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Lincoln Olnd of Oloud ? in Spite of Breat'us
From Salt Orook.
Union I'ncldc Ilrnnc-li liltins Ainal-
Under OHM ? lnni\uciiiiMit
itln'fl Candidacy -\r-
Tor Attoinptril Hape.
When Lincoln people awoke yesterday
under a cloudy sky and realized that the
Hpinal column of the healed term was
broken In twain , 'llicro was a , igh of
n lirf lir > ard upon the air like the exhaust
nf an or-ean sicamcr. 1'or three week ?
Iliu sun has risen n hall of brass in the
cast and disappeared al night with a leer
that promised warm times for the coming
day , and through the weekscnnumoratcd
not a cloud was to be seen. It was
not strange , then , that a cloudy day was
a welcome hlght to a long sweltering
community. However , Lincoln should
not bo classed as MilVering from
the heated term , for it is the only
mineral watering place in the stato. As
a Knni.ner resort , 1'ie ' capital city should
have a front "tint , for the bree/es never
full to blow from oll'thi" great * alt basin ,
ami Instead of consulting thermometers
and cvclaiming against the 1-eal of llio
day , tin ) good people clear llieir throats
as though they were Inking cold and
remark concerning llio chilliness that
the salt creek wpliyrs impart
to people out of doors in
light clothing. To be .sure , the dust has
been plentiful , but then it is trom the
grists of commerce , ground by the cea-e-
less tratllc of a busy town " \Vho ever
heard of a dusty town if grass wore
overgrowing the thoroughfares. " Ho
.says the average Lincoln citi/cn , and for
this reason he .swallows his rations of pnl-
veri/.ed earth , wipes the moisture ot salt
creek sea bree/es from his , speculative
b.row , uud. in th" U-jUe ? ! KitVl ? ! Weather
descants upon the salubrious climate and
the cheapness of his corner lots.
luiimr ) the recent long heated term it
is a matter of fact that no sunstrokes
luiM ) been rqpovU'd , In. ninny instance *
on two or three dill'erent da.v.s wlien Old
Sol was iloi.-n/his besl , workmen rested
from their labo. J ami .sifpcmled opera-
lions for a few hours. The death vale in
the city lias , however , been fully up to
the average during the heated period ,
and as high as three to live funerals n
day have been held owing , no doubt , to
the much more rapid work of liic old
harvester when the thermometers regis
ter tip in the nineties.
AiiTici.r.s or roxsouDATiojf
of Urn Omaha & Republican Valley rail
road company , and Omaha , Kiobrnrn &
lilack Hill railroad company into the
Omaha & Kepiiblicnn Valley Hallway
Company of Nebraska , lia\e been Filed
with the secretary of stale. These articles
consolidate the Union I'acilic branches
trom Valley station via IScalricc to
the Kansas line , and the Grand
Island branch norli to Ord ,
ami the Columbus JS'orfoljc branch
jli'Ultooiin ' Corporation. As mentioned
above , as all these brandies are Union
I'aeitic anyway , the object of the change
is not apparent , without it is to eliminate
red tape in Ihe workings. Tlio capital
stocJji Iheso united branches in the ono
roan is Jixctl at. ? 1,80(1,000. ( it being $5,000
per mile of the completed line of the
above constituent companies. Tin's stock
js divided into shares of if 100 each , and it
is lo be issued in lieu of all the outstand
ing stock of the several branch lines to
holders of llio old slock. Each stock
holder in thn several companies shall re
ceive such numbers of shares in the con
solidated companyas will maintain his
ratio of interest , the now stock to bo is-
Mied only upon the surrender of old cer
tificates. ' \ he o articles of consolidation
name as tlio board of directors for the
balance of the year the following familiar
namc.s in Union Paeitio circles : Charles
Francis Aiiams , jr. , Klisha Atkins , Fred-
crick L. Ames , V. ( lordon Dexter , E/rti
11. Hakcr , Sidney Dillon and S. U. Calln-
THI : UKK'S ANxot'xrnMnNT
that William Gille.spie would bo urged
by his friends for the noniiniition as one
of the representatives in the coming leg
islature lias stirred up the old machine ,
and the political wire workers have added
u new force of men and raised tlio sched
ule ot wages , which mean promises ns
legal tender in payment. The tact is that
] \lr \ ( iillcspio is a strong candidate for
any position , and the powers that becan-
siol lail to recogni/.e tlio fact that if every
ward in the city pre cnlcd such timber
that llieir days ol strength would be num
Tin : HOUSE oc TUDOU ,
a name not unfamiliar to history , perchance -
chance iv lineal descendant of that lionsu
which furnishes the Tudora of Lancaster
county with headquarters at the town oi
Waverly , is in trouble. It seems that
Tudor has been in llio habit of amusing
himself on UICAO summer days in the \IY\\- \ \ \
tal pastime of beating his wife , a cow-
nrdly piece of business that has led to hu as it .should 1-Co done. Tudor ,
i :
therefore , was arrai ; * i before Judge
Parker , and the judge , on hearing the
case , promptly sentenced him to fort\
days in thn oily jail.
\ roil ATTCJUT AT IlAl'n.
A young man , yet a minor , nnmei
Frank Skinner , was brought down fron
the village of Raymond and lodged in tlu
, city jail. The ninn preferring tlio cliargi
is the father of two bright liltlo girls
about six and eight years old , who wen
Skinner's intonited victims. The slate
inent made is thai the little girls wen
gathering Hewers along the road a shor
distance from homo when Skinner , win
had hid behind a tree , jumped out am
caught them ns they passed. He wa
only unsuccessful in his design
through thu struggles of the clnl
dren and their screams had good ofl'ect ii
frightening him. Jt is related on th
streetu that this sumo young scamp wa
whipped recently for attempting bomi ;
thing of the kind on n member of the !
own family. Yesterday the case was se
for hearing in Judge Parson's ontrl , bu
Skinner's attorney obtained a continu
unco until Snlmday , when it is said thoi
witnesses \\ill bo secured to oll'sot som
of the damaging testimony of the state
inonnwhllo the prisoner has boon sent t
thn county jail for greater safety thn :
thu city tastlle oilers.
An 11-year-old boy by th name c
Dcoman essayed to run nwny nnd visi
his rotations in Ohio. He was loado
witli several bundles of clothes when h
made hii appearance nt the depot nn
liad borne six dollurs in inonuv with bin
The depot policeman , however , took hii
in charge and brought him up to polie
headquarters , where ho owned up ( lint h
was running aw.ty and had obtained th
money thr.t ho had from a bureau drawc
nt homu. What his welcome \\a
when lie mr.ilo Ids appcartinc
nt UJB ( internal hearthstone cnn I
jnoro CBclly ininglncd than described.
A nv.mbcrof the members of the Lii
coin braui-U Irish National league i
Aiaericii arn in confereiict ) with the rai
* ways jvjcurdlnjr excursion rates lo Ch
cage the ICtli of next month to attend tli
meeting of the h'ationnl Icnjpie. Aboi
forty or lifty of the monitors in the Lii :
coin brunch will make the trip if satisfm
lory ralo * uro scoured , and Mr. 1'atric
K-.igHii In couvBrsation , expressed it as
f't : thnt tlio mooting would boouo of tl
grrntr-st the league has over heltl in this
In county court yesterday two or thrpc1
of the Law ami Order league oa es were
being hcnrd , one of which wns disini * < cd
and the other the defendant was bound
over. In listening to the evidence ill
the e cases nnd hearing through the
nro < s examinations tlie fr ; t of the agents
of HIP league conspiring w itb women in
the middle of the night to obtain liquor
as evidence again t parties , it leads by
standers to think that the character of
HIP prosecution is jtt t about as censur
able as the guiltv parties are themselves.
The city mar-tinl yesterday was preparing -
paring cases to turn over to tnc judge in
regard to the heallh ordinance and the
nanus of ton parties were handed in to
have paper- made out again tlhem. The
lighlning in this regard will .strike near
and around the 15. vV M. depot.
The question of a water supply for the
future is already being agitated in the
cily council , and for n city growing with
the speed that Lincoln is making tiie pres
ent year , the agitation is coming none
too soon. There are people , however ,
who wonder at the stat" of allairs thai
toiht in thai matter in the face of the
fact that a year ago it was given out thnt
iho city supply was practically incx-
Only one unfortunate inebriate was up
in police court yesterday morning , nnd
as In- had spent all his substance in riot
ous living , he was given the jail for a
home until the line and co-its were panl.
The appraiseron tlio Northwestern
right of way in tliis county were old
.M'stcrday at their work in this city and
\icinity \ , ' Hut very few pieces of land be
yond the city are up tor appraisement as
the company , in the great majority of
cnses , experienced no dillicnity in deal
ing with the owners direct. The work
of appraisement , will bo completed at ns
early a day as possible.
Thn following Nebraskans were en
rolled at Lincoln hotels ycilerdiP. : \ . U.
Tnlles , ( Jrattou , D Helllemaii , Cn = tcr , F.
I ! . Stevens , Crete ; William P. Hellings ,
Aurora ; II. C.ra "hous , Sutton ; Captain
A. Alice , OmahaD 15. Adams , Superior ;
P. ,1. Nichols , Omaha ; C. Emery , Heat-
rice ; ! . H. Strode , Samuel INI. Chapman ,
Allen Hec.son , Milton I ) . Polk , Plaits-
mouth- . A. Tucker , Ilamlllon. M. A.
Iliirligan , Plattsnu > iithilllain Kdwards ,
( Jranil Island ; C. S Midey , Omaha ; Louis
Hoebel , Syracuse , K. O. Dey , Syracuse ;
F. 1' , Ireland , Nebraska Cily.
Twenty-five Tlioiisaiitl Uacliclors in
Montana Win ) Cnu't Gel Wives.
Miles City Correspondence Philadel
phia liucord : The climate of Montann
is not particularly healthy for Mormons ,
principally , I believe , because the soil
contains t-o many wideawake baenelor
cowboys who are badly in need of wives
themselves. The royal cow-punchers of
.Montana hale a Mormon male as they
do a snake. Doing unable to get a single
helpmeet themselves , although able to
support a doxen where a Mormon cannot
support one , it riles them to have some-
long hnired nucally older coino along
with lour , live , and possibly six wives ,
and settle down with the utmost gall ami
cheek on a government claim. There
are about 20,000 more bachelors in
Montana than there urn wnucil 'l' ' ' ' ° -
gelhcr. Nearly all ol these 23,000 have
splendid ranches , farms , or claims of
some kind , and need only n wife to com
plete , their cup of hanpiiiojs.
It is no exaggerntcit picture [ am draw-
inn , for the vast territory of Montana
contains innumerable bachelor homes ,
and these bachelors would make the best
of husbands if given hnif n chance. Tlio
little town of Maiden , a few miles north
of here , contains not a single unmarried
lady. The small village only ten miles
west of us is simply a community of
bachelors. These thousands of young
men , middle-aged men , and old men all
have comfortable bank accounts , and
would marry on the slightest provoca
tion , so to speak. Each one is calculated
to make some woman happy , and would
give the damsel who cared lo risk her
liituro with him all tlio ready cash she
could possibly spend in Ibis world. No
wonder our bachelors hale the Mormon
males who have more than llieir share of
female blessings.
Forty Years Ao. {
1'oH Deposit ( JM. ) Call.
There was limo to live.
Men slept yet in their bods.
The epoeh of haste had not como.
The Middle was Iho emblem of speed.
Drawn and Drains went hand in band.
Wo were still a nation of hnrd workers.
A day's journey was a serious matter.
The highways were dusty and populous ,
No house contained n bowing-macliine.
The canvas-covered wagon was the
ark of trade.
The turnpike was .still the great artery
of trade.
There was not n mower or harvester in
The land was lighted with candles after
liuttcL- was unmarketable 100 miles
from the dairy.
The sieam saw mill had just begun to
devour the forest.
The lord of a thousand acres sat with
bis harvesters at dinner.
The day began with tlio dawn and not
with llio train's arrival.
The spinning-wheel and shuttle
sounded in every farmer's house.
Ho who counted his possession by the
square mile kept open nouso lor the way
The tologrnpli had begun in Washing
ton and ended at Now York twelve
months before.
The rich wore lavish in an abundance
which was not yet coveted by the keen
eye of commerce ,
From cast to west was the pilgrimage
of u life ; from north lo south wns a voy
age of discovery.
For Sale To bo removed , brick house
and frnme stable. 2 blocks from Cuming ,
n 10th. Tlioo. Olson , ai8 S. 10th.
Wliy Ho Didn't Find It Slow Work.
London Tlmcy : Hardly had In
ordered a largo sell/or with brandy in
and no icethan , an old friend hailed him
"What , my Arthur ? "
"You , dear boy ? Good gracious
Who'll have thought of seeing you ii
these outlandish parts ? Where do yoi
"About MX doors iTow i the street ovoi
yonder , with two sis CM "
"ion must liml it somewhat slov
work. "
"Not u bit of It , dear boy , " replied tin
other ; "thoy'ro not my sisters. "
And allthnjo ntioso tyitems are run down need i
1'ioctloiuo will act h'ontly and rtoo not wtuken
Simmon * Liver IICKiilalor U not only mild In It
onion but invUoraU'i llk a sla of wlno , glTiui
tonoand utrcuuth lo tut * tody ,
K i tract of Idler from Hon. ALEXAN .
m.iil ! BIKIMIK.NS , of ( in.
"I occniloniillx ute , when my Rendition
require * It , lr Minuiona I.Ui-r llcgulator
wlili Eiiod fltecl. It Is mild and tuiU uio
bettor lu.iu moro active rimoJIes. "
A Home Remedy ,
nnequalled by any otlior. The liezulalor Ii tlio bet
liioventlvo and | iroimratnry intMlclno. No matte
\.htu thonttack. ado oof It will utrord relief nnd I :
uidlnarcnn'i will enect a ( pcody euro , lie UIH fo
jrliiilf a century l > j lUousand * of veoplu has OL
U -Tbe vnlui of n houiohold remedy con.
ilits of It * cccnllillty,1 . . wclla Its cm.
* . oiany uttncu ot dltuasa C7I1
warded on"by tonrenlunt uiedlrines.
moiis U\or 'llcnuintof i u"iuo > i VuluuLila
invdlciiio to li.ii o In tlio house , nnd 1 luurt-
k lly rt'couiut'na It in lliuunco of pr
„ Ite'an niuilitklkndof and viUlied for " T.
n W. WUUIIKII. ' . -
1'rliiclpal Itrliiv Uramiuur
e School , l-'r.iT.VfnrJ. . . , I'M. .
That Depends Entirely on the Energy and
Foresight of the Farmers.
Notes from Various I'nint * In Ne
braska Itttttor Making mill
Horse TrnlniiiK Notes
and Suggestions.
Nolirnnkn Kami Note" .
Fnifmont Sipnnl : If fnrmurs must Ivy
to raise wlient at all hazards let it befall
fall wheat , for u full crop H more
frequently ral ctl hero than of tin1 spring
variety , and it matures before t-liinrli
bugs win do any damage. How long
will farmer ? continue a practice that
only results in loss ? It lias been provoii
beyond any question that sprlnji wheat
cannot be raised in this country prolKn-
bly. Hnlsc winter wheat and tame
jjrasM's , and it will soon bo found to pay.
Nancu County Journal : Nebraska can
eiiial | any county in raising raspberries
Tlteyyiolil abundant 'y and require com
paratively little euro or cxpcns-o. This
has been demonstrated thoroughly by
t lie fanners of our vieinlty. Mr. Tracy
reports 100 callous from a ninll piece of
ground and wo can testitto , their e\eel-
h'lit enuality. The wild variety , found
everywhere in the canyons , when culti-
vateit are , everything considered , superior
to any other. We wdl be ghul to have
further reports from the farmers relative
to this and other small fruit culture. No
crop is more prolitablo an t none adds
more to the comforts of home.
Ulvssca Dispatch : The lurid spec're '
of the thre.-hing machine looms up red
and ominous on III- passing Hat car.
When we eonsidei the prolitle-stt charac
ter ot the. wheat crop we conclude that
we could forego any new threshing ma
chines with their gaudy i > aiut and deadly
chattel mortgages. A .state thai can get
along for a tew years bv patching up
its old ' machines sets a grand cxamnle
that should bo widely commended and
univor.-ally followed.
Hutler County Press : Keiibcn Ulai'k , of
Uopo creek , was n o Jj-7 Tuesday. In a
! iilwith. on the subject of hog
holera , we found thnt the farmers of
hat township lor.1 an average of thirty
IOKS apiece last year. This would make
,100 iii that towiibhii ) . At § r > auieee this
vould be a loss of ij .UOO. . If this average
nil hold in half the townships , the total
lumber ot hogs lost would bo about 50-
00 , or a loss to the whole county ot 250-
00. A quarter of a million is a large
urn to lose , but it is not very far from
lie facts.
Hutler County Press : Wheat harvest
jegan on the Platte valley the iir-l of the
veek. It itonlv about half a crop. It is
> nly about one year in three that wheat
s anything else in this country. Corn ,
lay ami stock until bo the .staple crop i
n the future , hogeliolera or no hogchol-
ra. Fifteen years ago wheat harvest be
gan on the ! M ot .Inly , so says Allen
olinson , or two days earlier than this
ear. Early Ihix is said to be looking
cry line , but late lla\ is needing rain
cry bad. In fact , about everything clic
s needing rain At th6 pre-eht liliioT
Hints on Horse Uumlliti : ; .
American Cultivator : In training a
iclous horse it may iJbnecessnt'y at times
o put on cord bridles , but their > ise is
only temporary. While its u o is severe
mil ghcs full control of the animal by
he force it exerts on the angles of the
nouth and the upper jaw , and the ) > res-
sure on the top of his head , yet it is for
ho ultimate good of the horse and will
> o the means of aiiviuu .him Irom much
ice that might otherwise harm both
limself and his master , aim will also
ibollsh the necessity for such cruel
neans of pprmaiienl restraint as those
; nerciless bits that tear horse's jaw.s
ipart and mangle his gums ami teeth.
Hover bang a horse over the head or on
iiis shins witli a club or loaded whip. It
s never necessary , ami the man who
would do it deserves to be treated in the
nine way himself. Finely bred , intelli
ent horse ? arn often nervous. They are
liiick to notice , quick to take alarm ,
quick to dtf what booms to them , in mo
ment of sii'lden. terror , necessary to _ cs-
capo from possible harm from something
.hey do not understand. That is what
makes them shy , bolt and run away.
Hut the moment ho becomes familiar with
these things or any others that
liVright him , ami knows what they
are , he grows indiU'erent to them.
When , therefore , your horse shies at
anything , make him acquainted with it.
Lot him smell it , touch it with his sensa-
tive upper lip and look closely at it. Jle-
member , too , that you must familiarize
both sides of him with the dreaded object
if ho only examines it witli the near nos-
Iril and eye , ho would bo very likely to
hcaro at it when it appears on hisoll'side.
Ho , then , rattle your paper , beat your
ba > .s drum , flutter your umbrella , run
your baby-carriage and your bicycle , fire
your ] ) Mol and clatter your tinware on
both sides of your horse and all around
him , until ho comes to regard the noise
simply as a nuisance and llio material ob
jects as only trilling things. He may not
learn this all in 01113 lusson. is
llio hardesl of cipiino vices to cure. It
seems inherent in some obstinate natures.
The most practical stop to be taken with Is to trade him oil' to
somebody else. When you cannot do
that , there are various things to be
tried on ,
Hummer Feeding of
The feeder who allows his pigs a fair
amount of exercise , a variety of food in
summer , including green food , pure
water to drink ami u dark , cool , dry
place where they may retire from the
tlies and heat , usually escapes the various
epidemic diseases , the result of bad care
and tilth , that go under the common
name of hog cholera. An excellent and
careful feeder gives the following direc
tions which ho oiivs has worked well
with him ;
"There should bo skim milk for the
pigs at weaning time , and all summer ,
for that matter , when feasible. Hut
most pig raisers luiye not aknn milk to
feed , and food adapted to growing the
young pigs should bo provided. It one
is fortunate enough to be able to get
process linseed cake , he will have ono
most excellent Ingredient for a young
pig'8 ration , llio ration may bo made
as follows : Ono pound linseed meal ,
throe pounds bran , ono pound corn meal
or , in quantity , in these proportions.
This ration will contain twice the pro
portion of muscle and bone-growing looil
as corn alone. If some skim milk can
be added to the ration , then it is the bcsl
that can bo furnished to growing pigs ,
and as cheap as a ration of all corn. II
the pigs can bo allowed a good pasture
with this ration they will tirow very rap
idly , and make very superior quality ol
meat. If the pigs iim t be conlined to
pens or yards they should have green
food in the form ol grass , clover , green
puns or sweet corn delivered to then
daily in such quantities as they will cat.1
Preparation of Ljarjo Trees for
( Jardenor's Chronicle : The span o
human life in the. present era of the
world's existence , oven in the case o
tboso who live to bo old , is of short dur
ation compared with that ol trees , the
progress of which to a state of maturity
is proportionately so much slower thai
that of man , that those who plant smul
trees do not live long enough to see mucl
of the effect they produce , In the case
of that favorite fruit , the pear , it used tc
be said that those who plant them plan
for their heirs , and willi the ordmarj
kind of trees planted to give ofl'ect or
shelter there is , till longer to wait. To
shorten time in waiting i the manifest
Object of the ewho go to the trouble of
planting large trees instead of little ones
! u the grounds about their dwellings or
other conspicuous places , where the
presence of Mich are required. Where
\u > rk of this kind lins to be done , it often
happens thit enough forethought is not
brought to bear on the proceeding * . In
place of taking1 the precaution of pre
viously preparing the tree bv trenching
round them , and e\ering the roots to
within a movable compass , so a to admit
of a season's growth before thov are
taken up , they aiv at once transferred
from where they have been growing for
perhapsu score of yours ] or more with
their roots unchecked in any way ; the
result of which i , that the progress made
for a year or twoafteruard i not near
so much as it would be if the roots had
been previously shortened back in the
way named. ' 1 he onnsiion of this timely
preparation of trees that are to be trail *
planted when much above the ordinary
planting sixe , IMhrlov excusable when
it is remembered how little labor cutting
into the roots as described involves.
To the too frequent ab-etico of judgment
and reasonable caiv in moving 'trees that
have led many to the conclusion that It
is better to plant Mnall trees and wait for
them to grow upe\cn in positions where
it is desirable to ha\e such a would give
o fleet at once. In the case of deciduous
kinds of a .si/e such as under notice , and
that are Intcmieii tor removal next
-autumn or winter , the sooner the root-
shortening preparation is now com ) letcd
tile better , before there is any appreciable
movement in the buds. With ev'erjjrociis
it is better to defer this work until the
time that the drying March winds arc
over , especially in eases where the trees
are large and in vigorous condition , as
with such the root-si'M-ranec necessary
is proportionally nmrc fell than with
.smaller examples.
Seasonable Hints and K
An application of potash soap will re
store rouirh trunks ami branches of or
chards to their original smoothness.
_ It is best to water plants in the even
ing. Make a few holes around the plant
so as to allow the water to run down to
the roots.
l.icks.simlljbiing.a ) . . , : higlunr jfl
" ' " . i..aii aims. At thisteasim young
lucks weighing from eight to ten pounds
icr pair are preferred.
The following are -aid to be the svmp-
ouis of hog cholera. Drooping 'ears ,
ow-hanumg head , diarrhoea , vomiting ,
upid breath , and an aversion to light.
In using pans -riven on potatoes and
other plants keep the poultry confined ,
is the paris green is poisonous to fowls ,
the smallest quantity often proving tatal.
It is now conceded that the best remedy
for grape rot is a solution of one pound
) t copperas to t\\o gallons of water ,
sprinkle profusely on the giouud around
the \ines.
Wheat cut before the berry hardens ,
s-ay a the time when it is passing from
he dough .stt ; > , will make 'better Hour
md more of it than wheat hardened to
thcjast degree o"l ripeness.
Fences cost on inosl farms each year
iioro than taxes ) and they are becoming
nore and more costly : is cuts
scarce. The tr.uo policy is to take up
nterior fences so far as ilraeticable.
Where there is no shade in the pasture
or barnyards u rew poles so arranged as
to hold brush , ' 'or a plPoe of iTiuslln ,
stretched , will bo found of srrcat servic ?
is a protection against extreme heat.
Stake up the IpHiito plants , ami do not
illuw the vines to fall on the ground , The
ighl and air slioild be allowed to enter
Between the bouphs trcely , and careful
watch should be tept for the large green
worm. i i
Do not'loavo too many squash vines on
ono hill , as.the &qu.uh is a rank grower ,
mil too many of tlioin together will not
tlnive unless tlw soil upon which they
ire grown is very fertile , the vines being
It is not good policy to dry hay to brit-
Jencss before drawing it from the mead
ow , for that cause- , waste in handling and
reduces qualitv. Grass is well cured
when it will futile slightly in the hand
ling , and then is the time to store it.
While straw is not the bc-t fodder , it
serves u very useful ptirpo * in the econ
omy of the farm when led to cattle in con
junction witli grain , and in seasons when
fodder is scarce it may go a long way to
relieve the demand for hay.
U&o plenty of superphosphate and un-
leached wood ashes on the tomatoes ,
peppers , eggplantand melons , as they
do not begin to grow ilntil the weather
becomes warm , and should he forced as
much as possible , sometimes waterintr
being ncc.ssary.
Hoe gloves have become dirty or
covered witli propolis may be easily
cleaned by soaking a few days in strong
lye made trom potash or wood ashes , or
by soaking in water saturated with quick-
lime. The propolis conies oil without
dllUculty after such a soaking.
In time of drought , when the supply of
hay is greatly shortened , cattle may be
come cheap 'in the fall , owing to the in
creased cost of keeping them over winter.
It is advisable under Mich circumstances
to sell early in order to get the best prices
before they decline.
There is no doubt that much first-class
honey does nut bring first-class prices be
cause of the manner ot putting it up. lib
delicate llavor is lost and it soon becomes
tainted by being put into whisky or mo
lasses barrels or tven fresh wooden bar
rels may give a taste. Tin cans , are per
haps sator for storing or shipping honey
in than any sort of wooden receptacle.
The evolution of the tomato is going
on in a remarkable way. Not many
years ago the fruit was mostly sum and
seeds , but the newest varieties are almost
solid pulp witli very few seeds. Possibly ,
as in the case of the banana , the seeds
will yet disappear altogether , and the
plant's will have to be propogated by cut
Few larm crops take up so much
potash as the potato. It is an alkaline
juice that stains the hands when paring
potatoes ; and it is best removed by o.xalie
acid. This alone .should bo a sulheiont
hint as to the kind of fertilizer most
needed for potatoes , and is the reason
why this crop aoonost fails on sandy
soils , whore potosh n Usually deficient.
Carefully gather the bcrapes from the
table and give , tla-m to your fowls.
There is no kind of food which will pro
duce a more liberal supply of eggs.
Them arc hundreds of families who
throw these scrapes into the wusto
bucket , to bo taken away by the swill
man , and buy corn for the fowls , where
the former is far the best feed for egg
A single cow can bo kept at a small
cost , compared wlth'a ' herd , for the rea
son that oho can receive quite a largo
amount of maternal from the house , and
especially if there is a garden under cul
tivation. Pods , vegetable tops ami and
parings , .stale bread , ami even that whicl
Is left over of the vegetables from the la
ble may bo used to advantage.
men r. by WM sick , we p re herO.utciU ,
When the waj a Child , she cried for CiBtoria ,
When she became Miss , she clung to Caatoria ,
Wain ihe bad Children , h fiats them Caatorb >
Idalyn Yules sues Win. Grocnig , to
compel him to sell her lot : ) , bkck 0 , Park
place , lor $3,000 , according to agree
Nebraska <
Nebraska C'it.V takes w.itpr in hor'n.
Sons for Toeumsoh prohibs : "Oh , wo
hnil n Jolly Timi- . "
Thp scnit.-irium al Milford is blossoming
Into summer ro ort proportions.
The Ononnr.\ ! . . K. church of Heat-
rloo , whieb cost $ : ! 0,00i ) , wa * dedicated
( initul 1 si nnd lia < organized a "Young
Men's Republican olnb. " Veteran * and
amateurs arc1 admitted on an equal fool-
in- - ? .
_ Annie Morrison , n llvp-ypnr-old , was
bitti'ii by ti rattlesnake near Republican
City , on tliosth , uml was n cornso Inn
few hours.
Put Tvudipy , n Union PaclhP ollloial ,
slipped from u moving freight pur in
( Iratul Hand and had an ankle crushed
by the wheels
Thp Hlkhorn Vnlloy roml i to build n
round hoi'so ' nt Sorlunor , nndisiotisof u
dhision lipadiitirtcrs | : lluat before the
optic * of the citi/.uns.
JSobr.iska City wheels into the pro
gressive procession of cities bv deputing ,
\'i \ to 1 , to invent in wntcriMirks. 1'latts-
month is still UNO lengths abend.
Mr- . . Martin Mit ka , of ( irand Nland ,
was thrown out of n wagon by a runaway
way team , breaking her spine 'and three
ribs. Her condition is preeariotis.
Al Fuirbrotlier , ox-editor of the Ne
braska City Press , lias shaken the dtMof
Ohio and pocketed some , and is now
.skirmishing for a location In Nebraska.
CThe lirst annual shoot of the Chadi-on
gun club resulted in the riddling of nine
teen pigeons out of a possible ly.y. TJUI
spectator. * were well .sheltuied and es-
c.iped Injurv.
A poeketbook eonlalning unsigned
drafts lo the amount of $2.iOi { > wns picked
up on the Eluborn Valley track near Fre
mont Monday. It is supposed to be the
remnant of u robbery.
The young heir to the bouse of Thomas
Slugol , ol Faotoryvillo , Otoe eonntv , ca
ressed a loaded pistol and shot a bullet
through his stomach. His lifo is a ques
tion of doubt with the doctors.
A large and varied list of premiums
has been arranged for he. lii'1" ' ' * !
COUin. ' Mt to * ; K , ; ui jjuii , , , , , s'Y. , , 2S
lo Oef. 1. Old Richardson is ahole
show in herself and will doubtless im
prove on the record ne\t fall.
The street railway connecting Blue
Springs and \Vymoro is to bo improved
and shot-lined to facilitate trallie between
( lie two citii's , The curves and twists
\yill be taken out of the line and connec
tion made with Iho railroad depots.
Jimmy lirnska , n resident of Friend ,
old enough to know into the
polished cavern of n loaded pistol. There
is no smelt word as fail in such cases.
The bullet entered hii skull near the left
eye , and the chances of life and death are
Fcrd Arndt , of Friend , is n rabid be-
llc-un-in iron rule , lie embraced his wife
with an iron hoop ami polished her skull
with a hatchet. A pott. ) justice levied on
bun lor ! ? . " > 0 cash nnd thirty days in jail ,
but Fcrd appealed. Unfortunately there
is u scarcity of tar and riding poles at
Tin- Fremont city council has reached
nn agreement with C. 11. ( Jodtrcy , the
ilrne uoll contractor , the lattertriving a
bond to sink another supply well and
furnish an average of ono million and : i
half gallons of water per day , and keep
the wells in repair live years ,
Kearneyiles urn joining hands in a
era ml pull to distance all interior towns
in the state. A four-story bi-ick hotel to
cost $80,000. a Hum her of business houses ,
paper and Hour mills , and other build
ings and manufacturing interests , follow-
in the wake of the big canal. The town
lays claim to the title of the Minneapolis
of the Platte valley.
Arthur Sydonham , of Nebraska Cily ,
promises to till a long felt want in the
umbrella line. His individual watershed
is named the "Indestructible. " and is
warranted not to rip , tear or loan itself
to a stranger. If Syd would turn his
genius to producing u sunshade loaded
with Greenland brocxus ho wouhl strike a
perspiring commonwealth in n. tender
spot and climb to glory in a day.
The Clinger family , which , by hook or
crooklias succeeded inililliising unchaste
odors over a section of Hastings , huve
boon invited to make their presence
scarce. A party of one hundred men for
mally presented the invitation , and were
treated lo a .shower of lead. A bullet
from one of the callers out a hole in ono
of the ( 'linger vines. The party did not
succeed in pulling up the roots and will
try again.
Sixteen suits for damage caused by the
'overflow of the Platte river , near the
railroad bridjru at Valley , from thn high
water lu t sprinir , have been commenced
in llio district court of Saunders county
against the Omaha & Republican Valley
railroad company , to come up for trial nt
the November term. The ground of the
action is that the bridge is constrneted in
hiieh a manner as to cause the ice to
gorge , carrying it back with the deluge
ofvater over tlio farms adjoining tlio
river , plowing oil' their soil and depositing -
ing instead a vast expanse of sand. The
total amount involved s7o,000. .
lown Items.
Iowa Falls is upitating waterworks.
The Dnbiiquo shot factory will start up
next week.
Diibuquo barbers indulge in soap bub
ble socials on Sundays.
Temperance billiard halls monopolize
the irrigation of Atlantic , They carry
government license , too ,
P. P. Karlio , of Lyons , has loft the state
rather suddenly , and it is said thai ho
took with him $ .100 belonging to another
man.A young son of O.irel Xabor , of Web
slor Citv , fell from a wagon and one of
thi ! wheels passedover his head , inllieting
dangerous , injuries.
Ono thousand dollars has bcon sub
scribed by the merchants of .Shenaiilioah
to defray the ovponso of prospecting for
coal in that vicinity.
The Hurlington Iltuvkoy * is issuing n
chock to its subscribers which utilities
the holder to a free drink of soda water.
It is. the llnwkoyo's treat.
A mother and two children , named
Aiulernon , died in Sioux City Monday ,
from the ollects of eating poison berries ,
which were mistaken for gooseberries.
A Maquokota funny man discharged a
dynumito cartridge one night recently as
a joke , Tlio explosion uamii near level
ing the town , and did about lifty dollars
OTho oldest inhabitant who emerged
from Ins hole with a prediction that t lie-
crop prospect was not as good as it was
thirty years 'ago , was brained with u
cabbage head.
Davenport politicians are. Bwc-arlng
mad over the iliseovery ot a law , passed
by the last legislature , which abolishes
the itllldnvit voter and practically says ,
"No regislor , no vote. "
A Dufinnco yoi'ngslor ambitious lo
learn to swim , tied an inllntcd bladder lo
each foot and dashed into Llio watur. The
bladders name near Iloating him over tu
the golden bhoru had not help arrived in
Charles Frank , a farmer living no i
Keokuk , a few days ago became inline
and drove his wife from homo , broke all
of the f nra i In ro and killed one of hi-
her os. Ho then took to the woods and
is still at large.
Thomas Miller is the maddest man in
Sioux City , simply because HU orphai
bubo was discovered in his bed by Ins
landlady , 'lorn is an exemplary Y M. C
A young man , and t < uli-mnh protest :
that hu did not Uu it Hu duuLnud tc
father U and si'tit the kid lo the qOtinty
Paeitio Junction lini always presented
to an observer the appearance of a sec.-
end Venice , and It veins uln.o t a para
dox to say that they arc out of water over
there , but such is nt ptesent the state of
atl'airs. 1'hey are absolutely Mitl'ering
for water. All of the hitherto numerous
pond.s and miniature lakes that have
dotted the town are dried up , and grass
Is growing In their basins.
The thermometer dumb up li > 111 in
the shade at Hlunt , the other day.
A well haf been drilled 070 feet deep at
Huron , and it comes within four feet ol
being an artesian well.
A prairie lire in Potter couutv burned
over a stretch of country thirty mile.s
long and ten miles wide.
The lessees of the Yankton creamery
have disappeared , leaving an indebted
ness of .fJi.uoi ) . principally to farmers.
Jack ( lurralt , well known through the
we t as Mroken Nose Jack , ruptured a
blood u' sd at Rapid City a tew daj
ago , dying within a few hours.
' 1 he increasing demand for oats In the
Mlack Hills Ims caused prices to niHaiieo
to $ 'i v"i per 100 pounds and the govern
ment contractors will be obliged to ship
in grain from the states-
Farmers along the line of the rJkhorn
Valley railroad complain bitterly that
their hay crop is lieini ; destroyed by rea
son of sparks fnun the locomotives" . It
seems that some of the engines are not
properly .supplied with spark arresters ,
and about I ) rj creek and Spring creek
thousands ol acres of mashave been
burned during the past two weeks' .
The university building will he located
in the center ot the l.aramio City park.
One thousand and ninety-nine gopher
scalps were cashed by the county clerk al
Cheyenne , Monday.
The corner stone of the big depot in
Chevenno will be laid by the Musonio
fraternity next Monday.
For three long , hoi , weary days not
one rich find was reported in Cheyenne.
Kvidentjy the pi'osueot.j.- Vising
i'.C siuuie.
The Mather it Ouernscy company , cap-
tal $100,001) ) , has been uicorpoiated. The
onipany will engage in horse and cattle
ultureat long range , the main ollice
) cing al Albany , New York.
Wlmt Baking Ponder Shall \ve I'so. .
This plain question conies home lo
very housekeeper. We all desire pure
md wholesome teed , and this cannot bo
md with the use of impure or poisoii-
nis baking powder. ' 1 here can be no
ongcr a iiuestion that all the cheaper ,
ewer grade of baking powders conlam
Mther alum , lime or phosphalie acid. As
otli as we may be to admit so much
igaiiist what may have been some of
our household gods , there can be no
pjainsaving the unanimous testimony of
ho ollicial chemists. Indeed , analysts
seem to llnd no baUtnir powder entirely
rrc from sonic one of these objection-
iblo ingredients except Hie Rojal , and
hut they report as chemically imre. We
inil some of the baking powders udvor-
iscil as pure , to contain under the tests
of Professors Chandler , llabirshaw and
others , nearly twelve per cent , of lime ,
vliilc others arc made from alum with no
cream of tartar. Tins , we presume ac
counts for their lackof leavening power
is sometimes complained of by the cook ,
md for the bitter taste found'in the bis
cuits so frequently complained of by our-
Hut aside from the inferiority r . '
work done by these powders' ' , the physiol
ogists assure us that lime yndalnm taken
nto the system in such ijuunlitios asMJ" " ! "
u'o injm.ous.Ticr ! ; . .icnioi ilucolityuscu
jy boat nor disolved in mixing or bak-
ng. They go with the bread , therefore ,
nto the stomach , where their physlojo-
, * icul ollects ; arc indigestion , dyspepsia ,
or worse evils.
The question naturally arises , why do
hcse cheap baking powder makers use
liese things ? Alum is three cents a
) ound , lime still cheaper , while cream of
artar cost thirty-live or fortv. The
cuson for the chemical purity of ( he
loyal ISaking Powder were recently
given in the Is evv York Times in an in-
eresting description of a now method for
efining tirgols , or crude cream of tartar.
t seems llial is is only under Ibis process
hat cream of tartar can be freed from
the lime natural lo It and rendered oliem-
cully pure ; that the patents and plant
for this cost the Royal Dakiii ! ' Powder
Company about : i million dollars , and
hat they maintain exclusive controlot
ho rights.
Prol. McMurtrio , late chief chemist of
he department of agriculture at Wusli-
ngtonD. C. , in the interests of com
merce , made an examination of this pro
cess , and reported upon llio results at
.ained in the 'refined cream of tartar. The
lollowing extract from his report would
seem to answer the question repeated at
.behead of this article , and winch is so
frequently propounded by the house
keeper ;
"I have examined the cream of tartar
used by the Royal linking Powder Com
pany in the manufacture of their baking
powder , and Him it to bo perfectly pure ,
and free trom Jime in any form. The
chemical tests to which I have Mibm.tled
the Royal linking Powder prove it 'per '
fectly healthful , and free from every
deleterious substance , "
Dr. Hamilton Warren , Kcleutio Physi
cian and .Surgeon , Room (5 ( , Crotmsu
block corner 10th and Capitol avenue
Day and night calls proinptlvattentod to
geoii fit ( lilt T Nuiiuiiut iiiiju
nf N J uritf
uttuitlun vrtu ratIM t <
Mr Lalur" Ilni giiit. of ' 'J jl-nton
UH'l ' I llllMJ U l * | U fim iMltttd
Njtli fiu tiultcr rfict t tjinti RII > )
IIHVO liuil J am ii'CuiuiiieuUiiit
jour QttH lo in n > \ iirartku ( uuc
GTT- Tit * ( " nuiiit tin4 lUi1 slKnuttire o
> .mt U Jl lll.NUt.l.bON
I Of BsttlS. " ' ' ' l
310,318 and 320 Race St. , Philadelphia , I'a.
For snlo by C . F. Coodman , Omaha ,
The Greatest Mfdicftl Triumph of th Agol
I.innot nriH'lltOi llimrlt ointltr , 1'nlitln
llio licrtil , lilt n dull urntntlim In Iho
tmcll purr. 1'iiln timtitr llio olioulilrr-
lilnitp , I'tillncn nftpr rntlnci wllli n ilU-
Inclination to oxritloii ul' biulr oi-nilnil ,
Irrltnlillltj-of temper , I.ownplrltii , with
n fpollnffoflinvlni : iieglrclpil HomottutTt
\VrmlnrM , Il77lm'fl , riiiltorltiK nlllin
Itenrl. Doln hofnio llio rrrr , Ilrnilnchn
over the ilslit cyp , ICr llenanrM , ullh
lit I'll I ill r u in N , lilt My rnlnrcil Urluci unit
' TUTT'S I'UjT.SnTocapeclnllsrnilftptoti
to sncti tnsoi , ouiS iloair olTocta fiiioli n
hoil/trt Tnkc tin I'lmli.lhiu'lhP W tcm !
tioiirlli < .il.nnil byUiolrTonlo Action on
tirilliin-.t , I'McoUKp. . | ' niiirrny Nt..N.Y.
IlcnovntiM llio lM > , Iy , innkps limltliy Ilwh ,
BtrotiRtlirtu tlip WIMK , repnlrstlio WH | M of
the sjrsloiullh pure lilnoil Alul hard tnnsclo ;
tunci llio lionoui Kjstcni , Invleorntps Iliu
tmiln , nii.t inipnitii Uiu visor of luiuiliood ,
81. Sul'l ' liv ilnicRl'1' '
Ol'UH K 1 1 HUirrnySt. , JVctvVofk.
Or the Miitiitr llnlill , riMlllvi'Iy
Cured l > .y Vdiiilnlsli'i'liiK lr.
llnlnex * Uolden .Specific.
It * nn ttORlNcii hi ii IMIP of rnflro or trn \ \ Ithnut
thP knmxlivl ref iiii" IMTVIII tnklnic ll.iinlraililli'ly
ImrmlM * , ami lll tMTi-ri n piTinnntMit 111 1 spi-cily
euro. ulict'.uT llio pntii in M n inoili'iiua drinker ot
MI luemiolle wivilc It hm lici'n Kluni In ilioii.
nv.itHot rnwf.iuul In r\pry InMinrnivicrfPCt rur
Imi follow oil. It nitti > r Inlln. Tlic sy lpin unco
hnplVKiintpil illi lluiuM'I.U - . It IH-COIIIM niiilttet
Impnsilhlllty fur llio liquor npprtllo tooxut
ron n.v rj ; nv voi.i/nviNo
Kt UN , V CO. . Cor. 1,1th itint Itauelnii. nml
lyili A : CnniltiirSlv , , Omr. . JJ-5. ! " ' "
A. p , FO-si'Sft ' i niiw. .
Counril UliillA , low.t *
l orrito for paivptilrt romuinlnu humlreds
from itit-btit wouiou aim tuuufroai
uit i > K *
riilnlw mei unit I'rlcvs on ai'iillc-nllon. ' Bold by
allthu b " < i r rrlac niilMennnd Uealore.
Calilo AdArru. COO-GIN.
isui : OK XKW
llputil.ii 1'iiir-yciircourBO' , ns fnllowm 1 , For the
Hi'uci-p ol llucliolur of Sclpiicii , -nni'riil ( coumut nlau
iili'ptlio iMiiriiei In Clivmlstrjr , lllolony , CJcnlnjrr ,
Miillipinilli * mill I'lijulrn II. Fo tlio iloitroo of Civil
' " Incliiillni ; , liotNU's the u uul pror
ntuillc * niiiillrallniiB iif niiHtrlc-ltj to Uiu Arti. . . . . .
ErmliiHtn ( niiniotloii In III lior.M.nhomutlciilniililei. | nml AiiplloJ niuinlitry mill Aiwjliiu.
Ith'l"i ' ! > l'lmlc , iinil A troniimy I ! ntr.uico oxnmln-
ntliuiHSt | , nth nml IMli. Ktil. br ( niioclnl cour o
iiii.l . nlliiM inloriiiotloii | iily | to tliv c.u\vif \ !
mllcK. 1,11111 cir ? , j on lo nil points within 309
Btoiui.Tor iLlimnu'e.l'Ot. ' ' .oloct.f/o'n ' Boml tvocvub
L. G.
mgor ,
. . . nn-J
- ngot
MUSIC Boston ft ,
, ,
' Etnnt Otinorol rassoa-
TII13 I.AIIOKST aiia'v
WOlllil ) . 100 'i' tnictoa . , ,
Thorough Inetnictlonn Hi vi\illni' \ ' ' ' > oiiuent.
fie. riiino nmlOrgiin tunlnK , , lm
VlVli briiiiclV's'i.'dyiiihustlcu , cl _
nnilrooinvUlvnoiiniliQitt tint !
iiortorin ,
lllu tnili'iH'iiloniIarwllli fullli
/r. / . l-ranklina , . , I
Forfeit if not Havana Fitter. ,
Thli Clp r will rrovo m rrprcBontrd and Jll lt citra-
llvcly vUtultUcitrn c\rry tnwii for HioiKftllll vhoirjll
cnircciutc ItdnicrltaBuuiniihltaciOidin l ;
. t' '
AJdtcss BAXCU1K1 DM , Bold Vk
130 BUtU Avenue , CJEK3AGO.
D. W Buxo , I.osllo A. Morroll ,
(3 F. auoilinnn , T. W. SpnirorU Ji Oo. ,
J. A 1'ullor i : To. , M. I'arr ,
Clionuy AEOIobun , M. II. 1'omill.
[ Culm , V Co. , Bum riirnpwnrtli.
I'ranU Hnrrott A : Co. , i iVdclunlut ,
Buccoasora to J. Q , Jaoobj
S ,
At tlio otil Planil , HOT Fimuiin HI. Onlors bjr
mliclicil anil pruiuplly atlouUod to.
lleeciilly lliillt Newly furiilslieil
The Tremont ,
J. C. l'ITX.UKIIAIil > & KON , l > iiiiiiutnrg. |
for. nh mill I' fit. , Lincoln , Nob.
Union H.MJ MCI duy. btruut cura Irumli'nno to
pint lit thu rlly.
J. \\MIA\\ICINS \ ,
Architect , I
OTlccs-3l. ( Ill iiinl I- . IIIocU , I/lucoln ,
Null. lilolor 'inllui blrni't.
llri-ciU'r ' ul Ilipciluror
Live Stock Auctioneer :
Hiilo-i iiiiuliIII nil | i : ls ul llin f S. nlfulr
r.iti'K lltioinU.HIiili'Illi" ' ! : . Lin' iln , Ni-u.7
OolloHftj mid U hurt Hoi.i liiillioi - t-tli. ' .
U II. ( iOl'JJMN ,
Farm Loans and Insurance ;
r'oiii iiioii'li in' tin ri'ViI I in li'iiiit willylloj.
-.iiuiii I , 1'1-liniib Jlini. . . l.i in . . ' .
Public Sale ,
I ) iv , < : ! . . inu loiti ,
4' 01 SilO-i i'iiniV ! ' > ! ! IfilL'H I'l'iilolc
h.iiil , /-yi : > i.r nlilr.'i ' i. Sul ; liuMt nnd
tttiiii i . . AiMi " VuH nml l'tm. l < n c'linlcijf.
uoliiiiuir , I'-il. t' " ! . U.i. M > tf , ( .Infill : , Xau.
I'ol. I' . M. WnoiM Ail'-liu u l.
Wlui : , u i
Nation ol Kotol.
i , ul lual'0JIM " 'r
_ J.A liiA\\V