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    THE OMAHA DAILY 13 $ $ : TUESDAY , JUNE 29. 1880.
"When and Where Institntas Will bs Hold
and Their Conductors.
From tlie Ktato Capital A
Hot Civil AVnr In AVliicli a
Bimrtlvo Cop I'lnys a
1'fBliunoiit I'nrt.
[ ritOMTiir. tiRr.'H' ntrtiKAtr. ]
TYotn returns compiled in the oflice of
the state superintendent the counties that
hold Institutes , their place of holding ,
length of session and oorw | of instruutors ,
are now bcin issued in eireular form for
the information of every lonclii'r in the
fitrito , and the latter number well up in
the thousands. ' , In addition to the list of
conductor * of the difl'crent county insti
tutes , every conductor Is assisted by ono
or moro instructors , who number among
I he host in the sltilo and are largely prin
cipals of the more important schools who
enjoy vacation in work of this kind.
Following Is Iho list of counties , time and
place of Institutes as reporled :
nxcuiisiox IIATIS. :
State Suporititondunt . \V. W. Jones
u has been in correspondence with the
railroads in this state relative to reduced
rales for 'Nebraska teachers to the Na
tional teachers' association at Topeka ,
coinniencliiK July U. The following rates
have boon secured and the superintend
ent has issued the following announce
ment :
Touchers desiring to attend the mooting at
Topeka Vlll bo interested in the rates of
The H. * Jr. railroad will soil tickets from
all stations on their lines to Atchi.soa or
Kansas City for ono anil ouo-thlnl fares for
the round trip. No vm'tllicato n any kind
will bo required. Ask the aircnt a wuolc In
ailvnnco bo that ho may Kd orders 1C he has
not lecelved thoiu. Tickets will bo solil ou
July 11 and IB , limited to return on the 18th.
I'rom Alchlson or Kansas City rates will bo
one faro for the round trip. .You will .havo .
tickets from those points to Tojioka.
The Union 1'acllie company will sell tick
ets Iroiu all of Its stations to Omaha lor ono
anil one-third fares for tlio round trip. The
lUlssourl Foclllciallronil will sell tickets from
Omaha and all other points on Its line for
ono faro for the round trip. The fnro Irom
Omaha will bo about Sn.fiO. The fnro from
3,1 n col u to Atchlson will be about § 5.80.
l''rom ' these figures you can estimate about
what the trip will cost you. You should so-
euro a stopping jiliiee at Topeka In advance ,
Write to li. ( S. Larimer. Topeka , telling him
whut kind of place you Uesiro. Jtatorf of
board < will be from SI to S3 per day.
With the secretary of state yesterday
were filed the amended articles of incor
poration of the Adams Countv Savings
b.Milc , with its place of business at tlio
city of Hustings. This bank has ninety-
nine years under the articles to run , with
n paid up capital of $00,000 , which may
bo increased to $500,000. The names
.signed to the articles as incorporate.
/ V are W. M. Kerr , Leopold llahn , Henry
Shedd , Samuel Ilirsoh , A. 11. Van Sickle ,
J. M. Sowcll , H. A. Hatty , John M.
Kenyan , O. ( T. Smith , L. Hifo.
Attorney General Lees it came in from
his homo at Seward yesterday , and Dep
uty Secretary of State Wintorstcin visited
over Sunday at Geneva.
Sunday tlioro was warfare in the nortn
part of tlio city , and as the news reached
jiolico headquarters the next dav it was
located in the house of one of tno force.
I'rom the reports that neighbors and
spectators have given of the affair it was
a hot timo. and no ten minutes storm
either. The talcs recited state thai tlio
"conny11 was discovered by his marital
hull in ilagranto dolicto with n girl , ami
tlio war opened .in which the Kin was
pretty oflectuully thrashed and hurled
Irom the promises. Civil war botwcon
the husband and wlfo then followed ,
in which , it is slated , fists ,
llatirons and fnrp'turo played important
parts and a rcvl iwns Hashed in the
light. UutfortuiiiiE > Vfor all concerned ,
il was not used. VfC Muy ft calm suc
ceeded the storm , mijS K Neighbor an-
nouiiood that an armf $ . so , tending to
ward peace , was in o.xistoncn and the
opinion was "cnornl tlmttho truce would
last It is to be presumed tlmttho proper
investigation will bo made in the matter
and tlio truth discussed in all its inlnutiu ,
for if thti circumstances are anything as
related , there ought to ho a vacancy on
the pohoo force to bo suiiplicd by a now
nail less censurable person.
Ofllcor Pound returned Irom Colorado
yesterday bringing with hlinJ.J. 1'oar-
son.who wa captured by him at Sterling ,
this state , and for whom 1'ound had a re-
nuisltion from the governor of Nebraska.
roarson is brought back to Lincoln to an
swer to the charge of obtaining money
from several diilorcut parties under false
pictcnios , and iiu will bo hold for trial-ul
the next tonu of the dUtricl court. U'ho
prisoner was at ono timo.i resident ofSow-
nrd , where ho dealt in stock buying and
shipping. Of lute years , hov.over , iio has
been going down irrado without brakes
and is now a criminal hold for trial.
The Clam liako association elected the
following oflirurs for the ensuing vcar ,
during their Milford convention ; Presi
dent , John 1) . Knight : secrtitary , J. P.
Clary ; treasurer , II. M.-Wolls ; lirut uook ,
1 * . llolwigj iisait-tanl cook , U. G , Court-
nay , So URCs.sful was tlio annual bake
that tlm association is contemplating an
other at Iho same placq in September ,
whou a vigorous oflort will ho made on
A ' ' mart of every member to defeat the
enJoyRi = ja wl by J. C. McHrida of eating
ye-steulay. a. . - n sitting.
ilia quotum of u. t SeK { , , cases , and those
tlou of a special \nU lonn'SfvrAtlvir go i . .
teatcd by a larso uiojuilts. ( 'lilvnev aiu ( "
chosen as Ihp next place of meeting trmi I n
tbu tyuua uiljouintd tlb-u.'jiuiui ; . I *
? ionor Todd , of the same county , nnd ex-
Mayor Htchcy , of rinttsmottth , were in
Lincoln yesterday on business nt the
cnpitol iiilliiinR. Mr. Toad was with tlio
auditor looking up railroad assessment
matters for a lawsuit rcjrardlng the taxa
tion of the H. & M. bridge at 1'lalts-
mouth , a suit that has been instituted by
th railroad eomimny against Cuss
Among the ca oB called up and pun
ished under the health ordinance was a
man charged with leaving a dead cow
out in the oroiling , blistering sun to fes
ter in tlio corporate limits ol the city.
Justice Itrown's court yesterday was
busy at-work with HIP Mclntco case on
the preliminary hearing , in which ho is
charged with murder In tlir first degree.
J. J. ImhotVis homo from Chicago and
Kan.'a * City , where he was on business
matters of intcn'st toVosl Lincoln , and
urr.iiiRiuncnU are now consummated for
the erection of Lincoln's second packing
house of the season at once.
WoJiu'Ailny tin ; Lincoln and Topeka
base ball clubs will cross bats in the first
of a series of four games at Durfcc'H park
this city. The hoinn club has covered
itself with defeat the last week at Topoka.
The following Nebniskuns were reg
istered at tlm hotels yesterday. Tlioinu.s
Graham , Seward : Aug. Hi-ii/.eii. Omaha ;
G. A Cecil , Valparaiso ; N. A. bull1 , Sy
racuse ; Jsaac L. Cast1 , Syracuse ; Albinus
Nance , O.icuohu 15. V. Wilson , Hastings-
Frank M. Wheeler , Plattsmouth ; G.
Stales , Valparaiso ; T. Sv Large , Omaha ;
L. 12. SKinner , Plattsnioiith ; P. J.
Nichols , Omaha ; C. W. Stit'kloy , Geneva * ;
John H. Manchester , Omaha ; W. IX
Hailey. i'ork.
Clone ol'n Vcar of Ilnrd Work nt tlio
WEEWKO WATIU : , Juno 20. [ Correspondence -
pondenco of the HUE. ] This week I
made my pilgrimage to tins thriving httlo
city \ \ ccpt.'ig \\'atcr is in the center of
Ciiss county. The branch of the Missouri
Pacific from hero to Lincoln is being
pushed rapidly forward , and will bo
linislied in August. The indications are
that another branch will bo built from
hero to Slicnandoali , connecting with the
Wahash. This will give this place com
munication east and west as well as
north and south , and make it the railroad
center ot Cass county. 1 had often hoard
of Weeping Water , of its pleasant situa
tion , ot' its young academy , and
of its industrious and enterprising
citizens. The visit of this week has
proved that her reputation is well do-
served. She may be styled an intellectual
al , churchgoing"community. . Many of
her business men are graduates of eastern
colleges , while hoc prominent business
men are pillars of the church. The situa
tion reminds one of New Knglaml as ho
looks up and sees rook hills , covered with
trees , stretching beloro him. Hut there
is a spirit and lone to the place which
only culture and education can give that
reminds ono still moro forcibly of Now
During my visit hero has occurred the
closing exercises connected with the
academy. Only last fall the academy
was started , yet the enrollment of the
iiast year has nearly reached a
liundrod. No building has boon built vet ,
but ono will be erected in coed timo. The
academy has many friends in Weeping
Water and surrounding country , who are
willing and able to aid the academy finan
cially when the proper time comes. The
past year the church has been largely
used for recitation purposes. All the ex
orcises this week were held in the Con
gregational church. On Thursday after
noon came the musical rehearsal , in
charge of Misses Chadsoy and Pierce ,
who are the teachers in instrumental anil
vocal music. The exorcises were both
vocal and instrumental , and showed that
thorough training had been given in the
past your ,
Thursday evening Chancellor Manatt ,
of the state university , gave an able ad
dress which was botli scholarly and in
structive. His subject was "The Schol
ar's Duty to Society. "
On Friday evening the students of the
academical donartmonnt gave a litcrarj'
exhibition. Although many of the par
ticipants appeared for the first time every
thing passed oil' pleasantly , 'and those
that took part reflected credit upon thorn-
selves and upon the institution they rep-
rosontud. I was especially impressed with
the amount of interest : tlio people take in
the acadomy. A crowded .house gath
ered at each exorcise and every
body seemed interested. Two of tlio bus
iness men Fred H. Maws and Gcorgo
Ashman have heard ulussos the past
year. llcv. Gcorgo Ilindly acts as princi
pal , though lie lias besides charge of ono
of the largest of the churches in the
stato. Both are prospering under his
Tlio coining year promises to bo better
than the past , so Professor Shaw , of
lUpton , Wis. , has been secured for tlio
coming year. F. 11. P.
John O. Voss
Has recently purchased the Peoples'
cash grocery , N. 15. Cor. ICth and Cal.
sts. , and is fitting it up in good
shape , where ho will bo glad to see his
old and many now 'friends. Hemember
tlio place , N. E. Cor. 10th and Cal. sts.
Imtlies !
Wo have to-day placed our entire stock
of Summer Millinery Goods on sala at
cost. This IB no newspaper advertise
ment , but solid facts. Give us a call and
j'ou will bo convinced that wo mean bus
iness , and you will find that wo are giv
ing the best bargains over ollbrod in the
Millinery lino. JLJall while our assort
ment is still largo , at
101 North 10th Street.
FKANK O.i KAYSHH , Proprietor ,
Opposite Jellerjion Square.
'Money loaned on furniture , chattels
mortgages , warehouse receipts and all
available security , at low rates.
11. C. WiirrcoMii , laoi Douglas st.
Two saloon-kcopurs in Covlnglon have
boon bound over to the district court for
irrigating Sioux City picnickers on the
Sabbath day.
The Qreateat Medical Triamph of the Ago )
Ijosiafoppetllri Ilcnvelicoiitvr , 1'alo In
( ho bead , vrlili a dull aunnnilun Iu Ilio
bacU part , 1'aln under Ilio rUonlder-
blade , lrullne s nficrtntlnu wIlU udlc
iDCllnallonto cxortlouof bodr ortnltiil ,
Irrltubllllyorirmimr , Iow aplrlta , wllli
ufocIluEuf IiRTlusroeel'cieil iouio Jutr ,
AVrarlueai , IHzzliifii , Fluitcrluir nt Ilia
Heart , Dots \iefaiutlio even , llcaducbu
iTcr iho rleht eye. Jtcttlcsuneso , xrltli
litlliltlreniui , Illclily colored llriue , uuil
TDTT'S 1'lJjr.Snro e reclaliy adaptcil
to tuch ccioa , ono Uoso effects sucn *
cmnBoofiecUiigQstoii3tonl ) litliJeua'oror.
They IitcrcAie Ilio AiiiwUtr.uulcauio tSo
bodr la Tnke iu 1'lnli , trim Ilia fyUfnt li
> ioiirUlteilana bytuclrTaiilc Action OQ
do , . ( ro
rro.luo.vl. I'tlcauRc.11 nftiriny St.N.V.
BeuoratM lUa body. ; nakc3 healthy Utah ,
itrecgtlicni tlie wc.ilc repair * tlie wn&Jea of
Die system with pure tlix > cl uij liar > l muscle ;
tones tlio ucrvoiu BVhtcm , InvlironUtu tb
tnxia , and iuiiKuta tli visor of mauliood.
Si. Hold br liniccUt * .
01'1'lC'li ' 41 Murr r SI. , Now York.
? j , Ceo o : > i.
Another Metropolis Looms Up in Koith-
western Kebraaka.
The Surrounillnc Country Unex
celled In I'ertiritymid Itcautjr
UuslnosM AtlvnntaKCs of
tlic Town.
CiiAWroun , Dawcs county , Nebraska ,
June 20th. The railroad lias reached
Crawford , the railroad company have
platted their land and the opening day's
sale of lots is over. With its conclusion ,
Crawford enters upon its career as the
fiocond largest community in Dawes
county , and the future metropolis , as Its
citizens ( irmly bellovo , of this section of
northwestern Nebraska. Few now towns
in Nebraska have started under such
favoring auspices. It challenges com
parison in the state for the beauty of its
surroundings , llill and valley , pine
crested butte and corn lined farm lands
enclose it on nil sides , whilst through its
center runs the beautiful White river
with its over abundant cool and clear
waters hurrying on its way northward
to join the Missouri in eastern Dakota.
Crawford is beyond question located
in the most fertile portion of the Wliitu
river region. It stands in tlio very center
of a farming section which lias proved
itself capable of growing any crop raised
in Nebraska soil. At the present time
corn is knee high and oats ami wheat as
far advanced as in such counties as Holt
and Cherry. Now potatoes raised within
two miles of the town are al
ready in tlio markets , and all kinds of
vegetables in their season are purchased
and sold by its merchants , all of which
are growu in the neighborhood. There
jias Ijoon an abundance of rain , all crops
are looking well and their owners cor
respondingly happy. So much for the
section of which Crawford will bo for
the market. Attention is called to those
facts only to set at rest the countless
; iuorics whether land is worth anvthing
in the region referred to and whether
crops can bo raised and farms profitably
has already put on the airs of an old
settlement. Four thousand dollars
worth of lots were s-old the first day and
the purchasers are now busily at work
erecting buildings. Thirty business
houses are already on the ground and
nearly as many more are said to be on the
road coining to locate. A bank , two
lumberyards , four general stores , a fur
niture store , meat market , blacksmith
shop , a wheelwright , livery stable , two
restaurants , three drug stores , a hard
ware establishment and Hour and feed
emporium , with several saloons , were
the pioneer business houses. A week
hence Messrs. Edgar & Short will print
the lirst number of the lirst Crawford
IJusiness lias located on Second street ,
running east and west , and is pushing
naturally toward the military reserva
tion. Fort Robinson lies only three and
one-half miles distant , and a largo trade
with its garrison is reasonably expected
by the merchants. The purchasers of
the lots promptly saw that the nearer
they could locate to the military post the
bettor for their business , and much to the
surprise of the railroad company rejected
property on Main strcetforlho thorough
fare runnjng at right angles to its
course. Five weeks from now "will sco a
well built up street , and a bustliutr town ,
where three days ago not a house was vis
of Crawford county deserve mention.
The land on which the town is located was
purchased by the railrona from Messrs.
Anuin & Smillie , the former now living in
Omaha , the latter a cleric atFort Robin
son. Ono of the first on the ground was
Air. H. F. Olpugh , formerly an Indian
trader , but displaced under the now dem
ocratic ciyil service rules in order to
make room for a moro pronounced parti
san. Mr. Clotifeli has'tho largest stock of
general merchandise in the town and is
its loading merchant. Ho is an able and
popular business man who is hound to
leave a broad mark in Crawford's
-Mr. Leroy Hall is conducting the bank
and comes with excellent credentials and
a solid basis of capital from Holt county.
Mr. Dorr , proprietor of the lumber yard ,
has put in a heavy stock and is doing a
rattling business , as ho ought to. lie is a
business man every inch and a courteous
and obliging citizen. JbsiahlJurgcr , who
conducts the blacksmith shop , is an old
settler whoso hearty hand-.shako and
genial smile added to his well-named rep
utation forhoncsUyorkmakohim a popu
lar and valuable citizen. The same may bo
said of Wheelwright Harris who came to
Crow Unite from Columbus when Crow
Uutto was barely moro than u name but
who now finds his hands full iu turning
out the work which crowds his shop.
J. J. Gumming runs the moat market
and Gottstein & Owen deal out liqnidTO-
frcshmcnts to the non-prohibition class.
Townsend & Hardy are the town bakers.
The postofllco at Crow Dutlo will soon bo
removed to Crawford and Cyrus Fairchild -
child , an old wheel-horse of tlio Ohio
democracy and a man of sound attain
ments and cKcollent judgement , will , in
all probability. DO the postmaster. Luck
of space forbids mention of the other
business men of ( Jruwford , each of whom
is deserving of mention and would re-
coiovo it if limited time permitted. Craw
ford is dcbtlned to have a largo
It possesses unsurpassed facilities for
holding cattle and for feeding hud water
ing herds. At its silo all tlio trails up
northwestern Uawos county converge ,
and the Sioux county drive 'moots them
on the banks of the river just outside of
the town. General Manager Fitch has
already requested permission to locate
snipping yards on the border of the
military reserve , where tlio droves will
bo romovcd from all danger of inter
ference with farmers crops , and the request
quest will probably bo granted by 'tho
military authorities as the proposed loca
tion is fully throe nillos from the fort , and
cannot alfect in any way its interests.
CJroat interest is felt in this entire section
over the approaching rebuilding of
the sentinel post on the loft flank of the
Sioux reserve and Ilio military guardian
of the lives and property of the thousands
of swarming into tlio Whlto
river valloy. The post is now almost un
inhabitable , and its rotting logs and de
caying roofs are a standing commentary
upon the foolish economy which erects
anything but udobo or brick military
quarters in this climate , Fortunately ,
the condition of the post will render any
petty patching and roparing impossible ,
and will force almost the entire rebuild
ing of the garrison. ( Jonoral Sheridan
has reported to the senate coin ,
inittou that the position will bo a
very "Important ono for many years to
come , " and urges the building of a ton-
company post as a "wise military meas
ure. " while General Schotield in a report
of February lust to the adjutant general
ot the army urjres- even moro strongly
the enlargement of the command urn ! the
construction of tlio needed buildings to
liouso them. Quartermaster General
Dandy , when hero last fall , saw at once
tlio value of the position and the urgent
need of prompt action and made thecaso
so clear toGcuoral Howard that steps wcro
tit once taken by the headquarter * to
briug tlio matter to a final docisiou. Iu
this , both General Mandersou and Con
gressman Oorsi-V mil their shoulders to
tlic wheel and' ' M'Uureil the promise of
General Sheridan that the post should be
rebuilt , enlanred tiiul made regimental
headquarters a1 * soon as possible. It is to
be hoped that before plans are definitely
settled upon a thorough roconoissanco of
the ground will be miulo from depart-
nicnt hoadmiarlt'i-s. Tlio plans sent in
were hastily compiled wlillo the post
commander wnp sutl'ering from a fatal
illness and will probably not bo consid
ered to meet the requiri-menls. Olllcers
at the po t arc agreed that the line of of-
licers' quarti-rs should bo removed back
on ti.o slope of the hill norlh , fully two
hundred yards , leaving a linely turfed
parade ground in the front with the men's
barracks in echelon in the rear Hanked by
the warehouses along the railroad track
to the east and tlii > new hospital building
on the west. Such n change would
give ample room for a ten-
company post of three troops of
cavalry and seven of infantry , and it Is
tlm only available method by which the
space requisite for such a garrison can
bo secured. Several of the buildings
erected within the past five years can
still bo used. The commanding ollicer's
house is uraetical , and so is the hospital
building. Contracts Imvo been let for the
construction of an amusement hall , a
nuurtcrinasler's house on the railroad
track , and two single quarters for non
commissioned stnll'olllcors. The Elkhorn
Valley road runs directly behind the post
and within a few yards of the quarters.
This makes tlio garrison the cheapest
frontier post to supply in the entire de
partment , and in the words of General
Scliolield , greatly increases its im
portance. A.
All About Nebraska's Ctinntniiiiua
Katlroiul l nrc , Cost or hiving , Art-
mission to tlio CrnumlH anil
Other IMiUlern.
CKETE , June 27. [ Correspondence of
the HEE.I The programme of the Chan-
tauqiia assembly to bo hold hero from the
1st to the HHh of July has been fully dis
cussed until everyone is acquainted with
its merits , and but little more need bo
said as to that ; but it will bo necessary
to omphasi/.o further a few facts concern
ing" accommodations , , etc. ,
which it seems were not made snlliciently
Jly the accommodation of the railroad
companies transportation rates are as
follows : One faro for the round trip
from Hastings , Wymoro , Lincoln and all
intervening points. Ono and one-third
faro from all other points on the B. & M.
and Union Pacific railroads. On purchas
ing your ticket to Crcto pay full faro and
bo sure your railroad agent gives you a
receipt lor each ticket. These receipts
carefully preserve and do not fail to
have them stamped at the assembly
ticket office. Then at their presentation
to the agent at Crete tickets for the re
turn will bo sold at one-third faro. Hut
in parties of fifty or more , from any one
station , tickets will bo sold for one fare
for round trip.
A broad platform , of thron cars length
has been built 'by the 15. & M. railroad
just opposite th6 entrance to the grounds.
Visitors to the assembly will bo landed on
this platform frpm which a three minutes'
brisk walk will bring them to the grounds.
Transportation lor passengers is 10 cents ,
baggage , of course , extra. A dray will
bo in attendance atall trains and baggage
Will bo transported With dispatch.
Full course tickets , with privilege of
entrance and qxit , admitting to all lec
tures , concerts. , and overythmir , in fact ,
$2. Season tickets fpr children between
10 and Ifi years , 50 cents. Admission
mission , 10 cents. If you are a stock
holder , the ticket is $1.50 , obtained of the
secretary or treasurer.
Stockholders must pay their assess
ments before purchasing tickets or pay
the usual i2.
Grand Army posts will bo admitted
free only on July 0 , and must bo in a
body and in uniform.
Apply to the superintendent of the
grounds tor tents. But if you have not
engaged a tent , it would be'wise to do seat
at onco. and thus save time .and trouble
on the first day. Touts wiJl bo rented as
follows : For entire season tents 10x12
foot , $4 ; for entire season tents 113x14
foot , $5 ; floor in tent-extra , $1 ; cots for
entire season , $1 : cots per day , 25 cents.
Bring bedding , towels and the neces
sary articles of furniture may bo rented
for u trilling consideration , i have with
mo a list from the furniture store of Lang
& Doyle , witli the price of rent for one
day and for ton. Here is the list :
Plain bedstead per day , 6c ; per 10 days , 75c.
" Who sprliif ? per day , lOc ; per 10 days , 7f > c.
\Vashsianct per day , Cc ; nor 10 days. COc.
I'lain table for 4 persons per day , J > ic ; for
10 days , 'Ktc.
Camp clialrs per day , IJ c ; for 10 days. 25c.
Common chairs per day , Itfc : for 10 days ,
25c ,
Plain rocking chair per day , IJtfc ; for 10
days , ' ic.
bnmll mirror per day , IJtfc ; forlOilays , 25e.
Other articles may be added at pleas
ure at an equally reasonable price.
Nowabout ooard. Most ample provision
has been made for both modes of subsist
ence. Some pcrfor one waj % some an
other , so the ladies of the Congrega
tional church of Crete , who have charge
of the dining hall , will also furnish a
lunch counter , where edibles will bo sold
in largo or small quantities at reasonable
rates for the accommodation of those
who deslro to board in their tents. "Milk ,
butter , broad , etc. , will bo furnished
hero. Meals at the dining hall per day ,
$1 ; meals at the dining hall per week ,
$5 ; meals at the dining hail for-entlro
season , $7 ; single meal , 'Jo cents.
The dining hall has been greatly en
larged since luktyoar. W. H. Kirkfand.
of Omaha , whom the ladies have engaged
as steward , estimates the seating capacity
at ! 500. So yon sco it will nicely accom
modate all who como. The ladies , with
tlio assistance of Mr. Kirkland , expect to
serve the viands iu an attractive manner.
They have engaged competent cooks
and tlio tables will bo supplied by atten
tive waiters. As to iho convenience of
this ( 'lining ball , it is within easy roach
of all and accessible , by a good walk , as
also are all other buildings on the
grounds. ,
The 110 acres ( Jhpspn for the assembly
grounds lie alone ; the banks of the Blue
river. They are not low , Hat jrrounds ,
but slightly rolling'so that during wet
weather water does "not stand in pools ,
The grounds nrodn most excellent condi
tion. All underbrush has been cleared
away , trees trimmed and trained , until
this is ono of thooiiott beautiful spots in
the west. There is a summer and row
boats , thirty or nuwt. which will bo kept
near the grounds ami in good condition
for usa on oxcur.-jioiid. . etc.
John A. LogatjpU in all probability
bo one of the chief aUractions , "VVo have
his word of honor thut on his way from
the Kansas assonjbly. at Ottawa iio will
visit our assembly an'd address us July 5.
The following letter from United States
Senator Plumb to Ilio secretary of the
Ottawa assembly places the certainty of
the presence of General Logan at that
place beyond a doubt ;
JunoD. u. 0 , Ilalnos , Secretary , Oltawa ,
Kan. Dear sir : I have arranged with the
linltiiiioro & Ohio railroad company to take
General Loiran to Kansas. II Illinois no
change lu > will probiuly : leave lioro on the
nlclitof thuliiht day ot June and jct Into
Ottawa about 1 o'clock on the moriiliiK of the
Hd. lie will not , iu this event , luavo the car
until after daylight. P. I ) . PI.UMII ,
J his makes us a sure as wo can bo of
anything , for il ho goes to Ottawa ho is
bound to lecture to us at Crcto. The loo-
tnro of Robert Nourso In the evening of
Grand Army of the Republic day is also
a special attraction. After this wo shall
have the grandest display of lircworks
over had in the state. Wo rather expect
the largest crowd ou this day.
The Titled Dncs of Trance Tljing Over
the Borders.
Tlio Hoots null Urntiolic < * of tliu Trees
ol' Kroneli { loyally A I'rluocly tutu K.xtlc.
The niombars of the house of Orleans
thnl come under the application of the
prince expulsion measure are : Count do
Paris , Countess do Paris , and their in
fants with them at Cannc.salso ; theirson ,
Duke d'Orleans , in the Collceo Stanislas ,
and their daughter , the Prineess llelene ,
wiio , n year or so ajio , entered society at
a felu given by one of the Kothsohilds ;
Duke do Gharlrcr ami Duchess do Char-
trerand tiioir children , Princess Marie ,
Prince Itobcrt , Prince Jlenri , Prineess
Marguerite , and Prineo Jean ; Duke do
Nemours , general of division , living in
Paris , and his children : 1st , Duke d'Aleii-
con , captain of artillery , in garrison at
Vinccnucs , his wife and two children ,
Louise and Emmanuel ; 2nd , Princess
Blanche. Their son , tlio Count d'Ku , has
become : i Hrazilian wince bv Ids mar
riage to the crown princess of that em
pire , and their daughter , the Princess
Marguerite , is married to a Polish prince
named CV.arloryski. Prineo do .loinvillo ,
vice-admiral , and the princess , his wife ,
both living in the Hue do Herri , a few
doors from the American chapel , with
their children , Duke do Pcnthiovre , a
lieutenant in the navy , and Princess
I'rnucoiso , wife of Duke do Chartrcs al
ready mentioned. Duke d'Aumalo , the
senior division general in the French
army , one of the iorty immortcls of the
French academy , a splendid gentleman ,
who lives at Chantilly. Duke do Mont-
pensier and Princess Clementine , brother
and sisters of the Duke do Nemours and
d'Aumalo and Prineo do .loinvillo , and
uncle and aunt of Count do Paris and
Duke do Chartres , would not bo
those to be expelled , because one lives in
Spain and the other in Austria , the iirin-
cess beinc married to the Duke de baxo-
Coburg-Uolha and the Unko to the
Infanta Louise , sister of ox-Queen
Of the Hourbotis the elder branch finds
its mail representative in tlio person of
Count de Chambord , son of the a sas-
mated Duo do Herri , grandson of
Charles X , and sometimes designated by
his friends Henry IV.
Of the thirteen children berne to Chas.
and Letitia Honajiarte during the eigh
teen years of their wedded life live sons
have attained maturity and played con
spicuous parts in the history of Europe.
Those were Joseph , Lucien , Napoleon ,
Louis and Jerome. Joseph Honaparto ,
sometime king of Spain and Naples ,
married a Mile. Clary of Marseilles , by
whom ho had no male issue , but Ids only
daughter , Xcnaide Charlotte , who died in
1851. married her cousin Prinoo Charles
Jules , tlio eldest son of Lucicn Honaparto
and became the mother of a numerous
family , several members of which are
still alive. This union is spoken of by
historians as the "fusion of the two lines
of Joseph and Lucien. " Its issue , and
also that of Prince Lucion's second mar
riage with Mine , de Vombertie.constituto
the older branch of the Napoleon family ,
and , thero.foro , all its princes naturally
precede the present Jerome in tlio suc
cession. Prmco Lneien , the second son ,
the Corsican notary , and heir presump
tive to the Napoleonic throne at the death
of Duke de Kcichsladt , was the father by
hissccond wife of four sons and three
daughters. Ono of the 'sons was Killed
in the Hellenic war of 1821) ) ; the three
sons were Louis Lucicnborn in England ;
Pierre Napoleon , the hero of so many
sanguinary adyontrues , and who died iu
1871) ) ; and Antoine , who married a Sig-
norina Cardinal ! in 183 ! ) , and about whoso
decease without issue in Franco in 1878 ,
there has always been u doubt. Prineo
Charles Jules , son of Jucicn by his first
wife , had no fewer than twelve children
by his cousin , the Princess Zonaide , of
whom two survive viz : Prineo Lucicn
Louis Joseph , one of the cardinals at
llomo , and Prince Napoleon Charleswho
is the actual head of the Bonaparte
family. " !
Tlio prince , born in 1839 , entered the
French army during the reign of his
cousin. Napoleon 111. , fought through
the Algerian and Mexican campaigns ,
and took part as a captain of infantry in
tlio late 1'ranco-Prussian war. Ho was
taken prisoner by the Germans , and ,
having refused to give his parole not to
servo against the enemy if set at liberty ,
was imprisoned at Brunswick until pnaco
was declared. When only twenty-one
years old ho married Princess Marie of
Uuspoli , by whom ho has had two daugh
ters. Marie and -Eugenic do Honaparto ,
the latter being born as recently as 1872.
The lines of Napoleon I. and of Louis ,
third anil fourth sons respectively of M.
and Mine. Bonaparte , are extinct by the
deaths of the ox-king of Komo ( Duke de
Hcichstadt ) in 1833 , and the prince Impe
rial the 3d of June. 1879. Thus there only
remains for consideration the line of
Jerome , formerly king of Westphalia ,
the thirteenth and lust child of Uititiii
Bonaparte , born four months before his
father's doath. .Early in the present con-
tnry this Jcromo Bonaparte nmrriod-Miss
Patterson , of Baltimore , who died in 1870 ,
and by her ho had issue. Their eldest
son married Miss Susan May in 1830 , and
this marriage resulted in the birth of two
sons , the eldest of whom , Colonel Jerome
Bonaparte , came over from the 'United
States iu the narly days of the Second
Empire to servo in the army of his im
perial cousin. The original Jerome Bo
naparte's marriage with Miss Patterson
wan annulled in n highly arbitrary and
unjustiliahla manner by Napoleon 1. , who
compelled Ids younger brother to marry
I'rincuss Frcilerica of Wurtombtirg.
Tlioy had two sons imd a daughter
Prince Jerome , count of Montfort. who
died at Florence in 1817 without issue ,
and Prineo Nanolcon Joseph Charles
Paul , who , on his brother's death , as-
Mimed the name of Jerome , and is the
"Plon-Plon" that has created so much
excitement in Franco.
Irrelevant Comparisons.
Comparisons ara made botwcon the
dressed meat business and railroad busi
ness. The Chicago Herald says ;
Armour & Co.'s sales last year were
about $ r > 0,000,000 , or nearly a million a
week , and yet I am tola by ono of their
heads of departments , who probably
knows what lie is talking about , that the
not prohts were n little loss than $ lfi50 , , >
000. That is a largo sum , but it is u miitm
Eiim to represent a ynur's profit of u busi
ness so viibt. Did you uver stop to think
that there is a butcher shop iu Chicago
whoso sales are larger every year than
the gross ineomu of the greatest railway
in tlio country * Tlio earnings of the Nuw
York Central are only ( $0.000,000. Our
great western roads crowd the Central
prctly close , with $27,000,000 for Burling
ton , jjyn.OOO.OOO Northwestern and
$ . ' 1,000,000 for St. Paul. In puint of gross
receipts this big butcher shop leads thorn
all , but thuro is u vast difTuruuco in
As statements thcso jijruros are inter
esting , but Us comparisons they amount
to nothing. To earn its $30,000,000 gross
ami $8,000,000 net per annum the Now
York Central employs an invested capi
tal of $103,000,000 , exclusiveof the West
Shore. The Li ko shore earns J 5,000.000
ross ami fU,000OJO not per annum and
employs au invested capital of $100,000-
000. The St. Paul earns ? .MOvX,000 ) gross
and f,000,000 ) net per annum ami em
ploys an invested capital of ? lWtO.X)0 ) ( ) ,
and so on through the list. The capital
employed to earn ISO.000,000 gross and
$1,000,000 net per annum in the dressed
meat business is in jignilicant in compari
son with these enormous railroad Ii < niro3.
A Cora from I he Dimy ? Inll1Vlil tier
. , , , .
To tt\o \ ifflfor \ \ c hnvo trtim tlmo to
tltno , through the columns ot your pnper
no well ns through the medium of the lend
ing newspapers of this country , cnllcrt at
tention ton fttinplnarul oITcctiro formula
for n largo cln s of nllincnts which the
the medical profession hns intelligently
conceded , cannot lie uenoflttcd perman
ently In any other way tluin tluoiiRh the
agency of soiuu article of the diameter of
a food. The remedy to which wo rotor Is
a preparation which can bo prepared Jn
any household , the principal Inurctllciits
being raw beefsteak null n spoclllctl quan
tity of Duffy's pure ninlt whiskey.
\Vo expected through the circulation of
your pnper and others In which our no-
tlccs appeared , to get a larpo demand for
copies of this formula and our expecta
tions have not only licon met to the fullest
degree , but exceeded our most sangulna
expectations. Diirlnc tlio few months
which IMVO elapsed uinoo the II rat notice
appeared , ten thousand Invalids have
placed themselves In charge of our Meill-
cnl Department ; ull thcso cases received
Individual supervision , and the wonderful
results that have boon obtained , Includlnu
in many cases a Rain in weight from ten
to twcnty-flvo pounds , notices of which
have appeared In the papers , has also led
to the itso of this formula by thousands
with whom wo are not lutommnnlratlon.
friends of our patients. The wonderful
miccesB of tins formula Is duo principally
to the peculiar properties of Duffy's I'tiro
Malt Whisky. The range of nctlou of
this remedy comprises nil lung , stomach ,
bowel alTuctlons ami weakened conditions
ol the nervous system.
The extraordinary growth ot our busi
ness 1ms uindo It necessary for us to niako
special arrangements to meat the Inquiry
and attend to the supervision of the thou
sands who are ualnt ; our remedy , and wo
are anxious that no ono snITuriuq from
any of the atiova ailments should fall to
Bond to us for a copy of this formula ,
which wo will suiul with pleasure on to-
cclptof a two-cant stamp , to any address
that may bo requonted. With the formula
wo Cnnilflb evltlfiice of Its valno which
causes Duffy's pure malt whiskey and
formula to become at once an established
household remedy.
\Vo appreciate the fact that otir meas
ure of success Is duo to the Interest man
ifested by your readers , anil we ilcstro
that none who nro allluir from tlio dis
eases above referred to should remain un-
cousulouH of the fact that there is a simple
and effective remedy that will restore
health where disease nowdwulN.
Kminxvny Hoys.
Fred and Willie Gerster , aged nhio
and eleven , tired of their home in Cin
cinnati , so they packed a big basket
with provision , stole -fit and a pislol
from their father , and set out to see the
world. And they saw it for two. weeks.
sleeping in barns , selling newspaper anil
blacking1 boots in Dayton and Toledo ,
and were in a fair way to become
thorough tramps when the advertise
ments of their frantic father led to their
apprehension and return to the parental
roof. They say they have had all tlio
tramping they want.
i n ES !
A sure euro for Ulliul. lilccdlncr , Itchin
and Ulcerated Piles has boon discovered by
Dr. Williams , ( an Indian remedy ) , Dr
Williams' Indian 1'ilo Ointment. A studio
box has cured the worst chronic cases ot 'j.i or
BO years standlmr. No one need sulfcr live
minutes after applying this wonderful sooth
Inc medicine. Lotions and instruments do
mbra harm than irond. Williams' Indian
Pile Ointment absorbs the tumors , allays the
intense Hulling , ( particularly at nicht after
ncttliu. warm in bud ) , acts as a poultice , gives
Instant relief , and is prepared only for I'ilos ,
Itching of private pans , and for untiling olsu.
Dr. Frazior's Magle Ointment cures as by
macic , Pimples , lllaok Heads or Grubs ,
Blotches and Eruptions on the face , leaving
thesicln clcarand uoautlful. Also cunts Itch.
Salt Klieum , Sere Nipples , Sere Lips , and
Old Obstiimto Ulcors.
Sold by druggists , or mailed on receipt of
50 cents.
Itutallod by Kiihn & Co. , and Schrooter Sr
Conrad. At wholesale bv C. 1' . Goodman
A JJlvcTy Girl.
Marie Hebron , fourteen years old and
black , was committed to the industrial
school in Baltimore , by her mother , who
said .she couldn't do anything with Mario.
She had a room on the fifth lloor. One
dark night she got out on the roof , hung
from the caves by her hands and dropped
to a buildini ; beneath , thence jumped to
the roof of a. house adjoining , got on the
verumla , slid down a post to the ground ,
scaled the fence and went homo. Her
mother at once no tilled the police and
ono of the force went to rearrcst Mario.
Ho couldn't liiul her until ho happened
to stick his hand up : i chimney. Ho felt
comothing , and grabbed anil pulled and
down come Marie blacker than over , and
wfiojseo aoj p ( JD oqs 'p
' 019 UtM. itl il UOIU1
The Ono-AVIioolod Vohlclo.
"Papa , if three wheels Is a tricycle and
two wheels is a bicycle , what is ono
wheel ? "
' "Ono wheel , my son ? Well let me
BOO I One wheel must bo a unicyclo. "
"No , it ain't papa ; it is a wheolbar-
bow,1 '
Kidney Affection
"My kidneys were so nirbctcd I
have boon compelled to got up as
much as ten 'times in ono night.
I had pains in my side , back and
left shoulder , and when down
could hardly rise. I was nnablo
to bond my body without great
pain. I tried Simmons Liver
Regulator and my condition has
improved so much thitt I hardly
over feel any of my old trouble ,
and then very slightly , and am
aatlslied tlmt I am entirely cured.
I would not take thousands of
dol.ars for my improvement. "
W. JOHNSON , Express Agent.
Catalogues nnrt frlcra on nppllriitlon.
best rerrlurn Iinllile uii > l Uralvri.
. II. K. A
( Buoceisori to J. Q.Jaootia
U N I ) E M TA KJ2 11 S ,
At the old stani ] , 1107 FttrnamBu Otlorttr \
Ulc-eniiibMllcifixl and prouiydy attoj.aod to.
Tulcpiou < i NO..U
Mid stronpMt NixturM Fmlt Fljtrotu.
\mmla , I inoii , OrntiRO , Almond , lime. eW. ,
Uavor as ttellentely and naturally ns the Iruk.
Or Ilio l.lqitoillulill ,
Cured Ity AiliiilulHtorliiK Dr.
HrtlncV Uitliluii Nii < rltle.
IKnn ! > < Riven In A cup of niflca or t & nUhent
theknim-ltnlRnnMlin vcrson tnklnjt It.lmibtulutOlP
harmless , nnil nllleflocl n | trmanrnlanj ineedr
euro , whether the patlont U .1 moderate drlnkor or
tn nicoliollo wreck. U hix * been clven Iu tiiou-
nluH of cnica , nuil In every Initune * nnerffd earn
hna/ollonvtl. li iit nr r , , I IR , Tbo system once
InipiVffnnled ulth the SpoclPc. ttxrtramp ? Auuttof
liuiniylhlllty for Iho liquor npti US * tm Uv
Kl'IIN A. CO..Cor. JRlli nnil Daucln * . nBd
ISlli iV f'nniliiE Hln , , Omaha , Ncb.l
A. I > . L'OSTiK tV 11 ! ! ( ? . .
Council Illnn'K , [ OTTO.
Cull orvrllo ( or immphlct iHintnlnlnff liutirlnds
r'lc'lltnonlivl Irntn thi'lie'Ituieii mm lueulrem
ii ! < " -lsif the i juntrv.
Truiw.romlunetl. ouar nltillb
only ono Intbo worldirentratlnB
nronlliiitnni XlettHrilagnrlla
. , . . „ , . 'nihl UtTrftlre. ro'lil fraud * .
; > * " ovrriMHHirurril. Krm\Ht.imnfrriinmnhlet. \
ALSO iii : : < ! Tiio nr.i.TFOIIJJIHUAKIIK. .
Cure without modi-
APOSITIYEi clnn. I'utoutol Octo
ber 10 , 1870.
Oao bor will ourd
tlio most obtlanto cnso In four diva or loss.
No nnii3coiis ilosos of cubebs , oopnlha or oil of
ramlnln-ooil tlmt nro corlnlu to prodtiuo ilyapop-
tin liy ilo ttiivlnir tlm I'ontlnirs ot tlio Blomwoli ,
I'rli'ofl.M. Soli 11 ly nil ilniirclsU or miUluil on
iccohitof iirk'n. For rurtliur nart'oulnrs ' ' Bout
forclroulnr. ! . O. Box ISH. "
3" . C. uSulj3l4 .3iT CO. . CURE.
Now York ,
"London" Trouser stretGhei ;
I'atonloil In Curono and U 8.
for colcliriitoil John llnmlltuu &
Co. , Stretuluir. Tiiko * bacirlng out
of knoos. restores puntulooiia to
orlKltml nhtipu. Only piit'd strtuoh-
er cninolnliiK screw rod In coneu-
tlon with t'liiniiH. All othora4n-
I'rlntri-nu'iHii. Orlirnuil nnil only
Strclclior lor Uontlomon's uso.
lly uvpn.gj sei'iiroly pnckod , prlco
. . _ - ? a r > U. Writ o for clronlnra .AKonU
wiiiuoil In every city. U. W. SIMMONS & CO. , i
Iloaton , Mass
1 PAY oil ex pro * * chorqrn to alliiwlnlfl wltlitn 300
rotltM. l.ooc irtirloFrc B to wilei'l from. BcnJ two real
clamp for HtimruttM catalogue ) . Mrniinn tlUspijxjr.
Si.iTlullr nimllled for
niuillclnol Use.
Dlt. K.UW , L. WAI.HNO , 6ur
germ In Chief ; National Qutri
of N.J.wilicit
"Jly ullentlon WM called "U
Ynur'Koymnnt ' Multlilikey bj
Mr. I/nlor , Innrfl ) t.of Trenton
mill I Imvo ui d a few liottlei.
with fur Iwtttr floct than anyO
liuro liail. 1 alu recoEuuiendmi
jour iirllcln In my practice , BUD
ilnJ It vury futlsfuclorj. "
7Tli0 ( Ivniilni ha > tin fltrntlurfl 0
on the L t l ,
c'Kli fur Hit U. R. ) ,
316,318 and 320 Race St. , Philadelphia. Pa.
Forsalo by C. F. Goodman , Omaha ,
. lilu i. . w rfw t
An ( inlUnl ipulliliiUiiU < l.ii r.
Mill * | M.m. . l'.r.l. | . Jn.h , . . . r ! * ! . . . J ll
< tlOtt IilfMIn Off * ' " ' "K lfl1L | ft * I.IM. . flw r
r u. !
" '
j. vfrvvnrpE'EiJAvir , BOW
llecuully llullt ,
The Tremont 'i
3 , 0. K1TX.OKUAM ) & KON , J'rojirlotors. < < 1) )
Cor. Mh utid PHU. , Llnuoln , Nob.
Hnte H.50 tiurduy , Btrout cuu iXroui bousu to any '
.partof . the city.
, >
OniccHai : ) unil < - ' , Itlohurda-Jllock , UuooJa ,
ob , Klovutoronlltii BtrucU - " ,
Ilrocderol ' Wreedorof
r. M. WOODS. !
Live Stock Anctioneer
Sulos mnile In ull imrta of tlio U. 8. ot fair
rates. HooiaiU , Bluto lllotk , Jlntolu ; , Neb
Oolloway aud Short Horn bulU'for tale.
Farm Loans and Insurance ,
CorrcspOMiU-nco In regard to loam eollolted.
KIIOIU 1 , Itlubiu-Us lllonk , Uuooln , KoU.
Public Sale ,
Denver , Col. , Juno lOUi , IHBO.
401ioad oCBhnw Short Horns , riatw I Crulolc
fliunk , JJ-yeur-okb , wolKlilny MWi tiulbi tt 4
liDllurB. AUdrcM FldM uinl Farm- , for caUlou *
uos , Denver , Col. C. M. IliuubOil , Liuoola , KBb.
Col. P. M. Wood * , Auctioimur.
When la Lincoln ftt
National Hotel ,
And can good ulnuor forSKc. . '
J. A. 1'EDAWAV ,