Berlin Uoerscii-Courlcr says that "tho
report that Itublnstcln Intends to visit Amer
ica next w Inter Is Incoriect. The composer.
\\lioisnt present atvoik on n new sym-
jihony for the l.elii/ig tiewnudhnu , will in
the autumn visit his nged mother at Odessa ,
and then , following an Invitation of the
queen ot Koumnnla , spend two weeks at the
court of Duchnrest , Subsequently ho will so
Jo Prague to conduct the Hist pcimrinnnce of
his ojicrn , "Fernmors" nnd niter that he will
probably visit sevcial Geimaii elites to direct
his new sjmphony.
Teresa Caireno writes fromheriullve'clly ,
Caracas , Vcnonieto. that lici reception there
by her oompatilots was of the mostconllal
order. Serenades nnd fetes In hei honor suc
ceeded each other , the government droir-
ntcd her with the "Bustn do Bolivar" the
highest order In the gift of the republicwhile
the mess of Car.icns piesnnted livi with n su-
pei It gold medal. The roneeit he pnvo In
conjunction with hei husband , Sh-nor Tnc-
llnpetrn , were htghlv nppieelnte'I , After n
piofesslonnl visit to Trinidad nlul Porto
Klcoshe will retuiii to Xc\v York.
P.uticulms have been u-relved of Mme.
r.itti's engagement with llemy E. Abbey ,
tot n conceit tout m this countiy dining the
coming season , Mme. Pnttl will sail tiom
Oiieeustown foi New Yoik Xovember 7.
Prior toher depaituio she will sing In two
concerts in Dublin under Mr. Abbey's man-
ngement , Xov ember 'J and.1) , to open n new
music hall. Her season in this country will
bcitin at Stelmvnj hall , Xew Yoik , the even
ing of Xov ember 10 and 17. 'Hie perfor
mance will consist of a concert , with one net
of opera In costume. Hrr opeintlc repertoho
dm ing the tour will emhiaco the gat den
scene in "Faust , " nud selected nets of "gem-
Irnmlde. " "Mnrtlm/'Trovatoie. " "Tiaviatn , "
"Lucia , " nnd "Lido. " She will bo supported
bv Mine , bcnlchl and Slgnors ( inline and
Xovnrro. Aullttl will conduct the Instiu-
mental part of the pcitoruiance. Mme. Pattl
will give only two conceits in Xew ork
city , and will then visit the piliieipal cities
in the east , west nnd south. Including the
southern cities of the Atlantic coast , Fiom
( inlvestlon she will go to the City of Mexico
nnd thence to California. Her tour will last
five mouths and a half , and aspecial clause
In the continct makes It her last piofcssional
vist to this countiy.
Bly Creed ,
I hold that Christian pcaco abounds
Whciochnrlty Isscou ; that when
" \\'e \ climb to heaven , 'tis on theiounds
Of love to men.
I hold all else named piety
A scllish Fcheinc , ns vain jiicteucc ,
Where centio is not can theie bo
Circumference ?
That I moieover hold nud daie
Affirm where'er my rhyme may go
Whntcver things bo sweet or fair ,
Love makes them so.
'Tis not the wide phylactery ,
Xor stubborn taste , nor stated mayors ,
That make us saints ; wo juage the tree
By what It boars.
And when a man may live apart
From worlds , on thuolo : lc trust ,
I know the blood about his heart
Is dry 05 dust.
Vene7iiela has been favoied with blue and
lose-cploicd hailstones.
Tlio'mas Golden , a flagman In Galena , III. ,
hnsn tame lobin that ho taught to walk out
of the flag house and wave a tiny Hag when
ever n tiain comes.
A livo-v\ccks-old baby is icported to be liv
ing In Salem , Mass. , which has nu extra lin
ger on each hand and an extra too on each
foot. The weight is n pound and a hnlf.
Daniel Stover , of Gallon , 111. , has an un
disputed record of 133 lattlesunkes killed In
tlio past four months. He has 53' ) rattles to
show for It. Ho has also killed 101 blue
A century plant that for fomtcen jears has
been in the Boston public gniden is in bloom.
The plant Is not huge , hut the flower stalk
lises fifteen feet Into the air and benr lour
clusteis of yellow blossoms.
A Pennsylvania man has a collection of
SOO live rattlesnakes. He caught them In the
spi ing as they vveie leaving their dens. Some
ot them are ot enormous size.
It Is alleged that there Is n street-car horse
In Noward , N. J. , which , if a lady comes out
on the ciossvvalk , or stands bytholiackto
take the car , wlllstop of his own accord. He
haslcaincd throuzh a long and vniled ex
perience that a man cnn get on without the
car stopping.
Bees have n strong antipathy to dark-
colored objects. In a brood of chickens
limning nbout some beehives recently the
bees stung to death the daik ones , but did
not molest the light colored ones. A man
with a black plug hat rarely gets .stung , the
bees devoting their entire attention to
"sljooting the hat"
The mountain lions of Montana nro large
nnd ferocious , and the ficqucntly attack full-
giown slcois. The teriitoiy oilers SS for
every scalp , and tlio cowboys make quite a
business of hunting them in the winter.
Lions nre frequently killed measuring nine
feet trom tip to tip , nud weighing SCO toiiOO
pounds. Many more mcnsuring fiom ten to
cloven foot aio ftequoiitlv bagged , and , oc
casionally , n monster reaching twelve feet.
A huge alligator wns killed by the negroes
at Lime Creek , ( in. , recently , nnd Its head
cutoff. It was then lolt until night , nnd
when It was then approached , It Is related ,
thosovered head opened wide its jaws nnd
snapped viciously a do/en times , coming
down with u force which would have cut otf
n hand. After the body was skinned the
legs diow up and srtetched out convulsively
ns If In the agony of death , notwithstanding
It had been dead seven houis. The coloied
people legaul this wondciful vitality as an
evil omen ,
A Bmnesvlllc , Ohio , blacksmith Is .alleged
to bo the owner of a dog which , when six
months old , burned its paw on n piece of hot
Iron , which so cmngcd him that ho nt once
seized tlio piece of Iron In his month and be
gan to chew It viciously. This was the be
ginning of his salamander antics , and It Is
now a dally pccunonco to see him grab pieces
of redhot Iron in his mouth and chew them.
IIo has bcon known to jump into the foigo
nnd seize n mouthful ot redhot coals and
grind them between his teeth with as much
complacency as If they vvcra scrnps of biead
and meat.
Bliss Interrupted.
Lovers swinging In a hammock ,
Close together in the dark ;
Small boy , hiding in thoginpcvines ,
Chuckles , whllo the lovcis spark.
K.OVC18 , of the world unconscious
( Next week she will be his wife )
Small boy , weary of their spooning ,
Calls to mind his brand-new knife.
ACT m.
Lovers In n heap together
Neither injured much , let's hope.
Then the.youth profanely mutters :
"Damn the boy that cut that lopel"
.A lglous scruples nro Inconvenient In the
case of some criminals. A Boston scamp
thought it would bo blasphemy to put ' In
God wo trust" on the counterfeit dollars he
was turning out , and the omission got him
Into trouble.
At a colored camp meeting near Nonls-
town a clergyman who had been Invited to
vieach wan so disappointed by the small at
tendance that ho merely sang n hymn , took
up a collection , which netted 8..05 , sang
another hymn and departed.
A gentlemen generous in his contributions
for chinch purposes , but not regular In his
attendance upon public worship , wns wittily
dcsciibcd by u clergyman ns being not ex
actly n pillar ot the church , but a kind ot
Hying bultiess , supporting it from the out
How irreverent the most reverent prayers
of children sometimes seem. Little Jack
wanted a tiicyclo. ana ho wns taught to pray
for wlmt ho wanted , As ho dropped on Ida
knees by his little bed he added to his "Now
Hay mo" : "Please , God , make papa buy mo
a tricycle. That's a dandy. " [ Hartford
Lulu Is about five ycora of ago , Her uncle
Harry recently died , A lew days ago bin
came te her grandmother vv 1th n bit nt papot
In her hand and said ; "Mamma. 1 have wilt-
ton a long letter to uncle Harry. " The luttei
ran : "Dear Uncle Harry : Wo mo all well
and hope you are. 1 went out to the ceme
tery to-day with papa nud saw your menu
ment. I think It Is real nice. Ilowdojou
and God eet along ? "
Out of 27,001 public school children In
Buffalo , only 7,1C5 are of American iiarentajo ,
tnitfttm / - > / ( < /Vit/rtiWji / /
Above the organ's highest note
I hear her dear voice ringing ,
And I nm spellbound to tlio spot ,
Though 1 don't khow what they're singing.
I searched the book to find her name ,
Heronithly name wnsAnnn.
The angels limit have thought that t.imo
When they sent down my soprano.
Iheic's no place now llko church for mo.
They vvhUper I've ciown pious ,
Thej know not how I wish to he
Besldo her skirt cut bias.
What cnie I though the tenor ihoi1
As on a sly banana' '
Bat Hone , alto , nil may stop ,
But leave mo m > soprano.
I hnve no ejcs for men or things ,
The -ei mini is but a jargon ;
1 have no eats lor him who sings
When she's not by tlieoriran.
But when slip comes the whole thing hum" ,
Joy swells like showering manna.
And , rather queer , no voice ,
But hers , my dear soprano.
When she's not thcio thewholecholr's wrong ;
'TIs not foi mu to pi also her ;
The counter scieams all tlmuigh the song ,
And the base bccomoa still baser.
Ahl when I miss hertle.u , dene face.
I'd give a straight Havana ,
If thcyvveio In some other place ,
1 here with nif soprano.
Thcie Is n tendency to shot ten dicss bodices.
Orange nnd grnv aio a frequent combina
Biocadrd silks me icported passe for gen
eral wear.
Black mantles aio worn with every vnilcty
of costume.
Hosleiy vvlfh fine hair-line checks Is shown
by the leading houses.
Buttons , parasols nnd dresses nre often
mloincd witli painted designs.
Snve the glove buttons to replace others
that may take wings to themselves.
The skit Is of pongee diesscs have a broad
band of coloied velvet nt the bottom.
Plaid surah is used for punters and scnif
on costumes of plain silk or Slclllcntin.
Spanish nnd Bieton jackets arO'Vvorn with
lull chemisettes which tall Over the belt.
Black lace skirts arc worn with bodices of
coloied ciepc do chine , silk , satin or molic
Dark materials with hair lines of lighter
tint me fashionable for entire diesscs , or In
combination with plain mnteilal.
Hiiih collars of gnu/0 rlbboif with floral
designs aio edged with bsausnnd are finished
with tlnco loops and two ends of the ilbbon.
Shoiilmid's plaids In all combinations aio
In favor for hue woollen mnteilal , and the
Indications are that they will not soon bn
Bends mo much used Tor trimming. Some
of them me nulto Inige. For evening diesses
they nroiisod. rope fashion , upon sleeves fiom
shoulder to elbow.
Miss Florence Mairyatt , In a lecture ndvls-
ing women wlmt to do with men. snys , "Sit
on them. " Wo aie afiaiil that this practice
has always been can led to extremes , Flor
Swallows and butterflies set with diamonds
and niinnzed on line gold'vvlrcV'Wlilch ' causes
them to sway with every movement of the
wearer , me vvoin In ( ho hair and about the
low corsage of evening diesscs.
It is olten said , and truly , that a lady is
recognl/ed by the state or her shoes and
gloves. Willie they mav not always bo the
best , or even the best of their kind , they will
be peifectlv whole nnd neat , and In harmony
with the lest of hcrdiess
The new light-weight stinvv Ince anil bns-
ket braid bonnets and hats aie veiy chic ami
attractive. Their gainitiues arocoiieopond-
Ingly light nnd etheienl. Soft-tinted crapes ,
tulles , and Illusions arc used , as well ns fancy
silk L'iciiadincs andctnmincs.
A Pailsian fancy in white diesses Is to
make them up ol alternate stupes of muslin
and embioidery or lace. Lace also alternates
with silk or satin , or two designs iu lace
foim alternate stiipcs. With these chesses
bonnet and puasol must bo In the same
style , and gloves ofvhito suede kid aie
A curious novelty In the wtiy'of Paris hats
has lately niison. They sue made in knotted
hay nnd pliant i ashes , In n soitof trelliswork
design , very open , nlid trimmed with long
branches ot hawthorn , violot-coloied tulips ,
with their long leaves knotted together , and
a bow ot moss-green velvet ilbbon as a soil ot
bicksroumt for the tlornl garnitmcs.
When a woman dashed into the pilot-house
of a Penobcot river exclusion steamer that
had just left the Buckspoit wharf , n few days
ago , anil frantically demanded to bo put
nshore , the captain did not understand it.
Her bonnet was on nil light , she had her
shawl stiap in her hand and her lunch basket
was visible nlso. Her explanation was that
she had loft her baby on the wh.ut. The boat
went back after iu
"Botanists' parasols" have been Intioduced
in Paris for the use of Gallic belles during
country excursions. It the fair uedcstilnn
wishes to gather some floweis or bunches of
fiult growing high above her , or in the midst
ot n thoi ny hedge , she has enl > to toucha ] knob
on her parasol stick and a tiny strong pair of
scissois springs out ot the top. With these
she can reach the deslied treasure without
pricking her fingcis or spoiling her glovei.
A fashlonably-diessiMl lady.who.had scon
younger yeais , cnteied n public library the
other day , nnd approaching the chief libra
rian , said : " 1 want something to icad mm
don't know exactly how to deseilbe the kind
of book that would suit mo. " " 1 guess wo
will bo able to suit vou"was thoieply.
"Something lively , eh ? " "Yes something ,
you know , that ci well , that wouldn't bo
exactly suitable for n young glil. " "Mary , "
ciied the chief to an assistant , "French novel
tor a woman of IB. "
A fashion which just ut the moment ap
pears to bain great tavor for young ladles'
sticots suits Is that of a shoil jaunty tailor
made basque of stripedbailed or dotted sum
mer woollen goods ot serge , camel's hair ,
cheviot , canvas or ctamine. The basque Is
never ilccoiutcd In nay manner except with
handsome buttons , nnd nine out of every ten
of these gaiments open ever a chemisette ot
linen or peicale , with natty tie to match ,
and studs set down In front. Wlicie this
style is not followed , tlieio is usually a me
dium sized mailiie collar with sailor-knotted
silk scarf nnd hLjh standing linen collar as a
finish ? -
Washington Critic : The clock had struck
midnight in thn residence of u congiessiunii ,
and still the young man In the parlor did not
go. The young fellow had been away for
two weeks , and the gill's lather wns willing
that ho should have n fair show ; but this was
too much , nnd nt last ho went to the head of
the stairs mid listened n minute. "Motllol"
ho callcu , Fharply. "Yos , papa , " camu the
silvery voice ot his chllil , with a slightly
smotlicicd ncront. "It IH alter 13 o'clock. "
"Yes , papa , nnd we're doing all wo ean to
expedite the accumulated business. Wet will
adjourn by-pnd-by , papa. " The helpless
father , unable to answer the nrguincnt , ic-
turncu to his bed in tears.
A good glove will boar Indefinite cleaning ,
and at last may bo colored , while a poor onu
ottcn tenis or bicnks at the scams the lust 01
second time It Is worn. Bciuliio or naphtha
is excellent for cleaning gloves , hut It is too
btroug for delicate colors ; those of light
shades may butter be cleansed by putting on
the hand ami rubbing with a pleco of sponge
dipped Iu milk ; allttlo vvhlto coup may bo
used nlso. Tlio greasy nattm ! ot the milk
Keeps the kid bof t and counteracts the alka
line effect of the Houp. Black kid gloves maybe
bo renewed by the application ol a mixture
otHvveetoll nud Ink , or the dressing mndo
for ladle * ' boots. A crumb : of stale bread
rubbed over thu glove will of ten lomrive much
The new low colledbasket plaited cnlfTuro
has suddenly come Into fashion , ami 0110 of
the methods of aiianging it Is follows : The
hair , beginning just back of the soft bubo
bang , is divided Into tlncn equal paitsaslt
f.ilNon the shoulders. It U tlicn again sub
divided , making an upper nnd lower plait of
each of these divisions. Then take thotvvo
mlddlo plaits , cioss them and wind to form a
coll. It Is necessary just heie to pin these
braids focuielv , forthoy mo the foundation
for the lest ot the colffmo. Those pi oil mi-
nailcs attended to , the plaits are then taken
from behind each car and carried round the
cell , Lastly , cioss the two iialts on each side
ever the top ot the cell , firing down mid
fasten thu ends securely underneath , Ac
cordingly us It suits the wcauT. tlie coils
must bo airauged either high or low , nt the
Ixick of the head. For' to whom It Is
becoming , the basket braid is twined low In
the nnpe of the neck.
Jt Is leporteil that Professor Uradltv of the
Albany high bchool has received * call to be
superintendent of schools in Mtnncnp
ctIK salary 55,000.
The night .school nt Slug Sin * prison for
Iho benefit of the prisoners which wns slarted
by Warden Biimh In January , 1S < 4 , Is cald to
accomplished excellent results ,
The geographer , Oi l-'rlrdrleli HaWtu who ,
among other books h s written fin excellent
work on tlio United htnte.s hns ncfypteil
call to Lclpsie ns sucee oi tn Ferd von Illch-
tliofen in the chair of geography.
Most of the 1,000,000 nece-ismy for the en
dow incut of the new Human Catholic mil-
verMty nt Washington hns already been sub-
sctLed , and giouiul will bo btoKen for tlio
election ot luilldlnes ne\t spring.
Pioft.Mir tioodale , of Hiuvnid Oolleee , In
tends tolslt Scandlimvln In August ,
vv Intro he hopes to examine in the old mil-
veisltv of I'nsaln , In Sweden , the wonderful
botnnlcnl collection ot l.inna'ii ? .
The eslimate bv the Philadelphia bonrtlof
education of the expenses for 1SS7 ot the
eltv'.SK-hool aj.ks foi S3.1WTOS.W ! , or nbout
? "WIKKI ) mote than tin1 appropriation of St-
NHm , for the pieseut ojear. '
item is S1U7MO. : * > 0 foi teachers' salaries.
The collide nt Hnrvmd has been so elmnged
that the young mnii buut (0 ( enter "flic col
lege need take only one of tho. ancient Inn-
gauges ( ireck or Latin. The ttqmicmcnts
In French and Geimnii have also been ad
vanced. ' ' -
Alter n long struggle , Chicago uulvri.slty ,
nn Institution which Stephen A. Doilulas mi-
( lowed with thn gift of mi adiuliabla site , hns
lost the endowment. The Union Muliinl In
surance company has foieclo cd Us moit-
gageon the piopeitv , and It Is lost. Ot
course , the charter continues , and llio tele
scope and other personal property aio re
tained , bin another location must besought.
The Holloway college is n iiingulllccnt In
stitution , but the idea Is fantastical. Fancy
2M ) glils , nil under exclusive feminine ( ruin
ing and teaching , each with a separate bed
loom and sitting loom , besides n conversa
tion loom for eveiy six. and n rotectoiy , li
brary , lecture rooms and plctme gnllmiesl
No inalo Is to be allowed on thu picmlses.
The service in the chapel N to bo Christian ,
but not to bo associated with any church or
sect. Them Is nu altar under n cuuopv of
carved oak , an oignn and stalled seats. Thu
site Is noble high , airy , spacious with extensive -
tensive sluubbeiies nnd tcriaco gardens.
The Into Piofes or llolloway sold pills nnd n
harmless ointment , with which lib recom
mended pei sons to miolnt themselves. Theo
he pushed by menus of advertisements. The
college was nothing but a gigantic ad vet Use-
incut. [ London Tiuth.
Their Trip to Cnnndn.
Said Mr. M. Be/xler to Mr. 1) . Fnultor ,
While slttiiiir one evening at tna !
" 1 see the-v are tiying that tie.ity to niter ,
I think 1 shall skip the tin-lee. "
"My purpose exactly , " said Fntilter , "in fact 1
Pinpaied to get elf after tea ; i
Xo tie.ity , } ou know , can bo made ictro-
They never shall extradite me. "
So over the bolder they skipped It together
These two , with n tia-ln-hi-le
And they sang ns they lied : l > lt Is vciy warm
Back thuio for such mortals ns we. "
A Mormon older is seeking conVctts In
llocliChter , Minn.
The llov. Dr. Phillips Ihooks pays Tilnlty
church , lioston , § 500 a j ear to secure seats
lor poor people.
The roll of membcishlp of Mr. Spurgeon's
chinch now stands at 6,314 , a dceieaxeot
eighty-live as eompaicd With last year. The
Colpoitngo association connected with the
chuich has n staff of eighty men who ire en
gaged all the time as city missionaries.
A Scotch ship Imlldor has sent Mi. Moody a
model ol King Solomon's temple , made o
cedar oveilaid with gold , with many ot the
smaller aitides of solid gold. It Is one lltt.v-
lil Ih tlic sl/e ol the oiigliial , haviiiL' thocom't ,
tabeinaclc , lav er , aik , holy ot hollc . mercy
scat and clieiiiblm in pioper piopoition and
relation to each other.
Ten pounds ot caith fiom tlio reputed tomb
ot Clnist mid a bushel ot icllcs from the Holy
Land composed ot n Inigo poitlon ol Father
John Tnrut's baggage when ho landed from
the steamer Wisconsin In New Vork the
other day. Father Taiat boio papers phovvr.
Ing that he wns a pilest nt Jeiusalem , for a' ,
number ot jcais and n brotherbPthc'bttiWVtf
The caily home of Martin Lifthernt tm < ilifri >
feld , in Saxony , to which place his parents
moved when he was an Infant , has been re
stored to the condition in which It was' at
that time , four centuries ago. It hail bccomo
much dilapidated , but will now be occupied
by a bodj ot deaconesses , who will care for
the .sick nnd poor.
The total number of Sunday schools of till
evangelical deinomlnatlons In Now Yorkjs
liTO , Of this number Piotestnht
chinches Mippoitbtt. Picsbytoiian churcho <
mo next with 00 schools , Methodlstb 69 nud
liaptists 41 , Chinese missions number VC.
The remaining 05 schools aio Hcatteml
among chinches of vailous dcnomiiiatliiiis.
The scholars in nil the schools number lOJ.SW ,
over whom there aio 10,152 teachers. Five
thousand and htty-slx children united with
tiochinches | dining the War nnd SRT.Wl.Cs
was tatccn up in collection In the Sunday
The wealth of the Catholic church In tlio
province of Quebec can only bo guessed , nt ,
for no data ean bo obtained For Its computa
tion. It owns a thiid of thomeaof the city
ot Quebec , and it is the largest properly
holder In Montieal. The estates ot several
of the religious order , us the Chay Nuns and
the Ursiilliies , yield princclv revenues. The
chinch's possessions of real estate form the
least portion of its wealth. Of the grain
raised by its pcopln it receives oveiy twenty-
sixth bushel , and It Imposes and collects , by
authority of the couits , special tuxes to build
and keep in icji'iir its churches nnd pnibon-
aces , and the Income trom tlio rendering of
olllccs by its pi tests is fabulous.
VVlicn Joliaiilo Cnmcs Marching
A little green npplo hungup In n dee ,
Singing "Johnnie , come Johnnie , come
Johnnie ! "
And it was ns modest ns modest could he.
Singing "Johnnie , come Johnnie , como
Johnnie ! " ' ' <
And Johnnlo ho came , In his sweet childish
way ,
And ate up that fiultas his own lawful
The angels In heaven mn singing to-ilny
"Ileio's Johniilol Heie's Johnnlo I Heie's
Johnnie I" '
Farewell to Major Wright , llio Old
A sont.
Cherry County Republican : A gmncl
council talktookplacoat Kosobud agency
Tuesday , which was participated in by
all tin ) chiefs on tlio reservation. Jt wan
a kind of farowo.l to Major Wright , and
as Indian Inspector Pearson was present ,
the Indians look occasion to inform him
of some of their wants , They want
more fanning implements ; want u bo > H
farmer to take hold and give them Hrao- illustrations instead of silting in u
buggy nnd telling thorn how * to do
sound so ; they want their children taught
at home , instead nf being hunt to ( Jonoit
nnd Carlisle to bn educated ; they want
white moil kept from eutMiiK timber ami
gras on tlioir reservationj they , wtin ) tha
government to employ Iiujlnns instead
of whiles to do the work in and mound
the agency , in fact , Voung fipottcd Tall
in his talk informed the inspector that ui
boon as the now agent camo-A council
would bo held for the purpose of asking
that this latter reciuest bo granted ,
ami that if the agent refused tho.y we nld
then take the mutter in their own hands
ami drivci every white employe from the
reservation , lie said if tlio great father
wauled them to adopt tlio wuyn of the
white man they miiat be given ( tie place
of the wliito's on their own terriloryf
' 1 vvostrikes only had one grievance-
still wants to go to M outturn nnd xisil
with the Crows. The sentiment rs nx
nressnd in tlio council by the Imt
iaiiii was that they are in f.voi
of progression , us ope chief oxpiessod it <
they "want to learn to work so they car
amass properly and get'rleh. " Tihov all
snoko in the kindest terms of Majoi
U right and the troatnieut'thoyyhuvo received
ceived at his hands. Wednesday ww
beef-issue day , anil about three thoubiiw
Indians worn congregated at the agency
the Omaha dance was indulged in , an *
aitoirelhor the red brethren enjoyed llioiu
buh'Cb in line style.