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iiifMi Tmt n IT tiPITVIM nvtifi
Great Crowds of People Witness the Grand
Historic Procession.
Visitors Tut Up With. Iictierwurst
nnd Tja or Instead of ChnmpnRtic
nnd Chicken The llononiry
Decrees Conferred.
The University Kcstlvltlof.
nno , August C. [ Nesv "i ork Her
ald Cnblu Special to the Hr.K. | The giand
proccislon to-day was a great success from an
artistic point of view , and reflected great
eredlt on Heidelbeig's skilled work , for
nearly all the costumes \\ere made hero. It
compared not unfavorably with the famous
one in Vienna , alter Hans Markart's do-
digits. Ihdf , the painter , who designed the
grouping and costumes to-day , showed that
Heldclberc can hold its own \ > 1th any of tlio
great capitals. The tour artists who assisted
. Y II off lode In the piocesslon in medhcval cos
tume , namely : Shuit.Kallmorgen and Hoipe-
inan , of Cnrlsiuhe , and Hubncr , of Munich.
It Is estimated that -10,000 strangers inci eased
the population of this city to-day. This
morning long trains began to deposit their
hosts of passengers fiom Mannheim , Frank
fort , Baden , Cailsruhe , and Indeed trom all
along the Uhlno amie\ery paitof Germany.
Tlicie was
x noon MKAL OF
but few accidents here , though one woman
fell under a very crowded train iiiMunnhclm
nnd had both her feet cut off , Some of the
tribune speculators got badly left , as many of
the best seats in the tribunes remained un
sold. The windows of the Oarinstaedtcr hot ,
opposite the royal stand in Ulsmarck platz ,
were rented in some Instances for
as much as lit ty maiks. The loj al IJadencrs
had nn excellent view of their grana duke
and duchess and the prince Ludwig and
Charles , bparklliig with dccoiatlons. In the
royal box appealed General Von Obernlty ,
of the Fourteenth Itadcn army corps , and a
good many I'liissian and Baden olllcers of
rank. The officers filled nearly all the side
walk neai the box.
The hour for the procession to start was 0
o'clock , hut at 7 It wasdltllcult to pick one's
way alouz the Haupt strasso or the Koh-
bacher strasse. Hopes were drawn along the
Bldewnlk and kept the crowd from overllow-
ing the curb. A couiuilsbarv of police on
lioitebaek , and a detachment of
mounted gens d'armes heralded the
pioccssion. The pai t of the procession ,
lepresenling the foundation of the Heldel-
' rgunheislty by Klector Hupert , was ush
ered in by a dwarf standaul bcaier , carrying
aloft the banner of the old German emplie.
The banner of the new empire closed the last
part of It. Between them were five ccntuiies
of the history of Heidelberg , linked with that
of Germany.
in the procesblon was tlie grouo of knichts
In full suits of mall. Remarkable futures
vere these knights , elad In black mall liom
head to idot. They kept their visors down
to juh.'V > thefr liistoile appearance but they
buffeied from heat In their iron shells ,
though the day was not particularly warm.
The actors In tlio'p.igcantr were principally
younc men atfd women , sous
and'1 ' datiglilers ofwelltoUo "citizens
of Heidelberg , Including many of the pretti- '
cst women In the city.
A5IONO Till ! rlir.Tl'IKST
was nn English young lady , who took the
p.irtof Ellabath Stuart , wearing a brocade
dress , cieam color , embroidered with pearls
and n high niflle trimmed with rare
old lace. Over her wn * a magnificent canopy
of blue and white , tlu colors of tlio palati
nate , with tlie Pilnce of Wales plumes at the
four coiners , and an enormous royal crown
above this made the mettlesome palfrey t > ho
rode nervous and garo the man who led It
much trouble.
Venus yas a handsome blonde , who ap
peared ratlior timid and blushed a good deal
1iom her high place when passing the loyaj
Among the maiked features of the proces
sion weio to be seen the wagons of the unl-
unlveiblty hunting train , the car of the pala
tinate with an enoimons gilded lion and
L" ewans , the "Lansquenets" with their baggy
r hose , each consuming a hundred yards of
stulf sometimes , and thu banwagun , wheio
might bo seen masons constructing a honsu
after the tushlon of the middle ages.
The aggiegato value of the costumes of the
SCO persons In the. procession is estimated at
not less than half a million maiks. 'Iho stu
dents of the piesent day on horseback at the
end of thu pi ocuhslon looked very well , and
4 their good ildlng showed that the "Allge-
meino Weluptllcht" had given
them good cavalry training. Count
Von Wedel , of tl.o Piusslan corps ,
who led the van , diopped the nolnt of his
schlaeper befoio the loyal box with the grace
of a colonel ot hussais. Thu procession , as
did the lackeUiig the oilier day , matched
past at 11 o'clock. It had i cached theiath-
Imusheio it disbanded immediately.
A frrAiiVKU mown.
The hotels , icstainauts ana beer lialls were
oveirun by visitors and In two hours
famine was the cry among the crowds.
Three , who eamo for chicken and cham
pagne , were glad to icmaln with Jeberwurst
and small beer. In the feat hallo there was
btaiidlng room only , BO the pluckiest
tr.uuped away to stoun the vlll.mes In Iho
neiehboihood tor piovlslons. At 8 o'clock.
\\leutliohcl feast began , the grand duke
luoblded in his uiilfonu as colonel of dras-
After the choir had sung Von Schef-
fel's "Alt Holdelberir , " the duke pro
posed thu Emperor William's health ,
which , vas received with tremendous
cheeilng , and the 5,000 poisons present sang
"Hail to tlio Chlof. " Similar enthusiasm
giceted thu grand dukc'b health , pioposcd by
thobenlorof the corps of students , and which
was followed)1 ! old btudents' sonijs. Toasts
Avero diank to the ladeiimelster.the two houses
of the Uadon pariiamont and the guests and
t-i rjineo IJibiuaick , wheioat the applause
lairly made the rafters shako ,
Then they dnufk to the professors
and students , and to the army , nnd dually
n i.'iobt Mgnitic.uit toast , "To thu Sludunts in
Aims. "
All this was followed by tlui song , "So
Uluik nnd Btaak Gc-faeUt Mir am Itestcii die
LOIC. " 1 1 wus a mat I or of universal rezret
that the kieiijuliu did not return to lleldel-
tHirg. Various icasons given for his
departure , one Icing lhat Ills daughter full
fioinhcrlior eaud hint hen-elf. Hut the
IVeucli eay that lite preseneo heiu gave thu
fcjtotoo political a rharnvter.
Conrerrln ; : llouornry
HKiUKi.inna : , August 5.--NowYoik [ Hei-
aid Cable Speplal to the lHiJ-The : : ceie-
tuouy of coufonlu honorary dcjjiecs In the
Church of the Holy Ghost ocean this morn
ing with the performance of Klopstock's
"Hallelujah , " led bj Dlreclorof Music Wai-
frain , The procloi then , in a shoit peech ,
spoke of the nature ot the degree" ,
ot thcli being the only icturn which could bo
made by a university for the numerous favors
cotifeircd on It. These degrees had only
l > een conferred by Ihevcnale after matuio de
liberation and with the consciousness that
the recipients are worthy of them. The deans
of each of thu four faculties followed suit in
SDceches , much to the same purpose. Doc-
tois' degrees were then conferred by the the
ological fiiculty on the grand duke of Baden
and F. L. Von Stoesser , president of
the ecclesiastical council ; on Professor
Conll , of Koenigsbourg , nnd on court
Chaplain Hebllng and Deacon Xutll , both of
Cailsruho ; on Couneellor Senjer of Emmcu-
dlngcr , and 1'aison Busz , of Olarlus. The
degree ot doctor ot laws was conferred on the
hereditary grand duke and Kndolf Von lieu-
ninz7en , of Hanover ; Baron Hhasberg , ot
Austria ; Carl Dorn.of LcipAlg ; i'lcduilck
Kclfei , president of the Landcgcilcht In Constance -
stance ; Htchaid Koch , the Beilln financier ;
Joliant Von Soeper , Prussia councillor of
state ; William Nokk , president of the Baden
ministries of justice , chinches nnd public di
stinction ; Kudolr Scholl , professor of philo
logy at Minister ; Charles William Stoesser ,
president of court of last instance at Calls-
ruhe ; the Uight. Hev. William Stubbs.blshou
of Chester and professor of history at Oxford ;
Henri Lai no , of the French academy ; Peter
Williams , proleisor ot the unlvcibity at Loo-
went ; Wlnkelmann , profe.ssor ot history
here , and Dr. Call Xeuiior , of Beilln.
The degree of doctor of medicine was con- _
feired upon the minister of state of Carls-
rube : Professoi SlrJUonrv Uoscol , M. P. the
chemist , and Profcbsor Adolf Vonbyer of
Munich ; that ot professor of arts on Dr.
Klcktofcn , the geographer of Lclpslc , and
Nordenskjold , thearctlcexplorcr ; Alexander
Graham Bel'/of Washington , U. & A. ;
Profesbor William Thompson , of Glasgow ;
Professor Tcellor , the chemist of Dresden ;
Professor Michael Cliovrcul , the chemist of
of Pails ; Clmiles Galllsant Demayronne ,
professor of mineralogy and chemistry at
Geneva ; Werner Siemens of Berlin.
The degiees of doctor of philosophy
weio conferred on Minister of
State Turbln ; Professor Brosch , of Milan ;
lr. ) Josepho Eniico Stevenson , the papal
envoy ; Lieutenant Colonel Jaclins , of Ber
lin : Joseph Darin and Professor Simon
Ncwcomb , of Washington ; Arthur Copley ,
the mathematician , of Cambridge , England ;
Director Bartliolo Capasso , ot Naples ; Lulquu
Pigorolnl , thearchiuloglst , of Koine ; Piofes-
ser John W. Powell , of the United States
geological survey : Dr. llauchecorne , of Ber
lin , and Professor Pllager , of Bonn ; Protes-
sorKoch , of Berlin ; Messrs. Charles Marsh ,
of New Haven , Conn. , and Edward C. Cope ,
of Philadelphia , the American scientists ;
Professor Decandallo , the botanist , of Ge
neva ; Heniy Sweet , of England ; William
Strutt and Lord Itaylelgh , of Cambridge ,
Tlio mention of the many names was heait-
lly greeted , more ] especially those from the
United States of Amciica. The ceremonies
ended with the singing of Handell's "Det-
tinger Fedum. " The grand duke and
duchess , with Princes Louis and Clmiles of
Baden lett forCarlsruheat4 in the afternoon ,
where about four hundred persons dined
with them. All , Including the roj allies , re-
turnedhwujit 40 this evening. The crown
prince icturrfs to-morrow.
Ministerial Dllkenesa.
LONDON , Asssuto Rev. Finlayson , organ
izing secretary of the Colonial and Contin
ental Church -society ( Established church ) ,
was condemned to-day to pay $5,000 to a
.merchant named Cookson , in a divorce suit
brought by "the latter aalnst his wife on the
ground of adultery with Finlayson. Cookson
was also' given a deciee of divorce against his
The decree of dlvoreo obtained by Donald
Crawford , February l'2tli last , against his
wife , because of her relations with Charles
liltko , was to-day dechued absolute.
Burinah Must he Subdued.
LONDON , August 0. The state of affairs In
Burmah Is , and has been ever blnce the
British occupation , one of political discord
and boclal contusion. In consequence of
this the British government In India decides
to entrust command in Burmah to Major
General Herbert PMachcrson. commander in
chief in Madras. Five thousand troops will
bo sen * , into the country as soon as thu cold
bcasun commences , to scour it and dilve outer
or subdue the insurgetns. Onu thousand
additional police will bo sent trom India to
maintain order.
Try I ne to HcHloro Kates.
CHICAGO , August C. A meeting of the
general managers and general freight agents
of the eastern railway trunk lines was held
at the office of Commissioner Blanchard this
forenoon. All the roads wore represented
and the meeting is stated to have been har
monious. No definite action was taken , but
the view Is entertained that a restoration of
rates to the east will bo ordered.
The Panama Cannl.
PAIUS , August 0. Ono hundred and fifty
thousand new subscribers have been seemed
for the now bonds issued by the Panama
Canal company. Tlio number lias exceeded
the most bunguine hopes ot the company.
Jealousy Causes Two Deaths.
WALLACDTOWN , Pa. , August 0. James
McLain shot and killed Ella Davis this after
noon and then shot himself. Jealousy was
the cause.
n Kail Meeting.
LONDON , Ausjusto. The govcinmont has
not jet decided to call an autumn session of
parliament. The question will bo discussed
by the caulnet next week.
Young Ynohters Drowned.
SAUMA , Out , August 0. The pleasure
yacht Cruiser was caught In a storm on Sun
day night and wrecked on Lake Huron , She
Imdaciowof six young men , nil of whom
were drowned. The yacht has come abhoro
at Port Franko with the bodit's of Hope Me-
Kenzlu , Fleming McKenzip and T. A. Tefer
lushed lo U. The bodies of W. J. Sinclair.
William Vidal and Walter C. Morrison have
not yet been leeovered. All thu young
men belong to tlio first families of this vi
cinity and field prominent business positions.
Klotlnc nt Hoi fast.
BKLi'AST , August 0. While 100 woikmen
were going homo this evening a bottlu
was thrown among thorn from a window.
The woikmen retaliated with Iron bolts and
a fin ions tumult ensued. The police and
soldiers ( fastened to the scouu and charged
upon the lioters , but without dispersing
them , Tim police then liied upon theciowii ,
severely wounding several parsons.
An Early MornliiK-Trasedy ,
CIUCAOO , August 7. Word was iecel\e'dat
police headquarters about lSu o'clock this
morning that Captain Hall , formerly chief of
the United States secret service in this city ,
had just been shot dead by a woman. The
tragedy occmied at No. 4TO Wabasli avenue.
No other details woio given. Captain Hall
has lately licou stationed at St. Louis , but
lesigncd a tew daj s ago nnd came back to
Chicago. _
M. L. Higfrms & Co. , have for sale a
special bargain in si neat , clean block of
groceries unit lixtnrcs. no bonus. Satis *
Lit'tory reason for selling. Location unequalled -
equalled In tlio city , 1000 Douglas St.
The Anarchist Defemhut Tells About the
Meeting at the Haynmrkot.
A Number of Other Witnesses Testify
I/or ttic Defense In the Same
Strain Contradictory State
ments Mnilo.
The Anarchists.
CnicAao , August O. In the anarchist case
this morning Dr. John 31. Fleming was the
lirst witness. Hu said that he was one of the
physicians who were In attendance upon the
wounded at the Despldlnes street station on
tlio night of May 4. Witness said there were
about twelve citizens at the station who had
sustained injuries. Witness said ho ex
tracted a bullet from the knee of an olliccr ,
whom ho thoucht was Olllcer Kruger. Wit
ness said the bullet corresponded , as near as
he was able to judge , with the revolver
bullets used by the police.
Counsel bald that ho desired
to show that Kuiger remaiked
that that bullet came from the police
revolver. Objected to and objection sus
tained. Witness said ho extiactcd a bullet
from tlio shoulder of a shoemakei and it ap
peared to be the same as that taken from
Kumer. A bullet was taken from the body
of the dead man and biouirhtlo tlie police
station which also concsponds with the
other bullets. Un ctoss examination ho said
he was not able to testify as to tlio calibre of
the bullet or as to what kind of a levoher it
was ihcd Irom.
Otto Wandrv , who could not speak Eng
lish , testified that before the HaymarUct uiLet-
lugeoneluded heauddeleiulnnt.Fischer , went
to Sept's hall and weio thcie drinking boor
when the bomb exploded. He testified that
he also saw Parsons there. This latter asser
tion contr.vllcted other witnesses for the de
fense. On cross-examination he said he be
longed to a grouo of the internationalists ,
of which Fischer and EnL'cl weio mciubcis.
Edwaul Preusscr tebtlited hat )
arrived at Deerlng to make a speech ,
about iX ) : : ) on the night ot
-May 4 , and addressed them meeting at
Deering about 0:45 : , speaklnsr lifteen or
twenty minutes , and when he concluded
speaking Schwab went with witness to u
diinklng saloon and remained there tun or
litteen minutes. Schwab then took a car
and returned to thu eity. According to the
testimony Schwab could not have been at
the Uaymarket meeting later than 8 o'clock
at niihtandcould not have returned to the
Hay market earlier than 10 o'clock. On cioss-
examiimtion witness said" he was a canier
tor the Arhelter Xeltung. Ho could not state
the time precisely.
Frit/ Settler was also present at the Deer-
ing meeting , and heaul Schwab faiieak there
tint niirht.
Herman Becker , who lives on Randolph
street near the Hayiinukotsaw Schwab a lew
minutes after 8 o'clock on the night of May
4 , and atterwaids saw him take a streetcar
and go east. The testimony of these wit
nesses does not contradict that of the state
except that of Giluier , who stated that he
saw him in company with Spies just piior to
the explosion ,
Phineas H. Adams tcstllied that ho would
not believe Gilmer under oath. He could not
specify any particular facts to base his opin
ion upon except that two men who lived near
Gilmer had spoken in that way of him.
Heniy Witt , who could not sneaU Enclish ,
testlied ! that Spies was requested to make a
speech on the Black road to the meeting on
Mays , which resulted In tlio McOormlck riot ,
ana gave a resume of the occunence. He de
clared that Spies , -\\hen \ the attack made
upon McCormick's , meed his heaters not to
join the attack. On cioss-exaniination wit
ness said that lie knew Linggand that Linsrg
joined in the dclibcintions of the lumber
shovurs. He said the lumber bhovcrs' meetIng -
Ing was not called to take any action against
the McCormlck emplojes.
The defense introduced a witness named
William Murphy , who testlied ! that lie was
on the wagon at the Uaymarket when the
bomb exploded and did not see Fleldon dis
play a revolver. The court then adjouined
until 2 p. m.
In the afternoon Johann Gmnenbonr testi
fied that In presence of Fischer and Schwab
at theArbeiterXeitungonice he wasdliected
by Spies to take back to the printers the cir-
culais calling the Haymaikct meeting and
have otheis printed omitting the words ,
"Workingmen , arm yourselves and come In
force. " Witness said none of the first circu
lars had been distributed by orders of tlio de
Edward 11. Castle and II. S. Ilowo testified
that they Know the reputation of Harry L.
Gilmer lor truth and veracity to Le bad. In
a cross-cxnmlnation of very short duration ,
tlie btate developed the fact that neither ot
these witnesses have an Intimate acquain
tance with Gilmer.
Martin iechter swore that ho was with
Neebo in a saloon on the evening of May . ' ! ,
and that the latter dbtiibuted none of the
liaymarket circulars.
Mrs. Lizzie May Holmes , late assistant edi
tor and contributor to thu Alarm , tcstllied
that.she was with Mrs. Parsons at the Hav-
murket meeting until the close of Paisons'
speech , when she and Mrs. Parsons went to
the saloon at Xeoli's hall. Shortly atterwartl
Parbons and Fischer came in. Witness
swoio they did not go out until after the
bomb exploded. In the comneof cioss-exam-
inatlon .Mis. Holmes said her maiden name
was Swank and the nillclcs Inthealaim
sinned "L. M. S. " weio wiltten by her.
"Did you write the article headed , 'It Is
Comiiig'V" asked Inghani , exhibiting a num
ber ot the Alaun containing thu aitlclo 10-
leircd to.
" 1 did , " icplied the witness , after examin
ing the paper critically.
' Did you mean what you wrole ? "
" 1 meant it as much as any piop'.ict means
what ho says- , "
"Do you claim to possess powers of proph
ecy' " '
Witness replied that she could sometimes
foretell events under ecitain circumstances ,
but was plainly bomowhatembairaBsed by thu
question. She became somewhat contused
when questioned us to the locations occu
pied by herself , Mi.s. Parsons , .Mr. PaibOiis
and Fischer , and contiadlctcd herself as to
minor details.
Samuel Ftelden , defendant , was then
called to the stand. Ho conoboiated the tes-
limony of the other witnesses for the dclense
as to tlio meeting at the Arbelter Xeituug of
fice early In the evening ot May 4. Fiom
there ho accompanied Paisons to the Hay-
umiket , airiving at the conclusion of Spies'
speech. Paisons then spoke , and witness
being Intioduced DV Spies , spoke about twenty
minutes. He repeated the substance of his
speech , which was about thob.unum icportcd
by tlie papers. Anlvlng at that poilion
ot his speech when no was ropoited to have
advibod that the law bo "tlnottled , " ho said
ho used the teim In a flguratl\e sense , mean
ing that the law , which did not piotect the
people , should bo abolished. Witness bpoko
iluently , in a slightly tremulous tone of uilce ,
and related the subsequent events about as
follows :
"As I was concluding my remarks. I no
ticed the police coming towaul me. When
they weio quite close Captain Waidsaid , in
an angry tone ot voice , ' 1 command you In
the name of the state of Illinois to dlspeise. '
1 then stepped down fiom tlio wagon and
said to the captain , in a con
ciliating tone of \olce : 'Why ' ,
captain , tills Is a peaceable meeting. '
Ho made an ancry retort and I slatted lor
the sidewalk , As I walked along I srtw a
llahh over my Mionlder and heard the explo
sion ot the bomb. Then I heard the police
pouring shots Into the crowd fiom their ic-
volveis and many groans of agony. About
this timei J. tell a sliaip pain In my knee , but
I did not know I was shot until 1 leached
Desplaines stieet and mounted a Van Buren
street car , 1 boarded a car going toward
Fifth avenue , Intending to visit the. Arbeiter
/.eituugolHcHaudseelt any of flio. otheis
had arrived , and learn whether ( hey had been
wounded. Time Sas no light in the build-
ins , so l got my wouud dlw.sed.jind vent
lioinOt ,
Thd remainder of Flelden's testimony re
lated to Mich i-tca-otyped Items of defense as
"the police did all the linncthere was no
Intention to m > o dynamite or any kind of
foire at the Haymarket , " "the aimed section
of Uao association ii&d uo aims , " tc. .
thioiichont which Wiihcss * answers were
.similar to the ! C of his fellow witnesses.
The defense brought into considerable
prominence the fact that Flcldcn was an In
dustrious and prosperous worklngman , when
n ever owned a revolver In his life and did
not use one at the Hdymarhet. His dltect
examination will be continued to-morrow
Tim International Uotlo of Honor In
Dancer of n Gash.
Ei. PASO , Texas , AugustO.-Cuttlng's trial
took place yesterday By advice of Consul
Brlgham ho don led Jurisdiction of the court.
No evidence was Introduced , but the prose
cuting attorney addressed the court In Span
ish , demanding Gulling bo sentenced to two
years Imprisonment at hard labor , tltatbelng
the longest term given by the statutcsof Tex
as. He also demanded that Consul Brlgham
be censured for ofllehms Interference. Me
dina spoke In Spanish , demanding speedy
punishment. Then the law .student appoint
ed by the court to defend Cutting spoken low
wonts , clafmlnirCnUliiff dlil not know ho was
bieaklng Mexican laws by publishlnc .state
ments In Texas , and asked the court
to assess the lowest penalty. The court took
tin ; matter under advisement and .said ho
would give Judgment within llftcen days.
The people In all thUsestlon are excited oer
the atlnlr.
Seuor Nicolas Mlgo , Mexican federal Judge
for Puso del Norte district , came fiom Clil-
lumliiia Wednesday niirlit. Roberts , resident
of Paso del Norte , came up on the same tialn
and says Mlgo shoved him a full paidon tor
Cutting , signed by President Dhu , and ex
plained to him thai the Intention was to con
vict Cutting , sentence him , and then In
stantly innlon him.
This was thought would pacify the United
States without denying the rlirht claimed by
Mexico to punish Cutting. Judge Mlgo de.
cllncd to talk. _
Dclnllcil Public Opinion. '
CITV or Mnxico ( via Galvestou ) , August
C. The Cutting case Is still uppermost. A
reporter visited some of the American resi
dents to KCt their views to-day. Neither Min
ister Jackson nor Consul-Ueneral Porch felt
at llbeily to say anything for publication.
General Superintendent MacKcnzle ,
of the Mexican Central railway ,
said that ho was sorry so much trouble
hail arisen from the petty quarrel belween
Cuttlni : and Medina. General Manager Tur
ner , of Wells , Fargo & Co. , said ho con
sidered the matter of very little importance.
He thought It highly unjust for the American
papers lo assert that there was no protection
in Slexlco for American citizens.
Charles L. Seagcr , publibher of the Mexican
Financier , said : "ICdo not think our
government or the vcoplc at homo
fully realize the disagreeable and
oven dangerous position In xvliich the busi
ness Inteiestsot Americans living hero are
placed by the conduct of an adveuturfir on
the border , who tries to use tlio American
flag to protect him In order to obtain a little
notoriety. "
Several other gentlemen declared they
novel- considered it a lit subject for diplo
matic Intel fercnce. Cutting was notdcnled ;
any ot the legal i roeirtions guaranteed to
Mexicans under simitar circumstances , nnd
by his refusal to recosrnne the autliority of
the court he , himselL-prevented con-
sldclatlon of
ileporteciJFlna ot PJjfi' ieuin.Ncar the
CniCAoo , August 0.-2Ut jBiexcltement was
created to-day In { henorthMJjlsuburb of Lake
\ lew by the statemeat tliatfpetroleuni flow
ing in large quantities. hadS ecn > discovered
on the pr.Uiicnear'Mcorfierot \ ! . .Itotfyatid ,
Noble streets. Thq Tnlprlanco o"f such a find
was. manifestV wtijjn taken in con
nection with itho-- proximity of the
location to. i-tho city's "great manufactur
ing establishments. Upon investigation it
was found that five years _ aeo seine gentle
men purchased terr acres of clay bank In
Lake Vjevv at "the place named , and have
been turning out latge : quantities of brick
ever since. About a year ago there was no
ticed among the. , * lower strata of clay
a black. stickysufpstance , rosemb-
line printer's Ink , and having a
decldca odor of petroleum. Very little
attention was paid to the matter until the
last six weeks. Wednesday a small bubbling
was noticed in threoplaces , t > id a close ex
amination showed that the ( spasms , which
were at intervals of * five miiiutes , threw to
tlin suitaco alternate yields of water and. the
matter In question. To-dav Captain Villars ,
of the Lake View police , look two
Pennsylvania oil prospectors out
to the lind , and they airrccd it was pure-
petroleum , but could form no Idea as to
whether or not It was to be found in paying
quantities. Near th < 3 clay bank Is a huge.
flat rock , several hundred square feet ot
which Is exposed to view.It Is asserted to
night by persons who claim to know that the
lock is stiongjy Imprcfrnatad with natural
gas. Tills rumor has greatly added to the
excitement caused by the reported find of
Warrants for Squlro and Flynn.
NHW YORK. August 0. A rumor was circu
lated to-day to the effect that Ilollln M.
Squire nnd Main led 1) ) . Flypn were liable to
bo arrested at any moment on criminal
charges made to the district attorney. It
was biid that alrcadi * bench warrants signed
by Jiulcu Cowing were in the hands of the
The examination by Mayor Grace Into the
chatges made against Commissioner Squire
continued to-day the , sixth charge , regarding
the resignation letter. Gillieit M. Spiie , jr. ,
the lirst witness called , said ho knew Hubert
O. Thompson and had seen him a shoit time
pievlous to his death. Monday , July 19.
Thompson called at witness1 oflico anil held
a conversation with him. * Fiom there ho
wentto tho.ofllcooffMavor Grace , on Hanover
. "Before ho went " said
over Square. , wit-
ne'B , "Tho'mpson .showed mo a letter or
paper. " The letter of December iiO was
bhownandldcntilic I.
"Did ho tell you * hcre he got the letter ? "
"He told me * ho til d taken It lioin n box in
the Sato Deposit coi ipauy , "
August Lyon aill D. Loubcr Smith , ex-
deputy collector ot flio dopaitment of public
woiks , Identified th iblgnatuio ot the letter
as tlmt ot Itbllln M. bqulre. The letter of
December 20 , lbS4 , from Squire to Mauileo
K. Flynn was thenjeail. The letter Is ono
In which ISquire give ? Flynn aiithoiity to
make all appointments. In the oflico of the du-
paitmcnt of public woiks.
Keep Off ! bo Streets.
BKLPART , August0 , Tlio city is plaeaidfd
with a pioclainatlonjb the mayor inrblddlng
assemblages in tha stieets , Uneaten inn all
who attempt to form lljem and all who par
ticipate in them with arrest , and calling on
all law-abiding citizen ) to assist the police In
supniesslni : disorder whenever It may occur
In the city. * > _ . ! _
Asiatic Cholera' Wisconsin.
MILWAUKEE , Wis. , August 0. Keports of
the existence of Ablatle cholera cases icached
this city to-day from Madison , Chlppovva
Kails and Miladoru. Xf Miladoio eight people
ple have died from tha alleged disease. .None
of the toportsaie fioin'oftlchilhources ' andtlio
state board of healtli Is inclined to doubt
their accuiacy while admitting that cases ex-
luo Houses Melting.
KAST ST. Louis , August 0 , Tne extensive
Ice houses1 of the St. Louis beef canning com
pany took lire at 10.u : tuis morning and aio
bllll imriiiuir. Aid has been aslced tiom the
lire ( tepaitment of St. Louis.
With tlio aid of tlnou engines sent from St.
Louis the ( lie was kept from spieadlng , and
the building In whlcli it eliminated was the
only one destroyed. Loss , 518,000 , fully In-
Horse XI11 el' Arrested.
Coi.usini'8. Neb. , August 0. [ Special Tele
gram to JhoBei : . ] Chief of Pollco Nichols ,
In compliance with a telegram from the sher
iff of Merrlck county , to-day arrested on the
overland train John Melinite , a resident of
AltonIlle , for appiopiiatlni ; n York liu'ry
ilg and endeavoring to dispose ot the same at
Central City.
The Remains of Eov , Haddock Sent to
C3 Their Pinal Homo in Wisconsin.
The Coroner's Jury Still Worklnjr to
Scottro a Trnco of the Murderers
Many Join the Ltuv nnd
Order League.
Honor to the Donil.
Sioux CITY , la. , August 0. [ Special Tele
gram to the lint : . ] Tlio Interest In the In
vestigations of the coroner's jury in the mur
der of Hov. G. C. Haddock continues un
abated. Of what Is being developed the
public know little or nothing , as oven the
stenographer Is sworn to secrecy. It Is cer
tain , however , that a now lead was struck to
day and It Is doubt ! ill whether their work can
bo completed before to-iuoiiow evening.
State Attorney General Baker , Hon. M. D.
O'Connull , of Fort Dodge , and late Federal
District Attorney Marsh aio in attendance , at
the Investigation. These gentlemen show
plainly that facts of unexpected importance
aie being developed. The attoinoy general
advises that no in rests buordeicd on mcio
DTlils morning a British bulldog revolver ,
will ) ono chamber empty , was found In some
weeds near where the murder was committed
and was turned over to the city authorities
and presented to the coroner's Jury.
The funeral was held this afternoon , the
remains lying In state at the Methodist
church fiom 10 o'clock. At that hour a stream
of people commenced passing through thu
church viewing the remains of the nuutyr.
The church was beautifully draped and de
corated with floral tributes , among them
being several very costly emblems from a dis
tance. Almost all of the city churches pre
sented offerings of tills nature , the display
being one of the finest over seen In
this section and unmlstakcably emphasizing
the place the dead preacher held in their ap
preciation. Long before the hour for cer
vices to commence the church was crowded
to overflowing and also the slreet outside ,
The Presbyterian church near by was opened
and was soon tilled , but still the crowd could
not bo accommodated. Feeling and touching
memorial addresses were made at both
Thofollowlncwere the pallbearers : Kcv.
Judson Jones , ht , Peter , Minn. ; Itev. K. C.
Glass , LeMars , la. ; llev. William Picston ,
Alta , la. ; Hov. D. Woodworth. Fort Dodge ,
la. ; llev. C. C. Turner , Sioux City.
At the close ot the services the remains
wore followed to the train by ayastconcoinse
of sympathizing friends , nnd about 5 o'clock
left the depot forKaclne , Wis. , where Inter
ment takes place to-morrow.
Meetings have been held at various places
over the state denouncing the muiderot Hev.
Mr. Haddock , and large amounts coutilbdtcd
for the benefit of the widow. Slbley , LuMars
and Cherokee'sent large contributions. The
citi/.ens of this city are also raising a fuuu
and have now about 8(500. ( Over 800 citizens
have aheady joined the law and order league ,
and the work of exterminating tlie saloons ,
brothels , etc. , so bravely begun by Hov.
Mr. .Haddock , will bo prosecuted
with more Ti or than ever until
every such place disappears from tills city.
vl'Uls is undoubtedly tlie spiritiand purpose of
the people.
Many rumors are afloat as to dynamite
schemes and thieatenect attacks on other
prominent temperance gentlemen , and It Is
cei tain that the vicious element of the city ,
seeing they can iiile no longer here , are mak
ing oiio last strucsle , and anything may bo
expected. Sioux City has reached her crisis ,
and nothing else is talked about hero.
KACINU , vVls. . Aug. 0. The remains of
Rev. Geo. 0. Haddock , who was miirdeied at
Sioux City , la. , will arrive lieio at 4:40 Satur
day afternoon and bo taken dhectly to the
cemetery , where icllglous services will be
held. Laige numbers"ot ministerial friends
fiom Wisconsin and Illinois aie expected , if
the trains will peimit their icturn home the
same evening.
The Fat Men of Wahoo Skin the
Skeletons Other Games.
WAIIOO , Neb. August 0. | Special to the
BIE. : ] Accoiding to n custom prevailing
hero a game ot ball is played annually be
tween a nine of the tat men and a nine of
lean men of "Wahoo. The game for ' 80 was
played at the lair giounds yesterday and re
sulted in a victoiy for the fat sports. The
score stood 31 to 23 in iavor of adipose tissue.
For tlireo years in succession the heavy
weights have been victorious.
LINCOLN , Neb. , August fl. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bun. ] In the tlilul game of the
Llncoln-Leadvllle series on the homo ground
to-day the spectators were treated to as line
an exhibition in playing as has been wit
nessed this season. Up to the eighth inning
the game was very close , but in that inning
the Lincolns piled up thicc scores and won
the game , tlio scoio standing 5 to B. Holf-
ner pitched for the homo club and was in
line foim , and both clubs played ball with
visor. The last game between the clubs will
bo an Intcicstlng one. lo-day's attendance
was light.
AT Nnw Yonic
New York 0 10300000 3
Kansas City 0 B 0001001 4 base lilts Now Yoik 0 , Kansas City
0. Errois Now Hork 3 , Kansas City , U.
Umplro Ellock.
AT Prrrsiiuiso
PUtsbuiK 0 oooioooo l
Ualtimoio 0 2000001 * ! )
I'ltchi'is Monls and Klhoy. First base
lilts Pittsbuig 5 , Baltimore 7. Eriois
Pittsburgh , Baltimore 2. Uiiipue Kelly.
St. Louis 0 00000000 C
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 0 ! 1
Pitciii-is Healy ondFeignson. I'ii'bt base
hits St. Louis 2 , Philadelphia 0. Kirois
St. Louis 7. Umplio ( iallnuy.
Chicago 0 3300312 0 11
Washington.0 00000000- ( .
Fhstbaso hits Chleairo 14 , Washington 4.
Krroirt Chicago 0 , Washington S ) . Uinnuc
Detiolt 1 0110100 * 4
Boston 0 01001010- ! :
Pitcheis Itttdhourno and Smith. Flrsl
base lilts Boston 0 , Detroit 2. Euors
Boston 5 , Detroit 8 , Umplro Fuliner.
The Louisville-Metropolitan game wa <
biought to a close by r.iln after the tiist hall
of the third imiinir , the scoio being 5 to 0 ii :
favor ot the homo team.
AT ST. Louis
St. Louis 1 3 0 0 1 0 S S 1-K
Athletics 100001000- ' .
FhstbaSo hits St. Louis 10 , Athletics 1
Krrors-St. Louis 4lA.thlitles , : 10. Umpiio-
Italn Mopped the Brooklyn-Cincinnati
came in the beginning ot the fouitli inning
The homo team bcoicd two runs ; Bionklyi
none ,
/V / Cyoliino in Kansas.
TOI > IKA : , Kas. , Augiibto. A telegram was
received hero last ovenlng stating that a cy
clone had bti nek the town of Hartl.ind am
demollslied twenty houses and done prea
damage to growing crops. Sixteen cars wen
blown from the Atchlson , Tojieka A : Santi
Fo tracks and the teles ianh wiies ] iroslratei
for two miles west of town. The extent o
the damage is not yet learned , but Ilio dls
patch stated that Ho tar as learned
had been seriously Injuied. The Morn
icached other towns in tlio vicinity of Halt
laud , ltd ellcctfcauuot uukaiuwL
Whnt They AVII1 Have to Do to Sccnro
Irish Vote * .
\VASIIINOTON , August a [ Special Tclc-
jram to the lir.K. ] The associations of
United Irishmen of the United Slates will
tiold a meeting In Chicago on the 14th Inst ,
for the iccoption of lion , Michael Davltt. It
Is expected that there will bo at least 10,000
pie < sent on that occasion , and it is the Inten
tion of those having the matter In charge to
make it of considerable political.significance.
lion. Samuel .1. Itandall , uf Pennsylvania ,
and Kepioscntatlve McAdoo , of Now Jersey ,
have been invited to l > o parent and make ad-
diesses. Both has-o accepted. The fact that
Messrs. Sullivan and Kiran arc engineers of
the movement scorns to Indlcato they
ptoposc to serve n formal notice that If the
democrats deslte thu Irish vote at the next
piesldcutlal election they will have to take
up Mr. Itandall. It will bo remembered that
Sullivan and ICgan did the im ) t work In the
last campaign towards thiowlng the Irish
vote for liliilnc.
The Now Timber havr.
WASUIXOION , Avmusl O. The Interior de
partment to-day pioiuulgatcd rules and regu
lations governing the removal of timber from
government lands. They are proscribed by
virtue of the act of .luiio ! i , IbTS. entitled :
"An act authorizing the cltt/ous of Colorado ,
Nevada and the territories to fell and remove
timber on the public domain for mining and
domestic purposes. " The act applied only to
( lie states of Colorado , Nevada , and the ter-
rltoilesof New Mexico , At 1/oti.i. Utah , Wy
oming , Dakota , Idaho and Montana , and
other mineral dislilcts in the United Slates
notespcclallv provided for. The rules specify
that none hut residents of the 8tat or toiri-
tory Is permitted to cut timber , and that the
samn wiicn cut must not be icmosed from the
state or territory , but used tlieieln in the
erection of buildings for u\iicultiiral or min
ing puiposes ; that no tiees less than eight
inches In diameter shall be cut , mid that each
tren cut must bo utili/.ed so as to leave no
residue on tlio ground to encourage the
spread of foiest Ihes. The rules take effect
September 1.
Milton llenock was to-day appointed post
master at ShMiuock , Holt county , vice T. N.
Mouis removed.
The Fellows Who Got Left.
WASHINGTON , August 0. The following
are the nominations sent to the senate which
remain unacted upon : Samuel G. Glover ,
receiver of public monlcsat Valentine , Neb. ;
Oliver Shannon , , receiver ot Noith Piatte ,
Neb. ; Thomas Cooper , collector of internal
revenue for the Eighth district of Illinois ;
Gustavus Van llorscheck , United States at
torney for the Southern district of. Illinois :
S. T. Burch , register of the land office at
Valentine. Nel } . : L A. Abbott , postmaster ,
Aubiunlll.I.A. ; BaidonpostmasterSupcrlor
Wis. ; .1. E. JotiPB , po-jtmaster , Poitage , Wls.
The following is a list of the rejections : E.
M. Kin man , postmaster , .laeksomillo , 111. ;
G. W. Bell , postmaster , Webster City , la. ;
Geo. Wist , postmaster , Hamburg , la. ; A. B.
Kutli , postmaster , Denison , la. ; Abraham
Ko e. postmaster , Vinton , la. ; John Geode ,
solicitor general ; John Shields , chief justice
of Arizona ; C. It. Pollard , associate justice of
Montana ; It. S. . Dement , sinveyor general of
Utah ; P. S. Wilson , assayer , Den\er ; C. 11.
Potter , Indian agent , Omaha and Wlnucbago
agency. _
Civil Service Democrats Downed.
WASHINGTON , August 6. [ Special Tele
gram to the BIK ; ] The republicans hero ore
exceedingly sorry to hearof the doteifepfy
IlepiQScntaUveCqvof North Carolina * * ? ?
renqmiuatlon.,0 Cox'wa ? a gallant co'nfede'c- '
ate officer dining the war and was the most
popular democrat In his distiict , but he was
a warm advocate of civil service reform and
declined to piostitutu his convictions for the
sake of inopitlatinc the olllco-seuklnir elo-
nient in Ills party. The result is that there is
scarcely a less popular man in Moith Caio-
llna to-day. The shallowness of the profes
sion of the democratic party on the subject of
civil service rolorm is shown in this case , as
well us at the Alexandria convention to-day ,
where resolutions condemning Cleveland
weie unanimously adopted and greeted with
rounds ot applause.
To Prevent Pleuro-Pnoiimonla.
WASIIINOTON , August 0. Commissioner
Caiman has piepaicd a circular containing
the mles and icgulations for co-opeiatiou be
tween the United States department of agri
culture and the authorities of the several
states and teriitorles for tlio suppiesslon and
extirpation of contagious pleiiio-pneumonla
of cattle. The circular quotes thu piovlslons
ot the law approved May 2'J. K&i , and of that
apjnoved.luneliO , 1S38. The latter appio-
pnated 5100,000 to be employed In such man
ner as the commissioner m.iv think best to
prevent the spicadof plouro-pneumonla.
Another Appointment.
WASHINGTON , August C. The president
to-day appointed Thomas Cooper to bo col
lector of Internal revenue for the Eighth dls-
tiiet of Illinois.
All Other Reoordfl Broken.
WASHINOTON , August 0. The record ot
the present congress lllls 8,630 printed pages ,
not including indexes and aimondlx. This
exceeds by about hftcen bundled pages the
record of any preceding i > oislonof congress.
To Attend Tlldcn's Funeral.
WASHINGTON , August 6. The piesldent ,
Secietary Endlcott and Sccietary Lament
left to-niulit for New tork to attend the fu-
neial of Tllden.
Storey's Will Snstnlncil.
CHICAGO , August 0. The appclato couit
announced this morning that It had aflltmed
the decision of Judge ltogcrn , In which he
sustained the will of thu Jato Wilbur F.
Stoiey. editor of the Chicago Time * . Hedgers
held thu will was valid and should bo ad
mitted to piobato. The will bequeaths to the
widow the entlio estate of the l.ito Wilbur F.
Stoioy , including thu Chicago Times news
paper. The attoiucys for the other heirs
took an appeal to the supreme couit.
The Southern Itopiihllc * .
ST. Louis , Auaust 0. The Comniereio Del
Vallo , published in this city , pilnts a letter
In the last issue irom its correspondent In
thu city of Mexico to thoeffect that thu picsi-
dents and ex-pieshlents of the Central Amer
ican republics of Salvador , Nieu.igim , lion-
dm as. Costa Klcaand G.iuteumla are now in
that city , arranging a plan tor thu union of
these states In onu contedeiatUm , with the
ultimate , view ot annexation to thu Mexican
Financial Aid For Homo llnlo.
DrjTitoir , Mich. , August 0 , Hev. Dr. O'-
llollly this morning cabled to Iho treasiueis
of the Irish patlhtmentary funds sixty thous
and dollais to sustain the I'ainellHcs. The
following dispatch was sent ; "Patncll , House
ot Commons , London : 1 have ( his day trans
mitted to the trustees SflO.OOO. Loacuo in
Anteiua ! lelaxe.sJiL'.elloil. knows no dismay.
| SlguciH > 'liiM.v { : , tiuasuiur.
John Smith
OALLATIN , Mo. . August 0. John F , Smith
was hanged heio to-day for minder , llo as
cended the scaffold ulth a , linn Btej ) and
made a i-lioit speech , in which he piotestcd
complete innoconuu of ttie crime. His nock
was biokon and ho died without a struggle.
Will Kho Ulso
ix. Ari/ . , August O.-Tho principal
business block of the city was dcstioycd by
lire this mornlug. Loss , SHU.OJU ; Insnrancn
&iVjxx ( ) . It lh believed to liavu Inecn-
_ _
John Hmlth iliui ( ; .
ST. LOVIH , Ainrust C. John iiinlth , the
murdeicrof Gladson , wa taken fiom M
ville to Galiatin , Mo. , to-day and hanged ,
Neurnulcu and lownVcather. .
For Nebiask.i and Jowu : Fair wr.tihcr ,
marly sutiomuy
What a Lady Writes Concerning the Lift of
Grant's ' Daughter.
Her Husband's Nesiloot nnd Indulg *
cnec In Driinlcon Sprees nnd Fail
ure to I'rovldo For Her A ]
Humored Scimrntlon. ' ;
Love's luilior
AuRiist (1.-fSpoclal ( to the
Uii : : . ] "A givat many lllo\l filcndsoflho
( Jrant family deny the story , that Mis. Sur-
torls IB llvlnc unhappily with her husband , "
writes ahuly tiom lhiiland , who stands \erv
nigh \Vasliiimtonsoclctycticlc ) and whoso
liusband Is a man of national reputation.
" 1 have been visiting ne.ii1 the Snrloris estate
and have had ninny oppoitunltles for observ-
liiK the state of ntl'ftlis in thu lamily. Nellln
iHiliiKan Ameilean k'lrl I n.Uiuallv took an
Interest In her welfare and tried to discover
If the ciuel sloilcseliculatod In icgard to her
domestic lifo weiotiui1. Thu poor itrl tries
to hide it thu best slio can , but her husband
so openly and avowedly disicganU her
wishes that It Is common talk in the neigh
borhood. It has been said that old Mr. bar-
loris was very wealthy. A lawyer tolls Brno
licio that his son somehow managed to get
liold of a greater part ot It and hay , In tlm
latiRiiagoof the woild , 'blown it all in. ' 11
\\nsiiotmoro than a month a : o that Neillo
was 111 with a blight fever , 1 believe ,
and her husband was oil somewhcie.
Of COUMO they telegraphed him to
return home , and the answer came back noxl
day that ho was off with a patty of irlends
and It would bo Impossible to return home
immediately , ho would endeavor t6 get back
In the course of a fuw d.iys , hoeur. . Such
shameful neglect an this , thu neighboring
oplo say. Is an every day oeoiti route.
olllo leceives n icmittance from home every
month with which she | uvs her expenses ami
s of rt'
and all tlie money ho cots Is a begnnrly al
lowance given by fiis father. Society ncnplu
In London and thiouzhout island undn-
stand the state of ulfairs and try and niviKM
things as blight as possible for Nellie. She
has niinieious vlsitois the year tound and
ones who are I believe tiuo Irinnds for th v
do not desert her In the hour of trouble. Ah
for her husband they entertain the most
cordial disiesneet for him. When ho goes to
London to "do" the season his invitations
nio very limited 1 assuio you. 1 encountered
him once at ono of Lady Ruulolph Church-
Ill's receptions 1 believe. He was looking aA
if he had not slept for two weeks. In fact I
do not remember of having ever soon
such a tired looking man. It is H.iid
on good authority Unit Nellie
will return to America next spring or bcfoie
If ho comes Flio will not you can depend oil
that. She will bo accompanied by the ehlld-
len , and the chancus are thai hei leturn will
be exceedingly ddtibtlul. in fact , 1 do not
believe Nellie ever intends to BO back to sueli
an unpleasant lite.ind live with a man lor
whom she has no respect. No high spliited
American gitl , such as she , would do | t. The
death of her father and her piesent trouble
combined show on her luce only too rigidly.
One can easily discein what the difficulty 1H
with the slightest hint as to the ntato
of a 11 airs. I do not think Sintoiis
.ever abused his wife , but hojis addicted to ,
illquor and thot is just us bad. I iccolK'ctV ?
when In Washington the night befoic Ills
wedding hoont off ana "hurrah" with n
conplo of riotous companions. Ho was il
sorry lortklng sight novt moining , I assure
you , and I said then to Mrs. that thu
match would end unhappily if he continued
his wild way * . You see my predictions ha\0
come true. Lady Chuichill Speaks very dln-
parajringly of him. She told me u great deal
iibout the whole allalr a short lima ago , ami
seemed very.much touched by NeIlieYs haul
lot. I suppose thu whole truth will come mil
soon , and I do not think 1 will bo vviong in
saying that thcio will be great Indignation in
Amciica. "
.Aliiiuifacturers to Tout
the Validity ol'tho tinw.
CmcAoo , AnsustO. The Chicago manu-
facturcis of buttcilno and oleomargarine met
in contoience to-day to talk over the lecent5
action ot congress regaidlng their industry 4 *
and agreoupon a plan to test the validity
of tlio olcomargaiino bill. Kloven Chicago
factoiies were rcreseuted ] , ( ! . M" . Sterne , ot
Sterne & Davis , piesiding. The bill was dis
cussed , and It was agreed that Us constltn- .
tlonality ought to bo tested bufoio the United
States bunrcmo court. The law goes Into el-
lect November 1. Uefoio that date. It wna
said , the manutactutcrs will piobably take
the first steps for redress , and a mentlny of :
the National Oleomargarine and liuttcrlnn
association , of which Sterne Is pu-sldunt ,
will be called within the next thiity days in
Chicago. Thcio aio twenty-live linns in thd
national association.
Cone rcsHin nil Coming Home.
WASHINOTON , August 0. | Special Tel6-
giam to the Uii.J : : Iteptesoiilatlvo Hepburn ,
of Iowa , loft for homo to-night. All the
other lepubllcan mcmbcis ot the dclCKallon
have gone with the exception of Senator
Allison. He will go to-moirow. Weaver ,
Hall and Fredericks aio still hero looking
afier deiiaitment matteis. Tliey expert to
goon Mon < lav or Tuesday. Senntoi.s Man-
dei.son and Van Wyck weio both liero tills
alternoon hut Intoinled to lea\o for Nebraska
at once. Messis. Weaver and Dorsey have
gone. Mr. Laird starts early In the week.
At TIldcn'H HI or.
YoNKnits , N. Y. , August C. The morning
opened lalny. All is rjnlut at GjoyHtont- ,
Tlio prepaiatlons for Tilden's funeral to-
monow morning aio about completed , Til-
den's face looks natuial and peaceful , The
business men of Youkeislmvo concluded lo
close their btoies to-mouow fiom 10 to la
o'clock , thu liouis oecupied by the Inneral
services and the Innoral piorosslon In going
from Uro.Vbtono to the Hudson Hlvcr depot.
Jlrs. J. H. Daniels has KOHO on a visit
lo Cleveland , Ohio.
That Tired Feeling
Tlio warm weathci has a doJdlltatlng effect ,
especially upon these \\lio uroltlihi doom
most of the lime. The peculiar , yet common ,
complaint known M "that tiled feullng , "
is tlio result. This fccllns cmi bo onthcly
ovciconio by taUIng Hood's Sarsapaillla ,
\\hloh gives new lifo and bircucth to all
thu functlaiis of tlio bod/ .
" 1 ccnld not sleep i lia < l no oprctltc. I
took Hood's Baisaparllla and soon Ijegan to
ilccp soundly ; tould get uji nlthout Hint
tired and languid fccllns , ' ; and my aiinclito
li. A. S.xx ono , JCcnt , Ohio.
ytJtoH tlie System
lioort's Bars'iparlll.i Is clinrnrlcrlzeil by
tlireo i.ecullailtles : 1st , tlio coml'iuittcn ot
remedial agents ; 2dth pi opinion ; ad , Ilio
proct i of securing the nctl > e medicinal
( juallties. The result is a mctlichio of unusual
Etrcnglh , eltcctl.ij ; cures Mtlicito unknown ,
6eud lor book containing ndillllonal cvldcnco.
"Hood's Sarsurailll.i tones 1111 my K > stcir. .
uiincH my hlood , sharpens niy appetite. .iml
to mnko m < i over. " .1. 1' , THOMJ-SOJ * .
ti-i of Uccd. , , Lonull , Jlas1 ! .
" Hood's Bir-sap.ullla licati idl othen , and
n worth Us v.olislit In polil. " 1. li.\ujii.saTOX ,
no JJauk blicel , New Voi k City.
Hood's Sarsapariila
field by all drusuNts. ? t ; six for $5. Mnl ; <
cnlybyC. 1 , HOOJ ) CO. , towell , Mass.
SososOno. Dollar *