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Julins Fe&tner Arrested nnd Jailed in Ohi-
cago-'Partictilars of the Affair.
A Hiiilinml'R StrniiKC llsniipcni-anoe
-The Iluhlo Cnic AKiiln Army
Notes Small Jlnrslnrlei
General i'olluc nnd
Court Nous.
Tltroxvn Into Prlion.
It tiansiiircil yesterday tlmt.hilhis Vcs- (
ucnvho lins rucuiveilan uncommon &huo :
of the public attention lately , has been nr-
iT lctl In ( . liiiMgo for dobt. Tlml nmlor
the laws of Illinois any such thing .should
be iiossitjlo is surprising , but
It Is nevertheless true , as Mr.
1'cstnor'H friends arc propureil tel
l > rove 'J'hn story of the nfl"ilr : as given
to a Mm : reporter b.v u frlutul of the
family is this. Wlillo in Chicago ° his
wedding tonr about two months n o ,
Mr l-'estnor saw a magnificent xitlu'r In
the show window of a large music store.
Jlc dotprminetl to become the owuur
hereof without further ceremony or
delay. The music dealer know of the
young'rt father , and when Julius ap-
iiro.iehcd him with a request to buy the
y.itlior on credit , hn allowed him to take
the instrument. Before leaving Chicago
lie momihed faithfully to remit the price
of tin * instrum-nt , ? -l'W , so soon as he
should reach Umuha , upon the eloio of
Ins wedding tour. As is well known
Biiic-o his return here ho has trouble1 ,
both in his family and business iilKiirs ,
and tins been in no position to pay this
o bliiiiilion A day or two ago ho ob
tained .some money from his lather auit
started for Chicago. Hero ho was
seen by the music dealer who had .sold
him the x.ither , and that gentleman
promptly had him arrested. The
nominal charge ngalnst him is
supposed to bo that ot obtaining goods
under false pretenses , but it is a very
doubtful whether such a charge will be
admitted by any court , ns a ground for
criminal action against Fcstner. He lias
been released on bail and N. J. Bnrnham
of this city has been sent to Chicago to
adjust the dilliculty.
One of the friends of Mr. F. C. Festner
the father , said yesterday that gentleman
was deeply grieved over this matter , as
also over several other escapades w.nich
have brought the son into unpleasant
notoilety of late. It has been no secret
for a long time that young Fcstner i s
mentally unbalanced and his father ex
presses a determination to place him in a
private asylum , with the hope that a cure
maybe allectod. Mrs. iScitlm Foitncr
who has applied for a divorce from him ,
will probably secure one without contest
on liis part , as no answer to her petition
for separation has yet been filed.
Sonic Now Ollloinls In the Store
keeper's Department
JCall Notes.
Yesterday important changes were an-
nouneed in tlie btoro-kcopers department
of the Unioir Paeilic. The circular on
the Maine provides for the abolishment of
the olliees of assistant general und
division falorokocpor. Mr. J. J. Burns
retains ills position as chief of lire depart
ment , but C. W. Pratt is made store
keeper of all divisions with J , P. Pringlo
and J. H. Stalibrd , as his assistants. Air.
K. ( J.Conno r is made chief Inspector , vice
C. II. McKibbin , who is made engineer
of tests. Mr. II. U. HodgOs is made
Car Commissioner Thompson who re
turned Wednesday from Chicago , said
yester day at out the fait limited express
soli erne : "Tho limited express will tin-
don btcdly bo put on , though just exactly
when we are nnableo t say as yot. Some
of thn roads whose olHclals 1 consulted in
Chicago seemed to favor it while others
no not. Still tlio plan has assumed defi
nite shape ami it is safe to bay that it
will be carried out. The particulars as
to time of running the express , etc. , have
not yet been determined. "
Wednesday evening the 0:10 : o'clock
dummy for tlio Hinds was detained iforty
minutes at the Union P.icilio dopotby ; ; a
freight train of thirty-live cars , which ex
tended almost from Sixth street to the
bridge. The freight was unable to enter
the yard at this side. Track number
one was occupied by a couple of Union
Pacilie cars ; track number two was hold
down by n M. P. train ; number tlireo ac
commodated a freight train which was out
in two nt Tenth street ; on number four
was another freight likewise split at tlio
hamo thoroughnr ! ; the overland passen
ger was on number six waiting to buck
over to the Hind's to start across the con
tinent , while on tlio remaining track ,
tlio block yards dummy blocked up the
way. The Council liluils dummy was
crowded , and it contained , an extra ear-
also. Nearly every person on board was
destined to the east and bent on catching
the trains across tlio river. The latter ,
however , were telegraphed and waited
nearly half an hour. The overland was
behind just about tlio same length of
The impression of nearly all the rail
road men who were spoken to about the
matter by a Hii : : reporter , was that the
yards are lee binall to accommodate the
bnormous amount of trallio which the
Union Pacific now enjoys. At the pro-
bent time , Iho yards have but ono en
trance on the east , while they have two
on tlio west. Tho.latter are not in so
great demand as those near the bridge ,
and yet tlioy are too far away to allord
immediate relief to a biiddon influxot
trains. When the new bridge is completed -
plotod , this annoyance of blocking trains
will , in a measure , bo avoided.
The structure mentioned will have a
double track and enable the handling of
nearly double the number of trains now
used. It is probable also that the yards
will bo widened by enlarging the via
duct at Seventh street to the same
width as the yards , thomselvcs.and by In
creasing the tracks on the western outlet
across Thirteenth street and no to tlio
double track to four instead of two which
are now there. Some of these changes
will bo ollected. no matter what may bo
done with reference to proposed now
freight and passenger depots.
The morning newspaper which an
nounced the arrival of Division biinorin ;
tcndent Wurtelo in Omaha , and printed
Borne startling utterances of his on the
fast train scheme , Is a tntlo ' 'oil. ' " The
gentleman is not within 000 miles o !
Assistant General Freight Agent Tcb
bets , of Kansas City , is in Omaha.
The travel over tlio Chicago , Milwaukee
& St. Paul under tlio cut raio is mm :
enormous. The road runs out two sec
tions to each of its two daily trains , am
fiomo days these sections number as main
us thirteen ears , The advantage wlucl
the Chicago , Milwaukee to St. Paul ellen
Is that of u straight fine to Chicago of $ 'J
which means that no rebate is n-.quired
The nlHco Hi the Paxton hotulis throngei
u I most from morning to nteht , and tin
assistance of Andy Hqrden Is often de
nuudoU by Mr. Carrier to supply tin
Chief KiiiictYr ; ; ) Ullukonsdorfcr of th
Union i'.uihu went we t last night wltl
a party civil engineers and will bu ubsou
( or snmo timo.
Thr local freight olliccs of the follow
\j roads vr U close Monday July D , 1680
on nccounl of the legal holiday. No
freight will be received or delivered on
that day :
B. A : M U II. . M Scott , agent.
C St. P M. i\sO. . C C Burdick , agent.
Union Pacilic , Missouri Pacific , Chicago
cage , Milwaukee and St Paul ; J. M.
Ouslcr , agent.
Constable Stein Still TlilnUs lie IB
Ititlilo's Murder.
Constable Stcn has received a letter
from a party in a town in this county in
forming him of the fael that a few days
prior to the murderof Chris Huhlc , a man
answeriiiir to tlio description of Fielder ,
with ttnhle and still another party , was
mot by the writer of the communication ,
anil that a talk waa-indulged in between
the latter ami tlio p.iity by whom the letter
was written. Mr.Stolngavo a Hin : reporter
the name of the owner as also the name
of tlm town nenr which the talk took
piace- Hut both of these are reserved
tor the prcMint. Constable Stein says
further that In- knows that on the day ( if
the murder Fielder was fuiind in a dUie-
putablo house of this eity whieh
Unhid used to frequent ; fuither ,
that on the same day , both
( if them are known to have gone out on
the prairie and slept on Hid grits * , until
toward evening. On the day after tlio
murder Fielder again visited tlio house of
bad repute mentioned , and remarked
that he felt lonesome because he
had not seen his partner , mean
ing Uuhlo. At the Si'ino time ho
changed his dress and left the place. Mr.
Stem also claims to know what Fielder
did on Thursday , which fact , in conjunc
tion with the others that he has in his
| josii" > Moii , seine of Fielder's clothes ,
leads him to conclude that ho is on tlio
track of the right man.
Fii-lder is now in Missouri , where lie is
to answer to the charge ot bigamy and
bribery. as soon as theo > matters
are decided , Mr. Stein will be ready to
again bring him to Nebraska to answer
to the charge ot murder. The constable
further states that when ho accused
Fielder of tlio murder of Hulile , he bo-
eame pale and trembled like a leaf.
Subsequently , when Fielder was dis
charged and Stem told him that lie waste
to be held upon the charge of forgery nnd
bigamy , Fielder remarked that lie could
easily Maud any of these but that ho
could not stand iho accusation of mur
Mr. Stein savs that the young man ,
Siddels whom lie bunt to Kansas to ap
prehend a certain suspected party lius
not returned , and it is quite likely that ho
will remain nwav , because , aMr. . btoin
says , he succeeded in getting about one-
hundred dollars without returning an
The CliiuiKL'H niTccteil In This Iloapect
Yesterday a now contract was entered
upon between tlio United States postal
dcp.irtincnt and Woodleaf brothers , of
Ottawa , Kansas , for the carrying of the
mails to and from the depots and the
postofiico. Under its terms the contract
ors are compelled to furnish an adequate
supply of drivers , horses and wagons to
accommodate tlio requirements of tlio
mail at tlio present tune , as well as
any increase which may be required
during the next four years. For this
service thn contractors receive ? ' . ! ,1)00 ) par
year. This is a very small amount for
the work performed , and is urged as a
reason for the maintenance of the mis
erable outfits of wagons , horses and
mules , which for years back
have been disgracing the government
by handling its mails in this city. Wood-
leaf Brothers were the original con
tractors tour years ago , but they lot it ,
and afterwards it was bub-Jet to that dc-
greo that it is a wonder that any person
could be found to acknowledge the ability
to make a livinc out of tlio beggarly pit
tance received for the work.
Hut all these old rattle-traps have dis
appeared , and in their stead have come
two beautiful wagons of regulation size ,
of the second and third grade. One ot
thebo is new and weighs 1,000 pounds ,
the other has been lobuilt and weighs
1.200 pounds Both have como from the
shop of Ed Mcadiber. Tlio horses
are also new , and so are their har
nesses nnd drivers. Just how
long Woodleaf brothofb will retain their
contract this time before subletting
would bo quite interesting to the people
of this city , who are anxious that there
shall bo no more disgraceful caravans
used on the streets in tlio carrying of
their mail.
W. II. Woodleaf , ono of the contractors ,
said to a reporter last night1 want to
inform the people of Omaha through
your paper that wo arc in no way re
sponsible for the manner in which thn
mails were handled during the pabt four
years. It is true that wo hail the con
tract for the delivery ot the mails , but by
permission ot tlio postotlico department
wo sub-let it and the department no-
copied the sub contract , which took from
ns any and ail control of the service.
'Wo had no control of the matter , and no
right to complain of the manner in which
the borvicp was being performed.
Yet I did complain. not only
to yoiu local authorities , butte
to the department and asked of the de
partment to oust the sub contract and
place us In possession of the service so
that wo might perform it to our own
credit and tlio satisfaction of your citi-
/.ens. They decided to do this.
J like your citj and like your people ,
and the few of them that 1 have had the
pleasure of becoming acquainted witli
have treated mo in the most courteous
and hospitable manner. 1 wish to say
farther that their good feelings shall
not bo outraged by not now pcrtorming
tliu service in a first-clasb manner. "
Intending purchasers of buggies or
buckboards will bo studying their own
interests in pnyinir a visit to the Liniuger
& : Metc.ilf Co. carriage repository.
Hnsuall's Park'on Saturday , July iird ,
by the A. O , II. Society.
The Pic-Nio which will bo hold on Sat
urday next by the A. O. II , Society at
Hascall'H Park will be ono of the most
enjoyable nnd best conducted which the
committee can make it. It is well known
the A. 0.11. always aim to make any
thing with which they are connected a
perfect success and no trouble or expense
in tliis case will bo spared to give iumiho <
ment to those attending nil that it should
bo , enjoyment of the best and most
agreeable kind is assured and they guar
antee the best of good conduct and re-
spcntabilitv. As the day is a half holiiluj
in the U. P. shops the com
mittee wish to extend a cor
dial welcome to the families
nnd friends of the employes to come oul
in the afternoon. A very line programme
is prepared , including dancing and othci
iricans of social good time , lloffman'f
splendid orchestra is engaged , and tin
veteran caller whom everybody like :
( Frank Dopow ) will bo on hand , lionet
all are assured a thoroughly enjoyabe
day's amusement and social Intercourse
A special body of deputy sheritls will
full powers will bo present and maintaii
order , FO that unjbpdy forgetting him
self or disposed to bo quarrelsome , wil
Jind they uro in iho wrong place , Till
lias always boon the aim ot the society
to guarantee good older in .ul
pf tho. many social gatherings they bniijj
about , and < m this octsvslon they will bi
equal to all emergencies. Come oVury
body und have a royal ijood time Satuf
day and briujj your lAuiil along.
GOIMJ ONI : 1110111:11.
The List or Prominent Scholars In
the I'll Idle Schools.
Superintendent James , of the public
schools , has received from the teachers
of the various schools the list of pupils in
all the grades and these who we're and
those who were not entitled to an advance
in grade. The BEI : prints the names of
those scholars entitled to go into a higher
grade next year , the respective giadca
being these which the pupil occupied last
c r.VTiut. SCHOOL.
Seventh ( iinde Kdwnnl Ticemaii , Stella
Mount. Kmil Siiiul , ( ii.u-o Iet\\llei ) , Ilnttle
( tetschnmii. AI.ij baruent , ( ins Stephens
.k'vde. Amleison , Kate I'.uriH , Kthte Denlson ,
f-allicTtikey , Kennev Dlllln . Minnie htulil ,
Ltldlo Tin lor , Lll.i Alexander , Maud
MeClmc , Willie Wolsh.ius. Muttle Sluiie ,
rioteiifc ( ieillch. ( Anile ( ir.df , I'icd Diruk-
eniulite , InUMIIIH , Cliailes 1'i.itt.
llaittimnVlllielmlne M.u inlclinel. ( ieuine
Crandall , H.ivinolcl , C.ulMuu , Lcd.t lluip-
ster , Maud Kiuttl , , Jcs-.le Bjine. M.uj
MIU. Olive Mallej. Willie Me\d.ini , May
Walker. Winnie Wallace , Anna Smirk , lleinen , Haloid ( , opt' Wilton
( "lowl. tiank Moi-kdnle , Allic Itnbeit ,
Ciowe. Bert lU'.ud. O-eai N'usl , Katie l'o\\-
eis , Anton Me.sei , John KilKoi. Kll.i I'cm-
inan , Aland ( iioss. Cum Mc't'iinilINi , Thuimis
limit , lliilth Parker , ( iemx'e Hess. Cluules
llel'-'iilii , Anna Jlinmate , Kred Amlic\\x.
Hlrdle Van Kuieti. Uimh .Manning , Will
Ahmensoti , Gnu-c Vamlennai , KloiaMoevet.
William Convin , .Jessie Meiilman , Minulu
lleoliel. Katie Wood. Charles Waid , Delia
Kelly , Kob llajes , .JoMMiliMmnut.ns.
Sixth ( iiodeC.ulos Colt'iimn Kied Nell-
son , licit Woodman , Vleioi Paul , Kdiar
ilnhif-uu , llouaul Llpsey , ( iooiue ( iillicit ,
Waltci I onel.iml , Max ( .loldsinitli , Chailcs
S.iNldie , 1'ied Shim on , duoigo Miner , Maik
I'olaek. Ilenrv C'laik , ( ieoi u Amleison. Al-
boi t Schmidt , Pram-ice li > tHer. . Willie Klll-
iran , llemy Allen , Chailcs Bnlbaek , Uluulcs
Van Com I , Maiiiaiot Itniun , Helen Smith ,
Anna MncU , Lulu Dol.ui , Ktlie .Milestone ,
Jennie Mooic , Mattic Keiliy. Katie .Smith ,
Anna Yatet , Pearl Piatl , hiinmi Paisuns
Maud Pardons , Sadie Ivi'llev , Itosa Kestner ,
Tina Schmidt , Ada Mone , .Mabel Hennl , Tom
llliick\\ell , ( ieornie Piencli , P.mnle Frnholl ,
Allioita tireen , J.i//ie Mitchell. Oeitnule
Sa\\lill. Addle Tu/.nd. Anna llennksoii ,
Plnkey Uov , llalph ltichaidsouiille : Delimit ,
Aillnir AuL'ell , Li//lc McCaithy , Tllllo
son , Minnie Lehman , Kva Manchester , Imo-
gcnc llei , Ida Hell.
c.v s scitoor , .
Sixth ( iinile Uita Waul , Lawrence Stein ,
Alma Pclei- . Allen Ktdkcuei. Delhi M.nk-
\ \ < ol , Maij Peteison , M.uj Kastle , Chailes
Whltmarsli , ChailcsVood , Maiiie ; Bennett ,
Willie Monioit. Nettie Hineilj , IMIIb
Sclmelde\\eiiid , Came Kit ill , Bessie
Flieman , Ollle Fit-email , Julias lloseinviog ,
nonni : TIIOOI. .
Sixth Craile Willie Bia-hler , HennloGlns-
boiir , John I't/lei , Lulu llmt , U.dsv Tat-
hot , Anna I.niMin , Kdvtii Lhisyy. Maimie
biioiil , Ma iiM'iipli.Iiny ( ierke , Chaik-s
Wiele , Minnie ( .iuuulim , 1/atir.i .Mark , Picl-
sand I'oneiy.
t > uunth Grade Joseph liii'-chstein , Alice
Gaily , Minnie Slnlei , Lcl.t Mai.\ille , Isaac
Holton , Jamie Nil.
Sixth Giade JSImuiv Coirireshall , Wht
Tlioinpson , tieor e le/ac ! , Susie lluntoon ,
Ida ilojeis , Janet Steplicnson , Abet.ino
1'etciion , N'oia Domjlicitx , Helen Slmrjie ,
Walter Clnmmnn , Annie flajs , Harry Finn ,
Kajette lloiton , Minnie Lewis , John
Clnisteii'-eii , 'J'inaliasiau-.scn , bophia Gioen ,
Lena Millci , Walter ( ioodiicli , ll.ittle OI > ur-
felilo , May li.uisoa , Oeui c T\iit'Il , Clmiles
Wilbur. Insall Kecu , Kugcrio Muuilij , La\\-
icii ee Wateis.
beveiitli ( Jraile Kannie CnsppMiall , Will
lloaglaud. Li//.li ! Kcllman , Came Thomas ,
liollm Smith , Giacc Caitei , Lette Chmoliill ,
Alice Itoberts , Uoia Giol ) , 1'i.mlc Alexander ,
Sixth Giade Annie ( illicit , Geoiie lioss ,
Kddie Blaek. Kllen JolniMin , Thuie Poll ,
Will ( Sileb , I'lienie Antlci.son , Jolin liien-
nan , Uesaie Dunn , Mucgle Jioey , Maggie
i/.Aitn scnoor. .
Seventh Grade Stcll.x Htce , Kva Jordan ,
Mary lleizo , Flank Welmer , Kay Wdkcr ,
Lewis Leedt-r , Jennlo .MmliUi.x , James-Hob-
bins , Albeit Given. Julia SchwjiitKssitJ , IClIa Uonnei , lilnnuhe Dohertv ,
Xettie Baker. Tlllie Clnistensoii , Sophia
Cailson , Nellie Holmes , Samuel Anderson ,
I , ilia Ghcn , Italph I e.ieh. Bessie Late > ,
Nettie Itcdman , Anna Shields , James liin-
iiui , Klsie Plumb , -Mu\ ; Green , Jennie Kin ; , ' ,
Stejihcn Ltidlow. John liecbe , Minion
Smlloy , Alvlna Knuler , Brewer MeUague ,
El nest Hael , Allied Seville , Minnie Heed ,
Coiey Iioliinson , Nicholas Backus , Bessie
llaiHiiiond , Jessie Svvislicr , Swan Anderson ,
J illicn Maroon , Hugh Thomas , Charles
Hotels. Kmma Blakelev. Mabel Dnteher ,
John Wissler , lA7\a \ Koinf. Besaic Dutclior ,
Sixtii Gi.ulc Stella Oim , JIaurte Donahue ,
May Moitcnscn , Jennlo Lampsott , Soiilila
Mailenheimer. Willie Bartlett , Minnie Dae-
lion , Jullii Itonerts , Kalph Mondy , Coia Nci-
dl' ' , AinKiibliiion " , Nettie Sherwood , Maud
Wallace , ( ) > c.u Kiif'lei. Jennie Marlcwood ,
Sophia Sellnei , Anna Thomas , COM Mitch
ell , Katie Hnmiiliuiy , Kddie Mathias , David
Waill , Cieoigo l-rnst , Alice Hathaway , George
Bnmnei. Caiiio Raidner , Vic-tor Muuneche ,
Stella Dallei , Kmest llaveily , me/ Arnold ,
Arthur Krnst , J.uucs Keiris , Annie Plekanl ,
Stella Slade , S.uali Walters Hnttlo Cmtlss ,
Hanv Qiilnn , Frank McCune , Fannie Cane ,
Mablo Hale , Kd Lucas , Uluulcs Brewer ,
Li//io Satein , Chailes Snenccr , Herbert Kob-
Inson , Adle I'at-Kaid , Muiy Wick , Iicno
McKeir/ie , Ktta tiiown , Charles Monlson ,
Luella Johnson , Xnlu Tiuckey , Albert Kn -
land , Phillip Aiuleis , Gertie Cllll. Addiu
Abialiams Fied Kinsey , Fiank Haskcll ,
Jlertlia Newman , Hthel Like , ( luoiue Osc-
lieiibiini , Kddlo lUiodes , Lattlo Thomas ,
Willlo Poteison. Charles Althous , Chailes
Kelly , Cora McKeiule.
Sixth Grade Bcitha Mallette , AnnaSmlth ,
Kdiia Ilobertson , Calvin Pllmiiton , Allied
Peterson , Miugaiet Coldln , Klva Gainer ,
ICmma Anderson , Bessie Hart , Krnest 11 ad
der , Lawienco Hoirman , Henry Frltsuher ,
Snslu llapgood , WHIio Wclda , Leo Hamllu.
I'Acirio SCHOOL.
Seventh Or.iUo Angelina Hanson. John
Sjiaflord , Tllllo Stecle , Jennlo Hubbard ,
Louis ICiUvaids , Maud Miller , Jane Golf ,
Chailcs Peterson , Kstber D.iycnpoit , Motile
.Mills , Noia Norman , Lydla Stott , Samuel
Kllni ! , Molina Malllii'Hon , llemy Itencke ,
UessioFairell , Itieliard Butler , Minnie Carey ,
Kmma Kimpp. Kmma Johnson , Fred Smith ,
John Coltey , Frank lele\tn : , Mary Smith ,
Oscar Quick , Wilson Claik , Kddlo Lowiy ,
Willlo llobeits , Chailcs Hard and Lama
Sixth ( iradc Fannlo Flood , Casten Smith ,
Cora Swniibon , 1'iank Norlander , Fiank
Honza , Kdwaul Knit. Delia Ho an , Louisa
Johnson , Geoio I'ieionnct , Anna Paney ,
Klla SualToid. lloniy P.isgorshclrno \ \ \ As-
tletoul. Lama Kdwaids , Luella Edwards
Philip Nester , AdaGllmme , CharlesSunhlad ,
KsthorSwansnii , KininaMiltlmr , Kddlo Me-
Hiiffli , Freil Cole , John Gianey , Fred Jnlm ,
Suslo Challls , Jane Benson , Jonnlo Stltt ,
UOSQ Koslcky , Stella Cowls , Mamie Ouann ,
Anna Johnson , Loulo BolFcn , Itoso weeks ,
Jennie Fiost Aii nstA KuipKc , Frank Mc-
The Wall to ho IMa'cecl Around the
County IullclliiK >
The county commissioners yesterday
awarded It ho contract for the Inmbo
to ho used by them during the year ,
amounting to about fifty thousand feet ,
to George A. Hoagland. The price of
oak was about twenty-four dollars and
lifty cents and that of pine about thirteen
dollars per thousand feet ,
Yesterday Messrs. | B. A , Fowler ,
Honrv Voss and Crcedon & Latonson
submitted plans of the proposed retaining
walls of the court house lot , in
cluding stops nt the northwest
and northeast corners co.xl chutes ,
driveway and other features.
The plans arc easily understood , that of
Fowler being the rnoro elaborate and re
quiring an ornamented entrance ut the
two corners mentioned , such ; is is now in
front of the main entrance. The others
are not so elaborate und doubtless less
expensive. The commissionco will not
award the contract until they shall have
decided upon the plan which is most sat
isfactory. The bids will then bo pub
Permits for Itullillnus.
"I wish , " buid Building Inspector
Whitlock to n BIK ; man j-cstcrday , "that
3'Q.u wjjulil impress unou bunders auil
contractors , ns well as all people intend
ing to build , the ncccsilty of procuring
a permit before they commence work , 1
want to got the new order of things in
augurated as soon as possible. At pres
ent people scorn a little slow in realizing
the change which the now ordinance has
brought about. Builders and contract
ors should remember that the law makes
them amenable to n line if they go ahead
with the erection of a bouse for which no
permit has been issued. "
The piece s of oblainiitir n permit is a
very simple one. The architect or con
tractor who has the job makes due
application for a permit for the building
which i * to be erected , presenting nt the
stuno time plans and specifications theic-
for. The inspector examines these care
fully and If they conform in nil re pects
to the ordinance and to n common sense
idea of safety , the poimil is issued. Mr.
hillock , outside of his oll'ce ' duties , has
found time to inspect quite a number of
the larger buildings in the city.
Tenth Anniversary.
The tenth anniversary of the maniagc
of Mr , and Mrs. C. C ! . Hunt was cele
brated last Tuesday evening at their res
idence in Walnut Hill. A largo number
of friends responded with lots of tin and
were rewarded \\ith a splendid ovcnlnijN
entertainment which lasted until 2 o'clock
the next morning. The following ladles
Hud gentlemen were present.
Mis. L. II. Bamlvbiirir , Mr. and Mrs. K. J.
O'ileaine , Mr. Buckly. MM Martin Canoll ,
Miss Itaiiiscy. Mr. ami MK .1. Howies , Mr.
and Mii. William Mathls , Mr. and Mis.
Aaiou Uriel , Miss HOP ] , Mis. , f. 1) . Campbell ,
Miss Canie Campbell. Mrs. . .lameCimiibell ,
Mi. and Mis. A. J. Hunt , Mn. P. K. Camu-
belland dausjbtei Canie , Miss Lillie Don.
Mr. William A. Ganlnei , Mis. K. Holts , Mr.
and Mis. John W. Lj tie. Miss Kmma L > tlc ,
Mis. C. P. Taw-in and daughter Mary , Mr.
Geoino Goodwin and imtthei , Mr. anil Mrs.
Stuart. Mr. and Mis. Kanotte , M. and Mis.
It. 11. Walker.
District Court.
In the district court yesterday , Mr.
Kstelle liled an information against Jas.
O'Connor for the cmbc//.lcment of lifty-
live dollars from ( . } . A. Lindqucst on the
10th ot last .May.
John llockstrasscr filed a petition yee-
tordavrto compel Milton F. Lander to
comply with bis contract and ell him a
lot which the plaintiff had agreed to buy.
The trial of Boyd , charged with
the robbery of a watch 'from James Me-
Veagh in May last , was in progress before
Judge Neville yesterday.
The case of Walters against Markel iSr
Swobe , was arjrued yesterday bolero the
jury by General Cowiu for the plaintiff.
and Messrs Ogden and Savage for the
Clar Holder ami ThnnZcs. was the thirty-eighth birth
day of ( jeorgo A. Joslyn , manager of the
Western Newspaper union of this city. It
was remembered by the employes of the
institution and improved , by presenting
to the gentleman a very beautiful rind
chastely designed meerschaum cigar
holder. The speech of presentation was
made by Krnst Bross , to which Mr. Jo -
lyn i t'lilied that he had never b"cn pre-
s'entcd by employes with anything before ,
that ho sincerely thanked tliu men now
in his employ for their kindness and
promised to treat them fairly as ever
tor the future.
Fire HotncR.
Chief Butler says that the new engine
house on Saunders and Cuming streets
will not bo finished until the latter part
of this month. It will not bo occupied
until the asphalt paving of the thorougb-
farc irf completed.
Tlio prdjcct of building a now house for
the Nc 3 engine company is still in an
indefinite shape. The lot , therefor has
not been secured and Mr. lUitler says
that at present there aio no prospects of
obtaining one in a central part of the
up Stunps.
Street Commissioner Meany has been
missed from the business part of town
for some time back , and when asked by
a Bui : reporter , yesterday as to the
cause of it , said that the opening up of
icw streets and the grading of others
% opt him and the force of men at his
command pretty busy on the outskirts ,
opening u wavs to the additions , pull-
'ng up stumps , and in several other ways
ooking after the ways and means to
make the peregrinations of Omahans a
matter of safety.
Rip Van AVIiiklo'u RcarciUlon.
Yesterday at John Brandt's hall there
was held a meeting 01 German citizens
which resulted iu the formation of a
German-American club for the cultiva
tion of the old-timo and interesting game
of nine-pins. Twenty members were
enrolled , and on Wednesday evening of
each week a meeting will bo held at Mr.
Brandt's park , attached to Hascall's ' old
one , at which n number of games will
bu contested between the hours of 7 and
12 o'clock.
A New Blall .Delivery.
Mr. E. J. Edwards , who for some time
back has been acting as clerk in the
.jeneral delivery of the postollico in this
city , has resigned. His place has been
tilled by Loyal L. Mole , late of the firm
of Lnwton As Mole , job printers , and foe-
morly an attache of the postollico. Ho
entered upon the duties of his position
Great Attractions.
Omaha theatre goers have great treats
In store for them with the opening of the
coming amusement season nt Boyd's. An
idea of the nature of the attractions maybe
bo obtained from the fact that Edwin
Booth , Sarah Bernhatdt , Kobson and
Crane and the Boston Meals are all
booked for appearance in ono month.
Frightened HurRlnru.
Mrs. Clark , living on Fifteenth and
Cnss streets , was surprised about hall
past four o'clock yesterday mor
ning to see the bond and
shoulders ( gof n. gman protruding
into lior bedroom window on the firsl
floor. She waited a moment , nnd then
seeing that the fcllow oyidently hud bur-
ghrious intentions , hire screamed. That
settled the business. TTfo would-be burg
lar hastily retreated nnd scampered up
the street.
Small Burglaries.
Burglars broke Into the house of Fred
W. Gray on Twenty-fourth and Douglas
Wednesday night and stole a snit of clot
hes.It was also reported at police headquar
ters yesterday that sneak thieves en
tcrcd the residence of Gcorgp Fiegon
baum on Soventcci th and Chicago am
stole some at tides of minor value ,
Opolt's Hotel , Lincoln , Nob. , oponoi
March 10th , lirst class in every respect
ColebratliiKtlio Fourth of July
And any oilier day on account of the rush
ingbusincsa in real estate , If you wan
to buy or sell real estate you must go to a
real estate dealer of good reputation
List your property with
J. A. LOVfiHKN ,
Real Estate and Loan Dealer ,
1G01 Farnam St. , Upstairs
Telephone 703.
Don't pay nig prices or lumbar but
buy cjiuup ut Bradford's.
t JJnconics Innllcst In tlic Army
11 end numbers Transferring
General Crook yesterday received a tele
; rnm from the war department concerti
ng the change in tlio number and pay
of clerks in the '
adjutant general's depart-
ncnt , which the new order of things will
) ring about. The number of clerks in
bis dipnrlmenl of the headquarters' ser-
ice will be reduced by two , and the pay
vill be as follows- There will bo three
grades of clerks and tlireo grade * of pay.
'he chief clerk will reeeho ? li.00 , two
ssistant chiefs 1,100 each , and nine
ssistunt clerks will receive a salary of
1,000 each. The number of
vlll be reduced from four to two , and
heir salary will bo $7 ° 0 a jear. No
liangcs im\o yet been announced for the
lerical force of the other depnitmont *
To morrow afternoon at precisely \ ! 10
Tclock , Companies A , B. C , 1) , E , F , (5 ( ,
1 , I ntttl K , of the Fourth infantry , will
cave Fort Omaha on their march to
mother department. A. B. F , I and K
ompanics go to 1-oit Spokane , Wyo. ;
Companies C , 1) . K and 11 , with the
londnuarlcrs nmHiand of the regiment ,
\lll I'e removed to Ctrur d'Alene , G
company goes to Holso barracks Idano.
Of these companies one will t-ome from
jonxenworlh , one fium Fort Hobinson ,
wo Irom Niobraia , and the other live
vill leave the post at this point. (
inny will remain in Omaha barracks mi
ll the arrival of ! M infantry under the
command of Colonel Wheatou.
The companies at the fort will march
lown Stale to the Belt line road , \\lioro
hey will find in readiness a tram , thn
lrt ever run over that road , upon which
liev will embark. They will be ill awn
o the government corral , where the ears
vill bu attached to the special Union
'acilie train , which will bo there \\aiting
or them. The companies from the west
vill be met at Ficmoiit. The soldiers
ne to be In the ears at 1 ! ! 0 p. m. , and lie
oio S ! ! 0 tho\ , will have left Omaha be-
lind them for maio a day.
Tlio Campti Hi * nro Golnfr.
Yesterday after an incumbency of
ight jcars and six months a collector of
his port , to which was also added the
miior of custodian of the properly of the
Jnited States at this point , Mr. John
Jumpbcll resigned bis office into
he hands of his democratic suc
cessor , Mr. 11. C. Jordan. There
vas no money to turn over , nothing
except the books , papers , desk and other
nrnitnre of the department. Mr. Camp
bell returns as poor as when ho issued
ho ollico , so far as the salarv of the same
s concerned. Mr. K. C. Jordan will im-
nediately be asked bv many of the em-
jjoycs to nut the building in a decent
condition and supply them with things
for which they have long been crying.
Heal Estate Transfers.
The following transfers wore filed
Juno 80 , with tlio county clerk , and
reported for the BBC by Amos' Real
Estate Agcncv :
Mattic Field Mai tin and husband to A n-
hew Ilenrv and otheis , est 0.1 feet of It 'J-l ,
blk 1 , Millaid J'lacc , Omaha , w d-S70i
Alice O'Uonnhoo ami husband to Mattlo
Field .Mai tin , \\o-it 60 feet ot It 2 , blk 1 , Mil-
hira Place , Omaha , w cl Sl.KOO.
Lucinda Randolph to WUIiam W Binirlmm
and others , Its 1 to b , Foibes' subclmsion ,
Douglas county , w d J-SOO.
llattie < ! Wood and husband to Chailes
orbett , Its 20 , 21 , ± 2 , 2 ! ! and 21 , blk2i , West
Side. Omaha , wtlOOO. .
John L McCacue ami \ \ ife toWilliam dim
ming , lln 33 and : jl , blk 1 ,'s add ,
Oiiialin , w tl-i-'tiO.
Jacob Kochenthal and others to Simon
jttlimitn.'cast 33 feet \\est02feetot lot 8 ,
blk 162 , Omaha , w d-SI.OOU.
Sophia Lehman and husband to Jacob
Kochenthal and others , i > ait ol It 4 , blk 122 ,
Omaha , w d-S23,000.
Lena ( Julck and husband to Francis D
Cooper , It 1 , blk 4M ) , Omaha , q c 550.
Kiancis I ) Cooper and wile to Lena Quick ,
H7. blk 12'J , tirandlew add , Om.iha , w d
Alfred II Comstoek , sincle , to MiilNon
Bottoiil , 111 blk Sand It 20 blk a Ambler
place Omaha , w d 51,200.
Dexter L Thomas and wf to D T Oilman ,
It 20 bik 0 Kilby place Omaha , w d S8.Y ) .
Hell's of Jacob S Sliull to William 11 Van
Noy , It 17 blk 7 bhull's 2rt add Omaha , w d-
Sl.UX ) .
Frcdlc H Davis and wf to Clifton R Mayno
pat 2 Capitol atlil Omalii , w d Sil.bOO.
Patrick J I'liee. sinu' Joseph Archlbild
It 1 blk 11. I'aiker's add Omaha , w d S .OOO.
Joseph Lels and wl to Omaha &S W lilt
Co , part of It 0 llartman's add Omaha , q c
Auirustus Kount7C and wf and others to
OcorheU Hathbim , It 1 blk 8 Plaimiew.
Don-las Co. , w (1-S2T5.
A 11 Swan and otheis , trustees , to John B
Bolrn , It 12 blk 01 , South Omaha , w d. & 275.
Win A L Gibbon and wt to Christian Halt-
man and otheis jiart ot swif ot nwjf sec 21 ,
15 , ii : , Douglas Co , w d 50,000.
\Viu \ A L ( ilblion and wt to John P Hawk !
ins pait ot swW of mv yt sec 21 , 13 , w , DOUR-
Jas Co. , w d-S ,000. ,
Andrew 0 Moie and wf to Peter Christensen -
sen , It ' .i blk 171 , CJiand view add Omaha , w
a _ .
( ! corue Kaill. single , to Charles Kaufman ,
It 1 blk 2 Weiss' subdivision Douglas Co. ,
W ( I OW. , ,
Louis Schroeiler , trustee , to Henry Swslo
and otheis , Its 1 and 2 blk 1 Cleveland place ,
Dorians Co t w (1-52.200. , , , , Cobmn. sneilfT , to Joseph J Nohes
Its 1 and 2 blk 70 Cicdit Koncicr add Omaha ,
blieiill 's Uced-S1.7i5. :
Richard Steliblns and wr to Henry I )
Rhodes und others , ItUblk a O'Xeill's sub-
dlvision Omaha , w d-SUOO.
Maty C.Butler and hush to John A Me-
Shane , ltli ! , 14 and 15 blk 0 Spring hill
Douglas Co , w l-Sl,300.
Willlnm Cunmiliip , sln.'le , to .John T
Wei U , Its & ! and H4 blk 1 Hlmebaiia'h's add
Omaha , wil ? lt > 00.
Miiigarct K Hopkins and Inisb to Lafayctto
Coltrln , w 100 It ot e h ot It 4 liaitlctt's add
Onmhii , w d SV > 00.
( ieoiKO W hocan and \\C to Mary Donovan
tte ot it A blk 1 , I'aiker's add Onmlia , w d
SI 700 "
Albert 31 Clarke and wf to Xarlmrlali
Thoinnson , w imtof It'Jand lotablk' \Vcst \
Uiiiiiha , w d S-,5'JO ! ,
U .Joi-sten amilfo to D C Pattcison. un
divided H t MiutlHS feet of lot a blk V
' ,
DC I 'at tei Mm and otheis to the public ,
JoestonshUixllvisionot Us laud a blk 15
Shinn's add to Oimilm Dedication.
Louis Peterhon ( blnuln ) to MOIUMI .Sorcn-
son , lot 1(1 ( HaiUrr'ssiibdivlslon , bco l , 15 , lit
Douglas countj fcJViO.
.Moiten SoieiiMin ami wlfo to lieu \v.
Sehialilt lot Hi liaikcr's subdiviblon sec M ,
1ft. w Douglas county fOSO.
l-\crt : \ . smith and wife to Daniel Uroslus ,
loth 5 and 0 , blk 14 , E. V.tJmltU'Haild.Oiaahu ,
WJeiurR.ConklhiB and wife lo Fiank W.
Bundle , lots 1 _ and a , blk a , Richmond Doug-
aKlle/crVorAxfoul and wife and others to
Oluiles Woortwprth , lot 7 , AxfoiU's add. ,
0BaimicrJlSei2 ° 5ii l wife to John Ai.dilt .
andotheis. n } of lot 1. blkH , Iiimrovciiieut
Association mid. . Oiiuihad SJo-l.Ui.
Dexter L Thomas and \vf uml otliars to
Jcipinn H Paiiotte , h e } /of n w U of n w h
bee 515 ia Iou las Co.w d S V ° 9- , , * „
John Kclluy ,
Jeiome U IMirott and wt to
s o " of n w tf nt n w M sec 5,15,13 Douglas
wf and ofhr-rs to Mmv
J Graham , lot 15 blk 0 Kllbj Place add
Omaha , w d 5830. _
Personal I'nruBraplis.
Mr. nnd Mr . C. K. Kmcry have gonwto
New York.
SberilV Connelly of Valentino , is nt the
Jeff Bedford and A. U. Soncr are in
F. Frcdcrickscn , of Grand Island , is at
F. P , Uebbauson , ono of Colfax conn
ty's successful farmers , is in town fo r i
few davs.
Mr. Gco K. Crosby , secretary of the Ne
braska Implement company , has gone
cast , accompanied by hid wife ,
ilr. ami Mrs. J , M. SuritU of Tckuurah
ateSa Materials.
the li'/ltliiKitcjcn'cli'y { traitc
OHO. ttUUKE , MnnnRor ,
KErEKKXCKS : Merolunts' and Farmers' Hank. la\i I Clh , Neb. ; Kearney N.iHon
| an5Ki'aine ] > , Neb. : I'olmnbiii Sfito Ij.xnk. Columbus , Vi'1) ' . ; Mi-Donald's Hank , Xort
1'lnttP. Nth. ; Oimih.x Nntlniml H.inlx Omahn. NYb.
\VI1I pay custotneis' dr.Ut with bill of ladini : uttnchud for tuotliluUaluo of stool :
§ . W. COK. 15111 A\'l > , O.1IAII\ .
Piojicity ot every description for s.ilo in all juris of the city. Lands tor sam in
countinNebiaska. . A complete net of Abstracts of Titles of Douglas County kept. '
Mas ) of the City , State 01 county , or any other information desired furnished
of charge upon application.
lapsed through thocity yesterday on their
way east to spi'iid the summer.
Mrs. H. C. Kimhall , who has been1 visit-
ng the family of Mr Max i\ltyer \ , has
gone to her homo in New York.
Miss Addle H Potter , of Titusvllle , Pa. ,
s visiting Mrs. C. S. Carrier , one of her
ilil schoolmates. She will spend the
summer here.
Mrs. A. L. Anderson is n guest of Mrs.
A. A. CJibi-on , on her way home to Slip-
shone Falls , having spent live months in
Mrs. 12. B. Shearman and her son \Vil-
otte , and Mr. Kugene Satterly , of Klgin ,
111. , are the quests of their friends , ( .5. W.
. .ogan and 11. L , Stanton.
Mis. 11. E. Gunner , accompanied by
Mrs. Thomas Trunborth and Mis. Alfred
Vinoy left on the 2ld ! nit , for England
on a three month's visit , sailing fioui
New York on the 2Uh. (
DFrank Hull , the accomplishol and
cllicicnt cliicf clerk of the Paxton , has
etnrned from several weeks' visit to
tfow Kngland. Ho is much improved in
appearance and has entirely recovered
Tom the rheumatic attack with which he
was uH'ected at the time of his departure.
For Sale Drug stock m a good 01ive
own in northwestern Nebraska. Popu-
ation 1,000. Addicss G , 35 C. , Omaha
BreUtle * .
Will Wilbur went east last night.
Dave Bennison , of Bcnnison Bros. , has
gone east after his family and will re-
; urn about the 20th.
Mrs. Ma\ Mover is very much better
i ml her physician thinks that there is
every chance for her recovery. _
Charles Sccnst has taken the place of
Frank Osborn , the genial young teleg
rapher of the C. M. A : St. P. , olliee in tlio
I'nxton , who iias gone cast on an e.\tcn-
iled trip.
'Ihc Turnvercin will give a grand pic
nic on he\t Sunday , July-1 , at IhiFcnlt's
pnik. Pri/.es for athletic contests will be
jiveu and altogether the all'air will a
pleasant one.
Messrs. S. M. Willov , , ) . E. Smith and
U II. Wheeler have been appointed rep
resentatives from Nebraska l edge No 1 ,
to the session of the grand lodge at Hast
ings ne\t fall.
Harvey C. Murphy , the little grandson
of Mr. 1'J. 1) Pratt , aged fifteen months ,
dictl.yesterday at an early hour nt the
residence of hu parents , corner of
Twenty-second and Lake streets.
'iho newly organi/ed minstrel com
pany , under the management of C. A
Burt , of this city , will appear at Mahcrn ,
la. , on the evening of July a. They are
styled "Sam Gardner's Minstrel Co. "
Mrs. .1. G. Tanner and daughter , Miss
Ilattio , mother and sister respectively of
John M. and J. W Tanner , of the World ,
arrived \\ednosday irom Nevada ,
and will visit hero for some time at the
homo of John M. Tanner.
It is reported that Ike Glover , the col
ored pugilist who was so badly worsted
bv Jesse Smith on last Sunday night is
moio dangerously injured than at lirnt
supposed , is said , sustained
iv comminuted fracture , which has af
fected some of the arteries of the neck ,
and may prove fatal. Smith , the victor
ious pugilist , has gone to Unbundle , to
look torn light theio.
Kcoplnc OIIPII Alter JMIlnljlit.
Marshal Cummings appeared before
Judge Stenberg yesterday for the
arrest of thico saloon men , C. II. Higgins -
gins , John O'Donahoo and Henry Horn ,
berger. The charge against them is
open after midnight.
llcsultcU Fatally ,
C. T. Lindegrcn , who fell from a brick
building on St. Mary's avenue the other
day , sustaining uovero injuries , dicd Wee-
nesday , after hours of lingering agony.
His funeral occurred to-day. Lindegrun
was a man 50 years of age and leaves u
family. _
Wanted A .situation as pressman. Best
of rcfeidices. Address ( } 50 , Bee olllcc.
Suing Goos.
Mrs. llaclmol Hurnateln. who figured in
a police court case recently , charged
with having assaulted Peter ( Joos , IIUH
brought suit against Mr. Gees for fc5,000 !
damages , for causing herancst on the
abovu chargo.
Special Call to the Members of llio
A. O. II. Kocioty.
The regular meeting of the society on
Friday ( this ) evening , will bo for
the purpose of electing ollicorsand transacting - ,
acting other o-ctra important business
The members aio hereby notified to at
tend without fail tit 8 o'clock sharp. By
order of the president of the feociety ,
The First National bank , and other
Cluea"o creditors of Sloman Bros , tiled
tin answer in the Ui'ttl ! iSt tesli0rurt11 > 'l0'tJ [ '
of fraud on
alleging the old charges
ho part Sf tT.o . members ol the lirm , and
asking execution of judgment against
BCOaorcs land m Ilmyer county. Neb ,
to Roll ortnido for merchant uo. Address
John Lincierholm. OH & _ UMSt. . , Omaha ,
Miss Nora O'Connor ban returned from
North Plntto and will hereafter reside in
Omaha , Miss Doiicrty , of the forinor
place , H friend of Miss O'Connor , left for
Kansas City this morning.
Arrested nn Actress.
Constable Kilgorson arrested yesterday
Corinno DLce , a Doting Qwomaii
iviug out ut the stock yards , on a justice
\\iirrant. The specilic complaint mada
against the young lady is that she pro
cured in credit a $100 diamond pin from
i'Mbolm & Kiickson , and pawned it afi
! Moohlc'sestabli linient on lower Farnam
utrect for § 1B. Coiinue Lee was formerly
in applicant for histi ionic honors and
was left here stranded bj the Craig com *
edy company.
\ .
Absolutely Pure.
This pnwilornoicr < tf. A mnr\cl of puft >
ty , htipnutli mill ttliolosoiiH'iio s Muro fcoff-
o ill leal tli-m tlio oiilhiury UiluN mid cnuuottui
told In tdinpolltloiMMIli tlio imiltiliido of 1 ( > V4
osl , hhoit olflit ilium < ir iilio-plnilii pomlore !
old ony | In ( an" . ItoVAl , llAKIMi l'o\MEK CO ,
4(18 ( Wall St. , Now Yoik. '
Chronic Si Surglczil Diseases.
DR. NIcMENAMY , Proprlotor. ,
hulctu juar * lliniilinl HIM 1'rlvulu rruulco
We lime the faclllllfs , pmrutu | * and rtimcllrS
for the snrcfi"fiil trcnliiiont of ciory form of dli <
ra o refiulrliiK cillicr mrdlcid or ciirKlcal trrntmrnt ,
mid Itnitoalltouiinc unit hivcutlK-ito for tin mtlvt
or cotrcipoiidllli . Long cxpcrlviiLB In trestJ
Injj ciwitiy letter nritilos ii" to treat uiany cane *
ECicntiflcnlfy without rcln | ; tliim.
WlllTK roil flltCL'I-.VU mi Diformltlcj ana
llruco , Club FcLt , tiinntmr * of tliu bplnc ,
VOXBI . I'llt-i. ' CancCTf ,
DmiAnri or * . 'riiirurji ,
Catarrh , Ilroiicliiuc , Inlinlntlon , Kliclrlclty , J'arnl ;
> ! , Kpllcnsy , Kidney , Kye , Knr , HUlii , lllood uud
nil turglcnl opcrntlone ,
UHlTeili-it , In/iBlo" , nrncm , Trum < n , anil
nil Ulml of Medical und burtleul Appliaiiccii , mfiU.
ufncturrd and for pale. . . . . . . . . . I
The enl reliable Medical Institute mklng I
Private , Special Nervous Diseases
' 'A hl'lTl IAI.TY.
from whalcucrrniiEpprodiiccil Bticccfsfiilly trcalML
vVc can rcmoro Syplilhtlo | ioieou from thonjuttuj
wlthunl mercury. . . ,
New rcstorallvo trf atme nt for Ions of \ Hal power.
Cull and conenltui or tend nnmo nnd iiont-ofllco
nUlriM plainly ttrlUcii-rncluDo Bluinii. and w
t 'RJV'AT'E ' ] cicVi "rTO M E"
' , BrnoiAi. ANII Kriivom DISIIASES ,
ir firwiim , OuHonmiiiu , HU.I.T , VAiucocuMt ,
rillt'tVttU , AM > AU. MfKASKH or THE OSNITO-
tr/iiNAitv ( inoAiis , or cud Imtory of your cam for
an opinion
J' ( r on nnaMo to % lfi ( u mny lie trrjilcd at tlielt
nomrf , byunrd-puiidcncc jlcillolnoand Iintru'
uioiiN tciil l > y mill or riprcm HnCUIIKI.Y I'ACIt'
lit ) I'HOM OHSRHVA'IIO.N. 110 marks to Indent *
Miiiltnl4 or FPiider One personal Interview pit *
ftiroilif ronvtnlent fitly rooms for the nrccm.
no.l.itlnii ol patlentt Doanl and ulleudaucb * l
ilcet Addrnt all I.cUc'iu to
Oiii3ia ! Medical and Surgical Institnta.
' or inthrt end RaollolAvc. . OMAHA. N'-'U.
rn lr t Hiding Vctitcln lunilr. Ilid
vIlUuno ptnouMlwo. 'Him Hprln M li-njj
bnrlciiucurdDgtotliovulUtlwrc ! | < iTy. ji <
wrll uiluplril lo rou ; li runrilrr riiniN nnJ
flnrilrlTciiufcitiji JlIaiMlf vluri-il iiniUolil bx
nil leiuUua Carrla-o tluiiaera unU Uuuleru
And MhfM futferln ? frora
i. rvous debility , ikliau ttiix
ihiuulo (1li > t M. > , imuialuro
ilxlinu or > UUI > K or > < i > r
iMjtluttly cuttd nr r > r
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