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Preparations by the Laboring Ken For the
Observance of Indepondcnca Day.
Contracts Tor HtntoSut > t > llos A warded
and Who Hccnrud Them .More
Notnrlos Commissioned linw
nnd Ordrr People Active1.
[ rilOM TUB ni'F.'R I.INPnt , ! * tllMIKAtr 1
Monday , July 5 , is when Lincoln cele
brates Hie country's natal dny , and the
event this ye'ar , started amid discourage
ments nnd doubts , promises to be ono of
tlie grandest ovenls that Hie capital oily
has witnessed in celebrations of this"
kind. Thi ) entire work of preparation , of
programme , of speakers , of finances , and
all the multitude of little tiling Ihal are
a necessity in a well regulated , well con
ducted celebration has been done by tlio
Knights of Labor and trades unions of
Lincoln , and whatever merits tlio cele
bration shall produce by rights ure duo
to those who have done the hard work in
preparations after a public meeting had
failed to elicit enthusiasm enough to un
dertake the work. The projectors or the
celebration have secured some noted
speakers to address the multitude , anil
the topics discussed Avlll hoof especial in
terest to the laboring men. The speak
ing will occur in part at Dunce park ,
commencing nt 1 p. m. , and in part at tlie
government square in the evening , com
mencing at 8 o'clock p. m. There
will be many good things spoken
and Lincoln people can hear and
enjoj iust as much right at homo as to
go away to celebrate. The opening
event of the day will bo the street dis
play , which will commence promptly at
10 o'clock , the procession forming on
Ninth strcel and Market square. The
line of march will take many of Iho
principal buiiness streets along its way
and it will take , it is estimated , 1 hour
and 30 aiinuU-s for Iho rounds lo be made
and baek lo the point of commencement.
The order of march or rather thu forma
tion of the procession will be as nearly as
practicable in tlio order that follows :
i'olieo department , marshals of the day
and aids , carriages containing olllccrH of
tlio day and .speakers , secret and benevo
lent soVieties , postal clerks and maij de
livery , Iho lire department , two Knights
of labor wagons containing misses rente-
Hunting tlie galaxy of btales. the bar
bers' union display , typographical union
display , clgarmakors' display , bricklay
ers , carpenters , plasterers , tojlowod by
a genenil business and Industrial exhibit ,
too numerous in number to enumerate ,
all making , as Iho management oxpcct ,
one of the most complete labor displays
ever witnessed in Hie capital city.
AT Tin : sTA'in IIOUM : .
The contracts for furnishing supplies
for the coming three monllis for tlie dif
ferent .stale institutions , including the re
form school , insane hospital , deaf and
dumb institution and the blind asylum ,
wore awarded yesterday , and the success-
lul comiH'titorsout of tno grist ot bidders
wore found to bo the following :
Hospital for Iho Insane Flour , Taogi &
Slmiibiieh Columbus ; paints and oils ,
J. II. Harlo'y , Lincoln ; dry goods , . ! . U.D.
Newman , Lincoln ; groceries , Ihoinas
Sowell , Lincoln : coal , Whitebrci : = t Coal
company , Lincolniv. . ' . S and medicines ,
J" . II. lliirly Lincoln.
Deal and Dumb Institute Groceries ,
Win Fleming & Co. , Omaha ; broad , Joseph -
soph Garnoau Cracker company , Omaha ;
coal , Nebraska Fuel company , drugs ,
J. A. Fuller & Co. . Omaha ; paints and
oils. Kennard & Powers , Omaha ; dry
goods , S. P. MorBo & Co. , Omaha.
Hlind Asylum-Moats , S. W. Trail , Ne
braska City ; Ice , Lcidegh & Mason , Ne
braska City ; groceries , Frazer & Utter-
back , Nebraska City.
Reform School Dry goods , J. H. Iryin
& Co. , Kearney ; groceries , Caroline
Thomason , Kearney meats , Wm. Ilccht ,
Kearney : Hour , Caroline Tliomason. The
competition in these numerous awards
was close , and in many cases wholesale
rates were obtained in the contracts.
The following list of notaries have been
commissioned and Iheir papers for
warded lo Ihom July 3 by Iho secretary
of stnlo :
II , C. Mason , A. C. Powell. Omaha ;
Alexander Graham , Heatrico ; Frank U.
llurcourl. Trenton ; RobertUhllg , Colum
bus ; Charles Heck , Hartley , Red Willow
county ; H. 11. Hall , Omaha : Robert M.
Puylon , Croighlon ; II. C. hvens , Now-
porl , flrown county ; Charles E. Davis ,
Ruvena , Hufl'alo county ; L. C. Hurr , Lin-
col/i ; T. O. Hoyt , Ruio ; A. L. Field , Non-
panel , Dawes county ; L. C. Thompson ,
ft" Hex Hntto , Dawcs county ; John C. Fotzer ,
If * ' J. L. Hill , Omaha ; Charles C Pearl , At
kinson ; A L. Stcolo , O'Neill ; Samuel J.
i Fair , Rockvilie , Sherman county.
The school lands In Chuyonno and
Chase counllcs will bo appraised , and
work in that line is now in progress.
Owing to the size of the first of the two
counties the work will not bo completed
at a very early day.
The railroad commissioners have had
just Iwo new cases Hied with Ihom since
Iho mill of Juno , and those of a charac
ter that amount to absolutely nothing.
Ono or two decisions have been made
in former cases , and the arduous duties
nt the present time are confined to send
ing railroad corporatioiw doing business
in the state blanks for filling out and for
warding an animal report of all business
done , investments , repairs , etc. These
reports are limited to September for
return , and the companies will have a
little fun themselves out of their commis
Superintendent Jones left yesterday
for Nebraska City , where ho will assist
in the work of thu Oleo county teachers ,
institute now in session there , nnd which
is tlio opening iiiMilulo in Iho slalo. The
Hlulu superintendent will also visit the
National Teachers' association al Topeka
tlio coining week
The workman at thn salt well have
now reached a depth of 5r > 0 feet and are
Htill hammering in the solid rook entirely
oblivious as to whether thu find will be
natural gas , gold , coal or a much proph
esied bait well.
Mr , Irvm , of Kearney , brother-in-law
of Land Commissioner Scott , is at tlio
state capital for a ten days' residence
witli relatives and numerous acquaint
ances In Lincoln ,
Itullroad Commissioner Huschow has
gone homo to celebrate his country's '
birthday with his own immediate constit
uency and a number of oilier statu house
men will do likewise.
nro creating no small commotion in the
city and filling the docket at the county
judges otllco with work for a month at
least if all the eases go through Iho form
of a trial by jury , Whisperings of a
reckoning time hayo been numerous , but
the parties now apprehended and charged
with violating the law have apparently
boon unconscious of the storm cloud that
1ms arisen and given all fears to the
wind ; now , however , the musio has com
menced , and the Law and Order Loa"uo
are exhibiting a degree of life and vitality
apparently wholly uulooked for. It is
Elated by those wuo are supposed to bo
Hcniinlnted with the facts that two parties
from Omaha have been collecting the
facia and evidence againsl tlio parlies
under arrest for some time , and that they
ro indirectly the agents of the law and
order society He thnt ni It may the
ra < es nro pronounced as onca easy to
rcnch n verdict upon , and In nil the
charge * made. The cases created in the
last two days by the law and order
league y are two cases for gamb
ling , one against Dnna llydo
and one against Jay Norton These
ca es nre set for hearing on the 7th day
of July.
There are five cases commenced nsamst
restaurant keeper. " , charging them with
selling liquors without a liren e nnd
selling liquors on Sundays. The parties
chnrged under the = c counts are Hiitltt
Lintlsley. James Herrlek , Frank Law
rence , Joseph Martin nnd Frank For-
For selling without n license , two drug
gists , or drug linns , have been called into
court , and these are A. L. Shader and
Jones t Kostke. One of these firms hail
hearing yesterday and was bound over
der'tyoo bonds to answer the charges
nt the next term of the district court.
Three witnesses in this case were nl o
hound over in like sum to roqulic their
attendance In district court.
Five fallen women , keepers of houses
of prostitution , are uUo under arrest on
the charge of selling liquors without n
license , nnd also for keeping houses of ill
fame. The e parties nre Moliio Hall ,
Pearl Lcwi , Lydia Stuwart , Anna Hien -
berg and Anna Trip ) ) . Two of these par-
tics liati their healing yesterday ami were
bound over to the district court under
$3CO ooiuls.
i.ixroi.N nutr.r.s.
The uniform men of the Knights of
1'vthias in tliis city nro in a fever of ex
citement over the prospective tour to
Toronto that they make leaving this city
next week over the Northwestern. The
division drills nightly on the university
campus , anil some fifty men in uniform
will comprise the capital city's delega
tion to one of Hie greatest civio society's
meetings ever heldm the country. That
the Lincoln division will acquit itself
creditably on dress parade goes without
question , for the boys are all thorough in
tlie t/icties and expect to carry tlio ban
ner , for Nebraska nt least.
Captain J. II. Stickle , of Hebron , nnd
Editor Sedgwiek , of York , were in Lin
coln yesterday and called at the BII :
headquarters. Their ; reports agree that
politics as yet in the state are dormant
and unorganized , but tlio Van Wyck
sentiment a good crop.
Marshal Heach had parties out in the
country yesterday after a young man
who became drunk and made things
howl in tlio city. The marshal , the night
before , chased the fellow about four
miles , both pursued and pursuer being on
horseback , but failed to catch him. Tlio
young man will be given a lesson in
police court.
In police court yesterday the rise in
the thermometer also recorded a rise in
culprits und live answered at roll call to
the charge of being either drunk or both
drunk and disorderly ; old otlenders wore
given live days and new ollenders $1 nnd
costs , most of whom paid up and went
The police yesterday were on I ho track
of the man who assaulted a woman tlio
other evening and wore taking stops to
ward securing a warrant for the scamp's
Police court had a case up wherein a
cook in pno of the hotels was chnrged
with assisting in rescuing pri.soners from
o Hi curs. It appear * that along in the
evening a row was broken up by one of
tlio force and in attempting to take the
boligerpnt to jail n newspaper man was
called in to assist. The man up in court
was charged witli lescuing the prisoner
from tlio newspaper man.
Senator Van Wyck , after n day's so
journ in Lincoln , was an Omaha passen
ger. The senator expects to be in Lincoln
for a short time again before returning
to Washington , presumably on Tuesday
Tlio Melnteo case has been
continued until the Oth of
the month , but Justice Drown
in whoso court ho was released on bail ,
expressed the fact that owing to the find
ings of the coroner's jury , Mclntco would
bo placed in jail again.
Snoriil'Mohek came homo on schedule
time witli tlio two men , Stuwart nnil
Chute , the mon charged with embezzle
ment. Both parties waived examination
and were put under ? 1,000 bonds for their
appearance in district court.
Among Lincoln visitors yesterday wcro
Judge F. G. llnmcr of Kearney , Hon.
Nathan Hlakoly of the kingdom ol Gaco ,
and M. K. Lewis of Hastings , president
of the Central Van Wyck club.
yesterday wore the following Nebraska
people : J. S. McAleir , Unadilla ; E. E
Whaloy , Loup City : Thomas W. Kiddle ,
Waltoo ; William Finn , McCook ; C. E !
North , Columbus ; F. W. Samuolson ,
Humboldt ; H. H. Whoelock , Fullerton ;
Frank P. Ireland , Nebraska City ; W. P
Saunders , Beatrice ; Frank Dickson , Elmwood -
wood ; M. K. Lewis , Hastings ; F. G.
llamer , Kearney.
YMion > y wu slcV , TTB giva her C.utds ,
When eho WM a Child , > hs cried for C'Mtorla ,
When ulie became Miss , she clang to Cutoria ,
Wb o iho iixl CMldnu , aba garc them Cistotii
For Kent.
Elegant briok residence , ton rooms
modern conveniences ; St. Mary's ave
Dr. Graddy , 140-1 Fnrnaiu et.
If you buy lumber nny whore without
first getting lloaglands price's you wil
lose money.
_ , _ ;
Dr. M. B. Croll , cor. 10th and Chicago.
Samuel Shears nnd J. M. Eddy hnvo
tliis sold their in the
dny interest co-part-
nortfhipof Markcl , Swobo & Co , , to tlio
iiupcrfiigncd , who ussumo all liablitlos
ana to whom all bills must bo paid.
The business will bo conducted as heretofore
toforo in thu name of the Pacido Hole
company. J. E. MAHICKL ,
Dated ; Omahn.Juno 80th. Tiios.Swom : ,
M. 11. GOIILU.
You can buy lurimuro cheaper of A
L. Fitcli & Co. , 12th st. , bet Farnnm und
Douglas , than nnv otliur place in the city ,
Miss Catharine Wolfe , ot Now York city
iins Riven SIS.CX'O toward the purchase eSt
St , Philip's chinch In that city , to bit used ns
nu ItuIIr.u mission in coimectiou with Grace
I'luttistaut church.
Purest nnd stronecat Na ural Fruit navor .
Vanilla , Ijtmoo , Orange. Almond , llose. etc. ,
llaior u delicately and naturally aa tin Jrult.
Character Sketches of Both , Followed By
Feline Freaks and Fish Stories.
Torcst , ricld and Stronm Ylclil Up
JLIbcrnllj , AVIillc Pnrlor rootflcs
nnd Hun Monsters Knrlcli
the Jlusuuni.
Cnnlnc Stories.
A 1II.ACK 1'KAIIUK ] > ( ) ( ) .
IjAitAMiKVy. . T , June 2 < < . Naturalists -
ists nnd curiosity hunting of this cplion
nro c\cltcd over the discovery of n black
prairie dog the lint of that hue known.
the color of the nnininl always being n
licht gray , Kesenreh in nil stni.dnni
authority obtainable hero reveals no trace
whatever of anything of the like. Tlio
dog wns captured yesterday in the Cen
tennial valley nnd is now on exhibition
in the olllci-of the naturnllst , N. C Gil-
niorc , who liai already refused several
larfjo oilers for the nnininl. Orent crowds
conlinunlly coino to view the curiosity ,
all agreeing that it is thu eighth wonder
of the world.
SAVKI > nv A i > oo.
Columbus ( ( .in. ) Knquiror- While a
pleasure partyVero onjoving thenisolves
in bathing titl'nblu , IJeacii , one of their
number. . .Miss Mnnrio Shaw , daughter of
dipt.Villinni A. Shaw , of Jnck\onvllle ,
Fin , was thrown from oil' her feet by a
monster breaker. Her screams attraeted
the nttuntion of every one ns she rolled
in the fciirf. Suddenly , liku n flush , n
largo blaek Newfoundland dog. owned
bj John llammant , of Hotel I'nblo , came
hounding down tlio hnnk , and springing
into the breakers caught .Miss Sluiw by
her clothes and brought her to shore.
Black , ns tlio dog is named , has bccomo
n great favorite by his brave , human-like
act , nnd rightly deserves now collar.
in ; i.ovis : TO SEE THE CAUS.
West Chester Hupnblicaii : I'tissongors
over tiie Ualtiuuire Central railroad have
noticed for n few dii'vs past n very tame
woodchuck or ground hog , which mounts
n htump near his hole in a clover field a
short distance west of Avondale nnd
watches tlio trains go past. Ho makes a
roirular practice ol leaving the succulent
clover nnd mounting the stunm whenever
the noise of the approaching trains is
heard. His perch is not more than fifty
fuel trom the track.
A SK\I : 'iiuEiiiuvincii ; : r > ivotritEii : rirrv
Philadelphia Record : Mr. Da\id W.
Sellers , who is well known at the Phila
delphia bar , is tlio fortunate nosses- of
nn unusually intelligent Skye terrier
whose aptness to learn nnd ability to per
form various umusingtrlckslinvncnnblcd
him to move in the highest circles of
canine society. He has recently ci\en
proof of nn accomplishment and a power
of perception of which his owner had
previously been in ignorance. A tew
days ago Mr. Sellers gave each of his
daughters a crisp § " > ( ) bank note , which a
few minutes later were accidentally
brushed from the table where they had
been placed and were inadvertently per
mitted to remain upon the lloor for a le\v
moments. Shoitly afterward search was
made for tlio bills , ajul , to the surprise
of all , the } ' were not to be found ; and fern
n brief period their sudden disappear
ance was an unsolved mystery. As the
accomplished terrier was the only visitor
in the room during the interval lie was
looked upon with suspicion. The cir
cumstantial evidences of his guilt was
overwhelming , and Mr. Sellers at once
instituted proceedings in equity v gainst
him for the recovery of the treasures.
An emetic was administered , nnd the
recovery of the bill : ) in a sadly mutilated
condition disclosed the terrier's guilt.
The recovered notes were , however , in a
condition to bo identified , nnd were ex
changed at the United States sub-treasury
for new bills.
"itOOEU AND I. "
Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph : A
tramp , who had evidently arrived in the
city last night , judging from his sun
burned face and hands and muddy
clothes , took a novel way of protecting
himself. He baunterod up to Eleventh
street abbout 11 o'clock last night , nnd
was accompanied by a b'.g ferocious-look
ing yellow dog. The tramp sought the
most quiet portion of the street , near
Allegheny Valley Kailroad general
otliccs , lay down nnd cnlnily went to
sleep. The yellow dog squatted down at
his master's head , ns though ho had been
specially trained to protect him. Several
persons tried to edge up toward the
sleeping man , but on each occasion tlio
yellow uow would blink his eyes , show
his teeth and growl. That was Mitlicient
warning to all intruders. Jinch would
quickly walk away , and the dog and his
master were left undisturbed until the
morning sun aroiibcd them nnd told tlmm
that it was time to be moving on the
next stopping place.
Almut Parrots.
A well-known centenarian has just died
in Paris , His name was Lenoir , and ho
was one hundred nnd three years old.
Lenoir was a parrot , lie was born in
tlio reign of Louis Seize , and never quit
ted tlio house he saw the light , hav
ing been handed down by will to the
dilt'orent owners of tiie house. Lenoir
was n capital talker nnd know a number
of phrases , which he often brought out
mill u propos. Since tlw reign of Charles
X. there was n good deal of difliculty in
getting the bird to learn anything now.
However , n servant with radical sympa
thies taught him in n tow weeks to say
"Vivo Uambettal" This he occasionally
varied witli "A has llobespiorrol" which
lie had been accustomed to say during
the Kolgn of Terror. The last words or
this rcuiurukblo bird wcro , it appears
"Grace pour Marie Antoinette. "
Youth's Companion : Here is a true
narrot story. A lady living in Colorado
has a very cloyor parrot , but , like clever
babies , it can rarely bo made ( o " how
oil" at the desired time. The owner of
the parrot one afternoon gave a tea party
to n dozen or more Indies , nnd Mibb Polly
positively declined assisting in the enter-
tninmont of the guests
Not one word would she say , hut kept
up u constant Knurling and snapping that
was most inhospitable , even disgraceful.
While at the tea-table the ladies
dropped into ( lie feminine habit of all
talking at the same time This so dis
gusted Polly thatsho finally condescended
to speak , nnd in her angriest tone she
sneeringly shrieked :
"Ya , ya. ya ! All talk at once ! Gab-
bio , gabble , gabblol"
A Sea Serpent in the Danube ,
Flying Dutchman or jio Flying Dutch
man , tlio sea serpent has turned up again
and this time in the Danube. The in
habitants of the little town of Delns-Mo
gyer , between Ofen nnd Szcnt-Kndro ,
were thrown a few days ago into great
excitement. Fishers returning from the
Danube , which flows hard by , reported
that during the night tlio quite waters of
tiio river had been ogitated by some ex
traordinary monster whoso like they hail
never before seen. It was the body of a
colossal flshliko creature , which rose to
the surface and disappeared again alter
nately , violently agitating the surface of
the stream. The story spread like wiM-
fire , and the next night exploring parties
betook themselves to the river , though
the monster was not seen nguln. The be
lief is now common in tlio district that
the Danube has been visited by the fabu
lous sea serpent. A small flotilla of
liuda-Pesth fishing barks is reported to
linvo ponp ( o thn scone of the Mrnnge ap-
pnitlon nilli a view of learning the ( ui'.li
of tlio matter.
l-'lsh Stories.
A ! | SlAtK | STOIIV.
( nlvcston No d : Last summer , ns the
quarantine toamor Hvgela was coming
in from outidu the bar , a largo school of
porpoises were nhUing round the vc scl ,
when the engineer , "Hilly" HriMol ,
opened lire on them with an old-fah-
foiled 45-cabiber revolver , anil by a chance
shot killed one. The vessel was stopped ,
the porpol c , which would weigh several
hundred pounds , secured liy a stout
noose round the tail , and leu hanging
over tin1 ship's idc , head down in the
water. Within a very few moments a
huge shark , probably eighteen feet in
length , made n ru h for the porpoise , nnd.
although fired upon , cut it in twain , and
made another ru h for the remainder ,
nnd bit thnt in two just above the tail ,
which was left hanging , nnd mndo oil' ,
despite the fact that IMO pistol shots wcro
lired Into its head without nny apparent
oiled. On the hist rush the shark's head
was well out of water , nnd when lired on
was not moie than three or four feet
from the pistol's niu//le.
A ( JAMK riMl.
Atlanta Constitution"Speaking of
game fish , " remarked the Judge , as ho
swapped tobacco with the railroader ,
"the waw-moiith perch beats all for bit
ing. When I was a young fellow 1 used
to hunt deer in south Georgia. Down
about the Wavering Ponds , below Albany ,
was line ground lor still-hunting , and L
used to indulge myself In some rare
sport there. One afternoon I had killed
a little buck , nndslinging him ncross my
shoulder , I .stillted for homo. For tlio
sake of a short eut 1 decided to wade
through ono ol the. ponds. My breaches
legs had become tattered and fringed by
the wild rose bushes , and as the water
began to get about knee deep. I kept
feeliuc something something pulling nnd
twitching nt my trousers. I paid little
attention to it until I emerged fioni the
water , when , looking down , I beheld
wall nmn/.ement half a do/.on largo waw-
Dionth porch clinging to the tatters on
either leg. They had got splashed with
blood from the deer , and the lisli had bit
at them and were so hungry that they
held on , waw-mouth like , until [ carried
them liigh and dry to the shore. Bent nny
fish I ever saw for grit and determina
tion. "
Atlanta Constitution. The old rounder ,
casting a meditative glance toward where
the sun hud gone down , said' "Well ,
gentlemen , I had a little experience of
my own once. 1 wont down on the
Chnttahoocheo river , in Dceatur county ,
to visit an old-time friend. Ho had often
told me of the splendid fishing theie , nnd
1 was anxious to try it. It was into in
the evening when 1 got there , nnd I re
tired early , so ns to be ready for the fun
next day. 1 asked how far it was to the
creek , and they told me it was only a few
hundred yards , just beyond the fence.
15y light next morning I was up , and se
curing n good tackle and a few .sawyers ,
stalled off toward the crock. The fog
was bo heavy , for it was woods burning
time , that 1 could not see any distance
ahead of mo , and so 1 groped my way 03
boil I could across the little clearing.
Kciiching the fyncc. J climbed over , and
picking my way carefully , for i did not
want to fall into the creek. I proceeded
slowlj down the slope until I thought I
must bo near the water's edge Halting
my hook , I throw it forward , and just
about time enough for it to strike the
water I felt a pull , and with a jerk 1
biotiglit in n Jine fellow. For ten min
utes I stood txcro ( , and pulled them in ,
and then , fearing 1 would spoil one day's
sport , 1 regretfully retired , and by acoi-
dent 1 reached tiie house through the fog.
After breakfast the fog liftt" ! , raid \e
got ready for a dp.y'S enjoyment. You
may imagiiic my surprise when , ongoing
to the place where 1 had caught so many
early in the inornintr. I found that it was
n full hundred yards from the bank of
the creek. The truth is , 1 had not touched
the wnter.but . just stood there and caught
them out of the fog. "
From Two Years in the Jungle : Wo
will never know the actual depth of the
mud on that bank , but wo sank into it to
our knecb at every step and were for
tunate to stop at that point. What a
circus it must have been for those who
looked on ! But in for a penny in for a
pound , and bidding Francis to choose
the largest fish when possible wo wont
for them. Tliere were probably about n
dozen in sight , hopping spasmodically
about or lying nt rest on the mud , but
when we selected the nearest specimens
nnd made for them they developed sur
prising energy nnd speed and made
straight tor their burrows. They pro
gressed by a series of rapid but short ,
repeated jumps , accomplished by bend
ing the hinder third of thv body sharply
around to the loft , then straightened it
very suddenly , and at tiie same instant
lifting tlio front part of the uody clear of
the ground by means of the arm-liko
pectoral fins , which act iiko the front flip
pers of a sea-lion. Those fins nre almost
like arms in their structure and use , the
bones being of great length and thus
giving the members great freedom of
movement , Owing to the soft and yield
ing nature of the mud , the leaps were
short , about six inches being the distance
gained each time , but tlioy wcro so rapid ,
the mud so very deep , nnd our progress
FO slow , the lish nlwiys succeeded in get
ting into their holes before wo could
reach them. Their burrows were simply
mud-holes , going straight down to n
depth of three or four feet , large enough
in diameter to admit of a man's urm
easily , and of course , full of water. Al
though the mud was soft , it was not
sticky , and wo were nblo to use our
hands for spades very oU'ectually. JJy
digging a big hole two feet deep and
standing on one's head in the bottom of
it wo were able to reach an arm down
two feet further nnd .seize the fish at tlio
bottom of thu burrow. Lucky it is for us
that they had no sharp nnd poisonous
spines , like tiie mud lull' , which stung me
in Singapore , and paraly/cd my right
hand for some hours.
Tlio Devoted H < | iilrrol.
Savannah Letter to tlio Atlanta Consti
tution : The intonsHy of animal afi'ection
has just been pathetically illustrated In
this city. Tliroo 'years ago Mr. Jacob
Gardner , of Bull street , sold n lady n
largo bltiek squirrel , which had attracted
considerable attention while nt the store
on account oft its' ' unusual si/.o nnd the
beauty of its coat. The animal became
the favorite pet of its purchaser , and was
often given tho'frcedom ' of the hausonnd
oUondod other liberties not often enjoyed
by its kind when in captivity. Occasion
ally the chatterer left the premises , but
never failed to return when night ap
proached. It was the object of almost
constant petliug nnd caressing , nnd
nearly always fclupt snuggled up in tlio
arms of its mistress. . A lew days ago tlio
owner left the city for a few iiuys , leav
ing the squirrel at .home. Tlio little ani
mal soon missed her nnd ran from room
to room nil over the house nnd grounds
in smirch of her , giving unmistakable
evidence of grief. All ellorts nt consola
tion on the part of other inmates of the
house were unavailing , and the squirrel
refused either to be comforted or to par
take of Us Usual food , from time to time
giving vent to pitiful little cries indicative
of grief
After nearly a week had elapsed and it
became evident that the little sonowur'b
deatli was n matter of only K few days ,
the owner was notified and returned
homo. Her arrival was greeted with evi
dences of wild joy by the squirrel , which
nruncod about the house and jumped into
her arms with all thu signs of ecstatic
happiness that its weakened condition
would permit. It made every ell'ort to
partake of the tempting food placed be
fore it , but it was unable to swallow , and
on thn following tiny , tvfth if.s eyes turned
most pitifully into those of its mistress ,
it gasped out its life while lying In her
nrms. lionny's heart had been broken
too long to lo healed even by the glad
balm found in its mistress' return.
" *
Sulcldo of Animals. -
Man \i \ not the only nnininl ( lint com
mits suicide , llprringsandothcrllshhnve
sought dentil by rushing nel.are in my
riads , regiments of ants , by deliberately
marching Into streams , swarms of rRts ,
by migrating Into the face of their deadly
foes , and even butterflies , by Hying in
immense cloud * straight out to sea. It
would bo Inteiesting to learn the causes
of the apparent wholesale nnd deliberate
self-dust ! iiclion. Is the aet a purely con
scious one , or nro the creatures victims of
disease mental or physical ?
t'Mslicrincn Attacked l > y Kaylcs.
When Farmer John Martin and his
neighbor , Mr. Slrcotcr , of Greece town-
shij ) , nonr Rochester , N. Y. , went fishing
nt Long Pond last week they weto amply
provided \ith } all appliances for captur
ing the pickerel that lie in wait among
the lily pads of that famous fishing
ground for the spoon hooks of angler- .
Their luck was phenomenal. Pickerel
and bass of glorious dimensions took the
lure In rapid succession. A few hours'
fishing put them in possession of enough
lish to satisfy reasonable men , and they
started to walk homo. Their path led
them through n piece of woods near the
pond , nnd in going through n glade ,
they were decidedly startled by a sudden
attack of two largo birds , which How nt
them viciously and compelled them to
drop tlio fish and defend themselves. One
of the men had n gall'or fish spear , and
with it lie struck at the birds , finally so
disabling the wing of one of them that It
could not fly or continue the attack. The
loss of its mate cooled the courage of the
o'hor bird , and it Hew away. Air. Martin
and his friend then nppronchcd the
wounded bird , which proved to be nn
eagle , and found it tar from subdued. Its
beak and talons were vigorously used ,
and it was not until one of its captors
hold its head down with n stick while the
other tied a piece of lish line around its
legs and a hankerchlef mound its head
that it gave up the .struggle. The eagle ,
still alive , is now in Mr. Martin's posses
sion. Its injured wing is healing and its
appetite appears to be unimpaired , for it
easily eats two pounds of meat daily.
Hoes Hint Can DIsllngulMli n Tune.
Lyons ( N. Y. ) Republican : Furmer
Henry Wadsworth. of Wolcott , in this
county , has a son Daniel who has for
years worked nt homo upon his father's
farm. He has a great love for domestic
animals , and an unusual aptitude for
winning their confidence and teaching
them tncks. He has taught the horses ,
dogs and cats upon tlio farm scores pi
dillorent tricks , and is well known in
Wolcott nnd vicinity for his ability in this
lino. Several months ago Daniel heard
the old-time saying that swine had no ear
for muaic. Ho was convinced that the
having was an unjust imputation upon
the intelligence of those animals , and by
long practice , coupled with rare patience ,
lie has during his leisure hours actually
taught the licrd of swine at the farm to
distinguish tlio tune of "Yankee Doodle"
when they hear it. It is his daily custom
to go into the lot where the swine are
feeding , and to whistle the old familiar
tune , whereupon ever. , liog will prick up
his ears and run to his side. A number
of people are sceptical ns to young Wads-
worth's ability to call up the beasts in the
manner stated , but since he has put tlio
animals on exhibition tlio experiment lias
never been known to faij. Hundreds of
people have seen him do it.
On many occasions ho has whistled n
number of familiar airs without touching
upon his"Ynnlcc Doodle , " with no oil'ect
upon his swinish pupils , but when that
tune is reached only a few bars , are
whistled before the herd comes crowding
about him. To any who may disbelieve
this , Daniel extends an invitation to wit- the exhibition any line dny.
A Buzzard Carries Oft" it Goslin.
Fort Gaines Tribune : Wo were in
formed by one of our best farmers , resid
ing n few miles from Fort Gaines , of a
rather singular occurrence which ho wit
nessed n short time since. He was plow
ing in n little patch near the house when
ho noticed quite n commotion nmpng the
fowls near by , and seeing something dart
aown among them , nnd supposing it to
be a hawk , ho ran toward thnm. Imagine
his surprise wiien ho saw n buzzard rise
and Hv awny , taking with it n goslln in
its beak. It seems thnt the gonlin was
more than the buzzard could well man
age. BO it flew oft" very near the ground.
The gentleman and his dog then started
in pursuit , and by his hallooing and tlio
dog barking , frightened the buzzard ho
that it dropped the goslin and Hew away ,
lie says ho can't toll what tlio bu/.zard's
intentions wcro , except that it thought
the goslin was ono of its young and
wanted to carry it to stifo quarters.
liccs on tlio War-path.
Lewiston ( Mo , ) Journal- correspond
ent of the Bee Journal writes Unit a
brood of chickens were in tlio habit of
frequenting the shed in which ho kept his
hoes. The bees slung till tlio dark colored
ones to death , yet did not molest the light
cojored chicks. Whythopreforencoy The
editor writes that ho lias frequently
spoken of the advantage of wearing light
clothes among the bees. Wo wear black
line veils because wo cannot sec clearly
through any other color. Woolly , fuzzy
and dark materials are objected to by
bees. A man with a plug hat on rarely
gets stung , unless by a bee that in trying
to "blioot the fiat" aims too low und hits
the face by mistake , while n companion
at u suitable distnnco is perfectly safe.
Fell no Romances.
George A. Gray , of Woodland street ,
Moridan , Conn. , has a three-year-old cat ,
which , until rccmitly.lms conducted Itself
with propriety nnd sobriety. The other
day she quit her play nnd mischief and
began to yowl as if in pain , and soon
stretched out in a death-bed attitude and
apparently dopnitcd for the land where
nil good cats are supposed to go.
Alter tlio flow of family tears had par
tially subsided , thu cat , after several
hours of innocuous desuetude , began to
show slews of returning consciousness ,
nnd finally pulled horse If together almost
ns good as now.
The secret of the incident cnmo out
two days later when it was discovered
flint tlie cat had boon feasting on bits of
steak which n neighbor had been soaking
for medicinal purposes. In brief , the cat
was dead drunk , and this in a commu-
njty where a man has no .right to deluge
himself with any tiling stionger than
New York Journal ; The intoiior of
the Forty-second btreet car .stables on
Saturday night was n crutor of red and
yellow tlamo when the gaze of tlio mul
titude below becamelixod upon tholigiiro
of a big black cat that had fled to tiio roof
for safety. The tenor tones of thu cat
were audible above the slnieks of the fire
engines and tlio rush of water.
With tail pelpcndiciilnr , with nil four
claws clutching the hot brioks , the un
happy feline began n race with death
along the crumbling edge of the parallel
forty feet from tlie ground. His form
was penciled against a background of
lire with the sharp lines of a silhoutto.
Oncn in n while u red tongue of lltimo
would lick n bunch of lir from the cat's
body , and with an uncanny scream of
ngony he would leap along the parapet
like a swoepstakc-i favorite.
The crowd below began to got excited.
There was a cry for the firemen to rescue
the only living thing in or on the hla/iii'
building , but the cat hither and
thither eo rapidly that it was impossible
to tell where to post a ladder , Several
times ho Jumped from n tottering frag-
mom of wall just ns It crumbled nnd fell
in dust nnd nshcs wittiin the crater Tlio
green light of his eyes could bo seen
plainly , nnd so constant were his cries
that it was evident that his lungs were
yet untouched by the fiery vapors.
At last re.seuo was attempted , nnil the
crowd cheered. A lironian stnled , i lad
der , and the cat uw him coming \ \ ith
wondeiful pivenee of mind the poor
built ; Mopped over the topmost iiing. and
\ \ hen the fireman was yet some distance
below , leaped upon his shoulders. Mnn
and cat then safely descended to Iho
livery vestige of hair had been singed
from the cat's body , nnd ho looked n
liing skeleton in carconl. Ho was re
ceived with open arms by n woman in
the crowd , who carried him oil' for
hospital 11eatment wrapped in a shawl.
Several thousand witnessed this thrilling
Bridgepoit ( t'onn. ) Stnndnid : Last
nlghl the regular freight on the Consolid
ated road at IKtO stopped In Kast Bridge
port to take on pome cnrs ThobrnK'1-
man turned the s\\itch , which is known
among railroad men as a "split switch , "
to let the engine in on the turnout. Thu
switch is operated from one of tlio little
rouiidliou'-os built for that purpose The
switch re.spondcd correctly to all appear
ances , and the signal was given to the
engineer to "go ahead. " 'Llio engine
stalled and the driver soon discovered ho
was oil'tho track. An investigation re
vealed the fact that a lingo rat had been
cnughUn the jaws of the switch , which
had forced it open far enough to allow
the engine to leave the rails
Farm , Field and Stockman : An at
tempt to entcli rats by trapor by pois
oning them .suddenly , will fall. Old rats
know lee much and can only be caught by
kindness. To destroy them , give them a
good meal every day. Do not put any
poison in tlie food , but simply prepare a
dish for them every day , ns a free lunch ,
eompo-ed of corn meal moistened witli
milk , into which nn egg nnd a little salt
has been beaten. At they may not
touch it , but keep it before them making
it fresli daily They will > eon try a little
and if not Injurious their suspicions will
be allayed. 'In a week or ten days they
will c\j > ect it and every rat on the
place will bo nt the appointed place for
tlie treat. Give them plenty of it so as
to induce every rat in the neighborhood
to join in. Do not bo in n hurry to poison
them. If they oat nil the food , trive them
a larger quantity ne\t day. As soon ns
they have thrown oil'all suspicious go to
your druggist , get some phosphorus
paste , or oilier rat poison , mix it with thu
food and be sure you give them enough
and something to spare , so ns to induce
all to eat. Tfiey will either bo killed or
become so suspicious of nil other food ns
to leave , and not a rnt will remain.
Hence , to destroy rats , take plenty of
time , gam their confidence nnd finish
them when they least expect it.
i.XPLOl : > IN(3 ItATd.
A package of yeast cakes was eaten
one night by rats in n freight house at
Mlddietowu , N. Y. The yeast soon began
to work , and people waiting for the train
next dny were interested in watching rats
run out from under the freight-house , go
nj > like rockets nnd explode in tlio air
with a Minip rcpoit.
Too Many " \VoodcliuolcB.
Thrco years ago woodcluieks became
.so abundant and so destructive in La
Porte , Indiana , that the authorities
o fibred a bounty of i.0 cents for each
woodchuck seal ] ) . The lirst year 2,875
scalps were presented : the second , 5,010 ;
the third , 7ol , .1 total ol 15,860 scalps ,
on which was paid $ .5,177,20.
Hnnkc Stories.
Lnfnyetto ( Ga. ) Messenger : One of
our popular young farmers , noted for
truthfulness as well as modesty , tells the
following story of a fight between a rat
and a miukc. He wus ut his stable one
morning not long since , and after doing
some chores around the lot he sat down
and began to meditate he is given to
such tilings occasionally and while
sitting on the fence near Ids stable he
saw u snake orawl out from under the
crib in quite a hurry ; presently u largo
rut followed und attacked the suaku
fiercely , It jumped upon Ids snnkeship
nnd ut once the loptilu coiled und en
deavored to strike the rat , but it was
quick und escaped the bito.s , meanwhile
plying its own teeth in u fearless man
ner , The rat and snukc clinched , rolled
up in a wad , the snalto trying to coil
around the rat. Just ut tiiat moment iho
rnt , securing a good chance , seized the
snake near its tail and bit it terribly. In
much pain nnd agony , the gorpent m > ickly
gave up the fight nnd made ofT , the rat
following u short distance nnd then re
luming went back to the crib. Several
times it came out und smcllcd nlong
through the weeds , as if scenting tlie
snake. It Is supposed that the snake iiad
eaten the old ral's young , and it v/ns de
termined to hnvo revenge.
Tlio Tuxedo Park association odcrs a
bounty on snakes $1 for u poisonous
snake and 50 cents for less dangerous
ones. One of thu men employed Uiero
killed $40 worth in one day.
A Ijnw Suit RccallH tlio Btory of
HpiUu'H SmiKc'ii Treasure Ships.
Philadelphia Dispatch : Hampton L.
Carson filed n bill in equity to-day on
behalf of K. C. Collins ngninstJ J.fioylo
und the Vigo Bay Treasure company.
The bill is brought merely to compel
Boyle to deliver to the iiluintifl' 20.000
shares of the stock of the Treasure com
pany , under an agreement by which lie
agreed to make feuch delivery. The com
pany's business is of a decidedly romantic
chnrnctcr. During tiio war of tiio Span
ish succession , at the end of the seven
teenth century , when Franco and Spain
were contending with England , Austria
nnd Holland over the question of whether
Louis XIV. or King Charles of Austria
should name the successor to tlio Spanish
throne , Iho mnmornblo naval engage ,
incut took place in Vigo bay , n little land
locked harbor on the northern coast of
Spain. For several years Iho Knglish
Heels and privatccra had deterred the
shipment of tlio usual annual cargoes of
precious colonial produce fiom thuSpnn-
isli colonies to the mother country.
Finnlly in 170J the nucosiilics of the
.Spanish exchequer demanded relief in
some wuy , and the protection of a French
Hoot was secured to escort thirty heavily
laden galleons from Havana to Cadi/ .
llelore the Heel and convoy renehod thn
Spanish const , Sir Clondenley Shovel , the
Lnglish admiral , learned of their approach
preach nnd set his sharpest watchers.
Tlio Spaniards observed the movement
and succeeded in coin eying a warning to
the approaching fleet. The destination
was accordingly changed from Cadiz to
Vigo. Thu Englishman , however , was
nut ID bo so easily thwarted. The licet
got by him , but ho went nftor it They
beat him Into the harbor , nnd the French
lleet wiia stationed at the entrance , while
llit > galleons proceeded to unload
IJeforis much of the cargoes hail been
landed the Englishmen arrived , and n
battle began nl once between the two
fleets. I'liu French ships were rapidly
Bunk or disabled When the Kuglish lleet
finally forced its way into the harbor , the
Spaniards determined that if they could
not themselves enjoy thu riches of the
galleons , ut least they .should not fall into
the clutches of thu Kngliih. Seven had
been unloaded , the Hiiglish captured six ,
hut the remaining seventeen were sunk
in foity-livo feet ot water
Diving bells being unknown to the
mariners of those davs , Sir Ooudcslo.v
suited oil' content \uth the lot he Irul
secured , afterward discovering that the
treasure taken from n single ono of the
galleons was Asoith fJJ.OOO.ti.Kt. all Of this
was made into coins , on which the word
"Vigo" was stamped below the head ci
good Queen Anno.
Historians and antiquarians occasion
ally referred to the sunken treasure , but
it remained undisturbed , save once in the
present century , when the Knglishmnn
who raised the ships sunk in the harbor
of Sevastopol sent divers down under the
waters of Vigo liny , and afterward re
ported that the treasuie there could nni
be less than $ M.OOu.Oil ) . Finally the Span *
ish g < n eminent gave n concession to a
Connecticut concern to recover the treas
ure upon tlie condition that It should pay
n royalty of 23 per cent The concession
was transfoircd to tlio Vigo Hnj Treasure
company , and the Suantsli gm eminent
rutihed the transfer The olllcoru of thu
company estimate thu nniinnit of tno
treasure at $ :17,000,000 : They find that
the galleons hn\o sunk very little In thu
hard bottom on which theivsf. . but thnt
they are covered over witli mud and llnu
sand about inno feel deep , which havu
come down from tlie neighboring moun
tains. They have exactly located twulvo
of the galleons , nnd bioughl up thirty
cords of magnificent mnliogany , besides
n lot of brass cannon.
They are not discouraged nt having
failed to icaeh the treasure yol , because
old report * preserved In the government
library at Madrid show Hint the Ircasnro
was ulwujs carried in chnsU built inst
over tlio keelson , with the cargo Piled
above. The future of the enterprise is
decidedly speculative , however , and
Counsellor Cuison asks the Interference
of the court to compel the delivery of thy
stock il < elf instead of money damages
for its non-delivery , on the ground that )
"it may be of great value , depending on-
lively upon the amount and character of
the treasure recovered. "
A. Knlr ItUlr.
Citizen ( to insurance agent ) -I expect
lo light a duel tomorrow , will , and I wan1
my life insured.
Agent ( dubiously ) 11 m. What is
your name ?
t'iti/.eu Col. lllood. I'm a native of
Agent Oh ! All rlghl , Colo'ie1 , how
much insurance do you want ?
Kirk'ti Gnrmnn 1'ilo Olutinont.
Sinecure l < ir blind , bleedlnc , ami Itclilnir
Piles. Ono box ! ms em oil the \\oust eases OL
ten H'iirs Mainline. No ono need sutler ton
minutes niter using this woiuleiful Klrk'a
Herman I'lle Olutiiicnt. 11 absorbs tiunorH ,
nllajsthc itphliitf at onoo , acts us it puulttcu.
L'lu's Instuml relict. Kirk's Guinuiu 1'Uu
Ointment Is proiuied only for I'llo.s ftlitl
Itehliiirof the pi I vale p.uts , mid nothing olsc.
Kven box is w.iuaiited by our agents. Sold
by diu 'iiist-s ; sent by mall on receipt of price ,
f > 0c per box.
DR. C. O. UENTON , I'nor ,
Cleveland. O.
Sold by C. F Gooodmnn and ICuhn & Co. ,
Ifitli nnd Doiik'InM , Ibth nnd Cinnlup
IjOokliiR 1'or Fresh Tnlmt.
Huso ball manager ( to applicant ) !
want a now piloher. Con you curve a
ball ?
Applicant Yes , sir ; I can curve it
twice around the baiter before il reaohts
the catcher' * hands.
Manager only Iwice ?
Applicant That's all.
Manager I'm afraid jou won't do.
What I want is u phenomenon , and a
lefl handed one at thai.
A sure cure for Blind , Ulecdln ? , It chin
nnd Ulcerated 1'ilos has boon discovered by
Dr. Williams , ( an luillnu lemetly ) , called Ur
Williams' Indian Pile Ointment. A slnglo
box has cuicd Iho clnoiitc raises ot i or
80 years standing. No ono need sulfcr live
minutes nfter applying this wondeiful sooth
Inj ? medicine. Lotions nml instruments djj
more harm than point. WlHinffls' Indian
Pile Olut iB i Abttius Ino minors , nllayu the
intfhso itching , ( pnitlcnlarly ut ninlit after
gcttinc warm in bed ) , nets as n poultice , elves
instant lellet , and only for Piles ,
itching of private parts , and for nothing olsu.
Dr. Krn/.ioi's JIairlu Oinlmunt cuies ns by
maL'ic , Pimples , Ulacl : Heads or Oinbs ,
Blotches und Krnptluns on the face , leaving
tliOBKlu cleuruml beautiful. Also cincsltoh ,
bait itl'enm , Hoio Nipples , Sere Lips , and
Old Obstinate Ulcers. V
Bold by druBirlbls , or mailed on receipt ol
Itetiillcil by Kiihn & Co. , mid Sclnootor &
Conrad. At wholf.salo by C. F. Cioodmau
Sonic 1'oor Seeiiory.
A Chicago base ball enthusiast , recently
returned from Europe , is disgusted witli
"Scuneryr" he repeated in reply to a .
quesllon. "What did 1 Ihlnk of Iho
sccneryV" "Why , there ain't scenery
in the hull country Dial's ' level cnougn to
make a diamond. "
The Orealcst Medical 'fiiunipu of Uio Ago !
of appetite , OovTrUco tl c , I'ulii lu
iho licnilrllli n dull enoatloniu tbo
bacU part , 1'iiln under Ilio ( boulder *
Undo , I'ullncis after eating , with adls-
Inclination to oxerltau of bodr or tulnd >
Irritability attemper , I.oimplrlK , with
a roellnnoflinvlnir neglected eomedutr ,
Wcurineu , Vlzzlneii , I'lutlirlag at Ilia
Heart. Dot * before tbo eyes , Headacbo
over Iho right ere , Kostlemnon , with
fitful dream * . Illculy colored Urluo , and
TOTT'H 1'IljI.S are especially ndnptou
to lucb cases , ono tloao effects eucli a
clianiro ofcol In a as to niton Uh thn sufferer.
Tuer Inerea o tlio Appetite , and cam * tlio
bodr to Take ou Flenhtliu tn B/item l
liourlihol.aiul liy their Tonln Action en
Jtenovatud the bodr. wakes Iiualthy tledli ,
fiLrcuijthcna the weafc , rcimlmtliu nasteaol
tlio system witli pura bloou and Imnl nuisclo ;
tones thu nerrous system. Invigorates tlio
bruin , anil Imiwirta tlio vicor ot innuhood ,
I . Bold by dniKKiftUi
44 niurray St. , Noiv York.
Ilcccutly llullt. Nowljr Kurnl.hed
The Tremont , "
J. C , I'ny.OKItAI.UA. tON , I'minlotois.
Cor. fth anil I'rits , Lincoln , Nob.
llnto JK.'XJ iiurdax , btr ct uira fromliuuta ( u unr
purl of tliu ciiy.
J. li. W. HAN KINS ,
Architect ,
Olllcos-at. Ill unil 42. HI'jlKiids Block , [ .iiicoln ,
Nub. Kluviilor onlltli at rout.
llroi'iltT ol Jlrt'oilnr of
Live Stock Auctioneer
Rulu * iiuiilu In nil imrU of Ilin 17 H. nl fi\f
ml us. IIiKJin : iHlau ( IlIorK , I.lnuoln , Ni'li.j
( iolluwu ) umlSliurt Horn hulls lursale.
iril. GOIJiTmN
Farm Loans and insurance ,
In rr-ynnl to loam hollt cc 1.
lloum 4 lllelmr U lllo ' * , Lincoln , NU'J.
Public Sale ,
4u lumd of Hlnnv B'luit ' ll'inis Iliiti-i , V ( i > i'li
tlianl. , t-ji'in olils , oi ( liinif in.VJ ; lin II "ill
liolloij Aililnuj I'ti'li ! ini'l Fill in. lor i-ilii'nf
uorf , Dcnxi i , ( Hi. ( . ' . M. lit 111011 , Lliu Jin , Nil *
Col. lM WixiiN , Ani'iloiiiiur.
Win n lu Llnuoln Flop nl
National Hotel ,
And cut u KooJ 'll'iner fm1 i'to ,
J.A. t