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Bonlanger'a ' Schemes Attracting Universal
Attention Throughout the Old World.
Germany Toneli3' and Apt to I'rccljtl-
tnte a Strnjfs'o. ' LnlKMichero
Tor Wnr on tlio
An Armed Strngnio In
July 27. [ New York Herald
Cahlf-Spivlalto tlio Hinul This aflcinoon
I was fa\ORil by a comersalion in PnrlIa- >
ment street with an crlenccd | public man ,
whose hand is constantlv on the lever of
Knropean politics , but whose name 1 am pro
hibited fiom giving. Ho .said : "Home rule
nnd parliament will not give the jonrnalitos
much for discussion and treatment until next
winter , but I look to gieat events In Htirupu
hhortly. Fiance and ( iermany uro beginning
to make faces at one another , and 1 should
not besurinlscd that when the crops iiro
gathered , at least , Germany will move unless
tieneral ! ( Is obliged by Ills govern
ment to take a back seat , for nt ptesent
he Is nagging Germany. Iteail the article
in last Sunday Figaio. bended , 'Honlanger
Is for War , ' nnd especially the references In
It lo French patiiotism and redec'iilng the
return from Metz and Sedan. Although the
wiiterslans his name , can ono doubt thai
the Inspliatlon comes from the general
whose name Is ui the headline. The aitlele
will Inltalu 1'riissla picss very much , and then
Mime counter attack from the Prussians will
put the French 'on their oats' end. ' 15ou-
langcr Is
A nnur GAME.
lie knows ho can't last long in power with
out war. In fact , ho is a sort of French Sko
belolT. rei ly for anything. History often re
peats itself. If war should break out there
will be
U will bo like when Louis XVI II. was put
on the throne of France. This tlmo I don't
doubt tiiat the Coiupto do Paris will ba the
new Louis XVI II. to govern dismembered
France for the alllanc ? . Xo doubt tliev
would cut her up In pieces to satisfy Italy's
vanity nnd keep her quiet. They would
give her back Xico and Savoy.
In fact it would be a partition of Poland over
again. The talk of an alliance of liussia
and France is all moonshine. Thuie can bo
no real alliance between monarchical and re
publican tot ms ol government no more than
between a cat and a dog.
Tin : MoxAitniirAi , r Aim-
Is bound to suffer from such an alliance. Re
member Franco and your United States when
Louis XVI joined them. Jlo thereby signed
his deatli warrant nml prepared the way for
the French involution , llussian statesmen aio
too far sighted not to see this. What Ittissla
wants is the Ulack tea for her fleets and Con-
sliintlnople lor her winter capital. Kussia
can do this by holding Austiia in check witli
promises of a larger southern boundary ,
even to the sea. As Mr France 1 think
she will.
to regain her lost possessions and to carry
Ihc banner of democracy through the , contin
ent of Europe. The lirst Xapoleon could
have done this , but unfortunately for Eu
rope ho was far from being a Washington ,
although lie had Washington's good example
before him. He cared only for himself and
his glory , and not for the people who placed
him where he was. It is Lord Salisbury's
foreign secretary and not his Irish secretary ,
In the cabinet now forming , who may have
most to do in the next six months. "
Mr. Labonchcre.liko most radicals.howover ,
cares nothing for foreign affairs. He , too , Is
for war , but it Is against the lories. He says
to-day : "If the radicals and the Irish hold
together they must bsforo very long force the
position of the enemy. 1 hold It our duty to
exhaust every means to make an anti-
Wf homo rule government impoHole. Wo
have solemnly declined , that Ireland has
a right to a domestic juiliament.
The toiiesicfiise to do this justice to Ireland.
When Pharaoh declined to let the Israelites
BO , Moses did riot stick at trifles but
HAIMI : ) now.v I > LAOUIS :
upon the Kgyptlans. Wo must follow his ex
ample. Lord Sillsbury must not sleep on a
bed of roses. We must bo a militant party
by resolutions , bills and amendments. AVe
must bicak up an unholy alliance , whose
bond of union Is the coercion of our fellow -
countrymen , and gnt back to constitutional
jimctiee. Tliat party In ofllw Is the party
which lias a majority in the commons.
If they hope that we shall pannaneatly stand
by them. Fiom the conservatives they will
never get homo rule and they will bo foolish ,
Indeed , if they sell their Inheritance for a
mess or two of pottage. Gladstone has
created the homo rule party in England , and
he lias accepted defeat for himself and his
jurty on this Issue. For the Irish to desert
him now would be crime "
i ; AIIT SAM { .
Famous I'nintinuH Under tlio Ham
mer In I'Oiiiloii ,
LONDON-Jnlj 27.--Xow | York Herald Cable
Special Telegram to the Iliu. ] The second
day's sale of the Ulenliolm collection brought
together yesterday afternoon n smaller num
ber of persons than witnessed Saturday's
sale Thu pictures sold were 120 small paint-
Ingsjorming tlio wellknown Tenieijs pallory.
Tlio bidding was less spirited than on the pre
vious day , but the pictures were moro -widely
distributed. The prices were small for separ-
oto plcluies but collectively tlio icsult was
moro satisfactory than on Saturday , nllhonzli
to-Uaj'sbalo biought the Mniluorougu estate
only 510,000 , as ojiposcd to 5170,000 on Satur
a frontispiece design for the ' Theatrinn Pc- !
torium , " brought the highest piico of the
Uay , coins to Davis , a dealer , for 5V ) . Tlio
ne.Nttifty or sixty canvasses wore compara
tively nnlmpoitiint portraits of half length
tingle llgures. The prices ranged at from 520
loSlOJeaeh. "Buiopa , " copied from Glor-
Clone , sold to Agnew , the dealer , , for 270. A
"Jloly Family , " with distant laudscape and
sea beyond , went to tlio same dealer for S-'W.
An exception , both In price and Inteiest , was
"Adam and Kvo After tuu Execution , " A
copy of Paul Yeronez ran up to S149 , at
which jirlpo U fell to Talbot. The remainder
of the picinres sold at small prices ,
several ns low us 813. with , however , the
"Adoration of tlio Shephtrd , " a copy of
Scheavone , nt 5--50 to FiilM , and a "I jin-t-
ecape , " copy from llossano. S205 to Williams.
marked the lowest price of the day , namely ,
the "Poilralt of a Venetian Senalor'fcr 510.
I noticed no dUllnKUislicil persons acaoug
tjliobujen ; orbiHsr.tatorsat tin : sale but found
the general opinion of the exports was that
the day's t-ales had boon verj. tatUfadury
prices. Although largely to dealers fur sjwu-
latlou cnteful luqulry showed tliat thi' Uenlers
\ad uo American comuiUsloiis for to dnj' ;
sale. The pictures sold to-day used to hang
Tiir. nn.T..vnn nee > t AT III.KNIIKIM ,
and wlilch the duke was anxious to sell in
one lot for two-thousand guineas. The
Archduke Leopold William , son of Ferdi
nand ll.cmpeior of ( iermany , when gov
ernor of the low count ties appointed this piln-
elpal painter , and cave him the superliilen-
dency of his gallery , whicli contained woiks
of the most dMlnctilshcd mastcis of llio well as Flemish school. Many of
those picinres had been puichased from the
collection ot King Charles 1 on their disper
sion by parliament. Tenlcrs painted small
copies of the principal pictures In the nieli-
dike's collection , in which he imitated tlie
jmillcular style of each master so success
fully that lie was called the "Pioteus" of
painting. Those Imitations , 117 of which
were to-day soldmade the "Tenters' ualleiy"
book. Most of the originals from which
Tenlcrs made copies were removed fiom ! Vienna on the retirement of the
archduke from ( lie government of the Neth
erlands nnd are now In the Belvldero gal
lery in the Austrian capital. Saturday next
will 1m the third day ol the sale , when the
mole Impoitant pictures will come to the
A Lady Tom-lsl Dashed to Death on
the Hooks.
LONDON. July 23 4 n. m. [ New York
It-raid Cable Special to the linn. ] The
\lniije club to-day received the news of an
ther fatal Alpine accident in tlie same
iclghhorliood where , baiely a month ao ,
he Maniuis do Pallaviclni and M. Cioin-
neln , of the Dutch legation , met with a
lagic end. This tlmo the victim was a lady ,
? raulcln Pauline von Sonklor , of Inns
bruck , who , In tlio company of four ccntle-
ncii and another lady , hod set out from
leldgenblut , In the Cross-C5lockler ! district ,
in the mountain ascent , ns if intending to
lew from n distance the scene of the piesent
catastrophe and to icaeli thu point at which
he Gross-(5lockler ( might be si-en. It would
> e necessary for the excursionists to climb
a rugged mountain path for about two hours ,
ind they \\oulil then descend into a wild
ravine through which Hews a torrent. Emerg-
ng from this part of tlio road they would
'ollow a nanow , dangerous mountain track ,
watered upon ono sldot > y a steep precipice
and upon which cxpeiienccd mountaineers
iloncshould venture. It was at the most
letilous part of this track that the franlein
infortunately stumbled over a stone and los-
ng her looting was , before assistance could
) C alforded , precipitated fiom the di/.zy
iciglit nnd ( lashed on the rocks below. Dcatli
was instantaneous.
The Great Chess Contest Over The
lies tilt.
LONDON , July 27. [ New York Herald
, ible Special to the Bnn.J In to-day's
[ ilay in the tinal bout In the British associa
tion tournament Burn won an lireeularde
jut with llnnliain , and thciotoie ties for
lir t pri/e with Blackbuineliosuccecded in
securing a draw against Lipschutz. As was
piedicted by thn knowing ones , Gtiusberg
defeated Xurkertort and Taiibenlmns won
igainst bchallop. This produced a tie be
twecn ( iiinsberij aim Taubenhaus for third
and fourth prizes. To the surprise of every
body Mason lost to Moitlmer and
thereby drops to fifth position.
Pollock won a ruy lopcz against
Mackenzie , Ilaiihaui and Bird had a desper
ate battle to determine who should iccelva
thopgstof honor on Iho rear of the line.
The game , which lasted two days , was finally
won by Major ilanham. As the piozramnid
makes no provision for plavlng off tlio tie
scores , the honors will be equally divided
among those who won the same number of
games. The contest for the amateur cham
pionship is progressing with nineteen par
ticipant , " , but does not attract the attention
that is accoidcd to tlio masters' tournament.
The short competition for the Tennyson and
RusUin trophies is now preparing to com
mence. Tlio following is the iinai result of
tlio international tourney :
1'i.Avnns. WON. LOST.
Blackburn S 3 >
Burn SV $ 8 > 3
( iunsberg 8 4
Taubenhaus 8 4
Mason 7 .1
Lipschutz OJ r > %
Mackenzie 0 ( i
Xukertort (5 ( C
Schalloi ) 5 7
Pollock ) J 7'
Mortimer. 4 b
Ilanham 3 ! S1
Uiid 2 > < f 0 > ;
The last eight players received SS'ti for
each of their won games ,
A Most Unique Celebration at Now-
Niwr.iSTi.i-oN-Ti NI : . July 07. [ Now
Vork Herald Cable Special to'tho TJic.J : A
demonstiatlon , most unique In cliaracter.
took place hero yesterday , at the Tynotheatro
It was intended to commemorate the enroll
ment of ouo hnndied thousand members of
"Uncle Toby's dicky bird society. " Several
thousand of these assembled there , for tlio
hearing of addresses on tlio purpose contem
plated by that organization. It is scarcely
ten yeiirs vet since the society was organized.
Its mission Is to kindle within tuo hearts o
the young a feeling for tlie lower creation
which exhibits Itself In good works. "Undo
Toby" was the iinmo of Ihc founder. This
organization Is llio synonym for benevo
lence. Kach ono of the hundred thousand
members Mgned this pledge :
" 1 hereby promise to be kind to all living
things , to protect them to the utmost of my
power ; to feed birds In tlio winter time nnd
never take or destroy their nests. "
The mayor of New Castle took the chair
and Canons Lloyd and FranUIn , with sev
eral social celebrities made addressas. In
tlie course of ono It was said : "Tho first
branch of this society established outside the
British Isles , was in Norway , February 3 ,
lk > 77. A few weeks at terward a branch was
established in \ Icloiia , Australia : then the.
cause was taken up In Nova Scotia , Now Zea
land , Tasmania , South Africa , and other dis
tant colonies. " Tim Dicky Bird society can
boast of nienihcis In France , Germany , Italy ,
tiwtden , Gibraltar , at ConsluutinoiUe , Hong-
Kong , South America , and many parts of
Canada and the United States. Within less
titan a decade cince Its initiation the organiza
tion has just leached In Its ranks the crand
total of 100,000 members. One speaker re
ferred with pride to the tact that the legisla-
tuio of Xew York recently passed stiong
statutes protecting all the smnll birds. Many
songs and excellent music \\oro given. Tlio
largest number of those scaled were of the
i members.
The Nv Trenilor Groetotl Heartily
Stultli For Irish Scot clary.
LONDON , July 27. The Marquis of Salis
bury , Lord Itandolph Churchill and Sir
Michael llle'-s-Beach had a lone conference
thU afici noon. It Is reuortcd tliat Lord
Salisbury Is Imvipg urcat dlfllciiity In the
work of lilllnR the post of chief secretary for
Irciuud , no suitable mau desiring to take the
oil ) co under thu new government
Lunc before tliq tlmo appointed for the
.meeting of luc conservatives , called b > Salis
bury , the Catlton club building was sur
rounded by a large crowd. The people were
evidently strong svmpathlzers with the
doniinent party , and cheered each leader
as he appeared. The applause which greeted
the Marquis of Salisbury amounted to an
ovation. The ntw premier was even more
heartily received by the meeting Inside. He
made an address on the political situation.
lie congratulated tils hearers on the success
of the eonservatlve partv in tlie recent elec
tions and dwelt on the wisdom and necessity
of actlne In accord with ihe liberal-unionists
In the Irish policy. The n.aniuls poke for
twenty minutes. Among tfio announce
ments he made was that the lit. lion. W. H.
Smith had be/en agreed upon as chief secre
tary for Irclaud.
Dentcr Knocked Out ly tin * HAH *
tin ; ; ' ) Itcil Other < : nine " .
JlAsiixno. Neb. , July'7. i-Spicial Tele
gram to the BIE. : ] Denver lenaiie team and
the Hastings Iteds pln\od a game of baseball
hero to-day. Our boys wiped the ground
with tlio visitors to the tune of 19 to ! > . There
were fully 1,000 people In attendance.
MI.Kin : iiKi..vr : o'.vr.n.i , .
Nr.l.u.ii , Neb..June 'J7. [ bpeclal Telegram
lo the Bi.K.1 The NolUh nine defeated the
O'Ni-ill ball club to-day by n score of 10 to 12.
New Yoik 0 80010040-8
Wa = hingtons..O 00001000-1
Ba-e lilts New Yoik 1C. , Washington 4.
Errors New Yoik o , Washington 0. Umpiie
Mettoiolltans..O irt020200-8
Pittsbmx' o l
First base hits Meliopolitans 15 , Pitlsburg
1. Errors Metropolitans 1 , Plttsburg 7. U m-
plin Valentine.
St. Louis 0 00100001 2
Daltltnore 1 0020100 * 4
Pitchers Cstmtthcrs and McUlnnls. First
base lilts St. Louisa , Ualtimoie 5. Errors
St. Louis 4 , Baltimuru U. Umpiie Biadley
AT I'nii.ADni.piiiA
Athletics 0 0 n 0 3 0 0 0
Louisville i o o o o o 2a
Piteneis Hart and Ramsey. Fir < t base
ills Athletics 9 , Louisville 5. Errors-
Athletics G , Louisville 0. Umpire Walsh.
Biooklyn 1 1 0 0 0 8 0 0 0 10
Cincinnati 1 00000100-2
Fiist base hits Brooklyn 10. Cincinnati , 0.
h.rrors Biooklyu S , Cincinnati 0. Umpire-
The Boston-Chicago game was postponed
on account of lain.
Itacliifr at Washington Park.
CUICAOO , July 29. At Washington park
tlie weather was waim , the track \erylast
and attendance large.
'Ihrce-foitith mile : Billy Gilmore won ,
Wycklow second , Fied Wooley tliird. Time
lK : > V. Mutuals paid SU.OO.
One and one-eighth miles : Bob Fisher won ,
Jem Gray second , Idle Pat thltil. Time
1:5) : } ; . Mutuals paid 811.20.
One and three-eighth miles : Montana Re
gent won. Ed. forrigan second , Mamie Hunt
third. Time 2:2:5' : $ . Mntinls nald SiB.10.
One and one-eighth miles : Leiiian won ,
Hattiu Carlisle second , Buchanan third.
Time l.Vi. : Mutuals paid 527.10.
One and one-sixth miles , heats : Uonedalc
won. A lleespcond , Kansas distanced. Time
IMS. Mutuals paid held Sll.Os. Secom :
heat Hopetlale burst a blood vessel am :
stopped. Ailee won Ihe heat and race. Time-
i Kaces.
SARATOGA ? N. Y. , July 27. The weattier
to-day was clear and cool , tue tiack good aud
the attendance fair.
Flash staKe.s , for two year olds , one-hall
mile : Amies won , Kiepps second , Prodigal
third. Time-5'J'f.
Purse , all ages , three-fourth mile : Jim
Douglass-won , llarefoat second , Fletch Tay
lor third : Time 1:10. :
Excelsior sweepstake' , all ages , one and
one-fourth miles : Volante won , Ofallon
second. Silver Cloud thlid. Time 2:13 : .
Piir-e , all ages , mile and r > 00 yards : llich-
mend won , Elkwood second , Hidalgo third.
SelMntj purse , mile : Xamara won , Horea :
second , isletto tliird. Time l:4j. : } .
At Mniiiiiouth Paik.
MONMOUTH PAIIK. N. J. , July 27. Handi
cap for all ages , ono and one-fourth miles :
Tolu won , Elgin second , Murkland third
Time 2:00 : .
Purse , for two year olds , three-fouith mile :
Nat Goodwin won , Irlll second , Fieedom
third. Time l:20r. :
Three year old times , ono and one-eiahth
miles : Feiona won , Calera second , Saluda
tiiiid. Time 2:05. :
Tlirce vear olds and upwards , ono and onc-
Inlf miles : The Baid won , Bonanza second ,
Ti'iie ' 2:45W ,
Purse , sclllnc race , for three year olds ,
seven-eignth mile : Witch won , Whizgig second
end , Windsaii thlid. Time lB' : ' < f.
For all anes , one and one-half miles , over
six hurdles : Referee won. Bally second
April Fool third. Tlme-30 ; > ;
Colonel Iloltoii's Crime ,
CnicAOO , July 20. Colonel W. 11. Bolton
charged with embezzlement while In charge
of the second-class mall department of tlio
Chicago postoflice , and w'o ' : was re.ieasei !
on ball last night , did not appear at the gov
crnnicnt building this morning. Theollicc
was placed in temporary chprgo of A. S
Reynolds , tlio second weigher. Assistant
Postmaster Squire said tlmt Bolton's place
was vacated by the arrest , and ho would not
bo allowed to como back to thu ofllce until
the charges against film were dlsproven ,
when It will lust with Mr. Judd whether he
be allowed to lesumo his old dtitlc.s. Xo olll-
clal notice of the dismissal was served on him
this morning , but one will piobably bo
before long. Inspectors Lalid and
Barrett were woikine on the ca o
this morning looking up newspaper
receipts and procuring fresh evidence
of defalcation. They will move for an In-
ciease in tlie amount of bonds and probably
for new sureties , to-day or to-morrow.
Robert J. Lincoln appeared before Commis
sioner Hoycs and signed the bond of Weigher
Staurt In the sum of $5OX,000. ) A deputy
marshal ! was Immediately dlsuatclied co the
jail to bring tlie prisoner to the federal
building. Mr. Lincoln said lie was very much
surprised that Staurt hail'not bent for him
An Important Suit.
SvnACtT i5 , X. Y. , July27. Argument was
heard here to-day by Judge Wallace , of the
United States clicult court , on a motion fora
preliminary Injunction made by thlrly-llvo
national banks of the city of New York to
restrain the collection of the tax Imposed on
bank shares for the year 1SS5 , pending the
Issue of suits for a permanent injunction.
The suits Invo'to ' Iho constitutionality of the
entlro system of fctato taxation of shaies of
national banks , and are considered the most
important e\er presented to the court upon
the subject. Tlio main point urged by the
banks Is that the state law violates tint pro
visions of section .Will , levised statutes of tlio
United States , whicli forbids the taxation of
shares of national banks by the seveinl states
at a greater rate than other f jrmsof moneyed
capital in the hands of individual citizens
thereof. If the point is sustained it will af
fect the taxation of shares of national banks
in nearly e\cry state in the union and in
many states Hie. taxation of state bank shares
as well. The tax upon bank bluiesln New
York city Is moru than a million of Uollais a
j ear ,
Another C'aiiudinn Colonist.
Ciuoioo , July 27. A Peorta telegram
states J , W. Harrington , recently a gro
cer In business at thai place , lias disappeared
atfer borrowing fully 5,000. lie is supposed
to be In Canada.
Nelira.ka anil Iowa Weather.
For Nebraslaaml Iowa : Local rains , fol
lowed by fair we ihcc ; stationary
An Attempt to Blow Up a Princely Ex
cursion Signally Pails.
Luminous Testimony Given by Kc-
portcrs In the Annrchlstn' Trlnl
in Chicago Criminal News
of n Dixy.
A Ilonit ) on Hoard.
NcwYoitK , Julv 27. ( Special Telegram
to the Uii.J : : An almost successful attempt
was made lait night to blow up tlio steamer
Sylvan Stream , which had on board Don
An.gusto LeoDoldo , prince of Ur.izll , the com-
mnhdant and otllcer of the Hruzllian Avirc
ship Harrosa , Cousiil-jcneral Mendonln nnd
other attaches of His Hruzllian location. The
patty together with other guests had been In
vited by the ofllcers of the Sea Heach company
to take a trip to Coney island and see the
sights at West 13ml. Amonc the prominent
citizens \vlio were asked to accompany the
priti'-e. wcie District Attorney Marline nnd
his assistants , Messrs. Fellows and Nichols.
They \ \ ere out ot town and therefore could
nut accept. Yesteulay morning Manager
Mann of the Sea Beach company iceelved
the following letter :
"To the President of the SeaUeichCo..and
Dlicctors of said company : lloyat lick
spittles : It is publicly announced that yon in
tend teting the IJrazilian prlnct'let who is
now here , and that in conjunction with that
fete \ouwlll enteitain nnd banquet opmcs-
ser Martlne and hlood-honnd Fellows. This
atl'alr has been duly discussed in committee.
and It being resolved that this entertainment
Is a revolting and disgusting spectacle ot
homage to king-craft ami representative * of
tyranny , it is now time thnttsuch slghtt-Jshall
b'e put down , and that an example be made.
This entertaiuiuiMit to AngUsto Leopoldo ,
princeling Marline , the oppressor , and Fel
low s , the blood-hound , must not take place ,
If you persist to entertain those reiiersenta-
lives of tyranny , then revenge shall be upon
vou. \ our life , and that of other principals
In this fete , shall be forfeited nnd taken at
the earliest opportunity. This opportunity
will not be long bfoio reached. Hy orderof
the social rexolutionary committee.1'
The comunieation was read to the directors ,
nnd little consequence was attached to it.
A.fter spending the evening at Coney Island
the party started for home on the boat at 9
o'clock. Most of the guests weie
on the upper deck about tlie
cabin. Coiouor Mes mer occupied a seat
within the eaoln , and George Urown
an employe of the cquvpany. 'was patrolling
the cabin deck. There had been a faint odor
of sulphur in the air lor several minutes and
suddenly there was licaid a fizzing sound
from beneath a bench OI1 the starboard side
of the cabin , directly over the engino. At
the same time a little fountain of sparks was
thrown up a distance ot two or tlnee feet ,
Coionor > rt > ssmer jumped to his feet and
rushed to the cabin exclaiming , "Theieisa
bomb In hero. " At the same instant Urown
rublicd fiom the cabin , carrying a daik ob
ject which still emitted sparks. As he reached
the railing of the steamer ho tiling the
object oxerboi\rd. \ Jp an instant every
body forward - was in a panic. A
gentleman hastened to the stern where the
consul had loeaftd Himself and requested
him to come" , forward as there was some
trouble Brow'u was then closely questioned
and haiU ho had picked up a bottle about six
inches long , filled with he did not know
what , except that there was a fuse attached. "
"Why didn't you keep the bottle , ' ' he was
asked. "Another minute , " he responded ,
and it would have exploded. It is not the
custom to keep such things on boaid when
you can help it"
Prince Leopoldo was not Informed of the
peril in which his Hie had been placed until
he was safe ashore. He was evidently
startled but the only remark ho made was :
The devil. "
Continuation of the Damning Testi
mony Against the Conspirators.
CHICAGO , July ST. At the anarchist tilal
this morning Whiting Allen , a newspaper
reporter testlllcd he was at Haj maiket meet-
Ing. Parsons in Ins speech said : "what good
are strikes going to bo ? What are you
going to gain by them ? Do you think you
arc goinir to gain your point1 Xo , yon
will have to go to work lor less than yon
formerly received. " When ho mentioned
the name of Jay Gould , some ono cried :
"hang him ! throw him In the lake I" Parsons
said "Xo , tliat won't do. If Jay Gould was
put out of the way to-davanother Jay ( jould ,
or one-hundred Jay Goulds would lisc up.
It isn't the man but It Is the system whlcn
ought to be destroyed. " Witness said the
crowd seemed entirely in sympathy with
1'aihons and applauded him fiequentiy.
Mr. Allen was at Xcpf's hall when the ex
plosion occurred. At the meeting at the Hay-
market ho saw Spies Parsons. Flelden , and
he thinks Schwab , but was not certain of tlie
latter. On cross-examination witncsssald he
did not see Parsons at Zepf s hall tliat eve
ning. Ho was not at Haymarket in the ca
pacity of icporter , but Iiaviiic another assign
ment in tlie neighborhood he went down to
the Uti > market in an abstracted mood. Ho
had Instructions from his paper to reoort far-
sons. Witness saw Matkon" at Xeiif 'b hall , but
is positive that this man was not in the com
pany of defendant ( Fl cheiJ at that place.
Allen was asked if ho taw Fitchcr and he
said lie did not
C. J { . Tuthlll , another reporter was al
Haymarket , but not on assignment , ami
while Parsons was speaking witness though !
thu crowd was made up of two classes , tnoso
opposed to the speaker , and they were In the
majority , and those in sympathy with the
bppaker , and tlioy appeared to bo inoio. en
thusiastic than the leadeis of the meeting.
A stout matronly woman \vlioso ample
lliuio was enfolded | u a diess of while lawn ,
was In Judge Gary's court early this mornIng -
Ingitha ninuber of boqucts. When the
anarchists were hrouwit Into court from the
jail , the wqnian in ujiite rose In a huiry anil
quickly limning over to tlio prisoners , ten
dered each one alx ) < | uetof lloweis ,
Owens , a reporter , aw Parsons at the cor
ner ot lEandolpti ami Halstead streets shortly
before the Haymarkd meeting began. Ho
asked Parsons n hero the meeting was to bo
held. Parsons renliiia that ho did not know.
"Why , " remarked w lLness , "yon are going to
speak , ain't ycm'rNo , " replied Parsons ,
"I am going to the Sijuth Side. " Saying this
Parsons Marled for ft street car. but drew
back , ami , slapping witness familiarly on the
back , remarked : "A'fl ' J'ou armed ? " Have
yon any dynamite ab-mt yon ? " Parsons then
away. J1U wife accompanied him
Almost at the eaiuu , time ho saw Major
Harrison , and Schwal ) , who was i mi
ning across thu trucl , and almos
ran Into Harrison. Ho did no
see Schwab again that night. He hean
Spies , Parson * and Flelden , anil his reclla
ot the utterances varied very Mlghtly from
former accounts. Witness saw the anproacl
of ttio police , and , running ahead ot them
mounted an hon stairway at the comer o
Randolph and Dosplaines streets. He lieau
the warning of thei > olico to disperse verj
distinctly , and immediately afterwards a
licudK-h cry came fiom the n aeon , followed
by tlie explosion of the" bomb. Witness was
woundea in the lesat almost tlie lirst lire
Witness testiucd he saw shots tiied from the
cast side of the street , and up to that time
the police had not tired.
Mil. E. Hehiefnan. ( icrman newspaper re-
iwrter , was present at Haymarket ut 7:30
p. ui. HCEUW Pardons nnd Schwab in the
vicinity , Hie former at the corner of Kan
dolph and Ilslsteul olivets. He also saw
Ualthazer Kan from the alley. andjxUo saw
shots tired at the police from t lie north. Spies
in his speech , began oy dwlanngtlu1 meetlnj ,
was to be a peacuablo oue , but iu las spcccu
: a\c a version of the McConitlck riot , nhlcli
ended to Inflame Ihc crowd.
"Wero you formerly a meml > er In the In-
crnatioiial'i1" tlin sta'o's attorney a krd.
"Yes , sir , " replied Hie witness ,
"When did you cease to be a member ? ' '
"Two years aso. "
"Which of the defendants beloneed to the
ociety vOillooii wetc a member1'
"Tlie only ono t know personally was
Veebc. He belonged to the same group as
nyself. "
' 'Did yon meet others of the defendants at
nv time ? "
'Yo * , Spies and Schwab , and. 1 think ,
arsons , 'lhat wiw when HerrMost was hero
nnd made some speeches. "
"And II was on account of those speeches
hat you seveied your connection with the
nteniatlonal ? "
"Yes , sir. "
"Who did jou see on the wagon the night
of the Haymarket nicotine ? ' '
" 1 saw Sple . Schwab , i-'ieldcn and Uudolph
Sclinaubert. Tlie latter 1 know as a member
if thu Internationalists"
The court then adjourned at 1 o'clock until
2 11. in.
Up to 3 p. in nothing new was elicited In
lie testimony of the repotters , Hcinciminn
nul Percy Knglish and Detective Haas , of
he city detail. Then tlio session began to
lovelop evidence ol Importance. The most
nteicsllngnnd probably the most valuable
estimony of tlie afternoon was that of M. M.
Thompson , an emplojo In the wholesale store
of Maishall Field. Tlio witness , who hail
) con on business on the west side , was re-
urning toward tlie liver on Randolph stieet
when tlie Haymarket meeting was aisem-
jiing. Stopping near an entrance to an
alley a short dUtanco frjm the speakers'
wagon , he saw Spies mount the vehicle , In-
mire for Parsons and descend to the pound.
shortly Spies , accompanied by a man who
'uid been pointed out to him as Schwab ,
KISM.M ! by into the alley. "Did you hear any words spoken
jy eilhiU1 of the men ? ' '
Witness " ! lieaul the words 'pistols' and
'police. ' ' ' 1 hen one asked the oilier would
'one ' be enough. ' "
Ciiinnell "What happened then ? "
Witness "The men came out of the alley
ild went west on liandoltih-stiei't. 1 know
Jiermva.s to be speaking ami followed theme
; o learn when the Micaking was totake place.
They went west to llalsted street and I fol
lowed. Near HuNtcd street they were joined
liy n third man whom 1 iiad not seen be
fore. "
( irlnnell. handing witness a photograph of
Schnaubell "Does this resemble the man
whom you saw join Spies and Schwab ? "
Wit ness- " Yes , sir/ '
"What happened then1'
"The three men then started toward the
Haymarket , 1 went , along , and when once
quite close to them 1 saw Spies hand tlie
stiango man something which he put In his
pocket. A moment later I pased by them and
heard S"hwab say , 'N'ow , If they come , give
It to them. ' Before I was out of hearing dis
tance 1 heard Spies reply , ' 1 don't think we
can do it , for they won't ghc us a chance to-
iiiu'ht. ' " .
Witness then told how lie accompanied the
men back to the Haymarket , where , by this
time , quite a ciowd had assembled. Spies
mounted the speaker's wagon , and he lost
sight of the other two.
The cro-ss-evamlnation was lone and
lemons' . Fostei was exasperating to tlio wit
ness , and the witness was halt dctiantto the
attornev. The court was frequently obllred
to intcifcre , while the Mates attorney
aroused the ire of Captain Ulack by his
ellorts to protect the \\itness against the
etlorts at occasional brow-beating. The pro
ceedings closed here lor the day.
The testimony of Thompson this afternoon
was a seven * blow to the defense. It pioves ,
as nearly as the unshaken testimony of ono
man can , that Spies , Schwab and Schnau-
belt had azieod before the Haymarket meet
ing was called to order to throw a d vnainilo
bomb among the police should
they attempt to dispersis the crowd.
It places Spies in the _ position
of personally arming the bomb'throwcr , nnd
identified Schwab as his enthusiastic abettor.
I'lioiigh tlie witness did not swear that the
article ho saw Spies hand to bchraubelt was
a bomb , the Infeienccto that oifitct was no-
whcro more plainly marked than on the
white face of Spies. The almost frantic , but
utterly futile eltorts of the attorneys for the
defense to make the witness Impeach him
self , showed how well they recognized
the weight of the evidencehc furnished. At
one stage in the cro-s-examlnation tlie wit
ness said that such and such were his
opinions Foster retoited sharply : " 1 don't
want your opinions ; they aio. not worth a
straw , " and when the state's attorney icnion-
strated at such harsh treitmcnt of the wit
ness Foster rejoined loudly : "And i have
tlie same opinion of hl testimony. " Alto
gether the testimony of Thompson lias ap-
paiently done as much for tlioniosocutlon as
thatot any other so fur examined.
Another Snint Gone
PHILADELPHIA , July 27. Last March Wil
liam P. Pieison , cashier and chief bookkeeper
of the American Baptist Publication society ,
was thrown from a caniage and had his leg
fractured. Since then he has been coulined
to his home. Dining Ills enforced absence.
it was discovered that he is a defaulter to the
extent of SW.OOO. The&ecrctniy of th * * society
swore out a warrant cliai gins Plevson with
stealing and embezzling that amount of the
funds of the society. Pierson is now under
police surveillance. Tlio embezzled funds
were absoibed by speculation.
A Robber Murderer Hunjj. , Colo. , July 27. Andrew Green
( colored ) was publicly hanged here to-day in
the presence of 15,000 people for the murder
of Joseph C. Whitney , a street car driver ,
May ID , last , The minder was committed foi
the pnipose of robbciy. Kansas Withers , his
accomplice , was sent to the penitentiary lor
lilt * , ( ireen was twenty-tour years old and
confessed his crime fiom the gallows. Ow
ing to faulty apparatus he died from t > transii-
Two Unfaithful WIvcH Cutisu Murder ,
LorisviLLi : , Ky. , July 27. About noon to
day John Koehlcr , a baker , shot and killed
John Carter and mortally wounded l' tcr
llanpl. KoL'lilcr charged his wife with lull-
del Ity.
Shortly after , at Xew Albany , across the
river. Professor J. ( ! . Stnink Miot and killed
Charles Hovey and seriously wounded his
father , Dr. Hovey. Stnink charged his wile
with inlldelity.
- -
MnnySlnln | jy Socialists.
AsiSTr.unAM , July 27. It Is believed tliat
twenty JHTSOHS were killed and eighty
wounded In the riots yesterday and Sunday ,
canned by tlio police preventing the "eel-
killlnj ; " games.
Guilty In tlio Degree.
KHIB , Kan. , July 27. The argument In
the trial of Willie Sells , charged with the
murder of his father , mother , brother and
sisters , was concluded today and the case
given to tlio jury. A verdict was returned
an hour later finding the defendant guilty of
murder In the tirst degiei * . The prisoner ,
though very pale , betrayc'l ' no emotion.
Ilru'tnl J'rizo Kit-tit.
PiTTMii'iioii , July 27. A special from
Harry's Station says a prize light between
two miners named Jimmy Sullivan and
Miles McGurk , took plaeo last evening In a
coal nilno about a mlle from here. Kloven
lounds were ( ought In which both men wetc
bndly punished McCuik was knocked fiom
his lect several times and tlio lust round
Sullivan knocked him
Kew York Dry Gooils Market.
XEW Yonic , July 27. Exports of domestic ,
cotton goods the past week \\PIO 4,001 pack
ages , and for the expired portion of the year
a total of 181,517. against 123,010 1-jst year
and'J-VX/4 lor the same time in 1 * > I. As
usual to Tuesdav the demand from agents
was moderate , though In the distribution of
daily receipts a good total of sales Is bolus
Hricklaycrs anil Masons Out.
DKTKOIT , Mich , July 27. The masons and
bricklayers met In their hall on Michigan
avenueaud derided to order a general strike
of 97 members of their organization , to go
into effect immediately. H lias been done in
anticipation of a threatened lock out by
ouiug to disaxrct-iiivnts -
, vuiu im-u ,
WASHINGTON- , July 27. Mr. Allison , from
the committee on finance , rcnorlcd hack the
house joint resolution directing the payment
of the surplus in the treasury on the public
debt with an amendment.
Mr. Heck , n member of the committee ,
stated lint Ihls was the report of the majority
of the committee , but the minority adhered
to the hon e resolution , Placed on Iho cal
After several reports on vetoed pension
bills the senate went Into secict session and
WASHINGTON , Julj 'J7. Mr. Willis , of
Kentucky , fiom the conference committee on
the river and haibor appropriation bill , ic-
ported a continued disagreement. Ho then
offered a lesolutloti declaring it to bo the
sense of the house that the Item making an
appropriation lor the Portaco land aud Lake
Superior ship canal should bo stricken fiom
tlie senate amendment , and Intruding the
confeiCM accordingly. Apiced lo 100 lo M.
Mr. Willis then offeied n resolution in-
sttnctini ; the conferosj to Insist on striking
out the senate amendments making an appro
priation lor tlie lleliiieliln ranal.
In one-minute speeches' Mes rs. Xecce and
Plumb opposed the lesolutlon , as did also
Mi. SpiliiL'Ci in n Iwo-inlnnlo spcich. The
latter warned the Irlcmls of the bill that If
they expected to pass Hie bill they must not
strike out these Impoitant items.
Mr. Henderson of Illinois , took the simo
giound , doc-luring that the Hcnm-pln canal
question would not down because It was n
question of cheap transportation In the Inter
est of tlie people.
Mr. Hatch of Missouri , supported thcreso-
lutii n. The geiitloman from Illinois ( Hen
derson ) Raid this Scheme would not down.
It would down if the members of the house
got rid of it to-day , nnd it would be the last
time tlmt the pioi > osltton would come from
ttio senate alter the house had condemned it
tlmo and again asnn amendment to the river
nnd harbor bill. It c.uue in here us an in
Mr. McMillan of Tennessee owmsed Hie ap
propriation , and Mr. Uates of Alabama sup-
poited the resolution.
Mr. Willis appealed to the friends of rivers
and haibois not to engraft the canal proposi
tion upon the bill. To do so and ho spoke
alter a calm review of the sitimtlon might
piovo destiuctive to the whole bill. The
lesolutlon was adopted vens , ISiij nays , 11'A
Un motion of Mr. Willis the resolution
was adopted instiuctlns the conferees to in
sist upon striking out the amendment mak
ing an appropriation for the Sturgeon 13ay
and LaKe Michigan canal.
Mr. Hiscock , ol Xew York , ottered a reso
lution directing the conferees to insist ution
stnkinir out the senate amendment provid
ing for the improvement of tlio Mississippi
river fiom the head of the passes to tlie
month of the Ohio river. Adopted yeas ,
1-14 : navs , SS.
Mr. McMillan offered a resolution Instruct
ing the conlciees to insist on llio striking
out of the son at o amendment to the item ap-
iiropriatiiiE SH7.tHOfor the impiovement of
the Potomac rher. Aareep to 107 to 75. A
furtherconferenca was then ordered.
The house then resumed confederation of
the Northern Pacilic land forfeiture bill. The
question recuired upon the house substitute
lor the senate bill and It was agreed to
jeas , 7-1 ; nays. C5. The senate bill as thus
amended was passed yeas 1 " ; nays , 43
and a rcuuest for a conference was iniule.
Mr. lleaan , of Texas , called up tno Inter
state comniTcu bill and the sp"aker an
nounced the question to bo upon the substi
tute leported by tlie committee on commeioe
( Kuagau bill ) lor the senate bill ( Ciilloin
bill ) .
The house rdjourned. . . & .
. ll Tolincco Finn Siispcntls
Caused by Labor Troubles.
Chicago , July 27. The Charles W. Allen
company , manufacturers of tobacco , with ex
tensive works at tne corner of Canal and
Monroe streets , confessed judgment to-day
for 55,100 in favor of Elijah Wallcn , and
S7. > ,000 in favor ot the B.irker Tobacco com
pany. Kxecutions were taken out and the
sheriff Immediately levied on the works ,
stock , etc. The liabilitlesof the company are
said to be S27.iOM ; tlie assets con dst af static
on hand , woith about 5'J" > .000 , book
accounts amounting to S7.- , , < XJ , and
machinery tliat cost SIOJ.OOJ. The
c.uise.s of the failmes as stai led by the seeie
tary of the company , are u steady depreca
tion In llio values of the stock that lias been
going on for from six to nine months : the
Gould strike that totally destroyed the Texas
and Southwest trade , and incidentally the
depiession caused by the local labor troubles ,
and tlio adoption bv the company of the
cigiit-hourplnu. This company was the lirst
tobacco mannf.icturlng company in thccoun-
try to a lopt eight hours for a day's work. Xo
concspondiux reduction in waires was made.
The company had a pay-roll of about S'J,0'JO ' a
week. It had been a heavy borrower lor a
long f line.
Condition of Air.Urn and People in
ST. JOHNS , N. F. , July 27. The schooner
Barrett has put in here , bringing the latest
news fiom the Labrador coast , i'ork har
bor Is crowded with fugitives , but these
come from the southern coast and know
nothing of their northern neighbors. Un
July 1 ! ) a two adays' "snowstorm burled east
ern Labrador , cutting of all communications
with Its population of 1:5,000 : uersons. The
snow has clo-jcd all Hails. Itullof
vessels will now go diiect to
York bay to lellcve tlio first snflVicrs theie.
A White bay dlsnatch states that the whalers
i epoit that the HiiiNon liey straits are again
froren over , which Is an nnpiecedpnted oe-
cnrience at this .season. Tlio cold le.sulls
tiom Immense masncs of Aietlc Ice along thu
coastand It does not nxtcml beyond 200 miles
from thesca. Up to date ( WO hiuvivoro have
rulived hoic. The number that have died is
cstimatcjl at twcnty-Iivo hundiod. HI nee
Satiiiday nn east wind has liluunofT the
banks , increasing thu lirmne.Sj of coast ice.
Xoinlnutlons nnd Continuations.
WASHINGTON , July 27. The nrestdont has
sent the following nominations to thoscnato :
Postmasters-Clinton Daubatt , Beloit , Wis. ;
John A. McLaiuhlln , ( iiithnu Centre , la , ;
Samuel Jacobs , Jlnmphiey. la.
Thesenalo has eonlirmcd the following :
Indian agenis : L. T. Spencer ot Xew York ,
Itosulnul , Dale. ; G , W. Xonls of Massachu
setts , Xez Pt-rccs agency , Idaho. To bo
United States maishals : Hailer Atkins , ills-
tiiet of Alaska ; D.iniel W. Manilla , territory
of Dakota , To he receivers of public money
J. J. HO/.S , JJooneville , Mo , ; D. W. Hutchinson -
inson , Uismark , Dak. ; C. K. MaeDonald , St.
Cloud , Minn , ; D. ! ' . MuDurmott , Henson ,
Minn. ; S. S. S.nitn , Devil's Lalce , Dak ,
Postmasteis-llliiio'.t ; , E. MeClung.ralilield ;
( ! . W. Androwc , Mnii'hnnslmro' ; A. Snydur ,
Arolu ; Wisconsin. D. L. llarkuetts , lleiiin ;
Xeli-.iHku , C. W , Hlowart , Alma ; T. O'Sucj ,
Madison , hu ; J. 11. Wallliank , Mount
Pleasant ; T. Hodman , Council Uluti'i : D , W.
FlowirXuwton ; D. u. UBardbloo.drlnncll ;
J. lfiuu , Dccoriu.
A llootccrv TiinllcH.
ST. Louis July 27. Tlio two-ttory bilck
building at400 Morgan strict collap'ed last
nlcltt. Tlie lirst floor was occupied by J'ran ?
Pellgroy , mannfaelurcr of musical instiu.
inenta ; second , by John ( iamblu and family.
Tito latter weio In bed at 10w ; o'clock , when
they were nwakened by a loud caused
by tlie falling of the floor. Koitunatoly the
loof itiinalncd ii : its position , Ait was ,
tUioa childien of Mr. ( iomblo's wore badly
luniscd , ID ; was also M > wilu. Part ot the
tiont wall fell outward across thostnM't , seat-
Iciiuglirick and dcbtis in every dneetlon.
Tlio t'iiiMing wus very o4 ! , ami was known
to hate been unsafe lor some time.
Senators AVork Slv Hours.
WASMtNfiTON , July 27 , Thu Ecnuto pi sed
bi ? hours In seciet sessioii to-day and 'l.uvu
that tuun ( lisjuj.ied ot l.\e ot it.s coni'sud
The House Decides to Reject the Appropria
tion for the Oanali
The Opinion 1'revailn That tlie Presl *
dent Will Sinn the Hill \Vlij
Ma.nnlng IHd Not WnIk-
Capital Notes.
Angry Canal Men.
WAS INOTO.\.IU\ | . [ Special Telegram
to the BIIM : ] The filends of the Ilennepln
canal scueiuo aio \ crv angry over ttio vote In
tlie house to-day to strike their canal piojecl
from tlio river and limber bill , nnd say tlmt '
\\ltliotit \ it the hill will never pass. Jetry
Muipliy , ns soon as the vole was announced ,
said that there would be at least forty mem-
bcis who would vote amilnst the hill now
who would have \otuil for It with the lleiinc-
pin scheme In. Ho said that the canal pro
ject would havestrcngtlioiied thesiheniowith
the president. Cleveland , ho said , had at onetime
time signed a petition In favor of the canal ,
and tlio Itoatil of trade of New York City and
boaids of trade in every city In that state had
Indorsed HID project.
Wit.I , SKIN Till : OI.r.OMAItOAItlNF. 1III.1.
Speaker Carlisle , Chahman Hatch , of the
house committee on agriculture , and Senator.
Miller of Now York , chairman of the com
mittee on agricultuio in thosenate , expressed
the opinion to-day that Piesldent Cleveland
would sign the oleomargarine bill. Each IB
very much Interested in the bill becoming a
law and have talked to Cleveland about It ,
They were Inclined to the opinion , however ,
that If the Interpretation of the constltntlbn
was left wholly to Attorney General Garland
that lie would recommend a veto , as hu is op
posed to the bill and is a strong states' rights
man. The prcsidcnl Is knovui to be In sym
pathy with the measure , nnd U" he can do so
without infilnguig upon the.constitution It is
ceneially believed lie will sign it. Reprewm-
tatuo Dorsoy ot Nebi.iska. un aiilent trlrnd
of the bill , alter gleaning all the Information
on the .subject he could , to-d.iy said to jour
correspondent that In his judgment it would
become n law.
The latest intelligence lioin Secretary Man
ning Is to the effect that he 1 steadll ) lm > .
proving. Considerable stiess has been la I IP
nuon the fact that the secretary induced his
recent attack by a lack of exeiclse and bv
ucrsisting in riding to the depaitment dally :
A liiond of the seeietaiysaid to-day that lot
lu.uiy yeai.s nast Manning liad been troubled
with a weak ankle , which prevented him
"lorn walking a Eieat deal. "Besides , " cou
inued the gentlemen in question , "it may
not be generally known , but Secretary Mart-
ling was' being continually aniioxcd nnd
stopped on the stieets by otlli'i * scekein. Few
mornings pas.sedsoon aitci liee.imc to Wash-
ngton tlivt he was not thus bothered , and in
> elf-defense he took his caniago in order lo
reach his oflice unmolested. "
I'lMf-ONAl , AND CiI."NinAI. :
Repres-entative \ \ caver intends to go liuine
ns soon as congiess adjouins and iootc alter
"its campaign. He lias leeently iceelved a
lumber of encouniglng letteis1 lioin his con
stituents , assuring him of siippoit and a rc-
nomliiatlon. He oxjicels to roach Omaha the
latter part of next week.
_ Post Chaplain Wm. F. McAdams , Fort
Omaha , has been granted an extension ol
one wcoi : onhis leave.
This1 evening's Ciitle aiinoni cd Hint t e
lille coiupelitlon of the ilenuitiucnl ot lite
Platte will lie-'in .intrust 20 , tit Bt-lltntio
range , near Omaha , iindei the diiocllon of
Major Guy Y. lloni\ , Ninth Ca\aliy. and
Ihat the camp will bo comniHiidcd by C.ipu
James Uilo , Srcond Infanliy.
Patents were issued tn-ilay as follow ? :
Selli Beiil , ManehcMer , la. , corn planter ;
Nicklas H. Bloom , Ulmiles City , la. , spring
for vehicle ; Enos A. Bionson , Wymote , ,
Neb. , compound for coating and finishing !
wails ; Silas C. Diekin-ou , \ \ llson , In. , t'lcc-
tricclock moveuii-nt ; Robert D. Duncan and
A. Wallace. Omaha , grease trap ; Gut'l eb II.
Hunter , DCS Moines. la , , ear coupling !
Chilstopher Jensen. Holdrege , Neb. , pump ;
Clarence belah , Ewing. Neb. , writing tible :
James W.Terman , assignor to II , S. Butler ,
Des Moines. corn harvester ; Frank Thomas ,
Cedar llatilds. la. , rope fasleulng : James II.
Thompson , Fort Madison , la , cartridge loader.
Wade Sperry has h < en designated as acting
postmaster nt Hamburg , Iowa.
nThe following Iowa postmasters havo. been
continued : Louis Mohlis , Buck Creek'ohn ; '
S. McNeil , Maine ; Garret V. Swcarintcn.
The Surplus Hcsoliidon Ainemlment'
WASHINGTON , July 27. The senate com-
mitfce on finance agreed bv a majority vote
this morning to icpoit tlie Morrison surplus
icsolntlon with an amendment. Tlie text of
tlie resolution remains as it came from thu
house , hut the following piovho is at
tached :
"Provided tliat no call shall be made uwlfT
the piovibions of this lesolutlon until aniu
equal to the call is In the trcasiuy over and
abo\e the reseivo lieieln mentioned ; and
piovided further , that tlie seerelaiy of tliQ
trcahiiiy , in his dUcietlon , maj have in the
treasury over and above tliu foiv.'olng sum n
woikin balance not exceeding S20,000,00y ,
and In cane of an extiaoidlnary emergency ;
and wh''ii ' becansfltheieot in the opinion ( it
the secretary of the treasury public interests
hlmli leqniio it , ho may , by wiitten order.
suspend a further call for the payment ot
such indebtedness for such period ot' tlmo as
( hall bo necessary to maintain tlio public
cieillt unimpaired. "
Tlie division was upon parly lines
with the exception of Senator McPher-
hon , who voted with the majority , and Sena'
tor Jones , of Nevada , who votes with the
minority. Tlio mlnoiity favored tins tin-
amended house resolution.
lUu.xloaiiH Won't lie Scared.
El. PASO , Tex. , July 27. Governor Hou
mous , with Honor Rlcon , tliu govcruer'H prl-
vato fwictary , weto in El Paso to-day. Thv
stated that the question us to the release of
Cutting was now the. subject ol correspondence -
enco between the two governments nnd
would be settled In the ordinary couou of
diplomacy , but Jlmt thu goveinmeut of Mex
ice could not bo sc-aied Intoan unconditional
Beware of Scrofula '
Bciofula is probnbly moro general than uny
other disease. U Is Insidious In character ,
and manifests itself In i umiliiusoies , pustular
eruptions , boils , swellings , enlarged Joints , *
sil'sccjses.soroeyes , etc. Hood's BarsapnrllU
expels all trace of scrofula from the blood ,
leaving It pure , enrlf lied , and healthy.
" I uas severely afflicted with scrofula , and
over a yearhail twoi tinning tores on my neck.
Took five bottles Hopd's ( fersaparllla , and ain
cureJ , " 0. n. Ixivuar , Ix > well , Mass.
0 , A. Arnold , Arnold , Me. , had scrofulous
nores for * e yen years , tprliiB and fall. Hood's
Earwpai ilia cured him. , *
Salt Rheum
* Is one of tlio most disagreeable- diseases caused
I ) ) Impure Mood. H la icaillly cured b ) Hood's
tjarsapariila , the great Mood jiuililcr.
William Spies , Klyria , 0. , iullcred greatly
from erysipelas and salt rheum , caused by
handling tobacco. At tlnicj Ids hanils would
crael : open ami bleed. He tried various prcji.
arallons without aid ; finally took Hood's Sar-
eaparllla , and now says : " I am entirely well. "
"My son had calt ilicmii on Ms liiuulsand
on the calves of liU logs. Ho food Jlaod'a
Eai sj ] > .trllla anil Is cutlraly cured. " J. D ,
StautOD , Ut. Ycuion , Ohio.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
/ . | . BOOJJ A CO , Ap'.lliecarlei.Lowell ,
IOO Doses Ono Dollar