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I ( , A New Horns For the Feeble Minded In
spected By the Officials.
Iilncnln's Hall Chili Charmer Pulled
Jly the 1'iillcc Xlio Mystery of
JUIcliurn'H Death Still Un
solved Lincoln Notes.
ImoM THE ntf * i.iNrot.jr nuuuAU.1
The board of public liindH nnd build
ings , coniisllng of Secretary of State
lleggpu , State Treasurer Willnnl , Laud
Commissioner Scott and Attorney Gen
eral LI-CM ? . liaVo been down to Iloalrlco
inspecting the state homo for the feeble
minded now In coin so ot construction ,
ami which Is Hearing completion. The
board have upon their return expressed
themselves as satisfied with the work
donoand progress made , nnd state that
the building will . be ouo o ! Uio hand
somest and most convenient public
buildings in the blate , and will be fur
nished with all modern improvements for
the uare and keeping of the Inmates.
Armstrong , who accompanied the board
nnd who Will bo appointed the superin
tendent of the institution , considers it n
model building for the purpose. The
board will , cither wholly or in part ,
shortly visit the new insane hospital at
Norfolk , which has now reached the roof
in its construction , and Commissioner
Scott represents the board in n caicful
watch-care and inspection of the im
provements at thu state reform school at
Kearney. The state is doiuj * u good deal
of public building tills year , and the
board expresses satisfaction at the work.
TIII : aiA&rori i : CUMT.S TO rntinr.
The colored mascoltc of the Lincoln
base-ball club has been incarcerated in a
buslilc. As a mascotti ! his days were
few nnd full of failures. Ho was wont to
parade the streets in the forenoon cov
ered with a gaudy suit of red and blue
tlanne1. , and In the afternoon to witness
the rout of the Lincolnitcs at the base ball
park. Little wonder then , that this
bron/.cd child of .southern suns became
discouraged , and as the ball olub dc
Ifoncratcd into a state of unanimous dc
feat so degenerated the inascotto until
two wcoks ago lu > found himself an cm-
Ijloyo in a house of questionable reputa
tion , wlicro his natural genius and super
natural powers combined commanded a
nalnry of two dollars and a half \ycok. .
A day or two ago two Indies were driving
by the house where stopped thu mascottc ,
and they discovered .some furniture in
view that had been stolen from them.
They stopped to investigate , aud the
mnscolto opened out a nuiscotto tongue
upon , showering the most villain
ous language upon them imaginable.
This was the reason that yesterday the
inuseotte bared his A/tec licad in Jus
tice Brown's court , complained of the
bill of faro furnished guests at the city
jail , and in his poverty begged of the
.liidgo a chew ot tobacco , when that
functionary pulled'from a drawer Ins
well-worn chow of gmu and started the
haliva flowing down his throat. The
ca o against the nmscoUe was brief and
- f' to thu point. The ladies appeared in
\ 4 court , gave their testimony , aud then the
defendant look the stand. He said his
name was John , that he had no other
name but mascottc , and that he was do
cent a _ d welMionn.vA < ii " . . ! J * - . . . ; t i
culprit was a yellow boy , who not only
talked bad but carried a gun. As the
evidence of this kind was in pov-
urty anil wanting in facts , the judge cut
the oration of the prisoner short and sent
him to the county jail for ton days. "Is
that nil ? " faaid the mascotlo as ho de
parted , and his countenance brightened
no enough to win a game of ball lor the
Lincoln team when ho heard his sen
At the coroners' inquest over the body
of the man found dead east of the city , and
which the inquest failed to determine in
any way whether it was u suicidal case
or murder , C. C. 1'acu testified positively
that ho saw the man who was dead at II
o'clock on the day of j he murder or sui
cide in company with another young
man about a mile from the place where
the body was afterward found , This was
tlio most positive evidence obtained
ns to Jlio dead mjyj being in company
with anyone , and it was the last time the
man was .seen alive. It is stated since
the Inquest that a young man answering
tlio description of the man that Mr. Pace
saw with the party now dead , was in the
city for a WCOK or two before , but that
since Saturday night nothing has been
seen or heard of him. Who he was or
whence ho came or whither ho has gone
is an unknown question. He was known
to bo hard up and largely a party to
charities from strangers , and whether ho
might not have met and become intimate
with the man since dead is an open ques
tion and one for investigation ,
of Superior , Neb. , has Hied Its articles of
incorporation with the secretary of state.
The capital stock of the company is
$100,000 , divided Into shares of $25 each ,
to be Increased nt the option of the stock
holders. The corporation will buy ami
sell real Cbtato , purchase bonds ami deal
in all kinds of sureties ns well as doing a
goncral banking business , and the names
of the signers to the articles are Alex
Hunter , T. Lewis , W. J. Bloom , G. M.
Jnoubs , John Urueo , P. J. 1'addcn.
now in session at the high school build
ing , Is growing in numbers and interest
as the week goes by , and the instructors
in charge report that all sessions are at
tended with the regularity nnd the
work is being pursued with thoroughness
In every detail. 1'rof. A. K. Clarendon ,
of Fremont , lectured Tuesday cuunlng
on "Mastery" to n largo audience , and
his lecture has been very highly com
mended. The music on that occasion
was conducted by some of the capital
city's best musicians , and was qno ot the
enjoyable features of the evening's enter
There is a coming grist of events at
police court just as soon as parties are
through with other eases in which they
wore interested yesterday. Annie Crabbs.
or , as she is better known , Kansas City
Ann , appeared In police court and swore
out information against Hottu Leo for be
ing drunk , disorderly and keeping a
house of ill-fame. The eamo party also
complained against William Doherty for
being drunk , riotous and for assault ; also
complaint was made against Henry Har
vey tor the same rtataloguo of cilines and
for assaulting the well known character
in all criminal proceedings , John Doe by
name ; and again the same party swore
out u complaint against William Duvall
for drunkenness , rioting and assault ,
Some tall swearing maybe expected.
Vaclas Lotak , u Hohomiau resident of
Olive Uranch precinct , waa brought to
the city yesterday , examined by the
board of insanity , by them adjudged in
sane and sent to the asylum. Letak was
u harmless lunatic who occupied his time
while the examination was in progress
in writing voluminous letter * to imagin
ary parties and soliciting stamps from
offlclala to pay postage.
Seven cases of drunkenness and one
hardnnod vagrant comprised the list of
oases in police court yesterday and the
customary lines and commitments fol
lowed. The vigorous measures of the
court against people who violate health
ordinances has caused a marked falling
off in complaints in that line.
One of tlio police officials a few days
ago received a round scoring from n
party lixiny near town who left hia team
iiitchcd in the streets eight or ten hours
without food or drink. Complaints were
sent to the police bv parties In business
whore the team was left , and when the
ollicer look charge of the team the owner
made a great fus about it. The opinion
of parties acquainted with the facts were
not complimentary to the owner.
The school board In Lincoln could turn
thrir attention to cleaning up the high
school grounds , with good cli'cct for ap
pearances , at least. On the weedy grounds
ashes from last winter's lires are heaped
up , Rcatlcring rocks abound aud are
piled in the corner of the building , old
tin roolinrf lies against the fence and
brush I.H piled in close proximity. It is
a very little matter both in tunu and c\- to keep public grounds like these
in good presentable shape , aud it would
give mueh satisfaction to riti/.ens to sec a
icform in these matters inaugurated.
The Globe Tea nnd Coffee company
that introduces its wares with a present
in cans purchased , has opened a branch
store here and spcins to bo dolnj a mail
ing. business turn causing numerous poo-
| iu to wcardlamonils w MO are among the
forliinate ones to draw pri/.es.
The Fil/gcrald hose team of Lincoln
has held a business meeting and will at
tend the state lircmcn'.s tournament at
Fremont and go In search of lirst pre
miums. Fire Warden Newbuiy has been
placed at the head ns manager of the
team and a system of rigid practice will
be indulged in from this time forth that
the team may maintain its position as the
champion one of the state ,
Major J. 1) . Kleutscli has received
word of the death of his aged father In
the old country , who had reached the
ripe -igo of eighty-live years.
J. W. Thomas , James Hunter , Wahoo ;
M. S. Cotterell , 1) . McNaughton , North
Kend ; II. T. Conlev. Seward ; II. Kear
ney , Omaha ; W. T. liisscll , Columbus ;
M. llorton , licatrice ; L. C.V nsliburn ,
Norfolk ; L. A. Grabor , Wahoo ; J. F ,
Hollowed , Uinnd Island ; J. N. Mackoy ,
Clarkville , were Nebraskans at the state
capital yestordav.
Juan Boyle , of Kearney , is at the Pax
ton.City Clerk Southard has returned to bis
wot'K after two weeks vacation.
Colonel iiurnham has been granted a
twenty-seven day's leave of absence.
gJSam Shears , late manager of the Mil
an ! hotel , returned yesterday morning ,
with his family , from the east.
QT. C. Hrunncr and wife left yesterday
for Colorado Springs , Manitou , and
other pleasure resorts in the mountains.
I ) . C. Cooper nnd Mr. Watson , of
Shelby , Iowa , are in the city purchasing
a stocic of hardware for thc'r ' new store
al that place.
Mrs. N. IJ. Falconer left yesterday mor
ningjonja three weeks' trip toher | mother- ,
who resides in Denver. Mr. Falconer
will leave for the cast to bu gone a short
time on business.
Uncle Snin's Nephews.
Tlio following shows the amount of
mail matter handled by the carriers of
the Omaha postoflice during the month
of July :
Carriers employed 21
Jellvery trios diilly 01
Collection tiijis dally ( W
Itocisteied letters dullxcied 1,033
MniI letters delivered S .OUS
Mull postal cauls delivered ( H.IBO
Local lettcisdullvuicd ( K.MS (
Local postal caids ilolhcrtxl 84.10
Newspapers , etc. , dclivoicd' * ' 21,018
Letters collected 148,00 ; {
1'ostal cards collected 4l,0s8
Newspapers , etc.j collected , . 1533 ,
Burglary nt Oronpolls.
Yesterday moningabout 10 o'clock the
house of McCarthy , the B. & M. section
boss at Oreapolis was burglarized by a
brace of tramps. Mr. McCarthy had
gone to work , nnd Mrs. McCarthy , with
her children , had gone to visit La Platto.
The burglars found ? 10 in gold , three
suits of clothes They broke open every
drawer in the house , even that of the
sewing machine , and then made u hasty
retreat. Two tramps had been soon
around the house shortly before the bur
glary , and the farmers in the vicinity are
scouring the country for them.
Helping the Fallen.
The book sociable which was hold at
the Fifteenth street parlors last evening
for the benefit of the jail library wiis a
very pleasant as rail ( jj prolitiibie ftflmj. ' .
HOV. Ingram and Edwards gave a short
speech , encouraging the temperance
workers to greater energy. Ono pleas
ing feature of the evening was recitations
by Miss O'Neal ami Mr. John Mills , in
which they did themselves great credit.
The inusio was good , but what was still
butter was refreshments served bv Mr.
Vandorcook , of which all heartily par
took. Everybody enjoyed themselves and
said they would come again.
City Clerk Southard was exorcising his
right arm considerbly yesterday sighning
one hundred 1,000 bonds , each with
about fifty coupons , to which the gentle
man's name must bo attached. Those
bonds are those Issued for the construc
tion of main sewers.
Almost Scalped.
Herman Hissi , the old gentleman who
was scalped a few days ago by being
caught by a .nail in the loft of a barn on
the corner of Tenth and Center streets ,
is now able to bo around , but his head is
still encased in n multiplicity of bandages
which Dr. Harrow considers necessary to
bo retained. I
Cnblo Ijlno Ijxcavating.
Contractor Lilllls , of Nebraska City ,
the man who Is to do the excavating for
the cable line has made arrangements to
break ground on Tenth .street in a short
time. Ho was to have commenced yester
day but was delayed.
TThen lUby nu Blcfc , ire g T her OoitcrU ,
When iho wu a Child , iho cried for CaitorU ,
When eho became MUs , she clang to CaetorU ,
Wbta th * bid C tOldna , ho g TO them Cutorilt
hall , August 4 , bv the Kov. Dr. Doherty ,
Mr. Alonzo N. Hunslmw and Miss Anna
i > . Armstrong. No cards.
WIllH It
That the sale of Ilood'a Sarsaparilla con
tinues at such a rapidly increasing rate ?
1st , Because of the positive curative
value of Hood'a Sarsaparilla itself.
2d , Because of the conclusive evidence
of remarkable cures effected by it , unsur
passed and seldom equalled by any other
medicine. Send to C. I. Hood & Co. ,
Lowell , Mass. , for book containing many
statements of cures.
There will be a basket picnic at Weep
ing Water , Neb. , ou Thursday. August 5 ,
under the auspices of the Enclish Luth
eran Sunuay school of this city. Train
leaves U. F. depot at half-past 8 in the
morning. Tickets for the round trip ;
Adults , $1 , children , OOo ,
International prize medals were given
St. Jacobs Oil as the best paiu-curo.
Big Burglaries and the Amount of Boodle
How ToclCB nml Bolts Arc Turned by
Experts of tlio Profeali CrncU-
IIIR Safes and Coin *
Toledo Hindu : "Hello ! what have you
got tlicro ? "
"Only thn model of n small , tic/or.
Wnut to sco how paslly the thieves'can
pick your locks ? Let me show you , and
I'll sell you some patent fasteners
cheap. "
"Mo , but como to this window anil tell
mo some stones about how professional
thiovo3 work , nml then I'll ' buy ono of
your machines. "
'All right. Here coos. What a burclar
don't know nbout locks nud safes ain't
worth knowing. Ilu studios the catches
and ratchets , and lie knows his safe as
well as ho knows the bank cashier. When
anything is too much for his previous
knowledge , and ho can't fall back upon
cxiiuriunco , ho will write to a scicntillc
journal , and some ono In all innocence
gives the scheme away. "
"Hut bankers will bet their last dollar
on a combination lock. "
"I know they . will , and that's Just
whcro they make ono big mistake. Several
oral years ago , I remember , there was a
dispute as to the superiority of the Hall
and Sargent lock. They had a public
test. S. K , Miller , in the employ of the
Hall company , picked the Sargent lock ,
and Mr. Sargent picked the Hall lock in
a very few minutes. It they can do it , a
burglar can do it , for there are just as
smart burglars as there are locksmiths. "
"Hut how about these storiesS"
"Oh , yes ! Well , ono night two years
ago the cashier of the W ayno County
Hank , of Woo.stcr , 0. , counted over the
money and securities in his possession ,
and finding thorn all riuht clobud the safe
door with a bang. By some freak tiio
combination slipped from his mind , and
he couhl not oped the safe the next morn
ing , and in vain he endeavored to try
and thinicof the magic numbers , and in
vain the oilieors and directors tried the
turning-knob , but it was no go. Ono day ,
about eight woek-j after , a stranger satin-
toreil into the town , and the thing
he heard was the trouble with the safe at
the bank. He strolled up to the bank ,
and informed the cashier that ho could
open the safe. The cusliior looked upon
the stranger as a lunatic , but as the case
was a desperate ono lie told him to go
ahead and open it. The stranger walked
over to the safe and dropping on ono
knee , began to turn the combination
knob , and in a few minutes he smiled ,
the click nliin.scd him , and rising to liis
foot he gave the door a pull and it swung
slowly on its hinges , and revealed to the
plliecrs of the bank the ooxes of secur
ity they for eight weeks so longed to
see. In that supposed lire and bur
glar proof safe were more than
"That's good. Give us another. "
"All right. At Heading , Pa. , a rather
closp-fisted dealer couldn't remember the
combination of his safo. Ho sent for a
well known locksmith to come and open
it. The locksmith playfully dangled the
knob and opened the safe.
"Twenty-live , dollars , " said ho to the
"Oh , no. " said the merchant , "do YOU
think I will pay so much money for so
fewjajnuU'S1 jyorkj" '
"Vory wou , " said the 'locksmith , as he
closed the safe door and giving the knob
( i tow turns , and walked out of the store.
This was something the dealer did not
bargain for , and ho paid the locksmith
ifSC in advance before he would return to
the safe again.
"Now for a burglary story , "
"All right. A few years ago when the
old Lillie combination safe was in use ,
the banks closed the doors for two hours
for dinner , so sublime was the conscience
exposed in combination locks. The bur
glars robbed them at dinner time , but
they tlid not take all that was in the safe.
They would only weed out enough that
would not be immediately mibsed. This
was done for the express purpose of cast
ing suspicions on some one in the bank
and prevent the removal of the valu
ables. More than orje iiineotmt man
wis imtirisbncU , all on account
of these bifrglars. Ono duy
a bank cashier forgot something and re
turned sooner than was his custom and
ho found a stranger bending over in front
of the safe. The stranger proved to
Shell Hamilton , ono of the Miirsh-Shiii-
burno gang. Hamilton received two and
a half years in the penitentiary , and the
merchants wore shocked by discovering
that a patent combination lock had been
picked by removing a screw in the cen
ter of the combination knob , the lirst per
son who would open the safe would reg
ister the combination on the paper , 'and.
all the burglar had to do was to remove
the knob , look ut the register 011 the pa
per and open the safe. "
"Why , then , are safes blown ? "
"As a general rule they are not blown
open until after the robbery is commit
ted. This is to mislead the editors. A
"rougher" is the name given those who
force open the door , docs the blowing
after the export has picked the combina
tion , taken the contents and started on
his wtij with the booty. After the ex
pert loaves the 'rougher' putties up the
crevices of the door , leaves n small ori
fice at the bottom , and by means of a
small bellows he blows the powder in the
safo. He then fixes his slow match ,
lights it and goes on Ilia way. In half an
hour the slow mutch has ignited the pow-
dur and blown open the sufn door , and
next morning it is reported at pdlico
headquarters that the bin robbery was
douoby blowing the safe ( "
"What other metliods do they have ? "
"The Qulncy , 111. , bank was robbed in
a singular manner. The burglars made
two orifices in the safe door at the top
and bottom. A pneumatic pump was
used with two tubes. The two tubes
were placed in the orifices. The tube at
the bottom exhausted the air , while the
vacuum drew the powder in at the top.
When the safe was charged the burglars
used a common pistol. The pistol was
at the orifice at the bottom. A wire long
enough to allow the burglars to retire *
to a safe distance was attached to the
trigger , and when the wire was pulled
the pistol was discharged , ignitintr the
powder and blowing oil' the doors. "
" ( Jive mo n bigucr robbery ? "
"All right. When the burglars robbed
the Hcneiicial fund at the corner of Fif
teenth and Chestnut streets , Philadelphia ,
they familiarized themselves with the
make of looks , and by drilling a hole
one-sixteenth of an inch of the lock
whore a spindlcr hold the tumblers , and
by using n knitting needle to let the tum
blers down , they got $500,000. "
"If that isn't big enough I will toll you
something about eomo romantic bunk
burglars. Maximilian Slunbourno , with
his pal , Hlg Ike Marsh , received over $2-
000,000 for their share of the robberies of
the liiiylestowii bank , of Boston , and the
Ocean bank of Now York. They went to
London , and their liberality and extrava
gance gave them entree to the best so
ciety and levees of the English courts.
Tiring of English court mo , they re
ceived letters which introduced them to
the bon ton society of Paris. After being
in Paris awhile the police dropped on
their tracks , but bribing the ofllcors , they
placed technicalities in the wayot extra
ditions. Marsh opened a faro bank ,
failed , rcturnciltotlio states , nud Is now
serving seventeen ) years in an oAstcrn
penitentiary. iSltfnburne wont from
Paris to W nrtuniburg. Germany , bought
a cnstlo and patcn'l of a barony , and ,
under royal pr6tccuon , moves ami shines
as Baron French. "
"But lio-y nbout the ordinary doors ? "
"Among the ordinary breakers are
three dillerent .classes , the "nights , " the
"daylights" and "sneaks. " A few weeks
ago a guest in a Now York hotel came
down stairs and connihilnod that during
the night someone had broken in Ins
room and taken his watch and chain and
a small sum of money. "
"Did you lock aud bolt your door ? "
asked the proprietor.
"Yes " the .
, was reply.
"Then , how did tliny gotn ! "
' 'They must have got in over the trans-
som. "
"You do not think a burglar would bo
foolish enough to crawl back again , and
as you say yoiir door was locked and
bolted again this morning , you must
have lostlt outside , "
"A short time after the guests of the
Trcjuout house , on Broadway , were
robbed , and as they wore In half a dozen
rooms , they could not all have been
dreaming or lost their money outside ,
and they demanded an explanation
Captain Brogan and a detective of the
Central station wore called in. They
craw led through the transom said one.
Au investigation wim given up , as dust
covered the sills of the different rooms ,
and they went away without solving the
mystery. "
' - did in "
G'-How they got ?
"Tho shrewd water worker watches
the arrivals of all guests of hotels and
notes where any person isstonping who
is likely to carry moiioyor valuables. He
then registers In the hotel and gets on
the same iloor with his victim , and after
retiring waits until his victim is asleep ,
procures a pair of nippers our'outsidcrs. ' '
and a piece of wire and a silk thread ,
goes to the door of his victim and. with
his nippers he turns the key in the lock.
Ho then presses his knee against the door
and gets the location of the bolt. Ho
then bonds his wire in the shape of a bow
and fastens the silk on the and , turns the
key until it becomes straight.und it drops
to the Iloor on the inside. Ho then waits
to sue if ho key dropping on the Iloor
has disturbed tlio sleeper. Then ho takes
his wire , pushes it through the keyhole ,
and as he turns his wire up , it passes
along on the inside and catches the knob
of the bolt and pushes his wire and it
draws the bolt without making the least
noise. Ho secures his booty , he picks up
the key oft'Iho floor , places it in the locK
and then takes a piece of silk thread ,
makes a loop around thn knob of the bolt
carrirs it through the crevice of the door
and draws his silk thread and pulls the
bolt. He then used Ms nippers to turn
tiio key , leaving the door tlio same as he
found it. "
"How are the patent mortise bolts
opened ? "
'Well , after the door is unlocked , the
burglar gets the location as he would for
sliding bolts ; he bends his wire to suit ,
and a heavy silk is attached to the end of
the wire , and as ho passed it through the
key-hole he guHlds If , and as he turns it
upward the silk strikes the small thumb-
piece on the inside , v The burglar twists
the silk around about twice or three
times , making a whip-saw , and holds his
thread and turns hi" wire downward ;
that turns the tfmmb piece and the bolt
is open. " ' '
"Why don't you turn burglar ? "
"Oh , 1 cau make more money this way ,
selling this arrangement to keep the
burglars put. Besides , it is n.safo and , I
guess , a little more honest calling. "
Kirk's Gcrihau' Pile Ointment.
Sinecure for blind , " blecdlm : , and itching
Piles. Ono box has cured the worst cases ot
ten years stniuliU .r. No ono need surfer ton
mlniites jiJlorTjsf55 } thl3vonaorfiij tICirk's
Uuiuian 1'ile Ointment. JLC ausnrus tumors ,
allays tlio itching at oiioe , acts as a poultice ,
pives Instnnd relief. Kirk's Herman Pile
Ointment is prepared only for Piles and
Hchinir of the private parts , and nothing else.
Kvery box is warranted by our agents. Sold
by driijtglsts ; sent by mail on receiptof price ,
SOe per box.
Cleveland. O.
Sold C. if. Gooodman and Kuhn fc Co. ,
1C til and Doutrlns , IBtli and Cumlng
Kcsppctliiur the I'rnprlctloH.
Detroit Free Press : The other even
ing a patrolman found a well dressed
woman hitting in a hallway , next door tea
a marble shot ) , and thinking she might
bo a stranger in trouble he accosted her
with : j
"Anything WJQna-j lundaiuf"
Hho came out to him and replied :
"No sir nothing. I'm waitiugfor my
husband. "
"And lie ? "
"Ho is in the marble shop figuring on
a tombstone. "
'And you don't want to go in on ac
count of the gloomy surroundings ! "
"Tho gloomy surroundings wouldn't
aflect mo at all , but 1 hope 1 know what
belongs to the proprieties. He's in there
figuring on a tombstone for his lirat wife ,
who's been dead three years , and I pro-
sumoyon couappicciate the occasion ! "
"Certainly , ma'am. Sit down on the
stairs , and if any of the boys bother you
I'll raise lumps on their heads , "
A Most Ijlbcrnl Offer.
The Voltaic Belt Co. , Marshall Mich ,
ofl'orto send their celebrated Voltaic Belt
and Electric Appliances on thirty days
trial to any man atllicfud with nervous
debility , loss of vitality , manhood , etc
Illustrated pamphlet in sealed envelope
with full particulars mailed free. Write
them at once.
Why She Didn't \yaltz.
A very fastidious young man from the
city happened to attend a country ball.
Becoming enamored of the belle of the
evening , he asked her if ho might claim
her for a partner in a waltz on the pro-
"No , much bleegcd , " was the artless
reply ; "them round dances allns turn my
stomach. "
No balm of Gilead can sooth like St ,
Jacob's Oil. It banishes pain.
The highest birth rate in the United
States is in the soujli. In Louisiana there
are M8 children born , each year to every
1.000 women of chlhltbouring ago , .100 in
Ucorgia. and 187 In Texas. In New
England the rate-Is 82 ; in ( he west about
122. , | , o
Auditor LedlioVofp | &Manpietto R. U , .
says Red Star ( jpugu Cure is sure and
f [
In Paris an enthu'shistio crowd insisted
on carrying an unwilling stranger , who
had saved a mair from drowning , to the
police station to'bo ' rewarded. Uhero ho
was recognized ds an ofleudor who was
wnnteil for larceny' ' yihd ho was placed in
prison. > c. " J
bufi'oring from functional derangements
or any of the painful disorders or weak
nesses incident to tliuir sox , Dr. Pierco's
treatise , illustrated with wood-'cnU and
colored plates (100 ( pages ) , suggests sure
means of copipleto gulf-euro. Sent for 10
cents in stamns. Address World's Dis
pensary Medical Association , Bufl'alo ,
The curiosity of the oldest citizen has
been aroused bv tlio discovery of a tree
near Fayotto City. Pa. , the fruit of which
resembles a marolla cherry in hliaim , but
is not so largo.its sUe being about that of a
largo pea. 1'ho fruit is now ripe , and the
tree is being rapidly carried away ,
branch by branch.
Under the postal telegraph system in
England that is to biiv , management by
the government of all" telegraph line *
the number of inpssuges som' annually
lias increased from 11,000,000 in 1870 to
81,000,000 in 1683.
Stcnborc Ktpoiisea One nml
MoU ullocli the Other.
Judge McCnlloch yesterday altcrnoon ,
discharged the colored man , Chase ( irecn ,
upon a writ o f habeas corpus sued at his
Instance by Judge llawes.
As has been mentioned In the BEE ,
Green was arrested for disturbing the
peace. Judiro Stcnberg lined him $30 , in
default of which he WIN committed to the
county jail for lifty days , on the ground
that under the loonfcmlinance , in default
of lines , ono day would have to bo spout
in , jill ; for every dollar assessed.
Judge llawes sought the writ on Ihp
ground that , for every day spent in jail
three dollars should bo allowed.
Judge McCulloch , in delivering his de
cision , cited the stale law , whieh clearly
set forth the three dollar per diem. lie
then read the charter whieh authorized
the council to p.\ss ordinances for local
government , and followed thii up with
the citation of the ordinance under which
Judge Stcnberg imposes his lino. The lat
ter as mentioned contained the one dollar
clause. This the judge hold to be in con
travention of the state law , and consequently
quently to bo void of cll'ect. After re
ceiving the testimony of Green to the ef
fect that ho was unable to pay his linu ,
thn judge discharged him , on the ground
that , having spent seventeen or eight
een days In jail at the statutory al
lowance of ? J { per day , ho had been im
prisoned as contemplated by the higher
Judge Slcnberg was afterwards soon
by a BII : : reporter and asked what ho
thought about the decision.
" 1 it " ho said "
expected , , "Judge Mc
Culloch has always boon discharging
these men. But I'll venture to BUY that
if I take that decision before Judges
Wakeley or Neville that it will not
stand. Besides , to talk of a little tech
nicality , the case was not heard upon the
truu charge al all. "
"How was that ? "
"Judge Hawes made a mistake In
bringing the matter before the court. 1
.sentenced the man for disturbing the
Goacc , anil Judge Hawcs brought him
oforc Judge MeCulloch on the charge of
assault and battery. This is a state of
fense , and that is onoundar tlio city ordi
nances ; and , as I understand , the judge
look into consideration the distinction
between local and general violations aud
the validity of legal enactments. "
"Will yon continue to sentence people
under the $1 a day provision ? "
" \ \ hat else can I do ? That is the local
ordinance. Why , oven tlio state law has
provisions for ( ho same rate , while the
charters of cities of the second class have
provisions for $1.50 per day. Granted
that there is a dillerenco between the city
ordinance aud the state law , the former
is authorized by the charter which is for
cities of tlio first class , and in itself state
law and authority equal to that of the
statutes. "
"What will be the effect of the deci
sion ? "
"It will probably cost the city if-'OO a
month. Now when a man gets drunk he
can often raise f. > to pay his line. That
goes to the city. If ho knows that , in de
fault of that fine ho can satisfy it in jail
at the rate of $3 per day , ho isn't going to
pay $5. Besides , the county will have
the pleasure of paying for his support. "
"How is it that the county' and not the
city has been paying for the support of
the latter's prisoners ? "
"That is the result of an understanding
between the city and county authorities.
The county is liable to the city
for all the writs , summonfins , warrants ,
siibptcuas and olhor legal document
issued and services rendered , oy the city
court and ollices If this were chargud
up to the county it would amount to sev
eral hmulrcd pf dollars jj month. Jn
recognition of tuis fact the couiicy pays
for the support of the city prisoners ,
which , while a little greater than that of
the city's bill , is yet looked upou as an
equivalent. "
The Charges Asalnst Jailor Pelronct
Aired uy the Police Committee.
The police committee of the council
met at the city hall last evening to inves
tigate the charges of insubordination and
disrespect toward superior otllcers pre
ferred aeainst Officer Tom Peironet.
QTho city marshal was Jirst Of..Jc'u ' by
tliQ conimieo , ami asjjed to make the
specific charges against the accused. Ho
bald that Tom had been talking about
him , and tha.t ho wanted to iiavo it
stopped. "He's been givin1 mo h - 1
and runnin' mo clown , and witnesses are
to prove it. "
pllicer Uonivtin was first called , and
paid ho had heard Peironet say the mar-
bhal was a blanked fool for letting Sulli
van run him. This was about election
time. Peironet had since complained
about having been kept on jail at nights ,
but had not said anything derogatory to
the marshal's character.
oniccr Turnbull was called and gave
the particulars of a little row he had had
with Peironet , in which he alleged the
accused had abused him. Ho , however ,
had never heard Peironet use any expres
sions derogatory to the character of the
Officers Horrigan and lurkolson were
called and gave evidence concerning the
spat between Turnbull and Peironet. but
both testilicd that they had not heard the
acpii d use any disrespectful language
toward the marshal. Horrigan said ho
had hoard Pcironot curse some of the
force last spring , when all of the police
men were lighting for either 'Sullivan's
side or Cumminjr's. Peironet at that
time said that CummingN was a - fool
for letting Sullivan run him. All of the
police were cursing one way or the other
at the time.
This was all of the testimony bearing
on the charges preferred by the marshal.
The evidence showed nil of the details of
tlio trouble between TurnbuIJ and Pier-
or.ct but had no bearing on the charges.
Considerable sldctalk about matters
connected with the management of the
jail was thun introduced but developed
no facts that would have any weight with
the committee for or against the accused ,
for in fact they had no connection with
the case. Not a single witness gave tes
timony substantiating the charges.
Inspector Whltlock issued building per
mits yesterday as follows :
B02C8& Hill , two one-story frame
cottages. Drake and Thirty-first. . . . . S1.600
Andrew Moitensen , ono story frame
cottage , Lake and Twentyninth.400
Hogs & Hill , one-story frame cottage ,
DraUe and Thirty-third . 000
HoizfisA : Hill , two one-story frame cot
tages. Thiity-thlrd and Crowell . 1,800
Hoggs tfc Hill , one-storjr frame cottagCi
Crowell , between Thlity-lirst aud
Thirty-second . 00
Jiotors & Hill , ono-btoiy frame cottage ,
17ii\-e and Thlrty-llist . 000
Jil. P. Murphy , one-story frame cottage ,
Kmmet , near State . . . . . . GOO
Adolpti Ssuniielson , one-story frame
cottage , Thlrty-thltd , near Uocatur. . . 4M
Crlchton Ja Whitney , frame co.d blied ,
Eighteenth and Izard . ISO
O. I' . Lawton , frame addition to resi
dence , Twentieth and .Mason . US
William J. Paul , four one-story frame
cottaaes , Thirtieth and Charles . S00
A. S. Paildock. ll\e-stpry brick store ,
Eleventh aud Douglas . .CO.UOO
Twelve permits ngrcs.ft ( . , , . . .870,215
Sovnro C'onsl Storm.
HAUKAX , N. S. , Aujr. 4. A thunder , rain
nnd wind btormyostei day was the most se
vere experienced on the neighboring roast
for a long time. Vessels arriving fiom sea
last night icport that the gale was ot extiome
violence. Several small schooners have
blown ashoie near the jnouth of the harbor ,
but so far no serious disaster lias been re
f '
The of Tartar used in DR. PRICE'S CREAM
BAKING POWDER is the purest , in the world. The
crystals are from the finest Grapes , imported direct from
the vineyards of Franco.
Was7iington , D. C. , April 2ft , lSSf > .
/ Juivo analyzed tftd Cream of Tartar med in Dr. Pricds
J3a7tiiQ Powder , and Jlnd it of the hitficst degree of purity.
PETER COLLIER , Chief Chemist tor the United States Department ot Agriculture.
Iho following , Heads of tlio Great Universities and
Public Food Analysts , find Dr. Price's ' the purest and
strongest. Free from Ammonia , free- from Lime , free from
Alum , and recommend its use in every family. I
Pcrsoiwdoubtln : : the truthfulness of this can write any of luo Chemtsti named :
Prof. U. OGDKtf DOHEMUS , 3f. P. , L. L. IX , I5ullevuo Medical College , New York. I
Prof. II. C. WI11TB. Stale Chemist , University ( ioni-gln , Athens < 5n.
Prof. U. C. KHDZtK. Late President State Hoard of IkMltli , Lmising , Mich.
Trof. H. Jf. SCHKl'T-'Klt. ' Chemist , St. Loul-i. Mo.
1'rof.OlfAULKS 11. mVKllll' . Analytical CheniM , Whoclltiff , W. Va.
Piof. U. S. < } . I'ATON. Lnto Chemist Health Department , Cliloipp , 1
Prof. JOHN U. ( MIDWAY , Mn s. Institute ot Teclinoloiiv. Boston.
Vrof. It. A. W1TTHAUS , A. JL. M. D. , University of liuilalo , N Y-
Prof.A. II. SAnitf State Chemist , Uinlhmton. Yt. , , , , , ,
Prof. J01W UOIILANDEU , Jr. , A. M. , M. 1) ) . . Prof. Chemistry nnd Toxicology ,
Collew ) Medicine and Surgery , Cincinnati , O. . ,
Profs. AIISTKX A : WIM1E11,1'rolxdlieiiilstiy.KutjrersColleecNew nrunswtck.'N.J.
Piof. GEOW5I3 K. IJAIUCEi : , Prof. Chemistry University ot Pennsylvania , 1'hlla-
Prof. pM'lill'VjOLLIEU ' , Chief Chemist for the United States Department of Agri
culture , Washington , 1) . C. _ , _
FrofX KEYS A HICK. Prats. Chemistry , Ontario School PharmacyTorontoCanada
3)r. JAMES AMHtEUHT. Chemist at iho United States Mint. New Orleans , La.
Prof. EIXAH EVEIUIAHT. Prof. ChomNlry , University of Texas , Austin , Texas.
Prof. E. W. IHLUAJtb , Prof. Chemistry , University California , Berkeley ,
One of the Best and Largest Stocks in the
United States to Select From ,
A Narrow Kscnpe.
A three-year-old son of Mr. Christian-
son , living in Omaha View , had : i narrow
escape from drowning yesterday morn
ing. While playing around a well he fell
through an ouening down lifty feet into
ten tcct of water. Ho saved himself by
jlutejilng the gipo amt as tnKqn out by
Mr. McCoy. JLI'IO uoy only sustained two |
slight bruises , one on the neck and the
other on the head.
Children as well as adults boniotimcs
cat too much supper or cat something that
does not digest well , producing
Colic. Indlo-estlon , Sour Stomach , Heart
burn , Restlessness and
A fcood dosoof Simmons Liver Regulator
will give prompt relief.
"My wlfo liavlngBiitTorcd for n longtime
nltli Itestlussneas and Slucnlcsuneus nt
ulgliti , nml linvlnx trlcrt everything recom
mended to me without bcncnttliiu lierwua
Ilnillr udvlstul to trr Hlinnioim 1-lvcr HCKII-
lator.und It bus nctcU llko n ( litinn. After
uklnK ono bottle sli Improved BO muoli
tlmtl ncnt and bouulit ono-lmir ilcuon. My
wife li mitv In the onjayinnnt of ei-
ecllont beultu. Wo keep tlio llcgulntor In
tlio liouiu IIH 11 fumlly medicine , nml recom
mend It to tlio world in * tlio best medicine In
tUo world. . "
J. C. HnmiiN-a , Tivlgiis Co. , fia.
Tb cnl iltuto Tor Mother's
_ , . , - - jholern Infantum
and Teething ; . A pre.aiaeatoj rood fur Dys
peptics , Consumptives , Convalescents.
Forfoct nutrient In nil Watting Diseases.
Requlrea no coolclna. Our Hook. The Care
nnd Feeding or Infants , moiled frue.
DOLIBBB. OOODALB * CO. . Boston , btftoo.
And otter * tufferlng ; from
uerroui tlablllty , aihaiutlng
cbronio dliuuei , pirmatur *
, decr " " "
= * M atnctlc Uclt. " Thbi
'State In Oie Union tiave bM-u cnreu.
tr luituitlj felt. I'alcntrd and Hold HI
ii. WboU fimllr can wear Bauio belt. I lrctrli
& nipfniorlctfrfewllbmule belts Arolil trorlLlculm.
Itauunl ajid DOicna companies. Cleot' In Tru * * i lor
HMrlure. 700 curedIn'tiS , Hrnd itat.jpforpuuipblet ,
Da. W. J. HQINE. iKvwins. 101 WABASH Ay CHiuno.
, : IOOK
C'atalciEUM and J'rlceaon application. Bold by
all Ibo licit Carriage imlldarft and Dealers ,
. COO-C1N.
I I'AV all eiprem cluirgt * to all imlnU within SIX )
Dillei. l.OIH'carrljffBi to aolott from. Bend two cvU ,
Uuiip forllluitrau l cotalogue. MintloiitliUpap r.
r > HEXEL & MAUL ,
Successors to J. O , Jacobs
At tbo old stand , HOT FurrmraSU Onlnn or
tologrnnb tollultixl und proraptlr attuudoJ to.
Tulupnouo No. U
211 South TiMeentii SlreeL
Hpcclnllf niatlllt'il for
Dlcdlcliml Use.
DH. inw. : i. WA'M.IKO , Bur
coon In Clilff , National Uuarc
orN.J. , rilM.
"Jly attention vrni cnllcJ 1C
your Kejitone Mult Wlilskay by
Mr. J-nlor , Drugglat , of Trenton
and I luiT > mtJ a f ir bottlf/ /
with for teller ? ; ; ' , ' . 2 sjjj
llST9 talI Su rtcoiiuuciming
jour article In my practice , uuo
Duel It very sntUfuctory. "
CCJ"fttt ( Itnnliu hM the Slftntturo
K18NFU * m\nKi.3o.v :
r : -Elnlla of B : on lite Libel.
( Solo Ainu for tbt u. S )
316.318 and 320 Race Si. , Philadelphia. Pa.
For sale by C. F. Goodman , Omaha
Forfeit if not Havana Filler.
zoxt. o
Thlt CIjtr will nroM u rrprnrnttd tnd wll I b eiteru
Irtljr ii1 > itin'cl In every tovn tor ll e dr lcr > who UK
f prucUte ll nicilli anil puih It according/ ! .
Address BANQIURT Him , Sob Agents ,
130 Fifth Avenue ,
D.W.Baxc , 1-osllo ft Morroll ,
C. F. Goodiimn , i ' Bl'niTord &
J. A. Fuller A ; Co. , H. Purr ,
Uhnnejr &Oluon ( , M. 11. I'nwull ,
Kuhn & Co. . Bam Kurusvvorth .
I UllI * * * VU , - f. IVMIM MVItanlJI hll.
KranHOarrott&Co , , Mimbus ASchmidt ,
J units J'oray thu.
Itvccplljr llullt. iS'onlr I'urnliliaa'
The Tremont ,
3 , V. VmuiUUU ) & FON , I'roprlutoi-u.
Cor. fth unJ I'SLs. , Lincoln , Nob.
n > toi 11.00 par dujr , titreet tun from homo to nnf
part of thg cllr.
Aroliitect ,
ORlcoa-a ) . 3I untl t'l , Ilkhanli lilocU , Mnooln ,
Nib. KlovuloroiillIU til-out.
llroudcrol llr ederof
Live Stock Aiictioneer
Bales muUo In nil putU of the U.H. utfulr
rntos. Itoom 8 , Slut a llluck , Unuoln , Ncb.j
( ] olio way mid Short Horn build for fculo.
Farm Loans and Insurance ,
Correspondence In rcpurd to lonns bollcltoJL
Itoom 4 , itluliurJs lllook , Lincoln , Nou.
Public Sale ,
Denver , Vol. , Juno JOili , 1880.
10 head or Show Short Metric 3utcu & C'rulol-
Fluink , 2-your-olild , NolglilnItUO ; bullg muT
liulleiti. Address I'lcUl und Faun , lor cutuloif
lias. Dunvor , Col. C. M. Hruusoii , Lincoln , NoU
Col. F. M. Woods Aiicllonticr.
IVIiou m Lincoln
National Hotel ,
And got a Rood dinner firt.'ic. :
J.A-1'KDAWAV l'ro v