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It Will Almost Encircle thd Oity of
Omaha ,
The Line Will ho Constructed to
Make .Moncjnnd nttho Snnio
Tune to Develop tlio
"J sec , young man , " said a director of
llio cable line yesterday to a HKK re-
porler , "that you uro not satisfied with
tin ; outline of the cubic route ns given
you yesterdny. "
The rcpoitcr intimated tlmt so fur as ho
was concerned , lie had nothing to do
with the matter , but foil that the public
had coino to l'io ' conclusion the cable
line was not doing the square tiling with
them. "From a journalistic standpoint , "
Bald the reporter , "you certainly have
led the newspaper men a merry dance.
You liavo kept them running to your
ollices and residences at all hours of the
day and night , when , it you had not some
scllish motive , you might have easily told
them where you were going to run your
curs sl\ months ago. "
"Sou here , my young friend. " said the
director , "you are pretty correct. You
have followed us cloM'ly. and I don't
earo who knows It. I'll tell you some
thing in confidence. "
.Newspaper men ahvavs receive things
in confidence. They never disclose them
to anybody. They simply print them in
their papers , bat , ns everybody Knows , is not disclosing a secret , the Bin :
reporter has no desire to conceal the al
leged confidential talk with this pillar of
the grip.
The latter looked cautiously around ,
lowered his voice to a whisper and then
said : "Now yon mark my word. You
have come nearer than anybody to
guessing our ideas Wo once thought to
encourage you to remain silent , but ns
wo afterwards found out that that
wouldn't do , we concluded to remain
silent. Hut that limn has passed. We
am now ready to speak , and to tell boldly
and without mental reservation wheru
the cablu cars will hereafter run. They
will not run on Tenth sticot , they will
not run on llarney htreet , they will not
run on Twentieth , but they will run on
Twelfth to Davenport , thence to Jell'er-
ROII , thence to Hamilton , thence west
ward to Lowe road , up which they will
proceed to the vicinity of the deaf and
dumb institute where thuy will bisect I ho
tract of land owned by Creighton , Me-
Shune and Hitchcock. "
"Yon don't mean to bay "
"Just one moment ; I haven't ' finished.
The cars will not go back by the same
route. They will return .south by way of
Lowe avenue running along the beauti
ful ridge on the city limits , going as far
south as Leavenworth street. They will
then turn cast on that street which , as
you know , is going to bo beautifully
graded , running thcncu to the blurting
point. "
The leportcr gave expression to a
doubt ns to the aeeuracv of the gentle
man's knowledge , but the latter assured
linn that what ho had said would bo cor
roborated by any of his associates. The
cubic-company liadscluclcd the route men
tioned because it promised lo bo the most
quickly settled in any part of the city.
Already houses wore springing up u'll
along the line , and residences ot the
richest citi/.ciis were beginning to em
ploy in their erection a whole army of
workmen. Why , " ho continued fer
vently , "take Orchard Hill for instance ,
the prospect of that phico is remarkable.
One year ago it was beyond civili/.alion.
now itis tueming with active purchasers
and happy homes.
"Isn't G. E. luyne interested in your
"So far as my knowledge knows
Mayno has done his level best to Inarn
what I have told you , but thus fur ho is
just about as muen in the dark ns you
were. Ho watched us pretty
closely , and several times , when
ho thought ho know where
wo were going to build , by means of se
cret agents secured acres of property.
But we never thought for inoro than an
instant of building because ho had
bought. If yon search the transfer
record you will find that ho has been as
much in the dark as you have been. It
is trun that in running west on Hamilton
street wo pass Orchard Hill , but
plaut JMayne had purchased at an oxpcndi-
turo of $103,000 before we commenced to
ngitalc the cable business. The fact of
our going puht Orchard Hill is not because
wo love other places less , but because
wo love ourselves more.Ve arc
going to run the cable line for money ,
not for glory. It wo should run for the
latter wo could stretch our tracks along
the Missouri up toCalhouu. Itutwo don't
do it. There is not a foot of the country
wo pass over that will not , be thickly
populated in six mouths. This is an us-
surcd fact , because the property is in
every way beautiful and the prices are
low , while the terms are phenomenally
reasonable. "
"You mean to toll mo that C. B. May no
has not been mixed up in this some
way ? "
> rOnly us I tell you , oxcnjit that
I know ho Inu" guaranteed us
an excellent sum if wo should dcoido to
puss Orchard Hill. Hut wo arc doing
more than that.Yo arc running north
ward to it , and will eventually enter the
points beyond , some of which are the
most bcautitul in the city , lint wo don't
vtuntMayno's bous , anymore than wo
want yours. Good tiny. "
"Just a moment" suggested the repor
ter. "Has Muyno any property on Lowe
"I don't know. Sco horc , young man ,
I don't like your scepticism "
"Well. 1 can't help that"said the re
porter. "Hut what do you expect to gain
by going on to Louvonworlh ? "
"Don'tyon know that that thoroughfare
is the only load to the country on the
wost. Don't yon know that it loads to
West End depot of tlio Missouri Paul lie
road ? Don't ' you know that more houses
have gene up In that vicinity because of
this fuel than in almost any other part of
the city ? If you don't , then lake a drive
out there and bo convinced. The grad
ing of that thoroughtaro will enable us
to establish u pormuncut ( rack. And
then , right immcdiutluy west of Park uvo-
nuo is onii of the garden spots of the city.
There is a forluno in it for the owner , be
cause it is already being greedily no-
vouriid l.y anxious purchasers , "
"Is that tlio laild that Muynu purchased
Jrom August Doll , iv short time ago ? "
"That'K ( ho same piece. Muyuo made
the great .stroke of his life in that pur-
ch'.iso and already what ho has st.vlod
Mavno's Place has made him a fortune
which can make him independent.
"When our line pastes that plaeo , the
value of the property will bo simply
enormous , As a conscqmmoo thn lots
nro going off there now /aster , I under
stand than in nn.v other part of his pos
sessions "
"I'd like to know "
"J haven't nny more time to speak
with you , Good day , "
Ami thus the cable line director de
* ForSnlo.
For a few days , one ot the finest roai-
doiicos in the city , a blocks 1'rom Mrccl
car , corner lot , now 8 story house , barn ,
line lawn , Inqniro at once. Stewart
& Co. Room 8 Iron ban * .
Itluodblictl In 8lou.OUy ,
ait everything lovely wilh "Albright and
a Annex , "
Stray I.cnvcM From n llcportcr'n
The truth of the old axiom , "Never
inakc u bargain until you know what
you nro going to get , " Is illustrated in
a most ludicrous manner by n little story
told on the gcnllcmc.n of the Belt Line
The genllcmen of that corporation cnst
their en vlous ejes on a lot on Sixteenth
and Nicholas streets , which they thought
they must have. It was owned by a Mrs.
Carroll who was willing enough to part
\yltli it for llm proper money considcru-
lion. But there was n tenant , tin old ,
dried-up Irishman , who lived on Iho
properly in question , having a thrco-
year's lease thereon. The hind , of course
could not be sold until his claim was dis
posed of. lln was approached by a rep-
rcsentnlivc of llio Belt Line , who
proposed lo him llmt the company would
give him HO.1) ) and move his house off the
lot to any place thai ho might designate.
1'ho old Irishman cheerfully accepted
the offer. The money was paid over ,
and the Irishman was asked where he
desired his house moved. "To Oirclund ,
bejubbcrs. " he replied.
The Belt Line ofliclnls took this us n
huge joke and laughed hearty. Their
merriment was turned to something else
when they discovered that the Irishman
was terribly in earnest and proposed to
hold them to the letter of their contract.
At lust accounts , the old man still had
his if00 ! ! , and Iho company hud not se
cured the lot. How the dilllcully will bo
bridged over Etill remains to be scon.
"There Is a Inmo eagle in ono of llio
cages at Hunscom Park , " said a doctor
the other duy to the "Odds und Ends"
man. "Ono of his legs Is broken , nud ho
must be constantly in grout pain. L sug
gest that the services of u physician bo
secured , ami that the leg be set or ampu
tated. "
Eastern follies and fashions gradually
lind their way westward. Tlio lutost im-
portulion from "Now Yuwk" is the
"chestnut bull. " This , us mav bo appar
ent from its name , is a small bell for the
purpose of calling attention fo u joke or
story which some fiend may bo in the act
of perpetrating. Instead of cull
ing out "chestnut , " the bore is
extinguished by u few sharp rings of Iho
bell which is attached to the vest
and operated by u smull gold cl'uin.
There arc quite a number of these "chest
nut bells" in Omaha. A Farnam street
Siweler is makinir u large expensive gong
ell , to bo worn just us u ehuteluine
watch is , for a prominent societv lady of
this city.
"Tho sport in Holland known as 'ccl
baiting , ' which was the cause of the re
cent riots in Amsterdam , reminds mo of
what I saw in Mexico , " remarked a trav
' In some parts of old Mexico the com
mon people have u game which Ihoy cull
'el gallo. ' A fine cock is selected ,
usually the best among the fowls and is
tied by the feet to a pole or tree some dis
tance from the ground. The players nro
all mounted upon swift horses , and ride
forward at a break-neck puce , each
striving to curry away the prize. As the
cock is securely tied to the pole , the unfortunate -
fortunate bird is usually torn in pieces bv
the eager riders , who value each piece as
an emblem of valor , worthy ot being laid
at the feet of some dark eyed maiden.
The Icmalc portion of the spectators en
joy the spectacle even more than the men ,
qiving expression to exclamations of de
light us they sec a brother or lover over
turn an adversary , in llie race , and se
cure a piece of the coveted prize. In
Holland they substitute an ccl for the
cock and boats in place of horses. "
The sale of the two lots on Juckson
street between Seventh andEighlh , which
are to bo used as the site of tlio now
freight depot to bo creeled by the Union
Pacific property , revives someinlcresting
reminiscences. These lots have been long
known as the "old Davis properly , " being
originally owned by Thos. Davis , fnlhcrof
Fred Davis , of the First National bank.
In 1851 was built thereon the first saw
mill ever operated in Nebraska. The es
tablishment was regarded ns a wonder
at first , being large and linoly equipped ,
according to the standard of those early
times. It had plenty to do in sawing out
timber for the residences and business
buildings which were then springing tip
all over the young territorial city. Part
of the time , it being the only mill in the
state , it run night and day to meet the
heavy demands pressed upon it.
An engine in the mill linally exploded
in 1857 or 1858 , blowing the building to
atoms. Mr. Davis happened to be aliout
the miil nt the time and wus blown
skyhigh. He received injuries which it
wus feared would prove tutul But ho
recovered , contrary to general expecta
tion. That wus the lust of the old saw
Keep It Before thn IVoplo
That notwithstanding the South Omaha
land syndicate have withdrawn their lots
from market , the enterprising real estalo
Firm of Hatcher , Gadd & Co. are in the
field with a full list of residence und busi
ness in South Oinnhu , many of which are
offered nt syndicnto prices and terms.
Now is the golden opportunity for profit
able investments in this prosperous and
growing city. It is true thut fine resi
dence Jots in South Omaha are soiling
much cheaper than those in many other
localities. No trouble to show property.
First-class conveyances always in readi
ness. HATCIIIK : , GADD & Co. ,
Millard Hotel Block.
Your sons and grandsons , between the
ngcs of 18 aivl 00. You are cordially in
vited to attend a mcotinz at St. Gcorgo's
hall , on Sunday , August 8 , ut 3 p. m. , for
Ihu purpose of forming a purely bcno-
ciui lodge of llie order of the sons of St.
George. By order of the committee.
Board and lodging in priv.ito family
for two young Indies , not lo exceed $ .1.60
per week. At ( dress Canfiold Manufactur
ing Co. , 118 S. lllh.
To-morrow'dServices nt Ihu Ghitrohos
Throughout tlio City.
First Baptist church , Rov.J.W. Hnrris ,
pastor. Services at 10oO : n. in. und 8 p. in.
Sunday school at 13 m. Prayer meeting
Wednesday at 8 p. m. Young people's
prayer meeting Monday evening. Oscar
Johnson , u member of the church , und
now student in ids second year in the
theological department of the seminary
at Rochester , N. Y. , will prcaoii in the
absence of thn pastor.
The Hillside Congregational church ,
Omaha View , Rev. u. ( J. Crane , pastor ,
holds service in the grove at 4 p , m. At
ti p. m. P-intor Urano preaches at Cherry
Hill selioolhouso , West Saratoga.
North Prcslntormn church , Suiindcra
street. Hov. W. U. Henderson , pastor.
Services ut 10flO : n. m nnd 8 p. in.
Sunday school at noon , Young people's
prayer meeting at 7 p. in. A temperance
Ronjr service conducted by the pastor will
ba held in the. evening , Strangers made
woleoaio ut all the services.
I'lVFbylerian church , corner of Dodge
and Seventeenth .streets. Snrrinos at 10:80 :
u.m.nndSp. m. Rev , W. J , llnrslm ,
pastor. RevA. . A , Kendriok , D. J ) , . of
H'-i will preach both
and evening. Sunday school nt close of
morning worship. I'oung people's meet
ing 7 15.
Scwnrd Street M. K. church , Twenty-
second and Suwurd streets. Preaching
nt 100 : ! ! a in. nnd 7:80 : p. in. by tlio pns-
tor. Rev. C. W. Snviijgo. Soiils free
and nil will \\eleoniL' . Sabbath school
nt2 0 p. m.
A. M. E. church , corner Eighteenth ami
Webster Streets. Preaching at 11 a.m.
bv Rev. George W. Woodboy of the Bap
tist church. Al 8p. in. pleaching bvRov.
J. H. Childerc , of the Baptist church.
Sabbath school at 3 p , m. This is grand
rally day to nay for the now parsonage
wo arc building. All nro invited. P. A.
Hubbard , pastor.
Christian church , corner Capitol ave
nue nnd fwcnlicth. C. II. Ingram , pas
tor Hours of service , 10 HO a. in. nnd 8
p. m. Sunday school nt noon. A wel
come to all.
Kount/.o Memoral church , English
Lutheran , corner of Sixteenth aud llar
ney streets , llcv.J. S. Detweiler pastor.
Sunday .school ut 11:15 : a. in. Church
service and preaching by the pastor at
10:30 : a. m. and 8 p. m.
St Matthew's English Lutheran Sun
day school meets ut SVM i ) . m. in Cosmo
politan hall , 1021 South Thirteenth
St. Mark's English Lutheran mission ,
corner of Charles nnd Saunders streets ,
Rev. Geo. H. Schnur , pastor. Sunday
school nl 3uO : p. m ,
Trinity Cathedral , corner Eighteenth
and Capitol avenue , August 8 , seventh
Sunday after Trinity. Holy communion ,
8:00 : a. m , ; morning service , 11 a. in. ;
evening service , 8 p. in. ; Sunday school
and bible classes U)0 : ! ) a. in. . All seats
free at evening service. Strangers wel
come to nil services. E. T. llumcl , net-
ing Rector , 1115 ! Chicago avenue.
W. C. T. U. Buckingham homn ,
Twelfth street. Gospel meeting Sunday
evening , conducted by Dr. Kuhn. Tues
day 8 p.m. , Rev. . Crane. Thursday 2 p.
m. , W. C. T. U. board meeting ; 4 p. in. ,
business meeting ; 8 p. m. , reform club
business meeting. Saturday evening ,
tempoisince meeting , conducted by the
Murder ,
But won't they howl when they find
thut "Albright's Annex" will all bo sold
in two days. Aug. 10-17.
Niw : Oim.tNS , $10 upwards ; cush or
eusy payments. MAX MEVKU & Bio. :
Sunday's Game.
This afternoon the Hustings
team will meet the Union Pacilics on the
diamond arena. Both nines will present I
their strongest front und a close nnd in-
tcrcstiii'j contest is to bo anticipated. The
men will bo positioned us follows :
HnslliiKS. Union Pacifies.
Maxlicld c Dougnn
Smith u * , Sdisbm : v
lirlmblecom Ib Kockwell
Scliei ringliniii -b Handle
J IRITIS ! ! b Dwyer
Kohrer. s s McKelvv
linden 1 h Strock
Nicholson c t lii.indt
an r t Audi-son
* TooiiermitliiiJ. !
The Growth of South Uninlia not to be
Albright fortunately happens to have a
100 lot "Annex" adjoining the mammoth
puuking houses. Stock yards und fuc-
lories of that thriving young city , which
will be sold at auction Aug. 10-17.
Pianos suitable for beginners for $30 lo
$ Gj , at Max Meyer < & Bro.'s wurerooms.
Itcpubllcaii County Central Commit
The republican county Central commit
tee met yesterday afternoon at the city
hull. E. W. Simerul presided and Will
Redick acted as secretary. There was a
largo attendance of delegates. Tlio county
primaries were ordered for September
17 ami the convention on the 18th ut the
exposition building.
A $1000 net
ill be mudo that "Albright's Annex"
will show the safest investment to bo
found in Omuhu to-day.
The Ijtuid League.
The Irish National Lcnguo will meet
this afternoon at 3 o'clock in Cunning
ham's hall.
_ _ _ _ _
PIANOS are SUPEIUOIC to any others made.
Max Meyer & Bro. , agents.
Wanted COO Men
To visit "Albright's Annex , " Monday
and Tuesday , August 1C-17.
It would scorn that Spirit Luke would
bo nothing did not Omuhuns give it prac
tical attention. Last evening's delega
tion thereto comprised the following
from this city : Mr. Andrew Simpson ,
William N. Babcock , general western
agent of the Northwestern ; Warren
Switzlcr , and Robert Purvis and wife.
The Now Depot
Is going to bo a daisy. So is "Albright's
Annex , " August 10-17.
Nnw Ui'itioiiT PIANOS for low
rules. Cull nt Max Meyer & Bro.'s ware-
The Ilniilc
The bank clearings yesterday wore
iC97l)2.33 , ! ) , anil the total for the week was
! f-ll-10l850.j'3. : The percentage of incru-iso
over Iho corresponding week lusl year
was 05.8.
S5.OOO J to ward
To any man who will find bettor bargains ,
than can bo hud nl "Albright's Annex"
sule , on August 1U-17.
Kntorprlao Itnwardctl.
It may bo of interest to tlio people of
this city and state to know thut among
the most successfully conducted und
prosperous institutions in Nebraska is
tlio Homo i'iro Insurance Company , of
Although this company begun business
loss than twenty months ago , ils pre
mium receipts amount to $90,000 , , and its
business is fust increasing.
Sixty-three losses have been paid by tlio
"Homo Fire " and the has
, company a re
ceipt in full for satisfactory settlement ,
and a complementary letter for prompt
and honorable dealing in every cuso.
Every loss claim has been paid , and the
company lias never been sued.
Tlicro is no reason why a worthy Homo
Insurance company should not receive
the putronngo and support of tlio people
of this slate , nnd judging from the high
standing of the ofllcers und directors of
the "Homo Fire , " and the great curu it
exercises in the selection nnd munugo-
mcnl of its business , und the fair and
honorable way it bus paid its lo. es , nml
dealt with tiio public , this company is
wortliy of the lurgo putronngo it is re-
( diving.
OMAHA , Nub. , July SOth , 1880.
1'ho loss by fire of my dwelling house
nnd conlonts , on Iho night of July 24th ,
has boon promptly adjusted nnd paid by
the Homo Fire Insurance Co , , of Omaha ,
Nob. , to my entire satisfaction ,
D. A. WAV.
Uoom , Doom , Booming.
"Albright's Annex. " Wait for it.
Watch for it. You will want some of it
sure. August 10-17.
Follow the Boom.
You kuow where it is. "Albright's An
nex. " is tuoro ,
Such Is the Wise Opinion { Expressed by Mr
A , E , Bauer ,
It Is Kelly to Squander Money In the
Country AVhcrc It Never Will Ho
Productive Words of Wisdom
How to liny Itcftl Kstatc.
Yesterday morning a couple of BII : :
men In search of a site in which to in
vest u little of their earnings , called upon
A. R. Soucr , of the firm of Bedford &
Souer , real eslato brokers , 2l5 ! South
Fourteenth street. They intended before
making a purchase , to thoroughly can
vass the real estate situation , and the
substance of the first question propounded
to Mr. Souer ; wus
"Do yon really think the prospects of
Omaha are ns bright as they were a year
ago ? "
Yon really nsk mo a very strange
question foranOmuhan/'saidMr. Souur ,
but I must tell you candidly lhat 1 con
sider the prospects of Omaha us bright ,
if indued , they arc not brighter than they
were ono year ago. So much so , that I
consider investment in Omaha property
on n proper basis of value , bear In mind ,
as Iho best kind of an investment Wo
have not had u boom. I think it much
better that wo have not liutl one. Ono or
two of our local real e tale dealers liavo at-
templed lo .steal one , Lut they have
failed in the nttumpl , "
"What do you think about the packing
interests of the city ? "
"The stock yards and packing interests
arc bound to be a great tuctor in the
building up of this city. They will un
doubtedly do more than any other ono
interest to make Omuhu a great city.
These interests depend upon the west ,
and our growth in the fuluro will belike
like that of the past , It will depend upon
the west by which the stock interests arc
sustained. While Nebraska continues to
increase nud develop there is no doubt
about it that Omaha will share in tlio
increase and prosperity. And yet , I
must say that while the slock- yard inter
ests are of advantage to us , they arc , nt
the sumo time a great injury to some of
our most valuable residence property. "
"How is that ? "
"Well , you tuko lhat property lying
between the High School and Hunscomo
park. That is certainly among the most
desirable and most valuable for
residence property in town. Thut
will sutler in llio iicur future
from the smells which are sure to come
from the stock yards as they increase in
size , and from the packing and slaughter
ing and rendering houses which arc sure
to surround them. All of these arc
stcnch-crcaling industries , and the odors
from them arc bound in bo wafted in the
direction of the property I have men
tioned , making it largely undesirable for
Iho purposes for winch , both accident and
nature qualified it , aud in live yours
cuusc , it t < > sell for less money than it docs
at the present timo. While this is taking
place , other purls of Omaha not readied
lv thuso stenches will increase in value
many limes. "
"In which part of the city , then , liavo
you the greatest confidence ? "
l'\\ ell , I will say this , that the west and
north parts of the city will increase most
rapidly. By the west side , 1 mean that
part north of Farnam. By the north ,
1 jncludo the whole of the
city in that direction of the compass , ex
cepting no part of it' ' 1'ho Kount/o tract
up there will , no doubtan.a-fow ; vuara bo
a line residence trupt , although at pres
cut it is not in the market. The south
easterly part will also build up rapidly
because it has some of thd beautiful hills
and views imaginable , just such us u man
would desire on which to locate a homo
for both his lifetime and posterity. All
these parts uro fur removed from the
evil of stench to which I hnvc referred.
Besides , the viaduct on Eleventh street
will make it readily accessible and safe to
reach. These fuels and its nearness to
town will make it especially desirable for
llie retired homes of active business
men. "
"How is Bedford Place doing ? "
"It is selling us rapidly ns we could
wish. Over ono-hnlf of it has already
boon disposed of during the past
three months. If wo had boomed
nnd pushed it ns other additions have
been boomed and pushed , it would Jong
since have been sold. But wo liuvo not
been anxious to sell it. because every day
it increases in value and is inoro in de
mand. The Bolt line is now running to
Bedford place , und the lurgo machine
shops and foundry are in operation , giv
ing employment to a largo force of hon
est , industrious nnd successful mechan
ics. A number of houses nro now being
built there , und just us fust as they are
completed . , they arc eagerly occupied by
thrifty people. If a hundred new houses
should bo built there , there would not bo
a vacant ono there for u day. "
"Why do you not advertise it and your
selves more ? "
"Woll , 1 must say that wo liuvo not
been advertising very much. \ \ hilo wo
fully appreciate the value of printers' ink ,
wo have felt lhat it was impossible lo
compote in that line with some of the
loud advertisers of this city , and still
keep with the requirements of thn truth.
For Instance , wo have certain property
which is just ono and a quarter miles
from the postollico. Other local dealers
have property also in tlio same direction
but about a mile farther from the post-
ollico On reading their advertisements ,
wo find that their Jots uro located only
ono mile from Iho center of the city , and
sometimes they ulnim it to bo oven less.
Now it isdilllcult for us to satisfactorily
locuto our property in an advertisement
unless wo wish to stulo thut it is located
beyond property so far distant from ours.
If wo wore to state that it was so much
nearer than Iho oilier properly advertised
we would liavo to locate it within
llio postofllco. Now , wo consider
this all wrong. Omaha is a wonderful
city and is gelling belter every week ,
und if wo properly udvortiso the city nnd
our business , showing tilings as they
really exist , wo can all do sumciont busi
ness. "
"What do think of
you acre prop
erty i"
"I think some of tint aero property ,
distant from the court house four or live
miles , is a poor investment. In fact , wo
refuse to handle it. All property within
the present city limits and that immedi
ately adjacent is a paying investment at
tlio present prices , But lots which nro
being sold ut the southwest imrt of the
county , nwuy beyond tlio Catno'ic ' como-
tury , needs more than the ordinary
growth of Omaha to make it good prop
erty. In fact , it needs something mirac
ulous to bring it up towhat is claimed
for it. If you wanted to make
money by property in Omaha or ns ncnr
to Omnliu as your money wijl permit.
But don't go too far in the country.
Omaha is bound to bo n great city , but
she can't cover the whole earth , young
men. No city will over grow large
enough to do thut. "
Edward Hamilton has brought suit in
Justice Bcrka's ' court to recover $200
from the city , He alleges that Ids horse
became frightened on July 34 by obstruc
tions loft on thn street at the corner of
Sixteenth and llarney und run away ,
damaging the rig in Iho sum of ? 200 , for
whiclHio asks judgment. The case will
bo heard on Tuesday-
_ l4\y IVl'lljUlXO.
A. l-'lnc IlutldlitK nml n Iliisy Plncc
A Sketch of It.
John A4 1'reyliau , the enterprising
wholesaler , has completed his building at
107 ! ! Leavenworth street und moved into
51 last week. It is a tlirce- > tory brick
structure , facing Leavcnworlh and in
doors west of Thirteenth street , and ex
tends back the whole length of the lot to
the railroad track's , nt which point thcro
is a largo platform for loading and un
loading from the cars.
The first floor Is devoted to the bottling
department , where the Frnux-Fulk beer
is pul tip in bottles und delivered in und
out of the city. Work begins on this
floor at 5:30 : in thi morning and con
tinues all day and late into the night , it
keeping four wagons busy nil ilial limo
to deliver the rran/-Faik beer to the
houses and various places in llio city
where it is used. All waste from the
bottling department is carried olV by
moans of pipes connected with the sewer
underneath the building , thus rendering
process of botlling scrupulously clean.
in the rear part of the floor is the
cigar vault , which is almost surrounded
by the mammoth lee house , which begins -
gins on this floor and extends
to the top of the third floor.
Situated as it IF , the cigar
vault has every tendency to preserve the
flavor of Ihu cigur. Theic are over fifty
different brands of cigars in this vault ,
among them the celebrated > "live-cent
cigar , for which Mr. Froyhan is general
western uncut . Ascending by llio eleva
tor the second floor is louml to contain
the olliccs in tlio front which uro reached
from the street by menus of u few steps.
The olliccs nro finely finished In a walnut
color , urn light und airy , und present a
homelike appearance. Thou comes the
export beer department which contains
at present several carloads of the Franx-
Fulk. The ice house in which is stored
300 tons of the frozen yater. The ice
room on this lloor contains Vs. i's , j's
und barrel1 ? and othur beer of Iheir own
bottling. The walls of the ice house nro
four feet thick and it is provided with
double thlcK doors und windows und
when one is inside ho is icmiuded of
anything but an oven. The third floor
contains about twenty different brands
of whiskeys and private ollices.
Mr. Froyhan keeps Jour traveling and
two city salesmen on the road all the
time , besides diving employment to
twonty-ono olhor men. The main house
is located ut 1307 Leavenworth und the
Iminch at 801 South Tenth street , and
hjs trade extends us far west us Califor
nia and embraces all the states und terri
tories wcstot the Missouri.
in tone nml durability. Max Meyer &
Bro. , agents. _ _
Moetlnjr of Ucprcncntntivo Kcpnh-
llcnns Ycstcnlny Afternoon.
The republican county central commit
tee mot yesterday tiftcrnoon in the city
hall. E. W. Simerul ucicd us chairman ,
W. Ucdick ns secretary. The following
was unanimously adoplcd :
Itcsolvcd , Thai the chairman call u con-
veiitlon ol delegates to meet on the 18th day
of September , lst > 0 , ut the exposition building
at l > o clock n. in. , to elect tv cut jseven dele
gates to the icpnblicnii state coinentiou , und
to nominate enmUdiilcs for the lolloping
oflices : One comity commissioner , n conn tj
nttoincy , two sunutois from the Fifth dist-
riel , eluht representative' , trom the Klcventli
district. Also to elect twenty-seven dele
gates to the Second districl coiiKiessloanl
convention ; also lime delegates lo the Sixth
district scnutotlal convention.
That , in said connection , each ward in
tlio city of Omaha bo entitled to eight
delegates and in the country precincts
tlnxo ; delegates.
That the primaries , for the election of
suid delegates be held on tlio 17th' day of
September , 18SG , from 5 to 7 o'clock p. in. ,
in the city and from 7 to 0 p m. in the
That the following places bodesignutcd
us the polling places for said pri'iinries :
First ward , Jones und Tenth streets ; Second
end ward , grocery , Sixteenth and Lcuv-
worlli streets ; Third ward. - j Fourth
ward , Planters' house ; Fifth ward , Red
man's food store ; Sixth ward , engine
house No. 1 ; Union precinct , bond house ,
Irvington ; Florence , Solomun's hall ; Elkhorn -
horn , Town hull ; Jcllbrson. H.C. Timme's
house. Millard , school house ; Saratoga ,
school house ; West Omaha , school house ;
McArdlo , school house ; Valley , school
house ; Douglas , Quealey's school house ;
Chicago , Elkhorn station ; Waterloo ,
George Johnson's oflico.
It was decided to refer the credentials of
all uncontestcd delegations to the execu
tive committee , consisting of Messrs.
Simerul , Bodorick , Bcchol , and several
others. The meeting then adjourned.
Professor Guynoro will give ono of his
social dances Crouuso's hull
ut to-night.
The Union Pucific bund will give u
grand free open-air concert at Jefferson
fcquaio on Wednesday evening next.
The piny at the summer garden of the
Stadt theatre to-night will bo "Mein
IIorzensFritIt will bo one of the
most amusing pieces of the season.
Charles Stevenson , accused of mali
cious destruction of property in tlio Paul
park row , bus been acquitted upon trial
in Justice Borku's court.
The' Nebraska Oil company , dealers in
oil and ffusoline , liuvo opened un ollico
nt W. F. Stoetzol's stoyo nud hurdwuro
slorn , Howard between Sixteenth und
Seventeenth where nil orders loft for
irasolino und oil will receive prompt
attention. Telephone No. 303.
Officer O'Grudy , the polfaomnn who
arrested Merrill us a suspicions character
night before lust , suy& in defense of his
notion that Merrill was roaming about
the streets until 3 o'clock in the morning ,
and when taken in custody gave very
conflicting accounts of himself. O'Grndy
therefore thought it host to look him up
for examination. In justice to Mr.
O'Grudy , who is ahvavs of the best inten
tions , tills side of the case is given ,
Hoyul Highness The Turtle.
Another feature wns added to the
natural curiosities passing through by express -
press yesterday and Lilllo Mao , the
Mikado of Iho Paoillo company's king
dom ojf the depot felt happy. This time
it belonged to the aquarium department
being u nugo green sou turtle weighing
130 pounds. Ho was consigned to Rd
Matiror , of this city , aud cnmo nil the
wny from Fulton market , Now York
city. These kind of "fish" uro not very
numerous in prairie sons and their np-
pouru"co in these inland districts are fur
nml few between. After the turtle gets
rested from the tuliguu of his journey
and has been duly crilizised by the puss-
ing throng ho will undoubtedly bo
served up in steuls ; and give occupation
to the sign writer to display his ability in
illuminating u card with "Green Turtle
Soup to-day Fulton Market Stylo. "
They Hnvo Consolidated ,
George N. Hicks and A. G , Inghruuj ,
heretofore engaged In the real estate
business , each on ids own responsibility ,
have combined their forces aud will here
after carry on the rcAl estate business in
nil its branches tinder the firm nnmo of
Hicks & Inghrum. They have opened
their ollico at 215 South 1-ifiecnth street ,
opera house block , and they will always
be able to show some of the most desir
able bargains in tlio choicest land in and
about Oiuulin. Both of these gentlemen
have a host of friends in this city , und
the combination of their lists will mmiro
them a largo business , They are well
mated and will uiuko a Btroug
Omaha Choristers "Who open niiil
Close tlio ( Jutes With Song.
As a general thing the. avant couners
d'hote , or in plain Anglo Saxon , the
hotclrunncrs arc muchubused individuals.
Their worth to the. community is not
properly , appreciated , and instead of
roses they generally receive thorns from
both travelers and pcrmauents. Omaha
is particularly proud of its hotel runners.
They are a cosmopolitan crowd , and rep
resent nearly every nation the sun shines
on. Above all , they arc musical , and it
is fun to watch the green eyed man from
Cincinnati gnash his teeth when the
swcut sounding notes of the hotel run-
ncr's choir greet the arrivals on the in
coming trains. There they stand , a de
mure looking group , along the iron rail-
ins , with only the presence of a fair con
tralto and soprano to present a. living pic
ture of the old Sabbath singers of the lit
tle cross-road church in eastern _ child
hood hours. So natural indeed is the
similarity , that one can even sec the de
sire lor'scrmontimo depicted on the
countenances of the singers when qn ad
journment outside can bo indulged in.
"Can field , " vocalizes the falsetto ,
and the passing throng are all attention.
The in-coming base ball player thinks at
once that ho is in u city whore his profes
sion is recognized , and immediately he
feels at homo.
"Pux-ton" is then sounded in contra
puntal style and every cleric within the
range of the baritone's voice imagines
ho is greeted with ft welcome of peace.
"Mil-lard" sweetly sings the tenor , and
no titled foreigner entering the city's
gates fails to recogni/.o the salutation ,
and is glad to be in a city where "mi
lord" is appreciated.
So it is with nil the difl'urcnt voices.
Each bus its special attraction for some
of the many , who come and go through
the depot. It remains for the Scnagain-
bian basso profnndo to take the cake.
Ho sings the great attractions of the
Windsor , and wlion his luryux is lubri
cated with two or three beers , ho can
easily bo heard in Council BluHs , if the
air is rarificd. In lact , ho has a stand
ing call now to the protc-sorMiin of vocal
music in the deaf anil dumb asylum.
Still there are people with savage cars
who do not appreciate this imprisurio.
The other day ho was grossly insulted ,
just like his friend of the Co/.zins was
the day before
Didn't ' hoar about the latfcr ? No ?
Strange , passing strange. Why. there
wasa rural couple coming up the platform
walk with no other puopl.s in
eight. In fact , all the members
ot the choir had not yet reported. "Co/-
/ins" very politely said tlio representa
tive of that hostelry. The man looked
daggers at tlio .singer , and with rasping
voice said "I don't know as it's any of
your business whether wo are are cousins
or not. Wo'ro going to got married , any
way , as soon us u hfiuiro can bo found. "
But lo return to the basso. It was Sat
urday evening. Travelers from the east
were coming in throngs through the do-
iot , The choir opened its vocal batteries.
High above- the surrounding voices
sounded the basso. It was pay day , and
10 hud some extra lubrication. "Wind
ser , " struck the fading twilight air. and
traveled dead-head on the air ( Cobles
the light , far oil in the balmy pre
cincts of llio I'olluwuuuo bottoms.
"Wind-sor. " "Wimi-sor" cumo in regu
lar succcb'ion , but alas the oven , harmo
nious tenor of the lullaby was broken in
the rudest manner imaginable. There
was u Hibernian from Iowa on the mov
ing audience. The words of the singer
htruck him struck him so forcibly that
ho had to sling in a discord of words :
"Wind-sor ! Wind ! is it ? 1'uix you
nuden't bo tollin' us. Wo know yon
liuvo wind , and plenty of it. "
The basso forgot himself under this
villainous attack , and throwing aside his
dignity ho descended from the private
lolc of musical superiority to tho-lifth-
tiur-buok-oMho-front pit row of common
"G'ull'from hoah , Irish ! " said ho rc-
The shamrock echo was , "Ho an , yon
black nagur. Faith , it's the Jollies of mo
that knows the loikos of you ? " "Wind ,
sir. " "Indudc. You liavo wind enough
yourself to run u ton-horse power pump
and a , coru-shnltar. Luke at the mouth
of him ? "
ISA friend took the iconoclast of sweet
harmony invay , but the music of the day
was ended , and the btar KUigcrs , llko
their fellow-manipulators of sound on
the operalio ttajro , took beer when they
could not get bouquets. Oh yes , the
thrushes , the linnets , and the canaries of
the depot should bn oncouruirc.'l ' in their
conserviitorio pleasure. Great things
are expected of thorn when they appmr
in the fairy BCOIHI of the "Cow-Catcher s
Daughter , " or the "Bouncer of the
Rails , " n spectacnlur piece shortly to bo '
produced by llio Depot Dramatic club. .
Signor Guielmo llumphrcson maitru do | <
bullet. J
Change or Train Time.
Commencing ut 0 o'clock to-day there
will bo u change of time 01 trains lo and
from the stock yards. The hours of de
parture in the morning will bo 0:10 : * , 7.15 ,
8:35' : ' und 10 o'clock. In the afternoon ,
2 , 305.1.05 , 5:25 : aud 8 o'clock. Trains
will leave the slock yards for Omaha in
the morning ut 7:05" : , 8:10 : , ! > :30'aud : : 11:35 : ,
and in the uflei-noun at 2:30,335 : , 1.35 ,
0:05 : .nut 8:25 : . They will arrive at the
Omaha depot at 7-25 , 8:22 : , H.50 and 11:55 : w -
| i ' in the morning , and in llie aften.oon at
2:55 : , ! 5:55 : , 1.50 , 0:20 : und 0.12. Those trams
marked with an asterisk will not be rim
on Sunday. All other trains will run
daily. It is also well to notice that Ihu
regular morning overland train which
loaves thu depot at 10:55 : , and the a'ftor-
noon evening train for Grand Island
leaving at 0 o'clock , stop at the slock
The Alilo Finn My.
Mrs. Mary Able , her seven children
nnd the two flogs , who made the long
walk through Iowa yesterday , as noted m
Friday's Biu , were kindly cared for
yesterday. County Commis-ionur
O'ICoellb furnished them with tickets to
Central City and lust night they de
parted. There will centuinly bo a lively
limo around the Able bailiwick when the
Iowa delegation arrives.
Saved a. Heel.
Dr. Gulbruilh.tho Union Pacific snrjroon ,
has amputated the foot of .Fame * A hi berg ,
who was hurt at the B. & M. crossing on
Douglas street thu other night. Thu foot
was cut of'at ) thu instep , leaving the heel
intact. The patient will be able to walk
without u lini ] ) if provided with u cork
foot , though his old occupation , that of u
sailor , will know him no more.
On the ISorder.
The county coniuiisiionurs returned
yesterday from u week's trip through thu
county , having followed the boundary
line of the county on the north , west und
south. They awarded u few small bridge
and road contracts , but transacted no
business of importance. They held u ses
sion yesterday afternoon and allowed
bills amounting to $300. ( !
Aloro Flint Frnll Trains. /
So far flic Rock Island has rather mo- k > I" ?
nopoli/.cd Iho fast fruit freight from Cnli- j
forniu , but llio Northwestern bus now
taken a hand in Ihu business. On the
latter road a tram run from the BjuIVs to
Chihugo in a little over nineteen hours
lust week.
I will place on the market Monday a
half aero of property along the track"of
the U. P. Ky. , oust of 20th Mroct , ut 11
grout barguln. This properly also faces
a principal street , und is ono of tlio best
locutions for u Morugo building , elevator
or manufactory along thu lino. It IH
also less than 200 feet from the 15. & M.
trunk. Call on H G. Stripe. Room 0 ,
over Commercial National bank , 13th
and Douglas streets.
OMAHA , .Inly 20. Tlio undorsigncd ,
duly appointed rccoivord for Sloman
Brothers , jobbing saddlery and leather
business , lately conducted at No. 1207
Douglas street. Omaha. , Nob. ) , will receive -
coivo sealed bids for the stock , fixtures ,
etc. . based on an inventory recently
mudf by the undersigned. The order of
the court authorizing this advertisement
rcuds us follows :
"Ordered , Thut the receivers heroin
nro authorised and directed to receive
bids or proposals for nil or any purl of
the property coming to the hands of the
receivers , and the receivers are directed
to give ton iluys' notice by advertisement
in two of the newspapers published in
Oinnhu and by circulars sent to such persons -
sons as may bo likely to bid on any part
of said property. The terms of .sale may
bn for cash or for omi-lhird cush , one-
third in sixty and bulauco in ninety days ,
cto. , etc."all deferred payments to'bo
properly secured. All bids in an amount
exceeding $100 must bo accompanied by
a certified cheek made payable to the
order of Elinor 1) . Frank , olcrk. for ( en
percent of the amount , us ovidonoo of
good faith , suid cheeks to bo returned , if
bidn arc not accepted ,
The stock ami fixtures Inventory at
their invoice price ! f53roo.
Tiie time for r''cniving ' bids will cloao
at MODIon August 0 , ISsO
W. J. liiiOA-rcu ,
W. V , MOKSK ,