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    2 THE OMAHA DAILY BEE : FRIDAY , JULY 23 , 1886.
T'Tho City of Albany Celebrate ? Her Two
* Hundredth Birthday.
He WlAtirn (1m Cltl7en * Many
ItMtirnn of tlio Day A Gront
Day For tlie Dntoli Orn-
Ai.iiANX.IuIy ! & Albanians liavo elvcn
themsclx'es up. body ntul < soii ) , to llio task of
< clchiatlng tin1 Incoipoi.itlnii of Ihelroitj by
< in\crnor Dungaii just two bundled joars
ngo. Tlio uproar that brokcloo'.o at tithlnluht
xvlicn t > elli announced tlio anniversary con-
l until aj light. Men , Imys and oxen
xxomeii xxent up and doxxn the iiilliclpol
Btteuts blnx\lng limns nnd sluing un
til morning. Thousands of prisons
remained up through the night and
woiu us ready nnd caper to start In on
to-day 'n cclchiutloii as though they had enJoyed -
Joyed tinnio.Ht refreshing sleep. Tlio arilval
of PicsldCUt CleX'ehmd xxua the first Import
ant event of the ilny. 'I'lui lltnc llxod for his
nirlvnl xxasfl a , in. ' Upturn that bout tlio bur- col ps m n re I icd to tlio deM | > t , Cm rlnges
containing Max or Tliachui and othei city of-
Hclais wore also In xxultlnp. Without llio
HUM formed by tlio nillltla Mood lUnormx
hundred cltlrcns who linit comn to xxelcomft
tlio iirosldunt. A low minutes niter
o o'clock the expected special train bearing
tint presidential parly steamed Into the depot.
Mnyoi Timelier mid sex end of the nnnlxur-
sary committee boarded the train nnil v\-
changed uroctlnua xvlth the president. Mayor
Timelier , on tmlmlf of thu city , b.idn hint
xxcleomo. Thu president greeted his friends
warmly and said It cnvo him pleasure to bo
xxlthtlicm again. Sectetarlea Jtn > .im and
AVhltney nnd Piix'.ito Secretary Lament ac-
CdinpaiHi'd tlic president. The parly wcio
immediately escorted to coaches In wailing ,
Uoforo entering the can laze In xxhleh ho lode
with Mayor Timelier , thn president xvas
warmly greeted liynn old fntmor fiom Dela-
Nxaro county , xvno broke through the line nnd
clasped tlui mcshlcnl'fi liund buloivnny one
could stop him. "Wolll thin is Otoxor , " ho
exclaimed. "Vet , sir , " answered the prosl-
ilont.nmllin ? pleasantly. The Burgess cm ps ,
vrlilrh acted as an oscint for the piosldent ,
ntoucoiook np tlio line of march nnd the paity xxeie dilxon to thu gov
ernor's mansion.
Alter HIP governor nnd his guests hnd
break f.isted , President Cleveland , noconi-
imnleil liy Colonel Lamout , xxent to Sucre *
' taty .Manning's icsidcncc to call upon him.
Cloxchtml and Manning remained In eonxci-
satlon together for an houi. and then the lat
ter stm ted for thu govei 1101 V inaiiHiou ,
At 100 : ! o'clock , escorted by the mayor and
memboiM of tlio nnnlxorsury iccootion com
mittee , the president and Secrelaiies Uavaid
* " amUVhllney uud Colonel Lirnont left tlio
executive mansion nnd xxeie drl\en down teState
State .street to take their places In the proces
sion. A few mlnutus latut , ( ioxeinor 11111 ,
escorted by the members of the reception
? > ' .eommltteu , x\as also drixon < lo\\n to take the
, jilnco In the line lesorxcil for him. The pro
cession was imposing. President Cleveland
lode In an open oaiihiKe xvlth Sccict.ny
AVhitney , and held lily hat ill his hand while
lie Dotted acknowledgements to the checis
thiit accompanied Ills inoKiess. ThoKoxcm-
" * ci'.s stair followed , anil belilnd lode llio KOV-
cinoi in a rariiaico. Immcdlalely after the
jrocesj.lon tlio picsldcnt , ( ! o\ernor Hill ,
, { Seoret.irles Whitney and llajard , and other
distinguished iruosts went to the larKorlnk ,
* AMilch was nlieady packed by the audience
gathered to lienr ( io\cinor Hill's oration
anil the musical and literary oxeicises. 11111
njioko at length of Albany's history.
When Uovernor Hill hud concluded his
rf Npeeeh and the applause hiibslded , Ma > or
' 1 haulier attempted to aimounco the next
* ' thing on the pioRramme , but his voice v > as
itiowned by nius of Clovolnnd , " "Cleve
land.1' ' The president are o , boxved and bat
< lo\\n airalu on tlio platfonn beside Covernor
* Hill. This did not satisfy the audiuiiLU and
the calls xveio runoxved xvllh xlgor. Finiilly
ho atiisc , and advancing to the front of the
platform , s.ild :
"CItl/ensot Albany , I came heio tKlay
us nn Invited gnc.s.t to a family leunlou. 1
desire to bo modest and iiotmlnplo too Iroely
in congratulations and. celebrations
which bolpiiB motepiopoily to VOIL I do
' "tlot xvlsh toHOUhdn blnglo note 'of discord ,
but 1 liavo heard so much of the Dutch , of this
being a Dutch city , to much told of olden
time and its customs , that \xiien I remi'iuber
* that I dxxelt txxo years among jon 1 wonder
whether I am In tlio ilh'ht place
or not , at ilsk ol eioatlnu a dla-
tmbanco. I xvlll MIV that In my
than Dutch ixas not the .
jot the town people. They spoke LiiKlIsh ,
nnd tome wonts In Kuhlisli ol kindness that
I xx ill never forget. I am glad , hoxvex o , you
liaxo urot voiu ohaiter. Wnen 1 lived heio It
xxas , 1 think , under a chatter , but according
to my rcmombrnnco itasu uhmter passed
by thu Icglslatnro of the state in the lirst year
1 spent here and nppuncd by me. 1 must
not detain you lom < ei , but 1 cannot lofraln
Irom expiessliifr to you my appreciation of
the klntinc&s xxlth xxhicli you liaxo lecelx-cd
mo. and from lenoatlng the homely nnd ole >
fashioned wish that may the citizens of Al
bany and their descendants see maiiy linppy
retuiiiB of the day , "
The president s'poko In clear , ilnging tones
that \\oro r.udlblo in oxoiy portion of the
laigo bulUilii ! , ' , and bis briot rumaikH xvcro
iccolxed xvlth onthusla.stlc applause. When
lie Mt down the audleneo called upon liayiird
ioi a speech , xxhobpoke btlelly In an apjiro-
prlato mnnnor. Secietaty Wliftnoynlsofipoko
01 lolly. At the conclusion ot tlio exercises
i 'tho president , Secretaries Whitney any Uay-
nrd and otheis , accompanied by Soeretaiy
.filanning , droxo to the executive mansion
, ) ul d ined with Uovcyiui Hill.
After dinner n nubile lecoptlon was hold at
the srnato ehninbur. At 100 : : ! n , m. the
> vrujldent and jurty attomled a locuptlon
Klven in his honor by the 1-Virt 0 ran go club.
At ll0p. : ! m. the paity went to the tesldoncu
of ( iov. Hill , thcnco to the depot , xxhonco the
train left for Washington ntl-JUOn. : m.
Accidentally Shot Ills Rrollior.
I'LTUiisnuiio. Vn. , July 2i Xeixs has
"teen iccelxcd hero fiom Amelia county , this
fituto. of n dlstiessiiiK nccldent xvlileh oc-
cuired there a day or two ago. Mr. Uoboit
' " llolnes , xx ho eamo to Virginia from the north
n few months Mnco and settled In the upper
l > oitlon of Amelia county , had two sons ,
Johnnie nnd Willie , aged icspoetlvoly txvolxo
and ntleun yeais. It appears that
these txvo lads xveio just starting
out from liomo to spend tlio day liuntlni ;
, Axhon thoyoiingoi of them accidentally dls-
iged his Run , the load tcailnc oil' the head
of his brother Wllltn. The txxo brothers
xx no devotedly attached to each other , and
blnco the acclilent the suivivliu ; biother baa
become a complete iiianLie. This h one of
the Midilusl tragedies that has ever occut rod
in Virginia , nnd the parents of tlio txvo boys
arc illustrated by their Midden cincnt.
! M
< Vermont Doiuo c-rats .Nominate ,
Moxii'UMRii , Vt. , July 23. The Demo-
rratlobtutu convention xxns called to order at
10 this foienoon. The attcndniico xxas largo.
Clnrunco II , Pitkin , of IJoilIu , xvivs elected as
.temporary clialimau , nnd after roll call xvas
ntado iwrmanent chulrmnn , I'll I ; in then
uwdo a brief atldie..s , spnakhig foielbly in
Mipixirt of Pirslilent Cluveland , anil pie-
illctod futuiti hmx'Ois of the paity , 8. U.
aiiurtlelT , ot Montpeller , und J' . M. Meldon ,
of'Jtutland , xxeio nominated for toxeinor
and Jleutcimnt-xoNoiiior. lospeetlviily , by n
iiminlmousxote. Thin. 1 ( . I'hnbbs , of Tliet-
4lotd , xxas nomlnnteit fet traasurcr ; W. 11.
* jtlder. of Diistol , lei scetetaiy of Mite , and
J. A. Wilder , ot N ludsor , for auditor.
Homo , N. Y. , Jail Ulntu llrunk
Jtoxir.V , Y.Jnly au-Wllllim I'lurce , of
Cjluvei'svlllc , ( uinlineU for hoi > o > > tc.illiig , and
John Kocklser of iloonxllli' , lei foigory , es
caped from tlio jail In IliU illy by cutting a
bar out of \xlndowurmtlnt ; in thu ronidor.
A > c.itruldlug nlloxxed them to ot oxer thu
Jiyhleiiro hinroundlnt : the jnll. The juis-
imors'eolls xxero unlocked. ( JL-orgo t'euncr
of hnnouoit , the only other prl&unei con-
lined , ivmulncd.
Droxvnoil AVIiilo IJoatlii .
IxniA , Jnd. , July * ) . -I'ho Jour-
nnl'o l.nporte special reports thu droxxning
in I'iuu Lake this uftornoun by the unptl/ing
of their boat , ot i'rank Malloy uud .Mi .
' ' . .JtosoStvin. Vonuff Malloy xvas tlio son ot
Nib. Kmma Miilloy , llmtsmiu'i-anre ov.inuel-
it. Mis Stern xvas the daughter ot Jacob
\flbo of Laporlc.
, .
Loxv prJcos.jjood snidas und : x bcinaro
deal. Coatrsir umbur Ytml , 13th & Gala
A Hcnutirul Girl Iitirod From a Con
vent by n Ijlhcrtlnc.
Cinr.xoo , July W. A startling story of
elopement and ruin has conic to light In Jus
tice Foote's court , In xxhleh the .steiMlmnrhter
of Dr. Smith , of Lake Vlexv , a beautiful and
accomplished glilof nineteen } cars , named
.Ma ) Phillips ilgurvd as principal , and xxas
If nil the statements ot her friends bo ti tin ,
the xlctlmof tt heartless llbcrtlno , xxhodlii
not MI in It oxen the sacred pteclncts
of a convent to deter him iroia
the pursuit of an Innocent ulrl.
A jeai ftjco , It Is said , She XXTIS pent to llnMi
hei education atnconxent In Lotilsxlllo , K ) . .
\\hcioihe. \ became acnu.tlnlcd xxlth Hdwaid
i\ \ . Connor , a traxelinc salesman. After
gaining liercoiiildcnce by xxlmt seemed to bean
an honoM couitshlp , he proposed an elope-
iiiont toChleniro to he mauled , mid slm eon-
sen ted. She did not suspect anything xxroiu ?
until. Upon an Ixltiit here , he rented a room
nt isd Ln Sallo. avenue and installed her
theic. When Mio came to a rcnll/allon of lur
slmmo , It xxas too late to recede , and since
last March the boti.ijer and his victim Imxo
llxcd together. Thu girl became depressed
hi spiiits , nnil rarely went upon the streets
for tear sumo of her former nctiuAlulancx !
xxotdd iccoKiilzc her.
Afexvdaxs a o N.N. Uaker. a cousin of
the ulrl. necldoutally ilUcovoteu the lelatlolis
oxlstlnt ; and sxxoro out n xxairanl for Connor ,
'lliedecelxed Kirlxx-asnol In eoiirt , but Itis
Rixld that a xx arrant Is out for her , so thai her
tnends may HOOUIO control ot her. The affair
caused the greatest excitement In Lake Vlexv '
xx hero .May fnim6ily lived , and xxlieroshn
xvas noted for her preat bcnutv and many
social tUalltli ) > s.
Tlie liaso Unit llccord.
Chicago U 4 1 l n 0 1 0 0-14
Kansas City. 0 looooooo l
t Pitchers McConnlck and Cornxvay. First
base hlls Chicago U , Kansas City 4. Krroi-s
UhlcasoU , Kansas City 13. Umpire Con
AT Dr.TiioiT
Detroit 0 0110800 n 13
St. louU 2 00010010-4
Hasii ItlU DetroltsW , St. Louis 11. KrioM
DetinltT , St. I.oulsT. Pitchers Baldxxin
and Klrby. Umpire Graves.
AT IlosTox
Washln'tons..O ( 0000203 0-i
Uostons 1 * 10
1'ltchors Stemiiiicr nnd Fuller. Tltstbaso
hits Washington * 4. Hostous 11 , Kuois
Washlnntons 10 , Uostons 7. Umplio Unit-
AT Xr.xv Youic
Noxv Yoik 2
Philadelphia o Ooooooio I
Fb > t b.tse hits Now York fi , Philadelphia
fi. Kmiis Noxv Yoik I. Philadelphia a
Umphe York.
JlotropollUin 0 10000120 4
Louisville. . . . l o : t o 2 o o o * a
Pitchers ! lAiich ami 1 locker. First base
hits Metropolitans 8 , LoulsxIlloT. Kirots
Metropolitans 5 , Louisville 11. Umplie
Kelly. !
Brooklyn . 0 0 " 0 'I 0 1 0 07
St. Louis . 000000001 1
Pitchers Teiry and Foutz. first base hits
Iliooklyn 13 , St. Louis a. Kirors Uiook-
lyn 3 , St. Louis a. Umpire Walsh.
Ualtlmoro . 0 n-10
Cincinnati . 0 8 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 11
PitcherConxxav and Peching. First
base hits Baltimoic 0 , Cincinnati 14.
Krrors lialtlmoicO , Cincinnati 3. Umpire
AT PiurAi > ir.piiiA
Athletics . 2 00023000 7
Plttsburir . 2 00010001 4
Pitcliers Haiullboo mid Atkinbon. First
base hits Athletics 10 , Pittsbuiij 0. Errors
Athletics 0 , Plttsbnrfe 5. Umpire-Brad
ley. _
Ilnclngnt Washington Park.
CHICAGO , July 22. At Washington park
to-day the weather xvas delightful , the track
good and attendance large.
Thiec-quarter mile : Hilly Gllmore won ,
Moonlight second , bhndoxv tliiid. Time
1 :17 : . Mutuals paid Sii.r : 0.
One nnd one quarter miles : Kaloolah won ,
Dad second , Uaiitone thlid. Time 2:11.
Mutuals paid 30.00.
Society stakes , tbieu-qunitor miles : Lar-
edyxvon , Yeni second , Katie A third. Time
1:17. : Mntunls paid S10.
Mile : Cuban Queen won , liattlo Carllslo
second , Wnrronton thiid , Tlmo 1:44V.
Mutuals 'paid S10.20.
Steeple ehnse , bliort course : Jim Carllslo
won. Uoiy O'Mooro .second , Claude JJraunon
thlul. Timu-305 # . Mutuals paid S10.70.
nioninouth Pnrk Races.
M OKJIOUTU PAUK , N. J. , July 22. Handi
cap , mile and quarter : Favor xvon , Feronn
faccontt , Giecniield thhd. Time 2:20 : } .
Sxxeepstikes , lor three-year-olds , mile :
Austrlaua xx-on , Queen Elizabeth second ,
Strldc.uvay tlilrU , Time 1:20.
Naxcsink Ifandlcap , mlle and half : Bo-
nanraoii , Lcoln second , Teciimsch third.
Time 2:48. :
Handicap for all aes , mlle : DiyMonopole
won , llork and lye ! bccond , Banner Be.uer
thlrii. Timo-l:4J. (
Purse , for txvo-year-olds and upwards , mlle
and eighth : KarnCst won , Maimaduko .sec
ond. Time 2:00 : tf.
Hurdle race , mile and quarter : Mam-
monist xvon , liochester second , liuiley third.
Time 2:29. : _ _
llnitlo With J torso Thieves.
Ltrrt.n ROCK , Ail : . , July 22. On Monday
n fatal battle xvas fought In the mountains of
Montgomeiy county between a gang of horse
thieves , numbering seven , and a possocem-
posed of ftvo men. The latter hnd chased the
thieve * for days , coming on them unexpect
edly In a mountain p.ibs , nlieio they had
eamCd ) for the night. A number of stolen
horses xvcro picketed near the camp.
The outlaxxs refused to sunonder , and
leturncd the Hio of the ofllccis xvlth
energy nnd Altai eircct , txvo of the
posse named Janna Cook and Austin 0 nth-
crlll being mortally xx-ounilect. The remain-
Inc members of tlio jnu-sulng paity wlthdroxv ,
falllns back sonio dlstanco when they wore
joined by sexoral farmers and again .started
out to kill or o.iptnro the oulluu.s. Parties
Irom Montgomew county say that nothing
baa been licaul of the puisucis since jester-
day , xx'lien they xx'oio reported as having sur-
lounded thoiobbeis In the mountains and
expected thum to sut render.
Olllooliolilors Troinblinc.
WASIIIMITOK , July 22. [ Special to the
JJni.J : Xeiulynll the visitors to Washing
ton noxv aio men xxho came to look nftcr their
continuation befoio the adjournment of the
senate. An Impression prevails that the
president \\lll bo a llttlo ehnrry about re-
nominating otllcers xxlto xvoro not confirmed
and against whoso confirmation objection
xxas nmdo and which failed to secure action
xvhllu the M'liate xxas In nebjion , This xvould
bo ciiilvalent | to rejection for those xxhoso
nominations are not confirmed. I am told
though that thlb Is not tiue ; that it Is In
tended to clear up the dockets In the senate
nnd conlirm or reject nearly every pending
nomination ; also that the president xvlll 10-
aiipolntnll nominees \\hosochancos of con
tinuation have not iled entirely , and Unit
thcio is no occiibion for undue asltatlon at
this timo.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
SalUbaryKUII | on Dock.
LONIION , July 22. Loid Sllstiny xx ill ar
rive In London to-morrow , xvhero ho xvlll
hold a conference with hU colleagues of the
old cabinet. He xrlll go to Oaborno on Satin -
in day.
of Itonstod Grnin.
Drnuqui : , la. , July 2i A largo brick
gialn elox'ntor in I'.ast Dnbttquo binned this
mornine. Loss , $15,003 ; insurance about
half. _
Xolirnwka and lowu Woathor.
For Nebraska and Joxxa : Fair xveathisr ,
followed by local niins ; stationary tempera-
Airs. Ulchara WJdn , ncuompanloil by
hornieoe Annie , loturnou from the ou > t
hist ni 'ht wheio Airs. Aildu has been
visiting slnco lust Juno. She spout n
most onjoynblo thno in PhilaUolphin ,
Camden , N. . ) . , and upon the Doluxvuvo.
For bargaina 111 business and Ituiito city
property call on Muir < ! c lluniiugton , 10VJ
L'urnam ,
: At IvKiiu'ii riunia ox
i VKK. 1310 DOCOLAS STittxr.
Don't tuy bijf jincq * or itttubs ? but
bify c.'io-i ) ) : it Hr.iJfonl's.
He Opposes Appropriations For Repairing
Forts Robinson and Niobrara.
President to Veto tlio Alrtlonn
and Harrison .Service 1'onsloti ItlttN
DcmocrntH Klok on Cleveland
Tito rorls Must Walt.
N' , .lulyl-J.--tS ! | > eelal Telwjrain
to the llii : : . ] Objector Ilolunn , of siiinll oa *
pu'lt.x ns a slatosui'in but laigo as an ob-
sliuctorot sensible location , foi the thlid
time lod.iy objected to the consliicitttlon ot
tbn bill niixklngim flppioprlnttnn to repixlr
Polls Itoblnson and Niobriii.n. lloltium .sitx *
both foils aie iinnece sary. lie Is xUlllng
that Fott Xlobrara shall bo put in coed oondl-
tion , but says Fort Uoblnson is not needed
and Hint ho will not submit to ImVluR It 10-
united. It Is so late In the session noxxnnd
there Is such aiuMi for consideration of
measures of nntlonnl Importance , that the
Nchiaskn delegation dospulr of securing this
npuroprlnilon till nc\t xvlnter. tlobiiitn ,
xvho pits his knoxvlcdRe ot the needs ot the
army against that ot the xxiii ttcpirimcnt ami
numerous ollteer.s hrvs persistently fourflit
this iiioasure , nnd Us failure oftonsldfci'rtlion
Is duo to him.
XVIM. vnro Moi'.K mr.T.B.
Tt Is stated upirti ilcmocrntlo authority that
President Cleveland Intend * to veto the Mex
ican pension bill if the opportunity Is offered
him , The measure has been n-.v ud by both
houses of COIIMTCSS and is now In conference
for AXI cciucnl upon nn amendment made bv
tlie Si'iinte. Some lime a. ti the president
atitcd in the most positive and vigorous Inn *
Kiiano in ono ol liis x-eto messaRes that the
Kox-ei niiiont cannot allonl to potision n ninit
xxho has mil conttarted his disability In the
line of ditty. 'Die Mexican is n scmco nen *
slon bill , as Is also llarilson's bill , xxliloh
passiMl the senate recently , and xvhich pen4
nious all xxho Dcrxcd for the union In the late
xxai , xvho aie now disabled horn any causa
not the result of xlclous habits. This bill
xx ill also rceclvo Piosldont Clovoluim's x-eto ,
unless ho Is driven Into line and Is uiixiio lo
sxxalloxv liis xxords. It either the Mexican or
HaiiKon's sorxicoiiensiou bill Is defeated in
cotiKiess it xx III be at the icquest ot the presi
dent , xvho xx 111 not xx alt to apply liisxeh ) . as
he has ho xvlll : or it ho should slijn
oithoi of the bills ho xvill do so under piotost
and In xiolatlon ot his deliberate declaintion
that he would not grant a pension except for
disabilities Incurred In the tine of dutx' .
Theio Is no hope now foi the x'Ctcians of
either xxar. unless they fotiuht against the
goxcimuent.ln xvldoh ox'ont tliey max * receix-e
appolntnient to positions made x\ieant bv the
remox'al ot union boldlors ,
A ' ronciiKit ON ci.ivr.i.ANi > .
Mr. Tnnlbce , a ilcuiocratlc congressman
lioin Kentucky , and a member of the com
mit tec on Invalid pensions , is very xviathy
at the action of the president in the vetomat-
tei. "Itis an outrage , " said he , "for a man
xvho ncxcr.Miicllcd pondoi In his llto to veto
the pensions of poor old .soldiers , and \\orhO
than all. to put his mm k of sarcasm on them.
That bill to fncreaso tlio pension ot a Mis
souri state seimlor Is n doxxiirlght piece of
bull-necked piuhnadcdncss. \ \ hlle 1 ngrco
xxith the president politically I do not in
Ihls tnattei. 1 shall vote to pass ox-cry x-eto I
deem correct ox'er his head , " and so savins
the tall j amis Kentucky member bit a lead
pencil in halt and cantered off.
Tito president lias receixed a full explana
tion of the ease of ttie Missouri state senator ,
\ > hose pension bill xxas vetoed , to his entile
satisfaction , "The veto xvas mide under a
misapprehension , " said the president , "but
"Scad a message to coiujre-ss to that effect , "
replied Senator Cociterell , xxho xvas lUiiklm ;
the explanation. Tills rather staggered the
executlxe , nnd ho told the senator that ho
XNould consider the matter , but he did uot
think ho xvould do It. Cockcicll .swears ho
xvlll speak to oxorrido cxeiy xeto that collies'
up , 11 it Is not done.
iror.xiAN's Mi. .
Information received heiq fiom IpdJanaj'
through democrats' In the .southern ami xvcst-
crn poitious of the state , shoxx'8 that if the
election this tall should result in a vlctniV
for the diiiuoci. its that Koprosontatlxo llol-
nian , of " 1 object" fame , xvill figure much
mom prominent as a senatorial candidate
than men In bis party xvho aspire to bo poli
ticians and .statesmen pi\e him credit for.
It transpires Hint the objector had a double
purpose In making such a poxx-erfully deter
mined race for ic-nominatton recently. Ho
not only wanted a ic-electlon to the loxvor
house , but a boom for the senate.
Mr. Ilolnian has developed Into
o x'cry astute politician of lato. lib lias rami
fied liis political formications with many
otliee-holclers , and it is observed by one xxho
lias folloned closely the character of liis ap
pointees that all of them ate more or less in
fluential I 'i his state , and can servo him a
good purpose in a campaign like that for the
senate xvlll be. So the old centletmm is lay
ing his ropes deep and In a foxy manner ,
and by virtue ot fact has at this time a sliong
and gioxx ing folloxx Ing.
Gox ernor Gray , xvho Is a ycai ning aspirant
for the senate , lifquoted as rotenlngto Hol-
nmn as a veiy formidable candidate ; and ex-
Senator McDonald , likewise n prominent
candidate for the position now occupied by
Senator Harrison , also regards Hobnail as a.
troublesome clement In the way of other uin-
bltlous men in the state , .lust at this time
Mr. llolman , by xailous olllclul nets. Is xrork-
Ing quiollj and oirectixely towards the senate
endot the capltol and xvlll bo heard fiom nt
the proper time.
"Thoc.teo of Peter W.xnnohlch Ins been
flgiiilngin the pension otllco Invcsllinxtlon
before thu senate commltteo , is a notoilaus
ono , " said an employe of the otllco to-day.
"For many xeais ft xvas bandied around and
made special upon various pretexts , until It
became a stench to the cxatiilncifl. 1 remem
ber that xvhcn Dudley xvos commissioner lie
gave it n t.dr and iiiipaitial hearing , and It
failed , ns it had frequently before. There
- much against it too that
xx-as t > o prejudice , ,
Col. Dudley had dlllleulty In securing an Impartial - - .
partial man lo rcviexv It. When he Jmd
tiiiccecded in linding the n\an' \ ho.
called him up and said : 'This easo.
has been passed upon , adx'uiiely , by a num
ber of men In the olllce , and they aio pioju-
dloed against Ir. i understand thai ion
Imxo had nothinc to do xvlth It and knoxv
nothing about It. Now , sir , 1 xviint you to
take the papers and glx'o the ease u cat eful.
unbiased hearing. Seoxvlmt tliero Is of merit
In It , Lei tiDthlnc prejudice you. and don't
let an > body talk to you about It. Wall , the.
report xvas adx eise , as usual , -There xxas nope
po lblo chance for Wynne getting a
pension evecpt by mbitiary order , like
lionoral Ulackjjavo , at the request of Gen-
cial Itosecians. You see , the ttoiiblo was
the case xras made up on the nllldavlts of Ixvo
men , bulb of xvhoin had cases pending iu-thu
olllce , end for whom Wynne was a xvitnc * * . ,
It looked like a ca o ot trading a case of
You tickle me , and I'll tickle you. ' That
xvas xvhal ruined thu cn u. "
< ' I ,
Dontoii'Hllalr l ro\vor
All xvho aio 1JALD , all who are bocomlnc"
BALI ) , all xvho do not want to bo bi\ld , , all
who are troubled xvlth DANDHUtfF-
HOHINO of theflcalp ; should use Itenton's
llalrroxver. ! KHJHTV I'KII UKNT of those
using It have grown hair. It nex-er fall * to
stop the hair trom tailing. Through sickness
and icx'cra the hair sometimes ( nils otf In a
short time , and although the person may
have loiiminod bald for years. If yon use Hen-
ton's Hair CJ rower accord lug to directions
jou aru&ureof n growth of hair , lubiini
dreds of ca es xx'o hax'o produced n good
groxvth of Hair on those who have been bald
and glazed tor years xvo hi\o : fully iubstan-
tiated the lolloxvlng facts :
Wegrox/ Hair in t > o cases but ol 100 , no
matter bow long bald.
Unlike other preparations , It contains no
sugar of lead , or xegetablu or mineral
Itlsas | < ccHie for falling hair , dandruff ,
and itching of the &culi > .
Tlio Hall ( irox\er li a hair food , nnd Its
oiiiposltlon is almost exactly like the oil
xvhich supplies the hair with Us vitality.
Wlion the skin is xery toiiRh and nanl , and
thefollice is apparently eitcctiially closed ,
llio single strength xvill boiuotliaes lall to
leach tno papilla ; In such c.isas the daublo or
triple stietigth should bo used in connection
xxilh the single , using them alternately.
Price , slnirlo strength , 81,00 : double
s-tieUKtli , SiOO ; triple &troath , $0.00 , If
your tti uggUU h.ixa not got it xvo xvill txjnd it
preiwrwl on locfllpt of price
Cleveland. O.
Sold by C. F. Goodman and Kiihn & Co.
1Mb bnd Uou a * , 18th auJ Cumins i
_ _
- j * - *
rfVirll _ TUA.VI3ljfiUS.
Thomas Cochrant of Portia , Ark : "I
transact considorlJlo ; | business In Omaha
in the frttll line , , anil although Kansas
City is our prim-in ? ! jnarkot , I become
more and more favorably impressed xvith
your city ex-cry ( Ifeyj , t hax-o here now
three car loads ot Stic-lons , but 1 Und tlio
market is pretty Vjell lllled. Did I hax-o
Ihem hero on Monday last I could haxu
easily got sfK"i : per limrdod. As it Is I xvlll
ship ono car to iFremont , nnothor to
( Council Hlull's and leave the tblnl hero.
Melons nro ono of tlio most profitable
ciops xxo Imvo In. the south. Wo
have 800 acres deVoted to melon
raNing. They ar < * iUI of the Cobb ( Sein
variety the laiKesi , ami the best llavorcd
that me Rfoxvn. alie yield is about 1,000
to the aero , nnd Ihoy 'come ' In early in
July , the ditto tliis'jx'ar being the loth.
\Vu are ten davs later than Georgia ,
"xvlucli piodueos tlie lirsl melons In Ilio
bonntry. PeaelieM and plums xvlll bo n
failure on llm i\ml this year , oxvinir to
t lie bovero xvlnter , but our npnlo crop is
very line. Wo liavo been shipping splen
did apples stnco the middle of June.
A Hotel l-'lrc.
At 11 o'clock last night a general alarm
of fire xx'as sounded from the box at the
corner of Douglas mid Thirteenth slrects.
i'liu blaxo xvas found to bo In the kitchen
of the Arc-idu hotel , nnd wa& extinguished
before any damage xx'asdono. A number
of frightened guoat.s xvero called out by
tlio alarm of lire , but arusli xxas avoided.
.llrovltlc .
Thu bank clearings ycslerday xvcre
§ . - > , 100.20.
Thirteen recruits for Fort Omaha and
Wyoming came in from tlio cast yester
Txx-onty-Bk dcodsnndolovon mortgages
xvcro Filed in tlio county clerk's ' olllco yes-
A toloplione. No. 820 , lias been placed
in tlio olllco of Unildmg Insnuctor Wbil-
The county commissioners xvoro in tlio
country yesterday looking after the
bridges and roads.
A largo number of Omahans xvill visit
Manhattan boacb , near Council Kind's , on
Saturday afternoon ,
An incoming freight train , Mike Parr ,
engineer , xvas slightly delax'cd \Vahoo '
ycstorday by the breaking of a driuo rod.
The police had a jrroat sculllo yesterday -
day afternoon in efl'ecling the capture of
Mrs. Hoffman , of Twelfth street , xvho cot
lighting drunk and attempted to clean
out the neigbboi hood xvlth a in/or. She
was linally disarmed and landed in jail.
TliQplayat tlioStadt theatre summer
garden on Tenth stteet next Sunday
evening xvill bo llio beautiful comedy ,
"lliehnrd's Wanderlobon , " in five acls ,
xvilli delightful vocal pieces bv Kettle.
Mrs. ENio Uaiireis , Emilo Ptils-Ahl ,
Selma Lindcmann and Mcsscrs. Horsky ,
Schmitz Puls Haurois and the excellent
stock company xvill appear.
Travel xvcstward is Very heavy notwithstanding -
withstanding the restoration of rales.
Last night's train hud four Pullman
sleepers without i naro berth. Some delay -
lay was occasioned jthe depot in regard
to making two sections , of the train tint
as Superintendent } Dickey's private car
did not go out as Vpoblcd it was finally
determined lo lotfNoj 1 ire it as one sec-
lion and at 9:30 slie pulled out.
The Merchants ! Protective agency has
passed into llio luTftds of Mr. J. E. Ncxv-
man , xvho for llio pas > t eight years has
been an employe in tbo general freight
olllco of the B &jU. , xvlicro ho has made
hosts of friends and proven himself a
young man of indijc UiAn ordinary busi
ness ability and integrity. lie will place
the protective ngoncydn its foot ana xvill
no doubt opcratciilmia , successful man
ner. J.1.1..0' !
Only a straggling few veterans bound
for iJan Franciscw'cJVtiKo m' last night ,
among them Colonel Curry , of Missouri.
This morning the 'Wisconsin delegation ,
with ox-Governor Pairchild nnd Adjutant-
General Check , will nrrix'o. Sunday xvill
bo the big day. Besides the Illinois dele
gation. with General Logan at its head ,
lucre xvill be Ixx'enty-four cnV-loads of
Noxv England vcloraus. They are ex
pected lo arrix'o at 11 o'clock and will
leave al mid-day.
Il is said that ft spotter lias been at
xvork on the Pullman lines in llio Union
Pacilio .system , nnd that , as a result of his
investigations ten Pullman conductors
have been discharged , most of them for
trivial ofl'onscs. It is staled lhat Mr.
Pullman is trying to break up llio
Pullman Pacific system , with which lie
has never been pleased , and will place
enough regular conductors on the Union
Pacilic lines to shoxV the superiority of
tlio Pullman service over that afforded by
the Pullman Pacific. Mr. Pullman is not
on llio best loruis xvilh the Unioa and
Central Pacilic authorities , as is shown
by the fuoi that ho sent the spotters out
over their lines contrary lo Ihcir xvislies.
Jiicftard Wilde : "Talk aboul lost op
portunities in real estate speculation in
this city , half of it is not lost opportuni
ties. Ils simply fate fighting against people
ple xvlio strive to overcome her. I knoxv
people right on this street
xvho are occupying frame houses
for business purposes , and have
paid rent enough to build a block of
brick. Yes , sir , 1 knoxv people who have
paid $20,000 in rent for buildings on this
street , and when those buildings xx'.cro
lirst occupied , together with the ground
nn xvhich Iboy stood , xvorcn't xvortli $500.
Noxv yon couldn't buy them for $7.5,000.
In the first pluco , lliey won't bo for sale
for several years , as the oxvncrs won't
and next , because oven if they could bo
'sold tbo presnnt oxvnors knoxv too xvoll
xylint figure to ask for thorn. That's tlio
reason why some of us haven't bought
the places xxro do business in , and I'm ono
of the fclloxx's , too. "
l orsonnl Paragraphs.
D. F. Uoaoh , of Phillips , is In Omaha.
C. N. Abbott , of Fitllerton , is in llio
Ed Ilickock of Dead \vood , h at tbo Millard -
lard , ,
C. li Williams , of Schuylor , is in the
. - ,
E. F. Pettls , of Ncpjrnqlia City , is in tbo
city. li , ' „ n
D. Brodcrsnn , of Denison , la. , is In tbo
city. f" . >
. J. C. Birney , of-'Cr'Ac ' , is at tlio Mer
C. W. Colliding and.xvifo , of Tekumuh ,
are in tbo city.
W. / . Bills and G. M. Bills , of Denver ,
are in the city. _ , ' , , t
Mrs , George Ztli nwJ daughter , of St.
honis , xvoio in the city.ycsiorduy ,
Mrs , A , Glcusotr , of Cluveland , O. , is
' in the city , visiting , ,1i ° r sister Mra. P.
Mr. O. C. LexvisrnHtort Oak , la. , was
in the city yostenluyjiu louto to AVayno
on u business tiipJ'-,1 ' 1
Exovernor ( CArrts * of Soxxrard , find
Hon. H. / . Mitchell , of St , Cloud , xvero
nt the Pa\ton last evening.
E. B. Sloason. ticket agent of tbo Union
Pacific at Lincoln , xvas in the city yester
day on his xvay to Columbus ,
Dr. Amelia Burroughs arrived from tlio
east yesterday , having attended the
American Instil tile at Saratoga Springs.
W. P. Auderoon , an attache of the
Live Stock Journal of Chicago , has been
in tlio city fora foxv da s und left lost
night for the eaU nnd southeast ,
Among tlio Omaltails AX ho xvent cast
yesterday xvero tbo lion. J. A. McSIuine ,
A B. Huburmun and family nnd W. A.
L , Gibbons. It. N. Withncll , wife and
daughter and Miss Kli/.a Witbnell went
to Lake Mhmetonku for the t > casou.
A Young Man's ' Affliction Leads Him to
Attempt Suicide.
The "DeteoV Girls WjlH-A ( Hotel
l-'lro l < \ > itiit tlio Hoy's Hotly A.
Msli Hlory ni'C HIOH ami
lie \Vnntcd t > Die.
'Clio jms < .ontfcta tin j-cslonlny after
noon's ' Incoming Utilon 1'ucllH pntsoli-
KCT tr.iln liul : thcif attention drawn to n
young limit on tliu pint form of otio ot
lhftooaolii'3 in ohniKO of u jotuiKxvomnu ,
evidently Itis sister. The young
man xvi\s n sud'oror from
h fonrfnl ttithor Hint com
pletely ( 'ovorcil the li lil atdo of hi3
fnco , almost dosing his ri lit o\'o nnd
drawing Ills mouth and face all out of
hlmpo. The yomijt fulloxv siubbornly i-o-
fused , trv enter Iliu ( Sur. His reason for
, tlld reTns.ll "xraa uot quite appar
ent * Until the train Was crossing
the brldfro over the Klkliorn rixor , when
thcrntllictcd youth made n desperate of-
tort to leap from tlio tniln , Hovits
onught by his sister , wlio held him until
She xvns aided by llio comlnctor , xvlto
rushed to the rescue , in removing her
allHctcll bt-bthcr Into tbo car.
Arriving In Omaha tlio young
xvonmn atnrtod xvllh her brother
to sec if slit ; coulu get him tnki'n into St.
Joseph's hospital. The vounK man Imd
sufTnrutl ho that he Imd not been able lo
eat anything for three or font dnys , and
pKvo but completely at the corner of
Tenth and Mason streets. His sister loft
hltu.'hnro and went to got some food
for him. In her absence some
citizen xvho took tlio young felloxv for a
drunk called tlio patrol xvtigon in xvhieli
he xvas conveyed to the. police htatlon ,
Ho gnvo liis intiuo its Charles Anderson
and said lie lived In North Omaha. He
ln'ol > o doxvn and bogged so piluotisly that
ho might not bo conlmcd in the
jail that Marshal Uumings re
leased him. Ho ImM millered
ho saj's for nearly a year xvitb bis alllic-
lion , and is tired of living a lifo of misery
any longer. Whether he xvlll entry out
bis resolution ot muling liis lite before ho
is again restored to iris sister's gentle
cam remain s to be scon.
Scones TlmtTloltlo the Nerves Around
the Tontli Street Crossinu.
Affairs at the upper Tenth sticet cross
ing of the Union Pacific railway am get
ting xvorso ex'cry day , and it Is wonder *
fill fatal accidents do not occur every
twenty-four hours. The company use
tlio street , iml vicinity for making up
freight trains and this , with the arrival
and dciiartmo of passenger trains , prac
tically rentiers this portion of Tenth street
of no use as a public thoroughfare. With
switch engines pufllngup and doxvn , cars
passing into the depot by the incline with
out locomotix'o pou or , trains coming m
and going out , the place is a perfect
Babel. The fact of the matter -
tor is the company has not half
room enough for sxvitplnng purposes and
blockades are continually happening.
The other ovcmngthu incoming overland
train reached tlteThlrlccnth&tieot bridge
on time but owing to the presence of
numerous freight cars it did not get into
the donot until an hour behind timo.
Last evening No. 4 from the w'cst was
forty minutes late. The Missouri Pacific
calnc in ju t ahead , and xvhen the first
named arrived it stretched across Tenth
street. Two tracks to the north a freight
train xvas across tlio street , liy actual
count there xvere thirty vehicles of all
sizes and descriptions on one side of
and ' the other
the crossing thirty-flx'o on
with over a hundred people seokinir a
passageway , home north , sonic south. A
delay of fully fifteen minutes occurred ,
u..d of course the croxvd xvas steadily
augmented. Imagine the scene when an
opening xvas made. Horses , cabs , car-
riagos.bus' es , wagons , pedestrians , etc. ,
ran into each other and a general entanglement -
tangloment resulted. To add to the
trouble sox'cral engines commenced to
puss up end doxvn , and xvcro it not for
the superhuman ellorts of the Uagmcn
fatalities would certainly have occurred.
The Tenth street crossing is the most
dangerous nuisance ovtant , and homo ac
tion should be taken to remedy the evil.
A. "FiiY cofrJQR's" somn OIRL.
Two Ijowcr Order Bpnutl' s Rncnj o In
n Street Flclit ffc - u "Dctec. "
Just at the supper hour last evening a
boxing match for blood with b.iro hands
and xvitliout rules took place bctxvcen txx'o
beauties of tbo lower order infiontof the
waterworks oflico on Farnuiu street. Lu
Scott.u well knoxvn character , has for three
or four years , she alleges , bad a certain
detcctix'o for n solid follow. Of late ,
however , her mighty heart lias been al
most broken by tlio Knoxvlcdgoof tlio fact
that thu atloctious of her pretty little "liy
copper" have become alienated throngli
the scheming of a young girl named Hello
Hollonbeck , an inmatooiMollie Wright's
placet Toconvinco herself that Hallo xvns
responsible for linr loss of u lover ,
Lu xvroto a note to Belle yesterday , sign
ing llio name of tlio doubly lovqd
' uctcc , " appointing a mooting on Far-
mini street at G.IW o'clock last evening ,
She then stationed liorbulf to nxvait dox'ol-
opmcnts. Promptly at the hour named
thu victim appeared in sight and xvas
immediately pounced upon by the
wohiau xvlio had lost n lover.
Bolli parties came to the
Scratch in good lighting trim , but Hello
xvas evidently surprised nt tlio sudden
turn of aflairs and nlloxvud Lu to xvm the
match in onu round. The llollonbocl :
gill xvafl pomewhat bruised and scratched
about the bead nnd face and had her-
clothimj budly torn. Both par
ties xvero arrfistod and taken
to tlio jail , xvlicro they g.ive
scctprjty lor their appearance for trial
( ) ) ! . < > morning ,
, The most noticeable feature of the fight
xvas the Jjlack eye xvlucli Lu beott guvo u
SVntchmtin reporter xvho sought an inter-
vioxv wUU , l > or concerning the cause of the
trouble. _
'A Ijittlo Tnlk on Klsli.
"Tho co-oporatix'o s6tom of labor does
not alxvays result benolieinlly for the laborer -
borer , " remarked Mr. Benson , of the
Bnnsori .Hsli company , as belaid aside a
papdr'According ' to tlio ollicial report
tbo mnckerol catch is 123,000 barrels
.shgrtof last season's catch. This does
not appear to bo an item of much inter
est to us , but it will canso n
great deal of stiflbring among the
hardy lisliermen * of Ncxv England. An
ordinary fishing vessel carries about tif-
teen men and thov arppaiJ from the pin-
cccds of thu catch , It is tbo rnlo that mio-
bixthof the j ross proceeds gocto the
ship nnd tlio remaining Hvu sixths , after
paying of marketing , oimimls-
sionsctc. , IH ilividcd among the men ,
When thu season is good tbo men do xvoll ,
but Iliu year they xviij see hnid timos.
Sumo of the vessels that ha\u buun
out Mince. March liavo not tal.t-n a barrel
of lish. The oldest lUheruien arc at a loss
to know the reason for the scarcity of the
lish. It is not to bo xvomU-red nt that
eomo ot tliiieorinon , xvbo have been labor
ing for four months nt the hardest and
nioit dangerous kind of woikxvithouj re *
cent for tholr labor , got up on
their ear xxltcnoxer Canada Intel feres
xvlllt them.
America's Itli ; I'lRlillnc Hlrri.
A group of men was discernible in a
sedentary position on a baggage tiuck at
the depot last evening. They xxeio con
versing on different topics of the day
xx hen tboir attention xvas diverted by the
sudden appearance of oiuof the now
mail xvagon * . resplendent In its mnv
paint and gilt.
"They ought to have Cleveland's pict-
ttro on tlio vnn instead of an eagle , " re
marked a red-halted man.
"It would be a xx'nsto of time and
money , " said a meek looking indi
vidual xvho xvas quietly whittling nnd
bad tnkon no pall in the prcx loin con
versation. "Yes , a wnsto of time , for
Cleveland ain't going lo bo lilgli muck-
a-much many more moons. Hotter put
Hlaino's phi * there. "
"Hlaitio bo d d. " loudly spoke a
man xvitb n Urand Army badge. "Put
HIaokJack's piotnro there , "
"Ain't room for tlio moustache , " aaid a
train candy btiloher ,
Several paitio" , xvho had been attracted
by the talk , laughed.
"Lot llio bird stand as lie Is , " remarked
n Btern-lookmg man in : i decidedly
Mtloslnn ficccnl. "Vus , lot the bird
stand , or if you take him axvay put In the
place a poctur of a Duck. "
"A duck , " o.horiKod lh xvliolc crowd.
"A duck. " "Why in ho.iven's name a
duok ? "
"Yls. a duck , " sftld Huborman. Tbo
nlglo is liluco theru because bo's the
great fniglithtffbtml of tbo land , Isn't bo ?
\Voil , barrin' the aiglo , the grcatost bunl
for totalling is the dnuk , See the bill behave
have for puckin' . Look at llio fut uv
him. Show mo the matt that can tup up
a duck " Croxvd disperses to the mutio
of an incoming train.
Army Brevities.
Second Lieutenant 0. K. Dontler , Sixth
infantry , xvltli tbo deUichmettt of four
enlisted men , from Fort Douglas , Utah ,
xvill return to their proper station on
completion of the tiausfur of the public
propel ty at C.xmp Moili"iue Untie to the
noxv garrison.
The Second infantry not being in tbln
department xvhen tlio "practice season"
was designated tor the troops serving in
it for tlio current "target year , " the
months of August and September are de
signated as forming part of tlio "practice
season" for tlu > companies of that regi
ment nt Foils Robinson and Xinbrnrn ,
Nob. , and Irom September 7 to Novem
ber 7 , Inclusive , for the companies of tbo
regiment .stationed at Fort Onin'in. Nob.
Under general orders No. 10 , scries of
1885 , from these headquarters , Fir t
Lieutenant \yillitim A. Mann , adjutant
Seventeenth infantry , is detailed for duty
on general recruiting service for tlio de
partment of the Platte at Fort D. A. Kin-
soli , Wyo. , vice First Lieutenant Kdgar
15. ItoborUon , adjutint Ninth intantry ,
The commanding officer. Fort Sidney ,
Nob. , xvill send Privates George Lovalloy
and Stephen Shipi/o. company F , Fourth
infantry , noxv in confinement at that post ,
under a guard suitable to ensure their
safe delivery , to Fort Niobrara , Neb. , for
trial by general comt martial.
A Brond Brim.
Uon Grono , a celebrated engineer of
the Union Pacific road and later the
tough time sheriff of North Platte , is in
town. Ho is a big man with a big head
and big hat. The latter has a big leaf to
encircle xvliich , in good time , xvould 10-
qtiiro the gait of a pacer of the 3:07ordor. :
Mr. Groncr is an afl'ablo gentleman ,
even though ho has had an experi
ence xvitn western toughs xvhich
might ordinarily drain all the
tnilk of one's linmnn kindness. Ho has
.lust returned from a txvo year's trip xvith
Biill'alo Bill's Wild West , and proposes to
settle doxvn into tlio peaceful pursuits of
civil lifo in this city. He has tired of
the management of half-breeds , full-
broods , sqnaxvs , fcquaxv-mon , papooses ,
greasers , coxvboys and white men , and
retains of them only a recollection xvhich
makes him shudder at the annoyance this
heterogenous mass 1ms occasioned him.
He is at the Canliold.
A Consolidated Company.
The Alilbnrn AVngon company and the
Moline Ploxv company , who have pur
chased gionnds for a mammoth xx'are-
house in Omaha , liavo formed a stock
company , under tlio laws of Ohio , for
the exnrcss purpose of carrying on their
xvcstorn trade. The company is styled
"Thn Molinc , Milburn & Stoddard com
pany , " with a cash capital of $100,000
paid un. G. A Stephen , secretary , and
F. G. Allen , treasurer , are resident sigouts
of tlio company. Already they are doing
a big business , bavin" opened an olliee
in the exposition buildinc. Their noxv
building at the corner of Ninth and Pa
cific streets , xvill bo UUxlSi , and live
stories high. It xvill bo completed yet
tbisfall. _
Ho Whipped HIH Mother.
The report xvas made to the police yes
terday of an alleged assault of the most
cowardly nature. The charge xvas mudo
'that on Wednesday evening Loxv Green ,
a young man xvlio lives xvitb his mother
on Webster street , between Thiitoentb
and Fourteenth , came home xvitlt a
young lady xvhoso good character xvas
questioned by his mother , xvho finally re
fused the young woman admittance to
her house. It is alleged that for tins
provocation young Green assaulted hi.s
mother and abnsod her shamefully. No
arreats liavo been nmdo as yot.
fluse Ball.
Tlio greatest addition to llio Union Pa
cific club that has been made this season
is llio last one , xvhieli gix'os lliom a
chungo catcher to relieve Uandlo , The
addition is in the person of Jack Dnggati ,
nn old time member of llio nine xvho
lias bill recently relocated in Omiilia. Mo
bus boon playing xvith a St. Louis olubdur-
in"-lho pant season. On SatnvdAy the
Union Pacilics xvill cross bats with the
Loavonxvorths , xvitb the Loatlvillos on
AusruHl 10 , the Loavonxx'orthfl again on
August JJ , nnd the St. Joe club on Son-
tember 11. The Union Pacifies fool able
noiv to taohlo any club in the Western
league , and are just aching to got u game
xvith tbo Hastings nine.
Hcoovoroil tlio Roily ,
Search for llio body of the young son
otllichard Cody , xvlio xvas drowned in
llio Missouri on Wednesday , xvas re-
siimcd yosloi day morning ami kept up
all day , About 0 o'clock vcatui day ovun-
in" the body xvas found lying in a quiet
ponl near the xxatonvorku losorxoir
Thu body xvas discovered by a p.irtv of
Cody's felloxv xvorkmun who had boon
nidin" in llio search. Tbo roinuins xvero
u-movcd to the residoii9o of the family ,
neat1 thu river , fiom which place the fu
neral xvill take pl.ici ? to-day.
Inspector Wlntlook issued bulldin ; ; per
mits yesterday as fulloxvs-
r.u.'ono Knnuy , oiiC-hloiy fnuta eot-
t.u'e , Mmml , eastof haundors , . . .S 000
M. Ton , lxxtory frnnio nttldcnce.
Fairrtcxx- , south it Jloxxunl . 10,000
31.ii tin Knuht , omv > tory Iraino col-
UiC. ClaiK iii-l Nmetiiunth , , , , . 103
Fiuil Andoisu i.onc-stoii1 Iriuie 01111 ,
U. ; South jnliUfiith : . . . . . , . . . "
JC/ra Millnnl. liX"-"torj buck xxauv
Kivo peniltj aWfoyaHnj ; . SI MOO
\Vlinl Can 1)0 Purchased In the Local
Mnits Price * .
Noxv cucumbers u'll for 5 cents each.
Caiililloxver is xvoith from o to 15 vents a
lioad. Paisley is sold nt A cents a bimeli.
Noxv radishes txvo bunclies for n nloklo.
Noxv { { icen onions , four bunclies for a
dime. Tiinioy and mint fi oont.s n bunch.
Now turnips tl bunehos for a
dime. Now potatoes , from Sli to GO cent *
n peck. Peas .soil for 0 tVnts a ( inavt.
String beans and xvax bonus sell for
I quarts forS.'eoiiN. N'exv boots are soiling
id 5 cents a bunch. New tomatoes | 'j |
cents a pound. Cablwgo 10 ooltts a head.
Spani-tli onions 5o a pound.
Lusoliu ( poaches have made their
appearance in the markets , selling
trom 45 to 75 cents per do/en.
Plums soil for SO cents a
pound , and llartlolt pears 15 cents a
pound. Watermelons iui lit tltn market
nl prices ranging from XT HI SO cents
The lirst noxv Hodt oranges Itax'o ar
rived. Are xvortli 7 > "ic to $ t si do/on ,
lemons bring from ' 10 to 50 cotits , the
outside price being for xery eholeo
onus. Itaunuiis are xvorth fiom 25 to : < 5
cents a doKun. Washington Tenltory tar-
titiian cherries aio xvoitli ; ! 0 cents a
pound i homo-groxvn cliorrios , Si )
reals a quait. lilaok raspberries
bring an even llgtiro of 20 oonM a iiuart ,
other varieties the same. Mlnckborrles
arn xvortli SO anils n quart. Cm rants
bring 125 to 151 eents a nusut. California
apricots sell for 15 eoitts n pound.
White Huh and troni are soiling for 15
eents a pound. Salmon stuaks are \voitb \
25 ccut.s a pound ,
Salt codlisli tongues sell for lo cents a
pound ,
IjFrosh | toroli are noxv in tlio market ,
and sell at 12 } cents a pound , Frosfi
catlish also on hand , selling at 15 cents a
pound. Hnll'iilo vs just In season : fresh
caught , 10 cents a pound. Pickerel are
noxv In tlio market , fresh , and .sell at 12 }
cents u pound. Fresh mackerel are
xvorlh IS cents apiece. Ftosh pike sell
for 15 cents a pound , as do also black
bass. ( Jroppio and poroh retail for 12 }
couth per pound , blue-fish tire xxortli 25
cents a pound
Frog- . ' legs hell at 10 cents per dozen.
MV.AT , VOt'r/IltV XNt ) OAMi : .
Spring lamb is one of the doHcies of
the st'iiMm. The hind quaitofs brlitii
$1.50 each , the fore quarters ? l 25.
The best cuts of sirloin sell for 15 con Us ,
rumps and upper part of round steak at
12J. Koasting ribs , linn and juicy can
bo bought Irom 10 to 12J cents.
Sxxoot bicads can bo purchased at
25 cents a pair. Coin beef Is selling
at from 5 to 10 cents , according to
cuts. Prime log of mutton can bo had for
12 } cents ; mutton chops 12 } to 15 cents ;
bam is worth HJ cents in bulk , 20 cents
sliced. Pork , 10 to 12J cents. Sausage ,
10 to 12 } cunts.
Him Kit AND ioos. :
ttultei from 15 lo 20 cunts a pound , the
latter price is for tlio bo t etoamory.
Eggs bring 10 ecu's a do/on.
Successful Substitute for tlio licit
Boston Herald : Until within a fexv
years , the only method of signaling bo-
ween the various portions of a passenger
train and the engine has been by means
of a boll cord running through the car.s
and across the tender to a boll m the cab
of the engine , though in starting the train
Irom stations the conductor bus motioned
xvith his liimd in the daytime or swung a
lantern at night. These methods hax-o
many imperfections , and liavo been at
tended with many diflioiilties , and x'ari-
ous attempts have been made lo supply a
substitute for the bell cord xvhioh should
be more reliable And morO quickly
operated. Naturally , in llicso days of
electricity Inventors'have sought to em
ploy that force in accomplishing the de
sired object. Wlnlo the use of oloelrio
bells in dxvollings , stores , olliccs , oto. , is
common and easily accomplished , llio
same appliances can not bo used on n
railroad train on account of the difllcitl-
lies of .seeming perfect and reliable con
nections bolxx'ccn llio Hoxeral parts of llio
train. Many patents have been secured
on different styles of couplers for .such
connections , and some foxv of them
liavo worked very satisfuclorily ,
Ihongh tins great majority have
proved failures xvlion subjected lo
praclical tests in nil kinds of weather.
Yesterday utternoon the xvritor , in com
mon xvith other nexvspapor representa
tives and n number of railroad men , xvitr-
nested an exhibition of a dovicp thai is
perfectly automatic in operation. The
losl xvas made on llio Fitchburg railroad ,
xvliero a locomotive and two passenger
cars equipped xvilh llio device have boon
running for a number of xvoeks. The
common bell cord is retained m llio cars ,
but instead of passing from one carte
to anolhor il is connected nl each end
with axvirc xvbicli runs down through
the llpor and by a tight lilting cap into
Interior of the rubber lioso of the auto-
malic air brake. liy an ingenious ar
rangement of buttons the act of uniting
thu couplings of Iliu air biaku establishes
llio electric connection The eleclrio
current is produced by six Lo Cbanco
baltcrioa , xvhich arc hermetically sealed
nnd placed in a suitable box in the cab of
the ongino. Of course an open circuit is
used , and by pulling the boll roue in any
part of the car tbo circuit is closed and a
gong in the engine cab is rung , and the 4.
tiamo effect is produced by the broaiing
apart of the train. The device is thu
joint invention of Messrs. ( Jcorgo I ) . Uttr-
ton , of Now Ipixvlch. N H. , nnd Charles
II. Magoon , of St. Johnsbiirg , Vt. For
Urn pin pose of equipping raihoad trains
xvitb the device , a corporation called tbo
Automatic FJeoliic Signal company has
been org.miKod under tbo laws of the
state of Maine with a capital Block of
Heal Kmuto Trnunfors.
Tim following transfers wore filed
July 31 , xvith the county clerk , and
reported for the HIK : by Amos' Hual
Estate Agoncv :
( iooigo P .Stebblns ( fllngta ) to Am II Sails-
bury , lota , blk7 , Ilimscom place. Omaha , w
d , SIIUO.
KiiKeno Knony and xvlfo to Win I1' Allen ,
lot ' ' ' > and A ol lotus AKoiiuUo mid. Omaha
w d. S-m
Ibus ! 11 Samson and xxlfn lo Lcona H
LouiiBbuiy. hit ( ! , blk 15 , Walnut Hill , Doug
las co. x' d , bOO.
William J Paul ( hlngta ) to Ksslo Wallace ,
part ol nojj ot ne > ot i-oa UO-15-13. Douglas
co , xv d. S 10.
Win Ualllimcrond xvile to Nels Christian-
pen , * yt of lot 7 , blk 4 , Hoib.ich's''dadU ,
Onmlm , xv d , STOO ,
Chas S Pnuottoand xvlio to .Maiy K Simp-
hon. lot 4 , Allen's bubdixlslon ol lol'O , Jta-
( jen's add. Omaha , xv d , SAO.
AlKoinonS Paddoek and xvlte to Wendell
Donson. lot' . ' , blk - , Paddoek a pluie , Omalm ,
M d , SiLKK ) .
JMIUC.S llaM''dl to Wm Iloil ctt , lot 10 ,
blk : ; , llHM-nH's siibdixiaif/n , Omaha , xv d ,
.laiob Williams and xvitoto lCii'cno Knony ,
lot Id blk 1 , Dcnli-e's ndd , Omaha , xv d , SHOO ,
\Vm \ ( iuienlL'blnulu ( ) to > n ( \utos i ,
lot : ; . blU U , J'.irk place , uld , Omaha , xv d ,
n : ; H 11)11 ) and hush md to Krank J Jlool
and otlieix , .i'i7 It of lot t > 5 , NeUon'H add ,
Oin.diu. SbW.
W li ij.iiisDun : ind xxlfo to Lincoln T
Sjlo : , lot 'J , blk 7 , llanscoiii place. Omaha.
xv d , Saw.
Isaac S ll.isenll ( single ) to Hnrbnra Nlstcl ,
Int'-i ! , bl < i < l , ilitsi'iill'a suljjivlslon , Oinaiu , xv
il. iiio. ' ) .
A K Tou/alln nml xvifoto Adam V Larl-
r. lols'-'Jand'-Hi , Terifti-oadd. Oniiiha , xv d ,
Cb.irhs Kaiilniau and others to the
Kaiilin m'tfcr'n siibilixisloii of lot 3 , blk
T J'n\ii ! ' > Hill , and /art / ot lot Lane's Mib-
il s , sjoii alid part ol school laud , Omaha , ( led-