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They Succeed in Ditching Several Trains
Ly Throwing One Switchi
The Workmen at tlic Stock Ynrils
Show Their Sympathy l-'or the
blrllcei-H In n Very
Dirty AVuy.
Tire Srllcln Svvltchmnn ,
voo , Juno SO. [ Special Telegram to
( he llr.i : . ] Freight trallic was innlntalncd
b > the Lake Shore .V : Michigan Southern rail
road without Interruption on the main tracks
to-day. But a force of 11(5 ( Plnkerton men ,
nil except fortv armed with repeating rifles
wns necessary , In addition lo thu full availa
ble force of Town of Like police , to prevent
Interference by striking switchmen. The
Htockjurds trafllc wns attended with more
nnxlety as to peaceful results than the main
line. The sympithy of the packing-house
men with thu strikers , shown onthuocca-
nlon of thu detaching of the train there last
evening , called for iinusal piccautlons. Men
ind eaisot thu Inko Shnruroad weiu in an
nemj'seountiy when they left their own
rack" . Uoadmaster M-utln , who has c nitrol
if Iho stock yards svvlteliboaul , gives the
Lake Shore precedcnco civet other loads dur-
ug the landing trouble. But llicro Is a
rong undurciiiientof fyelliiiramong theem-
lojesol the yards and packing-houses and
ill outbreak was feared all day. livery
1 iwllulr Is guarded by rlllemcu , and each
locomotive thalci.tcis the yi.ids is loaded
with heavily aimed men. Thu packlng-
'uitrso men come to thu doors and' windows
ind hoot and jeer as the tiains pass. A
shower of stones and ollal was thiovvn liom
iho Chicago Packing t Piovlslon eompinv's
i laughter house at the men on thu Lake
Shoto engine and caboose that had been
halted alongside of It. The rioters had Just
been set fico for their dinner hour , nnd
thousands gntheiod about the spot. A lot ot
offal was first thrown and struck one of the
" thrcu 1'inkeiton men who weio on tlio
lealmoso. This was greeted with yells of do-
liL'ht by tlio mob , arrd was followed by a tor
rent of stones , sticks and other missiles.
The Ilrst Impulse of the riflemen vvas to reply
from their Winchesters , but they weio 10-
btrtalncd by a deputy shcrlfT.and a bloody riot
wasaveited. Thudistiirbaucu was ended by
tlio whistle blowing the 12:30 : recall. Then
the engine steamed back to the Like Shore
round house , and thu police and detectives
took dinner. Odleer Michael Begley , of thu
Town of Lake police , was sttuck on the face
with a Hying club nnd Iris jaw broken. A
1'lnkerton man named John Lyon was also
hurt , but not seiionsly. Four of the iloters
have been anestud by Pinkerton's men , one
being shot in the leg. A St. Paul train was
wrecked as it wasb.'lug hauled onto the Lake
Shore track , theswitch : being thrown wlien
the train vvas half over and ditching 14 cars.
This vvas at tuc stock yards ' 'T" of the Lake
Shore tiack , and a Haltlmoto & Ohio train
coming along was also derailed. This was
followed by a Lake Shoio stock train , which
was wrecked , making a complete blockade of
Mio track.
At a general meeting to-night of the Chicago
cage switchmen to taku action legaiding tlio
Lnko Shore Rtrlko , it WHS decided that iinan- '
cial aid would bo ulverr to thu Lake Shoie
men , but the switchmen generally would ic-
jnnin neutral and uostilku would bu entered
on oilier roads.
01 unit DKTAII.S OK Tin : DAY.
The usual two car loads of Pinker ton
men arrived at Hoot Mi'eet shortly utter-
seven this morning and business was im
mediately started by the L-.iko Shore
company. Theontlrc Pinker ton force , with the
exception ol a do/on men , mo now aimed
wllh lilies and a guaid Is sent out with every
train and accompanies It to Coletown. While
fhcio seems no likelihood of any tumble
around Chicago to day except , perhaps , at
thu stockyaidH , there Is considerable anxiety
manifested on both sides as to the piobable
action to bo taken by the Lake ( shore switch
men at other points.
Kiirflno 4 IS escorted by thirty special police
men at 11 rids 11101 nlng was sent into the
stockyaida. On anivlug near the packing
hpuse.s intense excitement prevailed. Kveiy
wludowot tliu packing houses was crowded
with workmen who yelled ollenslve epithets
atthoguaids. It was le.ued thcro would bo
trouble when tlio woikmen went to dinner.
At 1" o'clock the Lake Shoio engine attached
to a tool ear and caboose was stopped behind
tlio Chicago Packing and I'lovision
compaiij'.s slaughter house by u
train of cars In liont. As
the packing house whistles blew the signal
lor the dinner hour a crowd of at least two
thousand employes gathered In the vicinity.
-Tho windows of Iho packing house , Imme
diately bcsldo the train , were thronged with
workmen who began to jell at the officers
and In a few moments the wildest excitement
picvallcd. Some ollal was thrown Irom the
window sand .shuck ono of the three Pinkerton -
ton men who weie on top of the car.
This was a slirnal lor a shower
( if stones and clubs which weie
thiown trom tlio windows and roofs of the
buildings. OIllecrMlkoBoKloy was struck
on tlm jaw by onuot the clubs arrd seiionsly
injured. Tlio Pinker ion men their
lilies to shoot but weio restrained by a de
puty shei 111. A shot at that moment would
undoiibti diy have precipitated a serious riot.
' 1 ho crowd wns H tally broken up when tlio
whistles summoned them back to work at
: 0 o'clock. The train was then started rip
uid moved behind Armour's and Mmphy'.s
\ packing houses amid a shower of missiles ,
which did no duma-e.
Sf Two Plnkeilon ofllcors , Georco Kd-
I niunds and n man known ns
I Hurry , stationed at Long Bridge , halt n mlle
r lion ; tjoiilh Chie.igo , heard a shot a lew bun-
U. died ymdHun thu track at u : 0 o'clock last
night. Hiuiy went up to see what Iho trouble
was , leaving Kdmunds to gnaid the bridge.
'Ihreo men weiostanding on the traclf , and
wh. n Harry ordereil them to move on they
Attacked him. He drew a ruvolverand fired
ono t-hot , which made a hole- through the
Ight leg of one ottho tellows jiift below ttm
Knee. The muiio ol the Injuied man could
not ho learned , tin Ids companions carried
him away Immediately.
The Ohio Detonation Aculn Asks For
mi Investigation.
JYAHiiiNO'ioN , Juno : H ) . Tno republican
members of the Ohio delegation In the honso
> f representatives to-tiny filed with the senate
vmimltteo on pilvilogea and elections n com-
iunicatlon asking for the leconslderatlon ot
ItsdeeUion not to grant the Investigation
Into the method of the election of Henry B ,
Vayno to the senate of the United States.
The communication having been submitted
to Senator Sherman , ho said : " 1 heartily
Sgrco wllh every word In it , urrd have no ob-
lection to my position being known. " An
other communication from Hepresenta-
tivis Little and Duttcrworth was ad
dicted to Senator Hoar bearIng -
Ing upon tuo Pnjno Investigation
and anuouncine tlio possession ot informa-
ton pointing to the bribery of members of
* hobl\ty-8lMlr general assembly who voted
or Payne.I'lio communication gives e\-
racts of leftera and telegrams by way of
Illustrating the nature of tlio information ro-
lurrcil to , and conclude : ' Your committee ,
vvowlll venture to add , in conclusion , will
not overlook thu fact that our showing , made
lit tlm Jpce of Iho most persistent and power-
jul opi >'.ou ot unlimited means and ex
pedients , has been mm lor an investigation
wid not iorimal action follow Ins nil lnvesti-
cutlou. " _
An lovvuu Noiniiuiteil.
WASIUSUTOX , Juno : w-Tho pn-MIent
\ lias sent In the nomination of David H.
JUcatUiley to bo vostuiaster * t ( A U U , la.
They Will Moot to Protect Them-
Helves Agatntt Kcmovnl.
UmcAdo , June 30. [ Special Telegram to
the lint : . ] A meeting of the Brotherhood of
Hallway Postal Clerks , which Postmaster
General Vitas deemed .revolutionary and for
belonging to which he'ordered the Mimmary
discharge of a number of clerks last week , Is
to bo livid at Indianapolis on Filday of this
week. The members of the organization do
rrot appear In any wlso deterred by the Older
of the postmaster general , and declare that
Ihej will persist In their right to hold a meet-
Infer their mutual bcnclil desulte the orders
fiom Washington , In a communication
Irom a member of the order , which will ap
pear In print tn-moriow , he savs :
When .Mr. Vllas assumed clnuuc of the
po.stolcodepaitmcnt ! ! , I think I am safe In
saying thatuvery republican eleik in thlsscr-
vice expected to bo removed just ns soon as a
democrat could he selected to till his place.
Thebettcrclassof ; clerks weie sci-king other
employment , and many succeeded , which no
doubt caused-Mr. Vilaa to feel that the ser-
vicuwoiilil soon become eilpplcd and Im
paired. Hence he issued the follow Ing order :
The communication then quotes the special
notice of the postmnstergeneral , dated March
ill , 1S8In which he announces that "rall-
v\a > eleiks who have become ellleient and
valuable men against whom no just com
plaint of neglect , Inattention , or waul of
lidclltj , honesty 01 ellicleney can be biought.
and w ho have not tinned their attention to
political labor dining the seivice , need have
no learnt being dlstuibed so long as they
continue to lender merltous and faithful
suivice.1' The writer then says :
If Mr. Vlhis had said , what ho Is practicing
n systematic removal ot eleiks that re
movals would bemadu just as rapidly as pos
sible , then the clerks In thu serviio would
have , in many Instances , secured other em
ployment or would luuu expected a removal
any day. But ho issued this special notice
letter nnlooked lor and without solicitation
on the p.ut of thu clerks. Now , wliun a
clerk Is removed , hu Is branded at homo as
being either dishonest or incOlclciit , as the
public at laigu thinks the p > stmaster general
is complying strictly with his letter.e'ccept
inthuciisu ot Siipeiintendent Burl , ot the
tilth division , whnictuscd lo comply with a ol the postmaster geneiiu , that 130
eleiks In Ids department be recommended to
tire dniMiiment lor removal .by a em tain
given time , .Mr. Burl's refusal vvas on the
Ktoiiinl that It would impair tlie sirviee in
his division , hence his removal. Many re
movals have been made whollv without any
cause whatever. Theieloie this oigaui/atiun
was Dlleeted , in onler that Postmaster Cien-
oral Vllas could be assisted by tire clerks In
doing ju t us he volnntailly agioed to do. It
Is not the intention to ask torn cleik'h rein
statement where , upon investigation , It ap-
peais to bo sulllcient cause lor removal.
The communication declared that it is the
Intention to continue the organizationdespite
thu attempt to frighten the. clerk-sand require
Ihc fulfillment by the postmaster ceneial of
his promises. The announcement that the
meeting Is to bo held has occasioned consid
erable eoiisteination , ns it is declined that
every ono who attends piobably jeopnidi/.os
his official caicur. It is stated hero to-night
taat therein oscillation at the meetlnir will
bo very large and that It may possibly indi
cate a ciisis in thu railway mail service.
Proposals ofSpeedy Settlement ofPas-
Monger nuil Freight Rates.
CIIICAOO , Juno SO. [ Special Telegram to
the Bir.J : : "I think , " said President Cable ,
ot the Uock Island railroad , "that peace will
bu patched up In the railroad war. It may lie
delayed , however , by the opening ot the Wis
consin Central road next Tuesday. There Is
no notice qiUlorn meeting for a fixed day.
One , 1 think , will DO held , however , next
week or a week alter. "
Another official , a commeioial
agent for a big granger road , said : "Tlm
euttliiL' is leallv not sei ions. H is altogether
in the higher classes. It is more smoke than
. - "
There vvas no change In either the freight
orpassnnircr wais to-day. In tliu loriucr ac
tive measures aie being taken to biing about
peace. Tlio St. Paul , Bmllngtoii. Uock
Islandand Northwestern have simiiiied their
anxiety for peace , and their willingness to
attend a meeting to bilng this about. On the
Mb of July the Wisconsin Central opens bus
iness. Now roads usually begin with rate
slabjjiiigfor the ot getting themselves
talked about. It Is luaied that this will be
tlio policy of the lust competitor tor Chicago
business. The Chicago , Burlington & Aoith-
crn will be opened in August. It these roads
are to out , the prospects are lml. But as
each la simply a now line of an old load , tlio
ciittlnt ; will piobably bu dispensed with. Tlie
total reorganization of all the old pools will ,
however , necessarily lollovv.
Vcstcrday's Evonta on tire Turf and
Sinii'.smAr : : > BAY , JuiicSX The faiewcl
stakes , winning penalties , non-winning and
Maiden allowances , lor three-year-olds ,
sovcn-iiigliths mlle : Joe Cotton won. Cyclops
second. Poiillauthiid. Time 1:37 : .
Handle ip , all ages , ono and one-eighth
mile * : Unicst won , Tolu second , ( Jreuadler
third. Time I'M.
< ! ood-hje stakes , for two-vcar-olds , thrcc-
qmutcrsmllo : Treinoiu won , Lady Primrose -
rose second , Ittllala tlilid. Time 1:15. :
Spundtlnift stakes , lortlnee-year-olds , pen
alties and allowance * , ono and u quaitor
miles : The Bald and Dowdtop ran a dead
heat for Hist place. Con Began thlid. Time
" :0iJ : ; . Dowdion did not appear for the irrn-
ell and The Bard walked over thu course
tor the stakes.
Suven-elghth mile : Bonnie S won. Com
mander second , LUilo Mack third , 'f line
Handicaps , one and a quarter miles : Tom
Mai tin won , Tecumsch second , Uiconheld
third. Time 'iWf. : )
VinJoih" istakes , milo : Frankie 1) ) won ,
Svv lit second , Ascondcrthlrd. Timu li-J. :
The Unso Itall Record ,
Piltsburg 25011200 1 12
Athletics 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 ! J
Plti'hura Gnivln. Atkinson iind Kennedy.
First basu hits Plttshiirg 10 , Athletics 10.
Kiioib-l'lttsburg ' . ' , Athletics5. Umpire
Cincinnati : i o o a n o a a a is
Baltimore 0 0 o a 3 a i o 0 7
I'iteher.s Mullano nnd Kllroy. First base
hitri-Ciiiciiiiiati 17 , Baltimore H. Krrora
Cincinnati 5 , Baltimore 7. Umplio Valen
tine.ArSr. . Louis
St. Louis 1 7
Metionolitan 0 ! )
Pitchers Hudson , Font t and Mays. First
luso hits St. Louis 1'J. Metropolitans 7.
Krrors SI , Louis i , Metropolitans a. Um
pire Walsh.
Kansas City.,0 5
New York 0 0 'J 0 a 0 2 4 o u
Fli t base hits Kansas City K , Now York
18. Knois Karuas City 5 , New York a ,
Umtmo-Yoik ,
AT Loursvir.i.i :
Brooklyn , , 'J 0 0 0 i o o 0 1 14
Louisville 1 00 0005 0
Pitchers Porter ami Itamt-ov. First base
Ints Louisville IS , Brooklyn ; t. Hrrors
Louisville , Brooklyn a. Umpire Bradley.
AT Sr. Lours
St. Louis 0 1100000 2 4
Boston. , , o-o
PitehiTi IChliy arrd Stemrneyer. First
base hits St. Louis 7. Beaten b. Errors St.
Louis 11 , Boston 0. Umpire-Curry.
Informed of a Murderous Plot.
BiiiMixoriAM , Juno so. Joseph Chamber-
Iain told a reporter of the Uirniineham Mall
that well intormed filends informed him
that there vvas in existence an Irish plot to
murder him. This information , Chamber-
Jain added , has been corroborated by the
London police , who warned him of thu plot ,
" ' d Informed him tire assassins meant to
Kill Lord Haitliiuton also. Chamberlain
iT.'d both hlrnseir and LonlHartlnL-iou in
ronsequfieo permitted themselves to be
pl.-wa under police pre-tecttoiu
They Tell the Beauties of Protection and
the Evils of Tree Trade.
'lliey Declare Per Submitting < > ie
Question of Prohibition to the
People nnd Against Koreign
Contract Iiixtior.
Itopttblrenns In Convention.
HAiint iiiMii ( , June no. Tire tariff address
adopted by the republican convention to-day
reviews the hibtoiy of the tarilV since l W , to
show Hint the democratic party has for the
last llfly years legislated njiaitist the best
Interests of the American people In the direc
tion ot free trade , to the ereat detriment of
Arner lean Industry. Reference Is made to
the repeal ot the democratic free trade lawby
a republican nmgress in IbOl , when the Merrill -
rill tariff bill passed"and for theltrst time in
the history of the country , " says tlio address ,
"we have had twenty jears of uninterrupted
protection to American labor and capital. Fig-
uies an ; quoted to show that In IS50 the total
value of pioperly in thu country was SM.OOO-
txwKX , ( ) ; in 1S-0 the total value was feHOOO-
OCO.OCO , an Increase in twenty years of
Sro,000OooOOJ , or moie than double tlie ae-
cumulated moperty fiom 1807 to IbfX ) . Dur
ing ton jears ot f ice trade , ended in 1SOI , or > r
imports exceeded our expoits SW.O .OJO ;
under the ( iiicr.itlon of ten jears of jiotec-
tlon , ended June ! iO. U85 , our expoils ex
ceeded our Imports sliOGriiooa : , : ; , , or tin an-
rial average ot tioi.M,000. : ; ( a net gain In
our favor ot SlT.'i.OOO.CHX ) n year , liclcrence is
made to attempted tailll legislation hy thu
democr.its since 1S75 , when tlrev obtained
control of the house , eacli of which Is de
nounced us dangerous attempts to over throw
thu gie.U system whlrh has built up the in
dustries ol the country. In closing , atten
tion is called to thu tact that thedcniociats
are.still determined to Insist upon n reduc
tion of thu duties and to abolish the tailtTii | > -
011 law materials , thus further menacing the
piospeilty of the country.
Chaliman Cooper called the republican
state convention to older at ID o'clock In the
opera house , which was packed with dele
gates and spectators. Every delegation was
pre.sent with full membei.s and there weio no
eontests. G. F. Gllvcr was elected chairman
by a unanimous vote. Oliver , in taking the
chair , spoke of the enthusiasm of the con
vention and addressed himself to tlie taiifi.
Ho .said.
"The republicans ol this great state should
pioclaim to the world that we demand a
tarill , not foi ievenuoonlvnotoven lor reve
nue ! with Incidental protectionbut lor protec
tion alonc.l mention tlih Issue
cause it is so interwoven with the prospeiity
of our people that It is necessarily paramount
In the minus of all I'emisylvaiiians.
I ho fact that It remains unsettled
is icason enough for the continuance
in lite of any party. Unt there rue others
second only to ft in Importance. The ques
tion of the mutual rlgnts and duties of cap
ital and labor , and tlie enactment ot laws
guarding the Interest ol both common car-
licis and s'lippers. These and other matters
demand thu attention of our legislators , both
state and national.
Geneial Heaver was nominated hy acclama
tion to tic governor and Wm. T. D.ivles for
lieutenant governor.
The ticket was completed as follows : , A. Wilson Norrls ; seciclary
of internal affairs , T. J. Stewart ; congress
man at Inure , F. A. Osborne.
Resolutions were adopted that the legisla-
tmo should submit to the people thu question
ot Inserting in tlie constitution a clause pro-
lilbltingthomaiiul.ictitru itml srtlo HI Ilifei-
catirn ; liquor as u buveiago within'tlio limits
of the commonvNealth of 1'ennsylvanla ; con
demning the dlsfranchlbciiient of the colored
vote : declaring that tuttiic conventions .shall
consist onlvot delegates ehosen from repre
sentative dlstt lets : appraisingiho Inter-.state
commerce bill ; dopiecatiii ! ; the imnortatlon
ot foreign paiier ] labor and criminal contract
labor , and the pass.igo of the national law
piolilbllinLr such impoitatlon ; ' proclaiming
hostility to tho.Morrison tariir bill , and de
manding that the American system of pro
tection hi' maintained ; demanding that this
s.v > tem be extended so as to beueht the com
mercial m.ii lue and tlio navy.
The ul.itfonn as presented was adopted.
Arkansas- Democrats Nominate.
Li rrLi : KocK. Aric. , Juno ! ! 0. The demo
cratic state cornentlon wet at noon to-day ,
nearly every county beina repicsentoil.
Alter apjiolntlng comuiittces the convention
adjourned till n p. m. Un reassumblini ; tills
afteinoon the convention nominated for
governor , Hughes ; treasurer , Woodruff ;
land commissioner , Cobbs : attorney ,
Joncs , : judge of the hiipremu court , B.rttlo ;
secretary of Male , Moore ; and supctintcnd-
ent of public Instiuction , Thompson. X'end-
intr the dellbcralions of the platform com
mittee , the convention adjourned.
A. Ministerial Nominee.
MAxcnrsTiit : : , N. H. , Juno : > 0. Hev. H. L.
McKlnnoy was today nominated for con-
giess by tlio democrats of the First tlla-
trict. _
That IriHli HeiiHiitlon All JJosli.
CrnoAQo. Juno 'JO. [ Special Telegram to
the HUE , ] Concerning the Fortnightly lie-
vlow'ssensatlon , alleging that Mr. Kgan had
801UO connection with the Phicnl.x park as
sassination , Alexander Sullivan bald : "It
evidently was ono of a scries Intended to
arouse .English piojudh'o agaliibt Gladstone
In the penning canvas. 1 do not bellevo
theio isan authority better than the diseased
Imagination or the paitlsanshlp of the Eng
lish tory to justify such an accusation. Kgan
removed fiom Paris to Dublin , and lived and
did business there for snveral months during
the jcar following the I'luenK park tragedy.
Coercion was still alive. Whv did they not
arrest Mm ? His accounts were examined
and audited by John Dillon and Matt llairis ,
membeis of paillamunt , and Father Sheedy.
All those gentlemen are within r each of an
English jury. If leaicuo money had been
used for the assassination , the Moiy would bo
told In court , not In the Fortnightly. The
story Is all bosh. "
A. Ijoiilavlllo Hcnantinn.
LOUISVII LiJ : mm W ) . A sensation was en
acted hero last night by n rumor that Colonel
It. M. Kelly , until recently United States
periblon agent at this point , was shoit in his
accounts to tlio government. Tire rumor had
been current several days , but last
nlKht the Courier-Journal received a
dispatch from Washington , saying
on thn authority of Third Auditor Williams
that when Kelly was succeeded by Gen.
lluoll , hero February 17 , the htntoment of his
accounts show ed a ei edit to the government of
851,100 In the Xew York snb-trcasiiiy. In-
milry at the siib-troasnry , however , revealed
the fact that only .six dollars was
there duo the government trom the pension
oilicolicre. Kelly was notllioiand Geneiul
Williams says lie linnrodlqtoly paid over the
51.000 , thus siiuailng hU accounts. Wll-
Jhims , without nxplalirlng , eald ho thought
Kelly had been deceived and duped by those
hotnibted. Kelly states simply that Ids ac
counts had been examined ami found cor
rect , and ho owes the government nothing ,
A Heavy Defalcation.
rjiii.AUEi.ruiA , JunoSO. Tirasurcr Wil
son , of tlio Chesapeake & Delaware 'canal
company , left the city last night , luavlnsr on
Ills desk a note containing a confession of a
guilty knowledge of the over ibsuo of 8015-
SCO of bonds under the thirty-year mortgage
loan of the company of July , 1850 , The loan
matures to-morrow , and as the fraudulent
transaction could no longer bs concealed ,
Wilson left the city , it Is alleged , In company
with Ijenrv V. Ladle , tire former treasurer ,
under whose odininistratton the over issue
was made. A tier going over tire books the
company announced that , owing to the treas
urers defalcation , the Interest on thu
would riot bo paid till further uoU *
The Opinion KxproKscdThnt Nebraska
Will IjflxothcOnicc.
WASHINGTON , Juno SO. ( Special Tele
gram to the lluM. ] "The consolidation of the
olllees of surveyor jrdneral of Dakota and
Nebraska by the < qnato committee on appro
priations means the practical abolishing of
the ofllce In Nebraska , " said Delegate Glf-
ford to your correspondent to-day. "The
committee contends , " continued Judge Glf-
f jrd , "that thcro Is no nnsnrvoycd lands of
consequence In Nebraska , and thcrefoio no
need of the oulcc. iroiremanls to bo snr-
vcj or general for both Nebraska nnd Dakota ,
why Dakota wilt tillnnd , claim the olllce , and
this is understood attll rreKnnvv ledgcd to bo true
by the Nebraska delegation. "
"Do jou think the consolidation clause will
pass ? " 1 asked.
"Oh , ves , " replied Judge Gilford. "It has
been ngreed to by the committees ot both"
houses , recommended by thu treasury depart
ment , and will pass. "
noiiKivo von nn : ur.s VIOIMS : HIM , .
The house to-morrow will In all probability
take up the bill , which has just been passed
over the veto in the senate , quieting title to
settlers in DCSLoines river hinds. Repre
sentatives FredeiIfks , Murphj , btrnble , Con
ger , Anderson and oilier associates have
been nt woik all daj long among the mom-
bciswho ucforo voted nsainst tlio bill , with
the idea of securlr x favoiablo votes from
them to-mouow. 'i'lrcy report considerable
progress In their work , and each member
icclsconfident that the bill will pass over the
veto. It will probably corao up in the .morn-
Ing hour , hetore the regular business of the
day Is begun.
MUI.VSKAXS : ! AnvixsT oi.ioviAno.vni\i : : .
A very stiouir petition in laver of the pass
age of the oleomargarinu bill from n large
number ot clti/uns of Pawnee county was
presented In the serrate to-day bv Mr. Man-
dei > on. It begins to look as though the oleo-
niargaunc bill would not get through this
wisinu.POSTAL : ru.\Nor < > . mail seivice to Frejhuig , la. ,
has been discontinued ; also to Lydla , Custei
county , Neb. , and lo Slmicoii , Cheny county.
Changes have been ordered nsiollovv.s in tlio
tlmescheduleot thestai mail route from Sioux
Itapldsto Ajeishlrc. la. : l.eaveSloux Kap-
idsMoudavsand Fridays , atSa. m ; airive at
Ayersiiirehj 5 ] > . m. Leave Ajershire Tues-
dajs and Salurday.s , at7 a. ru.j arrive at
Sioux Rapids hy 4 p' m.
And as follow s In Xebiaska routes to talc oef-
. m. ; airlvo at Santee agency bj lla.m.
\ \ ester vllle to Arundiat I-eav o Westervillo
lue-sdaj-s , Thuisdays and Saturdays , at 1
p. in. : ai ilvo at Arcadia by 7 p. m. Leave
Arcadia Tuesdays , Tlrursdajsaud Saturdays ,
at G a. m. ; arnvo nt Westervillo by 13 m.
nn : r.vioN PAOIKIC miANcrr riira. .
Rcpiesentativus Vtreavcr and Dorsuy were
betoiotho house ejorninlttco on i'aciiic mil-
roads to-day and 'urged ' the committee to
take up and act upon the bill authorising
tlio Union 1'acilieto build bianch lines. As
the chairman and two' of the leading mem
bers of the committee weie absent , actioh
was deferred till next Friday.
niii.nn1 FOU KKsinsvre SI-TTM-IIS. ,
Itepicsentativo Perkins , a member of
the comr.iittco on Indian atTaiis , made a
third attempt to , have the house con
sider the senate amendments to the bill
to-day , granting an extension ol time to pm-
chascis of land on tho'Omaha and Wlnnc-
bago rcscivations in Kansas and Nebi-aska.
Morrison of Illinois , however , objected nnd
Iho bill went over uciln. 1'orkins nnd Dor-
sey wont to .Mr. Mon1oii. oxplalrrcd the pro
vision of the bill..nn < i icqiiested him to witlf >
draw nlH objection" to its'Consideration. .
Ho promised tuat ho vondTjotr ) object vvhcTtr
the bill was agaih calitd uf | ; and Messrs. 1'tr-
kins and Dorseyihavo hopes of success next
. . . ,
PeicvK. Claike , of Jovva.'a tiilnl assistant
examiner in the been promoted
meted to a second assistants : ! ' } ! , going from
81,400 to ! } liOOa ( ear.
Lieutenant Givelv , the Arctic explorer ,
was among those who shook hands with the.
president this afternoon. Ilo was accom
panied by Ids Juthcr-In-aw. ! , " 1 was iieio
lilty-two jears ago , " said the latter to the
president , "and shook hands with Cenej-ai
Jackson. You are the fcceond democratic
president that I have had the pleasure" of
talking to. " The president made iho old
gentleman comfortable , and stopped the tide
ot callers to excliango a few woids concern
ing the honor coitfeired upon him by the
W. D. O'Connoll , ex-United States district
attoincy for northern Iowa , who was re
moved for otlensivn partisanship , Is in this
city nrrnlly settling nn his accounts with the
povcinmont. / ,
Charles Mallory. of Marshalltown , ear ac
countant of the .Central Iowa ndlroad. and
his wile , aio guests of Kepresentatlvo Fred
ericks. ,
Gcorgo W. Parker , of. Davenport Is in
town ,
Democrnts "Vindicate the Government
oniclals in Pan-Elnctrio.
WAsrrixti-rox , JnnoiiO. Chair nian IJoylc ,
of tie ! Pan-Klectrle telcpliono committee , pre
sented to the hoiibC to-day the icpoit on the
result of the Invcbtlgatlon , signed by himself
and Messrs. Gates. Kden and Hall , in which
the following are Oio principal points madei
The stock tianeferred hy ItogeiK to Gar
land. Harris and others was in the inleiest of
the invention , then ofno value , and only to
Uo mndo valuable by the joint elloitsot the
owneiH. At that time Garland was not
thought of for attorney gcncial. and
the otheis mentioned had no ofllclal
place or prospect which was likely
to benellt the property. The committed
failed to lind that any leeislatlon was con
templated at tlm time the co-ipany was
ioriued. Thcro is no evidence that Garland
over heard of it. > lingers , undoubtedly , ex
pected to prolit bv association with gentle
men of known ability anil distinction. Uut ,
the report asked , did these men to whom
wrong doing has never befoic been imputed ,
Intend to liccpmo and did they become scoun
drels all at oneo' . ' - A"lieii.a 111411 entcied con
gress ho was not expected , and It Is not prac
tical , for him to renounce worldly business
All that Is uvpected of him Is that
Ho shall not use the inllncnco ot his place for
the udvaiiccnrunt of his private InteieMs.
llituiioil | , mUiius thu history of tlio confer-
cncopioccedlnga , anii'tinds nothing in the
conduct ot Geode deserving of censnie , The
ropoi t says the suit to test tire legality of the
Hell patents was rightfully brought , but the
same could not result to the benellt of the
I'an-Klect i lo Telephone company , as many
inventions proceeded Itiat of Koscrs' .
To Increase thai i'renldcnt'8 I'owor.
WASHINGTON , June/oa Among the bills
Introduced In tlm senate to-day was ono
which , If It shall beconion law , will vest In tlio
piesldent the solo ppv/er of appointing n
luigo number of otUcere who are now ap
pointed by and with tt.pwlvlco nnd consent
of the senate. AmoDff those postmasters
of all classes , collector } of internal revenue ,
collectors of customs rt-poils In which the
gross revenues do not exceoidollars ( , and
ether custom ofllcors ; nil territorial oiliceis ,
except judges of thesLnreme * court ; all dis
trict attorneys and Untwl | States rnarshals.
Indian atrenls nnd district land oniccrs. The
bill was introduced by Senator Edmunds.
Union Pacific Plans.
CHICAGO , Juno so. [ Special Telegram to
the Uni.J Gene'ral Manager Calla way of the
Union Pacific , liasse < l through hero to-day on
his way to Boston , where he goes to confer
with President Adams beforp the lattci's de
parture for Kuropa. Sir , Callaway denied
any discrimination aininst Omaha in laver
of Kansas City In freight rates , ns charged by
the Omaha board of ( rude. The rrcvvs of tire
proposed fast continental train was confirmed
by Mr. Callaway. \ \ \ that Is required is the
co-operation W roads running ] o Chicago.
1 hi * obtained , Jr lns will si edlly be put uri.
AVeatlrer 1'or Nebraska ,
Fair weather followed by local r\lrrs \ ; sta
tionary teui | rature.
The State Convention Meets and Selects
Temporary Officers anil Committees.
The People Wax Warm nnit Are Cau
tioned Agnlnnt Violence Kent-
Icy to Uo Supported by the
lown News.
Democratic State Convention.
DK * . JIoiNhs , June 33. [ Special Telegram
to the UKii.J-ThodemoerrtticslateeoiiNcntlon
haIng perfected Its organization this after
noon , the ( iMsiMublod democrata are spending
thnovculngln colcbratlnc and laylue the
Avlies for to-morrow. About eight hnndied
of the nntoiillicd havocomc to Des Molncs
nnd aie full of a mild amount of enthusiasm.
Nothing developed In the preliminary organ
ization of nn unusual cluuacter , hut to-night
thcie Is a lUcly feeling among the delegates
over two 01 three thlnss that may make turn-
bloto-mouow. There Is no strife o\er the
nominations , On the contiary , one
pioininent demociat rcmaikcd to
night : "Nobody wants them , and
nobody of any piomlncncc will take them. "
Thogieenlwckois , whonio also hero I or a
state convention , dunnnd three of the
ofllccrsas n condition of fusion , lint two
positions will probably bo given , that of
tieasuiei and supreme court reporter , though
tliej also want attorney general.
Korthe head ot the ticket there Is no con
test , and the democrats are all at sea. Though
the nominations will bo nude to-morrow
there aie no candidates' headnuaiters opened
and no special elfort Is made in any one's bo-
half. air. A. H. Keith , who has been talltud
of , declines positively. Senator Cnss.ttt does
the same. W. W. Wltmcr , of this cl'y ,
also declines , bu * , would accept If the nomi
nation weie lorccd upon him. This loaves
only Cato Sells , a young man from Ulack
Hawk county , and seoictary of the btato com
mittee. lie Is quite willing , and probably
will be chosen if no better man will take It.
Thcie arc so tew candidates for the other
places , and so little said about them , that
diligent inqnliy amoni ; leading democrats
to-night showed that half of them had not o\en
heaulany names suggested. .Mr. Theodore
Gncllch , of Btnliimton , will bo given the
nomination for auditor without doubt , nnd
Colonel Mackey , of SIgotiinoy , will bo
nominated for attorney general. Stephen
iliadley , ot Iowa City , seems to bo the princi
pal candidate for clerk of the supreme court ,
and the soueial intciest ceases , as the
grccnbackers will bo ghen ttie other places ,
and no names aie mentioned.
Theiewill bo a lively scrimmage tomorrow
row over the snatoral ! back-pay question.
There is , stiong \ ieelin-r among the rural
. ) nuudeirt { in Uvor of passing a resolution ot
censure of die sanatois who took the S'JIO
back-pay for their iccesb before the impeach
ment dial began. Four of senators
weio democrats , and they are woiUing
vciy haid to-night to pment any action.
Scmatois Knight , Dubmiuo , and Johnson , of
SlaquoKeta , are the leading defenders otfthe
* ) ncfe SJi' ' ? BSUJ'fiE.ce-1' ' ' ° iho.wall to-morrow
" * ' '
"rCT1fa1se'ascorio'1n'lhecoiiv-ontlon and de-
ffettjtyjifims pljie > tdvthol r colleajjuus.
* '
Tlio'cbnvontloh , strange to say , will prob
ably icsolve in favor of local option as Its
treatment of Uiojl'ino 'jucatlon. , The coiu-
mrtfee on resolutions is about evenly divided
on this point , but throe qnaifyrs of the dele
gates want local option and high license.
Theodoio < Juelic > i , of Hurlington , the leader
of the nntl-piohlblHonlsst.says that he thinks
local option will not lese the party any
votes , out the ( ieinuns will not bo
quite so enthusiastic ns thev would bo with
out It , The con vent ion will e.ndoiso Cleveland -
land , thomth thrce-lonrths of the member. ,
aiolnvariablvciiialnichlm. The federal ol-
lieials horu will see that this is done. It is
noticeable that no leais of otfcnslvo paitl-
saiuhlp liavo kept any away. Every revenue
collector in the stnto and nearlyall the depu
ties are horo. The United States maishal ,
Unlt > d States disti let attoinoy , postmasters
innunieinblu and federal olllcurs of all de-
scilptlons rie on hand to see that the admin
istration Is endorsed.
This e\enng ! seveial prominent democrats
addiesscd theeiowds in the Sheet , among
them Judge Kiune , a htaniilng candidate tor
a big ollicc , and late recipient of the position
of tlo-counteron tony miles of government
road In Uiegon. He took paitlctilar jialns to
say that there weio no , soio headed democrats
bore , but their actions all bcllu their wonts ,
and his speech was iccelxed with almost no
The permanent ofllceis selected tor to-mor-
lowaio : For chairman , G. W. Hell. Web
ster City , secieturv , J. .1. Fralncy , Council
Bluffs ; leading secrttaiy , T. O. Walker ,
mi : coxvnxTioM's pnorninixi : .
The demociatic.stato convention met in this
city to-day at 4 p. m. About eight
hundred democrats aio in attendance ,
although thu delegated representation is
limited to C-iJ. The convention ; was
called to ordoi by Chahman Kinnc , of
the btato central committee , who announced
that the central committee had selected A. 1 ! .
McCoy , of Clinton , lor temporary chairman.
I ho following secretaries weio chosen : C.
W. Miller. Hiemer ; W. It. Jlolllngswoith ,
Keolcuk ; Colonel . ) . S. Uoot. Floyd ; AV. J.
Kelly , Iowa City. Mr. T. O. Walker , ot Mar
shal , was ehoson reading secretary. After a
speech by Temporary Chairman McCoy , the
various committees wore selfctud , am ! the
convention ndiorrrned till 9 a. in. to-morrow.
The committee on resolutions Is as lol-
lowh : First district , J. 1) . M. Hamilton , ol
Leo : Second , 0. S. Kauek , Johnson : Tlrfrd
J. II. Scales. Hauh : Kourllr. J. F. Tlronrn
. . .Jl , Appanooso ; Ninth , Judgu . . . . _ .
Jones , I'oftawaltamlc : Tenth , ( Si-oigo W.
Hell , Hamilton ; Eleventh , Isaac 1'endleton ,
Woodbury ,
Fairi'IJ , Mills : Tenth. Mlko Miller , Carroll ;
Eleventh. Wljllnnr llarker. O'llrlen.
Tholollowlmj vice pieshlentb werechosen :
James Love , les ) Monies county ; Ucorgo
Paul , Johnson ; K.-M. Car r , Delaware ; Dr.
T. 1J. MeCune , Faycrto : Irvin Mitchell. Hen-
ton ; 1) . W. Former. 1'ovveshiek ; E. W. I'or-
iv , Warren ; D. O , Seais. Decatnr ; S. W.
hpiague , Cass ; Samuel { , Webster ; 11.
M. Hunter , Sac.
Sioux City'H Haloon FlRlit.
Siorx Ctry. la. , Juno 30. [ Special Telegram -
gram to the Ui-.K.J Tha talk of the day here
has been the Injunction proceedings insti
tuted yesterday at Cheiokce In Judge Lewis'
court against the Sioux City faaloonlsts. The
principal case Is that against John Oiton , ono
of the leading saloonists of the city. X.enk
nnd tlosselln are the prosecuting attorneys
nnd A. It. Smith the complaining witness.
All sorts of opinions have been oxuiesscd
to day as to the piobablo outcome ot the
action , IJio taloonlsts are evidently exer
cised , and realize that there is a possibility of
their being indicted. One leading liquor
man to-day ventured the prediction that clos
ing the saloons will throw a largo number of
buildings on the nmiket for rental. Another
thought they would all catch it. Another
realized the fact that the prohibitionists have
the law and hold a heavy club over them , but
btated positively that trie sale of liquor could
not bo Mopped in Jiroux Cty. | There is no
doubt of the fact that a gieat marry citizens
are In favor of a high reatrietivo license. The
evening paper , in ( .Tosins ; un article on the
subject , nays : "Any aits of violence to per
son or property ill bo discountenanced by
all peed citizens. Good older , safety of per
son and property mu t bo pre crvcd.nnd men
who counsel violence are frowned down ,
The peed name of the city Is moro precious
to coo ; eltrrens than all tlio saloons and pro-
hlbllionlMs toccthcr. The majority of Sioux
City people , opposed as they uro to the In
junction method , will not allow acts of violence
lence In retaliation. "
Tlio fmrtcnohincnt Trial.
Dr.s MOINKS , la , , Juno ! tO. Senator Knlcht
opened the Impeachment case this morning
by picsentlng an order that no more wit
nesses bo called nnd that the ease bo closed.
lie noticed that Deputy Auditor Stewart was
again on tlui stand for the thlid time , and
understood the managers had called n lot of
now witnesses when tuiy have already closed
their ease. The senate Is prepared to vote
now and quit. No additional testimony eui
chance the results. Ho WH tired of
thu c.iso. Seveial ot the senators
said that the outer eamu with bad
taste from n senator who had been absent
half ot tlio lime. Senator Wllkln and others
said It was Illegal tostori the testimony. Thu
senate had iio right to make thu order. Thu
roll was called , nnd Knight's eider was lost ,
with only two alliimatlvu votes. Deputy
Stewart then explained whv ho worked ovei
hours. Thn janitors were then called to cor
roborate Stewnit. "Tamil Jim" Wilson was
called nnd corrected some statements of
others logaidtnghls put In the conference
with ( inventor Sherman as to the vacancy in
the olllce of .state auditor. Ho said he had no
knowledge of any mllltniy loicetobo used ,
and urged conetlatiny measures , lie was
fiiondlv to both parties. The court ad
journed until to-morrow on account of ttio
democratic stale convention. The dclonso
holds but ono more witness to call Hrown
and then \\ill take one day for rebuttal.
The ICnlixtiti to .Support Kentley.
Ari.Axnr , la. , June : ! 0. ( Special to the
13r.r.j : The convention of Knights of Labor ,
as announced In the HIT , wasasurpilse to
many , who did not know that any such
movement was on toot. The convention met
yesterday , and consisted of representatives
from the seventeen local assemblies of the
Knights of Labor located In the ninth con
gressional district. Thcie were seventy dele
gates , and equally divided between republi
cans and democrats. They held a secret ses
sion , which lasted from 'J o'clock In the after
noon until about 1 o'clock this morning.
The pm pose was to discuss the congressional
situation. It was conceded that the
two probable candidates would bo Major Ly-
mau on the republican ticket nnd Colonel
Kcatley on tlledcmocratlc ticket. The Iccl-
luir was strongly in favor of Colonu'l Keatley ,
only two ot the delegates objecting ro him ,
and these two not stienuously. It was
deemed ruadvlsablo to make a lonmil nom
ination , as such a move would bo in viola
tion ot the inles of the order. The conven
tion was simply an advisory one , and Its re
sults aio not binding upon members ot 'the
older. It is nndeistood that a similar con
vention will be held in Council liUtlls within
two weeks or s > o.
Suicided With Scissors.
DjLVi.jjroitT , la. , June CO. [ Special Tele
gram to the 15Ei.J Mis. John Schllck , aged
titty-seven years , committed suicide in tlio
cellar of her house by severing her jugular
vein with a .small pair of sharp pointed scls-
.sois. Mental abberration was the cause.
KIcotcil a President.
CKDAII FALLS la. , June no. Special Tele
gram to the UKI : . ] The trustees of the State
Normal School have elected as president ol
the school , in placeof J. W. Gilchicst , re
signed , Supcilntoiidunt U. II. Tecrluj , of
Uakaloosa. .
Ho Denies tlio Pariieli-Cnrnarvon In
terview , Bul'Pariicll ItcltcrntcH ,
LONDON , Juno 80. [ Special Cablecram to
the I5rr : : . ] Lord. Salisbury , In his speech last
night , said ho. wished to repel Gladstone's
suggestion that Loul Carnaivonhad done
anything not consistent with the mostscnunr-
lens honor. Loul Cunarvon Infoimedhim
( Salisbury ) of what had passed In the inter
view with Paurcll. The Infoi ination exactly
coincided with Carnarvon's statement In the
house of lords. Ho ( Sallsbui'i ) told Carnar
von in the interview with him that his ob
jection was so strong that oven it the conservatives
vatives adopted the policy in laver of a par
liament In Dublin , ho would refuse to join
the ministry. Ho deJled I'arnoll to give the
slightest pi oots of his Mundeious assertion
regarding Lord Itandolph Cliiuchlll , who had
ncvci vai'ied in his uuchanglnir hostility to
the idea of an Ji Mi legislation. There is no
giound to say that Carnarvon resigned be
cause liqvvas pledged to other than the gov
ernment's policy. His ( Salisbury's ) state
ments w'oro supported by his four teen col
leagues. Ho criticized Mr. Gladstone's
"Imblt oi leaving loopholes through which
to escaiio from every position ho
assumes. " Gladstone , h6 said , lnid tried
to palm n miserable travesty ot history upon
hs | Liverpool audiences , Gladstone's letter of
fering to assist the conselvativo government
In settling the Irish quesion did not mention
homo rule. Ho ( Salisbury ) regarded it as
another loop hole. Gladstone now confessed
that he had not said a vvoid against homo
rule lor llfty ycais , yet ho allowed hi-4 col
leagues to iiledgo thoiiuelves to help in the
dctcnso of n united pailiamoiit. The only
way In which the question could bo settled
was by continuing the process of union till
the lush welcomed It as the Scotch did.
Gladstone had taught many splendid things ,
but what ho taught most was that England
could bo bquee/.ed when Ireland chose. nnirnitATKs rim HrATUMnxr.
Par uell , In a speech at Chester last night ,
said that although Gladstone had not given
tlio Irish everything they wanted , Iru be-
lleved tlio premier's proposals would lead to a
linal settlement ot the lilsh ruichtiou , I'ar
nell repeated in siitwtanco his former state
ment concerning Ids Interview with Lord
Carnarvon , and held that ( list statement had
never been contradicted.
A Dynamite I'lot ICvplndcd.
LONDON , JtrneSn. An explosion occuired
yesterday In the commons. Everything was
done by the olllclal In charge of the building
to conceal the fact. It leaked out , however ,
but In lulse foims , nnd most exaggerated and
sensational minors about Irish plots and
dynamite outrages got Into circulation. The
truth was made I ; noun to-day. The explo
sion i csultcil from pout-up bovver gas. The
woikmen who happened to bo In tlio vicinity
at the time were Injuied by Iliu explosion.
Tlio ocriiuence Kgenwally accepted us a fair
exhibition ot the extiemely bad sanitary con
dition of the paillament buildings ,
Oxford'H Che'cru nnd Hisses.
LONPOX , Juno SO. The convocation at
Oxford to-day was unusually crowded.
Honorary degrees wcrecoirlmodon Oliver
Wendell Holmes and John IlrL'ht. Both
gentlemen word received with demonstra
tions amounting to ovations. The Undents
hissed every mention of Gladstone1 ! * name
andchi'cied for Lords Salisbury and Churchill
Tlirco TorleH Injected.
Lmjni'ooL , JnnoiiO. Union H. Do Warms ,
E. Waytely and T. 1'etron , coiiRCivativo
candidates for East Toxtcth , Evciton and
West Toxtelh divisions of Liverpool , re
spectively , were elected to the commons ,
their scats bolng conceded to them because
neither was contested. These gentlemen ,
therefor , enjoy the distinction of bolng the
( list members elected to the new parliament
Intense Intercut In the Klootloiia.
LONDON , Juno o.-r Friday's pollb are exciting -
citing Intense Interest , Of the seventy-four
contests. Gladstonlans are hopolnl that the
Irish vote will wrest eighteen seats from the
conservatives. The results will reveal how
the Lngllslr provincial boroughs mo af
( i.irflcld's Tomb
CJ.K.VKI.AND , Juno ! X ) . The militaiy guard
nt Lake View cernetef y , \ \ hich had watched
Garlleld's tomb Jor nearly irvn years , was
vvlthdravvu to-day by ordev of the vvur depart-
Three Hundred" Temporary Abodes Pitched Ki i
on the Sunday School Grounds nt Orote.
Two Hardened Vounir HOMO TliloTM
Cnpturoil nt Ked Cloriil Pour , 4
Children nt n IHrtli Other 4W
Stnto N'cvta.
Tire Sunday School Assembly.
Cnr.Ti : , Xeb. , June -'W. | Sieclal |
to the Hrr : : . ] One but h glimpse Into
the lovely little village of tents , cottages nnd
other buildings to make him an enthusiast n9
to the beauties of the Crcto Clm'itrrnmj
grounds. They nro yet comparatively QUloti '
but by to-morrow , July I , which Is tlio opoUj
Ing day of the assembly , they will be pcoplcjl
by those who wish foi Ilia rest , the pleasures ,
nnd the benefits which aid huro offored.t
About tlueu liuudied touts nro already
pllehed , making a very pretty np-
pe.iranee , arranged , as llnsv are ,
to form the straight or winding avenues ;
Mm e than fifty families aio already on tire
grounds , making .heir tent homes Inhabita
ble for coming da > s. Hov. A. 15. Dunnlnfit'
tlie conductor of tlio assiuubly , Frank Boara.-t
editor of the Judge , and Dr. Lyrnan Abbott
and wife will arrive this morning , Tlio i
ing capacity of the iargo pavilion nnd dli
hull lias been much enlarged , and these
all other buildings aio connected by iroou
walks. To-morrow the weather signal serv
ice U to bu mounted In s-omo , conspicuous
place , probably on the iroith end ot the dining
hall. This will , of course , bo of interest to
all , as all will wish to know whether the
weather Isto be loul or fair tor tire coulpff
day , The beauty ot the place begins with ,
the broad drive which leads to the grounds.
Magnificent large trcos , festooned with vines ,
grow on cither side , lormlnt ; at times almost
anarch. It Is also furnished wltliatrood
substantial sidewalk , which is but u contln *
nation ot thu walk leading from the num.
part of town. As jon appioach tha-
erouuds yon become moro and-
moio Impressed w th the real
beauty of the pla ° e > . You oatofy
the glimmer of the white canvas tent *
through the rich gieen lolhuo. Yon scathe
neat cottages , tlm winding drives , anil tha
green glass glowing all around.
Kov. Charles 1' . Holton , who speaks Thurs
day evening , has arrived with his UBS ! stall t. ,
Thu outlook is that by to morrow night t&trft
w ill bo three thousand people ou the ground.
( Jioat enthusiasm is manifested by every one * , {
Crete never saw such u crowd as will bo here ,
lor the next ten days.
yonnjj Thieves Captured.
HKU Ci.oi'ij , Neb. , Juno SO [ Special Tele
gram to the Bin : . ] Last Saturday two
youths , about sixteen or eighteen years .of
age , named Frank and Ira Slovens , stole A
valuable team , wagon , lianiejs , two shotf
guns and other ai tides fiom Farmer Parduni
on Walnut creek. Pardun oimo to Re4
Cloud Sunday. The olllcers Btartcd out , nl (
to-day brouuht the thieves to thla city. 'Sh I."l n
are a hard looking palr.and ovidontiv belongJ i
to that class ot neglected unfortunates fpl f R
which thu west Is lumous , rather than-to tire | JJ |
lower type of crltiiiuals. " There wlll bentti ,
sixjcial tctrnof the district cmrrt.ruwt-week , *
wlien their cases wjll Us dlsphseiLof , aloitit ?
with the Blue llrll mghwayrnun.1 * *
Their AVoddlnft u Hiirprlac.
Nr.nriAbKA Cirv , Neb. , Juu'o 80. [ Special
Tclcsramto the Brn. : ] Mr. ClmrleHTcmpllHj
partner in ihn ilrm of N. S. Hard 1 no ; & Cp
and one of our oldest and most' rcspocteii ,
citizens , took all of his many triends by SUP-
piise to-day hy airlvins hoinu1 this ovenlng
with his talr bidu. | Miss Lena Hatninqr , , o ( .
Lincoln. They were nun licit at Lincoln this
noon. Charley has bedn a bachelor RO lotif )
that in joining thu benedict lanlw vvas wljcro. .
tliosurpilsocamoin. lll.sbildo was amonet
the graduating class ol the high sohool tlrls
spilng , and isa Kidy whose social Circle ifl
< prito extensive. The HEK man wishes the
hanpy couple much joy.
Preparing Vor llnilrundo.
Loxo VINI : , Nub. Juno 35. ( Special to the
IJr.n.J The Noi th western road is putting np <
largo stock yards nt this place preparatory
for tlm watering and feeding of Wyoming
cattle thataicto bo shlnped over this roadj
Theio Is also consldeiablo talk of the saYrto.
load riinn Ing a branch line from hero ta
ICeya i'.iha couiitv , and the surveyors of thp
Uiiun | I'.icirieuictwonty miles southed Lone
Pine , and aio putting In the grade plaices tor
the branch line ol that rouil , which will bo la
hcie by the lirst of August. ;
Tire Oakland Opened. )
SUTTON , Nob. , Juno ! . [ Special to the
HII : % ] Tlio now Oakla'rd hotel was formally
opened hero this evening with a grand ban
quet and ball to the citl/.cns' tills place.
The affair was presided over Ijy committees
of ladles atulgcntlomcn and was a grand. suc
cess in ovciy particular. The Oakland Is a ,
handsome foi ty-room house and was erected
by a stock company. His an Institution of
which the people of this place may well bo
proud. The hotel is under the management
of Geoigo A. Ulue.
Topekn DIMVIIK Tjlrrooln.
LINCOLN' , Nub. , Juno 0. [ Special Tolc-
gi am to the Hin. : ] The Lincoln and Topeka
clubs an Ived fiom the south and played tire
first of tlm series of lour games on the grounds
ot the Lincoln club , icsultin ; : u to 7 hi
favor of Topeka. In the Ilvo games played , ,
the past wccl ; atTopoka that club won the
bunch and start * In upon Its record here.
Four nt Ono Itirth.
AitAi'Airor : , Neb. , Juno ! ! 0. [ Special Tele
gram to the HKK. ] Nebraska again comes to
the fiont In the rapid giowth of homo pro
duced population. Vesleiday Mrs , 'llbbets ,
wife ofiM'lllhrin A. Tlhbets , living near thin
phrro.ffa > a birth to four children , two boys
and just'-UH maiiv B | N Their comblnud
weight-was sixteen pounds , an average o
four pounds each. The mother iind cliridiun
are doing well.
Tlio Anarchists' Arrogant Display.
CiiifAuo , Juno ! X > . [ Sjiccial Telegram
to the Iir..l ! : The crliiihoni emblem
of socialism was p.uadcd In Judge Gaiy'H
oonit thli morning , y.vciy ono of thu eight
nnaichlsts , Necbo tilono excoptud , wcai.s a
bunch of red iloiveis fasloned to the lapel ot
his coat. The HOWCIH , the self conscious look ,
and the arrogant display the rural clilsls maio
ol their red Insignia , bet lays ilmlr craving
for sensational ellcctH. They feel themselves
rnartyiH. in id at the same time their vanity Is
so rank that It leads them to siiiiound themselves -
selves with theatrical aids to liolp up their
posing. All tills Implies greater or Jeis en-
coiiiagcmeiit from the outside. .Money is
being collected and liinds arobolngcxp ndod
to pnmioto the anarchists' comfort , The cu
ll ro day vvas taken up In the tlroonni task of
selecting u Jury. >
The Hank Will Hpopon.
PKOIIIA , 111. , Juno SO. The Merchant's
National bank , which vvas recently closed on
account of the defalcation ot llookkecpcr J.
Flnlay Hoko , will leopen to-morrow under
the author ityoi the comptroller of the cur
rency , the deficiency having been made uy
by the stockhohleix.
.v , Junofio. Eight peisous worn in-
htantly killed to-diy by an ac/ldent to the
mail train from Ik'lfubtlo Dublin , The
train , going ut a high late of b | ; iHt , left tlm
raiU lit Kiioekhrldge , Twenty peuons were
wounded. ' 1 he tialn vvahvumplctely hinashtd ,
Tlio act UK nl was uitu lo Iho expansion ot Ilia
ralli'aiisi < > ( J by the txwsiMvo heit. : Thf <
driver itmUu.vrd wuc ancstud ,