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    THE OMA11A DAILY BETS : FKIDAY , 'JULY 2 , 1880.
by rniiTr In imjpmtof tlioullynt
t Hisci ills i er wouk.
11. W.TII.TON , - .Mnnngcr ,
" c. No. is.
NHIIIT l.nnon No , 2.1.
Now York Plumbing company.
New Mitnnicr goods nt Holler's.
Do not fail to attend the lawn social at
Mrs , ) . P. Cnssady'h to-night.
P Lacy is prciim-ing for si celebration
at his homo , ami has invested $ " > ( ) in lire-
lligular meeting of riilollty coimcll
No. HO Koyal Arcanum this ( .I'lida )
Tin re aie for'.y-tlirec prisoners in the
eouiilv jail , Hvelvo molt ) than were u\or
in this new luillding.
The U abash freight olllco is to ole oat
10 D "clock to-nuiiTow morning to allow
the men a chance to celebrate.
To-night the Aneiunt Order of Hiber
nians Imvo a merry danoo in HCIIO'H hall
for the benefit of the Parncll fund.
TliOM ) attending tlio picnic at Mrs.
Meujrs Saturday , will pleavu leave tlieir
baskets at Mra. Hald win's before noon
.Satin day.
J.V. . Siiire | went over to Omaha yesterday -
terday to p . > over tlio ! f,0)0 ( ! ( ) ! ) wliit-h ho
had secured as a loan to the Omaha
board of trade for thu building now in
course of erection.
T 1' Kvaus returned last night troin
the trip taken eastward , in company with
G. h , Wright , J. T. Stewart ami Samuel
Haas , a commltteu to look after some
important interests of the city.
The Chicago , Houk Island & Pacilio
railroad will sell exclusion tickets on
July . ' ) , ! and . " , good to return on or he-
fore Jiilv U at a single fare for thu round
The Union Pacilic is to arrange ; so as to
accommodate as lar as possible its em
ployes , somu being given Saturday on
which to celebrate , others being given
Preparations nro being made to have
u celebration at Arnold's park next Mon
day. Thcie will be oratory , music , boat
races , foot , tub , sack and swimming
races. In tlio evening there will bo a
grand dance.
0. J. A very , who has been in Mr. Jen
nings'employ tor a year or so past , yes
terday purchased and took pos > eision of
the Star market. Mr. Kilmorc , who is so
well known in connection with the busi
ness , will continue to be at the old stand.
The ladies of the M. K. church will
give a lawn festival at the residence of
Mrs. J. P. Cassady , on Washington ave
nue , to-night. The lawn will bo bril
liantly illuminated. Ice cream and other
refreshments will bo served. Jo not fail
to come. will bo a meeting at , the Congre
gational church this evening for the purpose -
pose of renting the pews. All persons
desirous of securing sittings arc requested
lo be present and maku their selections ,
j'ho chinch will be open during the af tor-
noon for 'nspuetion.
Eiigeno Casey liled r. complaint before
Justice Schiir/ yesterday charging a
neighbor , Mrs. Minnie ( Jonncncc , with
threatening to poNon him and his family.
They had some dilliculty which is said to
hiivu led to a threat by her that she
would lix the well so as to kill them oil' .
At Avoca to-day Grant Collins is to bo
tried on the ehargo of helping Ueirwcsier
to escape about two months ago. Tlic lat
ter was arro.ited for having , wliilo drunic ,
crawled into a bed in which ho supposed
a married woman was lying. Collins is
said to have got Heirwcstur into a buggy ,
and aided liim in escaping from thu of-
It is useless to talk about not being
able to HUMS fruit in this part of the coun
try , A. G. ( iraham shows up some sam
ples of English gooseberries which ho has
on his place. Some measiiro three inches
around , and three-quarters of an inch thu
other way. He has some few which aru
still larger , lie has been growing just
such sort of gooseberries for four years
The Fremont , Klkhorn & Missouri val
ley will bo completed to Kapid City this
week : Arrangements are being made to
celebrate independence day and the ar
rival of tlio lirnt train at Rapid City on
thuiith. Kxcuroion tickets will be placed
on sale at J. C. Mitchell's ticket ollice
and at tlio liroadway depot on July 1th ,
good for thirty davs , at &JQ.2.'i for the
round trip. The train will Icavo at 7:15 :
a , m. , arriving in Kapid City tlio follow
ing morning.
P. Lacy lias received a loiter from Chicago
cage containing sad news concerning
onc.of tno old lircmon , D. W. Gillcn ,
who was ono of the visitors to tlio tourna
ment here , and who was an honary mom-
for of the I own association. Gillcn was
tiiu other day thrown from the patrol
wagon , and so injured that ho will hu
crippled for life , and may lo > u his leg en
tirely , lie is In the hospital and is desti
tute , so his lircnicn friends are raising n
fund for him. Ho is quite a well Known
contributor for various newspapers , and
is hotter known by his non do plume of
"Goduvil. "
Stenographer and typewriter. O. Mun-
son , with M. F , Hohrcr , over C. JJ. na
tional bank.
llighost prices paid for county , town ,
city and school bonds , Odcll Uro's &
Co. , No. loa Pearl street , Council HI nil's ,
I'ersonnl ' .
. .7V. . Dixon has gone on a vacation to
Craig , Mo.
Charles Topping , of Dellanco , was in
the city yostwday.
J. Mueller , thu inutile man , returned
yesterday from his eastern trip.
Mrs , T. A. Clark and daughter returned
last evening from their western trip.
hosier Perkins , of Dos Moincs , was a
caller at thu board of trade rooms yester
day ,
( J.V. . Cote , 9f Carson , one of tht most
prominent business men of that place , is
an thu city. .
Jacob Sims is to bo the patriotic oratoi
t Avoca to-morrow. Avoca people have
chosen wisely.
J J Stewart and wife now leave foi
Obkuloosa , his old home , for u brief visit
to friends. Ho expects to orate there on
thu Fourth.
SheriIV James Connelly , of Valentino ,
was in the city ynstcrday , hoping to lind
bore seine trace of tlio murderer , Smith ,
who escaped from the guards , as statci !
in yesterday's liuu.
Miss E. C , Cooley returned last even
ing from Chicago to spend her vacation
hero with her parents , Hov , and Mrs. I )
II , Cooloy. She is onu of the leading
teachers in the Chicago high school.
E. U. Fonda and wife and Mr. and Mrs.
Sol 1'oitor leave Monday for a western
trip. Mr. and Mrs , Fonda will probably
spend some time in and about Denver ,
while Mr. uud Mrs. Foster will go to Cali
fornia before their return.
g. K , IV , ; , 0ipSi-vi irjJ ; uclltcct , of the
trJf.5V.r7 it6iarlment | , \ \ nshtngton , D. U. ,
arrived in the city yesterday morning.
His trip was one qf both pleasure and
busiiuihs. While hero ho inspected the
now government postotlicu and court
house uud spent ( ho day with his brother ,
C K. Hell , leaving last evening for the
They Are Planning for Moro Paving ami
More Street Oars.
Juc Hundred Hollars 1'itiil I'oi-i Itnre
Coin Hulls < li'nwiiiriit ofChcup
Kiilhvnv Itutet Trouble
With Trumps.
Ooni'orus of tile CIl } ' .
The city council met last night , in no-
lordaucu with ad.jounim"iit. The city
tttoi'noy instructed to contract with
the \\alir work- , company to lower the
water main on Hroadway near thu
jriilge , the main being above the bottom
it Indian creek.
Conimittoooii paving sugRo-ted a com
mittee of eiti/.ons be appointed toisit
; he Union Pacilic oIllciaN in regard to ev-
teiullng the street oar track up Broadway
where paving is to be laid. The mayor ,
Aldonnim Dauforth and Hammer , Wil
liam Siondentopf and William Myiistcr
were appointed as nich committee , logo
to Omaha and report next Wednesday
The council will moot on upper Broad
way this evening to inspect the proposed
places of paving.
A resolution was adopted authoriving
the new mayor to .sign all documents
ji-ft unsigned by the cause of the recent
illness and death of Mayor Chapman.
Comity .Supervisor ( iraham renortcil
the county was ready to build a bridge
over Union avenue if the Union Pacific
would place the avenue in proper condi
tion , so as to conform to the bridge.
Pat Lacy entered a protest against the
city putting in the Hichmoiid system ot
lire alarm , as he claimed no largo city
used U. lie , after having been chief of
the lire department for time year- , ad
vised thu ( liiniwell sy-tem , which Irid for
years been ued > in tno largest cities and
gave good satisfaction. The committee
having tlio matter in charge reported
that tno Richmond system was varrantod
second to none , and that the city was not
required to pay if it did not give entire
.satisfaction. The city attorney lias the
contract about completed , and it will
probably be given to the Richmond com
pany next week.
The next meeting will be the regular
one on Monday ecuing. .
The Mcrkcl-lftttulicr Kntcrtnitiiiicnt.
There was a very largo audience gath
ered at the Temple hall last evening at
the Morkel-Hatciicr musical and elocu
tionary entertainment. A more enthusi
astic audience is suldoin hcen here , and
in the matter of encore.- ! there was : > de
mand on the part of the audience which
really exceeded good taste , but which
was perhaps pardonable on account of
the excellence of the several numbers ,
and the popularity of the participants.
Tlio programme opened with "Moonlight
on thu Lake , " by a quartette consisting
of Misses Morkel and Messrs.
Treynor anil Noble. Their
voices blended perfectly , and
it is not too much to say that this selec
tion was never bettor rendered in this
city. Miss Hatcher gave as her opening
number .an Italian love .song , in which
she brought in as a pleasing change froni
the excellent elocutionary rendition bits
of song. All of Miss Hatcher's recita
tions wore most excellent , but the best
one was the .scene from King John , in
which she appeared in costume as the
Prince Arthur pleading with Hubert.
She was veiy strong in this. The
rare voices of the Misses Mer-
kel added their full share to
the entertainment. Each Ming a solo ,
and together they gave a duet which
was one of the best numbers of the even
ing. Mr. Palmer sang an excellent solo ,
winch called forth an encore ami repeat ,
he responding to the encores with songs ,
accompanying himself on tlio cuitar. A
very important part , and one to which
too little credit is generally given , is that
of accompauyisl , which was performed
by Miss Addi'o llorton , whoso good taste
and rare skill added trroutly to the pleas
ing nll'ect of the musical part of the pro
The evening's entertainment closed
witli ashort farce , "The Kehearsal , " in
which the Misses Hatcher , Merkol and
Walker , and Messrs. Wakeiield and Mil
ler took nart.
After the entertainment the lloor was
cleared , and tlio sots formed for a merry
Many Dollar * lot Ono.
A stranger in the city , an elderly trav
eling man from the cast , was at Bccli-
tele's yesterday , and in making change
bliowcd Jerry Meyers an odd coin , which
bo had accidentally received in change a
few days ago. it was a silver dollar bear
ing the date 1801. Jerry ollered him $10
for it , but some bystander who examined
tlio coin declared it was a rare one , and
was probably worth a good deal more
money. The stranger scemod surprij-ed
tolind that it was worth any such money ,
and concluded not to take $10 for it ,
thinking it better to investigate a little
before parting with it. It soon got
noised about among some of those posted
in numismatics that ho had a rare dollar ,
and soon there were several hunting him
up. Henry Wagner , who has the iiiiest
and largest collection of coins in the city ,
finally purchased the silver dollar for the
mini of $100 , Such an amount for one
silver piece seems to bo fabulous , but it is
claimed that the lists sent out by ( inns
dealing in rare coins place the value
from fliOO up. Mr , \ \ agner expects to
keep the rare dollar on exhibition More
for a few weeks and tnen send it to New
York , where ho expects to sell it for
several hundred dollars. It is claimed
that there are only four or live of these
silver dollars of 1801 known to bo in ex
istence. One is attho Philadelphia mint ,
another at tlio San Francisco mint , ami
onu in the possession of Scott & Co. , of
Now York.
TtioyVnnt , Damagca.
George MeCord and wife , and P. J.
Swcnning and wife , all prominent per
sons of Panama , went put oil' the Mil-
wankeo train one day last week , and they
arc now going to bring suit against the
company through their attorney , Charles
Mackcn/ie , unless damages are paid at
once by the company , it appears that
they had taken advantage of the cut
rates and sent to Council lilull's and pur
chased tickets to Chicago , which were
sent to the agent at Panama and handed
them by him to bo used on the train they
arrived on. Tnoy boarded said train but
the conductor refused to take the tickets
because the parties did notget on at Coun
cil Hlnlls , and put them oil'at the next
Ilia AVnr With tlio Trumps.
The result of the attack made upon DCj
tcctive Price by the g-K or twenty or
lUOiv trAnw2 , lias aroused the police into
making a systematic raid , pulling in ev
ery one that has any semblance to being
a trump , and every onu who is suspected
of haying been concerned in the attack
upon the ollicer. As a result there were
thirty-thrcp who wore brought up before
Judge Aylcswortb yesterday morning.
The most of ILeni bad uo money , and t'ao
tot il amount found on them was * JJ ( 40j
SfVeral were singled out n Inn Ing been I
concerned in I ho nuirdi-roiK onslaught
on Price , and they wore charged with rts-
-null with intent to kill. Othois were
charged with being rioters , and others
were booked > Dimple vagrnuK The
ca e < went over until this afternoon , by
which time the wilne < es to the allair
will bo limited up and Drought in to tes
Mr. Price was able to bo about yester
day , but ho wears the. marks of the en-
cnimtcr , and his head is a "ore one. The
tramp whom he shot in the arm was uf-
foring considerable pain yesterday , and
it will bo emu lime before he will bo
able to bo out. It is quit" eel lain that
Price also shot one of the gang in the
leg , as onn of the ciowd shouted out ,
calling Price all soi'N of lillli. ) names for
shooting his "pard' ' in the leg , and one
was veeii logo oil' holdini : to bis Irg and
limping. Wliilo Price. wa < partly down ,
and the crowd was Using him as a foot
ball , ho kept shooting until some one
kicked his wrist , o'lUsinghim to drop the
gun. when one of the follow s got it. The
police ha\o not boon able to liud the one
who got the gun , ami pet Imps it was
thrown awaj. There were two or Ihreo
prominent participants in the alVair who
nave not been found yet. The tramps
seek to jiisllfv their conduct by saying
thuv wore simply resting in the shade ,
ami wore about to drink a pail of beer
when Price came ui > , kicked over the
pail and began clearing them out. The
tacts appear as stated in yesterday's Bui : ,
that Price simply ordered them to go
away , when in their drunken fur.s tho.v
all jumped at him. evidently determined
to beat him badly , If not kill him.
The city jail was so ciowded that the
gang was taken yesterday to tlio county
ji"l. _
PiOomMouhlings Largesl assortment
and lowest prices at Board's Wall Paper
Go to Beard for room mouldings.
Smokers ! Drop in John Tomplotou'
new cigar store , opera luiisc block.
Closing Saloons at Avocn.
No little excitement was caused yester
day in Avoca by the searching of six sii-
loons and the sci/.nre of four wagon loads
of liquors by the prohibitionists.
The friends of the late Heller , who was
shot ilown recently by Farrell , who was
at the time intoxicated , trot out writs and
placed them in the hands of TOMI Hardy ,
a constable , who began the sci/ure of the
six saloons about 8W : ! o'clock in the morn
Tlio confiscated liquor was nlaeed in
wagons and four loads worn put
into a vacant 'iiilding under
lock and key. Two saloon men
named Hill and Thoiso then got out
writs of replevin , issued for tlieir share of
the liquor , anil tiled a bond of only $50.
Deputy Sheriff Cool took the papers anil
proceeded to the buildimr where the
liquor had boon stored After breaking
the lock and forcing his way into the
building all the liquor was taken out and
run oil into Shelby county. Such is the
claim. It is stated that things will be
made quite lively now for Deputy Slierin"
Cool and that ho will be prosecuted.
The prohibitionists have raised 91,000
cash with which to cairy on the war , and
they say they are determined to have
every suloon closed and kept closed.
Go toBear tor room mouldings.
Substantial abstracts of tilles and real
estate loans. J. W. & E. L. Squires , 10
Pearl street , Council Blufl's.
To-Morrow's Celcltrution. . , , 4 ,
Extensive preparations arc being made
for the celebration under the auspices of
the Knights of Labor to-morrow. The
parade will consist of a detail of police ,
the band , Ancient Order of Hibernians.
Catholic Knights , St. Patrick's society ,
Knights of Pythias , Danoho society ,
Bind'City Typographical union , Cigar-
makers' union , Switchmen's union ,
Knights of Labor , carriage with speakers ,
city ollicials incarriagcs , lire department ,
advertising wagons , etc. *
The procession will form on Bancroft
street , move uo Broadway to Second
street , theneo to Washington avenue ,
thence to Main ntreot , theiioo to Hrst
avenue and to Bayliss park. The pro
gramme at Bayliss park will consist of
music , prayer , addresses bv Dr. F. S.
Lewis , Omaha ; Rev. T. J. Mackoy and
C. Vincent , of Tabor.
In the evening there will bo a grand
display of lircworks and a ball in Temple
Buy your fireworks of Claude Torwilli-
ger , : tl , Main St. 15est in the city.
Go to the Now York Plumbing com
pany for garden hose. They warrant all
they sell. Opera house block.
Groceries , dry goods , tinware , crofskery
cheap. J. J. SU'ltyr , 50.j upper Broad
Boaid has an immense .stock oi wall
paper and room Mouldings which must
1)0 turned into cash , so down go the
prices at Board's.
I have tlic largest and most com
plete line o
In the city. I am closing out
You will find all the latest novelties in
hats , bonnets , llowers , plumes , tips , ribbons
bens , gau/.es , crapes and other styles of
Goods Must Be Sold ,
Ucst of Bargains ever ofiercd. Call
nnd bee them.
No. 028 Broadway , Council Blufls.
18 N. Main St. , Council Jlhifls , la. , niul
20Q S. 15th St , Room 10 , Omaha , Neb.
Manufacturer' * Agent for the
Tents , A\viiiiiers , Hoofing1 Slate , Man
tles , Plato anil Window ( Huss , Show-
Cases. Elevators , ( hand anil hy
draulic , ) &c.
Ah It It fhlfltAU l.ill'l.hMl.\l.-
Agricultural Implements , Ba
( "mrlnjri" . 1'le .Kit * ronn t UlntN. low a.
MnVc tlioUriitlnnl 111(1 ( ! Complete
Hay Loader , also Ra'xes , Cider Mill A Press ,
Nn ? . l.'lil , I' , ( i. I.Winnil U17 Soiil'.i Main Sin ct ,
Council IllmrIOHII. .
DAMP Bi\llr.Y : , \ : CO. ,
Mini if'isnn blior of
Agricultural ImplementsWa , ons , Buggies ,
Cnnlnges. mil nil MnN < ' I'm in M-oIilnc-rr.
1KO to 1110 South Miiln Street , IVuncll
, IXK H.tlI.Kf. .
I'.U. Ut.niyns , T. II.Dorm. * " , llcn.l1. Wi
1'ii'S.A.Trcin. V.-l'ros A.-M.-H1. Hoe . \Co\insol. \
Council Biuds Haidlj '
Fact/ ) ,
( Incorporate- ! . )
Mnmirnuturcnnl .Arlr , 1'lck , SlrMoo nail Smtll
llninlli'S , or > vrry ( Icon Inilnn.
' .
_ _ CAltl'KTS. _ _ _
Carpets , Curtains , Window Shades ,
Oil l'lotli , Cilitnln'UMirc9 ! , I'plmlMi'ry Ooo U ,
tic. No. 40o llrnadwny Council llluiN ,
riff-iKf , 'iini\n-o \ , KIT.
WliolofiiU ) Jolibcis In Ha--
Fiuest Brands of Cigars , Tobacco & Pipes.
Nos. SSMnlu tinil 2T Tclil : H. Council
Fruit and Produce Comiaissbn Merchants.
Xo m'c.irl St. Council 'lliiiN.
Wholesale Oils Paints Glass
Druggists , , , ,
Dnifftristh1 Sundries , Ku.1. No. ' "J Mnln t , nnJ
No. 21 1'enrl St. , Council llln'.rs
nit r Goons.
jTri ] . SMITH \-CO. ,
Inters aad Joto of Dry GHlj ,
Notions.ito. : Nos. 112nnd 111 Muin SI. , Nos. Ill
uii'l 11 I'enrl SI , rouiii-ll llluirs. lown.
Wholesale California Fraitj a Specialty Commission. , N'o. 51 ! liionduay ,
Council ( i in IT a.
W1IIT & DWQUiKlTt : ,
Fruits , Confectionery A Fancy Groceries
Nos. 10 mill IS I'cMi-1 ft. . ConnII UI-iO- .
L. KIKRCII'r ' & CO. ,
Jobbers of Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Also Wliolcsule I.lijuor Mentor * . No. 41G
wnv , Council ninllx.
Maiiu'nctuicis of and Whnlustilu Do ilors In
Leather , Haraoss.Saddlary , . , Etc.
No. Wi Muin ? t. . Coinioll UlulTj , lown.
HATS * , airs. ETC.
Jobbers ia Hats , Caps and Gloyes.
Nos. 342 nii'l 344 Ilrondwiiy , Cou-icll HlalTs.
Wholc ulo
Iron , Steel , Kails , Heavy Hardwaa ,
And Woo 1 Stock , Council HI UK
D. H. MoDANELD & CO. ,
Commission Merchants for Sale of Hidas ,
Tnllow.Wool , Polls , Diu.i'ionn'l ' I-'UM Counull
Dluirs Iowa.
0//.S. /
Wholesale Dealers In
Illuminating & Lubricitiaj OiU Ganllu
ETC. , E3TO.
P.TIic-odoro , Aifont , Council llluirs. IO\F.\ .
, 1'iLixn , ITC.
Hard Wood , Southera Lumber , Piling ,
Ind IlriilRO MiUorlul Siicclalll .WhoIoMilo hum-
Lor or all Kinds. Olllco No. l. Mala St. ,
Council lllutrs. Inwiu
Imported and Domestic Wines & Liquors.
Af cut for St. fioHliair.'s Herb Hitters. No. U
.Main St. Council IlltllU.
Foreign and Domestic Wines and Liquors ,
Xo CM Main St. . Council
Special odvfrtUcmcntB , buuh us Lull , Voiind ,
To I.oiin , For Sale , To Kent , NVnnta , Itoaidliiir ,
etc , will holnEortud In this column nt thu low
intoorTIINCUNTS 1'Kll 1JNU for I lie Hut lncr
tlunnnd rivoCcntsI'crlilnoforcucli f-uht-uijnont
Intoitlon , I.euvo iidvorllsuini'iiU ut our ulllce ,
No. 12 J'oul street , near Uraadwuy , C'ouncli
111 u 118. '
WANTKIl ll.irbor , ImiiiMkituI- Xt ) . 650
Hi oad uy , Coniicll I liillH.
W.INTKD A Ifooil jflfl for rencnil lioilso-
uoik In jirlvuto luinjly. No. 10U rourlh-st.
FOK HKNTNo. . b.KJ Hccond uveniiu ; lioiii-o
ol oluht louniH. etublp , ptc. Vciy ties I ra
tio. N. 1' . lloilfo \ Co , J
IT OU -rYulttUonluciluncry : uiul vigur
i' btoiu ; possession K\c \ > \ rlKht attuy In-
imlro nt iufailsui , No , 101 3laln-bt. , ( .ouncil
lUntls. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ "
FOUSAM : Ulil unpors , iu Quantities To "suit ,
at Duo otllco No , 12 I'uurl btrcct.
'B. RICE , M. D.
Over thirty yo. r4 * prmtioal oiuariuujj.
o. U Pearl Strout , Cou ic il Ulu It. ,
N. SCHUK.2 ,
Justice of the Peace.
Office Over American Express Comuanj.
IMntili-litMl ici l r.
20,000 Vt'Iilrlc * Anniiully. I'mCnlitlomic , SM-
niul Ti" < lliiioiiliilK.
Brick h tHiUui anr k > mi m'sp'l nr niivcd and < -nti > i'ti iiotu'iiniMiilci'il. 1'inmo liouers muvcil
ouLlttloOladt trJtiii-tUs UiMt iu llmYDiM. .
803 "BisHth voti-13 nil : Eighth Stroat , Council BlulT-j.
tK. < 4 > ? ( / S. > Uf < Cfc & ,
CtVCt&x .
- - - - aM.Hx
4 itr 226 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
337 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
© !
'J'o ulosi ; Hie suninicr slock lo tlic 'ow '
cst iiossi
Arc ofl'oiiiipr bai'snins now every day.
Good Corsets for 50c worth 75c
Parasols for 75c and Upward
Embroideries and Patterns , very
Cheap ,
Only a few of those Summer
Silks Left ,
Lace Flounces in Spasiisii and
Gliintiiiy Laces ,
Clicnpur Iliixn you ever saw tlioin , Klnc
assortment for grtrlimtlou ( Irenes.
l.s ( ! sent \ > hcn
Choice patterns , K < nl "inulily " anil
lowest jirices.
Special dlsfoiuits to churches ( socle-
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Hartness Bros.
4ui Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
China. ( Jlnwvaro nnd Lrtinp'i ,
\V. S. Homer & Co. .
No. 2:5 : , Main .St.Coiinoil BluIVs , la.
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Dialers in Mi
; ! Ut Our Slock Yards
vo 503 and 500 E. IJroaclway.Conncil Ilft"s
Creston House
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-j | , 17 nnd 10 Mnln ft.
MAX MOHN.l'rop.
I'lacllees in Slate and I-Vdc-ral Couils.
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Star Sale Uos and Mule Yards. .
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mil Mules kept ( onstniilly on hand
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SHUJTUIt & I10I.UY. I'l-opilutor *
Tuiopliono No. 114.
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Council Bluffs
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Ladies SI.
Horses and Mules
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HKV1N.S& ,
N-W. Col13th and
W. J.
ni33. lllh Street ,
niv. : \ . DOAN
* A-noii.vr.v AT law ,
Tnlconer's Illock , iJlh
WILSON , t .S'l'KAT'l'ON ,
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Attorney at Law ,
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O. S. IIOE'IMMX , .11 , . ,
Physician and Surgeon ,
OFFICE , A' . IV. Cor. 14th onil Deuytas.
Ollice TditJlioiiL' IfU. liiMiloueoTt lej'liouu ' 143.
\v. .1. ivgi5Eran , V
Surgeon and Physician
OFFICE , N.W. Cor. Uih and Douglas St ,
Olllee Telephone 1i * > ' . Hi > > ! ileiuo Teli-plionoBCS
JAMKS II. PICA 1)01)Y ) , M. 1) . ,
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Hctlclrncp , No. 1 n * Jnnct .Street. Offlco ,
WIlhtielMllnek , Telei'lione , i-'slilcnco , No. 125.
it JAS. iiKCKitrr
Ollice nnd Kesldenoe , 724 N. 10th St. ,
H. A. WdRLKV , M. It. ,
Onicc U DoilRO Plreut. Trlcphoiii' ISJ.
Itc ldt > nvo 171 I'npltnl . \ \ o. Telc'plninu.lia.
1'itl Dodjo St , l t iloor wj l or 1 . n Ta'io ' ole
nlor lo rooms l--I't third lloor. Tolcphono No
Ik'ildeiiee.OilN. Mth street. Telephone No. JO
Physician and Surgeon ,
Tclcpliono 5n. OnicoJll J 8. 1 Illi st 1
K W. COXNELL.M. I ) . ,
Honinsopafhht ,
OITire. S13P. 14tliet Tclcpliono531.
Chronic and Surgical
. > .
/rj , XKIUiAHKA.
Telephone 8 > ! . Corrcspoiulcneeolicituil
V3t * Prescriptions nwl advice by luttor
Dentists ,
Dentists ,
Fine Suits to Order
English nnd Kruniili snlllir , ' , i Hints pntlnrnf ,
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Irom. Call nnd uxiinilnn woods. Hopalrlnn
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The Norris Restaurant
iBtlio very 1 > < ' t pnilnir honso In the city. Trylt
nnd yon will liu K.UI'llod ,
IlilUo. t iru ou t , o l3ii , mJ U i.'ap OKI )
Xs.50oommulitlon : tl'kot for 93.
Tickets for 21 meals 5 1 Si.
Uonrdby the uok $ i.U. : Menl , S5o onch.
16th Bet. DouRlasatidDodpoSts. ;
Umbrellas anil Parasols Repaired
303 S , llth Street , Omaha.
28tU and Cmiiina Et > - - < * - ' " * *
IStli Street Market.
All kinds of frosli nnd salt incus const imtly
on luiiiil.
l'oultiy > gimiu , cto. , in SCUSDII.
K. HiminriY. : , II Ko. 13tU etrcot.
Omaha Shirt Factory ,
and Uinlerwear to Otil-ar.
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