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    THE OMAHA DAILY BEE : gRIl ) AY , JULY 23 , 188ft
KK11)/\V MOH.VI NR , , ] ULV. S3.
01-FICE , NO. IS , J-EAfct STREET.
J.'fcllMiul by corner In iinr pnrtof tliocltynt
Iv tnlj cents jitr ock ,
11.V , TII.TO.V , . . . Manager.
Tii.ii'ii : :
IH'MNr.i-sOmcn , No. VI
Now York Pluiubin < r company.
Summer clothing , cheap ill Uu ! tor's.
Akron Rubber uninpuny'd ho e at
Cooper & Mutiuu'p.
'I'lio Ninth ) < t rout bridsre lias a lioln
which needs ntlcntion.
The city eounoll will now rest until
HUM. Mondn.v night.
Only f./i / < ) per defer first class cabinet
photo. " at Schmidt's , S20 Miln. :
Cabinet photographs $ . ' ) per doz. , at
Shunndun'a , ! )17 ) U'way , for 00 days only.
Stenographer and typewriter. O. Mun-
BOII , with M. V. Rurlior , ever C. U. Na
tional bank.
Louis Ltulwlg and Lena linker wore
happily married last evening by .Justice
Seliurz , on Seventh street.
The normal institute continues to hold
interesting and instructive sessions daily ,
to which visitors are cordially welcome.
A dead doc In Indian crook tit Ninth
street is causing ti deal ot unpleasantness
in that neighborhood. Where is the dog
coroner ?
A now boat , ( ho Annin C. Hrcnnock ,
lias been placed on the lake by Jlr. Hivn-
nock. Jt is a largo row boat , holding iif-
teen ter ) iis.
Two young follows , W. A. llrown and
( . II. Adams , got to quarreling on Itrnad-
wav yesterday afternoon and Oflieor
O'lirien ' led them m.
Dan Carrigg is planning to invest
more money in Atlantic , lie owns the
building to be ocottuiod in part by the
now bank , and is to build a row of ollico
buildings , the frontage to bo hixty feot.
There was an early breakfast , boating
and bathing party at lake Manawa yes
terday. Tho'participant.s onjojed them
selves hugely , and there Was almost a
unanimous vote in favor of sunrise on
the beach as against sundown.
There is a regular rush of veterans at
thu transfer depot , eaeh train from the
east bringing many excursionists to the
G. A. H. meeting in California.As all
the excursionists have to exchange their
tickets at the depot hero , it makes plenty
ol work for all.
The young man llart'ctt. ' nabbed bv
Ollleor Anderson while going through
Judge Janu-s' house in the night , has boon
held to await the action of the grand jury
on two charges of burglary , the other be
ing for his breaking open a trunk at
Wells Cook 'a lioiiio.
On next Thursday a brunette- young
lady living on North Sixth street , it is
said , is to bo united in marriage in this
city to a young man now book-keeper in
a largo eoM'oo and .spice house in Omaha ,
but formerly the junior partner in a
Council Bliill's commission house.
An ellbrt is beinginado to compromise
the case of I1 rank \Y . llutohins , arrested
for a crooked horse deal. It is said that
young Ilutchins sold a horse which in
fact belonged to his falhor , and that ho
blow in the money trying to learn how
to play faro. Tlio horse was replcvincd ,
iuuttho young man disappeared. Mar
shal tiiianclla , who had : v warrant for his
.arrest for obtaining money under false
pretenses , at last found him near Logan
working in a.h'ohl . , and brought him baok
to this city.
The Christian pavilion , situated on
Fourth street , one and a half blocks south
of the Masonic temple , will bo formally
dedicated next Sunday night. The ser
vice will begin at 7:45 : o'clock. In view
of this service there will bo no service at
either the Uaptist , Scandinavian ,
Congregational , Methodist or Presby
terian ohnrches in the evening. Lot
everybody go to the pavilion and take
with thorn their gospel hymns that they
may unite in the singing. C. Hover ,
When thoso-called llomoof the Friend
less is owned and controlled by an asso
ciation , in fact as well as in name , and
when such association places in charge a
manager in whom the people have confi
dence , and who will properly care for the
children ; when the homo is" made one in
fact and not a pribon house , then there
will be no diflieulty in getting the people
of Council Uluffs to support it liberally.
The idea of a man gathering around him
a lot of children and refusing to let any
of them bo taken into private homes for
adoption , and then saying that if anyone
comments upon the way lie treats or mis
treats them , ho is guilty of oold-hoartod-
ness , is simply preposterous. The public
has never called upon any man to house
up all the children ho can got hold of.
and ho in turn has no right to demand
big donations fro'm the public for that
purpose. When the institution is prop
erly conducted , and is in the hands of an
association , the KKK will give as.much to
it in cash and space as the other newspa
pers of the city.
Firrtt-clnBs tin work , reeling , etc. , a
specialty at Cooper & McUeo's.
Highest prices paid for county , town.
city and school bonds. Udell liros. &
Co. , No. 103 Pearl street , Council Ulufls ,
Go to the Now York Plumbing com
p any for garden hoso. They warrant all
t hey sell. Opera house block.
Try it. Host Cream Soda in the city 5c
per glass at Palmer's , No. 13 Main st.
Sco that your books are made by More-
house & Co. , Hoom 1 , Kvorott block.
Fruits , Confectionery ami Cigars , best
in the market always in stock. Frank
Witheroll , 221 Hroiulwny.
Substantial abstracts of titles and real
estate loans. ,1 W. & K. L. Squires , 10
1'carl street , Councl JiluU'a.
A Ilnrso Epltlcinlo.
Numerous compkints are hoard from
torso owners that many of the steeds are
Bulk-ring from what appears to bo a ills-
temper , which is becoming quito an opi-
( lotnio in the city , The horses run at the
nostril , cough and appear weak , the trou
ble liibting about two weeks , with no np.
parent cause for the coming or the going
of the disease. Thus far no deaths are
All the comfort of high priced hotels at
h Paoitio house , and a saying of 50o to
fa Iday. Try It.
Perfect satisfactory accommodations
at fJ : 00 a day at the Pacitio Houso. Give
it a trial and bo convinced.
Always buy your meats at Star Market ;
No. 001 HroUdway , and got the best ,
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Pacific house recently renovated. Cool
rooms ; money saved ; comforts gained.
J. J. Steltor , 605 Upper Broadway , will
cot bo undersold , General store ,
Kirklaml , the jeweler , has removed to
823 JJroadway , Singer oflico.
Fine pasture , plenty of water and good
attention for 800 head of stock about live
north ot llroadway and Main street.
Inquire of L. P , Judson , No , < WO Sixth
avenue , or Charles Palmer at pasture oa
kiln road ,
A Prominent Tabor Merchant Closed Up By
Alls tlic Horses Notes From tlic
ll-UDiinil-Tovvu- Hook
I/ocal il.iiiiicnlnu < nnd L'cr-
Mont Ion.
Trouble at Tnbor.
The people ut Tuber are gn-mU cxcr-
utscil about thu Iliinuclul troubles of 0110
of tliuir iirommctit nioruliauts. Al.
Unglcy , who has bcnn in Inisiiiiiss thoru
for about n year | > ust , but who has
lived in that vicinity for ninny years , mid
ins bnuu looknil upon ns 0110 of thu most
wcaltliy and onturprlsinp ; citizens. Bug-
Icy bought out the establishment of M. L.
Carpenter , anil began enlarging the busi
ness , and causing quite a stir , and no lit
tle envy among the rival dealers. He
kept a general stock , and also dealt
largely in agricultural implements. He
I railed a good deal , and when a farmer
liad stock or produce of any kind Biigley
would make some sort of a dicker , paying
a fair price for the stock , horse , cow , or
produce which thu farmer might want to
dispose of , and selling him machinery or
goods. He lias built up a large business ,
uiiil has uKo branched out in a still larger
business at Coleriilge , Neb. .where lie had
a large store , and claimed to own about
four hundred acres of land. Dagley has
been estimated as worth forty thousand
dollars or so.
There was considerable surprise on
Saturday night when Sheriff Jones seized
upon the establishment , on a writ of at
tachment for about two hundred dollars ,
and other attachments followed quickly.
Air. Hagloy was in Chicago , and returuod
from there the day to lind that tlio
creditors had uosdcsslon of Ills property.
He tried to e libel some settlement and
then left for Nebraska , saying ho would
be back in a short time. He did not re
turn as soon as expected and the alarm
of creditors has increased , until the re
port. is iiiiti | ! common that he has kippcd
out. His friends claim that this is a base
slander , and tluit ho has been most un
fairly dealt with. It is said that the
claims are not due and that he has always
met his bills promptly , and that the at-
tenint to close him up is really started by
rival concerns whose trade ho has inter
fered with. Tabor people seem to liavo
the utmost confidence in him and predict
that he has more than enough to meet all
bills as fast ns due , and that he will make
those who closed him up pay heavv dam
ages for the action. There is much sym
pathy felt for him and a feeling among
niaitv that the creditors have acted hast
ily and will be made to rotrret it.
Among the attaching creditors are sev
eral Council IHuH's houses. Deere , Wells
& Co. arc the heaviest , their claim being
lor § 7,014. Shtigart , Wake & Wies ,
David Uradley & Co. , Gronowcg &
Schoentgen , Stewart Bros. , and other
CouneillJIulls houses have claims in much
smaller amounts. Among other claims
are 1. Johnson & Co. , $ y39 ; II. Calver ,
S ! ) ; Reed , Jones & Co. , of Omaha , $701.
The attachments are estimated to reach a
total of $22.000 , and ( lie total liabilities
are thought to not fall far short of $30-
000. The assets are estimated as low as
$20,000. About a year ago Mr. Uagloy is
said to have made a written statement , in
wliich ho placed his worldly possessions as
crpial to ijvM.OOO cash over and above all
liabilities. The creditors seem to have
no fear of havinc to pay any damages ,
and claim that the concern is financially
Mr. Lucius Wells , of Deere , Wells it
Co. , informed the Ur.K man yesterday
that Uagloy , as he understood , had quite
a number of unpaid bills standing
against him around Ins home , and that
there are numerous bills unpaid which
are past due. One judgment is unsatis
fied , and several drafts are reported as
being returned unpaid. It is also claimed
that Uagloy bought goods from different
houses , and on receipt of tlio same would
sell them at a lower figure than ho had
agreed to pay for them.
Mr. Green , of the Iowa llarb Steel
Wire company , of Marshalltown , Iowa ,
is in the city , and states that his comwany
was about , to close Hnglcy up when
Deere , Wells & Co. , got tlio start with
their attachment.
It seems , the.reforc , that while the
mends of Mr. ISagloy are urging that ho
has been most unjustly treated , and his
property iiounccil upon and his credit
ruined cruelly and without cause , that the
creditors take a far difletont view of the
gentleman's financial condition. The
showing made by thorn is to the effect
that they feared ho would dispose of all
property , and that , rather than bo loft in
a hole , they would try and protect them
selves. As those houses are linnncially
responsible , if there 1ms been any injus
tice done liagloy , he has a chance to get
legal recourse. _
Imogcne Items.
It is still very dry , and farmers are
getting very much discouraged. Some
think the corn crop is already damaged
one half. It is just at the time when corn
must have rain to make it shoot and start
thu growth of the kernels.
Farmers have begun threshing their
small trrains , which turn out well.
Early potatoes are about half a crop.
A , E. Milligan has gone to attend the
congressional convention which meets at
Osccola to-day. Some of the democrats
feel jubilant.
The merchants of Imogeno are hopeful
for a good fall trade ,
Imogenu is a town of 330 inhabitants ,
three general stores , one hardware , three
grocery stores , two drug stores , two
blacksmith shops and onp livery stable ,
and don't you think Major A. It. Ander
son selected it as the place to start his in
dependent boom for congress ?
Iu\vlne It Over a Ilnat.
The White Swan , the ! side-wheeler
wliich Is one of the recent additions to
the lake , is now the causa of litigation ,
It see ms that John Helm , about two
wcoks ago. bought the bout , others join
ing with him I\B partners , ho having pur
chased of a man m whoso hands the boat
had been loft for sale. A few days ago
Tom Skinner wont to Nroln and bought
the boat of a man who owned an interest
in it , nnd who did not know that the man
haying possession of the boat had sold it.
Skinner got a bill of sala and recorded it.
Ho then wont to the luke and took pos
session of the boat. Helm then replov-
ined It , and commenced suit for daniugc.s
for the detention of the boat. The case
hns boon sot for a hearing two wcoks
_ _
Personal Paragraphs * .
E. K. Ihirch , of Dcnlson , was in the
city yesterday ,
J. W. Perry , of Chariton , la. , was at
the Ogden yesterday.
J. C. Lange , the revenue collector , is
tarrying at Colfax.
Simon Elsoninn , wife and children left
.last evening for .Now York City ,
llonry Hntlmxray , of Ohio , father of
Captain J , J , Hathaway , Is in the city.
J. II. Minnioh , of Villisca , lias been
chosen principal ot the Malvern schools.
John N. lialdwlu r ctuvncd frcrn Spiri
Lake yesterday nnd left last evening for
Captain JJ. Hathaway , of the bridge
and building department of thu L'uiou
Pacific is at homo again for a brief stay.
Hon. Sam Chapman , of Plattsmoutli ,
nnd illinm P. ( . 'hnpnian , of Memphis' ' ,
brother nnd npphiw ; of the late Mayor
Chapman , are in tlie city.
Making Itondy for llnctfl.
Dr. Wade Cary has returned from Illi
nois , where IIP has been in the interest of
fall meeting , to bo held nt the Council
Ulufls driving park Augustl ! ) , September
1 , 'J and ! ) . He has engaged Prof. A. E.
Walker and his famous dogs for the occa
sion. The dogs have been at the Chicago
races nnd this week are at 1'recnort
They are the fastest dog * in the world
nml wore trained by Tobo Hrodeiiek.
The races by the dogs are \or.y InterestIng -
Ing ; oneh dog has his color and much uv-
citement is caused bv these dumb uni-
inals "running for blood. " Mr Cary
also Gttgucod Prof. A. S. Parker , the
great halootmt , who will make an a-eeii-
sion each day during the races.
Who lUlln Seventy-Two Holillct-a on
thoUlhci-Slilo In One Flulit.
Atlanta ( On. ) Fairy-Paper : A brai'e
coward1 In Company E of tnu Thirty-
lirst Louisiana there was a man named
tireeii. The boys went into service in
the spring of ' < ! ' . > , nnd for some time had
very little to do. Green soon mndo him
self one of the most popular men in the
camp. He was something of a humorist ,
and his talents as a story-teller made him
always entertaining.
When the Thlrty-lirst sniffed gunpow
der for thu llrsl lime Green turned up
missiiiir. He had a lit and was unable to
handle a gun. In thu second engagement
the poor fellow had a spasm nnd was
again kept away from the front. Tlio
soldiers began to have their suspicions ,
and , when their unfortunate comrade fell
a victim to rheumatism on the eve of an
other light , they spoke in pretty plain
Green was su deviled by the boys that
he was dnvei nearly crazy. Just about
that thin1 there was a call for volunteers
to go up the Ya/.oo river on a gunboat
expedition. To the surprise ot'all the
chronic invalid volunteered. The expe
dition lasted about six weeks and no
lighting occurred. Green , however ,
swelled with pride at the thought of his
soldierly conduct , and bragged so lustily
that Ins companions nicknamed him
"Gunboat" Green , 15y degrees it began
to dawn upon him that he was the butt
of the regiment , and then ho beeame
sulky and disagreeable.
Bui the time came when the callant
Louisianians had something more im
portant to think of than "Gunboat"
Green. They were driven into the "biili-
pen" at Vicksburg by Grant's swarming
legions , and every soldier had to do his
duty hko a little man. The corps to
which Green belonged was stationed be
hind a crescent-shaped breastwork seven
mites-iii length. The land in front for
some distance was level , and then sloned
down a ravine and up a steep hill. The
timber had all been cut down , so there
was a clean sweep.
One afternoon the federals charged
the breastworks. They placed their
sharpshooters on the hill to pick off the
confederates when they showed their
heads. The federals charged in four
colums , four dec ] ) . The confederates re
mained in the pits , four deep , and held
their lire until the federals were within
sixty yards. Then Die front rank opened
lire and fell back , and the second , and so
on until every gun had been emptied
with terrible execution. Finally the as
saulting party fell back behind tlio timber
that had been cut down , to await the
coming of night. In this position they
were protectede.Ncept from the top of the
breastworks , and the. confederates would
not take that exposed position on acco.un
of the sharpshooters.
At this juncture an event of the most
unexpected and paraly/.ing nature oc
curred. Down in the pits a crowd of
follows wore tormenting "Gunboat"
Green. One man told him that he was
looking rather pale , and advised him to
o to a hospital.
"Nevermind about my looks , " said
Green. " 1 have a presentiment thatl
am going to bo killed. "
"Uy a nervous shock ? " suggested a
corporal , and then there was a laugh.
The object of all this ridicule gritted
his teeth , and his eyes Hashed lire.
"I'll swear , boys , " said one of the com
pany , "that if a bullet is found in 'Gun
boat' Green after his death it will bo one
that ho swallowed. "
Stung beyond endurance at these
taunts , Green poi/.ed his musket and ran
at full speed until he reached the top ot
the breastworks. Hero ly > had the fed
erals behind the fallen timber in full view
and easy range. Fo < - a moment both
armies looked on in breathless wonder.
On that sovon-milo line of breastworks
Green was the only man to DO seen.
Then the sharpshooters commenced
firing at him. Hut nothing < could move
him. With a white face , blu/.ing eyes ,
and nerves stretched to their utmost ten
sion , ho took aim and fired. Time and
again ho reloaded and pulled the trigirer ,
each time hitting his man. liy this time
the sharpshooters wcro firing a thousand
shots per minute at him. Some of the
confederates bcgRcd him to come down ,
but an ollicer said :
"Lot the blanked fool alone ; they can't
hit him. "
The men in the pits throw up a Jot of
cartridges , and Green continued to ( ire
at regular intervals. Bullets Hew past
him thick as bail , but not a hair of his
was harmed. Finally the brigade that
ho was slaughtering in his merciless
fashion could stand it no longer. They
brokivnud ran up the hill , losing several
several more on the way up under the
tire of tlio solitary soldier on the breats-
"Gunbont" Green was the hero of thu
hour. r Ulcers and privates surged
around him , shaking him by the hand
and applauding him lor his bravery. Just
before ' 'ark ' thu federals retired and a
party of-Loulsianiniis went out to look
at the result of Green's bloody
marksmanship. It was found
by actual count that his musket
had killed seventy-two federals. Green
insisted that ho had killed ninety , but it
ii thought that sono of them wore only
wounUed , und their friends had dragged *
them off. About the seventy-two dead
men there could be no doubt. They were
there , and as their bodies lay m npiaco
whore there was not a single corpse before -
fore Green commenced liring , it was
plain enough that he had brought them
down , i
A spe'cial report concerning Green was
sent to thu comipnnding General that
night. The result would doubtless have
been promotion but for the fact that the
following morning "Gunboat" Green was
nowhere to bo found. Later it was as
certained that ho had deserted and joined
Grant's army. Nothing further was
over hoard of him.
II ! N. Main St. , Council Bluffs , In. , and
201) ) S. 15th St. , Room 10 , Omaha , Xcb.
Jlmufucturcr'n Auontfor the
Tents , Awnings , Roofing Slate , Man
tles , Pluto and Window ulnss , Show-
Cases. EL..tors , ( hand und hy <
drauilc. ) &c.
1 have a quantity of sound , well clcmioj seed
wblcli Jjoffor at reasonable
Special mlvi'rtl oinoiilsj sifyli HS k"'t , To ml ,
To Ixinn , Kor Silo , To lcn | ( , NVnnK llonnllntr.
etc .will boliKorteil In this column nt the low
rale of TKS'CKXTS PKICUNU fortlio Oni ln er
tlonnml Vivo fonts I'crMtio for eneli siilxoauent
In'rrtloti. LCRVU mherH'ouirnM nt our ofllro
No. ) 4 1'eal itrect , 110.11Jlroadwiiyi Commit
illiifT * . _ . _
A I e'pnnlltMti puny to tiiko the
o\cln lrp nKcnrj ( if Wrmlit s InfloMiuctl-
Mo fuel nnd kludlur In tills v\clnliy. \ I-'or jmrtlou-
rail nt t .0 Omien liouep whuio tlie ( roods
nuiylio'cen. 11. H. Mitchell , nirciu.
iblt HALT. Oil llijT"Oonllii'ilsi : , acn'i'9. nml
V dwelling house , No. 820 Sixth iivonuo. O.
Mnrno. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
171)11 ) SAI.r.--riicnn for i-nsli. Unin
J1 of Atiierlc-nn i\pn : < Co. , for. first avoniio
nnil " 111 st. ll > l'orri"t Smith.
\\T.\NTKI ) An n Blslant cook t the Orfilcn
> HOUM- .
171011 SAIi : OU impori. Ta "quitntltlos to suit ,
J ? At lleo ollico No. 11'ourl struct.
MONDS , AyAicius : UTO. , AIM : ADDID : TO
This Glebe folVeo Company of Cincin
nati have rented the store. No.101 Broad-
wuy , and have opened it as a brunch of
tiioir main store in Cincinnati. In order
to introduce their goods this company
pack for liftonn days a souvenir in every
can of lea or coffee sold , such as solid
gold , silver and nickel watches , gctiiiino
diamond , ruby , supliirc , omeialu , pearl
and torquois jewelry in solid gold saltings ,
also money and many other articles of
value. Every ean contains a .souvenir.
The coffee can and contents weighs about
three pounds , and the tea ean and eon-
tents weighs about ono and one-half
pounds. This cxnunsivo and novel
method of advertising will be discon
tinued after tiltecn days and the goods
placed on sale on their merits at tlie bame
price , thu same quantity anil quality , but
without the souvenir. Among the fortu
nate purchasers so far are B. M. Sargent ,
413 Broadway , found a stem-winding anil
stem-setting watch in a can of coffee.
Miss Maggie Miroll , 130 Broadway , got a
gold ring in a ean of tea. Mrs. M. J.
\ \ INon , 1510 tlth avenue , found a lady's
ehatelain watch in a can ot coffee. Mr.
E. Johnson also found a stem-winding
and stem-setting watch in a can of coffee.
Dolly Burshaw , 213 Broadway , found a
solid gold ring in a can of coffee. Prof.
(1. ( A. Balliuger , principal of the Inch
school found a gold ring in coffee. A.
M. Wier , 31-1 Avenue K , found a solid gold
ring in tea. A. Kink , saloon keeper , 227
Main streetfound a stem-wind and steni-
set watch in coffee. Lyda Loss , 808 Third
street , found a gold ring in eofice. W.
H. Allard. 2211 Ninth avenue , solid gold
ring. T. T. Snow , witli Mandel Furni
ture company , found a lady's solid gold
hunting case watch in coffee. A. Rink ,
saloon keeper , 2 7 Main street , found a
lady's gold watch in a can of coffee. J.
Blauce , 711 Broadway , found a diamond
Bind in tea. Geo. Chriss , waiter at the
Bcchtclchousefound astcm-jo. audstom-
wind watch. Oscar , Sadowski , 1808
Third ayeuuo , solid , god | ring. J. R.
Detrick , foreman of the Globe , found a
ehatelain watch in coffeq. Frcit Davis ,
North Main street , livcuyman , found a
solid gold ring , diainond'set ' , in a can of
coffee. T. T. tale , carpenter , Washing
ton avenue , found a item-set and stem-
wind watch in tea ; Chief of Police
Mathews , found a gcnuinb diamond stud
in collce. James yVaflker , farmer at Bel-
videro , Neb. , found genuine diamond
ring , solid gold setting , in can of eoflee.
T. T. Snow , 325 Broadvyay , found jwo
solid gold watches in coffuo cans. M. B.
Brown , manager1 for' 'Western Union
Telegraph company , got a chatolain
watch in coffee. Edith Davis. 120(5 ( 8911111
ixth street , iound solid gold rinir in a
ean of tea. Mrs. McDermott , 122 Third
street , found gold ring in coffee.
Mrs. Tracy ana Mamie Barttcll , each
found solid gdld rings in coffee. Miss
Sophy Miller , 1429 Tenth avenue , founil
a diamond ring in can of coffee. Nellie
Holdano , corner Seventh avenue and
Tenth street , got a solid gold ring. Miss
Bertie Gould , of tlie Singer Sewing Ma
chine company , found a solid
gold ring in tea. G. C. Smith ,
conductor , bought six cans of coffee for
$5 and found $100 in gold. J.C. Frills ,
carpenter , 544 Mvnster street found a
gent's gold hunting case fulj jeweled
American watch in a can of coffee. Miss
,1. R. Stagg , 107 North 8th street , got a
genuine diamond ring , solid gold setting.
\V. R. Southwell , East Broadway , found a
stem-winding stcm-settiiic ; watch in cof-
fuc. Miss L. Oliver , 220 Washington ave
nue , solid gold ring in tea. Rev. Dr.
Fisk found a lady's ehatelain watch in a
can of coffee. Miss E. Kappes , Planters'
hotel , got a genuine solitaire diamond
ring set in solid gold. W. W. Bilgor , 718
Mynstor street , got a genuine diamond
ring in a can of coffee for which ho paid
$1. Miss Weirlck , boarding house , 112
Fourth street , founil a diamond collar
button in a can of tea. Mrs. W. O. Wirt ,
found a genuine three stone diamond ring
In a can of tea. Flora J. Beasloy , 210
Frank street , got a solid gold ring. Tlios.
F. Cavin , 423 Park avenue , found a con-
uino solitaire diamond stud. J. E.Follott ,
of Hose No. ! ) , found a diamond ring in
a can of coffee. J. C. Dellavon , drug
gist , No. 332 Broadway , found n genuine
diamond ring in a can of tea. Lilly Otto ,
101 Benton street , solid gold ring. Helen
Sprmk , People's store , Broadway , gen
uine diamond ring. Dr. Montgomery ,
North Main street , found a soltairo din
Af I UtlUlV ifcj , fulfill Illl - " * * * . .Jlllllll , t ll lK-
winding and Mom-setting watch. Thomas
Brown. U. P. It. H. , found 50 silver del
lars in a can of colleo for $1. K , B. ( iardi-
nor , solid gold ring. Chris Schmidt ,
expressman , found a gent's ' solid silver
hunting case lull jeweled Klein watcli In
a can of coll'co. Airs. Kate Barnesscam ,
stress , found a genuine solitaire diamond
ring , solid gold sottingiu , a can of coffco ,
Peter Holt/ , clerk , found a solitaire diamond
mend stud , solid gold betting in a can of
coffee. T. Woolsoy , 803 Broadway , got a
genuine diamond rinir , solid gold setting ,
in a can of tea for whioh ho paid $1. W.
Smith , BOS Broadway , got a jjonuino diamond
mend stud , solid gold hulling. Major H.
C. Barne3agricuItur , lN , l ) Main btreot ,
got a solitaire diamond stud , in tea. H.
( lOldburg , ot Bankrupt store , 18 Mam
street , found a genuine damond | ring in
a can of coffuo. Mrs. Bronbon , Broadway ,
found a sot of genuine Kolltairo our drops
in a can of coffee , MIssF , Pattcrfcon.cornor
nth avenue and ( HU .street , got a bolituira
diamond ring , solid gold setting , in a can
of tea. J. Hosier , withtho : Daily BKI : ,
also got a solitaire diuijiond ring in a can
of tea. Dr. Hico bought a o\n ; of coffee ,
and found a ladv'm'hatolaiu watch. Mom-
wind nnd sot. W. H. Ui'ck , , 010 Broad
way , saloon , also found a' stem-wind and
sot'Swiss watch in a cim of coffee. Airs.
D. Maltby , 301 Glen avenue , child's
gold ring. Tillio Lciitzingor , U34 Broad
way , gold band ring. T. T. Snow , 825
Broad way. with Mnndol , furniture dealer ,
found u solitaire diamond stud , solid gold
setting , in a can ol coffee ,
Orders by mull promptly forwarded to
all parts of the United Slate * on receipt
of cash orpostolllco order , Ternu * . tingle
can ? 1 , six for 5 , thirteen for $10 and
twonnty-soven for $30 , Address ( Hobo
Coffee Co , , No. 40i Broadway , Council
Bluffs , Iowa ,
Justice of ( lie Peace.
Offleo Over America" Erpress Company.
Agricultural Implements ,
Cm rliipca , Tto .Kto. Oovincil lllilffs. lown.
kuYSTONK YANu 'Ar uuiNTr'co.
Mnkc tlio Urlfflnnl and Complclo
Hay Loader , also Rakes , Cider Mill & Press ,
Nos. l.'OInji. : l.Wmu ) iror ? outh Main Street ,
Council llltiifr. Innn ,
" " "
Mnnuf'rs nn 1 JobtioM of
Agricultural ImplementsWagons , , Buggies ,
Corrltt os. nml nil kln > li nf Kami Mnohlnorr.
1100 to 1119 South Main Street , Council IlluffJ ,
K.O. ai.Rtsos , T. H.DortiMS , ( Jiro.r. WniniiT.
J'rcs.&Tron . V I'ros.AM . Soa&Counsol.
Council Bluffs llaudla Factory ,
( Inorpnrntiil.l
Mnnufftctiircr of Ajtlo , rick , Slodjro nnd Smill
Hntulliis , of nvorj' description.
Carpets , Curtains , Window Shades ,
Oil Clotlis , Curtnln Fixtures , Upholilory ( leeds ,
Etc. Na 103 Ilrondtvay Council DliUTs ,
ClttAllS , TOHACrO , KTC.
\Vholcpnlo Jobbers In the
Finest Brands of Cigars , Tobacco & Pipes.
Nos. "S.Mnlu and 7 1'earl ' Sts. Council HUUN ,
Fruit and Produce Commission Merchants.
No. 141'earl St. , Council Uluffs.
Wholesale Druggists , Oil ? , Paints , Glass ,
K' Bundrlos. Etc. No. liJ .Muln St. , nnd
No. 211'oiirl St. , Council HlulTB.
M. K. SMITH & CO. ,
Lapirters and Jbb3H of DfG)3i ) ? ,
Notions , Ktc. Nos. 112 nnd114 * Mnln St. , Nos. 113
nnd 115 Ponrl St. , Council Itluirs. Iowa.
Wholesale California Fruit ; a Specialty
General Commission. No. 51 ! Broadway ,
Wholesale *
Fralts , Confectionery & Fancy Groceriai.
Nos. 16 and IB Pearl St. , Council
Jobbers of Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Also Wholesale Liquor Dealers. No. 410 llrond-
way , Council lllulls.
Jlunu'ncturcrs of and Wholcsnlo noMors In
Leather , Harness , Saddlery , Etc.
No. K. " > Mnln St. . Council Illulfj , Iowa.
Jobbers ia Hats , Caps and Glovei.
No ? . : H3 mid 3H Broadway , Council
Iron , Steel , Nails , Heay Hardware ,
And Woodstock , Council Illuirn , Iowa.
UIDKS A fro iroot.
I ) . II. MoDANELD & CO. ,
Commission Merchants for Sale of Hides ,
Tallow , Wool , 1'olts , Grensoand 1'Mrd ' Council
lllulta lovvn.
Wholennlo Denlera In
Illuminating & Lubricitia 0115
E3TCJ. , 3STO.
P.Theodore , Agent , Council lllulfa. Iowa.
I.UMUKR , PlLlffQ , K'K.
Hard Wood , Southera Lumber , Piling ,
< nd llrldffo Mntorlnl Spcclaltlr-s.Whok'salo Lum >
ber ol' all Kinds. Olliuo No , l.W Main tit ,
Council IllulTD. IUWIL
Imported and Domestic Wines & Liquors.
Auuut for St. Cotthain'e Herb IIItto . No. 1)
Main St. Council Illillla ,
Foreign and Domestic Wines and Liquors ,
AII ww Main St. . Council lllnfft.
B , Journal ) * , County and
RtaiiK Work oTi.ll Eli mis ahpee-
Prompt Attention to Mail Orders
Room I , Everett Block ,
Standard Papers Used , All styles of binding -
ing m Magazines and
Dealers In Milch Cows.
Hi Our Stock lards
No 502 and 500 K. Broadway.Council Bffa
"Wigs Made to Order.
337..Broadwuy , Council Bluffs
ill 1ST7.
Sontl for rnialougos , prices , freight rates und testimonials.
Brick buildings of uny kind raised or moved nnd Kiitisfudion guaranteed.
JJYnmc buildings moved on Littlu Giant trucks , best in the world.
808 Eighth Avenue and Eighth StreetComiil Bluffs.
JL J.JLJL-df J. JL JL\JijL JL JL-aisJ ) JL
Price paid in casli for all kinds of second hand
STOVES , Furniture , etc.
M. DROHLIQH , 608 Broadway.
226 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
Desirous of purchasing material for bath
ing suits , should see our new and ele
gant assortment of goods especially
adapted for line and pretty bathingsiiits.
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs
Arc being closed out by us at remarka
ble low figures. Wo have them in beau
tiful shades , colors , etc , and havn put
such prices on them that will dispose of
them rapidly , as wo WILL NOT carry
any over to next season
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Now in stock are being disposed of at
low prices to clear our shelves of same
before receiving our fall btocl ; , which
will shortly arrive.
ir.LltKNJSSS JillOS. ,
401 Broadway , Council Bluff's.
Of the choicest style , design and quality ,
just purchased by us at a bargain and
wo arc selling them at retail at whole
sale prices. See them and you will buy.
IfAltldflSSS HHOS , ,
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
For summer wear am being disposed of
cheap , and must .shortly be taken off our
{ .helves to bo replaced with for fall
wear. Summer dross goods can bo pur
chased cheap now by all who will call on
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
For offices , New Invoice just : coivcd and
latest patterns guaranteed. All btyles ,
and prices satisfactory to ovcrybody.
IIA JtKMMfi JtllOS. ,
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Of the ycry latest designs , patterns nd
quality for the coming season , are being
now introduced by us. Pick one out now
befcre the line is broken.
Harloiess Bros. ,
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
B. RICE , M. D. ,
/Vfnxnno Or OtllOr TUU10M lOIHOVOU WitllQU
liQflCtrs , ijO kulfo ordruwliijf ol L/lool. /
Chronic Diseases or oiuinds upcc- :
Over lhir v > ears' prdcilpjil oKjicrlenco.
No. U 1'i'UilKI. . Coultcil lllulTi.
fV ConaullHtloufivc.
Creston House ,
The only hotel In Council HlulTs having
I ire Esoa/pe
.And till 111 1 > ( lorn fmprou'inonts.
2IO , 217 and : . ' ! ! ) Muln M.
Star Sale Stables and Mule Yards ,
Opposite Dummy Depot.
pa <
HOI-KOS nn'l ' Mules knot constantly on hand
for fiilo tit ictull or | n car loads.
Ordurs proiiultly llllud l > y contract onuhort
nollco. .Stock sold on commission.
SIIUJTE11 & IIOI.IJV. Proprietors.
Tc-Iopliniin Nn. 111.
Foimuily of Klllh SALE STA11I.H8 , comer
5th live , ami 1th street.
Choice IMNpIiiy of Ia
term , All Grades
Council Bluffs
A Select Stork of Choice
NovcltliM In ,
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
23 Main St. , Council Bluffs.
Practices in I ho State and Federal courts
Hooms 7 undti , Shugart Block ,
EiUtllehcd 163T
Horses and Mules
Forull purposes , bought Ana soM. ill latnll uii'l
In lots. Jjirgu ( luuntluus 10 bdect from
Several pulm of Uno drivers , single or doublo.
Council Bluffs.