Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 08, 1886, Page 6, Image 6

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IlcllU'Ud by tr.irirr In rn > parlor tliocltj-nt
tnt nty ciT.ts ) jr \ \ cck.
HiV. . TII.TOJT , Malinger.
Tlir.T.l'IIOMKS :
nrsiM > F On in : , N'o. < ' ! .
Klnnr IDITOII : No. SI.
paints til ( Minimum's.
Artists' inntorinl alClminnau'fl.
New York L'lumuing company.
W , 11. Slii-rrnilun. dentist , 2Muin.
Summer Motliinjr cheap sit Holler's.
Dr. C. C. , drntisi , 1C ! ) Main St.
.St-o tlio beautiful ni-w carpets at C 15.
Cpt. CO'H. '
AuicuIoUif drivers and heavy draft
homes for sale by MnsoViso. .
Mrs.W. VV. l.ooniiscMit itiinilsomo ! ( of
lier friends at bur home on Kh > t nvuiiuo.
Novelties In purtnin goods just received ,
O. H. Cpt. Co.
Don't forgot , .special Indiicpini'nts of
fered by tlolm ISutiu & Co. , In summer
I'ormit to wed was yesterday given In
Kid rid go Hill and Sadie O'Leur.y. both of
tills eity.
Now Is the. time to got fir t clioico from
our new carpets. C. H. C'pt. Co.
Tlio condition of tlio moon now makes
nn evening trip to Manhattan bench very
I. N. Huberts nnd I ) . K. AlliMm were
yo.stortlay lined $ ! ) .CO for disturbing the
.Mont complete stock of xvindow shades
in the eity. IViecs tlio lowest. C : 15. ( "pi.
California plumbs $1 per box , for pre
serving at Palmer's , No. 12 Main street.
When yon want u hard eoal raiigu that
Is class , got one of llio Hichmond's
at Cooper & McSee's. (
.1. K. Morrison & Co. , have bought out
the tea and coll'cu store recently owned
by. ) . ( ! . Melntyrc.
Manawa lake grows inoru popular
every day. So does tlio qniek-ineal gaso
line stove , sold by Cooper & McGee.
Pat Lacy has commenced asnit against
the city to enforce tlio payment of sJtf.OOO
assessment certificates held by him.
The paving of Pearl street was com
pleted yesterday. N il'ow ' avenue from
Main to Pearl is the next to be finished.
Presents have been awarded No.'s
1.89'J , l.Sril , 1.S2GO , OI8 , 11 ! ) and 700 by the
Mueller music company and are yet un
called lor.
The German-American band will give
n concert on Manhattan beach tomorrow
row evening and furnish enlivening
The Union Pacific has out posters an
nouncing the special trains to Lake
Manawa , and giving Council 1)1 ) nil's a lit
tle free advertising.
In E. L. Shuirart's pony stable there
was a new colt dropped yesterday , weigh
ing twenty-live pounds , a little beauty ,
which attracts much attention.
A corn doctor giving his name as
James Doux was yesterday given the dis
tinction of being tlio first drunk arrested
for several days. Ho had the cooler all to
B"Tcx" is making some marked improve
ments ill Lucy's old place. Tlio front is
to bo raised , and the full plate windows
dews and other changes make it a , far
different looking place from formerly.
Richard Baker has filed an information
hoforo Justice Frainey , charging u num
ber of his colored brethren with an all'ray.
It is not thought that t'icre is much in the
case except , perhaps , fees.
Charles Lindcrniann , who was former
ly head cook at thu Ogden , died yester
day in the hospital at Omaha , lie has
been m ill health for some time , and left
here about the first of tlio month.
The eity council meets on Monday
night. It is expected that some action
Will bu taken in regard to delinquent
saloons , and an effort made to make Iho
licenses under the pop ordinances paid
more promptly.
The old four inch sewer leading from
the city jail has been taken up and a six
inch pipe put down in its place. It is
thought that this will put an end to the
bother about the sewer being clogged up
so frequently.
Lottie Harrison has commenced di
vorce proceedings against Clarence Harrison
risen , to whom siie waa married in 1885.
Sim claims that ho has become too
grcatlv addicted to drink , lias failed to
prov'uli ) for her and her child , and has
forsaken her for days at timo. Slio wants
$2,000 alimony.
E/.ru Sweigart has Hied an information
charging Mrs. Nancy Dull' with having
joined with John Ball in un act of lewd-
ness. Sweigart claims that ho peeked
through tlio koy-holo and knows what ho
is talking about. The casu is to come
up before Justice Frainuy Monday.
Omaha parties attending Lake Manawa
shell races to-morrow , desirious of secur
ing u lively rig can telephone to Kolle.r &
Harlo , Ogden stables , telephone No. 83 ,
Council 151ull's , and liayo the same in
waiting at the dummy depot. A line
wagon , scats comfortable twenty persons ,
also for hire.
Complaint is made that some of thn
young bloods In visiting the lake and re
turning Homo fire oil' their revolvers to
the great disturbance of residents of the
southern portion of the city. The pollen
will have a surprise party .for some of
these smart young men pretty soon.
Then it may not bo so funny.
For bargains sec Bono.
1'ornoiuil Paragraphs ,
Mrs , A. II. Houghton returned yester
day from a visit to Calhouu.
Mrs. Lou Colter left ye.storday oil n
visit to friends In Norfolk , Neb.
. II , Owron and son , of Silver Creek ,
I' Lavu gone to Kansas to look up laud.
Manager Lane , of the telephone serI -
I | vlco , now takes a short visit to Wilbur ,
' Neb ,
Mrs. Charles Callin. who has boon vis-
itlngMrs. R. N. Whlttleaoy , reiiirned yes
terday lo her Chicago homo.
U. 11. Manning , wife and daughter , of
Topokti , Kansas , are in the oily , Iho
guests of 1) , J Rockwell and family.
Mr , and MIH , Harry Mills , of Chicago ,
loft for their homo in Chicago after hav
ing paid n pleasant viail lo Mr , and Mrs.
K. N , Wtijttlcsoy.
C. ( i , Gregg , of YVatortown , Wis , , is
visiting friends and relatives hero. Ho
is nn old'timo democrat nnd u personal
friend of 1'ostniastcr-Oeneral VHas.
i Mr , Warner , a prommont Cliicngo
commission merchant , is in the city on a
brief visit , lie OWUM BOO acres in this
county , and is well known as a former
It , Mftthlson , superintendent of tlio In
stitute for the deaf and dumb at Belle
ville , Canada , was looking over the city
yeslorday in company wbli Professor
McUermlfl , of the institution here.
'J'ho twelve year Tontine policy of the
Citizens Mutual Life Insurance company ,
oOlinnc.npnlis , turnishes the insured ab-
Boluto induainity and H good investment
at rates much cheaper than old-limn
Qompir.irs , and niuoh moru substantial
than o rd i miry assessment insurane.o ,
Special Agent.
How an Attempt Was Made to Revive a
Dead Woman ,
Tnlk oT the Coming Klcotlnn Queer
Tract About Artlllclnl
Tlio Churuli Chimes
Aiiiatlc | Sports.
Trying to HiiiMn tlio Dead.
"Talking annul the Christian science , "
said an undertaker , "I had a strange
experience not long ago. A woman was
very sick and was apparently dying.
She could not talk and was | tt .t bioalh-
ing. There we ) e some of the mind doc
tors in attendance and they succeeded in
rousing the woman from hot dying con
dition , so that slu ; was able to talk , and
shi ! lived three or four hours longer than
seemed possible. Her husband was Ihus
enabled to talk with her over all their
matter's ' , and , as ho told me , he. would
not have taken any amount of money for
the time his wife's life was llius longlh-
encd. She died , though , and 1 was
called in. 1 embalmed the woman , and
had barely got through when one of these
science healers eaint ! lo me , a very esti
mable lady , and told me she had a re
quest to make. She promiseil Iho dying
woman lhat if she died she would remain
with her after death , and would see. if
she could not reslore her to life. She
felt llml so sacred n promise should be
kept , and 1 felt so lee , although i lold
her thai it would bo of no use. The
woman was dead , and she could not re
store her lo life. She seemed to have
great faith , however , and wanted to try ,
and as .sho had made so 'sacred a prom
ise , I told her to go ahead. 1 promised
to stand by her while the Irial was mado.
I told her lhat if she could bring her to
life the woman could not live , as Hie
material used in embalming the body
would kill her. She tried" il , though.
She commenced rubbing the dead wom
an's forehead and her bands , and kept
Ibis ui ) riome lime , Every now and then
she would say , 'did you SOP ihatV as it
the dead woman was showingsomo signs
of life. I began to get nervous myself.
After thus rubbing ine women for some
lime Uiero came a slrangc change over
Ihe dead face. This was no imagination.
1 was sure of lhat. There was a ilillerent
expression altogether , ami ilill'orcnl look.
There was a slight perspiration and flush ,
and 1 began to feel queer 1 a&stiro you.
It occurred to me , what if llic woman
was in a trance simply , and she should
come to after all , and Ihen 1 would bo in
a bad fix , for Iho embalming process was
such that if sin ; came lo she would not
have lived long. I never felt so queer in
my life. The trial did not succeed , however -
over , and was finally given up. 11 was
no use , and the .strange appearance
passed away. I sunposo it was cau cd
by the electricity of tlio lady who wa.s
rubbing her , or some.lhing of that sort , i
confess 1 felt rather queer though , but I
really had no sobei thought that Iho ex
periment would prove a success. "
Drawiiifi liots for a Mayor.
Who will bo chosen mayor ? The
queslion just begins to be whispered
about , in view of the special election
called for lhat purpose. There seems
lilllc inclination on the part of anybody
to urge on any special conlost for the.
position. There is a feeling lhat such a
political contest as is usual would be un
seemly in view of Iho Pad events which
have accidenlally caused the vacancy
which no soon has lo be lillcd. An old
city politician was heard to remark ,
"Thero will be no fight , over llio mayor.
Of course Iho lemporary mayor , Mr..I.
V. Evans , will bo rcnominatetl by Iho
republicans , and as ho look the position
under peculiar ctrcumslanco.-i , there will
bo no tight made on him , oven by those
who want , to see some other man elected.
Tliij democrats , though , will hardly feel
like refusing to make a nomination' . If
they do make ono , they will not make
any open light against Mr. Evans. It
will bo a qniot election , and every man
will vote as ho chooses with Ihe usual
tusslu and tangle. I have heard it
intimated lhat Ihe way the thing will bo
arranged will avoid any .sort of a contest
at the polls. It is said that the repub
licans will nominate Mr. Evans , anil the
democrats will nominate some other good
man. The two nominees will llicn get
together , and draw lots , or in tome other
way decide which will run , and that ono
\yili withdraw , and itoolino the nomina
tion. Then there will ho bill one can-
didalo , and ofcourso il willth-m bo ] > roUy
nearly a unanimous thing. If that is Iho
case it will bo aqueor thing , for realty the
men will draw lots as to who will bo
mayor. "
A stalwart republican said that ho had
heard of this lottery scheme. He didn't
bejievo in it. ' ! tell yon it's simply n
trick , and republicans ought to look out ,
for il. The tact is that Mr. Evans will
bo elected sure , and by the overwhel
ming majority of citi/chs , as it is not a
political olllce , and there will be no poli
ties in Ihe oleclion really , although the
forms of nominations will bo gone
through with. It would not bo fair to
Mr. I'.vans to elect him just for ti few
month ! : , and then when he had jnsl en
tered on the duties of Iho ofhco lo elect
some oilier man. It. would not , bo Iho
best thing for the city cither. All admit
that ho is a good man for the place , and
there democrats as well as republicans
who will votn for him , no mailer who Is
nominated. Some of the democrats who
cannot sea further than party lines , are
anxious to htivo a democrat for mayor ,
whether or no1 They feel that ono can
not bo elected as against Mr , Evnns just
at this time , and in view of all thiujir-
oiimstancos. That's the reason this talk
has been starlcd about drawing lots. It
looks nice and fair , but th i fact Is they
see that in that way they would have an
oven chance of getting n ilcmoorntii
mayor. If Ihoy go to Iho polls in the
regular way Ihoy stiind no chance at this
timo. 1 do not believe in ntiy lotlory
way for choosing a mayor.
Artificial Curbing. .
There has sprung up hero quite iv gen.
oral sentiment in favor of ourbings of
arlilioial stone , it being claimed Unit it
glands boiler than the natural stone. It
is dltUcult to got real btone which will
stand the teslsgiven itwhoniuedtia curb
ing. The Btono sot on end , the exposure
to weather , lo freezing and thawing of
waler , seems to soon cause even the best
of the .slono lo ciumble , and givnnway.
The artificial stone seems lo have advan
tages , which render it not so elibjuet to
these faults. The artilicial ttono when
freshly put in h liable to injury , however ,
as scon on Pearl street. ThoughlJoss
drivers backing their wagons against the
now curbing on L'carl street have already
done some damage to it , ami it has be
came ncociwary to place plank to protect
il until it becomes suniciontly hard ,
"There's ono curious thing about this
artilicial slone. " remarked City Engineer
Tostovin , "and lhat la , about i > ! \ wcolcs
after it is nuulo U grows soft , and then it
hardens up from that time on. When
first laid it bcginstogrow hardbut when
sis weeks have passed then it grows pott
again for a little time , uud then it grow *
harder and harder as long as il stands at
all , I don't know why this should bo so ,
but I am satisfied that it is so. 1 have
good authorities staling this to bo u { act ,
and from scientific persons who have
made experiments to that effect , J'ho ar-
lilicial curbing should be carefully pro
tected for more than si\ weeks after H is
laid down , lo get the best results. "
Taught Krco
in one hour beautiful photograph paint
ing , to introduce our colors. No knowl
edge of painting required. First prem
iums received i\t St. Louis and Kansas
City fairs. One hundred dollars monthly
can be earned. Miss Christie , M Main
street , Council Bluffs.
Churuli Chime" .
At the Haplisl church Uov. L. J. Shoe
maker , of SliPiiandoah , will preach this
morning. Sunday school at the close of
service. Seals free.
Service at the M. E. church nlthc regu
lar hour this morning.
The regular mooting of the Y. M. C. A.
will be held at the pavilion at1 o'clock
instead of in the hall. Major Bull will
conduct the inoulinir. The scats on Iho
left of the platformwill bo reserved for
the e only who have been in the service
of Christ for forty years or over.
Uov (5. ( (5. ( lltoe , of the Congregational
church , will conduct services at Union
chapel , Harmony street , this afternoon
nt ' ) o'clock , p. in , Sabbath school at I
Thorc will no no preaching service at
the Congregational church to-day. Sun
day school at 12 o'clock.
Divine services at Saints' ohiirch to-day
nt 100 : ! ! a. m , "What Wo Owe the
Church : " 8 p. in. , "Lo lleres and Lo
Thorns. " Friends respectfully invited.
No preaching nt the 1'resbytorlan *
church to-ilav. Sunday school at noon ,
Professor uuggles , 'the noted singer
who created so much enthusiasm at the
assembly at Clear Lake , will load the
singing for the gospel meetings in the
pavilion hero commencing to-morrow
No divine soryico at St. I'aul's church
Gospel meeting his evening at the
pavilion , commencing at8 o clock. The
interest is increasing. All are invited.
Come early if you wish a seat.
The Speedy Shells.
Buoys have been sot with red Hags on
top , which work the course over which
the shell-boat race takes place to morrow
evening on Lake Manawa.
There are six buoys , two at the start
and two at the turn , besides the one-
quarter and one-half mile buoys. They
are arranged thus :
Start. Turn
A . . . . B
A . . . . B are two courses , ono for each
crew. They are to take their positions
at buoy A , and at Iho signal start for
buoy 15 , and after making the turn at
buoy B row for buoy A.
The first crow reaching buoy A
winning the race. There are also
t\vo buoys to separate the two courses at
C. C. The distance between buoy being
a quarter of a mile and the entire course
throe-quarters of a mile in length , the
race being ono and a half miles long. '
The men in charge of the row boats on'
Lake Manawa have agreed to only charge
ten cents each way across to Manhattan
beach on all excursion dags beginning
with to-day.
Dress Goods Sale Monday , August O ,
: it the ISankrupt Store ,
$1 cashmere for r > 0c ; 75o cashmere for
SOc ; ! 55e cashmere , for 23c ; 2."ic goods for
15c. Plaid dress troods-lo , 7c , Uc , lie to
17c. all reduced to half price.
Trceo , 00 inches wide , 51c , 03c , 7lc to
S3o. 800 yards jri-ograin black silk , 22 in.
wide at 550 per yard. You can't match
these in the city for loss than § 1.10.
200 yards summer silk 18c per yard , tlio
same quality of goods wo have sold this
spring for f > 5c.
Ladies , don't miss the. bargains Monday
at thu Bankrupt store. J. Goldberg ,
Wnt-n-Moloii Trade.
Mr. Lcainan , of Snydor& Lcamtin , was
looking wild when the UEK man came
into his place yesterday. Ho was wrest
ling with a big piece of paper and a
small pencil , and had covered the paper
pretty well over with figures. Ho looked
HP in a wonder-struck way , and gasped ;
"Say , do yon know how many watermel
ons Council Bluffs used this week ? " 'J'ho
BIB : man gave it up. "Make a guess I"
" \ \ ell , say live hundred. " "Five hun
dred , you're crazy , man ! Five hundred ?
Why , Council Bluffs used G.JJOO water
melons this weok. This looks big , but
I've been figuring it out. Hero's the
showing. But what beats mo is the way
it figures up on weights. I've been
through it twice , and it does not seem
possible. The melons will average about
twenty pounds apiece , and calling the
round number 0,000. that makes a weight
of 120,000 pounds. That makes for the
six days 20,000 pounds of watermelons a
day , and counting ten hours to a day , it
makes 2,000 pounds an hour , for every
working hour. Think of il ! A ton of
watermelons going into the stomach of
Council Bluffs every hour I Do you won
der that the figures nearly paralyze mo ,
and the season just commencing. "
At the Bankrupt Store Monday ,
August U.
Special fialo of hosiery. 50 doladies'
hose , fancy striped , at ito. a pair. 2rdou.
seamless in solid colors , at Oc. J. Gold
berg , 18 Main street.
The liurulnr'N Hctiirn ,
The bold robbers who so cheekily on-
lored Mr. Snydor's house , and made him
toll where his wealth was , seem to bo so
intoxicated with success as to desire lo
make the. second visit. On Friday night ,
the hired girl hoard a nolso at the window
of her room and distinctly saw a man
peering through a place whore some of
the slats of the blinds had boon broken.
The follow was trying 10 force the shut
ters open , and this so frightened her that
she gave a scream and fell to the lloor ,
Mr. ijnydurmado the rounds of the house
armed with a gun , and then made n cir
cuit of the yard , but the intruder had ills-
appeared , Thu attempt to convince the
girl that she only imagined a man ,
proves futile , as she Insists stoutly that
she distinctly saw a part of his face , and
lhat she could not be mistaken about it.
Dnmagcfl Muuliii.
Two bales of Indian Head muslin slight
ly damaged by water. Will sell Monday ,
August ! > , at one half their value. Come
early and avoid the rush nt the Bankrupt
store , Id Main street. J. Goldberg ,
Sail Drowning of a Nnhrnslcu Hey
While Untiling.
TAI.OK , la. , August 7. Our town was
thrown into a commotion last evening bj-
the sudden announcement that a boy had
been drowned in the Nishna. Later de
velopments confirmed the report. The
lad was Herbert Roxford , of Weeping
Water , Neb. , aged 15 , who , with his
cousin , Jamie Terrence , was visiting
with friends here , In the afternoon they
wont to the river with Marvin Woods ,
and worn in bathing. This ono going
beyond his depth , or stepping Into a hole ,
went down in the current and was scon
no more. At latest accounts the body had
not been recovered. It is a sad blow for
tlio parents , who Imvu struggled hard on
their farm in Nebraska , ana Herbert was
fust arriving at an age \Utun ho could iuf
slsthis parents. A-bright , cheerful fel
low , IIH fail death crt-tsK looin oTorlliis
qnlct city.
Messrs. Saycr and ,1'uvcoll , represent
ing the intcre.sjs of beiVu , Wt-lls & Co. ,
of Council Hind's , wcr'0 i ( > town vestenlay.
It is undorslood tlini tli'o ' Hagloy atlach-
niunl rase will soon be lu ! ir.l l > y the dis
trict jmlKG , to test thevhliility of tlio nl-
tucliniL-nts. Depositions , nro to bo taken
to-day for that hearing , it Is stutud. Ui : } ? '
ley lias boon in town , the past week , con-
liiicnl of tlio onk'onu ) of his tmvlron-
nvnts. Twenty-six hcaa of tint horces
nnd innlus nttiielu'il urn to be ioltl Mon
day by tlio .shcrilY nl Sidney.
Leo Vinciiiit , Hit ! "infiUit" of Iho Non.
Con. , i homo again fvon\ \ his recent tour
in Knurls.
} ) . I'ricdniaii is soon to move his stock
of goods to H larger and more coniino-
dions location , the building formerly oc
cupied by C lYI11 as a harness slore.
The inti'i'iistlne thi-mu bofuro the i-ily
council this week was whether Mi * . Har
bour could longer leave his privnlo scales
in the road. A spirited contest took
place , thi ) council beinjj evenly divldeil ,
nnd tin1 mayor lhrowin < : tlio casliny vote
decided that tlio public street was not In
tended to he occupied ncrmaueiitly for
private conveniences , hetico the scales
lake a back seat onto private property.
Hoy. John CuuunJn s , of Anita , is in
town over Sunday.
All hall the Sunday HIK : , tlio busy Hr.i :
that strives so dilli"ontly on Snnilay as
week day for the benefit of those' she
works for. Success to he.r , if wo do live
in Tabor.
Mrs. Clark , wife of Uuv. Victor Clark ,
formerly a native of Suwartl , Nob. , died
recently of consumption in Illinois , and
her remains were brought , homo last
Sunday for interment Imrc.
Jnd ) Hickabaui'h , late of Malvern , has
moved back to Tabor to open a meat
market , killing his lira ! beef last night.
Ho occupies the old .stand no.U to the
Uncle ( Jennie Newell is oil' up north
ayjaln this fall looking after his broom
Alex. Tjnton , the ( Jlenwood insurance
man was in town yesterday , and siatt.s
that this is tlio worst ve.u1 yet on insur
ance companies. The companies he rep
resents have paid $10,000 in losses in
Mills and Fremont comities the past
Tlio burning of the Randolph elevator
last week places many farmers at a ills-
adantage for a place to market their
A number of people from Randolph
were on the streets yesterday.
Tiio Non Con is issuing a half sheet
durinir the temporary business depression
in Tabor ; or , as it puts it , is issuing In-
The Tabor Union is wavering between
various opinions. Since the company
have taken it back into their own charge
it has been greatly improved , and is mak
ing its usual opposition to the this Major.
Sly as yon may keen it , a pcr.sonal re
view of tin ; county will develop a very
inurli stronger undercurrent in favor of
Anderson than is generally supposc l.
This may bo a campaign famous for its
surprises as well as some in the past.
Editor Simons , of the Sidney Union , is
reported on the sick lit t ligain.
Brick arc laid to tli'e top of the second
story windows on thoj new college build-
ing. ,
Andrew A. Hlodus , the shoemaker , has
taken Fremont county imwhich to bell a
Jicw patent steam cooker. !
Stntc KIcctionH Thin Year.
Alabama elected slate officers and leg
islature August : J , and vqtud upon two
proposed amendments to the constitution
of the state , ono of wjiiull authorizes o
spochil tax for tlio prcijtion of public
buildings and tnc improvement of roads
and bridges , and the qthur authorises th-
city of Birmingham to levy a special tax
lo pay its bonds at maturity. Elects con
gress'men November 2.
Arkansas elects state officers and legis
lature September C ; congressmen No
vember ! i.
California elects state olllcers , legis
lature and congressmen November 2.
Colorado elects state olliccrs , legisla
ture and congressman November 2.
Connecticut elects state officers , legis
Jatnrc , and congressmen Nov. 2.
Delaware elects governor , legislature ,
and congressman IsTov. 2.
Florida elects legislatmo and congress
men Nov. 2 , and votes upon the proposed
new constitution of thu state , which was
framed by the convention which met in
Georgia elects state ollicurs and legis
lature Oct. 0 ; congressmen Nov. 2.
Illinois elects minor state olh'cors.lcKis-
ture , and congressmen Nov. 2 , and votes
upon a proposed amendment to the con
stitution of tlio state to abolish the con
tract system in the prisons of the state.
Indiana elects minor state ollicers and
congressmen Nov. 2.
Iowa elects minor state ollicers and
congressmen Nov. 2.
Kansas elects state ollicers , legislature ,
and congressmen Nov. 2.
Kentucky elects congressmen Nov. 2.
Loiiisianna elects congressmen Nov. 2.
Maine elects governor , legislature , and
congressmen Sopt. 1 ! ! .
Maryland elects congressmen Nov. 2.
Massachusetts elects state officers , leg
islature , and congressmen Nov. 2.
Michigan elects state otlieers , legisla
ture , and congressmen Nov. 2.
Minnesota elects state ollicers. legisla
ture , and congressmen Nov. 2 , and votes
upon a proposed amendment to the con
stitution of the state to laeilitato the erec
tion of count. ) and school buildings.
Mississippi elects congressmen Nov. 2.
Missouri elects minor state otlieers and
congressmen Nov , 2.
Nebraska elcctri state ofllccrs , legis
lature , and congressmen Nov. 2.
Nevada clouts state oRicerf , legislature ,
and congressman Nov. 2 ,
Now Hampshire elects governor , legis
lature , and congressmen Nov. 2.
Now Jersey elects governor , legisla
ture , and congressmen Nov. 2.
New York oloctn a judge of tlio court
of npncals , assemblymen , and congress
men Nov. 2. and votes upon the question
of holding a convention lo revise the
constitution of the state ,
North Caroina elects justices of the
aupremo court , legislature , and congress ,
men Nov. 2. ,
Ohio elects minor taio ollleors and
congressmen Nov. 2. . , i
Oregon elected state ! oOJcers , legisla
ture and congressmen Juip } 7
Pennsylvania electssutuoincorti ( , legis
lature and congressman November 2 ,
South Carolina elect sstajo olliecrs , leg
islature and oongressniftnTjfovembor 2.
Tennessee elects judges of the supreme
court August 5 ; elects govprnor , legisla
ture and congressmen .November 2.
Texas elects state olficqrs , legislature
and congressmen Novqnb,6r | , 2.
Vermont elects stale olicers. ( lugisla-
latnro and congrc-ssme September 7.
Virginia elects congressmen Novem
ber 2 , i ,
West Virginia elects legislature and
congressmen Novembers ,
\Visconsinclectsslalo ofllcers , leglsla-
lire and congressmen November 2.
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
28 Mnln St. , Council Hlufts.
Practices in the Stuto and Federal courts.
iioouis ? uud 8 , Shujjart IJlock. '
MocLnette , Velvet , Body Brussels , Tapestry
Brussel. , 3-ply Ingrain , 2-ply Ingrain ,
Office Matting , Oil Cloth , Oil Oiotli Patterns ,
V nrit > , fi'cslt siack , the nnmt ttcslntblc imttn'ns , ttntlH'icc.s /or
yowl I/DO < IN < tln'di/i' the tott'i'st ,
i/MHltt now hi / < / . . U'itlcli'lcot J < Ymim7 * , rli'ifinit fni'fatt
/V/m.wfs , l.dti-nn tnnl ( til xKiinntT f/oorfc / , HV are cloxtinidt
tlnrrd value.
A few of t lump liettttttfiti Sinninci' Cvtveln left.
No , 401 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Wholesale and Retail Grocers ,
AXTlin 100,000 MOJtK UUSTOMKltS.
City Steam Laundry !
JtlttlElt P 8KAHIGIIT ,
No. 34 N. Main Street , Council Blurt's.
I liient ivoi'Ji and lowest price. * for
flne work. AU eollar.t and cuffs re
turned In collar and e.nff boxes
without extra eharfic , which j/iwr-
antcc.-i work in same condition an it
leaves us. Out of town orders rc-
ccifc same attention and at same
rates as eitiwork. .
1 N. Main St. , Council UIulTs , In. , ami
20 ! ) S. Ifith St. . Kooni 10 , Omaha , Xob.
Mamifnetuioi-'a Airontfor the
Tents , Awnhijrs , Roortnu1 Slutc , Man
tels , Pluto and Window Uluss , ShowCases -
Cases , Elevators , ( hand ami hy
draulic , ) &c.
Fall Meeting.
Trotting , Pacing anil Dimming
Tuesday , Aug. 31st ,
Wednesday , Sept , 1st ,
Thursday , Sept , 2d ,
and Friday , Sept 3rd ,
Including special attractions by Prof.
A. K. Wukor'fl : world fiunouH Racing
Dogs daily nnd Hulloon Ascensions by
1'rof.A. S. 1'arkor daily , in front of the
Other attractions in the way of snocd
consisting of culohratcd horsus from
Kentucky , Ohio , Illinois , Indiana and
Reduced rates on all railroads , Conm
everybody ' " ' havea good timo.
For particulars , address
An excellent oducutlouul Institution , furnish
I'd with all the modern ! mpio\cniMU , cci-
UuctcU by the 3JBT12H8 QFCHAUlTr.lJ. V. 51
For term of l.vo months , $75.
Terms begin Urst Monday In September iml
first Moiulny la Fcuruary. For catalogues ul-
dress BIBTJMl bUJ'UltlOU
Et. Vioncib Atudciny.Council Illu3s , low
Justice of the Peace.
OfflcoOver American Express Co.noi r ,
) NEY TO LOAN-At lowest
rats , Real estate handled , in
surance written and all kinds of
bonds bought by F , J , Day No ,
39 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs ,
Established 1881 ,
When you want to Jind ani/bodj/
that smokes , jit to
To.119 tSriHUtiwtii , Council It luffs.
And you'll Hi. d linn ImlJjfJiis In ono of tlioso
fine cigars on which they Imvn liulll up tliclr
ruputntlon. MnKt n'l your uppoliitmoiitfl for
their store ns ovovyiocl ) > visits tlicin and they
Know o nrylioily. Tlio crowds corao and gu
vln this eio it ll
In tliu oily can be olilninri' liy patronUlnif the
GKO , ir.
Nona p.vprrl'jucuil Uamls employed , Out
of town nnlots liy mull < > : c\nct.s | tolldU'cl , iui.1
nil \ \ \VMTtuitiiJ. .
Of all kind bout/lit b// /
J.W. ami E. LSpi
Council Bluffs , la.
Be l'trs ; : , .Journal * , County an l
IliinU IVoi'li oH.U IlimU ii.Sitf- !
Prompt Attention to Mai ! Orders
Room 1 Kverut Block , Council Binds
Standard Pipcis : Used , All styles of binding -
ing in M < A ii iiK's ami
anitiNCK : ? '
O. II. N HI InIll ll.uiU , M. B 8 ittli.VCo. ,
Clll/Ifl'S1 I'.i'.l K. ] < JC'I' ' , Wfll * $ CO. ,
Hrit > ' .on-'l ll.Ulk , < i ; , 1 ii ilI'UIK'O l't. ,
OJXoi-X' I'usuy.liuiiU-ix'.C. U. U-vm 1'
7-rr/M/ ,
Agricultural Implements , Bu ias ,
CiiiTlnsro' , I'lo , I'll' . Council HIiiiT * . lonn. *
Jinko Iho Urlfflnnl an < l Complete
Hay Loader , also Rakes , Cider Mill & Press , f '
COltN SHKt.t.KHS ASM ) 1T.KI ) < TTTiil : < i. ;
Nos. irOl.nri. lanninl 1.1)7 Amiti Miiln Street ,
Council IliinT * , loun.
"luMi ) IUIAIU.KY iV co. ,
'r * nn 1 .loblipp * of
agricultural Implements , Wagons , Buggies ,
CnrrlRKr , and nil Mnl of 1'nrm Mcolilnorr.
IHO to 1110 South Mnlu Street. Council I Hurts ,
' .O. lmni , T. ll.lloUni.\ , ( Ito.R WiYidllT.
l'res..VTrciii. V . | > ro4. > VM in. So. ' .VCo
Council BluTs Handla Factry ) ,
MnnufnrtnrorAnr Avlo , I'lrk , Slodco nml Sm.tll
Hnndli's , nTmory < lo : ilptlnn ,
Curtains Window Shades
Carpets , , ,
Oil Cloths , rtntiiln Klititron , UpliolMory ( looJs ,
Ktc. . No. < ai llronilwny Council llhiifs ,
\Vli < io ) nlo .loliliois In lliu-
Finest Brands of Cigars , Tobacw & Pipes.
Nos. 28 Miiln iinil 27 l'e\rl : Sts. Council HluaM ,
Whotc nlo
Fruit and Produce Coniinission Merchinls.
No. 141'olil : St. , Council MIlllTa.
Wholesale Oils Paints Glass
Druggists , , , ,
Druggists' Sundries. Htc. No. 23 Main St. , niul
No. 211'enrl Ft. . Council BliilTs.
nitr GOODS.
M. E. SMITH & CO. ,
anl JjrjhM of DrGoilj ,
NotioiiB. Kto. No ? , in nnd IH Main St. , Nos. 113
until 151'enrl St. , Council IlluirB. IOWH.
0.V. . 1H1TTS ,
Wholesale California FruiU a Specialty
General Commission. No. 5U nrontlwny.
Fruits , Confectionery & Fancy Groceries ,
Nos. IGiind 18 I'rarl St. . Council llliiir-t.
Jobbers of Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Also Wliolu aloT.lciior | Poalnrs. No. 410 Hrond-
vruy. Council lllulft.
Mnmi'nctiircrs of an 1 Whop"alo | Ooilors In
Leather , Harness , Saddlery , Etc.
No. Ko Stain lt. . Council Itluiri , Iowa.
JoDuers ia Hats , Caps and Glim
No i. ; M7nnd 11 llroidvray , Council 111 liti.
Wliolo < illo
IronSteel , , Nails , Heivy Hardwire ,
_ _ .Aiil ! Wood Slo.-lt. Cuunull IHtlirHIown. _
iniis J.Y/J WOOL.
D. If. aicDANELl ) .t CO. ,
Commission Merchants for Sals of Hidss ,
Tallow , Wool , 1'clt.s , On-a-oanJ Furs Council
Wliolcnnlo Don'.ere in
Illuminating & Lubrlcittag Oil ?
F.Tlicodoro , Atfont , Cuiinull I Hints. I own.
A. OVEHTON As ( 'O. ,
Hard Wood , Southera Lumbar , Piling ,
* .ud Ilridpo JItitorliil HpodiiHI' .Wholosiilo Lum
ber 01 ill ] Kinds. ( Illlcu Nt > . l.X ) .Miiln St. ,
Council lllnlls. lotnu
Imported and Domestic Wines & Liquors.
for Si. Gottharri's Ilorl ) lllttinM. No. U
Main .St. Council UUIls.
SCHNEIDER < fe 15EJK ( ,
Foreign and Domestic Wines and Liquors ,
at , , Cvitntk
! for the LAKE
Tte Steamer QLLIE MAY
Newly flltc < l up , nnil iiinli-r Ihy c'luvi-yo of u
HitllUul tr'iiiccr .ui'l f.lut , Unuvv iiiiiuma pleas
ure II I | > S ( HI
Wi > will ) | lvi flm-ti'iv to pititlro lor ono hour
or nut Icnvth ot'llinu iloili'M.
It.ucs of elmilui Ivi ,1 ami nnlcr ; in.mi ! lit
nllii't'O.IiJJ Mill u d t. , UitWfOii ii'iiin In to Hi u.
m , J. . UAL'll & CO.
25707:7.0:3. :
Fliuclnl ailviutisuiuuuts , tueli us Lost , 1'o'in
To Man , Tor Hule , To lc ! t , Wi'.ius , UoaiUliic ,
ctpvl ] | hdincertoil In Oil * column at lliu lotr
raloorJT.N CKXTS 1'Klt MM ! lortlui llrst metr
tlonand I'JvnCnntal'crltlnuJoroiKli toUito'iuent
fiiMHUoii. U.'iivu lulvorlKiniiuiiu tit < iiir oillro
Ku , 1 1'cal slim , mar JnoaUw.ij- , Council
' \AAN'iTiJ"A ! Urst cns ! I'nltlior. ' , \ to
J t'oicptoiiiien-w.i 1 : . H. K. UuttviiliAuer ,
' MivetGoui" > ! i itlu'ic ,
LOST ] > oakcili > i > J , Li > iil < i | ; < : iiK s : uu < r7 < 7tii i8
of valueliovsior only. Dropimd l..nwct.'ii
1'enilnml fovomli iivci'Mio. If imv'cr will ro-
lU'iit'io papers to t'Mi ' It''O o.llco no can Jueti
( lie money.
'V\rANTFH Aiins iMiint cool : at the OsUeu
Vl Hnueo.
T 'iUt SAl.K-nir. i ai.ei-j M
* tttUoo ollleo No , .3