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The Oounty Treasurer's Report Shows a
deary Balance on Hand ,
Ittit Dili Not Get t-'nr Ijnntidlt Axvaj-
Heforc He Wns Arrested An
Olnntia Compnnr Incor-
porn tetl Notes.
trnojt THE nsr/s t.ivroi.v npiiKtc.1
County Treasurer Kocke , of Lanc.i lrr
county , has made his srini-aunual report.
Tliit report show.s a gratifying state of
financial allairs for the county ami that
the finances are greater in receipt than
the expenditure , which makes the red
ink side of the ledger in favor of the
ueople. The gross receipts of the ollieo
fortho six months past aggregate a grand
total of $ ! 11 ! ) , .73. Of this iOrj79 , 57
came from state funds , $ 11,57(5.87 ( on the
general fund , $ l-ii7.10 ! ) : from the county
sinking fund , fjO : , < J05.-10 from the district
road fund , fl5.tMMB ! from tlio Lincoln
city fund , and so on through the leaser
items until the grand total i.s reached.
Troiii the grand total of receipts there
have been paid out , in warrants on the
dillerent funds during the past six
months , a grand total of $180,171.07 ,
leaving a balance in the hands ot the
treasurer at the ti mo of making the state
ment of $1:10,211.US : a ? county poeket mon-
ev on hand and ready for disbursements.
Of the different funds , the only two in
which the receipts and disbursements are
nearly equally balanced are the county
road fund and the county bridge fund.
Kut the Lincoln city fund is drawn out
very closely , there being $10,00(1 ( uf the
$15,000 in that expended during the cur
rent six months. The funding bond fund
is untouched , also the insane fund , and
only a little more than pno-half of the
county general fund receipts have been
expended , making tlio treasurer's state
ment a * a whole ono that shows a big
fund left in the hands of the treasurer.
inmost AMI ) II1S FINE WOllK.
A.short time since Attorney J. C. John-
bon purchased a lot on which was a new
lione , nearly completed , the purchase
being made of a man named Harry Hus-
stun. An abstract was furnished , and
lifter deducting the debts and liens
against the property the purchaser paiil
Ilusdoiu iv : ! " ) , and in addition to tlie ab
stract took the fellow's allidavit that
there were no more liens airaitist the
7 > roperty Uiissom took tlio money and
three hours afterward , with his wife ,
was en route to Missouri. It wa.s not
two dajs before two liens , one for lumber
and one for plastering , were presented to
Mr Johnson , and as the forty-day limit
under the law for filing liens had not ex-
pirc'I , tlie parties hohiing them gave no
tice that they should hold him for pay
ment. Without waiting to see how many
more unp.iid claims Hnsoin had _ left
over the property. Johnson obtained
requisition papers from the governor ,
and learning that his man was at Ilanni-
liat , Mo. , the ca e wa.s put in Detective
1'owel'n hands with a warrant issued
from Justice Cochran , and a telegram
was sent ordering lu | om'.s arrest , which
was made. The otllcer expects to have
his man hero by Friday. Mr. Johnson
finds , on inquiry , that the same follow
lias been disposing of mortgaged prop
erty in this city previous to leaving , and
that a number have been taken in on that
deal , making the case look as though it
would bo a very interesting ono for Mr.
Harry Htissom when bo shall anpear
again in Lincoln to answer for Ills acid in
u court of justice.
of Omaha , have filed their articles of in
corporation with the secretary of state.
The articles recite that the place of busi
ness of tlm corporation shall bo at
Omaha , Neb , , the purpose of the organi
zation to bo that of purchasing interests
in United States letter patents on im
proved cooking utensils and dealing in
tlm same , and for the purctiaso and sale
of stamped ware. The amount of capital
stock shall bo ? .r)0,000 in shares of ? 25
each , to bo non-assessablo and to bo paid _
up in full nt the time of subscription.
The time of commencement of tlm cor
poration i.s .Julv 2 ! ! , 1886 , to continue until
July 20 , 1001. The names subscribed to
tho'articlcs are L. A. Kinney , II. II. Hal-
lard , Samuel Heeso , Irving Allibon and
Thomas V. Tnttle.
was augmented yesterday by twenty-six
new commissions issued by tlio governor
unit which the secretary .sealed , suscribed
to and mailed to the uencliciarics. This
last list comprises the following : L. O.
Olcott , High , Custer county ; Eugene K.
Van Olinda , Uedington , Cheyenne
county ; Leroy Martin , Sidney ; A. t ) ,
Kbort , McCook ; L.V. . Kyestone ,
Chapman , Morrick county ; F. W. Kicli-
unison , North Platte ; Sidney II. ( Jraves ,
Sliolton , Ilullalo county ; G.V. . Linger ,
Shellon ; William S. Atkinson. Kearney ;
Albert Johnson , DawcsUitv ; P.V. . Mo-
Cauloy , Fort Robinson ; \V. ( I. Pardao ,
Crawford , Dawcs county ; Thomas 1C.
Sudborough. Omaha ; Thomas II. Wilde ,
Omaha ; William M. Harris , Omaha ;
Sherwood H. Moss , Stockville ; George II.
Vaughn , Curtis , Frontier county ; Alan-
ford Hailoy , Kdson , Fnruas county ; San-
sord F. Overtoil , Ininan , Holt county ;
Edgar J. Moore , Sterling ; J. C. Leonard-
on , Ogalalla ; K. J. Short. Ogalalla ; Wil
liam U. Mullane , Ogalalla ; C. M. C.
Woolman , Grant , Keith county ; John
Vork , Delta. Otoo county ; Merwin Pugli ,
The state auditor bus approved and
registered the bonds of the city of Grand
Island that wore brought to the olllce by
Mayor John L. Means , of that city. These
bonds are of two kinds , the lirstono being
the | 8,000 , funding bonds of this city ,
which run twenty years at the rate of six
per cent. The other set of bonds are in
amount $5.000 , issued to complete the city
waterworks , and known as water bonds ,
These aUo run for twenty years at the
same rate of interest.
THE < ; . A. it , EXCURSION' .
The G. A. It , excursion over the llur-
llngton ronto for California passed
through Lincoln yesterday and consisted
of four extra Pullman coaches attached
to the regular Denver train , The excur
sionists were few in number , and but few
Vcrsons of prominence in Grand Army
circles wore among the trustees. At this
} > olnt Thomas Suwell joined the party ,
mid if others made the journey they failed
to make themselves known , J. 0. lion-
null , of Burlington , la.Capt. . Allen , of
Omaha ; J. A , Mao Murnhy , of Sehiiylori
Capt. L.D.Hennett , of PlatUmonth ; Mij.
Davis , of Wahoo ; C. K. Hurmister , ol
Omaha ; W. K. Hopewell , of Tokanmh ,
nml Past Department Commander Cap
tain II. E. Palmer , were among the ex-
rurslouists as they passed this point.
Eugene Frj'i the young man that Mar-
thai Beach chased through tlio city on n
"John Gilpin ndo" some two weeks ago ,
was back in tlm city yesterday and was
arraigned hi police court for fust driving ,
uto. , under the old charge , and lined
twenty dollars and costs. After this , hv
btoad of returning homo ho visited some
of the saloons , and , as the ollicers state ,
had trouble with Tom Carr's bartondei
und \yas ni rested again. A friend wen (
secur'ty for his appearance * and he will
be given another trial.
' 1 no police court yesterday disposed o
the cases of two violators of the healtl
ordinance , and called Mr. Urockmoyei
into court under the health
IIKW Vlf III t. IIUVIUI | I1L ordinance fpi
worniittln < : n nuisance on his premises
wo plain druu ks f wore ' fined and twc
ineii were fined n dollar cnch nml costs
for nllowinj : their cows to run nt largo m
tliu city , contrary to the ordinance gov
erning ucli cn-cs.
SIi" * rs. IlolVinnti nnil Towlc , of Chicago
cage , arrived in Lincoln yosti-rtlnv on a
. . _ trii to this city nml lo IOOK after
tin1 suit well anil its prospects. These
gentlemen arc of the Chicago linn
contemplates a lease of the salt works
here , anil who are satisfied that with the
flow ot brine already discovered that
they can manufacture'salt at the basin at
a good profit.
T. \ \ . Harvey , the t'hicagolumberman.
ami the proprietor of Hit celebrated Tur
lington stock farm , in Oloe county , is ut
tlie capital city on a business trip.
Mc rs. C. 1) . Olapp , one of the propri
etors of the town MM ? of Klnwood , situ-
aied on I he Lincoln extension of the Mis
souri I'aeilie , was at Lincoln ye terdav ,
in company with Superintendent Nich
ols of the Missouri Pacilic. "We shall
have trains running into Lincoln bciore
the 1'ith of August. " reomlcil [ ) Mr.
Nichols to tlie imiuiry IIH to the final
time of completing tlie. road to this point ,
and the statement was made that the
work was now completed beyond the
west line of Cass county.
A case was on trial yesterday in the
county court in which an effort was be
ing made to recover a commission fee. in
a real estate snlo transaction.
L. V. Crnm , of Oiualiit , state- agent of
the State Insurance company of DCS
Moines , la. , was at Lincoln yeiterday on
business matters for his company.
Among the visitors at the state house
.yesterday was ev-Surveyor General
George S. Smith , of Omaha , who was
keptlHi < y shaking hands ami renewing
acquaintances in tills city.
State Treasurer C. II. Willard has been
visiting for a few days at Hebron , his old
home , and looking after the crop pros
pects in Southern Nebraska.
Following were Nebraikans at Lincoln
yestordav : J. L Kalev. Kcd Cloud ; Kd.
M Collln , Ord ; Henry Fry , York ; A. II
Hurnctt , Mindenj Charles Met/ , Omaha ,
K. A Lawrence , friendT. ; W. Harvey ,
Turlington ; Frank McKcnna , Omaha ; L.
Johnson , Holdrigo , C. F. Alkins , Omaha ;
.1. 1) . Smith , S. Uinackcr , James Lcary ,
Heatrice ; S. II. Sedgwiek , Ytrk ; F. G.
Simmons , Seward.
A Itemnrknblc Story Told t "Times"
Ilcjiorter in Katrnimint Pnrk.
" \Vero you ever troubled with asthma ? "
; aspcd a benevolent looking old gentle
man , as he look a seat beside a Times
reporter and mopped the perspiration
i-om his brow in Fairmonnt I'ark ou
Sunday. "No ? Well , you're fortunate.
I've had it for thirty years. I might have
cured myself several years ago , but I had
not the grit to take the caisssion cure "
'What Ps that ? " we askeil. "Well , I'll
relate a little incident that once came
mder my personal observation"said ho ,
'which will explain what I mean. When
: he big railroad bridge of the Hannibal
& St. Joseph railroad was being con
structed over the Missouri river , owing
o the muddy bottom the caissons used
n the construction of the piers had to be
sunk from sovoyty-live to one hundred
mil twenty-live feet below the bed of the
river to reace rock bottom. The gas
weieh accumulated in the caisaions was
of the coldest character and it was al
most impossible to get men to go down
in them.
'Four dollars an hour was offered for
Hit * work , with few takers. It was almost
mpoasiblc to live in one of them longer
than an hour and a dead man wns brought
up nearly everyday. Well , one day , as
the chief engineer was sadly contemulat-
ind thoslowncisof the work and wonder
ing if it would ever bo completed , a
miserable , haggard being , more dead
than alive , approached him and asked
for a job , 'Seo icro , my man , ' said the
engineer , 'this isn't a. morgue. You've
struek _ the wrong funeral. ' 'Ain't yon
offering four dollars an hour here for
caisson men'1 stud , the shadow. 'Yes , I'm
offering lour dollars an hour , but not for
walking stiffs , ' said the engineer. 'Well ,
I'm starving , and I'm booked for the
other worm anyhow , and 1 might just as
well die trying to live as to starve to
death. Give me a job and I'll take my
chanes on it.
"Well , the engineer gave him a job.
bade him gooil good-b.yc , anil expected
to see him brought up a corpse. The
skeleton stayed down that caisson three
straight hours , and when he came IIP he
walked up to the engineer , asked for
some money to buy something to drink ,
and said ho hadn't felt so good for three
months. Tlio next day he worked six
hours and said lie felt bully ; the next day
eight hours , and kicked liked a steer be
cause the boss wanted to chase him up a
quarter of an hour before his time
was up.
"Well , he worked in tlio caisions eight
hours a day until the bridge was finished.
When ho went down In the caisson the
first day ho weighed eighty pounds and
hadn't a cent. When he got through
with the job he weighed 175 pounds , had
a full boardwas the wrongest man in the
gang and had saved up over a thousand
dollars. You see , he hail the asthma.
The bracing atmosphere of Missouri was
too much for him. The confining at- ,
mosplicro of the caissons was just what
ho needed and really saved his life. Ho
invested his savings in a farm near Kan
sas City , speculated successfully , and is
now the owner of one of the largest cat
tle ranches in Texas.
"It was certainly a remarkable cure ,
but I have always regretted that 1 did not
possess sulhcicnt courage to take it my
self , as in my capacity of temperance lec
turer and local preacher I am often seri
ously inconvcuicuccd by my lack of
breath. "
Then the old gentleman slowly gath
ered himself together , borrowed a chow
of tobacco and mournfully made a beeline -
line for the pump.
Funnier Thau n Monkey.
Ttxa * stftinat.
"Pa , plcaso do mo ono favor ? "
' You want a little monkey , don't you ,
Johnny ? "
"No , ' 1 don't want a monkey. "
"What is it , then ? "
"I want you to como home tight again ,
like you did last Fourth of July. You are
a heap funnier than a monkey when you
are tight.
A. DlHlociiteil Shoulder.
Dr. Darrow was called upon to set the
dislocated shoulder of a young man
named Crawford , who sustained the in
jury mentioned while endeavoring to
jiimtJ upon the stock yards dummy a > s it
was leaving the depot Tuesday evening.
Prepared with ilrlct rrin ] to Purltr , Strcncth and
llealibfulnctf. Dr. Trlco'a IJakluj I'onder contain *
o AmmonU , UfliocT Alum. Dr. Prlce'a KxtracU.
VantUj , I nion. Oraujc , etc. , CUror dollclouiljr
fRIC BA/UMO POWCSIt CO. , CMeej ? 01 St. twit.
> V Riling Kdiicntlonnl Institution ,
tlic Pride of Shcnandoat ) .
SiiKKANDOAH , Iowa , July 27. [ Corre
spondence of the HER. ) It I ? dlflicnlt to
estimate the progress of an enterprising
community heartily interested in a great
and laudable undertaking. Such is the
case with the beautiful little city of Shon-
andoah. Scarcely a score of years ago
the very site of this city was a vast
waste of green prairie without history or
record , but to-day it is covered with spac
ious business houses and the happy
homes of 5,500 pcople.with their churches ,
public schools and college. Well may
less favored localities envy Slienandoah
her proud distinction of an educational
center. Four years ago buildincs were
erected , and the Western normal college
opened , largely through the liberality
and public spirit of the citizens. Although
scarcely settled in their new homes they
knew full well the great worth of a good
educational institution , and liberally
subscribed to the enterprise , and to-day
on one of her most sightly hills stands
the college , an institution second to no
other in the west , in her equipage , man
agement , discipline , anil methods of in
struction. After four years of varied
Hiicct'is we can now sav the institution is
an accomplished fact , and that its super
intendent , Prof. Wm. McUroan , is the
man for the place.
On yesterday at 3 o'clock p. m. , a vast
audience assembled In the college chapel
to hear the ISnecalanreato addre.-s by the
principal. Professor O. 11. Longwell.
Although the weather was hot , yet the
masterly address captured every one
present. Especially was it enjoyed by
.students , school olliccrs and educators.
The topic discussed was "A Practical
Education. " This Mibject was skillfully
handled under certain division * termed
"req'iisltes. "
1. The course of study should contain
enough and the kind of work to cive the
proper mental discipline , or culture , for
clear thinking.
2. The work should bo done in such a
manner as to develop individuality and
character in tlio pupil.
o. The pupil should bo so instructed
that he is able to exercise good judgment.
Under these heads the speaker verily
showed that
"A little learning is a dangerous tiling.
Drink deep or taste not the 1'ierian
The peculiarly pflisUive , terse and con
cise language used forced every idea
upon the attention with all its strength.
Your reporter thinks there could have
been no one present who was not in
structed and aroused by the discussion.
Professor Longwell is the proper man
for the head of the faculty. The exercises
of the hour were supplemented by soul-
stirring selections rendered by the Union
orchestra nmier the efficient management
of Professor W. F. Strong , director of
the musical conservatory , closing with
"Swoct By and By. " in whiph the
audience heartily joined.
The large attendance at the collece
during the past year and tno many
present from abroad on this occasion
demonstrate the popularity ot this noble
institution with its successful princinai
and his noble corps of teachers. I feel
safe in saying that the W. N. C. is in the
front rank. During the coming four
days tlio various commencement exer
cises will be given headed by the alumni
this evening. They will , by lav , excel in
volume und character , anything in the
history of the institution. Should not
the people of Shcnaudoali and vicinity
look witli pride upon this school and
guard its interests with fostering c.ire ?
VTcejiliisjVntor Notes.
WEHI-IXG WATKK , Neb. , July 27. [ Cor
respondence of the BEU. ] C. L. Bates , of
the firm of Bates & Root , has sold his in
terest in the drug store to George Peck
and will soon move to Chase county.
Dr. G. D. Sitzer will leave soon for
some larger city. He has sold his fine
residence to J. M. Roberts , cashier of the
Commercial bank.
Harvest is about completed. A great
deal of gram will be threshed out of the
shook. .
H. K. Dunbar and family , of the Ex
change hotel of Ashland , wore visiting in
town vesterday.
A. M. Woodford and Will Dunn re
turned Friduv from a pleasure trip to
Chicago and Milwaukee.
Rev. D. 1) . Martindalc , who has been
principal of our graded sehcols the past
three years , will soon move to Tabl-j
Rock , where he will teach the coming
The trustees of the Congregational
church will erect two rooms on the north
end of the church , to be used for recita
tion rooms by the academy.
This section of country was visited by
a nice shower last Friday and again on
The seventh annual normal institute of
Cass county will bo held hero , commenc
ing August 23 and lasting ten ( lays.
Didn't our girl graduates look lovoy ?
Yes , indeed ; they all use Po/woni's Com
plexion Powder.
toiii ICxotor.
EXETUU , Neb , , July 27. [ Correspond
ence of the Bur. . ] Our farmers are feel
ing much bettor since the rain which ,
although not enough , was sufliciont to re
vive the corn. Wheat is turning out
much better than was expected. Good
prices are anticipated , and with the
splendid crops which the rain has insured
us , will place most of them on gootl foot
ing again. The only chance for kickinir
the farmers now have , ( with good rea
sons , too ) , is that it takes two bushels to
carry one to market.
Tlia K\oter creamery is making from
800 to 1,000 pounds of first-class butter
daily , and is gaining for it a wide reputa
tion. Their butter brings the highesl
notch in the Now York market and will
bo matched against that of any creamery
in the west.
The buildings for the Kxeter Canning
company aru completed and the machin
ery in place. Canning will commence as
FOOII as tlio produce is ready. The en
tire product this year has been sold to
Paxtou & Gallagher , Omaha.
F. U. Daulsthorp e. of Geneva , comes
out' in last week's Democrat with a
tirade on Rev. Southwell , of this place.
It sounds hot and tiery and a.ivors
strongly of brimstone , to come from an
ox-preacher's pen. The reverend's friends
hero are aljo hot , while others condemn
his conduct veiy much.
A sure cure for Blind. Bleedln ; , Itcliin
kud Ulcerated Piles 1m boon discovered by
Dr. Williams , ( an Indian remedy ) , called Or
Williams' Indian Pile Ointment. A sinlo
box has cured the worst chronic rase * oti or
U ) years standbier. No one need suffer live
minutes after applying this wonderful sooth
Ing medicine. Lotions und instrument * do
more harm tlmn pood. Williams' Indian
Pile Ointment absorbs the tumors , allays the
Intense itching , ( jturticalurly at night after
retting warm in bed ) , new as a poultice , eivei
instant relief , and is prepared only for Pitas ,
Itching of private parts , and fer nothing eUa ,
IJr. * rnzior's Ma'-Mo Ointment euros as by
magic , Pimples , Ulack Head * or Ombs
Itlotclies and Krnntiom on the face , leaving
lite SKID clear and umuitlful. Also cares Itch
bait itl'eutn , Sore Nipples , Sore Lips , ant
Old Obstinate Ulcers.
bold by .Iniffsists , or mailed on receipt of
Ketnllcd \ > y Kultn < k Co. . and Schroeter *
Conrad. At wholesaleby 0 , K. Uuoduiau.
Nels Johnson , a Swede ninotysix
years of ago , died in Florence yetterday
\n Appeal to the People of Ne
A week or two ago there appeared an
article in the Hr.K headed "Dr. Mathcw-
on's Mad Holism" 1 wish to say that these
acts were written by a Seward friend ,
uid I write a few words now not to show
orth my wrongs and abuse in that instl-
ution , but in hdhalf of iU much abused
ninnies. Then , to you , who In good
'aith ' nave placed your friends there for
reatment , to you the hono.-t , industrious
ax-pavers of the state , to you members
of the legislature , who went there as an
nvestigatmg committee la t year , as
well as those honorable members , who by
their vote retaia Dr. Mathewson In liTs
pre-ent position , these words are addressed -
dressed :
I sav to you , my friends , this asylum ,
ns it is now conducted. Is a dUgrace to
the beautiful < tate of Nebraska. Shame
on the political rings who uphold it , the
editor of the state or country papers who
from selfish motives refuse lo publish
facts , or enlighten the public concerning
this institution.
I was there live long week" , to bo
treated for nervous insanity in which the
memory was not impaired , evcepl as they
rendered me insensible by their drugs or
hard usace.
About two weeks after being taken
there 1 was in full po-scssion of my men
tal faculties , remember , not by the "treat
ment" which 1 received from these ex
perienced physicians through their at
tendants , foi it wa * . almost a miracle that
my reason was not entirely dethroned.
For three weeks I was perfectly sane , a
careful ob = ervnr , as well a > a close pris
oner in thU wicked institution.
In tlio re-port of tbis committee of last
year they say that thev do not consider
the doctors responsible for the inhuman
treatment of patients. 1 ask you who ,
then. Is responsiole for hiring such speci
mens of humanity , unworthy the naniu
of woman , to take care of and watch
over the unfortunate of our state ? Re
member , I do not include all the em
ployes , for some of them were verv kind
to me , for winch they have my slncero
lhank.s. Bui Ihere are Ihreo or four
fiendish creatures employed Ihere , unless
recently removed , who revel in cruelty ,
and seem to take delight in it at every
But one of the worst features of this
institution is the wretched fare of the iia-
tients , which I will attempt to descrnie ,
and for which , no one will deny , that Dr.
Math'Myson is directly rasnonsiblo. Bread
and boiled beef , boiled beef ami bread ,
alternately , until the poor victims cry
out for a change. Poor , black coll'oo with
the faintest tinge of sugar ; in fact , one
has to think twice to decide whether it
contained any sugar at all. Butter once
a day , spread witli tiio handle of a tin
.spoon ? Vegetables consisted of boiled
beats , tops and dirt included. Potatoes ,
a Juxur.y , lettuce without vinegar ,
fruits , dried prunes , two or three times
per week. , those being so ex
pensive , this descrfnuist be limited and
cheap , which constated of Indian meal or
oat meal mush , Without sugar to make it
palatable , and bread puddings. Now , do
not got impatient , dear readers , while I
describe an e.xluelloat cake , which I
am sure the Hfjnoiablo Thomas Carr
and the other moiuburs of that committee
would enjov. It tasted like all the filth
of the kitchen seasoned with rotten
eggs and politics , stirred in one grand
mass , and naked'oy tlio heat ot election
day. It is certain , gentlemen , if on the
occasion of youri visit you had eaten at
the hospital tables , instead of being feast
ed at the Dr's sumptuous board , you
would have been wiier and bettor men
at the close of th'c investigation. It takes
$190.04 , according to tho'report , for the
support of each inmate. Allowing $1.00
per week for , this miserable
fare , how will you account for the balance
of the money ? Do you say it is the work
which takes the money ? Go over there
and seethe long line of patients filing out
to assist in the laundry and sowing room.
Sec them doing tliti dining-room and
kitchen work , making beds , mending
stockings , swooping , scrubbing , and do
ing the dirty-worKof the wards.
Women who ought to be , at home taking
care of their families , who , with plenty
of good food , and fresh air. might bo re
stored to health , are working there for
their board and a blue calico dress to
wear , at the same time the county or their
friends are paying their board , to have
them treated for insanity.
Now , in conclusion , I ask , if the won
derful doctor , who .sits in luxury and
ease , guarding the gates of that prison ,
who holds the key to the door to every
cell that none escape until he wills it , is
not responsible for anything , why is he
employed ? More anon.
MAUV A. McI.vmtE.
Why Is It
That the sale of Iloo'l's Sarsaparilla con
tinues at sucli a rapidly increasing rate ?
It is
lt , Because of the positive curative
value of Hood's Sarsaparilla itself.
2d. Because of the conclusive evidence
of remarkable cures cllected by it , unsur
passed and seldom equalled by any other
medicine. Send to C' . I. Hood & Co. ,
Lowell , Mass. , for book containing many
statements of cures.
"Rats"uinl "I'onuolilo. "
In Chicago the cry which harrows up
men's souls is " Rats ! " Nothing but a
vigorous application of the club has suf
ficed to make the policeman's lot a happy
one. In Baltimore the cry is ' 'Penuchle. "
and it i.s addressed to every man who
ventures on the street with a high white
hat Originating with the gamins , it has
passed into common use , and no man , no
matter how dignified his appearance or
how exalted his position in society , can
hope to escape the derisive yell if lui
wears the oll'ensivo hat.
Thus do far western customs make
themselves odious in the east. A few
yeari ago a man who chanced to wear a
high hat of any description west of the
Missouri river was reasonably certain to
have it shot otV his head by the festive
frontiersman. Failing to give their
humor that particular outlet , the people
of some western settlements have boon
known to fall in line and follow a man
who wore a silk Hat until ho took refuge
in his hotel and1 borrowed a head cover
that corresponded more nearly witli the
community's ideA of style and the fitness
of things. The Baltimore cry of 'To-
nuclile" is In the same line , though more
exasperating , since it. is aimed at a fash
ion which is all but universal.
To put a stop to the practice the police
have issued it warning that hereafter all
ptirsons so ofTending will bo arrested for
disorderly conduct aud lined. A much
more effective mctliod of bringing the
horso-play to an end would bo to apply
the Chicago rougli on rats remedy. The
man who cries t" Hats ! " hero once is
called upon Immediately thereafter to
uurso a broken head , and ho never docs
so any more ,
Kirk's Onrmaii I'ilo Ointment.
Sure cure for blind , bleeding , nml itching
Piles. Ono box has cured the worst rases of
ten years standing. No one need sulft-r ten
minutes after uaing tliU wonderful Kirk's
( ierriKin Pile Ointment. It ubsorbj tumors ,
allays the Itching at ouce. acts as a poultice ,
elves Instund relief , Kirk's- German Pile
Ointment is prepared only for Piles and
Itclitni : of the private parts , and nmhlns cls&
Kverv box is warranted by our agents. Sold
by druitlsts ; ; scntiiy mail on receipt of price ,
wo per Ut ,
DR. C. O. UKXTON , Puoc.
Cleveland. O.
Sold by C. If Gooodman anil Kulm & Co. ,
15th mid OouvlHS , Uth and Cuinitig
* " m
The bank clcarhms for yesterday were
Some Very Pertinent Questions ns to
Congressman l nlrd.
F.unnt'uy , Neb. , Juli 20. To the Kd-
itor of the BKF. : In your editorial of
July SI , entitled "A Disgrace to the
State , " I notice jon end by saying , "If
the republicans of the Second district
attempt to inflict this man on the state
again they deserve to be disfranchised
forever. " I would ask , Do you think
they will attempt it * Are they not sharp
politicians and already see that Laird
cannot be elected * Again , if nominated ,
do they not know that the prohibition
voters of this district who are republi
cans will not vote for a man as Intem
perate as Laird ? The first time Laird
was nominated he was bv hard work
elected by a verj small majority , and no
big majority the second time , ' and in
stead of making a better congressman ho
has been the reverse. His intemperate
habits make him thus. What has ho
done this session for his constituents , the
old soldiers ? He pays no personal atten
tion to letters from old comrades or to
their pension matters. He ha made a
speecli or two In favor of naylnc some
olUeors , but how about the privates'
His district is lull of them.
What has he done before the pension
committee , or the commissioner of pen
sions for the privates ? At the pre.-ent
lime we old soldiers are going to vote for
the men that do for us : uid our needy
comrades. Hereafter party lines , the re
publican bosses will tind count for
nothing but services for the old soldiers
overv tiling , I have heard many ot the
old comrades vow the , > would not vote for
Laird again. Then again what has he
done for the western farmers ? Nothing ,
I have heard many of the republican
farmers of this locality , who have voted
for Laird heretofore vow they would not
vote for him again , as he has done noth
ing , and is opposed to the re election of
Van Wyck. 1 know the republican
farmers of this county are three fourth's
or more for Van Wyck. Do you think
the republicans of the Second district will
"attempt to intlict" Laird on us and
figure out hii election with a bur loss of
republican Van Wyck farmers , with the
loss of many old republican soldiers , anil
last but not least the republican pro-
hibilionisls ? They had bi'st stop before
they pull down the pillars. They had
best look for some man who can get Ihis
vote. I have heard of a comrade spoken
of for this district who I think could get
all this vote and be elected if nominated ,
that is Hon. Martin Burns of Vork county ,
his record when state senator being a
No. 1 , if I am not mistaken.
That great conqueror of pain , St
Jacobs Oil. ha.- been rightly called a
medical miracle.
Valley County All'i lr' .
OKD , Neb. July 'JO. To the Editor of
the BKI : : I see in one of the Omaha
papers of July 21 that a resolution of the
alliance was passed to the effect that the
county of Valley was out some forty or
fifty thousand dollars , under the adminis
tration of H. A. Babcock and that the books
kept were mutilated. Now , in justice to
the alliance of Valley county , I desire to
say through your paper that there has
been no such resolution passed by our
alliance. The citi/.ens of Valley county
have by petition requested the board of
commissioners of Valley county to have
an investigation made of the county
records by a competent expert. And at
the meeting of the county alliance on the
7th day of July there na-scd a resolution
that it was tlio sense of the meeting tnat
such investigation bo had , and that a
committee of three be appointed to urge
upon the commissioners the necessity of
such investigation.
There has never boon a resolution of
the Valley county alliance passed charg
ing any person or public officer with
fraud or corrnution , but the wish of the
alliance is that they may know the exact
standing of the county. Respectfully ,
A. A. LA.vr.UTV.
Use thcgrcatspocilic for "cold in head"
and catarrh Dr. Sage.s Catarrh Remedy.
A. I'raycr for Gladstone.
A preacher who was an ardent admirer
of Mr. Gladstone , prayed for heaven's
blessing on the premier in these some
what ambiguous words : l'O Lord , at
tliis critical juncture of events , be pleased
to grant that Mr. Gladstone and his fol
low redeemers of England may hang
together. " On hearing the prayers a
brother below , who was accustomed to
"amen" in prayer time , and \ylio ap
proved of the conservative policy , ex
claimed : "Amen , amen , may they all
hang together.1 The. radical minister
felt that he was misunderstood , and , by
way of explanation , exclaimed : "OLord ,
1 do not mean ban" together in the sense
which the brother down below means it ;
I mean , may they in accord and concord
bans together. " "Amen , amen , " re
plied the conservative worshiper , "I
don't mind what the cord is so long as
they hang on tlic same cord. "
For delicacy , tor purity , and for im
provement of the complexion , nothing
equals Po/zoni's Powder.
Struck A AVfiale.
Now York Herald : Tlic Red Star
steamer , Waesland , which arrived from
Antwerp yesterday , struck and killed a
whale nearly seventy feet long on her
way over. The fact was not discovered
at once. On July 14 while the ofliccrfe
were endeavoring to ascertain the speed
of the vessel , hcMioavy progress wiw an
occasion At surprise until the dead whale-
was discovered lying across her bow. It
was not known when the collision oc
curred , as no shock was fell.
The Greatest Medical Triumph of ths Ag !
IjOiaofappclllOi Uowel co ltve , 1'nlulu
tlio bead , vllli a dull aensntlun la the
back pnrt , 1'nln under Iliu ahoulJcr-
blndOf Illinois nftrr eolinj , irltUailU-
Inclination lo exertion of budr or inlnit ,
Irritability of temper , Low ( .plrln , with
afoellnuof LnTlncr ncclcclcd noran dot n
\\Vmrlnrsi , Jizzlue , 1'lutterlnznt Ilia
Ileait. Dots bufurutbe eyc § , Henduclio
over Ibo rlebt CTC. Jtcullcsaneia , wltu
tKfuldrenmx , Illehly colored Urluc , und
TTJTT'S 1'lL.r.S are especially adapted
to each -nses , ono dose effects such a
change 0/feolliiff "a tonstonlali the sufferer.
Tttej Iiicrcaie the A | > netiteand cau e tb
bodylo TnUoou l'le h.tliu tno ajtiem U
nourlfheil.aml l > y their 'route Action on
tfco IMceUlvcOrcunB , lleuiilnr Stool * ere
pro.1apfd.n l-o U.-.c. V * > riirray KJ..1V.V ;
Renovated the body. . jiaWea lioauliy II tali ,
Btreugthena the \vcafc , rejialrs I ho wastej of
tlie Ejstt'iu with puru blooU ami bard muscle ;
toned tlia nervous system , inrliioratta tlm
brain , and Imparts tha vigor ol manhood.
S I . Hold by dniSKlsU.
KlurrarBC. . New VorU.
Tbe Original and Only tipiiuliio. *
ul ftlwtji K tU ! . awtr * f wvrtklr * I
UOUKiubW u LADIES. A k it.r llrugri.l M
"t'klikr.Ur1 * Kmffitf' Ut < M olkcr.or IUUM M
( uairte us t t ftlcyUr * < lur bj rtlura atftlL
NAME PAPER. CkltkwUr Chrmlfml Co ,
iCI V M > < lloii ixjuaro. I'lilL&da t'a.
orrjwhoni. Aik fet > -Cl.lclie
uuuru/Kl i'UU. TU.IMUI.M.
lt T HL'MH O VKNTKCOST r * lnrof St. tMut'4 "I hiTf bon ulTcrln tf > if twenty T JIM with rtiron *
Chnrvti , WestSUh Streel. Noork. . write * Ur l'op Wi f > r putitflo i JTIMM 1 liiTOitiil Mtfu ol
mil fontl ot anr kind ' nitotpr m < tl e lT ( ( pow r
"lVir evpn nrce l p jean 1 win rirllcn to tcror < r no ilrpronM tint I nm unable t > > > ll | t f-xvj of
nnitimue , rcvittlni flmllr In nrrvmi | < ro < tntl < in * nl ant klhil otoppi Atnto brotd pntutiloil wllhahnmnipr
. mil nmlo like . nml - b.nlp.l I
nnc p-nrilof. tlir-n " re-
melancholia , which rendered ll wotk lt lc nml
lmpo * < > ilitiOil In niPffl HIT utTcriiwrr | nd
Ifc lUflf s ron t nt horror Aflor tryi.u CTorrlhins rrrllmbli' , I ) uirrh < cil one of rmir llrtr pads and
rpctimmentUM fronuiutntno to cortwebi , I 1.1 * P < T- lo mjr iitt.Tn tonl lin\i-nt In Iw.i ri-k w < nhli t
fn > . ! < < I to in'I ' ii * HniMtv I liml bill uno dull rut ti lirnrtr inpfll with m ; fimlly rAit Ln-cf unit
iftcrKftnl My aonOPil liniilth tio"inio perfpct. mul Ti-ironblo ! lUvo e mi rt IIUPOI imntul *
n an * feat I IncreixM from Kilo 3roiin ) < l The 1 foci lianpr an < l Jntful All Hip III-IKP an.l Ihnnkn
tollnnflnii illiinur nln time when I * ns | > oi-iillnrif roiluc t < > thn llcil MN I'M ) I tlM k d I f Tlhlt
< ul < | rrttulhi trouble. 1 wor lr llolmntri Tail t- \ htc lne. Voar rp i > r ir : I HuNSUl S .ulli Wash-
i'imi. ( > Tl E , tnit the rn-inr Iml lipcn complciclr Ington. 1 > C
rnutfilnml I iliil not c'lf.iiiiucr him nir hare 1 met CAH Hill . . . , f T 1'lttff J-'M.
him inct' ' 11HIM\V rVlllo 11N lilam Mi Pt N V
Tlio IMd * l"l " i > rc"nt niiro Kkno thin A" the Pi U nd Dm * * In ' t win far * .
f § i iir w
, A.ltvlJ. . I1 . . " ! . ? _ I'
ft i&u V MU
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3rozrt. 0
Th ! CfeirwIllrroTe rtprctfr-tM tmlwlllbeeitra.
ilfety drertiicil In ererrtown for lire drilcr * vho will
0f piicliU IK miriti uid pmh IitcconlUigl/ .
AiHrea BIXGMRT BROS , Solo Ag t ,
130 Fifth Avenue , . C1UCAGQ
D. W Sure , I'CjIlo & Morroll ,
U. F. Goodman , T. W. SpalTiwI 4 : Co. ,
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Clinner * UK-sou , M. It. I'ciwcll ,
Kulm k Co. , Sam I''urii4wortli ,
Frank llmratt i Co. , Itiglios ASclimhlt ,
Illillllrd for IW.
PH. KDW L. WAI.UNQ. . nr
iroii In Chief , Nalluiul Guart
of N J. , writes
"Mr alltnllon w.u culled t (
your Kojilone M ill II hUkr ) b )
Mr l-alnr , Druzglit , of Trrntun
> ml I Iwro u oO a feir bulllei
with Ur Uller effrcl Hun any )
IUTO had I am MrAuiiuMtilfni
lour article In in ) practiceme
find It rnj utiifictur ; "
er niiTAnsHi
n fcullt KUnil.'Mt 1 ULXIII.UO.1.
tat bat tut
316.318 asd 820 Hi's sl.'pliilidelpbia. Pa.
Foroalo by 0. I' . Goodman , Omaha
AnJ other * uircrinf from
m nroui jlttilKy .rxtauitlnz
i clirunlo dic iMrt * prvoiftturv
jiitKlicio of joumf or old &ro
'itocitlrrltorcd ' b/ I > r ,
Home's fuu > u * iiri-tr :
Migrurlle litJk TUuuwtittU
_ la the union have been cun-u.
, Iy InjUntljr felt , l'nteninl Dd old lo
family c u w r A ino btlt KlrttrU
tUtuma i > J ttosrai ooiBPAnle * Klectrla Tru cc fur
Uuptur * . TOO cured la'tiS. H nrJ lUupfujpatuphUu
Dfi. W. J.HOXUi. UVUUC2. 101 WABAiU AY. , f
THE O.M.nerfcct uli.tltiitr for
IKIIL lnT luM > l. > In C'llOI.nilA lATA ,
JfctlilnB.I > IAUUIIIEAan < lalltllfr ju ) ofchll'lrt.H '
A prcdlsnted fi o < l for | ) r iicilliv > , Con innt > ;
tltc . Conruli-.K-iiU , Ac. Ptrffct nutrlrnl In > U
WMllnr dlteaseA. Hi iulrcii no cooLln * . K 'Pr * m
r.ll ollmoto. Sold . Trrr liTJ. V"rrvbT.rtl11 ' ; .
. " . tRER. ttnd fee.llnl of Infants , M41I.KD
UUOUA1X fi CO. ,
Successors to J. Q. Jaoobi
At the oM stniiJ , HOT Farn.ira St. Onlors by
tclcRrrHiilisollcltcil iiud promptly utluuJoJ to.
Teluphoni ; No. >
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< Jahln Adi'rpw. COO ( ! 1N
GeneraHnsurance Agents
211 South Thirteenth Street
OM : ou .11 ti n K AT u-iioijsAi.i : IMIICK.
I I'AV nil piprc clmigi-a to all polnti within 3 < n )
mllei. lUH > iMiTlairt < to ulrrt Irom Rrnil loacvih
iUmp fur Illuitrate.fcaUloirue . , Jlentlon tliU paper.
Ilcccntl ) ' Ilullt , NewFurulihcif !
The Tremont ,
J. C. l-T17.iiUAI-U& ( : SON , Proprietors.
Cor. ttli mid I'tits. , Lincoln , Nub.
Italei lM i.rrdajr , Slrcel car from homo lo anr
part of Ilia cltr.
J. ll.T\f. J1AKINS ,
Architect ,
Oflicrx31 , Ul unil , Itl''liBfds HlocV , Llnruln.
Neb , Klcnntor oulllli ttroet ,
lireiKlcrol IlrreJcrnf
0 AI.LOWA v CATTI.Ihaotti Ihiiin 'ATri.
! ' . \VUDUS ,
Live Stock Auctioneer
inudu In nil inuU of tlm I1 r > . tit fulr
riitpf , Jtnoni U,8liitp Iliui-k , l.liu iln , Ncli.i
und abort Horn bulU forhitlo.
Jl. 11. GOULU1NU ,
Farm Loans and Insurance ,
Correspoiulom-o | u rt'irufl lo IIIUIK olIdloJ.
KourrM , IlifliurJj Illo > k , l.lnuolii , Nub.
Public Sale ,
Denver , C'o ! . , Juiu ; JOili , m U ,
tOlieud ol tiliow riliott lltirn * Iliitus il'riiiclc
gbiuilf , i-y var-oM , wulfltliu ! ' * ' ) ; hull * mtd
liuifurs. ililri-ss Fn M runt Firm. Tor CMtiilfu-
uos , Dentrr. . Col. ( ! . 11. UruiiVJii , J.iir.'jln , N0U
Col. I' . M. Woo U Aur'lotiiH- ' ) .
V lie n in Lincoln Mopnt
National Hotel ,
Aud get u nee < l ainnor forSlo.