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The Omaha Bee Beoelyea all DAILY H The New York Herald Oabfa
the Now York Herald Cable Specials arc Wired Direct to the
Specials. Omaha fieo.
The Scales Hold Even Which Decide the
Into of Homo Rule.
.Iiistln MrCnithy Discusser tha Situa
tion as Seen nt Ijomlomlerrj
Jlow It Iiooks In Ireland
Tlic 1'olllt.K ! ' .
Ilio IlcstiltSo Kar.
Lovnov , .July I. ( New York llcinlil Cable
Special to the Htt.1 : : If It wore uocessaij
lo assume thnl the elections will contlnuo
throughout as they have tc un , there would
bo no doubt thai Hits new parliament
would resoluble thu one just dissolved , the
parlies ocoupyliigtlio same iclatlvo positions.
Inthatcaso Mr. ( Hailstone's hill , as hlthfito
Insisted on b ) him , could not , ol COUI-JP , bo
canlcil. Xrlther could any con < -eivatlvo
nilntstry. nor lltirtlnulon , 01 oven a coalition
ministry , lia\o nuy length of life. The ses
sion \\nutil bo sloiiny , chaotic and brk-f.
Another dissolution and imal appeal to the
country would MIOII bo ntce-Haiy. Tills
gloomy view for ( iladstoup , however , Is not
jet absolutely forced upon IH. Tlioslmilficant
alHtentloiis fiom voting on th | urt of the
unionists Is one s KII of latent strength foi
the natural leader of the llbuial i aity. It Is
evident thattho unionists me llbcial bet ore
they are lory allies And them aio other
pounds lor hope ainoiu the fi lends of the
government , asmay bogathoied fioin a raie-
lul resume of the situation. Itlsceitaln that
an analsis of ycstoiuay's 101111113 affoids no
basis upon \\hich
AW i-Aisn CAX roviit.\rri.A.rr. ITII i.r
01 iiifsuiiu1 to claim ultimate victory. The
unionists have slightly the b'st ol It , though
not In the shape of numerical
The meio fact of tholr holding their own
scorns to ImpelII the powei of ( Hailstone's
appeal to the country. To nciitiall/c the
lecent niajoiHy of tldity against
thorn in the commons , the ( lladstoncltes
must win lilteen scats. To socuio a
working majoilty they need at leist twenty-
fi\e , niidtoohtnln these they must do bottei
than lilthcito. The significance of jestciday's
elections is that they were fought in constit
uencies supposed to contain the strongest
Irish vote. The results indicate either that
the Hi/not this lilsh contingency has been
overestimated , 01 tint the abstentions ol the
Kugllsh liberals aio seilous. Ona scat was
Rained by the Irish vote In Llveipool , and
two In Manchester. But , though the Irish
were presumed to bj strong in I'lestou , licrk-
enhcnd , Holton and St. Helens , they failed
to wrest the scat from the unionists. In Sal-
foul , whore the ( iladstoneans lost
Ii\o seats , the lilsh faiily swaim ,
andthoie cin bo no mistake about theli
hticngth In this instance at least. Dentfoid ,
as a dlstilct , contains moio Iilslimcn
than any other mutiopolls , and heio
the unionists not only maintained
thi'ir MMt-i , but hugely incicascd their inajoi-
itles. Heietho tiausfcr of a laigo Hlsh vote
fiom the con eivatlvo to the Gladstone bide
was reckoned on , with nssmaneos to bilng
about a gov ei niiient vlctoi y.
1111 : C.U.CL'I. vnox WAS si'oii.r.n
Blmply by tlio llhcial abstention horn the
polls. Taking alHho seats jet contested , and
compaiing the polling with that of last No
vember , the nopulai vote shows a net gain ol
10,010 lot the unionist * , n fallingott ot 15 pin
cent In the liberr.l vote , and a falling off ot 10
per cent In the loiy vote. The total diminu
tion of the vote on both skies causes
general astonishment. It is accounted
lor paitly by the Mioitness of the
lipilod allowed for the electoral cam
paign , pailly by the n ual changes of
icsldcnco among the vvoiklngmcn , who Imo
had oppoitmiltj toieglstcr anew , and these
liavo to lose their \otcs , and paitly by the ab-
htcntlon of llbcial \ otes , as bufoin inciitioncd.
Moic than to any of these causes , however ,
the dccieascdoto Is duo to the fact , now IP-
vralcd , that the masses aioless Intoicsted In
this contest than are the educated classes. It
Is foil by many that Gladstone may have
inado a mistake. In n purely political sense ,
in basing his appeal to the countiy too ex
clusively on high moral and sentimental
giounds. The unionists have taken advant-
agn of this to api oil to the pockets and stomachs
achs of thermal classes , \vho are naunally
( iladslono's allies. It tactics like these
prove as potent as the union
ist leadeis expect , the Glndstonlans
tuesent claim , that yesterday's Indications
will be conliadlctcd by the results in the
iigilciiltuial distilcts , may bo too singulnc.
Assuming that all the reasonable calculations
of the conseMatlvc-tinlonlsts coalition are
fulfilled , their majority will htill bo very
small , and It Is now icpoitrdthat unless the
vpidlct of the countiy Is decisively azalust
( H.ADSTOM : vvii.r. nnuAix IN orpici :
and Indodiice , next October , a new homo
rule bill. . The bill Is trained In such a way as
to at least conciliate the moro moderate sec
tion of the liberal position , and peilmps en
tirely rcstoio party unity. Jt Is at this crisis
that any unfavorable results In the present
election may bo lendeicd harmless to the
principle of homo ink . Gladstone has ro-
peaicdly said that It is the pilneiplo and not
nny pullcular bill that ho is lighting for , and
there uro many unionists open to conciliation
mlnoi points.
.MISS. oi.APsroxn UAR nnir : iini.i'ixn
liei husband's came bj being piosentut the
political inoctlncsln the London divisions.
Sim has met with a foivld lecpptlon , espe
cially noin audiences most largely composed
of vvoikiug people. At an past end meeting
Blio , icspondlii ! : to sucli iccognlllon , lose and
paid : " .Mr. Ulailstono's heait \\illiynii. .
AVhat a privilege Is JOUIH to help ledrosstho
vrones of Iieland. The battle Is bogun.
You must help o\en It. " Mis. Gladstone's
olee , though low nnd tiemiilous , was pei-
fectly clear , nnd was lieatd ovei half the Im-
na-nso hall. She was plainly but ilchly
dressed In black , her bonnet and lobo being
covered with line black lace , her onlyoina-
iiient being u diamond clasp.
In tin ipthement of Joseph Co won to
pilvatollfo Iho Irish autonomy lott Its most
aident champion among the Kngllsh memlors
of the house of commons , The waimth ot
his sympathies for the poor and distressed of
all races has often been made effective
thiough his BIUpassing eloquence , Ito wath-
Ingly condemns the despotism of the now all
powerful caueub and doel.ues that for him it
Jrns ii'iidered a parUamentaiy position unten
able. HO M ) llOW 111
"Tho caucus wants n political machine , "
sajs Mr. Cowcn. "I am not a machine. "
The complete libt ot Catholic candlditos
in Kiilaiid ( hhovvs a total of bovcnlecn , of
Vhom fouitccn aio Qladstonlans and three
unionists. The Dnko of Noifolk's earnest
appeal to Kngllsh Catholics to support the
uniouibts has been utterly w ithout etlcct.
IMcCartliy qu tlio Outlook
I.O.NDONHEIIUV , .lulyS. [ Now Yoik Her
ald Cable Special to Urn UKR ] The
Irish campaign has opened briskly. Thu
outpostbare dilveniu heie , and indeed the
three closing days of this week can not bhnw
Anucli more thau ailalrs bclouclug to out-
pO'K lint next week will co the great de
cisive battles. Uladstone. .lolin llrlght and
( "haiiibcilain were elected without opposi
tion. Loid Itandolph Cliurchlll was elected
for one of the London divisions. He was
opposed by an eloquent , popular dissenting
picachcr , llev. Page llnpp ? , of Leicester , a
sort of Spurceon , who chivalrously came up
to attack Lord Randolph. Hut ho came too
late. Lord Randolph , securely Intrenched ,
cot MI NO i in : DiM.oitnnt ) ,
I'ainell vvas elected for Cork without
any attempt at opposition. 'j'l | ( , most
rcmaikablo feature of the electoral cam
paign was the reception of Painell
by tlio Kngllsh population ol the southern
cities. Ho appealed on tlm plat foi ins of sov-
eiat Kngllsli ( il.ulitonlaii candidates and was
the heio of the hour. English audiences wete
delighted b > his calm , cold self-possession.
.Mrs. ( iladstonc , ttio wife of thu prime minis
ter , vviote an onthmiastlc lettci about Par-
noil. Never In our time has such a change
In llngltsh opinion been known. Thochansc
Is In Kngllsh public opinion , not in Parnoll.
niifillsli rad'callsm ' has come to Parnoll ho
has not moved one sl 'p toscok It or meet It.
A.vtnin.u siiiAMit : i'in\oMi\ : :
Is the scpaiatlon of ( Hailstone and Blight.
For twenty-live > oais Itilght vvas
a Milt of vvoidilpor of ( iladstonc.
Many times Uriglit suirondeicd hts Ideas ,
even his convictions , In doft'ioncQ to
the views of ( iladstono. Sonic of Hrlght's
own lamlly used to eo.nplain of Ills devotion
lo ( iladttoiie. Now ho has deserted his
leader , has Hung down the altai at which ho
used to woiship tlio burning Idol he vvas once
wont toadoie. In plain woids , llrlght now
denounces anil satlrl/es ( Hailstone as once
ho used to denoiin rand atlil/e i'almcrston
and Disiaell. The tuilh is , Hrlght never had
a piogiesshe mind. In Intellect and heart
ho Is essentially conservative , lie was eton
on cairylng one or two great rctorm meas
ures \cais ago , and when those weio earned
he was satisfied , and thought all the lost ot
the woild ought to sit down satislied as well.
When ho found there vvoie i > tllt some people
not satisfied , ho became anmy with them.
"What can these people want ? " ho seemed
to say. "Don't they see 1 want nothing
more' . " ' lie Is especially wroth with the
lilsli people for
Ill the present Instead of being content
loabldo vvitli John liiiglit in the past. Xow
that Gladstone eneoiiiages the Iilsh in theh
audacious , Innovating way , Uiliht loses all
patlenco with Gladstone and icvilcs him.
Yoaisaeo 1 lieaul Hilght declare that Glad
stone's mind was ono that alwavs struggled
toward the light. If that was tine of ( Hail
stone then , It is equally tiuc ot- him now.
Hut lor many jears Hrlght has shiiink back
1 loin the II jht and piefeis to live , owl-like , In
the twilight and dusk a melancholy close tea
a once splendid c.ueer.
1 am glad to see tliat Jacob Hiight , .lohn's
blether , has just been elected , though losing
his scat In the elections last > car. Ho Is a
contentious , devoted radical a tiuo
fe.uloss fiicnd to the Iiish cause.
NO couiici ! KoiiKc.vsr I'ossini.w.
It is jet. of course , too soon forme to use
fully attempt anv forcexst of the geueial ic-
sult of the elections. 1 am myself heio a llt-
tlo out of the way of thn main action.
Hero 1 am flanking the outlying stionghold
oftor > isiu and oranueism in Iieland. The
city ot Djiry Is the gieatest orange foitress ,
by histoiy and tradition , but , llko all other
places in be.'ii yielding moro and
moio loagmicious Inspliation of national
feeling. Last > ear 1 contested Deny against
an cxticmo and blttei toiy , who Is , howcvoi ,
an Kngllsliman. 1 was doleatcd by only
tvvcnty-soven majoiity. 1 am in coed hope
of victory this time , but shall disci ectly rc-
fiainfiom piopheclos. Se\ton is fighting a
similar battle In one distiict of the city of
lieltast , long hold in absolute possession by
the Uiange tgrics.
In the same i > laeo last year and was defeated
by only a small majority. I feel well as
sured ho will win the llzht this time. Jf i
can carry Deny and ho West Uolfast , that
will convince all Kngland that the dajs of
Orange ascendancy has gone by , and that n
national splnt becomes as eager and ardent
In the far noith ot the lloyne as the south ot
that historical liver. Kvery Itipli national
ist Is delighted to hear that T. P , O'Connoi
Is again elected by ono of the divisions of
'Llveipool. JUSTIN McCAitiav.
Tlio KlKht In Ireland.
DUIIMK , July 3. [ Now Yoik Herald Cable
Special to the Itanj It must not bo forgot
ten by the homo rule friends In Ameilca dui-
Ing those election irturns that all so-called
liberal unionists favor homo rule as a
piInclple , though dlbagieoliigon Glad.stono'.s
plan ; also that some conscivatlvos aiewlth
tliCM' . I'liiH home rule has made great strides
within a twelvemonth. Wo note lieio that
Chuichlll's \oto has decreased fiom 2,718 to
2,570 , , nmlT 1' . O'Connors' , In Llveipool , has
Incicabcd lrom2,7Jl to 2,911. A plucky contest -
test Is now proceeding hero In St. Stephen's
Green division , wlioio Giay , of the Fico-
mail's Journal , is bitterly attacked. The last afternoon , in conjunction
with Edmonds at llarld's Cotjage , Is ex
pected to bo "indeed a monster. " Gray made
a most telling addicts this afternoon befoio
his own btippoiters at a meeting in a Held ,
well known to all Dublin boys , opposite the
Dunn hospital. O'Shea can now , in his
iptlrement. lecall the gieat hong In tlio opera
of "Murltana. "
"Kirovvell , my gallant captain ,
1 told you how 'twould bo.
Faiowcll ; you'll not forget the lesson
That 1 have taught to theo. "
This could bo sung by John IMnkprton , an
Ulster 1'iotostant fanner , who replaces
O'Shea , as the latter did not vote
on the homo rule question. Thoio
Is another now nationalist member ,
Thomas Qulnn , who ipplaces Smith-
w Ick In Kilkenny , It looks to-night as If wo
should gain two Ulster members. Edmonds
10 election is , of couit > c , SIPO , Ho is opposed
by Joseph Todhiiutcr-l'iin , who was wag
gishly called Corporal Nym by Gray in a
hjxH'cli , applying to Todhunter the woids of
Nym In Henry V. When Haidolph eiles ,
"On to the bieaci. , " then Nym says : "Tho
knocks aio too hot , and , for iiilno own pait , I
have not a case of lives. "
Wo wish Americans to remember on this ,
their Independence day , that their contilbu-
lions against the gold of the toiles are
warmly appreciated , and also that , how ever
the elections result , the Parnclllto phalanx
remains as solid In ISsO ns that of the sons
of liberty In New York In mi ) .
Jtostilt oT tlto rollings.
LONDONJulys. . At3 o'clock this after
noon 120 toiles , 23 unionists , 40 libeials and
I'arnellltes had been elected to commons ,
Jfoth political parties uro disappointed at the
piesent Jesuits of the election. The torles ,
to use an expression of Lord Randolph
Churchill , wcro "cock sure" of making
gieater headway than they have achieved.
The liberals profess to bo gaining In
spirit. They point out that although
the lories have made a net gain
of two , jut the Glndstonltea wou
Carlisle and Lclth asalnst the unionists ,
whldi practically makes the battle so far a
draw. Edward ilent-aire , one of tnu most
piomlneiit liberals who receded from Glad-
stonu's support and icsigned the ministerial
oinco of chancellor of the duchy of
LaucltCbUf on A lull 8 , unou the oc
casion of the Introduction of the
homo rule bill , was re-elected to-day
from drlmtby , Llncoln hlip. as a unionist.
His majority was : )0 ) against SU at the last
flection. 1' . 1 ! . Condln , I'nrnclllte , as reelected -
elected \\ltlioiitopiioiillon in thoeast division
of Tlp | > erary comity. Homy George tllll.
1'arnelllte. has been ic elected for Limerick
( 'it ) , 0IIIO ] Ml.
Tlio i'all Mall Oa/ettc. pointing lethe
the result of the elections so
far as they have cone. says :
'I he Irish vote in llngland failed to work
the wondeis prom hod bv T. 1' . O Connor.
Heclalmpd that II o lilsh vote would bo a
decisive factor In luxontecn of the I'ngllsh
coiistitucneles. Yesterduv pollings , however.
showed that the lilsli tinnrd the scale in
about two places In tnvoi of liberals , leaving
tlicotheis tiiialteicd. O'Sulllvan , 1'arncllltP ,
was re-elected In the south division ol West
At4rothisafteinoon : 1 ° .itorlc , 21 unlon-
Isti.It liberals and 17 1'ainellltcs had been
elected. Winn ( conservative ) lias boon
eloctrd over ricmlng ( Oladstoniaii ) In 1'on-
tefract , Wostrldlng , Yoikshlie , by : i majority
of 2.000. nn Increase In the tiny majority over
the last election of ITS.
J. F. Kox , I'ainellitc. lias been ip-clcotod
for the Tullamoio division of King's county ;
Mi-Donald. I'aniplhto , for the noilh division
of Sligo ; .lohn Doasv , I'miiclllti' , feu Wcst-
Majo , and Joseph Nolan , rarncllltc , for
North-Lonth , all unopiioscd ,
The total nuiniii'i ot votes so far cast Is :
Gladstonlaii , U. > , 'JJ7 ; opposition. . J''y.'iJ.
Loid balMmiv has been ouleicd bv his
phxslclan to dilnk the water ot lt.iv at
A\enfno. He will DO absent tlueo weeks.
Ilov ilic 1'nlico ItlanuraotitfC I-vl-
tlcnuo A nlnst Them.
Itaui.iN , July a. | Xew Yoik Herald Cable
Spi'oial to the Hi i : . ] The mild excitement
ol last week's aitistic festival has subsided ,
leaving Iteilln diillci than ever. The city Is
getting unbcaiably hot. The theateis which
icmaln open are half empty. The piome-
muleuntoi don Linden and the Thmgaitcu
ate the only two pleasant spots In the Heilln
hints-ape. Just now the panting civilians
w ho aie lutt divide the hot pavements with
the rather bumptuous hcioes ( H the ganlson.
longing to go and dilnk the wateis at Kins
vt 1th the kaiser , or blghlui ; tot the cool soli
tudes of thn Hail/ and Suhait/.vvald. The
deputies have departed for their various con
stituencies in search of rest and recicatiou.
When tlioy assemble they will miss their Jj
i'inuiti--ijui : : COII.IAOI : i : ,
Heir blngor , the well known social
1st , who lias been summarily banished
fiom lieilln for too plain peallng. :
Heirl'iittkamcrand the Puisslan police have
not added to thcli reputation by this expul
sion. Everyone Is sick of socialism , and
Slngoi will have to console himself with the
oiations which , 1 mulct stand , aie being pie-
paied for him by the ana ehlsts , in half a
doion great cities of the emplio.
The ttlals ol Heinilt and Cliiisticiiacn , who
had denounced the peeullat methods of the
I'nissKui political police depattment to Heir
Slngor , and ttnouzh him to thp country , have
made an unpleasant impression. The les
sons taught by the Trench authoiltles at
Montceau Ics Mines have evidently not been
wasted on the German poveinmcnt.
They think all means lair in
wai with socialists , and when
the cause ot order icquiios a sensation they
do not hesitate to manufacture one. Jieuult
and Clnistiunsen , two workmen , were mem-
boisof the's association which
amused Itself by shouting revolution and
toasting anaichy , but tlio membeis weie only
They fully appicciatcd the dltfcr-
enco between pleaching outiago and
committing it. Nor , though the pollco
had long known the opinions of the
association , had they biicccedcd In saddling
it with actual crime. This vvas disappoint
ing. A peed anarchistic explosion was badly
needed by thogoveinment losave the country
and sticngthon the hands ol the government
In Its policy of lemesslon. The man lining
Mahlow was , accoidlng tolleirSingor , there-
loio detailed by the pollco to tuither the ends
ol providence by plajing the chaiacterlstlc-
ally French pait of atent piovocateur.
lining sneaked Into the association disguised
as a mo 'liun ic , and soon distinguished him
self by the bloodthir tiness ot his senti
ments. But , like other agents provacateui ,
ho oveiactcd. His talk vvas so persistently of
that the inemboi.s giewsusplcIotHand , ! Berndt
and Clnlbtleiiben were set to watch
him. Iteindt admitted hob. d enteied thor
oughly into his peUldious part to tlnow dust
in the eyes of lining Mahlow , Ho affected
to know his friends , won hlsconlldonce , and
ono day vvab asked to join their police. He
consented , and even wont bo far as to give
lining Mahlow infoimatlon , lor which he
was paid veij badly , by the bjo. When the
countciplot had gone far enough , Ucrndt ,
who alleges ho acted throughout with the
knowledge and approval of the association ,
tinned round and denounced the spy to the
socialists , llcrr Slngor brought the matter
befoic paillament , with whatiesultwe know.
Ho himself vvas turned out of Beilin , his two
Intoimants were arrested , and the sapient
tilbunal having decided that Beindt had li
belled Hiring Mahlow , sent them both to
prison for six months to teach thorn honesty.
A youthful Don Juan , named Hciiulch
1'ranke , has Just been sentenced to death
heio for minder. Ilciinlch , who was a do
mestic sprvant , had seduced- poor i nstlc
maid living In a village r.cai Berlin , and
thought no moro of the mallei till the Kill's
patents , getting wind of tlio affair , forced
him into a maulago with his victim. Shortly
before the wedding Ileinrlch vvas heard to
f > ay : "If lover get the chance I'll do for
her. " The chance came a few months ago
after a violent qnanol. Hciiulch took his
wife out for a walk ono night , and when
some distance fiom the vlllapo foiled her to
the ground w Hit a club and dashed her bialns
out. Ho wasairosted by the ncluhborK anil
made no secret of his crime. When the death
sentence was passed ho seemed unmoved and
only muttered bomuthlng about " ci v ing her
light. "
_ _
A Itig Hchoino on Paper.
LONDON , July 3.-New [ York Herald Cable
Special to the Bee. ] The morning papeis
and the linanclal weeklies contain a cut Ions
piospcetus of the Eastern and Western All
Lines company , United Slates of America ,
connecting by a straight line , to bo built
1,141 miles long , the I'hlladelphia & Heading
and Wababh system at Omaha. It Invites a
first subscilption of SS.000,000 , lirst mortgage
bonds on nn authorized Issue of 830,000,000 to
inn foity ycaisat 0 per cent gold , the lirst
payment of Interest to bo made Now Years
next. The trustees are the Tanners' Loau
and Ti ust company. The president of the
board of Ameiicaii directors Is ox-United
States Senator' ! ' . W. Osborn , and among the
directors are Samuel Menill , Dayld Phillies
and George Hubbard , of New York City.
No prospectus was over so rosoy as this , and
no map ever showed ilke tills an air line that
bores mountains without engineering ccie-
, jul > 3. [ New Yoik Jlerald
Cable-Special to the BEE. ] The vvorkine-
men's party hero publish a manifesto stating
that the great workmen's demonstration In
Brussels would take place on August 15. If it
Is prohibited the workmen will reply by n
general strike ull eve { the country.Vo
want universal eutfrage , " concluded { he
manifesto , "aud will have it. "
Ho Astounds Johnny Hull With a
Clinrnotcrlstlo Sermon.
Lo\nox , July 4. | Ncw York Herald Cable
Special to the But : . ] The voice of Mr.
Uceoher vvasto-dayngnln heard In an English
pulpit , ami several bundled AtucilciU' *
joined the Immense ciowd of Londoners
which bcselficd Dr. I'aiker's City Temple on
Holborn viaduct this moinln ? quite an
hour oeforp the time appointed for the open'
Ing service. I reached the chinch rather late
and had ome dllncutty in pushing through
the perspiring thtonu which obstructed the
hack stilr entrance , set apart for the more
privileged ticket holders. At least a dozen
policemen had been stationed to keen
01 dei outside , while Insldo a small army of
volunteoi door keepers matched hither and
thither showini new arrivals to tholr scats.
The iceiic just before Mr. Bcecher made
his appearance was sinking and strange.
The City Temple , with Its lather gaudy dec
orations , Us modem stained gla's windows ,
painted columns and paitlcoloied stone and
marble pulpit , Is one of the handsomest
and laigest non-confoimlbt tabenmctes
In London. Pacing the orean lolt
Is a gallery miming lound the chinch
and rising almost to tlio roof as In a theater.
Indeed ,
TIII : wnni.i : n\i : : WAS iinATnirAi. : ,
and It tilled the icioicnd preacher like a
glaip. The coiiKiogation ( seemed abnoimally
agitated , too , and sot you thinking of a
IKCUIII audience bofoio the cuitaln goes up
on n new pla > , 01 the speak-
ci's gallery on a Gladstone night.
Every corner of the huge building was occu
pied , chielly by people belonging to the com
fortable middle classes. The front rows
weie almout monopoll/cd by Amei leans and
a detachment of lopoitcrs while , utterly
icgaidlcssot Biitlsh decomm , eight or nine
enthusiasts had taken lefngo on the steps
below the pulpit , where they squatted
i > t in xo i in : sKiivir nIke
Iko o many souls at the feet of another
Gamaliel , A lluttei went through the church
as an elder solemnly issued fiom the \estry
with a basket of red , white ypllovv and
blush loses , set In mililen hair and adorned
with a small Ameiicaii Hag. The eldei
placed tlio basket a floral tribute to Mr.
Bcicher from the ladies and gentlemen of
the City Temple "Bind of Hope'1 on a
table before the pulpit and ictlrcd.
Ab 11 rang out from a chutch opposite , the
Old Bailey , Mr , Bcecher
' Four and t.venty maidens" In the oiiran loft
Immediately behind him rose bcml-circularly
as ho entered and burst Into bong. From thy
fiontthey seemed to compass a lialoiound
his head. Ho icminded one stiongly , just
then , of Mi. Casbvln "Little Don it , " and , as
these smioumlcd him , a little ot the asthellc
Bunthomo of "Patience. " Three thousand
necks cianed forward , six thousand eyes
grow li\cd , as Mr. Bocchor got on his feet
and began bis sennon. He looked intensely
patilaichal , with his lomr , white hair and
black co it , his turned down collar and his
upturned oyes. "Isn't lie beautllul , " niur-
imiied a lady near mo , fanning herself Into a
delicious feivoi. lie ceitalnly was extremely
decoiative a tilllo moro unctions , perhaps
than the picachcrs one Is accustomed to in
this cut and diled city but decoiativo.
ANNouNcixa tnu wirr-KNo\vx TEXT/
about "Love , " taken ! from Coiinthlans , he
showed bomo inltlatoryneivousness.but soorf"
his voice acquired ita qld ring and clear enun
ciation. The-subject was admirably suited
to Independence day , and ho treated it in hiu
own inimitable manner , contrastinir what ho
called palomoonshine.sentlmentallty and the
"mush" of love a human love which special
ised its object with tlio divine love ot Cluls-
tianity. and summing up soveiely against the
"mush. " By the way , this word excited
much curiosity In the In east of John Bull.
New Yoikeis hardly need a description of
Bfccliei's sermon , which is doubtless some
what familiar to thoin'atidpei haps has been
reported in times past in the Herald. It vvas
eloquent If lamiHar In lone. Evciy now
and then the picachcr
This was at liist rather alarming to the
congiegation. though Dr. I'aiker has ac
customed tliein to some pulpit humor.
Somehow Beecher seemed to have con-
quprjd their prcjudlcj , lor every few
minutes the house I mean chinch
was convulsed with laughter by his quaint ,
If to Kugllsh cars " .shocking , " bailies , Tlio
scimon was a long , airy commentaiy on the
text , once 01 twlco tls > lnc to rhetorical heights ,
moro olten keeping within tlio limits of hu-
moious aud familiar discussion. Towaids
the close , talking about the un-
cliai liable nature of Pharisaical Chilstiaus.he
wlilch set the congiegation Into lits. After
likening thc Piiailsees to bypocrtical and 111-
dcbeiving mosqultos , wlio always say a grace
bcfoiothoyjHittlielilstlngs lntoyou.hoencrlg-
Ically exclaimed : "riiankGod wo are not
all Intccls. " Ho made another point by at
tacking those hellish people who call them
selves by holy names and live llko devils.
Then , gradually dropping bantor.ho returned
to the oilglnal subject Love aud wound up
w 1th an exhortation to his heiiers to cast oil
the bondage of fear and enter Into the losur-
icctlon of the freedom of the love of God and
Beochei's gestures seemed to astonish the
people louml mo oveJi moro than his veiy
bioad comedy and familiarity. 1 doubt
whether Englishmen , would lellsh much of
Ik'ochcr's oloqucnce , but to-day ho unques
tionably was a .success as a hiimoi 1st.
A TAMC WITH iiiirinii. : : :
After the service I dtpvo to Dr. Parker's
house , near the Brltbh museum , and inter
viewed BecchcR He was lolling back on a
sofa when I called , resting from his labors ,
for the day is hot and tlio dlvlno has brought
us an American July , Ills lesoinblanco to
Mr. Casby was stronger than over. ;
"What did you thlnkof your audience , Mr.
"Oh , I was well enough pleased with it.
It was yciy like my tfwu audiences. But I
don't think the Kngllah are used to pulpit
humor. For my part , J don't think It Is un-
vujrthy to use any of Hiy talents in thebcrvlce
of the LoiU. "
"What plans have ypu formed ? "
"I have no plans. 1 leave all that to my
agent , and ho ( ires elf wherever ho thinks lit.
I bhall lecture or proaQlj nt different places ,
not alone on icllglon , but also upon political
economy morals. ffo , I bhall a\old
.special political subjects and say noih-
iiul on the burning question of the
day. 1 think It would bo a mistake and out
of place to meddle with lojal politics ; In
fact , it would bo what wo Anieilcans call
'bad politics.1 Let mo not foiiret to add that
honor was paid to the musical traditions of
Plymouth church. A chant and an anthem
were exquisitely sung by the choir , also four
hymns , Dr. Parkerdolug all the Interlocutory
rhetor needed. Before the congregation
dispersed 'Ira. Anne Dulkclcy Hill , of
the choir of St. Biutholonicvv's church ,
Now York , sang Gou nod's "A King of Love
My Shepheidls. " Hakd bills were handed
to thocongicnatlon announcing another FOT-
mon on next Thursday by Mi. Boeder , ad
mission tickets a half crown , w Itli a shilling
extra for "eailj doors to avoid a ciowd at the
main entrance,1' ThU latter vvas a con
venient Invention of Manager Han IB , of
Dniry Lane , on-crowded nights.
The Nation's ' Bhthtlay Honored With tlio
Usual Grand Accompinimenta ,
Nebraska Cities That Cclcforntcil In
IMcmory of Inilcpcmlpnoo Dciully
I'lrcv\orks Socuie Vlutlius
riiuncs Destroy I'ropcrty
Honored nt Nutirnskn City.
Nr.nuASKA CITY , Neb. , .Inly 4. [ Special
Telegram to the Uiu. : | Our city eeleluated
the fourth jesterday , and never In past } ears
has --ho celebrated It so loyally. The pro-
giamiKe vvnsund" ! Iho auspices of the Uro
depaitmcnt , and to them , ably headed b >
tholr chief , Mike Bauer , belongs the honor ot
the day. Thu paiado in the morning vvas
over tin ci miles long , most every business
house and factory being lepresente.l. The
I ) . P. Itolfo and Chicago lumber jauls to
gether with KlooseiV Hauerliofcstlr liquor
mcichants , made the displays. To
Jlis. lltny M. Bojdston , the well-known so-
piano ot < mi citj , Is duo the honoisof the
musical part , which vvas excellent , in which
she vvas ably assisted b > her husband and
otlici well known local talent. The iimces-
slon aftoi airlvlim at the was aihliesspd
tliooiator of the day , the Hon. John 0 ,
Watson , whoso 01 atlon is coiisldoied by the
thousands who heaid It to bo the best and
most eloquent addiess over delivered in Ne-
biaska City. It js estimated tlio city
was visited by ovei foiu thousand people.
l.NIIS VVMIl A 1 IU1 .
Last cvoninir about ( J o'clock the largo
thiee-story Irame building known as Me-
Hicvej 's hotel , situated in South Nebraska
Cltj , near the packing-house , was discov eicd
to bo on lire. Them was nobody at the
house nt the time , and the Hie wasnotdis-
coveied until Mulhevov iclurned with his wife
fiom an adiointng held , vvheie ho had gone
to do the ev cuing milking , when it was too
late to do anything towaid savin c
the building. Only a lew aitlcles of
fin n Hum on the lirst ilooor could be
biivcd. The house valued at $2,100 , and
the furniture at Sl,7bO , on which thoic was
an hibuianccot W.100 , half ol which was in
tlicNoithwestcin company , and tlio balance
in the Washington company. The origin
of the me is at picscnt unceitaln , as the flic
evidently stalled in the west portion of the
house , while the- kitchen was on the east side.
Some advance the idea that it came from
Inecrackcis hut Mollievey says there \veio
only a few iiiei.racki'isbiimed neai his house ,
ana all thoae weie on the east side.
Grand Tlino nt Fremont.
Fitr.MONT , Neb. , July 4. [ Special to the
Br.i : . ] Tliecelebiatlon heio jestcid.iy was a
grand success in every paitlcular. It vvas
undci the auspices of the Knights of Labor ,
ami the result reflects cicdit upon the oulei
here and tluso who weie in Its active man
iigement. No accidents happened to mar the
pleasure , and the celebration was voted a
success by evcrjbodj. The chief atliactlon
of the da\ was the speech delivered by Sena
tor Van Wyck at the move on West Military
avenue. The senator , In coinp my with his
wife , airlved at3MO ! fiom the west , bavin :
spoke also at Columbus at 1 o'clock. Ho was
met at the depot by a committee consisting
of Ma or Stauffcr , O. U. Stiong , it. L. Ham-
menu , C. H. Godticy and Kobeit Giegg. As
the tiain came In the scnatoi was , gicetcd
; witli u salute lued by a cannoiniand a lively
Slrv < wbfch was sliuck up by thoJ gW Ho
.Ay fcdav iMU once to the , gi omuls. Aast
concouiHoof peojile , ftom all over Dodge and
Miuoiuullni ; counties , weio prcsont , eaircr to
hear the distinguished spcaKei. Slioitly
after 4 o'clock ho vvas inliotluccd by Hess L.
Hammoiul , editor of the 1'ilbuno , and lot
about ono iiour ho kept the vast crowd who
could pass near enough to hear him in tlio
closest attention. His speech was lull ot
thought , and dclivoied in an impicssivo and
cllcctual manner. The audience manllestcd
then appreciation of ths speaker and thus
concuncd in his views , vvliieh lie so clc.nly
and forcibly expressed , by oft icpeated cheei-
ing. cAftei he had concluded scores ol ! the
audience pipsscd foivaid to shake hands , as
they said , with a man who is with tint people
and not atiaid ( o stand up and defend them. "
At the baboball uaika game was pl.ijed
between tlio Athletics of Omaha and lhoGia > s
of tills city tor Si" ! > 0 and the amateur cham
pionship ot Nebiaskn. The Grajb weio vic-
toilous by a scoio of at to 7.
Dny For IMattHinontli.
Neb. , July 4. [ Special to
the Uin. : ] The celcbiatlon on thoiid diow
the laigest nurnboi ot people seen In this city
for many a day. Early In tlio inoining the
crowd caino pouring In , and at noon the
streets were thionged with vlsltois from ad
joining towns. The piluclpal featuieof the
day vvas the tiadcs' paiade , which was the
finest over seen In Plattsinoutli and would
ha\o been ciedltablo to any city. The line
moved tliiounh the pilncipal sheets , headed
by the B. & M. and Bohemian bands. Fol
lowing eamu the display ot tlio B , it M. shops ,
consisting of eight laigo wagons or lloats ,
repiesentlnL' blacksmiths , machinists , coach
builders and each department ot the shops ,
with men busy at woik. Following this
came the display ot maiiiitactincrsand mer
chants. Kvcry business or I ml ust ly was 10-
] ircbcntcd In the line , which moved up Sixth
bticot to Smith's grove , wheio addiessoswpio
made by lion. 1' . W. Wlleox , of Mendota ,
III. , and Hon. Isaac Mcssmoic , of Gland
itaiilds , Mich. ICiovvds lilted the dancing
platfonns till evening , when a grand display
of hrowoiks wound no a gicat day lor Philts-
mouth. _
Soldiers Colelrato at Hholton.
Sur.i/rox , Neb. , July 4. [ to the
BII : . ] District encampment A. I ) . Yocuin ,
commanded by B. C. Calkins , of Kearney ,
held its annual reunion at Slielton on the ' 'd
and ! ! d. A largo number of old soldiers vvero
In attendance , and the affair was u most pro
nounced success. On Iho i-'d , In addition to
the brilliant parade and other conventional
coiPiiionlos abhim battle vvas fought on tlio
camp croum ) . and a leullstlc naval enga -
ment took place on Ualsh's Ice pond. On
Hie 'id the cltl/cns united with the onoamp-
incut to celebrate Iho Fonith , and the oc-
cislon was tlio grandest In the histoiy ol the
town. At least 10OjO people weio In attend-
in ice. MarMial of the day , lion Kd Oliver ;
speakeis. A. D , Yocnm , B. C. Calkins , Gen-
eial Thayei and.J. G. Tato. In the cnenlng display was given
and thocxeiclscsconcUided with an enjoy
able ball.
Ilnrglars ( Work Unsuccossfiily ,
NniuiASKA Cnr , Neb. , .Inly 4. [ Special
Telegram to the BIK. | The ticket olllco of
the B. &M , lallroad was bioken open last
evening and the cash drawci badly do *
mollshed In gaining an cnliaiico to it , but
foitunatcly tliero vvas nothing In It of any
yaluo , The thieves , finding themselves foiled ,
made their way Into the gent's waiting loom ,
and fiom there tnoy affected an entrance Into
the baggage loom , where , up to the piescnt ,
nothing Is found missing excel ) ! a small giip
cmiiplu case ot hue cutlery , belonging to Mi.
John llnrbery. tlio representative of Jteclor ,
Wlllielmy A Co. , the well known wholesale
liardvvaio meichants of Omaha. The thieves
gained an enhance by breaking the east fiont
windows of tlio ticket olllce. Thoio Is no
clue at present In regard to who thu pcipo-
trators were.
Wound tip Wltli n Harbcoue.
GnAFrov , Neb. , July 4. [ Special to the
IHif Saluiday was a gala day hcie. The
town was gaily dccotated. The country people -
plo for miles around came in to celcbiato.
The profession was half a mile lone. Theio
Avero tli roe bauds of music in the lino. The
states weio icptc&onted by thirty-eight Kills ,
dressed In white , lining In a laigo platform
wagon. The fantastic company in the pi o-
cesblon was an amusing feature- . The fes
tivities took place in the grove and were pie-
sldpd ovei by Dr. Hallaid. The oration was
dellvoiedby Mr. V. . Ito owatcr , editor of the
OMAHA Ui n , vviioso elToit was warmly ap-
iilaudod. Alter tlu > oration there was n bir-
becup , followed by music and danclm ; and
otbcr ainu-.omeiils , together with toasts and
rei onsos by local speakeis ,
Columbus Honors tlio Occasion.
Cot.iMim , N'eb. July I. [ Special to the
HKK. ] Tlio town was In gala day attire
> psterdaylu honor of the colcbintlon of the
ever glorious. Full.v live thousand people
weio In iMteiidance. the cimvd belnecou-
peed laucly of people troni sunoundlng
towns nnd tlieentlie laiiiilng element of tlio
county. The procession was most eiedlt-
able , nnd was tollovved bv a maud spoeeli by
Hon. C. II Van W > ck , which was listened
to atlentlvelv by thelaige oiowd. 'Iho foot
uen In the aftoi noon foi t-'iObotweeu ) Paidoo
of this cltv and an unknown was won lij tlio
former. I'lie celebration elo-od with Ilio-
vvoiksand a grand hall at tlm op * ia hoaso ,
I nlal riroVi > rKH I'xploilon.
Pour lit nov , Mich. , Julj 4. In the local
celcluatlon of Indoppndencp day jeMciday
evcivtlilng pas od olT quietly till evening ,
when lire spi from a laigo motto , "Wel
come , " to othev mottoes , and the plalfonn
waslnstantlj onclioled with llaming , explod
ing pieces. Thomas Cook , J. L. Black and
Mr. Wltlioy saw their danger and managed
to make theii escape , although painfully
burned. Cltj Cleik L. N. Mlinio did not
jump soon enough , and h > ( lie time tlio
flames weio extinguished he was binned to
an umciogiii/ablcmass.
Salem Soarn.
SU.IM : , Neb. , July 4. ( Special to the
Hi.n.J Yeslenlay was agieal ilaj at Salem ,
fully live thousand people being piosont to
paitlcipatp In tlio celcbiatlon. Kveuthing
pasTd oil in leuMilai oulei without a mishap.
Thoaddipssof the d ty was made by Hon.
Chinch Howe , of Auburn.
Tlic Day tit
HAS ii.xos , Nob. , July I. [ Special to the
Br.i : J The Knights of Libor and the teni-
pciance pcoplo combined in colobiatlng In
dependence da > here > ostonhy , and at'iand
good time vvas iiad , noaccldonth occunlng.
Hoeiullsts Cclolr.itc tlio l onrtli.
Sr. Louis , July 4. A small but vciy en
thusiastic audience ot Fenians gathered at
Llndull pail ; this aftei noon to celcbiate In
dependence d i > anil listen to the speeches of
W.J. GoibUch , asoci illst of Italtlmorc , and
O'Donovan Kossa , of New Yoik. The so
cialist sp > ko Hist and said that socialism , as
it exists in this country , was a distinctly
Amcncan institution. It was not that form
of socialism 01 anaichlsin , or whatever
fonn ol pel led tiecdom niiglit bo
called , as It exists in Fiance 01
Got many 01 Unssla , but a combination of the
better teatuiesot them all. The speakoi ad
vocated this loim of government , and c\-
lirofesud sjmpathy for Its peisociitcd ad-
heioiits , especially for these m Chicago and
Milwaukee. Ho denied that the > had bioken
the law. It was tlio police , those salaiiod
minions of monopolies , In tlio onfmce of al-
leired laws , wlio weie guilty ot the murdeis
which had lesulted fiom the labor agitation
In those cities. O'Donovan Kossa spoke ex
clusively ot Iieland and Irish affaiis. Ik-
said that theie was no use ot iriantlngpaitlal
local self-goveinment to Kngland's Poland.
' 1 hut vvas the present method of the govern
ment ; that was
ot deshed Independence. Ho saidtliat If the
piO'Ciit pailiamcntaiy election should icsult
in a vlctoiy for Gladstone , and home
mlo as pioposed bv him , should bo
imally gianted to Ireland , it would
bo on account of their tear of the
lilsli lathei than on account of tlieli love lor
justice and humanity. He would advocate
an open declaiatlon ol wai. This was a mode
of wai faro moio ceitain and lai loss ox-
pciibive , both as to mmi and money a war-
laiool dynamite in the hands ol patriotic
iii-hiueii. He could name to-day 100 such
men in New Yoik who were moio willing to
show to the world thcii patnotism , and weie
only waiting for tiio vvoid to go
to Kngland and woik out Iieland's
iiKiependonce. The English ) > eole ) had al-
le.ulj oxiierienccd , in a mild loim , that kind
ot vvarJaie , and befoie many yoais complete
home mlo would be voliintaiily gianted 01
these bundled men would bo oideicd to ob
tain it foicibly. It would bo an easy matter
to place a few pounds of dynamite In the
house of louli , tor instance , wlieio it would
do the most good , aud in hotels and icsl-
denccs vvlipio opponents to Indi'pcndonco
and advocates of coercion icsided. Cheeis
giectcd the bpcakci's icmaiks.
Fight AVith Showmen.
WiNTr.nsr.T , lo. , July 4. [ Special Tele
gram lo the Bii.J : : There was : i beiiousal-
tcicathm last night between two young men
of this place and the bhovvmcii belonging to
Wallace's chcus , which exhibited here. Pcto
Cassidy had a dispute with the elicits men ,
when they attacked him. live Bcvliiton ,
his paitner , came to his rescue armed with a
lovolvcr. City Marshal Sno.lgiass attempted
to Intel lere , and In theiracas Bcvington shot
him twice , piobably inflicting a fatal wound.
The sheiilt then ai tested Bevlnuton , and
Cassidy , keeping up the dispute vvitli the
showmen , was assauIUd by them and be-
iloiibly beaten with a stake.
Increased Hailroad
Nrw : YOIIIC , July 4. The earnings of the
Chicago , Milwaukee it St. Paul lallroad for
the month of Juno , 18.SO , aie : SJ.OII.OOO ; lbb5 ,
31,605,449 ; Incieaso , S103.M1. The appioxi-
mate gioss earnings of thoNoitlicm i'aeille
i.iihoad aie as follows : For Jiino , 188-l-lbS , ,
Sl.012.Mr.S7 ; IbbVlbiO , 81Ul'i,5l7 ; incieaso ,
Swn.7.l : ! ; July 1 to June 80 , lbbl-U8" , n ,
incieaso ,
Tlio Uoycottern
Nr.w YOHK , July ! ! . This moinlng the five
boycottcrs who woio sentenced jeslcidaj for
blackmailing Thelss , of conceit hall tame ,
weie icmovod to tlm htato pilson to sci vo out
their icjjpectlvo tcrin" .
Now York Hnrhor. a
D. C , , July ! J. The senate
agieed to an amendment to ( lie liver ami
haihoi bill appiopilaling Sl,030Mj ( ) lot the
Impiovcnient of the Now Voik Iraibor ,
Iliirliera li'lyiiilni ; the Sunday I/avv.
BosjN' ( , July SI. About loity-livo boss organl/cd last evening to contest the
oidei closing harbor shops on Sundii > b. Test
cases will bo can led lo hiirhor points.
Catarrh Cured
Catarrh Is a very piovalcnt disease ,
dlstrcsshi ) ; aiul olUMiblvo tjinptoms. Ilood'a
Pnuip.irllla gives icady relief and itjircily
cure , from the fact It acts through the Mood ,
and thus leaches oveiy purl of tlio sjhtem.
" I sutfcrcil with catarrh fiflfcti ) cars. Took
Hood's Sars.ipaiillaawl I am not troubled any
with catartb , and my general health Is mmli
belter. " 1. W. I.II.I.IM , Postal Clcik Chicago
A HI. Louis Itallroad.
" I suffcnU with catarrh flora jcars ; trlci )
many vvoixUvfui ciirot , bihalfm , etc. , f > i > euil.
Ingncarly cuio laiiulrcd doll irs vv Ithout bcnrnt
I tiled Hood's Bawapjillla , and vvas greatly
improved. " } I , A. AIIIJUV , > V Ji coster , Mass.
Hood a Sirsiparllla Is characterized by
tin co pccull.irillea i 1st , the combination ot ngtiits ; 2U , the proportion ! 30 , the
process d securing the attlvo medicinal
qualities. The result Is n mciUchio of unusual
strength , clfcttlng cures hitherto unknown.
Bend for book contulnlng acUlltlonal evidence.
"Hood's Bmnparlll.i tones up my systur. ,
purifies my iilood , bharpcns mv .luinHm , mid
Rcenu lo mnku 1114 ovei. " J. 1' , THOMPSON ,
Deeds , l.owtll , Mass.
"Hood's B.irsiparlll.i beats all others , and
h worth Its weight hi jsuld. " I , UAiuiu.a row ,
1M Haiikbtrcct , Now Vork City.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold ty all drugi'lsts. $1 ; six for $5. Madr
only by 0. 1. 11001) & CO. , Lowell , Mass.
IOQ.J9 ° sg3 _ Ono .
Iowa Democrats Look Bnck With Bit
ternesa on Their State Convention.
Us Antncr llordors on tlio l rorniio
The rci-soiint MlHM-l.v Principle
Iiost Tlio Kopulitlcnii Cnm-
Other News.
Di s MOINIIS la. , Jnlj 4.- Special
to the lln.J : Allliongli the demo-
cratlo stale coineiition adjotin erf
and the luembcis have gone him 0 ,
> ot the bltU'inoss ( hoio moused Is not
allajptl , andii'iiiiliis to lank'o In tlieavir-
nge ttiMiiocMllo liieA-il. .Senator Knight's
lieiy denunciation of Iho admlnlstiatlon
made them the maddest , and domociaU can
not allude to It now without ehoklinr under
thocollai. Some of the Inoveiont ii'Diibli-
cansaie wonyini ; the ilemoeiatH witli this
Kind of a conundrum : "Wh > was iho late
eonvpiitlon llko Joshua ot old ? " "Because
they luted like h 1 to hue IvdilghO comedown
down on them , "
The local option and high lloonso medlclno
gives thoolddemociiit-saveii wry fnco. They
saj that to accept this planu of local option
In counties Is to go back on their life-long
leeod of opposition to the pilnclule ot piohir ,
bltlon. It Is admitting wlioio people
want piohlhllloii they ougiri to bo allow Oil to
have It , and laws should bo passed to enforce
It. This position tlnow s to the winds their
favoiitoiiiguincnt of "poiMinal libeilv" and
sumptuary legislation , it it la right
lei the inajoillv of the people
ot a countiy to foico piohlbitlon unou
tliomlnoiltv , then It Is bj the same piincl-
pal i Icht lei the majoiity of the state to say
that piohibltion shall bo a state law. That Is
vvlieie thuli now theoiv loads them , nnd they
aie mad that it Is so. U Is prott > haul for
them to explain how It Is wiongfoi a mail
to getdiunk In a county , but light foi him to
get ( lunik in the siu | ; > . So as becoming
virtual piohibltionlsts In theoiv they have
abandoned all thu lighting tjiound on which
they toimoilj stood when pleading tltat pio-
liibltlon pci so was wrong.
The late convention bad not the coinage
to saj ono word toi the poor sottleis on tlio
DCS Mollies livi'i lands , wheio rights hadl
been taken away bj n demooiatlo piesldont.
I 01 a do/en years the demociata ot lovvii
have banked upon ( Ids issue , nnd gone up and *
down the state ti > lng , in some iiiiexpl.iinnblo"
way , to tasteii the blame lei tlio injiisilco t < r
the poor sottleis upon tlio lepubllcaii paity.
Now , when they had an oppoi ( unity to do
the small bci vice of ieiiestinit | n deniourntto
housetopiissthe bill ovei thopiesldout's veto ,
thoyieiiised to say a wind. Congicssmarf
Weavoi. who has ilddon this Issue all
over Iowa lor domagoguic purposo/
MJS now the picsldout's veto ol Iho bill and
the ialluie ot a domnciatic house to pass It
over tlio vote , will cost the democratic paity
in Iowa 10,000 votes at the next election.
rmitrisjvi TIII : i nusriis. : :
Tlio action ol the boiid ot tmstees of the Falls in ii'inov-
Ing Piesident Gllclnist tlio past week , vvas a
gicat sinpiibo to ( lie state and meets witlf
veiy hliarp eiitielsm. He was given no no
tice of their Intended acUon , but wascutofC ,
siimnarily , chlellv , It is supposed , because ho
did not show the lio.iid In nvoiy Instance all
of thosubseivlentiespect thutsouio ot thcin
thouirht their positions demanded.
One now member ol tnu board , who was
elected by Gllchiist's li lends , went back on
them , to their gieat disappointment , and was ;
allowed to name the stow.ud of tlio Institu
tion foi his services to ( lie inaoilty. | The
successor to Piesident Gllelmst , Piolessor li.
II. Sot'ilojof Osk.doosa , Isa gentleman of
very hiuli cliuauter and standing in his pto-
lession. Ho is an active , piogiesshe man ,
abieast ol the best thought ot tlio day and ho
will ( ill tlio position ol picsident with gioat
ability and success. It seems to bo the fate
ot all the htato schools that ( hero should bcl
inoieoi less liiclion between mcmbeisol the
( acuity and butween the faculty and tho"
tmsloes , that is one ol the pcrj
nicious effects of bilnglng them Into politics ,
at least so fai as that Is dimi' by the legisla
tive election ot theli tiustees. BotlithoHtato
univcisity and the Matu a ncultuialcnllotro
have had unpleasant experiences duo to this
mi : iir.i'uin.ic v.v siruATioy.
Tlio icpublicnn nominations aio not going
begging In any pait of tlm htato. Kvon In
thp sixth distiict , General VWavci's dlstilct ,
tlicioaic tlnoo icpubllcaiis anxious to cross
swoids witli him. Frank Campbell , who was
counted out bv the domociatlc house , thlnka
ho could boat Weavci this time , and wants"
to run again. Senator Iliilchinsoii , of Ot-
tuniwa , a cool , consoivatlvc , lovel-hoaded
business man , Is stroiurly niged lor tlie
place , and John A. Uonndl , of Kcokik
county , a popular lawyer and at present din-
trie ! attorney , Is crowding to the liont. Thla
makes a llnee-corncrpd light and Insures a ,
good man , whoever is nominated. The re
publicans ot the dlstilct aio imlte determined
tli.utho next congipssman from the h'xth '
bhall bo a republican , and theie Is every
piohahility that this will hu the caso.
lu the tenth thcio Is a lively contest be
tween Dolllver , of Foit Dodge , Holmes , ot
Boone , the present Incumbent , and Itussell ,
ofGieen. Dolliv 01 loads , and nnlcbs he liau
toliglitthollcld , will win. In the last John
li win. ot Keokuk , becms to bo ahead for the
lepnblican nomination. If ho gets It , hu will
ictlio Ben Hull fiom congiess in uhoit Older.
Gainhlor ( icor o Trout BhootB Gam
bler Kit Hatch nt Klonx City.
Sioux Cirv , la. , July I. [ Special Tele
gram lo the Bi'.u , ] I'M 'latch , a well known
gamblei , was shot and killed Saturday night
by Gcoigo I' . Trout. The iniirdoi occuried
In the gambling rooms kept by Picscott ,
Hatch & Cook , ovei Ulmci'B h.iloon , just cast
of the Hiihbard house. Hatch and Trout had
been quam-llng dm Ing the evening , just
what about nobody sceius to know. Trout
was Intoxicated and veiylnltable. Picscoit.
Hatch's paitncr , cautioned him caily In the
evening about Tiont , and Hatch promised ho
would say no more to Tiout. Soon after
Hatch went Into the back room again and
was shortly accused by Tiont ot having a.
gnu in his pocket and Intended
using it. "No ; 1 havpii't any
gun. as you can sec , " replied
Hatch and pulled hack his coat to show that
ho had no pistol in his hip pockU. Tiout
then began cuifilnir , poked a revolver In
Hatch's face and hied. Hatch ran down the
back stalls and Into the alley , Tiont after
him. When assistance came Hatch vvas
lound lying in the alley dead aud Tiout had
escaped. The victim was well known
thioughout the northwpst. Ho was probably
thiily jeaisof age , and until within a low
months was ; i mombi'i of thn law and real estate
tateilrm of Njn it J latch , ot Wayne , Nrb ,
lie was gicatly Inlcipstcd In spoiling mnt-
tcis and was considered an autlioilty. In
company with Wallace Cook ho came heio
hovcial moiitlisagoatidenteicd Intopailiiei-
bhip with William Pie eolt. ( Jeoige K , Trout ,
thu mnidciPi , Is a gamblci by juolpssloii mill
camohfio last full , Ho Is twcnty-soven or
twenty-eight .veins ot ago and a native of
TciinesM'c , Npoaklng with a stiong southern
accent. He has a light completion , Is of
hllcht build , weighing about ono bundled
ami thlity pounds , U Is claimed that ho ban
Killed his man betoie , and his : operated at
Omaha and Denver hugely. .Saturday nlcht
and Sundaj has been occupied In i-eaiching
foi the mtnileiei , but as vet ho ha" not been
eaptuipil , The tragedy lias cicated Intcnto
cxcltemoiitftiid Iho feeling is groxvlu , ' tlutt
niuideibuiobicomlngallogcthei tooficuuunl
In bioiu City.
" \Vlilshy ( iolnt : Down.
CINCI.VN vn , July u. At a meeting of
vvlii&ky dealcn It was lepoitcd the lAtos
WPIO maintained f\ci > wltcro except by ouo
dealer In .St. Louis. He was appealed to by
UU'Kraph to hold up to SI 05 until Tuesday
when a ma < g meeting will bo had toilx prlcos.
Them v\cio sites to day of fourteen bauuli ot
iiii > hed ouibon thu baslb ot 51. Oi