Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 08, 1886, Page 10, Image 10

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Ad.vertlsc'monts under this lioid , 10 cents per
line foe the flrst hi'crtion , 7 cents for oRoh nl > -
dcqiicnt in ertlon. and tl.fio n line per month
No advertise rasnt takrn for loss ttynn S5 cents
for the first Insort.on. Seven words will bo
counted lo the line ! they must run consecu
tively nnd must bo paid In advance. All ndvcr
tlecmcnts must bo linmlol In before 2 o'clock
p , m. , nnd under no circumstances will they betaken
taken or discontinued by telephone.
I'nrtks mlc Hiring In tbeso columns nnd bur-
InjrthennswcrsnOdrcssed In cnio of TIIK HKE ,
will please ask for n check tocnnble Ihom to ( ret
their letters , ns none will bn delivered except
on proscntntlon of check. All fmstvcra to ad-
vertlscmonts should bo enclosed In envelopes.
' CUNT Money to loan. J. J. Mahoney ,
GI'IMt 1'arnain. BUI
TO LOAN On real estate. Up-
MONKV rnlos on liiriro loans. Central Invest
ment Co. , Ilnrkor Illock.cor. 15th and Fnrnntn St.
ONF.V TO LOAN-OnTnrin nnd city prop-
M lowest rules , Vf. A. Spencer 15V9
Farnnm MI H-r >
MONKYr-ro LOAN On rnd cstntp.
"H. 3. Smith , llooinU , Wlthnell Illock. _
' , FUNU OF , oo to loan In
SI'KCIAI suit , on short time mortals ,
thrca to twelve months tune on property tin-
proved or Unimproved , Call nt the Omnhn
Financial KxclmiiKO , second lloor of llnrkcr
Illock , S.J\V. CorJ'iirnnm nnd lath St. S 4 _ _
"WTJ" hiivo cheap money on longtime , In nny
V > < | iimilltyto lonn on Insldnclly proporty.or
farmlniul. Slarshull&Lobcck , 1511 Fnrliainst.
. CKNT money to loiiii. It. C Patterson ,
6lT.ll l nndjWlns. 018
_ _
. -
OJIAIIA. make loans In nny nmonnt , on nny
kind of approved security. I.nnro collntoral
lonnn n specially. Also on chattels nnd real
estate In amounts nnd time to suit. Iowcr rates ,
better terms , nnd prompter service thnn nny
lonn niceticy In thoclty. For further particulars
cnll nt ofllce on the second lloor of the llnrker
niock. southwest corner of Fnrimm and 15th
"ON 15 V TO 1.0 A N' At lowest rales of Intor-
w < l on farms nnd improved city property.
F. .1. Day & Co. , fi , CroniiRe'H block , S. U. corner
Capitol nveiino nnd 10th st. TO-'scpB
TO LOAN At lower rntcstlinnnny-
where clso In the cityon furniture , pianos ,
organo , horses , WIIKOIIS , or stock of any kind.
Hmnciiiber , nt lower rales thnn anv other loan
company in the city. City Lonn .t MnrlpnKO
Co. . room 15 , 1401 Farnam st , opposite I'nxtfin
hotel. _ _ _ . _ . ! 4 : > 1
MONKY to lonn hy thn undersigned , who 1ms
the only properly nnrnnlxnd lonn ntenoy
in Omuhn. Loans of $10 to f 1,000 mndo on fur-
jnltnri.phiiios , organs , liorfcs , wni ons. machin
ery , Ac. , without removal. No delay * . All
business strictly contldmitlal. I > nnns so mudo
thnt nny pnrt can bo paid nt nny lime , rnnh pay
ment reducing thn cost pro rntn. Advances
madoon line wntches nnd tllnnmnds. I'crsons
ehonld cnrol'nlly consider who they nro donllnir
with , n.s many now concerns nro daily comhnt
Into existence. Should you nrod monov , cnll
nnd sea mo. W. II. Croft , Room 4 , AVIthnoIl
IlUlldltiK , 15th nnd Hartley. 4V1
6PRH CKN'l' Mnlioy"lo lonn. Slownrt & Co. ,
Iloomn , iron bank , 12th nnd Fnrnnm. 455
flooon to loan. Sums f5'JO nnd upwards ,
$ lowest rates. Ilemls , 15th and Doualns sts.
_ _ 450 _
ONKV TTO lW > AN-O. P. nnrla & Co. itotd
M EotBto and Loan agents , 1505 Farn : < m St
_ _ _ 457
MONItr TO LOAN On ( rood Fccnrllioi. A
McQnvock , room T Hodlck Iltock. ISOTFnrnain
JJU _ _ _ _ _ _ 458 '
TI/TONHv / TO 1,0 AMOn roiil cstuto mid'ehnT
* . D.L.TUomna.
-U--Ltolo. 459
MONIiV TO LOAN In sums o7j200nndup
wnrdn on flrsUclnss real cstnto Becunty.
Totter & Cobb , 1516 Fnrnam St. 40U
MONEY I.OANKI > "iu c7 F. Heed & Co'B. Lofin
ofllce , on furniture , pianos , horses , wagons
personal proport * of nil kinds nnd all other nr-
tlcloaof value , without removal. 3Ifl 8.3th
over ninirhnin's Ctltnmlsslon store. All bus
BBSS strictly oonfldontnl.Id
Bl'SINKSS ' ClfANCKS-Ono of the best gro
cery stores In the clly thut only requires
small capitalcimh dally sales $ SO. Will Invoice
nbont $2.000. Kent only $20 per month. Cnll
on or nddi-csB , Turk .t Fowler , 1522 DoiiKlnB st.
Tfnou'SAI.K A Kood pnylmr newspaper In n
jU- , . . > Ilve county scat in North Nebniska ; or
will Fell n hnlf intoiest. Inqulio K 18. Hco
ollicii. fill I 8
.rjtOIt.KAIjli Thn complete furnltnru of the
JLNohrnokn - A'lncpnr Works. Call soon ou
K. Krebs. Jones st bet Oth nnd 10th st , Oimihn.
TTlOItSAr.E First-class Itcstuurunt In one of
1- tlio very best locutions In thn city ; nil now
nnd complete ; ononsy terms , by Jf. L. Ilfifiritis
&Co. . 15011 Douglns st. C37-B
FOU SAI.K Orocory stock doing nxood biifi-
mess , cheap , lousn would oxchnnpo for
Oninlin rent cstnto nt Us cash value. Iliillou
Bros , 1510 Houglns. " ' ' 0497
FOU SAI.K NICQ'clnnn ' stools of Brocorlos In
contoror u pool trndo. Will accept part
cash nnd balance In Onmlm renl cstnto. 017-7
Foil SAMS invoice nnd Mock of the only
llrel-flnKS hotul In n booming town ; will
sell cheap If sold this month. Address J. Kro-
bock , Illno Springs , TJeb. ; will KVO ! lcn. = o.
C55-l !
I'nlnt Co. . wnnt llvo twents with smnll cnpl-
tnl to tnkooxeluslvu territory nnd npply their
paint , ( iood money to rljdil men. Oul nt com-
jmny' * olllco , ronmU , overCommcrohU National
bank , or nddrcs * J. L. Hlco. p. o. box 57 . 013
HIM. . .1 .
FOIt HAI.E Dnrbor chop nt n lmrnaln , ( food
location inn llvo town , two chairs , dolntr n
good himlncss. Itensons for pollingproprietor
Roinrr In other business. Cull on or address ,
Cl. W.ArnoId , Avocn , lown. C2 7
Tj'o" HAI.K Or o.xclmnjjo for Omaha real
JL ostnlo. n niceclenn stock of ( rroccrlos. Theo
Olson , iilSg. 16th st. e 2 12
FOU SAMS An elcjfnnt established business ,
the best of thu kind In the west located in
this city : not prolltsiXi.0.1 ) ) ) . per annum ; will
bcnr closest lnvct > thration ; Invoice about
Sl.l.OOJ.oo , I'nrtles with menus wlshhiir to step
Into n flno liusliiiifB nddross K 7. Ileo olllco. 44t
FOU SAI.K A flrst-clnss bnkery , restaurant
nnd confiM-tlonery f-tnnd In n town of 7,001
Inhabitants , inquire of F. 1 * . Far & Co. , Onmlm.
, . SKB
| 7UUt SAI.H Fii-stK-lnss mont nmrkot with
Juleo fixtures , nil complete ; uood trndo ;
best of reasons for eolllnir. Cnll or write to
Upo.W. MnssoiulOil Howard. " ttSl
FOU SAl.K-Ono of oldest established
frroeorv business In the city , with n very
Inrso , well-pnyliiK trade. Will iixchntiRO for
Onmlm real ostnto or part cnsh nnd Imlancn se
cured notes. ( Jood reasons given lor Eollln ? .
Address " 131 , " Hen olllco. W
HOIISKS I.ols.Fnrms.Mitids money loaned ,
llinnis. Kith and Douglas streets. 402
'Tnoil SAI.K-fuveruTstocks or Roods , ilolnu'a
Jhcnltliy business , ownership clcnr. sntls-
factionKimrnntoed ; ternn eiisy , Fomo Omnlnv
property tnkon In exchange. .Mnrslinll .V Lo-
beck. 1511 Fnmum kt. 4ns
"IJ'OIIN'I' ) I'ookothooV contnhiln valuables ,
J.'Call ' utJIoudy'aChina stoic , a W North lath
HI. 7E1-7
rilAICHN HP In my pnslmoou Military roud ,
Jonodnrlcbny horse , blank ninno nnd tall ,
Binull whltu on hind feet , shod nil around , John
BtuhonV t _ nine 4
FOUND Itoiin cow with white snot on rlirht
hip ; short horns. SK-'i Chlcnso. tkO.H *
LOST ( JU BTOl.KN-Tcmm mules , wujfoii nnd
liniupsa. A rownnl of tundollnn > will bo
; > ad ! for any Information that will lend to their
recovery. Charley Fleclc , Knalo House. Omaha ,
a- " ) > tl 72T-U *
'I' OST Ono ilurtiitr Dnrlmm c < iw ; red , with
JUHomo whllnVpDtson body nnd In Inco ; horns
cut : f-1 rewnrd for delivery ut 8 w cor. llnrney
nnil lillli utH. _ ti72
pKItSONAl. $ .6H will buy n decorated dinner
Jl rct.bijimio sluipos.fciiltablo for small fuiulllus
nt Mooilv'b China btoruUJ2 North 10th st.
_ _ _ 7UI 8 _
Pl' deslie to call your kind
atleiitioii thut tbuOmalui Kmployment bu
reau IIIIH rcmovtMl Its olllco from Fnrnam st to
11 North ICth stln Crounse block , should you
trait uny hulji plvuso call. Ilcspt , K. O. lioll-
_ _ _
Pi ; 1SO | M.\I .J | r , "ir ) NaiTnlo V. Wurrcn
clali-irm-nut. Mdluul | : iinil biihhioss Medium
Itoom No , ? JSl NoVtli llith t. , Omnhti , Noli.
\\l J. WIUTK&CO.have H smull steumboat
' on Ouiahacnt-Oir lake ; It Is In peed run-
nlnif orilnr. Coiuo aud ee.c , ir you wUh n pleas
ure trlji. 7K ( ) b *
OMAHA Kent EMfite. llou o A FtirnMiod
Kqoin Agency , Money Ix > nne < I on Itrnl Us-
into , Ou ) ton & Knstmnn , proprietors , main
onioe ini : Pouirlns st , branch onices 1213 Fnr-
nnm si. . 141.1 Donning * t. . lfl N Will. 510 nnd ( Kl
Sloth ! telephone No.4'i ' > . Alnnro list of fur
nished nndiinfiirnlshpd rooms , liouwji , ect ,
for customers to select from Ijoavo your
houses and loomswlth us : wowlllfoonflilthcm
up with dp'ltnhle tenants. Como to us for
rooms nnd house * ; can suit you at once ; cnr-
niws for patron ? ; telephone or cnll nt nhovo
olllces. _ _ ire a Id
37WII IlK.vr"Fqunro l'lnno , > l monlhlv , A
. Ilospn 1510 UoURla ? . 4f,3
1)1(1 ( YY vaults nnd crss pools cleaned by H.
_ Kwlnif. I'.O 110X127. _ niOnucU'
"Ijloit ith.vr OrKiuiK , J2 per month , jlospo ,
JL1 1BU ) Douulas. _ 274 _
"IJIOU HUNT > ! niaro I'lano tJ monthly. A
J ? Ho pe. 151.1 Dotnrln * . _ 273 _ :
UINT : A storu on n Rood retnll street.
Apply the Omaha Heal Kitato and Ix > nn
Ijioll Slr.ho | lurnlturi' nnd nxturosof
Bt , I'nul hutbl nt Onklnnd , Neb. : n Rood Imt-
Rnln If sold fool. . Address St. Paul Hotel , Oak
land , Neb. ' _ _ _ _ r,7s , 1ft * _
I < > SAI.KJl'iilos , 1121 N 1 . 6W-18 *
17 < < ) lt SALIC - A second-hand lleiulnglou typo-
.1' wrllrr , No. 4. Incry Inlr condition ; price ,
$ ; W. Addrcrs I' . O. Drnwor 40. 720 8
IilOU SAI.K I'bncttm Itnggy n" peed ns now ;
1 cneap for cash. Stockdiilo.V Mitchell. 1510
btrcet OMJ1
FOU SAI.K Cheap A Domestic f owing ma
chine : nearly now. 1503 Davenport st. KM )
TiiOItSALK A splendid work team , young
JL1 nnd sound together with wugon and liar
nofs by Itulloil Itros , 1510 DollKlas st. 50. ' , 7
TjlOll .SAianil'iimbletonion colt ( broken ) ,
.L1 sulky , harness , top buiw , stable nnd org-ftti ,
by KiiKlnucr Hoberta , Fort Omaha. C45 8 ,
"ITHHt SAIK Furniture0rooni house com-
JL' pleto for iioUHckecphiK : price , > 00. llouso
rent i''i per month , line locution , 1719 Douglas
st. _ _ _ _ _ 415 _
ITOU SAt.K Horse , hnrness nnil buiriry. In-
' qillrol4Ui UoliKlasst. OW 10 *
Foil SAI.K Furniture nnd leiKo of siv-room
house , time on part. Cnll 120J North S , t\i \
street , two blocks from lied Cnr line. WO
FOU SA'l.K-MO,6ob brick delivered to nny
part of thoclty. Inquire ot U. K. Mnvno &
- 572-7.
TTlOIl MAl".K-brt "mcTo"deon. il octiives > l8 on
J-1 monthly Installments. One stop br nn M
knee swells , 0i ! feet hlirh f S on monthly pay
ments. One 10 stop First Class orjran bountiful
cnso 575 on easy parinonts. Ono 7lj octnx-o
1'inno tJniud Square Itoxowood nnso $175 on $1(1 (
monthly payments. Ono llenullful ( Irnnd
rlnno f25l on tuiyments nt Hospo's musia
rooms V51I1 UoUKlnsst. SOJ Aug. 7
HlSilSKS l/ots.Knnns < , Lands money loaned.
lloillls J5th jlild * IKiiiKliMjtrootM. _ 471
FOU SAI.K | lilum ! , furnlturo and kltcho
rnnzo jl'SMtithst. _ _ _ _ 877 _
Foil SAI.K Cheap , iron columns nnd win
dow unps Miltnhlo for front on hrlek build-
Ing. Fur parlloulnrs npply nt this olllcu. BI3
> At the St. Jnnios hotel , fninting
1.1' . depot :
1 Rlrl for kitchen work.
1 ffoixl dlnlmr-room girl.
1 clmmbcrmnld.
1 good drcssiiiukor. 712 7 *
WANTKU Nnrso irl at southwest corner
20th nnd Webster streets. Cnll Monday.
_ _ v. . 12S-7 *
WANTKU Good ( { Iris. Inquire at F.mploy-
ment olllco , 21 ! ) North 10th slrcet. W2-7
WANTKU An expeifenced settled woman
to nnrso an Infant ; references required.
Cnll nt 2010 St. Jlnry's are. 722 7 *
WANTKU A flrst-eln'ss cook at X'Olli St.
Jlnry's nve. ' 72117 *
WANTliu A liousck cper"to tube fiill
clmrKO of n ncntlomnn s honso mid two
llttlo children ; must bo middJu nged. Address
W P. , City 1' . O. ? ' ! T *
'T.XTANTKU 2 oxpcricmied laundry hands :
T T good wages pnlil. 915 Jnelibon st. 717 7 *
WANTKU ( Jood Klrl ; must know IIMW to
cook , wnsli and iron : smnll family , good
Inquire C. L. Krlckson , opp. I'.O.
First girl , iWJ 1'urk nvo.
70:112' :
A A > I lvl > nirl for Kuiiornl housework , No.
1U18 Capitol nvc , north side , bet llilh and
20th. 731)
WANTKU A lli-st-ohiPB female cook. None
but llrst-class need apply , good wages ,
1017 Howard. 705 U *
WANTKU A middle iiKed woman for ffeiicml
housework ; one whoum'orstnnds sowlnif.
Inquire on Hurt St. , opposite Halle's brickkiln ,
three hqnareaenst of Sacred heart. Mrs.J. C.
Oluddln. CUP.U *
V\7ANTii ; > AVoninn pastry cook nud man
T > second cook for moats nt Metropolitan
Y\f ANTKIJ A pond trlrl for ( fonornl housc-
V > worknt 415 N 20th st. U31-7 *
WANTKU At Arcudo hotel ; 2 fflrls for Inun-
dry , 1 chambermaid ; intiSt bo flrst-cluss.
' '
\ rANTKIl Oirl for liKht housework , neo 14
* _ > to 15. _ Bn I'loiiMUit sr. C24 7 *
WANTKU girls ut 1010 S Hth St. Mrs.
Flanncry. C3J-7 *
WANTKU-Qood Girl for kitchen work , nlso
nurse fflrl , ( Icrmnns preferred. 2015 Ciihs
St. _ C32.7 *
VlfANTKO-Ooodeook. 7108. Hth St.
V > U4fl 7 *
_ _ _ _
WANTKnoViJril boil slrls" for penornl
houiieworlc nt Omuhn Employment
liurcnu , Hi > North ICth street. B. O. llello-Islo.
( l
_ _ _ _ _ _ > >
ANTKU At 1KM Howard St. , n rollnblo
Klrl for kitchen work. Mttnt boh'ood ,
plain cook , wnshor nnd Iroucr. Gorman or
Irish jirofcrred. Ml
WANTKU A good German housekeeper
for a small family with two children.
Terms Enlisfnciory. Inquire U14 , Jackson St.
W : ANTF.D-A llrstHJIusschaiiit'ermnld at the
Windsor Hotel. 652
W ANTKD A Rood jfirl. A. llospo. 651.9
W room girl. Occidental
Hotel. 601.
WANTI1U An experienced cook nnd laun
dress. Good waxes paid. Mrs. G. J. Hunt ,
Virginia uvo. . mid ( inint st. 65i )
\yANTHiJ-oirlnt No. UlOSlUthht. 0187 *
WANTKU A Klrl for ( jonornl housework.
Apply 210 J'nmiim Bt. 4K3
IJU tilrl'1'arKCiiornl housework. A.
I , Muyiio , S. K. corner 21st and Webster.
WANTKU A nnrso Kirl nt 4C.-J Convent Bt ,
Apply utonto. 40q
WANTKU ( HrF for general housework 2511 ,
St. Marys avo. l15 !
WANTIJU nii-ls to mnko overalls , shirts
and jcmmpunts. OtnUela Mf'K Co. , cor ,
llth and Douglas , up stairs. COO-nutf. 7
WANTKU-immoUlaTcly.a Orst-clRss coolt a
1813 Dodtfo st. BQ5
WANTKU ss youn ladles and Rents to
learn telegraphy. Prospects for positions
when competentitood. Address W. J. I ) , room
1Crounse block 16th Bt , Omaha. 734
WANTKU " 0 men for railroad work , wucrcs
11.75 per day.-ivlll shin Monday morning
ut 8 u. m. Call ill * North Kith street. 13.0. Belle.
Islo. 720-8
WANTKU-A blttcksraitli nt South Omaha ,
J. Noleou. , 710 7
"fXrANTKU-JJntorprlflntr men with | ; > 00 to
t J.'iU ) to open ami iminayu n cnclos for us
in other cities. Goods atari ? . 1022 Capitol uvu.
WANTHU-B llvo. rustllntr men to solicit or
ders from families In this cily forun arti
cle of looil : JJ to * easily made , Sells ut Bhrht.
Cull2lond.iy 1U22 Cnpllol uvo , UJJ b
\\7AMhl A rood rollablo drugUt : ( , must
if turnlsh rofcrniKHis. A splendid chnnce for
thurlirht mail. Address , QF , Furbruoh , ( . 'had- '
ron , Neb.
A\rA > iTii : > Sboit-hnnd students ; oxporH
IT enrol toucher. Terms , J20 for eomplot j
course. Addn-ca K SO , Ileo ollleo.
iN.T K " - lTiTck iim KoiTuT j-Ta t to " ( JonforT
Nob. Address D. W. Kdwards. ( TJ7-7
7ANTKU-A Hood Mcno raphor. oTw"
laKor tcCo.ifoiu _ 7 , Iron Hunk. 018-7
\VAXTKI ) C'Uivussera ' for photo copying
, , * , w.orkt Kw Miller , room 21. Friunlur
block , Omaha , Nt'b. ( CJ u
WANTKU Ton peed tin roofers nnd ten
Kood cornleo mukei-H. Inquire at Wusteiu
Cornlco Works , SOU and 10 B. mil gt. 6G7-d
WANTKU Atoir eiieri oilo youngr men of
cbaraotrr and Kood address to work in
Iowa or Nebraska. J. M. French It Co. , 18 ,
llushmnn block. 6j-8 |
WANTKU lo meu of uood appearance can
null muko f i to f5 a day , Call after 8
o'clock at 141' } South 13tli St. 609-T
\-\7ANTnu-T < nliorprflforIJlnok Itlll c.xton-
> V nlon of II. Ac M. It. II. nenr llrokcn How.
Men to drive tonms. Scrniior holdom nnd
( < hovelers. K. B. Albright's Lnlior Agency , 13M
rnrnam l. KM
; ANTKU A plncons head cook In meat or
U pastry , hy it sober , experienced inuii.
Address K * ) , llco ollico. da" 7 *
WANTKU Situation : younu man , JTPOI !
onrcful horsemiin ; had clmrKo of livery
rtnblnln cnMurn city ; can drive lour horses.
Address llorjcmnn , UUi Uaveii ) > urt St. , clly ,
WANTKU IJtnplovmont : n mnn with Borne
lui'lness experience nnd is wllllnp to
work. AddiCHS 1C 3 , ' , Ilee ofllco. 707 7 *
\\ANTUn * iljr a competent mnn , who has
1 1 the best 01 rccommcndntlons , n Job In n
Krocory store. Cnn drlvo n delivery wniron nnd
Is well nciunlnto | < l all ovcrtown , Lost bis ln t
situation ou nccount of slchnoss. Address A
Illu.c , 838 South lOtli st. RM-7 *
\ VANTI n-lNi ltlon n * clerk by ft younpr
> r Scntclininti. Address , 1) ) II , No. 220 Iliond-
wny. Council 111 ( T.s. _ _ _
WANTKU A portion liy n ncnoBrnpli-T.
Onn do ontlnnrv clorlcnl work , lloforeneo
given. Address 1C 22 , lien ofllco. HOMO *
WANTKU 0 ti'nms with scrapers nnd plow.
Apply to M Donovan , South l.'lth , one
block south ot Itnnuroft. 72V'.M
\\rANTKliTKnmMylo rdopt iibiiiiy 2 monliis
TT old or to take cnro of It for a year.
Address K 27 llco olllco. 007-7 *
WANTI3U To rent nsnmll neatly furnished
room near llco olllco. Address stntlntr
terms K 21 lloo olllco. A4 ( !
WANTKU To sell n now orirnn or piano ,
8.V ) to f 100 , taken In board by n Kcntlu-
mnn ; private family preferred. Address 1C 25 ,
llco olllee. _ _ _ ' B48-U _
WANTKU AKonlH with small cnp'ttni to Inko
o > cluslvo teriltory nnd nnply our pnlnt.
Call nt the olllco ot the f.X. L. Slnto 1'alnt Co. ,
room 0 , over Commercial National bank or address -
dross J. I > nice , box 570. 041
WANTKU To rent hou o 8 to 12 rooms ,
suitable for oourdltiK. Address K. mall
carrier in. 025 7 *
T\7ANTKli Honest , Industrious hey to tnko
T i cnro of IKINO nnd worx In store nt ITOfl
Fnrnnm st. 0708
lyANTKIl Drug Mocks , any nuinocr nnd
and nnywhero In oxoliiiiigo fnrOnmhn
property , or ( rood Neb. hinds. Swan & Co. ,
Fren/erjilock , 15th st opp. 1' . O. 52i-7 ;
"V17ANTKU llonrd with room In n prlvnto
funilly. Address 1C 2 ! > , lleo olllee. 7028 *
\VANTKU A Ooodslcady borso with spring
t wagon ami harness : must bo clionptn ;
be paid for In monthly Installments. Address
i , : i- lice onico. inn
" \\7ANTKli Customers lor our hiittur nnd
TT cream. J. II lloonstro , MW N Ifiihst. .
811 n 13
\\ANTKU A good bouse on monthly pay-
T meets. Address II , Oj. lleo olllco. ( KV ,
\\7ANTKU-To buy n nluo residence or good
T > building lot In n desirable location. Ad-
dressjl , Mleo _ ! olllco. O.'M.
\\rANTKO Tennis ! T. Murray.
TV 473
FOU UK NT For n term of years , the 2-story
brick building on the n ouor. of 10th and
Douglas. Inquire nt drug store , same pluco.
TTUIK HUNT Nowfl-room houses , near street
-L : cars. 1) . C. 1'nttcrioii , Oinuliu Nnt'lbnnk.
_ _ _
T7Ull KKNT-Now seven room eottnie In good
JL ? locnllty. luquhc nt2118 Onpltnl nvimno.
735 8 *
TT'OK KKNT Store with 4 living rooms nhovo
J ? between ( ho bond of St. Mary's nvcnuo nnd
Ixmvcnworth , KOOI ! opening for nsiuldlor or bn-
ker , and other lines of business. Win. Mom"-
mhiK-,1401 Douglas. : ! 43
" 1J1OK llKNT Two Inrjfo handsome npnrt-
J-1 incut bouses with modern Improvements.
now In the course of erection , rcndy to bo occu
pied by Sept. 1st next. Oil ! nnd < Ksi South 17th
htreot. For particulars inquire of Juhn 11. V.
J.climann. 507
T7V1H HUNT DcBlrnblo It-room cot IIIRO , south
J U.I' , depot J. 1'hlpps HOD , 1512 S 5th. 008
I1K KKNT Three houses b7 Hallou llroi
1516 Douglas st. Ml S
FOll IiUASIi Wo have eleven neros on U. V.
11. 1L trnck.KOJ feet front : will Icuso nil or
part for llvo yearn. Uedford & Souer. 75t
"IjMMl HUNT 10 room bouse with modern
J. Improvements , line location on street car
llno.7HiN.iOlliSt. ES1
Foil IlKNT Nice single room with gas nnd
huths , cor. 20IU nnd St. Mary's ave , brick
residence. 711 7
TJ1OU llKNT Nicely lurnlsliod room , 2200
JL ? Dodge. U20 13 *
Tjioit KENT Nicely furnished rooms near
JL ? streut-cur line , 51u Pleasant st. 710 12 *
EOIl HKNT Lanro front room with closet :
suitable for 2 Kontlomoii : brenkCnst and sup
per it desired. 2412 Ilurnoy. _ Oill.T
FOU IlKNT Front ollico , 2d lloor , Omaha
Nnt'l Dank. Inquire I ) . C. Patterson. UI7
TT\OU \ IlKNT Furnished nnd unfimilslicd
JJ rooms JU and $ aB08 _ SouthJ2dst. _ li-8 ( * _
FOICU15NT Suit of furnished rooms for two
gentlemen. 1011 California at. C88
IlKNT Five nicely furnished rooms ,
U bath room and water closet on promises.
Terms moderate. 412 N 14th si. bet. Cliicnco and
Cus.s _ KtVlB * _
OU IlKNT Handsomely furnlshod front
room In Rood location. 012 S. 17th. 693-7 *
F OK IlKNT Uoslrablo furnished room. In-
qulro 2210 Davenport st. 02:1 0 *
HUNT Furnished two front and one
back bed rooms In good location. Address
K. 10 lloe olllco. 020 7 *
FOK HENX-Furnlshod looms nt 1707 Cass bl.
-nitm UKNT-A ehoico furnished room. 1701
JU Capital avo. 0447 *
"I71OU KKNT Two front parlors , newly fur-
JL' nlslicd. 251 ISt. ilary'a avenue. Oil
FOI UKNT Nicely fiirnUho'l rooms. 'No.
115 South 23d St. , on Farnam St. , cur line.
10U UK.NT With board , n furnished room
1710Cass . - *
POIMIKNT Nice rooms nt 1821 Fhrnam St. ,
1 block west of Court House. 503-7.
FOH KENT Furnished front room. A. Hospo.
F Oil UKNT A suite of rooms 1812 Uodifo Bt
Poll UKNT Two very nicely furnished
rooms willi or without board , house Is sur
rounded by n nice lawn and has bath room nnd
gas. S. W , corner of 20th and Webster. 515
17MMI UKNT-Nmely furnished rooms with
J first-class board , 621 Pleasant-St. 372-31 *
OU iujNTV Furnished room , J810 Dodge.
! B7 it2ft
FOU IlKNT A furnished parlor room with
board , suitable for two gentlemen ; also
flrst-class table board ; rcferouce required : 1811
KKNi1 A nicely furnished south fooin"
1C07 Douglas st. Inferences required. 47. )
, .OU UENT Doslrnblo furnished rooms nt
J 1811 Farnam struct. 470
"jmoil UKNT Nicely funiUbod front rooms
JL' suitable forono or two goutlomen ; all mod-
ornlinprovomoiita. ' 418 Jones st 141
TTH > U"lTKN'f Two store rooms on llfh st. ,
Jt ? > 25 cacti. J. .lohiison , | 32i Fnrnnm. 233
801110 llequlsltos of Travel.
A stock of vaseline with which to anoint
the sunburnt nose.
A hat that is proof against being tele
scoped in aslocping-car berth.
A tympanum that can stand tlio terrible
tooting of the hotel bands.
A trunk so heavy or iron-clad that the
" / ? { " " * " n.mii will not dare to outer in
collision witli il ,
A good arithmetic , to study in order to
decipher the numerous comprehensive
railway time-tables.
A \vatch that doesn't gain over an hour
u day olng west or lese nioro than ton
minutes every hour going cast ,
A check like adamant , to check the in
sinuating advances of the suspicious
strangers you will meet along the way.
A diary in which to cuter the incidental
expenses , which will bo twlco as much as
you calculated before the start.
A bottle of Jamaica ginger or a flask of
"something or other" as a precaution
against sudden changes of water.
A woll-linod pooket-bootc and numer
ous quarters and dimes for the inevitable
hall-boys and irrepressible hotel porters ,
A wife is not bad to have along when
traveling , especially if tiho does not want
to go to sleep when you want to go out
anil to go out when you want to go to
Nebraska City's Solidity , Attractive and En
terprising Business Wen.
Pork I'ticlclncnml Distillery Interests
Wholesale nitil Itctnll Indus
tries New IMilillo nnil Pri
vate Hullllii ( < i Per-
ftonnl Mention ,
CITV , Neb. , Aug. " . [ Cor
respondence of the Uii : : . ] The county
scat of Otoc county , with a population
now nearly eleven thousand , is situated
on the west bank of the Missouri river ,
forty-thrpo mile- * south of Omaha and
fifty-seven miles cast of Lincoln. The
city is noted for its beautiful location ,
lying us H docs on n bluff and being
bounded on each side , east and west , by
North and South Table creeks. The
beautiful and rich orchards which sur
round the city nro the best to bo found in
the state , mid it i ? 'with commendable
pride that the visitor is shown them.
Here wo find the homo of J. Sterling
Morton , "Arbor Lodge , " as it is bolter
known , and a few miles further west we
arc at the beautiful country residence of
the Hon. C. 11. Van Wyck. While many
more elegant rural homes could bo men
tioned that ate passed on the route ,
it is sulllcicnt to say that while
Nebraska City docs not lay claim
to the busy life of metropolitan
Omaha , or to the active scenes to bo
found in the state capital , Lincoln , it
rests easy on its honors in being the
famous city of the state in solidity , as re
gards its mercantile standing. Endowed
dewed as > it is by nature , it takes no second
end place in being the most attractive
city in tlio state.
Nebraska City oilers many investments
to those of the east desiring a place where
the capital invested may be rapidly in
creased. It is now accredited by the
state press and the tniuiused public gen-
erally.the 1'orkopolU of the northwester n
states. Two largo packing .houses , al
ready in full anil working order , with
two more seeking a site , the credit of being -
ing the best market outside of Chicago ,
in the west cannot be disputed. At tlio
present writing the C. , H. & Q. railroad
company Is about miilding a bridge
across the .Missouri river to the Iowa
boundary. This will bo a want tilled
that has long been needed , and there is
no reason to doubt that before many
months a , wagon biidgo between this
point and Iowa will bo under construc
tion. The eiti/ons are always ready to
oiler any aid in their power that will cn-
hanco the growth of this beautiful city ,
and , as stated before , her merchants are
composed of a class noted not
only for their firmness commercially
speaking , but whose untiring efforts are
ever ready to take tlio front place in any
movement of enterprise.
Three daily
and four weekly papers are published
here , viz. : the News , Press , Times and
Staats Xcitung , the former three publish
ing weeklies as well as dailies , while the
latter , under the able editorial charge of
Dr. Komior , is enjoying a largo circula
tion as a weekly. Messrs. Alarnon and
Ilubncr arc wielding tlio labor- for the
News , while the helmsman of the Press
is Mr. II. Wood , a gentleman who , al
though comparatively n now-comer , is
wide awake to the- interests of the city.
Mr. Hutching , who is the proprietor of
the Times , is keeping his vapor "hum
ming , "and cnjoy $ : a good circulation ,
which naturally makes Henry happy.
Among the uow , features which show
tlio strides tills eitjf is taking towards be
coming the second city in tae state , may
be mentioned the | ic.w government build
ing now bein ; b/jlt / ( on the corner of
Otoe and Eightjstrujitsj the water works ,
which arc now , , biimg built and which
will be the be t in the state ; the largo
give employment 'to over one hundred
ineii. These npjw industries are in addi
tion to what this cjty has already in the
shape of large iid\tjtrial ; \ ! works , for in
stance , the distillery of which Mr.
George Woolsoy is president , employing
about seventy-live men and consuming
at present 1,000 bnshols of corn a day.
The capacity is double this amount , and
Mr. Woolsoy informs mo that soon an
extra force will ho nut on , working both
day and night , when the consumption
will bo 2,00' , ) bushels of corn a day. The
mill though running now night and day ,
is unable to fill the many orders received
daily , not only throughout this state , but
from Iowa and Missouri ,
No city in the slate can show better
banking facilities. Four banks are to bo
found hero : viz. , the Merchants , M. A.
Cotton , president , and Henry Sherwell ,
cashier. The latter gentleman is one of
the civrly residents of this county , and ,
though a young man , now ranks among
tlio leading capitalists of the city. The
Nebraska City National bankW. . A.
Wilson , president ; John Stoinhart , cash
ier , is doing a splendid business The
latter gentleman is also secretary of the
board of trade. The Otoo County Na
tional bank. M. K. Hill , president ; J.
Metcalf , cashier , is ono of the oldest
banks. The Farmers' bank , Logan
Unynrt , president ; W. P. W. Hoiisor ,
cashier , although only four years in
existence is receiving its share of busi
ness. The gentlemanly cashier , who , by
the way , holds the position of district
olork of this county , adds greatly to the
bank's nopularity.
The Morton house , Uced & lilrdsall ,
proprietors , situated on the lower part of
Main street , is where the hungry are well
fed and the weary can get comfortable
rest. The Grand Pacilio hotel , Thomas
Wymond , proprietor , is situated on the
corner of Tenth and Main streets , and
those who would grumble at the bill of
faro or tlio rooms that are furnished
might bo classed with the genus crank.
The Chicago Lumber company , over
which Mr. ( icorgo Donahjson hasotiargo ,
is doing a lively business under his aolo
Hon. 1) , 1 * . Holfe , who last j'our was
mayor of the city , and a gentleman whoso
popularity is over in the ascendancy , is
also engaged in the lumber business.
JW. rearmun tho"saiattor governor , "
was not at homo J when 1 called , but
rumor bus it that he has received the f 1.
Look out now. '
F. T. Hansom , ono of the youngest and
brightest lawyers in tlio state , was found
ut his ofllco amongst a pile of legal lore ,
but ho smiled.
The Hon. John Q- Watson , who for a
long time was district attorney of the
Second judicial district , is one of the
most popular roili'mits ' hero and has but
few equals in the'htato us a criminal
lawyer , '
Harry Wales' ' has the contract lor
the now government building at. this
place. His part of the work will bo
pushed to the best of bis ability. Harry
is energetic and up to the interests of the
Ono of the important industries of this
city is the Nebraska City Manufacturing
company , whoso plows , cultivator * , etc. ,
nro widely known. Mr. George Kregel
is the oflieipiit secretary of the company ,
while Air. Jacob Wesuer , of well known
reputation as nn efficient and export me
chanic , has charge of the mechanical de
partment. The goods made by this com
pany arc being shipped into most every
state and territory we t.
Mr. Jiimcs Ueed , of the linn of James
Heed Co. , druggists , is one of the jovial
inc-n of the city who has a Keen eye to
business. He Is a prominent member of
tno "Timo Kill Club. "
The Hon. It , H. Dijkev , who for many
years held the olllee of county judge , is
no\v" the head of one of the largest drug
stores in the city.
11. C. Freeman , a popular young drug-
trist , has ono of the lineal htted up stores
in tliu city.
Nebraska City rightfully boasts of her
flue meat markets. Among the leading
merchants arc ( J. W. Miser , who , while
doing a rushing business has always time
for his little jokes ; Mike Gardner , a
voting man who is keeping tip his reputa
tion in dealing out llrst-class moats ; S.
W. Trail Is another of the solid butchers
of this city , enjoying , as ho docs , such an
extensive trade that It will not bo long
before "West's" retirement on a compe
tency will be noted ; Charley G. Fischer
deals In all kinds of meals and fish.
Among the grocery men arc :
J. W. Waltlsmitb. who has a line , airy
store and keeps n large stock of goods
on hand. Mr. Waldsmith i.s ono of the
representative men of the city.
Thomas WhltJ is ono ot the favorites
of the city , \yho divides his popularity
witn his cllicient clerk , Frank Carman.
Charles Stahlliut is not only an exten
sive grocer , but is quito a largo dealer in
Faunco & McNamara , though among
the youngest firms , are doing a business
that has justified them in recently erect
ing a two-story store.
K. V. Felthaiiser has a .spacious store ,
and has just put a new front to it.
F. W. Itottmnn , better known as the
"landlord , " is one of the representative
Germans of the city , and owns more
houses than any other man here ; hence
the appellation , "landlord. " "FriU" is
a good man for the city.
Hon. C. H. KorlV is another of the
leading men of the city , and for a long
period held the office or mayor. He has
a nice largo store of general merchan
II. Ilomeycr has ono of the neatest
stores in the west end.
James H. Northcut is ono of Nobras-
kits oldest residents , and is closely identi-
tiok with Nebraska City's interests. He-
sides his grocery store ho has a large
steam feed mill and is doing a good busi
ness.F. W. Uodenbrock is another of tlio en
terprising men to be found here , lias a
largo gro'cory store and deals extensively
in grain. Mr. Uodenbrock is also treas
urer of the Grand Pacific Hotel company.
Edward McCallum is doing a lively
trade in the harness business.
L. C. Hiokford's variety store is just
II. F. Schneider , the good and genial
' 'Henry" was found at home , and so was
Thomas K. Fooloy. Tom comes from
Mnrsballtown , la. , but says ho likes it
hero better.
Noelting & Meyer are partners in ono
of the largest , hardware stores heru They
also carry a full line of stoves.
Dr. S. L. Gantis one of the lead ing phy
sicians of this country.
Dr. Voos is a newcomer here , but a
gentleman who is fast gaining an exten
sive practice , particularly with the Gor
man population.
T. J. Fitcliie is the genial agent of the
Home Sewing machine.
In the musical department is Dawson
Collins , who carries a large stock of in
struments. Dawson's reputation as a
piano tuner i.s known all over the state.
H. Aird & Co. , dealers in stoves , etc. ,
is one of the oldest houses here , and this
house gets its proportion of trade.
William Uischon has a line largo hard
ware and stove store , and is doing a good
business. Mr. Hischoft is at present
president of the school board.
L Wessel & Co. conduct ono of thu load
ing dry goods houses of the city. Mr.
Kolin is the company , agontlcmahn per
son never forget meeting. The head sales
man is Mr. Isoman.
W. L. Lambitb & 15ro. are among the
oldest and best known dry goods houses
in the county , carrying a slock as Hue as
any in the state.
J. W. 15ntt fc Co. , furniture dealers , are
doing a business that would be a credit
to any store.
Mayor Larsh , now in executive position
in NobrosKn City , is well known through
out the state as a conscientious and up
right gentleman , no matter what position
he may be called upon to fill. With a
council composed ot wide awake men
who have the interests of the people nt
heart , Nebraska City can lay claim to be
ing ono of the best governed cities in Ne
Plain Kvery-Dav Philosophy lilo-
( lueutly Kxioundolly | Urothcr
Detroit Free Press : A lawyer will work
hardrjr to break do law dan to onfo'co it.
Do man who gives you thirteen cents
fur a shillin'will berry yer tea an' colly
an1 pay nuffin back.
A photograph donn' show do deviltry
in a man's eye nor do principles on a
woman's face.
Do mo' good clothes you kin heap on
yer back do loss your bad grammer will
bo commented on.
Do public nobbor stop to queshun do
( roof of a scandaliiml , do man who climbs
above us am nobber quite forgiven.
Do aim of do philanthropist : un not to
do good eggs , but to work dead
ad ones over an' palm 'em oft"agin.
Do room which a man takes upon iv
sidewalk am no criterion to judge of do
amount of brains in his head.
you can't h'ur do jingle of gold pieces
half ur fur us you km do rattle of tin
Do man who announces his own hon
esty sometimes gets into Canada with do
boodle , an'sometimes ho ant caught in
Detroit or Hull'alo.
Lot two life-long frens begin a discus
sion as to do color of Abraham's hair , or
do size of Noah's ' head , an' do ohances fur
a row am fust class. What men doan'
know am what dev refuse to loc go of.
Sift down do talk of do world's great
est men , an1 when you oomo to extract do
bigotry , egotism , prejudice an' solMnler- will liavo to look for do quotient
wid a spy-glass.
When a man sots out to bo purty ho
mnsn't blamu his hatter for any shrinkage -
ago of his head. As do hoss-senso oozes
out , do cranium has got to contract.
Doan1 worry ober do theory of trasmi-
gration. When you am turned into an
ole whlto boss an' sot to work grindln *
bark in a tannery , it will bo time to com
plain becanso you wasn't turned into a
tunnor in&tcnd.
Luv am a beautiful sentiment , an * do
game of throo-keerd monte am a swin
dle , but fifty people are drowned by luv
fur every ono swindled by the kconfs.
Industry am a rack in which dnr nm
always a peg to hungup ono mo" work-
in'nuin'g coat.
When vou come to let the gas out of a
ballon you nm surprised an' disgusted nt
do shrinkage.
Ono-half do great men expect deir
speeches to bo read by posterity an' doir
debts to bo paid by doir children ,
A movement hns recently been set on foot
by ceituln ol the Itussifin clergy for the adop
tion of coimiegatioiml slnginc in their
churches. Hitherto all hns been left to the
otUclatliiK priest , his assistants and the choir ,
the coiuret'iitloa too often standing listlessly
about , or iit-ihaps carrying on conversations
among tneuibelvtw , as if the service hud but
llttlo perboual Inteiest for uny except those
officially employed. Sermons arc practically
uukiiowu In ordinary chinches.
toile 57inri < Ot / > cfroil Ptrt IVTM.
Well , yes , said the Conductor of the
train as he took the cigar 1 offered him.
1 have. Of course a man that travels
much has to. Can't help it. Hut the
worst cas-n I had to deal with was about
two years ago. Of course j-ou've heard
of the ease of Jeffries against this road.
No" Well , it grow out of that Meedvllle
nccldcnt Never hoard of the Meedville
disaster ? Well , I declare. I thought every
body had heard of that. Thorn were col
umns and culumn < < about it in the papers
for days. Jimmlny ! how the newspaper
fellows tried to interview mo ! 'Course 1
knew better than to say anything , but it
was pietty hard to get rid of the report
ers. Well , it was like this : 1 was on No.
5 and we were behind time. Johnnie wn *
n-whooping her through for all she was
worth. Just this side of Meedvillo the
air-brake tubing snapped and on went
the brakes qnlcker'n lightning. You sec ,
Ihal's.ono advantage of the air. If any
thing goes wrong it don't wait till yon
need 'em , but it just cramps your train
where she stands. You may risk a cracked
wheel , hut j'ou can't monkey with the
air. You've got to lix that right there or
you can't go ahead. Still , it was an un
lucky aftair for us. Well , there's a curve
at Meedvillo and wo sent back a man
with a red lantern , but before be got
round the bend down conies a wild special
right on us. It was down grade , tue
engineer lost his head nnd jumped , lire-
man did the same , and before you could
say Jack Kobinson that special had
climbed half-way through the sleeper.
It was an nwful'wreckl Half-past 1 in
the mortiinunndas black as cats. Whew !
1 don't care to talk about that. General
thing it's tlio emigrants in front that
sull'or in an accident , but , his time it was
the rich folks , in thcVloopers. .lell'ries
was one of the killed. lib was a railroad
man who used to bo in Chicago till ho
got a position on the Centraf in New
York. His family lived in Chicago , and
so he came through now and then. Mrs.
Jeli'rios sued the company for $ loOUO 1
think it was $10,000 , although they gen
erally coin for largeramounts. Anyhow
Hie company claimed he traveled free
and held they wore not liable. The com
pany lost .tho suit before the jury , but
they carried it up and the higher court
reversed the decision , and as Airs. JclVries
didn't ' seem to have money enough to
carry it any further , it rested there
against her. ( ) , yes , 1 suppose she could
have got lawyers onoiigh who would light
the ci'.so on spec when she had one ver
dict. 1 don't know the particulars or
why shndropped it ; I'm only telling yon
just what 1 heard that the case was
dropped. Well , mebby it's as you say.
Perhaps the company is liable for passes
as well as regular'tickets ; anvliow , I'm
giving you my version of it. Vou see the
conductor that took up the tickets that
trip was killed 1 was breaking then-
and whether they got the tickets and
passes or not well. I don't know any
thing : ibont _ that. They didn't have to
pay for Jeffries , anyhow.
The night after that suit was decided I
came through the sleeper collecting tick
ets. In seat No.1 sat a man that I thought
was asleep. Ho had a slouch hat drawn
over his eyes. 1 touched him on tlio
"Ticket , please , " I said. Ho didn't
move , and somehow tlio moment I
touched him 1 fell as it he wasn't a living
" 1 want your ticket , " 1 said , loader.
He didn't seem to breathe or stir , and I
was going to shake him when 1 e slowly
raised his head. 1 snail never forget the
look of that face. The cheeks were
sunken and the pallid lips were drawn
back from the teeth that glittered in the
li < rhl of the lamp 1 had on my arm. His
complexion was like paste , only dark and
motlled. There seemed lo be a bruise or
gash on his forehead , but he had pulled
the slouch hat over it so as to partially
hide it.
He handed out a soiled coupon ticket
that had evidently been bought at a
scalper's. 1 looked at it suspiciously. It
was dated more than a year before , but it
was un unlimited tiokel and was good
enough.I tore oil' the cuiipoii lo Chicago
and gave him a cheek.
When 1 had galhered all my lickcls I
sal down in the smoking-car to arrange
them and make an entry of the cash. O ,
lhat's all right , wo do make an entry of
it. If a man takes any of it he takes a
big risk witli it , I can loll you. llhought
I would lake anollicrlook at that coupon.
Well , sir , I couldn't lind it. No , sir ;
hunted every pocket I had. Couldn't find
a trace of it. i wuu.t bapK.and met the
conductor of the sleeper and told him I
had lost a ticket or else I hadn't lorn it
oil' . Said I never knew myself totlo such
a thing , but 1 might liavo done so this
time , as the look of that man had sort ot'
rattled me.
"O , him"said Ihosleeper-man ; "we've
had a deuce of : i time with him. "
"What was the matter ? "
"Well , I guess it was the fault of the
up-town oflioe sold lower 4 twice. Final
ly the other follow agreed to take lower
1:5. : Lucky it was empty. Guess ho didn't
want to wrangle with thai fellow. Did
you * nolico how ho seems to be looking
past , yon instead of at you with these
half-closed eyes of his ? "
"Didn't see his oyes. Ho was half
asleep. Was his sleeper liekel all rigtil ?
11 gave mo a coupon a year old. "
" 0 , it was all right. Hero are the two.
I'll report thai up-lown ollicc. It puts mo
in a hullo ! Hy jingo. . ! haven't got Old
Glmstly's ticket. " " ' '
Well , sir , no more ho hadn't. Next when the porter called lower
after everybody else had dressed ho got
no answer. lie parted the curtains ami
looked in. Lower ! was empty. The
bunk was just as be left it when it was
made up.
Well , wo concluded not to say anything
about our queer passenger. Didn't want
to be laughed ut up at the head oflico.
.Next night went oil' all right on the re
turn trip , but next again , when I went
through the coach there was die .same
man with the same slouch hat in the same
altitude. "
"Your tiokel. " 1 said , with a chill com
ing over mo. Ho looked up us before and
1 noticed that his eyes were half closed
and that ho did not look ut mo. but past
and beyond. "Sec heroc" 1 said , silling
down before him as he handed ni' ' . * the
same ticket. "Who are your"
"Is my ticket good ? " ho asked.
"Perfectly good , "
"Then what business Is it of yours who
I ainy Your company has made a con
tract with me. That contract is to deliver
me at Chicago. See that you , a servant
of the company aid it in keeping the
contract. "
"O , wo will deliver you in Chicago all
right. "
7'lid ) you do it the night before last ? "
"U'o can't do it if you get out off the
train at midnight. "
"My wife and child are waiting for mo
at Chicago. Sco that you keep your con
tract. "
And with that ho pulled his slouoh hat
further over his eyes and sank into the
corner of the seat.
I looked at my thumb and finger , where
I still felt the coupon 1 had torn ou" . "
It was not there ,
The porter wan so frightened that ho
refused to make up lower-1 , and two men
who had heard our conversation refused
lo stay in the car. The sluoper conductor
himself mtulo up lower 4. 1 flaw thn our-
turns close on the haggard occupant of
the berth. About midnight 1 parted the
curtains. There ho lay with his boots nnd
clothes on and the window curtains not
pulled down. The lighls from the slalion
that we wore stopping at filiuno in on
him. 1 saw nt a glance that the man was
dead. There was no use in nlarmine the
rest of thn passpiigcM. Onrnest stop was
at Moedville. I telegraphed on to hava
an iliidort.ikrr there to tnko charge of the
body. I told the oar conductor , and at
Meedvillo n couple of men cuino on and
wo went quietly to No. 4.
The lower berth was empty. Then it
Hashed on mo. Wo could never pet that
pas i'iiger past tlio utivvo this sldo of
The sleeper conductor wont up with mo
when I reported the nil'air nt the head
olllco in Chicago , and , as I expected , the
imin.'igpr lauuhcil al me.
"I'm going with you to-night and will
bo bark with von to-morrow night , " ho
said. "I'll lake the tiokel of thai passon-
gcr it In-'son hoard , and I'll bet you anew
now hat I'll keep it. too. "
Well , sir , when tin' nlliiiilgdl- and my
self wont through tlio .slcopur the next
night there sat the passenger with the
slouch hat in seat No. I. ,
"Yon nun lake his ticket ; " tjsaid , fall-
ing i behind. " r
'I ' want your ticket , sir-said tliu man
ager , grnllly. , it. ,
Ho would have boiiivTdu\o , \ quickly
enough If I had spoken ti > a passenger
like that. The slouch hat slowly rose.
The malinger gave a gasp nnd sank
in tlu onposito seat. "My ( Jed , .lollViosV'
he whispered.
"Vou waul my ticket ? Why- "
"Why. sir , " said the man.igor , reeov-
ering InniM'lf parlially. "H-is-l bo-
Hove ciislomary. " " " ;
"Why do you want my ticket , Mr.
Coupler , when you know you have it , in
the insiilu drawer your lirivatu drawer -
in the safe at the head ollico ? "
"Don't spunk so loud , " whispered Man
ager Coupler.
" 1 shall sneak louder , and louder , and
loudi'r , until your company hears what I
liavo to say. lluvo you kept your con
tract with mo ? You agreed to deliver nu >
in Chicago. Did you do it ? "
"Wo till delivered what wo could of
you , " said Coupler , with a grim smilo.
"Was a lump of mangled olay the "
"Hush , hush ; don't talk like that. ou
will make tlio people hero nervous. The
accl.lont was not our fault-the operator
was to blame , perhaps , hut the jury ex-
or.orated the company. "
"Vory well. 1 exonerate the company ,
too. Hut all tho.sanie , 1 will ride in north
t until 1 reach Chicago. I shall suo.i have
plenty of room. A 'man recognized mo
to-night , and licit. L have all olornity 10
tight you in. "
"What would you have us do ? "
"Do * l-'ullill your contraot. Cot mo
past that curve at Meedvillo. "
" ! ( seems \yo can't do that. "
' 'Then I'll jus ! have to keep on trying.
My family is unprovided for. 1 must
reach them and help them. "
"I'll coo to that , " said Manager Coupler
as ho rose.
Well , there is nothing more lo tell.
Hern's a slip out of a Chicago paper ;
perhaps you would like to read it. iN'o ;
it's nothing about tlio gho t if lie was a
ghost , but it shows that railroad compa
nies are not as bad as .some would make
out. "
The item was as follows :
"A ( JKNKiiors ACT The K. , T. Y. &
C. Kailroad company , of which Mr.
Coupler is the cnergotfe manager , yester
day did a noble deed. Our readers will
remember that in the case of .JolVriea
against this road the courts sustained the
position taken by the eminent counsel
who defended its interests. All that the
company wished \yw : to establish tlio fact
that under curtuiiv- conditions railroad
companies an ; not liable for damages
arising from the e-ises specified. Having
at great expense sustained its point , tlio
company , when all further action had
coasd ( : , generously sought , out Mrs.
JcllVies and paid her the full amount i
claimed $10,1100. Such an act is all but
unparalleled in railroad annals , but is
( | iiitu in keeping with the generous man
agement of the road and will surprise no
one who has tlio pnvilcgu'of a personal
acquaintance with Mr. .Eugene O' . Coup
ler ! "
The silly old maid with a fuzzy lap-dog
that she fondles and calls "her baby. "
The silly young graduate who writes
A. U. after his name on the liotol rogis-
HI. * i ,
The silly novice out fishing for the first
time who takes hold of the crab by the
wrong end. )
The silly follow in a short , tight bath ]
ing-suit who lolls and danddlos in the
sand to show his nhapo.
The silly snob who tries to impress
strangers by talking familiarly of impor
tant people ho doesn't know ,
The silly bore who thinks ho knows
every thing and guts acquainted with people
ple to talk them to death.
The silly nurse-maid who jyuars Rhino-
stnuo earrings and gets herself up in a
cheap imitation of her mistress.
The silly widow who makes her evening -
ing toilette at her window on the ocean
front without pulling down the blind.
The silly father who makes a tremendous
deus fuss over his baby and asks everyone -
ono he meets if they've "been his boy. "
The silly hotel clerk with a Capo May
diamond pin , who supposes that all the
heiresses are enraptured with his beauty.
The silly Saratoga youth who doesn't
know a soul in tlio hotel and drives out
with a tandem team every afternoon for
The silly old married woman who
wears short skirts and sashes and skips
around the hotel porch like a , girl of six
The silly ward politician who goes to '
Atlantic City to got on the right side of 'A
the big political bosses who are gathered
The silly bather who goes out beyond
the stake to show lie's not afraid and him
to he lugged in like a soaked rat by the
The silly girl at the seaside who pins *
tors her complexion an inch thick with
coHiiuities , and thinks nobody knows the
The silly young man in business in the
city who carries his racquet In and out
with him from suburban resorts to lot
puoplo know that ho plays tennis.
Tlio silly fal woman with proportions
like a hippopotamus and dressed like
guy , who insists on datfclng In all tin
sots mid thinks she is as graceful as a
g The silly old follow of forty who docks
out his pudgy proportions in knicker
bockers and u Norfolk jacket and struts
about under the impression that his is au
Apollo. ' '
Itui'doti'N ricriiJiHi , ' *
Itiirdiitto has a littltt Normoii quite as
good in it" way as many moro pre
tentious efforts : Yep , brother. * you should
teach your child obodlonCij't ; < } aeli him
that your will and word is law , and instil
Into his mind that profound reverence for
law which ovcry eiti/.en should fool. And
if you will just kt'dji on .lying to the
atso ; ! > i-or about I ho value of your properly
in order to ovadu certain tax laws , and
violate the laws , and violate the law
about riding on the platform every tune
you ride ou a Hired car , nd ' defy the
ordinances respecting the a'wh barrels
nnd iiiio\v on your eidewall : every time
you have the opportunity , and keep on
breaking every municipal and slatu law
that it isn't convenient for you to obey ,
the boy's royoronco for the law will grow
deeperovury year , until it wjll bn so deep
that ho can t roaol1 down to. { ( "whim ho
wants to use il. The way to teach a boy
obedience IK to be just fnl'.fisV/r ; / " '
you can be. Junt sit down now and
think ; trv to count up how many state
laws ami municipal ordinances you
violated yestoiday. Tlion call your
children around you und tell them if they
ever disobey you MI tlio lightest particular
you'll break uvury back in the camp.